Hans Ferdinand I want to change to the NA servers but i dont know how to on the new update on ps4

Hákon HELP PUBG seem to be absoulute hot garbage compared to Fortnite

Donkie letasoft soundbooster

🌸 Qin 🌸 I can’t stop playing pubg. Help me!

TVNK youtu.be/ly8Q-IgyBSI

twister-sama play with me.. i think you’ll quit LOL

kinkitty. HAHAHAHA. YOKKK.

Checkout current Pubg server status

VTL Magz Learn to be good pros don’t wine about that

shubham jaiswal i can’t able to play game in my phone reasons its that my phone is in 4G mode but when i open PUBG the network automatically convert into 3G mode and ping is getting high as 800-900 every time. And when i exit the application network turns into 4G mode again.

Corey Holy sh** dude good idea man. That’d be really cool I’d they did that

michaelVETTAS 🙏🏽

ItzShaggles Look I get what you are throwing down but set up right, its the best VPN to use for PUBG. I was the one who first got people in PUBGOCE to make the switch to ExitLag

geekyghost Fairo everyone gets a different connection aye

Astrix_au I really like this game but the OC Solo server situation in AUS is stopping me from spending any more money. Up to 300ping is so frustrating. I need to try 4-5 servers before getting an barely acceptable 160-180 ping, only because no other option.

Checkout current Pubg server down

thaqif yusri RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at pubg.com/support

🃏 RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at pubg.com/support

Hotgamingrise RT PUBG “RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at pubg.com/support “

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at pubg.com/support

ItzShaggles Its on the test server, geeky.

geekyghost Ah classic haha 😂

ItzShaggles Foot in mouth

geekyghost Didn’t read the PTS haha just hate that oc fpp is fucked haha how much ping do you get to SEA

ItzShaggles 90ish using

NXT | Assassin #i64 See what happens when you play with me!!!

PUBG Support PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at pubg.com/support

TVNK youtu.be/URqYzX0kcLk

‏﮼فيصل Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere

RÊBÊL 47 What about lag issue in previous updates . Everyone wants to solve this issue . I’m facing Lage issue even on 30-50 ms ping . And one more thing is that bring beard . So the character looks more attractive Add RPG-7 in Air drops??? Add wild animals in all maps

SASTHI MONDAL how to seshen5 updeat

big_zbaru Please fpp servers on EU servers ps4 🙏

fingol God fucking dammit

I When is the next map on pc coming still no word

Jan Švec Dude , vikindi come out month ago

I Mean the next one for pc there not even talking yet about next map snow map was getting talked about over a year ago

ファジャール サプタ Ahhh get it

IOSgameplay4U For exciting gameplay subscribe me on youtube. And do follow me on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook Youtube url : m.youtube.com/channel/UChgyu…

Matt Fields Proximity chat would be a huge success on xbox, dayz did it an it’s still in a game preview you guys can do it.

bouraq99 hey i get 13.5gb update right now, where is the news?

andi ardiansyah

Bennett When you going to fix the server lag

Justin Fawcett Will this change anything though? You all made some noise about catching this radar cheat….yet I’m seeing it again on the SEA servers

Faster Than Whaa? Not gonna lie. you guys have step it up. You might restore the faiths of some of your old player base.

Webby Map selection please pc has had it for ages

Ganner009 That’s because PC players are the matter gamer race. We always get the best stuff.

Javeed Magrey Ping 968 What is wrong with the game from yesterday The connection is not stable also. Something serious.. Kindly fix soon


Isaac Gg

Anmol Donde When starting season 5 in india

Chowdary twitter.com/pubgmobile Yaha pe check karo..This page is for PC, Xbox, and ps4


Tiago Beltrão You should block map selection on FPP. Retarded players only want to play in sanhok…

ross eastwood Help/support would mean you do either 🤔

Rogério Alves Please server SA ps4

NathaKevin01 Add SA serves!

NathaKevin01 *servers

Mucky McFly Will you also be changing gasmask back to single slot so I can have the cosmetic look Ive used since the BETA ?


Greg Hey they learned a new word. Such strong vocabulary.

3rab gamer The fire make drop FPS and the render is potato

Danny Kartes So when can we expect a stability update for consoles? Sick n tired of running over loot I can’t see.

janmaro We want solo fpp ps4 for the EU servers !!!!

Leo Mlinar Ur asking for too much

TeaR lol ok now that the last unimportant change has been made let’s get to work on them servers now maybe?

Diih Lower the sound of the sea P L E A S E

Jer4Bear I can’t help but support this change.

One Punch John Are you actually gonna do any supporting?

IHaveASolution maybe if they just rename it over and over no one will notice that they dont really do anything

Filipe Almeida the response time of the commands is very poor in the consoles.

KunJacob11 I don’t care what’s your name,I just want paly FPP on PlayStation 4 in Asia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gustavo Ya saquen vikendi prros

Just A Kid From Irv It should’ve always been that, has a better ring to it, but do you intend to actually fix the game

[MV3]Arbifac Yes yes but fix fps

Adrian People whit keyboard and radar are killing this game on Xbox. Not worth playing

Jeremy How do I get radar on my Xbox? Asking for a friend.

Payne Cork Its pubg support but they have zero intent to fix their game. Its pretty funny how they call it “Finished”, but in reality its the most broken game on the planet.

UtahJazz_24 Debatable.

riley🤘 be glad you don’t know dayz lol, their 1.0 makes this game look perfect

👉 “Zakariaa Oushraa” 👈 Hi, im from Morocco do u wanna play with me from time to time. thanks.

Payne Cork I have about 50x the fun playing dayz over this garbage. Dayz works on their game. Pubg releases 100 skins before fixing it

riley🤘 welp to each their own then. nothing on dayz works for me and pubg runs like an actual game. inconsistencies must be off the charts for both

Nige This is me. Never have a problem with pubg game bar the odd slow render sometimes in battle mode

Nach Zoriega What an oxymoron this is, pubg and support in the same sentence

zetsubous Pubg, help!

hama Good job pubg team and if proximity chat came to xbox & ps4 it will be soo much amazing thanks to take care my twet

Andy McLaughlin I don’t understand why people want that so bad. It sounds like a horrible idea to me. And if they added it, O too would hope they had an option to turn it off.

The Zombies Addict Make proximity chat happen I beg 😭

Casey Quintern As long as i can turn of the feature idc, just don’t want to hear the ragers lol

Lady_Pheonyx That’s honestly my favorite thing about all chat. Hearing them rage after they make a bad play and you put a bullet in their head.

OpTic Yann And yet mobile players coming complaining about issues. Like this isn’t a mobile page.

Nick Bundy Change your profile pic.

dean “Soon”

Hawkinz Haha, that’s coming!

Nick Bundy Hey, it’s already done! Good work. Now, let’s just go ahead and push Vikendi to Xbox.

Hawkinz Not much longer now! twitter.com/PUBG/status/10…

Dan Almond Avatar/profile picture needs changing still.

TheLookin4now-YouTube Sounds more professional 👍

Ayon Ghosh 🤩🤩🤩

#El Turco map select for ps4 pls

HighGuyGaming Map selection kinda sux imo. It eliminates all the other maps except sanhok. Sanhok is cool, but would be nice to get a game on the old maps sometimes. With map selection, you have to wait 10+ mins to find a half filled lobby

NewAgeBanker This!


Piyush Pandey Refund my UC, bought outfit by mistakenly of 432uc

Chrisboley Its cool guys

Jibreel , I accidentally connected wrong account (a fresh pubg account) with my Facebook I want to connect my other account with it but there is no option to remove the exciting one

Jibreel I have really good progress in pubg but I’m unable to connect with my Facebook, if anything happens with mobile I’ll lose all my progress

Pluxor Fix this pls.

Uzair Malik I was in the Dropbox and I killed enemies from there and they didn’t even saw me… , I am confused either it was a glitch or something else!

Ankur Kumar youtu.be/1nPuXV4wy8Q watch my live streaming of PUBG PC on YouTube

shamilmanzor‏‎‎شممل مینور y’all really need to find another job.coz, coding ain’t your thing. Glitches glitches everywhere Stuck on loading screen. Stuck on launch screen Audio error Stuck while enemies are near And much more

ADoug Bullshit. Still ongoing.

bia tam hi i got some PAI Set codes with begin p458 and p459 from twitch,does they will be expired?what is the limited time should i redeem it?thanks for your help?

torsa_cz🇲🇷 Team RCV are looking for new recuitments, cheaters have priority!

#AA19™ when does season 5 . Start??

مشاري Why the graphics in Playstation are so bad !? Will you support 1080P or not in Playstation?

مشاري !!

Devil Hi, i am not able to complete My Game, i was last one standing in previous game but i didn’t got winner winner chicken dinner, there is some error or bug i dont know, same thing happens when i die, can anyone help me out Thank you

FernieTheFirst Hey, PUBG Team, let’s make this ThirdPersonCampingGrounds into First person PUBG.. Only playing FPS Squads right now… waiting for FPS Solos..

FernieTheFirst On PS4 that is…

shamilmanzor‏‎‎شممل مینور If we were to have a competition between and over who hangs better. would win hands down. Letter and still waiting for reply

maxou 日本 how many players is required to create a private game?

Fausto I mean I never got it either. But Im terrible. I dont know what that says about you?

Tom Pickering It must just be delayed, yeah thats it.

koldamenta Finally. I knew it

Óscar M. lol

Fausto Is there even any pros who has not gotten this stupid ass ban?

Tom Pickering Me >:(

Fausto I mean I never got it either. But Im terrible. I dont know what that says about you?

Tom Pickering It must just be delayed, yeah thats it.

Tommer How u think they keep cheaters off the game? So many cry babies

Meggy wtf hahaha lmao

TimmaaA666 every game ends like that since yesterday

dEiX Thanks i Hope they add it

ふえんねく I do not have any more words for this why you do this

rohan my pubg not working screen loads then force back to phone option screen any help???

Official PwnHouseTV Hey there Twitter Family, I’m going live now playing PubG. Hope to see some of you there. Will be live over @ Mixer.com/pwnhousetv I support and love it when !

ItsYaBoiYom More practice incoming! Which ARs do you prefer? Help me learn! twitch.tv/itsyaboiyom

Reece 里斯 Do you know if there will there be proximity chat on ps4 with the Vekindi update?

air1hd its one kill per match…sucks

GRAEME. will war mode come to ps4?

Steven OH YOULL ALLOW to have cross-play, but still a no on cross-play for / & / comon make this happen , gotta few ppl i wana play with over on xbox, cross-play tournaments would be really cool idea too!

Duecems32 Same thing happened to Ya’ll gotta stop fragging so hard in Publics and keep that to Faceit games.

Vrunki my Internet is completely fine yet no way to get in game. Tried restarting steam and computer already

Jakub Filthy radar user :O

Hayz All bans are legit 🙂

Ankit Dularia mistake I have login my id on Vietnam server and now I am unable to login on international server so please help me out asap…

Miguel Zabala this is possible?

Jot Gill Bro may be your server is going down

شويعل! I played the game but was busy !!! give me a solution??

subham shaw plz tell me the upcoming update of pubg mobil

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com

†he D☬n IDEA FOR TRAINING MODE: Set it up to where two or multiple individuals can invite each other to a duel within the training match, with the loser resulting in a respawn. This way we can actually get the fulfillment of the game in it.

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com

BrokenHeartedFool for the past 2 days I been having this notification and there isn’t anything there. Is this a random bug?

💜 ‘waleed ⭐️🌟⭐️ why I can’t change my PUBG profile pic ? I have logged in through twitter , but when I change twitter profile pic , in PUBG it appears non like I have no picture at all ?

FKnightTV Hey , This kid Purposely dropped around 30 N Bombs in the attempt to get me banned on twitch. As easily as he said it means he does this quiet often, so please help. Twitch: SucceptTV PUBG: Articjoust265 twitch.tv/fknighttv/clip…

KIRAN DAVIS the game is not supported on Huawei y611,but it have the all features to play the game.So please include the game for the device

Riccardo Fiore why does pubg seem unreactive even at 144 fps? for examples BFV is more reactive even if it runs at 100fps, but pubg feels laggy.

Dougo Reese First time ever seeing “network lag detected” I can still navigate the menus, but my player just stands there… currently have 1 gig fiber internet connection in downtown Portland.

Phan Pharaoh Can we please get a fix for FPP mode?!?!

Phan Pharaoh On

Rezerwrecked The development teams are separate, ay what you talkin bout

JohnJuan Why 100? I would love playing the maps (excluding that Chinese map) even if it started with only 50, 60 or 70 players. It’s a great game.

TheFiVE Pubg takes so fckn long for maontenance. Bo4 took like 15 min

Steve Johnson Is this the US as well now?

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-16

BallValve I just want a West NA server…… tired of playing on 80+ ping here on West…

Cubey I feel ya, if we play FPP we are gonna get SEA 200+ ping and it’s shit, but somehow when we get NA servers with 200+ ping it’s nowhere near as bad

Welp Played HEY I know this time works for you guys but please stop updating during prime EST for playing PUBG. I cant play every single Tuesday.

SZNL Why are there duplicates in the Survival Rewards?

