Rezerwrecked The development teams are separate, ay what you talkin bout

JohnJuan Why 100? I would love playing the maps (excluding that Chinese map) even if it started with only 50, 60 or 70 players. It’s a great game.

TheFiVE Pubg takes so fckn long for maontenance. Bo4 took like 15 min

Steve Johnson Is this the US as well now?

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-16

BallValve I just want a West NA server…… tired of playing on 80+ ping here on West…

Cubey I feel ya, if we play FPP we are gonna get SEA 200+ ping and it’s shit, but somehow when we get NA servers with 200+ ping it’s nowhere near as bad

Welp Played HEY I know this time works for you guys but please stop updating during prime EST for playing PUBG. I cant play every single Tuesday.

SZNL Why are there duplicates in the Survival Rewards?

Cobani_Martin Damn it!!! Couldn’t you choose a better time do maintenance??? like 5 hours from now??? This is the best time to play in america guys, all america, a whole continent is unable to play thanks to you!!!!!

Andrew Smith Would be nice if the maintenance for NA was done at non-peak times. If someone is going to argue about China, they have servers in their country for a reason….to play on.

Zynthesis Damn man, you must have a IQ of 160. You must work in the gaming industry.

Alex Morgenstern if you have a potato pc it’s not their fault lmao

Jack H Like we haven’t already XD

Dan Del Aguaro Perfect, during peak time. Why not 4a

Garrett Rose they are Korean lol

stephens2010 you guys SUCK! stop going down in prime time NA

Ian Pritchett One in awhile I go to play in a Tuesday, then I remember that the game isn’t open on Tuesdays

I want money I’m getting client 5.1.7 please update to 5.1.6 error is it only me?

Witty LBJ Lakers Name Same issue here mate.

Adam Foster I love reading tweets from butt sore yanks after a evening of pubg action. Keep the 00:30 GMT maintenance time, works for me :p

Mike England, land of the defeated.

♠♥Root♦♣ 1776 worked for us

polishedpig incoming 1812 reference

Joel too much maintenance. never get to play.

hamci 4 hours a week, 4 hours out of 168 hours, 2.3% of the time… literally all the time, it’s impossible to play you’re right

Bryan T Good thing i hardly play this game anymore.

chris fix the game at a time where your core playerbase isnt trying to play, oh and actually fix the fucking game

SUNIL UMAT Why aren’t test servers working? Fucking keep at least one platforms open!

TriNhO just fix your game

ALBIN0_RAV3N Holy shit half of these replies are dumb so lets take care of the FAQ. 1. PUBG Corp is in Korea, stop complaining Americans (I’m american) 2. This is server maint. not a patch (stop asking them to fix something) 3. It happens EVERY TUESDAY (shouldn’t be a surprise anymore)

ixisweat returns For whatever reason, / decided to close the test servers down with the regular servers, and nobody showed up to play DayZ, so called the streams and decided to edit the montage a bit. See you guys this weekend 🙂

Salv0h Why is any of this a surprise? They don’t care about NA, we have 1 server in Ohio for the entire country and 1 server in Brazil for the South America. They are fine disappointing us because a majority of their player base is in Asia.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

Matt Wainman 🌐 Why 4 hours every time? Even with it’s many, many patches and server downtimes, very rarely lasted 4 hours.

LASTNINJΛCOW Ark has how official servers? PUBG needs at least 10,000 to cater for the 1 million concurrent they have. 1 server =100 players 10,000 servers = 1million players

BlowNuggs you would think but not. Most computer’s they have now can run more than just one instance of the game try like 30-40

dgeesio & ronMctube please sort out the regions . EU players infested with cheaters from ASIA in last few weeks yet shouldnt even be on EU .

GEESUS Yeah, I have no clue why they’re on our region. They’re in all of my games. Don’t they have any Asia servers anymore or what

Allan Rowntree Could you just add this information to the game when we try to connect?

Gracekain I don’t get it…. server maint and updates during prime time (4 – 8 pm)……. what happened to 2 A.M. updates…..

hamci Time zones happened. Time zone for their office and for the majority of their player base.

TrosMaN7 I can’t imagine what the game would be like without regular server maintenance! Thank you so much . Also, perfect timing for us here in EU. Keep up the great work.

Michael Hatch If you ever played the game you would know the game is always exactly the same before and after maintenance. The same stuff is still broken and the same cheats are still allowed. No one would bitch if things actually got fixed.

FranCadiz Another maintenance for fix desync? Right?? RIGHT??? Oh wait….

Lion Family Seeds OPEN TEST SERVER PLS!!!!

your mom’s bloomberg I know right? They used to do this but I guess they got lazy and don’t want to overwork their shrinking staff. They refuse to say why….

Spiro Mirkopoulos I love the game, but you guys seriously need to learn how to manage it properly. Incompetent shit like this is why ppl play Fortnite and COD instead. And why most ppl think PUBG is joke.

josh castor i got a ticket for you. stop doing 4 hour downtime for nothing to be updated. so sick of not being able to play during prime us hours.

josh castor or atleast keep test servers up. like whats the point of shutting your whole game down, but have 3 different servers. lol

Fancai Why always do maintenance at prime times when people are actually not working. I work all day and come home to not being able to play! That’s fucking dumb first you do it on New Year’s Day and now random other times? How about doing it earlier

Alex Morgenstern the company it’s in Korea, so you should understand that they must do it on their working hours, and NA it’s not even their biggest player base, like all Americans assume they are lmao

DAVEGRENADE Well done guys you’re doing a great job ! great time to do maintenance GG Well done

Matt stop doing this during prime time 🙁

Gracekain 4 hours? no wonder people play Fortnight.

Spiro Mirkopoulos That’s their problem.

jeepzyeah Hello, It is now three times in a row that you prevent me from enjoying my pubg evening. Thank you in the future for kindly perform the deferred test server maj the rest of the classic servers. Thank you in advance.

Dan Gibbs Backing up databases etc, adding hotfixes, testing fixes, rollback if needed. 4 hours is not to bad if I’m honest 👍

Bob Lindemann you must be fucking high. name another game that does 4 hours maintenance every week? yeah none.

Möth I like chicken

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Ok – I’m good to go on my end, all 34 Mb of the update is done. How’s it going on your end? Git ‘er down to 3 hours again like last Tuesday?

RM.T0PsiD3 4 hours maintenance for a 34.2 MB UPDATE. Still shitty.

Jason Cox Do this crap in the morning or at midnight

john ryder play another game

Donkie I have no Idea what they have to maintain there… The Servers are Bad and there is no improvements after that 4 Houres. Look at Blizzard. They do the exact same think for WoW every week and have just a Serverrestart. Downtime 2-3 Minutes for there Servers.

Ian Pritchett To be fair, wow costs the same once a month is this game did once for our entire life.

Xavier Yeah but honestly for as much bug fixes they do and all the downtime they should have the game fully optimized by now

[̰̞̋̓̋Ⅎ̘͈̎͗̌͒͡ͅℲ͖͉̪̔ͬ͛͛]͋ leon *sigh* i just got on

nick pisciotta Can NK nuke your office already so we can get a new team that wont take servers offline EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK.

Owl Lost Or you can stop complaining over something petty🤷‍♂️

nick pisciotta Or they can stop taking NA servers down during peak times for NA players?

Billkamm I realize you guys have A LOT of bugs to fix, but must you take the NA servers down once a week during primetime? I never thought I was buying a game that only worked 6 nights a week.

Adam Branson are you living in Vikendi?

Ninponeer Close, Kansas City, Missouri.

Triss ah that is pretty close, hope it gets fixed

James Buck Why would you not have test server up?

ItsZeroYt As soon as I decide to play pubg😂😂😂

Belle Are test servers down too?

Gatsu YES, and WHY ?????

Johnny What a joke… I think it’s time to find another game.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Have not they learned like all the other games in the world? Every week the game is off the air. I’m almost giving up on this game.

kha1221 Why do you always update the time when people come home from work and finally have time to play? Do the update at 3-4 am when most people are freaking sleeping.

UtahJazz_24 plus you gotta take account of most of bluehole is based in china

Samuel Michaud This game is now around 70% chinese players, that’s why my friend. Why they need 4 hours maintenance every week is a bit weird though, especially when huge mmos like World of Warcraft don’t even need that outside of a patch. Maybe it’s because of the huge number of hackers

GEESUS Because this time of the day got the lowest numbers. How have you not figured that shit out already. Holy shit


Miguel yo idiot in every part of the world its a different time of day, why don’t you stop playing pubg and educate yourself a bit you cutie pie

riley🤘 they do maintenance specifically when their player count is the lowest. that’s right now, every day. just look at steam charts

that dude that is just far from true. They have scheduled maintenance. They don’t just start doing it

riley🤘 ofc it’s scheduled. it’s scheduled for the time of lowest playercount which, like i said, is the same time every day

Yacine its 1:41 am here lol what you’re talking about

James Read I agree but there are other time Zones in this world not just yours

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Time zones have nothing to do with anything. There are 2 core fundamental issues here: 1 – The need to do 4 hrs of maintenance per week on a game like this is absurd 2 – That they can’t figure out how to stagger updates by server location ie update NA servers during NA nonpeak

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 bUt sTeAm dOeSn’T aLlOw iT

cory allen I truly dont know how this works but is it possible to do EU server maintenance at one time NA maintenance at another… etc?

Donkie No. Steam dont allow Specific Timed maintenance.

Jesse Ramos They could do it siberian/alaskan time when the least amount of people are playing ]

droowz NA didn’t have the most player base, go figure

pizzizle the whole world doesn’t play on the same servers

Derek B Agreed, this is shit, they are shit so it follows suit

Tenka My understanding is that steam won’t let them do rolling server outages/maintenance. It’s either all or none. Not 100% sure on that, but seems like I read that somewhere before.

Kisho911 these comments 🥰

SR Great. Now fix the NA servers so I can play Solo Miramar again. Haven’t been on that map for over 2 weeks.

Sh0cK please actually fix the game’s bugs, ya’ll need to make the game run smoother.

. Agreed agreed agreed, how tf can i play when i have 1060 6gb with 16ram and i5 6500 and 40-50 frame?

hamci I get 100+ stable with the same exact specs, something most be on you side

. i don’t know , sometimes it’s dropped at 20 in like 1-2 sec

hamci Weird, I’m on lowest settings for everything except anti-aliasing.

Iván Marcelo Reimer Will the routine maintenance ever end? Or is that a chronic thing now?

FISH ❁ I hope you are only making memes but if not you might want to search the meaning of “routine”

Rodrigo Reis Every day that i go to play at night, this server are under maintenance. i’m very happy with it. thanks.

Alex Morgenstern it’s only once at week and it’s always the same day, so maybe you should assume that every Tuesday at this time it’s maintenance and stop complaining like a 5 year old surprised kid

Lion Family Seeds its one time by weeks since few months u should know the day. every 7 day the same day the same night…..

Mr.Nicholas So basicly you need 4 hours for putting in weekly missions? Am i right or?

EagleScope Nah! The weekly missions are already in!

3y3 has the twitter show started yet? I want to see what new and innovative hate tweets they can come up with this week.

Derek B It’s not hard with this game lol

3y3 you right. lol but the irony is the same post week after week. the world hates “America” bc of the entitlement that comes with the territory of being American…*most* of the NA comments in this post- “how dare you do server maint during peak hours” -reality- they work a 9-5…

Derek B They’re greedy and don’t really care

Derek B This game has more problems than maintenance times

3y3 but they are on the other side of the world…so their 9-5 falls on our “peak hours” and i wouldnt work a night shift to fix a game for ungrateful pricks either lmao

Rylkon Ungrateful? They took everyone’s money with their game still in beta and STILL have to do weekly maintenance for the same server problems they had over a year ago, something literally no other game I’ve ever played does.

3y3 that is not the issue I am addressing, it is the fact that people can not accept that Thursdays, servers will be down…and nothing is going to change that. lol I understand the game has its issues, but if 60$ hurt your feelings that bad, you have bigger issues. ITS JUST A GAME.

3y3 correction, Tuesday, before you try to make it about that. bc theres never satisfaction.

Rylkon Its “JUST A GAME” thats substandard in many ways to every other game I’ve ever played. They do weekly maintenance, no other game I’ve played does that. Despite that they have completely failed to fix many of their major issues AND can’t even give a straight answer as to why.

3y3 Because they simply do not know why. You notice when they fix something, 5 things go wrong? its like a rubix cube with 50 squares per side. do you know how their net code works? bc I don’t. its never that simple. so they *attempt*…maybe itll get there one day, maybe not.

Rylkon So they get a pass because they “attempt” to fix things? Every other game developer faces the same problems but they aren’t churning out weekly updates that seemingly do nothing at all and take 4 whole hours.

Rylkon And by “straight answer” I meant they’ve never properly explained why the maintenance is weekly (most games don’t do this), why it takes 4 hours minimum, and what they’re actually doing during the “maintenance.”

3y3 I get it, no other game does it.wana tell me 3 more times? I might not completely understand. I don’t stand over the shoulder of people making my burger at a drive through. why do they need to answer that? what possibly could you do with their coding thatd make you feel better?

Rylkon Sure I’ll tell it to you 3 more times because apparently you don’t get the point. Their weekly “maintenance” would be easier to deal with if they actually fixed something, but they don’t, and they still have to spend more time “fixing” their game than almost anyone else.

Rylkon And yes, if you’re burger is undercooked and didn’t come with pickels like you asked you’re definitely going to want to get a fully cooked one, a refund, or wonder what happened. derp.

3y3 no, actually I think you are missing the point lol you tweeting, and bitching on social media wont get anything accomplished. but it is entertaining lol

3y3 leave a bad review on steam and move the fuck on. its going to be ok. and why are you still here? servers are back up. lol

3y3 I didn’t say it was a pass, I said it’s just the way things are. take it or leave it.

Rylkon People complain about PUBG’s support and maintenance every week. Take it or leave it.

3y3 im taking it. and laughing about it. as butt hurt as you are about your 60$, im surprised you wanted to spend your 2 cents here. thank you. ill be sure to keep you in the loop as far as my next move in life now that you have invested here. <3

3y3 and i am not going to pretend to know how, nor am i going to tell them how to do their job based on a 60$ transaction. i am going to sit back and wait for them to say they are done trying, or that they have fixed it, and if i dont like it, i uninstall. that simple.

3y3 so back to the “ungrateful” part. yes, i use that word heavily in my primary point. server maint is neccesary and it will always be on a tuesday at the same time. deal with it or uninstall. boo hooing about it on twitter wont fix the problem, your aim nor your attitude. its life.

Uly Literally loaded it up just now too, depression is real.

bill-the-pony What about test servers ?

Michael Hatch Will this weekly crap ever stop? Every week the game is down and comes back up without doing anything about the cheaters. How hard is it to ban people who warp across the map when there are videos in replay of it? Wtf

Horizon It’s incredibly normal for games to do a weekly maintenance and to take servers down during that time. It gives the servers brake and lets them implement changes that need to be uploaded.

bob humplick well im glad they put out a warning yesterday thats nice. the desync i was experiencing when thisu patch first went live is now mostly gone i think. probalby just server congestion. i would like it if server maintenance wasnt every week but if they have to then they have to

Evan You guys need to stop doing this at peak playtimes.

Miguel no everyone lives in the same country as you do believe it or not 🤪

Evan America is the only country that matters.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

adapt You tell them 😤

Jonathan Nadeau according to this chart, its not

Ian Pritchett So basically it’s America’s fault for not playing enough. Thanks America

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played and played several games in the world and only this one is off the air every week in prime time. Each region has its servers and could do by parts.

Jonathan Nadeau It’s a Korean company, when do you think they should do it then?

SANDROAPODI🎮 And? Are they selling only in korea?

Jonathan Nadeau I’m asking you what time of the day should they update. It’s 9am here and player count keep increasing until late at night

MinniMitsuo player count can rise because people have the game launched and open and ready to connect.

Samuel Michaud Bullshit, it’s catering to chinese players, that’s the reality, nothing to do with their nationality

SANDROAPODI🎮 It could update the servers at different times for each region.

Evan Sweeping updates across regions, not all at once. Maintenance should be done at lowest player times, my guess is that would be around 4-5am.

Ashtonius Lardonious exactly they have enough money to slowly bring all servers up and down according to local area times they shouldnt do the whole world at one time.

GEESUS They can’t with steam though, otherwise they would.

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played battlefield for years and it never happened. Only in PUBG does this happen.

Jonathan Nadeau Yes because ea unlike bluehole don’t have to wake up at 3am to please people like you.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Next step will be to offer the butt.

SANDROAPODI🎮 To please? I paid for it. Now I do not understand what you get by licking the balls of someone who gives you money.

Evan For a supposed “game developer” you aren’t very good at figuring out how to appeal to a consumer base, are you?

Jonathan Nadeau I simply talking about time zones, not what they should do in order for it to be smoother. I agree it sucks to have downtime no matter the time zone, but my original point is that no, this is not prime time for pubg.

Evan It is for me.

GEESUS Yeah, but not for PUBG.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Do you really need to like something wrong? What do you get with it?

John W it’s not peak playtime for China

jay Man No one gives a F about China.

John W except for , because the vast majority of their players are in China

jay Man The politically correct term for China is “ching Chong land” … you have it all wrong

Miguel lol its not peak play times you fool. But for real why 4 hours?

Evan 7pm is very much peak playtime every evening.

riley🤘 7pm is peak playtime? try again m8

Spark Flurry That’s definitely your fault. Team indicator is fine. It’s user error if you TK someone thinking their an enemy.

Terry Davis Where are the patch notes?

Brandon 🦅🏆 Hey, maybe while you’re doing your four hour maintenance where you click ‘reboot’ and eat ramen while waiting, you might consider doing something productive like working to fix the cheating that has and continues to plague this community. Or just ban China.

Aziz ⚡️ when will there be a cross platform between PS4 and Phones?! Will there be any?

Ali Why when I change my Twitter photo which is linked to my PUBG account, it didn’t show in my Pung profile?

John Streck That’s PUBG mobile you noob

Nick Cirillo Is it just me or was there no message saying that there would be maintenance tonight???

Brandon 🦅🏆 Why am I getting this error, among other generic errors, after every single match? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

midninBR how do we report a streamer sniping?

David Støvring Please ban this sweaty cheating piece of german trash from the game obviously cheating here

Liviu -_- Add choco skins !

Enoquiano How is this possible?? He was banned for using external programs in non-competitive games and still streaming with a new account He should serve his 2-year sentence out of the game, not just the competitive one.

Daniel A Ramos Me da asco este tipo de jugadores🤢🤮

N.A👃🏻{Kagawa} Son todos gringos ahora ? Ndeaahh

Fernando Malave This is just sad

Luigi Nicoletti 🇧🇷 doesn’t give a damn 😉

rogi 🤙🤙 banned while live streaming, that dont break any guideline from twitch?

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Hei i need u respone. Thank you

Freddy Mulyanta ★

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Still no respone ???

Koem Neth Hi i,m player pubg help like me please

Gnarw – I get “Servers are too busy” for like 2 hours now – what can I do?

squashy Some floating rocks down by Volnova

RjxLive will test server be going down tonight as well?

Hyvmind Probably it’s

RjxLive It’s tilting.

Hyvmind They clearly don’t get it after all this time but what can you do. They are still making the $

riley🤘 i didn’t complain i just told him he’s asking the wrong company

Sgt_gh0st Fixing the loot in Vikendi finally? Is it a joke or do you want it to be an ongoing SMG Event? 🙁

no one will this fix, well after a year now, the broke lobby?

LeeBo1Kinobe Have you considered moving to Hawaii to fix this problem?

Hulk68TV Anyway that when you do these maintenance you could have test servers up?

JH steam only allows patching at a global level.

LeeBo1Kinobe Canada and mexico can come too.

