Rezerwrecked The development teams are separate, ay what you talkin bout

JohnJuan Why 100? I would love playing the maps (excluding that Chinese map) even if it started with only 50, 60 or 70 players. It’s a great game.

TheFiVE Pubg takes so fckn long for maontenance. Bo4 took like 15 min

Steve Johnson Is this the US as well now?

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-16

BallValve I just want a West NA server…… tired of playing on 80+ ping here on West…

Cubey I feel ya, if we play FPP we are gonna get SEA 200+ ping and it’s shit, but somehow when we get NA servers with 200+ ping it’s nowhere near as bad

Welp Played HEY I know this time works for you guys but please stop updating during prime EST for playing PUBG. I cant play every single Tuesday.

SZNL Why are there duplicates in the Survival Rewards?

Cobani_Martin Damn it!!! Couldn’t you choose a better time do maintenance??? like 5 hours from now??? This is the best time to play in america guys, all america, a whole continent is unable to play thanks to you!!!!!

Andrew Smith Would be nice if the maintenance for NA was done at non-peak times. If someone is going to argue about China, they have servers in their country for a reason….to play on.

Zynthesis Damn man, you must have a IQ of 160. You must work in the gaming industry.

Alex Morgenstern if you have a potato pc it’s not their fault lmao

Jack H Like we haven’t already XD

Dan Del Aguaro Perfect, during peak time. Why not 4a

Garrett Rose they are Korean lol

stephens2010 you guys SUCK! stop going down in prime time NA

Ian Pritchett One in awhile I go to play in a Tuesday, then I remember that the game isn’t open on Tuesdays

I want money I’m getting client 5.1.7 please update to 5.1.6 error is it only me?

Witty LBJ Lakers Name Same issue here mate.

Adam Foster I love reading tweets from butt sore yanks after a evening of pubg action. Keep the 00:30 GMT maintenance time, works for me :p

Mike England, land of the defeated.

♠♥Root♦♣ 1776 worked for us

polishedpig incoming 1812 reference

Joel too much maintenance. never get to play.

hamci 4 hours a week, 4 hours out of 168 hours, 2.3% of the time… literally all the time, it’s impossible to play you’re right

Bryan T Good thing i hardly play this game anymore.

chris fix the game at a time where your core playerbase isnt trying to play, oh and actually fix the fucking game

SUNIL UMAT Why aren’t test servers working? Fucking keep at least one platforms open!

TriNhO just fix your game

ALBIN0_RAV3N Holy shit half of these replies are dumb so lets take care of the FAQ. 1. PUBG Corp is in Korea, stop complaining Americans (I’m american) 2. This is server maint. not a patch (stop asking them to fix something) 3. It happens EVERY TUESDAY (shouldn’t be a surprise anymore)

ixisweat returns For whatever reason, / decided to close the test servers down with the regular servers, and nobody showed up to play DayZ, so called the streams and decided to edit the montage a bit. See you guys this weekend 🙂

Salv0h Why is any of this a surprise? They don’t care about NA, we have 1 server in Ohio for the entire country and 1 server in Brazil for the South America. They are fine disappointing us because a majority of their player base is in Asia.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

Matt Wainman 🌐 Why 4 hours every time? Even with it’s many, many patches and server downtimes, very rarely lasted 4 hours.

LASTNINJΛCOW Ark has how official servers? PUBG needs at least 10,000 to cater for the 1 million concurrent they have. 1 server =100 players 10,000 servers = 1million players

BlowNuggs you would think but not. Most computer’s they have now can run more than just one instance of the game try like 30-40

dgeesio & ronMctube please sort out the regions . EU players infested with cheaters from ASIA in last few weeks yet shouldnt even be on EU .

GEESUS Yeah, I have no clue why they’re on our region. They’re in all of my games. Don’t they have any Asia servers anymore or what

Allan Rowntree Could you just add this information to the game when we try to connect?

Gracekain I don’t get it…. server maint and updates during prime time (4 – 8 pm)……. what happened to 2 A.M. updates…..

hamci Time zones happened. Time zone for their office and for the majority of their player base.

TrosMaN7 I can’t imagine what the game would be like without regular server maintenance! Thank you so much . Also, perfect timing for us here in EU. Keep up the great work.

Michael Hatch If you ever played the game you would know the game is always exactly the same before and after maintenance. The same stuff is still broken and the same cheats are still allowed. No one would bitch if things actually got fixed.

FranCadiz Another maintenance for fix desync? Right?? RIGHT??? Oh wait….

Lion Family Seeds OPEN TEST SERVER PLS!!!!

your mom’s bloomberg I know right? They used to do this but I guess they got lazy and don’t want to overwork their shrinking staff. They refuse to say why….

Spiro Mirkopoulos I love the game, but you guys seriously need to learn how to manage it properly. Incompetent shit like this is why ppl play Fortnite and COD instead. And why most ppl think PUBG is joke.

josh castor i got a ticket for you. stop doing 4 hour downtime for nothing to be updated. so sick of not being able to play during prime us hours.

josh castor or atleast keep test servers up. like whats the point of shutting your whole game down, but have 3 different servers. lol

Fancai Why always do maintenance at prime times when people are actually not working. I work all day and come home to not being able to play! That’s fucking dumb first you do it on New Year’s Day and now random other times? How about doing it earlier

Alex Morgenstern the company it’s in Korea, so you should understand that they must do it on their working hours, and NA it’s not even their biggest player base, like all Americans assume they are lmao

DAVEGRENADE Well done guys you’re doing a great job ! great time to do maintenance GG Well done

Matt stop doing this during prime time 🙁

Gracekain 4 hours? no wonder people play Fortnight.

Spiro Mirkopoulos That’s their problem.

jeepzyeah Hello, It is now three times in a row that you prevent me from enjoying my pubg evening. Thank you in the future for kindly perform the deferred test server maj the rest of the classic servers. Thank you in advance.

Dan Gibbs Backing up databases etc, adding hotfixes, testing fixes, rollback if needed. 4 hours is not to bad if I’m honest 👍

Bob Lindemann you must be fucking high. name another game that does 4 hours maintenance every week? yeah none.

Möth I like chicken

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Ok – I’m good to go on my end, all 34 Mb of the update is done. How’s it going on your end? Git ‘er down to 3 hours again like last Tuesday?

RM.T0PsiD3 4 hours maintenance for a 34.2 MB UPDATE. Still shitty.

Jason Cox Do this crap in the morning or at midnight

john ryder play another game

Donkie I have no Idea what they have to maintain there… The Servers are Bad and there is no improvements after that 4 Houres. Look at Blizzard. They do the exact same think for WoW every week and have just a Serverrestart. Downtime 2-3 Minutes for there Servers.

Ian Pritchett To be fair, wow costs the same once a month is this game did once for our entire life.

Xavier Yeah but honestly for as much bug fixes they do and all the downtime they should have the game fully optimized by now

[̰̞̋̓̋Ⅎ̘͈̎͗̌͒͡ͅℲ͖͉̪̔ͬ͛͛]͋ leon *sigh* i just got on

nick pisciotta Can NK nuke your office already so we can get a new team that wont take servers offline EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK.

Owl Lost Or you can stop complaining over something petty🤷‍♂️

nick pisciotta Or they can stop taking NA servers down during peak times for NA players?

Billkamm I realize you guys have A LOT of bugs to fix, but must you take the NA servers down once a week during primetime? I never thought I was buying a game that only worked 6 nights a week.

Adam Branson are you living in Vikendi?

Ninponeer Close, Kansas City, Missouri.

Triss ah that is pretty close, hope it gets fixed

James Buck Why would you not have test server up?

ItsZeroYt As soon as I decide to play pubg😂😂😂

Belle Are test servers down too?

Gatsu YES, and WHY ?????

Johnny What a joke… I think it’s time to find another game.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Have not they learned like all the other games in the world? Every week the game is off the air. I’m almost giving up on this game.

kha1221 Why do you always update the time when people come home from work and finally have time to play? Do the update at 3-4 am when most people are freaking sleeping.

UtahJazz_24 plus you gotta take account of most of bluehole is based in china

Samuel Michaud This game is now around 70% chinese players, that’s why my friend. Why they need 4 hours maintenance every week is a bit weird though, especially when huge mmos like World of Warcraft don’t even need that outside of a patch. Maybe it’s because of the huge number of hackers

GEESUS Because this time of the day got the lowest numbers. How have you not figured that shit out already. Holy shit


Miguel yo idiot in every part of the world its a different time of day, why don’t you stop playing pubg and educate yourself a bit you cutie pie

riley🤘 they do maintenance specifically when their player count is the lowest. that’s right now, every day. just look at steam charts

that dude that is just far from true. They have scheduled maintenance. They don’t just start doing it

riley🤘 ofc it’s scheduled. it’s scheduled for the time of lowest playercount which, like i said, is the same time every day

Yacine its 1:41 am here lol what you’re talking about

James Read I agree but there are other time Zones in this world not just yours

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Time zones have nothing to do with anything. There are 2 core fundamental issues here: 1 – The need to do 4 hrs of maintenance per week on a game like this is absurd 2 – That they can’t figure out how to stagger updates by server location ie update NA servers during NA nonpeak

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 bUt sTeAm dOeSn’T aLlOw iT

cory allen I truly dont know how this works but is it possible to do EU server maintenance at one time NA maintenance at another… etc?

Donkie No. Steam dont allow Specific Timed maintenance.

Jesse Ramos They could do it siberian/alaskan time when the least amount of people are playing ]

droowz NA didn’t have the most player base, go figure

pizzizle the whole world doesn’t play on the same servers

Derek B Agreed, this is shit, they are shit so it follows suit

Tenka My understanding is that steam won’t let them do rolling server outages/maintenance. It’s either all or none. Not 100% sure on that, but seems like I read that somewhere before.

Kisho911 these comments 🥰

SR Great. Now fix the NA servers so I can play Solo Miramar again. Haven’t been on that map for over 2 weeks.

Sh0cK please actually fix the game’s bugs, ya’ll need to make the game run smoother.

. Agreed agreed agreed, how tf can i play when i have 1060 6gb with 16ram and i5 6500 and 40-50 frame?

hamci I get 100+ stable with the same exact specs, something most be on you side

. i don’t know , sometimes it’s dropped at 20 in like 1-2 sec

hamci Weird, I’m on lowest settings for everything except anti-aliasing.

Iván Marcelo Reimer Will the routine maintenance ever end? Or is that a chronic thing now?

FISH ❁ I hope you are only making memes but if not you might want to search the meaning of “routine”

Rodrigo Reis Every day that i go to play at night, this server are under maintenance. i’m very happy with it. thanks.

Alex Morgenstern it’s only once at week and it’s always the same day, so maybe you should assume that every Tuesday at this time it’s maintenance and stop complaining like a 5 year old surprised kid

Lion Family Seeds its one time by weeks since few months u should know the day. every 7 day the same day the same night…..

Mr.Nicholas So basicly you need 4 hours for putting in weekly missions? Am i right or?

EagleScope Nah! The weekly missions are already in!

3y3 has the twitter show started yet? I want to see what new and innovative hate tweets they can come up with this week.

Derek B It’s not hard with this game lol

3y3 you right. lol but the irony is the same post week after week. the world hates “America” bc of the entitlement that comes with the territory of being American…*most* of the NA comments in this post- “how dare you do server maint during peak hours” -reality- they work a 9-5…

Derek B They’re greedy and don’t really care

Derek B This game has more problems than maintenance times

3y3 but they are on the other side of the world…so their 9-5 falls on our “peak hours” and i wouldnt work a night shift to fix a game for ungrateful pricks either lmao

Rylkon Ungrateful? They took everyone’s money with their game still in beta and STILL have to do weekly maintenance for the same server problems they had over a year ago, something literally no other game I’ve ever played does.

3y3 that is not the issue I am addressing, it is the fact that people can not accept that Thursdays, servers will be down…and nothing is going to change that. lol I understand the game has its issues, but if 60$ hurt your feelings that bad, you have bigger issues. ITS JUST A GAME.

3y3 correction, Tuesday, before you try to make it about that. bc theres never satisfaction.

Rylkon Its “JUST A GAME” thats substandard in many ways to every other game I’ve ever played. They do weekly maintenance, no other game I’ve played does that. Despite that they have completely failed to fix many of their major issues AND can’t even give a straight answer as to why.

3y3 Because they simply do not know why. You notice when they fix something, 5 things go wrong? its like a rubix cube with 50 squares per side. do you know how their net code works? bc I don’t. its never that simple. so they *attempt*…maybe itll get there one day, maybe not.

Rylkon So they get a pass because they “attempt” to fix things? Every other game developer faces the same problems but they aren’t churning out weekly updates that seemingly do nothing at all and take 4 whole hours.

Rylkon And by “straight answer” I meant they’ve never properly explained why the maintenance is weekly (most games don’t do this), why it takes 4 hours minimum, and what they’re actually doing during the “maintenance.”

3y3 I get it, no other game does it.wana tell me 3 more times? I might not completely understand. I don’t stand over the shoulder of people making my burger at a drive through. why do they need to answer that? what possibly could you do with their coding thatd make you feel better?

Rylkon Sure I’ll tell it to you 3 more times because apparently you don’t get the point. Their weekly “maintenance” would be easier to deal with if they actually fixed something, but they don’t, and they still have to spend more time “fixing” their game than almost anyone else.

Rylkon And yes, if you’re burger is undercooked and didn’t come with pickels like you asked you’re definitely going to want to get a fully cooked one, a refund, or wonder what happened. derp.

3y3 no, actually I think you are missing the point lol you tweeting, and bitching on social media wont get anything accomplished. but it is entertaining lol

3y3 leave a bad review on steam and move the fuck on. its going to be ok. and why are you still here? servers are back up. lol

3y3 I didn’t say it was a pass, I said it’s just the way things are. take it or leave it.

Rylkon People complain about PUBG’s support and maintenance every week. Take it or leave it.

3y3 im taking it. and laughing about it. as butt hurt as you are about your 60$, im surprised you wanted to spend your 2 cents here. thank you. ill be sure to keep you in the loop as far as my next move in life now that you have invested here. <3

3y3 and i am not going to pretend to know how, nor am i going to tell them how to do their job based on a 60$ transaction. i am going to sit back and wait for them to say they are done trying, or that they have fixed it, and if i dont like it, i uninstall. that simple.

3y3 so back to the “ungrateful” part. yes, i use that word heavily in my primary point. server maint is neccesary and it will always be on a tuesday at the same time. deal with it or uninstall. boo hooing about it on twitter wont fix the problem, your aim nor your attitude. its life.

Uly Literally loaded it up just now too, depression is real.

bill-the-pony What about test servers ?

Michael Hatch Will this weekly crap ever stop? Every week the game is down and comes back up without doing anything about the cheaters. How hard is it to ban people who warp across the map when there are videos in replay of it? Wtf

Horizon It’s incredibly normal for games to do a weekly maintenance and to take servers down during that time. It gives the servers brake and lets them implement changes that need to be uploaded.

bob humplick well im glad they put out a warning yesterday thats nice. the desync i was experiencing when thisu patch first went live is now mostly gone i think. probalby just server congestion. i would like it if server maintenance wasnt every week but if they have to then they have to

Evan You guys need to stop doing this at peak playtimes.

Miguel no everyone lives in the same country as you do believe it or not 🤪

Evan America is the only country that matters.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

adapt You tell them 😤

Jonathan Nadeau according to this chart, its not

Ian Pritchett So basically it’s America’s fault for not playing enough. Thanks America

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played and played several games in the world and only this one is off the air every week in prime time. Each region has its servers and could do by parts.

Jonathan Nadeau It’s a Korean company, when do you think they should do it then?

SANDROAPODI🎮 And? Are they selling only in korea?

Jonathan Nadeau I’m asking you what time of the day should they update. It’s 9am here and player count keep increasing until late at night

MinniMitsuo player count can rise because people have the game launched and open and ready to connect.

Samuel Michaud Bullshit, it’s catering to chinese players, that’s the reality, nothing to do with their nationality

SANDROAPODI🎮 It could update the servers at different times for each region.

Evan Sweeping updates across regions, not all at once. Maintenance should be done at lowest player times, my guess is that would be around 4-5am.

Ashtonius Lardonious exactly they have enough money to slowly bring all servers up and down according to local area times they shouldnt do the whole world at one time.

GEESUS They can’t with steam though, otherwise they would.

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played battlefield for years and it never happened. Only in PUBG does this happen.

Jonathan Nadeau Yes because ea unlike bluehole don’t have to wake up at 3am to please people like you.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Next step will be to offer the butt.

SANDROAPODI🎮 To please? I paid for it. Now I do not understand what you get by licking the balls of someone who gives you money.

Evan For a supposed “game developer” you aren’t very good at figuring out how to appeal to a consumer base, are you?

Jonathan Nadeau I simply talking about time zones, not what they should do in order for it to be smoother. I agree it sucks to have downtime no matter the time zone, but my original point is that no, this is not prime time for pubg.

Evan It is for me.

GEESUS Yeah, but not for PUBG.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Do you really need to like something wrong? What do you get with it?

John W it’s not peak playtime for China

jay Man No one gives a F about China.

John W except for , because the vast majority of their players are in China

jay Man The politically correct term for China is “ching Chong land” … you have it all wrong

Miguel lol its not peak play times you fool. But for real why 4 hours?

Evan 7pm is very much peak playtime every evening.

riley🤘 7pm is peak playtime? try again m8

Spark Flurry That’s definitely your fault. Team indicator is fine. It’s user error if you TK someone thinking their an enemy.

Terry Davis Where are the patch notes?

Brandon 🦅🏆 Hey, maybe while you’re doing your four hour maintenance where you click ‘reboot’ and eat ramen while waiting, you might consider doing something productive like working to fix the cheating that has and continues to plague this community. Or just ban China.

Aziz ⚡️ when will there be a cross platform between PS4 and Phones?! Will there be any?

Ali Why when I change my Twitter photo which is linked to my PUBG account, it didn’t show in my Pung profile?

John Streck That’s PUBG mobile you noob

Nick Cirillo Is it just me or was there no message saying that there would be maintenance tonight???

Brandon 🦅🏆 Why am I getting this error, among other generic errors, after every single match? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

midninBR how do we report a streamer sniping?

David Støvring Please ban this sweaty cheating piece of german trash from the game obviously cheating here

Liviu -_- Add choco skins !

Enoquiano How is this possible?? He was banned for using external programs in non-competitive games and still streaming with a new account He should serve his 2-year sentence out of the game, not just the competitive one.

Daniel A Ramos Me da asco este tipo de jugadores🤢🤮

N.A👃🏻{Kagawa} Son todos gringos ahora ? Ndeaahh

Fernando Malave This is just sad

Luigi Nicoletti 🇧🇷 doesn’t give a damn 😉

rogi 🤙🤙 banned while live streaming, that dont break any guideline from twitch?

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Hei i need u respone. Thank you

Freddy Mulyanta ★

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Still no respone ???

Koem Neth Hi i,m player pubg help like me please

Gnarw – I get “Servers are too busy” for like 2 hours now – what can I do?

squashy Some floating rocks down by Volnova

RjxLive will test server be going down tonight as well?

Hyvmind Probably it’s

RjxLive It’s tilting.

Hyvmind They clearly don’t get it after all this time but what can you do. They are still making the $

riley🤘 i didn’t complain i just told him he’s asking the wrong company

Sgt_gh0st Fixing the loot in Vikendi finally? Is it a joke or do you want it to be an ongoing SMG Event? 🙁

no one will this fix, well after a year now, the broke lobby?

LeeBo1Kinobe Have you considered moving to Hawaii to fix this problem?

Hulk68TV Anyway that when you do these maintenance you could have test servers up?

JH steam only allows patching at a global level.

LeeBo1Kinobe Canada and mexico can come too.

Chase North Americans and South Americans

LeeBo1Kinobe Yeah

Klajdi Have you solve the problem

Tolga Cetin my game crashes right as the parachute is about to cut off and land. No error msgs. Just crashes. I rejoin the game and I’m floating in mid air with my parachute where the game crashed. This all happened after update 24

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊 I think we should be able to see how many are spectating 🤔

8th Hokage No ones watching you that’s why you dont see it

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊… learn how to shoot like this then come holla at me

8th Hokage It does show it. Fool

Chase Dietrich Corsair mic not working in pubg same with my friends. Sound works fine, mic works fine otherwise

Nappy Y’all need to add the ACR

Mario Gorg When we finally get FPP solo on EU?

Vagg Pal 🙏🙏

Rickles Any chance you guys could answer any of the of the following questions, regarding the upcoming XBOX 1 update -Will you be addressing desync issues? -Will there be region lock, or will you be opening more regions? -Will there be a nerf of the ump and vector?

Anthony Can we stop this shit already? Or at least alternate the times maintenance happens?

cece hello! I really need help here. I played PUBG mobile North America server and spent almost 1000usd for it. But I played with guest account. After apple’s system update, I lost my guest account.The in game customer support never replies me back. Help!please

Austin hollingsworth we doing maintenance to servers every tuesday on primetime for americans to play after work but yet more and more cheater pop up after each patch? wonder whats going on here 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Falloutboi12 I’m in phx az what time will the update be completed for me please and thanks

eM | Serk 🐼 2 hours early for maintenance damn that’s a big yikes

II-Yuggoh-II Yo Fuckers put in the choose your map options for consoles you fucking morons.

Bearclaws any idea why I keep getting “could not connect” on the Xbox PTS? I would greatly appreciate some help!

Prashant Gahlot I’m still waiting for your response.

Cfc.. Can I revert from the Vietnamese version to the global version ?

Nick bennett Will test servers be up tonight during maintenance

maxou 日本 I don’t have this problem again, but the BattleEye settings were correct. So If it appears again, I just will uninstall af.

TriNhO lucky for you, for me it’s still happening

maxou 日本 Very often? For now I have 70-80 FPS but when my stream is on, it is around 40-50 but this lag is gone so.. it is just common lag from PU that I need to fix

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at .

maxou 日本 I will as always but this is so random every update it changes, even If I put very low to every graphic settings

TriNhO yep 2-3 times per day, i checked step 9 but my battleye works fine so idk what can i do. Did u do something?

maxou 日本 I just try to check all the steps from the guide they give me, try it.

EstaQuerias Will the silent steps inside Villa be fixed?

wtfmoses I still can’t believe PUBG has one server location for North America. It’s not even central. It’s enraging to play with 100+ ping most games.

Incoming! try 200+ ping on asian servers unless you only want to play TPP squads.

TheWookieWay Exactly.. they aren’t really in touch with reality here in the states. has failed us

Starr I think its another feature! 😅

Tim Try playing 2000 hours on 200 ping 🙂

Manpons Come to – just in time for the new season 🙂

sharpshot Get good

Max (SPG) At least you have a server in your country. They have removed the OCE server so we have to play on SEA now 😢

johan åberg Is it really that hard to believe tho? Not that they haven’t improved the game, they most definitely have. But this is a dev that took 3 months to fix a bug with flying threeseaters. They work slow but steadily

Dioneverts no shit! Come visit me in melboure australia. I’d love love love a 100 ping.

Jordan schroeder This true???

Sole Ma i feel ya… imagine what oce players must feel like

Caleb Highgate Try being in Australia where the game is so dead its not possible to find an FPP match 🙁

StinkyBagPipes I agree! Please get a west coast and a central na server

TrentBraidnerTV At this point playing with 100+ ping for OCE is just part of the game, it’s a skill that is developed. Unless of course you want to play solo squads TPP but only for a few hours in the evenings

Willian Lima Better play 120 ping on EU server, I’m playing from NA lol 😂

aTwig Man cant fp in aus cause no server have to play in SEA or NA 200 plus ping

BlockayLIVE Pretty sure they have a server in Oregon that’s been sitting there collecting dust for awhile. About to 130 ping consistent here in Montana.

