🇸🇦 hello 👋 I need help

Nayan M Jiwankar New Wallpaper By Me Messi+PuBG

Ahmad my device TCL 5045T not support..i can’t play pubg..can you supprt pubg for my device

Straybullet Sweet mother of levitation, this is gonna be the new meta, I’m tellin you clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicB…

Nahaks_tv Hey look, it’s me!!

Fubzyy Crouching Tiger style

Checkout Pubg server down on 2019-01-17

Qball_TV been having continued connection problems all night, are you guys aware?

Aaron Brown still having issues. If I was into building stuff I would’ve left this game a year ago and went to Fortnite.

Navin Nageshkar ⭐ 😳 is that blood? Was there murder here? I saw this for first time.

aireL So there is one bug in the ingame store. If you buy any item and then refund from steam you get refund for that item, but in ingame store it shows purchased. And incase someone changes his mind and try to buy it again then it shows you can not buy it anymore.

chris williams still down now???

caVRAU pubg is off

AbruptGaming Yo im just trying to stream some pubg and your game always broke. I love this game but damn…

Chris Rusu Umm nope…

Chris Rusu Still having to restart lobby and try and rejoin 10 times before we get connected.

Sebastian Vidal Fuck g

jasøn ⊬⟠🏒🎮 can’t connect. “servers are too busy.” wtf

Jasper can you please fix this

Marc servers down again? Getting the Error: Servers are too busy at the moment.. please retry later. I have restarted steam, the game and my computer.

Jasper why always error after the update?

Lucas Warda Fuckin stupid how i cant even get on because “Servers are too buys at the moment” I FUCKIN GUESS

Patrik Still Connection issues not resolved 😢

Ali Farran You were fuckin saying?

TK Kim it says the sever is busy again any update?…

John Tuggle servers down. 8:45 pm PST 1/16/19

sidharthkr9 Can’t connect -_-

Biff McGriff connection issues back?

室清镜明 Server busy . All friends experience same problem now.

InstantFlush The connection issue still exists. Just got the error 10min ago and cant connect to lobby ……

Ash4u any INFO ?

TK Kim pubg is acting up again any upddate on this?

Dean Koeck Can’t load into lobby keep getting servers are too busy. Not the only one either!

Kenshin lobbies fail to load after every match…..if you expect your entire playerbase to refresh 20+ times to play one game think again…

Fabrício ✠ why the server is down?

Scary Man The server connection is continuously breaking. Can’t play a single game properly.

Paul Brunelle Fix this game… no one can get in lobby…ffs

TVNK are servers down again – I can’t connect youtu.be/URqYzX0kcLk

AscendantDrag0n servers are too busy ???

Dominic you have a problem happening.

Veri_Amateur The servers are down for me

AbruptGaming Fix your game Bro

BackAftahDifs Not working again… Can’t get in.. 21 hrs later!

Louis Still broke , only if you try to go to Miramar

Colten Griffin yeppp they broke again

BullDogWarrior Get better internet scrub

phillip horn connection and matchmaking issues still there

Mark Deel Squad getting Servers are too busy? What’s up? Restarted game multiple times, validated files.

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕱𝖗𝖊𝖆𝕶 It’s happening again

mitchel connection issues again… DDOS problems?

Ash4u Error server are too busy can y fix this ?

Dillon If it’s fixed why the hell is it not letting me connect to pubg than

Brandon 🦅🏆 Blue-ServersTooBusy-Hole. Or is it PlayerUnknown’s ServersTooBusyBattlegrounds? Trash ass infrastructure for a company that has generated hundreds of millions in revenue. This makes look bad.

Woody, like from Toy Story is there server connection issues? I don’t seee any tweets about maintenance today?

eternal541 its still acting up

James Davis game is beyond buggy! Its lagging and its not on my end i have near perfect wifi signal,caused me to die from teleporting me back and forth and sending me a server disconnect notice or constantly prompting me to chevk my inventory when it has nothing

James Davis See that orange dot on reset appearance? It wont go away! Real cool!😡 and still wont take my google acct, wtf? My money not good enough 4 u? I have have no problem spending my money on another game since you don’t give a 💩 about helping me.

James Davis Its frustrating af when im trying to go up in rank,let alone just trying to play and enjoy the game as well as trying to relax, which is hard when im being hit left & right with bugs frim the game! And ive never heard back about what to do with my account, i cant buy uc

Tuan Nguyen Cant connect to the lobby!

Ryan Gates FIX YOUR STUFF!!!! 10 reconnects before I get into the lobby after a match is ridiculous!

The_Sensei Having trouble getting in now

niveD dnommaH Same man, just wanted too see if others did aswell… Fantastic updates this game does.

therealclaRkTV cant connect to server???

Albert Gomez Broken again I think

b0rk yeah its broken, they still suck at making games work. Also they are stupid

MONSTRO What’s the deal? NA here. Getting this error over and over again.

AirDropLegend Loosing players rapidly

Kryllis Every time I try to play PUBG ma, it’s always this.

Ivan Song getting network lag detected and dced from every game

Psyched Chicken Year 2 and the melee system is still garbage Still love the game but, seriously this ridiculous!

Suraj bala Where is my RP simble??? 😭😭😭 Plz help me

Suraj bala Where are you plz help me

Vicky VJ guys I’ve achieved by killing all said types but last I received nothing. Please check and give it to me ( Its very hard )😥🙄😢😭

Josh Vinson on the next ps4 update are gonna figure this whole lag thing out? People on ps4 just camp all the time so there will be 40 people left in a tiny circle. It is 100% not my connection. So……???

Dallas Miller Keep getting network lag! Any word?!

mediocre life ever since the update this is what happens to me and I have to close the game and re open it and hope I didn’t die. Any tips?

Akilesh pubg server is not at all good at night time they have to keep secondary server to serve gamers satisfaction,I don’t no why they are not improving server we all are facing (no responce from server)and ping will be 900ms fuck you up pubg team

twitch.tv/sonic_dabs when will there be west coast servers? An 85 ms ping isn’t acceptable.

Zi Redge Can someone please help in regards to my support ticket requests? I’m keep being assigned the same representative for a serious home network security issue, involving PUBG software. I do not want to list this representatives name publicly.

Bryant M Marwitz Yeah servers are still screwed up for some of us

Kenshin Not resolved,

Mark Tschirhart Continuous loss of connection errors happening in-game and in the main menu on NA servers.

Tuan Nguyen Someone us are still having connection issue!

Kr0zzi Still having issues with connectivity on PC. Lobby keeps crashing. 4 + hour downtime once a week and we still can’t prevent this from happening?

Christopher Holland servers won’t connect again. No one can get on.

Chris Sharp Not fixed!

Vengeful What the heck is going on with the servers? unable to connect.

Greg Martin Check for updates? I’m on and haven’t noticed any issues. :/

Vengeful We’ve tried, theres like 10 of us trying to do customs who keep having issues, saying “servers too busy”

Yung Txz💔 Same for me rn

Vengeful RIP

Yung Txz💔 Fml

trenton stone having major connectivity issues not being able to get more the 71 people left before paging out

Erik Johnson Are the servers having issues currently? I was in the middle of a match when I got in succession: “network lag detected,” “server timeout,” and “servers are too busy.” I’m on NA servers.

Erik Johnson Now I’m getting “not authorized,” which I haven’t seen before…

Erik Johnson Hm… well, I restarted and I’m back on now. Anyway, that was weird.

james berry Still down here

james berry Still not working here

Batman Stunts I’d be great if you unbanned me

Dylan D. Why aren’t my cosmodrome kills counting? Just got two and they didn’t count.

ResolvedFuture servers just go down? Network lag in middle of game as zone was going to change then connection time out, servers too busy?

Tiffany Tipton my audio on my game will not work I have uninstalled and reinstalled and have done everything I could think of to fix it. Is anyone else having this problem

Hendra PLIS HELP 15/1/2019 :  – I start play pubg STEAM, – someone is already in game 1st. – I activated steam guard mobile authenticator – Start play again 1 match – I got banned until 16/1/19 Im not hacking/cheating, use macros, or anythin else. Still banned now HELP!

KEVIN SHEBLEY Omg, lag lag lag. Im playing on samsung and half the time i cant pu weapons or climb thruwindows and it keeps starting me over on the map. As soon as I start thegame my cell signal shows one bar red. Any feedback. Thank you.

abhimanyu singh struck here what do I do

lukwtwz I can hardly ever find a first-person perspective (FPP) match lately. Last night I tried streaming live for the first time and, after one match (lucky win), I spent >30 min. searching before giving up. (Proof @ 34:00 in:youtube.com/watch?v=y6o3Zy…)

Javier Bazan Lazcano Need to open PUBG ports over firewall. Opened all steam ports, can get to lobby etc but match wont start. I get timeout error. I’m located in South America. Can you provide full list of ports that need to be opened? Thanks

R.T. Bennett thought you should know this happened. Xbox one S on the test server. xboxdvr.com/gamer/bl4ckfli…

DomClemit Remember when we used to be able to play Erangel. Those were the days. Now we play ENDLESS mirafart that can’t load a bush.

DrizzlyBat this sound glitching needs fixing

Océan Please i need a gift code just to see what is like to use one.

eNigMaTic HD Get rid of sanhok !!! I’ve had to back out of this dumb ass map 21 times in a fucking row it’s worst than Miramar

FearlessTV- I have fell through the map several times now at the Southern entrance of the Shelter. please fix this on the .

GBR When will this come back?

eNigMaTic HD I’ve played for 2hrs now and had to skip that awful Miramar and sanhok 13 times…

sports fan after playing one game voice chat stops working

the world through aspie eyes Love having a useless sight/Scopes

Rennan ”OpBioshock”Fabricio I got the ” Servers are to busy ” error, cant solve it any way, can u guys help ?

TheGAM3Show What’s the best stat tracker for Android?

Kieran desert map desert map desert map desert map like come on man I’ve played 6 times in a row no one likes the map stop forcing it game ager game. What’s wrong with you mate.

xTWMFxSNiiPeR They wanted to do something like this but it’s steam limiting this from happening

J Bruno Move to epic!

Dr Cheese N Crackers add a map selector please I really don’t wanna play Miramar

Spark Flurry My bad on the spelling mistake, no idea how that one went by me

The original Suri Why won’t my twitter picture upload on PUBG

Osama Ersnoy I will never buy event !!! Its so hard 🤬🤬

MakersPlaysGames I’m still getting the full screen bug, does the game have to be set to a certain resolution? Currently I am at 2560×1440.

Brady Roberts are the FPP servers for solo on Xbox vikendi not usable now?

Orlytito🇨🇺 fix de big problem for lag in game pubg is so bad fix the problem o PUBG IS DIE

Checkout current Pubg server down

Zaid Sultan how do i fix the disconnecting bug everytime i try to tab out? it says something like “prestate match and prelogin”, i have tried everything i could find on reddit and shit

Chaxxsthexry When does the new map come to ps4 live servers??

Ben Marshall Hey I have 1006 kills on pubg ps4 but didn’t get the achievement. I’m not bothered at all but it might be a bug or something. Thanks.

Will | Defiant x Splyce Who do I talk to about support regarding purchases from the store?

🔴Live NOW🔴 twitch.tv/Comicbooksplus Then you just got lucky with the times it was up for teating. That’s the test now

Ed Sullivan if you bring up your steam over lay you can still bring your mouse cursor off the screen.. same as on main menu.. if it was really fullscreen and not windowed borderless trying to act as fullscreen this wouldnt work

Ed Sullivan the full screen bug still isnt fixed… the game still launches in fullscreen windowed.. try alt tabbing out before you switch to windowed and back to fullscreen again.. bet you you cant… so all thats done is that your cursor wont go off the screen while tabbed or on map

Josh Holdeman my game won’t download

𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓃𝑔𝒟𝓋𝑔𝑒𝓇𝒟𝒾𝒸𝒸 MAKE PUBG 60 fps for

9️⃣3️⃣ OCTANE 🚀 I can’t hear any gameplay what’s up with that?

Tom Harper after coming back from a long break I’d love to get back into PUBG. That is until I can’t load into ANY game until after I’m kicked out the plane and stuck on the loading screen indefinitely. Apparently I may need an SSD but why won’t your game run on a HDD??

Elmer Estrada Jr. been having this problem for a few weeks now and i’ve tried everything i can to fix it but still occurs (tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling still nothing)

Elmer Estrada Jr. my specs: intel i5 7600k Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming G1 EVGA GTX 1070 SC Corsair H100i v2 G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16gb ddr4 Adata 480gb SSD Samsung M.2 SSD128gb Seagate 4tb

PaperDividend&Profit PS4 PTS load times are too long is their any action on their

MoodyRocket Leaderboard still not working.

TheMichiganMan there is a location on the southwest rocks of to er that if you go into, you can’t get out of. My PSA for the day.

Alin Padeanu That game sux mate, big time

Mr.Smith fuck the PTS

Ben Chesher I’ve been frozen on th and spot for the last 2-3 minutes due to ‘Network Lag Detected’. What’s up with that?

Ben Chesher On the spot*

Kristian just what we want whilst we’re neck deep in a game. Like its been fine all night and now this…..? What’s going on?!

Kristian And because of that I’ve been cost a road kill leading up to my trophy. Like come on. What is the problem, what use is this twitter page for if it doesn’t respond to tweets at all.

Dorak WHEN are you guys gonna ADDRESS the new NO TEAM voice COMMs BUG ??? Some games we can use voice comms and some games you cant!

Bo0giEd0wN When will Xbox get the Vikendi udate???😌🍗🍽

Unai Sánchez Hi , it happens to me the same. Sound is not working correctly. Sound sometimes appear and other moments dissapear. Can you fix this problem??

Heavyweight Primate youre game is seriously messed up right now. what did you guys do last night??????

abto_1010 my account got banned for no reason ,I didn’t use any cheat or hack , can you answer me please! ؟؟

abto_1010 my account got banned for no reason ,I didn’t use any cheat or hack , can you answer me please!

ross eastwood you and your team are a joke I supply evidence of cheating server number video evidence check the guy out myself still playing it’s disgusting the whole process of playing your game from start to now makes me sick

C4SK3Y my voice chat is not working

Bryan Cowen hey i have a problem with the premium pass. I bought a 20 lvl ticket and unlocked the items, but none of them are showing up in my inventory. Ive restarted the lobby and the game and it says ive aquired them

tariqdesign i walk “lag” they shoot i die all the time

Edward After the maintenance it kept putting chinese people everywhere and I could not have 1 single english person speaking. DID YOU PUT ME IN THE GOD DAMN ASIA REGION?? TELL ME NOW!

Adil Aeh Good job you geniuses. With today’s update the game doesn’t even boot anymore.

erfantop5 Can you put shroud skin in ps4?

Chris C Dawson I mean the buggy 500k was annoying. Week 3 more boat rubbish , a lot of it really uninspiring If nothing just damn tedious. Designed to p..s people off oh yes many are. Go back to drawing board try harder for the love of god.

PODER . Fix Pubg mobile!! It’s became so bad ! It doesn’t work like normal way!!

zain hanif then contact the developers for pubg mobile, they are different

Mike Devaney I just switched to PC! I am loving this game so much! I just wished my voice chat worked! I’ve tried all the bug fixes I could find and have ruled out all user error (CTRL+T and all that jazz.) My mic is recognized by discord but I want to use proxy chat haha.

PUBG Help Hi Mike, Glad you’re enjoying it so far! In regards to your Voice-chat issues, could you please try clearing your DNS Cache by following through the steps below? -M 1. Windows key + R or Windows key + X and open ‘Run’ 2. Type ‘cmd’ -> Click ‘OK’ 3. Type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’

Rasha. Happened with me too and to my friends. it s a pubg bug.

Mike Devaney Hopefully this fix works 🙂

Mike Devaney I will give that a shot!

JustinChen Hi,I am a player from China.I have a question.why my account be baned?Just because i have used VPN or sth?I wish that u could give me a definite answer. pubg id:Juscren

Orlytito🇨🇺 Please I level up the loot in miramar and eranger and fix the desink

zain hanif Flip Flip

Ed Sullivan Not by choice. I’m in full screen on pubg. But it’s borderless windowed that acts like full screen. Not true fullscreen atm on EU4 after the windows update. Windows issue. Not pubg

Filipe Almeida the dx12 in xbox can be used to improve the game?

Miguel Wavyyy sooo pubg is not going to pay this any mind… this is how you treat the community….yall trash

Mily260 I don’t mind the game crashing it’s fine it happens. But can you please stop it from charging me forward.

WackyRazzy Any idea on when you be fixing the brightness bug, where its stuck at 50% and you can not change it.

Denis I would take 7days maintenance, if it would fix de-sync. Literally.

wes Been sitting with negative BP (-14072) for almost 4 months, is anything going to be done at all?

Mitch dohman Mine had done that several times. I just figured my controller was being dumb.

Infamous Champions when are you adding fpp duos for console?

Smileycus I require this parachute. How can I get it? 😁

Gagi any timeframe as to when Vikendi will be released on the full game servers on

Heroes of Lag It’s not working

Luis manzano when will live servers be updated with the new map?

Loger Hi can you please explain why my survival points/exp, after every match, don’t count towards my level progression for the Vikendi Pass? Is this a glitch or was this intended? If it was intended what is the point of earning these survival points/exp?

حمید please active choosing map on ps4

the_fakir Yes..whats the point of playing on console if we don’t have freedom of map selection. It seems I have wasted money on buying for console.

Joshua Bell 🌊 Ton of lag and packet loss, I can’t get kills cause my bullets won’t register before I die….not very fun 🙁

Federico Gonzalez Giri What about the Vikendi’s SMGs bug?

shamb0lic Can I have both the non test version and public test versions installed at the same time on my PS4?

Taivaun Lynch Okay and thanks for the reply didnt actually think i would get one

KingT666 hi found a glitch was standing in the corner where the jeep is and got stuck got my guys to try hitting me with the car and it pushed me up under the map you can see my tag I could see out the front of the building or under the map behind

SuburbanJay Are you guys working on a fix for the in-game voice chat? It kinda “disables” itself after a minute of the game start and cannot be used for the rest of that game.

Raymond I went from 80 to 90 FPS before this update, now after I am sometimes only getting 50 to 60 sometimes 70 FPS

Rasha. voice chat is not working at all. Even the sound icon isnt showing. My mic is working fine and no it s not muted or anything

Youtube: REKTILE It happens from time to time, itlll get fixed by itself

Rasha. They should fix the bug.

Widget Anyone else having trouble with in-game chat when playing solos? My speaker icon doesn’t come on, and I can’t hear anyone else. Last 24 hours.

glor1ous for a couple of weeks now the game doesn’t shut down properly, no matter how I close it. the tsl_game process keeps running, it shows up as being currently played on Steam too. It’s getting annoying at this point, any fixes?

Pokekeka Pubg pls help me retrieve my account im rp lv56 elite. I just got ban because i reported the bug.My character was stuck cuz of the high ping and i reported it then you ban me? Common.

