Corey Holy sh** dude good idea man. That’d be really cool I’d they did that

michaelVETTAS 🙏🏽

ItzShaggles Look I get what you are throwing down but set up right, its the best VPN to use for PUBG. I was the one who first got people in PUBGOCE to make the switch to ExitLag

geekyghost Fairo everyone gets a different connection aye

Astrix_au I really like this game but the OC Solo server situation in AUS is stopping me from spending any more money. Up to 300ping is so frustrating. I need to try 4-5 servers before getting an barely acceptable 160-180 ping, only because no other option.

Checkout current Pubg server down

thaqif yusri RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at

🃏 RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at

Hotgamingrise RT PUBG “RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at “

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at

ItzShaggles Its on the test server, geeky.

geekyghost Ah classic haha 😂

ItzShaggles Foot in mouth

geekyghost Didn’t read the PTS haha just hate that oc fpp is fucked haha how much ping do you get to SEA

ItzShaggles 90ish using

NXT | Assassin #i64 See what happens when you play with me!!!

PUBG Support PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at


‏﮼فيصل Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere

RÊBÊL 47 What about lag issue in previous updates . Everyone wants to solve this issue . I’m facing Lage issue even on 30-50 ms ping . And one more thing is that bring beard . So the character looks more attractive Add RPG-7 in Air drops??? Add wild animals in all maps

SASTHI MONDAL how to seshen5 updeat

big_zbaru Please fpp servers on EU servers ps4 🙏

fingol God fucking dammit

I When is the next map on pc coming still no word

Jan Švec Dude , vikindi come out month ago

I Mean the next one for pc there not even talking yet about next map snow map was getting talked about over a year ago

ファジャール サプタ Ahhh get it

IOSgameplay4U For exciting gameplay subscribe me on youtube. And do follow me on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook Youtube url :…

Matt Fields Proximity chat would be a huge success on xbox, dayz did it an it’s still in a game preview you guys can do it.

bouraq99 hey i get 13.5gb update right now, where is the news?

andi ardiansyah

Bennett When you going to fix the server lag

Justin Fawcett Will this change anything though? You all made some noise about catching this radar cheat….yet I’m seeing it again on the SEA servers

Faster Than Whaa? Not gonna lie. you guys have step it up. You might restore the faiths of some of your old player base.

Webby Map selection please pc has had it for ages

Ganner009 That’s because PC players are the matter gamer race. We always get the best stuff.

Javeed Magrey Ping 968 What is wrong with the game from yesterday The connection is not stable also. Something serious.. Kindly fix soon


Isaac Gg

Anmol Donde When starting season 5 in india

Chowdary Yaha pe check karo..This page is for PC, Xbox, and ps4


Tiago Beltrão You should block map selection on FPP. Retarded players only want to play in sanhok…

ross eastwood Help/support would mean you do either 🤔

Rogério Alves Please server SA ps4

NathaKevin01 Add SA serves!

NathaKevin01 *servers

Mucky McFly Will you also be changing gasmask back to single slot so I can have the cosmetic look Ive used since the BETA ?


Greg Hey they learned a new word. Such strong vocabulary.

3rab gamer The fire make drop FPS and the render is potato

Danny Kartes So when can we expect a stability update for consoles? Sick n tired of running over loot I can’t see.

janmaro We want solo fpp ps4 for the EU servers !!!!

Leo Mlinar Ur asking for too much

TeaR lol ok now that the last unimportant change has been made let’s get to work on them servers now maybe?

Diih Lower the sound of the sea P L E A S E

Jer4Bear I can’t help but support this change.

One Punch John Are you actually gonna do any supporting?

IHaveASolution maybe if they just rename it over and over no one will notice that they dont really do anything

Filipe Almeida the response time of the commands is very poor in the consoles.

KunJacob11 I don’t care what’s your name,I just want paly FPP on PlayStation 4 in Asia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gustavo Ya saquen vikendi prros

Just A Kid From Irv It should’ve always been that, has a better ring to it, but do you intend to actually fix the game

[MV3]Arbifac Yes yes but fix fps

Adrian People whit keyboard and radar are killing this game on Xbox. Not worth playing

Jeremy How do I get radar on my Xbox? Asking for a friend.

Payne Cork Its pubg support but they have zero intent to fix their game. Its pretty funny how they call it “Finished”, but in reality its the most broken game on the planet.

UtahJazz_24 Debatable.

riley🤘 be glad you don’t know dayz lol, their 1.0 makes this game look perfect

👉 “Zakariaa Oushraa” 👈 Hi, im from Morocco do u wanna play with me from time to time. thanks.

Payne Cork I have about 50x the fun playing dayz over this garbage. Dayz works on their game. Pubg releases 100 skins before fixing it

riley🤘 welp to each their own then. nothing on dayz works for me and pubg runs like an actual game. inconsistencies must be off the charts for both

Nige This is me. Never have a problem with pubg game bar the odd slow render sometimes in battle mode

Nach Zoriega What an oxymoron this is, pubg and support in the same sentence

zetsubous Pubg, help!

hama Good job pubg team and if proximity chat came to xbox & ps4 it will be soo much amazing thanks to take care my twet

Andy McLaughlin I don’t understand why people want that so bad. It sounds like a horrible idea to me. And if they added it, O too would hope they had an option to turn it off.

The Zombies Addict Make proximity chat happen I beg 😭

Casey Quintern As long as i can turn of the feature idc, just don’t want to hear the ragers lol

Lady_Pheonyx That’s honestly my favorite thing about all chat. Hearing them rage after they make a bad play and you put a bullet in their head.

OpTic Yann And yet mobile players coming complaining about issues. Like this isn’t a mobile page.

Nick Bundy Change your profile pic.

dean “Soon”

Hawkinz Haha, that’s coming!

Nick Bundy Hey, it’s already done! Good work. Now, let’s just go ahead and push Vikendi to Xbox.

Hawkinz Not much longer now!…

Dan Almond Avatar/profile picture needs changing still.

TheLookin4now-YouTube Sounds more professional 👍

Ayon Ghosh 🤩🤩🤩

#El Turco map select for ps4 pls

HighGuyGaming Map selection kinda sux imo. It eliminates all the other maps except sanhok. Sanhok is cool, but would be nice to get a game on the old maps sometimes. With map selection, you have to wait 10+ mins to find a half filled lobby

NewAgeBanker This!


Piyush Pandey Refund my UC, bought outfit by mistakenly of 432uc

Chrisboley Its cool guys

Jibreel , I accidentally connected wrong account (a fresh pubg account) with my Facebook I want to connect my other account with it but there is no option to remove the exciting one

Jibreel I have really good progress in pubg but I’m unable to connect with my Facebook, if anything happens with mobile I’ll lose all my progress

Pluxor Fix this pls.

Uzair Malik I was in the Dropbox and I killed enemies from there and they didn’t even saw me… , I am confused either it was a glitch or something else!

Ankur Kumar watch my live streaming of PUBG PC on YouTube

shamilmanzor‏‎‎شممل مینور y’all really need to find another job.coz, coding ain’t your thing. Glitches glitches everywhere Stuck on loading screen. Stuck on launch screen Audio error Stuck while enemies are near And much more

ADoug Bullshit. Still ongoing.

bia tam hi i got some PAI Set codes with begin p458 and p459 from twitch,does they will be expired?what is the limited time should i redeem it?thanks for your help?

torsa_cz🇲🇷 Team RCV are looking for new recuitments, cheaters have priority!

#AA19™ when does season 5 . Start??

مشاري Why the graphics in Playstation are so bad !? Will you support 1080P or not in Playstation?

مشاري !!

Devil Hi, i am not able to complete My Game, i was last one standing in previous game but i didn’t got winner winner chicken dinner, there is some error or bug i dont know, same thing happens when i die, can anyone help me out Thank you

FernieTheFirst Hey, PUBG Team, let’s make this ThirdPersonCampingGrounds into First person PUBG.. Only playing FPS Squads right now… waiting for FPS Solos..

FernieTheFirst On PS4 that is…

shamilmanzor‏‎‎شممل مینور If we were to have a competition between and over who hangs better. would win hands down. Letter and still waiting for reply

maxou 日本 how many players is required to create a private game?

Fausto I mean I never got it either. But Im terrible. I dont know what that says about you?

Tom Pickering It must just be delayed, yeah thats it.

koldamenta Finally. I knew it

Óscar M. lol

Fausto Is there even any pros who has not gotten this stupid ass ban?

Tom Pickering Me >:(

Fausto I mean I never got it either. But Im terrible. I dont know what that says about you?

Tom Pickering It must just be delayed, yeah thats it.

Tommer How u think they keep cheaters off the game? So many cry babies

Meggy wtf hahaha lmao

TimmaaA666 every game ends like that since yesterday

dEiX Thanks i Hope they add it

ふえんねく I do not have any more words for this why you do this

rohan my pubg not working screen loads then force back to phone option screen any help???

Official PwnHouseTV Hey there Twitter Family, I’m going live now playing PubG. Hope to see some of you there. Will be live over @ I support and love it when !

ItsYaBoiYom More practice incoming! Which ARs do you prefer? Help me learn!

Reece 里斯 Do you know if there will there be proximity chat on ps4 with the Vekindi update?

air1hd its one kill per match…sucks

GRAEME. will war mode come to ps4?

Steven OH YOULL ALLOW to have cross-play, but still a no on cross-play for / & / comon make this happen , gotta few ppl i wana play with over on xbox, cross-play tournaments would be really cool idea too!

Duecems32 Same thing happened to Ya’ll gotta stop fragging so hard in Publics and keep that to Faceit games.

Vrunki my Internet is completely fine yet no way to get in game. Tried restarting steam and computer already

Jakub Filthy radar user :O

Hayz All bans are legit 🙂

Ankit Dularia mistake I have login my id on Vietnam server and now I am unable to login on international server so please help me out asap…

Miguel Zabala this is possible?

Jot Gill Bro may be your server is going down

شويعل! I played the game but was busy !!! give me a solution??

subham shaw plz tell me the upcoming update of pubg mobil

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

†he D☬n IDEA FOR TRAINING MODE: Set it up to where two or multiple individuals can invite each other to a duel within the training match, with the loser resulting in a respawn. This way we can actually get the fulfillment of the game in it.

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

BrokenHeartedFool for the past 2 days I been having this notification and there isn’t anything there. Is this a random bug?

💜 ‘waleed ⭐️🌟⭐️ why I can’t change my PUBG profile pic ? I have logged in through twitter , but when I change twitter profile pic , in PUBG it appears non like I have no picture at all ?

FKnightTV Hey , This kid Purposely dropped around 30 N Bombs in the attempt to get me banned on twitch. As easily as he said it means he does this quiet often, so please help. Twitch: SucceptTV PUBG: Articjoust265…

KIRAN DAVIS the game is not supported on Huawei y611,but it have the all features to play the game.So please include the game for the device

Riccardo Fiore why does pubg seem unreactive even at 144 fps? for examples BFV is more reactive even if it runs at 100fps, but pubg feels laggy.

Dougo Reese First time ever seeing “network lag detected” I can still navigate the menus, but my player just stands there… currently have 1 gig fiber internet connection in downtown Portland.

Phan Pharaoh Can we please get a fix for FPP mode?!?!

Phan Pharaoh On

Nightwing Suicide Squad skins are available for ?

djangostarr Your game runs like shit, what did you expect?

Etienne Da Silva Other than that the game is still fun to play hopefully the Vikendi update will bring some kind if stability also UI for ping would be great.

Astrix_au please let us use OC solo servers. It still takes ages till we find a lower ping server ping ranges from 180-300 can take 5 servers before finally starting.

Checkout Pubg server down on 2019-01-14

Z3R0 Actually it’s a Sony thing believe it or not. Doesn’t matter bc pc >console

Z3R0 Bc ur game sucks

Craig Lavigna I am trying to change my nickname and I am getting a prohibited response to Twitch_CrAiGALLDaY. Can you help?

We Fight! my game keeps saying update game client but I’ve already updating everything including windows.

Rajesh Meena 🇮🇳 Fix this glitch or everyone will be doing cheating in nxt days by using this glitch

el chef guerrero apparently the problem was from xbox live and the servers are already playing normally thanks

maxou 日本 Thanks, I keep you in touch, I will try it tomorrow!

maxou 日本 Just a small question, I have around 50-60 FPS with my configuration (CPU i5-7700 and 1050 for my GPU) when I put all the graphic settings to very low, it is normal?

Bri Yu been having really insane lag in the lobby/main menu for a good 5-10s before it goes back to normal but as soon as I interact with any button it lags again. Never had this issue until recently. Already updated drivers, gtx 1080ti/4930k/32gb


Minergold can you plz bring back region select for one day so i can go back on oce servers because im stuck in sea servers and get 160 ping

joe. guys. 3rd game in a row on Xbox, me and my friend can’t seem to play at the minute in EU!

joe. Followed by this everytime

DomClemit wtf is going on with this game tonight on Xbox. 3rd game in a row the server has lagged out. Piss take. Will this game ever work

ᴉʇɐuᴉɯnllᴉ squad FPP would be sweet.

Adam Novice The REAL reason why Microsoft wanted crossplay

Panic_Gaming my beard disappeared after the Vik update… what do I do?

omar You banned my account for no reason!!

Soner Güvenç please check this player’s match history and tell me what do you think about him bluehole ???

Gustavo what day the vikendi update will be launched in xbox pls ??

Gerardo Andrade Why has the voice chat stopped working on Xbox one, I’ve noticed in-game my mic won’t activate nor will others, strange considering the majority of time there full mic squads, it’s not my headset, every other games chat is perfectly fine, any solutions?

Rick Dana I’m getting constant packet loss from South East Virginia on the NA servers for the past few weeks. ISP says my lines are fine and nothing fixes it on my end. Problems with AWS servers or?

Kiit Good game!!

@Freezer GER Dankeschön junge Dame

Wud Legerity Week 4, Challenge requires Squads games on Miramar. This is attracting team killers. Twice in 5 games one of the randoms on our squad killed me or a teamate for the weapon on our back. Please start thinking about the consequences of challenges before you make them.

Sythe What does this mean? -Footprints -Hands on walls

JDilla Anyone else’s daily missions not working in ? Most recently, the use 2 medkits in a single match isn’t working.

DOGGAVELI this happened last night on Xbox One X? Also no solo games in Oceania for 6 months everyone has given up. Forced to play on North USA server with high ping and latency what chance do we have at a fair game?

avujini Is this a bug or a hack?.. the player went underground and was able to deplete 100 life with 2 bullets from M416.. he/she killed 4 players with 12 bullets?!!!

Liviu -_- hello devs, WE have a big problem with this desync , since the new map ,it’s back ! This is a real problem and you need to fix it soon. I don’t care about optim the game, i play with screen scale and very low , but when i die i want to not die behind the cover!!!!!!!!.

dash Hello, my voicechat does not work and I have already tried all possible solutions, some solution?

HUNTER2ZERO Day bounce tho😂😂😂😂

RyanLoki Hello, have you had many reports of sound bugs lately. I keep getting sound issues when dropping from the plane and footstep issues?

ᴅᴀᴠᴇ needs 60fps on PS4 😤

lil Icon Can i get a reward for seeing these??? 😅😏

Dimseren77 Hello, I totally misunderstood the: “remove a skin” mission, accidentally sold my Crimson skin to QBZ. How do I get it back? Can I get it back at all??? Searched for skins to buy, but found out, that you have closed down for all trades with skins to PubG. Please help.

Dimseren77 Please help out a noob, newbie, beginner.

marko darko what happen to the duos on Xbox test server?

YEPMOS Going live now! We only need 30 more Followers to reach our goal! PS There’s going to be a giveaway when WE reach 200 Followers! Come join us @

HalRambe Pls fix.

HalRambe Here is an actual video of how he got under.

Red why doesn’t downing someone and then them dying not count towards daily or weekly kill challenges? Ex. I downed one guy and then instantly killed his teammate, got both kills but only 1 counted as SR kill?

Charbel Assaad when will the test server go live I’m always getting that the server are in maintenance

RogueAmerican75 Lol they haven’t even fixed all the issues in the regular game and they expect us to believe they’ll fix this!! What a joke!

El Osalrara (cosa rara) If you zoom in the picture you’ll could see two guys running when they still in the air, I played a severals times this morning and saw this at least 4 times when we’re landing. It is OK? I would like no.

Davide. i changed my gfx card on my pc and the game takes too long to load on a multiplayer session, what happened? i already did a fresh install of the game, updated the drivers to the lastest avaiable ones, no resolution yet.

Davide. it only loads at the end of the path/jumps out at the end, and the game is still on loading screen. Before with the old gfx card it was pretty fast loading.

GhAzI This account sells hack pubg I wish to stop because of it spread hacker in a game and caused us a disturbance

Paul Where is the trade up system and where is trading, u said both were removed temporarily but you never brought them back!

Funnibunni Wow that’s shocking lol

saeed hi I need help because I lost my account please I need your help

AthenaWraith PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 Tournament | 1 Crore Prize Pool | How to Participate & All Details _MOBILE

MrZezo. When the Ps4 update !!!

Justin Gonzalez It won’t let me play with friends on ps4 why?

Prashant My net speed is 3MBPS still when i open the game it says server didn’t respond. Why so?

Rajesh RJ Itne m itna hi milega saheb

Suns (11-33) no duels on PTS?!!?

yunus emre… please help me 😢

chrollo How to switch to FPP?

Owen Parsons Get to give it to you?

Cloud Strife Cross play Xbox PS4, come on!

Dark Dante (Jesús Iván Bolaños) Pts is online? Thanks, i no know

🌼 may I know what happened to my account? It has been 2 weeks.

Playstation Plus Podcast Check the pubg help Twitter page, as a matter of fact where did you get your numbers cause Microsoft or bluehole never mentioned sales numbers they mentioned player counts. I can link you to the facts but you would probably still act oblivious to it.

Murk305 5 million players before gamepass. Let me guess 50% of those are game share right? GTFOH Come on the podcast so I can stomp you out some more.

Playstation Plus Podcast Your statement went from sold to players in a matter of minutes…Yet as you say you want me to come to your podcast so you can stomp me out more….. Hahahahahah

Murk305 Oh wait but what you said about low player count but excluded the FACT that it’s on the TEST SERVER 🤣🤣Fu outa hear 🤡

Playstation Plus Podcast Theirs a steep decline that’s why ya man’s Mike ybarra begging for crossplay just accept it and move on.

