Rezerwrecked The development teams are separate, ay what you talkin bout

JohnJuan Why 100? I would love playing the maps (excluding that Chinese map) even if it started with only 50, 60 or 70 players. It’s a great game.

TheFiVE Pubg takes so fckn long for maontenance. Bo4 took like 15 min

Steve Johnson Is this the US as well now?

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-16

BallValve I just want a West NA server…… tired of playing on 80+ ping here on West…

Cubey I feel ya, if we play FPP we are gonna get SEA 200+ ping and it’s shit, but somehow when we get NA servers with 200+ ping it’s nowhere near as bad

Welp Played HEY I know this time works for you guys but please stop updating during prime EST for playing PUBG. I cant play every single Tuesday.

SZNL Why are there duplicates in the Survival Rewards?

Cobani_Martin Damn it!!! Couldn’t you choose a better time do maintenance??? like 5 hours from now??? This is the best time to play in america guys, all america, a whole continent is unable to play thanks to you!!!!!

Andrew Smith Would be nice if the maintenance for NA was done at non-peak times. If someone is going to argue about China, they have servers in their country for a reason….to play on.

Zynthesis Damn man, you must have a IQ of 160. You must work in the gaming industry.

Alex Morgenstern if you have a potato pc it’s not their fault lmao

Jack H Like we haven’t already XD

Dan Del Aguaro Perfect, during peak time. Why not 4a

Garrett Rose they are Korean lol

stephens2010 you guys SUCK! stop going down in prime time NA

Ian Pritchett One in awhile I go to play in a Tuesday, then I remember that the game isn’t open on Tuesdays

I want money I’m getting client 5.1.7 please update to 5.1.6 error is it only me?

Witty LBJ Lakers Name Same issue here mate.

Adam Foster I love reading tweets from butt sore yanks after a evening of pubg action. Keep the 00:30 GMT maintenance time, works for me :p

Mike England, land of the defeated.

♠♥Root♦♣ 1776 worked for us

polishedpig incoming 1812 reference

Joel too much maintenance. never get to play.

hamci 4 hours a week, 4 hours out of 168 hours, 2.3% of the time… literally all the time, it’s impossible to play you’re right

Bryan T Good thing i hardly play this game anymore.

chris fix the game at a time where your core playerbase isnt trying to play, oh and actually fix the fucking game

SUNIL UMAT Why aren’t test servers working? Fucking keep at least one platforms open!

TriNhO just fix your game

ALBIN0_RAV3N Holy shit half of these replies are dumb so lets take care of the FAQ. 1. PUBG Corp is in Korea, stop complaining Americans (I’m american) 2. This is server maint. not a patch (stop asking them to fix something) 3. It happens EVERY TUESDAY (shouldn’t be a surprise anymore)

ixisweat returns For whatever reason, / decided to close the test servers down with the regular servers, and nobody showed up to play DayZ, so called the streams and decided to edit the montage a bit. See you guys this weekend 🙂

Salv0h Why is any of this a surprise? They don’t care about NA, we have 1 server in Ohio for the entire country and 1 server in Brazil for the South America. They are fine disappointing us because a majority of their player base is in Asia.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

Matt Wainman 🌐 Why 4 hours every time? Even with it’s many, many patches and server downtimes, very rarely lasted 4 hours.

LASTNINJΛCOW Ark has how official servers? PUBG needs at least 10,000 to cater for the 1 million concurrent they have. 1 server =100 players 10,000 servers = 1million players

BlowNuggs you would think but not. Most computer’s they have now can run more than just one instance of the game try like 30-40

dgeesio & ronMctube please sort out the regions . EU players infested with cheaters from ASIA in last few weeks yet shouldnt even be on EU .

GEESUS Yeah, I have no clue why they’re on our region. They’re in all of my games. Don’t they have any Asia servers anymore or what

Allan Rowntree Could you just add this information to the game when we try to connect?

Gracekain I don’t get it…. server maint and updates during prime time (4 – 8 pm)……. what happened to 2 A.M. updates…..

hamci Time zones happened. Time zone for their office and for the majority of their player base.

TrosMaN7 I can’t imagine what the game would be like without regular server maintenance! Thank you so much . Also, perfect timing for us here in EU. Keep up the great work.

Michael Hatch If you ever played the game you would know the game is always exactly the same before and after maintenance. The same stuff is still broken and the same cheats are still allowed. No one would bitch if things actually got fixed.

FranCadiz Another maintenance for fix desync? Right?? RIGHT??? Oh wait….

Lion Family Seeds OPEN TEST SERVER PLS!!!!

your mom’s bloomberg I know right? They used to do this but I guess they got lazy and don’t want to overwork their shrinking staff. They refuse to say why….

Spiro Mirkopoulos I love the game, but you guys seriously need to learn how to manage it properly. Incompetent shit like this is why ppl play Fortnite and COD instead. And why most ppl think PUBG is joke.

josh castor i got a ticket for you. stop doing 4 hour downtime for nothing to be updated. so sick of not being able to play during prime us hours.

josh castor or atleast keep test servers up. like whats the point of shutting your whole game down, but have 3 different servers. lol

Fancai Why always do maintenance at prime times when people are actually not working. I work all day and come home to not being able to play! That’s fucking dumb first you do it on New Year’s Day and now random other times? How about doing it earlier

Alex Morgenstern the company it’s in Korea, so you should understand that they must do it on their working hours, and NA it’s not even their biggest player base, like all Americans assume they are lmao

DAVEGRENADE Well done guys you’re doing a great job ! great time to do maintenance GG Well done

Matt stop doing this during prime time 🙁

Gracekain 4 hours? no wonder people play Fortnight.

Spiro Mirkopoulos That’s their problem.

jeepzyeah Hello, It is now three times in a row that you prevent me from enjoying my pubg evening. Thank you in the future for kindly perform the deferred test server maj the rest of the classic servers. Thank you in advance.

Dan Gibbs Backing up databases etc, adding hotfixes, testing fixes, rollback if needed. 4 hours is not to bad if I’m honest 👍

Bob Lindemann you must be fucking high. name another game that does 4 hours maintenance every week? yeah none.

Möth I like chicken

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Ok – I’m good to go on my end, all 34 Mb of the update is done. How’s it going on your end? Git ‘er down to 3 hours again like last Tuesday?

RM.T0PsiD3 4 hours maintenance for a 34.2 MB UPDATE. Still shitty.

Jason Cox Do this crap in the morning or at midnight

john ryder play another game

Donkie I have no Idea what they have to maintain there… The Servers are Bad and there is no improvements after that 4 Houres. Look at Blizzard. They do the exact same think for WoW every week and have just a Serverrestart. Downtime 2-3 Minutes for there Servers.

Ian Pritchett To be fair, wow costs the same once a month is this game did once for our entire life.

Xavier Yeah but honestly for as much bug fixes they do and all the downtime they should have the game fully optimized by now

[̰̞̋̓̋Ⅎ̘͈̎͗̌͒͡ͅℲ͖͉̪̔ͬ͛͛]͋ leon *sigh* i just got on

nick pisciotta Can NK nuke your office already so we can get a new team that wont take servers offline EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK.

Owl Lost Or you can stop complaining over something petty🤷‍♂️

nick pisciotta Or they can stop taking NA servers down during peak times for NA players?

Billkamm I realize you guys have A LOT of bugs to fix, but must you take the NA servers down once a week during primetime? I never thought I was buying a game that only worked 6 nights a week.

Adam Branson are you living in Vikendi?

Ninponeer Close, Kansas City, Missouri.

Triss ah that is pretty close, hope it gets fixed

James Buck Why would you not have test server up?

ItsZeroYt As soon as I decide to play pubg😂😂😂

Belle Are test servers down too?

Gatsu YES, and WHY ?????

Johnny What a joke… I think it’s time to find another game.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Have not they learned like all the other games in the world? Every week the game is off the air. I’m almost giving up on this game.

kha1221 Why do you always update the time when people come home from work and finally have time to play? Do the update at 3-4 am when most people are freaking sleeping.

UtahJazz_24 plus you gotta take account of most of bluehole is based in china

Samuel Michaud This game is now around 70% chinese players, that’s why my friend. Why they need 4 hours maintenance every week is a bit weird though, especially when huge mmos like World of Warcraft don’t even need that outside of a patch. Maybe it’s because of the huge number of hackers

GEESUS Because this time of the day got the lowest numbers. How have you not figured that shit out already. Holy shit


Miguel yo idiot in every part of the world its a different time of day, why don’t you stop playing pubg and educate yourself a bit you cutie pie

riley🤘 they do maintenance specifically when their player count is the lowest. that’s right now, every day. just look at steam charts

that dude that is just far from true. They have scheduled maintenance. They don’t just start doing it

riley🤘 ofc it’s scheduled. it’s scheduled for the time of lowest playercount which, like i said, is the same time every day

Yacine its 1:41 am here lol what you’re talking about

James Read I agree but there are other time Zones in this world not just yours

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Time zones have nothing to do with anything. There are 2 core fundamental issues here: 1 – The need to do 4 hrs of maintenance per week on a game like this is absurd 2 – That they can’t figure out how to stagger updates by server location ie update NA servers during NA nonpeak

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 bUt sTeAm dOeSn’T aLlOw iT

cory allen I truly dont know how this works but is it possible to do EU server maintenance at one time NA maintenance at another… etc?

Donkie No. Steam dont allow Specific Timed maintenance.

Jesse Ramos They could do it siberian/alaskan time when the least amount of people are playing ]

droowz NA didn’t have the most player base, go figure

pizzizle the whole world doesn’t play on the same servers

Derek B Agreed, this is shit, they are shit so it follows suit

Tenka My understanding is that steam won’t let them do rolling server outages/maintenance. It’s either all or none. Not 100% sure on that, but seems like I read that somewhere before.

Kisho911 these comments 🥰

SR Great. Now fix the NA servers so I can play Solo Miramar again. Haven’t been on that map for over 2 weeks.

Sh0cK please actually fix the game’s bugs, ya’ll need to make the game run smoother.

. Agreed agreed agreed, how tf can i play when i have 1060 6gb with 16ram and i5 6500 and 40-50 frame?

hamci I get 100+ stable with the same exact specs, something most be on you side

. i don’t know , sometimes it’s dropped at 20 in like 1-2 sec

hamci Weird, I’m on lowest settings for everything except anti-aliasing.

Iván Marcelo Reimer Will the routine maintenance ever end? Or is that a chronic thing now?

FISH ❁ I hope you are only making memes but if not you might want to search the meaning of “routine”

Rodrigo Reis Every day that i go to play at night, this server are under maintenance. i’m very happy with it. thanks.

Alex Morgenstern it’s only once at week and it’s always the same day, so maybe you should assume that every Tuesday at this time it’s maintenance and stop complaining like a 5 year old surprised kid

Lion Family Seeds its one time by weeks since few months u should know the day. every 7 day the same day the same night…..

Mr.Nicholas So basicly you need 4 hours for putting in weekly missions? Am i right or?

EagleScope Nah! The weekly missions are already in!

3y3 has the twitter show started yet? I want to see what new and innovative hate tweets they can come up with this week.

Derek B It’s not hard with this game lol

3y3 you right. lol but the irony is the same post week after week. the world hates “America” bc of the entitlement that comes with the territory of being American…*most* of the NA comments in this post- “how dare you do server maint during peak hours” -reality- they work a 9-5…

Derek B They’re greedy and don’t really care

Derek B This game has more problems than maintenance times

3y3 but they are on the other side of the world…so their 9-5 falls on our “peak hours” and i wouldnt work a night shift to fix a game for ungrateful pricks either lmao

Rylkon Ungrateful? They took everyone’s money with their game still in beta and STILL have to do weekly maintenance for the same server problems they had over a year ago, something literally no other game I’ve ever played does.

3y3 that is not the issue I am addressing, it is the fact that people can not accept that Thursdays, servers will be down…and nothing is going to change that. lol I understand the game has its issues, but if 60$ hurt your feelings that bad, you have bigger issues. ITS JUST A GAME.

3y3 correction, Tuesday, before you try to make it about that. bc theres never satisfaction.

Rylkon Its “JUST A GAME” thats substandard in many ways to every other game I’ve ever played. They do weekly maintenance, no other game I’ve played does that. Despite that they have completely failed to fix many of their major issues AND can’t even give a straight answer as to why.

3y3 Because they simply do not know why. You notice when they fix something, 5 things go wrong? its like a rubix cube with 50 squares per side. do you know how their net code works? bc I don’t. its never that simple. so they *attempt*…maybe itll get there one day, maybe not.

Rylkon So they get a pass because they “attempt” to fix things? Every other game developer faces the same problems but they aren’t churning out weekly updates that seemingly do nothing at all and take 4 whole hours.

Rylkon And by “straight answer” I meant they’ve never properly explained why the maintenance is weekly (most games don’t do this), why it takes 4 hours minimum, and what they’re actually doing during the “maintenance.”

3y3 I get it, no other game does it.wana tell me 3 more times? I might not completely understand. I don’t stand over the shoulder of people making my burger at a drive through. why do they need to answer that? what possibly could you do with their coding thatd make you feel better?

Rylkon Sure I’ll tell it to you 3 more times because apparently you don’t get the point. Their weekly “maintenance” would be easier to deal with if they actually fixed something, but they don’t, and they still have to spend more time “fixing” their game than almost anyone else.

Rylkon And yes, if you’re burger is undercooked and didn’t come with pickels like you asked you’re definitely going to want to get a fully cooked one, a refund, or wonder what happened. derp.

3y3 no, actually I think you are missing the point lol you tweeting, and bitching on social media wont get anything accomplished. but it is entertaining lol

3y3 leave a bad review on steam and move the fuck on. its going to be ok. and why are you still here? servers are back up. lol

3y3 I didn’t say it was a pass, I said it’s just the way things are. take it or leave it.

Rylkon People complain about PUBG’s support and maintenance every week. Take it or leave it.

3y3 im taking it. and laughing about it. as butt hurt as you are about your 60$, im surprised you wanted to spend your 2 cents here. thank you. ill be sure to keep you in the loop as far as my next move in life now that you have invested here. <3

3y3 and i am not going to pretend to know how, nor am i going to tell them how to do their job based on a 60$ transaction. i am going to sit back and wait for them to say they are done trying, or that they have fixed it, and if i dont like it, i uninstall. that simple.

3y3 so back to the “ungrateful” part. yes, i use that word heavily in my primary point. server maint is neccesary and it will always be on a tuesday at the same time. deal with it or uninstall. boo hooing about it on twitter wont fix the problem, your aim nor your attitude. its life.

Uly Literally loaded it up just now too, depression is real.

bill-the-pony What about test servers ?

Michael Hatch Will this weekly crap ever stop? Every week the game is down and comes back up without doing anything about the cheaters. How hard is it to ban people who warp across the map when there are videos in replay of it? Wtf

Horizon It’s incredibly normal for games to do a weekly maintenance and to take servers down during that time. It gives the servers brake and lets them implement changes that need to be uploaded.

bob humplick well im glad they put out a warning yesterday thats nice. the desync i was experiencing when thisu patch first went live is now mostly gone i think. probalby just server congestion. i would like it if server maintenance wasnt every week but if they have to then they have to

Evan You guys need to stop doing this at peak playtimes.

Miguel no everyone lives in the same country as you do believe it or not 🤪

Evan America is the only country that matters.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

adapt You tell them 😤

Jonathan Nadeau according to this chart, its not

Ian Pritchett So basically it’s America’s fault for not playing enough. Thanks America

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played and played several games in the world and only this one is off the air every week in prime time. Each region has its servers and could do by parts.

Jonathan Nadeau It’s a Korean company, when do you think they should do it then?

SANDROAPODI🎮 And? Are they selling only in korea?

Jonathan Nadeau I’m asking you what time of the day should they update. It’s 9am here and player count keep increasing until late at night

MinniMitsuo player count can rise because people have the game launched and open and ready to connect.

Samuel Michaud Bullshit, it’s catering to chinese players, that’s the reality, nothing to do with their nationality

SANDROAPODI🎮 It could update the servers at different times for each region.

Evan Sweeping updates across regions, not all at once. Maintenance should be done at lowest player times, my guess is that would be around 4-5am.

Ashtonius Lardonious exactly they have enough money to slowly bring all servers up and down according to local area times they shouldnt do the whole world at one time.

GEESUS They can’t with steam though, otherwise they would.

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played battlefield for years and it never happened. Only in PUBG does this happen.

Jonathan Nadeau Yes because ea unlike bluehole don’t have to wake up at 3am to please people like you.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Next step will be to offer the butt.

SANDROAPODI🎮 To please? I paid for it. Now I do not understand what you get by licking the balls of someone who gives you money.

Evan For a supposed “game developer” you aren’t very good at figuring out how to appeal to a consumer base, are you?

Jonathan Nadeau I simply talking about time zones, not what they should do in order for it to be smoother. I agree it sucks to have downtime no matter the time zone, but my original point is that no, this is not prime time for pubg.

Evan It is for me.

GEESUS Yeah, but not for PUBG.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Do you really need to like something wrong? What do you get with it?

John W it’s not peak playtime for China

jay Man No one gives a F about China.

John W except for , because the vast majority of their players are in China

jay Man The politically correct term for China is “ching Chong land” … you have it all wrong

Miguel lol its not peak play times you fool. But for real why 4 hours?

Evan 7pm is very much peak playtime every evening.

riley🤘 7pm is peak playtime? try again m8

Spark Flurry That’s definitely your fault. Team indicator is fine. It’s user error if you TK someone thinking their an enemy.

Terry Davis Where are the patch notes?

Brandon 🦅🏆 Hey, maybe while you’re doing your four hour maintenance where you click ‘reboot’ and eat ramen while waiting, you might consider doing something productive like working to fix the cheating that has and continues to plague this community. Or just ban China.

Aziz ⚡️ when will there be a cross platform between PS4 and Phones?! Will there be any?

Ali Why when I change my Twitter photo which is linked to my PUBG account, it didn’t show in my Pung profile?

John Streck That’s PUBG mobile you noob

Nick Cirillo Is it just me or was there no message saying that there would be maintenance tonight???

Brandon 🦅🏆 Why am I getting this error, among other generic errors, after every single match? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

midninBR how do we report a streamer sniping?

David Støvring Please ban this sweaty cheating piece of german trash from the game obviously cheating here

Liviu -_- Add choco skins !

Enoquiano How is this possible?? He was banned for using external programs in non-competitive games and still streaming with a new account He should serve his 2-year sentence out of the game, not just the competitive one.

Daniel A Ramos Me da asco este tipo de jugadores🤢🤮

N.A👃🏻{Kagawa} Son todos gringos ahora ? Ndeaahh

Fernando Malave This is just sad

Luigi Nicoletti 🇧🇷 doesn’t give a damn 😉

rogi 🤙🤙 banned while live streaming, that dont break any guideline from twitch?

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Hei i need u respone. Thank you

Freddy Mulyanta ★

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Still no respone ???

Koem Neth Hi i,m player pubg help like me please

Gnarw – I get “Servers are too busy” for like 2 hours now – what can I do?

squashy Some floating rocks down by Volnova

RjxLive will test server be going down tonight as well?

Hyvmind Probably it’s

RjxLive It’s tilting.

Hyvmind They clearly don’t get it after all this time but what can you do. They are still making the $

riley🤘 i didn’t complain i just told him he’s asking the wrong company

Sgt_gh0st Fixing the loot in Vikendi finally? Is it a joke or do you want it to be an ongoing SMG Event? 🙁

no one will this fix, well after a year now, the broke lobby?

LeeBo1Kinobe Have you considered moving to Hawaii to fix this problem?

Hulk68TV Anyway that when you do these maintenance you could have test servers up?

JH steam only allows patching at a global level.

LeeBo1Kinobe Canada and mexico can come too.

Chase North Americans and South Americans

LeeBo1Kinobe Yeah

Klajdi Have you solve the problem

Tolga Cetin my game crashes right as the parachute is about to cut off and land. No error msgs. Just crashes. I rejoin the game and I’m floating in mid air with my parachute where the game crashed. This all happened after update 24

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊 I think we should be able to see how many are spectating 🤔

8th Hokage No ones watching you that’s why you dont see it

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊… learn how to shoot like this then come holla at me

8th Hokage It does show it. Fool

Chase Dietrich Corsair mic not working in pubg same with my friends. Sound works fine, mic works fine otherwise

Nappy Y’all need to add the ACR

Mario Gorg When we finally get FPP solo on EU?

Vagg Pal 🙏🙏

Rickles Any chance you guys could answer any of the of the following questions, regarding the upcoming XBOX 1 update -Will you be addressing desync issues? -Will there be region lock, or will you be opening more regions? -Will there be a nerf of the ump and vector?

Anthony Can we stop this shit already? Or at least alternate the times maintenance happens?

cece hello! I really need help here. I played PUBG mobile North America server and spent almost 1000usd for it. But I played with guest account. After apple’s system update, I lost my guest account.The in game customer support never replies me back. Help!please

Austin hollingsworth we doing maintenance to servers every tuesday on primetime for americans to play after work but yet more and more cheater pop up after each patch? wonder whats going on here 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Falloutboi12 I’m in phx az what time will the update be completed for me please and thanks

eM | Serk 🐼 2 hours early for maintenance damn that’s a big yikes

II-Yuggoh-II Yo Fuckers put in the choose your map options for consoles you fucking morons.

Bearclaws any idea why I keep getting “could not connect” on the Xbox PTS? I would greatly appreciate some help!

Prashant Gahlot I’m still waiting for your response.

Cfc.. Can I revert from the Vietnamese version to the global version ?

Nick bennett Will test servers be up tonight during maintenance

maxou 日本 I don’t have this problem again, but the BattleEye settings were correct. So If it appears again, I just will uninstall af.

TriNhO lucky for you, for me it’s still happening

maxou 日本 Very often? For now I have 70-80 FPS but when my stream is on, it is around 40-50 but this lag is gone so.. it is just common lag from PU that I need to fix

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at .

maxou 日本 I will as always but this is so random every update it changes, even If I put very low to every graphic settings

TriNhO yep 2-3 times per day, i checked step 9 but my battleye works fine so idk what can i do. Did u do something?

maxou 日本 I just try to check all the steps from the guide they give me, try it.

EstaQuerias Will the silent steps inside Villa be fixed?

wtfmoses I still can’t believe PUBG has one server location for North America. It’s not even central. It’s enraging to play with 100+ ping most games.

Incoming! try 200+ ping on asian servers unless you only want to play TPP squads.

TheWookieWay Exactly.. they aren’t really in touch with reality here in the states. has failed us

Starr I think its another feature! 😅

Tim Try playing 2000 hours on 200 ping 🙂

Manpons Come to – just in time for the new season 🙂

sharpshot Get good

Max (SPG) At least you have a server in your country. They have removed the OCE server so we have to play on SEA now 😢

johan åberg Is it really that hard to believe tho? Not that they haven’t improved the game, they most definitely have. But this is a dev that took 3 months to fix a bug with flying threeseaters. They work slow but steadily

Dioneverts no shit! Come visit me in melboure australia. I’d love love love a 100 ping.