Leevi Puumalainen I got the same, but it seems that toggling g-sync off helped me…weird tho

Alex Morgenstern get a life scrub 😉

zen-x Shh looser

Ridzuan hey!! why very very LAG!!!!!! i hate!!!!!!

Earth Am I still in North America Region? because when I was in a match everybody was speaking asian and then I quit to join an english match but IT WAS ALL ASIAN AGAIN! FIX THIS SHIT ALREADY!

todd Dude PS4 gets fucking duos on PST but fuck Xbox right😂😂😂😂😂

Harshal After maintenance Game runs great, then it starts to degrade till next one

Raymond how long will the servers be down for maintenance?

SH . Hello Can you help me recover my account in PUBG ?

Amorr09 I lost my hobby. Pubg banned me for no reason. I dont know what to do with my life now. I already wrote a ticket, nothing exact there 🙁

Leo EvilBanger It’s just a problem for resolution. Try to update your nvidia drivers, also, geforce experience sometimes change the resolution, look at there.

PaperDividend&Profit please fix all bunker entrances by shooting range and shelter theirs an invisible barrier on PS4

PUBG Help Hi, we are aware of this issue. The team are working on getting this fixed. Thanks! -A

erfantop5 Can you put shroud skin in ps4?

fawzy Not complete iam can’t login I have this problem now Error servers are in maintenance please try again later 😭😒😕😕😕😕😔😔😔😔

PaperDividend&Profit And PS4 sound are buggy aswell

Bryans Solomon Voice not working, others are having same problem. Yes checked settings and verified game cache!

Ricky B☝ Hey is console going to get map selection like PC anytime soon?

O_N0umbers So I cannot hear anything at all on my PUBG Mobile, it also says that I have no sound mode on… is there such thing as that? Anyways the sound problem affects my game a lot, so please help me fix this, thanks .

Charles You could grow up and play on PC or console lmfao

tack driver Had this a lot on my Samsung galaxy note 8 lately, especially when using voice chat, force stop the game, restart and clear cache usually helps but it does eventually return.

PUBG Help Hi, If you have any questions or support requests regarding PUBG Mobile, you will need to go through PUBG Mobile support. Please read the following article for more information. -A support.playbattlegrounds.com/hc/en-us/artic…

Unai Sánchez Hi , it happens to me the same. Sound is not working correctly. Sound sometimes appear and other moments dissapear. Can you fix this problem??

NAVIII atleast provide the basic thing to play in squad like they can communicate with each other and send invitation while jumping ..these are basic needs …which you are unable to provide..u cheated us.

Keenly K suddenly i was kicked out, what happened?

NAVIII why we can’t communicate with our teammates in PS4 pubg.. but we can communicate in any other games

Mike how much longer is PTS live for Xbox?

Joe Beaudet 10 minutes


Kenny Christmas Here is requested video of getting stuck during landing. Thanks

BioShock9 Any news about improving the FPS for ps4 and Xbox?

Lionel Blondeau Hi, PC chat isn’t working anymore, any clue ? (mic ok in settings and on windows /sounds)

ChrisIreland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛄️🎅🏻 do we get something to show off on console for getting the platinum trophy? Maybe a platinum gun skin 🙃

RED FUCKING ファティ q 66 proximity chat on ps4?

Ouzhan Kutukcu It is not ridiculous that the fist does not enter the melee.

eNigMaTic HD I’m on the , why is this graphical issue happening?

𝑴𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕𝒚𝑸𝒖𝒊𝒏𝒏𝟕𝟓 [FMJ] Clam 🎉🎈 Hi, I’m afraid that glitch is over on the game side and nothing xbox can do to solve it.

Shadzi Still getting killed behind cover in 2019

will warren Atleast you can play. Servers been down for me now well over 24 hours! No telling when they will be back up.

LIQUIDXFUSION Experiencing forced slow motion walk in game. Cannot run and player is forced to slowly walk. One time it fixed by itself but this needs to be addressed and get fixed. Especially for those like myself going to be in PUBG esports.

StuChainz Sounds like your ctrl key is stuck.

LIQUIDXFUSION No it wasn’t. Very strange thing that occurred. Even double tapped alt and it didn’t fix it. Hopefully a new patch update will fix it.

Power_stroker_6.oh Thanks for fixing the alt/ads bug. Really appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

Pascal Berger Yeah nice…. Nothing changed… Performance is still crap…

Daniel Joshua I got a RP daily mission Spend 50 minutes in the game. I opened the game by 7 P.M IST the mission was completed. Don’t know why can u explain.

PUBG Help Hi, If you have any questions or support requests regarding PUBG Mobile, you will need to go through PUBG Mobile support. Please read the following article for more information. -A support.playbattlegrounds.com/hc/en-us/artic…

Anshuman Singh How does this look like a network issue to u dumb cunts????

Helene Fischer Fan Club – PUBG Team Since the patch it’s not possible anymore to move the mouse on the 2nd screen if you play in fullscreen mode. Any news about this issue?

RiftRekt Pretty sure this is what fixed the Fullscreen bug

Ed Sullivan just bring up ur steam overlay.. itll work

dednaut I reported the same issue…haven’t heard back.

littletk Because they would never read a tweet in Swissgerman… 🤔 and normaly i tweet in English. What the others are doing me wayne. I‘m not on the swissgerman wave

AemJaY thnx for your erchlärig! rock on!

Timur Kan Hey! HNY! Have Question. When will you do “battlefield-like” gamemodes, as “Capture The Flag” or maybe Deathmatch. I say it because of large in-game weapon arsenal. And it would be cool to see gamemodes like in BF. As well DICE killed BF themselves. So, that is why… You got it?

LeeBo1Kinobe Better idea! DICE make games 100x better, so just get ready for Firestorm 😍

Josh Wojnowski We are. Most players think that a 100 player online game with 64km of playable space, including hundreds of sounds and weapon instances is “easy” to optimize and we should expect 240 FPS, because they can achieve that in CSGO. Confused? Read my bio.

MixSar when i drop in bootcamp with 15 players i get 30 fps and my specs are way above minimum requirements , wayyyy above , they are clueless that is all

🔴Live NOW🔴 twitch.tv/Comicbooksplus I was just joking but the main take away is pubg mobile is ran by another company pubg help has nothing to do with it

Josh Wojnowski Thank you for fixing the Fullscreen bug, also the inventory bug was pretty annoying. <3

PUBG Help <3 -M

AkitoAK (Pixelated) Can you fix the high CPU usage of the game?? It’s just frustrating when streaming cause it drops to 25fps sometimes.. And slows down the mouse..

littletk Do not throw rocks when you are in the glasshouse 😉 But somehow I’m not the only one who has the problem…

AemJaY wiso red de eint änglisch und de rescht schwizer dütsch?

littletk Because they would never read a tweet in Swissgerman… 🤔 and normaly i tweet in English. What the others are doing me wayne. I‘m not on the swissgerman wave

AemJaY thnx for your erchlärig! rock on!

Jack Harrison Please fix voice chat in PUBG MOBILE. I played it all day, and it was exhausting that we couldn’t speak to one other. I’ve tried reporting the issue, opening and then closing the app and switching the voice channels on and then off, but nothing seems to fix it.

PUBG Help Hi, If you have any questions or support requests regarding PUBG Mobile, you will need to go through PUBG Mobile support. Please read the following article for more information. -A support.playbattlegrounds.com/hc/en-us/artic…

Yung Bol can there please be a permanent item in the shop for name change? I wasn’t able to level up to get the one in sanhok.

the_fakir can we choose map on pubg ps4

PUBG Help Hi, Map selection isn’t currently available on PS4. -A

حمید please active choosing map on ps4

the_fakir Yes..whats the point of playing on console if we don’t have freedom of map selection. It seems I have wasted money on buying for console.

Mr.Wick youtu.be/xPnroC8mdIw

🔴Live NOW🔴 twitch.tv/Comicbooksplus Still having issues?

paintballri Well haven’t tried since it came back up just thought I’d get a head start on bitching

🔴Live NOW🔴 twitch.tv/Comicbooksplus

littletk I talk about the Solo FPP Queue, and it does not matter which time it is you find no game! I have now tried for 3 days at different times.

Nairidi Sie spielt ja amig solo FPP 🤪😇🤣

R4RIOT Schwiizer Profi Problem? xD


Helene Fischer Fan Club – PUBG Team Das isch nid normau, Herr Meier! Dä grännet jedes Mau!

littletk Do not throw rocks when you are in the glasshouse 😉 But somehow I’m not the only one who has the problem…

AemJaY wiso red de eint änglisch und de rescht schwizer dütsch?

littletk Because they would never read a tweet in Swissgerman… 🤔 and normaly i tweet in English. What the others are doing me wayne. I‘m not on the swissgerman wave

AemJaY thnx for your erchlärig! rock on!

littletk Sad, since the Vikendi Patch release, i never found a Game on Miramar Solo FPP… U can wait 30 minutes and longer, still no game

Soma #PUBG That’s exactly what we were referring to when discussing map selection. The more options you offer, the more difficult finding a game becomes. PUBG has over 30 different queues now, each game requiring 100 players and also being split according to regions. This sadly can happen.

Mike Better this than waiting 5 minutes in random queue and quitting in the lobby cause its anpn prevered map. Btw, whats the point on the 1 minute timer other than waiting another minute ?

Leo Grossmann Würde es nicht helfen wenn man mehrere Maps auswählen könnte sowie früher oder würde es das ganze verkomplizieren ?

htrdftw The Miramar queue is totally dead, yeah. This shows that the map is not popular, and it’s no secret that Miramar never was before. Think about why and maybe there is a way to change it.

Soma #PUBG Solo in general is not popular. Erangel also takes pretty long to find.

htrdftw Not even a minute and it finds matches xD

littletk ~10 sec Sanhok / ~10sec Vikendi / ~60 sec Erangel (i talk just about the Solo FPP) thats my waiting time

htrdftw People want to hotdrop. 🙁 Maybe some fresh new missions could change that, like drive backwards 100km with a Jetski on Erangel.

Soma #PUBG Ja cool, wenn das bei dir läuft. Ich hab am Wochenende über 10 Minuten auf Erangel-Solo gewartet.

htrdftw 4 weekly Missionen sind mapgebunden und zwar auf einer der beiden meistgespielten Maps. Ist das jetzt weil sie so beliebt sind oder die Inaktivität der anderen zu fördern?

Christian Albrecht Ich kann bei manchen Tweets nur lachen. Jetzt sind wir alle schuld, weil die map Auswahl gibt usw usw. aber das man einfach bissel mehr grips und Sinn in die Aufgaben steckt und auf Kritik wird nie geantwortet. Einfach lächerlich

htrdftw Das Geschrei nach der Map Auswahl war tatsächlich ein Communitywunsch, allerdings war zu dem Zeitpunkt die Spielerzahl noch eine andere. Mittlerweile sind halt alle vergrault u d die wieder rückgängig zu machen, hätte auch lediglich nur Leaver zu Folge.

htrdftw Abbrechen, neu queuen, ist ja auch manchmal so ein Bug dass gar nix geht. Spätestens nach 2 Minuten abbrechen, bringt nix ^^

littletk Thanks for your answer! I knew that there would be problems at unusual times, but as I said, I also found no games in the evening.

Soma #PUBG Try squad – still takes a while but not that much 🙂

littletk Yeah i need to do some 1vSquad Games 😎

Gioia ach seich, am abe geits ömu o solo schnäu ^^

littletk I talk about the Solo FPP Queue, and it does not matter which time it is you find no game! I have now tried for 3 days at different times.

Nairidi Sie spielt ja amig solo FPP 🤪😇🤣

R4RIOT Schwiizer Profi Problem? xD


Helene Fischer Fan Club – PUBG Team Das isch nid normau, Herr Meier! Dä grännet jedes Mau!

littletk Do not throw rocks when you are in the glasshouse 😉 But somehow I’m not the only one who has the problem…

AemJaY wiso red de eint änglisch und de rescht schwizer dütsch?

littletk Because they would never read a tweet in Swissgerman… 🤔 and normaly i tweet in English. What the others are doing me wayne. I‘m not on the swissgerman wave

AemJaY thnx for your erchlärig! rock on!

kevin when are you guys opening squads on PTS ON PS4 again i wanna play with my team..

bob humplick it helps if you turn off fullscreen optimizations. when the game patched to update 24 it replaced the old exe and if you had this turned off before you will have to turn it off again

Barabás Botond Okay no problem, we have the issue for a few times when we played squad matches next time i’ll post

bob humplick if you guys have to do maintenance every week and you keep the hackers in control and desync down im fine with that. but look into desync again. i know that a lot of players have high ping but right after the desync patch things were much better and it seems like its went back

Jacob stafford I do aswell or a mini

abdul azeez game gets stuck more often in iPhone 6 hope you guys give a solition soon

PUBG Help Hi, If you have any questions or support requests regarding PUBG Mobile, you will need to go through PUBG Mobile support. Please read the following article for more information. -A support.playbattlegrounds.com/hc/en-us/artic…

F. A. Hayexplosives It was actually reassuring that you were having the same issues I was. I’ve always thought it was something on my end.

F. A. Hayexplosives I love that this quickly became the most watched clip on my channel by far in about 2 hours.

صويلح When I play and raise my level and boast to my friends that I play the game of season 2 or 3 and I have the colors of weapons and clothes and I paid over 60 dollars in my account and my friends accounts was surprised to be banned for 10 years Is this the equivalent of

Josh Not my fault server maintenance is like 4 hours and I just got home from work and wanna play games

Zara So because people know it’s going to happen they are not allowed to express displeasure? Maybe you don’t realize the irony in your own comment, despite knowing people will be “crying” on Twitter.

Zara I don’t know about you, but I’ve yet to find a player base for any game that doesn’t have cry babies. That said, this is a fair criticism.

Alex Morgenstern people cry for EVERYTHING on this game. its true you can find cry babies on any game, but the hate towards pubg is insane. the game has problems but it’s not as half bad what it used to be. it runs smooth if you have a decent pc, not necessarily a 2000 dollar pc like I read lmao

merited iFran Please either remove AWM or reduce the damage of it got me killed number of time but I’m a big fan of it but unfortunately it vanish people with level 3 amors too 😅😅😅

Zara World of Warcraft has 14 years of spaghetti code & actually *needs* to update, do hot fixes, and maintain stuff. PUBG does not. WoW is doing it during off-peak hours. If you’re going to blindly fanboy and defend them against all criticism, at least keep it factual.

Sebastian Be Can you help? A lot of people with this issue.

S0T0 Definitely normal

Bramantoro🇮🇩 is there any feedback from PUBG Mobile?

Nardhoj Bantawa Rai What Action Are You Taking For These? We Are Seeing More & More Hackers.

Morty Hi fellow pugberians, anyone explain me the logic on this one? Aa Am i missing some gameplay sense? Mmmaybe my timeline was connected to the TV and he destroied one the cables???? OF THE TV WHERE THE BULLETS WERE FIRED AT?? Mucho obliged

Joshua Francisco NA SERVERS expects full running @ 23:30!

Vexp Why do you say the servers are too busy? ??? “Servers are Down for Maintenance” would be fine…

Red Boar Let’s be honest, PUBG is incredibly frustrating BUT they are finally starting to deliver players something to work with. This is exciting and makes the 4 hour “maintenance” much more tolerable.

nick miller Only took them 2 years from “beta” to make an ok game for pc players. Lucky no one has copied this game and make it 100 times better.

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-12-27


Reggie Philips why is test server down you useless cunts


Leon Hi there, why do custom matches require at least 10 people to be able to start? On the test server we were able to start with 6 players. Is this something you’re considering to change? 🙂

🎮A.Lorentsen🎮 I got si excited to try FPP man….

sg I’m so sick of this. So sick of you

Rufio! Can you guys never do server maintenance in the morning like normal companies? Nothing like getting home from work ready to play some pubg and being cock blocked by updates or server maintenance!

Flexapexs What morning is for you, is evening for others…. there is no best time for maintenance…

KptRooibaard_ZA Unfortunately the developers (and by far the largest player base) is on the other side of the globe from where you are. Sorry mate, every sport has it’s own injuries.

Bomaximous Company is based in Korea so the timing is different.

FrostTaker they technically are doing it in the morning, they just do it in the Korean morning 😅 In KST its only about noon

volt1up They can’t even consistently do it on the same day 🤦‍♀️

Chronos you know it would be nice to change the “servers are too busy” to “servers are under maintenance” or something

durab i’ve bought your game, but i cant enter it, always says that the server are busy, what can i do?

Read Consulting Srv. On bleeping boxing day evening? Great timing!

Borjão 1️⃣7️⃣ Always hurting who likes to play at night! I only have this schedule and you do not make the day! 🙁

chris fox Add more UZIs to Vikendi! And never put a sniper rifle in the same area as a 8x scope. 😀 jk.. Thanks for the hours of me not having to face reality.

Eric Becker Why do it during prime time?

Mike Lol exactly

Dale McAughey Why on earth do you do maintenance during prime time busy hours?? Even Blizzard Ent. figured out to do it during late evening.

Optimal Carnage Blizzard is in Irvine California. When they do maintenance it’s prime time on the other side of the world.

Bin Chen why test server is also on maintenance at the same time????? Then, what is the point of having test servers?

PUBG GOAT Just give us map select already dang

John D Fuck pubg, you opt for the worse nights to update cs:go ftw or rocket league maybe i will try fortnite (cant be worse)

felpz_tbct any forecast of the arrival of the SA server?

Nick When your country isnt 3rd world

chuong nguyen now PUBG maintenance their server every week ?

Fernando Henrique da Silva Machado . Waiting for the servers to become online 😬😬😬 2:00 AM CET

Steven Roark If you are in the Test server you can only play solo now

Pedro Vinicius I’m in normal pubg

Sven Schindler Fucking Updates with 4 or 6 hours server offline. Thats not normal. Thats World of Warcraft Patchday bevor 8 or 10 Years. Give more Menpower at work on Patchday, Please faster in Time in future. Thanks

D.Kananos Stop doing that every week another maintenance is annoying… You earn back your players don’t loose them again !!!! (Is the only game with every week maintenance I ever met )

Blake Thomson Could not agree more

Weird isnt it Well that’s just fantastic. Wasn’t able to play for 4 months straight, the day i’m able to get back at my PUBG addiction you’ve decided to update, what are the odds right. 4 hours of blackout now, thanks!

Alex Jeez you guys are messy

kelsey Hello! Not sure if this account supports all platforms and devices… But I play pubg mobile, and have been struggling with my profile picture. My account is linked to my twitter account. It will not sync or update when I change it to a new picture.