🎮JayTV🔥 You free to join today in 2 hours and 40 minutes?

Murk305 I’ll try I’m on the road right now. Thank for the invite.

🎮JayTV🔥 Oh ok

Playstation Plus Podcast You’ve done nothing

Murk305 And while your at it link me to these “low player counts” your mentioning. Kinda strange that game you guys were trashing was the selling game on PlayStation last month right? 🤔

Playstation Plus Podcast As you wish…

Murk305 On the TEST server you idi*t 🤣🤣🤣 one thing is clear, I always am owning you on Twitter. You should start calling me d.

Snaxzilla Go into your cmd prompt and flush your dns. This helps me when I get unexplained packet loss and ping spikes.

Pete lobby’s won’t let us ready up eu tpp squads

Mikko Koivunen When parachuting and pressing W it starts automatically dive down and can’t glide even half as far as my teammates, tried even resetting to default keys. Started after the vikendi patch, pls help!?

PaperDividend&Profit Keep falling under the map in erangle ps4 wall out or in a certain door and in the water I go

STEEDA please ban these players on xbox. They are playing 2 man team on 4 man squad with 6 people.

Xpro1 And what about FPP EU on xbox… Been broken for +8 months

Killerex512 Hi um my test server doesn’t load me into a solo match like I try and it just says matchmaking and I’ve seen it go to 60 min

GOLD LION X23 ♏️ That’s a Europe problem not a state side problem. I can get matches solo on either system.

John Voss Like fortnite will we be able to carry are characters and progression are do we have to buy everything all over again??? Any one? Anybody? Hello

Brayam Medina Are you going to add the option to XBOX players to play with keyboard and mouse on the same servers or on specific servers for keyboard and mouse?

Dustin French Xbox community gamertag Omniblivious is team killing squads on a stream.

PhaNDoMs why is the hold to ADS scope in then randomly unscope bug still a thing???

#BadOne Rocky Thanks . Need something for as well

haepis Competitive games are unplayable on EU servers. Less than 15 tickrate and laggy as hell.

BERSERKER Rainbow Six Siege and Pubg are the best shooter games but the matchmaking in Pubg on FPP is horrible. Both are great games.

sondre håheim røseth when can you make a offline mode with different difficulties?

BERSERKER Fix N. America FPP matchmaking on xbox!

Rayyan ラヤン – 🎮 Tales Of Vesperia Make it F2P.

DaGStackaTV Will the next update have Vikendi for PS4?

THR_Rulez Sometimes i cant understand why i playing this game. 2 bullets in body and one in the head with no helmet and stil got 30% hp…

TriNhO Why you ignore me?

E Make sure your account is banned before your system is an idiot! Why if a lot of communications are stopped! This is my second account and it is also banned!

Jake Knighton Hi if I missed out on buying something from a game (DLC pack) but it’s not on store anymore is there some way of purchasing them? I was after the Halloween skins for PUBG? (Xbox)

Anıl Erdoğan my account was stolen yesterday, it was opened today but I was forbidden from PUBG game please help me. I have to talk with you about my account problems .I have avidence for my account stollen

Anıl Erdoğan my account was stolen yesterday, it was opened today but I was forbidden from PUBG game

Abhishek Sahani Attaching screenshot of that 5 players name. . Please help to get cheaters SKUL team banned from final.

Abhishek Sahani

alex thomson Your face at the end of the video 😂👌

GloryJean That’s my reaction to that player’s aim

alex thomson Haha he all day to aim as well 😂

Alan thomson I seen that ahaha

JDK When are you ever going to fix your damn game? Yeah it’s all great that you ban 90% of the people I report, but the hackers aren’t going anywhere. Do you have any plans in the near future to fix this aimbot and wall hack bullshit?

Ioannis Stf Why should Sony help Microsoft/Xbox? PlayStation Gamers have no problem finding other Players. And people say Console sales are irrelevant. Sony confirmed almost 92 Million sales while Microsoft is still below 40 Million lol.

AussieScales I’m in Australia and I’m getting matched with south eat Asia servers…. why…

Jakub Kučírek When We Can choose the map?… f*cking angry from miramar

Gareth hughes another question, is console expecting any more weapon skins? Just curious.

Manvendra Singh Chauhan sir i convert my account from global version to vaitnam version . I want to get back on global version Please help!

Mr Vampyr Xbox channels and microcoft lied 😂😂

Halostorm About what?

りゅうな why did i predict the round 4 winner (it was only 1 time when my predict turned out to be right) in the last day of and i didnt receive the code?

evilmath it also happened to me,would you like to let me know if you get back your code?thanks a lot

りゅうな sure, but it doesn’t seem like they were going to do something with it >w>

Ivan Zuvela Will Xbox get zombie mode??

Automatic_Deadly when would there be crossplay between PS4 and PC and when?

Gx Abdullah Why the rain can’t falling in モバイルフレンド募集 _MOBILE_フレンド募集

OH_look_A_KITTY A friend of mine says that pubg on console is just a cash grab to fund the pc version. Is this true pubg? Is this why there are so many issues and why the rewards and crates are so stale on console?

Chirath Malaka What is the difference between PUBG & PUBG LITE?Is it made for low performance PC?

Robert Pc players can stay pc only. Consoles should be able to crossplay, pc has too many hackers fucking about on their servers

sufyan tried to join squad this is what is happening constantly. Please help.

Gareth hughes on live servers, I search for battle royale in hope that I can play Erangel, to my disappointment 95% of the time, I’m put on Mirimar, the game has done this to me so many times, that I’m starting to dislike it, could you better the map selection?

xBeat when is vikendi going live on xbox servers? On pts its horrible to play because the map isnt loading the objectives

JR “Jamie” I’ll try this again since you ignored the last, was you under a rock when people wanted Fortnite and Minecraft crossplay? Every platform has it except PS. Guess which fanbase wanted to join in on the party then? Oh yes….

Kim H. Hey guys/devs/jedi’s/guru’s at PUBG Corp! Can you please add a 50v50 mode? Getting tired of players with radar. GG.

Charlie Handley People like you are actually pathetic. My man cares more about his PlayStation being better LOL.

The_Sensei can you please ban this user. He’s aim bot, auto locking, no recoil. USername: WokongBuKaiWG…

Vermeille the red jacket pubg invitation can we buy it? I Want this very much !!!!

Osan Hey would you consider the auto-loot or whatever it is to make player on consoles easier to loot? Juat sayin.

Ahmadsusay.S please high graphics to ps4


Mohammed Al-Karaki i tried to login from my facebook then i showing popup message below :

Rajiv 🇮🇳🇮🇳 how is this guy’s… I did my best… Love pubg..

Joey (Dufer)… An entire VOD of these issues.………


Players United Gaming Damn it’s true they ain’t playing No Games.

Johnno are trophies still not working? I’ve jumped out of the plane 150 times and got over 200 kills but these two trophies (101 jumps, 100 kills) haven’t popped. Any help?


Tom Hello! Is the Aviator Crate going to be available on PS4?

Rdnkwarrior I am still getting into groups with people whoa re not from NA. Please stop matching me into other countries servers. it is BS.

Marco Ibarra You would think that they get enough money to have it open at all times but apparently not🤷🏽‍♂️

UnArmedd ✈️ NPL LAN If you had packet loss out of or up to your modem you would likely not have working internet. It is most likely an issue with the PUBG server local to you.

Tj Lots of games do it. Most games do it via daily log in

Eric Gustafsson It has now been more than 4 days since PUBG support replied to my ticket. Please help me out!

NutellaHazelnut Raining in the building.

Andrew Reed Any reason as to whyi am unable to view the leaderboards?

Eric I accidentally bought a 2nd Arctic Digital skin for the M249, Using the Yellow Coupons, And I was hoping you guys could refund the coupons and the skin. I’m on PC. thanks Username – e-Rock

BBₓ BECAUSE YOUR GAME KS FUCKING DEAD. open up cross platform between PlayStation and Xbox .


Mohammad Adil Hussain Very bad condition of pubg Excess lacking problem

🔴Live NOW🔴 is I think by adding a default start time you can bring it back. If people knew it start at a certain point even with not a full game more people would play it

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Craig 25/30fps same unplayable shit

TheMisterChef Higher than 30 too try again buddy

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Craig If you call 25fps good LMAO also glad I don’t own one as that would be embarrassing

TheMisterChef It doesn’t run at 25fps on the X tho… acting like you know without even playing lmaooo.

Craig 25/30fps same unplayable shit

TheMisterChef Higher than 30 too try again buddy

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

✌Apex Chief✌ Give the game a year of being live on your platform and you will suffer the same issues don’t be so short sighted by your love for a plastic box to see that crossplay is great for smaller non AAA mutiplayer matchmaking

Craig It runs like shit even on xbox one x

TheMisterChef No, it actually doesn’t I also genuinely doubt you have access to one in the first place.

Craig If you call 25fps good LMAO also glad I don’t own one as that would be embarrassing

TheMisterChef It doesn’t run at 25fps on the X tho… acting like you know without even playing lmaooo.

Craig 25/30fps same unplayable shit

TheMisterChef Higher than 30 too try again buddy

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Martín van Cauwlaert Hi. Can you check the Mirado Mission on Week 4th? Is not taking driven time as it should be. Already tried like 5 times and had the same result. Thanks.

D34TH0FKVorshk Oh because I follow PUBG_help and its came across my thread, and it was stupid. Why are you still talking to me?

D34TH0FKVorshk No they really dont, Its always the idiot laughing when they should be crying.

Jacob Izreal Cool

Kenshin 26second duo fpp que time and ive been waiting 10mins multiple times…..please fix the que issue. you’re going to effectively killa NA just like you did to oce and SA

Juan The pts stands for pubg test servers not the live servers you’ll get it when you download the game have fun out there this game is shit and broken

Juan Exactly dude the only reason it’s is popular on pa4 is cuz they haven’t put up with this bs of a game for as long as Xbox just wait till they see how shity this company is at running there own game

Mithun Bhagath If you wait for about five minutes or more you will get a game with 40 players in it

Kedar Salandy 🇧🇷 But the ps4 version doesn’t even have all the modes that Xbox has lol

Juan Yeah it’s sad dude only cuz they where so fucking thirsty for money they decided just to through the pc version of the game into the console with lower graphics instead of rewriting the code for console hey money hungry people don’t care aslong as they are Making money

Juan It’s ok bud I was delusional like you at first too but the money they make is not going to making the game better or else we wouldn’t be complaining we don’t know where is going because it takes months to update the game by know they would of invested in a bigger team but nah

GamingISAHobby Game had so much potential but failed.

GamingISAHobby Was laughing at pubg when playing it with friends on Xbox. Trees were having trouble rendering on the X.

Juan Lmao this shit console war still going and I see why cuz ps4 owners think cuz it’s ps4 they are above everyone just stfu my guy just a console and people have stopped played the pts cuz the bugs I’m sick of going under the map while driving we just waiting for live servers Jesus

BeastNationLIVE why is pubg so bad on Xbox one? Do u ppl not play it ?? Fps is terrible on all maps I’m laggy every gun fight? But y’all call this pull product Lul

Lets Jink This is why the servers died lol landed there once never did again only place of the map I don’t know around

Zimm804 This is proof that the Xbox is WELL under 40 million units sold and why they BEG for crossplay


Cameron Mangum Kidsmove not gonna like this

Cameron Mangum Kidsmove not gonna like this

RNS Hey I’m in France and the training mode isn’t working here either please do something ; ) thank you!

Victor-Mythic Team will map in PTS introduce in the port over to Player Unknown Full Release?

RNS Not working for me either, it’s been days, it rarely works here in France, so disappointed..

Curtis Gabriel Yeah it’s frustrating mate, it’s a great tool. Wish it was working !

✖BO✖ ONE 0-11 NPD So what happened to the 3 million players on xbox one?


CheeksDaFreak Damn no wonder Microsoft is so he’ll bent for crossplay 🤣

Jeremy Doan PTS is not working on ps4 …you can’t load into a match… waited over 10 mins

w1kedz Could probably get more players if you added duos lol, we stopped playing because it’s hard to put together squads all the time, waiting for live now

What Grinds My Gears This friggen PUBG is a joke. Player unknown himself cashed that check so fast and is chilling at the beach. Here is a live video feed lol…

calirex Lol oh no bro you I. Can’t breath lol 😂

Angel Yall only had 1 mode on playstation lmao yall cant even play with ur friends 😂💀 guess this proves gamers play less then gamers 😂

Todd Howard im considering pubg on the xbox, does this version have dedicated servers?

Craig Why would they the game barely runs on the consoles

TheMisterChef Maybe to make it run better for everything that isn’t a one x…

Craig It runs like shit even on xbox one x

TheMisterChef No, it actually doesn’t I also genuinely doubt you have access to one in the first place.

Craig If you call 25fps good LMAO also glad I don’t own one as that would be embarrassing

TheMisterChef It doesn’t run at 25fps on the X tho… acting like you know without even playing lmaooo.

Craig 25/30fps same unplayable shit

TheMisterChef Higher than 30 too try again buddy

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Ronald where is Miramar? What happened?


iseuljin the waiting time for solo is crazy.

MyguyMalik Lol where

Kill shot He has a video on you tube responding to that question about proximity chat

Bradley David you seriously need to sort the gun spawning out on the maps I’ve just searched literally 15 flats 3 floors and all it had was fucking hand guns what a pile of shit

Travis Belleau🎮 lmao at the people in this thread asking for PS4 x-play to save the servers.

Barrie Baflap Is that the reason why everytime I’m trying to get into a squad game on europe servers, it automatically tries to switch it into a solo matchmaking? Which btw doesn’t work either as had it 3x where it was still queued after 10 min?

Bago Fatz Purchased that and Plus bundle. Didn’t realize that I have to wait up to 7 days for the PS Plus code. SMH so upset and couldn’t help, I have to deal with it. So got a online only game with no online access.

Matt Hawkins Anybody else having problems matchmaking on xbox at the moment?

t Help me please 💔💔💔💔💔

Zeus and 261 others Umm if you’re familiar with shroud his PC is in that ballpark yes

KenedyTN This guy is streaming PUBG using hack please ban this person !!!…

Checkout current Pubg server status

Abdullah H Alshammry When this game run at 60fps???

FEEZ_95 Can us PS4 players get a graphics update? It’s so hard to see people from a distance. All they look like is a pixelated rock if they’re sitting still.

EZbreeeezPR Let me see….today’s the 9th. Maybe if I leave the solo match in matchmaking menu I might be able to log into a game by the 14th?!

Adam MJ Hi can someone please assist my ticket? My account was banned after the recent update for what reason? Was my 0.25 KD consider cheating? UN: CousinAntonio

Connor_LindTV greatest nade NA…

Jockinbt Love it

C R I S P Y i live in New Zealand and is connected to North America severs i want to go on AS/NZ Server but i dont know how please help

James Now we have confirmation of PUBG being the most downloaded game on PS4 in December, how about FPP solos?

NoHandsNZ Hey or – how does the matchmaking decide what region!? I don’t want to wait 6 minutes for a game to SEA, when I can wait 15s for a game to NA! Either way my ping will be horrible, but at least I’m not stuck waiting! It’s not much fun for the streaming!

Ellis Rivera can you put mouse and keyboard support on the ps4 version controller is to difficult to play love the game tho <3

KunJacob11 We need FPP open in asia

Bettsu better come with true map selection

Ahmed ♊️ Hi, I’ve this issue since I began this game, 1-2 months ago, in lobby? I can’t hear anyone and they can’t hear me, in the start of the game I can’t hear them also, same problems, i hear them only in the middle of the game! Solve the issue please

PUBG Help Hi Ahmed, Please ensure you have voice chat enabled (CTRL-T) and that you’re in the correct voice channel (CTRL-Y). -M

Ahmed ♊️ I’m playing it on the phone, help please

Arnulfo Avina The whole game is a bug. It’s been months since I stoped playing it.

Cameron Varner Barely played the past couple of days. Went to get on today and have been banned makes no sense Pubg…

Cameron Varner Since recent update I have been banned for no reason.

Devin Figueroa Bring the battle pass to PS4

weezy Waited 40~ minutes 3x today and still never connected.

Hayden wheres the west coast servers?

👹🅱️ What’s you’r PC specs? 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

boris Make the game run smoother in general

ResearcherVault How can i report security issue?

ResearcherVault No reply from them, can i send you dm sir?

Shammrock Can we get the ability to link mobile account for cosmetics

Dane Jacoby The worst decision made when creating this map was to decrease the loot rate drop found when playing on Sanhok.

PARI’sPapa UK Gupta The ultimate PUBG Mobile weapons list.… ( _MOBILE ) ( )

Legend4now Pubg on ps4 is awesome minor bugs not even to mention it! Graphics are solid and I never crash since it game out! Just bring in the snow map, new crates season pass and the trenchcoat like we have on pc

PUBG Help Hi Legend, Really appreciate the feedback and glad you’re enjoying it! Hopefully we can get more content out to PS4 soon 🙂 -M

Ali Fortnait promised us servers soon and you are nothing.

Ali We want the Middle East’s servers a lot of Arab players have left pubg because servers

Kyle Please tell me this is a joke

Kyle Now that I’ve waited over an hour for this 5 minute queue I’m starting to think that number might be wrong. What do you think, guys?

Mudgy So glad there is a snazzy replay mode to watch back the utter garbage and inconsistencies of a well below optimised and underperforming game that has only been worked on for 2 years or so.

Diego Matias – #SuperContraPodcast Please fix the glitch on Erangel, in which is possible to fall down from one of the entrances to the shelter

Shammrock Or not be able to enter shelter from invisible wall on the side by the houses

weezy matchmaking in the regular game on any team or group setting takes less than 5 seconds.

Frank M Map Selection please

M. Brennan 📱💻🛠 Glitch at castle and rendering sucks

RogueAmerican75 That called game crash, guess your game isn’t working as good as you said!

El Csm So desync is back huh. Great job

weezy heres me live streaming last night. over 25 minutes before i gave up on matchmaking. NA/PS4/ALLDAY/PTS/VIKENDI/SOLO/TPP

ⓝαⓣαⓢнⓐ нⓘℓℓ ♥ So when is Xbox getting the snow map for real not on PTS?. Maybe the 17th?.