Chase North Americans and South Americans

LeeBo1Kinobe Yeah

Klajdi Have you solve the problem

Tolga Cetin my game crashes right as the parachute is about to cut off and land. No error msgs. Just crashes. I rejoin the game and I’m floating in mid air with my parachute where the game crashed. This all happened after update 24

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊 I think we should be able to see how many are spectating 🤔

8th Hokage No ones watching you that’s why you dont see it

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊… learn how to shoot like this then come holla at me

8th Hokage It does show it. Fool

Chase Dietrich Corsair mic not working in pubg same with my friends. Sound works fine, mic works fine otherwise

Nappy Y’all need to add the ACR

Mario Gorg When we finally get FPP solo on EU?

Vagg Pal 🙏🙏

Rickles Any chance you guys could answer any of the of the following questions, regarding the upcoming XBOX 1 update -Will you be addressing desync issues? -Will there be region lock, or will you be opening more regions? -Will there be a nerf of the ump and vector?

Anthony Can we stop this shit already? Or at least alternate the times maintenance happens?

cece hello! I really need help here. I played PUBG mobile North America server and spent almost 1000usd for it. But I played with guest account. After apple’s system update, I lost my guest account.The in game customer support never replies me back. Help!please

Austin hollingsworth we doing maintenance to servers every tuesday on primetime for americans to play after work but yet more and more cheater pop up after each patch? wonder whats going on here 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Falloutboi12 I’m in phx az what time will the update be completed for me please and thanks

eM | Serk 🐼 2 hours early for maintenance damn that’s a big yikes

II-Yuggoh-II Yo Fuckers put in the choose your map options for consoles you fucking morons.

Bearclaws any idea why I keep getting “could not connect” on the Xbox PTS? I would greatly appreciate some help!

Prashant Gahlot I’m still waiting for your response.

Cfc.. Can I revert from the Vietnamese version to the global version ?

Nick bennett Will test servers be up tonight during maintenance

maxou 日本 I don’t have this problem again, but the BattleEye settings were correct. So If it appears again, I just will uninstall af.

TriNhO lucky for you, for me it’s still happening

maxou 日本 Very often? For now I have 70-80 FPS but when my stream is on, it is around 40-50 but this lag is gone so.. it is just common lag from PU that I need to fix

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at .

maxou 日本 I will as always but this is so random every update it changes, even If I put very low to every graphic settings

TriNhO yep 2-3 times per day, i checked step 9 but my battleye works fine so idk what can i do. Did u do something?

maxou 日本 I just try to check all the steps from the guide they give me, try it.

EstaQuerias Will the silent steps inside Villa be fixed?

wtfmoses I still can’t believe PUBG has one server location for North America. It’s not even central. It’s enraging to play with 100+ ping most games.

Incoming! try 200+ ping on asian servers unless you only want to play TPP squads.

TheWookieWay Exactly.. they aren’t really in touch with reality here in the states. has failed us

Starr I think its another feature! 😅

Tim Try playing 2000 hours on 200 ping 🙂

Manpons Come to – just in time for the new season 🙂

sharpshot Get good

Max (SPG) At least you have a server in your country. They have removed the OCE server so we have to play on SEA now 😢

johan åberg Is it really that hard to believe tho? Not that they haven’t improved the game, they most definitely have. But this is a dev that took 3 months to fix a bug with flying threeseaters. They work slow but steadily

Dioneverts no shit! Come visit me in melboure australia. I’d love love love a 100 ping.

Jordan schroeder This true???

Sole Ma i feel ya… imagine what oce players must feel like

Caleb Highgate Try being in Australia where the game is so dead its not possible to find an FPP match 🙁

StinkyBagPipes I agree! Please get a west coast and a central na server

TrentBraidnerTV At this point playing with 100+ ping for OCE is just part of the game, it’s a skill that is developed. Unless of course you want to play solo squads TPP but only for a few hours in the evenings

Willian Lima Better play 120 ping on EU server, I’m playing from NA lol 😂

aTwig Man cant fp in aus cause no server have to play in SEA or NA 200 plus ping

BlockayLIVE Pretty sure they have a server in Oregon that’s been sitting there collecting dust for awhile. About to 130 ping consistent here in Montana.

Brendan Black Pretty sure they rent of Amazon so there wouldn’t be any servers sitting round collecting dust. It’s up to Amazon which servers they allow to be rented

Knoxy_In_Oz Come at me Moses… Tell me all your problems 😛

Bruce Wayne Are they using AWS or Azure? Or something else?

fdj Don’t they have offices in Milwaukee???

Born Seattleite And yet you don’t bother to tag a single one of their accounts…

KineticNinja ya my ping averages 80 to 100 ms…. pretty crappy

Jon And it conveniently always goes down for updates during prime time in NA sigh.

Jon every tuesday

resur2b I used to have 15 to 30 of ping but since new matchmaking comes out Iget 50 to 60 and I don’t really get it…

BALLOC Almost the same ping playing out of Cali as I did playing NA from Denmark. It’s pretty cool

wtfmoses and my games are only slightly less important than yours!!!

BALLOC We’re all paying for the same service Id say :p Id happily host a server in my closet!

johan åberg Can I +1 this somehow?

Caleb Lindsay Try playing from Australia, best pings you can get are 180+

Nic Maybe if your isp is complete trash, it’s generally 100.

Sektor I bet is US west.

Jeff Davis Killed smaceTRON last nigh and watched the kill on his stream after… His random.duo partner was in Brazil…. So much for region locking.

philip Come to Australia and play on 200+ ping to SEA. Fun times!

Marna 🇿🇦 Same here from South Africa. Ugh the frustration.

ezz01 Brah 🇳🇿/🇦🇺

藍染 K.A. There are so many things sad but true regarding PUBG in general anyway.

FKnightTV Can you really not believe it after it takes them 10 years to do anything? Do you think they care about NA when they do their server maintenance during NA primetime? They havent cared then, they wont care later. But we keep coming back because the gunplay is so damn good in this

FKnightTV But what they fail to realize thats the only reason we keep coming back. And when another company finally creates a game with equal Gunplay and a working foundation, we’re all gonna bounce with smiles on our faces and they can keep this. Until then, we shall rage and continue on.


knew know It’s weird that PUBG corp doesn’t comment on this stuff. If there’s a valid reason for 1 server, why not explain? Same goes for loot tables, circle settings, matchmaking systems/choices etc. If there’s a good reason, you’d hope the community would understand.

Tomographic Never knew that. This explains a lot!😂

AxeToMouth It’s good for you, though. East coast servers are as EU friendly as it gets, even if EU doesn’t deserve it 😎

Tomographic I never get paired with NA since they removed region select. Me and my NA friends only ever get EU based servers now😂

AxeToMouth Bahaha. Lucky for you then 😂

NoHands Mate your ping is half mine! You are blessed!

Muaaz Cassim Come to South Africa, where we play with 200+ every game, every day, since the game came out

Marna 🇿🇦 This! 👆

elite.mafia When i learned this I was shocked. Always assumed there was east and west servers because that would make sense….

Untaint3d “Damn man that sucks. Wouldn’t know what that feels like” – entire OC region

Linksy Can’t even imagine playing on high ping

eU TaylorJay Hi_Im_400 ping Linksy 😜

Linksy That’s the old me

Zanpah just get a router 😉

Harrison How is my ping better than yours when I’m in Edmonton? (I average about 70, so still not great)

Jake China that’s why the don’t care enough

DonRudder(⚡) if you’re driving a buggy for 5 hours – who cares about ping, AMIRITE?

Malik Henderson Thank god someone said it.. I hate making servers that aren’t centers like it’s really not that hard to comprehend

Trent C ❌ Where is it? Let’s be honest; this game is a sham. I hope someone makes a real PUBG-style BR (big maps, solid ballistics, etc.) and you become the voice of it as well.

Little Nemo Tbh, it’s probably because they don’t want to add extra lag for the asian players, that inexplicably want to play on US servers.

Ghost_Dog 🌹 As much as I have enjoyed it, The game is fundamentally flawed on pc and unplayable on xbox. I have no idea about ps4 but I’m sure it’s not much better. It’s sad to say but it’s starting to feel like a cash grab.

Logan Peters Lol when have you played it last on xbox? It’s pretty decent on xbox now, especially if you have an X

Ghost_Dog 🌹 I don’t have an x (shouldn’t need one) but I tried playing it last week and it crashed three times and I gave up. Maybe you are having better luck but in my experience it’s totally broken.

Logan Peters I haven’t crashed in my last 4 days of playtime (yes I’ve kept track), so idk. Also I have excellent frames except when around smoke grenades

Ghost_Dog 🌹 Well that in itself speaks to the lack of stability in the game that for some people It’s fine and others it’s unplayable.

Logan Peters I crashed in blackout about every 20-30ish games. It’s way less stable than pubg is now for me. That’s the sad part.

Novak 🇦🇺 Hi, our Australian server is in south east asia where a 120 ping is the best you get… it never used to be like this. Oh, the only OCE server they give us is a TPP squad server every other night. Should be able to all refund the game, not even give us playable servers 😡🤬

Stu 120 is generous, most I play are min 180. Still slay.

Novak 🇦🇺 But when the SEA server magically disappears we get the Asia server and then i get 330 ping. I swear to fuck I get a 197 ping to the West Coast NA servers in other games, why the fuck is PUBG devs so rich and can’t rent a fucking server?


curtis Australian server? OCE is New Zealand too mate.

Novak 🇦🇺 I wrote OCE in the 2nd part of the tweet. The servers were located in AUS, all the same. Yes NZ is still a thing 😕

curtis Hehe it’s fine 🙂

Novak 🇦🇺 Eh wrong emote, stupid twitter.

CheckSix Jakenoff I must say, feels fine for me in Ohio.

wtfmoses Because the server is in your state lmao

CheckSix Jakenoff I know lol

Asylumjerk That’s because it’s located in Ohio…

Shean I don’t understand how PUBG uses Amazon and Microsoft servers, which are located all over the US, but they only utilize one in Ohio…

Brendan Black It doesnt work like that. Amazon and Microsoft do have servers everywhere however not all are available to rent. Microsoft run games also, Amazon rents to quite alot of different companies as well as their own usage. Its would be more those are the servers allowed to be rented

Trevor Howes Move to St.Louis MO. I get 25-35 haha and rents are cheap as hell. But then you are in STL so there is that

Uherdme It’s okay I get 37-40 and I still suck

Always vocal has mentioned this tons of times. It needs to be rectified.

MitchThePreacher Preach!

coupedupLIVE Remember, it never used to be like that. They had servers all over the US. There was that one website that ping tested all the Amazon Cloud servers PUBG was using and I could correlate my pings to see which ones I was connected to. This past summer I was at 30ms. Now sit at 65-80

Justin 💀 That just had all the Amazon server locations, it’s only ever been 1 server.

coupedupLIVE Doesn’t make any sense that I was connected to a closer location during the summer with an average ping of 30ms (which I would assume is Oregon/California area) then changed in the fall to divert to the east coast and now sit at 65-80ms They changed something and said nothing..


Zalendar Where is the Server located?

Zone15 Ohio

PunkersPlays 🎮

unforgotten It’s enraging playing PUBG at all imo, but I still do it. RIP

João Martins 🎯

Andrew The west coast is rough…

Tom T. Consistent 75-80 MS in LA area … dumb

Jack Mott it looks like the US could use some more infrastructure for a good central location…

Jack Mott AWS has the same gap, so maybe a lack of data pipes?…

2old2run yep, same

Ozzny Its not like they made SO MANY MILLIONS

crayshow_Kcams If only pubg Corp made enough money to buy a couple more servers….

Prashant Gahlot Will you guys reply to my email ? I need refund

6’8 Tha Great I haven’t gotten on in 4 days now smh. Sucks because I really want to play but not to play the same stuff! If I want to play battle royal ima load up Help us out

Paul Man I haven’t played pubg in a while. Just been playing fortnite lately. More people I know play it.

6’8 Tha Great Yea I played it a while ago and was super trash. Didnt remember the buttons lol

Paul Ha. I heard there’s a snow map now but just doesn’t do anything. To much waiting time between games

6’8 Tha Great I’ve played on it a few times but kept freezing the rest and I got off. It’s still fun though

mahmoud saad i cant log in my account cause i sell my telephone iphone x and buy new iphone xr but cant log in because i not connected to facebook or twitter please help me !

suwoopss Can we get the WA2000 in PUBG Please?

Anonymous ‘ gamers Yea that’s your friends tho recoil control is eased on m&k and if ur friends are not used to m&k then they are not going to find any use from it but it’s stupid to turn off m&k support because of an advantage but you still have people using m&k with an adapter.

POGEGraphics Lmao, thats all you man xD

Prashant Gahlot Okay , I have emailed explaining my issue regarding my purchase.

David Gagné Why youre not doing the maintenance in morning time?

dednaut Morning in Korea, where PUBG corp is.

David Gagné Yeah and thats the problem, we’re not all living at the same time zone…theres probably a solution.

SquidGaming It is morning In china

Daniel Try this.…

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Prashant Gahlot I’m on pubg mobile. What’s the procedure for that ?

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Ed Sullivan hey guys.. is it possible that with map selection we could just choose 1-4 maps that we wish to play? not just one of the maps or Sanhok ~cough~ i mean a random from all 4.. depending on time of day and what day of the week it is of course.

Ed Sullivan lol… i mean, im sure its possible, what im asking i guess, is, are you willing to do it?

Ed Sullivan OMG! its like they do this SURPRISE maintenance EVERY TUESDAY!

DigiKrypt 1. Some people aren’t aware 2. 4 hours every single week? that’s kind of a lot. What happened to the 2 hour maintenance every thursday :/


Halston Pitman What did happen to 2 hours? Then it was 3 but on Wednesday. Now it’s 4 but sometimes done early on Tuesday.

Ed Sullivan you have the new scope.. press tab.. click red dot while 3x is equipped, press tab again.. its magic.. OR.. press tab and click 3x while red dot is equipped press tab again! YAY!!! TBH it would look pretty stupid if while swapping scopes in the vid they just appeared. Use ur head

Thainá Hello, I’d like to know when to open the questionnaires again for PUBG partners?

Rεиαи Δτհαψδε the code of the items Snow Glasses and Snow Beanie can be activated until when?

rodrigo seixas Yay! Lets play PUBG! “Server Maintenance” Always on my free day… seriously

gerasimos stamenis FIX the LOOT in ERANGEL is so poor 1 SQUAD droping NOVO and they get shjt loot, you r going to lose more ppl if you dont fix the loot

Steven Kennedy give console more audio controls I can’t hear footsteps and this is the only game that happens

ImTheStoner you dont do anything just wast the time say you’re gonna fix somthing

Checkout current PUBG server status

Luiz Guilherme We stay with 30 FPS on hot drop in game guys, congratulations PUBG keep make this useful patch…

ImTheStoner Really you dont fix anything , you worsen everything about fps problems , loot everything , your game is nice but do something about your fckn fix all the weeks. PUBG SUCKS

Darren Yeah why is test server not available during maintenance.. Because that makes sense. 🙄

David DeBouvre So…. Desync still a thing? What about audio bugs? oh! wait… meaningless 4.5 hour “server maintenance”

MrHorrorTv When is the pts going on live servers

Ty Rusher how many thousands of Xbox players have to message you before you send an update of when Vikendi will hit live server.

Techy hello thank you my pc is running pubb fine now sorry to be bothering you guys

David Marcus Can we not have weekly shut downs anymore or not make it at peak times of game play?! Please and thank you 😁

Jason Do it when I’m sleeping 2/3 am

shane You know there is such a thing as time zones that they cant control. What might me a good time to some is a bad time for others. Get over it. At least they are updating and fixing things.

Jonathan There are different servers in multiple timezones. They could do a better job

Yapchagi hmm I feel like they do this so often nowadays.

gary payton Because apparently these motherfuckers over at bluehole have never heard of a zero downtime update.


rogi 🤙🤙 Fix this (in the time of the video)…

phpabreu cara isso é ridiculo, aconteceu cmg hj dnv

Becky Rabchuk Doing maintenance during the day would make my life so much better.. D;

LanceFightmaster I have been getting crashes ever since update 20. laptop i7 6700hq, gtx980m, 32gb ddr4 ram. I know that there were issues with certain processors, were these ever fixed?

Pz Cairnzy Any punishment for people like this who obviously find it amusing to exploit bugs/glitches? His Gamertag is on the top left if so 🙂

Pankaj Patil hackers coming again

Oxymeth Can’t you do maintenance at 5am like every other normal company?

Sean_Seattleeeee Maybe fix this? We scared lots of ppl during that game


Faithlesssoul plug & xbox or ps4 controller in pc problem solved for you 👊🍗🍴

ブルックス cool I just got off work, made & ate dinner and finished my studying. Thanks for taking the game down!

Vincent I think the lesson here is to play games first, study later.

Tyron “Prokill” Bataille are you aware of the horrible experience the game is for competitive players with the massive frame drop/stutter that occurs in competitive games? Have you even acknowledged the issue ?

Andrew I just uninstalled and reinstalled to fix a bug and this is what i come back to

Lvl. 35 🅱oss when you bought the vikendi pass and you’re missing out on sweet prizes from a downtime that expands to your bedtime

Spamelote Today the game crashed 3 times. Please do something.

Adrian Chavez Is blue holes target demographic the chinese ? Like why with the maintenance during prime time in NA?

Dacreamysausage You think just because you can’t afford it, it should just be free? What about all the people who have already paid into the game? Don’t act like you deserve special treatment. You can go eat a bag of d*cks fukboy

Shaun Smallwood Can you please explain why these updates take so long? I’m not criticizing, just curious what the reasoning is. Also it would be really nice if PUBG: Test Server stayed alive during these long outages 😉

Corey hulsey Please find a better way of doing these updates.

Fdo. Arrigorriaga Holy shit, when i try to play this shit, its down. And they do nothing.

Godoy 🇧🇷 Lol Same here, I have not played for months haha there I go to Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege

Lessthanprofessional I stopped playing some time ago. I play mostly siege now

Guffmaw It happeneds every Tuesday every week for months now

cdotcizzle Wish and players could get a freaking update…………………….

l3gacy hey man ur getting vikendi this month i think

no one Weve had a huge number of updates…their count is wrong… sometimes a few a day…so…maybe you should hope tooo much… Nothing like having it crash to find out you had another update…

Vichai Lee Can you guys add like a mission log counter so we know if we are doing the missions correctly?

Blake Marshall Crazy how this game gets worse with every update when it ran its best in February 2k18

MrHorrorTv lmao you lagged out every game in Feb 2018 how is this worse

Blake Marshall ….. lol you must have trash connection

MrHorrorTv lmao no you must have trash connection if you still having issues with this game my son. Better player than you im sure

Ricardo So live server maintenance apparently means test server maintenance now too? You just want to turn your entire game off on Tuesdays during prime gaming time for working adults?

➖ Justin ➖ Say it louder for the people in the back Rich

Andrew S. Kapitzis Worst ever..updates every week or even less….seriously crying the money I spent buying this UTTER CRAP !!!!

Ken Weezy You all have some magic talent for having these releases right when I find some free time. How are we supposed to complete challenges like drive in a murado for two hours like this…

Lakeshow on PS4 my character randomly moves very slowly when I sprint. Any fixes on the way?

Arthigan K. wuts with service maintenance times for NA? Happens during the afternoon and night (when people are off work or school).

Justin Fawcett Because they are in Korea….the downtime isn’t staggered per timezone

Melissa It’s every Tuesday. Write it down.

Arthigan K. Yea, I guess it ain’t too bad honestly.

Shawn Skinner While i dont mind the maintenance. If you guys are taking down live servers please have test up.

Dan Del Aguaro Hard to do when they run on the same servers.

Daniel No, not really. They used to keep the test servers up during Tuesday maintenance.

Thiago “nikit0” de Souza you launch the weekly missions and every time the servers get in, it’s difficult to do them

Russell Evans Where was the advanced warning? Why do you play us like this? We all come back and play because we love the game, but seriously, you can’t operate a successful business like this..

DAVY1523 {Rated R} Follow main account they warned us yesterday

Bradley Borg These are the patch notes that have been for like 2 weeks. Cool.