DEREK Ok no worries , we are located in Southern California. We’ve tried 4 users at a time as well to try and help the matchmaking but the time just continues to rise with no actual start of the mode if that makes sense

PUBG Help Thanks Derek! Just to confirm, are you still experiencing this problem? -H

DEREK And that’s when the problem was occurring , we tried multiple times Monday and Sunday but haven’t tried since

DEREK We haven’t tried the training mode since Monday evening

PUBG Help Gotcha, thank you! Please let us know if you experience this problem again. Apologies for the inconvenience. -H

DEREK We are on training mode now . Time at 6:15sec still nothing . Just updating you that it still is having trouble getting us in to the training mode. Thank you

DEREK Ok thank you.

Adam Johnston Is the Test Server down as well?

aaron and keep calm

aaron play scum guys

Johnny This shit annoying 🤨

Andrew S. Kapitzis You guys should set up a BACKUP server when you want to go on maintenance. 19/12 was the last one. Seriously. You are just losing customers and players.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ ?

Supernintendo Chalmers

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ The game is just not at its peak high anymore, thats why it lost 2 million players, a month ago the player count started rising, so idk why you’re bringing that up when the playercount loss has stopped…?

Supernintendo Chalmers Because the original comment said the game is losing customers and players. You tried to counter that statement by providing data from one month, during which most people finish school and work and have more time to play games.

Supernintendo Chalmers Game loses TWO MILLION players for 10 months straight, adds 200k players during the holiday season and you think that’s good 😂

Supernintendo Chalmers And that’s being generous from peak player stats. Last month it lost 50k players. This month it only added 32k. The game is dying. Face it.

Supernintendo Chalmers Lmao. Of course players go up during December and Christmas. Zoom back out over the year to last December 2017. Down from a peak of 3.2M players to last month which was 895K. You’re just cherry picking this month where there was a slight increase after 10 months of LOSS.

james hope your putting OCE severs back in ffs 250+ms isnt good enough

Jesse Jarnagin the ratio of time under maintenance vs game problems this game has is astounding

Guineapig1 Wife , all alone wanna play … but no ……. maintenace, bad timing in europe :/

Phil Coffman Serious question: is it possible to ever get to a state where the duration for these live server maintenances could be decreased? They always land in a rough time for US players and the 4 hour window is rough. I do appreciate how they usually end sooner. Thanks.

Punisher_1 Dude that;s logic just stop wit h that shit…. They are never going to listen to good logical ideas.

Kenny Lee It’s because there are way more Asian players than US players playing this game 🙂

Phil Coffman I get it and it’s not really the time slot they choose that bugs me. It’s that it’s 4 hours long during that time slot.

Brian Graf Their twitter handle is quite ironic since they never seem to answer anyone, sincere or not

Billkamm Thanks for always taking down NA Servers during NA primetime just to save a few bucks. Way to care about your customers!

Bill Wolcott so basically shut down North America right when people get off work and want to play, nice timing.

azzman1000 What do you guys do during maintenance? Not complaining just curious?

gerasimos stamenis We have low fps,ALSO buf the loot in ERANGEL NOVO is DEAD FROM LOOT, you r going to lose ppl again

bob humplick try turning your textures down a notch and if that doesnt help then find the games exe file (tslgame.exe) and right click and go to properties and find “turn off fullscreen optimzations” and uncheck it. also set to fullscreen in the game isntead of full screen (borderless).

brandon What pung are you getting?

Darren Ping*

MAGRELINH0tv 4 hours for maintenance! NICE competence, Ameria 10pm rip

kingani Roasts the game is mainly played by the Asian community so someones always gonna lose out during updates

azzman1000 What do you guys do during maintenance? Not complaining, just curious

bob humplick any patch notes? or just maintenance?

Chris DePrater Both regular and test servers are ALL down at the same time, Ugh!

Kraven 100mb=4hs great job!

Gustavo Your knowledge on how this technology works is outstanding

Election Fraud=Crime Seriously… another update at peak NA time on Boxing Day holiday. You guys are scheduling idiots.

NightBreed Your game is 40% fun and 60% annoying. The annoying part is fixable yet nothing happens but more micro transactions.

joshua Hoots Actually the NA market is second only to China; and for a 94.8 MB update it shouldn’t take 4 hours!!!!

HighburyHighs LMFAO you guys have a good concept of a game, you really do, it’s just in the hands of fucking idiots. just sell the game to people that know what they’re doing and walk away rich and happy.

Coolkent What

Jedi my guns are just shoot by itself and I’m not hit the r2 button

B00G13M4N Hello?? Anyone home?? Why are the test servers down as well??

Mbappe jr. Test server too?

Rice Muncher Why at this time of day, maybe do it overnight not when people wanna play at PEAK times!

عبدالرحيم المتحمي Hi I have a problem

Jasko Ikanovic Fix the FPS and Ping! fix the OC server sick of playing in the SEA server with Asian hackers!!!

SwagMaster Yeah but they won’t 😂 I m only wondering who made these missions and how they get on the game ….they are so ugh randomn and not fun to do 🙄 it seems like they are tempting you to buy some levels

Ed Sullivan bro.. you have like 2 1/2 months to do that…

Justin If u get 4800exp every day (daily max) and thats not only about kills, you have to play atleast 2-3 hours per day, then you only get 32lvl overall, so your Argument is invalid

Al Fall who gives a shit about levels and missions. Play to win and get kills

Justin and there actually are ppl who care about the stuff from the season pass

Avviix Patch notes? Or anything?

DEREK Lower required players for a healthy matchmaking time in training mode please . I have a bunch of new players who want to train first

PUBG Help Hi DEREK. If you’re unable to enter training mode within 5 minutes, there may be a bug- could you please let us know where you’re located for us to help us investigate? -H

DEREK Ok no worries , we are located in Southern California. We’ve tried 4 users at a time as well to try and help the matchmaking but the time just continues to rise with no actual start of the mode if that makes sense

PUBG Help Thanks Derek! Just to confirm, are you still experiencing this problem? -H

DEREK And that’s when the problem was occurring , we tried multiple times Monday and Sunday but haven’t tried since

DEREK We haven’t tried the training mode since Monday evening

PUBG Help Gotcha, thank you! Please let us know if you experience this problem again. Apologies for the inconvenience. -H

DEREK We are on training mode now . Time at 6:15sec still nothing . Just updating you that it still is having trouble getting us in to the training mode. Thank you

DEREK Ok thank you.

el escar face What about pubg mobile? Is not working

Vai Molê Miselávi Capitalista Cmon, this maintenance schedule dosent make any sense at SA servers , do it after Midnight pleas

Darren It is after midnight….. in the whole of Europe & the CIS. The world runs on differing time zones my man. Will always be a bad time somewhere in the world 👍

Vai Molê Miselávi Capitalista Because of that I said in SA server, not in Europe

Kain Schilling Or just go off US time bc were better than everyone else

Chris Howard Which is why you roll your downtimes at different times for different regions. Its not hard to do just takes extra staff which most likely they already have.

Sh0rty Steam doesn’t allow for patching different regions at different times. It’s a steam issue, not a bluehole one.

Kyle Did h1z1 patch different regions at one point? I think I recall playing in European servers when US was down for maintenance

LeeBo1Kinobe considering how muich use I’ve gotten out of this game I’d say I paid an extremely fair price. However, I’m not fanboi defending these weekly outages….

TropaDaReserva Nice one! Hahahaha

HighburyHighs I don’t understand what you actually do that lasts 4 hours? nothing in the game changes OR gets better, you’re too focused on bringing new content rather than fixing the wrongs in the game.

Ninponeer Ya’ll realize that servers run an OS that requires patching in addition to the game updates? Hardware also needs to be replaced /upgraded periodically too.

Daniel Hallberg You do realize that it’s 2018 and there’s better ways to do things then to take an entire platform down for updates once a week. When was the last time you saw google.com or amazon.com down?

Vehzx 🌐 2018 changes nothing on how server management plays out, the past 3-5 years have been relatively similar, with certain areas having upgrades from the previous obviously. Google is a gigantic company with data centres all over the world, way more then PUBG. (1/2)

Vehzx 🌐 Google can push updates to other live servers as testing while keeping other servers running, sure PUBG could push all these small fixes to a test server, but that really isn’t needed. With the hardware used for their servers, server reboots and hotfixes, patches are needed (2/2)

Profit People don’t understand how servers work they just like to complain

E no other game is like this

Ninponeer E X A C T L Y ! – An exceptional game requires moar levels of maintenance. Also, PUBG Corp is NOT Epic Games, nor are they Activision so they don’t have the amount of resources at their disposal, and likely can’t realisticly maintain a “Hot” or “Warm” site (1/2)

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ I was reading a great tweet earlier today, and these long periods of maintenance may have to do with how they used a script as a crutch in essential game code deep in the game, therefore causing even minor changes to the games code can take hours of trial and error to work.

Ninponeer (2/2)…to fail over to, or patch in advance to reduce downtime during maintenence periods, but keep QQ’ing about it on a weekly basis, because it’s obviously the preferred solution to solving all of your problems 🧐

E the problem isn’t because they “aren’t as big as epic/activision” it’s that they’re inefficient

Conrad Hemmings I was agreeing with you telling people that servers run operating systems that require updates, but this game has produced well over $1B in revenue, while not unreasonable, it is a bit poor to not have a backup server during maintenance.

Shawn Oden superdataresearch.com/market-data/ma… I’d say $700M in just 2017 is a resource that Activision would be proud of. Plus, patches on OS don’t usually need to be done weekly. Especially for 4+ hrs of downtime. When I patch servers, downtime (if even noticeable) is seconds.

marty friedmancito My thoughts exactly

zewkz nice logic to do maintenance at this time lol

Darren Middle of the night in Europe & the CIS. Makes perfect sense for about a billion people to do it now 👍

zewkz It’s pretty obvious where I am from if I think its a bad time.

Gary Bosworth bluehole lives in korea. so they are technically pushing the updates around 10:30am their time.

E Eternally a bad time for US players. Have they ever pushed back updates to better suit different regions? I can’t remember a time.

Gary Bosworth They were doing the updates at 6pm, which entirely screwed over PST players. They moved it back to 530, now 430

VirenRanpura Lol nothing will happen you guys never believe in good service

hana NA playerbase is tiny compared to asia, we dont get priority over how convenient the update times are

🅱arry 🅱ickerstaff Test servers in maintenance too? REEEE

Zach Why do you say “Live servers” then take down test servers too?

Nicholas passmore sounds seem more off today on the pts then the last few days. Not hearing footsteps at all. On Xbox

LeeBo1Kinobe will there be a patch as well? Or strictly maintenance? Hipfire alignment comes to mind.

Romain Werkez Wen the new twitch prime box comes out ?

Bobby Gee Idk why you don’t do it at like 3am

Darren It is 3am in parts of Europe. World Times zones & all 👍

Pripyat I always get stuck on loading screen of Vikendi. That’s why I don’t play it

Jonathan from the OC You’re dead to me

dustybottomstv Hi, is the test server going to be down for the next four hours too? Says its under maintenance. Thanks

Boomstick test servers in maintenance as well?

Muamer Bektic Can you let me know if they’re not?

Boomstick still showing in maintenance

LeeBo1Kinobe they ain’t your friend, guy

Fake News Why do you all have to do maintenance every single week?

Bomaximous Other games also have weekly maintenance. WoW is one of the top of my head.

Blaine It’s “Esports Ready” no worries. Kappa.

Hallet Poplin It’s the best game ever they have no issues at all haha

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud you guys need to pause the survivor pass then if its going to take 4 hours just to play again

AqueleCaraChato I think the survivor pass is more about to buy the lvl than to make it thru… It’s sad :/

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud Sad truth I high key regret getting it. 10k exp per lvl is ridiculous

Ed Sullivan weird.. daily’s get done in a game or two.. weekly’s get done in 2-3 days.. you get those AR/SMG kills yet? LoL

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud i got the AR/SMG kills done. but the dailies only give you 1500exp 2kexp for the 3rd one.

LeeBo1Kinobe practically the same lel

Wolf plz TRADE


Dale McAughey HOPEFULLY, they fix the fact that when you stop in a red zone COMPLETELY that the game can actually registers it. Did it 7 times now and i only have 1. It’s completely F*CKERED!

Haqq Guiling you need to get out of the vehicle

Dale McAughey yup, i know, stop it completely and exit the vehicle

Da Great Denaari You do not need to get out of the vehicle

PlasmaXP megabummer

quggæ Night mode update?

Tri Nguyen i feel like i need to upgrade my computer after every maintenance

Nick I would suggest updating that car first.


Tri Nguyen lol thanks the the advise. but i love this car. went 120 with no problem

SwagMaster This is literally 5 hours only driving a buggy 😂😂😂👌

Dale McAughey hahahahahahahaha

no one lol

Blaine One of the Devs must be a sadist. At least make it something fun like the motorbike…

Kevin B. dude… we were laughing so hard at that one yesterday. 500 FUCKING SQUARES!!

Deranged-VX9- maintenance all day every day

Khryd that is a very strange update time for east us !

LeeBo1Kinobe did you just get the game? we’ve been doing this on EST for over a year

Khryd stop flaming i was just playing with a qc mate this time

LeeBo1Kinobe staahp

Doc_Doge[Respect] Fix the FPS drop pls

joey h. a. Did i pay money for this game

TK5566 Right when I was getting on

Dragon slaier Lol

AqueleCaraChato Fix loot in vikendi, fix fps drop and please put the canted sight soon!

Lakers Prime time baby.

DarkDaze ☁️ Why do you hate me?

Andrew E. Monroe Name a more dominant country than AMERICA! USA USA USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Derek Any vehicle changes coming to ps4? So they don’t weigh a feather and roll so unrealistically? Also map select?

Daviddd 🌺🌊 Can I get some help or do you choose not to help at all. Confused cause it says “PUBG_help” but that’s clearly not what this is. I haven’t been replied to for the past 2 days now

Leon Fust I dont know what happened but since today I cant even launch the game because of a: “Corrupt data found, please verify your installation.” Error code. I have dont nothing to the game or the game files. I just booted up and wanted to get some chicken dinner. Please Help

Samuel Wesley Hello , have a good night. I ask us to analyze the use of RAM and VRAM and pay special attention to those who have machines with minimum specifications to run the game, because not everyone with these specifications can run the game in a decent way, which should happen

tyson carr was just wondering how come on the pts it doenst have duos it has solo and squad but no duos

Nick No way you average 87 FPS on snow map with a PC like that bud. 2080ti is barely at 100 constant

Optimal Carnage I get over 200 fps at 2560 with my 2080 to. I’m with a lot of others on this topic. It’s your computer or it’s your ISP provider and ping. Meeting minimum requirements results in getting minimum performance. If you want top tier performance get a top tier PC

pherupi my dude, pubg its not a game that requires a 2080, come on.

Optimal Carnage There’s isn’t any game that requires a 2080 ti but you know what?? I get perfect performance now and I got perfect performance on my 1080 ti. Everyone wants to complain that their subpar equipment giving subpar performance. It’s getting old to read week after week.

Nick For 1). I was not saying 2080 was minimum. 2) Optimal I 100% agree with you man, people are running rigs of the past which are equiped with cards older than 760s, extremely outdated processors with the game running on HDD thats on a computer they never take care of.

Nick With the exponential growth rate in technology over the recent years, it makes buying outdated prebuilds or using someones old PC not an option for games running games like PUBG. Learn to build a computer & save the money for parts or buy a PS4/Xbox.

Unknown Player Cross-play plss

Joe Day Not gonna answer this one?

Hisyam Rusli Do you ever thought of making PUBG free of PS Plus? You will attract more players.

Dan Bam 👆👆👆👍👍👍

Justin Put Xbox duos in

LadsUltimate just so you know your whole community is expecting you to release FPP tonight /this morning of the 27th , better not disappoint again.

Mustafa Hizoglu cancel maintenance for europe pls

🎮A.Lorentsen🎮 Its PC you cant get rid of hackers bro they always find another way

KareasOxide There are ton’s of other PC games that don’t that the level of hacking pubg does

i wanna be the guy I know but yesterday in all my 12 games, i’ve died to hackers in the end or 3/4 of the game

i wanna be the guy I think the last time i’ve won a match, was in july

ChrisIreland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛄️🎅🏻 so I won a game on PTS on PS4. Backed out when it let me then I said “Game still in progress” so then I didn’t get the 848 BP I was owed..

ΔDΞ 🇯🇲 𝕤𝕦𝕓𝕦𝕣𝕓𝕒𝕟 𝕕𝕦𝕕𝕖 This works,thanks

Neal Hamilton Will test servers remain live?

Chrstn Pl Frl heyyy help

TF_PCNESDAD It won’t let me download the actual pubg from the compilation disc, just the pts… what do I do?

The Dude Have you hit Alt-Enter twice? Doing this changes it to windowed and back again. Fixed it for me

👑 Sauce This was the worst troll in gaming this year.

Krista Oh my god, thank you so much for tweeting about this, my parents bought me a new monitor for Christmas and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting more than 60fps monkaS

👑 Sauce 😂😂 fr, I dont know whats up with these dudes

MD FAISAL I faced these problem several times

Louie Gold please change the loot drop on Vikendi, the only thing you find is G36C and 9mm weapons. They suck and good attachments are nowhere to be found.

resur2b I have a monster pc and the game is trash now

XGN MR.MLG777 / What’s Next ??? Cheating Has & Are Very Heavy on Now. _PS4

St. Nick szn (8-7) 🦅 Then don’t purposely try to glitch…?

Grave What do you expect from trash pubg

💥Skillwaves💥 smfh pubg fix FPP console server find time

Κώστας Κουτάς What is going on with those random bans? Just look steam discussions

(SR) LAS I also love how never replies or answers anyone’s questions.

Nicholas Franco like I said clip it. I have a XBOX ONE X and my frames still drop to 15-20FPS with smokes dropped while looting. You clearly dont know what frame drops are or just delusional lmao. I play everyday and even I can admit its still not very optimized.

DaMackD You’re correct buddy, I’ve played since day one and smoke grenades effectively break the frame rate.

Kanibal True I have an X and I play everyday as I LIKE this game but there are frames drops 🤷🏻‍♂️Sure it s better than before but needs more opti

Honja Guess xbox is just trash 🤷‍♂️ get a pro 🤷‍♂️

ShaunBritcliffe Where FPP solo?? Its annoying u say it would be open then it isnt

Fatih Why not free the fucking Survivor Pass patch? Huh?

Aitor Baños Aguilera I play whatver I please. So I don’t even care what do you think about buddy.

.. Is this how do u deal with your fans!???

.. And soo lag the game is nice but need a major update really so annoying

.. Man fix the graphic its sooo laggy

Hasan Macit Is this 500.000km buggy missions real?

J.J Dawkins can we get FPP to PS4 please

Fercho weey

Lucas Israel patch notes?

The Gaming Explorer Are you fucking kidding me.. going to do this the day after Christmas when I’m going to play wtf

Treg when are the ps4 servers coming back up

Daniel Yuja OK FINE

(SR) LAS I thought FPP was on PTS??? Where it be?