Jordan schroeder This true???

Sole Ma i feel ya… imagine what oce players must feel like

Caleb Highgate Try being in Australia where the game is so dead its not possible to find an FPP match 🙁

StinkyBagPipes I agree! Please get a west coast and a central na server

TrentBraidnerTV At this point playing with 100+ ping for OCE is just part of the game, it’s a skill that is developed. Unless of course you want to play solo squads TPP but only for a few hours in the evenings

Willian Lima Better play 120 ping on EU server, I’m playing from NA lol 😂

aTwig Man cant fp in aus cause no server have to play in SEA or NA 200 plus ping

BlockayLIVE Pretty sure they have a server in Oregon that’s been sitting there collecting dust for awhile. About to 130 ping consistent here in Montana.

Brendan Black Pretty sure they rent of Amazon so there wouldn’t be any servers sitting round collecting dust. It’s up to Amazon which servers they allow to be rented

Knoxy_In_Oz Come at me Moses… Tell me all your problems 😛

Bruce Wayne Are they using AWS or Azure? Or something else?

fdj Don’t they have offices in Milwaukee???

Born Seattleite And yet you don’t bother to tag a single one of their accounts…

KineticNinja ya my ping averages 80 to 100 ms…. pretty crappy

Jon And it conveniently always goes down for updates during prime time in NA sigh.

Jon every tuesday

resur2b I used to have 15 to 30 of ping but since new matchmaking comes out Iget 50 to 60 and I don’t really get it…

BALLOC Almost the same ping playing out of Cali as I did playing NA from Denmark. It’s pretty cool

wtfmoses and my games are only slightly less important than yours!!!

BALLOC We’re all paying for the same service Id say :p Id happily host a server in my closet!

johan åberg Can I +1 this somehow?

Caleb Lindsay Try playing from Australia, best pings you can get are 180+

Nic Maybe if your isp is complete trash, it’s generally 100.

Sektor I bet is US west.

Jeff Davis Killed smaceTRON last nigh and watched the kill on his stream after… His random.duo partner was in Brazil…. So much for region locking.

philip Come to Australia and play on 200+ ping to SEA. Fun times!

Marna 🇿🇦 Same here from South Africa. Ugh the frustration.

ezz01 Brah 🇳🇿/🇦🇺

藍染 K.A. There are so many things sad but true regarding PUBG in general anyway.

FKnightTV Can you really not believe it after it takes them 10 years to do anything? Do you think they care about NA when they do their server maintenance during NA primetime? They havent cared then, they wont care later. But we keep coming back because the gunplay is so damn good in this

FKnightTV But what they fail to realize thats the only reason we keep coming back. And when another company finally creates a game with equal Gunplay and a working foundation, we’re all gonna bounce with smiles on our faces and they can keep this. Until then, we shall rage and continue on.


knew know It’s weird that PUBG corp doesn’t comment on this stuff. If there’s a valid reason for 1 server, why not explain? Same goes for loot tables, circle settings, matchmaking systems/choices etc. If there’s a good reason, you’d hope the community would understand.

Tomographic Never knew that. This explains a lot!😂

AxeToMouth It’s good for you, though. East coast servers are as EU friendly as it gets, even if EU doesn’t deserve it 😎

Tomographic I never get paired with NA since they removed region select. Me and my NA friends only ever get EU based servers now😂

AxeToMouth Bahaha. Lucky for you then 😂

NoHands Mate your ping is half mine! You are blessed!

Muaaz Cassim Come to South Africa, where we play with 200+ every game, every day, since the game came out

Marna 🇿🇦 This! 👆

elite.mafia When i learned this I was shocked. Always assumed there was east and west servers because that would make sense….

Untaint3d “Damn man that sucks. Wouldn’t know what that feels like” – entire OC region

Linksy Can’t even imagine playing on high ping

eU TaylorJay Hi_Im_400 ping Linksy 😜

Linksy That’s the old me

Zanpah just get a router 😉

Harrison How is my ping better than yours when I’m in Edmonton? (I average about 70, so still not great)

Jake China that’s why the don’t care enough

DonRudder(⚡) if you’re driving a buggy for 5 hours – who cares about ping, AMIRITE?

Malik Henderson Thank god someone said it.. I hate making servers that aren’t centers like it’s really not that hard to comprehend

Trent C ❌ Where is it? Let’s be honest; this game is a sham. I hope someone makes a real PUBG-style BR (big maps, solid ballistics, etc.) and you become the voice of it as well.

Little Nemo Tbh, it’s probably because they don’t want to add extra lag for the asian players, that inexplicably want to play on US servers.

Ghost_Dog 🌹 As much as I have enjoyed it, The game is fundamentally flawed on pc and unplayable on xbox. I have no idea about ps4 but I’m sure it’s not much better. It’s sad to say but it’s starting to feel like a cash grab.

Logan Peters Lol when have you played it last on xbox? It’s pretty decent on xbox now, especially if you have an X

Ghost_Dog 🌹 I don’t have an x (shouldn’t need one) but I tried playing it last week and it crashed three times and I gave up. Maybe you are having better luck but in my experience it’s totally broken.

Logan Peters I haven’t crashed in my last 4 days of playtime (yes I’ve kept track), so idk. Also I have excellent frames except when around smoke grenades

Ghost_Dog 🌹 Well that in itself speaks to the lack of stability in the game that for some people It’s fine and others it’s unplayable.

Logan Peters I crashed in blackout about every 20-30ish games. It’s way less stable than pubg is now for me. That’s the sad part.

Novak 🇦🇺 Hi, our Australian server is in south east asia where a 120 ping is the best you get… it never used to be like this. Oh, the only OCE server they give us is a TPP squad server every other night. Should be able to all refund the game, not even give us playable servers 😡🤬

Stu 120 is generous, most I play are min 180. Still slay.

Novak 🇦🇺 But when the SEA server magically disappears we get the Asia server and then i get 330 ping. I swear to fuck I get a 197 ping to the West Coast NA servers in other games, why the fuck is PUBG devs so rich and can’t rent a fucking server?


curtis Australian server? OCE is New Zealand too mate.

Novak 🇦🇺 I wrote OCE in the 2nd part of the tweet. The servers were located in AUS, all the same. Yes NZ is still a thing 😕

curtis Hehe it’s fine 🙂

Novak 🇦🇺 Eh wrong emote, stupid twitter.

CheckSix Jakenoff I must say, feels fine for me in Ohio.

wtfmoses Because the server is in your state lmao

CheckSix Jakenoff I know lol

Asylumjerk That’s because it’s located in Ohio…

Shean I don’t understand how PUBG uses Amazon and Microsoft servers, which are located all over the US, but they only utilize one in Ohio…

Brendan Black It doesnt work like that. Amazon and Microsoft do have servers everywhere however not all are available to rent. Microsoft run games also, Amazon rents to quite alot of different companies as well as their own usage. Its would be more those are the servers allowed to be rented

Trevor Howes Move to St.Louis MO. I get 25-35 haha and rents are cheap as hell. But then you are in STL so there is that

Uherdme It’s okay I get 37-40 and I still suck

Always vocal has mentioned this tons of times. It needs to be rectified.

MitchThePreacher Preach!

coupedupLIVE Remember, it never used to be like that. They had servers all over the US. There was that one website that ping tested all the Amazon Cloud servers PUBG was using and I could correlate my pings to see which ones I was connected to. This past summer I was at 30ms. Now sit at 65-80

Justin 💀 That just had all the Amazon server locations, it’s only ever been 1 server.

coupedupLIVE Doesn’t make any sense that I was connected to a closer location during the summer with an average ping of 30ms (which I would assume is Oregon/California area) then changed in the fall to divert to the east coast and now sit at 65-80ms They changed something and said nothing..


Zalendar Where is the Server located?

Zone15 Ohio

PunkersPlays 🎮

unforgotten It’s enraging playing PUBG at all imo, but I still do it. RIP

João Martins 🎯

Andrew The west coast is rough…

Tom T. Consistent 75-80 MS in LA area … dumb

Jack Mott it looks like the US could use some more infrastructure for a good central location…

Jack Mott AWS has the same gap, so maybe a lack of data pipes?…

2old2run yep, same

Ozzny Its not like they made SO MANY MILLIONS

crayshow_Kcams If only pubg Corp made enough money to buy a couple more servers….

Prashant Gahlot Will you guys reply to my email ? I need refund

6’8 Tha Great I haven’t gotten on in 4 days now smh. Sucks because I really want to play but not to play the same stuff! If I want to play battle royal ima load up Help us out

Paul Man I haven’t played pubg in a while. Just been playing fortnite lately. More people I know play it.

6’8 Tha Great Yea I played it a while ago and was super trash. Didnt remember the buttons lol

Paul Ha. I heard there’s a snow map now but just doesn’t do anything. To much waiting time between games

6’8 Tha Great I’ve played on it a few times but kept freezing the rest and I got off. It’s still fun though

mahmoud saad i cant log in my account cause i sell my telephone iphone x and buy new iphone xr but cant log in because i not connected to facebook or twitter please help me !

suwoopss Can we get the WA2000 in PUBG Please?

Anonymous ‘ gamers Yea that’s your friends tho recoil control is eased on m&k and if ur friends are not used to m&k then they are not going to find any use from it but it’s stupid to turn off m&k support because of an advantage but you still have people using m&k with an adapter.

POGEGraphics Lmao, thats all you man xD

Prashant Gahlot Okay , I have emailed explaining my issue regarding my purchase.

David Gagné Why youre not doing the maintenance in morning time?

dednaut Morning in Korea, where PUBG corp is.

David Gagné Yeah and thats the problem, we’re not all living at the same time zone…theres probably a solution.

SquidGaming It is morning In china

Daniel Try this.…

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Prashant Gahlot I’m on pubg mobile. What’s the procedure for that ?

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Ed Sullivan hey guys.. is it possible that with map selection we could just choose 1-4 maps that we wish to play? not just one of the maps or Sanhok ~cough~ i mean a random from all 4.. depending on time of day and what day of the week it is of course.

Ed Sullivan lol… i mean, im sure its possible, what im asking i guess, is, are you willing to do it?

Ed Sullivan OMG! its like they do this SURPRISE maintenance EVERY TUESDAY!

DigiKrypt 1. Some people aren’t aware 2. 4 hours every single week? that’s kind of a lot. What happened to the 2 hour maintenance every thursday :/


Halston Pitman What did happen to 2 hours? Then it was 3 but on Wednesday. Now it’s 4 but sometimes done early on Tuesday.

Ed Sullivan you have the new scope.. press tab.. click red dot while 3x is equipped, press tab again.. its magic.. OR.. press tab and click 3x while red dot is equipped press tab again! YAY!!! TBH it would look pretty stupid if while swapping scopes in the vid they just appeared. Use ur head

Thainá Hello, I’d like to know when to open the questionnaires again for PUBG partners?

Rεиαи Δτհαψδε the code of the items Snow Glasses and Snow Beanie can be activated until when?

آرم Help me please

EstaQuerias Remove solos from all maps since you are not planning to do anything with players teaming in Solos. My reports are good for nothing 👌

آرم help me please

Shakita Ok and?

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-15

Pacar Balle2 why I can’t enter the game? message “server are to busy” always appears. Please help me

PUBG Help Hi Pacar, For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at -M

WhiteY_au Hey – any word on what server issues they are referring to? Something they might be looking for might be something I’ve encountered before but never thought to announce. <3

Archer I can’t say for certain, but my FPS have certainly been shithouse lately. And that’s not even starting on the fact they can’t roll out a simple matchmaking solution for smaller regions with “not enough playerbase”. Just sick of the lies really. Time for to front up.

michaelVETTAS__ 🙏🏽 How about not being able to get an OCE server for anything other than TPP squads 🙁 no solo no duo no FPP

saeed The pubg service is the ones who want to help

wit_sec_birb There’s only issues IF and WHEN you can play FPP on OCE. Considering no servers, no issues. Give a big bold green tick for no issues in OCE please!

Archer ☑️ Servers still fucked, check. ☑️ still not responding, check. ☑️ Dogging the boys, check.

Jah’dae Why is Miramar in the rotation so much when will ps4 players get to chose what map they’d rather play

eNsKy StoneNautz OCE PUBG Players: Been seeing increased reports of wild server issues for you guys, can you please tweet at me some clips of these issues? Would love to follow this up and share these with the dev team to follow.


Tom Is the test server for down or over now that vekendi has a release date??

Dental Hey how is this not a knock? Kar98k headshot on a level 2 helmet, close range. Wadu?…

pasanti Hello, I really need to unlink my FaceBook from my pubg and link my twitter instead 😟

pasanti hello PLEASE unlink my twitter from my pubg

j hello, i’m trying to get onto the pubg test server, but everytime i try to get on it comes up with “could not connect” all my friends are able to get on just fine. yesterday it was also coming up with “Hcremote” not sure what that is but hopefully you can help

ڤارس7# Welcome, I lost my account as a guest. I know the name, the ID and my information. How do I retrieve it?

Hans Wurst hey what is this for an ranking system, we need to play 6+ hours every day to rech the 6k points.. check the leaderboard only the same guys got this, this is very srsly

Kahlil Wolf spent 20mins driving around in a buggy for it to not count towards my progress on that ridiculous mission…

𝓝𝓸 𝓞𝓷𝓮 👑 #𝟒 🇫🇷 ⭐⭐ When are the results?

⌨️🖱Mike Ybarra🎮 Twitter poll: (choose between one of the below) – the game I should play/stream until Anthem’s release is:

Syarifah Hanyna Rdr2..must be completed with the hat and accent

Joseph Allen Sea of Thieves

Capt. Kore Virus Sot?

James Brainerd I think aco is just way to big to do before anthem let’s see some rdr2

Hoodnewzmedia Game of the generation RDR2

Lucha Lisa Sea of Thieves.

Xavier1415 AC O

Halo4life Mobile you kidding right?

cyb3rs34l Ace combat 7

JustJango I assume AC:O is Odyssey and not Origins?

Adam I kinda just like watching you play PUBG or you could always play some with that sequel coming in March!

Richm88 🎮 Destiny 2

loops Assassins creed oddessy is better than both of thise games.

Hakan Heybet 🎮 Of course Red Dead Redemption 2!

Sir Mattsalot What about Crack Down 3?

📺 OGCryptor Red Dead is the trendy thing to say right now but IMHO Assassin Creed O is awesome. That would be my pick.

Kelly or you can pick a good game

pat gow 🍀🍀🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇵🇸🇵🇸 Away and do something constructive . 🤨

4 player split screen is back in Halo! ART ✌🏿❤🎮 Origins or Odyssey?

ReallyRick RDR2 is a bit buggy but still well worth the play through!

Arnibarani There can only be one!

vSnoWy_ReCo1lzz Red dead all the way

Gamer Maybs [GT] Assassin’s Creed has so many surprises and is so entertaining. It’s a great choice!

ExploreTheLore Knowing you, you’ll get bored of RDR2. I suggest you play/stream what you want as I’m sure we’ll all still watch 😃

HeisenbergFX4 I can’t see you sticking with any of these for very long 🙂 That said Red Dead 2 all the way.

Dane I would say FF XV, why the mobile version when the XB1 X probably enhances the original one? That’s confusing me

Brandon Bryce Both RD2 and AC:Odyssey

Doesn’t Matter Destiny isn’t an option, lol.


Patrick Maka RDR2 is the better game, but I think AC:O has the more viewer-friendly experience!

loops Big no on the better game..rd2 is a snooze fest.

✌🖕Danny🖕✌ Hhhmm I’m 105 hours into ac an I enjoyed it more than red dead

Liam Matthews Might be an unpopular opinion but rdr2’s gameplay is awful. Rockstar games have always controlled horribly. Much rather play odyssey

Nik Braeckman Voted for AC… bit It’s odyssey right? Or origins? 😂

R6 FBI SWAT ACO is great been addicted to it hard recently so much to do and is constantly being updated for frer

TriNhO I’m done with your game, can you give another solution?

Rick Dana Still getting packet loss every game.

ali Hello I have a Saudi account but I can not play except in the Vietnamese version, what is the solution to play in the Arabic version.


chris 💯 please fix shotguns, so over powered 😭

Steven Bockbrader what’s with the map selection?I really enjoy the larger maps and after playing for 3 hours got erangel once.

Don Dargins🤷🏽‍♂️ So that’s 2pm Eastern?

Bo0giEd0wN The wait is real👎🏽😡👎🏽

Bo0giEd0wN Wow… thanks tho.

Majorr Iconic Can somebody ANYBODY explain why Sea of Thieves is cross-platform but isn’t?

Game_boyq8 i got banned for no reason from steam

AlperrnGG i checked it long time ago but i will check it again will write here if the problem continues thanks for the advice

AlperrnGG i cant see my replays since i removed them a month ago at the start i thought i brake the game but now even i play a single game i cant see the replays it shows nothing on replays my ingame name is AlperrnGG if you take a look on my account it would be awesome

PUBG Help Hello! Have you tried verifying the game files on steam? -S

AlperrnGG i checked it long time ago but i will check it again will write here if the problem continues thanks for the advice

Danny Ok because rn I have it installed and once I’m off work I’ll do the power cycle restart and try it then

School_u whens the new map come out on ps4? with the new content? and is the new marking system gonna be added to the regular servers?

RNS Hey guys, will we be able to chose maps any time soon on console? Furthermore, is 60 FPS in our future? Thank you!

SSR CaTz Will the Vikendi map be added to the actual game or will the PTS be playable again any time soon? I really want to try out Vikendi and the G36C

William Why i can’t play? Please help me

Shivu Let’s dedicate the world record of most liked photo to PUBG which is already the no.1 game of the year.Just like and share and let PUBG be at no. Just click the link and like the going to be most liked image.…

RNS Working perfect thanks guys ; ) 2 hours of training paid off with a top 3 with 5 kills

William Why can’t i enter the lobby in live server ps4? My connection is not problem?

Danny After that do I reinstall pubg and start hoping it works ?

Steve Z Happens on xb1 all the time. My pubg id(Just_2_)[steam id (damocles_sakura)] is wrongly sealed,but i have never cheated,i really love this game,but you really hurt me.i really really hope you can help me!thanks very much.

ThatDude pls add sandstorm for the desert map. It will be fun…

Radhey Mehta Please fix this problem

Liggit22t20 Keep up the good work, my shit runs fine but then again I have great network I’m on at home. I’ve never had problem getting in games ever. Xbox one x Na servers. Also mobile is watered down for noobs also introduce M&K only servers on xbox, if they’re separate, it’s fair.

carter brown I was permanently banned without even an explanation. I have never been temporarily banned in the past. Could I please have an explanation.

Destined 👽 please region lock China.. All they do is use hacks and cheat.. It’s becoming a Chore to. Hit report.

Lalit Surana if you do not remove bugs and glitches then your game will be ban. After update 0.10 lots of bugs and glitches. I hate pubg…. We don’t need any new updates remove all bugs and glitches.

Callum Hutchison Could you do something about this blatent cheater ran into him and his same squad twice in a row, 300 matches with 170 wins and a 30 KDA, Guy is wallhacking and aimbotting – AVTVPiaoYiPiao

nigel penlington hi will the graphics on PUBG ps4 eventually get better ?

paul brennan This is still the madsed thing to happen to me in pug

SgT ReBeLs Open it bk up I want to play vikendi

SgT ReBeLs No wonder I can’t connect to pts

Andrew Reed on pc by the way

Danny Oh nice you can actually see past rank 10 on pc when its working, that’s cool

Andrew Reed At first when looking at leaderboard all it showed was “no data available”… now it shows a little but not everything duos shows only to position 12…

The_Sensei with the quick bans on cheaters!

New Year, Same Me So because it’s low on some severs no one is playing games at all on XB1

simon hornby Look at the YouTube footage of red dead 2 on xbox one and then on the piss poor. Nuff said

Nicholas passmore quick question, why doesn’t Xbox have the skins the PC version has. Do you guys not see people want cosmetics or the fact everyone watches PC pubg streamers. Everyone loves watching people play and the ability to get items console can’t… r you that out of touch

simon hornby Everyone’s switching to DayZ.

ItsYaBoiYom Feeling sick but we still gonna grind this followed by some

Judas2100 i send a ticket but no respons… i reported this person 2 times he got banned 2 times but he is still online daily and still cheating!!!! he even changed his name… old profile: … new profile:…

zigmaTV i need help with my PUBG audio issue, can you help me out?

zigmaTV when i play pubg is like Distortions sounds every 5-15 sec, i dont know if you know about this problem. what can i do ?

cheeseburgerGamer when will vikindi be available on consoles now that the pts is closed

David Kniceley Glad they respond to your videos.

Connor Obviosusly this is PC, but on console (X1) it was a HUGE occurrence that would happen when a players building wouldn’t render and it would put them in the wall, you could pick up guns if they were visible and within reach. It would only happen in the arenas

The_Sensei That’s crazy

Rafih hello, i cannot connect to the game. also somebody on community cannot connect into the game too my region country is Indonesia

PUBG Help Hi Rafih, For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at -M

Curtis Gabriel Yeah I can get on now, thanks !

Eric Gustafsson Thank you for the reply. I didn’t know this and that’s why I sent two tickets.

Bo0giEd0wN When is Xbox going to get the Vikendi update???🤔

Jet Fly Ted ✈ January 22nd

Bo0giEd0wN The wait is real👎🏽😡👎🏽

Bo0giEd0wN Wow… thanks tho.

自飞翔 Bluehole just ban the accout, Nothing to do fixing the game cheating bug!

Tone This is proof they are done with it haha of course it is doing well on PS4 gamers been waiting to play since MS announcement last yr. Now let’s see how PUBG will be doing in a year from now or not even that with the new games coming for 2019.

Kratos Kodi was released the same time frame tho.

Davide. already did all the troubleshooting part, i’m running a pretty strong setup, i noticed it only occurs during the first game join, the games after doesn’t have long loading times… I think it’s a bug.

carter brown Could some support get back to me

carter brown

eNigMaTic HD We want resolution priority option for the Xbox one x on the base game, not just the pts We want night maps with rain fall and thunder in a city with houses and suburbs and malls We want to be able to duck and hide in back seat of cars

eNigMaTic HD So when will the base game get the resolution priority option for the Xbox one x, like the pts has for vikendi I’m sick of the original map looking terrible on the Xbox one x….also we want night time, heavy rain and thunder maps in like manhattan

Shotoverse Doesnt matter even if you report it, Bluehole wont do anything about it.

GloryJean If I have that attitude then there’s a 0% chance it’ll get fixed. If I’m hopeful and constructive about it, there’s a better possibility

Shotoverse I know but I am tired of reporting hackers with video evidence only to see them still playing on those accounts, its a joke.