Noshow_TV why are the test servers not up and running?

.Nesim Belica. boo man ruined my night 😢

corneliusus wait, are you guys still shutting down every week like a bunch of tools? okay, just checking.

unadorable WHATS GOING ON WITH PS4???

WiggyDom Talk about advance warnings…

DAVY1523 {Rated R} They warned us yesterday 😂

WiggyDom On a Twitter account I haven’t heard of, what happened to the in lobby warning? 💯 communication

KingKracker… this is a vid of some of my other issues, if that helps. like i said i got the healing and crouching figured out. also when i pick up my first gun, it does not auto equip. I will make a complet vid of all issues and give to support team



Lucas – LlamaSenpai Calm ur tits, just buy a new PC and you’ll be fine

胡汶鏹 Definitely ur pc and internet connection sucks lol

GioTr deja de jugar, y listo se arregla tu problema

Jason O I dont know what that was, but it sure wasn’t english.

it is me, patrick you seem like a happy and normal person


Azure {NS} You need to reasses your English typing capabilities. Least they can create a game. What do you do besides embarrass the English language?

The Dude English?

Vengeful We need the snow map for custom games! 😭

「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」 nightmode?

l3gacy no. they have 4 hours of downtime for 6 bug fixes. i’m not being sarcastic. they are literally having 4 hours of downtime to implement a 41 mb update with 6 bug fixes.

「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」 🤣


Dan Del Aguaro Really hard to do when the test servers are on the main servers.

KingKracker Just an FYI, I got the heal cancel bug figured out with the help of PUBG support team and here is the fix. If you have crouch as the same button as vehical seat change, then it will cancel out your heal if you try to crouch or stand. So I changed my button lay out, and its fixed

Ronaldo Make proximity chat available for consoles

AqueleCaraChato Fix, fix and fix and indeed nothing is fixed lol

Arthur Arroxelas Thx, so my family come back to me.

MrMissle Why take the test server down too? I don’t get it

eM | Serk 🐼 Was thinking the same thing like so dumb honestly

Ali Alaliwi wtf every couple days you have this server maintenance!

Renaissance Man Because they are trying to figure out the solution to a ton of issues

D.Kananos Stupid company every week update 3mb update 4 hours maintenance .. Thats I prefer fortnite now !!!

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch no……

Kevin Miller When will the Xbox update go to live servers? The PTS has been live for 2 weeks now…

Doc_Doge[Respect] PUBG:We are now in maintenance. Patch Notes: Vikendi is now live!

Liviu -_- Scroll down

Dixicoin RT PUBG “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch notes here: …

Stevo oh boi so we cant play pubg now for 4 hours? not even on testservers?

Echo-Tango Get your PUBG fix and pick which player wins!!

…. RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch notes here:…

🃏 RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has started and is expected to last 4 hours. Multiple bug fixes will be included with the completion of maintenance. Read the additional changes which have been added to the Update patch notes here:…

FEL 🚀 Last 2 updates Test Server on maintenance at the same time. Should we expect this going forward?

Hydrospanner Why do this during prime time playing hours?

PeterGm Who says what’s the prime hour? Prime hour according to YOUR time zone? Pretty selfish ha?! I’m pretty sure they are working on daytime in America as they also have families instead of working after midnight just for you to be happy…

Hydrospanner Well it’s 2:45 am there in Greece… go to bed

PeterGm I’m in the UK now lol

SwagMaster It will fix this too ?😂👌

King_42 Or change it to any vehicle

Muhammet Zübeyr Ay lmao 😂😂

Juan Ignacio Ardaiz 👋

Dominus Axe Riel Need For Speed:

IcY_Radon 30 minutes til week 4 of survivor pass, 4 hour downtime

UnholyFroggod Please dear GOD, fix the loot! Especially Erangel

Martin Fadlala The thing is.. PUbg is a Survival game. Not a shooting game.. so ok Theres no weapons

Ian McCune really easy to survive against people with weapons without a weapon.

Martin Fadlala I dont Know bro, ask

steve there isnt anything wrong with loot… why do people think they deserve a fully kitted m4 and a level 3 shirt and hat after 3 houses?

E i feel like you should be able to leave school with more than a shotgun and a lvl 2 helmet

steve 1. there is 0 percent chance that if you win school that is all you have 2. dont drop school if you ever feel like making it past 5 minutes honestly i sit outside of school some games just to take school idiots loot, its always more than a shotgun

E bro literally no one drops school anymore because the loot is trash. it’s like maybe one team besides me. i have landed by myself many times

steve gee its almost like folks are learning school having normal average loot is not a problem. 900 mongos dropping there to jerk eachother off and expecting level 3 vests around every corner is the problem

E i’m not expecting it i just miss when people would go there. it *used* to have good loot so people showed up. now that they limited the loot no one goes there and you can’t enjoy that part of the map


Julio S. Vega Velez Any news for PS4 what is going to happen with Sanhok Pass for PS4

DAVY1523 {Rated R} Hahaha I feel bad for you ps4 players 😂

Julio S. Vega Velez PUBG PS4 is a brand new game but the thing is why they don’t say anything what exactly what are they doing with the game they should stop fixing PC there is not big problems on PC

Renaissance Man Bro have you even tried to play it on PC? Go try and then tell me there are no problems.

Julio S. Vega Velez PC gamer problems 3rd cheap PC 2nd cheat codes or programs doesn’t work and 1st the person behind a desk with mouse and keyboard that is really bad at the game

Dante quach Lol you console kids dont know what you’re talking about. Pure aim over here no aim-assist.

Renaissance Man Pubg on Xbox has no aim assist numb nuts

Julio S. Vega Velez And who TF is talking about aim assist

DAVY1523 {Rated R} I was gonna say 🤔😂

DAVY1523 {Rated R} Right? 😂

Peter Griffin “Multiple bug fixes” and the introduction of new bugs fixing old bugs. Lol.

xViSiONZ It’s the circle of life. And by life I of course mean pubg :p

Billy_b from Buffalo Every………..TIME!

Lucian Dragomir even test servers?

Anjyu02 Does it simply mean there is no players in PTS on PS4?


IIBergy Was planning on streaming some pubg tonight but of course they choose the worst time for server maintenance….

wiregh0st you must be playing on pubg mobile against bots and still getting beat. if you are on pc, you’re playing asia servers or south america.. not our fault all you guys do is cheat.

JDR all this maintenance yet u still have lots of hackers. Also, why not reward people that report hackers?

iliopolis Drive a Mirado for 2 hours. Are you kidding me?

wiregh0st what exactly is server maintenance? the servers have gone down for multiple hours every tuesday and the game is the same. PUBG shuts down their servers for hours for what? most other games reboot their servers for updates.. they don’t take them offline for hours…

dredlox76 How about spring matchmaking on normal game I still can’t get FPP on euro servers and after midnight it’s hard to get games on euro solo TPP even!

Visage Devine🌐 Deadgame lol

Brandon 🦅🏆 But sure… you do your “maintenance” which is really just a reboot of the AWS cloud servers you’re using because you’re too cheap to invest in a proper datacenter.

Cesar Ruiz I absolutely love this game, please add cross play ! This will help PUBG compete even more. PC should be able to play with Xbox one and PS4 And if you add PS4 vs Xbox cross play. You’ll blow up even more.

Rams 13-3 nigga hell naw, im not tryna play PC players lol you crazy

Cesar Ruiz Why not ? Is PC cheat or what ?

Rams 13-3 them niggas GODS bro lol fuck that

Cesar Ruiz Is it really like that ? I mean fortnite does it and that console player Ayden rips PC players. Don’t tell me we can’t take out some PC players. Or is it easier for PC players ? If that’s so then that’s b.s

Rams 13-3 yeah bro lol against PC shit will be no fun . & ps4 is known for no competition shit will be easy asf

Cesar Ruiz I get you. I’ll be up for console vs console at least. Like add Xbox one vs PS4 mode Just to slap some PS4 people in my fam lol you know what I mean

Aisha Plz fix ur shittyyyyyyy game

Hend I have an account but is not linked to Twitter or Facebook and now it’s gone i want to restore it please help me 😭😭😭😭

NiP dohfOs (Martin Lundén) it’s not Sanhok related but surely more common since patch 24..… +… ..its been reported to the devs tho

Shaad What is the process for creating a permanent PUBG room? _MOBILE

🌴Paddy🌴 u guys gonna change that 500km buggy mission to 50km cuz thatd be nice

Tom Bomb Still shitty they do this to us and can’t just updates servers at different times. What else should I expect from an incompetent company such as bluehole and PUBG.

NicholasLdc The number was stolen. You really don’t have any efficiency. I said Lao Tzu opened SI family, can speed up acceptance? Account: CAIDINGNI168

UnknownGuy What’s new?

Sam Ramos still no fixes or updates.

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE It wasn’t broken oc has just had a rise in playercount for the last few days

Astrix_au No I was hoping they could fix it, hence the wink. I have never seen a local solo or duo match even though squads take 2 seconds so plenty of people online. Instead of fixing they simply disabled OC solo and Duo.

Andrew French It’s a joke

Viss My shotgun… 1/2

TheNameIsToby🎙️ had 4 hits on a guy woth no vest and didnt kill him with a s12k yesterday 😐

CantOrWont AKA Trey This is part of the new shotgun blanks shells, a new feature strictly for bluffing

DeadSlugg Shotguns have a spread that all the pellets do 10 dmg each, but 1 pellet does 90 dmg. This was a feature since Early access. Yes. A feature. Because someone raised it as a bug and they said it wasn’t, it was designed that way intentionally 🙃 🙃 🙃

Kami How it is possible that the killcam is still so buggy… 😱

Viss My enemies shotgun … 2/2

Nakata That game became a joke.

MDF_MetalHead84 But you said you are sick of blackout, things like this doesnt happened there 🙂

Viss ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

Maniac___Gaming It’s actually quite balance now that they lowered the durability of the armor viss

Scroopy Noopers Viss exposing pubg today 😂

Nurdle 🐢 Sounds about right…

OutcastMunkee That is the one fucking thing they just cannot get right in their game. I do not understand how the shotguns are so unbelievably random. The double barrel kills you from that range but the auto shotgun can’t kill with 2 shots at point blank? That’s just unreal.

Chapter V. bleh. 😋 Maybe they took the “unreal” part of the Unreal Engine too far lol.

ibiza Saiga is bugged, i had it the other day to.

Tyler Hamlin I think y’all have the wrong month up btw

Bob Sanders We don’t live in Europe, so no big deal. 😎

Tyler Hamlin Haha true.

Krishna Hello, the game sound is broken again the indicator points one way and the sound is coming from another way plz this ASAP

Rdnkwarrior When are you d bags going to put servers on the west side so I can stop getting 120ms. your game is trash when I can’t get a shot off on someone because it reads they are moving before I shoot.

Dental Nope. 🙂

Haseeb Abdul Guys please have a look at this video hackers are playing the game and cheating at its peak And that Yam Raj is in 2nd Position in Asia as conquerer this is certainly hurting us

james you all ever going to learn how to push live updates like every other game known to man? or just stay in the stone age?

Shammrock Then why are you even following there page GTFO


Zeus and 261 others If I have a 1080 Ti, 16 GB DDR4 and i7-8700K there is no reason I should experience lag, crashing and freezing on a regular basis. This game needs to fix THE GAME before they just add random bullshit skins, season passes, new maps and guns. Fix your priorities

Dan Woodman If you haven’t got it set up right then yeah lol

SANDROAPODI🎮 Until when will this game do it? Every week in prime time? No other game I know has this stop. It will end up killing the game.

Deren ‘Cuaj’ Ülgen ı ve rx580 8gb and 8 ram i5 4690k 3.5 ghz why always and all tournament have a crash? Need opt this game yeah we want play this but ıts not cool always have problems please solve it

BenFly 8gb ram pubg için yetersiz kalıyor ne yazıkki

Deren ‘Cuaj’ Ülgen Yetersiz kalmamalı işte

keri jean what is going on with matches won and kills statistics missing ? Have over 400 chickens & over 300 kills that were already recorded and they disappeared today ?!?!?!

PUBG Help Hi Keri, Are you still experiencing this issue after a restart? If so, could you please send through a screenshot of your statistics and also your in-game username? -M

Am my game crash every 5 games. Or so… Just crashes no codes or anything. Crashes straight to desktop.

Ricardo Santos PUBG on XBox will support Mouse/Keyboard or not? announced new HW that supports PUBG (…), otherwise on forum said that it’s false.

Material Noice!

HernandezGamers Xd 😂

Nik Sweet, can’t wait to see what’s gonna be broken this time!?

Remiss23 I added $100 to my iTunes so that I can buy the $99.99 UC but it won’t let me is there tax or what’s the problem??? Help

Andrew Curto Msi 2080 gaming trio 8086 k 16gb of ram at 3000 everything in game is on low expect textures and view distance which is on ultra

Al Fall What happened to erangel and miramar? Can’t find any solo or duo games on those maps now. So sad :(. Fix the matchmaking

Ed Sullivan yeah its called a mouse and keyboard

Sleepwalk9r What? Im not cheating. If u do fine…

محمــد why the game didn’t run well and smoothly on PS4? That’s frustrating!

Petr Boshinski But still why during peak hours?

Zach It may be peak hours for the US but the development company is in South Korea. That KST is Korean Standard Time and for them, they are at the beginning their work day. Also, Korea and China have far more players each than the US so it wouldn’t even make sense for them to cater us

Michael Docherty need help to resolve this asap guys. Got G coin , bought a set then refunded the G coin purchase, got my money back but for some reason I kept the item that I bought. Now whenever I buy more coins it takes the money but I get nothing. Must be bugged

cuiyoumin My game account was mistakenly banned. Can the authorities help me to unblock it? My game ID: CUIYOUMINO

Lucas Ribeiro mouse and keyboard on Xbox one, RIP Pubg 2019.

Art Vandelay They said it was incorrectly listed.

Natasha Rio… The Real PUBG Mobile Hacker is here

Mark ?↑฿↓? We’ve been doing this song and dance for over a year now. These weekly updates don’t seem to fix anything, they just inconvenience Western hemisphere players. They should stick to solid monthly/bi-monthly updates with real improvements.

Coringa hacker 😭😭😭😭

فهد I lost my guest account i want to restore it .How i get it back ?

Filipe Almeida the server performance is pretty bad.

Daniel Vitellaro no update you dummies. there was nothing on test server. its just maintenance.

@Freezer GER Hey will we get vikendi soon on xbox…

Jaro Šveda Today I tried after 3 weeks. In one hour game crashed 15 times.

RM.T0PsiD3 The stuttering or micro-stuttering in this game is ridiculous. They can’t optimize.

Wud Legerity Delayed update, never mind.

Infamous Champions when are you going to add fpp for duos? Hopefully soon

tyrion71 the year 2019 starts well, get out your fingers, it starts to do well with your servers completely broken! recruit competent developers, big worries !! on the other hand cheaters are always present BRAVO

Michael Docherty I bought G coin for PUBG but had to get it refunded last week. Now whenever I buy more it doesn’t get added to the account, but it’s still taking my money?

PUBG Help Hey Michael, would you be able to provide us with your Xbox live gamertag so I can escalate this issue to the team? Thanks! -A

Michael Docherty Thanks for the response . The GT is “ItzMikeDocherty”

blueamcat ❄️ Did you try restarting the game or the console? Turn off and unplug the console for a good 20 seconds. Then check again.

Michael Docherty Tried everything man I think it’s bugged out cause I spent the G coin on a set, then got it refunded. So I got the money back but I kept the set. Now whenever I try to buy more Coins it just does nothing at all. Need to see if they can reset it or something idk

blueamcat ❄️ Huh. That’s super odd. You’ll need to try Support directly through this link: and ask for a call back or try live chat. Good luck!

Michael Docherty I’ve been trying to contact them on support but it’s just their virtual agents and whenever I request a real person it just links me to a different virtual agent lol. I’ll jug and see if they respond but thanks for the help anyway 🙌🏻

Rynxedo Is it possible to add spectate mode when hosting a custom game

Ka1li what are these invinsible hitbozes?

Zrax sometimes it can take a little bit to register.… lets go ahead and give this a shot just to do a bit of troubleshooting.

Louis de klerk Pause before the last slr shot, you can see Blues head, not d-sync

BLU3 I’ve zoomed the 1080p video in and it’s solidly on the rock, must just be some sort of viewing glitch.

Louis de klerk From your POV you can also see the outlook where he shot you from while you were healing. But yeah the replay system is never pixel perfect.

Louis de klerk Also welcome to the 1440p generation Blue

Tumay Çalkan Hey, help me please

Holocsi Dániel Please please please make duo fpp available in EU servers

A-SKUNK-APE Not sure if this helps but one thing you can try is go to start menu…type event monitor and view your system crashes. Same happenes to a friend ended up his ssd was going bad but game crashed after every game

A-SKUNK-APE Sorry it’s called event viewer then go to logs tab then system tab and it will show any related crashes to your system and possibly give you an idea if it’s hardware related.

Ethan Gotta love the standard text they send every time 😂😂😂

The Dude What would you reply with when someone posts a message like that with absolutely no information to assist them?


Nikita L this game is broken

Connor_LindTV Noticing my game crashing more and more lately in Doesnt seem to have an actual reason That along with it closing my MSI afterburneris very frustrating. Specs. Ryzen 5 1600 OC 3.9Ghz 24gb 3000 ram RX580 8gb Settings: AA ultra Sharpen on 1080p very low everything

PUBG FOR REGION LOCK It’s fucking New Years. Thank God I quit this game half a year ago lol

thereisonlyjim like silk 😉

Xavier Lemaster Why am I getting servers are to busy what the fuck

Nathaniel Kraft Got the kids to bed, finally able to logon. And can’t connect. Because of maintenance. *sigh*

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-02

☆《Rich》☆ do you guys have any patch notes or anything?

Joshua Campbell For Quebec Canada whats is the time? PST??

Michael Sanders Is maintenance over yet? Also, thank you for choosing to do maintenance during peak play time in us

Dave Purdy it’s their biggest bug they have to fix. stop updating during daytime US hours..!!

D34TH0FKVorshk They update during the lowest player count time. Stop making Americans look bad and stfu please?

Kyle Not even what it’s about jackass. I tell people the same thing all the time. They advertised to enjoy 2019 with some pubg yet they pushed maintenance today rather than waiting a day.

D34TH0FKVorshk All I hear is whining. Yet Im the jackass. LOL ok.

D34TH0FKVorshk Oh I get it, you;re from Ohio lol. Must be somewhere near Columbus acting that entitled. Am I right?

Angeliceron I don’t see why you bother anymore. Nothing substantial changes. Maybe instead of weekly server “maintenance”, you should be working on fixing the game, Fix the netcode fix the delayed load in when joining your first game. The Fix PUBG campaign did little to nothing.

Donkie Happy New Year 😀

Ryan Lohman I dont know about you but i can land at random houses and get a slr or m24 or kar98k in vikendi

Assassino47 You’re a lucky guy then, because that’s not the case with any of us. I always find all the attachments, but hardly a sniper/dmr.

jesse johnson REGION LOCK TPP!

TheCoffeeMan Great I actually install the game again for once after awhile and I have to wait for this. Better be worth the wait damn

Matty Timing of this feels like you’re punishing your staff and players. Doing this overnight Jan 2 would have cost less and made everyone happy.

Jordan Booker please make it so you can pick to only play on the original map the dessert map is shit


Jon S Why isn’t this done over night when most of the US us sleeping?

jay Man It’s the 1st , everyone is off… schedules 2 days of maintenance.

rePzi yeah, last nigh of playing before school starts and u just fucked it, ty pubg

Bradley Borg Once again, you guys best yourself by doing this at the worst possible time.

Jake It would be nice if there was any consistency to when updates happen. But then, I guess it would be nice if there was any consistency to your game at all.

k0stantinOfficial Seriously, You guys are doing everything in your power to destroy this wonderful game, FIX ALL YOUR INTERFACE, GAME OPTIMIZATION AND THEM THINK ABOUT MICRO TRANSACTIONS. R.I.P BlueHole

AveryGeek Why would you do this on New Years when everyone has the day off?

