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shubham jaiswal i can’t able to play game in my phone reasons its that my phone is in 4G mode but when i open PUBG the network automatically convert into 3G mode and ping is getting high as 800-900 every time. And when i exit the application network turns into 4G mode again.

I describe how I go about playing a war mode game. I am on a 15 game win streak at the time of this videos creation. View some of my other content! Useful commentary about end game and Vector usage: FALL FASTER! FLY FARTHER! Be Better Series: Part One PUBGM PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings Explained!! PUBG MOBILE Fun montage of pro plays: https://youtu.be/TueGmLtA2js

Win. Every. Time. WAR MODE GUIDE! PUBG MOBILE PUBGM. Be Better Series part 3

What is up guys, it’s testing here again got this video going to show you how to win war mode. Basically, every time jump out of the airplane. Soon, as you can sorry, it’s been awhile since my last upload, my wife and I had a baby last week.

So we go real busy with that wife doing great babies doing great, but let’s get back to the game.

Okay, so don’t jump these houses here. So I usually do wonder what kind of gun we got and we have SMGs Okay.

So if I can, I spend a little bit of time losing first, nothing good so far, Domino’s like a crate weapon or a helmet or something yeah. I see look machine guns, Hopey against SMGs, see my teams doing. I hear somebody coming where is he worthy by somebody else? Yes, yes to Michigan so loud, I love it only 15 rounds, though see if you can find some more better pick up this just in case I actually like kar98 or mode a lot.

It’S a way better sniper training than actual sniper arcade mode, because it just a lot more shots. You can take in a match.

Yeah there’s about five. Six was loaded up, see our teams doing I play with randoms, always in this game mode, okay other getting destroyed over there.

Sorry guys so don’t happen.

Let’S chase each author, a Little Closer here we go. Some action kept up. You’Re gone another to instill.

These kills notebooks and I still alive it’s a bummer that he was the last one the squats are, they all actually died, so I could steal all those kill spit.

Okay did not guy here Denis here I had a machine gun like. Why would you keep running this way? The first? You scared me. I thought it was an enemy.

What’S up man? Okay, so guess what kills early luteal, hopefully find something good, sorry guy and they kill everybody. So you got to be aggressive.

He can’t sit in the corner and snipe you got to got to get in. Can I got a new Soul skin his face? He won’t go to one of me one. If you want me then come on what that’s bull crap.

I didn’t hear.

I’M sorry.

I bug or something I sure didn’t hear it.

We just missed the respond. That’S okay are the Zagros, a red crate, there’s a crate there in the middle of mouse. Take remember where that’s that’s cuz.

We don’t want to go to that one. We don’t want to go to that one.

Some was probably aren’t even there. So if there’s another one, that’s the one we want to go. That’S the second tip.

You can little bit early, be aggressive and get the crate weapons. The crate weapons are better normally as well has every crate has level 3 armor and helmet, which that’s that’s what you really want. That’S that’s what gives you the biggest advantage in my so we saw the parachute we’re headed to that I see we got the groza.

The best weapon in the game destroys people that basically any range, especially up close Tampa Bay Times, although that would be so dope jobs kind of far from the action.

But we used to.

I have a slightly not huge, but I think we’re going to be able to pull this off big rose tattoo.

I want his girls tattoo. I want mine and his hopeless change sites Larry suck around here, not sure where the guys at oops we dropped my Aspen people soak people are so crazy.

The can he tell that I have the the girls up, but he’s going to skin go in balls deep, like that about, I am on now. Yeah, for the girls are being a good idea to aim down sight. The recalls too crazy at yeah.

Can I get him I should have tried to wear to keep recipe for got 10 kills for the final stretch here with a decent. I think we can pull this off.

I also heal up in this mode lot. People don’t do that they just go guns a-blazing. If they dye the diet, but I heal up real, I got that kind of scared.

Me again. I thought that was a movie player sibling. Get these guys all right.

Let’S go down here, got my Compadres down there for this guy at what you doing up there.

Noob – and I was stupid – I should have done that, damn it I didn’t even look. I didn’t even look over there. I should look inside that Barn.

First, it’s lightly going to try to drop till I get down onto the drop which it looks like little to do Here Comes one looks like I’m going to be It To The Ground. First, that’s fine! Let’S go! Let’S do it, let’s go when somebody’s got in Cape 14.

What I want so I want aux.

Okay too. I guess I made it for the Tommy things trash. I want this guy’s in cats, but really wants.

Let’S find him sounds like he’s closer rather than further.

Yeah gets closer larious by give me again quickly quickly, quick, quick, okay. Now, okay, bye, yeah, okay, there goes I’m more than I just spoke to them.

Anyways find me should have covered bridge. That’S okay, just one more kill left, we win, the game, seemed gay Kik and hang out chicken legs thanks a lot and that’s it. Okay, guys, let’s see how well we did 14 kills watching.

You want me there so long for my next video, 2008 mits. Okay.

So I’ll see you next time, thanks for watching.