Brendan Black Pretty sure they rent of Amazon so there wouldn’t be any servers sitting round collecting dust. It’s up to Amazon which servers they allow to be rented

Knoxy_In_Oz Come at me Moses… Tell me all your problems 😛

Bruce Wayne Are they using AWS or Azure? Or something else?

fdj Don’t they have offices in Milwaukee???

Born Seattleite And yet you don’t bother to tag a single one of their accounts…

KineticNinja ya my ping averages 80 to 100 ms…. pretty crappy

Jon And it conveniently always goes down for updates during prime time in NA sigh.

Jon every tuesday

resur2b I used to have 15 to 30 of ping but since new matchmaking comes out Iget 50 to 60 and I don’t really get it…

BALLOC Almost the same ping playing out of Cali as I did playing NA from Denmark. It’s pretty cool

wtfmoses and my games are only slightly less important than yours!!!

BALLOC We’re all paying for the same service Id say :p Id happily host a server in my closet!

johan åberg Can I +1 this somehow?

Caleb Lindsay Try playing from Australia, best pings you can get are 180+

Nic Maybe if your isp is complete trash, it’s generally 100.

Sektor I bet is US west.

Jeff Davis Killed smaceTRON last nigh and watched the kill on his stream after… His random.duo partner was in Brazil…. So much for region locking.

philip Come to Australia and play on 200+ ping to SEA. Fun times!

Marna 🇿🇦 Same here from South Africa. Ugh the frustration.

ezz01 Brah 🇳🇿/🇦🇺

藍染 K.A. There are so many things sad but true regarding PUBG in general anyway.

FKnightTV Can you really not believe it after it takes them 10 years to do anything? Do you think they care about NA when they do their server maintenance during NA primetime? They havent cared then, they wont care later. But we keep coming back because the gunplay is so damn good in this

FKnightTV But what they fail to realize thats the only reason we keep coming back. And when another company finally creates a game with equal Gunplay and a working foundation, we’re all gonna bounce with smiles on our faces and they can keep this. Until then, we shall rage and continue on.


knew know It’s weird that PUBG corp doesn’t comment on this stuff. If there’s a valid reason for 1 server, why not explain? Same goes for loot tables, circle settings, matchmaking systems/choices etc. If there’s a good reason, you’d hope the community would understand.

Tomographic Never knew that. This explains a lot!😂

AxeToMouth It’s good for you, though. East coast servers are as EU friendly as it gets, even if EU doesn’t deserve it 😎

Tomographic I never get paired with NA since they removed region select. Me and my NA friends only ever get EU based servers now😂

AxeToMouth Bahaha. Lucky for you then 😂

NoHands Mate your ping is half mine! You are blessed!

Muaaz Cassim Come to South Africa, where we play with 200+ every game, every day, since the game came out

Marna 🇿🇦 This! 👆

elite.mafia When i learned this I was shocked. Always assumed there was east and west servers because that would make sense….

Untaint3d “Damn man that sucks. Wouldn’t know what that feels like” – entire OC region

Linksy Can’t even imagine playing on high ping

eU TaylorJay Hi_Im_400 ping Linksy 😜

Linksy That’s the old me

Zanpah just get a router 😉

Harrison How is my ping better than yours when I’m in Edmonton? (I average about 70, so still not great)

Jake China that’s why the don’t care enough

DonRudder(⚡) if you’re driving a buggy for 5 hours – who cares about ping, AMIRITE?

Malik Henderson Thank god someone said it.. I hate making servers that aren’t centers like it’s really not that hard to comprehend

Trent C ❌ Where is it? Let’s be honest; this game is a sham. I hope someone makes a real PUBG-style BR (big maps, solid ballistics, etc.) and you become the voice of it as well.

Little Nemo Tbh, it’s probably because they don’t want to add extra lag for the asian players, that inexplicably want to play on US servers.

Ghost_Dog 🌹 As much as I have enjoyed it, The game is fundamentally flawed on pc and unplayable on xbox. I have no idea about ps4 but I’m sure it’s not much better. It’s sad to say but it’s starting to feel like a cash grab.

Logan Peters Lol when have you played it last on xbox? It’s pretty decent on xbox now, especially if you have an X

Ghost_Dog 🌹 I don’t have an x (shouldn’t need one) but I tried playing it last week and it crashed three times and I gave up. Maybe you are having better luck but in my experience it’s totally broken.

Logan Peters I haven’t crashed in my last 4 days of playtime (yes I’ve kept track), so idk. Also I have excellent frames except when around smoke grenades

Ghost_Dog 🌹 Well that in itself speaks to the lack of stability in the game that for some people It’s fine and others it’s unplayable.

Logan Peters I crashed in blackout about every 20-30ish games. It’s way less stable than pubg is now for me. That’s the sad part.

Novak 🇦🇺 Hi, our Australian server is in south east asia where a 120 ping is the best you get… it never used to be like this. Oh, the only OCE server they give us is a TPP squad server every other night. Should be able to all refund the game, not even give us playable servers 😡🤬

Stu 120 is generous, most I play are min 180. Still slay.

Novak 🇦🇺 But when the SEA server magically disappears we get the Asia server and then i get 330 ping. I swear to fuck I get a 197 ping to the West Coast NA servers in other games, why the fuck is PUBG devs so rich and can’t rent a fucking server?


curtis Australian server? OCE is New Zealand too mate.

Novak 🇦🇺 I wrote OCE in the 2nd part of the tweet. The servers were located in AUS, all the same. Yes NZ is still a thing 😕

curtis Hehe it’s fine 🙂

Novak 🇦🇺 Eh wrong emote, stupid twitter.

CheckSix Jakenoff I must say, feels fine for me in Ohio.

wtfmoses Because the server is in your state lmao

CheckSix Jakenoff I know lol

Asylumjerk That’s because it’s located in Ohio…

Shean I don’t understand how PUBG uses Amazon and Microsoft servers, which are located all over the US, but they only utilize one in Ohio…

Brendan Black It doesnt work like that. Amazon and Microsoft do have servers everywhere however not all are available to rent. Microsoft run games also, Amazon rents to quite alot of different companies as well as their own usage. Its would be more those are the servers allowed to be rented

Trevor Howes Move to St.Louis MO. I get 25-35 haha and rents are cheap as hell. But then you are in STL so there is that

Uherdme It’s okay I get 37-40 and I still suck

Always vocal has mentioned this tons of times. It needs to be rectified.

MitchThePreacher Preach!

coupedupLIVE Remember, it never used to be like that. They had servers all over the US. There was that one website that ping tested all the Amazon Cloud servers PUBG was using and I could correlate my pings to see which ones I was connected to. This past summer I was at 30ms. Now sit at 65-80

Justin 💀 That just had all the Amazon server locations, it’s only ever been 1 server.

coupedupLIVE Doesn’t make any sense that I was connected to a closer location during the summer with an average ping of 30ms (which I would assume is Oregon/California area) then changed in the fall to divert to the east coast and now sit at 65-80ms They changed something and said nothing..


Zalendar Where is the Server located?

Zone15 Ohio

PunkersPlays 🎮

unforgotten It’s enraging playing PUBG at all imo, but I still do it. RIP

João Martins 🎯

Andrew The west coast is rough…

Tom T. Consistent 75-80 MS in LA area … dumb

Jack Mott it looks like the US could use some more infrastructure for a good central location…

Jack Mott AWS has the same gap, so maybe a lack of data pipes?…

2old2run yep, same

Ozzny Its not like they made SO MANY MILLIONS

crayshow_Kcams If only pubg Corp made enough money to buy a couple more servers….

Prashant Gahlot Will you guys reply to my email ? I need refund

6’8 Tha Great I haven’t gotten on in 4 days now smh. Sucks because I really want to play but not to play the same stuff! If I want to play battle royal ima load up Help us out

Paul Man I haven’t played pubg in a while. Just been playing fortnite lately. More people I know play it.

6’8 Tha Great Yea I played it a while ago and was super trash. Didnt remember the buttons lol

Paul Ha. I heard there’s a snow map now but just doesn’t do anything. To much waiting time between games

6’8 Tha Great I’ve played on it a few times but kept freezing the rest and I got off. It’s still fun though

mahmoud saad i cant log in my account cause i sell my telephone iphone x and buy new iphone xr but cant log in because i not connected to facebook or twitter please help me !

suwoopss Can we get the WA2000 in PUBG Please?

Anonymous ‘ gamers Yea that’s your friends tho recoil control is eased on m&k and if ur friends are not used to m&k then they are not going to find any use from it but it’s stupid to turn off m&k support because of an advantage but you still have people using m&k with an adapter.

POGEGraphics Lmao, thats all you man xD

Prashant Gahlot Okay , I have emailed explaining my issue regarding my purchase.

David Gagné Why youre not doing the maintenance in morning time?

dednaut Morning in Korea, where PUBG corp is.

David Gagné Yeah and thats the problem, we’re not all living at the same time zone…theres probably a solution.

SquidGaming It is morning In china

Daniel Try this.…

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Prashant Gahlot I’m on pubg mobile. What’s the procedure for that ?

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Ed Sullivan hey guys.. is it possible that with map selection we could just choose 1-4 maps that we wish to play? not just one of the maps or Sanhok ~cough~ i mean a random from all 4.. depending on time of day and what day of the week it is of course.

Ed Sullivan lol… i mean, im sure its possible, what im asking i guess, is, are you willing to do it?

Ed Sullivan OMG! its like they do this SURPRISE maintenance EVERY TUESDAY!

DigiKrypt 1. Some people aren’t aware 2. 4 hours every single week? that’s kind of a lot. What happened to the 2 hour maintenance every thursday :/


Halston Pitman What did happen to 2 hours? Then it was 3 but on Wednesday. Now it’s 4 but sometimes done early on Tuesday.

Ed Sullivan you have the new scope.. press tab.. click red dot while 3x is equipped, press tab again.. its magic.. OR.. press tab and click 3x while red dot is equipped press tab again! YAY!!! TBH it would look pretty stupid if while swapping scopes in the vid they just appeared. Use ur head

Thainá Hello, I’d like to know when to open the questionnaires again for PUBG partners?

Rεиαи Δτհαψδε the code of the items Snow Glasses and Snow Beanie can be activated until when?

Kendall Shane Slayton why was duos removed from PTS. Any chance to put it back on there? A lot of people would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Mr. Mohamid  Globa version is noatavailable for thisaccount.Please log in via the Vietnamese version

EZMONGO DEFINITELY got shot in the head with a Kar98 WITH NO HELMET AND DIDN’T DIE WHAT???? Ohh i guess thats what happens to my bullets when i blow someone’s face off 45% Damage 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Brady Roberts contemplating just uninstalling the PTS until y’all really get it fixed. Honestly just taking up space on my hard drive for something that sits for 12 minutes and gets nothing.

Checkout current PUBG down

Brady Roberts This is ridiculous. 4th time trying to get a game.

Antonio Müller PTS is not up anymore

Brady Roberts According to them they fixed the issues. If it weren’t up I wouldn’t be able to make it to the matchmaking screen. It’d give me a black come back later one. And I doubt they’d spend hours fixing it just to take it down

Antonio Müller trueee.. ill have to go try as well

Brady Roberts Are you sure about that? Still sitting in a 4 minute+ queue for a game and no luck

EZMONGO What happened to the option to report people? Teaming up in Duo

blueamcat ❄️ You can report a player by going to their gamer card via Xbox. Not sure about an in game feature.

EZMONGO Yeah I know thanks anyway. Pubg had a in game option I just don’t know what happened to it.

Psychotik_187 when are y’all going to allow mouse and keyboard on Xbox one?

Shane Roe When will we be getting map preferences on Ps4? A lot of us are sick of constantly playing Miramar.

Roel hackers on NA server……

Kyle J (Xbox) Im currently playing duos, and after our games, my partner and I don’t end up in the same lobby with each other, as we once started in. Has happened maybe 5 times now. Also a problem on PTS

Steve Mitchell so much for having a quick game before I have to go to work in an hour. These waiting times are getting WORSE. Why over a HALFHOUR wait when there’s 1:59 MINUTE queue time?

habit Which doesn’t appear to answer the question as I read this as “I’ve reported x players yet getting y notifications where y > x”. Please clarify.

Ari Er i probably worded it terribly. What i mean to say is I report a lot of ” suspected cheaters ” And i get a lot of ” player has been banned “. More reports than Bans. A high ratio of the reports lead to bans. It’s still disgusting how much cheating goes on.

Remix Hello and thank for the good game wishing for better – sadly i get banned just now and im not doing any thing bad for the game ? Can you help why that happened to me ?

James Take off bars on windows. K. Thanks.

|mert⟩ 👨🏻‍💻 Is there any explanation this?

Barry when are you updging the graphics on console? They are terrible!

Brenden not sure if this has been reported before but I found an invisible rock that I tried to shoot someone who was behind it but the bullets hit it instead. hopefully this can get patched 🙂

Josh Watkins This happens to me all the time. Stop acting surprised

Remi Valtna is there a false ban wave? I have been banned for no reason.

Sem vikendi is dropping January 31st On the full game

no one Was up to almost 6 minutes, cancelled…over 7 on this try.. Why does selecting a map take soooooooooo long. Really no lobbies for this map in over 12 minutes?

Tommy🤘 Update for live servers????

Wud Legerity It seems overkill to have a challenge for “driving” 25 km in a boat. It should count when you ride in the boat also.

Athertonian How come I am killing people on the XBOX PTS servers with Warrior Pack and Custom Controller Pack skins? How do I retrieve those on the PTS… Is it an exploit? Harmless. However, I keep killing people with loot you shouldn’t have on PTS. I have the Warrior Pack etc

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω There can be only one

Eric Griffin Wait, you can just pick which crate you get?

mike this happens frequently with mine too. For about the last month, every other time I try. It’s not consistent.

Johnny Ryall This happens to me often as well. Sometimes the cursor highlights two crates at once

Grimm Job Ps4 PTS won’t let me find a game on any server so you should help ps4 out too.

leon hill I have the same issue daily on xbox where more than one box highlights so I never no which one I’m getting

Darin Lang Need duos back!

SZNL Happens to me as well. :/

Eric Robach Duos not available

Tyler Schaffner It happens for me nearly everytime

Sketchy Antix That game on Xbox was doing the same thing to me not too long ago😂

Tyler Schaffner I just want a sleeveless vest!!

AspiringCuck I have around 20! You’re more than welcome to them if I could give them to you! If you had a ballistic mask in return, we’d have a deal on our hands 🙂

Christopher Miliante Wait you console guys get to choose which crate to get? Must be nice

Adrian Amaya I play on both, but pc is better on xbox u cant sell the clothes and its always the same clothes, like i have 10 baseballs red caps on xbox lol

Tyler Schaffner Are you PC or mobile?

Christopher Miliante PC Master Race

Tyler Schaffner I thought I smelt smug lol but did you guys ever get a choice?

Sergio Franco nope, its a a random crate drop, usually one that requires a $2.50 key to open too 😒

JJ Fix the ps4 pts server to cant even find a game anymore on the na,eu or the asoc servers.

Justin Lee When Will We Be Seeing The New Update On PS4?

Andrew Curto Anytime in squads the game stutters then freezes and crashes I have reinstalled the game and validated the files 20 times over and I have high end computer

eAPluto Sometimes in my case same crate.

Michael Docherty It happens a lot. Not always. But a lot

Empyfox Thank goodness I have not been able to play the pts

michael ward Does it for me to

Rémy 🇫🇷 Everytime for me too and for long time ago, this bug coming with new box system…

Linde Erik at least if your game is buggy, full or cheaters, badly designed, and poorly balanced, your servers could have been good.

Brent McMahon Very poorly optimized game

Milan kumar Unable to voice chat…applied all the methods.uninstalling other headphones microphone permission etc etc.pls help

Lakshay Garg Dude my UC bucks were deducted unnecessarily without my knowledge. I need to know where they disappeared?

Bi9Grizz Back out to main menu and re enter. Worked for me. Don’t dashboard game cause it continued after that for me.

Frank Scroll Sorry, Title screen

Frank Scroll If backing out to the main menu doesnt fix it on xbox, its broken 😂

dmy Just click on it with ur mouse

Andy Willingham I had this happen to me too!

Brett Nasty Why, so you can constantly get the same article of clothing non stop for all the blood, sweat, and tears you have put into chicken dinners? Lame reward system.

Brett Nasty Wouldnt mind me a cowboy hat

AspiringCuck This is very true, the duplication and repetition needs to be looked at, it’s very frustrating to the point of causing disengagement with the system

Tyler Schaffner I just want a sleeveless vest!!

AspiringCuck I have around 20! You’re more than welcome to them if I could give them to you! If you had a ballistic mask in return, we’d have a deal on our hands 🙂

Gvnc Aydgn Hacker player 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 always the same problem ❌❌❌❌

Cal where’s duos on pts gone why’s it disappeared??

Ol’ Zimm Well tbh i could believe it tho cause this game sure is one of the easier ones for people to hack on. Could only imagine how easy it would be on Xbox. Since they can barely keep up with shit

Nicolas Valbuena Maybe people can cheat but I’m %100 sure that they are gonna be banned, pubg invest a lot of money in his software in fact that’s why pubg doesn’t have a good performance, the problem with the cheaters in early 2018 was a waste of money and development for the game

Jesse Gregory/Vaughn

Cristian Avila Always getting locked btw walls PS4….

karimelnady when update on ps4 the new map

yungchickenn If you want camps and skins play cod brother pubg is battle royal and it was meant to be like that, we don’t need anymore skins fucking up a game that doesn’t load in correctly

Ol’ Zimm Dude i been playing pubg since day one. But after awhile an incentive to play makes it more enjoyable Lmfao plus id like my guns to look as sick aa pc .. If they didnt want us to have skins they wouldn’t have added them….

yungchickenn I’ve been playing since day one too man and I would rather a game that runs as smooth as pc does over shitey skins or daft purchases only made with g coin. Most people who played in preview would rather the game be 100% finished that what they claim to be a “finished game”

Ol’ Zimm Oh yea i agree with u about that but then again i think my game runs smooth enough that i don’t have to complain anymore dont have much issues besides basic latency issues and lag on my end

yungchickenn So therefore it will never be free, pubg mobile isn’t the same as platform or pc, nothing is free, even Xbox game pass was £1 and now its back up to its full price, pubg will never make anything for free

Jonathan Emmett My player in the last circle couldn’t take health nor choose a weapon. but could move. came 2nd coz of that!! fix the damn game!

Sean McGuinness Still not working on PTS

fro Add streamer clothing items to the shop on console please

F5AM Think seriously about it

Kevin Knight I got a perma ban after less than 2 days of gameplay! I don’t cheat/hack… have none for any game on my PC. Actully, I just did a fresh Win 10 install of my PC the day before. It’s clean! How could I possibly be banned for NOT violating any of the terms below?

Anonymous We lost one of our squadmates to a B.S. ban. Their system has to be bugged.

Kunal 🔱🔥 As soon as i won Chiken Dinner server Didnt respond pops up on my screen😑😒

neil alexander 1975 Hi pubg xbox problem we keep getting a connecting to server problem on eu servers after a game after 3 to 4 times of quitting game eventually the game will load 3 days this issue is goin on and no it’s not pts it’s full release problem

RussellHobbs Hello i keep getting this prior to landing in game – no matter what i do, i just stay mid air. With the speed meter saying **nand-(ind** Getting really annoying

Jay Gaskins Was there a problem with Duos on xbox one? Why was it taken off?

Daniel Eggleston PS4 Test Server isnt working still. Haven’t played once. Is it still online?

Brogen Kapoor Its still online just no one plays it sadly. Vikendi’s a good map i think everyones just waiting for it to come to the public release servers

Kevin Knight Exact same problem. Permanent Ban. No explaination, no recourse. Lame response from PUBG support. No real explaination. Just “oh, you “must” have violated the terms of service and the process cannot be reversed.” And yes… it was crashing my PC (multiple times) as well…

Dacreamysausage It’s 30 bucks… Get a damn job

LeCafard ? A friend of mine just got perma banned for no reasons. They told him it cannot be reversed although he obviously didn’t cheat in any way. How can you be accused of cheating in 2019 when averaging 2 kills per game at most and a 1% winrate?

★Sumit Saurav★ when can 8 expect a support from your end??

ƙιɲgʋɑɋхɾɑ when is ps4 next pubg update coming out

Rogerio Laudano PTS PS4 serves do not work

Rogerio Laudano And, What about Vikendi definitive patch ?

Ev3R #SoaRRC so i think i got an ingame ban but i havent played this in a while. pls help i didnt cheat either so someone must have hacked my account. pc btw

iseuljin hi, my account slimcy is ban wrongfully… how can I resolve this? It’s been few days already….

DeejayTaurus Dear team, I request you to give me belan and jhadu along with frypan as I use belan in better way than frypan🤣🤣🤣

Murad I can not buy from Google Play Store. Please help before the end of the fourth season

Ramziz187 did you think maybe because no one wants to play on the PTS an would rather wait for the map?

kingCHEWIE hi I got a quick question

Afreedy Habeeb Worst mobile gaming app ever Period

BP Hey morons it’s called a test server for a reason. Instead of complaining all the damn time actually take the time and follow the steps they have for reporting bugs

Marley Maul Where is the new map on console

g0r3 – I aim, therefore, I pew pew This just goes to show you great is as well as PUBG’s homegrown anti cheat system…LOL GGs for reporting though

JORD8822 Another question, Why is there not a feature to report An Asian player, playing on NA severs obviously using a third party program to change their IP to make that possible, which is against the ToS. Can you add a report feature?

* just patch it on the stable Servers … jezuz …

JORD8822 Hello, I have a really good question. I am from NA, I always get in NA servers and there is always at least 80 players with Asian names in my games, why is that?

F5AM Think seriously about it

Moisés De Araújo Please put the duo mode on the server South America many players need to go to the North America server to play with the friend and the ping gets bigger playing on another server TPP mode is good for us :<

XanDy-Silva My server South America and ping from locaTION From America of North Game is ridiculous

XanDy-Silva nice ping SA from game server NA nice nice

its the Bapple Still not working on Xbox one

ramu Share _MOBILE

Mark Joseph Sison this is the second time i did this challenge and still no claim button is appearing in my week 3 challenge… is anyone taking responsibility for this? i dropped in quarry and looked for a QBZ and rushed out to track the AFK players still nothing

Mark Joseph Sison hi can you help me good sir? I already submitted 3 tickets to pubg support but still no resolution to this… I have done the week 3 challenge twice and both times the survivor pass didn’t counted it as success… pls help…

Flamehead49 No worries, I completely understand that test servers get wonky and have bugs. I have been with you guys since day one on xbox and it’s been a bumpy ride but I’ve enjoyed the experience every time I play and now that I have the XboxoneX it makes it even better! Have a Goodnight.

DrizzlyBat Pts week 2 ran better than 1.0

Lucas Ribeiro What about the announcement ?

Andy Lemaire why isn’t it possible to play solo’s or duo’s in FPP only on PS4? Same goes for choosing which map you’d like to play?

Xavier williams do you not think that you should of made the live servers work before the PTS? The matchmaking failed is there aa well and when the pts is desd in NA at night i cant even play the fkn live servers cause matchmaking bug is there!!!!!

Xavier williams Dude. Before the xbox pts went live, the dsy of ps4 release, it had been 8 WEEKS FOR US XBOX PLAYERS WITHOUT AN UPDATE. Trust me, itll be constant let downs for new content and fixes and additions

Xavier williams Okay. It will NEVER be free. ITS NOT A FREE TO PLAY GAME. its already cheap. You broke fuck.

Xavier williams No, its still happening.


michael ward The doubles is not working on the test server

MegaFro Guys.. These phishing links scammers havent been banned for weeks, and you banned me for trying to spread awarness so people dont click the links

[email protected] you are requested to withdraw your game from India as our kids are started getting suffering from metal illness

Rexey My keybinds keep resetting.. quite annoying having to set push to talk every time i restart the game

Kushagra Yadav Hi Team, Facing lot of network lag issues in PUBG MOBILE despite having high 4G speed of 20 Mbps plus speed of network.