超ニューヲーターodinXXXgaea🌎⚪⚫️🧠🃏 still no matching in PS4 PTS for over a week

WiggyDom input lag on the mouse again, come on trying to shoot and and it either doesn’t shoot or shoots 3 secs after I click it, FIX IT ASAP game is not playable with it!!!

Spamelote Hi! I have this month many crash. I had when the game was early access too. I sent many crash reports. The specs of my computer are Ryzen 5 1600 and GTX 1060 6gb. Please tell what I can do to stop crashing.

Marley Maul forces you to play other games it takes forever to get an update on console /xb1 their main focus is on because mobile have features & cosmetic items PC doesn’t have I guess we’ll see the last week in January

bahh!Bean I believe that a whole different team making that game correct me if I’m wrong

Stephen Welsh hopefully it’s working get a few games before it disappears

SHARANPRAKASH G HUDED Your vehicle seems to float in air. Please fix that.

RogueAmerican75 I don’t care about the new map, when is Xbox getting a quality of life update!! I’ve been crashing more than usual and I have an Xbox x with my game loaded on external ssd! I haven’t played in a week because I’m over the dsync and crashing!!

EstaQuerias Put the game back on the infernal disk, i have no issues with my X

EstaQuerias InFernal disk😈💽

bahh!Bean I haven’t had any crashes in a long time

Anthony Killeen Not sure what’s happening but since the update my anti-aliasing is really not working. It feels like everything’s sharpened without the option being ticked. Any ideas guys?

Jon Lake I haven’t been able to find a game on PS4 in over a week.. when is it going LIVE?!

Vvd Why are there so many hackers right now?

Just A Kid From Irv You may as well close it now. I cant find a game on it since you decided to make the PTS on PS4 solos only & then no FPP at that. Still haven’t added FPP DUOS OR SQUADS NA. The console port for this game is slowly dying

TC Xbox users tried to tell y’all. Its amazing how people still try to defend it. I still play btw for some reason….

Just A Kid From Irv I’ve been playing this game since it launched on Xbox. Im aware of the terrible business practices that went into this port

TC Yet you’re complaining about it being horrible on ps4. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Just A Kid From Irv I never said it was horrible 👌🏽💯. It runs smoother on the PS4 actually. Im talking about their lack of support for the console version. Leaving us in the dark, no updates. The community has been asking for FPP for weeks now and they only added it for solo NA and EU Squads 🤦🏾‍♂️

Angel Zayas Also stop letting everyone cheat by parachuting inside “glitch” cliffs and mountains and buildings and shooting us from behind them. Why allow this. Cheat culture sucks.

Jon Lake Lmao where they getting the guns? NEXT

Renaissance Man Bug report: Major Upstream Packet loss out of Ohio. Multiple users on the official have confirmed to be true. Seems to be an issue with server/equipment.

yvan damn calm down dude 😂

CLiNTxB3ASTW00D™ whats up with the update its January

Jack Bauer Make sure to fix the castle glitch. 👍

Tom Poulson What’s that?

AJ Brown You can get under the castle

Daniel Sweeney I liked the snow map alot, though I wish it were bigger. Not a fan of small maps, I think part of the fun for me is dropping down and looting and being able to survive vs dropping down on one building and getting everything you need. Just my opinion. It’s still hella fun though.

†he D☬n when can we expect Vikendi to be updated onto the real game, it’s been two weeks but I really don’t like playing it on the test server because it doesn’t register any stats for the main game, it’s basically waisting our time to play it. Under map glitch/need fix

Tom Poulson Can u please make the circle a different color than white on this map? It blends in with the snow way too easily

PUBG Help Hi Tom, Appreciate your feedback! Letting you know that this has been mentioned before and has already been passed on to the team! -M

Tom Poulson Perfect. Thanks for the response. Keep up the awesome work!

OpTic Yann Change the color bling mode to tritanopia.

EstaQuerias Yes to this! Very hard to see the circle in Vikendi!

Nick Bundy Change your color settings.

Tom Poulson U can change the color of the Circle on the map?

EstaQuerias Thanks for the workaround but they need to change it as it should be visible 👍

RogueAmerican75 Umm do you know what an ssd is and what it for?

Lucas Ribeiro How can I report a bug? For example, in one place my car went into the ground and I continued driving under the floor.

PUBG Help Hey Lucas, Thanks for your help – please submit any bugs or issues you find to our forums here: -M…

Red Zone This happens when you drive your vehicle to long and the game doesnt load that you are on ground.

xViSiONZ I’m sure they’re aware. It happened to me twice in one game

Bryan The menu screen where we party up and select a game mode is very broken.

Psychotik_187 It’s not broken

PUBG Help Hi Bryan, Could you please provide a screenshot so we can see if we’re able to help? -M

Bryan I don’t have one, but after finishing a game, players won’t be able to ready up. We’ve had to go to title screen and reform a new party to be able to start a new game. Similar issues to when the game was still prerelease status.

Bryan On Xbox One

Travis We don’t get any good news from y’all, fuck us right ?

Alex Tillery When will the map be released to live servers

uh Probably January 14th

CTLesq The PTS has not worked on the PS4 for several weeks, almost immediately after it launched. It has been incredibly disappointing and I have tweeted this to you multiple times and you have never responded.

Chaz Michael they only respond to positive comments because they’re insecure little children and can’t take constructive criticism or have any sense of customer service

Shane Glass Welcome to the party, Xbox has been dealing with this since game preview

CTLesq I know, I played it on the X1X.

Travis Aight, I’m tired of this BS man, Are y’all gonna update the console versions or continue to neglect us.

Starlin Marte When is the update going live for Xbox?

Claire4uk♿️✝🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 Went we get new map

Jakob Wessolowski hello can you tell me when vikendi for the ps4 comes or where I could find out?

chris dittsworh got the pudg game and it only downloaded the PTS part of the game

weezy DO NOT add map selection but make the random more random. Same map twice in a row sucks BUT not as bad as when NO ONE plays your fav map…

Ghost BR please add server SA on PS4. It’s very bad play with lag

weezy I have let it sit on matchmaking for 30~ minutes and still no connect. and yes I have PSplus…

weezy WHY THE FUCK is matchmaking take over 25 minutes and still no connect?

Leo Wells I’m getting “connection time out 1.3.1” on Xbox. Halppp! Running duos with and he can get in just fine.

PUBG Help Hi Leo, Could you please try restarting your router/modem as there could be a connection issue. -M

Charles Harrielson fix your game from crashing. It is constantly crashing on pc. I have spoken to quite a few others having the same issue. This has been happening since your last big update.

Michael Locher Are you aware that the weekly server maintenance means NA essentially loses 1 night a week, very single week? Is it not an option to keep the Test Server up to give us an alternative during this time?

Serie Ah any plans for proximity chat for xbox one in 2019???? We all really want it lol

LanceFightmaster Crash after crash after crash…

Jeremy Belanger ⚡ Please fix Vikendi loot.

Nick Mizen here’s me stuck in a wall on PS4. Just trying to run through an open door and got teleported into the wall. Fun times!

Matt Martin Anyone else having problems when they get in game all mic sound doesn’t work even for teamspeak and discord. Everything works fine and as soon as I get in game, in game chat doesn’t work and ts and discord chat stops also

Pagan Min EU and I tried Night time once and also mid day around 3pm…none work..I’ve tried today at 6pm and nothing.

Lucho When is the new map available for xbox

Keith Dowling is matchmaking gone down on xbox one

TwitchExXtreme when will there be an update on the ps4

icemageTV You guys really need to be able to get your maintenance done in 2 hours or less. Also move your maintenance window up by 2 hours so you’re not screwing everyone over who can only play Tuesday nights (not me).

hq.vhs Hey Lovro! How can u fix this issue?

hq.vhs After 5-10 min PC restarting. The issue occurred after today’s update. First we were dying in the game, now we’re dying.

Rowan Nice try on getting us to play Miramar but ain’t gonna happen…

Sam Any chance of PUBG getting game modes like TDMn stuff? This game is great and gives me a SOCOM vibe.

keri jean His gamer tag is bigstonedindian

Chris C Dawson 2 grenades not flash nades acted as flash nades, prior to those two I did use 1 flash nade Confused…..

John So is this just PC ? When do consoles get this ? Sorry but launching one and not the other never works, splits your fan base.

John can you explain why console has to wait ?

Scott McKenzie Since last nights patch I can’t play the game for lag spikes around every 15 seconds!! I have 50 mb internet

Hend I have an account but is not linked to Twitter or Facebook and now it’s gone i want to restore it please help me 😭😭😭

Katie F how long is the wait times for PUBG on the PS4?! I’ve been waiting for 5 minutes.

MixSar they wont fix anything they are clueless, trust me , i bought the game for pc on release date, they are amateurs

MitosisDNB That’s the whole problem? It must be pushed in some way. Choco played for 5 hours the other day. 2 Erangel games and zero Miramar. Yet these are the maps that are only available in the pro scene…

DestinyDudeY1 What the FUCK did you say about my goat?

keri jean The overall statistics of kills, matches won and even days played are messed up. Over 400 matches have been removed, over 3k kills gone and even 20 days worth of game play is not there. None of the overall statistics are accurate

PUBG Help Ok thanks, we will take a look into it for you. Could you provide us with the account holders Xbox live gamertag? -A

keri jean His gamer tag is bigstonedindian

Robert Anderson The grenade glitch is back after this update. Can someone help? It just cost me a solo, and this is the third time this has happened after updates. When you pull out a grenade and cook it, when you go to throw it, it just drops at your feet. This shouldn’t exist at this stage.

PUBG Help Hi Robert, Could you let us know what platform you’re playing on – PC, Xbox or PS4? Also if you were able to get a video of the issue when it next occurs, would really help us a bunch. Thanks! -M

✞ 𝔰𝔩𝔲𝔠𝔥 ✞ why is it impossible to find a fpp game on Europe servers

Joseph Hey can I get an option to not play your 4×4 maps? 2 weeks never got Miramar. Tried to select it in solo 3rd person 50 min no play that is bull shit quit forcing me to play the maps you want..


Joseph Also 30 times quick select only got 4×4 maps

novjivot lol why do I have to drive a Mirado for 2 hours on Miramar wtf wtf wtf 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

keri jean Xbox is the platform. These photos are of the of the current screwed up statistics. We don’t take photos of his stats after ever single chicken. That is the whole point of why Xbox does the statistics for games, so players don’t have to

keri jean No nothing is showing the current number in any of the stats. I just got off my third call with Xbox all for three different people and their supervisors to say it is a developer issue

PUBG Help Hi, does the in-game career stats show the correct amount of stats? -A

keri jean The overall statistics of kills, matches won and even days played are messed up. Over 400 matches have been removed, over 3k kills gone and even 20 days worth of game play is not there. None of the overall statistics are accurate

PUBG Help Ok thanks, we will take a look into it for you. Could you provide us with the account holders Xbox live gamertag? -A

keri jean His gamer tag is bigstonedindian

W0LF_FPV Can you please actually fucking pull your shit together and fix the steaming pile of shit that is pubg? This is beyond a joke now. Stop focusing on money and hire some decent fucking PC Devs rather than the mobile devs that are clueless.

Aspasine Give us back the option to pick a server ffs!

Smallung does the kar-98 no longer 1 shot headshot level 1 and 2 helmets? I’ve seen two accounts of this happening now with no indication of it on patch notes. any info on this? I took the watermelon off a player in my previous match just now and he lived with 1 hp.

SwagHunter when will the night mode come out?

SweetChuck What game haven’t you bitched about? Please stop the cry for attention and USING ALL CAPS!

Bokkom Thanks

Pagan Min I can never get into Vikendi PTS on ps4…I was waiting 30 mins once and nothing. Please help?

PUBG Help Hi, sorry to hear you are experiencing long matchmaking times. Can you tell us what server you are connecting to and at what time of the day have you queued for the game? Thanks! -A

Pagan Min EU and I tried Night time once and also mid day around 3pm…none work..I’ve tried today at 6pm and nothing.

Eidzem Zavoral Great skin fixes you fúcks! Appreciate your work lmao.

keri jean So there is streams and videos proving we are not just bs-ing. I have had to endure watching PUBG so many months i dream in PubG and seeing a plane in the sky makes me think a crate is dropping. Please help me help him figure out why his statistics are being screwed up

Zeus and 261 others How do you set it up wrong? Bad ventilation (I have water-cooling)? Bad cable management(I don’t)? You’re kinda stupid.

Dan Woodman Why you took this so personal I have no idea 😂 “Some people” but again your intelligence is superior haha

Dan Woodman Compatibility, updating everything when it needs it, drives ect. But that never ever happens to anyone in the world, right? You have clearly surpassed human intelligence so you’d know the answer to that 😜

Zeus and 261 others Umm you’re talking out of your ass literally everyone has problems with this game. Including shroud and his 10k PC. He uses 2 computers to stream and game and he still gets these glitches.

keri jean I am doing this on behalf of my boyfriend but his username is bigstonedindian & are you wanting a screenshot of the current statistics? His amount of chickens and kills he should have are not showing. That is the whole problem. His stats went from over 1200 chickens to 800 then

PUBG Help Hey Keri, can you tell us what platform is he playing on (PC, Xbox, PS4) alongside the screenshot of the statistics tab? -S

keri jean Xbox is the platform. These photos are of the of the current screwed up statistics. We don’t take photos of his stats after ever single chicken. That is the whole point of why Xbox does the statistics for games, so players don’t have to

keri jean No nothing is showing the current number in any of the stats. I just got off my third call with Xbox all for three different people and their supervisors to say it is a developer issue

PUBG Help Hi, does the in-game career stats show the correct amount of stats? -A

keri jean The overall statistics of kills, matches won and even days played are messed up. Over 400 matches have been removed, over 3k kills gone and even 20 days worth of game play is not there. None of the overall statistics are accurate

PUBG Help Ok thanks, we will take a look into it for you. Could you provide us with the account holders Xbox live gamertag? -A

keri jean His gamer tag is bigstonedindian

keri jean Then his kill count went from 14k to 11k, and he is missing about 20 days played. His complete career statistics are completely screwed up and it happened within the last few days. I want to know why this is happening. He streams basically every single second he plays so there is

[email protected] thx for help me bro… but yes i usr Right click…I use the right mouse button. The only difference is that i hold the button to aim instead of clicking

Didi-hunt gaming When does vikendi come to ps4 normal servers not the pts

Ruben De Wulf please explain this killcam for me … please …

Cody Fisher #PS491MillonSold Dead game I don’t why People still play this game

حمید live game for ever 🍗❤️

☠ᛈᚱᛊᚣᛪᛘᚱ☠ What o’clock would it be that it would be the mirror of the night everywhere? 🤔🌍🌎🌏

G Pls help, pubg crash every time of the last att

MegaFro 20 Chinese accounts spamming phishing links in the discussionsfor 3 weeks = no action taken. Me spamming the discussions raising awarness to not click on those links = I get banned. They still didnt get banned lol

MegaFro I mean.. not spammed but like replied to myself with 5 posts… They spammed their discussion so hard they have 900 posts of their own still not banned lmao


Aaron Townsend There was a weapon inspection

Anthony Swain any idea why PUBG on Xbox is down both full game and PTS?? Or is it just me?

EUROPE MILITIA BlinDAzr’s profile’s been banned from posting on the Steam discussion board, here’s why:

EUROPE MILITIA , First of all, I was being relevant seeing how hundreds of people complain about the Chinese on daily basis, and we’re the only ones that we’re currently aware of, offering an actual solution for the issue,2nd “constructive” technically i was constructive.

EUROPE MILITIA Techincally I was constructive seeing how I criticized your moderators of silenceing and censoring anyone who dares speaking out against them or the Chinese, 3rd and finally, I was being polite, I made sure my posts and replies were well written.

EUROPE MILITIA plus my posts contained no racial slurs, profanity or anything that might be deemed as inappropriate or impolite.

SgT ReBeLs All I got to ask is canted sights and when 🤨

Kiit The last article written in January said we would get it in January. I wonder if they realised it was already January…


Lechuga Calla y paga el gold joder

LMTHECRACK Yo el gold lo llevo a rajatabla señor Lechugón. 😂


H͡é͡c͡t͡o͡r͡ F͡u͡s͡t͡e͡r͡ Callad y pagad por bugs porque cuanto menos mejor y cuanto más mejor ya que más es menos pero menos es más

H͡é͡c͡t͡o͡r͡ F͡u͡s͡t͡e͡r͡ 💩💩

leaster W/ Please fix your game!/en-sa/tid=C…

boda jonathanprabhukumar mobile srvers are very slow from morning in india

Andrew Smith Region lock western Europe from everyone.

EweHill Every time I export in replay-mode, camera jumps randomly to a totally different point when it hits a new keyframe. I hope this gets fixed soon, because I really want to start using it more without any bugs. Thanks!

theonetheonlyMC Um Xbox hasn’t seen any maintenance at all since full release. XBOX NEEDS SORTING. SERVERS ARE SHIT. Just because were not on P C doesn’t mean we don’t fucking exist. UPDATE AND MAINTENANCE FOR XBOX. FUCK PC.

Dacreamysausage Solution, Get an xbox.

Dacreamysausage It’s been out of beta for a while, ps4 won’t get the update before X1 does.

BabyHaveGoodnight I didn’t use any software. Why do you ban me? Is it like using cheating software? Please help me lift the ban as soon as possible. My account was wrongly blocked. I have been angry for not sleeping or eating for two days. I am very sad and angry..

BabyHaveGoodnight If I really pass the test and think that I have violated the rules, please tell me the specific day and which game went wrong. If there is no problem, do not lift the ban for me, I think I will choose suicide, because I was wronged..


BabyHaveGoodnight I wrote the complaint email, only telling me that I was very sorry and that it could not solve the problem that I was wrongly banned. I was very sad and angry. I swear to god that I did not use any cheating software, auxiliary software or modify the game files

BabyHaveGoodnight Game name: Stadiana steam account:dksrlcks 17 digit Steam ID:76561198096266803 please help me

Lockm4 thanks for your reply!

Joe – alessia cara stan Man I am

Tubtubfluff , We get stuck on Vikendi Roofs when trying to walk straight over them on PC, is there gonna be a fix for this sometime?