Jachi Jachón Jachótix Is there… someone in Bluehole that reads these messages? I think they are just making their business, and never reading or listening to the players.

Seijouro Akashi On,nomp, ,. 9. 9/ 9?/, ON on ‘,. ‘,

christian gonzalez Stop this fucking Weekly maintenance. you don´t fix nothing with this

Ronard Mckellar can you guys atleast get that we dont want this shitty downtime every week

Karl Kitchenmaster Can you switch up the update times? It’s always prime time for Central Time Zone. Not sure if possible on your end, but wanted to ask.

Olivier Gilbert are you guys fck stupid, shutting down the server on prime time hour on a holiday?

Dakota Hunt Who the heck does maintenance on a friggin holiday? Seriously?!?!!?

WestCoastBestCoast Have you ever imagined where PUBG is stationed?

Dakota Hunt I know exactly where they are stationed. New Years isn’t a US only holiday it’s observed by nearly every civilized country in the world. Not to mention General game research dictates a uptick in purchases and play time on holidays.

Spicoli 🌊🏄‍♂️ Working on updating your anti-hack software? It’s needed!…

Toby Bridson ‘Still’ seeing lots of hackers. Dudes sprinting crazy fast on the spot, running through walls as if there was nothing there, deathcam replay showing enemies follow and track my entire approach from behind a solid rock, mountain or wall and pinging me instantly. Magic!!

brendonmcgoff doesn’t seem like voice chat is working any more with duos or voice chat all

UnholyFroggod any chance they are going to fix the full screen bug with this maintenance? Its killing my frames. Switching to windowed and back does not work for me. Help.

Nemesi What does live server maintenance even mean… like what exactly are you doing..

pzratnog I think your first question answers your second question. They’re doing server maintenance.

mb1483 Hello, a week ago my Steam account has been hacked and the hacker has used cheats in PUBG and my account has been banned. This can be solved? Thanks and happy new year

TheShrew well… that sucks. hope they fix it soon. GL

don 4 life Please just fix Fps issues on vikendi and all other maps. Because of the settings. Full screen, window mode. And brightness. Idk if everything is broken. Please will make me very happy.

Farkin Okie WTF server maintenance on New Years Day?

Hugo Moreira It’s amazing how to the board of directors don’t realize that they are right now losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kicky Sam It would be sweet if you could leave the test server up while you do your gigantic unnecessary long weekly maintenance so people can still play

JGEmanuel It is my last day on vacation and the servers are in maintanance.

Viktor Why? What are you guys up to?

Manuel123456789 Dont play tpp…

Poss Typical bullshit who doesn’t give a shit about the American players. CHANGE your update time. It’s ridiculous. Not to mention doesn’t even respond 95% of the time when people tweet them for help. Joke of a company with no player/community support.

Hugo Moreira That’s just epic STUPID. Fuck this game

Twitchy Was going to hop in after I got off work, Guess I’ll play some ROE instead.

#YellowVestSydney – LibertySpring Are you out of the ever loving minds?! It’s middle of the holiday and middle of the day here!! Down for four hours! What a joke

KrowSemagDnim One question… why do you always screw the United States with peak hours of downtime… let’s not even mention the fact that it’s a holiday as well

Chris vQ Its not only the US my friend, its the entire America continent all the way down. These guys just don’t give 1 single F about their customers from this side of the ocean.

madFX don’t worry they give less than zero fucks for Australian & NZ players as well. We haven’t had functional servers for months now

Sod Um, ok. Guess I didn’t really want to play.

_MS_ I really don’t understand why — on new years day when I have the squad ready to play. What exactly is the maintenance about?

WestCoastBestCoast Have you ever imagined where PUBG is stationed?

Hrusostomos Vicatos What happened to the concept of “Zero downtime patching”? Aren’t you using cloud hosting? Did you not make a big announcement earlier in the year about Multiplay (Unity) to manage your European hosting? Come on guys … get into the 21st century. you can do better

Donkie They cant because it takes resources like Money.

karouwhn Ok 🙂 have fun and let’s hope you fixed some bugs

Ryan can we at least get test servers running ?!

Liam Niedrich seriously, why are both down?

RastaCook Also, how about putting a real error message that says “server maintenance” instead of server busy, would have saved me (and likely a lot of people) from wasting time trying to reconnect for 30min until i found this message on fucking twitter… just put the msg in game geez srly

Vincent You guys did this on new years day? You should have done it last night when I was drunk off my ass not when I’m hungover.

Metehan Çağlar Fix vikendi fps pls .s

Crash Ring of Elysium….try it. Good downtime game.

Brayden Cowell They are a Korean company, and it is currently 10:00am on the 2nd in Korea so it makes total sense for them. And considering that 70-80% of they’re player base is in China and surrounding areas where it is currently a low player count time it makes sense for them as a company.


ItzScience That’s still 20-30% of the player base that is going to be pissed off. They could’ve just as easily done it on the 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

RastaCook what a genius idea to do this right now, seriously wtf, Jan 1st 7h30pm, that must be the absolute worst possible time for a 4hrs maintenance, fucking ridiculous…

Hrusostomos Vicatos again? come on…. can’t you not better plan server maintenance so it does not drop the entire gaming platform?

Lion Family Seeds Pls OPEN TEST SERVER!!! when maintenance… PLS come on.!!

Ricardo Lameira Could you change the maintenance schedule time every week or month? That would be more fair, since you have people playing in many different time zones around the globe.

Tobias Engler Not cool

Zach Beach™♈ “Fix your game” “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS UPDATE YOUR GAME WTF” 😂

Alex Thurman 1) Most people aren’t complaining about them doing updates, but WHEN they are doing their updates. 2) Most of their updates are garbage that don’t do anything to fix the base issues affecting their highly successful game.

SpaceMadMonkey I’m in bed, wake me up when it’s time to play! 😴

Gustavo Valério Here in Brazil this ends at 3am .Thx to fuck my holiday…

Junior Tatuador Mazz Caralho é todo dia essa manutenção? Peguei o jogo a uma semana e todo dia manutenção… Q porra de server eh esse!

Carlinhu Tem manutenção semanal justamente pro servidor não ter problemas. Fora que em toda manutenção eles corrigem bugs ou adicionam algo novo.

Badwolfkg Not just sniper attachments!!

Tim M why? why? why? why? a holiday?? Why???

Brad Gardner Really? at 8pm east coast time for 4 hours? Bad timing, off to play COD

Rodrigo Alva Really? During the holiday? pfft…

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

midninBR I’ve just done “Things You’ll Break” and win a solo match but the server maintenance has started, am I going to take those missions as done? Thank you

kevinlc77 here is how to know when the next maintenance window will be: check your calendar for major holidays and every week during the exact time you have to play.

zen-x Thanks for ruin my holiday, good job

Alex Morgenstern if the best you can do on your holiday is to play pubg, and not to play it will “ruin” your holiday, then you maybe should get a life

Alex Thurman If the best you can do is spend your day commenting on everyone giving feedback to PUBG devs maybe you should get a life…

Alex Morgenstern nah,only 15 minutes responding 10 year old babies crying for the maintenance is enough 😉

Plegh Who the fuck does a 4 hour maintenance lmao.

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud See you at 830 I guess 😩

thereisonlyjim Yet another North American who thinks the world Revolves around their Timezone. Reality check buddy, The majority of the playerbase is not the NA players.

Al Fall NIce. ON a fucking holiday. nice

Doc_Doge[Respect] Maintenance at the first day of 2019! Good job! A great start isn’t it?

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Hashmeme Fartel o yah in the afternoon when its the holidays fucking genius company

dusty_johnson What about test servers? They down too?

LightHasNoShadow Any updates, improvements, content for ps4 in sight ?

Alex Morgenstern what do you expect? it’s not even a month since the release of the game on ps4 and less than a week since the last bug fix update, not to mention that vikendi is arriving on console this month…


pzratnog 164/168 hours in the week isn’t enough? They announce days in advance. Not hard to know when this is coming.

Ed Sullivan its the same ol story, same old song and DANCE!!!! quit cryin… no wonder everyone thinks the US is full of pussies.. probably right most of us are. stop confirming it

ozan dörtelma all nights servers off. lol.

Guilherme is really the best fucking way to start the year, you guys are doing a splendid job with a holiday maintenance. you should be ashamed, serious, not in a dream I would pay you guys a season pass, you guys do a terrible job do not deserve a penny.

Samuel Cowan the maintenance blocks out the final time to get the santa beard and now I can’t get it great job

Badwolfkg It took you this long to save 10000bp??? Wish I could gift you some.

Samuel Cowan well I got to it but my match ended after maintenance

Alex Morgenstern when the beard got launched, I had -5000 BP because they took away some BP they gave me on Halloween update cause I could redeem the BP bonus twice, and i got the beard 1 week ago and managed to get 10000 adittional BP lmao, it’s not that hard if you have half neuron

sydney yall just HAVE to do maintenance at 7pm eastern. at peak times for most ppl in NA. amazing

thereisonlyjim You know this is a Korean Company right? They started this maintenance a little after 9:30AM

sydney hey did u know its new years day and most ppl go back to work tomorrow so theyd like to spend the night playing the game??? u dont need to spam this reply on everyone thats rightfully complaining

thereisonlyjim Hey did you know that it’s the day after new years day for some of us? Did you know that the majority of the player-base is in AS and SEA regions? They are doing maintenance in the OFF-peak time for the Majority of their player-base

sydney did u know they don’t fix shit even though they do maintenance for 4 hours once a week? they can fix shitstack nothing in an hour, not 4

Pufilicious 4hrs on December 26th, 4hrs on January 1st. What in the actual fuck is wrong with you ?

JoeTendo64 WOW DOE!

Sly DevL Thanks for always doing your maintenance during prime time NA hours

Kira weekly maintenance time, let’s go. and nothing will get fixed AGAIN. you rock. really. btw i want a refund

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω Infinity War new

Kahshe Would you leave Test server online during Live’s maintenance? You’d actually have a group of testers, since Test server is dead every other day and night.

internally_flawless Why? on a day where everyone could be playing…

johnny spitera Some ppl work g33k

Mike Why on New Year’s Day when everyone is off from work? Are you guys some kind of idiots? 🤔

Foges What year is is? 2019? Were still doing 4 hour full shut downs for patches? CMON NOW

Juan Pablo Daniel Are you seriously doing a maintenance on a holiday, the day I can actually play for hours? DAMN YOU!!! Hire some DEVOPS PLEASE!

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Alex Thurman Yes, that’s literally the point. They’re doing routine maintenance like every other Tuesday; except today is NOT like every other Tuesday. Intelligent devs would adjust the schedule around an annual peak in playerbase.

Juan Pablo Daniel Indeed

sports fan Oh neat on my day off you wanna do a 15gb download I bet

Francisco Adding more desync?

Chris DePrater Ugh, sad they can’t do this during non-peak gaming time for most of us

thereisonlyjim “Most of us”? You realise they are a Korean company, and that the majority of the playerbase is in the AS and SEA regions, right?

Alex Thurman You do realize he’s clearly referring to most of the people who will see and read his tweet, right?

Rokirtech Infocenter Well time to go into the cryostasis pod and pray to wake in the year 3000.

Grantjustme I wish every player who bitched and complained so much about this game would just stop playing.

Zach Tanner Why are you even here then?

pzratnog I don’t want them to stop. These are the low IQ people who are easy kills. Anyone who plays more than one match a month knows when maintenance is coming. They post every time and put it front and center in the game itself.

Keidar You monster! Hahahaha

Grantjustme lol true. its just annoying to read in the comments.

ThroopOnTwitch You guys REALLY need to 1. Rethink what time you run maintenance, and 2. Figure out how to reduce it from 4 hours. 4 hours is too long. If it was an hour or so, people could just play something else for a bit, but 4 hours, that just means no pubg for the day.

thereisonlyjim Do they really need to re-think the time? Perhaps you need to re-think what little importance your timezone might have to them – This is a Korean Company, currently it is a quarter to 10 AM, meaning they are doing this maintenance very early in their working day

Zach Tanner They can do a rolling schedule so no single region is hit hard like this every single time.

ThroopOnTwitch I understand what you’re saying, but remember that they are in the service industry. Their schedule should run around their clients schedules.

thereisonlyjim It doesn’t matter what time they schedule maintenance, because it is global, it is always going to be someone’s peak time. The majority of players are from AS and SEA regions, so they are actually running schedule around the majority of their clients peak times

ThroopOnTwitch I’d like to see stats around number of players per region. I would bet USA/EU would surpass CN/SEA.

thereisonlyjim Highest concurrent players is consistently around Asian peak time

ThroopOnTwitch Could just be a convenient time for multiple regions, but I see where you’re going. I want hard stats, but I cant find any online outside of a stat from 2017, which show NA was the majority of players.

FATBOY GAMING You are such a fan boy. It is because of people like you companies do not improve.

Liam Niedrich Can’t servers be maintained independently?

thereisonlyjim Because it is through steam, it is required of them to do all global servers at the same time for some dumb reason

Alex Thurman Great job spamming this same exact irrelevance on every comment. Yes they DO really need to rethink the time. A major company should be smarter than to do maintenance during four of the largest ANNUAL peak hours.

thereisonlyjim But the majority of PUBG players aren’t in NA, the majority are in Asia, and this maintenance is in the off-peak time for Asian countries, where the majority of players will be unaffected. it’s also not new years day everywhere, in most places, it is the 2nd right now.

Dennis Yo i’m all about the fact theyre a Korean company, but lets not say 10 AM is early in a work day LOL.

Dlinn Yup. Do it 6am there and we get on tonight.

Grantjustme Maintenance is on every Tuesday people. New Year is barely even holiday too. Relax smh.

Jesse Anderson I’ve defended you for a long time, but seriously, one IT professional to another (hoping you let some of your back-end guys read this), weekly maintenance? Your company has made hundreds of millions of dollars and you still do weekly maintenance?

Jordan I wouldn’t mind the weekly maintenance so much if it wasn’t 4-6 hours long EVERY WEEK for absolutely no changes.

nick miller Wow is usually an down everything Tuesday morning for x reason. Think that game is a tad larger than pubg

Shawn Murray full agree. these guys just dont get it. Ive never seen another game take 4 hours to update. ever. weekly at that. and peak hours is bullshit. the servers need to be downed at the lowest peaking time. period. youve lost thousands over this shit.

Joe Blow World Of Warcraft has made billions and they still preform maintenance every week.

Stephen Elliott Understand weekly maintenance, but roll it to non-peak hours for each server. Continually performing maintenance during peak NA gaming hours has impacted their player count dramatically.

WestCoastBestCoast Have you ever imagined where PUBG is stationed?

Rylkon Weekly server maintenance isnt understandeable when they have poor server performance regardless.

Jesse Anderson My understanding is that Steam doesn’t allow regional updates. I work with bigger companies than Bluehole who only patch once a month. It’s kind of old.

Ed Sullivan coming here to check for updates and seeing everyone cry about what you already know is going to happen is kind of old…

Alex Morgenstern yea, sure has impacted the NA player count for doing maintenance once a week lmao

Alex Thurman Yes, believe it or not, doing maintenance during four peak hours once a week actually does significantly affect a player base.

Alex Morgenstern no, it doesn’t unless the player base are crybabies, which it’s the case, so you are right

Chris Rusu Test servers are almost always on at least for me?? Again with this update today and the test servers are still down. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Comic Books Plus Well the maintenance just started 15min ago were they down before that?

Chris Rusu Do t know only play it when main servers are down..?


Joshua Cannon This is fucking ridiculous…. East Coast players get fucked every time.

tdm.cody Just brought a gaming pc today and brought PUBG and it’s downloaded and I can’t even get into the game cause servers are “too busy”

Ryan Delaneuville Update. 4 hours

Bay Dead game. Just focus on mobile

OpTic Yann Mobile is trash.

Baran Tk 86 Mb update? Nice! Nice! Nice! When do you think you can fix it? Like a joke!

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω Infinity War

GamingowyTataPL Why??????????? Last day of my holiday 🙁

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Danny gotta keep the asian players happy, maintenance on their non-peak time.

RiftRekt Honestly. Europe and Asia hold the majority of the player base. It is not ideal for the US. But it’s something you know is coming. It literally happens every week LUL

thereisonlyjim You know it’s a Korean company right? It’s 9:45am for them, a good time for maint. Besides that, Asian players are the absolute majority of their playerbase so…

Tyler Marsh Doesnt matter, when the company I work for does maintenance or prod migrations, we do these on non peak hours for the respective market.

thereisonlyjim The “Respective Market” in this case is literally everywhere on the globe. There is going to be someone who’s peak time is interrupted either way.

James Absolute majority when playing TPP. I hardly ever come across any foreign players in FPP. Very happy I made the switch from TPP to FPP.

cloud_n9ne Once you go FPP you never go back 😘

Creepy Twitch streamers group 6 skins when arriving any intel?

Andres Etcheto Seriously? In new year?

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Andres Etcheto Last week maintenance was on Wednesday

Calle Rosen Fan Club seems like a less than ideal time all around to do this

Ninponeer You would prefer them to do it on Friday or Saturday night instead? 🤔 Tuesday evening is actually the best possible time to do their maintenance. 1. It’s not during peek playing hours 2. It also allows them time to fix any potential unforseen issues before the weekend.

Calle Rosen Fan Club go away

Chevy the Golden WHY??? Why can’t you people explain why you do these things at such stupid times?

Kyle Just spent all Xmas with family. New Years is for fun

Albert Gomez Why do you assholes keep bringing down the test server at the same time too?

t carty Maintenance on a holiday. Yeesh, who thought that was a better idea than postponing it for a day

TheBeardedSerb Got that victory with 2 min before shutdown

Albert Gomez Pretty sure if you’re in the middle of a game it wouldn’t shut down anyways.

steve yikes how many more hashtags do you have

schmericks how long will it 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 last?

The_Sensei Damnnnnn. Literally just got on

PlumbDrip Why would you do maintenance on New Years

LordEscorpio Maintenance on holiday, you’re a joke ahahahahah

Josh Guess I’ll play blackout instead then 😒😒😒

Mike If you hate your self..

_LouisTwiT Test servers are up ?!

LordEscorpio Very nice, maintenance on holiday 😀

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Corey hulsey Why on a holiday?

Eiran okane Any changes expected or just routine?

warlord8923 Just routine

LordEscorpio implementing more bugs

M. Brennan 📱💻🛠 Lol

Chad Razwick That’s funny the video games I play don’t have this issue.

riley🤘 you must not play a lot on steam. if it wasn’t for steam they could do maintenance regionally

Chad Razwick Riley, honey I’ve been playing on Steam since you were in diapers.

thereisonlyjim Calls a stranger honey in a condescending tone AND is called Chad, 10/10 top meme

DON Actually he doesn’t know how to play

Dylan Bergbower are both regular servers and test servers down for maintenance?

Joshua Sutton But why? It’s New Years, we’re all home, off of work, gaming, and you guys want to do maintenance today? Makes no sense.

Evan Ross We are all off work, what the fuck? Server maintenance New Years Day?


Liam Niedrich Probably was the desync. I lost right before maintenance

Tom Having a four hour downtime at all is absolutely laughable, nevermind multiple times a week, and on a holiday, during primetime.

Morty Hi fellow pugberians, anyone explain me the logic on this one? Aa Am i missing some gameplay sense? Mmmaybe my timeline was connected to the TV and he destroied one the cables???? OF THE TV WHERE THE BULLETS WERE FIRED AT?? Mucho obliged

Joshua Francisco NA SERVERS expects full running @ 23:30!

Vexp Why do you say the servers are too busy? ??? “Servers are Down for Maintenance” would be fine…

Red Boar Let’s be honest, PUBG is incredibly frustrating BUT they are finally starting to deliver players something to work with. This is exciting and makes the 4 hour “maintenance” much more tolerable.

nick miller Only took them 2 years from “beta” to make an ok game for pc players. Lucky no one has copied this game and make it 100 times better.