Cobani_Martin Damn it!!! Couldn’t you choose a better time do maintenance??? like 5 hours from now??? This is the best time to play in america guys, all america, a whole continent is unable to play thanks to you!!!!!

Andrew Smith Would be nice if the maintenance for NA was done at non-peak times. If someone is going to argue about China, they have servers in their country for a reason….to play on.

Zynthesis Damn man, you must have a IQ of 160. You must work in the gaming industry.

Alex Morgenstern if you have a potato pc it’s not their fault lmao

Jack H Like we haven’t already XD

Dan Del Aguaro Perfect, during peak time. Why not 4a

Garrett Rose they are Korean lol

stephens2010 you guys SUCK! stop going down in prime time NA

Ian Pritchett One in awhile I go to play in a Tuesday, then I remember that the game isn’t open on Tuesdays

I want money I’m getting client 5.1.7 please update to 5.1.6 error is it only me?

Witty LBJ Lakers Name Same issue here mate.

Adam Foster I love reading tweets from butt sore yanks after a evening of pubg action. Keep the 00:30 GMT maintenance time, works for me :p

Mike England, land of the defeated.

♠♥Root♦♣ 1776 worked for us

polishedpig incoming 1812 reference

Joel too much maintenance. never get to play.

hamci 4 hours a week, 4 hours out of 168 hours, 2.3% of the time… literally all the time, it’s impossible to play you’re right

Bryan T Good thing i hardly play this game anymore.

chris fix the game at a time where your core playerbase isnt trying to play, oh and actually fix the fucking game

SUNIL UMAT Why aren’t test servers working? Fucking keep at least one platforms open!

TriNhO just fix your game

ALBIN0_RAV3N Holy shit half of these replies are dumb so lets take care of the FAQ. 1. PUBG Corp is in Korea, stop complaining Americans (I’m american) 2. This is server maint. not a patch (stop asking them to fix something) 3. It happens EVERY TUESDAY (shouldn’t be a surprise anymore)

ixisweat returns For whatever reason, / decided to close the test servers down with the regular servers, and nobody showed up to play DayZ, so called the streams and decided to edit the montage a bit. See you guys this weekend 🙂

Salv0h Why is any of this a surprise? They don’t care about NA, we have 1 server in Ohio for the entire country and 1 server in Brazil for the South America. They are fine disappointing us because a majority of their player base is in Asia.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

Matt Wainman 🌐 Why 4 hours every time? Even with it’s many, many patches and server downtimes, very rarely lasted 4 hours.

LASTNINJΛCOW Ark has how official servers? PUBG needs at least 10,000 to cater for the 1 million concurrent they have. 1 server =100 players 10,000 servers = 1million players

BlowNuggs you would think but not. Most computer’s they have now can run more than just one instance of the game try like 30-40

dgeesio & ronMctube please sort out the regions . EU players infested with cheaters from ASIA in last few weeks yet shouldnt even be on EU .

GEESUS Yeah, I have no clue why they’re on our region. They’re in all of my games. Don’t they have any Asia servers anymore or what

Allan Rowntree Could you just add this information to the game when we try to connect?

Gracekain I don’t get it…. server maint and updates during prime time (4 – 8 pm)……. what happened to 2 A.M. updates…..

hamci Time zones happened. Time zone for their office and for the majority of their player base.

TrosMaN7 I can’t imagine what the game would be like without regular server maintenance! Thank you so much . Also, perfect timing for us here in EU. Keep up the great work.

Michael Hatch If you ever played the game you would know the game is always exactly the same before and after maintenance. The same stuff is still broken and the same cheats are still allowed. No one would bitch if things actually got fixed.

FranCadiz Another maintenance for fix desync? Right?? RIGHT??? Oh wait….

Lion Family Seeds OPEN TEST SERVER PLS!!!!

your mom’s bloomberg I know right? They used to do this but I guess they got lazy and don’t want to overwork their shrinking staff. They refuse to say why….

Spiro Mirkopoulos I love the game, but you guys seriously need to learn how to manage it properly. Incompetent shit like this is why ppl play Fortnite and COD instead. And why most ppl think PUBG is joke.

josh castor i got a ticket for you. stop doing 4 hour downtime for nothing to be updated. so sick of not being able to play during prime us hours.

josh castor or atleast keep test servers up. like whats the point of shutting your whole game down, but have 3 different servers. lol

Fancai Why always do maintenance at prime times when people are actually not working. I work all day and come home to not being able to play! That’s fucking dumb first you do it on New Year’s Day and now random other times? How about doing it earlier

Alex Morgenstern the company it’s in Korea, so you should understand that they must do it on their working hours, and NA it’s not even their biggest player base, like all Americans assume they are lmao

DAVEGRENADE Well done guys you’re doing a great job ! great time to do maintenance GG Well done

Matt stop doing this during prime time 🙁

Gracekain 4 hours? no wonder people play Fortnight.

Spiro Mirkopoulos That’s their problem.

jeepzyeah Hello, It is now three times in a row that you prevent me from enjoying my pubg evening. Thank you in the future for kindly perform the deferred test server maj the rest of the classic servers. Thank you in advance.

Dan Gibbs Backing up databases etc, adding hotfixes, testing fixes, rollback if needed. 4 hours is not to bad if I’m honest 👍

Bob Lindemann you must be fucking high. name another game that does 4 hours maintenance every week? yeah none.

Möth I like chicken

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Ok – I’m good to go on my end, all 34 Mb of the update is done. How’s it going on your end? Git ‘er down to 3 hours again like last Tuesday?

RM.T0PsiD3 4 hours maintenance for a 34.2 MB UPDATE. Still shitty.

Jason Cox Do this crap in the morning or at midnight

john ryder play another game

Donkie I have no Idea what they have to maintain there… The Servers are Bad and there is no improvements after that 4 Houres. Look at Blizzard. They do the exact same think for WoW every week and have just a Serverrestart. Downtime 2-3 Minutes for there Servers.

Ian Pritchett To be fair, wow costs the same once a month is this game did once for our entire life.

Xavier Yeah but honestly for as much bug fixes they do and all the downtime they should have the game fully optimized by now

[̰̞̋̓̋Ⅎ̘͈̎͗̌͒͡ͅℲ͖͉̪̔ͬ͛͛]͋ leon *sigh* i just got on

nick pisciotta Can NK nuke your office already so we can get a new team that wont take servers offline EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK.

Owl Lost Or you can stop complaining over something petty🤷‍♂️

nick pisciotta Or they can stop taking NA servers down during peak times for NA players?

Billkamm I realize you guys have A LOT of bugs to fix, but must you take the NA servers down once a week during primetime? I never thought I was buying a game that only worked 6 nights a week.

Adam Branson are you living in Vikendi?

Ninponeer Close, Kansas City, Missouri.

Triss ah that is pretty close, hope it gets fixed

James Buck Why would you not have test server up?

ItsZeroYt As soon as I decide to play pubg😂😂😂

Belle Are test servers down too?

Gatsu YES, and WHY ?????

Johnny What a joke… I think it’s time to find another game.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Have not they learned like all the other games in the world? Every week the game is off the air. I’m almost giving up on this game.

kha1221 Why do you always update the time when people come home from work and finally have time to play? Do the update at 3-4 am when most people are freaking sleeping.

UtahJazz_24 plus you gotta take account of most of bluehole is based in china

Samuel Michaud This game is now around 70% chinese players, that’s why my friend. Why they need 4 hours maintenance every week is a bit weird though, especially when huge mmos like World of Warcraft don’t even need that outside of a patch. Maybe it’s because of the huge number of hackers

GEESUS Because this time of the day got the lowest numbers. How have you not figured that shit out already. Holy shit


Miguel yo idiot in every part of the world its a different time of day, why don’t you stop playing pubg and educate yourself a bit you cutie pie

riley🤘 they do maintenance specifically when their player count is the lowest. that’s right now, every day. just look at steam charts

that dude that is just far from true. They have scheduled maintenance. They don’t just start doing it

riley🤘 ofc it’s scheduled. it’s scheduled for the time of lowest playercount which, like i said, is the same time every day

Yacine its 1:41 am here lol what you’re talking about

James Read I agree but there are other time Zones in this world not just yours

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Time zones have nothing to do with anything. There are 2 core fundamental issues here: 1 – The need to do 4 hrs of maintenance per week on a game like this is absurd 2 – That they can’t figure out how to stagger updates by server location ie update NA servers during NA nonpeak

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 bUt sTeAm dOeSn’T aLlOw iT

cory allen I truly dont know how this works but is it possible to do EU server maintenance at one time NA maintenance at another… etc?

Donkie No. Steam dont allow Specific Timed maintenance.

Jesse Ramos They could do it siberian/alaskan time when the least amount of people are playing ]

droowz NA didn’t have the most player base, go figure

pizzizle the whole world doesn’t play on the same servers

Derek B Agreed, this is shit, they are shit so it follows suit

Tenka My understanding is that steam won’t let them do rolling server outages/maintenance. It’s either all or none. Not 100% sure on that, but seems like I read that somewhere before.

Kisho911 these comments 🥰

SR Great. Now fix the NA servers so I can play Solo Miramar again. Haven’t been on that map for over 2 weeks.

Sh0cK please actually fix the game’s bugs, ya’ll need to make the game run smoother.

. Agreed agreed agreed, how tf can i play when i have 1060 6gb with 16ram and i5 6500 and 40-50 frame?

hamci I get 100+ stable with the same exact specs, something most be on you side

. i don’t know , sometimes it’s dropped at 20 in like 1-2 sec

hamci Weird, I’m on lowest settings for everything except anti-aliasing.

Iván Marcelo Reimer Will the routine maintenance ever end? Or is that a chronic thing now?

FISH ❁ I hope you are only making memes but if not you might want to search the meaning of “routine”

Rodrigo Reis Every day that i go to play at night, this server are under maintenance. i’m very happy with it. thanks.

Alex Morgenstern it’s only once at week and it’s always the same day, so maybe you should assume that every Tuesday at this time it’s maintenance and stop complaining like a 5 year old surprised kid

Lion Family Seeds its one time by weeks since few months u should know the day. every 7 day the same day the same night…..

Mr.Nicholas So basicly you need 4 hours for putting in weekly missions? Am i right or?

EagleScope Nah! The weekly missions are already in!

3y3 has the twitter show started yet? I want to see what new and innovative hate tweets they can come up with this week.

Derek B It’s not hard with this game lol

3y3 you right. lol but the irony is the same post week after week. the world hates “America” bc of the entitlement that comes with the territory of being American…*most* of the NA comments in this post- “how dare you do server maint during peak hours” -reality- they work a 9-5…

Derek B They’re greedy and don’t really care

Derek B This game has more problems than maintenance times

3y3 but they are on the other side of the world…so their 9-5 falls on our “peak hours” and i wouldnt work a night shift to fix a game for ungrateful pricks either lmao

Rylkon Ungrateful? They took everyone’s money with their game still in beta and STILL have to do weekly maintenance for the same server problems they had over a year ago, something literally no other game I’ve ever played does.

3y3 that is not the issue I am addressing, it is the fact that people can not accept that Thursdays, servers will be down…and nothing is going to change that. lol I understand the game has its issues, but if 60$ hurt your feelings that bad, you have bigger issues. ITS JUST A GAME.

3y3 correction, Tuesday, before you try to make it about that. bc theres never satisfaction.

Rylkon Its “JUST A GAME” thats substandard in many ways to every other game I’ve ever played. They do weekly maintenance, no other game I’ve played does that. Despite that they have completely failed to fix many of their major issues AND can’t even give a straight answer as to why.

3y3 Because they simply do not know why. You notice when they fix something, 5 things go wrong? its like a rubix cube with 50 squares per side. do you know how their net code works? bc I don’t. its never that simple. so they *attempt*…maybe itll get there one day, maybe not.

Rylkon So they get a pass because they “attempt” to fix things? Every other game developer faces the same problems but they aren’t churning out weekly updates that seemingly do nothing at all and take 4 whole hours.

Rylkon And by “straight answer” I meant they’ve never properly explained why the maintenance is weekly (most games don’t do this), why it takes 4 hours minimum, and what they’re actually doing during the “maintenance.”

3y3 I get it, no other game does it.wana tell me 3 more times? I might not completely understand. I don’t stand over the shoulder of people making my burger at a drive through. why do they need to answer that? what possibly could you do with their coding thatd make you feel better?

Rylkon Sure I’ll tell it to you 3 more times because apparently you don’t get the point. Their weekly “maintenance” would be easier to deal with if they actually fixed something, but they don’t, and they still have to spend more time “fixing” their game than almost anyone else.

Rylkon And yes, if you’re burger is undercooked and didn’t come with pickels like you asked you’re definitely going to want to get a fully cooked one, a refund, or wonder what happened. derp.

3y3 no, actually I think you are missing the point lol you tweeting, and bitching on social media wont get anything accomplished. but it is entertaining lol

3y3 leave a bad review on steam and move the fuck on. its going to be ok. and why are you still here? servers are back up. lol

3y3 I didn’t say it was a pass, I said it’s just the way things are. take it or leave it.

Rylkon People complain about PUBG’s support and maintenance every week. Take it or leave it.