GloryJean I feel like I’ve been having a much better ban rate when reporting accounts in game right as it happens. Then again, I haven’t ran into that many recently. I feel your pain though

rodrigo seixas Yay! Lets play PUBG! “Server Maintenance” Always on my free day… seriously

gerasimos stamenis FIX the LOOT in ERANGEL is so poor 1 SQUAD droping NOVO and they get shjt loot, you r going to lose more ppl if you dont fix the loot

Steven Kennedy give console more audio controls I can’t hear footsteps and this is the only game that happens

ImTheStoner you dont do anything just wast the time say you’re gonna fix somthing

Checkout current PUBG server status

Luiz Guilherme We stay with 30 FPS on hot drop in game guys, congratulations PUBG keep make this useful patch…

ImTheStoner Really you dont fix anything , you worsen everything about fps problems , loot everything , your game is nice but do something about your fckn fix all the weeks. PUBG SUCKS

Darren Yeah why is test server not available during maintenance.. Because that makes sense. 🙄

David DeBouvre So…. Desync still a thing? What about audio bugs? oh! wait… meaningless 4.5 hour “server maintenance”

MrHorrorTv When is the pts going on live servers

Ty Rusher how many thousands of Xbox players have to message you before you send an update of when Vikendi will hit live server.

Techy hello thank you my pc is running pubb fine now sorry to be bothering you guys

David Marcus Can we not have weekly shut downs anymore or not make it at peak times of game play?! Please and thank you 😁

Jason Do it when I’m sleeping 2/3 am

shane You know there is such a thing as time zones that they cant control. What might me a good time to some is a bad time for others. Get over it. At least they are updating and fixing things.

Jonathan There are different servers in multiple timezones. They could do a better job

Yapchagi hmm I feel like they do this so often nowadays.

gary payton Because apparently these motherfuckers over at bluehole have never heard of a zero downtime update.


rogi 🤙🤙 Fix this (in the time of the video)…

phpabreu cara isso é ridiculo, aconteceu cmg hj dnv

Becky Rabchuk Doing maintenance during the day would make my life so much better.. D;

LanceFightmaster I have been getting crashes ever since update 20. laptop i7 6700hq, gtx980m, 32gb ddr4 ram. I know that there were issues with certain processors, were these ever fixed?

Pz Cairnzy Any punishment for people like this who obviously find it amusing to exploit bugs/glitches? His Gamertag is on the top left if so 🙂

Pankaj Patil hackers coming again

Oxymeth Can’t you do maintenance at 5am like every other normal company?

Sean_Seattleeeee Maybe fix this? We scared lots of ppl during that game


Faithlesssoul plug & xbox or ps4 controller in pc problem solved for you 👊🍗🍴

ブルックス cool I just got off work, made & ate dinner and finished my studying. Thanks for taking the game down!

Vincent I think the lesson here is to play games first, study later.

Tyron “Prokill” Bataille are you aware of the horrible experience the game is for competitive players with the massive frame drop/stutter that occurs in competitive games? Have you even acknowledged the issue ?

Andrew I just uninstalled and reinstalled to fix a bug and this is what i come back to

Lvl. 35 🅱oss when you bought the vikendi pass and you’re missing out on sweet prizes from a downtime that expands to your bedtime

Spamelote Today the game crashed 3 times. Please do something.

Adrian Chavez Is blue holes target demographic the chinese ? Like why with the maintenance during prime time in NA?

Dacreamysausage You think just because you can’t afford it, it should just be free? What about all the people who have already paid into the game? Don’t act like you deserve special treatment. You can go eat a bag of d*cks fukboy

Shaun Smallwood Can you please explain why these updates take so long? I’m not criticizing, just curious what the reasoning is. Also it would be really nice if PUBG: Test Server stayed alive during these long outages 😉

Corey hulsey Please find a better way of doing these updates.

Fdo. Arrigorriaga Holy shit, when i try to play this shit, its down. And they do nothing.

Godoy 🇧🇷 Lol Same here, I have not played for months haha there I go to Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege

Lessthanprofessional I stopped playing some time ago. I play mostly siege now

Guffmaw It happeneds every Tuesday every week for months now

cdotcizzle Wish and players could get a freaking update…………………….

l3gacy hey man ur getting vikendi this month i think

no one Weve had a huge number of updates…their count is wrong… sometimes a few a day…so…maybe you should hope tooo much… Nothing like having it crash to find out you had another update…

Vichai Lee Can you guys add like a mission log counter so we know if we are doing the missions correctly?

Blake Marshall Crazy how this game gets worse with every update when it ran its best in February 2k18

MrHorrorTv lmao you lagged out every game in Feb 2018 how is this worse

Blake Marshall ….. lol you must have trash connection

MrHorrorTv lmao no you must have trash connection if you still having issues with this game my son. Better player than you im sure

Ricardo So live server maintenance apparently means test server maintenance now too? You just want to turn your entire game off on Tuesdays during prime gaming time for working adults?

➖ Justin ➖ Say it louder for the people in the back Rich

Andrew S. Kapitzis Worst ever..updates every week or even less….seriously crying the money I spent buying this UTTER CRAP !!!!

Ken Weezy You all have some magic talent for having these releases right when I find some free time. How are we supposed to complete challenges like drive in a murado for two hours like this…

Lakeshow on PS4 my character randomly moves very slowly when I sprint. Any fixes on the way?

Arthigan K. wuts with service maintenance times for NA? Happens during the afternoon and night (when people are off work or school).

Justin Fawcett Because they are in Korea….the downtime isn’t staggered per timezone

Melissa It’s every Tuesday. Write it down.

Arthigan K. Yea, I guess it ain’t too bad honestly.

Shawn Skinner While i dont mind the maintenance. If you guys are taking down live servers please have test up.

Dan Del Aguaro Hard to do when they run on the same servers.

Daniel No, not really. They used to keep the test servers up during Tuesday maintenance.

Thiago “nikit0” de Souza you launch the weekly missions and every time the servers get in, it’s difficult to do them

Russell Evans Where was the advanced warning? Why do you play us like this? We all come back and play because we love the game, but seriously, you can’t operate a successful business like this..

DAVY1523 {Rated R} Follow main account they warned us yesterday

Bradley Borg These are the patch notes that have been for like 2 weeks. Cool.

Noshow_TV why are the test servers not up and running?

.Nesim Belica. boo man ruined my night 😢

corneliusus wait, are you guys still shutting down every week like a bunch of tools? okay, just checking.

unadorable WHATS GOING ON WITH PS4???

WiggyDom Talk about advance warnings…

DAVY1523 {Rated R} They warned us yesterday 😂

WiggyDom On a Twitter account I haven’t heard of, what happened to the in lobby warning? 💯 communication

KingKracker… this is a vid of some of my other issues, if that helps. like i said i got the healing and crouching figured out. also when i pick up my first gun, it does not auto equip. I will make a complet vid of all issues and give to support team



Lucas – LlamaSenpai Calm ur tits, just buy a new PC and you’ll be fine

胡汶鏹 Definitely ur pc and internet connection sucks lol

GioTr deja de jugar, y listo se arregla tu problema

Jason O I dont know what that was, but it sure wasn’t english.

it is me, patrick you seem like a happy and normal person


Azure {NS} You need to reasses your English typing capabilities. Least they can create a game. What do you do besides embarrass the English language?

The Dude English?

Vengeful We need the snow map for custom games! 😭

「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」 nightmode?

l3gacy no. they have 4 hours of downtime for 6 bug fixes. i’m not being sarcastic. they are literally having 4 hours of downtime to implement a 41 mb update with 6 bug fixes.

「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」 🤣


Dan Del Aguaro Really hard to do when the test servers are on the main servers.

KingKracker Just an FYI, I got the heal cancel bug figured out with the help of PUBG support team and here is the fix. If you have crouch as the same button as vehical seat change, then it will cancel out your heal if you try to crouch or stand. So I changed my button lay out, and its fixed

Ronaldo Make proximity chat available for consoles

AqueleCaraChato Fix, fix and fix and indeed nothing is fixed lol

Arthur Arroxelas Thx, so my family come back to me.

MrMissle Why take the test server down too? I don’t get it

eM | Serk 🐼 Was thinking the same thing like so dumb honestly

Ali Alaliwi wtf every couple days you have this server maintenance!

Renaissance Man Because they are trying to figure out the solution to a ton of issues

D.Kananos Stupid company every week update 3mb update 4 hours maintenance .. Thats I prefer fortnite now !!!

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch no……

Kevin Miller When will the Xbox update go to live servers? The PTS has been live for 2 weeks now…

Doc_Doge[Respect] PUBG:We are now in maintenance. Patch Notes: Vikendi is now live!

Liviu -_- Scroll down

Dixicoin RT PUBG “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch notes here: …

Stevo oh boi so we cant play pubg now for 4 hours? not even on testservers?

Echo-Tango Get your PUBG fix and pick which player wins!!

…. RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch notes here:…

🃏 RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch notes here:…

FEL 🚀 Last 2 updates Test Server on maintenance at the same time. Should we expect this going forward?

Hydrospanner Why do this during prime time playing hours?

PeterGm Who says what’s the prime hour? Prime hour according to YOUR time zone? Pretty selfish ha?! I’m pretty sure they are working on daytime in America as they also have families instead of working after midnight just for you to be happy…

Hydrospanner Well it’s 2:45 am there in Greece… go to bed

PeterGm I’m in the UK now lol

SwagMaster It will fix this too ?😂👌

King_42 Or change it to any vehicle

Muhammet Zübeyr Ay lmao 😂😂

Juan Ignacio Ardaiz 👋

Dominus Axe Riel Need For Speed:

IcY_Radon 30 minutes til week 4 of survivor pass, 4 hour downtime

UnholyFroggod Please dear GOD, fix the loot! Especially Erangel

Martin Fadlala The thing is.. PUbg is a Survival game. Not a shooting game.. so ok Theres no weapons

Ian McCune really easy to survive against people with weapons without a weapon.

Martin Fadlala I dont Know bro, ask

steve there isnt anything wrong with loot… why do people think they deserve a fully kitted m4 and a level 3 shirt and hat after 3 houses?

E i feel like you should be able to leave school with more than a shotgun and a lvl 2 helmet

steve 1. there is 0 percent chance that if you win school that is all you have 2. dont drop school if you ever feel like making it past 5 minutes honestly i sit outside of school some games just to take school idiots loot, its always more than a shotgun

E bro literally no one drops school anymore because the loot is trash. it’s like maybe one team besides me. i have landed by myself many times

steve gee its almost like folks are learning school having normal average loot is not a problem. 900 mongos dropping there to jerk eachother off and expecting level 3 vests around every corner is the problem

E i’m not expecting it i just miss when people would go there. it *used* to have good loot so people showed up. now that they limited the loot no one goes there and you can’t enjoy that part of the map


Julio S. Vega Velez Any news for PS4 what is going to happen with Sanhok Pass for PS4

DAVY1523 {Rated R} Hahaha I feel bad for you ps4 players 😂

Julio S. Vega Velez PUBG PS4 is a brand new game but the thing is why they don’t say anything what exactly what are they doing with the game they should stop fixing PC there is not big problems on PC

Renaissance Man Bro have you even tried to play it on PC? Go try and then tell me there are no problems.

Julio S. Vega Velez PC gamer problems 3rd cheap PC 2nd cheat codes or programs doesn’t work and 1st the person behind a desk with mouse and keyboard that is really bad at the game

Dante quach Lol you console kids dont know what you’re talking about. Pure aim over here no aim-assist.

Renaissance Man Pubg on Xbox has no aim assist numb nuts

Julio S. Vega Velez And who TF is talking about aim assist

DAVY1523 {Rated R} I was gonna say 🤔😂

DAVY1523 {Rated R} Right? 😂

Peter Griffin “Multiple bug fixes” and the introduction of new bugs fixing old bugs. Lol.

xViSiONZ It’s the circle of life. And by life I of course mean pubg :p

Billy_b from Buffalo Every………..TIME!

Lucian Dragomir even test servers?

Anjyu02 Does it simply mean there is no players in PTS on PS4?


IIBergy Was planning on streaming some pubg tonight but of course they choose the worst time for server maintenance….

wiregh0st you must be playing on pubg mobile against bots and still getting beat. if you are on pc, you’re playing asia servers or south america.. not our fault all you guys do is cheat.

JDR all this maintenance yet u still have lots of hackers. Also, why not reward people that report hackers?

iliopolis Drive a Mirado for 2 hours. Are you kidding me?

wiregh0st what exactly is server maintenance? the servers have gone down for multiple hours every tuesday and the game is the same. PUBG shuts down their servers for hours for what? most other games reboot their servers for updates.. they don’t take them offline for hours…

dredlox76 How about spring matchmaking on normal game I still can’t get FPP on euro servers and after midnight it’s hard to get games on euro solo TPP even!

Visage Devine🌐 Deadgame lol

Brandon 🦅🏆 But sure… you do your “maintenance” which is really just a reboot of the AWS cloud servers you’re using because you’re too cheap to invest in a proper datacenter.

Cesar Ruiz I absolutely love this game, please add cross play ! This will help PUBG compete even more. PC should be able to play with Xbox one and PS4 And if you add PS4 vs Xbox cross play. You’ll blow up even more.

Rams 13-3 nigga hell naw, im not tryna play PC players lol you crazy

Cesar Ruiz Why not ? Is PC cheat or what ?

Rams 13-3 them niggas GODS bro lol fuck that

Cesar Ruiz Is it really like that ? I mean fortnite does it and that console player Ayden rips PC players. Don’t tell me we can’t take out some PC players. Or is it easier for PC players ? If that’s so then that’s b.s

Rams 13-3 yeah bro lol against PC shit will be no fun . & ps4 is known for no competition shit will be easy asf

Cesar Ruiz I get you. I’ll be up for console vs console at least. Like add Xbox one vs PS4 mode Just to slap some PS4 people in my fam lol you know what I mean

Aisha Plz fix ur shittyyyyyyy game

Hend I have an account but is not linked to Twitter or Facebook and now it’s gone i want to restore it please help me 😭😭😭😭

NiP dohfOs (Martin Lundén) it’s not Sanhok related but surely more common since patch 24..… +… ..its been reported to the devs tho

Shaad What is the process for creating a permanent PUBG room? _MOBILE

🌴Paddy🌴 u guys gonna change that 500km buggy mission to 50km cuz thatd be nice

Tom Bomb Still shitty they do this to us and can’t just updates servers at different times. What else should I expect from an incompetent company such as bluehole and PUBG.

NicholasLdc The number was stolen. You really don’t have any efficiency. I said Lao Tzu opened SI family, can speed up acceptance? Account: CAIDINGNI168

UnknownGuy What’s new?

Sam Ramos still no fixes or updates.

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE It wasn’t broken oc has just had a rise in playercount for the last few days

Astrix_au No I was hoping they could fix it, hence the wink. I have never seen a local solo or duo match even though squads take 2 seconds so plenty of people online. Instead of fixing they simply disabled OC solo and Duo.

Andrew French It’s a joke

Viss My shotgun… 1/2

TheNameIsToby🎙️ had 4 hits on a guy woth no vest and didnt kill him with a s12k yesterday 😐

CantOrWont AKA Trey This is part of the new shotgun blanks shells, a new feature strictly for bluffing

DeadSlugg Shotguns have a spread that all the pellets do 10 dmg each, but 1 pellet does 90 dmg. This was a feature since Early access. Yes. A feature. Because someone raised it as a bug and they said it wasn’t, it was designed that way intentionally 🙃 🙃 🙃

Kami How it is possible that the killcam is still so buggy… 😱

Viss My enemies shotgun … 2/2

Nakata That game became a joke.

MDF_MetalHead84 But you said you are sick of blackout, things like this doesnt happened there 🙂

Viss ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

Maniac___Gaming It’s actually quite balance now that they lowered the durability of the armor viss

Scroopy Noopers Viss exposing pubg today 😂

Nurdle 🐢 Sounds about right…

OutcastMunkee That is the one fucking thing they just cannot get right in their game. I do not understand how the shotguns are so unbelievably random. The double barrel kills you from that range but the auto shotgun can’t kill with 2 shots at point blank? That’s just unreal.

Chapter V. bleh. 😋 Maybe they took the “unreal” part of the Unreal Engine too far lol.

ibiza Saiga is bugged, i had it the other day to.

Tyler Hamlin I think y’all have the wrong month up btw

Bob Sanders We don’t live in Europe, so no big deal. 😎

Tyler Hamlin Haha true.

Krishna Hello, the game sound is broken again the indicator points one way and the sound is coming from another way plz this ASAP

Rdnkwarrior When are you d bags going to put servers on the west side so I can stop getting 120ms. your game is trash when I can’t get a shot off on someone because it reads they are moving before I shoot.

Dental Nope. 🙂

Haseeb Abdul Guys please have a look at this video hackers are playing the game and cheating at its peak And that Yam Raj is in 2nd Position in Asia as conquerer this is certainly hurting us

james you all ever going to learn how to push live updates like every other game known to man? or just stay in the stone age?

Shammrock Then why are you even following there page GTFO


Zeus and 261 others If I have a 1080 Ti, 16 GB DDR4 and i7-8700K there is no reason I should experience lag, crashing and freezing on a regular basis. This game needs to fix THE GAME before they just add random bullshit skins, season passes, new maps and guns. Fix your priorities

Dan Woodman If you haven’t got it set up right then yeah lol

SANDROAPODI🎮 Until when will this game do it? Every week in prime time? No other game I know has this stop. It will end up killing the game.

Deren ‘Cuaj’ Ülgen ı ve rx580 8gb and 8 ram i5 4690k 3.5 ghz why always and all tournament have a crash? Need opt this game yeah we want play this but ıts not cool always have problems please solve it

BenFly 8gb ram pubg için yetersiz kalıyor ne yazıkki

Deren ‘Cuaj’ Ülgen Yetersiz kalmamalı işte

keri jean what is going on with matches won and kills statistics missing ? Have over 400 chickens & over 300 kills that were already recorded and they disappeared today ?!?!?!

PUBG Help Hi Keri, Are you still experiencing this issue after a restart? If so, could you please send through a screenshot of your statistics and also your in-game username? -M

Am my game crash every 5 games. Or so… Just crashes no codes or anything. Crashes straight to desktop.

Ricardo Santos PUBG on XBox will support Mouse/Keyboard or not? announced new HW that supports PUBG (…), otherwise on forum said that it’s false.

Material Noice!

HernandezGamers Xd 😂

Nik Sweet, can’t wait to see what’s gonna be broken this time!?

Remiss23 I added $100 to my iTunes so that I can buy the $99.99 UC but it won’t let me is there tax or what’s the problem??? Help

Andrew Curto Msi 2080 gaming trio 8086 k 16gb of ram at 3000 everything in game is on low expect textures and view distance which is on ultra

Al Fall What happened to erangel and miramar? Can’t find any solo or duo games on those maps now. So sad :(. Fix the matchmaking

Ed Sullivan yeah its called a mouse and keyboard

Sleepwalk9r What? Im not cheating. If u do fine…

محمــد why the game didn’t run well and smoothly on PS4? That’s frustrating!

Petr Boshinski But still why during peak hours?

Zach It may be peak hours for the US but the development company is in South Korea. That KST is Korean Standard Time and for them, they are at the beginning their work day. Also, Korea and China have far more players each than the US so it wouldn’t even make sense for them to cater us

Michael Docherty need help to resolve this asap guys. Got G coin , bought a set then refunded the G coin purchase, got my money back but for some reason I kept the item that I bought. Now whenever I buy more coins it takes the money but I get nothing. Must be bugged

cuiyoumin My game account was mistakenly banned. Can the authorities help me to unblock it? My game ID: CUIYOUMINO

Lucas Ribeiro mouse and keyboard on Xbox one, RIP Pubg 2019.

Art Vandelay They said it was incorrectly listed.

Natasha Rio… The Real PUBG Mobile Hacker is here

Mark ?↑฿↓? We’ve been doing this song and dance for over a year now. These weekly updates don’t seem to fix anything, they just inconvenience Western hemisphere players. They should stick to solid monthly/bi-monthly updates with real improvements.

Coringa hacker 😭😭😭😭

فهد I lost my guest account i want to restore it .How i get it back ?

Filipe Almeida the server performance is pretty bad.

Daniel Vitellaro no update you dummies. there was nothing on test server. its just maintenance.

@Freezer GER Hey will we get vikendi soon on xbox…

Jaro Šveda Today I tried after 3 weeks. In one hour game crashed 15 times.

RM.T0PsiD3 The stuttering or micro-stuttering in this game is ridiculous. They can’t optimize.

Wud Legerity Delayed update, never mind.

Infamous Champions when are you going to add fpp for duos? Hopefully soon

tyrion71 the year 2019 starts well, get out your fingers, it starts to do well with your servers completely broken! recruit competent developers, big worries !! on the other hand cheaters are always present BRAVO

Michael Docherty I bought G coin for PUBG but had to get it refunded last week. Now whenever I buy more it doesn’t get added to the account, but it’s still taking my money?

PUBG Help Hey Michael, would you be able to provide us with your Xbox live gamertag so I can escalate this issue to the team? Thanks! -A

Michael Docherty Thanks for the response . The GT is “ItzMikeDocherty”

blueamcat ❄️ Did you try restarting the game or the console? Turn off and unplug the console for a good 20 seconds. Then check again.

Michael Docherty Tried everything man I think it’s bugged out cause I spent the G coin on a set, then got it refunded. So I got the money back but I kept the set. Now whenever I try to buy more Coins it just does nothing at all. Need to see if they can reset it or something idk

blueamcat ❄️ Huh. That’s super odd. You’ll need to try Support directly through this link: and ask for a call back or try live chat. Good luck!

Michael Docherty I’ve been trying to contact them on support but it’s just their virtual agents and whenever I request a real person it just links me to a different virtual agent lol. I’ll jug and see if they respond but thanks for the help anyway 🙌🏻

Rynxedo Is it possible to add spectate mode when hosting a custom game

Ka1li what are these invinsible hitbozes?

Zrax sometimes it can take a little bit to register.… lets go ahead and give this a shot just to do a bit of troubleshooting.

Louis de klerk Pause before the last slr shot, you can see Blues head, not d-sync

BLU3 I’ve zoomed the 1080p video in and it’s solidly on the rock, must just be some sort of viewing glitch.

Louis de klerk From your POV you can also see the outlook where he shot you from while you were healing. But yeah the replay system is never pixel perfect.

Louis de klerk Also welcome to the 1440p generation Blue

Tumay Çalkan Hey, help me please

Holocsi Dániel Please please please make duo fpp available in EU servers

A-SKUNK-APE Not sure if this helps but one thing you can try is go to start menu…type event monitor and view your system crashes. Same happenes to a friend ended up his ssd was going bad but game crashed after every game

A-SKUNK-APE Sorry it’s called event viewer then go to logs tab then system tab and it will show any related crashes to your system and possibly give you an idea if it’s hardware related.

Ethan Gotta love the standard text they send every time 😂😂😂

The Dude What would you reply with when someone posts a message like that with absolutely no information to assist them?