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-12-27


Reggie Philips why is test server down you useless cunts


Leon Hi there, why do custom matches require at least 10 people to be able to start? On the test server we were able to start with 6 players. Is this something you’re considering to change? 🙂

🎮A.Lorentsen🎮 I got si excited to try FPP man….

sg I’m so sick of this. So sick of you

Rufio! Can you guys never do server maintenance in the morning like normal companies? Nothing like getting home from work ready to play some pubg and being cock blocked by updates or server maintenance!

Flexapexs What morning is for you, is evening for others…. there is no best time for maintenance…

KptRooibaard_ZA Unfortunately the developers (and by far the largest player base) is on the other side of the globe from where you are. Sorry mate, every sport has it’s own injuries.

Bomaximous Company is based in Korea so the timing is different.

FrostTaker they technically are doing it in the morning, they just do it in the Korean morning 😅 In KST its only about noon

volt1up They can’t even consistently do it on the same day 🤦‍♀️

Chronos you know it would be nice to change the “servers are too busy” to “servers are under maintenance” or something

durab i’ve bought your game, but i cant enter it, always says that the server are busy, what can i do?

Read Consulting Srv. On bleeping boxing day evening? Great timing!

Borjão 1️⃣7️⃣ Always hurting who likes to play at night! I only have this schedule and you do not make the day! 🙁

chris fox Add more UZIs to Vikendi! And never put a sniper rifle in the same area as a 8x scope. 😀 jk.. Thanks for the hours of me not having to face reality.

Eric Becker Why do it during prime time?

Mike Lol exactly

Dale McAughey Why on earth do you do maintenance during prime time busy hours?? Even Blizzard Ent. figured out to do it during late evening.

Optimal Carnage Blizzard is in Irvine California. When they do maintenance it’s prime time on the other side of the world.

Bin Chen why test server is also on maintenance at the same time????? Then, what is the point of having test servers?

PUBG GOAT Just give us map select already dang

John D Fuck pubg, you opt for the worse nights to update cs:go ftw or rocket league maybe i will try fortnite (cant be worse)

felpz_tbct any forecast of the arrival of the SA server?

Nick When your country isnt 3rd world

chuong nguyen now PUBG maintenance their server every week ?

Fernando Henrique da Silva Machado . Waiting for the servers to become online 😬😬😬 2:00 AM CET

Steven Roark If you are in the Test server you can only play solo now

Pedro Vinicius I’m in normal pubg

Sven Schindler Fucking Updates with 4 or 6 hours server offline. Thats not normal. Thats World of Warcraft Patchday bevor 8 or 10 Years. Give more Menpower at work on Patchday, Please faster in Time in future. Thanks

D.Kananos Stop doing that every week another maintenance is annoying… You earn back your players don’t loose them again !!!! (Is the only game with every week maintenance I ever met )

Blake Thomson Could not agree more

Weird isnt it Well that’s just fantastic. Wasn’t able to play for 4 months straight, the day i’m able to get back at my PUBG addiction you’ve decided to update, what are the odds right. 4 hours of blackout now, thanks!

Alex Jeez you guys are messy

kelsey Hello! Not sure if this account supports all platforms and devices… But I play pubg mobile, and have been struggling with my profile picture. My account is linked to my twitter account. It will not sync or update when I change it to a new picture.

DEREK Ok no worries , we are located in Southern California. We’ve tried 4 users at a time as well to try and help the matchmaking but the time just continues to rise with no actual start of the mode if that makes sense

PUBG Help Thanks Derek! Just to confirm, are you still experiencing this problem? -H

DEREK And that’s when the problem was occurring , we tried multiple times Monday and Sunday but haven’t tried since

DEREK We haven’t tried the training mode since Monday evening

PUBG Help Gotcha, thank you! Please let us know if you experience this problem again. Apologies for the inconvenience. -H

DEREK We are on training mode now . Time at 6:15sec still nothing . Just updating you that it still is having trouble getting us in to the training mode. Thank you

DEREK Ok thank you.

Adam Johnston Is the Test Server down as well?

aaron and keep calm

aaron play scum guys

Johnny This shit annoying 🤨

Andrew S. Kapitzis You guys should set up a BACKUP server when you want to go on maintenance. 19/12 was the last one. Seriously. You are just losing customers and players.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ ?

Supernintendo Chalmers

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ The game is just not at its peak high anymore, thats why it lost 2 million players, a month ago the player count started rising, so idk why you’re bringing that up when the playercount loss has stopped…?

Supernintendo Chalmers Because the original comment said the game is losing customers and players. You tried to counter that statement by providing data from one month, during which most people finish school and work and have more time to play games.

Supernintendo Chalmers Game loses TWO MILLION players for 10 months straight, adds 200k players during the holiday season and you think that’s good 😂

Supernintendo Chalmers And that’s being generous from peak player stats. Last month it lost 50k players. This month it only added 32k. The game is dying. Face it.

Supernintendo Chalmers Lmao. Of course players go up during December and Christmas. Zoom back out over the year to last December 2017. Down from a peak of 3.2M players to last month which was 895K. You’re just cherry picking this month where there was a slight increase after 10 months of LOSS.

james hope your putting OCE severs back in ffs 250+ms isnt good enough

Jesse Jarnagin the ratio of time under maintenance vs game problems this game has is astounding

Guineapig1 Wife , all alone wanna play … but no ……. maintenace, bad timing in europe :/

Phil Coffman Serious question: is it possible to ever get to a state where the duration for these live server maintenances could be decreased? They always land in a rough time for US players and the 4 hour window is rough. I do appreciate how they usually end sooner. Thanks.

Punisher_1 Dude that;s logic just stop wit h that shit…. They are never going to listen to good logical ideas.

Kenny Lee It’s because there are way more Asian players than US players playing this game 🙂

Phil Coffman I get it and it’s not really the time slot they choose that bugs me. It’s that it’s 4 hours long during that time slot.

Brian Graf Their twitter handle is quite ironic since they never seem to answer anyone, sincere or not

Billkamm Thanks for always taking down NA Servers during NA primetime just to save a few bucks. Way to care about your customers!

Bill Wolcott so basically shut down North America right when people get off work and want to play, nice timing.

azzman1000 What do you guys do during maintenance? Not complaining just curious?

gerasimos stamenis We have low fps,ALSO buf the loot in ERANGEL NOVO is DEAD FROM LOOT, you r going to lose ppl again

bob humplick try turning your textures down a notch and if that doesnt help then find the games exe file (tslgame.exe) and right click and go to properties and find “turn off fullscreen optimzations” and uncheck it. also set to fullscreen in the game isntead of full screen (borderless).

brandon What pung are you getting?

Darren Ping*

MAGRELINH0tv 4 hours for maintenance! NICE competence, Ameria 10pm rip

kingani Roasts the game is mainly played by the Asian community so someones always gonna lose out during updates

azzman1000 What do you guys do during maintenance? Not complaining, just curious

bob humplick any patch notes? or just maintenance?

Chris DePrater Both regular and test servers are ALL down at the same time, Ugh!

Kraven 100mb=4hs great job!

Gustavo Your knowledge on how this technology works is outstanding

Election Fraud=Crime Seriously… another update at peak NA time on Boxing Day holiday. You guys are scheduling idiots.

NightBreed Your game is 40% fun and 60% annoying. The annoying part is fixable yet nothing happens but more micro transactions.

joshua Hoots Actually the NA market is second only to China; and for a 94.8 MB update it shouldn’t take 4 hours!!!!

HighburyHighs LMFAO you guys have a good concept of a game, you really do, it’s just in the hands of fucking idiots. just sell the game to people that know what they’re doing and walk away rich and happy.

Coolkent What

Jedi my guns are just shoot by itself and I’m not hit the r2 button

B00G13M4N Hello?? Anyone home?? Why are the test servers down as well??

Mbappe jr. Test server too?

Rice Muncher Why at this time of day, maybe do it overnight not when people wanna play at PEAK times!

عبدالرحيم المتحمي Hi I have a problem

Jasko Ikanovic Fix the FPS and Ping! fix the OC server sick of playing in the SEA server with Asian hackers!!!

SwagMaster Yeah but they won’t 😂 I m only wondering who made these missions and how they get on the game ….they are so ugh randomn and not fun to do 🙄 it seems like they are tempting you to buy some levels

Ed Sullivan bro.. you have like 2 1/2 months to do that…

Justin If u get 4800exp every day (daily max) and thats not only about kills, you have to play atleast 2-3 hours per day, then you only get 32lvl overall, so your Argument is invalid

Al Fall who gives a shit about levels and missions. Play to win and get kills

Justin and there actually are ppl who care about the stuff from the season pass

Avviix Patch notes? Or anything?

DEREK Lower required players for a healthy matchmaking time in training mode please . I have a bunch of new players who want to train first

PUBG Help Hi DEREK. If you’re unable to enter training mode within 5 minutes, there may be a bug- could you please let us know where you’re located for us to help us investigate? -H

DEREK Ok no worries , we are located in Southern California. We’ve tried 4 users at a time as well to try and help the matchmaking but the time just continues to rise with no actual start of the mode if that makes sense

PUBG Help Thanks Derek! Just to confirm, are you still experiencing this problem? -H

DEREK And that’s when the problem was occurring , we tried multiple times Monday and Sunday but haven’t tried since

DEREK We haven’t tried the training mode since Monday evening

PUBG Help Gotcha, thank you! Please let us know if you experience this problem again. Apologies for the inconvenience. -H

DEREK We are on training mode now . Time at 6:15sec still nothing . Just updating you that it still is having trouble getting us in to the training mode. Thank you

DEREK Ok thank you.

el escar face What about pubg mobile? Is not working

Vai Molê Miselávi Capitalista Cmon, this maintenance schedule dosent make any sense at SA servers , do it after Midnight pleas

Darren It is after midnight….. in the whole of Europe & the CIS. The world runs on differing time zones my man. Will always be a bad time somewhere in the world 👍

Vai Molê Miselávi Capitalista Because of that I said in SA server, not in Europe

Kain Schilling Or just go off US time bc were better than everyone else

Chris Howard Which is why you roll your downtimes at different times for different regions. Its not hard to do just takes extra staff which most likely they already have.

Sh0rty Steam doesn’t allow for patching different regions at different times. It’s a steam issue, not a bluehole one.

Kyle Did h1z1 patch different regions at one point? I think I recall playing in European servers when US was down for maintenance

LeeBo1Kinobe considering how muich use I’ve gotten out of this game I’d say I paid an extremely fair price. However, I’m not fanboi defending these weekly outages….

TropaDaReserva Nice one! Hahahaha

HighburyHighs I don’t understand what you actually do that lasts 4 hours? nothing in the game changes OR gets better, you’re too focused on bringing new content rather than fixing the wrongs in the game.

Ninponeer Ya’ll realize that servers run an OS that requires patching in addition to the game updates? Hardware also needs to be replaced /upgraded periodically too.

Daniel Hallberg You do realize that it’s 2018 and there’s better ways to do things then to take an entire platform down for updates once a week. When was the last time you saw or down?

Vehzx 🌐 2018 changes nothing on how server management plays out, the past 3-5 years have been relatively similar, with certain areas having upgrades from the previous obviously. Google is a gigantic company with data centres all over the world, way more then PUBG. (1/2)

Vehzx 🌐 Google can push updates to other live servers as testing while keeping other servers running, sure PUBG could push all these small fixes to a test server, but that really isn’t needed. With the hardware used for their servers, server reboots and hotfixes, patches are needed (2/2)

Profit People don’t understand how servers work they just like to complain

E no other game is like this

Ninponeer E X A C T L Y ! – An exceptional game requires moar levels of maintenance. Also, PUBG Corp is NOT Epic Games, nor are they Activision so they don’t have the amount of resources at their disposal, and likely can’t realisticly maintain a “Hot” or “Warm” site (1/2)

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ I was reading a great tweet earlier today, and these long periods of maintenance may have to do with how they used a script as a crutch in essential game code deep in the game, therefore causing even minor changes to the games code can take hours of trial and error to work.

Ninponeer (2/2)…to fail over to, or patch in advance to reduce downtime during maintenence periods, but keep QQ’ing about it on a weekly basis, because it’s obviously the preferred solution to solving all of your problems 🧐

E the problem isn’t because they “aren’t as big as epic/activision” it’s that they’re inefficient

Conrad Hemmings I was agreeing with you telling people that servers run operating systems that require updates, but this game has produced well over $1B in revenue, while not unreasonable, it is a bit poor to not have a backup server during maintenance.

Shawn Oden… I’d say $700M in just 2017 is a resource that Activision would be proud of. Plus, patches on OS don’t usually need to be done weekly. Especially for 4+ hrs of downtime. When I patch servers, downtime (if even noticeable) is seconds.

marty friedmancito My thoughts exactly

zewkz nice logic to do maintenance at this time lol

Darren Middle of the night in Europe & the CIS. Makes perfect sense for about a billion people to do it now 👍

zewkz It’s pretty obvious where I am from if I think its a bad time.

Gary Bosworth bluehole lives in korea. so they are technically pushing the updates around 10:30am their time.

E Eternally a bad time for US players. Have they ever pushed back updates to better suit different regions? I can’t remember a time.

Gary Bosworth They were doing the updates at 6pm, which entirely screwed over PST players. They moved it back to 530, now 430

VirenRanpura Lol nothing will happen you guys never believe in good service

hana NA playerbase is tiny compared to asia, we dont get priority over how convenient the update times are

🅱arry 🅱ickerstaff Test servers in maintenance too? REEEE

Zach Why do you say “Live servers” then take down test servers too?

Nicholas passmore sounds seem more off today on the pts then the last few days. Not hearing footsteps at all. On Xbox

LeeBo1Kinobe will there be a patch as well? Or strictly maintenance? Hipfire alignment comes to mind.

Romain Werkez Wen the new twitch prime box comes out ?

Bobby Gee Idk why you don’t do it at like 3am

Darren It is 3am in parts of Europe. World Times zones & all 👍

Pripyat I always get stuck on loading screen of Vikendi. That’s why I don’t play it

Jonathan from the OC You’re dead to me

dustybottomstv Hi, is the test server going to be down for the next four hours too? Says its under maintenance. Thanks

Boomstick test servers in maintenance as well?

Muamer Bektic Can you let me know if they’re not?

Boomstick still showing in maintenance

LeeBo1Kinobe they ain’t your friend, guy

Fake News Why do you all have to do maintenance every single week?

Bomaximous Other games also have weekly maintenance. WoW is one of the top of my head.

Blaine It’s “Esports Ready” no worries. Kappa.

Hallet Poplin It’s the best game ever they have no issues at all haha

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud you guys need to pause the survivor pass then if its going to take 4 hours just to play again

AqueleCaraChato I think the survivor pass is more about to buy the lvl than to make it thru… It’s sad :/

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud Sad truth I high key regret getting it. 10k exp per lvl is ridiculous

Ed Sullivan weird.. daily’s get done in a game or two.. weekly’s get done in 2-3 days.. you get those AR/SMG kills yet? LoL

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud i got the AR/SMG kills done. but the dailies only give you 1500exp 2kexp for the 3rd one.

LeeBo1Kinobe practically the same lel

Wolf plz TRADE


Dale McAughey HOPEFULLY, they fix the fact that when you stop in a red zone COMPLETELY that the game can actually registers it. Did it 7 times now and i only have 1. It’s completely F*CKERED!

Haqq Guiling you need to get out of the vehicle

Dale McAughey yup, i know, stop it completely and exit the vehicle

Da Great Denaari You do not need to get out of the vehicle

PlasmaXP megabummer

quggæ Night mode update?

Tri Nguyen i feel like i need to upgrade my computer after every maintenance

Nick I would suggest updating that car first.


Tri Nguyen lol thanks the the advise. but i love this car. went 120 with no problem

SwagMaster This is literally 5 hours only driving a buggy 😂😂😂👌

Dale McAughey hahahahahahahaha

no one lol

Blaine One of the Devs must be a sadist. At least make it something fun like the motorbike…

Kevin B. dude… we were laughing so hard at that one yesterday. 500 FUCKING SQUARES!!

Deranged-VX9- maintenance all day every day

Khryd that is a very strange update time for east us !

LeeBo1Kinobe did you just get the game? we’ve been doing this on EST for over a year

Khryd stop flaming i was just playing with a qc mate this time

LeeBo1Kinobe staahp

Doc_Doge[Respect] Fix the FPS drop pls

joey h. a. Did i pay money for this game

TK5566 Right when I was getting on

Dragon slaier Lol

AqueleCaraChato Fix loot in vikendi, fix fps drop and please put the canted sight soon!

Lakers Prime time baby.

DarkDaze ☁️ Why do you hate me?

Andrew E. Monroe Name a more dominant country than AMERICA! USA USA USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Derek Any vehicle changes coming to ps4? So they don’t weigh a feather and roll so unrealistically? Also map select?

Daviddd 🌺🌊 Can I get some help or do you choose not to help at all. Confused cause it says “PUBG_help” but that’s clearly not what this is. I haven’t been replied to for the past 2 days now

Leon Fust I dont know what happened but since today I cant even launch the game because of a: “Corrupt data found, please verify your installation.” Error code. I have dont nothing to the game or the game files. I just booted up and wanted to get some chicken dinner. Please Help

Samuel Wesley Hello , have a good night. I ask us to analyze the use of RAM and VRAM and pay special attention to those who have machines with minimum specifications to run the game, because not everyone with these specifications can run the game in a decent way, which should happen

tyson carr was just wondering how come on the pts it doenst have duos it has solo and squad but no duos

Nick No way you average 87 FPS on snow map with a PC like that bud. 2080ti is barely at 100 constant

Optimal Carnage I get over 200 fps at 2560 with my 2080 to. I’m with a lot of others on this topic. It’s your computer or it’s your ISP provider and ping. Meeting minimum requirements results in getting minimum performance. If you want top tier performance get a top tier PC

pherupi my dude, pubg its not a game that requires a 2080, come on.

Optimal Carnage There’s isn’t any game that requires a 2080 ti but you know what?? I get perfect performance now and I got perfect performance on my 1080 ti. Everyone wants to complain that their subpar equipment giving subpar performance. It’s getting old to read week after week.

Nick For 1). I was not saying 2080 was minimum. 2) Optimal I 100% agree with you man, people are running rigs of the past which are equiped with cards older than 760s, extremely outdated processors with the game running on HDD thats on a computer they never take care of.

Nick With the exponential growth rate in technology over the recent years, it makes buying outdated prebuilds or using someones old PC not an option for games running games like PUBG. Learn to build a computer & save the money for parts or buy a PS4/Xbox.

Unknown Player Cross-play plss

Joe Day Not gonna answer this one?

Hisyam Rusli Do you ever thought of making PUBG free of PS Plus? You will attract more players.

Dan Bam 👆👆👆👍👍👍

Justin Put Xbox duos in

LadsUltimate just so you know your whole community is expecting you to release FPP tonight /this morning of the 27th , better not disappoint again.

Mustafa Hizoglu cancel maintenance for europe pls

🎮A.Lorentsen🎮 Its PC you cant get rid of hackers bro they always find another way

KareasOxide There are ton’s of other PC games that don’t that the level of hacking pubg does

i wanna be the guy I know but yesterday in all my 12 games, i’ve died to hackers in the end or 3/4 of the game

i wanna be the guy I think the last time i’ve won a match, was in july

ChrisIreland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛄️🎅🏻 so I won a game on PTS on PS4. Backed out when it let me then I said “Game still in progress” so then I didn’t get the 848 BP I was owed..

ΔDΞ 🇯🇲 𝕤𝕦𝕓𝕦𝕣𝕓𝕒𝕟 𝕕𝕦𝕕𝕖 This works,thanks

Neal Hamilton Will test servers remain live?

Chrstn Pl Frl heyyy help

TF_PCNESDAD It won’t let me download the actual pubg from the compilation disc, just the pts… what do I do?