3y3 im taking it. and laughing about it. as butt hurt as you are about your 60$, im surprised you wanted to spend your 2 cents here. thank you. ill be sure to keep you in the loop as far as my next move in life now that you have invested here. <3

3y3 and i am not going to pretend to know how, nor am i going to tell them how to do their job based on a 60$ transaction. i am going to sit back and wait for them to say they are done trying, or that they have fixed it, and if i dont like it, i uninstall. that simple.

3y3 so back to the “ungrateful” part. yes, i use that word heavily in my primary point. server maint is neccesary and it will always be on a tuesday at the same time. deal with it or uninstall. boo hooing about it on twitter wont fix the problem, your aim nor your attitude. its life.

Uly Literally loaded it up just now too, depression is real.

bill-the-pony What about test servers ?

Michael Hatch Will this weekly crap ever stop? Every week the game is down and comes back up without doing anything about the cheaters. How hard is it to ban people who warp across the map when there are videos in replay of it? Wtf

Horizon It’s incredibly normal for games to do a weekly maintenance and to take servers down during that time. It gives the servers brake and lets them implement changes that need to be uploaded.

bob humplick well im glad they put out a warning yesterday thats nice. the desync i was experiencing when thisu patch first went live is now mostly gone i think. probalby just server congestion. i would like it if server maintenance wasnt every week but if they have to then they have to

Evan You guys need to stop doing this at peak playtimes.

Miguel no everyone lives in the same country as you do believe it or not 🤪

Evan America is the only country that matters.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

adapt You tell them 😤

Jonathan Nadeau according to this chart, its not steamcharts.com/cmp/578080

Ian Pritchett So basically it’s America’s fault for not playing enough. Thanks America

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played and played several games in the world and only this one is off the air every week in prime time. Each region has its servers and could do by parts.

Jonathan Nadeau It’s a Korean company, when do you think they should do it then?

SANDROAPODI🎮 And? Are they selling only in korea?

Jonathan Nadeau I’m asking you what time of the day should they update. It’s 9am here and player count keep increasing until late at night

MinniMitsuo player count can rise because people have the game launched and open and ready to connect.

Samuel Michaud Bullshit, it’s catering to chinese players, that’s the reality, nothing to do with their nationality

SANDROAPODI🎮 It could update the servers at different times for each region.

Evan Sweeping updates across regions, not all at once. Maintenance should be done at lowest player times, my guess is that would be around 4-5am.

Ashtonius Lardonious exactly they have enough money to slowly bring all servers up and down according to local area times they shouldnt do the whole world at one time.

GEESUS They can’t with steam though, otherwise they would.

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played battlefield for years and it never happened. Only in PUBG does this happen.

Jonathan Nadeau Yes because ea unlike bluehole don’t have to wake up at 3am to please people like you.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Next step will be to offer the butt.

SANDROAPODI🎮 To please? I paid for it. Now I do not understand what you get by licking the balls of someone who gives you money.

Evan For a supposed “game developer” you aren’t very good at figuring out how to appeal to a consumer base, are you?

Jonathan Nadeau I simply talking about time zones, not what they should do in order for it to be smoother. I agree it sucks to have downtime no matter the time zone, but my original point is that no, this is not prime time for pubg.

Evan It is for me.

GEESUS Yeah, but not for PUBG.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Do you really need to like something wrong? What do you get with it?

John W it’s not peak playtime for China

jay Man No one gives a F about China.

John W except for , because the vast majority of their players are in China

jay Man The politically correct term for China is “ching Chong land” … you have it all wrong

Miguel lol its not peak play times you fool. But for real why 4 hours?

Evan 7pm is very much peak playtime every evening.

riley🤘 7pm is peak playtime? try again m8

Spark Flurry That’s definitely your fault. Team indicator is fine. It’s user error if you TK someone thinking their an enemy.

Terry Davis Where are the patch notes?

Brandon 🦅🏆 Hey, maybe while you’re doing your four hour maintenance where you click ‘reboot’ and eat ramen while waiting, you might consider doing something productive like working to fix the cheating that has and continues to plague this community. Or just ban China.

Aziz ⚡️ when will there be a cross platform between PS4 and Phones?! Will there be any?

Ali Why when I change my Twitter photo which is linked to my PUBG account, it didn’t show in my Pung profile?

John Streck That’s PUBG mobile you noob

Nick Cirillo Is it just me or was there no message saying that there would be maintenance tonight???

Brandon 🦅🏆 Why am I getting this error, among other generic errors, after every single match? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

midninBR how do we report a streamer sniping?

David Støvring Please ban this sweaty cheating piece of german trash from the game obviously cheating here

Liviu -_- Add choco skins !

Enoquiano How is this possible?? He was banned for using external programs in non-competitive games and still streaming with a new account He should serve his 2-year sentence out of the game, not just the competitive one. twitch.tv/smittyw

Daniel A Ramos Me da asco este tipo de jugadores🤢🤮

N.A👃🏻{Kagawa} Son todos gringos ahora ? Ndeaahh

Fernando Malave This is just sad

Luigi Nicoletti 🇧🇷 doesn’t give a damn 😉

rogi 🤙🤙 banned while live streaming, that dont break any guideline from twitch?

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Hei i need u respone. Thank you

Freddy Mulyanta ★

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Still no respone ???

Koem Neth Hi i,m player pubg help like me please youtu.be/21yJem03lOM

Gnarw – I get “Servers are too busy” for like 2 hours now – what can I do?

squashy Some floating rocks down by Volnova

RjxLive will test server be going down tonight as well?

Hyvmind Probably it’s

RjxLive It’s tilting.

Hyvmind They clearly don’t get it after all this time but what can you do. They are still making the $

riley🤘 i didn’t complain i just told him he’s asking the wrong company

Sgt_gh0st Fixing the loot in Vikendi finally? Is it a joke or do you want it to be an ongoing SMG Event? 🙁

no one will this fix, well after a year now, the broke lobby?

LeeBo1Kinobe Have you considered moving to Hawaii to fix this problem?

Hulk68TV Anyway that when you do these maintenance you could have test servers up?

JH steam only allows patching at a global level.

LeeBo1Kinobe Canada and mexico can come too.

Chase North Americans and South Americans

LeeBo1Kinobe Yeah

Klajdi Have you solve the problem

Tolga Cetin my game crashes right as the parachute is about to cut off and land. No error msgs. Just crashes. I rejoin the game and I’m floating in mid air with my parachute where the game crashed. This all happened after update 24

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com.

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊 I think we should be able to see how many are spectating 🤔

8th Hokage No ones watching you that’s why you dont see it

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊 twitter.com/buckfuddz/stat… learn how to shoot like this then come holla at me

8th Hokage It does show it. Fool

Chase Dietrich Corsair mic not working in pubg same with my friends. Sound works fine, mic works fine otherwise

Nappy Y’all need to add the ACR

Mario Gorg When we finally get FPP solo on EU?

Vagg Pal 🙏🙏

Rickles Any chance you guys could answer any of the of the following questions, regarding the upcoming XBOX 1 update -Will you be addressing desync issues? -Will there be region lock, or will you be opening more regions? -Will there be a nerf of the ump and vector?

Anthony Can we stop this shit already? Or at least alternate the times maintenance happens?

cece hello! I really need help here. I played PUBG mobile North America server and spent almost 1000usd for it. But I played with guest account. After apple’s system update, I lost my guest account.The in game customer support never replies me back. Help!please

Austin hollingsworth we doing maintenance to servers every tuesday on primetime for americans to play after work but yet more and more cheater pop up after each patch? wonder whats going on here 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Falloutboi12 I’m in phx az what time will the update be completed for me please and thanks

eM | Serk 🐼 2 hours early for maintenance damn that’s a big yikes

II-Yuggoh-II Yo Fuckers put in the choose your map options for consoles you fucking morons.

Bearclaws any idea why I keep getting “could not connect” on the Xbox PTS? I would greatly appreciate some help!

Prashant Gahlot I’m still waiting for your response.

Cfc.. Can I revert from the Vietnamese version to the global version ?

Nick bennett Will test servers be up tonight during maintenance

maxou 日本 I don’t have this problem again, but the BattleEye settings were correct. So If it appears again, I just will uninstall af.

TriNhO lucky for you, for me it’s still happening

maxou 日本 Very often? For now I have 70-80 FPS but when my stream is on, it is around 40-50 but this lag is gone so.. it is just common lag from PU that I need to fix

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com .

maxou 日本 I will as always but this is so random every update it changes, even If I put very low to every graphic settings

TriNhO yep 2-3 times per day, i checked step 9 but my battleye works fine so idk what can i do. Did u do something?

maxou 日本 I just try to check all the steps from the guide they give me, try it.

EstaQuerias Will the silent steps inside Villa be fixed?

wtfmoses I still can’t believe PUBG has one server location for North America. It’s not even central. It’s enraging to play with 100+ ping most games.

Incoming! try 200+ ping on asian servers unless you only want to play TPP squads.

TheWookieWay Exactly.. they aren’t really in touch with reality here in the states. has failed us

Starr I think its another feature! 😅

Tim Try playing 2000 hours on 200 ping 🙂

Manpons Come to – just in time for the new season 🙂

sharpshot Get good

Max (SPG) At least you have a server in your country. They have removed the OCE server so we have to play on SEA now 😢

johan åberg Is it really that hard to believe tho? Not that they haven’t improved the game, they most definitely have. But this is a dev that took 3 months to fix a bug with flying threeseaters. They work slow but steadily

Dioneverts no shit! Come visit me in melboure australia. I’d love love love a 100 ping.

Jordan schroeder This true???

Sole Ma i feel ya… imagine what oce players must feel like

Caleb Highgate Try being in Australia where the game is so dead its not possible to find an FPP match 🙁

StinkyBagPipes I agree! Please get a west coast and a central na server

TrentBraidnerTV At this point playing with 100+ ping for OCE is just part of the game, it’s a skill that is developed. Unless of course you want to play solo squads TPP but only for a few hours in the evenings

Willian Lima Better play 120 ping on EU server, I’m playing from NA lol 😂

aTwig Man cant fp in aus cause no server have to play in SEA or NA 200 plus ping

BlockayLIVE Pretty sure they have a server in Oregon that’s been sitting there collecting dust for awhile. About to 130 ping consistent here in Montana.

Brendan Black Pretty sure they rent of Amazon so there wouldn’t be any servers sitting round collecting dust. It’s up to Amazon which servers they allow to be rented

Knoxy_In_Oz Come at me Moses… Tell me all your problems 😛

Bruce Wayne Are they using AWS or Azure? Or something else?

fdj Don’t they have offices in Milwaukee???

Born Seattleite And yet you don’t bother to tag a single one of their accounts…

KineticNinja ya my ping averages 80 to 100 ms…. pretty crappy

Jon And it conveniently always goes down for updates during prime time in NA sigh.

Jon every tuesday

resur2b I used to have 15 to 30 of ping but since new matchmaking comes out Iget 50 to 60 and I don’t really get it…

BALLOC Almost the same ping playing out of Cali as I did playing NA from Denmark. It’s pretty cool

wtfmoses and my games are only slightly less important than yours!!!

BALLOC We’re all paying for the same service Id say :p Id happily host a server in my closet!

johan åberg Can I +1 this somehow?

Caleb Lindsay Try playing from Australia, best pings you can get are 180+

Nic Maybe if your isp is complete trash, it’s generally 100.

Sektor I bet is US west.

Jeff Davis Killed smaceTRON last nigh and watched the kill on his stream after… His random.duo partner was in Brazil…. So much for region locking.

philip Come to Australia and play on 200+ ping to SEA. Fun times!

Marna 🇿🇦 Same here from South Africa. Ugh the frustration.

ezz01 Brah 🇳🇿/🇦🇺

藍染 K.A. There are so many things sad but true regarding PUBG in general anyway.

FKnightTV Can you really not believe it after it takes them 10 years to do anything? Do you think they care about NA when they do their server maintenance during NA primetime? They havent cared then, they wont care later. But we keep coming back because the gunplay is so damn good in this

FKnightTV But what they fail to realize thats the only reason we keep coming back. And when another company finally creates a game with equal Gunplay and a working foundation, we’re all gonna bounce with smiles on our faces and they can keep this. Until then, we shall rage and continue on.


knew know It’s weird that PUBG corp doesn’t comment on this stuff. If there’s a valid reason for 1 server, why not explain? Same goes for loot tables, circle settings, matchmaking systems/choices etc. If there’s a good reason, you’d hope the community would understand.

Tomographic Never knew that. This explains a lot!😂

AxeToMouth It’s good for you, though. East coast servers are as EU friendly as it gets, even if EU doesn’t deserve it 😎

Tomographic I never get paired with NA since they removed region select. Me and my NA friends only ever get EU based servers now😂

AxeToMouth Bahaha. Lucky for you then 😂

NoHands Mate your ping is half mine! You are blessed!

Muaaz Cassim Come to South Africa, where we play with 200+ every game, every day, since the game came out

Marna 🇿🇦 This! 👆

elite.mafia When i learned this I was shocked. Always assumed there was east and west servers because that would make sense….

Untaint3d “Damn man that sucks. Wouldn’t know what that feels like” – entire OC region

Linksy Can’t even imagine playing on high ping

eU TaylorJay Hi_Im_400 ping Linksy 😜

Linksy That’s the old me

Zanpah just get a router 😉

Harrison How is my ping better than yours when I’m in Edmonton? (I average about 70, so still not great)

Jake China that’s why the don’t care enough

DonRudder(⚡) if you’re driving a buggy for 5 hours – who cares about ping, AMIRITE?