Nikita L this game is broken

Connor_LindTV Noticing my game crashing more and more lately in Doesnt seem to have an actual reason That along with it closing my MSI afterburneris very frustrating. Specs. Ryzen 5 1600 OC 3.9Ghz 24gb 3000 ram RX580 8gb Settings: AA ultra Sharpen on 1080p very low everything

Kendall Shane Slayton why was duos removed from PTS. Any chance to put it back on there? A lot of people would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Mr. Mohamid  Globa version is noatavailable for thisaccount.Please log in via the Vietnamese version

EZMONGO DEFINITELY got shot in the head with a Kar98 WITH NO HELMET AND DIDN’T DIE WHAT???? Ohh i guess thats what happens to my bullets when i blow someone’s face off 45% Damage 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Brady Roberts contemplating just uninstalling the PTS until y’all really get it fixed. Honestly just taking up space on my hard drive for something that sits for 12 minutes and gets nothing.

Checkout current PUBG down

Brady Roberts This is ridiculous. 4th time trying to get a game.

Antonio Müller PTS is not up anymore

Brady Roberts According to them they fixed the issues. If it weren’t up I wouldn’t be able to make it to the matchmaking screen. It’d give me a black come back later one. And I doubt they’d spend hours fixing it just to take it down

Antonio Müller trueee.. ill have to go try as well

Brady Roberts Are you sure about that? Still sitting in a 4 minute+ queue for a game and no luck

EZMONGO What happened to the option to report people? Teaming up in Duo

blueamcat ❄️ You can report a player by going to their gamer card via Xbox. Not sure about an in game feature.

EZMONGO Yeah I know thanks anyway. Pubg had a in game option I just don’t know what happened to it.

Psychotik_187 when are y’all going to allow mouse and keyboard on Xbox one?

Shane Roe When will we be getting map preferences on Ps4? A lot of us are sick of constantly playing Miramar.

Roel hackers on NA server……

Kyle J (Xbox) Im currently playing duos, and after our games, my partner and I don’t end up in the same lobby with each other, as we once started in. Has happened maybe 5 times now. Also a problem on PTS

Steve Mitchell so much for having a quick game before I have to go to work in an hour. These waiting times are getting WORSE. Why over a HALFHOUR wait when there’s 1:59 MINUTE queue time?

habit Which doesn’t appear to answer the question as I read this as “I’ve reported x players yet getting y notifications where y > x”. Please clarify.

Ari Er i probably worded it terribly. What i mean to say is I report a lot of ” suspected cheaters ” And i get a lot of ” player has been banned “. More reports than Bans. A high ratio of the reports lead to bans. It’s still disgusting how much cheating goes on.

Remix Hello and thank for the good game wishing for better – sadly i get banned just now and im not doing any thing bad for the game ? Can you help why that happened to me ?

James Take off bars on windows. K. Thanks.

|mert⟩ 👨🏻‍💻 Is there any explanation this?

Barry when are you updging the graphics on console? They are terrible!

Brenden not sure if this has been reported before but I found an invisible rock that I tried to shoot someone who was behind it but the bullets hit it instead. hopefully this can get patched 🙂

Josh Watkins This happens to me all the time. Stop acting surprised

Remi Valtna is there a false ban wave? I have been banned for no reason.

Sem vikendi is dropping January 31st On the full game

no one Was up to almost 6 minutes, cancelled…over 7 on this try.. Why does selecting a map take soooooooooo long. Really no lobbies for this map in over 12 minutes?

Tommy🤘 Update for live servers????

Wud Legerity It seems overkill to have a challenge for “driving” 25 km in a boat. It should count when you ride in the boat also.

Athertonian How come I am killing people on the XBOX PTS servers with Warrior Pack and Custom Controller Pack skins? How do I retrieve those on the PTS… Is it an exploit? Harmless. However, I keep killing people with loot you shouldn’t have on PTS. I have the Warrior Pack etc

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω There can be only one

Eric Griffin Wait, you can just pick which crate you get?

mike this happens frequently with mine too. For about the last month, every other time I try. It’s not consistent.

Johnny Ryall This happens to me often as well. Sometimes the cursor highlights two crates at once

Grimm Job Ps4 PTS won’t let me find a game on any server so you should help ps4 out too.

leon hill I have the same issue daily on xbox where more than one box highlights so I never no which one I’m getting

Darin Lang Need duos back!

SZNL Happens to me as well. :/

Eric Robach Duos not available

Tyler Schaffner It happens for me nearly everytime

Sketchy Antix That game on Xbox was doing the same thing to me not too long ago😂

Tyler Schaffner I just want a sleeveless vest!!

AspiringCuck I have around 20! You’re more than welcome to them if I could give them to you! If you had a ballistic mask in return, we’d have a deal on our hands 🙂

Christopher Miliante Wait you console guys get to choose which crate to get? Must be nice

Adrian Amaya I play on both, but pc is better on xbox u cant sell the clothes and its always the same clothes, like i have 10 baseballs red caps on xbox lol

Tyler Schaffner Are you PC or mobile?

Christopher Miliante PC Master Race

Tyler Schaffner I thought I smelt smug lol but did you guys ever get a choice?

Sergio Franco nope, its a a random crate drop, usually one that requires a $2.50 key to open too 😒

JJ Fix the ps4 pts server to cant even find a game anymore on the na,eu or the asoc servers.

Justin Lee When Will We Be Seeing The New Update On PS4?

Andrew Curto Anytime in squads the game stutters then freezes and crashes I have reinstalled the game and validated the files 20 times over and I have high end computer

eAPluto Sometimes in my case same crate.

Michael Docherty It happens a lot. Not always. But a lot

Empyfox Thank goodness I have not been able to play the pts

michael ward Does it for me to

Rémy 🇫🇷 Everytime for me too and for long time ago, this bug coming with new box system…

Linde Erik at least if your game is buggy, full or cheaters, badly designed, and poorly balanced, your servers could have been good.

Brent McMahon Very poorly optimized game

Milan kumar Unable to voice chat…applied all the methods.uninstalling other headphones microphone permission etc etc.pls help

Lakshay Garg Dude my UC bucks were deducted unnecessarily without my knowledge. I need to know where they disappeared?

Bi9Grizz Back out to main menu and re enter. Worked for me. Don’t dashboard game cause it continued after that for me.

Frank Scroll Sorry, Title screen

Frank Scroll If backing out to the main menu doesnt fix it on xbox, its broken 😂

dmy Just click on it with ur mouse

Andy Willingham I had this happen to me too!

Brett Nasty Why, so you can constantly get the same article of clothing non stop for all the blood, sweat, and tears you have put into chicken dinners? Lame reward system.

Brett Nasty Wouldnt mind me a cowboy hat

AspiringCuck This is very true, the duplication and repetition needs to be looked at, it’s very frustrating to the point of causing disengagement with the system

Tyler Schaffner I just want a sleeveless vest!!

AspiringCuck I have around 20! You’re more than welcome to them if I could give them to you! If you had a ballistic mask in return, we’d have a deal on our hands 🙂

Gvnc Aydgn Hacker player 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 always the same problem ❌❌❌❌

Cal where’s duos on pts gone why’s it disappeared??

Ol’ Zimm Well tbh i could believe it tho cause this game sure is one of the easier ones for people to hack on. Could only imagine how easy it would be on Xbox. Since they can barely keep up with shit

Nicolas Valbuena Maybe people can cheat but I’m %100 sure that they are gonna be banned, pubg invest a lot of money in his software in fact that’s why pubg doesn’t have a good performance, the problem with the cheaters in early 2018 was a waste of money and development for the game

Jesse Gregory/Vaughn

Cristian Avila Always getting locked btw walls PS4….

karimelnady when update on ps4 the new map

yungchickenn If you want camps and skins play cod brother pubg is battle royal and it was meant to be like that, we don’t need anymore skins fucking up a game that doesn’t load in correctly

Ol’ Zimm Dude i been playing pubg since day one. But after awhile an incentive to play makes it more enjoyable Lmfao plus id like my guns to look as sick aa pc .. If they didnt want us to have skins they wouldn’t have added them….

yungchickenn I’ve been playing since day one too man and I would rather a game that runs as smooth as pc does over shitey skins or daft purchases only made with g coin. Most people who played in preview would rather the game be 100% finished that what they claim to be a “finished game”

Ol’ Zimm Oh yea i agree with u about that but then again i think my game runs smooth enough that i don’t have to complain anymore dont have much issues besides basic latency issues and lag on my end

yungchickenn So therefore it will never be free, pubg mobile isn’t the same as platform or pc, nothing is free, even Xbox game pass was £1 and now its back up to its full price, pubg will never make anything for free

Jonathan Emmett My player in the last circle couldn’t take health nor choose a weapon. but could move. came 2nd coz of that!! fix the damn game!

Sean McGuinness Still not working on PTS

fro Add streamer clothing items to the shop on console please

F5AM Think seriously about it

Kevin Knight I got a perma ban after less than 2 days of gameplay! I don’t cheat/hack… have none for any game on my PC. Actully, I just did a fresh Win 10 install of my PC the day before. It’s clean! How could I possibly be banned for NOT violating any of the terms below?

Anonymous We lost one of our squadmates to a B.S. ban. Their system has to be bugged.

Kunal 🔱🔥 As soon as i won Chiken Dinner server Didnt respond pops up on my screen😑😒

neil alexander 1975 Hi pubg xbox problem we keep getting a connecting to server problem on eu servers after a game after 3 to 4 times of quitting game eventually the game will load 3 days this issue is goin on and no it’s not pts it’s full release problem

RussellHobbs Hello i keep getting this prior to landing in game – no matter what i do, i just stay mid air. With the speed meter saying **nand-(ind** Getting really annoying

Jay Gaskins Was there a problem with Duos on xbox one? Why was it taken off?

Daniel Eggleston PS4 Test Server isnt working still. Haven’t played once. Is it still online?

Brogen Kapoor Its still online just no one plays it sadly. Vikendi’s a good map i think everyones just waiting for it to come to the public release servers

Kevin Knight Exact same problem. Permanent Ban. No explaination, no recourse. Lame response from PUBG support. No real explaination. Just “oh, you “must” have violated the terms of service and the process cannot be reversed.” And yes… it was crashing my PC (multiple times) as well…

Dacreamysausage It’s 30 bucks… Get a damn job

LeCafard ? A friend of mine just got perma banned for no reasons. They told him it cannot be reversed although he obviously didn’t cheat in any way. How can you be accused of cheating in 2019 when averaging 2 kills per game at most and a 1% winrate?

★Sumit Saurav★ when can 8 expect a support from your end??

ƙιɲgʋɑɋхɾɑ when is ps4 next pubg update coming out

Rogerio Laudano PTS PS4 serves do not work

Rogerio Laudano And, What about Vikendi definitive patch ?

Ev3R #SoaRRC so i think i got an ingame ban but i havent played this in a while. pls help i didnt cheat either so someone must have hacked my account. pc btw

iseuljin hi, my account slimcy is ban wrongfully… how can I resolve this? It’s been few days already….

DeejayTaurus Dear team, I request you to give me belan and jhadu along with frypan as I use belan in better way than frypan🤣🤣🤣

Murad I can not buy from Google Play Store. Please help before the end of the fourth season

Ramziz187 did you think maybe because no one wants to play on the PTS an would rather wait for the map?

kingCHEWIE hi I got a quick question

Afreedy Habeeb Worst mobile gaming app ever Period

BP Hey morons it’s called a test server for a reason. Instead of complaining all the damn time actually take the time and follow the steps they have for reporting bugs

Marley Maul Where is the new map on console

g0r3 – I aim, therefore, I pew pew This just goes to show you great is as well as PUBG’s homegrown anti cheat system…LOL GGs for reporting though

JORD8822 Another question, Why is there not a feature to report An Asian player, playing on NA severs obviously using a third party program to change their IP to make that possible, which is against the ToS. Can you add a report feature?

* just patch it on the stable Servers … jezuz …

JORD8822 Hello, I have a really good question. I am from NA, I always get in NA servers and there is always at least 80 players with Asian names in my games, why is that?

F5AM Think seriously about it

Moisés De Araújo Please put the duo mode on the server South America many players need to go to the North America server to play with the friend and the ping gets bigger playing on another server TPP mode is good for us :<

XanDy-Silva My server South America and ping from locaTION From America of North Game is ridiculous

XanDy-Silva nice ping SA from game server NA nice nice

its the Bapple Still not working on Xbox one

ramu Share _MOBILE

Mark Joseph Sison this is the second time i did this challenge and still no claim button is appearing in my week 3 challenge… is anyone taking responsibility for this? i dropped in quarry and looked for a QBZ and rushed out to track the AFK players still nothing

Mark Joseph Sison hi can you help me good sir? I already submitted 3 tickets to pubg support but still no resolution to this… I have done the week 3 challenge twice and both times the survivor pass didn’t counted it as success… pls help…

Flamehead49 No worries, I completely understand that test servers get wonky and have bugs. I have been with you guys since day one on xbox and it’s been a bumpy ride but I’ve enjoyed the experience every time I play and now that I have the XboxoneX it makes it even better! Have a Goodnight.

DrizzlyBat Pts week 2 ran better than 1.0

Lucas Ribeiro What about the announcement ?

Andy Lemaire why isn’t it possible to play solo’s or duo’s in FPP only on PS4? Same goes for choosing which map you’d like to play?

Xavier williams do you not think that you should of made the live servers work before the PTS? The matchmaking failed is there aa well and when the pts is desd in NA at night i cant even play the fkn live servers cause matchmaking bug is there!!!!!

Xavier williams Dude. Before the xbox pts went live, the dsy of ps4 release, it had been 8 WEEKS FOR US XBOX PLAYERS WITHOUT AN UPDATE. Trust me, itll be constant let downs for new content and fixes and additions

Xavier williams Okay. It will NEVER be free. ITS NOT A FREE TO PLAY GAME. its already cheap. You broke fuck.

Xavier williams No, its still happening.


michael ward The doubles is not working on the test server

MegaFro Guys.. These phishing links scammers havent been banned for weeks, and you banned me for trying to spread awarness so people dont click the links

[email protected] you are requested to withdraw your game from India as our kids are started getting suffering from metal illness

Rexey My keybinds keep resetting.. quite annoying having to set push to talk every time i restart the game

Kushagra Yadav Hi Team, Facing lot of network lag issues in PUBG MOBILE despite having high 4G speed of 20 Mbps plus speed of network.

Rishab Bhargava Uninstall it then all problem can be resolved…😁

Filipe Almeida 30 days since last major upgrade.

Gustavo Medina Happy way for starting playing today

Pranay Q putin

Apollo Please update us on OCE servers. Please alter so we can WAIT as long as we like for an OCE server and not default to other regions. OUR INTERNET SUCKS AT THE BEST OF TIMES, DONT FORCE US OVERSEAS

Olguninho I just got banned after hitting 2 lucky sniper shots. And obviously they spammed the report button after.

Simon Reid is this kind of waiting time normal? UK based new player.

ChrisIreland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I’m on PS4 but can we get a platinum pan for getting the platinum trophy?

yungchickenn Hahaha

Spencer Timog From ~50ms now at ~236ms, what’s going on?

Danny That’s why you shouldn’t play tpp u scrub

Sam Vikendi on live servers should be soon right? I’m sure they said early January…

RealClemyTixYT hi i want to ask y’all how to fix tslgame.exe not responding at the game lobby. plz hep me fix it

Mark Dewar Is Vikendi out on all plats now??

ShadyZx Hey Why is my game crashing after every fkn game????????? give me an answer pls im faking tired of that shit!

Liaan Wessels Ps4 still a problem!

Morgan will there be map selection available in the near future for PS4 players?

HB Right!! Like Pubg is that haha

#BadOne Rocky I’ve seen on PC and Cellphone versions, but now on consoles…. There is a better solution, whoever uses something like this, should brick their consoles like a permanent lock on their consoles, so people can stop using hacking gadgets and software might help

HB Yup I agree. They need to fix this issue quick. Tired of the hackers. I don’t get how they think that’s fun

Harry rawlings Erangel > every other map

Harry rawlings May be a future game with gold or whatever ps4s version of it is, ya never know

Harry rawlings Well technically PS4 has had the same amount of updates as the xbox they just got them all in one lol

Donald Hummel III Xbox players had to struggle through those updates. Lol. Well still struggling a bit. .😂😂😂

Daniel No footsteps in the house fix it on vikendi

﮼٢٧ Hello there I’m one of Pubg players and I just wanted to ask about my profile picture It doesn’t appear to me or anyone although I connected my twitter account to my Pubg acc! Is there something wrong with the game or if there’s anything i can do to fix it plz tell me.

Akhil Raghuwanshi In Today’s match my team mate killed me with bomb and he killed enemies through the wall. I report him in a match 3rd no is a hacker.

RAM KHANNA TECHNICAL i having network lag issue when i enter any match, i have good internet connection, i live in india, is there any problem with asia server

STiCK 🍻🐍 The real widespread cheating? People using KB&M via XIM.

IAmNameRandom What do I have to do so u actually ban the people parachuting down @ 10 minutes ingame at lightning speed?

CrimeSolvers I really hope I don’t receive a ban from while they review these false cheating reports.

CrimeSolvers Duos later today? Almost done volunteering at this animal rescue

Itz Xeno Dude they never seen a hacker lol

Nacho dear sir/misses, me and a close relative of mine are having a problem and we were looking forward to get a reply and possible solution from you. The problem occurs at not being able to choose any server in the lobby. I continue in another tweet

Nacho We are being straightaway placed on another one which does not allow us to play with comfortable and good ms. Isnt there any way to change manually the server?. Sincerely Yours, Nacho

STiCK 🍻🐍 It’s disgusting mate. Try following

Zach Beach™♈ Send to live servers😩

Daniel Why should it come live if it is still totally bugged

Vipes on Xbox No fucking duos

Daniel Mcwade Bout time you worked on summin for the Xbox ya shitehouses

Sway Did they add FPP or just fix bugs?

Swerve▪️ Good question. I think it’s on TPS

Sway You’re probably right

Sergey mb fix fullscreen

philosophos Thanks, 🙂

Alex hey is there a reason duos was removed on the xbox test server it was super nice not to have to play with squads

xKARMAx 🖤 Soo.. Any explinations?

Jake Sully Nade maybe went off, with a sound bug so you didn’t hear the explosion, with him taking hardly any damage….. but will just say cheating because that’s about a 1 in a 1,000,000,000 chance lol

#BadOne Rocky Check his GT and submit a report to The good thing is, you’ve recorded this.

HB Ha what the hell. Since when can you slide like that, da damn! I’ve had some crazy stuff happened to me but not like that

BirdmanTFG 🦅 Whaaaaaaaaaaa?????

Dustyy21 Lol it’s pubg 😂

xKARMAx 🖤 Bwuaha, I wish that didn’t suffice as an explication, but it certainty does.

Dustyy21 Lol I had some old clips from pubg of similar instances lol.

BlimeyWolfe Uh

xKARMAx 🖤 Right?!?

Matt Whens the new map coming out for live servers

Daniel Why should it come live if it is still totally bugged

Klapt Are you going to add duos on the PTS?

Makepeace I didn’t realize in real life, when you get off objects you can’t look down the sights of a gun. That’s good to know. Don’t want bad guys getting the drop on me.

Danny Eliya I am having issues connecting to the servers on PS4 the game would loud normally but when I try to go into a game, the matchmaking will go on forever, so far it’s been looking for a game for 20 mints!






DB Your game is broken. Fix the dsync already.

xShotgunMenacex Got to ps4 forms dude this ment for Xbox

حمید ps4 update???!

Sai Raghav Gupta Dedicated to all lovers version Concept: Sai Mohan Edited by:

Gary Allen any chance you can find out who this is and ban them?? So frustrating! Solo game.

nesssa bring out a battle pass on ps4 like y’all have on mobile I’m trying to give y’all my money but y’all act like y’all don’t want it hurry up

Kieran When is it in the main game for PS4?

.. when your fix is coming, really the ps4 game is like this every time this happened and in several places, I appreciate your work but put more work in the game when you will put the new update?!!

Checkout Pubg server down on 2019-01-05

marv cre(ations) Fix your game

Gerbilizer248 please fix your missions. i have stopped a vehicle 4 times in a redzone on vikendi and your mission has not registered a single one

[email protected] Why is ADS bug still not fixed? everytime time when I Hold-ADS and I’m about to shoot someone I get kicked out of ADS to the hip Fire The video below shows what happens when I hold my sight for shot on my enemy. this only happens when i play PUBG.

Drew Windsor That’s been an issue with Xbox sense it’s release….

Dr.shmon why gave my account banned in game ?? Why😭

Wolfhunter720 just a question when will we be able to choose what map we play on ps4?

Andrew Curto my game crashes every time I go in water on pc I have a good computer as well makes no sense I uninstalled and reinstalled validate files 20 times no fix

IDDQD supposed to be solo’s how is this allowed to take place 😡😡

Phil My afterglow 9+ headset has the close range audio reversed, but distant sounds properly in stereo. Any help?

Nesxco Is there any instability with the game today?

Logan Mitchell Hey, when is the angled sight going to be added to the game?

Irfan Nanda What kind of game is this? game broken LOL

Alex B I get constant “network lag detected” warnings every other game with constant party disconnections. I’m hardwired on Xbox one X with ATT Uverse with all other devices in the house disconnected as to not interfere with bandwidth. This has been happening since July???

NoxiousRebel Happened on Xbox the first couple of months , will have bugs for PlayStation. Brace Yourselves!

Tom Harper if I do get into a game at all, it looks like this….

P4YN When is FPP coming to Duo’s and Solo on Consoles?

Tom Harper this is every single game, any help? i7 4770k overclocked GTX1070 8GB DDR3 @ 2400MHZ HDD @ 7200RPM Asked 5 times and still no response, used to be fine, now completely broken. When in a game runs at 80fps on ultra. Please someone help???

Lets Jink It’s your right stick. Flick it and it’ll work

Marley Maul I have the same problem when lootin a crate with a dead body in front of it

yungchickenn Try using the triggers on the controller much faster way of skipping through the loot

Guap FPS mode for duos? when is that coming out sheesh

Camaro_Cody I’ve fixed it by navigating to the left or right panel

Tom Harper any help for game not loading in until I’m kicked out of the plane on PC, 4th time of asking

SCR4TCH Official To : Please retweet this, sir. Help me grow my channel 🙂 Thanks 😊

Jasmine is there an option to choose to be the SAME color every single game? When my duo buddy in squads is a different color every single game it gets frustrating!

Bin Nasser when we gets the new update for pubg on ps4 please answer me

BirdmanTFG 🦅 I heard they are doing it it’s just not high priority right now

ej149m how is it that a week 3 challenge : revive 6 teammates on sanhok is also one of my dailies. How does that make sense?

Tonixia how do i fix this 🙂 ??