Rishab Bhargava Uninstall it then all problem can be resolved…😁

Filipe Almeida 30 days since last major upgrade.

Gustavo Medina Happy way for starting playing today

Pranay Q putin

Apollo Please update us on OCE servers. Please alter so we can WAIT as long as we like for an OCE server and not default to other regions. OUR INTERNET SUCKS AT THE BEST OF TIMES, DONT FORCE US OVERSEAS

Olguninho I just got banned after hitting 2 lucky sniper shots. And obviously they spammed the report button after.

Simon Reid is this kind of waiting time normal? UK based new player.

ChrisIreland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I’m on PS4 but can we get a platinum pan for getting the platinum trophy?

yungchickenn Hahaha

Spencer Timog From ~50ms now at ~236ms, what’s going on?

Danny That’s why you shouldn’t play tpp u scrub

Sam Vikendi on live servers should be soon right? I’m sure they said early January…

RealClemyTixYT hi i want to ask y’all how to fix tslgame.exe not responding at the game lobby. plz hep me fix it

Mark Dewar Is Vikendi out on all plats now??

ShadyZx Hey Why is my game crashing after every fkn game????????? give me an answer pls im faking tired of that shit!

Liaan Wessels Ps4 still a problem!

Morgan will there be map selection available in the near future for PS4 players?

HB Right!! Like Pubg is that haha

#BadOne Rocky I’ve seen on PC and Cellphone versions, but now on consoles…. There is a better solution, whoever uses something like this, should brick their consoles like a permanent lock on their consoles, so people can stop using hacking gadgets and software might help

HB Yup I agree. They need to fix this issue quick. Tired of the hackers. I don’t get how they think that’s fun

Harry rawlings Erangel > every other map

Harry rawlings May be a future game with gold or whatever ps4s version of it is, ya never know

Harry rawlings Well technically PS4 has had the same amount of updates as the xbox they just got them all in one lol

Donald Hummel III Xbox players had to struggle through those updates. Lol. Well still struggling a bit. .😂😂😂

Daniel No footsteps in the house fix it on vikendi

﮼٢٧ Hello there I’m one of Pubg players and I just wanted to ask about my profile picture It doesn’t appear to me or anyone although I connected my twitter account to my Pubg acc! Is there something wrong with the game or if there’s anything i can do to fix it plz tell me.

Akhil Raghuwanshi In Today’s match my team mate killed me with bomb and he killed enemies through the wall. I report him in a match 3rd no is a hacker.

RAM KHANNA TECHNICAL i having network lag issue when i enter any match, i have good internet connection, i live in india, is there any problem with asia server

STiCK 🍻🐍 The real widespread cheating? People using KB&M via XIM.

IAmNameRandom What do I have to do so u actually ban the people parachuting down @ 10 minutes ingame at lightning speed?

CrimeSolvers I really hope I don’t receive a ban from while they review these false cheating reports.

CrimeSolvers Duos later today? Almost done volunteering at this animal rescue

Itz Xeno Dude they never seen a hacker lol

Nacho dear sir/misses, me and a close relative of mine are having a problem and we were looking forward to get a reply and possible solution from you. The problem occurs at not being able to choose any server in the lobby. I continue in another tweet

Nacho We are being straightaway placed on another one which does not allow us to play with comfortable and good ms. Isnt there any way to change manually the server?. Sincerely Yours, Nacho

STiCK 🍻🐍 It’s disgusting mate. Try following

Zach Beach™♈ Send to live servers😩

Daniel Why should it come live if it is still totally bugged

Vipes on Xbox No fucking duos

Daniel Mcwade Bout time you worked on summin for the Xbox ya shitehouses

Sway Did they add FPP or just fix bugs?

Swerve▪️ Good question. I think it’s on TPS

Sway You’re probably right

Sergey mb fix fullscreen

philosophos Thanks, 🙂

Alex hey is there a reason duos was removed on the xbox test server it was super nice not to have to play with squads

xKARMAx 🖤 Soo.. Any explinations?

Jake Sully Nade maybe went off, with a sound bug so you didn’t hear the explosion, with him taking hardly any damage….. but will just say cheating because that’s about a 1 in a 1,000,000,000 chance lol

#BadOne Rocky Check his GT and submit a report to The good thing is, you’ve recorded this.

HB Ha what the hell. Since when can you slide like that, da damn! I’ve had some crazy stuff happened to me but not like that

BirdmanTFG 🦅 Whaaaaaaaaaaa?????

Dustyy21 Lol it’s pubg 😂

xKARMAx 🖤 Bwuaha, I wish that didn’t suffice as an explication, but it certainty does.

Dustyy21 Lol I had some old clips from pubg of similar instances lol.

BlimeyWolfe Uh

xKARMAx 🖤 Right?!?

Matt Whens the new map coming out for live servers

Daniel Why should it come live if it is still totally bugged

Klapt Are you going to add duos on the PTS?

Makepeace I didn’t realize in real life, when you get off objects you can’t look down the sights of a gun. That’s good to know. Don’t want bad guys getting the drop on me.

Danny Eliya I am having issues connecting to the servers on PS4 the game would loud normally but when I try to go into a game, the matchmaking will go on forever, so far it’s been looking for a game for 20 mints!






DB Your game is broken. Fix the dsync already.

xShotgunMenacex Got to ps4 forms dude this ment for Xbox

حمید ps4 update???!

Sai Raghav Gupta Dedicated to all lovers version Concept: Sai Mohan Edited by:

You_Wish Unlock first person on ps4 please? Jesus

Matt Just in case anyone is wondering how the test server is going on console…

Mod ⚓️ I got locked out and I can’t access my account anymore COULD ANYONE PLEASE HELP?

Tojinder kumar Who is this ? Anyways if u need some special perks in pubg mobile then join our clan ‘pendubhai’

Checkout current Pubg server down

sg do you ever respond to questions? Just checking…

Roman Can we have voice chat ENABLED pre-game?????????? I CAN”T HAVE FUN WITHOUT IT! DAMN IT!

bob humplick people are selling cheats in the lobby. thats what all that chinese robot voices are saying. how to get cheats. so they cut it out

7ℓṁ Add me on mobil

Anas Khaled is your dev team looking to handle the game fps drop game lag d-sync cause after the update Im suffering so much input lag fps drop and some crazy d-sync, the last time you patch it was great but now , it worst than before pls any info about the next update ?

Seth McCoy is there proximity chat on PlayStation 4?

Josh Wojnowski What is the real reason the 3D character render drops frames? I know I can just turn it off, but as a developer I am wondering what’s so taxing.

حسون Dear owners of Pubg Company . You have closed my account because I hacked the Pubg game . It was a stupid mistake I did. I’m really sorry please open my account I can’t wait for 10 years !!! I’m obsessed with this game I don’t have job or something to do except Play

5StarStunner (hard r) this is bullshit bro. Fix this piece of shit.

Liam dickson if i had of known ps4 wouldnt have proxy chat i wouldnt have bought your damn game. Refund me or fix it.

creamy bobeany I’m still here man I know ur looking at my tweets you cowards. I know you know I’m right so hand over $4 or I’ll get you banned

kyle mendoza Release pubg on switchhhhh

marcomejia why caint i go into training mode ps4…cant connect

Meek the PS4 Training Mode isn’t working why’s that

countrygator How about a resolve for the fucking latency issues dealt in the most recent updates.

Justin stewart That sucks 😔 can we get duo’s on pts xbox??!! 😎

Arik We need more face just like in pubg mobile

Trineexx Atlas getting to every game

LilMelloBeats bro i dropped cam alpha. looten FIVE houses. everybody shooting at me. NO guns i mean NOT A SINGLE GUN. this fucking game bro….

Caffeinated Dad Having a white circle on a white map is not the greatest. Please look into alterative options… at least for the snow map.

TheAviestOfCados Explain this…

Kraken Hello, I got this issue with my money in the game. Idk why but now I’m on minus. Can you guys help me? My name in the game is Matei19.

Lucas Hardcore Hello, help me, after all I was banned unfairly by the game, around 20:00 today, I was wrongly banned by [25] ban global # 21bb6c, I would like to reverse this action totally unfair! Steam:… PUBG NICKNAME: Mitsugui Thank you very much!!!!!

Lucas Hardcore Hello, help me, after all I was banned unfairly by the game, around 20:00 today, I was wrongly banned by [25] ban global # 21bb6c, I would like to reverse this action totally unfair! Steam:… PUBG NICKNAME: Mitsugui Thank you very much!

clayon santos i cannot even enter in the game, it says ”servers are too busy” i just want to play

Nate Bohn So what is the plan for the missions that you complete but the game won’t give them to you? The Drop and kill missions sometimes don’t give it out, and same with stopping in a redzone.

Travis williams I never said it was PUBG?

Travis my game won’t load in for my Xbox. instead it will sent me back to the home screen. Please respond

Dragoon PS4 version Training Mode is apparently bugged, NA server. It’s been 5min + and it just doesn’t start

Javier Lopez what is this joke? we won a game.. when exiting it gives the server down error..and when hours later we can connect it doesnt register the won game?

محمّد Hello anyone.. i need help here

Justin #TheCleanCafe💧 on Xbox. Why is my guy getting stopped mid sprint every 10 seconds. It’s like I’m stuck in the ground the entirety of the game. It’s so frustrating I can’t even play

Abracadabra_TV Hi, 120 download,30 upload but always 80/90 pings (NA) and EU 150/180 pings… I live in Calgary (Canada). Do you know where the problem can coming ? It’s not possible to play like that. and Merry Christmas 🎄

Nate Johnson The worst battle royale ever made

Nate Johnson Why do people keep ddosing during Xmas????

DjLyNxY its not working still…

AP3XBOX We want Duo’s, you fools!

Ali Lazio wtf 5+ mins to find a game

Clayton Monteer People still play this broken game?

sdkbasa why is the time to wait for a game in squads so bugged? like 6mins in average…?

m1kael Still problem here for me in Sweden.

Paquitodelnorte Same her bro…

HellStorm i was playing pubg ps4 today and got another win but didn’t count what can i do

abambrose Why i got “Global Ban 25” ? i dont cheating. please fix this

marty friedmancito thanx for the reply but it doesn’t work.

Barberryman Working fine for me. Bunch of whining smooth sacs in this thread.

Sascha Whats going on???


James Way FIX THE OCE SERVERS!?!???!!!?????!!!??

…. When is bluehole going to change so ppl cant server hop im sick of playing foreigns who lag and eat shots

@MulleR_5th_element Its a long waiting time ) 3min each game

Goran Djukic how to complete a missions…give me my money back!!!!

MaKeM_KeZa Any duos on yet

Jaum Busologia – oCavalo I still can’t find any party

Reaper__13 How about fixing my parachute problem can’t control my parachute it drops straight down

Kelso Don’t use the sprint button. Sprint button now drops you straight down

Ádám Peterdi Just log out of Steam and log in, that worked for me. ❤️ so others can see it

ThatDude can you guys fix the bug that force me to jump off buggy. It killed me without doing anything.

d00bie can you fix the broken matching system? que duo tpp eranglal only – no game , sat in queue for 30minutes nothing popped, i hate sanhok and vikandi and just want to play original map but cant

PUBG GOAT Why can I not pick what map I wanna play on on the PS4? But I can choose what map I’d like to play on on the Xbox and the pc?

Goran Djukic not working

Hardys Gamecorner up to 15 minutes matchmaking search for fpp nice guys

Kelso Can you not read? It’s a steam issue…not a pubg issue.

J Eiche Excessively long queue times 1-3 minutes even for quick join. Now what is going on?

Andyb Matchmaking taking ages then no joy PC version

Vinícius Dell’Aglio matchmaking is not working!

AJ “Running as normal”

John Doe Hello, 2m30s to play a game on vikendi live server?! 😱 Up to 3m15.. 😱💤💤💤

marty friedmancito I still can’t play the game. My screen looks like this after the update. I have re installed the without any luck. Please help!

Alex alt+enter

marty friedmancito thanx for the reply but it doesn’t work.

Mario Cisneros 16:49:48: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: “C:WindowsSystem32Windows.Media.dll” erro my pubg

zen-x Not really

THE JOQER better focus make a version of pubg for gameboy, atari or sega so you get more people . dont really mind the pc issues 2 years now 👏👏keep up the good work, and dont forget make great missions like stop 5 times on the red zone. THUMBS UP DEVS 👍👍

Lloyd Hunt still down for me, any more info?

Hayden wtf man i come back to this game now my pings really high

Marc Matchmaking on EU is broken!!! Sanhok works, rest does not start a lobby.

المُحتَرَم matchmaking is not working

Papi Reyes yall gon crossplay ps4 with xbox ?

Jason McGinnis being duos to the PTS please!

Billy_Best Did you exchange lvl3 helmets with half grips in vikendi map? Cause if not you forgot to load half grips in spawn loot.

isakfk1234 fake news??

Mike You tell em dude.

Gigs Lol think I caught some bah humbug this weekend.

Mike Well when you can’t shoot noobs through a 6X I can see where a little might build up.

Pedro Almeida Even experience bad performance. plz look for optmization, shoul be ur priority.

kvErki 10min waiting gg

Pedro Almeida How about increase my fps back? Or at least stable ate 60

EdDonny A Looong Time.. haha

EdDonny Is Dead..

Callum Storey And don’t even ask me to open wide, I know that trick 😤😤😤😤😤😎

Sulgor Your devs are shit and your netcode might as well be made out of overcooked noodles.

Diego aparecido lacerda game junk do not find match

the amazing world of oskar this what keeps happing please help not even been able to to play the game on Xbox one s. I factory reset my Xbox deleted the game and started all again and still nothing

Diego aparecido lacerda pick up the fucking game do not think it’s broken

Denis I would like to ask if it is possible that with the arrival of new patch I experience frequent packets loss. Everything feels very delayed(Opening doors, looting etc). It happens only on Vikendi. Thanks in advance.

bob humplick im noticing something is off as well. i posted a forum topic about it. if you have video you can post it. one of the pubg people have asked people to post videos there if they can show it…

Youtube: REKTILE Working fine

mohamed95 matchmaking in EU server is broken its take more 2 min and 0 match find

Rasha. Yup

Shahed Farooqui Rasha is the name one type of Attar used for

Aitor Baños Aguilera Sure. It’s completly resolved.

welcome to the meatshow what am i looking at

mohamed95 matchmaking is broken in EU server

Pedro Almeida I was play sice beginig, but u guys make this impossible. I never complaint but now is the time. How u guys with a new map broke my fps in all the maps? With 1050ti can get stable 60 fps at 1080p.

youngmetro Bro eu jogo com 20 fps para dr reclamar

Pedro Almeida Jogar com 20 fps, mais vale nem jogar. É preferível ir jogar outro jogo qql como esta a acontecer comigo. Voltei pro csgo por causa deste update. E pubg era o único jogo que jogava

youngmetro Mas yh ja nem jogo pubg

youngmetro Bro, tenho wue te adicionar na steam, jogo bues com o cruzinha e cm o aleixo, a ver se fazemos 1 jogo

Andy Dodd come on… Servers still playing up

walter lamak Not Fixed, please check the game… Can’t find squad, 10 minutes waiting.

Rokoro but matchmaking is now worse

Lloyd Hunt still getting “Failed to initialize steam” , I have just restarted steam after seeing your latest tweet. Any advice on this please?

johan nolander Loong waitingtime thought..


Alexander Janssen Please please get your shit together. much love!

David Hurl mhh not really..

EmanuelRamos Stadler Telling LIES

Callum Storey No papa

Rasha. 😂😂😂😂

Callum Storey And don’t even ask me to open wide, I know that trick 😤😤😤😤😤😎

fabian its fixed, thanks

PUBG Is this a known glitch

Hurlae (Puppadile) my man

iDxpes It would be nice to see an update drop for the PTS on Xbox

Merry Chrysler bruh they added the snow map to Xbox PTS like 3 days ago, they gonna update it again that quick

iDxpes I mean you can’t even play duos so I would think so

Bottom Feeder Lit thanks guys

Michael Pengelly Some of the challenges on survivor pass aren’t registering. I’ve driven into a red zone in a snowmobile and stopped twice now and I still haven’t scored on the challenge. Can you help, please?

び浦易 do we keep the clothes from test server

Youtube: REKTILE Winter sale and the holidays

Al Fall IM IN!!

grandpa (official) are the resolution priority and frame rate priority options coming to the ps4 and ps4 pro too?

معتصم الشعلان Please improve your graphics for the iPad mini4

Bedri ‘quincy’ B. Hey, i have no problem in game but when i join the lobby, my fps drop. i m getting 1-4 fps. can u fix it?

Jackz ♡ its back up again

BTCPaidGroupGroupies So Fix Pubg was a success huh? I’m looking for a rebrand to FailG

Alex Morgenstern yea, let’s blame the game for the steam issues lmao… sometimes I’m surprised about how stupid people are

BTCPaidGroupGroupies About as stupid as thinking this game runs good keyboard warrior

Alex Morgenstern the game run great if you don’t have a potato pc, which is my case, so, don’t blame pubg Corp for being poor sunshine 😉

BTCPaidGroupGroupies 😑 1080ti 7700k 3200mhz now you’re being stupid


Zach Handler seems to be working now

Jake Cachia when will FPP be on ps4?

Henk Denktank Its Fixed, Thanks!!

Likquid Okay?

Vilius I just restart steam and wvrything again starts working.

Samuel Teixeira It’s fine now Restart Steam and play

Asylumjerk Then you’re not hitting headshots.

Pat Doll Thanks Asylumjerk I’ll keep it in mind

D34TH0FKVorshk Oh and remember what PlayerUnknown said about Miramar, concrete. Those little two building spots that are concrete have the best loot on average.

mstf Too many dsync… 🙁 you couldn’t solve this problem

MK7 Its winter sale , what do you expect ? Every sale , steam servers goes down baby

Milena Nikolić Working now.

Brussli working now

Emil Dostal no shit Sherlock

Ninponeer I appreciate the timely communication, but why isn’t reporting the issue for themselves? This is the second time I’ve found out Steam servers are down from a non-official source. Whomever runs Steams Twitter needs to step up or step down. 🧐

Joshua Steam has no concept of customer service.

BonnyL Dont fix FPS issues we dont need fps 🤠

Sam gombarik well nope the don´t xD theres more then Pubg who is having problems with log in

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ Bruh I have a worse setup than you yet I get 60+ FPS on high/ultra. You’ve gotta be bsing. There’s just no way you’re getting under 60.

Bruno Correa gee it took me 2 days to take the guts to go play the game and when i try it has problems, im back at not playing it…

Ravensbeard103 It’s not even PUBG’s fault…. it’s a steam issue

Michael Priis Ludvigsen Relax its running again🤘🏻

Kamran ali Working now

dadomeow nope

Daniel Monroy Serrano Dead game, dead and broken game.

Ewyl 500k players.. is it dead for you?

Dren Telaku You SELL this game and you cant get decent servers?, i will switch to Fortnite, you guys are pathetic.

Jacob Poweska steams fault

William Walden never specified it was pubg servers.

nicole If you didn’t already know,

[MV3]Arbifac MORE FPS

Alan Get a better pc 🤦🏻‍♂️

CloseCallGames RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: The test servers are now in maintenance which we expect to last 3 hours. You can play Vikendi in Solos, Duos or Squads on the test server once maintenance ends.”

Wilame Braz Hello, Please, put Duo mode on PUBG for Xbox one, just have squad, or solo, in SA server, and I like to play Duo, me and so many players….

Checkout current PUBG server down

Noah Young When does Xbox get this map on test server?

Marco Mester They said january

Noah Young Thank you!

Joey Marino Server down for maintenance already? _MOBILE

Rose مرابط# 🇸🇦 I want play with you

Karur_GouSe Pubg server is not connecting I had reinstall the app but no use Pubg_mobile

lil Dash Q I dont like pubg how they finesse you off your money with items on the store u would never get anything you want don’t waste your money

Soul Temper imagine playing a game for cosmetics

Rohit Shekhawat So don’t buy them then, there are soooooooooooo many skins you can get just by playing the game, if you love the game, buy things with real money, if you don’t, then don’t buy anything, no fight here 🙂

Möth Fortnite does a better job than PUBG at stealing your money

lil Dash Q You have to spend like 500 just to get a shirt you want but the game is great best phone game period

Morgan Ramsey Nice!

ketchup juice juul pod when will mobile severs be back up? Thanks

الهوى الغايب I have a question: Can I play with a control hand?

jihad controller*

Sukh What’s a control hand?

Heezay @ Bikini Bottom I downloaded the Test Server to play, all of a sudden my mouse cursor would lock onto my Fullscreen PUBG? It would go onto my other monitor. Is that something that will be solved?

Tanner Hughes That is a system based issue, not the game. Sounds like you need to identify which monitor is primary and change out of full screen to windowed

Paul Wauxt Please, make less circle phases on vikendy. There is at least 1 unnecessary phase. Or make the actuall circles smaller. Midgame is so boring. You cant just stretch 30min game into 6×6 map.

mohamed gram How much the time to Turn on again?! plz

🅰️ didn’t read the original tweet bro?

iplaygames When are you gonna pay attention to Xbox players? Ever since ps4 released you have ignored us

Tyler Heard they are working on the new map coming to xbox in January if you read the game notes. normally console is 6 months behind PC

iplaygames They put winter 2018 at E3 lol they are full of shit I doubt we’ll see it next month I give it another 3 months since pubg likes to delay stuff

Tyler Heard get a PC, stop paying for consoles

iplaygames If I was to get a pc I wouldn’t play this trash game lol

Jakob West Lucky for me, I couldn’t care less about pubg anymore✌🏼 all the new guys advocate for it and as they get to know the game and devs they drift away. It’s the circle of pubg. The only ones who continue to love it are the ones who get paid to

Nick Chief, I’ve played pubg since day 1 and I still enjoy the game. Don’t speak for everyone. If you don’t enjoy the game, then why are you even here? Leave

droowz Guess his eating his own shit

MeLoveAnn- (火影) nobody cares

Heavyweight Primate Tell us a lot more

himanshu baghel How much time to take

🅰️ read the original tweet 🤦‍♂️

Karim Dagher I thought you had to indicate that to one person and I kept my faith in humanity, but I immediately saw the same tweet after and lost it all.

يزيد Hi I do not link my account to Facebook and I can not log in now What is the problem This is my account name Yazeed3R I want to enter the game so I can connect it to Facebook

B1L My god

Möth I want to play your game not Fortnite because Fortnite is garbage

Rohit Shekhawat Same here bro, doesn’t matter how much people complain, I always play and support PUBG 🙂

Möth Plz help with real severs

Coco Hey I want to know why my teammate didn’t get that frag kill.

SLoGNZ That’s weird aye he should have got that

KishoreMugen not connect 😥😥 in any account.. slove the prblm right now…

Daryl Raffel are the test servers going down today?

AMANI ☼ Hey, can you tell me what this means?

Omar Magdy if I won a game but the server went offline because of maintenance will the game count in my score ??

fadio server is not online yet pubg

derek couture hey when is the update expected to be done?

Miss. Strawberry. what does that mean ? Me and my friend in the same country and she can play while im not !

Mudassir Mohammed Nothing to do now PUBG mobile Server is down for maintenance.

dEiX really sad

Kalu Gabriel Rivas C when is going to be ready the fpp in ps4 ?

Youtube: REKTILE Server problems

Youtube: REKTILE Cry like a baby

Youtube: REKTILE It takes me 28 seconds, get a better pc

Jesus Orduna Rivera Anyone else having this bug when you go loot someone body and it won’t let you scroll down brings you back to the top… (ps4)

Roland Chauvin What about the custom crosshair bug. Them shits disappear whenever you try to set it to and different color

Just Faisal. Why on ps4 when i open the game shows up that , the public test server is offline ?

m7md_1937 عرفة المشكله يا حب🌚

DomClemit and yet miramar still doesn’t load because of it’s unnecessarily big ball sack size.