Malik Henderson Thank god someone said it.. I hate making servers that aren’t centers like it’s really not that hard to comprehend

Trent C ❌ Where is it? Let’s be honest; this game is a sham. I hope someone makes a real PUBG-style BR (big maps, solid ballistics, etc.) and you become the voice of it as well.

Little Nemo Tbh, it’s probably because they don’t want to add extra lag for the asian players, that inexplicably want to play on US servers.

Ghost_Dog 🌹 As much as I have enjoyed it, The game is fundamentally flawed on pc and unplayable on xbox. I have no idea about ps4 but I’m sure it’s not much better. It’s sad to say but it’s starting to feel like a cash grab.

Logan Peters Lol when have you played it last on xbox? It’s pretty decent on xbox now, especially if you have an X

Ghost_Dog 🌹 I don’t have an x (shouldn’t need one) but I tried playing it last week and it crashed three times and I gave up. Maybe you are having better luck but in my experience it’s totally broken.

Logan Peters I haven’t crashed in my last 4 days of playtime (yes I’ve kept track), so idk. Also I have excellent frames except when around smoke grenades

Ghost_Dog 🌹 Well that in itself speaks to the lack of stability in the game that for some people It’s fine and others it’s unplayable.

Logan Peters I crashed in blackout about every 20-30ish games. It’s way less stable than pubg is now for me. That’s the sad part.

Novak 🇦🇺 Hi, our Australian server is in south east asia where a 120 ping is the best you get… it never used to be like this. Oh, the only OCE server they give us is a TPP squad server every other night. Should be able to all refund the game, not even give us playable servers 😡🤬

Stu 120 is generous, most I play are min 180. Still slay.

Novak 🇦🇺 But when the SEA server magically disappears we get the Asia server and then i get 330 ping. I swear to fuck I get a 197 ping to the West Coast NA servers in other games, why the fuck is PUBG devs so rich and can’t rent a fucking server?


curtis Australian server? OCE is New Zealand too mate.

Novak 🇦🇺 I wrote OCE in the 2nd part of the tweet. The servers were located in AUS, all the same. Yes NZ is still a thing 😕

curtis Hehe it’s fine 🙂

Novak 🇦🇺 Eh wrong emote, stupid twitter.

CheckSix Jakenoff I must say, feels fine for me in Ohio.

wtfmoses Because the server is in your state lmao

CheckSix Jakenoff I know lol

Asylumjerk That’s because it’s located in Ohio…

Shean I don’t understand how PUBG uses Amazon and Microsoft servers, which are located all over the US, but they only utilize one in Ohio…

Brendan Black It doesnt work like that. Amazon and Microsoft do have servers everywhere however not all are available to rent. Microsoft run games also, Amazon rents to quite alot of different companies as well as their own usage. Its would be more those are the servers allowed to be rented

Trevor Howes Move to St.Louis MO. I get 25-35 haha and rents are cheap as hell. But then you are in STL so there is that

Uherdme It’s okay I get 37-40 and I still suck

Always vocal has mentioned this tons of times. It needs to be rectified.

MitchThePreacher Preach!

coupedupLIVE Remember, it never used to be like that. They had servers all over the US. There was that one website that ping tested all the Amazon Cloud servers PUBG was using and I could correlate my pings to see which ones I was connected to. This past summer I was at 30ms. Now sit at 65-80

Justin 💀 That just had all the Amazon server locations, it’s only ever been 1 server.

coupedupLIVE Doesn’t make any sense that I was connected to a closer location during the summer with an average ping of 30ms (which I would assume is Oregon/California area) then changed in the fall to divert to the east coast and now sit at 65-80ms They changed something and said nothing..


Zalendar Where is the Server located?

Zone15 Ohio

PunkersPlays 🎮

unforgotten It’s enraging playing PUBG at all imo, but I still do it. RIP

João Martins 🎯

Andrew The west coast is rough…

Tom T. Consistent 75-80 MS in LA area … dumb

Jack Mott it looks like the US could use some more infrastructure for a good central location azure.microsoft.com/en-us/global-i…

Jack Mott AWS has the same gap, so maybe a lack of data pipes? datacenterknowledge.com/sites/datacent…

2old2run yep, same

Ozzny Its not like they made SO MANY MILLIONS

crayshow_Kcams If only pubg Corp made enough money to buy a couple more servers….

Prashant Gahlot Will you guys reply to my email ? I need refund

6’8 Tha Great I haven’t gotten on in 4 days now smh. Sucks because I really want to play but not to play the same stuff! If I want to play battle royal ima load up Help us out

Paul Man I haven’t played pubg in a while. Just been playing fortnite lately. More people I know play it.

6’8 Tha Great Yea I played it a while ago and was super trash. Didnt remember the buttons lol

Paul Ha. I heard there’s a snow map now but just doesn’t do anything. To much waiting time between games

6’8 Tha Great I’ve played on it a few times but kept freezing the rest and I got off. It’s still fun though

mahmoud saad i cant log in my account cause i sell my telephone iphone x and buy new iphone xr but cant log in because i not connected to facebook or twitter please help me !

suwoopss Can we get the WA2000 in PUBG Please?

Anonymous ‘ gamers Yea that’s your friends tho recoil control is eased on m&k and if ur friends are not used to m&k then they are not going to find any use from it but it’s stupid to turn off m&k support because of an advantage but you still have people using m&k with an adapter.

POGEGraphics Lmao, thats all you man xD

Prashant Gahlot Okay , I have emailed PUBGMOBILE_CS.com explaining my issue regarding my purchase.

David Gagné Why youre not doing the maintenance in morning time?

dednaut Morning in Korea, where PUBG corp is.

David Gagné Yeah and thats the problem, we’re not all living at the same time zone…theres probably a solution.

SquidGaming It is morning In china

Daniel Try this. forums.pubg.com/topic/9896-stu…

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Prashant Gahlot I’m on pubg mobile. What’s the procedure for that ?

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Ed Sullivan hey guys.. is it possible that with map selection we could just choose 1-4 maps that we wish to play? not just one of the maps or Sanhok ~cough~ i mean a random from all 4.. depending on time of day and what day of the week it is of course.

Ed Sullivan lol… i mean, im sure its possible, what im asking i guess, is, are you willing to do it?

Ed Sullivan OMG! its like they do this SURPRISE maintenance EVERY TUESDAY!

DigiKrypt 1. Some people aren’t aware 2. 4 hours every single week? that’s kind of a lot. What happened to the 2 hour maintenance every thursday :/


Halston Pitman What did happen to 2 hours? Then it was 3 but on Wednesday. Now it’s 4 but sometimes done early on Tuesday.

Ed Sullivan you have the new scope.. press tab.. click red dot while 3x is equipped, press tab again.. its magic.. OR.. press tab and click 3x while red dot is equipped press tab again! YAY!!! TBH it would look pretty stupid if while swapping scopes in the vid they just appeared. Use ur head

Thainá Hello, I’d like to know when to open the questionnaires again for PUBG partners?

Rεиαи Δτհαψδε the code of the items Snow Glasses and Snow Beanie can be activated until when?

آرم Help me please

EstaQuerias Remove solos from all maps since you are not planning to do anything with players teaming in Solos. My reports are good for nothing 👌

آرم help me please

Shakita Ok and?

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-15

Pacar Balle2 why I can’t enter the game? message “server are to busy” always appears. Please help me

PUBG Help Hi Pacar, For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com. -M

WhiteY_au Hey – any word on what server issues they are referring to? Something they might be looking for might be something I’ve encountered before but never thought to announce. <3

Archer I can’t say for certain, but my FPS have certainly been shithouse lately. And that’s not even starting on the fact they can’t roll out a simple matchmaking solution for smaller regions with “not enough playerbase”. Just sick of the lies really. Time for to front up.

michaelVETTAS__ 🙏🏽 How about not being able to get an OCE server for anything other than TPP squads 🙁 no solo no duo no FPP

saeed The pubg service is the ones who want to help

wit_sec_birb There’s only issues IF and WHEN you can play FPP on OCE. Considering no servers, no issues. Give a big bold green tick for no issues in OCE please!

Archer ☑️ Servers still fucked, check. ☑️ still not responding, check. ☑️ Dogging the boys, check.

Jah’dae Why is Miramar in the rotation so much when will ps4 players get to chose what map they’d rather play

eNsKy StoneNautz OCE PUBG Players: Been seeing increased reports of wild server issues for you guys, can you please tweet at me some clips of these issues? Would love to follow this up and share these with the dev team to follow.


Tom Is the test server for down or over now that vekendi has a release date??

Dental Hey how is this not a knock? Kar98k headshot on a level 2 helmet, close range. Wadu? clips.twitch.tv/ObedientDepres…

pasanti Hello, I really need to unlink my FaceBook from my pubg and link my twitter instead 😟

pasanti hello PLEASE unlink my twitter from my pubg

j hello, i’m trying to get onto the pubg test server, but everytime i try to get on it comes up with “could not connect” all my friends are able to get on just fine. yesterday it was also coming up with “Hcremote” not sure what that is but hopefully you can help

ڤارس7# Welcome, I lost my account as a guest. I know the name, the ID and my information. How do I retrieve it?

Hans Wurst hey what is this for an ranking system, we need to play 6+ hours every day to rech the 6k points.. check the leaderboard only the same guys got this, this is very srsly

Kahlil Wolf spent 20mins driving around in a buggy for it to not count towards my progress on that ridiculous mission…

𝓝𝓸 𝓞𝓷𝓮 👑 #𝟒 🇫🇷 ⭐⭐ When are the results?

⌨️🖱Mike Ybarra🎮 Twitter poll: (choose between one of the below) – the game I should play/stream until Anthem’s release is:

Syarifah Hanyna Rdr2..must be completed with the hat and accent

Joseph Allen Sea of Thieves

Capt. Kore Virus Sot?

James Brainerd I think aco is just way to big to do before anthem let’s see some rdr2

Hoodnewzmedia Game of the generation RDR2

Lucha Lisa Sea of Thieves.

Xavier1415 AC O

Halo4life Mobile you kidding right?

cyb3rs34l Ace combat 7

JustJango I assume AC:O is Odyssey and not Origins?

Adam I kinda just like watching you play PUBG or you could always play some with that sequel coming in March!

Richm88 🎮 Destiny 2

loops Assassins creed oddessy is better than both of thise games.

Hakan Heybet 🎮 Of course Red Dead Redemption 2!

Sir Mattsalot What about Crack Down 3?

📺 OGCryptor Red Dead is the trendy thing to say right now but IMHO Assassin Creed O is awesome. That would be my pick.

Kelly or you can pick a good game

pat gow 🍀🍀🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇵🇸🇵🇸 Away and do something constructive . 🤨

4 player split screen is back in Halo! ART ✌🏿❤🎮 Origins or Odyssey?

ReallyRick RDR2 is a bit buggy but still well worth the play through!

Arnibarani There can only be one!

vSnoWy_ReCo1lzz Red dead all the way

Gamer Maybs [GT] Assassin’s Creed has so many surprises and is so entertaining. It’s a great choice!

ExploreTheLore Knowing you, you’ll get bored of RDR2. I suggest you play/stream what you want as I’m sure we’ll all still watch 😃

HeisenbergFX4 I can’t see you sticking with any of these for very long 🙂 That said Red Dead 2 all the way.

Dane I would say FF XV, why the mobile version when the XB1 X probably enhances the original one? That’s confusing me

Brandon Bryce Both RD2 and AC:Odyssey

Doesn’t Matter Destiny isn’t an option, lol.


Patrick Maka RDR2 is the better game, but I think AC:O has the more viewer-friendly experience!

loops Big no on the better game..rd2 is a snooze fest.

✌🖕Danny🖕✌ Hhhmm I’m 105 hours into ac an I enjoyed it more than red dead

Liam Matthews Might be an unpopular opinion but rdr2’s gameplay is awful. Rockstar games have always controlled horribly. Much rather play odyssey

Nik Braeckman Voted for AC… bit It’s odyssey right? Or origins? 😂

R6 FBI SWAT ACO is great been addicted to it hard recently so much to do and is constantly being updated for frer

TriNhO I’m done with your game, can you give another solution?

Rick Dana Still getting packet loss every game.

ali Hello I have a Saudi account but I can not play except in the Vietnamese version, what is the solution to play in the Arabic version.


chris 💯 please fix shotguns, so over powered 😭

Steven Bockbrader what’s with the map selection?I really enjoy the larger maps and after playing for 3 hours got erangel once.

Don Dargins🤷🏽‍♂️ So that’s 2pm Eastern?

Bo0giEd0wN The wait is real👎🏽😡👎🏽

Bo0giEd0wN Wow… thanks tho.

Majorr Iconic Can somebody ANYBODY explain why Sea of Thieves is cross-platform but isn’t?