The Dude Have you hit Alt-Enter twice? Doing this changes it to windowed and back again. Fixed it for me

👑 Sauce This was the worst troll in gaming this year.

Krista Oh my god, thank you so much for tweeting about this, my parents bought me a new monitor for Christmas and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting more than 60fps monkaS

👑 Sauce 😂😂 fr, I dont know whats up with these dudes

MD FAISAL I faced these problem several times

Louie Gold please change the loot drop on Vikendi, the only thing you find is G36C and 9mm weapons. They suck and good attachments are nowhere to be found.

resur2b I have a monster pc and the game is trash now

XGN MR.MLG777 / What’s Next ??? Cheating Has & Are Very Heavy on Now. _PS4

St. Nick szn (8-7) 🦅 Then don’t purposely try to glitch…?

Grave What do you expect from trash pubg

💥Skillwaves💥 smfh pubg fix FPP console server find time

Κώστας Κουτάς What is going on with those random bans? Just look steam discussions

(SR) LAS I also love how never replies or answers anyone’s questions.

Nicholas Franco like I said clip it. I have a XBOX ONE X and my frames still drop to 15-20FPS with smokes dropped while looting. You clearly dont know what frame drops are or just delusional lmao. I play everyday and even I can admit its still not very optimized.

DaMackD You’re correct buddy, I’ve played since day one and smoke grenades effectively break the frame rate.

Kanibal True I have an X and I play everyday as I LIKE this game but there are frames drops 🤷🏻‍♂️Sure it s better than before but needs more opti

Honja Guess xbox is just trash 🤷‍♂️ get a pro 🤷‍♂️

ShaunBritcliffe Where FPP solo?? Its annoying u say it would be open then it isnt

Fatih Why not free the fucking Survivor Pass patch? Huh?

Aitor Baños Aguilera I play whatver I please. So I don’t even care what do you think about buddy.

.. Is this how do u deal with your fans!???

.. And soo lag the game is nice but need a major update really so annoying

.. Man fix the graphic its sooo laggy

Hasan Macit Is this 500.000km buggy missions real?

J.J Dawkins can we get FPP to PS4 please

Fercho weey

Lucas Israel patch notes?

The Gaming Explorer Are you fucking kidding me.. going to do this the day after Christmas when I’m going to play wtf

Treg when are the ps4 servers coming back up

Daniel Yuja OK FINE

(SR) LAS I thought FPP was on PTS??? Where it be?

Attackfinch Naw, the Pugb server would melt. Got to reboot them Commodore 64’s that are running their servers.

Aakash makhija cant play after update cant do anyting

Josad Ansom Game down 4 hours during primetime for 500mb update, you’d think issues like that are ones you’d want to solve

JuLion primetime for my sleep

Stan LaPerriere As I understand it we don’t make up the majority of their market share, the asians do so it makes sense for there to be down time around now.

GetPoopedOnHomie Nothing new, just hope it’s not for new skins again.

GetPoopedOnHomie Sho’nuff

DannyDew Right lol

Alan⁶𓅓 Erase your game, no one wants to play this hot garbage, I use to play PUBG on PC religiously, and then you introduced the desert map and it was a straight plummet. Fix your broken game.

Gabriel Wallace so in other words they doing the best they can rn, and yea they ban hackers bro. You just need to get good thats all

Probably Gaming. Makes sense

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-12-05

Johnny Why do you ruin my day with maintenance ?

Brandon Horne when will pubg pre load on my PS4 ???

FuturisticProduction today at midnight

BoycottPubG Things that should be added to campaign with a progress bar: 1. Floating guns 2. Dropping in the direction you’re facing when you drop from the plane 3. Fix Desync 4. A functional lobby that doesn’t require a “restart lobby” button…

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ 2 is the only unfixed issue I see?

BoycottPubG Things that should be added to campaign with a progress bar: 1. Floating guns 2. Dropping in the direction you’re facing when you drop from the plane 3. Fix Desync 4. A functional lobby that doesn’t require a “restart lobby” button…

BoycottPubG Things that should be added to campaign with a progress bar: 1. Floating guns 2. Dropping in the direction you’re facing when you drop from the plane 3. Fix Desync 4. A functional lobby that doesn’t require a “restart lobby” button…

no one The lobby is broken in some ways, as best as I can tell, intentionally…

Chiefsimba Did you know started in Arma 3 as a mod for the game 🙂

Faster Than Whaa? Did you you know that Rings of elysium is exactly like PUBG but better in every way plus it’s free?

Geof Lickey My copy won’t load, I keep trying

Vipes on Xbox is the New snow map coming to Xbox this Friday?

Vipes on Xbox A good reply

Vipes on Xbox Any reply is

Vipes on Xbox One reply

Vipes on Xbox Just a reply

Vipes on Xbox Any response is great lol

SethLarcomb Games dieing… “Devs: I have an Idea, LETS KEEP PATCHING ON AMERICAN’S TIME… Lead: FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!” Braindead company.

UnholyFroggod But they are looking into it. That’s more than they have said about it ever. I take that as a win. 🙂

JuLion dude you made it 😀

Justin Reitsma How about once in a while you do this maintenance stuff in the middle of the night in North America, not during prime time here. Other games can do that .

Faster Than Whaa? American and European players are not the priority. Asians are. Deal with it

Alex Ps4 peasents enjoy your “free skin” for a game with tons and tons or bugs that will never be fixed 😂

riley🤘 before we get angry let’s all remember that maintenance is preparing the servers for the snow map and next patch so hell yea

Ryan D McHugh Lol no it isn’t, they have been doing this every week for months, their servers would crash if they don’t take them offline weekly. No other game in the world goes down weekly for maintenance, they have serious issues they can’t fix.

[email protected] and i love how you know how servers, their coding, and where the power button on your pc is. ryan…develop a game and get back to us. (a successful one, as complex)

TheWhaleOfWhales Thats BS, all online games have have maintainance, for instance CS GO had Thursday night when I played it. Also yes, they are preparing for the snow map and patch 24 which will be huge, new weapons, new ranking system, new vehicles, new map, new ingame mechanics like canted sight

Ronard Mckellar how about they let us install the updates before we can play the game or stop taking down the servers to update or take down the server when no one is playing to update. i think thats what every player wants right now.

[email protected] here is the problem with that. this company is not an NA company. They are on the other side of the world. Take timezone into consideration. Now…would you keep your normal hours…or would you come in at 11:30 pm to work on a game for a bunch of ungrateful pricks?

Ronard Mckellar Dude no one is saying they should work earlier or later for the other side of the world just implement something so they don’t have to downtime its literally that simple.

[email protected] its not that simple. it is server side issues, not client side. so they shut it down and literally work on each bug for each map. this is a web based game…its back end work, not just a download plug and play, downtime is needed. it sucks..but its not THAT bad. not for all this.

[email protected] and before you say “i work nightshift”…you are posting about “prime time”…you wouldnt be in the group of people concerned with this maintenance. you would be at work. js.

BadUglyUSA You can install updates once the maintenance starts. Just launch steam. Dev team is in Korea. This is prime working hours for them right now – hence the timeframe for the updates.

Ronard Mckellar im just saying man im sure they can implement something that wouldnt trigger 90% of the community myself included. h1z1 is a similar game and ive never had to wait 4 hours to play a game…….. regardless where the server is there is no need to take it down unless its serious

BadUglyUSA But prime time for the NA and SA isnt 90% of the community. Steam doesn’t allow rolling updates on a per region basis, unforotunately. I’m not an expert in the server side of this – just mentioning the reasoning behind their choices.

ho ho ho jaydubya Or, I don’t know, have a more robust server network that allows patching to occur without downtime, like most other major games. Hot/live/dynamic patching is a thing…

BadUglyUSA I’m not claiming to know how it works – just stating why they do it when they do it. I’m west coast and yea – its sucks I can’t play right now.

Jack Maiher So naive. No other games do this. No tech or even non-tech company would ever take their customers offline during prime usage hours. No excuse other than they don’t want their Korean employees to work after hours. It’s a joke.

Ray Ballrd Can you name another game on steam that pulls in the same traffic as Pubg severs? Steam doesn’t allow games to do updates based on regions. To where some people can still play while game is being updated.

riley🤘 i don’t see how a company giving fair treatment to their employees is a joke but alright. they do it at this time specifically bc it’s *not* prime time. either they do maintenance or the servers all crash when the snow map comes out, would you like that instead?

Jack Maiher People frustrated & leaving in drives. Overall – the game is fun – but people are leaving and going to the competition because its up and it works – and its better in a lot of ways.

Jack Maiher You don’t understand things – clearly. This has almost nothing to do with whether a new map will work. For that matter – this game has been out how long and how many total maps are there?

riley🤘 according to the community manager in HK: “the updated content was too much, which would’ve caused instability. instead every maintenance we update some stable system contents.” if i “clearly don’t understand things” does that mean someone who works for pubg doesn’t either? (1/2)

Jack Maiher These guys are blowing smoke. Some of us know better. There is a lot of incompetence there. It’s so obvious.

riley🤘 (2/2) and i didn’t mean the map would hurt the servers, i meant patch 24. supposedly the patch is massive and adding all the content at once would be detrimental to servers considering pubg is notoriously unoptimized

Jack Maiher These patches have been going on for weeks – and the product suffers the same recurring problems over and over that many complain of. Their direct competitors – BFV, CoD:BO4, and yes, free Fortnite – have practically none of these issues.

Jack Maiher Fair treatment? Again – you’re so naive. IT standard practices – regardless of the type of company – you don’t take down productions systems and prevent your users/customers from accessing them during peak times. NA is the largest revenue & user count for this game.

riley🤘 “NA is the largest revenue & user count for this game” not at all, Asia is by a mile. + pubg’s offices are based in korea and they do maintenance at 9:30am there. and plenty of online games do maintenance. csgo had it last week, even youtube has it, just not as often

Jack Maiher No – look up the stats. You’re incorrect.

Wojtek (Wojciech) See you in 9 🙂

Joshua Alan Young For once I am not upset, as I was able to pull a 9 kill Duo Chicken Dinner right before the servers went down!

SquidGaming My best game was 9kills solo win lmao

UnholyFroggod You are looking into it and that makes me happy 🙂 and both know how very bad that Erangle loot is. Ask them. And also 🙂

GetPoopedOnHomie Please no new skins… stop trying to turn this into fortnite.

Fyke Daddy I love 4 hours of mandatory small changes. Hire competent devs

DannyDew I’m sure they just give the devs 4 hours every time and they sit on their asses until about 2 hours in and do 30 min of work.

MagentaGrass Or they could… not care 🤨

Fyke Daddy And they wont

Madheal You mean the fact that nobody wants to play the old maps because you can search 15 houses and walk out with a level 1 vest, a micro uzi, and 11 extended pistol mags?

riley🤘 no need to be rude this is the first we’ve heard about them fixing it be happy

Madheal They’re not fixing it. He literally just said they aren’t. They’re “discussing it”. That doesn’t mean they plan to do something about it, they’re just talking about the fact that the entire community hates the loot. It’s been a complaint since the game came out and nothing yet.

riley🤘 literally never said they aren’t. they said they’re discussing it, and looking at data and ~listening~ to player feedback. it’s all pr talk for “we are working on it”. the snow map and the biggest patch in months is coming out in a few days, they’ll fix it after that

Madheal Also, “they’ll fix it after that”… You mean like they fixed it after Sanhok came out like they said they would? You mean like how they’ll fix it in the Fix PUBG campaign?

Madheal PR talk for “we are working on it” is “we are working on it”. I know words are hard for some people, but try reading what is actually said sometime. It works pretty well.

riley🤘 lol it’s not at all but aright. if you read what they wrote and what i wrote you can see i paraphrased it exactly. but i’m not gonna pointlessly argue so have a good day

Xcent Centy Can you please fix the game instead of releasing new skins for money… When you see that a simple skin in game cost 2/3rd of the game price… It’s fucking crazy. Stop stealing money… A skin is not worth 20 €uros…

Peter Griffin Are you playing now? Oh wait, you can’t 😂

Cobani_Martin Just got out of PUBG mobile!!

Danny Nace i dont know, but im super excited to find out!

Orioles1337 its like a wonderball, you never know what youre going to get

Madheal Once again they have to make sure the build actually compiles before they release patch notes because they’re not sure if it’ll even work. They’ll end up pulling some things from the update and extending maintenance by another 2-4 hours. Again.

Jon Lake The real question you need to answer is if it’s going to run as poorly on my PS Slim as it does on my One S.

zavieir I don’t play this game anymore, I don’t know why I still have it on steam taking up space in my HD with these “updates”.

Ray Ballrd Yet you still follow on Twitter and feel the need to comment. Lol. But I’m sure you don’t play it anymore.

Bryce Olsen Uninstall.

Vengeful🎅❄️⛄ Come Onnnnnnn 😢

Strange Beef Jerky Man that aint a server fix

Cool Jay When will the 50vs50 update come?

If it moves Have they never addressed the players in NA about getting cucked every Tuesday to maintenance or those poor west coasters with no servers to call their own… playing with silly pings?

LonerageR You should see what pings I get after 9pm in Perth, Australia. Over 250ms. And server info says unknown for the region. Fix PUBG worked a treat…..not.

ShooterShepherd It does say for the more expensive that it includes a pass with the map Vikendi. Is it suggesting now that all maps are no longer free? 🤔

Chowdary They didn’t mention that the map is going to cost you extra $..It is for the Vikendi pass..its an event like Sanhok pass event…The event will last probably for a month after map launch. After that you can play the map,, It won’t cost you..

ShooterShepherd They never say. Sanhok pass was free

DURXTER Sankhok pass had a $10 paid version with extra stuff you could unlock. They are probably right. It’s probably a pass with extra missions just like with Sankhok.

ShooterShepherd I remember lol would be great to have it free with all the hell the game gives us 😬🤣


Alex Drawde If it’s not free Im gonna cancel all my little brothers PUBG accounts plus make sure that all my friends will no longer play this game. You have been warned!

psilotum The Vikendi pass is probably for challenges and rewards on the new map.

DURXTER It better be free 😒

Ahmed why is this everyweek its my only night off

Justin Stubbs Unfortunately when us NA players represent less than 10% of the current players in the game, we get the short side of the stick.

thirdeyethethird where did you get that percentage from ?

Justin Stubbs I believe I heard close to that figure from

UnholyFroggod It’s ok. Lol. I really hope one of the small changes is increasing the terrible loot on Erangle 🙂 PLEASE

Fish Brain Everyone spaying with M416, – thanks, but no.

PUBG Help There will be no changes to loot balance in the minor update today. Internally, we’re discussing the current loot balance and closing reviewing data while taking into account the passionate player feedback we’ve received.

bandito When will y’all add a roll maneuver

no one there needs to be a discussion? Pretty easy to tell…but its been like this for a year now…

BoycottPubG Things that should be added to campaign with a progress bar: 1. Floating guns 2. Dropping in the direction you’re facing when you drop from the plane 3. Fix Desync 4. A functional lobby that doesn’t require a “restart lobby” button…

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ 2 is the only unfixed issue I see?

UnholyFroggod But they are looking into it. That’s more than they have said about it ever. I take that as a win. 🙂

JuLion dude you made it 😀

UnholyFroggod You are looking into it and that makes me happy 🙂 and both know how very bad that Erangle loot is. Ask them. And also 🙂

GetPoopedOnHomie Please no new skins… stop trying to turn this into fortnite.

Madheal You mean the fact that nobody wants to play the old maps because you can search 15 houses and walk out with a level 1 vest, a micro uzi, and 11 extended pistol mags?

riley🤘 no need to be rude this is the first we’ve heard about them fixing it be happy

Madheal They’re not fixing it. He literally just said they aren’t. They’re “discussing it”. That doesn’t mean they plan to do something about it, they’re just talking about the fact that the entire community hates the loot. It’s been a complaint since the game came out and nothing yet.

riley🤘 literally never said they aren’t. they said they’re discussing it, and looking at data and ~listening~ to player feedback. it’s all pr talk for “we are working on it”. the snow map and the biggest patch in months is coming out in a few days, they’ll fix it after that

Madheal Also, “they’ll fix it after that”… You mean like they fixed it after Sanhok came out like they said they would? You mean like how they’ll fix it in the Fix PUBG campaign?

Madheal PR talk for “we are working on it” is “we are working on it”. I know words are hard for some people, but try reading what is actually said sometime. It works pretty well.

riley🤘 lol it’s not at all but aright. if you read what they wrote and what i wrote you can see i paraphrased it exactly. but i’m not gonna pointlessly argue so have a good day

Alessandro Silva up, for more loot on 8×8 maps

…. RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 4 hours. Some small changes will be added to live servers and Update .1 patch notes once maintenance is complete.

chris murphy I love how people constantly complain about the same thing every week as if these guys are actually listening lol. They don’t care about their player base so why waste your energy in voicing your opinions? You would get better results yelling at a brick wall. HAHA


Joe Blow Self defeating tweet.

Hotgamingrise RT PUBG “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 4 hours. Some small changes will be added to live servers and Update .1 patch notes once maintenance is complete.”

curtixman Ya… 4:30 pm. Naturally :/


Devin”Parrots”Money H1Z1, Fortnite and Blackout run at 60FPS (for the most part). It’s time to up your game up seriously.

OpTic Yann Pubg on pc runs more than 60. Unless you are talking about console. There is an upcoming update for graphical options.theres ur answer.

Devin”Parrots”Money Already know that since I’m a PC gamer

🃏 RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 4 hours. Some small changes will be added to live servers and Update .1 patch notes once maintenance is complete.

James Howlett Well guess it’s a test server kinda night?


Shits Broken I bet PS4 won’t allow M+k but for some reason you still allow it on Xbox

SANDROAPODI🎮 Why can not all games be maintained without disturbing the players and the PUGB can not? Do I even need maintenance every week? Is there a better time? There is no way to do by zones?

teqz If they change the time of the maintenance, other regions will be down on prime time. Im sick of those fucking crying posts. Just play Test Server in those few hours, no dofference to normal servers right now

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 4 hours. Some small changes will be added to live servers and Update .1 patch notes once maintenance is complete.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ I see what you did there


LonerageR +1 from me. Sick of high pings

Casey Smith No.

Biotic Lol, I Havent played in Months log on get in and then dc for maintenance. Back to I guess.

UnholyFroggod Why you lie to us???

PUBG Help This wasn’t the intention – unfortunately, there were some last minute changes and we want to make sure we deliver the most accurate information to our players to avoid any confusion.

Orioles1337 maybe in that case it might be better to delay the update until you can be sure?

SafiNFL Why do you guys update 4+ hours every week on NA primetime. We are your biggest market.

BoycottPubG Things that should be added to campaign with a progress bar: 1. Floating guns 2. Dropping in the direction you’re facing when you drop from the plane 3. Fix Desync 4. A functional lobby that doesn’t require a “restart lobby” button…

UnholyFroggod It’s ok. Lol. I really hope one of the small changes is increasing the terrible loot on Erangle 🙂 PLEASE

Fish Brain Everyone spaying with M416, – thanks, but no.

PUBG Help There will be no changes to loot balance in the minor update today. Internally, we’re discussing the current loot balance and closing reviewing data while taking into account the passionate player feedback we’ve received.

bandito When will y’all add a roll maneuver

no one there needs to be a discussion? Pretty easy to tell…but its been like this for a year now…

BoycottPubG Things that should be added to campaign with a progress bar: 1. Floating guns 2. Dropping in the direction you’re facing when you drop from the plane 3. Fix Desync 4. A functional lobby that doesn’t require a “restart lobby” button…

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ 2 is the only unfixed issue I see?

UnholyFroggod But they are looking into it. That’s more than they have said about it ever. I take that as a win. 🙂

JuLion dude you made it 😀

UnholyFroggod You are looking into it and that makes me happy 🙂 and both know how very bad that Erangle loot is. Ask them. And also 🙂

GetPoopedOnHomie Please no new skins… stop trying to turn this into fortnite.