Attackfinch Naw, the Pugb server would melt. Got to reboot them Commodore 64’s that are running their servers.

Aakash makhija cant play after update cant do anyting

Omi Kakde I want to disconnect my twitter account from pubg account

CraigDamon founder of Sikk Nixxon clothing Im on xbox one i been with you guys from the beginning with the pts and never got my xbox bundle with chute please bring this back and pubg outfit!

Mr. Mechanical Is this real

Digital media PUBG bans 30,000 cheaters, together with 16 professional players: Here’s what you would like to understand digitalmediareview111.blogspot.com/2018/12/pubg-b…

Checkout Pubg server status on 2018-12-26

₠ Fuse it won’t let me install the game from the disc and I’ve been trying all day :/

FATALENIGMA 🐍 Day 1 Decided to come back to and try out Vikendi with and we are killed by a whole team glitched under Castle. Pretty disappointed after sinking 1400 hours in this game. doesn’t have these issues. Pathetic

Reggie Will there be keyboard and mouse support for console soon ?

mayne Game still runs like shit.

Steve Mitchell Let’s here it for the 25min+ wait times for on the SEA servers! -=sad=-, it’s even worse on FPP

mio ffp on ps4???

Zach getting PS4 error “lost connection to PSN” now. The game was working earlier today. The PTS works though….

Zach Did this just go away for you guys? It was working earlier today and now I am just getting this error message. But the PTS works fine….

Barskalini Queue times for miramar were ~3min and I stayed in queue for 30 mins a couple of times without it popping. What’s with the discrepancy? Will we be able to queue for different maps at once? Love the game besides this.

Osama Ersnoy Your missions made hackers !!!! its so hard 😡

killaa I have the disc version of pubg PS4 and when I go to download it, it only allows me to download the test server and not the actual game. How do I fix this issue ?

NerdBits I know it’s Xmas but are you guys relaxing on detection? – Evidence: youtube.com/watch?v=6RjUyp… Cheater Name: zuotianwoaini

wete.jpg.sh(?).exe keep getting “network lag detected” followed by a connection loss and a rejoin. Keeps happening when I’m in the top 20 ish in duos.

MRSmoke Pubg help I completed the challenges in the pts and when I entered to the live server they didn’t give me nothing

Mucky McFly did you get round to fixing my problem that I cant use gasmask and goggles, like Ive been using since beta?

Artic I got invited by a chinese bot and there was any chinese advertisement telling my idk what in chinese. Could you go against this. I own a screenshot of him in my lobby. Hunt this down pls. prnt.sc/lzi5lq

Jintamiko clips.twitch.tv/FitBoxyPepperm… Have I just encountered a cheater? I have lvl. 3 vest and helmet, and he 3 shots me with an M416. Is this even possible?????????

Moonman I’ve come to a complete stop in the red zone (while driving a vehicle) 4 times today on Vikendi and I have not received the progress for my premium and weekly challenges. I did it in the red zone multiple times too.

David Clark I’ve got a video of two people using a glitch to cheat and get a chicken dinner on the PTS if there is some way for me to send it to y’all

Christopher pakusch what’s that downloading doing there? I updated my pts!!! Anything you can do to help?

AWestPhil can’t find a match on the PTS for PS4 :/ never have a problem with the regular game just the PTS

BenziRobinson bought pubg on PS4 but can’t install disc. I know not to install PTS version. It goes to load game when I download normal version but then doesn’t, and I get a cross shown below. Any help will be appreciated!

resur2b This guy deserve his own skin just like too.

Poss Hey how come every time I do a mission by jumping in a location on the map I do not get credit for it? I have done this at least 5 times and nothing has updated?

Whispah Hey , i tried to change my ingame name but it always says ‘prohibited nickname’ although it’s just my twitch name. Why is that? Can you help me? 🙁

Terex next time you can fix ur fcking servers

Per Arnkärr Yeah right!

Aahuyn21 full screen bug.

CHR0N1CL3 GAM1NG Remove that stupid mimor map. Or add map selection on ps4. trash ass developers

RollerST What is wrong with the que times?

Boresh someone bug with server?

Wolfgang Braun Finally found and used 2 medkits in the same game, didn’t get credit for the quest. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

xSparKK I had to loot an AWM from a player lootbox, I did it right after killing him as the last player and it counted ha.

Unknown Venatus I could’ve swore it was 3 not 2? But not entirely sure lol

Wolfgang Braun Mine is 2

Unknown Venatus Unless it’s a new one I was playing with last night and he said something about 3 so not sure but that sounds like pubg for you lol

Wolfgang Braun Turns out you have to take damage from an enemy and then heal with medkits, as if it wasn’t annoying enough already.

Unknown Venatus So you can’t say take blue damage or even have your teammate shoot you to use it? That’s pretty dumb.

Wolfgang Braun correct, has to be damage from another player

Unknown Venatus That’s kinda a dumb system to have people put themselves in harms way just to use that many medkits but sure lol

Wolfgang Braun for a daily btw

Unknown Venatus Holy cow that’s even more crazy lol

𝙈𝙍𝙊 The join on the servers can not be solved! Please get a look at that.

mohamed95 what happens with matchmaking? seem take too long to find a match..

Sharekhaan hey pubg mobile i purchased elite pass using my net banking amount got deducted from my bank account but it didn’t get upgraded.


Sharekhaan If you don’t resolve the issue i will make a compliant about it in consumer court


Sharekhaan Do you even care about customers

Sharekhaan If you don’t upgrade it atleast refund my amount back

Sharekhaan If not severe action will be taken against you

Sharekhaan I will register a official compliant against you and i will proceed legally

John-Michael Guerino can you please fix parachuting on Xbox? Landing on a roof is impossible I just fall off the side on a building even if I landed on the roof

Reinaldo Mítica Jr Servers down? Can’t connect

Jose Hernandez Bought 9.99 dollar pass to do missions. Cant do missions. Thanks.

Bobby Gee They are now

Toxinburn I keep gettting not authorized or servers too busy or other errors I have restarted steam etc but no matter what I cannot connect to the pubg pc servers today what a crappy Christmas gift that is.

Jacob Poweska Servers down? Keeps saying servers are too busy or failed to authenticate external provider.

Nils Burmeister thans, good Job, Pubg works again 😉 Happy xmas

Bullshit Edtech nope. the issue is still going on.

ZaVvz Is this a joke ! :/ ….. its been like this for over 40 mins !!

macginnis Still having issues, currently 2:52pm December 25, 2018

Steve Istvan Novak Cannot connect for over 20min now…

lixo your servers are a joke

Levi Kaelin Sill it’s doing it again

zen-x WHAT HAPPEND????

MarineClick Servers seems to be down? Unable to connect for the past 45 min. This is for PC also


Dan Hey folks same problem as yesterday with the steam authentication.

IHaveASolution servers are too busy signal now for 5 plus minutes

linus Why do I have a FPS issue only on the new map?

Sam Ramos It’s still not fixed… yall need jesus and proper fucking technicians

levi WTF ???

Ra’s Al Ghul hey what’s good with the servers

halil 🤸🏻‍♂️ let us in bitches

I Stream On Twitch Happy Holidays huh?? Any Idea on how long this will last?

RichieD 🇬🇧(#FNM)🇬🇧 Whats going on now ? prntscr.com/lzgaxo

Facubrank LAS servers offline?

Josh Robinson Hallo Pubben developers/community helpline we are experiencing some connectivity issues. Guessing it’s relating to steam again, could you please look into this? Me and the gang been trying to get in for an hour or so. “Error, fail to authenticate from external provider

Bryan im just trying to shoot some heads for christmas wth ?

张文渊 The client is unable to login again…

Christian Laughton This is still happening, as of 19:30 GMT

Azure {NS} I still have an authentication failure to external server?! Plz fix

张文渊 the client is unable to login again….

shane gill not fixed on going and still happing …

Tyler Hamlin Game is still down! Matchmaking is broken!!!

waqas khattak naah still not working for me

George Lau its not working agian…

Sarvagya Mehrotra Suddenly this has been happening continuously and the game is not connecting. Help!

Suryansh SHARMA This is a steam issue not an PUBG issue. The steam services aren’t running properly at the time of error you won’t be able to re login into steam either.

Suryansh SHARMA Use this next time steamstat.us

Karann Salunke not resolved at all…everyday i get that error for like 1 hour..even right now its not working…no wonder why people switched to fortnite.

Mats Sørli servers down again!

Kristoffer 🌐 SERVER DOWN?

Meh Fix connexion plz

Riaan le Roux is the servers offline? Cannot connect. suddenly getting a message after a few hours saying servers are too busy OR connection failed.

Дима Check servers

Ravi Kumar Arya Help Plss

Sgt_gh0st Servers down?

lixo fix ur servers ffs

Logan Scott Thorman Servers are down again

Andrew Channin Servers are too busy. Then Failed to authenticate. Restarted steam. Same message. Merry Christmas though!

The World of Tech Steam is down right now

thraizz Could we please have queues for when the servers are busy ? Every other mayor multiplayer title has it (even though their servers are usually never busy enough to make use of it)

Andrew Channin Servers are too busy. Then Failed to authenticate. Restarted steam. Same message.

luanzera1 hellooooooooooooooo, put servers back!

Manzy Olaver are the servers down or something, I have bin trying to get in for the past 10 minutes, and Everytime I get is…

chris bradshaw please can you help ? Had this for 25 min x

Twitch_CharloLive I think it’s a steam problem then. Steam has had outages

Niko Golemi Servers too busy today?

Xander Dirven Hey, Servers are down again. :'(


Herbert newdson PUBG PC ARE OFFLINE

Nils Burmeister same error on december, 23rd? looks like the servers are down again

Jim Glaze servers are down!!! Wtf

Azure {NS} Are you down right now?

KunkkaWei Your server is down again. Your company is just a damn joke.

Richard Scholtes pls fix the servers again…. same shit as yesterday. Failed to login. Servers are to busy

Knoxy_In_Oz This is like the 10th day in a row this keeps happening. Feed your hamsters.

jTunkuMj can’t login to PC servers

Salvatore It’s doing it again

The Architect. me 2

Seth Here we go one more time…

ippaku Merry Christmas from

Justin Oh yeah…

Jacob Poweska its down for you too

Celtic Shield If it’s Steam it is still happening right NOW!

Architektz THEY HAVNT!

Dan Same problem again just now, 19:30 UK time

Mattias Karlsson Seriously , Steam connection problems 3 out of 4 days despite reports that the issue has been resolved! Not buting the whole ”this is a steam issue” since every other game is running normally…

Spooky Dick i purchased a hard copy of pubg for xboxone. when i go to download the public test server it asks me to redeem a code. i think the MS store isnt recognizing that i own a copy of pubg since i did not purchase a digital copy, I got a hard copy at GameStop

Spooky Dick The hard copy I got has no code in it for the PTS

GoBe_Goblin_Gaming Failed to authenticate from external provider/server too busy errors popping up across the community. Localized or global issue? Help?

Marcelo hi, everyone. Happening in brazil.. do you know what could be causing this? Is there a server maintenance going on? ty

David Hurl and again?!

Taranjeet Singh same steam error

The World of Tech Steam is down right now. Routine Tuesday down time

Andy Schilder Ummmm no they arent. you guys need a better alerting system. This shit has been out for like 30 mins now

Colten Griffin Currently can’t log into PUBG and getting this message “Failed to Authenticate from External Provider”, too many people logging in I suppose

Jean e Joseane … serves down?

Dylan Hamaker I can’t figure out why my screen keeps saying “fail to authenticate from external provider” help?

🌵AstroKnot🌵 I think the servers went down

Dylan Hamaker Yours doing the same things

🌵AstroKnot🌵 Yes sir

Dylan Hamaker Alright. Hope it won’t be too long cuz I just got this today man

🌵AstroKnot🌵 Yeah, this is my first opportunity in over a week to play. Was looking forward to this.

Dylan Hamaker Mines back up

Dylan Hamaker Yeah I bought the game a few days ago but didn’t have the pc until today lmao

Dylan Hamaker ?

سعود بن عمير الظاهري🥈 please fix your damn servers ffs! We can’t play one proper game without your servers getting fucked!

Sascha Down again

Nicolas Muller 🖐 Can’t connect

EL DACAAAF 🎲 ◢◤ Server pc down?

r0b_b0t can’t connect… is it steam again?

Deni Volkoff Still getting this bug on the 25th of December. Can’t log into servers due to authentication error.

Andy Schilder We need to STOP funding this TRASH by buying skins and the garbage they push out.

Andy Schilder The lack of acknowledgement is horrendous. Can you imagine if Microsoft refused to acknowledge an Office 365 outage. Or if a major IT company just ignored calls and didnt respond to clients when their services were down? This is horrific. Why do people keep giving them money.

Andy Schilder STILL DOWN!!!!!!

Andy Schilder its not fixed. i get stuck out of the lobby between every game, for like 10 minutes. FIX YOUR FUCKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica what is a patch is required for online access features?

Andy Schilder got us the cheapest gift ever for the holidays. A shitty game that barely works and was widely seen as the “biggest loser” of gaming this year. This game is literally the cheapy gift you get your 2nd cousin on the way to dinner at CVS cause its the only place open

CHANDAN DUBEY -I playing PUBG in OnePlus 6 8gb ram 128gb ROM. But after cross level 43. I getting errors after win or I died in game its showing server lost. solve my problem related PUBG mobile game. chandandubey.in.com Pubg Nikename : MeraPaapa

CHANDAN DUBEY Sorry my email id is – chandansunildubey.com Pubg Nikename – MeraPaapa

Andy Schilder still and issue…. please dont blame steam this time. EVERY OTHER STEAM GAME I OWN is working FINE. Please fix your game

Invekt Yes, all of these people must be having issues with their game, you are a very smart person.

Andy Schilder its still a problem

Mekashi Hi, I’m a computer player.I was recently hacked into steam.And the person who hacked me used Hack in several games of my account, including PlayersUnknow’sBattleGrounds. I’ve got the emails.And I came here to warn you, because I was bannedforsomethingthat I did not do

Mekashi Hi, I’m a computer player.I was recently hacked into steam.And the person who hacked me used Hack in several games of my account, including PlayersUnknow’sBattleGrounds. I’ve got the emails.And I came here to warn you, because I was banned for something that I did not

DazerZgamer I just bought pubg in ps4 and when I open it it shows this(1pic) then when i go to check if my PSN connection is working it says its working(2pic) and when i go back it still doesnt work! Please help!

Zach I am getting this too. Does it work for you now?

DazerZgamer No it doesnt

Haseeb Hey … why do I keep getting this ping. I used to get 120-150. Why can’t I get those servers now?

Aashif Khan In my device pubg server not found

Mustafa ÖZHAN Hahahshshashajjs

marty friedmancito Hi dude, did you solve your problem?

BW V Its actually not possible that it runs better on worse hardware and a less compatible operating system

Photo it dose surprisingly haven’t had a single problem with it, everything renders in before you lad fps is stable it just seems to be better, but they havnt done anything major with it to fuck it up yet but so far its fine

كونان® why PUBG mobile is not working in sudan ??

Sky Splinter Hi, I need to change my server pls . I’m not Asian but every damn time I match with very high latency and … PLS , I NEED TO CHANGE MY REGION !

Silvestre Bermejo Thanks for help

Nazrul Islam Hey why don’t you just rollback your stupid & shit update. It has just ruined the game. I am getting the “Cannot commect to the server, please try again later” error msg every fucking time.

mason kidwell Cross platform

CommonComma🏎 I think I’m hitting this headshot but pubg think differently.. m.youtube.com/watch?v=6WUd1W…

Z FPV Its like there are 144 fps, but its still not as smooth as it was. If there are more than 5 players around your fps frops to hell. My whole squad is experiencing this down to 30 fps Before the Update it was “wonderful”. Now its just.. man.. we love it but pporly dont wanna play.

Michael Hanson Oh. Well I’m super dumb so I appreciate that. Makes way more sense now, thank you.

nightly Hey, having an annoying issue from time to time. My in-game setting reset. Sometimes they get fixed by themselves, sometimes I have to fix them, but after that they change in their own again. So how do I return my old settings once and forever?

online Why you dont have report option for esp , (macro) and scripts ? Is ir allowed ???

Photo still haven’t announced FPP on ps4 I see, useless… fucking useless

BW V Why are you playing pubg on a shit system thats even more broken than xbox

Photo it runs better on the ps4 then xb1 x

BW V I highly doubt that

Photo 100%

BW V Its actually not possible that it runs better on worse hardware and a less compatible operating system

Photo it dose surprisingly haven’t had a single problem with it, everything renders in before you lad fps is stable it just seems to be better, but they havnt done anything major with it to fuck it up yet but so far its fine

gana pragala why i can’t turn off death cam??

Gopalsamy ( கோபால்சாமி ) guys some unwanted rumours are spreaded over India as “PUBG IS GOING TO BE BANNED IN INDIA SOON” Is that News is real ?? Or any chance for ban 🤔😥 please make it clear

Sam Papworth Bring map selection to xbox

Andrew I can’t install Pubg on my ps4 I can only install the PTS and the normal game I press it and nothing happens

BioshockGamer101 Hey I’m on xbox, and have recently purchased the harley quinn skin and hair but they do not look as good as the pc version, especially the hair as there is no physical movement at all, I hope you fix the hair physics.

Harold anyone else having their weapon not fire if you’ve been hit?

Trevor Howes was just playing on erangle. game was running fine and then my friend and i started having huge packet loss and unplayable rubber banding. Servers have been running great the last week. Is something going on? thanks

Fyke Daddy Same here unplayable packet loss just now. As if the game had a mind of its own

Fyke Daddy

Peppa I WANT CHANGE MY NICKNAME I’m Peppa Pistola all over the internet (Tibia, Ragnarok, Face, Twitter, Twitch, Steam, etc), except pubg

Checkout PUBG server status on 2018-11-19

Dominus Axe Riel Can’t seem to find a sensitivity setting for controller users on PC. Also Secondaries aren’t usable, you can pick them up but trying to equip pistols just simply doesn’t work.

KenshinPubg 🇩🇰 Hands down is in my opinion the best BR game out there.. Sadly bugs, optimizing, settings and so on ruin it for me and a lot of other players.. again hands down this game can and will hopefully be fixed sooner than later ? 👀🧐💪

Mantrain88 I’ve had negative BP for awhile now, what do I need to do to get it fixed? I thought it might get fixed in a patch so I didn’t say anything until now.

Jordan Haynes is the game gonna run smoothly? And at a good fps on ps4?

Drucifer Yo, your new update on Xbox1 made the store & customization UI trashy. Leather gloves are officially gone forever because of it’s lack of accurate responsiveness.

Felipe “Tominho” Tomazetti WE DONT WANT EMOTES, WE CAN OPTIMIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Wojnowski URGENT! Your servers are broken!

Kyle McLaughlin EXTREME rubberbanding and lag for over 10 minutes in my last NA match Something going on?