Game_boyq8 i got banned for no reason from steam

AlperrnGG i checked it long time ago but i will check it again will write here if the problem continues thanks for the advice

AlperrnGG i cant see my replays since i removed them a month ago at the start i thought i brake the game but now even i play a single game i cant see the replays it shows nothing on replays my ingame name is AlperrnGG if you take a look on my account it would be awesome

PUBG Help Hello! Have you tried verifying the game files on steam? -S

AlperrnGG i checked it long time ago but i will check it again will write here if the problem continues thanks for the advice

Danny Ok because rn I have it installed and once I’m off work I’ll do the power cycle restart and try it then

School_u whens the new map come out on ps4? with the new content? and is the new marking system gonna be added to the regular servers?

RNS Hey guys, will we be able to chose maps any time soon on console? Furthermore, is 60 FPS in our future? Thank you!

SSR CaTz Will the Vikendi map be added to the actual game or will the PTS be playable again any time soon? I really want to try out Vikendi and the G36C

William Why i can’t play? Please help me

Shivu Let’s dedicate the world record of most liked photo to PUBG which is already the no.1 game of the year.Just like and share and let PUBG be at no. Just click the link and like the going to be most liked image. instagram.com/p/Bsn5w_oHa8g/…

RNS Working perfect thanks guys ; ) 2 hours of training paid off with a top 3 with 5 kills

William Why can’t i enter the lobby in live server ps4? My connection is not problem?

Danny After that do I reinstall pubg and start hoping it works ?

Steve Z Happens on xb1 all the time.

Ricardo.wang My pubg id(Just_2_)[steam id (damocles_sakura)] is wrongly sealed,but i have never cheated,i really love this game,but you really hurt me.i really really hope you can help me!thanks very much.

ThatDude pls add sandstorm for the desert map. It will be fun…

Radhey Mehta Please fix this problem

Liggit22t20 Keep up the good work, my shit runs fine but then again I have great network I’m on at home. I’ve never had problem getting in games ever. Xbox one x Na servers. Also mobile is watered down for noobs also introduce M&K only servers on xbox, if they’re separate, it’s fair.

carter brown I was permanently banned without even an explanation. I have never been temporarily banned in the past. Could I please have an explanation.

Destined 👽 please region lock China.. All they do is use hacks and cheat.. It’s becoming a Chore to. Hit report.

Lalit Surana if you do not remove bugs and glitches then your game will be ban. After update 0.10 lots of bugs and glitches. I hate pubg…. We don’t need any new updates remove all bugs and glitches.

Callum Hutchison Could you do something about this blatent cheater ran into him and his same squad twice in a row, 300 matches with 170 wins and a 30 KDA, Guy is wallhacking and aimbotting – AVTVPiaoYiPiao

nigel penlington hi will the graphics on PUBG ps4 eventually get better ?

paul brennan This is still the madsed thing to happen to me in pug

SgT ReBeLs Open it bk up I want to play vikendi

SgT ReBeLs No wonder I can’t connect to pts

Andrew Reed on pc by the way

Danny Oh nice you can actually see past rank 10 on pc when its working, that’s cool

Andrew Reed At first when looking at leaderboard all it showed was “no data available”… now it shows a little but not everything duos shows only to position 12…

The_Sensei with the quick bans on cheaters!

New Year, Same Me So because it’s low on some severs no one is playing games at all on XB1

simon hornby Look at the YouTube footage of red dead 2 on xbox one and then on the piss poor. Nuff said

Nicholas passmore quick question, why doesn’t Xbox have the skins the PC version has. Do you guys not see people want cosmetics or the fact everyone watches PC pubg streamers. Everyone loves watching people play and the ability to get items console can’t… r you that out of touch

simon hornby Everyone’s switching to DayZ.

ItsYaBoiYom Feeling sick but we still gonna grind this followed by some twitch.tv/itsyaboiyom

Judas2100 i send a ticket but no respons… i reported this person 2 times he got banned 2 times but he is still online daily and still cheating!!!! he even changed his name… old profile: pubg.op.gg/user/GodXZN … new profile: pubg.op.gg/user/FearNoOne…

zigmaTV i need help with my PUBG audio issue, can you help me out?

zigmaTV when i play pubg is like Distortions sounds every 5-15 sec, i dont know if you know about this problem. what can i do ?

cheeseburgerGamer when will vikindi be available on consoles now that the pts is closed

David Kniceley Glad they respond to your videos.

Connor Obviosusly this is PC, but on console (X1) it was a HUGE occurrence that would happen when a players building wouldn’t render and it would put them in the wall, you could pick up guns if they were visible and within reach. It would only happen in the arenas

The_Sensei That’s crazy

Rafih hello, i cannot connect to the game. also somebody on community cannot connect into the game too my region country is Indonesia

PUBG Help Hi Rafih, For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at support.pubg.com. -M

Curtis Gabriel Yeah I can get on now, thanks !

Eric Gustafsson Thank you for the reply. I didn’t know this and that’s why I sent two tickets.

Bo0giEd0wN When is Xbox going to get the Vikendi update???🤔

Jet Fly Ted ✈ January 22nd

Bo0giEd0wN The wait is real👎🏽😡👎🏽

Bo0giEd0wN Wow… thanks tho.

自飞翔 Bluehole just ban the accout, Nothing to do fixing the game cheating bug!

Tone This is proof they are done with it haha of course it is doing well on PS4 gamers been waiting to play since MS announcement last yr. Now let’s see how PUBG will be doing in a year from now or not even that with the new games coming for 2019.

Kratos Kodi was released the same time frame tho.

Davide. already did all the troubleshooting part, i’m running a pretty strong setup, i noticed it only occurs during the first game join, the games after doesn’t have long loading times… I think it’s a bug.

carter brown Could some support get back to me

carter brown

eNigMaTic HD We want resolution priority option for the Xbox one x on the base game, not just the pts We want night maps with rain fall and thunder in a city with houses and suburbs and malls We want to be able to duck and hide in back seat of cars

eNigMaTic HD So when will the base game get the resolution priority option for the Xbox one x, like the pts has for vikendi I’m sick of the original map looking terrible on the Xbox one x….also we want night time, heavy rain and thunder maps in like manhattan

Shotoverse Doesnt matter even if you report it, Bluehole wont do anything about it.

GloryJean If I have that attitude then there’s a 0% chance it’ll get fixed. If I’m hopeful and constructive about it, there’s a better possibility

Shotoverse I know but I am tired of reporting hackers with video evidence only to see them still playing on those accounts, its a joke.

GloryJean I feel like I’ve been having a much better ban rate when reporting accounts in game right as it happens. Then again, I haven’t ran into that many recently. I feel your pain though

Nightwing Suicide Squad skins are available for ?

djangostarr Your game runs like shit, what did you expect?

Etienne Da Silva Other than that the game is still fun to play hopefully the Vikendi update will bring some kind if stability also UI for ping would be great.

Astrix_au please let us use OC solo servers. It still takes ages till we find a lower ping server ping ranges from 180-300 can take 5 servers before finally starting.

Checkout Pubg server down on 2019-01-14

Z3R0 Actually it’s a Sony thing believe it or not. Doesn’t matter bc pc >console

Z3R0 Bc ur game sucks

Craig Lavigna I am trying to change my nickname and I am getting a prohibited response to Twitch_CrAiGALLDaY. Can you help?

We Fight! my game keeps saying update game client but I’ve already updating everything including windows.

Rajesh Meena 🇮🇳 Fix this glitch or everyone will be doing cheating in nxt days by using this glitch youtu.be/5qEN6eCDHjs

el chef guerrero apparently the problem was from xbox live and the servers are already playing normally thanks

maxou 日本 Thanks, I keep you in touch, I will try it tomorrow!

maxou 日本 Just a small question, I have around 50-60 FPS with my configuration (CPU i5-7700 and 1050 for my GPU) when I put all the graphic settings to very low, it is normal?

Bri Yu been having really insane lag in the lobby/main menu for a good 5-10s before it goes back to normal but as soon as I interact with any button it lags again. Never had this issue until recently. Already updated drivers, gtx 1080ti/4930k/32gb


Minergold can you plz bring back region select for one day so i can go back on oce servers because im stuck in sea servers and get 160 ping

joe. guys. 3rd game in a row on Xbox, me and my friend can’t seem to play at the minute in EU!

joe. Followed by this everytime

DomClemit wtf is going on with this game tonight on Xbox. 3rd game in a row the server has lagged out. Piss take. Will this game ever work

ᴉʇɐuᴉɯnllᴉ squad FPP would be sweet.

Adam Novice The REAL reason why Microsoft wanted crossplay

Panic_Gaming my beard disappeared after the Vik update… what do I do?

omar You banned my account for no reason!!

Soner Güvenç pubg.op.gg/user/DermoKILL please check this player’s match history and tell me what do you think about him bluehole ???

Gustavo what day the vikendi update will be launched in xbox pls ??

Gerardo Andrade Why has the voice chat stopped working on Xbox one, I’ve noticed in-game my mic won’t activate nor will others, strange considering the majority of time there full mic squads, it’s not my headset, every other games chat is perfectly fine, any solutions?

Rick Dana I’m getting constant packet loss from South East Virginia on the NA servers for the past few weeks. ISP says my lines are fine and nothing fixes it on my end. Problems with AWS servers or?

Kiit Good game!!

@Freezer GER Dankeschön junge Dame

Wud Legerity Week 4, Challenge requires Squads games on Miramar. This is attracting team killers. Twice in 5 games one of the randoms on our squad killed me or a teamate for the weapon on our back. Please start thinking about the consequences of challenges before you make them.

Sythe What does this mean? -Footprints -Hands on walls

JDilla Anyone else’s daily missions not working in ? Most recently, the use 2 medkits in a single match isn’t working.

DOGGAVELI this happened last night on Xbox One X? Also no solo games in Oceania for 6 months everyone has given up. Forced to play on North USA server with high ping and latency what chance do we have at a fair game?

avujini Is this a bug or a hack?.. the player went underground and was able to deplete 100 life with 2 bullets from M416.. he/she killed 4 players with 12 bullets?!!!

Liviu -_- hello devs, WE have a big problem with this desync , since the new map ,it’s back ! This is a real problem and you need to fix it soon. I don’t care about optim the game, i play with screen scale and very low , but when i die i want to not die behind the cover!!!!!!!!.

dash Hello, my voicechat does not work and I have already tried all possible solutions, some solution?

HUNTER2ZERO Day bounce tho😂😂😂😂

RyanLoki Hello, have you had many reports of sound bugs lately. I keep getting sound issues when dropping from the plane and footstep issues?

ᴅᴀᴠᴇ needs 60fps on PS4 😤

lil Icon Can i get a reward for seeing these??? 😅😏

Dimseren77 Hello, I totally misunderstood the: “remove a skin” mission, accidentally sold my Crimson skin to QBZ. How do I get it back? Can I get it back at all??? Searched for skins to buy, but found out, that you have closed down for all trades with skins to PubG. Please help.

Dimseren77 Please help out a noob, newbie, beginner.

marko darko what happen to the duos on Xbox test server?

YEPMOS Going live now! We only need 30 more Followers to reach our goal! PS There’s going to be a giveaway when WE reach 200 Followers! Come join us @ twitch.com/yepmostv

HalRambe Pls fix.

HalRambe Here is an actual video of how he got under. streamable.com/giw1y

Red why doesn’t downing someone and then them dying not count towards daily or weekly kill challenges? Ex. I downed one guy and then instantly killed his teammate, got both kills but only 1 counted as SR kill?

Charbel Assaad when will the test server go live I’m always getting that the server are in maintenance

RogueAmerican75 Lol they haven’t even fixed all the issues in the regular game and they expect us to believe they’ll fix this!! What a joke!

El Osalrara (cosa rara) If you zoom in the picture you’ll could see two guys running when they still in the air, I played a severals times this morning and saw this at least 4 times when we’re landing. It is OK? I would like no.

Davide. i changed my gfx card on my pc and the game takes too long to load on a multiplayer session, what happened? i already did a fresh install of the game, updated the drivers to the lastest avaiable ones, no resolution yet.

Davide. it only loads at the end of the path/jumps out at the end, and the game is still on loading screen. Before with the old gfx card it was pretty fast loading.

GhAzI This account sells hack pubg I wish to stop because of it spread hacker in a game and caused us a disturbance

Paul Where is the trade up system and where is trading, u said both were removed temporarily but you never brought them back!

Funnibunni Wow that’s shocking lol

saeed hi I need help because I lost my account please I need your help

AthenaWraith youtu.be/oD70HZ0uwn4 PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 Tournament | 1 Crore Prize Pool | How to Participate & All Details _MOBILE

MrZezo. When the Ps4 update !!!

Justin Gonzalez It won’t let me play with friends on ps4 why?

Prashant My net speed is 3MBPS still when i open the game it says server didn’t respond. Why so?

Rajesh RJ Itne m itna hi milega saheb

Suns (11-33) no duels on PTS?!!?

yunus emre s3.dosya.tc/server18/d8kcc… please help me 😢

chrollo How to switch to FPP?

Owen Parsons Get to give it to you?

Cloud Strife Cross play Xbox PS4, come on!

Dark Dante (Jesús Iván Bolaños) Pts is online? Thanks, i no know

🌼 may I know what happened to my account? It has been 2 weeks.

Playstation Plus Podcast Check the pubg help Twitter page, as a matter of fact where did you get your numbers cause Microsoft or bluehole never mentioned sales numbers they mentioned player counts. I can link you to the facts but you would probably still act oblivious to it.