Corey WHERES FPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corey For ps4

Kunklission So, for some reason after my new mobo x470 and cpu ryzen 1700 were installed doesn’t give me any audio and it takes much longer to boot. Test server works perfectly fine, no issues whatsoever. In fact, works 100% better than it did before any ideas?

Jojo Garcia If you level up your survivor pass on the test sever will it carry over to the live???

creamy bobeany hey did u mean to make it so that you cant wear clout goggles and a gas mask at the same time? I’m really upset and I’d quite like to be able to wear them again but now my friends make fun of me because i spent $4 on them and it doesnt even look good on my character

Overplay You should have called the forums forums.pubg.China 😉😉

Guilherme Hello I wanted to make a suggestion, you could put the option to customize the gameplay controls on the PlayStation and Xbox, for example the personalization of pubg mobile controls.

Flavio Balderdash it’s not a redirect issue it’s because the website is probably still using RC4-Only Cipher Suite, and the settings in the server ‘security.tls.unrestricted_rc4_fallback’ preference is toggled to false.

m⌬sk 🖖 Two wallhack cheaters in one game: Amumu- Thor_81

Bigglesworth Hahaha……..PC. SMH

m⌬sk 🖖 Blatant. Cheaters aren’t very smart.

Soham…. XD From which site i can buy the pubg pc now at steam its not available plss help me to buy pubg pc

kenan özer WE NEED PS4 FPP .

ThumblessCovert what is going on with the xbox servers?? =(

Jason Wallace when is the update going to come when you can vote on maps.

The Green Cast when will the PTS be available for ps4? I just keep getting this..

Devon Owens A buddy of mine has pubg on disc it will allow him to download the pats but not the actual game what can he do ?

ΛJ so can you explain how this is even a thing? Not able to grab a lv3 helmet or lv3 vest due to ‘not enough space’….


Max. no space to change from level 2 helmets to level 3?? Please change that because it makes no sense at all

.. Can u fix the game?? Its need some updates

Mostafa Saber i should know who is shooting who is walking on the map what should i do to grt this features even from the beginning i want to choose any of the maps like mobile?? plz help

Mostafa Saber i should know who is walking in map pubg ps4 really should upgrading??!!!

Squ4dronLe4der7 live now!! playing Charity stream

Kennedy venialgo I can not get into the pubg because of the error of busy servers try again later I made several changes in the network question and nothing could help me, or a pacth fixing the errors, thanks

Ch Suprathik my device is getting struck at the end of the game….this is happening atleast one in 5 games….results are getting at the end of the game….please help me..

No Online Shopping Which one best all purpose gun in フレンド募集 女子 _JP _3rb

robtheidiot Anyone at around?

Owen Parsons please fix this!

Olmpiya Poseidon i hate tpp seriously add fpp on ps4 already man🤬

Murr just wanted to say that I think PUBG on the PS4 Is very playable and very fun. The frame rate would be great if it stayed at a true 60 but I’m not complaining. Good job 👍🏻

faraz khan plz pubg help me i won soo many matches and i’m not getting my chicken dinner plz help me😫🙏

dhonithangam Hi please add language in next version World’s first language please Consider

JustGoodFellasGaming Help us please, how many tines must I ask?

Anthony Vialard Please ban GuruAF on PS4 is a cheater , he play with XIM4 and a macro on his mouse

Bob Lee Swagger why is servers down for ps4 huh

PONYRIDEREn Can you PLEASE fix ur bug, so u actually dont have to go to seat 2 on a BIKE. So ur teammate can jump up on ur bike! It have never been a issue and now it is.

crzycatPUBG So annoyiiiiing 😩😩


Psybone Det hjælper hvis man kigger/peger HELT tilbage på bagsiden af motorcyklen, men det er pisse stramt

PONYRIDEREn Det kan stadigvæk godt bugge selvom du gør det.

Psybone Yup..

Darko Hello Since one month every time that I play a game I get stuck in the loading match screen, I can hera all but can’t see it or move, already reinstalled the game and Windows 10 and check files

Shahzaib1257 Getting high pings on live server and low ping on test server please fix sea servers when i play test i get eu server and low ping but sea server sucks for me in live servers

Blake Pearce can i appeal a forum ban? I was permanently banned 6 months ago for “anatagonizing users” seems a bit extreme as i was dead active and reported bugs like every day..

Justin my test server won’t load past the load screen on PC after latest update

Justin I have a 2mb DSL connection so downloads take a LONG TIME

Md_Atique can you help by letting me know what is the total size of pubg pc

Darki hello so ive recently updated my windows 10 and since i updated it the game doesnt work whenever i try to run the game the pc crashes and it shows me a green crash screen please help


Arjun Jangid hi it’s MIGHTYROXXX I got vac banned for no reason. Even though I play this game really less these days and when i start my pc today I got a notification that I got vac ban from pubg . I want you to please review my account because I haven’t done anything.

che guevara How can i survive this 9 hours ?😢😢

Ankit Kumar can anyone organise the competition of Pubg Mobile?

Totaleclipse why don’t we have the possibility to choose the lobby music ? We miss the first music !

Shivam how to get snow map

Mike I never received my anniversary skin on Is there anything that can be done to get it?

Paul Coughlan keep getting error (25) client not responding, every time before I hit the ground after parachuting, have verified files and reinstalled game, still happening, tried wireless, Ethernet and tethering from mobile, any ideas?

Heatfire Here is a link to my Youtube that has well, basically me being racially discriminated against on PS4

Pan lobby stuck, i have to click on SETTING icon to work again…any help about this problem?

Pan lobby stuck, i have to click on SETTING icon to work again…any help about this problem?

william kilgallon It’s today lol, just a reminder bro 🙂

needforkills21 Yo can you game share with me pubg? I’ll give you bo4 and I’ll let you go into my account first

DesignGears can only queue sanhok map, any other map has us sitting in queue forever.

Scott Aka BAMM I think the Fix is to uninstall PubG and play Destiny….lol

Alex You can’t be serious with these bugs that literally give your position away

Scott Guthrie can you please add map mode to PS4 Erangel and Miramar have no loot!! Dont want to play those maps!!

Scott Guthrie can you please fix the issue on PS4 where it resets your crosshair color to default in settings and also the crosshair type in game on the red dot!! It resets everytime I boot up the game!! Thank you!!

MAVC0 I need help. Online Corp sited in Korea has blocked a service i paid for without any explaination. I live in Spain and UE´s law protects me as a consumer. What can i do? Thx…

arijeet barooah help me out

Daine Brown how come I have only been on the map sanhok on PS4? Is there a way to change it?

Chloe Prowse trying to invite friend to play duos but invite not being received? We are playing on PS4.

Cod_Y The “fix pubg” thing may be over. But you only made more issues. Like where is the OC server support? I dont seem to see it

Danny constant network lag for everyone in your servers now. Fix it???!


[email protected]ćk☁︎ ok then FIX YOUR SERVERS

Sumit Singh Rathore Hey why don’t you include Indian origin weapons like Excalibur assault rifle… and JVPC…… and Desi katta 315 and 12 bore .

Ayoubalgnede hello Pubg I have a problem Its sayed PUBLIC TEST SERVER OFFLINE

MAYHEM MYERZ when will pubg work for ps4?

ANKIT BHARDWAJ I don’t know why this happened but I already reported it several times when it happened before to me on PUBG mobile app customer support, at that Time it use to happen for 5-10 minutes but this time its saying that it will unlock after 10 years. HELP !

Kurt Colwell “We’re releasing FPP if we get a good amount of players.” LESS PEOPLE ARE PLAYING BECAUSE FPP WASN’T RELEASED FROM THE START!

Wey This guy streaming with hacks straight up ! here’s his fb link:

منكوبب🤟🏿 Can I play from Playstation with Mobile?

منكوبب🤟🏿 Phone “

Lilac Skies Hey guys, our car got stuck into another car by the bridge so we tried burning it or making it explode but you out us outside safe zone. So, is there anything you can do about this? Will DM the full pic foe privacy, thanks.

Michael Hatch Perfect, that means every tuesday I can be reminded pubg is broken and needs maintenance without wasting my time playing any of it. It’s a win for me I guess.

Its_My_Purpose Just streamed all night and never had a negative experience. No desync no nothing.. lots of wins and GGs.

CP291 the Europe server on is dead waiting 10 minutes for a match

Mike Devaney Hey is there anyway I can make the default controller settings on the pc game the same as xbox controls? Asking for a keyboard fumbler(me)

Sanju Malik Please fix this pubg notch issue on POCO F1..!!! Please..!!

azeez It’s fixed after 9.0 update right? Lag in game is mostly server based. It’s not phone bug.

Yogendra Yogi Yes…

prem Yes

Asif Iliyas Also game is lagging to much after update.

Marquis Hannon i would really love to know why i have so much desync,lag, and latency i would really love to fix it because no update fixed it

simbalovestacos FIX YOUR FUCKING PILE OF A SHIT GAME PLEASE!! Crazy how people can 1 tap me but it takes me 2 clips to kill people, fix your shitty game or send out refunds. Hire some people that actually have combat experience instead of a bunch of faggot liberals

Aki… Ban this streamer hacker

Subho When will the wikendi map come?

Cesar salazar That’s why i can’t play on my ps4?

hitts jesse🇺🇬🇺🇬 Wats the meaning of this

Andrew Hamby why does my game say public test server offline?

Braazen This is seriously dumb. I got banned because of a bug on TEST SERVERS. Whatever. Waited a week after my support ticket never got touched. And now when my ban is over, it’s saying it will be lifted in -9 hours? Seriously. Please help me.

Dustin Gay My 168 ban ended today. But when I boot the test servers, it says it will expire in (-8 hours). Come on. Please help me. This is all because of a bug on the test servers.

Andrew That’s the test servers. Not the game

Big_Bacon31 Also at this point cod is cartoony

Big_Bacon31 It runs at 30

Roland Chauvin what the fuck is up with the crosshairs on ps4, no matter what color I set them to they disappear

Liviu -_- Hello PUBG , thanks for the new map and for all your help to put in the best and awesome way.I’m searching every day for a source of info about what’s next ,i hope in the future you bring back again the future of to know what is coming.

Xovoxov It’s just bad luck I got it on ps4

DrizzlyBat Thanx ya it’s was 14-17 no it’s 17-31

DWGamingOnYT Yep 17th till 31st think it’s going on for about a month and a half. If it doesn’t change.LoL

NerdBits What the heck & – More cheats on the test server than the live game.



DirtyAether you lot lost the Royale race for good, the red zone, shit optimization, horrible loot, absolutely Fucking ridiculous. Its makes me sick you charge money for a game that is way below average. Fucking DayZ all over again.

Aidan O’Mellon… please ban him.

Dimitra Meimaridou why on ps4 when i open the game shows up that the public test server is offline ?

AJ… when people hack and use wall hacks in pc can we get rid of people that ruin the fun of games

Roscoe PS4 frame rate is trash.

UrAvgADC Mind resolving this issue? This guy has been live streaming his disgraceful use of a third-party software to hack to your very own game. Please fix this real quick!

YetiSevy Having an error with the reCATCHA when trying to register an account.

Simon Kuran This is still an issue.

Deadshot707 When can guys let us chose the maps on PS4 for some reason the game just put me in random on ???

Max *I think that it is not really skilled to just shoot your bullets as a rain, instead of landing a good shot, or calculate a good trajectory to make your bullets effective. You secure a good position, and your opponent just has to throw everything he has to kill you -> nerf M249?

Wes Wells please explain how I drowned in Los Leones….read that again and let it sink in…thanks in advance

Joe Jitsu I uninstalled. Haven’thad a issue since. Lol

Joe Jitsu Crossplay was not even considered an option til this year. Patience young pattawan

سالم أحمد i can’t launch it the game stuck please help me !!!

Joe Jitsu I already have to Google the guns I find. Lol

Joe Jitsu Better than 30 fps like every other modern game maybe

Big_Bacon31 Do other modern games have you play against 99 other players with non cartoony graphics and run better than 30 fps on console.

Joe Jitsu Keep in mind that the one with cartoon graphics has to update the server with every object having a changing hit point status.

Joe Jitsu So you are saying those awesome ps2 graphics are too hard on the server for 60 fps? Lol

Big_Bacon31 Yes, no, maybe

Joe Jitsu Any object farther than 20 m flickers on the edges and trees make me feel like a seizure is incoming. Lack of gravity and floating with footsteps sounds make me feel motion sick for the first time in my life. I really wanted to like this game. Ps4 version is unplayable

Joe Jitsu

JustGoodFellasGaming Does ever responds to questions asked in mobile app??? Or here for that matter?

Kieron Rollin we need a locked 30 fps or higher and a ping display like pc

Jose Yo fags when is the next PTS update coming out for Xbox?

instardust Anyone else’s sensitivity on test server after the update is fked up?


Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-12-13

Andersson Rodriguez hello mr pubg, but i have a problem with the connection public. Can you help with the step for fix it?

KenNguyen i sometime duo with my brother in Vietnam and unfortunately the game always put us to SEA servers. Do you know anyway to play in NA server? Tks

AP3XBOX Someone needs to explain to me wth happened here.

YetiSevy TTP is trash, just encourages more camping…

Putin’s #34468th Bot Yeah I don’t really enjoy it much either, leads to a lot of frustrating deaths. Hope they add FPP soon, will speed up pace of the game

Imad hi ! How much exactly is pubg size on ps4 .? Please rwply thanks

Arunkumar vankar Release date on vikendi map in pubg mobile

jason h. i was supposed to get a 2 dollar credit via google play and when i made the purchase no credit received. did i do something wrong? thanks

JBardTV Why are ps4 players thinking they are getting the new map already lol

Capt Bo0merang Xbox gcoin items saying purchased but never received. Help?

Jacob Lol, why does this keep happening. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 4 different times now.

Danny Win 🍥 Play Fortnite

Jacob I’m not 7 years old.

Danny Win 🍥 Didn’t we play together a few weeks ago

Jacob I’m a big boy now.

YetiSevy So… where is the FFP on ps4??

‏﮼أبو ‏﮼محمد ‏﮼ I got playstation plus for 3 months and still seam problem? Can u tell me what can i do ?

‏﮼أبو ‏﮼محمد ‏﮼ I got playstation plus but i had the seam problem! What can i do ?

Swany you think improve graphics on ps4 ??

Caleb McDonald could you guys open up Duo’s for PS4, I get that you’re trying to reduce lobby wait time, but I’d prefer to wait a couple of minutes to play duo, then to have 2 random teamkilling squadmates in squads

Smashed Crab Why are duos servers always unavailable on PS4? If there isn’t enough players to fill lobbies then wouldn’t it make more sense to lock squads. I paid for the game so can I please play it the way I want to? Thanks

Kaito Watanabe So I cant rank until the 18th so there is not reason to play for whole 5 days? Weak pubg, very weak

The ExiledBrother in duos on PS4 do u only play 2 maps?

[email protected] Why this?

mypetstatfish is there any reason why my game keeps crashing when I open it and exit outta a game?

Hesk Will this give more than $ 30.00 BRL are crazy?

Kniv3s187 while testing out the new parachute controls on training map, i came across this.

Fizzy シ It was a joke…

Jassen Aaron Help me with this problem .. of pubg test server with the new snow map that does not happen.

therealwonalddump It’s sad what your game has come to for us “minority” of players in OCE. I would rather wait 5 minutes for a game with less than 100 ping than a game with 290+ ms on a fucking asain server. Server lock my ass..

Tanner Maffett i never chose a name for my PUBG Test Server profile. It just assigned me a random set of numebrs and letters- any way to change this to what I use on regular PUBG server so friends aren’t confused anymore?

InMyDuffy I am trying to do my daily missions and one of the challenges were play 6 matches I played 10 and it says I pled 0/6

Evan Geistfeld bought your most expensive pack on PS4, was wondering if we can buy a ghillie suit please, or have a starting weapon at start.

Michaël Mimeault Then they should make a lvl 4 helmet that prevent beeing killed by an awm 1 shot. Because level 3 helmet being normally found is awesome!

Mr. Miggles It is cool to hate on trendy things. We have all done it. I’m a fan boy, and I don’t care who thinks I shouldn’t be.

Purrinit Reminder that it has now been 225 days since trading was temporarily disabled

Purrinit Reminder that it has now been 225 days since trading was temporarily disabled

iCubez still cant use voice chat

Purrinit Reminder that it has now been 225 days since trading was temporarily disabled

Rickles Just fired up PUBG for xbox 1 x. All jacked up to play. Hot dropped at Hacienda. Picked up an M4a1. Instantly got stuck in a couch. GG. Keep up the great work guys!

Karim Dagher They are going to rank you on how close you got to that number one spot and not on the double backflip you did on the bike. You wanna have fun go ahead, but don’t expect to be on top of the leaderboard. (sorry if I came off a bit strong there)

Josh Hill I just want them to rank based on kills + avg survival, but i just want the kills part to be the significant. but i dont mean kills as a number, more damage done.

Josh Hill Its cool bro, me and my mate just drive around on motorbikes and fight everyone we see. still win alot of games and get some decent number of kills

neil alexander 1975 Have to laugh all the ps4 heads jumping on2 this pc post about vikendi ps4 players need 2 remember Sony didn’t want this game when it was in preview for a year on Xbox so y do u think you would get content b4 Xbox we’ve put up with disconnects and other problems with pubg

Vincent Lol we just want fpp that it brotha all we ask for the other people that bitch about graphics and desync have never played pub till ps4

Matt | SPWFL why when I try to loot is it not letting me scroll through things? Automatically pulling down or up!! This is on PS4 and it’s not my controller. I’ve tried multiple. Same problem happens randomly. Very very annoying

litchfiedr scores on eu are not working updating

Bottom Feeder When I start the test server the game is so zoomed in I cant change it in the settings. anyway to change my resolution before starting the game?

help Hey! So I’ve had this issue for a while where im in a game either on the Test Server either on the normal one..and after like 20 minutes or so the game crashes with either a Query error or Corrupted Data message. I’ve tried reinstalling the game and BE, nothing helps

Ben Chesher So when is the PTS back for the PS4? Mine says its currently offline.

TG4LAaron Hello on test server i play one game and the pc black screens and fans max out

TG4LAaron Can still hear sound

AdoBruna(FitCouple) how are these 2 players not banned yet? MaRs_XiaoYing-_- 615_LiRongHao KD 8, hs % 30 or more,600+m kills,23+ kills per game etc

LadsUltimate Your player feedback and customer service is disgraceful . ‘A’ if your reading this , you need to switch on and increase your community engagement 10 fold. Type in “pubg ps4 fpp” and scroll through the pages of tweets you ave received about the SAME issue . It’s your JOB. Talk !

Connor Howard That’s me =)


Chaitanya Reddy … You guys should totally watch this..

⋆Recio⋆ PLEASE

xSICKAMOREx would it be possible to ad meter location with teammates in squad so we know how far each other also as a way of knowing if they moved on with telling other teammates.

LemonD Even with a 3x some objects in Castle on Videndi aren’t rendering at moderate distances:

Madheal I’m honestly scared they won’t have all this stuff fixed in the next week.

Shady Ruiz map selection for ps4 ASAP!!!!!

al5razi-fortnite . hi , is there robot on pubg ps4 ?

Jonathan Rodriguez Can anyone confirm, do I need the “PTS”, can I delete it, if I delete it will it ruin the game in any way?

Stiggy When going into the Test Server earlier I watched the FMV (pre lobby) I noticed 1 of the 4 characters with a 3x and a red dot (on the 45 degree rail) on his AR is this going to be a thing?

ALMIGHTY_Gypsy Can you pretty please give us any info as to when we’ll see FPP on PS4?


Andre Correa tks, I am kind of new on that. It was the problem, I was using the wrong PUBG PTS instead of main PUBG. Regards

® UNKNOWN 🖤” What this my friend all time test server offline

Iluss_ When FFP is coming into PUBG PS4?

Érico Lopes BR Server for ps4, please!!!!

SolidSnake Stop trolling and build a PC. We play at 144fps with better graphics, sounds, load times, and controls.

Mohamed Layth Whypubg does not work on pa4

OpTic Yann I know right. Where us our 1 year anniversary gift?

OpTic Yann Later this week

pantera negra 🤨😩😒😒😒😒

Chris Meyer any update on map selection fix? Still can’t get a Mirimar game by selecting the map.

Baran osman I need help to buy clothes any body help me plz

Matthew blomerth Took fortnite 5 years to make it playable yet the smaller studio is suppose to work faster hmpf

Mine Is the Pts offline or why i can‘t play it?

★ Ahmad Bahaa Shehata ★ But I play it on mobile

riley🤘 pubg doesn’t run pubg mobile. there is a customer service thing in the app

Mine Why the Pts is offline?

dEiX Hello anyone Home?

madkapone Great Job!!! New Map in test is so good! Im waiting for 19 dec to play in Productive Servers..

no one What is a “premium pass”? Is this so you get a lobby that works right? Or weapons that don’t float in the air? Or cars that hit invisible objects?

fatguy46 the pc team is in korea. simple

Kelly R Alleyne 11+ hours later it still seem to be down.

Kelly R Alleyne It’s a hovering boulder lol

UNSTOPPABLEVTOL The graphics sucks for console,I think I just wasted my 30 bucks tho!!

Kelly R Alleyne I paid for this fucking game. You say it’s online but clearly it’s not.

Kelly R Alleyne If it’s complete. WTF is this?

TK5566 Pc lmao

Probably not me Players: please don’t purchase anything!!! Micro transactions and fortnite-style skins are a cancer to this game. Thanks 🙂

Maxime L. 🐭🇨🇦 Hello there. I pre-ordered PUBG for PS4 on disc from a retailer online, Europe version. Sadly, I didn’t receive a code for the pre-ordered bonus outfits along with it. Can you help me?

Chris Keys Consistently crashes every time the winter map trailer tries to load! Any help?

John Dawkins played a few games last night and first game my left and right bumpers wouldn’t work in the pick up screen. Next game the game freezes in the middle of a gun fight. This game was almost perfect when it was a 60fps now Xbox one x feels like a damn sega

remi hleihel im in EU region but somehow im only queuing in NA servers with high ping.. any explanation ?

Nick Nahko when does test server for map come out in Xbox?

zackari Vallerand Nevermind i found it! Thanks again!

jaakkoo_o it is doodoo

zackari Vallerand How do i do…?

Jake Richardson Try to play it on my pc and game just keeps going into my tabs and going to my home screen?

vara prasad Can’t spectate, report or exit to lobby after I dead sometimes lot of my friends are facing this problem I try recheck and reinstall the game but no solution please fix this problem in next update it’s a big issue

TheWhaleOfWhales Second largest game on steam(dota 2 has 30k more players):…

Johnny Lamotte I’ve never heard of any game shutting down all servers to do that haha and every week? What kinda cheap servers do they have lol unreal

hoseok maybe u don’t play enough games

Johnny Lamotte I own pc, Nintendo switch, PS4 pro, and an Xbox one X (don’t ask why) lol but I play plenty games never once have not been able to play on a weekday night after work EXCEPT pubg. Pubg is the only one. Name another game that does this? Lol

hoseok QQ

Ultimate_Ace Duos. Solos. Takes off level 3 helmets. Listen to your fans.

Michaël Mimeault Mmm no. lvl 3 helmet is awesome.

Ultimate_Ace You’re very wrong about that. It completely negates using a kar and m24. And it takes away from the value of a crate.

YouHateThisGame I see you are aiming at the top place for worse micro-transactions policy in gaming!For paid game!Even EA removed premium from BF 😀

Paul This is just an event pass for skins. Similar to fortnite. You still get all the new content (maps, weapons, etc.) for free.

YouHateThisGame for free?since when pubg is free to play?I too have paid money for this unfinished thing of a game.So/?Where are my nice skins!why do i got 3 erangel biker jackets and i can only trade them for some puny bp?This whole system is a joke!