Kendall Shane Slayton why was duos removed from PTS. Any chance to put it back on there? A lot of people would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Mr. Mohamid  Globa version is noatavailable for thisaccount.Please log in via the Vietnamese version

EZMONGO DEFINITELY got shot in the head with a Kar98 WITH NO HELMET AND DIDN’T DIE WHAT???? Ohh i guess thats what happens to my bullets when i blow someone’s face off 45% Damage 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Brady Roberts contemplating just uninstalling the PTS until y’all really get it fixed. Honestly just taking up space on my hard drive for something that sits for 12 minutes and gets nothing.

Checkout current PUBG down

Brady Roberts This is ridiculous. 4th time trying to get a game.

Antonio Müller PTS is not up anymore

Brady Roberts According to them they fixed the issues. If it weren’t up I wouldn’t be able to make it to the matchmaking screen. It’d give me a black come back later one. And I doubt they’d spend hours fixing it just to take it down

Antonio Müller trueee.. ill have to go try as well

Brady Roberts Are you sure about that? Still sitting in a 4 minute+ queue for a game and no luck

EZMONGO What happened to the option to report people? Teaming up in Duo

blueamcat ❄️ You can report a player by going to their gamer card via Xbox. Not sure about an in game feature.

EZMONGO Yeah I know thanks anyway. Pubg had a in game option I just don’t know what happened to it.

Psychotik_187 when are y’all going to allow mouse and keyboard on Xbox one?

Shane Roe When will we be getting map preferences on Ps4? A lot of us are sick of constantly playing Miramar.

Roel hackers on NA server……

Kyle J (Xbox) Im currently playing duos, and after our games, my partner and I don’t end up in the same lobby with each other, as we once started in. Has happened maybe 5 times now. Also a problem on PTS

Steve Mitchell so much for having a quick game before I have to go to work in an hour. These waiting times are getting WORSE. Why over a HALFHOUR wait when there’s 1:59 MINUTE queue time?

habit Which doesn’t appear to answer the question as I read this as “I’ve reported x players yet getting y notifications where y > x”. Please clarify.

Ari Er i probably worded it terribly. What i mean to say is I report a lot of ” suspected cheaters ” And i get a lot of ” player has been banned “. More reports than Bans. A high ratio of the reports lead to bans. It’s still disgusting how much cheating goes on.

Remix Hello and thank for the good game wishing for better – sadly i get banned just now and im not doing any thing bad for the game ? Can you help why that happened to me ?

James Take off bars on windows. K. Thanks.

|mert⟩ 👨🏻‍💻 Is there any explanation this?

Barry when are you updging the graphics on console? They are terrible!

Brenden not sure if this has been reported before but I found an invisible rock that I tried to shoot someone who was behind it but the bullets hit it instead. hopefully this can get patched 🙂

Josh Watkins This happens to me all the time. Stop acting surprised

Remi Valtna is there a false ban wave? I have been banned for no reason.

Sem vikendi is dropping January 31st On the full game

no one Was up to almost 6 minutes, cancelled…over 7 on this try.. Why does selecting a map take soooooooooo long. Really no lobbies for this map in over 12 minutes?

Tommy🤘 Update for live servers????

Wud Legerity It seems overkill to have a challenge for “driving” 25 km in a boat. It should count when you ride in the boat also.

Athertonian How come I am killing people on the XBOX PTS servers with Warrior Pack and Custom Controller Pack skins? How do I retrieve those on the PTS… Is it an exploit? Harmless. However, I keep killing people with loot you shouldn’t have on PTS. I have the Warrior Pack etc

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω There can be only one

Eric Griffin Wait, you can just pick which crate you get?

mike this happens frequently with mine too. For about the last month, every other time I try. It’s not consistent.

Johnny Ryall This happens to me often as well. Sometimes the cursor highlights two crates at once

Grimm Job Ps4 PTS won’t let me find a game on any server so you should help ps4 out too.

leon hill I have the same issue daily on xbox where more than one box highlights so I never no which one I’m getting

Darin Lang Need duos back!

SZNL Happens to me as well. :/

Eric Robach Duos not available

Tyler Schaffner It happens for me nearly everytime

Sketchy Antix That game on Xbox was doing the same thing to me not too long ago😂

Tyler Schaffner I just want a sleeveless vest!!

AspiringCuck I have around 20! You’re more than welcome to them if I could give them to you! If you had a ballistic mask in return, we’d have a deal on our hands 🙂

Christopher Miliante Wait you console guys get to choose which crate to get? Must be nice

Adrian Amaya I play on both, but pc is better on xbox u cant sell the clothes and its always the same clothes, like i have 10 baseballs red caps on xbox lol

Tyler Schaffner Are you PC or mobile?

Christopher Miliante PC Master Race

Tyler Schaffner I thought I smelt smug lol but did you guys ever get a choice?

Sergio Franco nope, its a a random crate drop, usually one that requires a $2.50 key to open too 😒

JJ Fix the ps4 pts server to cant even find a game anymore on the na,eu or the asoc servers.

Justin Lee When Will We Be Seeing The New Update On PS4?

Andrew Curto Anytime in squads the game stutters then freezes and crashes I have reinstalled the game and validated the files 20 times over and I have high end computer

eAPluto Sometimes in my case same crate.

Michael Docherty It happens a lot. Not always. But a lot

Empyfox Thank goodness I have not been able to play the pts

michael ward Does it for me to

Rémy 🇫🇷 Everytime for me too and for long time ago, this bug coming with new box system…

Linde Erik at least if your game is buggy, full or cheaters, badly designed, and poorly balanced, your servers could have been good.

Brent McMahon Very poorly optimized game

Milan kumar Unable to voice chat…applied all the methods.uninstalling other headphones microphone permission etc etc.pls help

Lakshay Garg Dude my UC bucks were deducted unnecessarily without my knowledge. I need to know where they disappeared?

Bi9Grizz Back out to main menu and re enter. Worked for me. Don’t dashboard game cause it continued after that for me.

Frank Scroll Sorry, Title screen

Frank Scroll If backing out to the main menu doesnt fix it on xbox, its broken 😂

dmy Just click on it with ur mouse

Andy Willingham I had this happen to me too!

Brett Nasty Why, so you can constantly get the same article of clothing non stop for all the blood, sweat, and tears you have put into chicken dinners? Lame reward system.

Brett Nasty Wouldnt mind me a cowboy hat

AspiringCuck This is very true, the duplication and repetition needs to be looked at, it’s very frustrating to the point of causing disengagement with the system

Tyler Schaffner I just want a sleeveless vest!!

AspiringCuck I have around 20! You’re more than welcome to them if I could give them to you! If you had a ballistic mask in return, we’d have a deal on our hands 🙂

Gvnc Aydgn Hacker player 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 always the same problem ❌❌❌❌

Cal where’s duos on pts gone why’s it disappeared??

Ol’ Zimm Well tbh i could believe it tho cause this game sure is one of the easier ones for people to hack on. Could only imagine how easy it would be on Xbox. Since they can barely keep up with shit

Nicolas Valbuena Maybe people can cheat but I’m %100 sure that they are gonna be banned, pubg invest a lot of money in his software in fact that’s why pubg doesn’t have a good performance, the problem with the cheaters in early 2018 was a waste of money and development for the game

Jesse Gregory/Vaughn

Cristian Avila Always getting locked btw walls PS4….

karimelnady when update on ps4 the new map

yungchickenn If you want camps and skins play cod brother pubg is battle royal and it was meant to be like that, we don’t need anymore skins fucking up a game that doesn’t load in correctly

Ol’ Zimm Dude i been playing pubg since day one. But after awhile an incentive to play makes it more enjoyable Lmfao plus id like my guns to look as sick aa pc .. If they didnt want us to have skins they wouldn’t have added them….

yungchickenn I’ve been playing since day one too man and I would rather a game that runs as smooth as pc does over shitey skins or daft purchases only made with g coin. Most people who played in preview would rather the game be 100% finished that what they claim to be a “finished game”

Ol’ Zimm Oh yea i agree with u about that but then again i think my game runs smooth enough that i don’t have to complain anymore dont have much issues besides basic latency issues and lag on my end

yungchickenn So therefore it will never be free, pubg mobile isn’t the same as platform or pc, nothing is free, even Xbox game pass was £1 and now its back up to its full price, pubg will never make anything for free

Jonathan Emmett My player in the last circle couldn’t take health nor choose a weapon. but could move. came 2nd coz of that!! fix the damn game!

Sean McGuinness Still not working on PTS

fro Add streamer clothing items to the shop on console please

F5AM Think seriously about it

Kevin Knight I got a perma ban after less than 2 days of gameplay! I don’t cheat/hack… have none for any game on my PC. Actully, I just did a fresh Win 10 install of my PC the day before. It’s clean! How could I possibly be banned for NOT violating any of the terms below?

Anonymous We lost one of our squadmates to a B.S. ban. Their system has to be bugged.

Kunal 🔱🔥 As soon as i won Chiken Dinner server Didnt respond pops up on my screen😑😒

neil alexander 1975 Hi pubg xbox problem we keep getting a connecting to server problem on eu servers after a game after 3 to 4 times of quitting game eventually the game will load 3 days this issue is goin on and no it’s not pts it’s full release problem

RussellHobbs Hello i keep getting this prior to landing in game – no matter what i do, i just stay mid air. With the speed meter saying **nand-(ind** Getting really annoying

Jay Gaskins Was there a problem with Duos on xbox one? Why was it taken off?

Daniel Eggleston PS4 Test Server isnt working still. Haven’t played once. Is it still online?

Brogen Kapoor Its still online just no one plays it sadly. Vikendi’s a good map i think everyones just waiting for it to come to the public release servers

Kevin Knight Exact same problem. Permanent Ban. No explaination, no recourse. Lame response from PUBG support. No real explaination. Just “oh, you “must” have violated the terms of service and the process cannot be reversed.” And yes… it was crashing my PC (multiple times) as well…

Dacreamysausage It’s 30 bucks… Get a damn job

LeCafard ? A friend of mine just got perma banned for no reasons. They told him it cannot be reversed although he obviously didn’t cheat in any way. How can you be accused of cheating in 2019 when averaging 2 kills per game at most and a 1% winrate?

★Sumit Saurav★ when can 8 expect a support from your end??

ƙιɲgʋɑɋхɾɑ when is ps4 next pubg update coming out

Rogerio Laudano PTS PS4 serves do not work

Rogerio Laudano And, What about Vikendi definitive patch ?

Ev3R #SoaRRC so i think i got an ingame ban but i havent played this in a while. pls help i didnt cheat either so someone must have hacked my account. pc btw

iseuljin hi, my account slimcy is ban wrongfully… how can I resolve this? It’s been few days already….

DeejayTaurus Dear team, I request you to give me belan and jhadu along with frypan as I use belan in better way than frypan🤣🤣🤣

Murad I can not buy from Google Play Store. Please help before the end of the fourth season

Ramziz187 did you think maybe because no one wants to play on the PTS an would rather wait for the map?

kingCHEWIE hi I got a quick question

Afreedy Habeeb Worst mobile gaming app ever Period

BP Hey morons it’s called a test server for a reason. Instead of complaining all the damn time actually take the time and follow the steps they have for reporting bugs

Marley Maul Where is the new map on console

g0r3 – I aim, therefore, I pew pew This just goes to show you great is as well as PUBG’s homegrown anti cheat system…LOL GGs for reporting though

JORD8822 Another question, Why is there not a feature to report An Asian player, playing on NA severs obviously using a third party program to change their IP to make that possible, which is against the ToS. Can you add a report feature?

* just patch it on the stable Servers … jezuz …

JORD8822 Hello, I have a really good question. I am from NA, I always get in NA servers and there is always at least 80 players with Asian names in my games, why is that?

F5AM Think seriously about it

Moisés De Araújo Please put the duo mode on the server South America many players need to go to the North America server to play with the friend and the ping gets bigger playing on another server TPP mode is good for us :<

XanDy-Silva My server South America and ping from locaTION From America of North Game is ridiculous

XanDy-Silva nice ping SA from game server NA nice nice

its the Bapple Still not working on Xbox one

ramu Share _MOBILE

Mark Joseph Sison this is the second time i did this challenge and still no claim button is appearing in my week 3 challenge… is anyone taking responsibility for this? i dropped in quarry and looked for a QBZ and rushed out to track the AFK players still nothing

Mark Joseph Sison hi can you help me good sir? I already submitted 3 tickets to pubg support but still no resolution to this… I have done the week 3 challenge twice and both times the survivor pass didn’t counted it as success… pls help…

Flamehead49 No worries, I completely understand that test servers get wonky and have bugs. I have been with you guys since day one on xbox and it’s been a bumpy ride but I’ve enjoyed the experience every time I play and now that I have the XboxoneX it makes it even better! Have a Goodnight.

DrizzlyBat Pts week 2 ran better than 1.0

Lucas Ribeiro What about the announcement ?

Andy Lemaire why isn’t it possible to play solo’s or duo’s in FPP only on PS4? Same goes for choosing which map you’d like to play?

Xavier williams do you not think that you should of made the live servers work before the PTS? The matchmaking failed is there aa well and when the pts is desd in NA at night i cant even play the fkn live servers cause matchmaking bug is there!!!!!

Xavier williams Dude. Before the xbox pts went live, the dsy of ps4 release, it had been 8 WEEKS FOR US XBOX PLAYERS WITHOUT AN UPDATE. Trust me, itll be constant let downs for new content and fixes and additions

Xavier williams Okay. It will NEVER be free. ITS NOT A FREE TO PLAY GAME. its already cheap. You broke fuck.

Xavier williams No, its still happening.


michael ward The doubles is not working on the test server

MegaFro Guys.. These phishing links scammers havent been banned for weeks, and you banned me for trying to spread awarness so people dont click the links

[email protected] you are requested to withdraw your game from India as our kids are started getting suffering from metal illness

Rexey My keybinds keep resetting.. quite annoying having to set push to talk every time i restart the game

Kushagra Yadav Hi Team, Facing lot of network lag issues in PUBG MOBILE despite having high 4G speed of 20 Mbps plus speed of network.

Rishab Bhargava Uninstall it then all problem can be resolved…😁

Filipe Almeida 30 days since last major upgrade.

Gustavo Medina Happy way for starting playing today

Pranay Q putin

Apollo Please update us on OCE servers. Please alter so we can WAIT as long as we like for an OCE server and not default to other regions. OUR INTERNET SUCKS AT THE BEST OF TIMES, DONT FORCE US OVERSEAS

Olguninho I just got banned after hitting 2 lucky sniper shots. And obviously they spammed the report button after.

Simon Reid is this kind of waiting time normal? UK based new player.

ChrisIreland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I’m on PS4 but can we get a platinum pan for getting the platinum trophy?

yungchickenn Hahaha

Spencer Timog From ~50ms now at ~236ms, what’s going on?

Danny That’s why you shouldn’t play tpp u scrub

Sam Vikendi on live servers should be soon right? I’m sure they said early January…

RealClemyTixYT hi i want to ask y’all how to fix tslgame.exe not responding at the game lobby. plz hep me fix it

Mark Dewar Is Vikendi out on all plats now??

ShadyZx Hey Why is my game crashing after every fkn game????????? give me an answer pls im faking tired of that shit!

Liaan Wessels Ps4 still a problem!

Morgan will there be map selection available in the near future for PS4 players?

HB Right!! Like Pubg is that haha

#BadOne Rocky I’ve seen on PC and Cellphone versions, but now on consoles…. There is a better solution, whoever uses something like this, should brick their consoles like a permanent lock on their consoles, so people can stop using hacking gadgets and software might help

HB Yup I agree. They need to fix this issue quick. Tired of the hackers. I don’t get how they think that’s fun

Harry rawlings Erangel > every other map

Harry rawlings May be a future game with gold or whatever ps4s version of it is, ya never know

Harry rawlings Well technically PS4 has had the same amount of updates as the xbox they just got them all in one lol

Donald Hummel III Xbox players had to struggle through those updates. Lol. Well still struggling a bit. .😂😂😂

Daniel No footsteps in the house fix it on vikendi

﮼٢٧ Hello there I’m one of Pubg players and I just wanted to ask about my profile picture It doesn’t appear to me or anyone although I connected my twitter account to my Pubg acc! Is there something wrong with the game or if there’s anything i can do to fix it plz tell me.

Akhil Raghuwanshi In Today’s match my team mate killed me with bomb and he killed enemies through the wall. I report him in a match 3rd no is a hacker.

RAM KHANNA TECHNICAL i having network lag issue when i enter any match, i have good internet connection, i live in india, is there any problem with asia server

STiCK 🍻🐍 The real widespread cheating? People using KB&M via XIM.

IAmNameRandom What do I have to do so u actually ban the people parachuting down @ 10 minutes ingame at lightning speed?

CrimeSolvers I really hope I don’t receive a ban from while they review these false cheating reports.

CrimeSolvers Duos later today? Almost done volunteering at this animal rescue

Itz Xeno Dude they never seen a hacker lol

Nacho dear sir/misses, me and a close relative of mine are having a problem and we were looking forward to get a reply and possible solution from you. The problem occurs at not being able to choose any server in the lobby. I continue in another tweet

Nacho We are being straightaway placed on another one which does not allow us to play with comfortable and good ms. Isnt there any way to change manually the server?. Sincerely Yours, Nacho

STiCK 🍻🐍 It’s disgusting mate. Try following

Zach Beach™♈ Send to live servers😩

Daniel Why should it come live if it is still totally bugged

Vipes on Xbox No fucking duos

Daniel Mcwade Bout time you worked on summin for the Xbox ya shitehouses

Sway Did they add FPP or just fix bugs?

Swerve▪️ Good question. I think it’s on TPS

Sway You’re probably right

Sergey mb fix fullscreen

philosophos Thanks, 🙂

Alex hey is there a reason duos was removed on the xbox test server it was super nice not to have to play with squads

xKARMAx 🖤 Soo.. Any explinations?

Jake Sully Nade maybe went off, with a sound bug so you didn’t hear the explosion, with him taking hardly any damage….. but will just say cheating because that’s about a 1 in a 1,000,000,000 chance lol

#BadOne Rocky Check his GT and submit a report to The good thing is, you’ve recorded this.

HB Ha what the hell. Since when can you slide like that, da damn! I’ve had some crazy stuff happened to me but not like that

BirdmanTFG 🦅 Whaaaaaaaaaaa?????

Dustyy21 Lol it’s pubg 😂

xKARMAx 🖤 Bwuaha, I wish that didn’t suffice as an explication, but it certainty does.