Murk305 5 million players before gamepass. Let me guess 50% of those are game share right? GTFOH Come on the podcast so I can stomp you out some more.

Playstation Plus Podcast Your statement went from sold to players in a matter of minutes…Yet as you say you want me to come to your podcast so you can stomp me out more….. Hahahahahah

Murk305 Oh wait but what you said about low player count but excluded the FACT that it’s on the TEST SERVER 🤣🤣Fu outa hear 🤡

Playstation Plus Podcast Theirs a steep decline that’s why ya man’s Mike ybarra begging for crossplay just accept it and move on.

🎮JayTV🔥 You free to join today in 2 hours and 40 minutes?

Murk305 I’ll try I’m on the road right now. Thank for the invite.

🎮JayTV🔥 Oh ok

Playstation Plus Podcast You’ve done nothing

Murk305 And while your at it link me to these “low player counts” your mentioning. Kinda strange that game you guys were trashing was the selling game on PlayStation last month right? 🤔

Playstation Plus Podcast As you wish twitter.com/PUBG_help/stat…

Murk305 On the TEST server you idi*t 🤣🤣🤣 one thing is clear, I always am owning you on Twitter. You should start calling me d.

Snaxzilla Go into your cmd prompt and flush your dns. This helps me when I get unexplained packet loss and ping spikes.

Pete lobby’s won’t let us ready up eu tpp squads

Mikko Koivunen When parachuting and pressing W it starts automatically dive down and can’t glide even half as far as my teammates, tried even resetting to default keys. Started after the vikendi patch, pls help!?

PaperDividend&Profit Keep falling under the map in erangle ps4 wall out or in a certain door and in the water I go

STEEDA please ban these players on xbox. They are playing 2 man team on 4 man squad with 6 people.

Xpro1 And what about FPP EU on xbox… Been broken for +8 months

Killerex512 Hi um my test server doesn’t load me into a solo match like I try and it just says matchmaking and I’ve seen it go to 60 min

GOLD LION X23 ♏️ That’s a Europe problem not a state side problem. I can get matches solo on either system.

John Voss Like fortnite will we be able to carry are characters and progression are do we have to buy everything all over again??? Any one? Anybody? Hello

Brayam Medina Are you going to add the option to XBOX players to play with keyboard and mouse on the same servers or on specific servers for keyboard and mouse?

Dustin French Xbox community gamertag Omniblivious is team killing squads on a stream.

PhaNDoMs why is the hold to ADS scope in then randomly unscope bug still a thing???

#BadOne Rocky Thanks . Need something for as well

haepis Competitive games are unplayable on EU servers. Less than 15 tickrate and laggy as hell.

BERSERKER Rainbow Six Siege and Pubg are the best shooter games but the matchmaking in Pubg on FPP is horrible. Both are great games.

sondre håheim røseth when can you make a offline mode with different difficulties?

BERSERKER Fix N. America FPP matchmaking on xbox!

Rayyan ラヤン – 🎮 Tales Of Vesperia Make it F2P.

DaGStackaTV Will the next update have Vikendi for PS4?

THR_Rulez Sometimes i cant understand why i playing this game. 2 bullets in body and one in the head with no helmet and stil got 30% hp twitch.tv/rulezthegod/cl…

TriNhO Why you ignore me?

E Make sure your account is banned before your system is an idiot! Why if a lot of communications are stopped! This is my second account and it is also banned!

Jake Knighton Hi if I missed out on buying something from a game (DLC pack) but it’s not on store anymore is there some way of purchasing them? I was after the Halloween skins for PUBG? (Xbox)

Anıl Erdoğan my account was stolen yesterday, it was opened today but I was forbidden from PUBG game please help me. I have to talk with you about my account problems .I have avidence for my account stollen

Anıl Erdoğan my account was stolen yesterday, it was opened today but I was forbidden from PUBG game

Abhishek Sahani Attaching screenshot of that 5 players name. . Please help to get cheaters SKUL team banned from final.

Abhishek Sahani

alex thomson Your face at the end of the video 😂👌

GloryJean That’s my reaction to that player’s aim

alex thomson Haha he all day to aim as well 😂

Alan thomson I seen that ahaha

JDK When are you ever going to fix your damn game? Yeah it’s all great that you ban 90% of the people I report, but the hackers aren’t going anywhere. Do you have any plans in the near future to fix this aimbot and wall hack bullshit?

Ioannis Stf Why should Sony help Microsoft/Xbox? PlayStation Gamers have no problem finding other Players. And people say Console sales are irrelevant. Sony confirmed almost 92 Million sales while Microsoft is still below 40 Million lol.

AussieScales I’m in Australia and I’m getting matched with south eat Asia servers…. why…

Jakub Kučírek When We Can choose the map?… f*cking angry from miramar

Gareth hughes another question, is console expecting any more weapon skins? Just curious.

Manvendra Singh Chauhan sir i convert my account from global version to vaitnam version . I want to get back on global version Please help!

Mr Vampyr Xbox channels and microcoft lied 😂😂

Halostorm About what?

りゅうな why did i predict the round 4 winner (it was only 1 time when my predict turned out to be right) in the last day of and i didnt receive the code?

evilmath it also happened to me,would you like to let me know if you get back your code?thanks a lot

りゅうな sure, but it doesn’t seem like they were going to do something with it >w>

Ivan Zuvela Will Xbox get zombie mode??

Automatic_Deadly when would there be crossplay between PS4 and PC and when?

Gx Abdullah Why the rain can’t falling in モバイルフレンド募集 _MOBILE_フレンド募集

OH_look_A_KITTY A friend of mine says that pubg on console is just a cash grab to fund the pc version. Is this true pubg? Is this why there are so many issues and why the rewards and crates are so stale on console?

Chirath Malaka What is the difference between PUBG & PUBG LITE?Is it made for low performance PC?

Robert Pc players can stay pc only. Consoles should be able to crossplay, pc has too many hackers fucking about on their servers

sufyan tried to join squad this is what is happening constantly. Please help.

Gareth hughes on live servers, I search for battle royale in hope that I can play Erangel, to my disappointment 95% of the time, I’m put on Mirimar, the game has done this to me so many times, that I’m starting to dislike it, could you better the map selection?

xBeat when is vikendi going live on xbox servers? On pts its horrible to play because the map isnt loading the objectives

JR “Jamie” I’ll try this again since you ignored the last, was you under a rock when people wanted Fortnite and Minecraft crossplay? Every platform has it except PS. Guess which fanbase wanted to join in on the party then? Oh yes….

Kim H. Hey guys/devs/jedi’s/guru’s at PUBG Corp! Can you please add a 50v50 mode? Getting tired of players with radar. GG.

Charlie Handley People like you are actually pathetic. My man cares more about his PlayStation being better LOL.

The_Sensei can you please ban this user. He’s aim bot, auto locking, no recoil. USername: WokongBuKaiWG clips.twitch.tv/HedonisticColo…

Vermeille the red jacket pubg invitation can we buy it? I Want this very much !!!!

Osan Hey would you consider the auto-loot or whatever it is to make player on consoles easier to loot? Juat sayin.

Ahmadsusay.S please high graphics to ps4


Mohammed Al-Karaki i tried to login from my facebook then i showing popup message below :

Rajiv 🇮🇳🇮🇳 how is this guy’s… I did my best… Love pubg..

Joey (Dufer) twitch.tv/videos/3562932… An entire VOD of these issues. clips.twitch.tv/CulturedRelate… clips.twitch.tv/TriangularPeac… clips.twitch.tv/SoftKitschyRab…


Players United Gaming Damn it’s true they ain’t playing No Games.

Johnno are trophies still not working? I’ve jumped out of the plane 150 times and got over 200 kills but these two trophies (101 jumps, 100 kills) haven’t popped. Any help?


Tom Hello! Is the Aviator Crate going to be available on PS4?

Rdnkwarrior I am still getting into groups with people whoa re not from NA. Please stop matching me into other countries servers. it is BS.

Marco Ibarra You would think that they get enough money to have it open at all times but apparently not🤷🏽‍♂️

UnArmedd ✈️ NPL LAN If you had packet loss out of or up to your modem you would likely not have working internet. It is most likely an issue with the PUBG server local to you.

Tj Lots of games do it. Most games do it via daily log in

Eric Gustafsson It has now been more than 4 days since PUBG support replied to my ticket. Please help me out!

NutellaHazelnut Raining in the building.

Andrew Reed Any reason as to whyi am unable to view the leaderboards?

Eric I accidentally bought a 2nd Arctic Digital skin for the M249, Using the Yellow Coupons, And I was hoping you guys could refund the coupons and the skin. I’m on PC. thanks Username – e-Rock

BBₓ BECAUSE YOUR GAME KS FUCKING DEAD. open up cross platform between PlayStation and Xbox .


Mohammad Adil Hussain Very bad condition of pubg Excess lacking problem

🔴Live NOW🔴 twitch.tv/Comicbooksplus is I think by adding a default start time you can bring it back. If people knew it start at a certain point even with not a full game more people would play it

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg youtu.be/Uof2kO-cm0A

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg youtu.be/Uof2kO-cm0A

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Craig 25/30fps same unplayable shit

TheMisterChef Higher than 30 too try again buddy

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg youtu.be/Uof2kO-cm0A

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Craig If you call 25fps good LMAO also glad I don’t own one as that would be embarrassing

TheMisterChef It doesn’t run at 25fps on the X tho… acting like you know without even playing lmaooo.

Craig 25/30fps same unplayable shit

TheMisterChef Higher than 30 too try again buddy

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg youtu.be/Uof2kO-cm0A

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

✌Apex Chief✌ Give the game a year of being live on your platform and you will suffer the same issues don’t be so short sighted by your love for a plastic box to see that crossplay is great for smaller non AAA mutiplayer matchmaking

Craig It runs like shit even on xbox one x

TheMisterChef No, it actually doesn’t I also genuinely doubt you have access to one in the first place.

Craig If you call 25fps good LMAO also glad I don’t own one as that would be embarrassing

TheMisterChef It doesn’t run at 25fps on the X tho… acting like you know without even playing lmaooo.

Craig 25/30fps same unplayable shit

TheMisterChef Higher than 30 too try again buddy

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg youtu.be/Uof2kO-cm0A

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Martín van Cauwlaert Hi. Can you check the Mirado Mission on Week 4th? Is not taking driven time as it should be. Already tried like 5 times and had the same result. Thanks.

D34TH0FKVorshk Oh because I follow PUBG_help and its came across my thread, and it was stupid. Why are you still talking to me?

D34TH0FKVorshk No they really dont, Its always the idiot laughing when they should be crying.

Jacob Izreal Cool

Kenshin 26second duo fpp que time and ive been waiting 10mins multiple times…..please fix the que issue. you’re going to effectively killa NA just like you did to oce and SA

Juan The pts stands for pubg test servers not the live servers you’ll get it when you download the game have fun out there this game is shit and broken

Juan Exactly dude the only reason it’s is popular on pa4 is cuz they haven’t put up with this bs of a game for as long as Xbox just wait till they see how shity this company is at running there own game

Mithun Bhagath If you wait for about five minutes or more you will get a game with 40 players in it

Kedar Salandy 🇧🇷 But the ps4 version doesn’t even have all the modes that Xbox has lol

Juan Yeah it’s sad dude only cuz they where so fucking thirsty for money they decided just to through the pc version of the game into the console with lower graphics instead of rewriting the code for console hey money hungry people don’t care aslong as they are Making money

Juan It’s ok bud I was delusional like you at first too but the money they make is not going to making the game better or else we wouldn’t be complaining we don’t know where is going because it takes months to update the game by know they would of invested in a bigger team but nah

GamingISAHobby Game had so much potential but failed.

GamingISAHobby Was laughing at pubg when playing it with friends on Xbox. Trees were having trouble rendering on the X.

Juan Lmao this shit console war still going and I see why cuz ps4 owners think cuz it’s ps4 they are above everyone just stfu my guy just a console and people have stopped played the pts cuz the bugs I’m sick of going under the map while driving we just waiting for live servers Jesus

BeastNationLIVE why is pubg so bad on Xbox one? Do u ppl not play it ?? Fps is terrible on all maps I’m laggy every gun fight? But y’all call this pull product Lul

Lets Jink This is why the servers died lol landed there once never did again only place of the map I don’t know around

Zimm804 This is proof that the Xbox is WELL under 40 million units sold and why they BEG for crossplay


Cameron Mangum Kidsmove not gonna like this

Cameron Mangum Kidsmove not gonna like this

RNS Hey I’m in France and the training mode isn’t working here either please do something ; ) thank you!

Victor-Mythic Team will map in PTS introduce in the port over to Player Unknown Full Release?

RNS Not working for me either, it’s been days, it rarely works here in France, so disappointed..

Curtis Gabriel Yeah it’s frustrating mate, it’s a great tool. Wish it was working !

✖BO✖ ONE 0-11 NPD So what happened to the 3 million players on xbox one?