SNH见证 where is the new update?? Am waiting for the new royal pass items And we can download it in playstation or not yet?

PaperDividend&Profit proximity chat on consoles!!???

Gustavo Vicente When will you put map with snow?

Kyle Benoit Ps4 release ?

Kyle Birkwood #FaZe5 PUBG is being released on PlayStation 4 on December the 7th.

Md_Atique is it worth buying pubg pc in 2018 , as i heared many negative comments

AWM Anihialator Shit that sucks m8

Amar Choudhary Yeah bro, please help me out with it in any way you could, i would be forever grateful to you.

Filip Pancev When does the leaderboard resets?

Chief_ttvBTW me win this awesome competition from wn.nr/Q57sXM

If Ty Wanna see more videos? YouTube Channel : youtube.com/channel/UCxZ_A…

Richard Wahyu Santoso Miramar-Solo !!! _MOBILE 履歴書 _MOBILE半年記念大感謝祭

Jared If you weren’t racist this cheater wouldnt be playing on NA servers. pubg.op.gg/user/nihaoxian…

Jared Get cheating chinese garbage humans off NA servers and quit the racist contempt you have for white people just trying to play in NA

Immortal Clanz How do I unlink my twitter account from my Pubg mobile account

Buzzing Trends PUBG Mobile wins best mobile game award 2018 👑 Read: buzzingtrends.in/pubg-mobile-wi…

Haseeb Hey why am I having such high ping on servers while my internet is working fine?

STEEDA there is more desync on xbox now than there was before. GG.

ᔕᗩᗰᑌᔕGᗩᗰIᑎG24 🖤

Craig back to back solo games I’ve now net work lagged out or lost connection to host… such a broken game even after all these “fixes”

That’s what you get for cheating.

Amar Choudhary Bro if I have cheated then i deserve that, but I swear i didn’t do anything wrong. Just a normal player.

Unfortunately bro, they won’t unban it.

Amar Choudhary Isn’t there anyone to help me out, this is not fair to bann uselessly, please suggest me a way outta this. the cellphone is new, app is from play store, no third party app installed, no violation of any game rules, still here I’m at the same point.

MRBARIHA I have a way Open a new account

Chembe❌Franchesco I’m having an issue with my Pubg On Xbox one after the last update it’s not getting me into the main menu it’s gets stuck on a black Loading screen .

Skoobz Same here

TalonXavier The replay “report” button shows at times but not at other times. Yesterday, I reported 1 hacker with no issues. Then, I tried to report a player named (ironically) “never__cheating” for using ESP, but even after restarting PUBG, the option is missing. Bug?

Always salty ◢ ◤ God you’re stupid. Just because a player is better than you, doesn’t make them a hacker. You’re like ninja assuming everyone good is a stream sniper, except everyone good is a hacker. People work hard for stats.

Mr Poopybutthole why am i put on ASIA servers when playing from OCE?!?!!?!?

pubg He’s grownup

SNYGLR How this can be possible? There is a big f*cking , giant rock! But how i can get headshot? his nickname was m-hallab . That wasn’t funny at all.

Reggae Nation# its impossible to play this game 300+ ping please make an indian server

Philippe Debaere Hi, I always play on a 2560×1440 resulution setting. But lately there’s a problem. When i press the right mouse button somewere on the right side of the screen, there’s the windows right mouse click menu that pops up, and i’am also back on my desktop background….

Robert S. fix the ping matchmaking. being put into servers with over 200 ping… yeh nah…

Kalivas Snow map ?

Justin Stubbs hey, could you guys please do something about quick play queues? Late at night in NA, we don’t want to have to play sanhock over and over again in quick play.

ᴄᴇᴢɪɪᴇʀ | زيـآد ♛🖤. does the game gonna support the keyboard and mouse on PS4 ?

Artur Desh I do not know what is happening with my PUBG application every time I enter the game he sends me this message can you report what is happening or if I was banned?

فهد العضياني My microphone does not work Please solve a problem I think a bug in the account?

Aaron soooooo after 2 weeks of not touching the game i came back to see -12,780 bp

ILUS s’illustre I need an answer Is this normal ? I don’t know if you guys can help me..

Uttam K That’s 10 years😂hope u get unbanned

Wei hey, could you fix the server latency issue in Australia? It is fucked!!!

PJ Rouse PUBG Mobile Rozhok “secret spot” escape and fails… enjoy! youtu.be/irqV8YLot1E via

🇩 🇮 🇪 🇹 🇨 🇭 forever “matchmaking” on Xbox One in Oceania. Cannot get a Squad Match. Squad fills up and then people cannot wait 10+ minutes, so they leave! It was like this last week also!

theofficialdareelven will their ever be voice chat in PUBG on the Xbox?

Mitch Are EU servers down?

Frame @ #thefinalcircle Have you perhaps purchased UC from non official sources? If so, that’s very much against the EULA. Please contact CS team to find out the details.

Amar Choudhary No i haven’t purchased. And have contacted CS team, they are not responding and merely just forwarding a pre saved text about game rules and regulations. I haven’t done anything wrong which i possibly can think. Please help, will be forever grateful for that.

Ogin JBI I just got my 40RP, how hell it can be same board with these guys. How can i get my chicken

Letmelive – Gaming hi, I’m 90 percent deaf in my left ear, is there anyway to bring in a feature to balance audio levels between left and right? Or a visual indicator when getting shot at? I love your game, but it’s a struggle with the directional audio feature.

Gravler14741 Any chance of cross play with PS4?

Quintin yeah not playing this shit untill you fix the -15000 bp i have due to your mistakes… also fuck emotes, this isnt fortnite

Gvs Aditya I think u might have played with a hacker unknowingly

Jesse Selinger The game lags even worse now ty

Athul Augustine Pubg mobile crashes everytime i start a game , please fix this

Instinct7 This is the proof. I had two pieces of 9 and i exchanged the duplicate for 10. Now i don’t have 9. Please fix this. Already lost 3 tiles and it’s irritating .

hritik sethi season 4 ? on ?

The crimson fucker You havn’t got bo4 yet? Damn son

RodoBoi Yes. It’s the official emulator for pubgm by tencent. I use it it works fine

bp fix the fucking game i keep lagging the fuck out and im getting pissed what are you going to do about it you have said you fix it but it sure dose not look like you done shit about it so ow me something damit

YOUAREDEAD still… fix your fucking game. And let me play it.

Nick101 twitch.tv/nick101_/clip/… Just want oce servers back that feel like real oce servers 🙁

Novak 🇦🇺

Kris Just want to play csgo and scum where I went get fucked with 🙁

Evycide Fails

Alanoud When will the season close ?

alaa m hello i want to delete mu account how can i do that ?

Josh Wojnowski Hey The flickering on fences and edges is still occurring. It was fixed before, but recently the flickering has been happening again. What’s up with your TemporalAA solution?

Connor_LindTV now 10 minutes of trying to open your game, really give us great content to play and stream… Kappa clips.twitch.tv/PleasantHilari…

Geoffrey Suttor FIX PUBG,.. Fix SOlo and DUo already. 6 months and counting

Connor_LindTV any reason why your game continues to crash after every game and once trying to join the main lobby upon restarting the application it refuses to load, time and time again after launching directly from steam?

DJ Just Rick I see “Fix PUBG” is going well…

Tiago Beltrão fix server ballance!

Tiago Beltrão server ballance sucks!

rsdan 🇲🇾 when pubg project thai available globally?

Mario🎯 Tencent banned you for a reason. You are clearly have used cheat beforehand or still using cheat.

Amar Choudhary No buddy, i didn’t violate any of the game rules, I can’t think of anything which might have been the reason behind banning me. There must be a glicth or mistake from system.

Mario🎯 If u r legit, then they might just ban you for a few days, weeks or month,not full 10 years. If u get 10 years ban, then u clearly have used some short of cheats. My main acc was banned for 2 months, can’t play till january next year coz i used bypass emulator.

Amar Choudhary If I’m guilty for any of those ways, i wouldn’t even bother to claim innocence coz I’ll be knowing that I’m getting for what i did. But here the case is I’m still wondering where’s the reason to do so.

Amar Choudhary That’s what freaking me out a lot, all those way in which you could get banned is not done by me, i have a brand new phone and a new player too didn’t even knew about all those hacks, still I’m suffering. And to add more there’s no reply from the concerned people.

Mario🎯 Took me about 1 – 2 weeks to get reply from Tencent. But nothing changed. They are dead serious about my ban for 2 months. I replied a few times, but none leading to reduce my ban time or unban. In ur case it’s really tough, they will just leave u alone.But just try. Gd luck

Shogun When is the next season for xbox? Feels like this one has been here forever lol

Freshenmeyer Cmon. It’s behind a paywall to generate revenue pure and simple.

HurricaneRising Of course that’s one reason, but anything any company ever does ever can be boiled down to making money. That’s the goal of a company at its core: to make money. However, putting name changes behind a paywall will discourage abuse of the system.

Freshenmeyer As a byproduct absolutely. However there are plenty of ways to prevent abuse while providing that mechanism. To pretend otherwise would be disingenuous. This is a game company screwing up – then charging money for something that used to be standard functionality.

Jakobi_Raider14 PUBG has been amazing. There are a couple things still frustrating me though. 1. The railings between raising your gun, or being shots getting rejected. 2. Aim Punch. Seems very selective. Desync and lag have not been near the problem.

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 2 million bans in 90 days in a game that averages 400k players at 20 a pop = 40 million in revenue from cash farming cheaters you have zero intentions of putting basic code in place is a joke stop lying 6:10 cheater ratio confirmed TP

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 You guys should look closely at this business model its a fucking cash cow Hell I will even invest in it TP

Mayke Gomes Please check it out for me.

Fyke Daddy They need a better pareto of existing problems, and need to boldly allocate resources to make sure the core of the game is solid, and not to piss off their vocal fanbase (the ones who care enough to give feedback)

Zac Laughlin However these vocal people need to know the difference between feedback and straight up complaining. Feedback needs to have specifics and not just “fIx ThE gAmE” like most of these vocal people say.

GOAT_Viper Just remove all the updates/patches to before vaulting. You know back when 1mil played. Thats when the game was actually good and worked right…well better than it does now.

no one When you download something large, its a update… What do you call it in your universe?

Archer How about you guys just focus on fixing your matchmaking funnel so that OCE can actually play the game again. Also could actually respond to the OCE regions requests for help. But hey nice emoji wheel we can’t even use.

Its_My_Purpose The hotfix definitely helped the peaking issue but this issue gets me everyday. I shoot people to low red, continue to get blood and hits and from both perspectives they become invincible once reaching about 20%. It’s maddening.

Its_My_Purpose I have video after video.. Next time I’ll use the demo to edit together a time synced side-by-side. It’s always hit, hit, hit (health dropping) then hit, hit, hit, hit, hit (invincible) spin and kill me with a an instant headshot.

Its_My_Purpose 1080ti / 8700k / graphics settings to prevent card from maxing out and get a constant frame rate Fiber To The Home symmetrical gigabit internet…. constant 25ms ping to US server.

YOUAREDEAD why can’t I get past this loading screen?? It just keeps loading and nothing happens.

YOUAREDEAD Fuck you too

j̍̂͂ḁ͆̆̈͡ċ̛͙̳̱̳̫̀o̧̩̖̍̈́̆͑̀̚b̖͈̖̎ eh 2028 isnt that long

Lamazing1021 Broke game is broke

Mr. Jeremy Dunlop Haha I love being asked if I want to chicken out while stuck under a monument at the start of a game.

Brad Amour on PC OC still getting instant queue into Asian/SEA servers. Your fix campaign is not complete, and the letter from Dev in Oct about fixing the regions if not fixed for OC. but at least you can sit there and never respond or palm it off like usual.

eNvy They need to update it for the newest iPad 2018 11inch model. It has Xbox one s graphics yet they aren’t utilizing its full potential.

Charizard Freak🔥 I can try to get in touch with a manager but what did you do on your account if you hacked then sorry can’t do anything

Amar Choudhary Naah bud i didn’t do anything wrong which i possibly can imagine from my side this must be mistake from the system in detecting. Right now i’m feeling frustrated for bieng punnished and that too for nothing at all.

AWM Anihialator Did you use an app to link your controls to the game? Like an octopus because alot of people get banned for that.

Amar Choudhary No its fresh, nothing , even the phone is new.

AWM Anihialator Shit that sucks m8

Amar Choudhary Yeah bro, please help me out with it in any way you could, i would be forever grateful to you.

alfredo monge i have a huge packet loss problem, how can i fix this?

Ka$h ive literally bought over 200 survivor crates in hopes of getting a pair of black combat pants. Still have yet to gwt a pair. Ill never buy a single g coin if i keep getting 6 baseball caps in a row.

Brother Run I don’t even think Apple would even exist without old people and millennials

Amar Choudhary Nahi yaar ekdum naya phone he, no hacker no root nothing, kisi 3 4 noob players ne report kar diya hoga mujhe bann kar diya, jab ki mene kuch kiya hi nahi.

Tareque Hossain have u used gfx tool?

Amar Choudhary Nope bro, new phone stock Android one and pubg nothing else still I can’t think why am I banned.

oliverharaszti Jesus this game is starting to become FORTNITE, what comes next? Dances with music? The problem is that the developers cant focus on the real problems, and they keep adding poinless shit to the game.

Atakan Sarıca When The leaderboard season will end ?

PubgmCommunity Not official can’t help you here bud

Amar Choudhary Dear i can understand your position. But please help me by retweeting to them who can really help in this regard. I would be thankful from heart.

PubgmCommunity Will do

dead whats the deal with this ? Or it would show N/A

Sam Harris Key too victory

Cody Baker If you read the comments on this post, you’ll notice that the majority of people are not excited about your game. As far as “full details” go, the article really doesn’t say anything helpful. Is it even on par with Xbox with features?


Matthew I was unbanned the next day. They sent me an email explaining it. Also the dsync has been much better! We should get some games in one of these days.

علي خليفة علي الغانم الدبوس 🎭 when the season is finished what will happen to our scores and ranking thank u ;*

eNvy The following companies games look terrible on the new iPad Pro 11inch model 2018 edition. They need to be optimized. Spread the word.. has made it clear that this new iPad Pro runs Xbox one S graphics

Danny ANG There so many bugs when im in custom room please fix that, i lost a game because of you now a days im hating pubg because of bug lots of bug bug bug bug bug bug

Nakata Tried to play a random Squad game, since my friends are not playing atm, and on my first match with randoms i get a team of trollers doing TK. check the video and give them a BAN to see if they stop acting like idiots. youtube.com/watch?v=iM98nJ…

Joe hey there I recently found out that you get the pubg bandana from signing in during a specific time (which I did) but I dont have my items on game. I only got the pioneer shirt. Is there any fix for that? (Xbox)

Swan When will you fix my negative bp…..still waiting for something can’t buy new crates or event items This is ridiculous

Petr Boshinski Oh good. Just what we all asked for: more emotes. Glad you’re fixing your game like you said.

KhaN Not fixed.. that’s for sure

ekNx D5 is ok nowdays. It can happens sometimes

KhaN Devs are Asian? Just asking?

🇩🇰🇩🇰Vilhelm🇩🇰🇩🇰 couple of months ago I had stable 120-144 fps, now I have max 80fps I also have frame drops low as 30fps. CPU I7 8700K GPU 1080 ROG Drivers are up to date verified game cache ?

KhaN Well.. we all know by now this game goes nowhere and it is near the end. When you look at tittles like Read Dead Redemption 2 and you dare to compare with such a poor dev game.. we all come down to life year 2018.. not playing 2007 poorly optimized garbage..

Inq whats the pass granted to pre ordering special edition or champion edition on ps4.

cLay FUCK, beat me to it😡

ST3 Little Twitch Bois

NappyFacey we need mouse and keyboard support for

Lethal My account was stolen and when I recovered it I discovered that my account was banned on PUBG… is there anything you can do to help me?

Judas2100 what is wrong with the voice chat? i never had any problems and the mic worked one match ago but now 3 matches and i cant speak… i did not change anything… everytime i give you guys credit for recent updates you go 2 steps back… unplayable for me today

BruceMon3yWayne any reason why HDR and other one X enhancements seem to not work after the hotfix?

FeverishTV People have complained about fps issues and how the game is not optimized etc etc, I just wanna know how much fps i lose by the water and below ground textures my PC has to render 😀 <3

rAsk I have thought the same


cLay FUCK, beat me to it😡

Hayz This makes such a minimal difference. Not sure its even worth allocating staff to actually change the models for this.

FeverishTV alot of textures adds up, im not talking about this single shed. but the water/roots/buildings & rocks thats rendered for nothing I promise you it adds up 😀

Hayz It probably adds up and drops 2fps on average. Its probably super low on their list of things to do

Rehan Please fix high pings issue 2 days before i was having stable 100 ping now every time i play alone or with friends i get 300 ping and my friends also have same issue

Muhammad Adziim I’m also having this problem,wtf is this pubg

Kakashi Channel The Devs ignoring community, let’s unfollow this sucker! Start from unfollow done bye sucker pubg!

TheGAM3Show The event mode hasn’t shown up for me all weekend. Anybody else?

dwm90 wow really? I swear pubg corp are just trolling the remaining people of the community. shall we add new content? shall we fix the floating guns? nope we will add more emotes haha wtf great job!

Rinjan Chatterjee What is this ? I was playing crew match and i got stuck in this weird place! Can you please explain this? What about my rating and ranking?😡

Nishant Prakash Backlogs ke liye prepared ho tm😂😂

Rinjan Chatterjee 😅

RabZz Swear to fuck if update 24 is “we’ve added new makeup options available to purchase in the store.” Also, what key triggers emotes? Never used them.

Johan Scholte it seems APIs aren’t getting updated with new wins when looking on score apps

Trevor Howes I tested it, you may want to think about having it be an instant consumable, similar to how opening a crate works, or say it will be in inventory. once I claimed the name change in the care package i was expecting a pop-up to change my name

DiamondInGame When is PUBG going to enable 1v1 mode? Or War Mode with min players 2?

luanzera1 please, fix SA pings

pubg Pretty thing I ever love….. Is behind the girl

Danish Amjad When do the season reset

John heh, im too poor for pubg lol

Bryan and 100 others I’m just letting y’all at PUBG CORP know that I would gladly pay $20 for that gold AKM skin… now I know I sound like a fool but… “I reserve the right to spend my money however I like”. Pretty please give us that skin (and other cool ones too😉😉)

Bryan and 100 others oh and Twitch prime support too!!! Yeahs…🧐 That’s very important

Bryan and 100 others How about they keep the redzone… and do everything else you just talked about

Bryan and 100 others I feel ya man… but if nobody wants to play FPP duo then what’s the use keeping it in game Anyway they kept it though. It has been a hassle trying to find a match

Tom any chance you could do us a solid and sort this out please? Can’t buy any crates.