Madheal You mean the fact that nobody wants to play the old maps because you can search 15 houses and walk out with a level 1 vest, a micro uzi, and 11 extended pistol mags?

riley🤘 no need to be rude this is the first we’ve heard about them fixing it be happy

Madheal They’re not fixing it. He literally just said they aren’t. They’re “discussing it”. That doesn’t mean they plan to do something about it, they’re just talking about the fact that the entire community hates the loot. It’s been a complaint since the game came out and nothing yet.

riley🤘 literally never said they aren’t. they said they’re discussing it, and looking at data and ~listening~ to player feedback. it’s all pr talk for “we are working on it”. the snow map and the biggest patch in months is coming out in a few days, they’ll fix it after that

Madheal Also, “they’ll fix it after that”… You mean like they fixed it after Sanhok came out like they said they would? You mean like how they’ll fix it in the Fix PUBG campaign?

Madheal PR talk for “we are working on it” is “we are working on it”. I know words are hard for some people, but try reading what is actually said sometime. It works pretty well.

riley🤘 lol it’s not at all but aright. if you read what they wrote and what i wrote you can see i paraphrased it exactly. but i’m not gonna pointlessly argue so have a good day

Alessandro Silva up, for more loot on 8×8 maps

제스터 Question: why is VMware on the not allowed programs list?

Joshua Thompson People use virtual machines to run their hacks/exploit programs.

제스터 Oh is that right. Gotcha. Yeah I was a bit tripped over the fact that I had it open for work and it stopped me from playing the game. Thats fair. Thanks for letting me know!

Brian Graf What was it? Workstation? Or the vsphere client itself?

제스터 I had both open. But I dont think it can detect html5 client so probably workstation?

Brian Graf Thanks. Good to know

제스터 👍

Peter Griffin Haven’t played in over a week and I feel great! You should all definitely make the switch! Trash game.

Joe Blow That bad at the game eh?

Joshua Thompson No thanks. PUBG is great.

Peter Griffin Are you playing now? Oh wait, you can’t 😂

Cobani_Martin Just got out of PUBG mobile!!

Khaled I shared this link on whatsapp and I didn’t receive the outfit

Carter83 any new skins?

edisrehtO Why didn’t you do this is the AM? …

riley🤘 it is morning, in korea where they’re doing the maintenance

edisrehtO lol I’m sure it is

Max Gallagher Why now. Choose another time Stop catering to the koreans Americans matter too

Habilidade Zero Not just americans my friend. South America as well. Why not chose another time like 5 A.M.

teqz stop crying and just play fucking test server

Sam 4 hours for that? What the fuck

⋆Recio⋆ what changes

Judas2100 i play 1200steam-hours here is my actual feedback which includes ideas of me and many other pubg veterans. short and easy to read without rants etc…

Mist please stop updating the game on the same day as twitch rivals, it’s been cancelled two times already because of that.


Fang The Magnificent Can’t wait for this to be playable in just two days no more fortnite

Trevor Brown It will be Available in two days, playable not really

Chris Smith Playstation 3 right?

Clay Grant Facts. Game still sucks on the Xbox. Going on 1 month since I’ve even thought about playing.

超ニューヲーターodinXXXgaea🌎⚪⚫️🧠🃏 does the game support remote play on vita?

willard U gonna get it 😂

i PHoeNiK I don’t even play the game anymore and all the ppl that still don’t realize they have different teams delegated to different aspect of the game still triggers me

Angelo Panes Love you, my fellow soldier.

no one Its obvious now, your putting all your effort into other platforms and not fixing the game.. COD was played a long long long time. r u in the long game, or short one? Which will make you the most money?

Hxzemas Thank you for more answers

John Will it be 30fps locked or 60fps ?

REIKO 30, look at the bottom

John Hopefully it’s locked, just says 30FPS

Dan You are just shit at pubg and can’t control recoil so you play a noob game like blackout now. its ok to be noob.

🃏 RT PUBG_help: Check out our FAQ for the upcoming PUBG release on PlayStation December 7!…

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: Check out our FAQ for the upcoming PUBG release on PlayStation December 7!…

ahmet hell yea pubg ps4 predownloaded

…. RT PUBG_help: Check out our FAQ for the upcoming PUBG release on PlayStation December 7!…

Hotgamingrise RT PUBG “RT PUBG_help: Check out our FAQ for the upcoming PUBG release on PlayStation December 7!… “

Sidney Bernstein💲📠 What exactly did you expect?

Venkata ‘venK’ Akula Come on… Shit like this is still happening?

Joe Blow Yet… here you still are.

Real Good Murph Over my better judgement went back to check out the game on xbx after a couple months. Got shot through a wall 1st game. Still very buggy still plays like crap. Love this game but when your whole squad rage quits somethings wrong. Just buy blackout playstation people.

MASTRx125 I like this game too much

Fille Lul

#RaiderNation When this finally releases on PS4 will you actually push out a good update that actually improves the games performance. lol

OpTic Yann They are on xbox. This week they are adding graphical settings option.

Andrew Moore This is a joke right? You shouldn’t need to take everything down for 4 hours, you’re doing something wrong.

Lumin0sity if I reserve it at this time I will have the bonus or they are no longer available?

Chowdary You’ll get it

lehminem shady Computer players can play with console players in the same server??

cat24max | Tim 🇪🇺 Well, seems like the US east coast is not very important. And it’s at 9:30 AM in Korea, so best timing for them 🙂

cat24max | Tim 🇪🇺 It’s not like this maintenance is EVERY tuesday?

Deano 🇬🇧🇬🇧 Yes falling through buildings on a extra console should make it run better I can’t believe you are getting away with this it’s 2019

Keyd Its 2018

UG DoC V Not fell through a building since Jan. Got the old xbox too. Upgrade HD, xbox cheapos out on them even in X.

Yeee yeee Graphics good on there?

OpTic Yann On the xbox one x. The graphics are great. But the fps is terrible. No problem tho. They are adding graphical setting options so you can balance out to increase fps.

ShatnersBassoon PS players, you lucky things! Marshmallow buildings, random crashes & endless games on fucking, fucking Miramar!

Joe Edgar You are still enjoying it then..!

Oscar A Ramirez No Cross-Play this is why it´s better option!

dαωυυs nobody cares about the game anymore 🤫

Haru_Kasugano I do. I want it to redeem itself. I still have hope in this game.


Jack Maiher Right? These devs – and management – are a joke! Mind-blowing – and they cannot see the trends going down for NA players after every Tuesday? Facts don’t lie. Bad business practices for sure.

Jack Maiher Gibberish? Facts prove NA spends most money & most users on this game (search it up) – yet they do maintenance during peak playing time for 4 hours every week? Breaking cardinal rule of IT by impacting production servers during “business hours”. That is “gibberish”.

eldsentinel See official Pubg forums, User Hellofreshness posted the answer to all your questions:… by the way where are the facts you mentioned?

Jack Maiher I’ve been in IT for over 25 years & yes, played global online video games just as long. Anyone in IT knows you do not impact your users during their prime hours. Stats showing NA being biggest revenue & largest number of users to follow. Lots of stats online to support this.

eldsentinel IT 30 yrs- hey we got something in common 😂

Jack Maiher Then you should know better. And you know how to google…what amazes me is they continue to rub their main base wrong when BFV and CoD BO4 now competes with them. Terrible – and tho I do like to play this game – why bother? Theyll go belly up sooner than later as we jump ship.

Jack Maiher Totally inaccurate except for the part about it being a Korean company & wanting to do updated during normal Korean hours. That’s unsat. No other games do this. No, Steam does not prevent them doing it at other times. More to follow.

eldsentinel Steam does not allow for regional updates he said… well I‘m getting bored- No facts just crying – have a good day anyway

Jack Maiher Start here – this & other similar sites have all the numbers showing revenue, online peak days, times, trends:…

Jack Maiher Tell me where it says anywhere that steam does not allow for regional updates? Lol talk about your lack of facts!

No_ID WTF?! Why? at CET 1:30am ??? make it at 5:00 or 6:00am!!! lot of people playing at night/over the night…… in Europe

Sharkx So i assume you have a 144Hz, right..

KT Gravity 🇵🇹 Let’s go to play with 20 FPS

Leon Donner Pubs is almost 1year out for xbox and im playing on the xbox one x and have around 20 fps i want 60fps man

Aman-T Guys. Stop trying to sell sell sell. Fix your broken game and curb the freaking hackers first.

riley🤘 it’s a game with 100 players per lobby, they have to sell if they want it to be enjoyable. and they ban hackers all the time, i never come across any

Tyler Pennington And blackout is 100 times better.

riley🤘 it’s cod so ofc it performs better. but imo it’s not a fun game, people are already bored of it

TheWhaleOfWhales Twitch viewers are also bored of it, Shroud’s viewer count went up 10 in a few minutes when he streamed PUBG again last night, and the chat was full of talk how PUBG is more fun to watch then COD.

Tyler Pennington People watch other people play? Sheesh, that sounds terrible.

TheWhaleOfWhales 10K*

Coby It’s all about personal choice, stop trying to force your opinion on people.

Tyler Pennington Dogs are better than cats, Coby.

SBGaming Will it work though

Erik Norris You need a separate Twitter account for console. No PC players care whats happening with PUBG on PS or Xbox.

Reece🎄☃️ Scroll down through the past month. A tell me how many console based posts there has been vs pc based posts.

Erik Norris Too many.

Reece🎄☃️ 25 for PC, 11 for Xbox. No big deal to get a tweet about another platform every couple of weeks? I would rather have all support centralised than spread across multiple accounts.

Reece🎄☃️ Of course you leave fps at the bottom. How do you expect this to be a competitive game at 30 frames? Especially considering your BETTER competitors are hitting rock solid 60 fps (Fortnite, Blackout, Realm Royale ect.)

Itz_Waldo How about the question — when will Vikendi be released if not on the 7th you cold hearted secrecy people

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ I think its pretty clear its not coming on the 7th, they stated that upon release, it will not include vikendi

Itz_Waldo Proof or it didn’t happen

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ It’s like you didn’t even read the FAQ 😂

Itz_Waldo That’s PS4 u jerk

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ Think about it, wouldn’t they come to test servers before release? They’ve done it with miramar, and sanhok, and here we are on the 4th we no release date, or test servers. Its quite clear that it wont come until later this month.

Sheldon M. I think the idea is that it will be released on test servers on the seventh.

ZoZoGamer I Think it’s more likely it will be on exponential servers

Sharkx You don’t need Ultra, High is more than good enough, and put your Shadow on very low..this ain’t needed in any way..only takes frames..…

[MV3]Arbifac Optimize your game, THANK YOU

OpTic Yann They are. It takes a very slow process since they are a small t3am. Something you know nothing about.

Th3vi1 Where’s the snow map? 😮

Zynthesis Is that why you only play with girls that are 12?

Gqlem Hey, what time is pubg on ps4 going to release in gmt timezone/UK?

Zynthesis The amount of loot is exactly the same. As per Bluehole. Just spread out in a larger map.

Alessandro Silva I think not, formerly a military base, school and pokinki for example, were full of loot, not anymore.

Itz_Waldo First

realmz FIX LOOT IN ERANGEL !!!, Erangel is a better map then SANHOK, but NEEDS MORE AND BETTER LOOT!!!!. FIX IT

Sgt_gh0st Christ… its 4h a week nowdays….

Damian Keefe You guys are worse than blizzard……

Liviu -_- hey ,i have a new bug , sometimes when i use pain,bandage or whatever, i see my gun on my back instead on hands(or i can’t shoot),and my hands looks like hold a gun but it’s nothing. To “remove” the bug i need to switch guns/pistol/pan

MajiK Elite Thanks I actually needed to know what this was I had no clue

Derick Gonzalez PUBG/XB1: When do you plan on fixing these issues?! 1. Unable to ready up; solo matches. Exits queue after 3 seconds. 2. Loading screen to load into the main menu (black background) takes forever and doesn’t even load! Game has to be re-launched 3/5 times.

Dominus Axe Riel you guys seriously have to do something about your map selection, it’s seriously only the two maps EVER ignoring Miramar completely…every…

Loudpac It’s not dying lmao.. Doesn’t have 3mil players anymore but it’s not “dead” The population will fluctuate heavily for next few years, spiking when updates come in. The developing team for the Xbox game consists of 4 people so expect an update every 3-4 months…motherfuckers

FAHMI KURNIAWAN why my fps down after updated driver nvidia?

Muhammad Nofailman because your pc is cemen abis, you must ganti sama yg cengli

LesbianShit🇨🇴♀️ Same 🙁

Ognjen Kljajic Good for you, please stay away and fuck off 🙂

Vishu Jain Live streaming by hacker please do something. _streaming

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE I have a 1080Ti 120 fps settings all on ultra (not the same for Mirimar) If setting are on all medium I get 155fps Mirimar I get pretty much 80-90. Bad map in general and badly optimised

Razor32 I dont have any fps issues tho 🙁


gerasimos stamenis Fix loot in erangel NOVO has pretty poor loot listen to all ppl saying fix loot in 8×8 map special in erangel your game losing ppl every day what else you want to see to put more loot and fix d-sync

Emil D. Rernböck De-sync has Bern fixed, idiot…

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE Ok why are you telling everyone this? Oh, I know why because it’s the dickheads like you seeking attention. Don’t play them game if you don’t like it

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE Lol I understand. Except these things do take time

OmgLeeSin When is the new season?

Doug Your Nades blast are insane need to be fixed

Sam G This game is not getting better, one step forward, two steps back and the maintenance times….WTF is going on with that. This game is dying bad, you know it, we know it.

Dan Is there ever going to be a new season?

WorkFoot That would be because BH has nothing to do with PubG mobile.

Renan Araujo 🇾🇪 PUBG XBOX ONE

Joshua Thompson I like the redzone. You get plenty of notice. If you die to the redzone, you had a miscalculation somewhere.

calamonsen Sure you get a warning. But what purpose does it serve? How does it improve the game? It’s just annoying. It adds more RNG to a game that already has too much of it. Not to mention the Sanhok red zone that drops on top of you while heading to the play zone. Retarded.


Joshua Thompson The redzone is not totally useless. Maybe you have not figured a way to use the redzone.

Joshua Thompson The red zone is a key part of the game. Why would you want to get rid of it?

Jazzinplayer 🇲🇽 thru that, what I was thinking

Joshua Thompson The red zone is a key part of the game. Why would you want to get rid of it?

Truman Burbank The red zone is trash. It’s not a key part of the game. Half the time it appears outside the playzone, and the other half it just forces people to camp in buildings unnecessarily.

StudioVrac seriously… again… pffff

cat24max | Tim 🇪🇺 What ping do you usually get? I‘m usually between 5-35ms and can‘t feel any desync.

ZigaZz i have the game in meu PC, I Stiller have to buy the game, again, to play on muito PS4 ?

Devilschild Insightful

Jack Maiher The maint announcement tweet & this guy’s tweet speak for themselves. You don’t impact your greatest revenue & user base by impacting production peak times. It’s mind blowing that they continue to do this. Search it up. Facts show NA is key demo & they lose users every tues

Oğuz Kıymacı give me link

Sharkx This is the best setting, View distance can be on High to ..…

josh reynolds guys name is panjno search him up

. I wish we had weekly maintenance on Xbox. Keeps the servers fresh

Northern_Touch I love this game to pieces but am playing shorter sessions lately. You need more content released at least quarterly to keep us into this great game! Getting bored…

SANDROAPODI🎮 Maintenance every week to insert in the clothing sets. That’s why I’m abandoning this game. Only in PUBG this happens then someone must be wrong.

Johnny Jobs OMG.. again again again… motherfucker … every week?? Why every tuesday???? Why??? Fuck!!! Why do not you carry out maintenance on homologation and then release the update? Learn to work… nice fps, but BAD MAINTENANCE TEAM DEVELOPERS

Checkout Pubg server status on 2018-11-28

myintooonline In my opinion lobby chat could be really useful in dealing with some other regions players, it will help communication in another way to easy share info easily. I would also like to see current online friend status like mobile showing he’s in game with somebody…….

Brad Amour f*&k me the amount of time this game spends in maintenance each week and is still full of bugs. Larger games are able to do restarts for routine maintenance, why do you need 4 hours every, single, week? whats doin?

Sum Fuk Can we get better physics on mobile lmao

Jack Maiher Hardly. Do some research. Stats are out there. As well as revenue figures by country. NA is the main consumer base. Very shoddy I.T. principles. No other global online game has or would even think of kicking off their base during prime time playing hours week after week.

meet the Nasa This every Tuesday bullshit for 4 hours while you break it further needs to stop. You’re loosing customers every time this happens. Plan for twice a month and test it on non production servers first before deploying….

Lucas Mommer Funny how you said 130 am CET but yet the servers are toooooo busy.

Probably not me That’s the gif I was looking for, thanks 🙂

Adam Brewster This is always during peek NA playing time 🙁

Chevy Bolt Fans Wow you dummies still haven’t figured out how to perform rolling outage updates? North American at prime time one update, then Europe during prime time on another update, then Asia etc.. etc… Come on guys your going to make yourself fail!!

B4DSEED Steam won’t let them.

Jack Maiher LOL – Losing more PC players every week as you continue to perform “maintenance” during peak week day evening hours for your MAIN paying customer base! Bush league

Mr. Dammit Are you crazy? NA (who is effected by this time) makes up like 15% of their “paying” customer base. Their main base is Korea my guy.

Chevy Bolt Fans Mr. Dammit you need to use google before you type bro. Here let me help you the latest as of August 2018. The most users come from USA as well as the USA spending the most. Korea my friend is barely close at…

Hurcor Dont worry. Hes a Chevy bolt guy

Jesse Anderson Lol yeah the 75%+ of players in the Asian Pacific region that paid are just negligible yeah?

Melissa It’s consistently every Tuesday. I would advise you write it down on google calendar and plan accordingly.

raker of the forest This is the only day my wife works late and I can sneak some game time. This patch schedule is an injustice and a personal attack and I am owed reparations.

no one It should read, “down time is our thing”… maintenance implies something is being fixed!

Malachi BURTON Seriously. PUBG says fixes 1 thing, and breaks 10 other things in the process 😂

Benito_Burrito Nothing is ever fixed in this game and it’s sad and disappointing

Levi Kaelin Sill Why does this have to happen every week ?? And why isn’t the test server available then

fostRR Do we get more fps?

JBardTV I am running 150+ how much you need?

Malachi BURTON PUBG Support- “No… Sadly less FPS and a few new bugs. But hey you get more emotes and new clothes to purchase!”

Ed Sullivan are we going to be able to look left and still be facing left after jumping out of the plane in FPP now?

Jason Michael Ward THIS. NEEDS FIXED BAD.

Scott Kelly Was going to come back and try your game tonight after 3 months but you do maint during peak hours.

Jestax No joke, haven’t played in a week or two, figured I’d give it a shot. Nope. Same old junk. Thanks Dev team, you’ve officially got my uninstall.

D34TH0FKVorshk its not peak hours. this is the lowest player count time period of the week. Welcome to the reality of living on a whole planet.

tangotv You played yesterday

Benito_Burrito They’re not even fixing anything lol they need to actually fix their game but they don’t and it’s sad

Probably not me Fellow players: stop buying skins/crates/keys. Boycott micro transactions!!!


Probably not me That’s the gif I was looking for, thanks 🙂

Michael Hatch Don’t know why I am surprised. Haven’t really played since blackout but had the urge to play tonight. Don’t know if it’s my luck or the gaming gods looking after me. Lol

Its_My_Purpose If you care to browse through PubG tweets you’ll notice a trend.. Maintenance has been scheduled and announced every Tuesday night for months now..

Jeef baahahahahaha thats the way it works

greg winn y u bully played a game took a 15 min shower came back and bam server maintenance

Jason Knight Actually fallout 76 might by the looks of it.

AndzDave wow maintenance. big word!

Michael Ingraldi 狂88 Yay more prime time maintenance for us. Do Koreans really buy that many skins?

hana The NA playerbase is like, 3%. Just quit if thats all that y’all are complain about.