CheeksDaFreak Damn no wonder Microsoft is so he’ll bent for crossplay 🤣

Jeremy Doan PTS is not working on ps4 …you can’t load into a match… waited over 10 mins

w1kedz Could probably get more players if you added duos lol, we stopped playing because it’s hard to put together squads all the time, waiting for live now

What Grinds My Gears This friggen PUBG is a joke. Player unknown himself cashed that check so fast and is chilling at the beach. Here is a live video feed lol…

calirex Lol oh no bro you I. Can’t breath lol 😂

Angel Yall only had 1 mode on playstation lmao yall cant even play with ur friends 😂💀 guess this proves gamers play less then gamers 😂

Todd Howard im considering pubg on the xbox, does this version have dedicated servers?

Craig Why would they the game barely runs on the consoles

TheMisterChef Maybe to make it run better for everything that isn’t a one x…

Craig It runs like shit even on xbox one x

TheMisterChef No, it actually doesn’t I also genuinely doubt you have access to one in the first place.

Craig If you call 25fps good LMAO also glad I don’t own one as that would be embarrassing

TheMisterChef It doesn’t run at 25fps on the X tho… acting like you know without even playing lmaooo.

Craig 25/30fps same unplayable shit

TheMisterChef Higher than 30 too try again buddy

Craig Except it’s not

TheMisterChef Lmaoo you’re a joke go back to your non-existent pc

Craig She’s a beauty don’t you think

Craig You mean like your non existent higher than 30fps version of pubg youtu.be/Uof2kO-cm0A

TheMisterChef Lmaoo that was the 1.0 launch, there’s been 2 or 3 performance patches since then.

Craig Show me then bet you can’t 🤣

TheMisterChef I am not digging through patch notes for you

Craig You wanna see the real version of the game stop being poor and get a pc 😂

Craig Because there is none hahaha have fun with your 25/30fps lower than pcs lowest setting version peasant

Ronald where is Miramar? What happened?


iseuljin the waiting time for solo is crazy.

MyguyMalik Lol where

Kill shot He has a video on you tube responding to that question about proximity chat

Bradley David you seriously need to sort the gun spawning out on the maps I’ve just searched literally 15 flats 3 floors and all it had was fucking hand guns what a pile of shit

Travis Belleau🎮 lmao at the people in this thread asking for PS4 x-play to save the servers.

Barrie Baflap Is that the reason why everytime I’m trying to get into a squad game on europe servers, it automatically tries to switch it into a solo matchmaking? Which btw doesn’t work either as had it 3x where it was still queued after 10 min?

Bago Fatz Purchased that and Plus bundle. Didn’t realize that I have to wait up to 7 days for the PS Plus code. SMH so upset and couldn’t help, I have to deal with it. So got a online only game with no online access.

rodrigo seixas Yay! Lets play PUBG! “Server Maintenance” Always on my free day… seriously

gerasimos stamenis FIX the LOOT in ERANGEL is so poor 1 SQUAD droping NOVO and they get shjt loot, you r going to lose more ppl if you dont fix the loot

Steven Kennedy give console more audio controls I can’t hear footsteps and this is the only game that happens

ImTheStoner you dont do anything just wast the time say you’re gonna fix somthing

Checkout current PUBG server status

Luiz Guilherme We stay with 30 FPS on hot drop in game guys, congratulations PUBG keep make this useful patch…

ImTheStoner Really you dont fix anything , you worsen everything about fps problems , loot everything , your game is nice but do something about your fckn fix all the weeks. PUBG SUCKS

Darren Yeah why is test server not available during maintenance.. Because that makes sense. 🙄

David DeBouvre So…. Desync still a thing? What about audio bugs? oh! wait… meaningless 4.5 hour “server maintenance”

MrHorrorTv When is the pts going on live servers

Ty Rusher how many thousands of Xbox players have to message you before you send an update of when Vikendi will hit live server.

Techy hello thank you my pc is running pubb fine now sorry to be bothering you guys

David Marcus Can we not have weekly shut downs anymore or not make it at peak times of game play?! Please and thank you 😁

Jason Do it when I’m sleeping 2/3 am

shane You know there is such a thing as time zones that they cant control. What might me a good time to some is a bad time for others. Get over it. At least they are updating and fixing things.

Jonathan There are different servers in multiple timezones. They could do a better job

Yapchagi hmm I feel like they do this so often nowadays.

gary payton Because apparently these motherfuckers over at bluehole have never heard of a zero downtime update.


rogi 🤙🤙 Fix this (in the time of the video) youtu.be/dpzZzCM3-MU?t=…

phpabreu cara isso é ridiculo, aconteceu cmg hj dnv

Becky Rabchuk Doing maintenance during the day would make my life so much better.. D;

LanceFightmaster I have been getting crashes ever since update 20. laptop i7 6700hq, gtx980m, 32gb ddr4 ram. I know that there were issues with certain processors, were these ever fixed?

Pz Cairnzy Any punishment for people like this who obviously find it amusing to exploit bugs/glitches? His Gamertag is on the top left if so 🙂

Pankaj Patil youtu.be/Slt9QXPYA2Y hackers coming again

Oxymeth Can’t you do maintenance at 5am like every other normal company?

Sean_Seattleeeee Maybe fix this? We scared lots of ppl during that game

TVNK youtube.com/watch?v=dIkFuk…

Faithlesssoul plug & xbox or ps4 controller in pc problem solved for you 👊🍗🍴

ブルックス cool I just got off work, made & ate dinner and finished my studying. Thanks for taking the game down!

Vincent I think the lesson here is to play games first, study later.

Tyron “Prokill” Bataille are you aware of the horrible experience the game is for competitive players with the massive frame drop/stutter that occurs in competitive games? Have you even acknowledged the issue ?

Andrew I just uninstalled and reinstalled to fix a bug and this is what i come back to

Lvl. 35 🅱oss when you bought the vikendi pass and you’re missing out on sweet prizes from a downtime that expands to your bedtime

Spamelote Today the game crashed 3 times. Please do something.

Adrian Chavez Is blue holes target demographic the chinese ? Like why with the maintenance during prime time in NA?

Dacreamysausage You think just because you can’t afford it, it should just be free? What about all the people who have already paid into the game? Don’t act like you deserve special treatment. You can go eat a bag of d*cks fukboy

Shaun Smallwood Can you please explain why these updates take so long? I’m not criticizing, just curious what the reasoning is. Also it would be really nice if PUBG: Test Server stayed alive during these long outages 😉

Corey hulsey Please find a better way of doing these updates.

Fdo. Arrigorriaga Holy shit, when i try to play this shit, its down. And they do nothing.

Godoy 🇧🇷 Lol Same here, I have not played for months haha there I go to Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege

Lessthanprofessional I stopped playing some time ago. I play mostly siege now youtu.be/QzqCusisRP4

Guffmaw It happeneds every Tuesday every week for months now

cdotcizzle Wish and players could get a freaking update…………………….

l3gacy hey man ur getting vikendi this month i think

no one Weve had a huge number of updates…their count is wrong… sometimes a few a day…so…maybe you should hope tooo much… Nothing like having it crash to find out you had another update…

Vichai Lee Can you guys add like a mission log counter so we know if we are doing the missions correctly?

Blake Marshall Crazy how this game gets worse with every update when it ran its best in February 2k18

MrHorrorTv lmao you lagged out every game in Feb 2018 how is this worse

Blake Marshall ….. lol you must have trash connection

MrHorrorTv lmao no you must have trash connection if you still having issues with this game my son. Better player than you im sure

Ricardo So live server maintenance apparently means test server maintenance now too? You just want to turn your entire game off on Tuesdays during prime gaming time for working adults?

➖ Justin ➖ Say it louder for the people in the back Rich

Andrew S. Kapitzis Worst ever..updates every week or even less….seriously crying the money I spent buying this UTTER CRAP !!!!

Ken Weezy You all have some magic talent for having these releases right when I find some free time. How are we supposed to complete challenges like drive in a murado for two hours like this…

Lakeshow on PS4 my character randomly moves very slowly when I sprint. Any fixes on the way?

Arthigan K. wuts with service maintenance times for NA? Happens during the afternoon and night (when people are off work or school).

Justin Fawcett Because they are in Korea….the downtime isn’t staggered per timezone

Melissa It’s every Tuesday. Write it down.

Arthigan K. Yea, I guess it ain’t too bad honestly.

Shawn Skinner While i dont mind the maintenance. If you guys are taking down live servers please have test up.

Dan Del Aguaro Hard to do when they run on the same servers.

Daniel No, not really. They used to keep the test servers up during Tuesday maintenance.

Thiago “nikit0” de Souza you launch the weekly missions and every time the servers get in, it’s difficult to do them

Russell Evans Where was the advanced warning? Why do you play us like this? We all come back and play because we love the game, but seriously, you can’t operate a successful business like this..

DAVY1523 {Rated R} Follow main account they warned us yesterday

Bradley Borg These are the patch notes that have been for like 2 weeks. Cool.

Noshow_TV why are the test servers not up and running?

.Nesim Belica. boo man ruined my night 😢

corneliusus wait, are you guys still shutting down every week like a bunch of tools? okay, just checking.

unadorable WHATS GOING ON WITH PS4???

WiggyDom Talk about advance warnings…

DAVY1523 {Rated R} They warned us yesterday 😂

WiggyDom On a Twitter account I haven’t heard of, what happened to the in lobby warning? 💯 communication

KingKracker youtube.com/watch?v=oR9X8Z… this is a vid of some of my other issues, if that helps. like i said i got the healing and crouching figured out. also when i pick up my first gun, it does not auto equip. I will make a complet vid of all issues and give to support team



Lucas – LlamaSenpai Calm ur tits, just buy a new PC and you’ll be fine

胡汶鏹 Definitely ur pc and internet connection sucks lol

GioTr deja de jugar, y listo se arregla tu problema

Jason O I dont know what that was, but it sure wasn’t english.

it is me, patrick you seem like a happy and normal person


Azure {NS} You need to reasses your English typing capabilities. Least they can create a game. What do you do besides embarrass the English language?

The Dude English?

Vengeful We need the snow map for custom games! 😭

「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」 nightmode?

l3gacy no. they have 4 hours of downtime for 6 bug fixes. i’m not being sarcastic. they are literally having 4 hours of downtime to implement a 41 mb update with 6 bug fixes.

「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」 🤣


Dan Del Aguaro Really hard to do when the test servers are on the main servers.

KingKracker Just an FYI, I got the heal cancel bug figured out with the help of PUBG support team and here is the fix. If you have crouch as the same button as vehical seat change, then it will cancel out your heal if you try to crouch or stand. So I changed my button lay out, and its fixed

Ronaldo Make proximity chat available for consoles

AqueleCaraChato Fix, fix and fix and indeed nothing is fixed lol

Arthur Arroxelas Thx, so my family come back to me.

MrMissle Why take the test server down too? I don’t get it

eM | Serk 🐼 Was thinking the same thing like so dumb honestly

Ali Alaliwi wtf every couple days you have this server maintenance!

Renaissance Man Because they are trying to figure out the solution to a ton of issues

D.Kananos Stupid company every week update 3mb update 4 hours maintenance .. Thats I prefer fortnite now !!!

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch no… pubg.com/2018/12/07/vik…

Kevin Miller When will the Xbox update go to live servers? The PTS has been live for 2 weeks now…

Doc_Doge[Respect] PUBG:We are now in maintenance. Patch Notes: Vikendi is now live!

Liviu -_- Scroll down

Dixicoin RT PUBG “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch notes here: …

Stevo oh boi so we cant play pubg now for 4 hours? not even on testservers?

Echo-Tango Get your PUBG fix and pick which player wins!! youtu.be/0iWFvjfo-fM

…. RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch notes here: pubg.com/2018/12/07/vik…

🃏 RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch notes here: pubg.com/2018/12/07/vik…

FEL 🚀 Last 2 updates Test Server on maintenance at the same time. Should we expect this going forward?

Hydrospanner Why do this during prime time playing hours?

PeterGm Who says what’s the prime hour? Prime hour according to YOUR time zone? Pretty selfish ha?! I’m pretty sure they are working on daytime in America as they also have families instead of working after midnight just for you to be happy…

Hydrospanner Well it’s 2:45 am there in Greece… go to bed

PeterGm I’m in the UK now lol

SwagMaster It will fix this too ?😂👌

King_42 Or change it to any vehicle

Muhammet Zübeyr Ay lmao 😂😂

Juan Ignacio Ardaiz 👋

Dominus Axe Riel Need For Speed:

IcY_Radon 30 minutes til week 4 of survivor pass, 4 hour downtime

UnholyFroggod Please dear GOD, fix the loot! Especially Erangel

Martin Fadlala The thing is.. PUbg is a Survival game. Not a shooting game.. so ok Theres no weapons

Ian McCune really easy to survive against people with weapons without a weapon.

Martin Fadlala I dont Know bro, ask

steve there isnt anything wrong with loot… why do people think they deserve a fully kitted m4 and a level 3 shirt and hat after 3 houses?