Paul I mean every additional content. I know that you have to pay for the game. I just said that because some people think they have to by the event pass to get the new map.

jaakkoo_o Pls delet pubg mobile


jaakkoo_o it is doodoo

John boiii there’s is a big when I try to loot a body and I try to scroll down I think pushes me back up to the top of the list instantly.

Azuruza unban me please I never cheat a friend told me to install an app to improve garphics but it banned me My username : helwanlapute Please unban I put more than 200€ in the game and I never cheat you can verify my game history.

Sanjeev Kumar Chauhan what is happening???

Sanjeev Kumar Chauhan Help

YouHateThisGame nice scam.just compare what you get if you’ve paid only 30eur. 🙂 nothing!premium pass so much more stuff!come on you greedy bastards!pubg is not f2p so you could get away with shit like this!and dont forget to fix the game!it still runs like crap!

B Why can’t I zoom in with a sniper rifle

OpTic Yann Because either you need a scope or that scope doesnt have zoom capabilities.

TrosMaN7 The NA servers around 120 – 150

Jeff Pc Master Race

chaosophy_ Any official announcement or response as to why there appears to be no EU test servers after the recent update? Is this a planned changed – if so will it be reverted – or is this an issue you are aware of and are fixing? Thanks.

zen-x Dont connect to SA server. That’s is the problem and send me to NA

Emad Middle East server for PC please?!

KAPUzH why the matchmaking is putting me in to NA region every game? My Region should be EU, im on PC

KAPUzH This happens on the Test server

S4N7I- Pay $ 10 if they’re going to be worth it with all those beautiful skins out there

AWowSome (7GirlsWar) hello pubg… why don’t u try to make pubg free for a weekend after the snow map release on live server? It will be hype i think… cause everyone in asian love pubgmobile than the pc one.

Johnny Munday I have been permanently banned as I think steam support might of contacted you or somthing like that but as I have 800 plus hours on the game I would like to be able to get my account back I can even find many purchases I’ve made for the game

Divyam Gupta I solved it

InsaneInDaBrain FPP is trashed on Xbox I’ve been in a lobby for 30 minutes looking for a game and still haven’t found one yet but TPP will find one instantly??! What the hell have you done to my FPP?!?!?!?!?!

Ornatus oh thats great, maybe you can tell me why the fuck the game has crashed twice in 2 rounds.. also have you done anything with the sound or is your code so unstable?


sangameswaran Can you do something for fuckers who play PUBG Mobile on PC using Emulators?

Big Ace Whatttttt? I liked watching enemies try to cook grenades and they super glued to their hands? Wth 😂. Vikendi should’ve just had faulty frags lol

Julio S. Vega Velez I’m glad this is happening

praveen kumar How I can retrieve my forgotten Room ID?

Hawkinz Hey Nicholas, any health below 1HP (0.1, 0.09, 0.9) is displayed with no HP left on the bar. It certainly looks confusing and the implementation could be improved, although it isn’t a bug. Thank you for the feedback!

Nicholas Ruddy OK how about this bug, happened a week ago on live servers, I used a first aid then ADSed with my shotgun to cover the stairs and the sering was still in my face.

Julio S. Vega Velez This is PS4??

warlord8923 Yes but january

yungchickenn Dude consoles are no where near close to what pc pubg is just now, Miramar is a blob ever single time I play on it, I play with people from the US and the some in the UK and it’s the same, anytime I watch pc it’s perfectly fine. Trust me when I say this pc is the focus+money

Prasath WoW Waiting to get that AKM 😍

Didi-hunt gaming When will we get fpp I’m sick of asking and not being answered ps4 players are waiting for fpp

Pascal Berger Fix the f*cking bike physics -.-*

Aj ™®🇮🇳 unable to connect the game on my PS4, game is installed by shows and error each time I try to load the game and ask me to contact pubg help?! Can you help?

J.J Dawkins So you guys still haven’t fix that hit box system huh? SMH i want a freaking refund for this game im uninstalling this shit now. And there is no FPS for PS4 what are y’all doing trying to ruin a beautiful game

juan pinedo Then go play it on PC.

PaperDividend&Profit I can’t enter bunkers behind shooting range I have footage if needed or shelter in some games or at a quick land

PaperDividend&Profit PS4

Aj ™®🇮🇳 have just got a new PS4 along with PUBG , unable to play it as it keeps saying public test server offline , for info check or to tweet for help. What wrong, can you help.

Show me your moves Parachute feel way better, as does launching from the plane.

Show me your moves Parachute feels* better ********

Bottom Feeder Anyone know how to fix my resolution on the test server before I start the game

Schnuffel💏 Go to fullscreen windowed, apply, then switch back to fullscreen.

paintballri That practice is routine for games ported to other systems that’s how you get something like Arkham knight in pc in such a terrible shape

Rebecca Fidelson can people on xbox get the festive gifts

Luna Getting put onto NA servers not EU.

João Alfredu Please create more servers for São Paulo. Ping is too high near noon

NVisionZ (Matt) grenade glitch is fixed

tevin ☁️ Hello… I’m on PS4 and ever since I downloaded the PTS, it’s said that the server is offline and to check this Twitter account… Can anyone help?

OpTic Yann That’s because its not available until they say it’s up for ps4. This tweet is for pc players.

Vengeful🎅❄️⛄ Love the new mission and coupon system 🙂

MarmotaManca I tried, I installed the game, I checked the files, but the same error continues.

Josh Wojnowski It’s battle eye that needs to be reinstalled, not PUBG

MarmotaManca thanks guys <3

TheWhaleOfWhales I had this, fix is: Uninstall pubg, go to search in windows, search Battleye, delete everything you find, search pubg, delete everything you find, then reinstall.

Suraj Yadav when is this vikondi map is going to update in india

عبدالله-عليه السلام- why it’s not working?

Paulo Sérgio Don’t enter the game

Mhamad how can i change map in ps4?

KosarKamal fake or reall ?? :/

Daniel Lovegreen Oh ok. Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. Loving the game so far, gonna be one of my favorite games ever.

Karim Dagher If you want, you Can use to check your stats too! (Note that stats appear minutes after the game finishes and NOT after you die! )

Hulk68TV PLEASE REMOVE Lvl 3 helmet

Michaël Mimeault Mmm no

ch.avreddy May I know when we can get vikindi snow map

PeeweeCrypto How about you give this to the community free because they’ve already given you plenty of money. WE need something now to keep us playing you horrible Dysnc servers. Just a thought for a greedy corporation.

Paul You will also get skins for free. The Vikendi Pass is completel optional and you’ll still get to play the new map.

Zach will the Joker and Harley Quinn skins be available on the PS4?

Josh Hill Even with that your limited to like 10 kills max due to ammo

Corey Williams Thats a lot

Rebecca Fidelson is the seasonal hat and nose available to xbox players too?

عبد الرحمن الحازمي Hi good morning I’m blind and I hope to play this game and I hope you can add a screen reader for the game or support screen readers on smart devices now like Voice over and Google talk back Thank you

Oscar Padilla Will I lose all my mission progress from Vikendi once it goes live?

KingBigDip (Kyle) Yes because it’s on test server. Not in live server.

Paiseh Aaaaand desync is back!

MixSar stop lying

medkhz23 more fps on ps4 please.

Zac Laughlin Oh god why would you want this, do you want this game to have the terrible gunplay of COD.

Zac Laughlin You now know why they didn’t put the map straight into lives servers like people asked for. Congratulations, the more you learn.

PR You’re Einstein?

B Tomorrow you perish PUBG.

Preston Pollock sorry should of followed up with you. that was rude of me. apologies

MDW WHZY for the love of pan stop defaulting back to tpp for xbox. I play fpp. Tired of tpp reset after after match

808 Hello, I’m trying to sign up for an account on your website and I’m stuck in a loop. I’ve signed up, received an activation email, then takes me to the login page and tells me to login to finish activation, I login and then tells me to resend activation email.

christian 3️⃣0️⃣ same thing here, annoying af

Checkout current Pubg server down

Preston Pollock oh man. figure it out myself. thanks for getting in touch with me. great customer service😺

Tegid hey something is wrong with the supply drops and Ive gotten top 15 many time but the supply drop kept reseting and now I missed the most recent one even though I probably got a total of 10 top 15s or more. can I please get some help!!!

PUBG Help Hi Tegid! Sorry about that, we will distribute the rewards to all players who completed the mission at the end of each week. -E

court When’s the next Xbox update

🔕 Hi, please, my new account. I have banned him. I did not do anything wrong. I will cry

Thomas If you are going to update your game, please do so during a time when the majority of your dedicated players are not on. People like myself who work all day, want to come home and play PUBG, do not want to be hindered by an update that has impacted us every single night.


Adam Hey, ive streamed PUBG many time before and have made no changes to my hardware or obs settings. getting terrible frame drops. used to be steady at 60 and now drops to 10-15 frames.. any idea why?

PlayItHarder Will you ever fix issue where your shoots trough the window is not registered and you just die,ofc. Will you ever fix that problem?

Austin Jamae Thanks for the translation my dude

Colin McGreen Truly rip 募集

Robert Salgado — Possible Bug while playing yesterday… Hit nothing but air and if you watch replay video we actually do not hit anything but something in the air… Maybe? it might show we are close to the tree but we clear it by 3 inches.

Ismael Dapont Fix the map selection!!!!! 😡😡😡

I_Am_Moff I’m trying to link my account to my twitch and i received the account activation email in the email its says click to continue i press it i log in and its just an endless circle of this process i log in it says i need to activate send new email

emanuel jesus oyola Its so long time initializing, what hapened??

Sumukh Dev Having the same issue

eli FIX YOUR GAME way do i get pleased in chinese servers if i’m a EU player ??????

James Do you guys actually do anything reference people being reported for team killing?

andres you guys release the full game and still haven’t fixed the black screen issue? Y’all are trash as fuck

Kevin Miller I am trying to setup the PUBG account to link Twitch to. When I created it and received the activation email, it keeps looping me to activate my account when I did 4 times.

Marcos Rodríguez This game is 1.0 version .. what an amazing lie .. I don’t recommend to buy the consol to play this game to all the Gamer of SA, every time to play you must connect to NA server.. PINGx10000…

Alex Tandy Recruiting good engineers isn’t a problem when you have a billion dollars

Matt Again, if you’re a Mega corporation like EA or Ubi, and you’ve been going for many years, you have ages to train your employees to suit your needs. In fact I’d say half the employees PUBG hired since the game’s success still haven’t even passed their probation period.

Alex Tandy It takes 1 month or less for a skilled software engineer to contribute. You don’t need to be trained on anything to fix the networking/latency issues that have plagued this game; you just need access to the code base and need prior game dev experience…

Marcos Rodríguez I’m so tired but so tired to play this fucking game with an excessive I don’t recommend to buy this console to play pubg believe that you will regret .. how is possinle that SA gamer must connect to the NA server to play it

Mimmy Ol . I need your help! How can I unlink my Twitter account on pub g mobile?

Todd M still getting connected to european servers with 150+ ping

MankDemesXD are custom resolutions allowed? for example I would like to play on 1728×1080 and I know how to, however I am not sure if it is allowed.

Joshua Tarango umm your game just stole $2.50 from me. Opened a weapon skin crate. 30 min later still haven’t gotten anything. 👍🏼

J What’s up with the game taking forever to load back into the lobby after exiting a match? Only thing I can link it to would be internet but don’t understand why it would take as long as it does.

Joshua • vaaz ツ sort out your game, since your update it keeps crashing… I restart the app and it does it again and again.

Chris Jones any chance you can get rid of this bug! And actually stop cheats!

a7med_al3nzii Hello, Please download a new map for the snow and mountains area and download a new type of special clothing for the new map. I would also like to make the clothing ratio of the maps 10% by buying and opening the boxes

Peyton “GunSlinger” Funk Can someone please tell me why I am NA, and since we got put on region lock, that every time I Que up for a game I get a EU server 6/10 times. R.I.P

Nehaliah ♚ Hey, i just did 5 top 15 or less before 3AM in France, this night, and i didn’t received my 3 items for that, cuz after my last game (where i did top1) the game wasn’t reconnecting, and tonight there is no way to get my free items, i’m so sad may you help me ?

Berringer You should look inte the bug where a dead teammate can see where enemies are in spectate… No wonder players know where I am all the time… ffs…

ん・ Hello, I’m trying to create a PUBG Global account but I’m not able to log in after activating my account. After receiving the confirmation email and clicking on the link it says that my account has been successfully activated but I can’t log in. I tried several times.

Visual Anthony I keep getting Re-send Activation Email every time i log in… I confirm, log in… same thing. any suggestions?

James Vallee i have the same damn problem. just sent a support ticket for it.

PHr34k_R Getting the exact same, despite activation successful, tried on pc and phone in multiple browsers

• Math Good afternoon, can you make FOV setup available in first person mode? In xbox one 😉

Justin 💀 Cardboard boxes need a nerf. Replays cause me serious instability, but he was full HP after the boom.…

Visual Anthony I registered for the new account system. confirmed. tells me account doesn’t exist or it wants me to keep resending activation even though I’ve already confirmed multiple times. any suggestions?

Cr33py_Leo How about you answer why the fuck I can’t connect and its stuck at initializing, I have sent a message, no answer, some help right there, , since your update last night it stopped working, can’t go past initializing, even contacted my ISP and they tried everythin

fatguy46 wait why did i retweet that post from pubg help that was on accident LOL

Justin why after the latest patch after server maintainenece does it take a full 2 minutes stuck at initializing to get to lobby. Never happened before…

NeoKagato Ahh thanks for the response! I have not but I will do this when I get home this evening.

Damodar Bansal I’m having issues with my royal pass mission … I’m killing multiple enemies from the ump 9 but it’s still showing I have 0 kills with it, please respond

Giuseppe Taraschi Don’t worry man. Me and 2 others I know are dealing with the same issue. It’s not you, it’s PUBG. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Damodar Bansal Thanks man!

Darklurker Why did you up the prices on the Akm and Ump skin?

craig miller can PC players play with Xbox people just like Forza games can

bloody Why haven’t I received the item I played during the event

Cesar Fabiani Keep um off. It’s time.

Craig Tonner Xbox One X getting frequent wireless controller disconnect message. Making the game unplayable. Tested with 3 controllers. All work fine 100% of the time in any other game. Xbox repositioned. Wireless router channels changed. This would appear to be a serious bug!

CAUE duarte Help me ples!!!

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Tom Zinn Jr I can’t play now!!! I get into a game and then kicked out!!!

Diego just went into a solo game and had to fight squads on xbox … wtf? (Yes, selected SOLO TPP)

Cesar Fabiani I’m a gamer. I play all types of games and is a broken game. is stomping out the competition this year and it just so happens pubg is in its way. No longer. LETS GO!!!!

YSIV all you tweet is about blackout LMAOO you a cod fanboy blackout was average

YSIV lmaoo blackout aint killing pubg or fortnite you out your mind if you think thats happening

Cesar Fabiani wont die but all the big boys will be playing . All the 7 year olds will stay on fort.

YSIV you cod fans are weird lol

YSIV kids play cod but ok LMAO most of the twitch streamer for fort are grown men but ok

NewPlayer Hi.I have a very good game design, and I need your help to make it a reality. Thank you

nicknguyen0913 the most bullsh** updated ever. Lagging from being shifting to different servers. anti cheat but more cheats

Mark Hall Exactly. NA servers are bogus right now. They had to close other servers because of how shit they run.

Mark Hall AKM is beast as long as you know how to control the recoil. Throw a red dot and a comp/suppressor and you’ll mess some people up.

Ross Bennett PUBG is now one of the most played games on Xbox and steam , there is no excuse for you (the developer) to not optimize your game , csgo, league, and Overwatch are all optimized to play well on most PCs , FIX IT

Avviix want to join, when my gamertag is CHANGED but im told that a simple change cant be done by yalls devs.

StegoRawr You had to earn that name change during the sanhok event pass when they had it like everyone else… 😂, or wait for the next name change event.. or buy another pubg account 😂😂

Avviix So what about that, now that you know my name change card didn’t work. LUL, Simple request for a simple issue that devs cant fix themselves that they caused.

Avviix Yeah im fully aware, and mine didn’t work with the pass and have been contacting them since about it.

James Same here. I submitted someone I thought looked like hacking. Turns out I was right.

kingsofvalhall So get to the same page like the other developer. Pubg blamed a gpu issue and IT still the bluehole Are the problem.

Fraser This guy is blatantly cheating.… It has been broken down here as well with evidence…

Adiwik Deviance theres nothin but hackers on this shit game, gg and fuck your game

$harif Ajaz This is the end of PUBG We’ve waited for a while now so many patches didn’t do shit ping is getting worse matchmaking time infinity.

Joshua Sutton Is it? Because Desync is now worse than ever. Pretty sure you just made the game worse.

Jean-Paul Daccache Pubg stucks on initializing loading screen.. every time i go to lobby …

Mclovin71 Will this do? And I use 1050ti

PUBG Help Ok thanks. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

$10 Fluuzone Shirts OUT NOW lol for real I said the same thing Shits bonkers

Stuart Greig Did the Nvidia issue with driver version 416.16 get sorted in this small patch?

Cims Gaming Greget _BaekhyunxSehun

DayDay PTS cancelled 6 days ago and no word on when its going to be fixed/when we get our update. I’m starting to believe that you guys really are this shitty at doing your job. You remind me of my job… cant push an update out without fucking everything up.

Tim Stuby spent 500 G Coin on 5 levels in the event pass and never got the 5 levels. The event still has 7 hours to claim. Can you help with this? Or at least refun the $5 worth of transaction?

PUBG Help Hi Tim! The level up item should be in Store > My Items. -E

Tim Stuby I appreciate the response, but the event has ended now and I have this $5 item that’s absolutely worthless. Anyway the transaction can be reversed? I don’t want the cash, the G Coin is fine. I’ll just use it on another skin.

Cannon♐ if it still hasnt came across yet i would call for a refund

BIZTeam – PUBG Rebellion Thats cheater speaking inside you…

calamonsen Why Asia? It’s their largest player base.

Tony Tressler what are these?

PUBG Help Hi Tony! These are indicators to show when there are potential network issues. The image below shows what each icon represents. -E

ezz01 Then people would bitch about how inconsistent they are there is no win for them they are going to make someone unhappy. The way it stands I think Asia and EU are less effected witch are bigger than US for them.

[.$.€.£.Ҝ.] Ey, why matchmaking now put me on asian servers? Im from west europe, all games lag and chinese players on my team.

Siddhanta Gurung The new update is shitttttttttttt !!!! Reallly frustrating even on a lower ping lags toooooooooo muchhhhh, starting to hate this shitttttt

عماد .hi Is there a solution to this permanent problem..?

Nakata wtf… that guy should have been dead.

Francisco From 27 bullets to 18 bullets

Nakata yeah i notice… on the 9 bullets u probally hit him with 4 or 5. and thats where he should have been dead. sadly this game have this bs things.

Hurcor is hogging it all.

Mango I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to get the red bandana & black trench coat on my xbox one account. Can you guys help me get it because i’m pretty upset that i did not receive it 🙁

Nakata you clearly didn’t set the video speed at 0.25. otherwise u wouldn say that.

Orioles1337 you must be watching a different video. youre sensitivity is way too high and youre swinging your muzzle around the target like a maniac rather than actually lining up your shots and clicking when your crosshair is over center mass

Nakata did u set the video to 0.25 on youtube? did u saw the point of the 4x arrow when u ear the sound of the shot? tell me at 0:12 im aiming on his neck when i shot him. and somehow the bullet goes way up to the ground.

Orioles1337 look at the very first frame when you see the muzzle flash start. dont go by the sound

Nakata humm fuck!.. you might be right the sound was giving me a wrong perception.

Nakata more like at 0:13* check that on 0.25 speed

Orioles1337 first shot: MISS

Orioles1337 Second Shot: MISS

Orioles1337 Third Shot: not even close. MISS

Orioles1337 Do I really need to continue? cmonbruh

Nakata 0:13 tell me this is off target?

Orioles1337 thats the only one that looks on target, and it could just be that the replayer isnt perfectly accurate its much more accurate if you record the gameplay directly and then look frame by frame at a directly recorded clip

Orioles1337 meanwhile. your sensitivity is definitely way too high check it out:

Nakata thanks i will take a look on that. i changed mouse week ago so probally that my sensitivity its not on point.

Nakata Yeah after u said dont focus on the sound, i start seing this video with a diferent eyes. probally only hit 1 of all this bullets. thanks mate for helping me out solving this “problem” lol have a good day

Nakata 0:13 check that one

Orioles1337 1 out of 6 …..

Nakata you clearly didn’t set the video speed at 0.25. otherwise u wouldn say that.

david bouz lost all sound on Xbox one x. Restarted, reinstalled. Still no sound

PUBG Help Hi David. Please try uninstalling the game and then power cycle the console and reset your router. Then try reinstalling the game and see if this helps! -E…

Csuszika Nothing changed. Good job.

Exodia Grandmaster driver

no one I cut the ties a few weeks ago…. So so so over bugs on next “fixes”…. They spent all the mojo getting this game “out” when it wasn’t ready and never learned how to fix things.

Moth Hey I attacked 3 guys hiding behind a rock. Killed one and but his mate killed me immediately. I saw the kill notification on screen but it was not added to my final count. Why so?

no one Did this fix the bugs of the bugs of the bugs? Meaning, do nades work right now? What about the lag? What about driving down a road and “boom” you hit “something” and loose health for no apparent reason? I could go on and on…but..COD will be out soon!

no one Wait two days C:/Install COD Thats the only fix PUBG seems to be working towards…sorry

JC B 10,943 ping

William Lucas The game crashes for everyone no matter what specs you have

Berringer Not for me… just played 8 in a row without any issues. A tip would be to check the memory logs, maybe run the DDU, seems to be a driver issue of some sort on your part.

William Lucas Good for you. There are plenty of people every day this game crashes constantly for. Just cause it’s not happening to you doesn’t mean that it’s not an issue with the game.

Berringer Oh and 8h ago you said “everyone” suffers from the same issues you are suffering from… seem to be that you are the only one with crashes like that, sorry to say.

Berringer None of the 40+ ppl I tend to play with has those issues… so check your stuff.

William Lucas Alrighty buddy boy, whatever you say 😛

Ali Lazio so how much mega bytes you need to download now to open the game’s lobby ? its taking ages on slow internet connections to load

Debaditya Chatterjee I can’t see the person who kills me by running up to me. They start firing before coming around a corner. Why are your servers so shit?

Steve and 3,489 others Maybe a match of with ping lower than 600 wild result in a kill. But no I’m playing with people from Asia who don’t speak English instead. So “glad” they removed the server selection from the game. I could be playing with people on the moon for all I know.

Skeet109 Only argument I see is 1 maybe 2 bullets.

Grand_Theft_Otter Just got the re-activation email but where is says to confirm register it doesn’t do anything…

Evgeniy Lianskix Hi, can you help? Why can’t I play with my russian friend?

Jason G I didn’t know you could survive on 0 health. Is this lag or cheating?

Daveshartworks New vedio uploaded ( Tags:- Hashtags:-

Christopher Seal Theoretically if PUBG didn’t have so many bugs/hackers, it would be the superior game, but when you include those, it makes it pretty painful sometimes.

Farhan K Stuck with 200+ ping. Still waiting for a fix. Please rollout a patch asap because in its current state pubg is hardly playable 😥😥😥

Twitch.bingz why are you sacred off banning ip address?

Edwin Tanudjaja Hey I am stuck on the loading screen (initializing…) after today’s update. I need to wait more than 15 minutes to successfully initialize. Need help. Comp spec: I5 7th gen 8GB RAM Nvidia 940

HallusH 2 out of 3 games on NA on 160ping instead of EU 70. bring back server pick or ping limit. i’m not your filler for other regions. go steal some ideas from csgo at least for how they do maps + ranks + ping select.