Dustyy21 Lol I had some old clips from pubg of similar instances lol.

BlimeyWolfe Uh

xKARMAx 🖤 Right?!?

Matt Whens the new map coming out for live servers

Daniel Why should it come live if it is still totally bugged

Klapt Are you going to add duos on the PTS?

Makepeace I didn’t realize in real life, when you get off objects you can’t look down the sights of a gun. That’s good to know. Don’t want bad guys getting the drop on me.

Danny Eliya I am having issues connecting to the servers on PS4 the game would loud normally but when I try to go into a game, the matchmaking will go on forever, so far it’s been looking for a game for 20 mints!






DB Your game is broken. Fix the dsync already.

xShotgunMenacex Got to ps4 forms dude this ment for Xbox

حمید ps4 update???!

Sai Raghav Gupta Dedicated to all lovers version Concept: Sai Mohan Edited by:

Nicholas Bittaker it took you how many houtrs to ffucking realize

Breyton DeFrance I stopped playing this shit ass game 3 months ago lol , I see it’s the same shit

Nicolas Valbuena No body cares

Breyton DeFrance Your mom did last night

CyclingGuyNOLA Yay announcement. MANY MANY hours later!!

PLAYERUNKNOWN please, put the duo and fpp mode on the SA server!

Checkout current Pubg server status

Russell Baker How bout adding fpp to squad and duo NA

UnRealistik Vikendi is now working for me on PTS. Glad someone had a key to the office today.

超ニューヲーターodinXXXgaea🌎⚪⚫️🧠🃏 No matching on PS4 PTS

Tony Martinez Been like this for hours. Glad someone finally got done with their Sunday Funday.

M. Brennan 📱💻🛠 How about fix rendering I own an x and it sucks

Nicolas Valbuena Well I have a x too but I just resolve it with a portable SSD

M. Brennan 📱💻🛠 Lol what?

M. Brennan 📱💻🛠 No need the X is a beast the game is meant for it it’s the new map that don’t render well

[MV3]Arbifac Fix fps man

Jr Make it to where you can pick maps singularly on console, tired of getting miramar 4x in a row

Jesse Gregory/Vaughn Do you want to clean the cheaters and lag switchers on Xbox first?

DrizzlyBat Been alot of shady network lagging latley

Jesse Gregory/Vaughn

STiCK 🍻🐍 The real widespread cheating? People using KB&M via XIM.

Nicolas Valbuena Cheaters on console ? You tripped

Jesse Gregory/Vaughn Yea cheaters. Have you ever been one shot headshot killed by a p92 with level 3 stuff on full health and perfect connection?

Ol’ Zimm I think ur making shit up there chief

Jesse Gregory/Vaughn I think I’m not. I had one of my squad mates record it for me. Messaged the guy and he said he imported it from pc through his gaming keyboard. Didn’t know that was really possible.

The End You’ve been investigating matchmaking issues since day 1

✌🏼 J.V. ✌🏼 It’s happening on the regular servers too. Not just the test servers

Gotcha XPC Im having problems on the pubg live server with desync lagging and no bullet registry

Gaz Monaco surprised anyone is still ‘ Testing ‘ it update the main game ffs

EstaQuerias Do something with players teaming in solo games, they are going to ruin the game.

Nicolas Valbuena You are just so bad playing that’s all


Merritt Turner Yea I wasn’t able to get into a game 3 hours ago. Didn’t know if y’all knew or not cuz there was no word from y’all until now. Had to go to reddit to find out others having the same issue. Shows great customer support from y’all /s

pantera negra where is FPP servers SA in xbox one 😑😑😑

🎮A.Lorentsen🎮 Vikendi release on live server when?

Benjamin pavilla When pubg will be free for PS4??

Nicolas Valbuena Never because Sony is like that

𝓛𝓾𝓬𝔂 🏳️‍🌈 🧛🏻‍♀️🎄™️❄️⛄️ Probably never

TheCorruptDROID Not probably, never is the correct answer. It might reduce on price tho. It is free on mobile and $10 with gamepass a month on Xbox.

Harry rawlings May be a future game with gold or whatever ps4s version of it is, ya never know

CTLesq You have the same problem on the PS PTS.

Marcus Ryan About damn time….

JustNick When will the map be released on the full version?

J A Angeles Supposed to be soon. Maybe Tuesday?

JustNick That’s good news

iplaygames Goodbye duos

evilmath Pubg China offcial account said NO they will be unmarketable

evilmath you can only buy codes of them,the presell price is about 2200CNY(325USD)mask+outfit+pants

Jay Gaskins Is this an unscheduled maintenance for the test server or what? With all the money you made off us you would think this stuff wouldnt happen.

Zekken Ronin how are you gonna tell us on the Xbox the new map Vikendi is on PTS but yet we can’t even play it on the PTS because it won’t let us find a match

Knowbody™ PTS on xbox down? Getting matchmaking error

bb is there a reason I always get the desert map 90% of time on xbox? I don’t like it.

Jason McGinnis what’s going on with the PTS. Keep saying that matchmaking has failed???

DrizzlyBat any info on why Pts is down on ???

Ajay Huffman I have spent over 60k battle points on western military crates trying to get a cowboy hat. Can you help me out. Gt Mavrick9 on Xbox

Kieran I don’t want to come off as discriminative, but please give Middle Eastern countries their own servers.

KEN{$BNN$} did you guys shut down the pts on xbox for the snow map? Cause its live now?

Jux fix Xbox test servers

Josh Wait…. actually looks at reports :O …

Gavin Larocque I bought pubg then the battlepass and my friend thought it would be funny to report me for speed hacking, i am not speed hacking he just wanted to troll me, and guess what! I got banned. shred72ttv is the account. literally this game is trash

MASTRx125 What Is going on with PTS PS4 servers

Keithy🌐 Why aren’t my PS4 trophies being registered!

Rogerio Laudano Is there a way for change the game audio ? It is very low, i cant hear the footsteps (PS4) Also everything in the PS4 audio are high

DersudoM WOW, okay so long?

Angelo John Gage you need to fix the bug where dead corpses make noises after being dead

Cristian Well cooking a chicken dinner

JLau hello?

FurySanctuary More than 50% of the players play with this cheat (Europe, us…) norecoil. Stop please report ingame = No result Paradise of the cheaters and hell of the players 👉👌

Resifreak whatever you did with your last update, it fucked up my game. The FPS on Vekindi weren’t great to begin with (fps drops etc.) but now the whole game isn’t stable with a freakin 1080…

m⌬sk 🖖 Can we do something about this foul mouthed little shit?

Gotcha XPC i am having matchmaking problems on the pts server can you explain why? im on the xbox one X, can you fix this problem please thks GotchaXPC

Jbeazy keep getting matchmaking failed on xbox test server. Every game mode.

MrG.OP is the PTS still live coz matchmaking ain’t working??

Bruno Monteiro | So… This happened tonight And no, it’s not a replay error, this actually happened in-match

Andrew French pts is not working any reason

Xavier williams matchmaking failed no matter what on xbox one pts. What the fuck. I live in Washington state north america, perfect internet. Your shjtty ass game

Nicholas Bittaker Fix your shit PTS matchmaking has been down for fucking hours you have hundreds if not thousands of players having problems and we havent heard a single thing from you.

Xavier williams so when will yku fix FPP matchmaking error on XBOX PTS. WHY IS IT EVEN AN ISSUE NOW. LITERALLY OUT OF NOWHERE THE LAST 3 DAYS

Mark Marshall Any info on the Xbox PTS issues right now?

Furkan Şanlı It must be a bug that hard to fix lol…

CyclingGuyNOLA PTS ended on Xbox? Noone can get in a match for awhile.

ChrisIreland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 please release Vikendi on console. Test servers are dead.

Dustin Howell xbox servers are down for over twelve hours now on pts

Jeffrey Higgins Xbox PTS servers are not working. Please fix.

Sunny Sahai why is there match making errors on xb1??

Aaron Kelley PTS is down for the snow map.

Ryan Moore can yall do another fix pubg campaign? Because the first one didn’t work. Dsync still plagues the game. Dying behind cover really sucks

Aaron Kelley When is the snow map going to be released on the full product of PUBG?

Sean No it’ll happen occasionally because I’ve had 4 different controllers myself and it does that, even on Xbox. It’s something to do with the dead zone I believe. Since I put both of my sticks to 7 I haven’t had any issues.

Travis why isn’t the test server for x box version working ?

The Tech Couple Does it keep saying matchmaking failed for you too?

Travis Yep, it’s like the don’t care about X box at all. It’s sad because I love this game.

The Tech Couple Same, I keep trying and failing hoping it starts up.. lol.

Martin O’Malley Hi i’ve accidentally traded my AWM from vikendi pass how can i undo this?

ƙιɲgʋɑɋхɾɑ When does vikendi come out for PS4

Louis Vuitton Han$ having trouble getting into a match on Xbox test server.. matchmaking failed

Vipes on Xbox It’d be nice if these dumb mf’s would AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE their fucking player base…. You know the loyal ones that actually keep this game alive and going after all the bs. How bout a we’re aware of the problem and are working to resolve tweet. DaMf’s

jhony moraes I bought the survivor’s pass, but I regretted it. Look at these skins, how ridiculous. the prize for level 100 is a skirt, that absurd. look for fortinite, level 100 a set always beautiful, or learn to do something worthy or will regret equal h1z1 going bankrupt.

Cody Smith Duo on the Pubg pts server for Xbox is broken keeps saying matching failed. Squad and solo works but no duo

Cody Smith Scratch that they don’t work either

kev stop crashing my game when I’m in a top 10 situation please and thanks

Vervacsi Test server having issues with third person squads. One person in the squad is constantly “unreadied” and thus the game can never start. Says “matching failed try again later” at the top. (Xbox one)

Ice Light When are we getting First Person Squads on PS4? Duos as well. That’s what everyone wants

Karim Ramadan Make the game free, there is a lot of people like me want to play it very much but can’t buy it because of dollar problem in our country

Ben Marshall Yeah, never got the achievement after quite a few more kills. I don’t mind it’s alright.

GameX Parth Vikendi Map best Loot Pubg Mobile via

Paul Thanks for removing the lock of the game PUBG

Anton Prokopyev ☕️🏔 Hey I got my first chicken dinner this Friday. It’s in my PSN achievements, but not in my game stats. Could you look into it? PSN gamer tag Antoshuka

Jared Springer new map on pubg for Xbox one is not working.

Jimmy G. The Test Servers are down on Xbox.. I’d be nice if that could be fixed 👍👍

Ph0bes Something you may want to look into fixing if you don’t already know about it.…

Chris Saket did you guys take down the PTS on Xbox?

عبوود SA Hi PUBG I’m dead and then I went back home I suddenly say that the server is offline and then reloaded and suddenly found myself deleted my account I wish a solution to the problem My name in the game is Abbodd5

Str3xis Two alive and network lag appears….

JLau are the test servers on console still going? Having trouble trying to join any game.

Vipes on Xbox Man what’s going on with the PTS. PUBG_help has been lacking here recently on reply’s and informative tweets for Xbox. Let us know if it’s done or if the thing is just down for time being.

Chris Condron Xbox matchmaking failed on the test server?

Brady Roberts what is going on with the Xbox PTS?? Why’s the point of having a test server if it doesn’t work? I just want to play Vikendi, Solo = matchmaking failed Duo = failed Squads = at least one person can’t ready up. Fix this, cmon.

The Troll Having the same problem 😪

James is the xbox PTS still active? 7.30pm on a Sunday and I can’t find games in Europe or America FPP or TPP?

Robertmitchell I don’t think the pts is currently active

Jordan Neill How long are we not gonna be able to squad up on Vikendi? Seriously just played a duo then couldnt squad up on console. Just wanna play the new map with my homies. TIA

Mark Majersky pts xbox servers currently down? Keeps match erroring on any mode solo through 1 man squad.

Ramon Nieves-Lugo Same here for me

Sausage Is cars bugged I can’t get out of the plane sometimes it cars?

Sausage *or* not it 🤦🏻‍♂️

Rowan Evans servers down?

Radhey Mehta What is this please fix this problem

Kevin Santos Pubg xbox isnt letting me matchmake

Red Zone Xbox pts duo’s wont let people que

Bonetr0ne Same the whole PTS seems down

Techy Im stuck on loading screen for a very long time I tried resetting my pc and my game. I also reset my wifi machine and this issue continues. PLEASE HELP

jason boney I just noticed my last two wins haven’t been added to my stats. Missing some kills too. Only noticed because I suck and my stats are so low!

Jacob Toft-Andersen Why can I search every map except Erangel?

Joè Haverkos I can search every map besides miramar. No idea why

Hankytorious Same, fucking miss miramar

Shawn Murray fix matchmaking. Says 30 seconds. Wait for 5 fucking minutes…nothing. hit cancel and play again and jumps right in. What kind of joke is that

Al Fall Fix the dead body continually making noises for several minutes. Was looking for this guy making a noise in my building for a good minute then died to someone across. It was a dead body along

Wud Legerity 16 quick joins in a row to sanhok. Its like the people who created the challenges have never played this game. You have to remember that creating challenges to grind will affect peoples choices and steer masses.

D.s.♈erma ®️ Out in Starting -40 and if you win the whole match then Only +20,+25 , what is the fuck, I m very disappointed for pubg community and pubg mobile

Leonardo dos Santos Patrick Buy a xbox one, it’s better

Patrick Luttmann I have Both 😎

Wud Legerity The Dysnc and FPS drops seem much worse now. I dont understand how you can be this inconsistent with network preformance. Also,the challenge to drop quarry on sanhok 25 times and 30 paradise drops for heals and boosts. That is causing the quick join to tilt to sanhok every time.


Clinical Suarez after the recent update I cannot able to launch the game, the full screen goes out to black, please fix this issue and I have paid for this game and I gave tried by reinstalling the game and it backs with the same problem

Jay Tyack this snake using a glitch to get underneath the map, killing our duo. Then getting out of the glitch to come loot our bodies, sort it outtttttt

Will i think might of got the world record of not having a helmet i looted all the way from the military base to gakta and didnt even get a level 1 helmet until there was a supply drop i got it had a level 3 helmet and i was looting it and the got shot from 3 directions.

Almuzani Please make a update on pubg. On PS4 •I can’t see how far away to the check point. • make (Auto pickup) it’s to slow to pickup. • we need more options to controller settings I mean customize u own buttons. • Cant select a map to play

sean you need to give us the option of joining friend in a lobby without invites

Тимофей… play with cheat codes on youtube

Jonesy any release date for a patch on the enhancements for the ps4 pro?

Тимофей… play with cheat codes on youtube

michael ward Why is duo not working on pubG on Xbox

RAM KHANNA TECHNICAL Pubg ps4 network lag issue, i cant play any match only training mode is working iam from india

BRii👑 why doesn’t my picture on pub g show anymore ?

حمید For Ever 🍗❤️

Nawar Obeid why this game crash like 5 times in a single game and my cpu and gpu are not overclocked i uninstall it and download and still the same

Hariom Sharma I think we were in the stairs 😄😄 Please remove glitches to make it fair❤❤

Afif Chamass any guides or settings prefdered for ps4 or is it really that the game isnt as friendly as mobile?

Raman kumar help me I am ban


Arbiter9605 here is someone you missed in ban wave using observer hack in game. Pretty clear he is using just by the fact he isn’t looking anywhere but at walls right where players are.

X_BLINGR_ that’s one of the glitches in the game on PS4 😥😥😥this happend to me

Ar-young Alexander I can’t install Pubg through Tencent Gaming Buddy. The notification continuously appeared “Sorry, install failed”. What should i do than?

leandro ramos hello guys, thanks for reading this . I came here to say I’m really worried about my account cause I got ban without any real cause. I would be really glad if you could help to remove the ban from my account. I already sent email .

X_BLINGR_ why there is many glitches in the game its make the game stooped 😖😖 I wish you will fix it (please)😘😘

Lachlan Lawler every time I try to join a match on my Xbox one It just continuously loads and I never join a match. It has been doing this ever since I downloaded it. I have tried uninstalling the game and redownloading it and it still doesn’t work. Please help!!

Brad Amour since Snow map was released, all player names display as for me, and I have not got a single BP

Brad Amour Thanks for your help.

ash. when is the vikendi map getting pushed to live servers on Xbox? Cheers

Corey Solo wins on Xbox are counting double towards achievements

Mr. Goodlife i bought the 50-Level Upgrad for the battle paas yesterday but didnt receive my levels. i got charged etc but my levels didnt go up. plz help

PrimitiveShooter Can you purchase levels on the vikendi pass with G coins

Steve I agree lol I pay xbox on the reg but sometimes I play on PC and I must say its like a whole different game it looks and plays amazing

Madan Repair the f**king server problem

no name Hi , I need port for PUBG mobile?

YIKES/SYKE Hi, my screen is turning black everytime I try to make it Full Screen. Tried to change the settings from the .ini file, updated my drivers, rolled back Win 10 updates but still get a black screen. Help needed. Thanks

Tyler Schaffner I just want a Biker Crate

Louis Althouse I play on Xbox. I have tried getting on all day. And this is all I get. I’ve tried hard rebooting my Xbox. Reset my router. And reinstalled my game. And this is all I get for the live and test servers. Any advice would be great. Thank you.

★Sumit Saurav★ Anyone having the issue of server not responding while playing PUBG on Already asked both vendors to help but yet not received any help

Sandip Sarode Facing same issue.

chetan sambhaji There is a workaround, just don’t play pubg and enjoy the only life you have here

OnePlus Support We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you. We request you to send us a direct message for further assistance.

★Sumit Saurav★ can you please help to resolve this problem as it’s too frustrating to play and end without getting any trophy for the win

Chaya Kiran Jami Yes I do I’m facing the same issue…..

OnePlus Support We are sorry to hear this, request you to DM us so that we can help you in the best way.

OnePlus Support We request you to send us a direct message for quick resolution.

★Sumit Saurav★ Already done several times but yet no help.

OnePlus Support We are sorry to inform you that, we have not received any direct message. please folow the steps: Go to on Twitter, tap on ‘Message’, enter your message and tap on ‘Send’.

★Sumit Saurav★ Please see I have already asked for the help

★Sumit Saurav★

BIGxDAWG I’m level 12 survival rewards but did not get a reward at 10?