Tom help ^

Tom help ^^

Howard Kinder 💎 Turn it on and off. Thank me later 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Sahil Saha Pls like and subscribe to this channel…. Help needed… youtu.be/w3nBi30Twxc

Lokitanna Why am I not surprised that there’s no answer … ask some dumb question about where are my skins that I just bought and you’re all over it. Ask a question about a game breaking bug and total silence.

عادل|Adel pubg today I died due to a Molotov. The part is, the Molotov exploded behind an iron door. Please fix this bug

Akash Srivastava help me out here , I don’t know what to enter

AthenaWraith PUBG Mobile wins Best Mobile Game Award at 2018 Golden Joystick Awards

Paul Hildebrand This is how my main menu has been looking for the last 2 months. Any ideas on how to fix it?

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/181292-r…

Grazazel Hopefully this patch will get rid of the infinite loading bug when entering a match

Kumar Saurav raj I’m getting this No option of yes/no Pls help

Adam LJ please fix Oceania servers, sick of trash NA players.

christian schreiweis Please fix the Problem on xbox one x. After the latest hotfix, Player still freezing in the loading screen,and couldn’t connect to the game.

passenger5 Fix footstep different between use shoes and without shoes pls

𝒥𝑜𝑒𝓁 🔰 Yep its definitely my hard wired 100mbp up 30mbp down connection, even though i get 12-30 ping on every game i play.

Bryan and 100 others Idk man I find a game in less than 10 secs easy…

h I want to unlink my twitter from pubg acc and put it in a new one is that possible?

𝙶𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚝𝚑 Have you given up on Australian servers? Every single game is unplayable @ >220ms ping which I’m assuming are Korean servers.

AlexanderMinsk did not immediately understand that this is the skin on the first helmet, I thought it was a headdress for the character!))))))

TommyGunzYT Lol it’s still a pretty cool looking helmet!

Jack I won’t play this garbage high-latency game again. I will be killed if I don’t see anyone. The garbage blue hole company, you have made so much money and don’t optimize the game. I wish you an early bankruptcy.

lewis when is the leaderboard resetting?

Royce Parker 10k bp for items I never recieved during halloween event thanks pubg cant wait to buy cod and never play this again

Ed Sullivan also. I’m curious… would it be easier to just move on to a newer version of unreal engine that isn’t broken? I’m sure it’s a lot of coding. But wouldn’t it be less work then coding to try and get a broken engine to make pubg play well?

Checkout current Pubg server status

Ed Sullivan But I’d imagine it’s not all that hard to fix. How about that for a “QOL” improvement.

Ed Sullivan so what’s up with the plane issue when you try to jump facing left where it snaps to the front of the plane or the rear depending on what direction you’re facing closer to? It happens when you can’t jump yet as well.. I don’t know anything about coding

midninBR everytime I open the game I have to change the resolution to FHD and then 2k, otherwise I can hit any button, “ready”, “+”, report, spectate, all of them that are on the bottom of the screen. In the lobby or ingame.

peter mondfahrt Hi, when does the current season end and the soft reset will happen? And where can I find more information about this? Thanks.

Royce 10k bp on a set that doesnt appear to have been given to me (butcher set) this game is losing players for good reasons

Just Kel Not seeing an appearance category in the store… forget some code again?

Brad Amour Any update to this? this game has turned to shite. Instant queues into +220 ping games and desync is fkn stupid.

MortarMatt It’s not sending the email to confirm I’ve resent a few times

PUBG Help Hi again! Please make sure to check your junk/spam/promotional folders to ensure it is not there. -E

Todd Farlow Fix OCE Match making !!!!

Kodi Gonya Mad?. Don’t buy the content if it’s overpriced that simple dude. You want a good game go work on it yourself Jesus.

Amund Haugen I have done everything you said. Also reinstalled windows and completely rebooted pc. My internet is 250/250 fiber and stable. Everything works perfectly but it stops and won’t download last 0,1 mb. Ty for help. Wil contact steam support.

Jimmy I entered code for Xbox controller outfit and code was successful. Load up game and I don’t have it. It’s been about an hour. I restarted game and Xbox and still nothing. Re-entered code and says already redeemed. Any ideas?

PUBG Help Hi Jimmy, have you received the items yet? -E

Jimmy Yes. Got them. Thank you. Although the beanie on my character is not the one shown in the picture. They’re red headphones instead of gold and there is no ‘X’ on the front of the beanie like in the picture. Will that be fixed in the future?

Tiago Beltrão fix map selection!

Higor Rosário ranks just drop? I played only one solo, I stayed at 43 and I lost 63 points…

INF3CTED- fix the fucking desync, how are we suppose to play competitive pubg when your getting shot through walls

Kole $and Also the battle royale beanie is not what the picture shows, it’s the exact same as black beanie with red headphones

Sisa When are you guys going to start banning people for team killing?

Charles Wells When will I get my boots and correct beanie/headphones? Is the issue still being worked on?

ZachZ When does the new stats season start?

SolidSnake I’d rather they overhaul the older two maps than a new map. More loot and new locations would be awesome.

Electric Samurai and what about a new urban/city map ??

Argent Facile 💸 Hey can you please help me in finding out how the PUBG kill feed font is called?

Vanic_HD Is the HRTF setting coming back to xbox?

🐻⬇️ the scorpion isn’t out on Xbox One? seen the folding stock for it but haven’t came across the gun in game

Sianiieeeee when will the Xbox leaderboards be reset?

Aaron Nelder Hey found a bug on the test server, our custom game hasn’t ended itself, so now I can’t start another custom 🙁

DeadSlugg It’s ironic that Fallout 76 runs at 120fps and has less bugs. Think about that. The company that is meme’d about bugs has less bugs than pubg

Nuha alenazi 🎼 please take your action with this hack .. ( 9moooona )

Omr.alali Hi iwant some help

Kalyan Raksha™ How My Friend Became Statue when He was Killed ?? Is It Hacker ?? Please Help..

Nemesi I don’t live in America, I’m connected to EU servers so I don’t hear cancerous autistic 20 year olds behaving like kids.

🔴CBP LIVE NOW🔴on Youtube-Mixer-Twitch🔴

M. G. Why there is no fix for the “Jump out of the plane” bug?

SHAIKH MOIN worst services You don’t even reply your customer. Its been 5 days you haven’t replied my conversation

Taylor Brayshaw I have looked under both tabs. It’s not there. And I can’t purchase it cause I’ve already bought it.

Eidzem Zavoral TFW your daily quest is to kill X amount of ppl with SR or DMR but winchester isnt either of those lmao.. I guess its a pistol. Such a flawless game also when you down some1 with sr and he bleeds out or his team is finished it doesnt count either. 10/10 dev team

Roberto Lafarga Do you guys have support for the Mobile version of the game, Had an issue with a bug, and I’m down 55 Merits because of it

Sarvesh mishra Please tell me why its not downloading I have already tried many times but same response fron server.

Kemal Can hi, how to become a partner?

iHash Dear since the region lock update and we in dubai been struggling with the Asian server, despite the high ping, the game is FULL with hackers, every single game had a minimum of 30 hackers who show off their childish softwares

Rasha Bekdache I agree

iHash Honestly its like a showdown between panda tv, huya tv,doyoutv and 4amgod .. the main hackers godfathers… such loosers who are ruining it on everyone

iHash We report on daily basis and they get banned and come back again and and the cycle never stops.. same names all the time..

iHash If you cant control the asians hackers, plz help us choose servers other than thiers because its becoming annoying where we only play to die and report, wasting time, money, and loosing our ranks. Lock china by them selves and let them hack alone

iHash Can you please help us to enjoy the game the way it should be without hackers? Regards, All the players in Dubai.

Urvish Sagar what are the requirements for weapon master tag

dylan *Cough Dead game *Cough

Cristian Madrid shit for game. Like bruh fix your game. Im uninstalling this bs as we speak. All of a sudden the aiming and movement of this shit game become dumb asf when going into a gun fight. Make it like PC stooopid!

B Brown and Bluehole wonders why everyone gets pissed at PUBG. WTF PUBG? Can’t get a match anymore.

Charles Wells Purchased the PUBG Xbox wireless controller and love it! However, upon redeeming the outfit DLC I notice the beanie and headphones are not the ones pictured as advertised. Also, no boots were included? Will this be fixed? Thanks!

PUBG Help Hi Charles! Are you able to take a screenshot or video of the items you received? -E

Md_Atique will i get banned if i use the same account to play pubg mobile in my pc using emulator and in mobile

Guerrilla Warfare Gaming Looking to recruit more players to GW gaming, to compete in the tournaments. If you are interested please DM.

Guerrilla Warfare Gaming Looking to recruit more players to GW gaming, to compete in the tournaments. If you are interested please DM.

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 pubg.op.gg/user/1337h4x0r… Nice stats lol TP

Orioles1337 my TPP KD is better than yours in every season that ive played because i dont camp like a bitch

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 You clearly ride the special bus I will say a prayer for you TP

Orioles1337 Says the guy who thinks everyone who kills him in a game is cheating

Orioles1337 maybe if you were any good at the game you’d realize that the replay and spectate systems dont accurately represent crosshair placement

Orioles1337 definitely wasnt any mention of 6:10 in that link

Orioles1337 youre trying to tell me that there are 6:10 ratio of cheaters, that means that in every server, there are 37 cheaters. that means, you would likely encounter a cheater EVERY SINGLE GAME, but you cant even tell me the last time you encountered a cheater?


Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 pubg.op.gg/user/1337h4x0r… Nice stats lol TP

Orioles1337 my TPP KD is better than yours in every season that ive played because i dont camp like a bitch

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 You clearly ride the special bus I will say a prayer for you TP

Orioles1337 Says the guy who thinks everyone who kills him in a game is cheating

Orioles1337 maybe if you were any good at the game you’d realize that the replay and spectate systems dont accurately represent crosshair placement

Orioles1337 you clearly dont understand statistics

Almir Rogério Hello! You are not finding match in FPP Only 1 Man Squad Ta still finding with 30 Players Some Solution Hellp ?? (XBOX ONE)

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 I don’t have to support shit it is common knowledge that is overrun with cheaters and like I said before when playing I maintained a top 200 status literally for years so yeah troll elsewhere nerd blueballs has cash farmed 280 mill off allowing cheats TP

Orioles1337 whens the last time youve actually seen a cheater?

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 I have been a top 200 players since beta learn the game nerd and FYI I am not your BRO TP

Orioles1337 yeah in TPP with a KD of less than 1.5 that just means you camp a lot.

soooooo we’re done with ?

Muhammed wtf is this ?

corneliusus Still a 10 – 20 min wait time to play, unless you use quick launch, aka Sanhok. Why not just remove the older maps if you only intend for Sanhok to be played.

corneliusus PUBG corp is made up of the worlds worst humans

corneliusus Sanhok Sanhok Sanhok! im losing my mind… jungle fever maybe

corneliusus waited for 20 minutes then gave up.. *pressed quick join and BAM! Sanhok!

Nakata Its just me that gets bored when changing clothes in the menu? its slow asf to take off clothes and try others etc…

BOSSBABY.. is down..


fatguy46 i hope you realize they dont have an infinite amount of server resources

hoosook for how much money they get from selling cosmetics i feel like they should 😮

fatguy46 they dont actually get that much

fatguy46 the game isn’t even that broken, it literally preforms multiple times better than BO4. they are actually “fixing” the game anyways, but you are too much of a blind idiot to know this. fix.pubg.com

Yashkumar Depani not able to start the game in pc it’s just on the loading screen

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/181292-r…

ᴹ‏ᵁ‏ᴴ‏ᴬ‏‏‏‏ᴹ‏ᴹᴬ‏ᴰ ♧⓭༺ Hi u taken me $ 25, I do not know where go 25 dollars

Aman singh when will pubg lite will release in india ???????😭😭😭

CloseCallGames RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Test servers are online and Update .1 is available. For more info, see the test server update section in the patch notes below: steamcommunity.com/games/578080/a…”

Logan Monogoshi Alright I’ll give that a try

Limpzi Xbox one pubg ruined this game, for pc and for xbox.

Larifaks Added 3 Bug fix!? LOL!! You cant write what bug you are fixing???

Larifaks I selected Sanhok and get miramar every time!! FIX ur game!

Yog B.Ghaix Cancel the parachute from War Mode because it’s easy to kill people’s , The War mode depends on the speed plzzz Cancel the parachute 🙏🏻 • • •

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 6:10 was stated by Blueballs in an interview TP

Orioles1337 link? you do realize 6:10 cheater ratio would mean that 37 players in every server would be cheaters right? you cant possibly believe that can you?

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 I am very much aware of what % it is ask Brenden how they have made 280 million from cheat bans TP

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 Dig it up your self its not hard to find and the person who said it in an interview is tagged TP

Orioles1337 still waiting for a link

Chuck Wood D-Sync is worse than ever!! Last night every death… It has gotten worse and worse 3 resets in a row

dwm90 you can’t find a game on the test server so how are you going to work the bugs out?

Prajwalbasnet is pubg mobile down currently because mine isn’t connecting to the server. Help please.

Kakashi Channel Just incase because they pretty much can not read what the community want. De or D-

scott graham pubg when will all this make its way to xbox

Norberth Novanc Yo why dont you fix the real issues? Like the one issue i have every single game when dropping out of plane my view resets to front of the plane,even if i was looking left or right

YouHateThisGame test server is the best here in east eu!you only have to wait and eat chicken right after the plane 😀

abdohanipubgnews RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Test servers are online and Update .1 is available. For more info, see the test server update section in the patch notes below: steamcommunity.com/games/578080/a…”

Richard Bell Cos they are too busy hosting tournaments and blowing money to think about this stuff. No more evident than the lack of anti cheat that has all but destroyed the game. BFV not long to go now!!!!

Subhan Shaikh what’s wrong? Why my account was blocked? Username: Subhan46 Give me a reason for this?

Big Alby I doubt this update will be tested that much before it is released. The issue is no incentive to play on the test server. There should be some sort of incentives for time spent on the test servers. More people may play them.

YouHateThisGame I tried to test it :>

Big Alby This is exactly my point. With no new gun and no new map why bother switching over. Rewards should be given for hours spent in the test server. (Clothes, skins, bp, etc)

Morgenstern this update doesn’t even look like it should be In the test server for too long,the changes are only 3 or 4..bigger updates got released without too many testing and worked just fine, and others smallers just fucked up. I don’t know what to think anymore about the “testing phase”

Br8uN Nice update. This game is only for high end PC gg boys

El Csm Define high end pc pls

YouHateThisGame dunno know about that.my hommie plays it with gtx550 and 5th gen i3 if i am not mistaken about the last one(it may is even older).runs about 40-60 fps on everything very low 1080p which is way above what is expected from the system requirements of the game. gl

BlackBlood And which Bugs?

Kakashi Channel Pubg called good quality life bugs.

BlackBlood Fix pubg campaign is Not finished

NakedSteak Your computer is pretty shit bro, stop being poor

Tegid Another one

Dr.Covfefe I don’t want my money back I want the content

AvinashGaming youtu.be/nXTHCmHIbFo Plss go and check real glutch bt its awesome Make sure to subscribe my channel when ulike the video plss

matías fernández Simeone code u can send me pls?

BIZTeam – PUBG Rebellion PUBG Cheater – Satas Account old 12 days. Pro player in 12 days, using multiple cheats youtu.be/Xo9_8VeVu1w

BIZTeam – PUBG Rebellion PUBG Cheater – Satas Account old 12 days. Pro player in 12 days, using multiple cheats youtu.be/Xo9_8VeVu1w

MeanOne Almost forgot y’all did updates it’s been so long

Kakashi Channel Same update, this time PUBG add more new skins with same bugs

MeanOne just got network lag detected lock in top 10 game

PUBG Help Hi! What region are you queuing from? -E

MeanOne Texas NA, and I just exit to desktop after this.

Kakashi Channel Watching ChocoTaco playing, couple big server lag during his gunfight. But it’s chocotaco just won chicken dinner.

BIZTeam – PUBG Rebellion PUBG Cheater – Satas Account old 12 days. Pro player in 12 days, using multiple cheats youtu.be/Xo9_8VeVu1w

BIZTeam – PUBG Rebellion PUBG Cheater – Satas Account old 12 days. Pro player in 12 days, using multiple cheats youtu.be/Xo9_8VeVu1w

Kevin Kadino please help PUBG OCE server. We are willing to play so much but the game is not playable at the moment for us. We always been placed in the wrong region.

James Sun even more hackers

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω youtu.be/ccrrsPOAL0Q

EzerGOD_ What is D-Sync ? I don’t know is this….

Nikita Bokiy This shit youtube.com/watch?v=DxB03o… when somebody kill you when you already behind cover! But just delivered MF MAKEUP!!

Amund Haugen Tried all. Done everything I see on different forums. Nothing works.

FG_LowCee Look at the characters left hand in the picture. It’s not even holding the grip. Make the hand position change based on the grip you’re using. It’s the little things.

Amund Haugen I have C (ssd 250gb only Windows on) and F (1TB) games and other stuff. I have reserved space called E but only 500 mb

Roccahontas FFS fix fckn desync !! 🤬🤦

Panther hello after the recent update 0.9 the game is encountering error. It asks for Storage access permission even when it is already given and it happens more commonly on Tencent Gaming buddy.

Panther in Tencent Gaming buddy, the permissions are given by default and still it asks for permission.

Justin As I stated before I haven’t played in a while buddy


ToxZec It’s november, where is fix pubg?

Nikhil Kharade who plays video games on a Halloween night. get a life dude.

Guerrilla Warfare Gaming 🙌 ok so last night lived up to the hype🙌 12 teams battled it out for the XTS Xbox Duos 🏆 and Team Purge came out on top with a huge performance! Two 🐓 dinners and a 3rd with 25 kills in 3 games! Winning £42 💰 in the process! Well done Team Purge!

MixSar nothing exiting ,no new cool guns, no desync fix, i bought the game since the beginning i have almost 2500 hrs playing it, and i’m starting to get bored,only thing you care abt is milking the players with stupid 20$ outfits lol, continue this way and remaining players will leave

Lamazing1021 You seem surprised

YoureDumbBot Please make it so I can just from the plane facing the left. All of my favorite drop spots are on the left side of the plane.

Mh~ 🇸🇦 I have I pad mini 1 Why can’t download the game , I hope fix this next update 😑🤔

Regular Nfinit But Like Goth and Stuff Hey so anyway I have 30 keyed crates in my inventory, what exactly do you want me to do with these as there’s no way I’m paying you seventy dollars for 90% chance to open a bunch of T-shirts.

Sunnie The game award for best cheater.🥇 👋🏻

Bloodstormo is this an aimlocker? Or just a REALLY good gaming chair.

Bloodstormo Oh, and another REALLY good gaming chair lol.

Kipsa They said they are willing to support the game for the next 10 years, but all i see is them trying ti milk it before it dies, what did they do to you poor PUBG

Aeon Taking forever for a game to start on EU/NA servers.