Sidharth How do you change server in pubg? Like asia, Europe, NA etc??

Niels Uni hello ive got a question about the new ranksystem. if i playing duo or squad and im dead at maybe but my team wins the round as . which placement points would i <— get?

Burton Fuller what are you doing? You realize Black Ops is coming, why are you so insistent that you must destroy your game before they destroy it for you!

Crash DBY_YYH…..Got your ass!

c. when does the playstation version come out

ApeXN Reaver 50 million copies sold that is over a billion dollars billion and half to be almost exact and this game still has issues after 2 years. I know you are aware of this too its time to fix the game for real…

ApeXN Reaver You might get a video if I play but we’ll see cause my level of care is going in the gutter with this game. I don’t even really feel like recording cause I have to download obs again. But maybe I will its just getting really annoying that this poor game is going downhill.

Daniel.W. FIX YOUR FCK Game Bluehole. Whats wrong with your developer? I don´t wanne play with Asien´s in the EU. They cant even speak English. Your Game will die if you dont fix all the issues you set in with the last Patch. RIP PUBG you make a big mistake

Alk I’ll do it again c:

ApeXN Reaver Latest patch has made avg frames go down on my friends high end pc minus 30 fps. Its just a laggy mess now on here I might not even play today.

ash. Sucks when you cant even play FPP on your own server are these eu servers ever going to be fixed? I remember a day it found a game so easy, then an update came along and ruined it 😂🕹

Fernando Valner My shadows in game are flashing when i open the inventory and pick or set and item. And the lobby is broken too, when the game load, my charater dont appear, still in the wallpaper; sorry for my bad english

DreamKaster Yea how about sending that reactivation email some time soon???

Grand_Theft_Otter I got mine but the link in the e-mail doesn’t do anything…

E US playerbase is decreasing dramatically so is repeatedly limiting US playtime really a good idea?

Hey_Its_Cookie I’m not going to argue with somebody who obviously doesn’t get it.

E There’s not much to “get”. If you’re going to have an obscene amount of updates then spread the downtime around so you’re not consistently punishing one region for having less players. You must think OC deserved broken servers for months because they have the smallest playerbase

aimcs1337 Will there be a Special with Halloween-Exclusive Skins?

Greatest I don’t get how every single fookin update the game gets worse, fix this shit you fools

Greatest you stoopid fooks fix your fookin game and those fookin trash desyncs Sincerely, a triggered pubg player

Francesco Colaianni Get the Xbox its better

R9 Hi i am playing on xbox one and its region locked to North America, how can I change it to EU ( where I am from )

PUBG Help Hi! The region is shown in the bottom right of the main menu, it can be changed by pressing the Start/Menu button. -E

Abhishek(minzi) what’s worng with the update…… It’s a bug or something else See my history played squad and won and what happen…. Please fix it.

Abhishek(minzi) I am in diamond and they have not increase the rating….. Where did the rating added????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

can’t stop stalking Me too. I’m in Platinum but the result showed me playing on Bronze tier. I tried to restart the app and all my levels back to bronze??????? Please fix it!

Emir Furkan Gökdemir I cant join in the game. Its waiting on initializing screen. Help plss

Rave Dad Is there a future in where US West gets there own server, or is this a pipe dream?

FurySanctuary when will ban on with xim, cronus max, auto aim, no recoil, rapid fire et other ? the game becomes unplayable in recent months (and I play as a team every day) PLEASE HELP PLAYERS AND FAN

HURI MATZ✌ I have an issue when I try to play PUBG on my Xbox One X the game starts and then the screen stays black and the game doesn’t begin. HELP!!! I have tried uninstalling and doesn’t work

Bruno The right idea in the wrong hands, your game is so bad right now that its totally unplayable, lower ping is a miracle no desync is something you can only find on another planet, not on this one! U wasted your time and now its over, black out is here 2 days, good buy bluebutthole

G乙メDARKCLAW Iam just tap on FPP and press OK!! i think its gona FPP but this happen! actually my mates played in FPP and iam the one who played in TPP same lobby 😑 please fix this thing

G乙メFLÜFFY Fix your English as well sir. But some things need to be fixed!!!!

G乙メDARKCLAW well! thanks for that. now iam jever talk in english not just about iam never drunk english lol😂


Kakashi Channel I don’t see any different after 5 hr maintenance, I can’t link my twitch and game desync even worst. Keep dying and these ppl can shot with banana bullets!

Boketto Master erm this is embarrassing but my game lagged when I was exchanging beige weapon skins and it switched to my target practice pan skin and I deleted it before the image had refreshed and showed that the pan was the skin was selected to exchange. Please help 🤗

PUBG Help Hi! You can try submitting a ticket to our customer support team in regards to this. -E

E Why is it consistently during USA today only?

Hey_Its_Cookie Because the majority of players are in China.

E And?

E US playerbase is decreasing dramatically so is repeatedly limiting US playtime really a good idea?

Hey_Its_Cookie I’m not going to argue with somebody who obviously doesn’t get it.

E There’s not much to “get”. If you’re going to have an obscene amount of updates then spread the downtime around so you’re not consistently punishing one region for having less players. You must think OC deserved broken servers for months because they have the smallest playerbase

hideyourwives Default games at 120ms. Desync /cheaters at an all time high. Game crashes at random, while driving, launch and exit. Sitting in back of a buggy= no hitboxes. Healing and buffing causes mousesens to bug. Give your staff a raise, well deserved!

Tyler Pubg is done come this Friday

Aaron Balcar The d sync is at a all time high anyway I wouldn’t even worry about launching it. Love some pubg but it will be dead after the 12th 😉

spartan55503 Get more ram

😤*breathes*😐 I saw it too😂😂😂 you missed everything.

Nakata you clearly didn’t set the video speed at 0.25. otherwise u wouldn say that.

Bruno it seems fixed at this point!!! This is a Germany server I’m connecting too

Qyndra 🔜 Firstlook We want this make it happen pls 💙…

Bobby Still being put in AS servers 50 percent of the time. PING is 200+.. Normally my ping is 100 from Hawaii

Bruno It seems fixed!!!

よっしー gg pubg im played fortnite

Sam🤘 ?

Toni Lakso This game is so fk broken always my ping is 150 and this is Eu server……. Fix this shit!!!!!😡😡😡😡

Bruno Desync is out of control at this point!!!

Bruno Desync is out of control at this point!!!

Bruno Desync is out of control at this point!!!

Andrew McJannett-Smith What region lock? I’m in North America and I have been playing with Chinese and Turkish (Asia/Eastern Europe) most of the time. So much for region lock. Try communicating with your squad when you don’t speak Chinese and they do.

C. Good Are xbox servers down or experiencing an issue? Been trying to find a match on and off for about 2 hours.

C. Good are xbox servers down or experiencing issues? Been trying to find a match on and off for about 2 hours.

AdrienVictor This is crap. There is no changes whatsoever after this maintenance. This is disgraceful…

Emmanuel González Hello, since the last PC update, my character runs only straight forward, but not diagonally. It will only walk if move the stick diagonally. I play with an Xbox one controller. But if i use the keyboard, no problems.

aaron craig It’s so hard to even get a game here in Australia it’s a joke just about to give up and uninstall the game

Sbshubham222 how to unlink Twitter account

Mike’s Weed Facts Did you fix the issue where guns would automatically start shooting when you switched weapons?

Checkout current Pubg server down

Buford T. Justice They could care less. Bluehole seems to be a pump and dump company. Then PUBG happened. There’s already people boting on the new patch auto lock and no recoil. ALways fun to die to.

NutellaHazelnut I love pie!!

Buford T. Justice And it did nothing but make the bots more accurate. The latest version switches back and forth from fps view to tpp over and over. No recoil and sees everyone moving.

Qraw9 Ummmm it’s been 3:37 so far

Nakul Hegde Even quick join was taking 6 mins for me

Dennis Aslanov aww… lucky you…

matt wilson Played yesterday arvo and every game was between 25ms- 30ms ping. And I only have cable 30/3

xphantomxxxx hello, i have a problem i have my settings set to fullscreen, but i can see my mouse hovering around my 2nd monitor. Causing me trouble. I just die because of that. Which its very anoying. What can i do.

chris ali fix your fucking game fuck sakes. Duo doesnt work. I hate playing miramar cuz sanhook won load a fucking game. Fix your pos game

Miles at least 75% of the lobby are chinese players and the cheaters are more prevalent than ever what gives

Nakul Hegde I have been in the lobby for 6 minutes now. Still doesn’t join.

Leo Wells Error: lost connection to host. On Xbox. Happening a lot

Jeremy Londre 🗝 I’m ok arengol and every texture is shimmering what’s the fix?

aaron west jr. why is duos na broken right now at prime time?

Am question. If I hit someone and they die to the blue within seconds. Do i get the kill?

PUBG Help Hi! If you knock someone and then the bluezone finishes them, you will get the kill. However, if you shoot them and then the bluezone knocks or kills them, you will not get the kill. -E

Ben Ornelas 🗽 Fix yo game

TheProzonelayer Duo TPP long wait times, not working? Solo and 2 man squad works fine?!

Ilya Andrianov matchamking doesnt work at all. you have to restart game like 25 times-to find a match/ u can wait for 10 minutes or more. Pls give back our server choosing option.

Ryan Lambert I’m in q for duos for over 8 minutes, solos and squads work. NA, is there something wrong? I doubt real Q times.

Thomas Krieger your shit is still broken. Multi minute lobby ques and it says 8sec estimated. And still haven’t made it into a match

Thomas Krieger Quick join my rear-end

James Petersen Lmao at overnight. They have had how long to fix shit but they don’t

Die – hi. The new patch force me to play in NA and im from SA. I have 50ping in SA and 250 in NA. (I chek it in your web) but it force me to play en NA aniway. Im from Argentina. Thanks!

NappyFacey can I still reach level 30 on the event pass on xbox??

ippaku I tried 10 location across the western U.S. states and could never get under 89ms ping sourced from a local host. Can we get some servers in Las Vegas or Reno or Denver Please!!!! also customs games so let’s fix it.

Flop I love playing in randon regions with 150+ ping…nice feature guys! Youre killing your game..jesus christ

Bruno I think this explains in what point you are at moment:… Feel sorry for you tic tac

Bruno I think this explains in what point you are at moment:… Feel sorry for you tic tac

JC McDonough So you guys have gone radio silent now. Tons of players still suffering from ridiculously long queue times despite your apparent patch 13 hours ago. Do you guys have an update for your players?

Kevin velez How about fixing friends appearing offline instead?

이민형 Buff m16 burst

Domdangl your game is unplayable. 5 to 15+ minutes in lobby trying to find a duo game. This is ridiculous.

Caleb Zechariah Are y’all working on shortening the wait time for a game to actually start

Akin Oye Thank you

Eigh†. What about the duos TP?????

Bob There is still long matchmaking time during duos tpp

AdoGameplays They have unfairly blocked me in the game….

HighburyHighs The patch hasn’t fixed anything, been stuck waiting ages in duos.

Mr_SamuelAdam Yeah Scares the shit out of me. please fix this.

Tasos Fotopoulos I am bugged for 30 minutes in a random custom session which i can leave or queue for any game because the game is bugged af. I tried relog,restart game , restart lobby , restart steam , restart pc. Nothing worked. Fix PUBG please. I attatch you the 2 pictures.

pubg You update the game all day! What has been updated? Do not manage cheating people?! I can’t control the game. This game is boring!!!

BYEBYEpubg cough cough…

MikeyD No worries. Things will improve dramatically on 10/12!

Marko Zivanovic pls add new report option for “wallhackers”. I just got killed (again) from a wallhacker and there is no option for me to report him.

Yukin Team! Lets go for War Help my stream with you in my chat!

Zigurds Daugulis Hi. Have a problems to spend BP, for around some 4 months. Was waiting for some bug fixes on updates but no. Still to same bug. Do you have some idea? Regards

Dustin B Quick question why do motorcycles only have front breaks

Tobias Bieri For me the all works fine. I get now 20ms pings sometimes and I didn‘t notice any desync at all today. Im playing in Eu region. Just the bug when jumping out out of the plane is annoying. You dont face the direction you did before the jump and then you cant turn somehow at first.

kouighv grfy Yes 10 more hours please. it’s better for the community

morgan I’ve had it with both, and I tried different map types… Nothing

Alin Or how about this one:…

minuberry I had this same issue yesterday. I had a M16 with 6x scope, headshot the person like 10 times. Nothing…

Alin How about people not taking damage? Blind bullets in the game. It is literally unplayable with bugs like these. Watch WackyJacky’s video:…

PUBG Help Hi Alin! Thanks for providing these clips, they will be forwarded to the team for investigation. -E

Edward Walsh great update on the wait times

Daniel Winter Help after this latest patch my que timers have gone from averaging 29 minutes to now 27 minutes with all maps and team types selected.

Daniel Winter My first que after the new patch, haven’t been able to play in a week or so. I try around 5 que’s a day but all are over 20 minutes so I have to give up. Was hoping that post about a que timer update was real this time.

d heck26 Why does this happen every day?! EVERY DAY! Why is your game the only game we have to cycle a reboot for?

Alin Are you people joking? Here are the results of your new patch:…

MenaBets i cant play in servers with 150 ping because they are not europe servers. Another mistake again of pubg, its incredible. Before you can choose and now not!

Гламурозниот #Бојкотира Add the amount of RP we earned on the statistic screen after a finished match . Like “+20 RP” or “-20 RP”

B.B cant find matchmaking…. worst update ever.

Davymc what is going on with Xbox version!! Lost connection to host every game!!! Sort it out! Game is supposed to be complete

Cummo When are you going to sort out Losing Connection to host!!! It’s fucking ridiculous 🤬🤬🤬

Dion Rozumny this isn’t a very long wait but haven’t been able to find a match for the past 2 days an yesterday I let it go for 10min ever since this update I can’t play the game

kingsofvalhall Oki wth

Robert Whetton So hit boxes still a thing ? Shot a stationary guy with 4x on a SLR and he took 0 hits..

Aslan Why does your fucking game not work after every patch ????

José Luis Cortés the game always connects me to SA server where i have 200ms ping why not NA where my ping is 90ms?

Jefe Especial Experiencing queue times over ten times the estimated time for TPP duos in NA what gives bruh?

Dragosani… Can you fix this?

Adam East Yet again rubbish anti cheat system and a stupid ping lock that puts you with loads of Chinese. Well done….again….

harpreet singh I killed someone and he disappeared lol. Fix the servers and bugs for ur own sake. B4 patch game was flawless. Revert it whatever u did.

J Eiche Cannot connect ever to Duos match in NA region. Is this a known defect or bug?

entrobeast my gun randomly goes off full on spray…

Ivan Cifuentes still having the problem with matchmaking, please try harder to fix this issue

Paolo Accardo Hello, why am I queuing so long with my mate in duo? My region is Europe.

lil Dash Q is there anyway I can get my guest account level 42 back ? I really wanna start playing again but I dont wanna start over again please help me

Ortiz romain Still stucking ………

empty my mouse is sluggish and prevents me from turning around while medding (taking firstaid, energy, painkiller etc)

empty My Gun shoots without pressing mouse1 when finished switching weapons, after punching and switching to my gun (the fire action gets queued from punching) here is a video of it:…

chief zav by pushing this stupid ranking system while u only get to match with players from ur rank … with numbers going low on ppl playing pubg … u simply killed the game :/ i get 2-3 mins waiting time to start a stupid match …. shame on u :/

Yourich I’m on PC. Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X RAM: 8Gb DDR4 2333Mhz GPU: GTX 960 4Gb SSD: 256Gb M.2 SSD PSU: Coolermaster 500W PSU Connection: ASUS PCE-AC88 Wi-Fi Network Adapter. Haven’t had any issues until last week when voice chat stopprd working and now can’t join any game

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Ognjen Odobašić Fix is not working. Updates should improve games isn’t it? We pay for waiting in lobby.

Ognjen Odobašić 1st time – duo game, waiting 2 min, matchmaking cancel by itself; 2nd time – waiting approx 6 min, manual lobby restart, 3nd time – waiting 4 min, manual lobby restart; 4nd time – waiting 10 min, manual restart 5th – changing to trio squad, successful matchamking

SP💀💀KY SCARY SKELET🎃NS Re queue or reload lobby always works for me.

Ognjen Odobašić until now in total 14min for duo game, quick join and still waiting. Please fix this, very very annoying, I pay for this game to play it, not to wait in lobby

Ognjen Odobašić Maybe I should tag

Ognjen Odobašić And still going on

Ognjen Odobašić

Ognjen Odobašić Oooo ye

Ognjen Odobašić Soon record breaking

Ognjen Odobašić

Zaitus I think would benefit from having an esports community manager that acts as a liaison between the competitive community and the devs. I would 100% be interested in something like this.

Jiho | Shinja put me in coach

🕸️spooples🕸️ Been matching making for a solid 40 min and still not in a game. What’s the deal with this wait time and when will it be resolved?

Cody 🎮 Yikes

LuckyLukeWho Wow, you took away server switching… You don’t know what you’re doing do you?

$ERB please fix the lost connection from host error on xbox it happens almost wvery game worh one player

Almightyy I just started playing pubg and have no clue why i cant loot dead enemies items? can anyone help


Roy Ben-Yosef No good. Before path 22 it worked perfectly. Now we always get 5 seconds estimation but wait forever. Tried duo on sanhok and quickjoin.

Roy Ben-Yosef *patch. Any idea? Patch of patch didn’t do the trick for me. Again, before it was perfect

Roy Ben-Yosef Squads works better. Duo wait forever

Kanjiru region block hella dumb it keep put me in the wrong server where I keep consistently getting over 150ms every match we ask for a better game performance not some bullshit like this probably the worst update ever.

EIGHTYEIGHT What the hell !

Drunk Penguin No FPP… why do you hate realism l

Chandler Bing Funny how we payed $30 for this game and it’s just nothing but problems. Yet was free!! And they seem to be doing a better job at maintaining their game. you guys should learn a thing a two from them.

Josh So is that just it for OCE players now? With region lock it takes forever to find a game. I used to play on AS and SEA to enjoy your game and just put up with the D-Sync but now I guess I can’t play anymore? Do I get my $20 back?

Josh Ah that actually sucks I was really starting to enjoy your game again and liking the new updates and improvements. Now I can’t even play.

Erwan Le G. I’ve never seen so many Asian nicknames in my games since this update. I do not know what you did.

Kaan Sechrin The rank system is good but the players started camping more and more… It’s annoying 🤮

James Petersen Ranking system will kill this game I think. It will bring the cheaters more and more in this game

Sérgio Neves Why dont you guys retired ??? Every time you try to fix something you create a new one. Sadly you´ve create a cancer without any chance of healing. We are the stupid ones who bought this game, more stupid we became when we thought that the all problem will be fixed soon. Garbage.

bowen zhang Can’t match any game!!! wtf

r0b_b0t Wow, so queueing quick join is basically Erangel with fast joining time?

FlameOfUdûn Why is it that me and a buddy always have 130ms ping while playing (on PC)? Can you fix this pls, because the game is literally unplayable this way.

The Wilferine Same here. Also can’t use “Quick Join” to get into a Sanhok game

bowen zhang can not match any game!!!

Mr. Jeremy Dunlop I’ve had enough and will gladly sacrifice what it cost to play a better game.

InEVEitability Roll back the fucking server portion of the patch, please for the love of fucking God!

Uzair Sajid I’m somehow ending up in games with more than 250ms latency. Seems like I’m being connected to far away servers. It doesn’t happen every match but it is happening quite a bit.

Philipp Handrich TPP Matchmaking is absolutely not working. FPP joins within seconds

Philipp Handrich I forgot to say. We try to play Duo

HighburyHighs Getting the same here as well, managed to get in one duo in 40 minutes of waiting. Restarted lobby and got straight into a sanhok map.

Josh Miller You play on steam?

Dylan Robitaille ™© Yea I do 1600+ hours lmao you on pc as well?

Josh Miller Yeah man got mine about a week ago. We should play some Pubg sometime

Dylan Robitaille ™© 100% you should get discord and join my server that way you can see when I’m online I’ll send ya the link in a bit

Tristan For 2 days only hitting SA/China lobbies. Team Killed Repetitively by the Chinese playing from NA… for being american?


David Pendleton What have you done to the game!!!

David Pendleton Impossible to join a game, waiting in lobby for 5 mins plus. Well timed guys! BO4 around the corner, seems like a sensible time to f*ck everyhting up

matt nah i had months of 300ms + now i can play 30ms thanks to update

Coldmanmoran it still takes forever to find a game and most of the time i dont find one will this be fixed? please 🙂

Barış how many years should I wait

J Eiche Trying to queue Duo Match NA Region (I hope). Estimated time :08 seconds, now counting at 1:30 and another went for 2:00. Will you be addressing this issue anymore or no?

ROGUE MACK Hey why don’t you guys fix your server issues? Please open up west coast servers because I’m sick and tired of getting killed when I’m behind a rock.

Thebad300 dont know what you did but i have nothing but lag since the up date

Tobias Markussen seriously how can you break the game so bad without realizing it before releasing it? I just queue forever….. well done.,

Mr. Jeremy Dunlop game is not good. Been playing since early release, still same issues. Originally playing on wifi connection, now Hard wired and performance is still brutal. Moving on. Suck a waste of a great game.

Raf Gilis pleas stop the bad update’s , go make another game or something

Sam Rui 思睿 Hey! Since the newest update I’ve been unable to play the game because there’s so much lag, I’ve tried lowering the resolution on everything and it’s still so bad, please tell me how I can fix this I just bought the game less than a month ago and now can’t play it 🙁

RedShift I’d love if you guys would address the microstutter issue that is causing abhorrent gameplay currently. Please at least look into this. (I use a Ryzen CPU, but i’ve heard same complaints from people with Intel CPUs)

Jordan schroeder If you want the blueprint for how to ruin a game. Just go through the history of pubg. Started as a brilliant game. But then fucking ruined it. It’s so sad. But so satisfying at the same time.


MariusThue yeah I think you need to try again. Got in a game after waiting 5 minutes today. Waited for 20 minutes for a game after that and gave up. Rip

Asif Durrani the amount of data for the whole match is at a rate of 1mb/min worth of gameplay. theres not a single guy whos internet cant handle 1mb/min or 15-18kbps. max load is at the server. were just clients. clients dont have alot to do. u can check net stats ingame if you dont believeit

Paulo Silva thanks for the bad experience playing pubg in xbox and brazil. The game is ridiculous I’m waiting for 6 months to improve. if I could, I would ask the reenactment to be a disappointment. 200 ping

FunkerGaming Your graphics card is too old. Plain and simple. Stop whining.

Kakashi Channel I think the game is garbage and you just ignorant. 980 is better than 1070

Macabre Paranormal Any thoughts on what might be happening here?…

DayZquestion Hi guys ! Huge microstutters since last update, Is there a known fix please ?

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Asif Durrani this screenshot is crap. new word: culling. culling: in short disregard anything beyond a certain distance. this includes houses, foliage, sounds, network entities, bullets, players, weapons. thats what pubg uses now. im an unreal engine dev and ive worked on network optimizatio

🅳🅰🅼🅸🅴🅽 What’s wrong with ingame sound ??

guS Is Ping Restriction working?

InEVEitability Your shit is broke. It’s pinging me to the Asian servers and I’m in the US. Fix it! Also, you didn’t fix matchmaking times. Not sure how you could possibly fuck this game up more. ROE is looking more and more appealing by the day.

puj33 So, I like being able to choose whether I want to play Mirimar & Erangel Erangel & Sahnok Why not leverage the previous functionality which was in place to allow us to choose which maps we’d like to queue into?

Histery Duo queue TPP isnt working … Eu

ThisisJstyle Can confirm!

Chris Browne Still not working, matchmaking has gone to shit. Me and my mate have spent the last 2 hours readying up. When will you fix this issue because I’m giving it another 100 re-starts before deleting the game and playing fortnite.