Lunicor I never used any illegal programs,hacks or bugs.Why I’ve been banned permanently. I just about one week didn’t play the game.WHY? I need a explanation!

Cal I have now come to a complete stop inside the redzone on Vikendi in 7 separate games… I’ve only been awarded 3 of them… REALLY sick of it

Adam H What ‘s the best way to report guys teaming in solos on XBox, got video

Jesse Knight Usually I get a consistent 60-80 frames. I don’t have a great rig but it does the job. I’ve come back after a month off and I’m getting <30 frames on the new map. Is there a known way to resolve this? I have all settings set to ultra low and I’ve tried reboots

FuckingLeaker war mode for ps4?

&U#@J $$$ Please report this guys using some glitch and hacking i cant see him.He is hiding inside wall,Reporting him ,please ban this kind reqeuts to pubg mobile. Used id DAREDVILxCHAKZ…its my kind request…ban this all cheaters.

Josh stunn Is their ever gonna be proxy chat or at least death chat.

Griff Idk if its an issue with my PC or a bug in the game but whenever I hit my mute button my mouse thinks the game is in 1080p but is still in 1440. It’s hella weird…


Anthony lil help pls?

XzoTiCBuMm We need weapon skins! Please that’s all I want for 2019 is Choco weapon skins, and maybe a new map or 2 Please

Rdnkwarrior Please look into smoothing out the game. it is getting choppy with the updates and I am getting stuck on stairs when I am crouched. Figure this out. too far into the game to be having these issues.

Criminal Mind 🔫🗡💀 I’ve been trying to open the game in xbox since 2 hours ago, and it just get stuck loading. i checked my connection and everything it’s ok.

Clarence Flinn Spelled it right the first time.

Steven how to fix this?

Triss should have been a petition because so many people got screwed

Patrick New Indivisible bug (glitch) or hacker ?! 🤔…

Levi Morris . I’ve turned sanhok leaving only two maps and I’ve gotten Miramar 5 times in a row. My biggest complaint about ur game now is this map issue. Please either build an actual rotation or give map selection. I have to make this tweet constantly.

SouthSider2005… Here is the clip…. other then reporting the crashing replay i dont know what else to do

SouthSider2005 Also would like to add im not at all a hacker, dont know the first thing about it, huge fan of and and would never want to cheat the game at all…. if u also look back i tweeted u about this on Dec. 24th when Vikendi was on pts.

NoobfaceGamez For some reason, pressing “R” ro report someone doesn’t work with hackers. Go figure, So here is a screen shot of the person. No recoil, hes with a squad but as you can see, it doesn’t show. Please fix your hacker infested game


squashy In Garoka, if you vault up from the lower level into this spot where my corpse is, you become stuck.

dhirendra vikram singh Install malwarebytes see if it works and if not then look for torjans in your system manually if it works it fine and you can also try to repair game files from steam

Rob can you make it so I can change the color of the circle. When I play the snow map on my Xbox one x, I have trouble seeing the circles and the dotted line. Please….. Sincerely. R0B GATES

PUBG Help Hi Rob, Thank you for the feedback! Will pass this on to the team 👍. -M

Thilak There is so much lag when room creating a room. Just hated last night when playing pubg. We can’t able to see how many members actually joined.

Smallz/IrishBushWookie Sort your f*cking anti-cheat system out on PUBG Xbox. Absolutely sick of playing XIM, Cronusmax & Radar Hack Users. Top 50 Legit and get pit against Mother F*cking Cheaters all the time!

reaper_mech wont happen , they cant even fix climbing bugs or audio on footsteps

Smallz/IrishBushWookie They will fix it in next gen i bet 😂

Snowy Went to play for the first time in 2019. No OCE servers. 250 ping on SEA servers… ????????????

Luke Garton What about Australia. No love.

KunJacob11 ASIA FPP on PS4,please!

GID TRILLIONS ITS NOT FAIR that I put so much money into this game just to repeatedly get the same items in the crate when I want a specific item. Come on now. Why do I keep getting the same thing in the premium, lucky, classic crates.

The Forgotten Soldiers We hit 20 followers on We’re still live streaming . Help us reach status!…

Tony Martinez Dear please bring map selection to XBox. I love playing you but the Desertmap sucks bigger dick then H1Z1

Conley Puryear Everytime I set my res to 1920×1440 it runs fine, until I press CTRL M to mute and it reverts my res to 2k. Any idea what would cause this, or a reason 1920X1440 is not in my listed resolutions even though it is set in Nvidia control panel as a res?

Tyler hatton Why am I always getting match making errors on Xbox one , little grey text box at the top of the screen appears 5 seconds into Matchmaking

KingKracker On PC, if I stand or crouch while boosting or healing, it will cancel my heal. Also if I have a melee or grenade equiped, Geting into a car and changing seats in a car unequips my weapon. I play alot of custom games, DemolitionDerbys in such, this makes it very hard!

PUBG Help Hi King, Regarding the heal cancel, this has been reported and the team is aware of the issue. Will follow up on your other issue and report it to the team. -M

Jimmy Spring You guys are obviously not trying other buttons. You can move it up and down with ur other stick or with the dpad

mark can you just fix the game like make it so oce server are online all the time no one can get any solo or duos for oce and no fpp games at all and why is ur game saying i live in NA when i dont even live near it i live in the NZ

Liam Niedrich What’re we sensing??

Drew Windsor

Satan [#BB][#TeamBNN][#TeamSU] I Have a One X Why is this still a thing…

Dual Central Everyone wanting to know what’s happening come have a look at my live stream now explaining everything

Andy Schilder who do i talk to about getting the DLC event pass fixed? I have 100% proof of completing missions or portions of them, but not getting any credit. Where do i send the videos? Why do we have to pay $10 for a reward system that doesnt even work?

EstaQuerias Pubg do something with the cheaters plz! Xbox SA Servers are full of people teaming! Do something!

EstaQuerias Im sick and tired of watching and being killed by people teaming in solos and u dont do shit. Two times today and already reported one a few weeks back and u did nothing!

سaرh ▲. help me please my color of m416 glacier disappeared every time I enter the game !!

Gary Allen any chance you can find out who this is and ban them?? So frustrating! Solo game.

nesssa bring out a battle pass on ps4 like y’all have on mobile I’m trying to give y’all my money but y’all act like y’all don’t want it hurry up

Kieran When is it in the main game for PS4?

.. when your fix is coming, really the ps4 game is like this every time this happened and in several places, I appreciate your work but put more work in the game when you will put the new update?!!

Checkout Pubg server down on 2019-01-05

marv cre(ations) Fix your game

Gerbilizer248 please fix your missions. i have stopped a vehicle 4 times in a redzone on vikendi and your mission has not registered a single one

[email protected] Why is ADS bug still not fixed? everytime time when I Hold-ADS and I’m about to shoot someone I get kicked out of ADS to the hip Fire The video below shows what happens when I hold my sight for shot on my enemy. this only happens when i play PUBG.

Drew Windsor That’s been an issue with Xbox sense it’s release….

Dr.shmon why gave my account banned in game ?? Why😭

Wolfhunter720 just a question when will we be able to choose what map we play on ps4?

Andrew Curto my game crashes every time I go in water on pc I have a good computer as well makes no sense I uninstalled and reinstalled validate files 20 times no fix

IDDQD supposed to be solo’s how is this allowed to take place 😡😡

Phil My afterglow 9+ headset has the close range audio reversed, but distant sounds properly in stereo. Any help?

Nesxco Is there any instability with the game today?

Logan Mitchell Hey, when is the angled sight going to be added to the game?

Irfan Nanda What kind of game is this? game broken LOL

Alex B I get constant “network lag detected” warnings every other game with constant party disconnections. I’m hardwired on Xbox one X with ATT Uverse with all other devices in the house disconnected as to not interfere with bandwidth. This has been happening since July???

NoxiousRebel Happened on Xbox the first couple of months , will have bugs for PlayStation. Brace Yourselves!

Tom Harper if I do get into a game at all, it looks like this….

P4YN When is FPP coming to Duo’s and Solo on Consoles?

Tom Harper this is every single game, any help? i7 4770k overclocked GTX1070 8GB DDR3 @ 2400MHZ HDD @ 7200RPM Asked 5 times and still no response, used to be fine, now completely broken. When in a game runs at 80fps on ultra. Please someone help???

Lets Jink It’s your right stick. Flick it and it’ll work

Marley Maul I have the same problem when lootin a crate with a dead body in front of it

yungchickenn Try using the triggers on the controller much faster way of skipping through the loot

Guap FPS mode for duos? when is that coming out sheesh

Camaro_Cody I’ve fixed it by navigating to the left or right panel

Tom Harper any help for game not loading in until I’m kicked out of the plane on PC, 4th time of asking

SCR4TCH Official To : Please retweet this, sir. Help me grow my channel 🙂 Thanks 😊

Jasmine is there an option to choose to be the SAME color every single game? When my duo buddy in squads is a different color every single game it gets frustrating!

Bin Nasser when we gets the new update for pubg on ps4 please answer me

BirdmanTFG 🦅 I heard they are doing it it’s just not high priority right now

ej149m how is it that a week 3 challenge : revive 6 teammates on sanhok is also one of my dailies. How does that make sense?

Tonixia how do i fix this 🙂 ??

NAVIII i am facing issues in communication with my teammates on ps4 . please help _PS4

Maxine Streaming help me win with your motivational speech

Screamsixx. Help me funding me:(…

sie houghton Your pads just shit mate 🤷‍♂️

Patrick Luttmann Complety New Controller Bro

Tayt Oden Get blackout dude shits on PUBG plus Battlefield 5 BR is on its way and will leave both in the dust ! Oh n Xbox is better to run PUBG on when it comes to console

Judas2100 srsly? i reported this person 2 times he got banned 2 times and now he is back AGAIN? he is acheater me and my teammates spectated him and all of us reported him

Drunk Penguin Hey When are yall gonna nerf the ump?

michael ward That on Xbox to

Todd (Curates) how can i complete mirimar missions when i’ve been in queue for 10min and 6 people want to join that map?

saleh I lost my account in pubg mobile

Travis umm, is the X box version getting any attention anytime soon? It’s been years now.

Slohegre Can you tell us why the hell this is a mission in a pass people pay for?… Eighter you guys are pushing people to pay for levels or you really really have shitty people making quests for you.

BandGeeks Do we?

Paetriot (Cyclone eSports) think of the content!

Meltysarus 100%

SOLTEK1H – Making a difference Live in 20 mins Playing R6, Pubg Help me learn R6!! If you have any info please comment below Or youtube video so I can learn. Thank you very much

Luke Get it!

Ben Is there a reason Xbox stats reset after every update?

Martin Mönch since today I have extreme packet loss. the game is unplayable. is the cause of this problem known?

Chaz Michael Every day around the early afternoon EST people are constantly joining and leaving squads on Xbox because no game will load. What the hell? I seriously can’t EVER jump on a game a play a few rounds it turns into an hour of me just waiting, it’s a waste of my time.

🅱arry 🅱ickerstaff In replays I can’t zoom in with the scroll wheel anymore while in free cam… is this a bug? Or were the controls changed in a recent update?

saviD The game actually runs worse for me since this update. Thanks but no thanks

Tom Harper Not acknowledging the fact I can’t load the game past the loading screen in the plane??

Tom Harper still won’t pass the loading screen while in the plane or parachuting, I have a GTX1070, i7 4770K and 10400RPM HDD, have 200 hours played so used to work fine, now literally unplayable, can I have some help for the game I paid £30 for or no?

ZiyadNabil.ZN when you will release costume match on PS4 ?!

Buss Is there a better way of reporting PS4 Players using Mouse and keyboard. It is extremely easy to notice after many many hours of playtime.

THERMAL PROJEKT on jan 2nd I was falsely banned by battleye on my email id so by the time your help responds I purchased a new game on my other steam ID to play the game for my live streams and i got banned there as well ? 2nd ID

Paetriot (Cyclone eSports) it wouldnt? lol thats not the point

10000DAYS i hope you fix this before i loose my mind.…

HENJAX Güya oyunu fixlediler anca saçma saçma kıyafetler skinler getirsinler tek umurlarında olan şey para

Clem turkish rage hahahahha

VashDayz Why is it up to the player to fix and issue y’all caused. Game works fine. Update. Now there are frequent crashes and you want to know someone’s build? Fuck dude. Optimize the game so poor folk can play too. Why does everyone need a $2000 rig to play?

Dacreamysausage Xbox pets has been live for a month

Ruben De Wulf i have the best internet connection possible, have a killer pc , and still my game lags like hell … Please do something about this , and when its good , let IT Stay that way …

Mr zhang Can not help me to release the aid?

ᴀʙᴅʟʀʜᴍᴀɴ Still getting killed behind cover in 2019 more than 3 times everyday , look after those fuckin hackers …asshole programmers

droowz was this the latest update you did last server maintenance? ? How come it wasn’t written in the patch notes… 😂😂😂

My cat is a better person than I Hey When is this going to be fixed for Xbox? This makes me want to not play your game ever again.…

John I haven’t had a crash in weeks 🤔

tekryn⛄️ go to pubg help twitter page. you’ll get help there

Horstor 👔 ok now im absolutely sure the first bullet recoil is so high because of the weapon animation. it was introduced when all ars got new animations. and it makes sense because – even though recoil is upwards when leaning – the weapon is still tilted

Atti Hello Help team! I’ve been experiencing a weird problem in the last 2 days if I’m not mistaken. As soon as I start any match, I get huge packet loss after loading screen, and my upload speed gets to almost completely 0 mb/s. It affects all PCs in the house. DL is fine.

Joe Blow Poor baby, life must be so hard for you.

Zara What? Way to go for an absolutely nonsensical ad hominem instead of replying to the discussion we’re having.

NewAgeBanker hi where can i report teamers and teamkillers on ps4? I have vid and pics

PUBG Help Hi, You can report players who break our Rules of Conduct to our support page if you have additional evidence such as video. There is also an in-game report function you can use to report cheaters. -A

Abhishek Tanwar vikendi is fix i m not sure whats wrong with this people

D3amMuffin ⛄️ Really ?! Oo …

Ziad Hossain explain this!!!

Patrick Luttmann When will you fix this error on the ps4? It always jumps up automatically!

RideleRS Baja 1 vez con la palanca derecha y se arregla

FukNogz Third person is for scrubs

TheMingeMingler Try using your r2 and l2. I’m on Xbox whenever this happens I just use the triggers to quick scroll and it normally sets it back

𝓙𝓪𝓬𝓸𝓫 I remember this was on xbox and an easy fix was to use the analog stick instead. Or if its happening with the analog stick then use the D-pad

The End Good luck they still haven’t fixed that on Xbox 💩

Justin Kenney You probably need a new controller homie

Donald Hummel III Took them a while to fix it on the Xbox. Goodluck.

Jamie do you see this? A company actually responding to their community with bugs and errors. Take note…

Marco Ibarra That used to happen to me until i realized my d pad was broken so i just use another controller

ZachPDaily When that happens. Use your right analog stick to toggle down in your inventory

Patrick Luttmann I dont know why but i cant. Probally not possible on ps4?

ZachPDaily Best way to not experience this is to make the switch over to COD Blackout. Haven’t looked back since

Sean Blackout is basically just call of duty multiplayer with a 100 player elimination. No lean or tactility to the game, just straight run and gun. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been a fan of call of duty for years but Battle royale is just not cods cup of tea.

ZachPDaily Oh weird. Anytime that happened to me it would let me use my right analog stick to toggle down

Patrick Luttmann Do you Play on PlayStation or xbox?

ZachPDaily I’m on the Xbox

Patrick Luttmann Oh okay, Right Stick useless there on PlayStation. Maybe later i will try cod blackout

Zx3XCALIBURxZ Not useless I use right stick all the time. Must be your controller

vr0xin Its ok.. just take the first aids 😀 – Keep it up with the fix’s.. It’s nice to see you spending the time on making such a great game even better.

Patrick Luttmann Heal is Everything i know 🤣

Jimmy Spring Dude this is a joke right? This issue has been on Xbox for over a year now just use your other stick to move it down when that happens and the next game it fixes it self

Patrick Luttmann You Cant on PlayStation mate

ThePurpleHaze Your left joystick is probably broke

Patrick Luttmann Complety New Controller

ItsaRealRebel1 It will take them about a month

Patrick Luttmann More then a Year 🤣

ItsaRealRebel1 I’m on the Xbox it took them forever to fix stuff

michael ward That on Xbox to

Patrick Luttmann Its so anoying. Looting is over for the hole Match

Luis Herrera  You can use the joystick R and there is not problem

Patrick Luttmann On PlayStation you cant

Justin Smith You picked up gas? Lol

వసంత్ It was better thing than leaves a vehicle in the red zone.. It was better than keeping 400 ammo 8 healings in squad

Patrick Luttmann 👍🤣

PUBG Help Hi Patrick, Thanks for letting us know. We will get this fixed as soon as we can. –A


evan Do u think u can put the game on sale on ps4 plz I really want the game and I I only have 36$ And I wanna get some creates and stuff I have been a fan for a long long time and I wanna have the game.

Drew Windsor That’s been an issue with Xbox sense it’s release….

NoxiousRebel Happened on Xbox the first couple of months , will have bugs for PlayStation. Brace Yourselves!

Lets Jink It’s your right stick. Flick it and it’ll work

Marley Maul I have the same problem when lootin a crate with a dead body in front of it

yungchickenn Try using the triggers on the controller much faster way of skipping through the loot

Camaro_Cody I’ve fixed it by navigating to the left or right panel

sie houghton Your pads just shit mate 🤷‍♂️

Patrick Luttmann Complety New Controller Bro

Tayt Oden Get blackout dude shits on PUBG plus Battlefield 5 BR is on its way and will leave both in the dust ! Oh n Xbox is better to run PUBG on when it comes to console

michael ward That on Xbox to

Sicness I cant adjust my brightness in game settings ????

PUBG Help Hi Sicness, This has been reported already and the team is aware of the issue! -M

Shani Hi PUBG ki dly arrange leagues around the globe with the help of sponsors and arrange a South Asian Cup between Afghanistan Pakistan India Bangladesh SriLanka please i bet you will get more viewership than cricket’s Asia Cup.