NAVIII i am facing issues in communication with my teammates on ps4 . please help _PS4

Maxine Streaming help me win with your motivational speech

Screamsixx. Help me funding me:(…

sie houghton Your pads just shit mate 🤷‍♂️

Patrick Luttmann Complety New Controller Bro

Tayt Oden Get blackout dude shits on PUBG plus Battlefield 5 BR is on its way and will leave both in the dust ! Oh n Xbox is better to run PUBG on when it comes to console

Judas2100 srsly? i reported this person 2 times he got banned 2 times and now he is back AGAIN? he is acheater me and my teammates spectated him and all of us reported him

Drunk Penguin Hey When are yall gonna nerf the ump?

michael ward That on Xbox to

Todd (Curates) how can i complete mirimar missions when i’ve been in queue for 10min and 6 people want to join that map?

saleh I lost my account in pubg mobile

Travis umm, is the X box version getting any attention anytime soon? It’s been years now.

Slohegre Can you tell us why the hell this is a mission in a pass people pay for?… Eighter you guys are pushing people to pay for levels or you really really have shitty people making quests for you.

BandGeeks Do we?

Paetriot (Cyclone eSports) think of the content!

Meltysarus 100%

SOLTEK1H – Making a difference Live in 20 mins Playing R6, Pubg Help me learn R6!! If you have any info please comment below Or youtube video so I can learn. Thank you very much

Luke Get it!

Ben Is there a reason Xbox stats reset after every update?

Martin Mönch since today I have extreme packet loss. the game is unplayable. is the cause of this problem known?

Chaz Michael Every day around the early afternoon EST people are constantly joining and leaving squads on Xbox because no game will load. What the hell? I seriously can’t EVER jump on a game a play a few rounds it turns into an hour of me just waiting, it’s a waste of my time.

🅱arry 🅱ickerstaff In replays I can’t zoom in with the scroll wheel anymore while in free cam… is this a bug? Or were the controls changed in a recent update?

saviD The game actually runs worse for me since this update. Thanks but no thanks

Tom Harper Not acknowledging the fact I can’t load the game past the loading screen in the plane??

Tom Harper still won’t pass the loading screen while in the plane or parachuting, I have a GTX1070, i7 4770K and 10400RPM HDD, have 200 hours played so used to work fine, now literally unplayable, can I have some help for the game I paid £30 for or no?

ZiyadNabil.ZN when you will release costume match on PS4 ?!

Buss Is there a better way of reporting PS4 Players using Mouse and keyboard. It is extremely easy to notice after many many hours of playtime.

THERMAL PROJEKT on jan 2nd I was falsely banned by battleye on my email id so by the time your help responds I purchased a new game on my other steam ID to play the game for my live streams and i got banned there as well ? 2nd ID

Paetriot (Cyclone eSports) it wouldnt? lol thats not the point

10000DAYS i hope you fix this before i loose my mind.…

HENJAX Güya oyunu fixlediler anca saçma saçma kıyafetler skinler getirsinler tek umurlarında olan şey para

Clem turkish rage hahahahha

VashDayz Why is it up to the player to fix and issue y’all caused. Game works fine. Update. Now there are frequent crashes and you want to know someone’s build? Fuck dude. Optimize the game so poor folk can play too. Why does everyone need a $2000 rig to play?

Dacreamysausage Xbox pets has been live for a month

Ruben De Wulf i have the best internet connection possible, have a killer pc , and still my game lags like hell … Please do something about this , and when its good , let IT Stay that way …

Mr zhang Can not help me to release the aid?

ᴀʙᴅʟʀʜᴍᴀɴ Still getting killed behind cover in 2019 more than 3 times everyday , look after those fuckin hackers …asshole programmers

droowz was this the latest update you did last server maintenance? ? How come it wasn’t written in the patch notes… 😂😂😂

My cat is a better person than I Hey When is this going to be fixed for Xbox? This makes me want to not play your game ever again.…

John I haven’t had a crash in weeks 🤔

tekryn⛄️ go to pubg help twitter page. you’ll get help there

Horstor 👔 ok now im absolutely sure the first bullet recoil is so high because of the weapon animation. it was introduced when all ars got new animations. and it makes sense because – even though recoil is upwards when leaning – the weapon is still tilted

Atti Hello Help team! I’ve been experiencing a weird problem in the last 2 days if I’m not mistaken. As soon as I start any match, I get huge packet loss after loading screen, and my upload speed gets to almost completely 0 mb/s. It affects all PCs in the house. DL is fine.

Joe Blow Poor baby, life must be so hard for you.

Zara What? Way to go for an absolutely nonsensical ad hominem instead of replying to the discussion we’re having.

NewAgeBanker hi where can i report teamers and teamkillers on ps4? I have vid and pics

PUBG Help Hi, You can report players who break our Rules of Conduct to our support page if you have additional evidence such as video. There is also an in-game report function you can use to report cheaters. -A

Abhishek Tanwar vikendi is fix i m not sure whats wrong with this people

D3amMuffin ⛄️ Really ?! Oo …

Ziad Hossain explain this!!!

Patrick Luttmann When will you fix this error on the ps4? It always jumps up automatically!

RideleRS Baja 1 vez con la palanca derecha y se arregla

FukNogz Third person is for scrubs

TheMingeMingler Try using your r2 and l2. I’m on Xbox whenever this happens I just use the triggers to quick scroll and it normally sets it back

𝓙𝓪𝓬𝓸𝓫 I remember this was on xbox and an easy fix was to use the analog stick instead. Or if its happening with the analog stick then use the D-pad

The End Good luck they still haven’t fixed that on Xbox 💩

Justin Kenney You probably need a new controller homie

Donald Hummel III Took them a while to fix it on the Xbox. Goodluck.

Jamie do you see this? A company actually responding to their community with bugs and errors. Take note…

Marco Ibarra That used to happen to me until i realized my d pad was broken so i just use another controller

ZachPDaily When that happens. Use your right analog stick to toggle down in your inventory

Patrick Luttmann I dont know why but i cant. Probally not possible on ps4?

ZachPDaily Best way to not experience this is to make the switch over to COD Blackout. Haven’t looked back since

Sean Blackout is basically just call of duty multiplayer with a 100 player elimination. No lean or tactility to the game, just straight run and gun. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been a fan of call of duty for years but Battle royale is just not cods cup of tea.

ZachPDaily Oh weird. Anytime that happened to me it would let me use my right analog stick to toggle down

Patrick Luttmann Do you Play on PlayStation or xbox?

ZachPDaily I’m on the Xbox

Patrick Luttmann Oh okay, Right Stick useless there on PlayStation. Maybe later i will try cod blackout

Zx3XCALIBURxZ Not useless I use right stick all the time. Must be your controller

vr0xin Its ok.. just take the first aids 😀 – Keep it up with the fix’s.. It’s nice to see you spending the time on making such a great game even better.

Patrick Luttmann Heal is Everything i know 🤣

Jimmy Spring Dude this is a joke right? This issue has been on Xbox for over a year now just use your other stick to move it down when that happens and the next game it fixes it self

Patrick Luttmann You Cant on PlayStation mate

ThePurpleHaze Your left joystick is probably broke

Patrick Luttmann Complety New Controller

ItsaRealRebel1 It will take them about a month

Patrick Luttmann More then a Year 🤣

ItsaRealRebel1 I’m on the Xbox it took them forever to fix stuff

michael ward That on Xbox to

Patrick Luttmann Its so anoying. Looting is over for the hole Match

Luis Herrera  You can use the joystick R and there is not problem

Patrick Luttmann On PlayStation you cant

Justin Smith You picked up gas? Lol

వసంత్ It was better thing than leaves a vehicle in the red zone.. It was better than keeping 400 ammo 8 healings in squad

Patrick Luttmann 👍🤣

PUBG Help Hi Patrick, Thanks for letting us know. We will get this fixed as soon as we can. –A


evan Do u think u can put the game on sale on ps4 plz I really want the game and I I only have 36$ And I wanna get some creates and stuff I have been a fan for a long long time and I wanna have the game.

Drew Windsor That’s been an issue with Xbox sense it’s release….

NoxiousRebel Happened on Xbox the first couple of months , will have bugs for PlayStation. Brace Yourselves!

Lets Jink It’s your right stick. Flick it and it’ll work

Marley Maul I have the same problem when lootin a crate with a dead body in front of it

yungchickenn Try using the triggers on the controller much faster way of skipping through the loot

Camaro_Cody I’ve fixed it by navigating to the left or right panel

sie houghton Your pads just shit mate 🤷‍♂️

Patrick Luttmann Complety New Controller Bro

Tayt Oden Get blackout dude shits on PUBG plus Battlefield 5 BR is on its way and will leave both in the dust ! Oh n Xbox is better to run PUBG on when it comes to console

michael ward That on Xbox to

Sicness I cant adjust my brightness in game settings ????

PUBG Help Hi Sicness, This has been reported already and the team is aware of the issue! -M

Shani Hi PUBG ki dly arrange leagues around the globe with the help of sponsors and arrange a South Asian Cup between Afghanistan Pakistan India Bangladesh SriLanka please i bet you will get more viewership than cricket’s Asia Cup.

Brandon Mullesch This problem flared up for me the other day after I played some Siege after not playing (and not having the problem) for a month or so

PhantomiczX bring back oceanian servers

ghostname this guy team killed me on PS4 his name is psn: mikemazz51 I reported him in game and nothing happened can you help link below for proof

Checkout Pubg server status on 2019-01-04

Levi Morris getting the same maps over and over again. Why??? Console needs map selection bad!!!

Levi Morris So I’m taking a peak and since I started playing tonight I’ve played 8 matches 6 Miramar and two sanhok. This is a horrible rotation of maps. Either give console map selection or fix the game to an actual rotation!!! Please!Worst part of this game right now

Nicholas passmore are there solo FPP servers on the pts for Xbox? Been in queue now for 12 minutes.

Jai After 2 mouths I and my friends played PUBG but it was full of glitches please fix it ……. Love PUBG 😍😍

NicholasLdc The number was stolen. You really don’t have any efficiency. I said Lao Tzu opened SI family, can speed up acceptance? Account: CAIDINGNI168

no one happens pretty frequent to most of us….

Toxinburn It’s a permission problem on Android most likely he has not enabled microphone access in the permissions although it should have prompted & requested that permission when he first launched it, however it is possible that it is not programmed properly to ask for the perms i dunno

Toxinburn Read this tells how to flush dns on android man hope that helps, although I am doubting it….I would figure it is actually a permissions issue, you need to go to the app settings on your phone for pubg and check the permissions section and enable microphone.

Paws On Face Go Smoosh I hope you take reports of intentional teamkills very seriously.

b.:🌐 i can’t revive my teammates i did change my controller and nothing change I played 50 games and every time my teammates downed I can’t revive him ! I did even change my ps4 settings and made square to circle but it didn’t work ! Plz help

Gabriel dutra ey pubg, I’m a new streamer(Brazil) on Nimo Tv and I play pubg everyday. I have played since beta. I have 230 followers and I really want to be sponsored by u guys it’s my dream. The problem is that the partner program is closed and I wanna know when it will be opened

King of Dol+I Is there ANYWAY you guys can prevent those cheaters from entering the game at the beginning? What’s the point of reporting system after players all got bored of those cheaters and quit the game? Those cheaters play smart now but our PUBG team seems staying still…

ĄĦṂãĐ I would like to ask about the new update for PS4 that we can choose maps and modes ?? when we will receive it??

Shammrock when does the vekindi pass start on ps4

Brady Roberts Really 21 people in a game…

Brent Van Herck I’m on ps4, my loading screen stays till 4min after drop…it’s everytime…i tried deleting and downloading again, nothing works…

saM Help????

DEREK Any word on ps4 PTS going live soon ?

David Spada PTS on PS4 has been up for like 2 weeks you can play now, but the only option to play is solo for some reason

DEREK Oh I know that, I’m asking when the update will go live onto the actual game, pts is just a test server for them to make sure the update works properly then they make it live onto the actual pubg . Usually on Xbox it’s only up on pts for like a week then goes live

David Spada It should be the 14th or the 19th of this month when the live version comes out

Robert Jarrett I’m pretty sure it’s not until the 14th

Islam Mohamed you can’t see your RP rank right? i have the same problem 😅

Sicness Im having a problem getting my brightness to go above 50. Any help ?

الظاهرة بنزيما Hello Why banned me ??? This my acc Kaboy9191

Lion King I landed here,when I entered this room from window but after a few second ago window closed with iron.I can’t exit this room. You can see where is here on mini map. Chumacera (PS4)

Liviu -_- Hey , when you run and you turn fast to shoot somebody , the scoup 2x dot , it’s moving and you can’t shoot good while this animation or bug it’s playing , is this normal or it’s in my head ? Very annoying …

Puscasu Serban Hello, can you guys give any hint of when in January is the Vikendi map coming to Ps4?

Dan After 4 January and before 31 January…. if it comes in January!

Roger Marc Nievares wtf is that light in sanhok

Christopher Why release PUBG on the PS4 if you aren’t going to make all versions of the game the same across every platform? The PS4 version is in such a poor basic state. I think we should be refunded.

johan nolander a guy killed me w a silenced kar98. I heard a non silenced kar98 go off🤔 Silly silencer?

𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓃𝑔𝒟𝓋𝑔𝑒𝓇𝒟𝒾𝒸𝒸 When 60fps coming to ps4?

M Smith Hey, any reason why my last 3 games have given me Network Lag Detected and then kicked me on the PC version? Playing from the UK.

T_BUCHANAN_HELLCAT im running steam and it wont let me start the game

PUBG Help Hi, If you’re still experiencing this issue, could you try open steam as an administrator to see if this helps? -M

Waqih Rizvi Me and my team mate got stuck on loading screen and died inside of the match and got penalty of -16 in crown 1, when will you guys will think to fix comms and these random bugs, you can see in pictures that even our results were shown inside lobby

Nordlim Hey , Really like the new attachements on the Uzi 🤔😂

KhalidKhan Hello I would like to report that I cannot hear anyone and no one can hear me. My audio setting are correct and my some friends also seems to have this problem along with me😪

daoudhakim Please do you know a way to have our PUBG name from our steam name or Id thanks .

Judas2100 srsly? i reported this person 2 times he got banned 2 times and now he is back AGAIN? he is acheater me and my teammates spectated him and all of us reported him

WestCoastBestCoast So why are you complaining to them when 1. they’re not going to respond to you, and 2. you full know why the servers were down?

WestCoastBestCoast Thank you for understanding as to why the servers were down!

Paulo So i bought a Fall 2018 crate and it is nowhere to be found both in game and on my steam inventory.

Avoxir Was not even the worst Low. 41 FPS with 32 GB RAM (3200mhz), 1080TI, i7 5820k and all low setting. Kind of a joke?

LZR | fALECX Spectating tho, ist immer schlechter als ingame irgendwie

Avoxir das stimmt. aber trotzdem teils max. 60 fps und das is halt n joke

LeimoC willkommen in meinem pubg life. 60 fps wären in comp halt ein dream. immer 40-55. einen vorteil hats aber. ich kann immer sagen wie viel gegner ungefähr in der gegend sind aufgrund der fps drops 🙂

Turtle_Bashti es wird schlimmer und schlimmer ich bin heute auf 30 FPS gedroppt… Faceit games …

dmkm- Pubg ist einfach schlecht optimiert

BoshJosh2 #PUBG I7 5820k o.o

Minimalist_leaf can you please introduce vegetarian or vegan options for the winners instead of chicken dinner???😂😂😂 実況者SP

Troublesolver 🔧 bots? keep getting invites from this guy…

krahnicle It’s been weeks since I’ve played is it that bad?

Bobby Barista The only way I could get it to work was buy a new controller and then buying a new headset worked. I never understood how people with Xboxs could update drivers to there headset. You guys with PC’s could do it but not us.

sikzzkillerr Really need help

sikzzkillerr I am on pc

Bobby Barista In November they had an update, so now anyone using after market headsets have to update the headsets or buy new ones. I have an Xbox I tried anything and everything, hard reset 100xs clear Mac clear DNS then finally called Microsoft and they told me to update my headset 🙁

sǝɯɐɾ pıʌɐp will xbox ever get or skins? Orrrr nooo?

Steve when is vikendi coming out on xbox?

Crimtide hilarious how a dns flush resolves audio issues in your game client.. how the F is that even possible?

Brent Van Herck i start a game and it immediatly puts me in a loading screen, it keeps me in the screen while in the plane, i hear my character dropping, hear him landing, but i’m still in the loading screen…

StuChainz Has clearing your cache ever fix anything for anyone? Not just PUBG but any game/console? I feel developers always give this answer but it has never fixed anything ever

Crimtide A long time ago it actually worked for World of Warcraft. There were authentication / server connection issues.. flushing DNS worked every time.

Jason hey We were about to win and then this error popped up? Any idea why or what it is?

[email protected] I am having so much issues in my pubg ps4. First of all 8 out ot 10 times it won’t load at all. Even if it loads it takes huge time. Please fix the bug soon. Second when auto pickup and auto reload option will be available? There are so many bugs to fix.

Dawid Kowalski it seems that certain mission are not being counted, is there any delay when count is on?

Matt 🇬🇧⚒ any idea when the pts on Xbox will push to live?

DC.Vendetta help please?

EstaQuerias Hello , is this a problem with my connection or on your side? Couldn’t go back into the game.

Pratik1410 killed enemies from every category of weapons and yet not received weapon master. Please unlock my achievement. User id colossu5.

David Your Game Is Fucking Shit. Sort It Out. Keep Crashing On Me.

حمید ps4 any news for pts ? vikendi pass for test now january, overhual parachute , rankings? add choosing maps , add show ping time , imporvments graphics for ps4 standard, fix Fps , fix blurry scopes on ps4 standard 🙏🏻🍗❤️

James Loving PUBG on the . I was in a solo match & a friend wanted to spectate me while waiting to play doubles. I set up & it let him connect, but wouldn’t show him my screen due to country issue?

D’n Dirk I get that to with some games


Ask PlayStation UK Hi! Can you tell us what regions bother accounts are registered to? ^DK

James Both registered to the UK, both purchased from UK store

Ask PlayStation UK Okay, are both accounts Adult accounts? ^DK

James Yeah they are

Ask PlayStation UK Can you take a look at the bottom of the page here:… where you have additional info and let me know if you are both good to go in terms of those conditions? ^NL

James We have previously used share play for other titles, either play together or watching

Ask PlayStation UK Ok, to help further I’ll need to send you a DM – please make sure you’re following us. ^NL

James Yeah we meet all those conditions

KJay ♑️🌊🐐 will proximity chat be a thing on the consoles? Or just pc?

BigBalls What if a vegan wins .. Pls provide mushroom 🍄 dinner too ..!

أبو سعيد الحجري what happened for your server I stuck in window and I lose the game and too much delay

حمید awesome for ever 🥳❤️

Brady Roberts are the PTS solo servers in FPP on Xbox turned off?

Brandon Michael Will xbox and playstation have the same parachuting mechanics as pc when vikendi gets fully released?

Marcothyz Congrats, the game is smoothier than ever

james sadik Yeah I’ve gotten several trophies since the launch and patch but they are not registering. For ex: Jump out of a plane 101 times. Kill 100 enemies by any means

Sn0rlax Anyone know how to get your mic working in game for ?? I can’t talk to anyone in game anymore.

Spencer Coy

Spencer Coy Are you using different mics?

Denzel Zabaza Theres a hotkey that switches u voice comm. You probably have it only on team chat

Sn0rlax I ain’t that stupid bruv. I have switched from all chat and to team. Tried pushed to talk and open mic. The game doesn’t pic up my mic. But discord and every other recording thing I use works fine. Even when I stream, my mic works.

PUBG Help Hi Sn0rlax, Please try clearing your DNS Cache by following through the steps below. -M 1. Windows key + R or Windows key + X and open ‘Run’ 2. Type ‘cmd’ -> Click ‘OK’ 3. Type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’

حمید yes of course, i tried in training mode and set sensitivity settings for set control and press X button for apply settings,2 times this happened! and today again, in-game happened settings automatically back to default! – ps4 standard wired solo eu server, tankyou for supporting.

Talio Tv Hey, its been 9 months and i still get play-doh buildings… smh

Brandon Vermeersch I have the same issue but not on mobile so I will try the DNS flush

Wreck Live now at help me get affiliate status on twitch!!

Brayden Cowell I do agree with that but the main point the original guy made was that they were making devs work on NYD which was completely wrong that’s why I commented to be honest.

PUBG FOR REGION LOCK It’s fucking New Years. Thank God I quit this game half a year ago lol

thereisonlyjim like silk 😉

Xavier Lemaster Why am I getting servers are to busy what the fuck

Nathaniel Kraft Got the kids to bed, finally able to logon. And can’t connect. Because of maintenance. *sigh*

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-02

☆《Rich》☆ do you guys have any patch notes or anything?

Joshua Campbell For Quebec Canada whats is the time? PST??

Michael Sanders Is maintenance over yet? Also, thank you for choosing to do maintenance during peak play time in us

Dave Purdy it’s their biggest bug they have to fix. stop updating during daytime US hours..!!

D34TH0FKVorshk They update during the lowest player count time. Stop making Americans look bad and stfu please?

Kyle Not even what it’s about jackass. I tell people the same thing all the time. They advertised to enjoy 2019 with some pubg yet they pushed maintenance today rather than waiting a day.

D34TH0FKVorshk All I hear is whining. Yet Im the jackass. LOL ok.

D34TH0FKVorshk Oh I get it, you;re from Ohio lol. Must be somewhere near Columbus acting that entitled. Am I right?

Angeliceron I don’t see why you bother anymore. Nothing substantial changes. Maybe instead of weekly server “maintenance”, you should be working on fixing the game, Fix the netcode fix the delayed load in when joining your first game. The Fix PUBG campaign did little to nothing.

Donkie Happy New Year 😀

Ryan Lohman I dont know about you but i can land at random houses and get a slr or m24 or kar98k in vikendi

Assassino47 You’re a lucky guy then, because that’s not the case with any of us. I always find all the attachments, but hardly a sniper/dmr.

jesse johnson REGION LOCK TPP!

TheCoffeeMan Great I actually install the game again for once after awhile and I have to wait for this. Better be worth the wait damn

Matty Timing of this feels like you’re punishing your staff and players. Doing this overnight Jan 2 would have cost less and made everyone happy.

Jordan Booker please make it so you can pick to only play on the original map the dessert map is shit


Jon S Why isn’t this done over night when most of the US us sleeping?

jay Man It’s the 1st , everyone is off… schedules 2 days of maintenance.

rePzi yeah, last nigh of playing before school starts and u just fucked it, ty pubg

Bradley Borg Once again, you guys best yourself by doing this at the worst possible time.

Jake It would be nice if there was any consistency to when updates happen. But then, I guess it would be nice if there was any consistency to your game at all.

k0stantinOfficial Seriously, You guys are doing everything in your power to destroy this wonderful game, FIX ALL YOUR INTERFACE, GAME OPTIMIZATION AND THEM THINK ABOUT MICRO TRANSACTIONS. R.I.P BlueHole

AveryGeek Why would you do this on New Years when everyone has the day off?