Luke Redhead A men to that. Piece of shit!! I’m sick of this game now!! Too many chances now, I’ve wasted far too much time of my life on this time wasting game!!!!!

AbdulAziz How do you guys make a terribly optimized game, even worse to the point where your advocates have given up on you? Like how do you constantly make this happen so magically?

रावण NiK i need to upgrade my vostro 260s [present spec — mobo- 0gdg8y, 4gb ram, 1gb AMD Radeon HD 5450]. what i upgrade in this so i can play . help me please.

Dell Thank you for contacting Dell Social Media support. I’m Prashanth. I see that you would like to upgrade your system to play PUBG games, is that correct? I request you to get in touch with our sales team, and they’ll be able to assist you with this. 1/2

Blitz stuck on an infinite matchmaking timer. Timer keeps counting and i’m unable to join any game. Any ideas?

Michael Nguyen Lmaooo or they blast chinese music in the lobby, damn chinese people r like 90 percent of hackers too

Richard Huizinga Solved nothing, made it worse.

Мухлынин Дмитрий Hi, I have a problem with the game for several weeks. I can’t buy a case from a BP game that’s not written off on a PC

Michael Nguyen I get that issue too, when u want to jump left, so u look left, when u press f to jump it makes u relocated (looking front of the plane)

Мухлынин Дмитрий Hi, I have a problem with the game for several weeks. I can’t buy a case from a BP game that’s not written off on a PC

Мухлынин Дмитрий Hi, I have a problem with the game for several weeks. I can’t buy a case from a BP game that’s not written off on a PC

PUBG Help Hi! I have forwarded this to the team to investigate. -E

Michael Nguyen Thanks for the efforts for making this game better, sorry for the mean comments in the past, got frustrating

Guilherme Nice work on this patch broke the game, now China is back in SA servers and 8 guys playing together

manuel guerra look what happen now… i’m from Chile and I hace to play with hackers chinese guys… YOU KILL THE GAME !

Find Myself Vlogs Duo match: Estimated time 00:06 I’m currently at 08:20

Ma9iick that should run the game pretty well. Its true that everything gaming is so overpriced. I have an i7-8700, 32gb of ram, and a 1080… not to mention a benq xl 2546… I do not even wanna put how much I spent on my entire system lol

Guilhm mlnr NORMAL ???? Seriously around 10 min to enter in a game ????

Meshal 🇸🇦 I live in Europe, and after the Update , Matchmaking keeps putting me in North American servers

Eng. Abdulmalek

Meshal 🇸🇦 Also, whoever thought of removing the selection of regions and making it automatic should be FIRED!

JimmyDuncan Duo’s matchmaking across all playlists is a joke, wait times never ending. WTF you guys doing to your game?

Rory Hebb Every game I have played since the update has been in squads with teammates that have chinese names. Everyone appears to be hacking. You need to release mod support and simply have hacking servers. This is clearly an issue PUBG cannot keep up with.

YouHateThisGame this screenshot represents the state of the game after this patch. Don’t play 🙂 go to the gym or the something else 😀 literally if you are somewhat far away from their servers the game is unplayable!

Bsbsbs Yup same to me

LightBridge319 [TeEm] can we get map choices again? Miramar is just awful.

Noesome I dont get it, we have that right now.

ThatRacingGamer Would be a wonderful thing

Justin Ryel I’m in California and am only getting matched with Chinese speakers. What’s going on??

Kaushal Patel game got freez in middle, nothing can we do not only my but my all squad got freez

‘Shua There? So the problems not player count?

p3rkele Its nice to play on NA Servers with over 100 in Ping after this patch :)))

BananeWarrior We need a new patch!!! 1h we want to play with my friend this is fucked up! Why do you release such things that make your game impossible to play… PLEASE. We love your game but our patience is limited

Ryan Simcox Hey when we gonna get our custom matches as promised this month? Or are y’all gonna push that back as well ? I ain’t playing pubg until it comes out 🤷🏻‍♂️

saveroadrian I’ve had fps drops and its literally unplayable now. I had a constant 50 fps before this update and with this recent update, i only have a max of 14, even in the lobby. Please fix this

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. If you continue to experience issues after that, please let us know your PC specs (Motherboard, GPU, CPU, RAM, Operating System). -E…

shasha 饒莉芬 I’m an NA player but I always get matched in ASIA or SEA servers wtf

Roy Ben-Yosef How do you know where are assigned to?

shasha 饒莉芬 you’ll know by the players, like in Asia people dont speak in english

LeeBo1Kinobe For the time being you should simply roll back to , as 22 is ultimately broken. We don’t really get much from 22 besides the wheels and rank icons. I disables the wheels first thing.

H ♥ Same here bro .. am from dubai .. when i play i cant change the server .. the Chinese ppl fucked me up

adam salman Same here

Lukas sometimes my weapon shot automatically but i dont press the mouse button pls fix that!!

J Eiche From game to game I am ending up with 150ms ping and the next game 30 ms. Half the players are quitting the game and I am experiencing bad desync I am guessing because of players that are from other regions. Are you addressing this issue? Makes me not want to play.

RC IceC0ke Yo Region lock isn’t working properly for me & my teammate we’re getting into NA servers when we are both from EU

Mark Dude my game has felt like absolute shit since this update. My game starts to lag when I’m near enemies and renders my aim useless. I can’t quickly look left and right without the game stuttering…this is a shame.

p3rkele Pls fix so dont Get into NA Servers

Sufiyan Khan after this great and useful update i am lagging twicer than before and now i can’t even mute any individual teammate thanks pubg for making my worst experience to worse…

Vinicius Any feedback? Difficult to play in NA with 230ms (I’m in SA).

Italo Jonatha Same here. 230 on NA and sometimes 350 ms on AS. Impossible playing like this. At least duo fpp is working

Crypto WarFare Locking Region selection is absurd!!! i’m in Asia and it’s connecting me to America or Europe Every time. Please open the region selection

Gino Veelo Same problem here

Alex * I was replying

Mean Green Halloween So if server selection is now ping based why am I constantly being shot through walls by people with Chinese names that are clearly server lagging a LOT?

Ryan Matchmaking/find match system is buggy.. Tired of this , wait 5 minutes for nothing

HotelCharliHill is this the one that is going to keep us on the closest server for lowest pings??? aka region lock?? 😉 also, i hope i can invite teammates into training grounds 🙂

Shookker what s the point doing a rank system but no ranked lobbys ? 🤔

CubanMafia for sure later they add it

ezz01 True but the player base is already too split to do ranked an ranked. Plus this is just putting a badge on top of the system they already have.

Jese Solis what about if FPP is the ranked lobbys


Shr3kFPS Five hours of maintenance? I hope it’s worth it!

thomas defelice i assure you, it won’t be.

Shr3kFPS sad sad

iban agree

Checkout current PUBG down

martibubbi What kinda video do you think about? A video of an error message?

MONSTRO You guys are worse than EA. And that’s saying a lot.

Berringer EA is AAA… 🤣

Dave Davidson Why do you do it during primetime of the eastern time zone? Are most of your players in Asia or something?

Weltlek Yeah their player base is asia. USA is one of the lowest actually.

GEESUS I’m surprised people still haven’t realised this 😂

jonnyfishstix 6/7pm central/Eastern is the lowest concurrent player count by a large gap. They are performing the upgrade with the least amount of player base active. Sad reality but it doesn’t do well in NA to justify any other time.

Morgenstern yes they are lol

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 They are based in asia themselves

Banguu Die already

Rag3Rhin0 One of my favorite things to do on the internet is to read the tweet replies to and – so hilarious and at the same time so very sad.

Andrew Loyloy How about in the survival crate where people are getting duplicate permanent items? It is a waste of effort grinding the levels when you just get the same item every 10 levels. I sent you a screenshot of it and you didn’t even give any reactions about it.

Samuel Jacobs Please reduce the time in lobby. There is no reason entering a match should take longer than 30 seconds from the time I click play to the time I’m in a plane.

ILikeToasters I rarely wait that long. Worst case hit cancel and ready again and it will go quickly.

Robert Literally not a single game has this, be patient.

riley🤘 i mean the game can’t start until other people are in it, it’s not pubg mobile there aren’t 50 bots to fill the empty spaces

Samuel Jacobs There are on average 300k to 500 k players at any given time. There are no shortage of players queing up to fill a lobby. If it’s taking longer than a few seconds to fill each lobby then there is an unresolved issue on their end.

Jay 🌷 literally cant get a game on oce servers due to there being no players. stop whining about 30 second queues and be happy you can even play on your own server

riley🤘 300-500k daily active players, that includes people who only play one match. there’s 24 hours in a day, 6 regions, matches are 20-30 minutes with around 2 minutes in lobby before they start. i highly doubt 300k people are ready to join a game at any given moment

Baw bag On top of which you could add fpp/tpp solo/duo/squad. 3 maps to select from now, so all of what you said above divided into 18 game mode/map combos.

riley🤘 exactly. too many variables to put in one tweet lol

JuLion Why are you so smart and not stupid like everyone else here?

riley🤘 haha i have no idea i feel like this should be common sense

thomas defelice this hurts more than it should. lol

Rag3Rhin0 Pubg is fixed. Right?

Keifer Shockey 10 more days until COD releases their superior BR. Can’t wait, I’m done with when it does.

Morgenstern close the door when you leave

Juan Pablo Cuéllar M.🎗 5 hours at prime time… . I like the game a LOT, but you guys need to really fix this timings.

Faster Than Whaa? Play ROE instead. It’s free. And in anyway better than pubg

Mike the game is bigger in other regions, entitled much?

riley🤘 if they have it at any other time the other regions will be mad instead. as far as i know this is the opposite of prime time

JuLion Why people always think that the company has the same time as theirs?

Scott Wall Spot on. Especially considering it’s a Korean company, and the U.S is only a “small” percentage of the actual player base.

LethalWeapwn Gaming Can they not schedule maintenance by region? Update this specific region at this time?

Kevin Barrett Finally, someone asking the right question. I’ve never understood this aspect of their patch cycle.

Scott Wall Not many games do that. In fact I can’t really think of any that do. I’m sure there are some, I just can’t think of any. Normally maintenance isn’t done like that, however, because it’s not just servers and individual clients that are updated, but also the back end too.

LethalWeapwn Gaming That makes sense, just too bad NA is the least popular region so we get boned the most it seems with updates FeelsBadMan

Scott Wall I wouldn’t say least popular *looks at OCE* It definitely sucks for you guys though. But at least once the updates are done you can find games without having to wait 10+ minutes xD

LethalWeapwn Gaming True True LOL

Morgenstern poor little boy, cannot play once at week for the maintenance, snif snif😭

Naeem ur Rehman here is morning 6:10 am not everyone lives in murica

Kj Pretty sure NA players live in America…

Naeem ur Rehman update is for everyone and not just NA players most of PUBG players are in ASIA and EU and it’s early morning midnight in asia and eu

Juan Pablo Cuéllar M.🎗 Can you read? Fix timings for each separate region. 😄

Naeem ur Rehman Its exact same moment in time 5:30pm PDT / Oct 3 2:30am CEST / Oct 3 9:30am KST all these times are 5:30AM OCT 3 Here in my country and they do it for everyone at same time so no one can join server in other region as game is being updated

James Yahn 5 HOURS …. why the hell are you the only game that turns off your game for such a long period of time during peak NA hours. I will never understand why your game doesn’t have Region based updates.. Pathetic.

stefan hamm could you please add a information message for maintenance instead of servers are too busy

Darin Diver Monday at 4am central would be a better time… but thats too smart for bluehole

Alex Out here being all sarcastic n shit calling bluehole dumb while it’s the typical dummy American who has no idea what a time zone is 🤣

B4DSEED The America’s are it’s least popular time zones. We have to deal with that

Weltlek OC is silly

Eric Griffin What exactly does “Improved the client performance by optimizing the creation of character materials” mean?

Sean M yeah im done playing this game is a joke over maintenance time

jim boe how

Julien Boissonneault Again… on prime time NA. Why can’t you do something right…

riley🤘 they’re doing it right for every other region lol

Morgenstern poor little boy, cannot play once at week for the maintenance, snif snif 😭

andrew riker US primetime downtime = GARBAGE

TNFSG ehh, fortnite kinda sucks. played it for several hours, just not really recommended. it’s free tho, so all kids can play on their computers!

George Kailas how am i meant to collect my rewards that i spent 4 hours on this evening if servers too busy? wtf

Ben Kiggen Does the server maintenance always need to be at the same time? Really sucks for those of us in PDT.

Joshua Allen … or really anywhere in the U.S., It’s like my only free night too.

Morgenstern poor little boy, cannot play once at week for the maintenance, snif snif 😭

ItzJessiKa fix your random game freezing!!!!!!!!!!

realhuman 9 days till Chinese only game. Good luck.

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ When is xbox/pc cross platform coming and is this still coming to ps4? I think the ship has set sail alrdy

Freerunnerx10 🇬🇧 That’s never happening.. They wanted to do that but it’s not possible

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ They both use the same arcitecture its just clear pubg doesnt want to put the work in

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ Why would it not be possible? If fornite can have xbox,ps4,pc,switch,android and ios than pub g can easily have xbox and pc cross platform

Freerunnerx10 🇬🇧 Because they reliased they had to balance the game differently for Xbox players. They are playing a different version from PC with different tweaks. So that’s why there won’t ever be cross play between PC and Xbox.

Dallas Hammer Region lock is going to hurt more than it helps, lobbies won’t be full as fast, longer wait times, then they will have to do another update then another update then another update.

Kevin Barrett Probably true for some smaller regions, I suspect in NA it will only take a few seconds longer which will be well worth not running into a bunch of asian hackers zorping around my screen.

Nino Rasic You’re probably just bad at the game with 0.5 kd

Joshi Everyone wanted the region lock an now.. everyone is mad

YouHateThisGame no desync yes,no cheaters yes,no stutter yes…i dunno about region lock…i don’t remember advocating for it 😀

Dallas Hammer I don’t care ab the region lock, I care about how they aren’t gonna do it right and they constantly have 5 hour updates that create more problems

Joshi Yeah but I dont care when the Server are down for 5 hrs or more I mean there are other games that you can play. And I dont know but I can play normal..

Dallas Hammer Exactly that’s why I said I’m gonna play blackout/Fortnite. I don’t have a lot of free time and it sucks that they update this many times this long

YouHateThisGame both games are nothing like pubg.and not that fortnite doesnt have all those updates 😀 no bugs in fortnite!no cheaters either! xD why do I even bother with people that dont like this game 😀 I am frustrated because i like it but they are screwing it up over and over!

Dallas Hammer I love PUBG I just can’t play it half the time I’m free because of the ridiculously long updates.

Joshi Than Bye 🙂

Falcen92 I mean better than ping lock like they have where they try to triangulate the ping lol

OdyDio I’d rather have fair firefights with low ping players than fighting 200+ ping players that make desync WORSE.

your face Dont let the door hit you in the ass.

Dakota Mayer but no Chinese 300 ping assholes

Ian Pritchett For real, switching regions after midnight has always been a must grr

Disruptr No. You dont know anything. Stop crying over nothing.

Jese Solis been on test server and it works pretty well

Snowy You say region lock is going to hurt but if your best ping is 160 since oceania servers dont work im praising region lock. Come at me 60 ping

Matt Berry hell yeah, sick of this 200+ ping bs to AS

BustaGallica Worth it.

Codex So you like chinese cheaters on eu servers?

YouHateThisGame I dont like cheaters.thinking other multiplayer games dont have ones is a bliss tho 😀 i have played enough cs,cod and bf to know whats up xD

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ It will keep the russian hackers out the servers and get them to make star wars look bad again instead

Alex I’m playing with russians normally and now I have to play always on Russian servers with 170 ms ping it huge problem for me and many others I think it’s a mistake with automatic choice. Sorry fo my English!

daminggtfo Guys. Cheaters! The fuc**** Cheaters! 6 match in row fighting vs cheaters Unbelievable!

Sodak_King What game are you playing? I hardly ever see cheaters. Cheaters = Anyone better than you?

Mike truise Cheating is extremely bad in this game, because they cater to Chinese players. I get at least 2 notifications a day saying that cheaters I’ve reported have been permanently banned. So yeah, if you’re denying it, you’re probably Chinese. And I have footage from 80 diff incidents

daminggtfo Hahahahaha In this game you see more cheaters than other game Don’t be fanboy

Sodak_King Don’t be that guy that calls everyone a cheater when you lose, I literally don’t believe you were killed by cheaters 6 times in a row.

Rathulfr Its true..hacking is a big issue in this game. I think the total banned accounts is around 2 million…though ive only ever run into them a few times

daminggtfo Just fix the fucking cheating problems. A time ago that no was too sick

daminggtfo I should to create a YouTube channel for show you every cheater in game, but… I need more time for that, could be eternal.

Scott Berry I must be the luckiest player than, 300hrs and never once matched a cheater. Although i probably will now hahaha

Rathulfr Ya i have about 300 hours approaching..only came accross them a few times. Youll probably find them more in warmode because it doesnt track stats

Battle Royale | News & Updates RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 5 hours. Update will be available when maintenance is complete, which includes the new rank system and a new leaderboard season. Read the patch notes here:…

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 5 hours. Update will be available when maintenance is complete, which includes the new rank system and a new leaderboard season. Read the patch notes……

Dean Koeck Hell yes, hopefully this update sorts out all of the matchmaking/server issues can’t wait! 🤙🤙


Mistacrinck why during prime time!!

ezz01 Feels bad but it’s not prime time everywhere.

todoroki What if we had planned to get the special skins for mid autumn festival during this time…?

Nguyen Alright, finally I’m barely made it in time to tell people that complain about prime-time maintenance to shutthefuckup . Feels Good Man.


ZoZoGamer It is in the middle of the night

Thaqif Yusri RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 5 hours. Update will be available when maintenance is complete, which includes the new rank system and a new leaderboard season. Read the patch notes here:…

Michael Nguyen why the fuck u updating at 5:30PM, everyone complaining thats when they get off work to play pubg, fucking update in the AM idiots

VinnVictorMC I hope that update given DUO FPP for South America Servers…

RECON Trooper 15six Why the fuck do you do this during prime playing time?!?!?! Do this @ 4AM!!!

nico plays Yo so i Re downloaded pubg .. i joined a na lobby all my internet goes down i restarted router thinking it was that but nop . i tried trying to reset the router / reboot it not working … i finally go to network setting it said repair as admin

nico plays then it said no network adapter detected then it wanted to reset network and restart my pc it didnt work i go to my pc command prop …i did some commands resetting my dns ip all my network settings and im back … did ur fucking game ddoss me or something ?

nico plays it fucked all my network settings up for a long ass time like for real non of my internet worked no restart or reboot worked only by resetting dns ip and all network settings helped thank fucking god i know how to reset all of that with commands

nico plays ive already mailed you guys never had this happen where all my network settings gets messed up by a game

Jay Bruno is better. And free.

nico plays i know

Dallas Hammer Bye, going to Fortnite/Blackout, literally any game that doesn’t constantly have 5 hour maintenance to fix nothing.

Jokamutta Ohh so u work at PUBG and know this? 😅

Colin Wood Wow you really told those multi millionaires off, what will they do without your support

𝓕𝓪𝓮𝔂𝓮𝓻 Bye.

Aaron Felizmenio @ ko-fi Adios~

Jason O Fortnite OMEGAULTRALUL. Bye child

ℋℛℋ Elliot Adams💀📚🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 oh no, thanks for telling us all, we’re all very sad about it. 👋

Ty Chase “fix nothing” okay. Not like it says anything about an update or anything. Bye!

Mason Morez When you forget to read the bug fix section of patch notes

martin good riddance go play some gay shit

Trustmeimrussian Imagine getting angry that a game is going under maintenance to work to implement large updates and fixes to the game… who would of thought? If you’re life is so boring that you can’t go a few hours at night without PUBG, then I kinda feel bad for you.

Dallas Hammer Brother, this is 1 or 2 times every week. Even with small tweaks it’s 3+ hours. I work every day. This is my only free time besides weekends when I go do things.

Lars Østergaard That’s incorrect information you are spewing!!

Byanjankars By and don’t comeback we wont miss u.

The Dude Aren’t you a bit old for fortnite? Or do you just like playing with kids?

Dallas Hammer I mean I love PUBG dude but like I can’t play it when there’s an update every time I’m free

The Dude Fair enough, but at least they’re trying to improve it. Try living in Australia. We haven’t had a working queue in months. 150-300 ping to SEA servers. Fingers crossed this update fixes our queues but I have very little faith

Dallas Hammer Exactly like my point is why keep investing in a game where the developer only gives a shit about the Asian market? I mean if it’s a focus strategy that works for them, sure, but they have had sooooo much time to fix this game.

The Dude They’ve had enough time to fix big issues like whole regions not being able to play but I think half the problem is people saying it’s more broken than it actually is. I’ve seen steam reviews saying it’s trash and they haven’t played in months, yet have 60+ hrs in the last week.

Berringer Bye

Mizan Harun Bye

Morgenstern close the door when you leave

Daniel Ireland Byeeeee

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ Ya blackout looks like a way better more polished pub g…pub g really messed up by not comito ps4 and no cross play with xbox/pc

Morgenstern cross play would be so fucking stupid, its a clearly disadvantage for the people who plays with joystick. there is no decent competitive fps game who allow cross play between pc and console

Velcrew Well i used to play ps3 and xbox 360 with a keyboard/mouse/XIM edge and you are right, KB/M is like using autoaim when compared to a controller. too bad Xim edge is no longer manufactured and it runs for about 500 bucks on ebay now

Morgenstern and blackout is a piece of shit. the gun mechanics and no recoil like every cod game are awful for a skill based fps game, it runs waaaay better, that’s the only thing I can criticize pubg, but everything else is a piece of crap

YouHateThisGame bye.

Dallas Hammer Region lock is going to hurt more than it helps, lobbies won’t be full as fast, longer wait times, then they will have to do another update then another update then another update.

Kevin Barrett Probably true for some smaller regions, I suspect in NA it will only take a few seconds longer which will be well worth not running into a bunch of asian hackers zorping around my screen.

Nino Rasic You’re probably just bad at the game with 0.5 kd

Joshi Everyone wanted the region lock an now.. everyone is mad

YouHateThisGame no desync yes,no cheaters yes,no stutter yes…i dunno about region lock…i don’t remember advocating for it 😀

Dallas Hammer I don’t care ab the region lock, I care about how they aren’t gonna do it right and they constantly have 5 hour updates that create more problems

Joshi Yeah but I dont care when the Server are down for 5 hrs or more I mean there are other games that you can play. And I dont know but I can play normal..

Dallas Hammer Exactly that’s why I said I’m gonna play blackout/Fortnite. I don’t have a lot of free time and it sucks that they update this many times this long

YouHateThisGame both games are nothing like pubg.and not that fortnite doesnt have all those updates 😀 no bugs in fortnite!no cheaters either! xD why do I even bother with people that dont like this game 😀 I am frustrated because i like it but they are screwing it up over and over!

Dallas Hammer I love PUBG I just can’t play it half the time I’m free because of the ridiculously long updates.

Joshi Than Bye 🙂

Falcen92 I mean better than ping lock like they have where they try to triangulate the ping lol

OdyDio I’d rather have fair firefights with low ping players than fighting 200+ ping players that make desync WORSE.

your face Dont let the door hit you in the ass.

Dakota Mayer but no Chinese 300 ping assholes

Ian Pritchett For real, switching regions after midnight has always been a must grr

Disruptr No. You dont know anything. Stop crying over nothing.

Jese Solis been on test server and it works pretty well

Snowy You say region lock is going to hurt but if your best ping is 160 since oceania servers dont work im praising region lock. Come at me 60 ping

Matt Berry hell yeah, sick of this 200+ ping bs to AS

BustaGallica Worth it.