Brandon Mullesch This problem flared up for me the other day after I played some Siege after not playing (and not having the problem) for a month or so

PhantomiczX bring back oceanian servers

ghostname this guy team killed me on PS4 his name is psn: mikemazz51 I reported him in game and nothing happened can you help link below for proof

Checkout Pubg server status on 2019-01-04

Levi Morris getting the same maps over and over again. Why??? Console needs map selection bad!!!

Levi Morris So I’m taking a peak and since I started playing tonight I’ve played 8 matches 6 Miramar and two sanhok. This is a horrible rotation of maps. Either give console map selection or fix the game to an actual rotation!!! Please!Worst part of this game right now

Nicholas passmore are there solo FPP servers on the pts for Xbox? Been in queue now for 12 minutes.

Jai After 2 mouths I and my friends played PUBG but it was full of glitches please fix it ……. Love PUBG 😍😍

NicholasLdc The number was stolen. You really don’t have any efficiency. I said Lao Tzu opened SI family, can speed up acceptance? Account: CAIDINGNI168

no one happens pretty frequent to most of us….

Toxinburn It’s a permission problem on Android most likely he has not enabled microphone access in the permissions although it should have prompted & requested that permission when he first launched it, however it is possible that it is not programmed properly to ask for the perms i dunno

Toxinburn Read this tells how to flush dns on android man hope that helps, although I am doubting it….I would figure it is actually a permissions issue, you need to go to the app settings on your phone for pubg and check the permissions section and enable microphone.

Paws On Face Go Smoosh I hope you take reports of intentional teamkills very seriously.

b.:🌐 i can’t revive my teammates i did change my controller and nothing change I played 50 games and every time my teammates downed I can’t revive him ! I did even change my ps4 settings and made square to circle but it didn’t work ! Plz help

Gabriel dutra ey pubg, I’m a new streamer(Brazil) on Nimo Tv and I play pubg everyday. I have played since beta. I have 230 followers and I really want to be sponsored by u guys it’s my dream. The problem is that the partner program is closed and I wanna know when it will be opened

King of Dol+I Is there ANYWAY you guys can prevent those cheaters from entering the game at the beginning? What’s the point of reporting system after players all got bored of those cheaters and quit the game? Those cheaters play smart now but our PUBG team seems staying still…

ĄĦṂãĐ I would like to ask about the new update for PS4 that we can choose maps and modes ?? when we will receive it??

Shammrock when does the vekindi pass start on ps4

Brady Roberts Really 21 people in a game…

Brent Van Herck I’m on ps4, my loading screen stays till 4min after drop…it’s everytime…i tried deleting and downloading again, nothing works…

saM Help????

DEREK Any word on ps4 PTS going live soon ?

David Spada PTS on PS4 has been up for like 2 weeks you can play now, but the only option to play is solo for some reason

DEREK Oh I know that, I’m asking when the update will go live onto the actual game, pts is just a test server for them to make sure the update works properly then they make it live onto the actual pubg . Usually on Xbox it’s only up on pts for like a week then goes live

David Spada It should be the 14th or the 19th of this month when the live version comes out

Robert Jarrett I’m pretty sure it’s not until the 14th

Islam Mohamed you can’t see your RP rank right? i have the same problem 😅

Sicness Im having a problem getting my brightness to go above 50. Any help ?

الظاهرة بنزيما Hello Why banned me ??? This my acc Kaboy9191

Lion King I landed here,when I entered this room from window but after a few second ago window closed with iron.I can’t exit this room. You can see where is here on mini map. Chumacera (PS4)

Liviu -_- Hey , when you run and you turn fast to shoot somebody , the scoup 2x dot , it’s moving and you can’t shoot good while this animation or bug it’s playing , is this normal or it’s in my head ? Very annoying …

Puscasu Serban Hello, can you guys give any hint of when in January is the Vikendi map coming to Ps4?

Dan After 4 January and before 31 January…. if it comes in January!

Roger Marc Nievares wtf is that light in sanhok

Christopher Why release PUBG on the PS4 if you aren’t going to make all versions of the game the same across every platform? The PS4 version is in such a poor basic state. I think we should be refunded.

johan nolander a guy killed me w a silenced kar98. I heard a non silenced kar98 go off🤔 Silly silencer?

𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓃𝑔𝒟𝓋𝑔𝑒𝓇𝒟𝒾𝒸𝒸 When 60fps coming to ps4?

M Smith Hey, any reason why my last 3 games have given me Network Lag Detected and then kicked me on the PC version? Playing from the UK.

T_BUCHANAN_HELLCAT im running steam and it wont let me start the game

PUBG Help Hi, If you’re still experiencing this issue, could you try open steam as an administrator to see if this helps? -M

Waqih Rizvi Me and my team mate got stuck on loading screen and died inside of the match and got penalty of -16 in crown 1, when will you guys will think to fix comms and these random bugs, you can see in pictures that even our results were shown inside lobby

Nordlim Hey , Really like the new attachements on the Uzi 🤔😂

KhalidKhan Hello I would like to report that I cannot hear anyone and no one can hear me. My audio setting are correct and my some friends also seems to have this problem along with me😪

daoudhakim Please do you know a way to have our PUBG name from our steam name or Id thanks .

Judas2100 srsly? i reported this person 2 times he got banned 2 times and now he is back AGAIN? he is acheater me and my teammates spectated him and all of us reported him

WestCoastBestCoast So why are you complaining to them when 1. they’re not going to respond to you, and 2. you full know why the servers were down?

WestCoastBestCoast Thank you for understanding as to why the servers were down!

Paulo So i bought a Fall 2018 crate and it is nowhere to be found both in game and on my steam inventory.

Avoxir Was not even the worst Low. 41 FPS with 32 GB RAM (3200mhz), 1080TI, i7 5820k and all low setting. Kind of a joke?

LZR | fALECX Spectating tho, ist immer schlechter als ingame irgendwie

Avoxir das stimmt. aber trotzdem teils max. 60 fps und das is halt n joke

LeimoC willkommen in meinem pubg life. 60 fps wären in comp halt ein dream. immer 40-55. einen vorteil hats aber. ich kann immer sagen wie viel gegner ungefähr in der gegend sind aufgrund der fps drops 🙂

Turtle_Bashti es wird schlimmer und schlimmer ich bin heute auf 30 FPS gedroppt… Faceit games …

dmkm- Pubg ist einfach schlecht optimiert

BoshJosh2 #PUBG I7 5820k o.o

Minimalist_leaf can you please introduce vegetarian or vegan options for the winners instead of chicken dinner???😂😂😂 実況者SP

Troublesolver 🔧 bots? keep getting invites from this guy…

krahnicle It’s been weeks since I’ve played is it that bad?

Bobby Barista The only way I could get it to work was buy a new controller and then buying a new headset worked. I never understood how people with Xboxs could update drivers to there headset. You guys with PC’s could do it but not us.

sikzzkillerr Really need help

sikzzkillerr I am on pc

Bobby Barista In November they had an update, so now anyone using after market headsets have to update the headsets or buy new ones. I have an Xbox I tried anything and everything, hard reset 100xs clear Mac clear DNS then finally called Microsoft and they told me to update my headset 🙁

sǝɯɐɾ pıʌɐp will xbox ever get or skins? Orrrr nooo?

Steve when is vikendi coming out on xbox?

Crimtide hilarious how a dns flush resolves audio issues in your game client.. how the F is that even possible?

Brent Van Herck i start a game and it immediatly puts me in a loading screen, it keeps me in the screen while in the plane, i hear my character dropping, hear him landing, but i’m still in the loading screen…

StuChainz Has clearing your cache ever fix anything for anyone? Not just PUBG but any game/console? I feel developers always give this answer but it has never fixed anything ever

Crimtide A long time ago it actually worked for World of Warcraft. There were authentication / server connection issues.. flushing DNS worked every time.

Jason hey We were about to win and then this error popped up? Any idea why or what it is?

[email protected] I am having so much issues in my pubg ps4. First of all 8 out ot 10 times it won’t load at all. Even if it loads it takes huge time. Please fix the bug soon. Second when auto pickup and auto reload option will be available? There are so many bugs to fix.

Dawid Kowalski it seems that certain mission are not being counted, is there any delay when count is on?

Matt 🇬🇧⚒ any idea when the pts on Xbox will push to live?

DC.Vendetta help please?

EstaQuerias Hello , is this a problem with my connection or on your side? Couldn’t go back into the game.

Pratik1410 killed enemies from every category of weapons and yet not received weapon master. Please unlock my achievement. User id colossu5.

David Your Game Is Fucking Shit. Sort It Out. Keep Crashing On Me.

حمید ps4 any news for pts ? vikendi pass for test now january, overhual parachute , rankings? add choosing maps , add show ping time , imporvments graphics for ps4 standard, fix Fps , fix blurry scopes on ps4 standard 🙏🏻🍗❤️

James Loving PUBG on the . I was in a solo match & a friend wanted to spectate me while waiting to play doubles. I set up & it let him connect, but wouldn’t show him my screen due to country issue?

D’n Dirk I get that to with some games


Ask PlayStation UK Hi! Can you tell us what regions bother accounts are registered to? ^DK

James Both registered to the UK, both purchased from UK store

Ask PlayStation UK Okay, are both accounts Adult accounts? ^DK

James Yeah they are

Ask PlayStation UK Can you take a look at the bottom of the page here:… where you have additional info and let me know if you are both good to go in terms of those conditions? ^NL

James We have previously used share play for other titles, either play together or watching

Ask PlayStation UK Ok, to help further I’ll need to send you a DM – please make sure you’re following us. ^NL

James Yeah we meet all those conditions

KJay ♑️🌊🐐 will proximity chat be a thing on the consoles? Or just pc?

BigBalls What if a vegan wins .. Pls provide mushroom 🍄 dinner too ..!

أبو سعيد الحجري what happened for your server I stuck in window and I lose the game and too much delay

حمید awesome for ever 🥳❤️

Brady Roberts are the PTS solo servers in FPP on Xbox turned off?

Brandon Michael Will xbox and playstation have the same parachuting mechanics as pc when vikendi gets fully released?

Marcothyz Congrats, the game is smoothier than ever

james sadik Yeah I’ve gotten several trophies since the launch and patch but they are not registering. For ex: Jump out of a plane 101 times. Kill 100 enemies by any means

Sn0rlax Anyone know how to get your mic working in game for ?? I can’t talk to anyone in game anymore.

Spencer Coy

Spencer Coy Are you using different mics?

Denzel Zabaza Theres a hotkey that switches u voice comm. You probably have it only on team chat

Sn0rlax I ain’t that stupid bruv. I have switched from all chat and to team. Tried pushed to talk and open mic. The game doesn’t pic up my mic. But discord and every other recording thing I use works fine. Even when I stream, my mic works.

PUBG Help Hi Sn0rlax, Please try clearing your DNS Cache by following through the steps below. -M 1. Windows key + R or Windows key + X and open ‘Run’ 2. Type ‘cmd’ -> Click ‘OK’ 3. Type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’

حمید yes of course, i tried in training mode and set sensitivity settings for set control and press X button for apply settings,2 times this happened! and today again, in-game happened settings automatically back to default! – ps4 standard wired solo eu server, tankyou for supporting.

Talio Tv Hey, its been 9 months and i still get play-doh buildings… smh

Brandon Vermeersch I have the same issue but not on mobile so I will try the DNS flush

Wreck Live now at help me get affiliate status on twitch!!

Brayden Cowell I do agree with that but the main point the original guy made was that they were making devs work on NYD which was completely wrong that’s why I commented to be honest.

Eric Horn PTS Chester at its finest.

Thomas Reitz are you guys working on a way to separate mouse and key board from Xbox controllers on the xbox? It’s really frustrating.

Samuel Martinez Xbox one server down?

Gvnc Aydgn what is this? who is interested in this issue? He’s a thief.

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-12-28

Gvnc Aydgn what is this? who is interested in this issue? He’s a thief.

nofey Please help. There is a problem with my pubg. This is my right name: salooohy1231

Joel E. Mason a new smg is needed. Add it to all maps. Make it the p90 (possible sick crate drop smg) (good for urban circles). Give skins for it, the Beryl and wearable items from in game. Please everyone like this!!!

Sohdium there you go guys, thanks for getting back to me so quickly

Scott When are you going to give us a map selection function for Xbox?? Fed up of only playing Sanhok and Mirimar! Why can’t we have the choice to play Erangel??

Henry Torres ban for 10 years??? some players of my clan were banned for 10 years just for playing in the new snow map. we are a 4 years clan, coming from lot of games. and this is the 1st time it happens. you should know the error is in the game but us… please need help

B Brown Really? WTF PUBG. Lag terrible, rendering bad and the old faithful and ever present rubber banding. Fine job guys. 👍😬

Leo Wells Ouch. 11 min is crazy. I’d cancel and try again with anything over 1-2mins

B Brown Just curious if it’s load. It never did so I killed it off after 11+ minutes. Finally got in game TPP but didn’t want to play that. Regular game bots as bad as test server but the render and rubber banding are irritating to the max. Far Cry Primal, RDR, GTA5 and BF1 will do

Andrew Taylor Put a wooden pole underneath it and call it done.

KingJonas What about duos?

MeRKsArT Fix the dam Net code this type of BS shouldnt be happening. smh

Stephen Welsh vikendi Xbox duos pleaseeeeee

와이어박스 ᵔᴥᵔ Erangel is goat. Sanhok is hot. Vikendi is so cool. But Mirama need revamp. Cut off map or begin with first circle to reduce play time.

Yuri Soares Cade o FPP SQUAD EM SA NO XBOX ONE ?

JeefTheMaster yo homie whats blue holes support number

Nathan Kirsch Thanks for the response. I’ll see how it does tomorrow around that time.

Noob_behind_you A flying altar? Good place to worship some war god.

Shufflix Hello PUBG team, I’m sure you have a lot on your hands right now, I have been banned for no reason. I don’t cheat or team kill. Thanks for your help! – Shufflix

𓃵 hey can I ask you guys a question?

Rodcher Hi there, the temperatures of both the GPU and CPU are max 75 degrees, which is not a ‘killing’ number causing my PC to shut down. Note that this only happens on PUBG and not on any other ‘heavy game’.

Rookie🎄 Will PlayStation get Keyboard and mouse support?

Billitions it still is

KJ You guys are great, thanks for the reply but when I just checked the screen scale is at 100 so all is well. Happy holidays PUBG!

Billitions I am not sure if it is still there…

DEREK No problem thank you for the quick response

Bosstradamus open squads and duos FPP no one likes solos

AMMOnation Whats the story with Miramar the last 2 days. Almost impossible to get into a game.

Osama Ersnoy Oki Thank you guys for fix bugs fast 👍🏻

Nasste I 100% agree with this guy !

Vithu27 PUBG

Goran Genuine If you can make new game mode like in Fifa 19… CO-OP SEASSONS… Where we can play 2vs2 with our partner and climb to the top scorers… That will be amazing on ps4…

Alexander Blonstein He’s right though

Jeff Oskin PS4 training mode won’t let me in, gets stuck in matchmaking …. help please , I need practice 🙂

Alex Ivashchenko Play miramar and drive like 50k-80k km per game rofl, ez

Vault 76 Resident or dont do that because its boring

Alex Ivashchenko i do that on sanhok event, but it was like 100k km 😀

Myles Cummings Same here I returned the game already. Do you have a remedy

BRC Is anyone else having issues on XBOX? I can’t get passed loading screen.

Mxzzls_ PLEASE RESPOND I got the hard version of pubg on ps4 and in the compilation disc it lets me download pts however it doesn’t let me download the actual game of pubg please help

Swany hello, I love your games and I’ve been waiting for a long time on ps4 it and perfect my just a wait for me pare about the quality graph allor I wanted to know if knows possible future on ps4 pro thank you

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-12-11

Metcalf PS4 so atrocious you should refund all who bought. hfs… -Entering an empty car should be TPP! -Cannot equip rifle after switching to nade! -Muting teammates doesn’t mute them! -Default should be AUTO not single shot! -Picking up a mod for a gun should auto equip it!

مهند when u will allow transfer from xbox to ps4…because i have to many stuff i want it from my xbox to ps4

broan Do we get a new event pass with the new map?

Mathieu Doiron I’d like to know howcome i keep receiving the same reward as my 10th lvl in the survivor lvl. Lvl 50 now and i picked up this tshirt for the 3rd time now!! You want people to enjoy your game and after leveling up 10 LVL you give them the SAME reward? lol

Julio S. Vega Velez this is happening both bunkers in Firing Range on PS4!/en-us/tid=C…

AyeYoLegit For us trophy hunters alot of the trophies on PS4 you cant achieve, is there gonna be a fix for this?

Frederico Figueira Hi, take a look at this bug:…

LadsUltimate listen to player feedback you dicks it’s been all week everyone’s been asking. Or at least show us player count

Rogério Alves server SA please

mark When will the choice to pick your own map be out???

yeet I was just banned for no reason on PUBG. It says “you have been banned from steam” but I haven’t even played in 2 months…Anyone know what’s happening?

Tim Baker how do I report a bug plz

Juneight Some bugs on Vikendi; – Despite of playing with max sound, can’t hear anything. The sound is too low according to normal game. Please increase it – Despite of using 1080 Ti with Fhd Res, i got weird fps drops in cities (around 90-100)(On Erangel or Miramar i got 220+)

Smokiee ™ why is this showing?

Dante Biasatti I have over 10 kills but the devil inside me trophy didn’t pop

Dante Biasatti Same on the 10 top 10 wins trophy

9Shadesleft can someone ban this F****** hacker?

Creibiss when it arrives for Xbox??

Peralta, you’re genius Many things need to be fixed on ps4. 1st: we can’t choose the map we want! 2nd: attachments are not automatically equipped!! 3rd: graphics are miserable 4th: I can’t pick up items unless I point to it!! 5th: doors can’t be opened automatically please fix those ASAP.

Peralta, you’re genius Also, settings such as changing the sensitivity of sights must be added. We have those on mobile version

ynfant When is this map coming to Mobile

chelios music lobby (nostalgic) please put the old main menu theme again 🙁 I know it’s not very important but it misses Please!!!

Kon (Konksling) But like.. why? Yano?

YetiSevy it’s terribly thought out, nobody’s looking down when they are reloading…

Oof I like it a lot. Gonna take some getting used to though.

Kieron Rollin When will the pts be on xbox I heard it was last week???

Mat!as ??? Problem ?

(SR) LAS fucking put FPP on PS4. What’s your deal?? How do you not have that mode on your PS4 release? I deleted Fortnite for a reason.