Jachi Jachón Jachótix Is there… someone in Bluehole that reads these messages? I think they are just making their business, and never reading or listening to the players.

Seijouro Akashi On,nomp, ,. 9. 9/ 9?/, ON on ‘,. ‘,

christian gonzalez Stop this fucking Weekly maintenance. you don´t fix nothing with this

Ronard Mckellar can you guys atleast get that we dont want this shitty downtime every week

Karl Kitchenmaster Can you switch up the update times? It’s always prime time for Central Time Zone. Not sure if possible on your end, but wanted to ask.

Olivier Gilbert are you guys fck stupid, shutting down the server on prime time hour on a holiday?

Dakota Hunt Who the heck does maintenance on a friggin holiday? Seriously?!?!!?

WestCoastBestCoast Have you ever imagined where PUBG is stationed?

Dakota Hunt I know exactly where they are stationed. New Years isn’t a US only holiday it’s observed by nearly every civilized country in the world. Not to mention General game research dictates a uptick in purchases and play time on holidays.

Spicoli 🌊🏄‍♂️ Working on updating your anti-hack software? It’s needed!…

Toby Bridson ‘Still’ seeing lots of hackers. Dudes sprinting crazy fast on the spot, running through walls as if there was nothing there, deathcam replay showing enemies follow and track my entire approach from behind a solid rock, mountain or wall and pinging me instantly. Magic!!

brendonmcgoff doesn’t seem like voice chat is working any more with duos or voice chat all

UnholyFroggod any chance they are going to fix the full screen bug with this maintenance? Its killing my frames. Switching to windowed and back does not work for me. Help.

Nemesi What does live server maintenance even mean… like what exactly are you doing..

pzratnog I think your first question answers your second question. They’re doing server maintenance.

mb1483 Hello, a week ago my Steam account has been hacked and the hacker has used cheats in PUBG and my account has been banned. This can be solved? Thanks and happy new year

TheShrew well… that sucks. hope they fix it soon. GL

don 4 life Please just fix Fps issues on vikendi and all other maps. Because of the settings. Full screen, window mode. And brightness. Idk if everything is broken. Please will make me very happy.

Farkin Okie WTF server maintenance on New Years Day?

Hugo Moreira It’s amazing how to the board of directors don’t realize that they are right now losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kicky Sam It would be sweet if you could leave the test server up while you do your gigantic unnecessary long weekly maintenance so people can still play

JGEmanuel It is my last day on vacation and the servers are in maintanance.

Viktor Why? What are you guys up to?

Manuel123456789 Dont play tpp…

Poss Typical bullshit who doesn’t give a shit about the American players. CHANGE your update time. It’s ridiculous. Not to mention doesn’t even respond 95% of the time when people tweet them for help. Joke of a company with no player/community support.

Hugo Moreira That’s just epic STUPID. Fuck this game

Twitchy Was going to hop in after I got off work, Guess I’ll play some ROE instead.

#YellowVestSydney – LibertySpring Are you out of the ever loving minds?! It’s middle of the holiday and middle of the day here!! Down for four hours! What a joke

KrowSemagDnim One question… why do you always screw the United States with peak hours of downtime… let’s not even mention the fact that it’s a holiday as well

Chris vQ Its not only the US my friend, its the entire America continent all the way down. These guys just don’t give 1 single F about their customers from this side of the ocean.

madFX don’t worry they give less than zero fucks for Australian & NZ players as well. We haven’t had functional servers for months now

Sod Um, ok. Guess I didn’t really want to play.

_MS_ I really don’t understand why — on new years day when I have the squad ready to play. What exactly is the maintenance about?

WestCoastBestCoast Have you ever imagined where PUBG is stationed?

Hrusostomos Vicatos What happened to the concept of “Zero downtime patching”? Aren’t you using cloud hosting? Did you not make a big announcement earlier in the year about Multiplay (Unity) to manage your European hosting? Come on guys … get into the 21st century. you can do better

Donkie They cant because it takes resources like Money.

karouwhn Ok 🙂 have fun and let’s hope you fixed some bugs

Ryan can we at least get test servers running ?!

Liam Niedrich seriously, why are both down?

RastaCook Also, how about putting a real error message that says “server maintenance” instead of server busy, would have saved me (and likely a lot of people) from wasting time trying to reconnect for 30min until i found this message on fucking twitter… just put the msg in game geez srly

Vincent You guys did this on new years day? You should have done it last night when I was drunk off my ass not when I’m hungover.

Metehan Çağlar Fix vikendi fps pls .s

Crash Ring of Elysium….try it. Good downtime game.

Brayden Cowell They are a Korean company, and it is currently 10:00am on the 2nd in Korea so it makes total sense for them. And considering that 70-80% of they’re player base is in China and surrounding areas where it is currently a low player count time it makes sense for them as a company.


ItzScience That’s still 20-30% of the player base that is going to be pissed off. They could’ve just as easily done it on the 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

RastaCook what a genius idea to do this right now, seriously wtf, Jan 1st 7h30pm, that must be the absolute worst possible time for a 4hrs maintenance, fucking ridiculous…

Hrusostomos Vicatos again? come on…. can’t you not better plan server maintenance so it does not drop the entire gaming platform?

Lion Family Seeds Pls OPEN TEST SERVER!!! when maintenance… PLS come on.!!

Ricardo Lameira Could you change the maintenance schedule time every week or month? That would be more fair, since you have people playing in many different time zones around the globe.

Tobias Engler Not cool

Zach Beach™♈ “Fix your game” “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS UPDATE YOUR GAME WTF” 😂

Alex Thurman 1) Most people aren’t complaining about them doing updates, but WHEN they are doing their updates. 2) Most of their updates are garbage that don’t do anything to fix the base issues affecting their highly successful game.

SpaceMadMonkey I’m in bed, wake me up when it’s time to play! 😴

Gustavo Valério Here in Brazil this ends at 3am .Thx to fuck my holiday…

Junior Tatuador Mazz Caralho é todo dia essa manutenção? Peguei o jogo a uma semana e todo dia manutenção… Q porra de server eh esse!

Carlinhu Tem manutenção semanal justamente pro servidor não ter problemas. Fora que em toda manutenção eles corrigem bugs ou adicionam algo novo.

Badwolfkg Not just sniper attachments!!

Tim M why? why? why? why? a holiday?? Why???

Brad Gardner Really? at 8pm east coast time for 4 hours? Bad timing, off to play COD

Rodrigo Alva Really? During the holiday? pfft…

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

midninBR I’ve just done “Things You’ll Break” and win a solo match but the server maintenance has started, am I going to take those missions as done? Thank you

kevinlc77 here is how to know when the next maintenance window will be: check your calendar for major holidays and every week during the exact time you have to play.

zen-x Thanks for ruin my holiday, good job

Alex Morgenstern if the best you can do on your holiday is to play pubg, and not to play it will “ruin” your holiday, then you maybe should get a life

Alex Thurman If the best you can do is spend your day commenting on everyone giving feedback to PUBG devs maybe you should get a life…

Alex Morgenstern nah,only 15 minutes responding 10 year old babies crying for the maintenance is enough 😉

Plegh Who the fuck does a 4 hour maintenance lmao.

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud See you at 830 I guess 😩

thereisonlyjim Yet another North American who thinks the world Revolves around their Timezone. Reality check buddy, The majority of the playerbase is not the NA players.

Al Fall NIce. ON a fucking holiday. nice

Doc_Doge[Respect] Maintenance at the first day of 2019! Good job! A great start isn’t it?

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Hashmeme Fartel o yah in the afternoon when its the holidays fucking genius company

dusty_johnson What about test servers? They down too?

LightHasNoShadow Any updates, improvements, content for ps4 in sight ?

Alex Morgenstern what do you expect? it’s not even a month since the release of the game on ps4 and less than a week since the last bug fix update, not to mention that vikendi is arriving on console this month…


pzratnog 164/168 hours in the week isn’t enough? They announce days in advance. Not hard to know when this is coming.

Ed Sullivan its the same ol story, same old song and DANCE!!!! quit cryin… no wonder everyone thinks the US is full of pussies.. probably right most of us are. stop confirming it

ozan dörtelma all nights servers off. lol.

Guilherme is really the best fucking way to start the year, you guys are doing a splendid job with a holiday maintenance. you should be ashamed, serious, not in a dream I would pay you guys a season pass, you guys do a terrible job do not deserve a penny.

Samuel Cowan the maintenance blocks out the final time to get the santa beard and now I can’t get it great job

Badwolfkg It took you this long to save 10000bp??? Wish I could gift you some.

Samuel Cowan well I got to it but my match ended after maintenance

Alex Morgenstern when the beard got launched, I had -5000 BP because they took away some BP they gave me on Halloween update cause I could redeem the BP bonus twice, and i got the beard 1 week ago and managed to get 10000 adittional BP lmao, it’s not that hard if you have half neuron

sydney yall just HAVE to do maintenance at 7pm eastern. at peak times for most ppl in NA. amazing

thereisonlyjim You know this is a Korean Company right? They started this maintenance a little after 9:30AM

sydney hey did u know its new years day and most ppl go back to work tomorrow so theyd like to spend the night playing the game??? u dont need to spam this reply on everyone thats rightfully complaining

thereisonlyjim Hey did you know that it’s the day after new years day for some of us? Did you know that the majority of the player-base is in AS and SEA regions? They are doing maintenance in the OFF-peak time for the Majority of their player-base

sydney did u know they don’t fix shit even though they do maintenance for 4 hours once a week? they can fix shitstack nothing in an hour, not 4

Pufilicious 4hrs on December 26th, 4hrs on January 1st. What in the actual fuck is wrong with you ?

JoeTendo64 WOW DOE!

Sly DevL Thanks for always doing your maintenance during prime time NA hours

Kira weekly maintenance time, let’s go. and nothing will get fixed AGAIN. you rock. really. btw i want a refund

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω Infinity War new

Kahshe Would you leave Test server online during Live’s maintenance? You’d actually have a group of testers, since Test server is dead every other day and night.

internally_flawless Why? on a day where everyone could be playing…

johnny spitera Some ppl work g33k

Mike Why on New Year’s Day when everyone is off from work? Are you guys some kind of idiots? 🤔

Foges What year is is? 2019? Were still doing 4 hour full shut downs for patches? CMON NOW

Juan Pablo Daniel Are you seriously doing a maintenance on a holiday, the day I can actually play for hours? DAMN YOU!!! Hire some DEVOPS PLEASE!

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Alex Thurman Yes, that’s literally the point. They’re doing routine maintenance like every other Tuesday; except today is NOT like every other Tuesday. Intelligent devs would adjust the schedule around an annual peak in playerbase.

Juan Pablo Daniel Indeed

sports fan Oh neat on my day off you wanna do a 15gb download I bet

Francisco Adding more desync?

Chris DePrater Ugh, sad they can’t do this during non-peak gaming time for most of us

thereisonlyjim “Most of us”? You realise they are a Korean company, and that the majority of the playerbase is in the AS and SEA regions, right?

Alex Thurman You do realize he’s clearly referring to most of the people who will see and read his tweet, right?

Rokirtech Infocenter Well time to go into the cryostasis pod and pray to wake in the year 3000.

Grantjustme I wish every player who bitched and complained so much about this game would just stop playing.

Zach Tanner Why are you even here then?

pzratnog I don’t want them to stop. These are the low IQ people who are easy kills. Anyone who plays more than one match a month knows when maintenance is coming. They post every time and put it front and center in the game itself.

Keidar You monster! Hahahaha

Grantjustme lol true. its just annoying to read in the comments.

ThroopOnTwitch You guys REALLY need to 1. Rethink what time you run maintenance, and 2. Figure out how to reduce it from 4 hours. 4 hours is too long. If it was an hour or so, people could just play something else for a bit, but 4 hours, that just means no pubg for the day.

thereisonlyjim Do they really need to re-think the time? Perhaps you need to re-think what little importance your timezone might have to them – This is a Korean Company, currently it is a quarter to 10 AM, meaning they are doing this maintenance very early in their working day

Zach Tanner They can do a rolling schedule so no single region is hit hard like this every single time.

ThroopOnTwitch I understand what you’re saying, but remember that they are in the service industry. Their schedule should run around their clients schedules.

thereisonlyjim It doesn’t matter what time they schedule maintenance, because it is global, it is always going to be someone’s peak time. The majority of players are from AS and SEA regions, so they are actually running schedule around the majority of their clients peak times

ThroopOnTwitch I’d like to see stats around number of players per region. I would bet USA/EU would surpass CN/SEA.

thereisonlyjim Highest concurrent players is consistently around Asian peak time

ThroopOnTwitch Could just be a convenient time for multiple regions, but I see where you’re going. I want hard stats, but I cant find any online outside of a stat from 2017, which show NA was the majority of players.

FATBOY GAMING You are such a fan boy. It is because of people like you companies do not improve.

Liam Niedrich Can’t servers be maintained independently?

thereisonlyjim Because it is through steam, it is required of them to do all global servers at the same time for some dumb reason

Alex Thurman Great job spamming this same exact irrelevance on every comment. Yes they DO really need to rethink the time. A major company should be smarter than to do maintenance during four of the largest ANNUAL peak hours.

thereisonlyjim But the majority of PUBG players aren’t in NA, the majority are in Asia, and this maintenance is in the off-peak time for Asian countries, where the majority of players will be unaffected. it’s also not new years day everywhere, in most places, it is the 2nd right now.

Dennis Yo i’m all about the fact theyre a Korean company, but lets not say 10 AM is early in a work day LOL.

Dlinn Yup. Do it 6am there and we get on tonight.

Grantjustme Maintenance is on every Tuesday people. New Year is barely even holiday too. Relax smh.

Jesse Anderson I’ve defended you for a long time, but seriously, one IT professional to another (hoping you let some of your back-end guys read this), weekly maintenance? Your company has made hundreds of millions of dollars and you still do weekly maintenance?

Jordan I wouldn’t mind the weekly maintenance so much if it wasn’t 4-6 hours long EVERY WEEK for absolutely no changes.

nick miller Wow is usually an down everything Tuesday morning for x reason. Think that game is a tad larger than pubg

Shawn Murray full agree. these guys just dont get it. Ive never seen another game take 4 hours to update. ever. weekly at that. and peak hours is bullshit. the servers need to be downed at the lowest peaking time. period. youve lost thousands over this shit.

Joe Blow World Of Warcraft has made billions and they still preform maintenance every week.

Stephen Elliott Understand weekly maintenance, but roll it to non-peak hours for each server. Continually performing maintenance during peak NA gaming hours has impacted their player count dramatically.

WestCoastBestCoast Have you ever imagined where PUBG is stationed?

Rylkon Weekly server maintenance isnt understandeable when they have poor server performance regardless.

Jesse Anderson My understanding is that Steam doesn’t allow regional updates. I work with bigger companies than Bluehole who only patch once a month. It’s kind of old.

Ed Sullivan coming here to check for updates and seeing everyone cry about what you already know is going to happen is kind of old…

Alex Morgenstern yea, sure has impacted the NA player count for doing maintenance once a week lmao

Alex Thurman Yes, believe it or not, doing maintenance during four peak hours once a week actually does significantly affect a player base.

Alex Morgenstern no, it doesn’t unless the player base are crybabies, which it’s the case, so you are right

Chris Rusu Test servers are almost always on at least for me?? Again with this update today and the test servers are still down. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Comic Books Plus Well the maintenance just started 15min ago were they down before that?

Chris Rusu Do t know only play it when main servers are down..?


Joshua Cannon This is fucking ridiculous…. East Coast players get fucked every time.

tdm.cody Just brought a gaming pc today and brought PUBG and it’s downloaded and I can’t even get into the game cause servers are “too busy”

Ryan Delaneuville Update. 4 hours

Bay Dead game. Just focus on mobile

OpTic Yann Mobile is trash.

Baran Tk 86 Mb update? Nice! Nice! Nice! When do you think you can fix it? Like a joke!

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω Infinity War

GamingowyTataPL Why??????????? Last day of my holiday 🙁

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Danny gotta keep the asian players happy, maintenance on their non-peak time.

RiftRekt Honestly. Europe and Asia hold the majority of the player base. It is not ideal for the US. But it’s something you know is coming. It literally happens every week LUL

thereisonlyjim You know it’s a Korean company right? It’s 9:45am for them, a good time for maint. Besides that, Asian players are the absolute majority of their playerbase so…

Tyler Marsh Doesnt matter, when the company I work for does maintenance or prod migrations, we do these on non peak hours for the respective market.

thereisonlyjim The “Respective Market” in this case is literally everywhere on the globe. There is going to be someone who’s peak time is interrupted either way.

James Absolute majority when playing TPP. I hardly ever come across any foreign players in FPP. Very happy I made the switch from TPP to FPP.

cloud_n9ne Once you go FPP you never go back 😘

Creepy Twitch streamers group 6 skins when arriving any intel?

Andres Etcheto Seriously? In new year?

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Andres Etcheto Last week maintenance was on Wednesday

Calle Rosen Fan Club seems like a less than ideal time all around to do this

Ninponeer You would prefer them to do it on Friday or Saturday night instead? 🤔 Tuesday evening is actually the best possible time to do their maintenance. 1. It’s not during peek playing hours 2. It also allows them time to fix any potential unforseen issues before the weekend.

Calle Rosen Fan Club go away

Chevy the Golden WHY??? Why can’t you people explain why you do these things at such stupid times?

Kyle Just spent all Xmas with family. New Years is for fun

Albert Gomez Why do you assholes keep bringing down the test server at the same time too?

t carty Maintenance on a holiday. Yeesh, who thought that was a better idea than postponing it for a day

TheBeardedSerb Got that victory with 2 min before shutdown

Albert Gomez Pretty sure if you’re in the middle of a game it wouldn’t shut down anyways.

steve yikes how many more hashtags do you have

schmericks how long will it 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 last?

The_Sensei Damnnnnn. Literally just got on

PlumbDrip Why would you do maintenance on New Years

LordEscorpio Maintenance on holiday, you’re a joke ahahahahah

Josh Guess I’ll play blackout instead then 😒😒😒

Mike If you hate your self..

_LouisTwiT Test servers are up ?!

LordEscorpio Very nice, maintenance on holiday 😀

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Corey hulsey Why on a holiday?

Eiran okane Any changes expected or just routine?

warlord8923 Just routine

LordEscorpio implementing more bugs

M. Brennan 📱💻🛠 Lol

Chad Razwick That’s funny the video games I play don’t have this issue.

riley🤘 you must not play a lot on steam. if it wasn’t for steam they could do maintenance regionally

Chad Razwick Riley, honey I’ve been playing on Steam since you were in diapers.

thereisonlyjim Calls a stranger honey in a condescending tone AND is called Chad, 10/10 top meme

DON Actually he doesn’t know how to play

Dylan Bergbower are both regular servers and test servers down for maintenance?

Joshua Sutton But why? It’s New Years, we’re all home, off of work, gaming, and you guys want to do maintenance today? Makes no sense.

Evan Ross We are all off work, what the fuck? Server maintenance New Years Day?


Liam Niedrich Probably was the desync. I lost right before maintenance

Tom Having a four hour downtime at all is absolutely laughable, nevermind multiple times a week, and on a holiday, during primetime.

L7n_FM 💔🎶 can i ask agin when or is ther season pass in pubg on PS4 Like PC even ?

The Great Whale did a fresh install of the test server and still getting the same error

MARK ALQASRANY please pubg we need more fps… please make it 60 like fortnite we need better graphics the game is horreble on ps4!!! (Thank you)

MeZoNeZ hey so some guy came in to bunker I was waiting for him to come down Tunnel. But not too long and I’m getting shot. From behind. Is there some kind of silent slippers in game now? It wasnt my headset. How did this guy get right behind me without making any noise??

Checkout current PUBG down

Brachen feels so good, the loot tables are great, the pace is so much better tailored to my playstyle than previous maps and the map is full of memorable landmarks and gorgeous sights. Now I just need some dinners!

Skylar Bonham how come the pubg website isn’t working?

PUBGSUCC I wish my survival rewards would actually work when I complete them… Such crap!!


T. can’t even play on the PS4… Wtf

RP GAMING All i see is what’s coming for PC WHAT ABOUT CONSOLE!!!

RP GAMING If i knew that these devs don’t answer to the community i wouldn’t have bought this game

leaster W/ Will you improve your game?

Rick Mallais what is going on with the disc version for ps4. It won’t install

Mohd hi, what does this mean? I just buy & download

P_I_C_K_E_T_T There’s 2 different versions to the game. For some reason mine automatically downloaded the “public test server” like yours. You have to delete it. And go into your purchased games and download the actual game. Not the test server one.

ابو مروان You are a stupid company, you lost your audience in PS4 because of your stupidity I have a right to play FPP from the first game Unfortunately the game is very unsuccessful and this is because you are stupid And also there is no switch for the maps Top stupid


Cristian Almeida Suarez Is there a chance that vikendi will come out now in December on the xbox one TS?

ابو مروان were is fpp in ps4 muther fucker!🖕💩

RavenousSix I just want the old parachute controls back, these test server ones suck.

Michaël Mimeault Well. Anyway it is all about opinions. But personally I like to find a lvl 3. Crates are a blood fest. Don’t tell me it’s because I’m bad… Even the best players die to crates camper.

Michaël Mimeault It’s not like everyone finds a lvl 3. Yes the Kar become less powerful but still can kill in 2 shots.. and the helmet only have 2 lifes against those snipers. It’s fun to grind a lvl3 🙂

Ultimate_Ace I find a level 3 almost every other game. At least one person in my squad always has a 3 helmet. And an SLR gets better than a kar when level 3s are everywhere. Cuz it can 2 shot faster. Level 3s are the worst thing they brought back to world spawns without a doubt

blast2fire Is the forums down? Or did I get banned for speaking my mind?

Berringer Time to make twitter accounts for xbox, ps4 and pc now? This has become the largest mess/maze… Survivor and Premium pass is for the PC community, we have it on PC for testing atm.

Berringer Unfortunately a way to scare players away… How did PUBG corp not see that when testing the pass earlier?

Vishal yadav why beta pubg is not responding??? I m seeing this from past 2 hour? Whats the matter?

Jay Hurry tf up and do something to xbox u guys are forgetting about xbox im about to forget about your game cmon fix the bug where I have to reset my crosshair color every time I open the app.

karimelnady when season start on ps4 give us FPP

Brian poole can you explain why I have spent 150,000 BP on Western Military Crates and I’ve yet to get the Cowboy hat, yet I get 45 Camo Shirts in ROW!

Brian poole can you explain why I have spent 150,000 BP on the western military crates and still do not have the cowboy hat? Yet I can get 45 camo tank tops in a ROW!

Enfuir The airplane still does not make sound so it’s not fixed on ps4

Farmist80 When does the new map go live on PC?

Kim J Hyun (Maoist) takes money from them i heard from a post


ixisweat returns So ’s bullshit report system leads to another 24 hour ban. Their message to all players, “If you get beat, it’s clearly because the other players were cheating.” Oh yea, is definitely completed.