Codex So you like chinese cheaters on eu servers?

YouHateThisGame I dont like cheaters.thinking other multiplayer games dont have ones is a bliss tho 😀 i have played enough cs,cod and bf to know whats up xD

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ It will keep the russian hackers out the servers and get them to make star wars look bad again instead

Alex I’m playing with russians normally and now I have to play always on Russian servers with 170 ms ping it huge problem for me and many others I think it’s a mistake with automatic choice. Sorry fo my English!

Dean Koeck Are you serious? This is a decent update

Damion Byrd I appreciate your dedication to make the game better. How about bi weekly patching or even once a month patching. I can’t think of a game or application that takes down its system once a week during prime hours of use for patching. 5 hours … good grief.

Lyra “prime time” maybe for you but their in Korea so its like midnight for them

TheToilettrooper Your prime hours, for me its in the night 😛

Donte Wilson Not to mention that it still doesn’t have a stable frame rate.

Gary Bosworth weekly downtimes are just “maintenance” because they dont know what they are doing. the real updates are monthly.

Gary Bosworth really wish they could put this shit on a scheduler and schedule the updates by region… also would be cool if they would only update once every 2-3 months. 5 hours for a stupid rank system no one wants or needs and an emote style UI for weapons is dumb.

JC Bro it’s a Tuesday…go to the gym or something

ZoZoGamer Just play on the test servers when the live is down

Kevin Barrett Or play Ring of Elysium. So good.

ZoZoGamer Yes they are I’m playing there now

Gutes they are not up


Erik Berglund Black ops gunplay is arcade no skill. That’s why PUBG won’t die from it.

AutoMatticTV When is there going to be west coast servers? I don’t really love having a 120ms ping in every game because it’s only east coast..

Architektz When the region lock is in effect. I hate listening to Chinese pre-recorded ads selling hacks. 😥😥👎

David Try not to break the game this time, ok? 😀

Vzayts3V too late !

I Am Bane…. Time frames until xbox recieve this?

Can I Get An Winter of 2019…

I Am Bane…. 2018 or 2019. 2019 doesnt seem right

Petr I have one question why i cant see the guys that are parachute at me? And view distance i have high then why?

…. when do we get the rooster skins for xbox?

Rickles Logged in to to play for the first time since the hot fix. 4x in a row i received “lost connection to host” Squads. Im playing on an Xbox X. Hard wired. 400 download/30upload. But seriously. Come on.

Daniel Ireland You angry, sad little man.

Daniel Ireland Yea, nah.

Patriots Militia fix your fucking load times. Nothing like ammo spawning everywhere at boot camp and not a fucking gun in sight.

Dhujaker Sweet aunt Lisa’s blueberry pancakes Batman!

DIKSA Xbox One

Joshua Eddings Why’s there only ever updates when I can play 😢

Rodrigo Durán can you do maintenance in another hour please? why do you do in peak sa/na hour? :@!

Brandon LoveO How many bulls# fixes do you need to list. Fix the DE-SYNC!

zNikoh My steam was hacked through my steam guard account and someone else was hacking on my pubg account and I never gave consent to the person that that was playing on my pubg account and I don’t know what to do because I was never responsible for hacking on my account.

Steven Saja classic

PUBG Help Hi! You can submit an appeal on our support website, including any relevant information such as proof that your account was compromised. -E

Wij 😺 you guys suck in making updates.

FriskyRenga At least half of your player base is going to disappear in 10 days… any thoughts?

KenshinPubg 🇩🇰 at least it’s all the jokes that are leaving 😉 so bye bye and hf with your COD, please do not return when you get tired of a casual game 🧐👀🤣

David Rodriguez are you guys going to be changing the skins on Xbox one or are those the only skins we will be receiving?

Rabid Platypus Desync will be significantly decreased from LA-NY. It won’t be that bad really. I would assume the EU players would be put in the closest region if the wait time exceeds XX minutes.

Rabid Platypus Finally, the first update that MAY make me consider another look at PUBG, thanks to region locking. Whoever started this trend of choosing your region in online multiplayer games should be shot! ROE has been kicking your ass Blueballs!!

KenshinPubg 🇩🇰 ROE haven’t really kicked there ass.. neither will any other BR game atm. Cause PUBG have that great feeling we all want from a BR game.. Yes servers, desync and such are a pain in the ass atm. will be fixed while they expand their dev. team 👀🧐💪🔥

ette.niotna hi I want to report this pedophile, he asks weird questions

Robert Whetton no, i’m not setup to record at the moment.. also. PLEASE OPTIMISE MIRAMAR! fed up of shooting people at distance and hitting invisible floor/objects that haven’t rendered!

JPMaya22 seriously why are some achievements not unlocking like the revive a teammate or shotgun kills? Did those not count during Game Preview?

PUBG Help Hi! We recently released a hotfix to resolve an issue where achievements were not being tracked. Unfortunately you will need to start from scratch but they will hopefully track correctly going forward, let us know if you still have any issues. -E…

DR_DIESEL_ Will test servers be down as well?

WaveAlts someone hacked my account and cheated on it. I had like 200 hours on it 🙁

ST3 Yeahhhh…. alright then.

WaveAlts i appealed and they said they wont unban me.

Cheatinggarbagegame Cheating foreign trash game

Monarch Bhattacharya I have done everything that is required to get weapon master But didn’t receive the achievement Please have a look and provide me with the same

Alexander Guida I will tweet every time I disconnect from server and force me to restart my game

JPMaya22 so I’m still not unlocking achievements I should already own.

Watch Pubg Fix the XBOX the gameplay lags out all the time plz

Bryant Waghorn It never lags for me. Not sure why people are saying this. I have literally not seen any glitch or issue in months. People need to get better routers or internet connection . And get an Xbox one X

gizmo this racist pos team killing

Devin Eichelberger PLEASE fix the blue. No one can see through it and it screws up the gameplay! It was fine before! you would actually have to be blind and unable to read your screen to not see it. Now no one can see through it.

joshu You jerks pulled the 5 level card a day before you announce it. Grinded to level 25. Thanks for nothing

Ean Schmidt Hit this person with a shotgun and no damage was taken, look at their health at the end of video. Think it’s DSync issue or it might be something else hope this helps.

AorusKiki Please don’t move the quick markers from 5 seconds to 10 seconds! 5 seconds feels pretty comfortable! 🙂

Alba yeh but majority of the time i queue in EU server a lot of people dont even speak english. If i queue NA 99% of people speak english. hence the reason i just queue NA now i cant, Really bad change imo

Anna ~ Shimaja Exactly. That’s also a reason why I prefer NA over EU.

KMH You’re trying to get these achievements but they don’t fucking work. Just like the majority of the developers.

Alba eh why are you forcing me to play with people from europe when the vast majority of them dont even speak english. that change is the worst thing ive ever heard

KinG Henrry Pug in ps4 confirmed?

Matt my game won’t even run since the update. Any suggestions?

PUBG Help Hi, are you on Xbox or PC? If PC, what are your specs? -S

iliopolis My ping avg is 110ms. I’m in So-Cal. This is unacceptable. After 1700 hrs, I’m done with your game, unless you get some West Coast servers.

John Louro You have a problem figuring out time zones? So when they say 5:30 pm PDT you cant convert that to CDT? Also, the time is the same for about 95% of the maintenance. Next week at 5:30 pm PDT, see if you can convert it then. I have faith that everyone in their timezones will know

Jacob Evans When will unreasonable vehicle explosion bugs be fixed?

Small Children Or if they just removed them and increased spawns of other weapons because balancing shotguns is impossible.

Jham Time zones + majority of players are Asian.

Daniel J Thompson Still doesn’t make any sense. 5:30pm is normal end of work day which is usually when people go home or from school and play games. It’s still a dumb time to do it really. 8am PDT (Korea) would be 8am PST (California) and 11am EST (NY). Makes much more sense.

Harmrabb🎯 Team killing after I saved them. Bragged they have multiple accounts so ban doesn’t matter…

micky coplzr dunmore any way to add a reporting option to report players promoting aim bot websites ?

Hawkinz Hey Micky! Please choose the report option “Improper Nickname”

micky coplzr dunmore yeh how is that going to get them banned for advertising cheat sites they are doing it via in-game voice as a team member and once you get in the plane they just leave the game they just advertise during lobby and plan then leave so wanted to be able to report teammates for it

Blaze Bruh u got 4 kills talking about xbox’s shroud lmao

Ω ∞ Alpha Wolf ∞ Ω Kid I have the most battle rifle kills in halo history. U gotta try harder if u wanna emply that I’m not the best. Get on pub tonight match my game. And drop camp bravo so I can send u back to the lobby.

Ryan Fitzgerald Last minute buys are often the biggest surge. It’s economically ignorant to cancel the 5 level buy option b4 it’s up. I don’t get it

EJ XxTHEGODxX when will Xbox have the new update?

Ryan Fitzgerald They don’t want our money apparently. I logged on with $ ready and they didn’t want it 🤦‍♂️

Winneh Exactly! NA players like to join EU servers late at night (which are early morning hours for EU) and vice versa. Thats why you dont have matchmaking problems right now. With that beeing seperated both regions will get longer waiting times.

NBK Al Bundy how are you gunna take away the level skips on Xbox one one the last day. That is just bullshit

The Gaming Explorer why host all games in Virginia server when you have Ohio server? I suffer with 100ms ping average making a severe disadvantage with people with 10ms ping that are on the other side of the nation next to the severs why not Ohio server to be fair average to everyone??

🎃Your Cutest Enemy👻 I’m following this to see if they answer.

Leo Wells They need one in Oklahoma. Or Nebraska. Sounds random but I was looking for a central spot on google maps lol

The Gaming Explorer Hell ya I think it’s a reasonable question. I hope there is a reason tho. I mean maybe the Ohio servers can’t handle the load I don’t know that’s why I would love for them to answer this question.

🎃Your Cutest Enemy👻 I mean nothing in Ohio is great 😂🤣

DBGaming It’s great here in the beautiful state of Washington.

DBGaming Why not use one of the many data centers we have here in the northwest?

The Gaming Explorer What do you mean data centers? Like connecting to a pvn or something?

DBGaming We have massive data centers here in the Pacific Northwest that are used for routing Internet for Google and Amazon and could be used as server Hubbs for gaming

The Gaming Explorer Did a little research and could not find anything like that for personal use it’s more in the hands of the company’s to use the correct servers to maximize to the users. Like not using ones only on one side of the country could be wrong def let me know if u have any suggestions

DBGaming I was thinking more along the lines of them renting server space at the data centers to host games here on the West Coast

The Gaming Explorer Ooo my bad from what I have looked up PUBG all ready have servers in Ohio ,California and then there Virginia servers. That’s why I’m asking this question to them. They should all ready be able to host the matches on a more centralized server or at least sometimes use Cali server

The Gaming Explorer But maybe what I have read is wrong so would love them to solve this for us with a answer 🙂

The Gaming Explorer Only thing I can really find is stuff like haste do you have any suggestions I can look into for this?

Jacob maintenance every week, RIGHT when people get home from work. Pubg death throes.

Ewan why cant i move pubg to another monitor

İslam Yıldız Ps4 pls

ThePsychedelicEgo Thanks for the heads up…….

Chuw Think your rendering might be slightly broken..

Jason This happens everyday on the Oceania Server. Have to change to North America or Europe servers to play game no matter time of day. Xbox I’m talking about

Joe Bastow Same here. But I have to change from Europe to Oceana and N/A. It’s nearly impossible to play pubg on FPP

نادر الدعيجي ❤ IPhone XS Max Added names do not appear on the screen

نادر الدعيجي ❤ What is the ? solution we want to update to fix it

Ali  Hello, I’ve made the wrong purchase and I hope it will help me recover $ 100

Ali  Hello I made the wrong purchase and hope to help me recover $ 100

Ali  ؟؟؟

SolidSnake Easy answer build a PC and play at 120fps like the rest of us

SolidSnake Fortnite is cool if you’re 10 years old, but its terrible gunplay and cartoon graphics means no interest for most people.

SolidSnake Awesome but how about revamping the older 2 maps for more loot and some new areas to keep things fresh? The poor loot situation has had most people only playing the new map for some time now.

Yeliz Nope Because of your mistakes with Ms I could barely move, and I am therefore dead I see the minus points not one and want to get the points back!!!!!!!!!!

onsumshit👑 Just recieved another one of thoose Wrangler shirt. Got two of same shirt in the survival rewards is kinda dumb?

Yeliz Nope Because of your mistakes with Ms I could barely move, and I am therefore dead I see the minus points not one and want to get the points back!!!!!!!!!!

OrangePinguCH I don’t know if its a troll or a joke, but seriously? I got banned from PUBG because of a hacker that hacked my steam account? I have proof from steam support.

PUBG Help Hi! You can submit an appeal on our support website, including any relevant information such as proof that your account was compromised. -E

zander bergestad i am not alowd to join your discord server

CrizArt EX Let’s see. I have a question about the update: If you are finally going to remove the server region selector, it will also prevent players from using VPN, right? I hope it is also a yes. >_<

Thomas Thompson Yep I’ll be doing the same. Tired of loosing a play night every week.

kamabi Why i didn’t recieve perm. item for 10th lvl???? I start with 1st then the 10th for me is the 11th , where is perm iteem? Why i got this tee?

JAKE C Grind out again for another short season , can we get some stability in the ranking system be the 3rd time in like 4 months that I’ve grounded out the leader board for top 100

Torn4do Change the motherf*cking blue wall back to how it was FFS. Please….

Tank Nothing really has really proven effective to remedy the cheaters on this game. You all would really see a departure from this game if you all implement a ranking system and hackers still ran rampant on NA servers! I really hope the region lock is effective.

Rikyr is there a way you can’t fucking ruin american players nights once a week ? That would be fantastic

MrVannn Will test servers be up while live servers are in maintenance?

impish why did you make the m4, scar and m16 so awful? They literally take 4-6 shots to kill somebody. Ridiculous.

impish Not to mention the recoil on them with or without a grip/comp is as bad as the AKM. Why?

impish It’s bad when someone can use an UMP from the same distance as a m4 and have the same accuracy/damage.

P4troN Stop shafting NA with these down times.

Daniel Herny I am from Guyana 🇬🇾🇬🇾and my country flag is not represented in the game. And there is a lot of ppl that play the game in my country. We need our flag.

Porg What? It’s a BR

Porg Hi PUBG I am having an issue where there is multiple BP scores behind the 1st thing

Imagine Wat de hek how about this ? Kar98k+Vector=New meta ?

Daniel Harris I Honestly Think you Should Disable Team Killing Like Event Mode

Porg That’s not bad

Mr. Sir You know 100+ ping is lag…. The thing is if i play CSGO or other online games my ping is normal, but when i play pubg its 130ping minimum….

Porg Ever heard of being flanked? If its duos or squads watch for people flanking

Porg If bots or cheaters play with the anti cheat they will be banned if not they will be put in to a different queue

Porg That’s your pc

Porg They have removed all others you should delete the other ant-cheats before playing again

Xavier Tyson Mature the fuck up then talk to me about puberty

Cheval. That must be the hormones talking. Little pup just got his first hair?

Xavier Tyson Kids play pubg real men play fortnite

Cheval. It’s ok, it’s getting hard now and then, you’ll feel that when you think you’re relevant, yet it’s not a sign you actually are! Proud of you little man

Porg The only thing we know is it will be released in the winter further info will be put out during the winter

Dániel Váradi fix your god damn desync, add max ping to the game. early game is unplayable!!!

Porg The game is full release

Porg The QBZ and QBU 9s the only sanhok exclusive weapons

Broghar It’s not prime time for their primary markets in SK and China.

Porg Yeet

Görkem Akçay Please help me if I am having this problem and could not find the solution

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

TGxTaylorMade I changed my gamer tag on Xbox but I game it shows old one how would one update this to show the correct name in game as well

Doc7k Just bind left mouse as secondary for ping so when u shoot it’ll Mark the position

Doc7k Shotguns truly needs a buff. How tf 2 shots dont kill a player?


Tyler Freeland Anti-cheat for PC or Xbox??

wayliew disappointed. totally…. pubg is totally unplayable at all!!!

Doc Can you fix this pls

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Thanks for checking out the tutorial. Leave any questions below. Be sure to help your squad and share this with them. Launch Options -refresh (your montiors refresh rate)-maxMem=(your ram)-malloc=system-USEALLAVAILABLECORES-sm4 RAM -32GB = 32768mb -24GB = 24576mb -16GB = 16384mb -12GB = 12288mb -8GB = 8192mb -6GB = 6144mb GPU Drivers -AMD -NVIDIA — GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 CPU: AMD FX(tm)-9590 Eight-Core Processor Memory: 32 GB RAM (31.9 GB RAM usable) Current resolution: 2560 x 1440, 165Hz Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Home — Music – “1990” Produced By Young Taylor — Discord Channel – — G+ For new videos and random stuff – Steam – Follow me on twitter –

PUBG Performance Guide | Increase FPS 2018 Stutter and Lag Fix

Alright, first things first is we’re going to want to launch Pub and wants Pub, is up and running.

You can all tab back to the desk right: click on the player, unknown, tab, right, click on TSL game and have properties you’re going to want to go on over to compatible and check the override High DPI and disable full-screen. Optimization make sure this is set to application, not system can apply, and okay next thing we’re going to be covering his in-game settings so hit the pier in the bottom-right call pubg settings and it should default to to the graphics settings want to check and make sure That we’re running in full-screen screen window door window and then head on down to the resolution, click the highest possible. For me, that’s going to be 2K for a lot of you.

That’S 10 DP, some of you 4K.

Although this game will be very hard to run at 4K and I suggest to k-max scroll on down to the event settings, you can see overall quality.

I have custom know what I like to do is just go ahead and head very low turn.

My screen scaling up ever so lately we’re going to turn aaon to medium or high post-processing on to medium or high and textures I like to have on high or Ultra hit apply over to the gameplay tab. No, this is going to be a big FPS increase for a lot of you make sure that inventor character, rendering is turned off, and I like to have colorblind mode on, doesn’t have anything to do with anything. I’M just weird, and the next thing that were going to do to ensure that we have the highest frame rate possible and going to our library on Steam, right click on player, unknown, go down the properties heading to a launching options.

And if you look down in the description you’re going to find this string of commands here, there’s a items will need to customize in the options where it says.

Refresh. Your monitor’s refresh rate delete everything in the brackets, including the bra, and here you going to want to fill in your monitor’s refresh rate and next thing you’re going to want to do after they’re frustrated entered you need to enter the maximum memory your computer can use.

So for me, at 32, gigabytes and megabytes, that is 30 mm 768. If you do not know where your RAM is in megabytes, just looked down in the description, 11, quick and easy conversion chart and if yours is not listed down below just *, your total RAM and gigabytes by 1024. Second part of the segment is going people having performance issues, whether that be yogurt, looking textures legging, stuttering, rubber-banding.

If you fall proceeding steps all of that should clear up for you.

So, first I’m going to ensure that everything is up to date, being our Windows, operating system and GPU Drive just hit the Windows key or click the button in the bottom-left corner and type in update. Now, as soon as you see check for updates and go ahead and click on that, but the check for updates button and wait for it to do a search.

If Windows find something to update, go ahead and let it install wanted done, it may prompt you to restart your system, but we can do that once everything is completed.

Next, we need to check that are GPU drivers up to date will start with n do users if you do not have GeForce experience already it’s available on their webpage here, link will be down in the description, just go ahead and the download button wait for it To download open extract, running install and once G-Force experience is all installed.

You should be met with the Wind similar to this, if not exactly the same click on the driver’s Tab and check for updates once it is finished, checking for updates, they say you have the latest graphics driver or you need to download if necessary, follow the prompting To download and install the driver and once completed it may ask you to restart your system again like before. We can just wait till after we’re done everything to restart and, of course, AMD users.

There is something very similar to Deforest.

Experience is called AMD, adrenaline or Radeon adrenaline, so just head on over to this webpage link will be down in the description and go ahead, hit the download button. Now, I’m not too sure how this one exactly runs. Cuz, I don’t have an AMD system, but I imagine it’s very similar to the GeForce experience.

It’S an auto, detecting system and it will detect which graph card you were using an update.

The driver as necessary – and next thing I want to do – is make sure that are hard. Disks or ssds are running as optimally as so. Firstly, when it comes to optimizing discs, we’re going to head back down to start menu type in percent, temp percent Hit N.

Now, in this file, this is where Windows is storing everything for temporary usage.

Anything that you do delete from here can easily be replaced. Taste. Anything in here can be deleted without any repercussions.

So are you going to need to do. Is click on the top one? Go all the way down: click on the bottom, one with select all items in your temporary folder and hit delete.

Now something like this pops up click the this fall current and Skip some people in my last video were telling me that they had 29000 items. 3Gb 50,000 items be sure to tell me how much you guys deleted in the comments below and once everything is deleted from your temporary folder, make sure you empty your recycling bin and next thing that we can do is open up our file explorer head to this Pc and right click on RC drive go over the property, and here we have a disk cleanup option and you can go ahead and check every box on the side here and click okay, delete.

These files will only saving about 13 megabytes, but every megabyte counts still in RC Drive properties. We can go to the 2 Tab and check for any system errors that may be causing issues with your performance. Lettuce can may take a few moments.

Ssdiesel scan quicker hard drives, as you can see here, no errors were found, so we can go ahead and close that Miss next up, guys going to be for everyone using Nvidia gpus, which I know most of you out there to head down to the Nvidia control Panel by right-clicking on the desktop once you’re in the control panel, you’re going to need to click on change resolution click on your main display and make sure that you refresh rate, is as high as possible. For me, that’s going to be 165 like that apply, and, yes, once I refresh rate asset go to adjust image settings with preview. Click on the tablet says: use my preferences emphasizing and slide it all the way over to Performance hit apply.

You should have just your image preferences manually and you can do this by clicking the take me there button and in here you can see all the different options when it comes to 3D imaging and mostly everything in this Windows going to be set to where we Need it for the ref different things that we can change, such as our gamma correction? We’Re going to turn that off our maximum pre-rendered frames were going to want to select one power management were going to want to select, prefer maximum performance. We’Re going to need are negative, LOD bias on clamp, texture field quality, we’re going to want that on high performance. Try to linear optimization.

We also want off threaded optimization. We want on, and everything else should be already pre-set for you guys go ahead and hit apply.

Go back to adjust image settings with preview and make so you have checked, used Advanced 3D image settings and if you’re not comfortable using Advanced 3D image settings, then the performance slider is going to be just as good or the same as advanced 3D image settings. But I guess that’s going to be.

After all, the settings were going to be changing, go ahead and restart your system now and play player unknowns whenever you’re ready.

You can see here, I just burned in 64 left. I literally just dropped anyway just joined into a game.

That’S the guys probably realize the beginning of the game is the laggiest ocean and I’m still getting about 100 frames per second at 2K, while recording.

So I’m more than happy with that I like to hit around a hundred, but I’m not recording.

I can easily hit 120 even 150 and if you guys still are having some issues with FPS from here, there’s a couple of different things you can bump down in the settings tab. Firstly, I would try screen scaling if he that I 120 maybe try bring it down to about 90 or so, even if you have it at a hundred and then you can also bring your anti-aliasing and your post-processing down to very low, as well as your textures Limbo 102 huh, 340 FPS, while recording, but things outside, as you can see, don’t really look as good and, lastly, always be sure to toggle character render is turned off. This is a thing that I showed you before guys.

You can actually do this in your settings. Tab, if you go to gameplay and inventory, renderer is off, as you can see what I frame rate up in the top left corner there and makes a huge difference.

We go 120. 245, 50, so 120-130 245 50 is about 50 % drop. So make sure that you guys have this off at all times, no matter what we’re watching that’s going to be at for this, I hope you enjoyed.

I know I enjoyed making this for you as always, and if you have any friends who needs some help with some pubg issues, be sure to send them to this. Video leave a like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next 1 later days.