Troy Boys can we atleast get a ETA on FPP I literally only bought the game for that you guys never said we would miss half the game on purchase

sudi Bring these updates to Xbox!!!

Alexis What is this ?

Mxzzls_ Same thing is happening to me did you fix it yet? If so how

Mxzzls_ I’m having this issue right now how did u fix it

Cody McClain well done on the map in general tho. beautiful

Hamid PTS LIVE DATE FOR PS4 ? and upcoming patch for ps4 ? 🙏🏻🍗🥰

mohamed The game doesn’t work at my device: Huawei Y6ii What should I do?

riley🤘 that’s because this game isn’t on phones, pubg mobile is. ask them

Mxzzls_ Same happening to me have u found a fix?

Mxzzls_ I got pubg today but there’s a problem I can download the pts version but when I press x (PS4) it doesn’t let the actual version of the game download please help

RP GAMING Fpp please on ps4

Nicholas Franco So you and your friends = 💩 Can’t get good with a controller so they try to gain an advantage.

a just liked he’s photo still can’t beat us tho lol

michael ward On Xbox one can you put all the maps separate


Emoody1733 What this problem

Preston Pollock i try to link my test server account to twitch, but the page never loads. is the page getting hammered or am I doing something wrong?

Preston Pollock when i try to link my test server account to twitch, the page never loads. is the webpage getting hammered or am I doing something wrong?

PUBGSUCC FPP still not working on Xbox??????

ArcAngel_Henrik Everytime i launch the game it crashes, I’ve already sent the file report about the crash and nothing has changed in the past week… please respond

Tom Jones any plans to add map selection on ps4?

jason hicks How do I get a refund on PS4 _help

Barberryman Any chance on optimizing the new map while it’s on the test servers? Frame rate drops and packet loss fixes would be good. Thanks for the update though.

Arthur Flot This is not on Xbox version?!

Razlo So is PUBG on PS4 also not loading in any games for anyone else or it it just me?

دراجج الششمريء 🥀🖤🖤 I removed my account, which was called dragalshammri because it was not linked to Facebook and I was tired a lot until I found it for Level 40. I hope you will get it back. Thank you.

Xapahall2 plz, i wanna play Vikendi! U banned me bcouse a bug on the map! The car just went underground!!! Remove ban, plz!!!!!

alexdegennaro I talked to PlayStation because pubg would not download but they said it cause so many people are playing it when will u fix it?

alexdegennaro my pubg on ps4 won’t download

FPL Guide I need help desperately please! I paid a lot of money for this game and each time I get a kill in-game, the game crashes and logs me out of my playstation! I don’t know what to do…

Troy So yeah umm FPP ps4

sudi It takes me and my group about 5-6 times of back in and out of the lobby to get a game going. Ridiculous

sudi I’m an XBOX players by the way complaining about XBOX issues

sudi I’m just wondering, are you guys EVER gonna fix the lobby and matchmaking? You worry about everything BUT the stability of the game. It’s becoming super annoying.

Victor Espinoza Hi Devs, like the new map Vikendi and enviroment, detailled textures and places is very beautifull. The terrain of Vikendi is major worked, fines rest of leaves, branches and trunks. I compare texture terrain with Vikendi (image 1) and texture terrain Erangel (image 2)

Victor Espinoza Comparing the 2 images Erangel has less detailed textures, maybe that texture terrain was used for the whole map. I wish they could improve the map of Erangel more.

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE They have no need to worry any more! (And castle)

Chris kown Hey can you maybe fix this in the next update?

Katy Thomsen What about the rock you can hide in?

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE Sorry but unfortunately in test servers there are not enough people playing so they have to restrict it to squads for faster matching

Mike Portman Ⓥ Having an issue not hearing/talking in certain situations on PC. Have any ideas?…

GetPoopedOnHomie Problem is they’ve focused 90% of their resources into another mini royale map for whatever shitty reason. Now that it about to be moved to live maybe within the next month or so we’ll get much needed updates to the actual battle royale maps. Not the fortnite clones

Nakata Good point…lets see whats going to happen on the next months. my hope its not too big, but i hope im wrong.

GetPoopedOnHomie Lvl 3 helms only spawn in crates

Sebastian Not on vikendi

GetPoopedOnHomie Teaming is rare but yeah players caught should be banned. PC players most certainly did NOT move to Xbox to cheat, Consoles suck. Loot on erangel does need to be fixed on on platforms. The red zone isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t, it’s actually useful. PC Map selection exists

Darth Russ Go to the coast houses always there are far more AR loot spawn and more level 3 and 3 gear than in the center

Panos Sal. Maybe it’s time to add a new exclusive SR on Vikendi? Barrett 50 .cal seems just the right choice imo. Hopefully, LvL 3 Helmet will be package loot only as well.


Kong Gaming 🎮 RT found a bug on the new map . Here’s a short clip of it. It’s by Castle . Suggest fixing it ASAP before official launch

Kong Gaming 🎮 Here’s the 4 min video if you want to see more of it.

Kris Is Map Selector going to be added on PS4? The odds for getting Erangel is non-existent atm

🇮🇳₹R ₹A ₹H ₹U ₹L 🇮🇳R$ A$ J$ Must watch…

Fizzy シ Its coming in january for both consoles

reaper2487 More ar sr and dmr spawns. Lvl 3 helmet crate drop only.

305King Hey can we buy tickets to see NPL in California? Link? Pls?

305King hey I just noticed your in Miami also. Thats whats up! Have you seen any info on attending?

ROMAN Fuck you 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 _MOMBILE

iLuu ☡ The Map is amazing !!! .. Great Job !!!

Braazen What about floating cars?! I got banned for a bug in the test server. HELP.

st4k this game is awesome best game yet and you did very well in the new parachute system I love it but the only problem is that the loot should be buffed in the new map thx for reading this

r0b_b0t please help me, how to fix this? I can’t get to the apply changes button… settings fullscreen and in (native) 1920×1080

Alfred Gale Are the test servers for Xbox going up ?

Skupnjak Meikl Please open FPP Europe!!!! Come Harley and Joker on PS4???????

ɐɹʇɥnɹ ɥǝɾ Can’t adjust the audio mix in-game. Is there something like a fix planned? 🙂

UnholyFroggod are you going to enable duos and solos on test server or did I waste my time downloading this whole thing? I can’t land and check anything out without getting melted by a full squad and I don’t play with random weirdos 🙂

GamingCube on YT Auto loot pickup and door opening should stay mobile only.

dwm90 heres the picture for the glitch.

dwm90 are you aware of the issue where you can change between team mates spectating and see through buildings to see other players? pc new map btw

Carlos Valencia Fix PUBG… All Desync

Ramesh GJ In pubg beta mobile i couldn’t able to login it shows server not responding.Its been more than 3 hrs still the issue persist..

PaulD Literally just watched a streamers game with not one but several flying cars, what are doing about the cheaters? I mean for heavens sake if this is allowed on the test servers god help the main branch!

jason hicks I just downloaded the game and this is what it says. What the hell?

Patronize Made In Ghana Products…

Gustavo Leal FPP mode as fast as you can. Please

🐍Gonza🐍 Thank you ! Feeling so dumb right now

lenDa Help Oceanic servers please !

Oktay 🦅 Yes. The Graphics on the Pro is like Ps2

NewbyCake Don’t complain about the graphics because game performance is good. Xbox has better graphics and performance suffers because of it.

Eswar PC requirements?

اكوس واحد🚶 What is the solution to this problem?

Kevin Wang Relax. Could be a placeholder for the new Bizon smg. Looking forward to the new weapons

Skye Jones I seen this but I mean how there is this and also a level system in the mobile for example I’m bronze in mobile but I’m also level 20 ya know? Also the royal pass I feel like if that was on PC that would be huge for us!

Kevin Wang Thanks for the hardwork! Please look into the bug that Left Alt Key can’t be pressed at the same time as ADS. Reported by many players!

Power_stroker_6.oh Having this issue as well.

DTD Official Use me as a dislike

PRINCE AHSAN SHIEKH Hi im prince life hacks

Maaster Matt I don’t know what causes it or how to record it. I’ll try

Alvaro Garces Check the internet at home, that happens when something is wrong with the internet not the game

Alvaro Garces Don’t think so

Alvaro Garces Well actually I am also amazed of how the Pubg is running on Ps4, graphics are good and the game is well optimized, the company did a very good job with the Ps4 version and much better on Ps4 Pro

Slick Rick The tall skyscraper at canodomb you fall through levels of floors and die. Some floors are solid and some you fall right through.

Garrett Huneke Any indication when custom games come to ps4?

Adheesha bandaranayake I started to play PUBG PC version so I always getting Network lagging and Always matchmaking with Chinese or Hong Kong one of above country people.I don’t understand their language and their is no option to change server.What can I do for this plz some one help me

XeRoXgaming 2 questions , do you know why when im viewing a replay ( and try records) the gras an bushes on close an far distance looking like i have antialaising set on low even when all quality settings are on very high ? i mean even ingame when i set everything on very low 1/2

XeRoXgaming 2/2 even when i set ingame everything on very low and only the AA only high it looks prettier then when im viewing a replay , i cant figure out where and whats the problem! Question 2 do you have kind of Manual to this new Replay system on the testserver ?! its kinda confusing

Maxime Mombaerts i like it on PS4 but it needs allot of improvment :/ my car is hovering above the ground, graphiqs are meh :/

o Well I played about 10 games and didn’t get it once

Akhil Babel Is this a known problem right now?

Satvik Bhadoria Why are the servers offline??

Setsz I was wrongly banned, I simply logged in and my account was banned without using cheat or anything illegal in the game…

Akhil Babel Been getting this for the past hour when trying to play on PSN. What the hell

Vinaceous Another PubG blasphemy

Akhil Babel Working now.

Ajay Xbox ??

Eduardo Vera y u hate smgs?

Eoghan Macleod Sort out the loading of everything at the beginning of game!!! The amount of times I can walk through walls and end up stuck in tables and floors!!

🐺 Add fov to Xbox u already lied about releasing the map

Bir Alex Değil 💛💙 Open test server offline I get a mistake ??????

Ol’ Banana Chips That’s cool and all, but why haven’t I been able to access the PTS servers on PS4 since launch day?

JediKitten PC only, makes sense..

Matt Johnson pts is available on ps4. i think it may be for select days and not a permaneng feature

yaboifadi server issue: on mobile the game isn’t letting me go in by saying “server is busy” along with a code that says “restrict-area” so how can I get it back? This problem is in syria btw

nrqna Some trophies are broken, e.g I had 60 kills and I reached top 10 12 times but it didn’t counted. Trophy still locked.. please fix it and sorry for my english

Reverse CJ I heard Achievments where like that even on xbox too

Renownedd why does it seem like the test servers work better at night? Like 1am EST I really don’t lag but at 1pm EST it’s lag city trick

Elite World Gaming [NS] In-game chat seems to be down. Can you look into it please guys.

Adam mansell On Xbox we can’t even ads while in a fight what’s wrong with this it getting rather annoying makes me want to stop playing the game

GHEREH Wait you reinstalled win10 just for a damn battle royale?

Chris Everything was corrupted on my System after that mistake occured…

Ricardo Soto Servers in South America pls

Belle 🔜 Pax South I know two different individuals who are not able to load PuBG anymore – both computers meet the physical requirements to run the game and they’ve both tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game and verifying their files via steam. Any ideas here? help?

Anderson Diaz Can you Add cross plataform to pubg in ps4

KingJonas Next focus for you guys should be working on the graphics and the frames to be honest

RöSí it feels smooth like butter, I am not used to it lol

martinh Yeah that works, but I have to do it every time I start the game. I guess its a bug on the test servers, because it isnt a problem on the official game.

~antoon~🌐 can you Guys put a game mode in where we can play 1vs1 or somting so we can practice our AIM en skills?

ask hensel i bought a store item and then refunded it, it says that i have purchased the item and i regret refunding it. could you make it not Purchased on my account so i can give you more money. my ingame account name is “Valid_Hensl”

Patrik Mayer The bug is still there. FPP, if you jump to the left.

Gab Reminder that Update is still on Test Server.

Patrik Mayer I am speaking of it. I tried on test.

Darth Russ No it isn’t, I’m playing since test server is working last week and didn’t ever happen to me

ShaunBritcliffe The reason no stream or player on PC plays the mode. That style is broke asf for competitive game.

Wesley Gross I am in a party every time. It does occur after every match.

Marcos Rodríguez Crossplay platforms please between & .. with that SA player will have full lobby on Xbox.. Please!!

Jake Losey Just fix this. That’s all i ask.

jenni chapman anyone else having super long wait times for erangel hardcore in mobile? I looked but don’t see anything about it


Harish So like, what do I do…?

Parker Liberatore How do you dislike a tweet?

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-11-27

yasmine hey, i’ve lost my old account cuz i changed my mobile and it was on guest mode, is there is anyway to get it back tho?

Matthew Theodore fix your fucking end game circles. God damn it’s trash

تركي الحربي 💙 Thanks, it’s a great game

RSG I SHADOW any one wanna hang out on pubg help me get better (PC)

NappyFacey we need the map selection that PC has. PLEASE.

Josh As someone from New Zealand why am I only ever put into NA servers with 280 ping? thanks

Johnny Holland Miller y can i not connect during start up of game. Just downloaded but havent been able to play

Johnny Holland Miller I downloaded pubg for Xbox 1 the beta version. But every time I try to start up the game it won’t let me connect. What’s the deal. Been excited and pumped up to play and now this

AmiraAmira I’ve not been able to play TPP Erangel games since patch 23 update. I mean I can play it if I wait like 30 minutes. All other maps are fine. And even when I jet in the maps are full of bots. This is quite frustrating. Please look into it.

Shits Broken still m+k players on Xbox. This shits a joke

Carlos Jaramillo what do you guys want? That people stop playing your game?? I’m talking about PC version by the way seriously WTH are you guys doing 1 years and months since the game came out and still can’t fix FPS drops? Wow

Carlos Jaramillo let me understand something this game almost have like 1 year and some months and there’s things that really should be fix by now, but OMFG they are not FPS dropping are so bad lately in game menu is broke same as FPS drops at in game menu WTH are you guys doing??

Ismael Dapont Please, fix the match game. Of every 10 matches 9 are in Sanhok. You’re killing Miramar and Erangel!

lazarus3891 I say let Miramar die in its under rendering pants. They need a select your maps option. I’d be happy playing erangel most of the time.

NappyFacey we need mouse and keyboard support

Hazeykthx 🍁 how is this still a thing? 🤣Now I can’t open anything else.

خواطر و قصيد 45K I have a problem with the game which is the automatic exit of the game

Vivek Pandey One of my friends discussed this with me, How about including a Bullet Camera in Bullets/Ammo of high-end snipers? Please follow the link for my exact context.

Mr.KickDough I went from 100 wins to 38… is there going to be a fix for this? Kills got knocked down by 600.. this sucks.

Tahir Dad I found my first FLAYERGUN and i got a jeep in it 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ why

Asfakur Nariz If you use the flyergun on out the safe zone thn u will get jeep 😁😁

Tahir Dad Ohh I didn’t know that lol

Asfakur Nariz 😁😁Big Lol

Taushik mondal good game but Sarver problems all time 960 ms my phone Redmi Note 4 64 gb and Internet speed 1,5 mbps .. Please game Sarver update

Ekansh shukla I have puraches Rp from elite pass .. amount is deducted From my account and Rp is not updates it in pubg mobile… kondly help

ed mckay will you please put the option of queing into two maps. some of us hate one map and love/like the other two

…. hey you guys had any reports of stats not recording on xbox? it seems that my stats keep getting reset to a certain point, earlier today i had 480 wins overall now its 459 and over 500 kills are missing? this is on my xbox game hub stats

ura soul HRB I’ve been getting consistent lag and dropouts in UK for the last 5 days or so.

4rche_n0ah Can you guys pls do something about that disgusting server performance? I mean its not even that laggy but the D-sync is killing me wtf. Sometimes i shoot half a mag at people and only 2 shots are connecting. Pls get your sh*t together. Thank you:)

pKMn mAsteR Pubg mobile lags a lot.. game is literally unplayable. I get this error message while playing the game. what the hell what do I do ?

Frederico Figueira Can we know more about project Thai?

ImKnown18 my PUBG has been doing this for the past 2hours Xbox One

geoo hello i got bann in game i never cheat plz help me , im ingame faceit with anticheat and i got bann tell me why help me plz

Judas2100 the matchmaker is broken today cause i only get chinese players in my squad. EU-germany-16:37pm. i have nothing against playing with foreign players but they have a verry high ping and i fear the same from/for my enemies…

Rusk1turbo There is this bug now where your Bike can become unusable just from just placing it against a wall, it’s a bug that is easily reproducible as seen, This happens every other game from playing normally and hope that it is fixed ASAP.…

Fahdah💅🏻 why the flags of the country did not show in the chat ? Is it cuz of the new season or what ?.

Ammaar Khoda Hey guys. I recently pre ordered pubg on ps4 (looters edition) and it didn’t come with the theme. how can i access the theme?

VeryCoolVideos plz put a chat function in custom game lobbies on Xbox. Would change the game for good.

Justin TPP is 90% of our community. Sad, but unfortunate.

Justin To your argument “who the fuck enjoys TPP” oath brother, but apparently everyone does..

👑MPHIILE_JUNIOR👑 When I Log In It Does This

👑MPHIILE_JUNIOR👑 I Cannot Log In..Please Help

Razor32 SEA player getting 150+ ping servers, any fix to route to best server?

Nimesh Kavinda Play Fortnite – 😏

Razor32 Still didnt sub to pewds 🙂

Nimesh Kavinda 😡 fk u

Drax Uninstall and get a life. – PUBG Help

Razor32 Go to sleep radio man – Concerned Human

Drax Suk dik

Razor32 U wan tu sak dek man?

eNvy Your game should be updated for 2018s 11inch , it can run it at 120fps high settings hdr with full screen resolution but it’s currently using low resolution and half the screen. Fix coming soon?

Shahzaib1257 Still matchmaking issues high ping in Sea servers

Paul Jackson #Actor jump over to RoE bud 😉

nama999 gaming© Sir, Please please please I want a refund for the purchase which I have made yesterday, when I was seeing how much price the UC is my device got stucked and the purchase got done! I really apologize for this. I will be very thankful to you, Regards