Richard P how do I get a hold of someone to restore my game. I lost everything?

Tracy P I cant log in to my screen name Help

Tracy P When i logged in this morning With my game center It was not me

ImTommygunz Can you guys adjust the volume for ps4? It’s really low

Carp4 Please post pubg servers south america for ps4 !!! When are we going to have servers for our region? Brazil, argentina, chile, paraguay, peru, colombia 🙁 …

LadsUltimate ?…. fancy replying to the hundreds of ps4 players with the same question ? Or are u just going to deliberately ignore us ?

Russell Baker FPS for PS4 anytime now

Vaishak M I am getting into eu servers with ping 240,where I am actually supposed to play seas server,!!Help

RP GAMING There is no proximity chat on ps4 for some reason

EM Solo

Giannis New cheat? Shooting behind the car. Could you have a look please? Thanks.…

Rizqo Syahril Tsani Beware of your footprint

فيصل ضرمان العجمي hi I would like to ask you can i play PUBG from PS4 with players in mobiles?

Alruwaymi When i get in the plane my tier doesn’t appears and i paid money for it so why its not appearing, hope it will be solved nearly.. thanks .

Marcos Rodríguez please consider to make crossplay platforms.. is not only NA where people play PUBG… on SA there are a lot of Xbox/Ps4 pubg players .. On SA server (xbox) almost 4 minutes to get in a game with only 53 players

OMGitzRussman Fix the delay on PS4 and graphics pls

krAZ-255 I just looted my first airdrop and was instantly team killed my teammate. Is there anything you guys can do? I have been playing since launch and have been loving every second of it. Thanks in advance.

Skupnjak Meikl joker and harley for ps4????? jes or no???

Halfway Wooked Hey is this really yalls soundcloud? 🤔

Jason Knight whenever I try and go to the forums now I get this: P.S. I was there just yesterday and it worked fine.

[email protected] Hi my name is Alan I have a problem with my account ban the steam account shows that I have not played the game for 7 days and I get ban because I’m not playing it or maybe someone else using a different app to using my account but on my steam, it did not show anything

PUBG Help Hi, If you think as though you have been incorrectly banned, please submit an appeal through our support website. -M

Arsh Sisodiya you should ban those people who abuse there aponent.

ShadyNature it happened again after the fourth fucking time I’m not even trying again, just wasting my time and money and you guys probably won’t even answer this or help fix it

PUBG Help Hi ShadyNature, This issue occurs when the game files have been corrupted or modified in some way. Please run through Step 14 in the troubleshooting guide linked below to complete a clean reinstall of the Test Server. -M…

بَدر Edit the game on Playstation or give my money 😡😡

Metron Yo! The inventory on my test server account is not working , my username is DrDroom

RavagingSavage is the high CPU usage on test server carrying over to live servers? Or is there still optimization to be done? Makes it really hard for me to stream 🙁

Hess Any chances in the near future of the dev team working on a 4×4 cutout/variant of Errangel for fans of the minimap gameplay?

Karim Dagher I do get that and at one point I used to get very angry at it but with time you learn that the leaderboard in PUBG means nothing to anny one that is trying to evaluate how good of a player you are.

OpTic Yann Come on now. It’s been over a month since you last tweeted something about xbox. Hello, do you need your wake up call? I dont want to play ur buggy ass pc version of the game. Grenades are broken.

Chris Rusu Having trouble jumping out of the plane in the test server for Vikendi. Every time I eject out of the plane it launches me straight down and wont let me use my mouse or WASD for movement. I can’t glide or move at all. It happens as soon as I eject from the plane..???

PUBG Help Hi Chris, Holding down SHIFT will direct your character straight down, so ensure you aren’t holding this key if you’re wanting to glide or move in different directions. -M

Hamid ps4 any coming new patch? FIX FPS UP TO 45/60 – better graphics – faster load texture – pts live? – new skins? – show ping time in game – add rankings – add event vikendi – redisigned main menu like pc vikendi main menu 🙏🏻🍗❤️

Hamid ps4 any coming new patch? FIX FPS UP TO 45/60 – better graphics – faster load texture – pts live? – new skins? – show ping time in game – add rankings – add event vikendi – redisigned main menu like pc vikendi main menu 🙏🏻🍗❤️

Donte Wilson Yes. It’s called get a PC.


ali sel What is the pubg MOBILE support mail ?please help

Tobi For some reason i have minus -6000 points… i got 10k from the lag compensation, and apperently they were removed again? please help… (picture link)

5H4D0WGAMING19 can we get an update on when the pts for xbox is gonna come out?

Marc.N1 I’m from EU and usually play with SA friend, since we cant select server the game its a hell for us.Half times we get in NA,and other half the system is searching in the worst timezone. At least we want to have the oportunity to choose between our own servers PLS

Loow🃏 when the fpp will be drop for ps4 players?!

Squ4dronLe4der7 live now!! playing in FPP Follow my Channel ill follow you back

Rodrigo Is it so difficult for such a big company to open a server in Latin America? They kill us before at least listening to them

Talkerlist This is just madness… This has got to stop cheaters keep increasing by the minute

Jade⭐ My character on is looking festive af and im loving it! All we need is a festive parachute.. please add one, you know you want to😉

XeRoXgaming Hiho , somebody know if i am allowed use this finish… for my own highlight movie, im doing for vikendi , even when im not monetize the video and not earning somthing , dont wanna have problems with copyright and that stuff

‏﮼أبو ‏﮼محمد ‏﮼ Thanks dude

RSA hello when is fpp coming to ps4?

Rishav Kundu Help!!!!!!!!😣😣😣😣😣4😣😣😣😣3

vijayshankar please help to eliminate this _MOMBILE

Handa Riyansa Offline 🙁

Handa Riyansa Ps4 offline 🙁

Akzimel Is there any chance to have crossplay on pubg? In a future?

Vijay Pratap The game is annoying,the loot is scarce,the maps come random and sometimes continuous,bad port for PS4 overall,shooting mech suck,need work

DURXTER I feel your pain 😞 FPP dead hours for another couple hours.

Dhruv Ajmera can you just announce the record number of kills in PUBG Mobile in all the servers and both TPP and FPP?

Cesar Fabiani Keep them off your game sucks it’s time.

Danny Greg I really want to understand what state your infra is in that you need such mammoth maintenance windows so regularly 🤔

Toby Glenn A really badly designed infra with SPOFS all over the place. All system maintenance should be zero downtime!

Dirty bit Time for them to start poaching from a FANG company to learn 😂

Jack Maiher They’re gonna prime-time maintenance themselves right into irrelevance 👍🏻 Check back with me 3 months from now if they keep this up. And pull the stats then – and see what news stories will be out there about Bluehole and this game. It’s not rocket science here…

Steve PUBG might be playable again since China’s government has banned the game

David Spada You serious? Lol

Steve Just happened, google that shiz

Vincent Finally no hackers

Checkout current Pubg server status

Michael Crane When will mobile get the new map?

Jack Maiher Yeah – try again. Go to steamdb and look up pubg. Make sure you do the right time zone. And lookup revenue generation while you’re at it. Oh – and look at the steady decline since they started doing weekly updates. Game is still buggy as shit.

nitrostemp do they even see your tweets with a protected account?

peachykins I forgot about that, fixed

Trevor Walderon “I want to have an advantage over 95% of players”

BruceMon3yWayne Don’t forget about xbox my dudes

Matt Hobbs Why do you do this at night!

Kill-time Something something Maintenance. Something something Always when I can play. Something something sigh. 😛

Dan Avallon Portland is having a power outage , this is the perfect time !

pinche Paul Paul I can relate, new pc build. Gotta download everything anyways…

Jacob Rash So will it be done at 8:30 or 11

Fang The Magnificent Can y’all please boost the loot spawn

Abdallah Deeb When the map will be out

ZoZoGamer The 19 dec.

Jason Can’t you do this at, about I don’t know 3am America time

riley🤘 3am-7am PST is literally peak hours so definitely no

Jack Maiher So, yeah, 7:30pm – 11:30pm EST is literally peak hours for most of NA, so definitely yes

riley🤘 7:30pm EST is 4:30pm PST. the lowest point of daily activity is always around 4pm pst, so it’s really the opposite of peak hours

Jack Maiher Omg – you are funny always sticking up for these idiots. Someone you know work there? US is top revenue earner. That doesn’t even include rest of NA countries. You don’t kick your revenue base offline 4 hours during prime time every week! Stats show the steady decline…

Romelu ibrahimović When will the console pts servers be live?

LadsUltimate Got some good wins so far in pubg PS4 ,but I think it’s back to rainbow six siege and BFV for me until they bring FPP out. Fun but think I’m done now with TPP. Everyone is fucking waiting for you guys come on lol how many tweets have u guys have got about it……

Keith Ma-aya No KST time zone??

Dicoccinator i went to play this game for the first time in literal months and this happened after my first game lmao. guess i’ll go back to playin somethin else!

Megan Thanks! Since ya’ll can’t manage to not update during US prime-time, I played Fortnite. It was a lot of fun! Probably wont’ play PUBG again soon though… I’ll just get my friends to install Fortnite instead of buy PUBG.

Megan As a working professional, I’ve got about two hours of solid game time, usually only on Tuesday. It takes these guys four hours to update? Yeah… Whatever. Super sad I paid got a game like this.

riley🤘 “prime-time”

🎄🎁GREEEN604🎅🎄 Great Work… Clapzzz

jeffito legit you should do the updates overnight US time. that’s like mid-day in china. seems reasonable.

Saniitoaster 4hours for a routine maintenance bruuuh….

jj The only thing I ask from your guys is to make the time to get into a game quicker! Shorten the minute long wait

GULLIT 10 When is vikendi coming to pts on xbox

Talha 🚜 Helloo fps improvements when??

Drift_AZ In the middle of a match really . And when alot of people play

Mohammed Khalil fuck this

R3dle4der I just got home…

Megan Does it always have to be on Tuesday? ug. Oh well… I guess I’ll go play Fortnite.

ZoZoGamer You do know that the test server is still up so you can just play the new map

Megan Do I’m supposed to download a whole new game to play? Yeah, I’ll pass.

YashuruAlln Seriously? this game is a joke

ZoZoGamer Just play on test server it’s always up when they do this

Jack Maiher I was able to forgive the constant bugs for awhile – but the “fix pubg” campaign was a joke – and arguably created more bugs. But the weekly prime time maintenance for 4 hours? That did it for me. Left and ain’t coming back. Devs & mgmt are idiots & killing the product.

Jack Maiher It is not always up when they do their weekly maint. As a matter of fact – I believe it too had been down usually at the same time. Iand who wants to maintain two installs of the same game to use the test server? That’s stupid.

TrosMaN7 *5 hours

Rocky XK Thanks for this reply, , I’m fully satisfied with your words. Hope we will see this new performance mode on Xbox before you guys drop on consoles. Much love –

Andres chang Issue G36: might just be me but when I spray I feel like the whole game freezes mid spray and then next thing I know I’m dead. Happened a couple of times. Might just be me.

TrosMaN7 test servers are wonky. Wait for live

chuckN0vak what is going on with xbox servers today? Network lag detected for past few hours across all regions, custom and public matches… please communicate!!!

chuckN0vak if you are about head to stream on mixer right now to see how bad this is..

Dan ‘RoboDanjal’ Whittal Hey, I just asked the team about this (as I was asleep), and it seems we didn’t see any mass outages with our servers, or any substantial reports regarding this.

Azo Dayne Hold your horses. It’s still gotta go through Microsoft first. Release on Xbox..

Peter Are Test servers affected during Live server maintenance?

Shawn Skinner Nope jusr got done playing on them.

BSum Looks like it’s going to be fortnite tonight 🤣


zPacKRat when is this coming out of Alpha on the PC?

Dinu Alin 4 hours down twice a week..what a shitty game…

johnny spitera Why is it so hard to get a OC game?

Sam G wtf u need maintenance 4hrs every week, sack them all, never had this crap happen in any game ive ever played

Robert Cause they normally do it overnight US time and not overnight China time.

msalisbu I still find it amazing you have to take prod down to deploy updates like this. What other AAA studio completely cuts off their entire(!) player base for an update?? For four whole hours? You’d think the money you lose during that time could be spent on better ops/infra.

J. G. Blue Lets see… Every AAA MMO ever turns off server connections to all players when updating. (World Of Warcraft does it, Everquest does it). And those are 3+ million concurrent player games.

Ray Ballrd This is a steam issue. Steam does not allow them to do maintenance that only takes down certain regions at a time. As long as they stay with Steam this will not change

Jack Maiher No, it’s not a Steam issue. Rolling updates would be nice – but it’s not even that. The US is their top revenue earner. Stats are out there. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you every week for 4 hours of prime time. And tell me – what other steam games do this every week???

GetPoopedOnHomie Steam doesn’t allow it. Also it’s the beginning of their work day, that’s just how it is. And can I see these stats? I’m pretty sure the EU/Asia deff account for more players/purchases than NA.

Jack Maiher Yes – EU/Asai has more “players” in total – but US is COUNTRY with most revenue. Not sure of total NA countries revenue. Will be funny if the “China block” rumor holds true. This game is a sinking ship. Again – pull the stats & trends. It’s unfortunate. Game COULD be good.

GetPoopedOnHomie Could the is keyword here that much I can agree. As for which region brings in the most money, if you can actually show me stats I’d believe it, but I don’t believe you are going to find those.

Jack Maiher You can Google the stats yourself. Been in I.T. over 20 years and have NEVER performed work on production systems that impact our users “during the workday” – unless it was an emergency fix. No other game does this! Including other Asian owned/developed games.

GetPoopedOnHomie Do you work in South Korea? Because at 9am the servers are at their lowest point(NA prime time) so that’s when they run the updates/maintenance.

no one This isn’t even a update..btw

no one I stand corrected, they didn’t list a update with this, but I see it is indeed updating, again.

Robert Most do but they base it off us times and not Asia like pubg does so you would never know

neal walker Pretty sure quite a few games do weekly or biweekly maintenance.

no one And we accept that as normal? I think not!

Brad Amour pretty sure none take 4 hours to do ‘routine maintenance’

NUFC Leazes Because you’re a game designer, right?

Brad Amour You do play other online games, right? Assumingly more populated then PUBG? How many of those games have ~4 hours outage every single week, for “routine maintenace”? asking for a friend

Brad Amour Because you’re a game designer, right?

NUFC Leazes I actually am 🤣

Brad Amour And I’m President of Kazakhstan. tell me another game, that has equal or greater population that does/requires minimum of 4 hour outage each and every week for routine maintenance?

NUFC Leazes Concurrently there isn’t many games that match PUBG numbers on PC other than Fortnite AND CSGO. If you want a detailed explanation then email them.

Brad Amour clueless.

jahart1 Why so many updates? like can there not just be a big monthly update?

Faster Than Whaa? You see.. their software engineers aren’t that good.

Asad Jani Played all day am going to sleep now plz keep the server down until i wokup i dnt want any one to play while am sleep 😂

Darrin Toeun Why 430 pm? Why 430 am for f*cks sake.

Jesus Diaz fuck this game

Mat!as What about this? can not we play even in ps4? Why can I buy the game and not play? 😡

Jose Hidalgo Has ejecutado el PTS… Ejecuta el otro xd

PJ always forget about that one day out of the week i can’t play this game. horrific maintenance schedule.

GetPoopedOnHomie I mean is it that horrible? It’s scheduled for every Tuesday…why is it still such a shocker?

riley🤘 have you not been playing vikendi at all? test server is still up

GetPoopedOnHomie Good map, just wish it wasn’t a mini royale.

riley🤘 it plays more like erangel than sanhok to me

GetPoopedOnHomie I’d definitely choose it over sanhok and I will play it, I’m just slightly disappointed as an avid player of BR over MR. so I’ll see you out there lol

riley🤘 welp imo it was the best they could do to satisfy both strict BR and sanhok players. and we dont know how it’ll play on solo & duo yet, i feel like that would make third-partying less like sanhok garbage lol. hope it ends up being good to you😂

hoseok more like horrific memory lol

Johnny Lamotte Here’s the real question. How does a game close for 4 hour updates every week for a year and a half yet still… not been fixed 😂

t~rother It´s 2 am., why are you complaining? 😂

hoseok it’s 2am no matter where u live eh

Mike Stop hiding FPP from ps4. The player count is high enough. Give us what we payed for already please.

Faster Than Whaa? Lol welcome to the PUBG fanbase. Prepare to be ignored by the devs. They only listen when you speak chinese or korean

john jhinay Welcome to bluehole incorporated, where we do things wrong and still profit a shit ton from it.

Dirty bit Paid*

David Spada You can still play it in FFP right now.. you’ll just be at the dis advantage while everyone is playing in tpp

NUFC Leazes It isn’t high enough.

Corey Reallyy tho….

brandon Y’all gonna have to wait like Xbox did 🤣

addictive gamer Xbox had to wait cos the game was new to console, the game ain’t new anymore

Garcón Son of a beech

Brian Jankowski Test server too?

Buford T. Justice Test server is still up.

VottoMatic 🇨🇦🐐 Does anyone know if has keyboard and mouse support on

Epøs The fuck is going on with the servers ???

jasmine Just unfollowed PUBG_help, now I can finally begin my journey to becoming a CoD pro.

volcom1609 Servers lag every other game since the patch, plz fix asap, them games it lags is extremely bad and engagements are unplayable

MISFITSWITCH They would have to hire competent developers to do this and that will never happen.

MISFITSWITCH Trust me the playerbase is not gonna rise. People have seen through their BS and it stopped by in game. They do nothing about cheating and they never fix any of the issues in the game.

Needsbeermoney want to explain this shit too me? obvious head shot that didnt kill him plus 2 more hits and he still lives? I’m killed with the same gun with a head shot and body shot?! FUCK YOUR CHEATING ASS GAME

MISFITSWITCH Ring of Elysium is free and 200x better.

Kelso Because the world doesn’t revolve around us?

Kelso To shit everyone up, I wish they would not do maintenance for a month, and see how many bitch about servers then

MrJjunior❌❌ please please if you want your game to succeed on console and compete with fortnite and blackout please make it optional for FPP and TPP and hold down to aim! I want your game to do good but I promise it will be a flop. Listen to the community PLEASE!!!

christopher Take it how you please. A year from now, if Sony PUBG players are lucky the game will be semi playable this time next year. It has nothing to do with Sony, Microsoft, or “PC”. PUBG Corp sucks at spear heading issues.

أڤن່ءَ سالم if i was falsely been reported by other players that i used a hack and my account was banned wt can i do to unbanned it ?

addictive gamer Are you still here 🤣🤣

Bruce how the heck do i download the test server

Hurcor Should be available in your steam library under normal pubg game. But servers will be down for the next 4 hours

Bruce Lmfao wow, it was favorited so I didn’t even notice it. Thank you

Markus Please for the love of god put map selection into the next update for Xbox One. Sick of playing matches on Miramar for my squad to not load in and we have to direct them to parachute blind 😂. Joke.

The_Wyatt_Earp Love the new map and parachute changes. need more AR mags and DMRs

A1RM4X Can we get the snowmobile to “glide” on water if we reach a certain speed? It would be SO GREAT on Vikendi! Here is my try to execute below… Did not work as expected 😎

ILikeToasters Maybe not everyone wants those changes?

ezz01 If they play esports mode 1 time they would.

AdoBruna(FitCouple) damn ur a bright one hahaha

Mr. Saltriver Best map ever. The new parachuting is golden. Game feels good currently! Especially after the latest patch. Thanks

Wesley Schreiner Main and test?

Liviu -_- I think ,only new map , they want to make a new map a new way to play this map

Corey Williams Yeah i kinda figured, I read the notes just wasn’t a 100% .. thanks man

Josh Hill Currently level 3 armour and helms are spawning everywhere, nearly everyone I see has both now. I really hope the fix it because it just makes snipers pointless and nades even more op

Xeng Khang League of Legends has 12 hour maintenance. Quit CRYING!

Xeng Khang Come on man. You can’t be complaining on console. This game was not designed for it. You want better graphics and FPS, play on PC. And Erangel will always be like that. Us PC players dont cry about the loot…just play the game.

Big_Bacon31 You are on console what did you expect

Jack Maiher Soon there will be no need for maintenance – when most of your revenue base refuse to come back due to weekly 4 hour outages during their prime time, rampant bugs & better experiences from your competitors lol

calamonsen “most of your revenue base”… What is it with Americans thinking they are the centre of the world? NA is one of the smallest player bases. AS is by far their largest followed by EU.

Brendan Black 🤦‍♂️ why do people keep insisting THEIR country is the only one in the world. I guess it needs to be spelled out for children, the world rotates due to this it’s literally prime time somewhere in the world no matter when they do it. Maintenance is apart of the game always has been

Jack Maiher No region should be subjected to 4 hour maintenance periods EVERY WEEK. To top it off, they too often introduce more problems! Bugs that are widespread and have been with the game for months still exist. These devs are a joke. Never seen anything like it.

Brendan Black The fixing of the game is a different story that is a legitimate complain, just not about the maintenance as that effects everyone not just specific times or countries

Brendan Black Maintenance is pretty much apart of all games these days, the fact still remains they have been doing it a long time regardless of how long it goes for, and to top it off they clearly spell it out every week a day before and not really something to complain about

Shawn Skinner You make it sound like this is something new. They have been doing this dince the 1.0 release. People arent going anywhere. When the new map goes live get ready for a pop bump.

Kelso Go play cod or bf then….if players quit because of server maintenance not being a good time, k byeeee. It doesn’t matter what time they do it, someone’s going to bitch. They can’t win, so just accept it’s Tuesday nights

❄️i just want candy canes-Kip❄️ Hey uhhhh Might wanna fix this 🤠…

❄️i just want candy canes-Kip❄️ PFFt alright so i hopped on and saw yall fixed it already my bad <3 great work on the map tho

Rick/LS Shady I’ve been charged $23.99 for no reason, I haven’t even touched the game and it says I’ve been charged please help

jermaioni Im from SA and PUBG connects me to NA, solve this problem. SINCE MAY!

L7n_FM 💔🎶 i love your game but can i quastion when start event pass please ?

mihai mihai another bug 🙁

JarlOfRivia I still didn’t get my uncharted and tlou bag on ps4 and support ain’t helping

Bobby Tracy will Vikendi be on Xbox test servers this month prior to the live release in January or is it the test server we are getting in January and live later?

Badwolfkg That’s on duos. But yeah 10 wins. Let’s see your stat card….. 167 on squad but I’m only a silver in squad I’ll be a grandmaster next season too. Even after the performance updates.

Josh This should be good! What’s your in game name?

addictive gamer I fully understand that the game was developed for of

not an old ass dude uhhh you don’t

addictive gamer Are you still here 🤣🤣

Dante Biasatti Trophies still aren’t popping.