Aeon 1 hour later and we’re still getting 3:48 wait time on EU/NA FPP but waiting an infinite time.

Guerrilla Warfare Gaming Please check out our page also anyone is interested in taking part in pubg tournaments and have a squad they would like to enter DM or check out

Jose Will leaderboard be reset for this month?

Raz Ghazali what’s the deal. Even training is not working for Oceania!

Slothyss Instead of actually fixing the game you’re adding make up?

Bummy_TV They’re using makeup to cover up the desync…. quite brilliant actually….

AL can’t even join a game in any region or any playlist on Xbox one!!! It’s getting worse & worse. Time to buy blackout like everyone else I guess ☹️

Dennis Aslanov Today is the end of the campaign. Can’t you tell the difference?! lmao

Jason Lau Forever 200ping since 2 weeks ago. Gg

Cereijo desync please desync please desync please

Mingyuan Zhu Will you implement custom UI so players can put the mini map on the top left corner?

hanzo the plug-in is not solved, are you in your head?

EyeZon1 Wait is this the big update we have all been waiting for?! Fix pubg ends today so that must mean desync is fixed!! Or..

hanzo Go to your mom’s optimization, the plug-in is not solved, are you in your head?

Cubey 🎃 Yeah once the Skorpion came in the OC servers went away..

Archer Haha I love the Skorpion though, what a beast in the pistol slot! Can’t wait to try it on sub 100 ping though 😭😓😭

Archer I say sub 100 but reality is that I dont get sub 200. 90% of games for me from Brisbane are 370 ping. On NBN with no issues in any other games or services.

Cubey 🎃 Jesus. I get like 140 now and I’m like hell yeah this is decent..

UNLUCKY13GAMING Its because the plebs play TTP always find OC TTP squad servers

Nanocyde You seem like a nice individual. However muting voice team chat seems counterproductive in a game where team play and team communication is a critical component. Have a nice day! 🙂

Xr0m0ff How many new bugs were made?

Vaidotas its funny how you know all of us 😀 me pc not so crappy.gtx 1080 cpu i5 8600k 16gb ram 3200mhz and game instaled on m.2ssd i and i get insane fps drop after 2 updates

Tristan/Tyanu (rendez moi mon sommeil) If you get a killer rig and playing online games with a 56Kb modem internet, then the problem is still on your side.

Vaidotas i dont talk about desync…im talking about fps insane drop

Tristan/Tyanu (rendez moi mon sommeil) But do people here talk about fps drop? No they talk about desync. You are out of topic.

BYEBYEpubg Both of the topics are relevant and are a problem no matter the connection or hardware setup. I hardly doubt anyone complaining about these topics are playing PUB on a 2000’s PC with dial up. lol good try tho.

Veisenberg Are you also aware of players waiting upto 30 minutes to find a game? I gave up in the end and uninstalled it.

Carl Birkenshaw very disappointing guys spend 1000uc points and get a lot of clothes not one special outfit all money have spend at not one rare item absolute Rip of better odds at bookmakers then getting something good in crates.😡😢😡

Lytspeed I cant launch the game 😐

Grazazel Lately me and friends at times have been loading into a match but game sits at loading screen with pubg icon still animating. This leads to having to force stopping the game and reloading. If you try to rejoin same match it does the same

Dzohny Thanks for the marker fix! Was hoping that one was by accident.

Rafid Tanmoy youtu.be/UxkB3K_RHnE Top 5 android/ios online game. Sunscribe for more

HarlockXBOX Thank you!

TG4LAaron Why did you guys disable all chat in the lobby and in the plane How can i make friends now 🙁

TG4LAaron twitter.com/RzrsSYT/status…



Lucas fix OCE servers you dogs they’re broken as shit

Cigs mobile play-I keep dropping connection 5-10 seconds after ground contact. It doesn’t matter which mode I’m in. What can I do to fix it???

Jake Hermeling Whats the plan for fixing the desync problems? Your network improvements thus far have been vague and week. It’s actually been progressively worse…

resti_ please I need to fix this and I do not find the solution appears every 10 minutes to start the game 🙏🙏🙏

Checkout Pubg server status on 2018-10-15

Matt M Hey why can’t I get on ?? Infinitely loading screen is hurting my heart ☹️💔

Spugbak Quick Match lets us in Sanhok Map everytime we try to play, its funny play this map all times please fix this error

Billkamm Why did you take down the FIX PUBG banner in game? Did you give up on fixing it? As far as I can tell every patch has introduced more bugs than it has fixed. What a joke.

Alexander Heimel why isn’t the change in rank or the rank of the player who killed you shown in the deathscreen ?

Jennifer since ur recent update my game deleted itself and I didn’t re download it because I needed WiFi. So now that I got WiFi I went to download it again and it won’t let me. And I am a guest account and I really don’t want to loose my progress. Please tell me what to do.

احمد الماضي Belize Mo I am the person who uses someone else’s nickname and please help

احمد الماضي My phone was stolen or belittled by someone else and gave me a block

Khalid Can you explain this?

Dankus Memus It’d be great BUG G did refunds

احمد الماضي Please help please

احمد الماضي Please help please

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection’

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection,

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection..

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection.

Trump2020 How many hackers am I going to die from today

Matt Brown any chance of the temporary event mode “sanhok forty-fivers” becoming a permanent thing? It’s a really good game mode.

sussxguy twitch enjoyed re trying the PTS today.The new weapons are good. As a lifelong FPP player I’m desperately missing playing it. TPP just doesn’t do it for me.Hopefully with the promised upcoming updates the FPP players will be catered for 1of2

BLToaster PUBG crashes no matter what if my Ryzen 1700 is over clocked. It’s been like this for over a year now, what’s the deal? PUBG is literally the only game with an issue

Kunal Nahata often random teammates on PUBGM don’t want to talk so can you provide options such that like-minded people can play together like PREFERENCE: MICROPHONE ON/OFF

DW I guess PTS just isn’t gonna work today

REZYL_AZZIR try powercycling your console here is a link to help you xbx.lv/19Pxh2o

Ean Schmidt Don’t know if you implemented the new debug info to live servers but here are the errors I get, happened back to back 3 times on 3 man squad, now I don’t know if it has to do with my ping to server before launching into match but that’s what it sounds like to me

Ean Schmidt Number 4 and this happened after rebooting game. This has to be a ping issue or something I don’t have the best internet 3MB download and it’s happening to me back to back, might be something to look at and may be why you can’t recreate it in house Hope sees this

Pedro Freitas youtube.com/watch?v=r-KoiB… i LOVE PUBG!!!

Haj Spent 30k BP and got 6x red shirt with a graphic bug, and got 2x Mid-Autumn .. Also my inventory takes ages to load

ᗩᒪᎩᔕᔕᗩ Hey ! I was wondering if pubg has a media kit?

Doğukan Gürbüz Please check my account

Arzh Find it kinda funny that u start backseating the play when it wasnt the whole point but whatever man 😂😂😂

d heck26 The PTS is only for people who actually already have the game.

drew Crying

DreadHeadCapone300 Lol smh

DreadHeadCapone300 You guys didn’t fix a thing

Prince Singh Anyone facing game freeze.?

James Mitchell what is going on with the Xbox PTS

Marlonn Zanela Every time I exit a match the game crashes. Each time I’m sending the crash report, but there’s nothing that I can do to fix it. I already did the fresh install by uninstalling the game and cleaning everything, but the crashes are still happening.

Kyle Pfeffer FYI the pts server has an error. If you have all playlists selected it takes 5 minutes or so to find a game. If you switch to mini royale it finds one in Seconds.

Grinch Just do us all a favor and make on 60fps and fix the desync and you might be able to save yr game.

Jeremy Never gonna happen they are too busy trying to make money instead of fixing their broken game

Jeremy Your game is trash

James Mitchell The game is not working. Fyi

wayliew hackers everywhere im officially going off to today

James this just about sums up my experience. No real Communication or proper fixes since ‘1.0’ and buildings and guns still don’t bloody load!

john dinkum Hello , my name was changed to a racial slur, is there anyway I can have my name changed?

Mean Green Halloween Please fix foot step sounds! I can’t hear people even when they’re running around just outside the building I’m in which is annoying to say the least

Jordan 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 I just installed pubg on Xbox and everytime i load it and press A to start the game closes…. what is going on???

James As of 3pm UK time. Sunday afternoon, I cannot get a game in EU or North America FPP on both the PTS and main game. Is there a major issue? Or is. It just lack of players? This game is basically dead if I can’t get a game On a Sunday afternoon!

SKYNET Any patch on high ping matchmaking

LuX You’re playing squads so technically there couldve been a party of 3 EU + 1 NA or any other configuration of players with a majority of EU players in that squad. He could still have 300ping in worst case scenario 🙃

Mikael Silvennoinen Could be casual PUBG servers and 200ms 15minute spike in ping ;P

GRbroy black screen and the fps counter shows 1000 frames . the game doesen’t open at all.. plz help

Swapneel Gawhale is it okay (legal) to use gamepad for pubg mobile? Let us know please

Fauzan Dwi Saputra why when matchmaking games on map erangel or miramar can take up to an hour. Btw i’m in the SEA region. Thx

r Hey the whole “Win X Chicken Dinners” thing on weeklies is a bit excessive I think. Not everyone is capable of doing that I’m afraid. Can they maybe be swapped for more favourable and achievable challenges ? Thanks 🙂

Daniel Why is this guy “vartoli10” still playing? Reported him a week ago.

Joe Ortega pts down?

outc1der Rewards for ranks are about to come up for and the system behind is not significant at all. Just spam games no matter how good you play and there is no limit on how high you can go. Ranks/rewards without meaning are useless!

Suntouch ^ AGREE bad system, pointless imo

Faveli disgusting game.

EwanHC Rewards? Oh dear

outc1der youtu.be/1KqvSy0Bvs4?t=…

Phil Walker what’s going on with the xbox one servers this weekend? It’s taking ages you get into a game

Mclovin71 Thank you! Uninstalling the game how an easier option!

Al What’s going on? Don’t think the pts was ready?

wayne barnes Game is taking super long time to start a match on the PTS Server what’s going on is taking for ever is taking for ever fix it please

Faster Than Whaa? It’s allready lost to fortnite

Al Have been unable to get into a solo Europe match on pts yesterday and today. Is it down?

jato been playing for 2 hours and then corrupted data window popped up outta nowhere while fighting w other team and the game is crashed. goodjob asshole. i mean bluehole

FrostEU are u planning to release the weather_night (nightmode) that was found in the datamine before halloween?

𝘈𝘴𝘩𝘸𝘪𝘯 𝘚𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘮𝘢 For those who don’t know: in when you win a round, the header says, “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!” which I believe is cheap, disregardful, and uncreative. Imagine 100s of people fighting with each other to have you served on their dining table later?


Will 赤 sexy!!

Đεviℓ Đεαdℓiиε 😍😍😍😚😚😚

Young Latte this has been a known issue since like week one smh

Đεviℓ Đεαdℓiиε M4 DOMINATION

Cesar Fabiani You blow your father with that mouth ? Take it easy. Battlefield 5 beta came out and it was trash little kid.

YSIV battlefield 5 was on top of twitch?? so how was it trash? by your logic LMAO did the same numbers to what cod was doing when it was in beta

Carmine. Its in the honeymoon phase child. People will end up moving on from cod in a few weeks.

Cesar Fabiani You two should meet up and make out.

YSIV you know catfishing aint good right fam? could land you in jail

Cesar Fabiani What’s this “ fam “ talk ?


Rocky Fagboa You fucking dorks lemme clue you in BF5 and BO4 can both smell the wind between my nutsack Call Of Robloxia has a perfect taste in dynamic gameplay and graphics what’s black ops and battle field got? A detailed schematic on why my dogs weenie?

Cesar Fabiani Wait and see. Quit the gum flappen

YSIV DESTINY 2 FORSAKEN DROPPED AND WAS TOP 5 and look at it now LMAO it’s streamed now cause it’s freshly new

Carmine. COD appeals to the lowest demographic, its literally the same game each year. Thats why it has no longevity.

Cesar Fabiani Not with this new mode. Gonna shut the internet down.

YSIV LMAO yeah imma stop you dont play games you play cod games big difference LMAO

Cesar Fabiani 👍🏿

YSIV thank you lol


Cesar Fabiani That’s cool. Still doesn’t defeat the fact all the other games are dead thanks to . dead. dead. What’s this “ nigga” word ?

J Who is the moron here? The ones that cant develope games or the ones that keep playing it?

jelly belly what in the world is this

jimz sorry pubg im done with the cheaters / hackers from China. Peace out.

Hi I changed my name on Xbox and it shows my new gamertag on the menu but in game it still says my old name

Carmine. Yo I’m crying my guy 😂

Cesar Fabiani Over 300k viewers on twitch my friend. COD has um all beat. Slapping the competition up. Psshhh pshhh

YSIV You cod fans are weird af

YSIV Every year cod takes twitch cause it’s a brand new game It’s gonna happen with red dead It happened with monster Hunter LMAO

YSIV You do know that happens with every cod game right? LMAO it even happened with infinite Warfare 😭😭😭 how much money cod is offering you?

YSIV Cod fans are weird lol

Carmine. Black ops 4 isn’t even that good, its gonna die a horrible death when red dead 2 drops.

Jason Fertal Your aim is trash

Naeem ur Rehman my keep crashing after first 2 logo screen to this error i have tried clean installing drivers nothing worked

Naeem ur Rehman game*

Raymond Fish why the hell are 1847 and 1853 players in a game with 1500s??? duo, PC. why even have matchmaking??

Raymond Fish miramar.

Raymond Fish ????????????

j suresh Reddy worst servers in Asia …. Very very bad experience in game to time die in top 3 why because server reconnect plzzzzz stop game in India or plz rectify this problem

Saintdog please get me into a solo Miramar game!! Quick match is sanhok, sanhok or sanhok

Cole Leming I still have not received my crates back that were lost after the 1.0 update. Can you help?

Xoftz is there any way to fully delete all my pubg game data on pc? (i know its server sided, so i was wondering if there was any way to do it.)

Emmanuel González Hello, since the last PC update, my character runs only straight forward, but not diagonally. It will only walk if move the stick diagonally. I play with an Xbox one controller. But if i use the keyboard, no problems.

aaron craig It’s so hard to even get a game here in Australia it’s a joke just about to give up and uninstall the game

Sbshubham222 how to unlink Twitter account

Mike’s Weed Facts Did you fix the issue where guns would automatically start shooting when you switched weapons?

Checkout current Pubg server down

Buford T. Justice They could care less. Bluehole seems to be a pump and dump company. Then PUBG happened. There’s already people boting on the new patch auto lock and no recoil. ALways fun to die to.

NutellaHazelnut I love pie!!

Buford T. Justice And it did nothing but make the bots more accurate. The latest version switches back and forth from fps view to tpp over and over. No recoil and sees everyone moving.

Qraw9 Ummmm it’s been 3:37 so far

Nakul Hegde Even quick join was taking 6 mins for me

Dennis Aslanov aww… lucky you…

matt wilson Played yesterday arvo and every game was between 25ms- 30ms ping. And I only have cable 30/3

xphantomxxxx hello, i have a problem i have my settings set to fullscreen, but i can see my mouse hovering around my 2nd monitor. Causing me trouble. I just die because of that. Which its very anoying. What can i do.

chris ali fix your fucking game fuck sakes. Duo doesnt work. I hate playing miramar cuz sanhook won load a fucking game. Fix your pos game

Miles at least 75% of the lobby are chinese players and the cheaters are more prevalent than ever what gives

Nakul Hegde I have been in the lobby for 6 minutes now. Still doesn’t join.

Leo Wells Error: lost connection to host. On Xbox. Happening a lot

Jeremy Londre 🗝 I’m ok arengol and every texture is shimmering what’s the fix?

aaron west jr. why is duos na broken right now at prime time?

Am question. If I hit someone and they die to the blue within seconds. Do i get the kill?

PUBG Help Hi! If you knock someone and then the bluezone finishes them, you will get the kill. However, if you shoot them and then the bluezone knocks or kills them, you will not get the kill. -E

Ben Ornelas 🗽 Fix yo game

TheProzonelayer Duo TPP long wait times, not working? Solo and 2 man squad works fine?!

Ilya Andrianov matchamking doesnt work at all. you have to restart game like 25 times-to find a match/ u can wait for 10 minutes or more. Pls give back our server choosing option.

Ryan Lambert I’m in q for duos for over 8 minutes, solos and squads work. NA, is there something wrong? I doubt real Q times.

Thomas Krieger your shit is still broken. Multi minute lobby ques and it says 8sec estimated. And still haven’t made it into a match

Thomas Krieger Quick join my rear-end

James Petersen Lmao at overnight. They have had how long to fix shit but they don’t

Die – hi. The new patch force me to play in NA and im from SA. I have 50ping in SA and 250 in NA. (I chek it in your web) but it force me to play en NA aniway. Im from Argentina. Thanks!

NappyFacey can I still reach level 30 on the event pass on xbox??

ippaku I tried 10 location across the western U.S. states and could never get under 89ms ping sourced from a local host. Can we get some servers in Las Vegas or Reno or Denver Please!!!! also customs games so let’s fix it.

Flop I love playing in randon regions with 150+ ping…nice feature guys! Youre killing your game..jesus christ

Bruno I think this explains in what point you are at moment: clips.twitch.tv/ColdSoftTaroDa… Feel sorry for you tic tac

Bruno I think this explains in what point you are at moment: clips.twitch.tv/ColdSoftTaroDa… Feel sorry for you tic tac

JC McDonough So you guys have gone radio silent now. Tons of players still suffering from ridiculously long queue times despite your apparent patch 13 hours ago. Do you guys have an update for your players?

Kevin velez How about fixing friends appearing offline instead?

이민형 Buff m16 burst

Domdangl your game is unplayable. 5 to 15+ minutes in lobby trying to find a duo game. This is ridiculous.

Caleb Zechariah Are y’all working on shortening the wait time for a game to actually start

Akin Oye Thank you

Eigh†. What about the duos TP?????

Bob There is still long matchmaking time during duos tpp

AdoGameplays They have unfairly blocked me in the game….

HighburyHighs The patch hasn’t fixed anything, been stuck waiting ages in duos.

Mr_SamuelAdam Yeah Scares the shit out of me. please fix this.

Tasos Fotopoulos I am bugged for 30 minutes in a random custom session which i can leave or queue for any game because the game is bugged af. I tried relog,restart game , restart lobby , restart steam , restart pc. Nothing worked. Fix PUBG please. I attatch you the 2 pictures.

pubg You update the game all day! What has been updated? Do not manage cheating people?! I can’t control the game. This game is boring!!!

BYEBYEpubg cough cough…

MikeyD No worries. Things will improve dramatically on 10/12!