E i feel like you should be able to leave school with more than a shotgun and a lvl 2 helmet

steve 1. there is 0 percent chance that if you win school that is all you have 2. dont drop school if you ever feel like making it past 5 minutes honestly i sit outside of school some games just to take school idiots loot, its always more than a shotgun

E bro literally no one drops school anymore because the loot is trash. it’s like maybe one team besides me. i have landed by myself many times

steve gee its almost like folks are learning school having normal average loot is not a problem. 900 mongos dropping there to jerk eachother off and expecting level 3 vests around every corner is the problem

E i’m not expecting it i just miss when people would go there. it *used* to have good loot so people showed up. now that they limited the loot no one goes there and you can’t enjoy that part of the map


Julio S. Vega Velez Any news for PS4 what is going to happen with Sanhok Pass for PS4

DAVY1523 {Rated R} Hahaha I feel bad for you ps4 players 😂

Julio S. Vega Velez PUBG PS4 is a brand new game but the thing is why they don’t say anything what exactly what are they doing with the game they should stop fixing PC there is not big problems on PC

Renaissance Man Bro have you even tried to play it on PC? Go try and then tell me there are no problems.

Julio S. Vega Velez PC gamer problems 3rd cheap PC 2nd cheat codes or programs doesn’t work and 1st the person behind a desk with mouse and keyboard that is really bad at the game

Dante quach Lol you console kids dont know what you’re talking about. Pure aim over here no aim-assist.

Renaissance Man Pubg on Xbox has no aim assist numb nuts

Julio S. Vega Velez And who TF is talking about aim assist

DAVY1523 {Rated R} I was gonna say 🤔😂

DAVY1523 {Rated R} Right? 😂

Peter Griffin “Multiple bug fixes” and the introduction of new bugs fixing old bugs. Lol.

xViSiONZ It’s the circle of life. And by life I of course mean pubg :p

Billy_b from Buffalo Every………..TIME!

Lucian Dragomir even test servers?

Anjyu02 Does it simply mean there is no players in PTS on PS4?


IIBergy Was planning on streaming some pubg tonight but of course they choose the worst time for server maintenance….

wiregh0st you must be playing on pubg mobile against bots and still getting beat. if you are on pc, you’re playing asia servers or south america.. not our fault all you guys do is cheat.

JDR all this maintenance yet u still have lots of hackers. Also, why not reward people that report hackers?

iliopolis Drive a Mirado for 2 hours. Are you kidding me?

wiregh0st what exactly is server maintenance? the servers have gone down for multiple hours every tuesday and the game is the same. PUBG shuts down their servers for hours for what? most other games reboot their servers for updates.. they don’t take them offline for hours…

dredlox76 How about spring matchmaking on normal game I still can’t get FPP on euro servers and after midnight it’s hard to get games on euro solo TPP even!

Visage Devine🌐 Deadgame lol

Brandon 🦅🏆 But sure… you do your “maintenance” which is really just a reboot of the AWS cloud servers you’re using because you’re too cheap to invest in a proper datacenter.

Cesar Ruiz I absolutely love this game, please add cross play ! This will help PUBG compete even more. PC should be able to play with Xbox one and PS4 And if you add PS4 vs Xbox cross play. You’ll blow up even more.

Rams 13-3 nigga hell naw, im not tryna play PC players lol you crazy

Cesar Ruiz Why not ? Is PC cheat or what ?

Rams 13-3 them niggas GODS bro lol fuck that

Cesar Ruiz Is it really like that ? I mean fortnite does it and that console player Ayden rips PC players. Don’t tell me we can’t take out some PC players. Or is it easier for PC players ? If that’s so then that’s b.s

Rams 13-3 yeah bro lol against PC shit will be no fun . & ps4 is known for no competition shit will be easy asf

Cesar Ruiz I get you. I’ll be up for console vs console at least. Like add Xbox one vs PS4 mode Just to slap some PS4 people in my fam lol you know what I mean

Aisha Plz fix ur shittyyyyyyy game

Hend I have an account but is not linked to Twitter or Facebook and now it’s gone i want to restore it please help me 😭😭😭😭

NiP dohfOs (Martin Lundén) it’s not Sanhok related but surely more common since patch 24.. twitch.tv/maxiz0r/clip/Y… + clips.twitch.tv/OptimisticDrea… ..its been reported to the devs tho

Shaad What is the process for creating a permanent PUBG room? _MOBILE

🌴Paddy🌴 u guys gonna change that 500km buggy mission to 50km cuz thatd be nice

Tom Bomb Still shitty they do this to us and can’t just updates servers at different times. What else should I expect from an incompetent company such as bluehole and PUBG.

NicholasLdc The number was stolen. You really don’t have any efficiency. I said Lao Tzu opened SI family, can speed up acceptance? Account: CAIDINGNI168

UnknownGuy What’s new?

Sam Ramos still no fixes or updates.

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE It wasn’t broken oc has just had a rise in playercount for the last few days

Astrix_au No I was hoping they could fix it, hence the wink. I have never seen a local solo or duo match even though squads take 2 seconds so plenty of people online. Instead of fixing they simply disabled OC solo and Duo.

Andrew French It’s a joke

Viss My shotgun… 1/2

TheNameIsToby🎙️ had 4 hits on a guy woth no vest and didnt kill him with a s12k yesterday 😐

CantOrWont AKA Trey This is part of the new shotgun blanks shells, a new feature strictly for bluffing

DeadSlugg Shotguns have a spread that all the pellets do 10 dmg each, but 1 pellet does 90 dmg. This was a feature since Early access. Yes. A feature. Because someone raised it as a bug and they said it wasn’t, it was designed that way intentionally 🙃 🙃 🙃

Kami How it is possible that the killcam is still so buggy… 😱

Viss My enemies shotgun … 2/2

Nakata That game became a joke.

MDF_MetalHead84 But you said you are sick of blackout, things like this doesnt happened there 🙂

Viss ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

Maniac___Gaming It’s actually quite balance now that they lowered the durability of the armor viss

Scroopy Noopers Viss exposing pubg today 😂

Nurdle 🐢 Sounds about right clips.twitch.tv/AdventurousTsu…

OutcastMunkee That is the one fucking thing they just cannot get right in their game. I do not understand how the shotguns are so unbelievably random. The double barrel kills you from that range but the auto shotgun can’t kill with 2 shots at point blank? That’s just unreal.

Chapter V. bleh. 😋 Maybe they took the “unreal” part of the Unreal Engine too far lol.

ibiza Saiga is bugged, i had it the other day to.

Tyler Hamlin I think y’all have the wrong month up btw

Bob Sanders We don’t live in Europe, so no big deal. 😎

Tyler Hamlin Haha true.

Krishna Hello, the game sound is broken again the indicator points one way and the sound is coming from another way plz this ASAP

Rdnkwarrior When are you d bags going to put servers on the west side so I can stop getting 120ms. your game is trash when I can’t get a shot off on someone because it reads they are moving before I shoot.

Dental Nope. 🙂

Haseeb Abdul youtu.be/e_Iu1sdTdPc Guys please have a look at this video hackers are playing the game and cheating at its peak And that Yam Raj is in 2nd Position in Asia as conquerer this is certainly hurting us

james you all ever going to learn how to push live updates like every other game known to man? or just stay in the stone age?

Shammrock Then why are you even following there page GTFO


Zeus and 261 others If I have a 1080 Ti, 16 GB DDR4 and i7-8700K there is no reason I should experience lag, crashing and freezing on a regular basis. This game needs to fix THE GAME before they just add random bullshit skins, season passes, new maps and guns. Fix your priorities

Dan Woodman If you haven’t got it set up right then yeah lol

SANDROAPODI🎮 Until when will this game do it? Every week in prime time? No other game I know has this stop. It will end up killing the game.

Deren ‘Cuaj’ Ülgen ı ve rx580 8gb and 8 ram i5 4690k 3.5 ghz why always and all tournament have a crash? Need opt this game yeah we want play this but ıts not cool always have problems please solve it

BenFly 8gb ram pubg için yetersiz kalıyor ne yazıkki

Deren ‘Cuaj’ Ülgen Yetersiz kalmamalı işte

keri jean what is going on with matches won and kills statistics missing ? Have over 400 chickens & over 300 kills that were already recorded and they disappeared today ?!?!?!

PUBG Help Hi Keri, Are you still experiencing this issue after a restart? If so, could you please send through a screenshot of your statistics and also your in-game username? -M

Am my game crash every 5 games. Or so… Just crashes no codes or anything. Crashes straight to desktop.

Ricardo Santos PUBG on XBox will support Mouse/Keyboard or not? announced new HW that supports PUBG (razer.com/gaming-keyboar…), otherwise on forum said that it’s false.

Material Noice!

HernandezGamers Xd 😂

Nik Sweet, can’t wait to see what’s gonna be broken this time!?

Remiss23 I added $100 to my iTunes so that I can buy the $99.99 UC but it won’t let me is there tax or what’s the problem??? Help

Andrew Curto Msi 2080 gaming trio 8086 k 16gb of ram at 3000 everything in game is on low expect textures and view distance which is on ultra

Al Fall What happened to erangel and miramar? Can’t find any solo or duo games on those maps now. So sad :(. Fix the matchmaking

Ed Sullivan yeah its called a mouse and keyboard

Sleepwalk9r What? Im not cheating. If u do fine…

محمــد why the game didn’t run well and smoothly on PS4? That’s frustrating!

Petr Boshinski But still why during peak hours?

Zach It may be peak hours for the US but the development company is in South Korea. That KST is Korean Standard Time and for them, they are at the beginning their work day. Also, Korea and China have far more players each than the US so it wouldn’t even make sense for them to cater us

Michael Docherty need help to resolve this asap guys. Got G coin , bought a set then refunded the G coin purchase, got my money back but for some reason I kept the item that I bought. Now whenever I buy more coins it takes the money but I get nothing. Must be bugged

cuiyoumin My game account was mistakenly banned. Can the authorities help me to unblock it? My game ID: CUIYOUMINO

Lucas Ribeiro mouse and keyboard on Xbox one, RIP Pubg 2019.

Art Vandelay They said it was incorrectly listed.

Natasha Rio youtube.com/watch?v=Slt9QX… The Real PUBG Mobile Hacker is here

Mark ?↑฿↓? We’ve been doing this song and dance for over a year now. These weekly updates don’t seem to fix anything, they just inconvenience Western hemisphere players. They should stick to solid monthly/bi-monthly updates with real improvements.

Coringa hacker 😭😭😭😭

فهد I lost my guest account i want to restore it .How i get it back ?

Filipe Almeida the server performance is pretty bad.

Daniel Vitellaro no update you dummies. there was nothing on test server. its just maintenance.

@Freezer GER Hey will we get vikendi soon on xbox…

Jaro Šveda Today I tried after 3 weeks. In one hour game crashed 15 times.

RM.T0PsiD3 The stuttering or micro-stuttering in this game is ridiculous. They can’t optimize.

Wud Legerity Delayed update, never mind.

Infamous Champions when are you going to add fpp for duos? Hopefully soon

tyrion71 the year 2019 starts well, get out your fingers, it starts to do well with your servers completely broken! recruit competent developers, big worries !! on the other hand cheaters are always present BRAVO

Michael Docherty I bought G coin for PUBG but had to get it refunded last week. Now whenever I buy more it doesn’t get added to the account, but it’s still taking my money?

PUBG Help Hey Michael, would you be able to provide us with your Xbox live gamertag so I can escalate this issue to the team? Thanks! -A

Michael Docherty Thanks for the response . The GT is “ItzMikeDocherty”

blueamcat ❄️ Did you try restarting the game or the console? Turn off and unplug the console for a good 20 seconds. Then check again.

Michael Docherty Tried everything man I think it’s bugged out cause I spent the G coin on a set, then got it refunded. So I got the money back but I kept the set. Now whenever I try to buy more Coins it just does nothing at all. Need to see if they can reset it or something idk

blueamcat ❄️ Huh. That’s super odd. You’ll need to try Support directly through this link: xbox.com/help and ask for a call back or try live chat. Good luck!

Michael Docherty I’ve been trying to contact them on support but it’s just their virtual agents and whenever I request a real person it just links me to a different virtual agent lol. I’ll jug and see if they respond but thanks for the help anyway 🙌🏻

Rynxedo Is it possible to add spectate mode when hosting a custom game

Ka1li what are these invinsible hitbozes?

Zrax sometimes it can take a little bit to register. support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one… lets go ahead and give this a shot just to do a bit of troubleshooting.

Louis de klerk Pause before the last slr shot, you can see Blues head, not d-sync

BLU3 I’ve zoomed the 1080p video in and it’s solidly on the rock, must just be some sort of viewing glitch.

Louis de klerk From your POV you can also see the outlook where he shot you from while you were healing. But yeah the replay system is never pixel perfect.

Louis de klerk Also welcome to the 1440p generation Blue

Tumay Çalkan Hey, help me please

Holocsi Dániel Please please please make duo fpp available in EU servers

A-SKUNK-APE Not sure if this helps but one thing you can try is go to start menu…type event monitor and view your system crashes. Same happenes to a friend ended up his ssd was going bad but game crashed after every game

A-SKUNK-APE Sorry it’s called event viewer then go to logs tab then system tab and it will show any related crashes to your system and possibly give you an idea if it’s hardware related.

Ethan Gotta love the standard text they send every time 😂😂😂

The Dude What would you reply with when someone posts a message like that with absolutely no information to assist them?


Nikita L this game is broken

Connor_LindTV Noticing my game crashing more and more lately in Doesnt seem to have an actual reason That along with it closing my MSI afterburneris very frustrating. Specs. Ryzen 5 1600 OC 3.9Ghz 24gb 3000 ram RX580 8gb Settings: AA ultra Sharpen on 1080p very low everything