Rami Hejji ⓭ ‏🇵🇸 Send an email for them will be better

TheGebs24 🇬🇧 #TheGebs24 THIS IS A MESS!!!!!!! I cannot believe you’ve released another sub-standard port! More importantly I fell for it again!

Steven🚦 This is the 1st time I have EVER seen Gemma so upset and negative towards a game. YES it’s that bad.

Thorin Oakenpants are there plans to have penetrable objects? It’s really frustrating to miss a kill because of one pixel’s worth of moss hanging from a rafter.

fauxhawkman About time they push rhe time back . 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm too early.

Daniel Lovegreen On ps4. How come my rank is at 0 under career tab? I’ve played over 10 matches and never got a rank.

Karim Dagher It usually takes time to update it. The stats of your latest games are not immediately taken into consideration.

nahata I tried all of them. Video : (sorry for the video resolution.) it was fluent in firing before update 23.

Mr. Tallal Ⓜ️ Pls explain this shit Selected Graphics: Lowest

خشمان Hi, I have a question, I need to know the size of the update that launched on PS4 please.

TimJanocha 200mb i Think

Slicemage Is there any option to do rolling maintenance windows per region to avoid affecting players in each region during their prime time? For example, 2am in each local region for servers?

Optimal Carnage Steam doesn’t allow rolling maintenance windows per region

josh reynolds this would be amazing

glichyay Get over it your game has died

Carlos©™ server is down?

Puzo could you please fix the usage of item absence commands? (XBOX) It states “THERE IS NO MEDS”, when it should state “THERE ARE NO MEDS”. It just makes your devs seem illiterate. You’re welcome for the heads up!!! 😉

Gamingnews Probably because the world doesn’t evolve around you? Na prime time is there least amount of player base

Matty Russ Typical yank wanting everything to revolve around them, what about australians whos server disappeard from existence forcing us to play every game on SEA servers with minimum 180 ping

Matt Kellaway please fix the Australian servers. 4 hours and 20 minutes

Andres Zamudio i cant play pubg in my ps4, it appears that

LadsUltimate Can you at least try and unlock the FPP servers and test if the lobbies fill up on PS4 . Its just getting ridiculous now

mark On ps4

mark Why where there an update when nothing is new

MrJjunior❌❌ how come theirs no first person mode?

Chris vQ When will Vikendi be avaliable on live servers?

Liviu -_- 18-19 . When the new season start

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE Why else would they have four hr mantinence?

KingJonas when will we be able to pick the map we want to play on?

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE You don’t understand, you can’t just flick a switch to let you play with mouse and keyboard that would be stupid because then it would be cheating but there is a way to do it

SwagMaster Yeah…I thought that may be the case 😢

Patrick🇺🇸 A lot of deals going on now. Might be worth upgrading to a i5 with more ram.

JBardTV Ps4 is going same order as pc and Xbox this is exactly how both started

Senpai Desu Why are PS4 pts servers offline? How do I get access?

JBardTV It’s Tuesday and this happens every Tuesday

no one Nope, some times different days… meh… its not like their going to fix anything till the next large update..which i’m sure will introduce more bugs than fixes.

eL.E.eSS yes – been asking for a reasonable explanation for 6 months. No reply from though. Just a simple sentence on why it can’t be done in off peak NA hours

David Robertson Because Asia has more players and they don’t want to upset them

JBardTV Not based in North America would be our answer Main PUBG team is in Korea. There are more people playing in Asia, let alone China, so they usually do these maintenance on Asia Time Zone. This sounds reasonable to me. NA people = Not Gods to be always pampered.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ The Xbox team is based in the U.S. unlike the PC team

JBardTV Why would bluehole make a separate division in another country?? Can u send me that info where you find this?

Eric Collins The original dev team(for pc) is Korean

JBardTV Then buy a pc

JBardTV Ps4 players come on now y’all just funny

JBardTV Low resources ?? Man that is what it is and always has been .. and low frame rate it’s a console

RoOoD H1Z1 PS4 Better Then PUBG PS4 in Graphics And Frames .

Karim Dagher Yeah but pubg for the ps4 has been released for a lot less time, so chill, improvements are coming

RoOoD Ok , look to Fortnite The graphics and frames are incredible as well as on the console

Albert Gomez Fortnite is cartoon babby shit bruh lol

Neno Jolić You do understand your region is not the only one in the world?

riley🤘 yeah…. that’s what i say to people who complain about maintenance at 4:30pm so i thought they’d be happy if it’s at 10. how is it self centered of me to say that?

Mr. Miggles Not sure he understood ya 🙂

sam bull definitely better than the first release, looks beautiful! , fps drops around a few areas still, Villa to name one.

iplaygames You shouldn’t be promoting your shitty Channel to people who didn’t ask for it

Galaxy2-DM when is FPP coming out for ps4

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω I’m waiting for my pubg Xbox partnership. The world record holder for the most halo kiils should have been first on the list. I’m offended that cheating radar using scrubs got it first.

Gamer_14j Where’s our opinion to pick FPP? Also add sensitivity on map it’s so slow to move it.

Hassam raja PUBG aim is so hard plz fix aim like it’s so hard on xbox and ps controller 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 make it easy on controller that’s request

Mike Volpini can we still play the test server during the maintenance period???

Jakob West Crazy idea, play PC


TalonXavier Queues up. Sanhok map. Exits. Queues up. Sanhok map. Exits. Queues up. Sanhok map. Exits. Queues up. Sanhok map. Exits. Queues up. Erangel map. Finally. There HAS to be a better way.

FPL Guide What’s that?

LadsUltimate First person perspective

FPL Guide Will that stop it from crashing?

LadsUltimate No , your probably having a separate issue . Go into YouTube and type in First person perspective and you will see. It’s through the eyes

Patrik Mayer Exactly.

Putin’s #34468th Bot This game is 100x better than I expected…I’m not even bothered that it’s not out yet

nahata Huge fps drop after the firing. Pls fix it PUBG 🙂

Fábio Louí … we always have the one to stop by and say shit, you are being this “one” right now.

GetPoopedOnHomie That’s your first problem lol don’t support mini royale maps. This isn’t fortnite, not every town needs to be a potential hot drop spot.

Sebastian I personally like the playstyle of Sanhok and vikendi becouse there are always enemies around you and not like Miramar or Erangel where the Mid-Game is boring Af

Felix1986 is PUBG refresh rate unlocked on Xbox one X ? Because there have a 1440p @ 120hz 🤷‍♂️ it do work a little on Rainbow six siege when disabling VSync the FPS gose from 30fps up-to 68-80fps so can this this be done or a FPS counter so we can see thank you👍🙏

Gareth Mayer It’s been like that on the xbox 4 ages

dEiX We need map vote (Ps4)

GetPoopedOnHomie Yeah I wouldn’t play PUBG on a console. they didn’t lose interest tho They just focused on putting out the winter map and adding skins to make money. PC still has its issues but they’d prefer to try to turn this game into fortnite (smaller maps, quicker games, bullshit skins)

Gareth Mayer The people on xbox dnt even get to choose the map we play the same same 4/5 times b4 a new map appears

LadsUltimate so many people want it and yet days later were still waiting because you guys are being stubborn about player count when everyone wants FPP! Listen to the community

AleksBoyYT Hello, my friend has bought the game on PS4, but his graphics and hitboxes seem glitched, the graphics are way worse compared to other people. Is there a fix for this? We can provide gameplay if you need it.

daniel cat Hey how can I fix the mouse offset/unsync issue on PC? I literally can’t play a single match! Help me out here!

Ognjen Kljajic Most games on PS4 are running at 30fps. Are you autistic?

Adam Blevins Yep, I second this. Wanted something along the lines of H1Z1 combat trainer, but what did we get instead? A gun range where people run around shooting each other anyways. Well, you tried pubg, you tried.

Billy Brown dude for real. You’re supposed to be help right? I uninstalled and redownload and still can only load sanhok. Wtf

Checkout current PUBG server status 2018-12-06

Travis Why does my game (mobile) think I’m in South America? How do I change this?

Joey (Dufer) A lot of packet loss for me and others in Arizona. Is there any help for these issues? Running traceroutes there is a lot of hops timing out to the west coast servers.

Marcos Rodríguez the Ps4 Version will bring to SA server the FPP mode with the possibility to play with xbox players ????

Dan Yeah but the problem is that fortnite is for twelvies, cucks and gays

Sudzy The fact that I still have negative bp is unreal. No one reaches out and no one cares over there

MecitÖzgür Hi pubg I’m an actor but I’m having problems while rankım platinum 5

Man1ck Hey any talk or consideration for fixing the character model height in relation to the FPP? Our first person camera shouldn’t be from the perspective of the character model’s forehead… That is why head glitching is so prominent.

Man1ck That isn’t what a “hot fix” is. That is a normal bug fix… A hot fix is when you deploy a fix for a bug ASAP between deployments! Hence the implicitness of “HOT”

Tales Yo do these “TOP 10” events while cheaters will prevent you completing it..

Liviu -_- So many haters here, don’t play this game if you don’t like it . Ask for a refund if you have only 2 hours. So many kinds here. Oh you forget you sell all ur csgo skins to buy a skirt ??! Fuckoff ppl sucks and they will cry forever .Play RoE or Fornite for free. I enjoy this game

Correy Henderson still crashing in games. Die while driving to final circle in squads. Tired of this. Full team till I crash.

البيضه This player is hack


Willy Beaufils hello im ban but i never use cheating programs or Offend nobody ?! me compte is robindesboboi alias boboyaz y have 34 years old i playing for fun after work for one or two hours… Then I to have the reason which justifies this Ban

Firdaus Ahmad hello again. I just follow step by step until reinstall the game. But still got under 15 frames.

Jase Cross platform play needs to come between Xbox and ps4. It’ll keep the game alive for a long time to come!!

Hindean wow, only 4 hours to draw that, looks great !

Aditya Raotole Can we get indain servers please?

Jakob West U guys have plenty of stuff PC players don’t. Calm down

Rémy 🇫🇷 Looool why u lying?

Jakob West It’s literally a button that says customer support

Rémy 🇫🇷 Sure just see the reality, its all

Jakob West I’m not…

Jakob West Not to be a smartass, but u have to click the support button

Brandon I it’s because I read old for pc/Xbox/Ps4

THE Jacob Garcia ™®© Its letting me download the Pubg Test Server but not the actual game. Do you know why that is?

Brad Amour it isnt the queue times,. it is the fact we are getting put directly into SEA queues, no OC queues at all. this is STILL happening.

Kvetchy Firstly it would help if NOBODY purchased any skins . The pubg team know a fool and his money are easily separated. They are supplying to a demand and making more £££££££. Obviously to many people prefer how their character looks , rather than how it moves and functions.

Carles1NouVuitSet 🎗 Hi. I recorded a player using what I think it’s very clear cheating. I’m not hating it because I lost the game. Look and decide what is this.

Serguei Tcherkassov After last patch, me and all players that i played with, are having Pkg loss (both of them), any new problems detected after the patching? Im from SA, and all my friends having the same issue, no matther where we live or what IPS we using. Please help

maczachold Tell em why you mad

Jeff P. – bad performance/desync – hackers at least every two games Bringing Christmas Skins and emotes because thats what the community need. Battle Royale in BF V and your game is dead. =

Fareesha I can’t stop playing PUBG… help😫

ObsidianEU guys one question, what is the PTS download when downloading a pre order on PS4 is it needed?

xR1cochetx Pts is the Test Server. Its not needed. Its only going to be live here and there when they are testing something for Pubg on ps4

ObsidianEU Thanks man, much appreciated. So that means I don’t need to even bother downloading it? I#

xR1cochetx I never play it even when the server are down on pc.

VashDayz why charge for the name change when you first offered it for free when leveling up? Why charge for something you initially offered for free?

JBardTV Still says unknown under health bar

TOBOtv [GeekSquadFam] Yall should extend the 50% name change through today since it’s still the 5th. Wasnt able to get on last night due to maintenance

Diego Tellez Hey guys, new problem after yesterday’s update, my keybinds to heal/boost are Ctrl+1/2/3/4, and now for some reason when I press any combination, It doesn’t do it, it disarms me, and/or if I press it multiple times it overlaps unlike before, wadu hek?

lastofus.777 i have big problem and no one help me !

lastofus.777 why no one help me ???

The_Chunky_Gamer 3rd time in an hour and multiple more since…

Bryan T Lame ass update if i do say so myself.

The_Chunky_Gamer twice in 1 hour i have been invited to a lobby by chinese hacker bots! halp…

Ultimate_Ace so your game has an all time low player base. will you finally give us competitive circles and better loot? I hate not being able to take fights in late circles because you make the circle move way too fast. How come it is taking this long to fix your issues

STONEY Can we get west coast servers please.

Cpt. Jack Sparrow can u please explain why am facing this problem? The screen is stuck at there and game is not working

RetroTactic Lol hopefully not.

Juan Carlos Favela M I just bought a PUBG for Xbox and it doesn’t work, says it cannot connect, my internet connection is good and I have re-installed it multiple times, would love some help.

The_Chunky_Gamer I got invited by this random chinese account spamming this chinese shit. probably hacks deal with this please XD!…


AA14 Fuck for cheater.

Kyle Chan 400ping IS A JOKE!!!!!!

Sanjay thilak Please change the name from PUBG to BUGG. Coz you r garbage still no sign of bug fixing. Just skins and skins always. You don’t mind giving us a good game instead you only need money. R.I.P in advance 😤. And just change the blue-hole into a**hole.😒

SlimCactus You’d probably get your player base back if you were worried about anything other than micro transactions

Abdulaziz🇸🇦عبدالعزيز العتيق what is the PTS game?

VSR Zarathos I have this game on xbox. Trust me when i say, youll be very lucky to hit 20 fps lol.

peter david john When does the snow map come out for the Xbox

Rutger Where is the snow at?

Bhaven Facing fps drop….

Lost Boys Tattoo Inc Same here. Fps drops to shit out of the fucken blue. No specific timing, when walking around, or in the middle of combat. And it is a fucken huge drop

jason murdock 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

theKolachi 2 days to go on ps4 ready for watching live stream on my youtube channel? _BaekhyunxSehun 女子

Fuseng Lo So not fixing the game? just adding more? 🤔

Ärnøld © Xbox obviously being the better console. We had it long ago 😂😂

saltgodx Any information on ladder refreshment and the new season date?

SB – RetroCurio Do we have to download the PUBG PTS on PS4 or can we just install the base game only ?

dark studios hacker livestreaming

Ali Ok so I clicked in cancel and delete on the PTS version and it disappeared from my ps4 I can’t find in the library. Does that mean I can’t download it again?

Th3MC In so hyped. LET’S GO PS4

Disciple the Gamer what ever happened to the skin trade up feature?

Zervan Brahim Dağ I did everything on the list yet I still crash at startup at this point I am starting to lose hope


Olli PUBG is dying because of the skins. Now I actually think you deserve it. F skins and your priorities.

4D So u didnt fix anything at all. Still says unknown and your anti cheats that do not work still steal 20 fps and make the game stutter.. well done frauds well done

Zac Laughlin That ain’t useful feedback

Zac Laughlin There is never a time when everyone in the world is asleep… We have timezones you know right

Joey Moran Pillage will the console version of PUBG be cross platform for Xbox and PlayStation

PUBG Help Hi Joey! Cross-play will not be available at launch, but we’re interested in working with our partners to explore cross-play functionality. -S

GravX🥃 Yea… As long as you greedy sobs can. Include microtansactions it’s a good. Downtime right? How about your actauly fix HackG, I mean Pubg.

saher Hi Pubg help team I wanna make a report for those people who r hacking this game. They are hacking the game and they share the link in youtube. I hope that u can stop that as soon as possible. See the attachments below for more details: Thanks

Carlos Rezende PUBG development team should stop these poor quality updates and start working on PUBG 2 with a different engine. Remember if you ignore players = no money =bankruptcy, it’s your choice,please just let us know now as we don’t want to waste time playing a dead games.

J. Scott Sutphin So what you crying about?

Reece🎄☃️ So i will be able to play at 60fps?

AlexRivera Happy BIRTHDAY🤩🤯💩💥

willard Thanksss

Alex Nope, you don’t want mouse and keyboard players wrecking console players.

Fειiχ: Not Found all time, for when a solution? more than 7 patches without solving it

Patriots Militia you guys gotta do something about the camping man. You gotta start punishing players for it. Increase damage taken while prone or still for more than 60 seconds. This is ridiculous. Fix your shit man!!! Fuck

El Bad Hombre Thank God not anymore comments comparing cod vs pubg Just enjoy the game

Gareth Mayer It happens on all the maps. It just takes a few seconds or minutes to kick in lol

Fyke Daddy Fixed the smallest possible issue anyone could have noticed… also CHRISTMAS SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$

Feliz Hoddy-dad 🎅🏿🤙🏼 Am I the only one who likes playing on Erangel? Queue to play on that map takes several minutes whereas Sahnok and Miramar are instant join games. It’s sad because Erangel is my favorite map.

Hesk R$ BRL…

Hesk R$ BRL!!

Hesk R$ BRL!

Hesk R$ BRL.

Hesk R$ BRL

ahmet they released a update for pubg ps4 pts and they added vikendi 🤪

courtyard Lol 😂 finally coming to ps4 after how long…sorry you are right bluballs supports their game just as much as Epic

VisenConS Lol?, it cmes now coss xbox had exclusivity

Raz Benyamin Aight fine agreed

josh reynolds i’m talking about tweaks outside of the game

Red Dead Online Community What about Xbox?

Mike Carriere Because in there country, they are normal folks and they have jobs and they do it during there work hours. Which unfortunately is during NA peak. I’m sure you’ve seen this posted 1000s of times, stop being so naive.

Chris Guimond Every game I’ve been in has been plagued with rubber banding and latency issues… but hey, thanks for the skins… How much real world money do we have to pay for that garbage?

Anthony I’ve literally only ever seen UNKNOWN as the region.

Lárus Örn Lárusson My driver is since 13.11.18 so it has been the same for the last 80hrs of playing. Only change I see is the upfatr

no one COD4 let ya change your name via console like 10 years or so ago…oh..and they also had nades that worked right…and dysinc was never a issue…and lobbies worked right… If theyed done loot I’m sure that would have worked right as well!

Cooper Steven Wow, not like it’s been more than a month since the last major update. Literally just sitting around with there thumbs up their butts making new skins, CREATE MORE CONTENT HOLLOW HEADS

Lárus Örn Lárusson Been using the same driver without problems days/weeks before latest patch. So it is highly unlikely to be that. Will check if there was an autoupdate though. Thanks

CryptoFuture Then ram(is it running at the speed it should?) cpu (all cores working normally?) and a good anti virus scan is next in order.

James Why can’t i equip a hat over the newly added holiday horse mask? Hanbok hat+horse mask combo needs to be a thing

James Why cant i equip a hat on top of the horse mask. 100% broken patch

no one An “update” to a “update” is a “update”. Were on like “update” 100+ by now. Skins? Really? I downloaded 300+ Megs of skins, again? Did you FIX the lobby? The loot? did you? fing no, but ya added more skins! Yeh!!!!

Vic T Please allow crossplay. I have friends that won’t be buying PUBG for PS until crossplay is available. That’s money left on the table for you guys. I’m sure there are plenty others in the same boat.

naiksupresh After updateing latest version of PUBGMOBILE game is still lagging. I don’t know what is the problem. I reported several times but no solution. My interest of this game is going down.

naiksupresh Many of my friends complaining same, i not the alone so why not to solve this issue.

Daddy Vader can we get a grenade launcher?

The Zombies Addict will there be proximity chat at launch for PS4?!

Alessandro Silva when i see update note

Wrangler At this point, that’s so true😂

The Zombies Addict I sure hope so 🙄

Scottie Blankenship Me too it’s a big part of pubg if they didn’t have it it wouldn’t be the same

The Zombies Addict I wonder if Xbox got it🤔

The Zombies Addict Ikr I’m dying to know myself

Josh [$BAT] Will cross-play ever be available

Cobyte I hope in the future but not now cause Xbox players will definitely destroy ps4 players cause we’ve had the game for longer but i would love to play with my ps4 friends

shatwan We learn faster

RetroTactic Ready to see how a ps4 pro handles the game

Dook like an XB1X that overheats

RetroTactic Lol hopefully not.

IceBiteTwitch That sick one sec video. What a SHIT TON of evidence you have lol.

a I want my account please (:

Koray/gamethx Why is there not an early access for players who pre ordered?

Hurcor So will this work with solo, duo & squad? Getting top 10 in any category?

Firdaus Ahmad after last update, i get 14 frames on gtx 1050Ti ? Please answer.

Firdaus Ahmad hello after last update Dec 4 2018, my frames just get 14? on gtx 1050Ti ? Please answer.

Shawn Skinner Its an American thing for the month to be first. Hell in the military the day is first.

JawadHJH Hello, My account has been locked suddenly without any reason, I need your help to retrieve it or to find out what is the reason please

PUBG Help If you feel you were incorrectly banned please submit an appeal on our support website -S

SolidSnake How would you as the President of a gaming company keep a 2 year old game that only costs $30 running?

Photo Will Pubg on PlayStation have FPP severs on release?

Juan Hernandez 1️⃣7️⃣🇧🇷👉👉 You need to fix the loot of Erangel and Miramar on the server in South America for the players of the Xbox platform. It’s disheartening how much we have to scour the map behind good weapons, 4x, 6x and 8x. Something completely different about Sanhok

AirDropLegend I was in a game with you if your ingame name is Dodibri… You were first with 9 kills and i was 4th with 10.

Sone_mg Damn, missed that. RIP

Matías Palacios

mrdragon07hd ok maybe i didnt see that with the remaining drops thank u

Manikandan Dear kindly add language of Tamil in your list so that we can play with our language people

Stephen Davidson Really think you need to look at making the replays backwards compatable…

Zac Laughlin Unfortunately this is not only hard to do but can ruin some replays. A replay is just a remake of object positions at certain times, a collection of data from the match. Any changes made during updates, for instance gun damage changes, could lead to major desync in older replays.

Shawn Skinner They would still cry.

Shawn Skinner Lol yet you are here.

Impassable-Grohk Yet I am a user of twitter who follows the PUBG page to see if they game will ever get updated with valueable content. Wow you made sucha strong point you really got me!

Shawn Skinner You know thats rng right? Just like everything else in the game.

Deano 🇬🇧🇬🇧 No like ps3 I’ve got the X sanoks good but the original maps are shocking you won’t get a feeling like any other game but rendering slowly sucks the life out of you

James Lindsey I got Enegal so many times last night. Something like 4/5

الاخ عبدالله i have this one are you solve this ??

a person When does the Xbox pts drop

One Punch John is slowly turning into this

T.TV/CHEGGMEN They added seasonal skins that’s not fortnite

TalonXavier The ESP hack is prevalent in this game – when will that be a reason that shows up on the suspicion screen?

Ayman How do I change my username again?

ZiyadNabil.ZN Hi, When i download the pre-load Can i play it or i will wait till 7 December ?!