Marko Zivanovic pls add new report option for “wallhackers”. I just got killed (again) from a wallhacker and there is no option for me to report him.

Yukin Team! Lets go for War Help my stream with you in my chat! twitch.tv/yukin8

Zigurds Daugulis Hi. Have a problems to spend BP, for around some 4 months. Was waiting for some bug fixes on updates but no. Still to same bug. Do you have some idea? Regards

Dustin B Quick question why do motorcycles only have front breaks

Tobias Bieri For me the all works fine. I get now 20ms pings sometimes and I didn‘t notice any desync at all today. Im playing in Eu region. Just the bug when jumping out out of the plane is annoying. You dont face the direction you did before the jump and then you cant turn somehow at first.

kouighv grfy Yes 10 more hours please. it’s better for the community

morgan I’ve had it with both, and I tried different map types… Nothing

Alin Or how about this one: clips.twitch.tv/ViscousRespect…

minuberry I had this same issue yesterday. I had a M16 with 6x scope, headshot the person like 10 times. Nothing…

Alin How about people not taking damage? Blind bullets in the game. It is literally unplayable with bugs like these. Watch WackyJacky’s video: twitch.tv/videos/3183478…

PUBG Help Hi Alin! Thanks for providing these clips, they will be forwarded to the team for investigation. -E

Edward Walsh great update on the wait times

Daniel Winter Help after this latest patch my que timers have gone from averaging 29 minutes to now 27 minutes with all maps and team types selected.

Daniel Winter My first que after the new patch, haven’t been able to play in a week or so. I try around 5 que’s a day but all are over 20 minutes so I have to give up. Was hoping that post about a que timer update was real this time.

d heck26 Why does this happen every day?! EVERY DAY! Why is your game the only game we have to cycle a reboot for?

Alin Are you people joking? Here are the results of your new patch: twitch.tv/videos/3183478…

MenaBets i cant play in servers with 150 ping because they are not europe servers. Another mistake again of pubg, its incredible. Before you can choose and now not!

Гламурозниот #Бојкотира Add the amount of RP we earned on the statistic screen after a finished match . Like “+20 RP” or “-20 RP”

B.B cant find matchmaking…. worst update ever.

Davymc what is going on with Xbox version!! Lost connection to host every game!!! Sort it out! Game is supposed to be complete

Cummo When are you going to sort out Losing Connection to host!!! It’s fucking ridiculous 🤬🤬🤬

Dion Rozumny this isn’t a very long wait but haven’t been able to find a match for the past 2 days an yesterday I let it go for 10min ever since this update I can’t play the game

kingsofvalhall Oki wth

Robert Whetton So hit boxes still a thing ? Shot a stationary guy with 4x on a SLR and he took 0 hits..

Aslan Why does your fucking game not work after every patch ????

José Luis Cortés the game always connects me to SA server where i have 200ms ping why not NA where my ping is 90ms?

Jefe Especial Experiencing queue times over ten times the estimated time for TPP duos in NA what gives bruh?

Dragosani youtube.com/watch?time_con… Can you fix this?

Adam East Yet again rubbish anti cheat system and a stupid ping lock that puts you with loads of Chinese. Well done….again….

harpreet singh I killed someone and he disappeared lol. Fix the servers and bugs for ur own sake. B4 patch game was flawless. Revert it whatever u did.

J Eiche Cannot connect ever to Duos match in NA region. Is this a known defect or bug?

entrobeast my gun randomly goes off full on spray…

Ivan Cifuentes still having the problem with matchmaking, please try harder to fix this issue

Paolo Accardo Hello, why am I queuing so long with my mate in duo? My region is Europe.

lil Dash Q is there anyway I can get my guest account level 42 back ? I really wanna start playing again but I dont wanna start over again please help me

Ortiz romain Still stucking ………

empty my mouse is sluggish and prevents me from turning around while medding (taking firstaid, energy, painkiller etc)

empty My Gun shoots without pressing mouse1 when finished switching weapons, after punching and switching to my gun (the fire action gets queued from punching) here is a video of it: reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROU…

chief zav by pushing this stupid ranking system while u only get to match with players from ur rank … with numbers going low on ppl playing pubg … u simply killed the game :/ i get 2-3 mins waiting time to start a stupid match …. shame on u :/

Yourich I’m on PC. Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X RAM: 8Gb DDR4 2333Mhz GPU: GTX 960 4Gb SSD: 256Gb M.2 SSD PSU: Coolermaster 500W PSU Connection: ASUS PCE-AC88 Wi-Fi Network Adapter. Haven’t had any issues until last week when voice chat stopprd working and now can’t join any game

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/181292-r…

Ognjen Odobašić Fix is not working. Updates should improve games isn’t it? We pay for waiting in lobby.

Ognjen Odobašić 1st time – duo game, waiting 2 min, matchmaking cancel by itself; 2nd time – waiting approx 6 min, manual lobby restart, 3nd time – waiting 4 min, manual lobby restart; 4nd time – waiting 10 min, manual restart 5th – changing to trio squad, successful matchamking

SP💀💀KY SCARY SKELET🎃NS Re queue or reload lobby always works for me.

Ognjen Odobašić until now in total 14min for duo game, quick join and still waiting. Please fix this, very very annoying, I pay for this game to play it, not to wait in lobby

Ognjen Odobašić Maybe I should tag

Ognjen Odobašić And still going on

Ognjen Odobašić

Ognjen Odobašić Oooo ye

Ognjen Odobašić Soon record breaking

Ognjen Odobašić

Zaitus I think would benefit from having an esports community manager that acts as a liaison between the competitive community and the devs. I would 100% be interested in something like this.

Jiho | Shinja put me in coach

🕸️spooples🕸️ Been matching making for a solid 40 min and still not in a game. What’s the deal with this wait time and when will it be resolved?

Cody 🎮 Yikes

LuckyLukeWho Wow, you took away server switching… You don’t know what you’re doing do you?

$ERB please fix the lost connection from host error on xbox it happens almost wvery game worh one player

Almightyy I just started playing pubg and have no clue why i cant loot dead enemies items? can anyone help


Roy Ben-Yosef No good. Before path 22 it worked perfectly. Now we always get 5 seconds estimation but wait forever. Tried duo on sanhok and quickjoin.

Roy Ben-Yosef *patch. Any idea? Patch of patch didn’t do the trick for me. Again, before it was perfect

Roy Ben-Yosef Squads works better. Duo wait forever

Kanjiru region block hella dumb it keep put me in the wrong server where I keep consistently getting over 150ms every match we ask for a better game performance not some bullshit like this probably the worst update ever.

EIGHTYEIGHT What the hell !

Drunk Penguin No FPP… why do you hate realism l

Chandler Bing Funny how we payed $30 for this game and it’s just nothing but problems. Yet was free!! And they seem to be doing a better job at maintaining their game. you guys should learn a thing a two from them.

Josh So is that just it for OCE players now? With region lock it takes forever to find a game. I used to play on AS and SEA to enjoy your game and just put up with the D-Sync but now I guess I can’t play anymore? Do I get my $20 back?

Josh Ah that actually sucks I was really starting to enjoy your game again and liking the new updates and improvements. Now I can’t even play.

Erwan Le G. I’ve never seen so many Asian nicknames in my games since this update. I do not know what you did.

Kaan Sechrin The rank system is good but the players started camping more and more… It’s annoying 🤮

James Petersen Ranking system will kill this game I think. It will bring the cheaters more and more in this game

Sérgio Neves Why dont you guys retired ??? Every time you try to fix something you create a new one. Sadly you´ve create a cancer without any chance of healing. We are the stupid ones who bought this game, more stupid we became when we thought that the all problem will be fixed soon. Garbage.

bowen zhang Can’t match any game!!! wtf

r0b_b0t Wow, so queueing quick join is basically Erangel with fast joining time?

FlameOfUdûn Why is it that me and a buddy always have 130ms ping while playing (on PC)? Can you fix this pls, because the game is literally unplayable this way.

The Wilferine Same here. Also can’t use “Quick Join” to get into a Sanhok game

bowen zhang can not match any game!!!

Mr. Jeremy Dunlop I’ve had enough and will gladly sacrifice what it cost to play a better game.

InEVEitability Roll back the fucking server portion of the patch, please for the love of fucking God!

Uzair Sajid I’m somehow ending up in games with more than 250ms latency. Seems like I’m being connected to far away servers. It doesn’t happen every match but it is happening quite a bit.

Philipp Handrich TPP Matchmaking is absolutely not working. FPP joins within seconds

Philipp Handrich I forgot to say. We try to play Duo

HighburyHighs Getting the same here as well, managed to get in one duo in 40 minutes of waiting. Restarted lobby and got straight into a sanhok map.

Josh Miller You play on steam?

Dylan Robitaille ™© Yea I do 1600+ hours lmao you on pc as well?

Josh Miller Yeah man got mine about a week ago. We should play some Pubg sometime

Dylan Robitaille ™© 100% you should get discord and join my server that way you can see when I’m online I’ll send ya the link in a bit

Tristan For 2 days only hitting SA/China lobbies. Team Killed Repetitively by the Chinese playing from NA… for being american?


David Pendleton What have you done to the game!!!

David Pendleton Impossible to join a game, waiting in lobby for 5 mins plus. Well timed guys! BO4 around the corner, seems like a sensible time to f*ck everyhting up

matt nah i had months of 300ms + now i can play 30ms thanks to update

Coldmanmoran it still takes forever to find a game and most of the time i dont find one will this be fixed? please 🙂

Barış how many years should I wait

J Eiche Trying to queue Duo Match NA Region (I hope). Estimated time :08 seconds, now counting at 1:30 and another went for 2:00. Will you be addressing this issue anymore or no?

ROGUE MACK Hey why don’t you guys fix your server issues? Please open up west coast servers because I’m sick and tired of getting killed when I’m behind a rock.

Thebad300 dont know what you did but i have nothing but lag since the up date

Tobias Markussen seriously how can you break the game so bad without realizing it before releasing it? I just queue forever….. well done.,

Mr. Jeremy Dunlop game is not good. Been playing since early release, still same issues. Originally playing on wifi connection, now Hard wired and performance is still brutal. Moving on. Suck a waste of a great game.

Raf Gilis pleas stop the bad update’s , go make another game or something

Sam Rui 思睿 Hey! Since the newest update I’ve been unable to play the game because there’s so much lag, I’ve tried lowering the resolution on everything and it’s still so bad, please tell me how I can fix this I just bought the game less than a month ago and now can’t play it 🙁

RedShift I’d love if you guys would address the microstutter issue that is causing abhorrent gameplay currently. Please at least look into this. (I use a Ryzen CPU, but i’ve heard same complaints from people with Intel CPUs)

Jordan schroeder If you want the blueprint for how to ruin a game. Just go through the history of pubg. Started as a brilliant game. But then fucking ruined it. It’s so sad. But so satisfying at the same time.


MariusThue yeah I think you need to try again. Got in a game after waiting 5 minutes today. Waited for 20 minutes for a game after that and gave up. Rip

Asif Durrani the amount of data for the whole match is at a rate of 1mb/min worth of gameplay. theres not a single guy whos internet cant handle 1mb/min or 15-18kbps. max load is at the server. were just clients. clients dont have alot to do. u can check net stats ingame if you dont believeit

Paulo Silva thanks for the bad experience playing pubg in xbox and brazil. The game is ridiculous I’m waiting for 6 months to improve. if I could, I would ask the reenactment to be a disappointment. 200 ping

FunkerGaming Your graphics card is too old. Plain and simple. Stop whining.

Kakashi Channel I think the game is garbage and you just ignorant. 980 is better than 1070

Macabre Paranormal Any thoughts on what might be happening here? clips.twitch.tv/PiercingPeacef…

DayZquestion Hi guys ! Huge microstutters since last update, Is there a known fix please ?

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/181292-r…

Asif Durrani this screenshot is crap. new word: culling. culling: in short disregard anything beyond a certain distance. this includes houses, foliage, sounds, network entities, bullets, players, weapons. thats what pubg uses now. im an unreal engine dev and ive worked on network optimizatio

🅳🅰🅼🅸🅴🅽 What’s wrong with ingame sound ??

guS Is Ping Restriction working?

InEVEitability Your shit is broke. It’s pinging me to the Asian servers and I’m in the US. Fix it! Also, you didn’t fix matchmaking times. Not sure how you could possibly fuck this game up more. ROE is looking more and more appealing by the day.

puj33 So, I like being able to choose whether I want to play Mirimar & Erangel Erangel & Sahnok Why not leverage the previous functionality which was in place to allow us to choose which maps we’d like to queue into?

Histery Duo queue TPP isnt working … Eu

ThisisJstyle Can confirm!

Chris Browne Still not working, matchmaking has gone to shit. Me and my mate have spent the last 2 hours readying up. When will you fix this issue because I’m giving it another 100 re-starts before deleting the game and playing fortnite.

Luke Redhead A men to that. Piece of shit!! I’m sick of this game now!! Too many chances now, I’ve wasted far too much time of my life on this time wasting game!!!!!

AbdulAziz How do you guys make a terribly optimized game, even worse to the point where your advocates have given up on you? Like how do you constantly make this happen so magically?

रावण NiK i need to upgrade my vostro 260s [present spec — mobo- 0gdg8y, 4gb ram, 1gb AMD Radeon HD 5450]. what i upgrade in this so i can play . help me please.

Dell Thank you for contacting Dell Social Media support. I’m Prashanth. I see that you would like to upgrade your system to play PUBG games, is that correct? I request you to get in touch with our sales team, and they’ll be able to assist you with this. 1/2

Blitz stuck on an infinite matchmaking timer. Timer keeps counting and i’m unable to join any game. Any ideas?

Michael Nguyen Lmaooo or they blast chinese music in the lobby, damn chinese people r like 90 percent of hackers too

Richard Huizinga Solved nothing, made it worse.

Мухлынин Дмитрий Hi, I have a problem with the game for several weeks. I can’t buy a case from a BP game that’s not written off on a PC youtu.be/QrzLzKCize8

Michael Nguyen I get that issue too, when u want to jump left, so u look left, when u press f to jump it makes u relocated (looking front of the plane)

Мухлынин Дмитрий Hi, I have a problem with the game for several weeks. I can’t buy a case from a BP game that’s not written off on a PC youtu.be/QrzLzKCize8

Мухлынин Дмитрий Hi, I have a problem with the game for several weeks. I can’t buy a case from a BP game that’s not written off on a PC youtu.be/QrzLzKCize8

PUBG Help Hi! I have forwarded this to the team to investigate. -E

Michael Nguyen Thanks for the efforts for making this game better, sorry for the mean comments in the past, got frustrating

Guilherme Nice work on this patch broke the game, now China is back in SA servers and 8 guys playing together

manuel guerra look what happen now… i’m from Chile and I hace to play with hackers chinese guys… YOU KILL THE GAME !

Find Myself Vlogs Duo match: Estimated time 00:06 I’m currently at 08:20

Ma9iick that should run the game pretty well. Its true that everything gaming is so overpriced. I have an i7-8700, 32gb of ram, and a 1080… not to mention a benq xl 2546… I do not even wanna put how much I spent on my entire system lol

Guilhm mlnr NORMAL ???? Seriously around 10 min to enter in a game ????

Meshal 🇸🇦 I live in Europe, and after the Update , Matchmaking keeps putting me in North American servers

Eng. Abdulmalek

Meshal 🇸🇦 Also, whoever thought of removing the selection of regions and making it automatic should be FIRED!

JimmyDuncan Duo’s matchmaking across all playlists is a joke, wait times never ending. WTF you guys doing to your game?

Rory Hebb Every game I have played since the update has been in squads with teammates that have chinese names. Everyone appears to be hacking. You need to release mod support and simply have hacking servers. This is clearly an issue PUBG cannot keep up with.

YouHateThisGame this screenshot represents the state of the game after this patch. Don’t play 🙂 go to the gym or the park.do something else 😀 literally if you are somewhat far away from their servers the game is unplayable!

Bsbsbs Yup same to me

LightBridge319 [TeEm] can we get map choices again? Miramar is just awful.

Noesome I dont get it, we have that right now.

ThatRacingGamer Would be a wonderful thing

Justin Ryel I’m in California and am only getting matched with Chinese speakers. What’s going on??

Kaushal Patel game got freez in middle, nothing can we do not only my but my all squad got freez

‘Shua There? So the problems not player count?

p3rkele Its nice to play on NA Servers with over 100 in Ping after this patch :)))

BananeWarrior We need a new patch!!! 1h we want to play with my friend this is fucked up! Why do you release such things that make your game impossible to play… PLEASE. We love your game but our patience is limited

Ryan Simcox Hey when we gonna get our custom matches as promised this month? Or are y’all gonna push that back as well ? I ain’t playing pubg until it comes out 🤷🏻‍♂️

saveroadrian I’ve had fps drops and its literally unplayable now. I had a constant 50 fps before this update and with this recent update, i only have a max of 14, even in the lobby. Please fix this

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. If you continue to experience issues after that, please let us know your PC specs (Motherboard, GPU, CPU, RAM, Operating System). -E forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/181292-r…

shasha 饒莉芬 I’m an NA player but I always get matched in ASIA or SEA servers wtf

Roy Ben-Yosef How do you know where are assigned to?

shasha 饒莉芬 you’ll know by the players, like in Asia people dont speak in english

LeeBo1Kinobe For the time being you should simply roll back to , as 22 is ultimately broken. We don’t really get much from 22 besides the wheels and rank icons. I disables the wheels first thing.

H ♥ Same here bro .. am from dubai .. when i play i cant change the server .. the Chinese ppl fucked me up

adam salman Same here

Lukas sometimes my weapon shot automatically but i dont press the mouse button pls fix that!!

J Eiche From game to game I am ending up with 150ms ping and the next game 30 ms. Half the players are quitting the game and I am experiencing bad desync I am guessing because of players that are from other regions. Are you addressing this issue? Makes me not want to play.

RC IceC0ke Yo Region lock isn’t working properly for me & my teammate we’re getting into NA servers when we are both from EU

Mark Dude my game has felt like absolute shit since this update. My game starts to lag when I’m near enemies and renders my aim useless. I can’t quickly look left and right without the game stuttering…this is a shame.

p3rkele Pls fix so dont Get into NA Servers

Sufiyan Khan after this great and useful update i am lagging twicer than before and now i can’t even mute any individual teammate thanks pubg for making my worst experience to worse…

Vinicius Any feedback? Difficult to play in NA with 230ms (I’m in SA).

Italo Jonatha Same here. 230 on NA and sometimes 350 ms on AS. Impossible playing like this. At least duo fpp is working

Crypto WarFare Locking Region selection is absurd!!! i’m in Asia and it’s connecting me to America or Europe Every time. Please open the region selection

Gino Veelo Same problem here

Alex * I was replying

Mean Green Halloween So if server selection is now ping based why am I constantly being shot through walls by people with Chinese names that are clearly server lagging a LOT?

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