Michael Ingraldi 狂88 No, I have much more to complain about.

Jack Maiher Hardly. Do some research. Stats are out there. As well as revenue figures by country. NA is the main consumer base. Very shoddy I.T. principles. No other global online game has or would even think of kicking off their base during prime time playing hours week after week.

Can I Get An Good another 4 hours I won’t be playing of this game.

Peppermint Trap Good, we don’t need a squad member who drops across the map from the rest of us, then complains that they died to this “mysterious desync” that went away a 3 weeks ago.

Justin Harris bluehole is actually garbage and their customer service is utterly disgraceful to the gaming industry. These updates are and will kill the game.

Joshua Thompson You sound mad.

Payne Cork Can we get some news on the new map. Getting real bored of cheaters and looking for something new in the game. Or some good news in general.

Mr. Dammit Bro there hasn’t been cheaters for a while now.

James Petersen Really? You must not play much then

TL I love the game but why do you guys always do maintenance work US East prime time. Seriously, how does that make sense?

Dave It’s a Korean company. They do maintenance during the lowest player count, which is NA prime time. We (NA) are not the target audience.

surya s so only stupid Americans playing this game??

D34TH0FKVorshk There is always the test server

Deadly Chicken it seriously makes sense because that time is the absolute lowest player count time every day every week. they impact far less players doing maintenance at this time than other times and steam doesn’t allow for regional updating.

Hulk68TV On the real the people that spend money work a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and look forward to gaming after work until 9pm. You cut out one of our prime days. I understand that you are not Americans and it’s not about us but you’d think it’s not best hours to do this for anyone

Alex Not really. Steam player count figures show that this is actually the lowest peak time for players. Try to understand that China and SEA comprises most of the player base.

Derek Shride

Deadly Chicken You do realise that other in parts of the world the time is different right ? Like in Brisbane Australia the time might be 5 pm on a Monday, and yet in San Francisco in USA its Sunday night at 11pm at that same moment ?

Hulk68TV Duh!! Is you simple? But would it make sense to be in the hospitality industry and schedule maintenance on the weekend.

Hulk68TV It’s like a bar doing bar cleaning on a Saturday night.

Matt A bar only affects locals, not people on the other side of the planet. The world doesn’t revolve around America. If they did it in other times it would be bad for them and the developer who needs to work in the middle of the night.

Joshua Thompson It’s because we are not the main demographic.

live from CTC A Korean game doing maintenance when the largest portion of their audience is offline? Crazy idea.

tester490 Perfect time for EU players

Shunko Rodriguez for Argentina too

Jonatan Ezequiel una mierda para Argentina, la hora que mas se juega…

SoopaFly connect to SEA servers, lot of ozzies do that 😉

LonerageR I don’t have a choice. Auto matches now no server selection available

Hassan Zarif is test server going to work during maintenance?

ezz01 Good luck!

officialzuzu We finally gave u a chance to come back to your shitty game and u put out a fucking maintenance for 4 hours??? Why do u even focus on fixing a dead game?

desmoNdd can u plz make airplanes less loud

3rdWorldGamer to whatever account you guys supposeddly check or whatever… I’M SICK of your fucking game crashing to desktop every 2 rounds…. FIX YOUR GODDAMN GAME OR GO FREETOPLAY AND STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE!

Matt Martin For the love of god can y’all make the all maps play. Never miramar. Always the other two and there is only three maps to begin with

Dominik Łada Come on – when are you planning to update on iOS to be compatible with new 2018?

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz Daj sobie spokój. Prawdopodobnie nigdy.

Dominik Łada Kurde, nie mam na czym grać…

jordan ellison I got the Permanent vintage racer helmet in a drop in supply and its not showing up in my inventory. Happened yesterday and still isnt showing up. What gives?

Filipe Barreto change the time of maintenance please!!!! change to 4:30 AM PST !!!

thederpyturtl Nooooooo not pubg

Ed Sullivan so we’re going to be able to look left, jump from the plane, and still be facing left in FPP?

LeeBo1Kinobe Blackout is literal garbo

Tiago Beltrão please, allow “quick join” without Sanhok. Let us choose between mini royale and battle royale, just like before.

Eric Mureithi my progress is lost. How do I restore?

Jimey Rinchin I have two pubg account (facebook and twitter) now how do i delete one, neither i can link them both.

Louis Louis Louis Go to bed

Squ4dronLe4der7 Still live come join me, chat and support the small streamer 🙂

Freakie i try to play pubg and it just stay at the loading screen for hours…nothing changes

kwnos100 Hi i live in Greece(EU) and i have US PSN account. Which version of the game should i buy EU or US? Would be a problem if i opted for EU version? Will there be any restrictions?

Phil “Esquire” Stewart Pro League 🔥💡S K I N IDEA💡🔥: FPP – the most obvious skin (besides a gun) is a player’s GLOVES ✋🏽🤚🏽 Team Gloves w/ a Pro League Emote, making the player do this pose with the gloves on – completing the logo 🍗🔥💸Team Rev Share💸 🔥🍗

Theo Bennett Rather have the logo visible regardless, no one actually uses emotes 😝

Phil “Esquire” Stewart The emote is just icing on the cake. The gloves should still have a team logo on the top side with team colors. Just added swag on the palm side 🔥

Theo Bennett Oh yeah I gotcha, love it

Sheriff McJustice ✈️ #DHATL18 Excited to see the version. Will go well with that hoodie I have 🙃

F.C. Zephyr

AmongStar I like I like

KingBee You’re on to something…

Wolfgang_rush Awesome

Squ4dronLe4der7 has anyone else been having viewer issues lately?

Unwary_Fist_bump_mania Yes 😢

🔥⏭TARP⏮🔥 (♻️RTS- 2.2K) yes lol, literally no-ones been watching

ふえんねく Isn’t it about time for a new season? I notice myself being reluctant to play in fear of deteriorating my stats 😐

EvilregalNy everytime I’m in a match I get kicked out in the middle of the game. Especially everytime I reach 3 kills or get inside a vehicle I get lagged out. Super annoyed with this pos game already

Spideymike Please fix this network problem I always face this problem I can’t deal with it anymore.. just fix this problem..!

nyo Hellooo! can u ban this account they live stream in youtube ! So annoying when played pubgm!

Gigs Is this where you patch in the ability to tame wild woodland creatures and have them follow you around while ya hunt for bad guys??? Thought for sure something like that would have been tied to all the emote nonsense.

Gregory Gramm I love the new level and survival rewards system. But maybe instead of giving me blue biker boots 3 times in a row for every 10 levels you could include some cool skins or even a different article of clothing. Incentive systems usually work better with diversity

Squ4dronLe4der7 Live now!!! Duos on now using 1st person mode

Ferociously Nook! PUBG = Everything for me 💚💛💜

808mobgaming PUBG Vikendi Snow Map Leaked, Release Date May Coincide With PUBG PS4… I designed this in September What now?

Gary Bosworth when are you guys going to be fixing the terrible new ladder system that gives people who play more games the top ranks despite being terrible players?

Grizz God like movement

Saku Tupala Why do i have -15k bp?

Prajwal Basnet Hey, Why can’t I enter a match properly? I can hear footsteps, dropping out from parachute and everything else but the game doesn’t load. Why? I need to close the game and then start again to enter the match most of the times.

SE Azur OCEANIA server are struggling right now. Our population are close to Zero, We play on North American servers when it comes to Competitive 24/7. We are. at a constant struggle to win matches. OCEANIA players are close to elite players compared to your NA server(THREAD)

SE Azur Please for the love of god show a population count for a region. The skill gap with your terrible American players are stupid. We play with the worst players but can’t win gun fights because of your terrible matchmaking. AMERICANS ARE TERRIBLE AT PUBG, Improve OCEANIA servers

Fix_PUBG_plz Lagging SHIT GAME!

هاني الحربي i have problem why show to me like that

Aniket Singh Despite the good network, the game is not working properly Two consecutive loss in two matches Fix this problem


fatguy46 ping = your fault = desync = your fault

LonerageR And it’s my fault that I can’t select the region …. tool.

fatguy46 i mean it was a good thing for them to do ngl

Zaphod Beeblebrox AGAIN? Jesus Tap Dancing Christ. Game is Dead.

GamerTweak Vikendi Map Leaked Images, Videos and More…

Tank it would be nice if would work better. Love to unload a clip and die by a shot or two from same weapon.

Pedro Freitas dont ruin the game… the best patch ever.. almost no sync at all… owning this peek’s advantage

brotherb34r Guess it’ll be tonight. Much rather play .. you

brotherb34r And it was a good night for .

corneliusus I was waiting for 13 minutes to join a match.. and then it just cancelled all on its own. Is this what happens on the 6th day without maintenance? Set some goals! This has to be the least stable game ever made.

corneliusus Time for our weekly Bluehole checklist! 1. 4 hour shut down with zero updates to performance? -check!! 2. Roll out more micro trans while also pushing clothing sales for some reason? – check!! 3. Push back the Winter map yet again with no explanation? -check!! Great update!


Ka1li what is going on, servers are too busy and can’t connect to custom matches,

Zero Forever Uh oh. Pro Streamer is having issues. Hope they fix it for you soon my man.

Ka1li Fixed now yikes, but face it matches are still bugged

Zero Forever at least you get faceit matches

Lucas Wtf happen it’s there a clip I want so see that

GokulDiviJayamraviFan When will the pubg lite version is released in india

SolidSnake COD is the worst game I’ve ever bought. Made me realize it’s worth dealing with PUBG’s flaws than play more COD.

Jese Solis Enjoy your 4 weekly hours downtime

SolidSnake Are you ever going to make the M16 viable again?

lastofus.777 stupied ‘

lastofus.777 just ahut your mouth atupied indian

Josh Wrong Dec. 7 when ps4 releases with an event pass… all will release at once for all platforms!

MeLoveAnn- (火影) Nowhere says that map will be released then. Those people who got that edition with vikendi pass means they will have event pass when map comes out. They would release teaser or something if its coming basically next week

SolidSnake No it won’t it’s not even on test servers yet.

Josh Just watch. It will happen.

Naked Singularity It won’t 😉

James Petersen But fortnight fixes things unlike pubg

Louis Louis Louis They’ve pretty much fixed their biggest flaws in recent months!

James Petersen Right

Tobias Breindl Im Not Sure about that one chief

Gurjot Singh Which one?

KoolGuy Pb

jeyyen how you know?

Ornatus great maybe when i have a 18ms ping to the server I won’t die to 1 bullet and then watch the deathcam to find out he actually sprayed at me but the game decided to desync me so hard it fuckin deleted or just doesnt send data anywhere close to being acceptable

Ornatus 2nd game of the day and the game doesnt even fuckin recognise when I fire a shot, the game is beyond a fuckin joke at this point.

fatguy46 funny thing that doesn’t happen to anyone else LOL

MĂĆHŐ🇧🇷 want this game on pc

Talal ahmed Tencent gaming buddy download kro!

MĂĆHŐ🇧🇷 means nae smja ??

fatguy46 lol

KingsmanONV Big shout out to for the good games last night. Thanks for being cool even though we got deleted every game by the stream sniper hacker guy.

Joe The Burly Gamer Yeah, had a blast and was definitely a pleasure meeting you dude. That hacker was soo determined man. Only if the hacker used their tenacity for good…

Faster Than Whaa? Because cod and fortnite servers doesn’t run on kimchi

Бекасов Антон Buy yourself a normal cocaine and create a cool update! Do not be scum – stop pumping money out of children! Do your job well!

Trevor Orser At least they were nice enough to return it.

a person Fortnite literally went down this morning

Tyler Brown Literally? I thought you meant it as a figure of speech.

Larifaks Its not a community map like sanhok!! It will be test server then live server like miramar!!

Snakers I’ve gotten banned twice on my alt account lmao

David C Please bing black the wekend Event or tell us why there is no more

Joel LeBouthillier how come we can’t report a player team killing on custom matches?

Joel LeBouthillier

Jr Aguil Get a life

Sean Brawley any way to get PUBG to stop shutting my XBOX One X down mid-game?

PUBG Help Hi Sean, please contact our customer support below reporting the issue and including information such as your console version (OG/S/X), whether your game is installed on an internal or on an external drive and your connection type (Wired/Wireless). -S

NYDAVIDGTR Why there still so many cheaters with aimbots? game is dead soon enough to know it

kingsofvalhall God what a destroyd game this is. Dsync and more idiot adds .no Fix? Wth Dev

Josh D Sync had a huge fix. You just suck at the game…

kingsofvalhall If U Are a champ show me😊

fatguy46 scroll on their twitter for literally 30 seconds idiot

papa franku Thanks guys juat reported it to them!

Adi thank you!!

Bradley David Please explain how 5.56 bullets are more deadly than a 7.62 headshot? And why it takes two face headshots to drop someone but if I get shot in head instant drop?

BOT Risefar. I think the thing is that irl a 7.62 would be extremely deadly and a 5.56 would be a weapon used to wound rather than kill but they probably don’t know the difference because it’s a game, but I wish they did know the difference

Nimnas Ahamed PUBG Game play (killing style) by: Nimmy Bhai _MOBILE

papa franku I was just made aware that I should have the sanhok survivor t-shirt but I do not, I was playing the game around the time of the event pass but never received a t-shirt is their any way it can be sorted out?

PUBG Help Hi papa franku! Please reach out to our customer support on the page below reporting the issue! -S

papa franku Thanks guys juat reported it to them!

Niko Eng hi.. can I know how to deactivate my pubg mobile account so that i able to link my facebook to my main account

Prince Singh How you know that.?

Troynotbad PLEASE FIX THE MATCH MAKING!! IT HAS BEEN BROKEN IN AUSTRALIA FOR 2 MONTHS NOW!!! Entering games with 250ms ping or more. Was getting 50ms before.

jdalm13 I’ve played several online games today and pubg is the only lag one for today

Sujit Dutta I have revoked the access from twitter but it is still showing to my linked accounts section in pubg.

TwistedNJ Where?

Peppermint Trap well, they haven’t given any patch notes yet, so I could see them dropping out of no where a new map

Voice0fTreason feel like I sold my brother a lemon 🍋 do the Oceana sergers not work anymore

Ragin Ranga69 hi can you make a map with good loot? Thanks!!!! Fucking useless

James Micheal Hi can yous fix the ball cam on custom games Xbox please it’s an amazing feature it’s just a shame it isn’t working properly/pretty much at all

Santosh When we getting Xbox update ?

SolidSnake Xbox is garbage

Hydr0 Finally, my sensetivity settings dont reset everytime i log on

MEXI✨ Too many chicken dinners = insta-ban

calamonsen Please don’t. Everyone just mutes it so noone uses it in-game. It’s just trolling and racism anyways.

fatguy46 false i loved lobby chat it was amazing i would have lovely conversations with people

calamonsen “false”… Lovely 1-minute conversations? On what server was that? EU FPP was racial slurs and russian for the most part. Have not missed it one bit.

Essa alrashedi dear Dear my account registered from Facebook and now I can not login to my account .. show me a new account .. Please help and thank you

Tactical Hotdog They release the new patches around Thursday and then put it on live with the next maintainence on Tuesday

Nico lul Blackout is causual garbish, even BF V is better!

johan nolander I feel the FPS has dropped lately. What are you doing w the game?

God It’s true, though.

Muhd ‘Savior’ Hazwan please take some actions on this page. they are selling macro software for pubg. here’s the link :…

Muhd ‘Savior’ Hazwan please open this link, someone selling macro software here. Here’s the link… i hope you guys take some action.

Adi ban notification is bugged. i get that square where ban msg should be but there is nothing written in it. also i see that ” we got em” bubble but ,again,nothing in it.

PUBG Help Hi Adi! We’ve reported the issue to the team! -S

Adi thank you!!

TheBoogle same m8, feels bad man

Asfakur Nariz 😁😁Big Lol

Nathaniel Adams Every fucking week MAINTENANCE! Your not even fixing the fucking game! But keep adding in shit to buy in the game it’s the only way your gonna make money off the people that play the game.

droowz Brendan is pocketing all the sales money instead of paying seasoned game devs

That Guy agree, they manage to promote more than make repairs to the game. so much for

Saginaw Savage what’s up

Tim issues with Xbox? Game won’t launch, says “try again in a while”

Chris Klein What’s more amazing: always dumping on the same region’s primetime at least once a week for “routine maintenance”, or it’s 2018 and still going through hours of downtime instead of spinning up upgraded servers in parallel and switching over at upgrade time?

Checkout PUBG down on 2018-11-07 on 2018-11-07

Ƀɇnŧlɇy Đɇan Let’s fix this shite first. Ya?

Indago Litcherally useless we’re trying to play

LordEscorpio “Minor Changes” = 9GB Updates = 5 Hous maintenance

[email protected]!&L [email protected]$ minds thinking, and work in progress

Derrick Tyson Look you guys should separate the maintenance on the servers and do them at different time, so that you can do them at low traffic times in each timezone, instead of doing all the servers at once.

droowz Do you think if they can they would not do it?

Mike Maybe switch to a monthly (or better yet, quarterly) release cycle so you actually have time to test what you are releasing and let people get used to the changes? Weekly releases are ridiculous, and especially weekly releases during prime North American play hours.

James Petersen How does it take 5 hours to fix nothing? More like 5 hours to break more shit.

Max Ma 5 hours maintenance to add 2 skins to the game. no wonder player base keeping nose diving

gobble gobble minor changes…5 hours. client update 3GB?!. And you decided to do this tonight…fucking hell…

#ChappalChorPakistan Just tell us how much GB is the update

Nick G One can only hope…

Nick G I can’t wait for something to replace you.

Trolls Did you fix the sound

Jorge Martinez Come on over to xbox one, if you want to avoid futher disruption

YellowCurb Are the test servers still open?

ReVamPT 🍺 Nick Literally not one thing that actually needed fixing. We ask for server performance and desync fixed and you throw new skins at us. Great

Dotey That’s the way to make money though.

ClamantElk25 Jesus does this game go in to maintenance more than it’s actually up and playable?? I don’t play myself but all I see 24/7 is maintenance maintenance maintenance!!! Lol

brunitokz return the selection of servers

droowz So that you can stream snipe? Why bruh you can’t create youtube content without sniping?

hanzo When will you face cheating and plugging problems? Or are you going to follow him?

Naeem ur Rehman patch note link you shared is from 18 oct we already did that update whats new in this 900mb+ update ?

Diego Antonio Nieves I made a payment for $59 MXN, to get 180 + 10 tickets in the game, however I haven’t received that cash in my account.  Diego Antonio Nieves. User: Diegus38 I’m a player of PUBG mobile.

Andrea Pulvirenti 5 hours….really? Are you hosting with my old 386sx pc?

Ian Pritchett I forgot it’s the day of the week that pubg needs to completely shut down during prime time just to keep their game kind of working

Joseph Problem is it is prim time for US not Asia and there is more players in Asian countries spending money so they are not going to risk the greater market for making money. It is a business.

Ian Pritchett Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t there plenty of software companies who are able to roll out their updates a server at a time? Also, have you ever, ever, ever heard of any game that needed 5 hours of downtime per week for maintenance?

droowz FYI steam doesn’t allow that kind of server updates, rant first before reading I guess

Richie You cant even start maintenance st the time you say you’re going to 😂😂😂

Dean Koeck Fix OC servers! We’ve had absolutely no help from you guys whatsoever. It came good when server selection became automatic and the next update or two fkd it

Tyler Hansen Fix the god damn desync issues. The amount of times ive gotten killed behind walls/tree is immeasurable. Just like the GIF below me. This game is still in terrible condition.

Orbit Storm Minor changes but y’all need five hours to complete them? Good grief. Those patch notes haven’t been updated since last week’s maintenance, which took several hours and yet another delay. Bunch of amateurs.

Ududrlrl Every fucking week.

ThunderBeak i love you

UCE-PAVA Pubg maintenance means “we’ll fix something and add more bugs to the game” 😂😂😂

_alexWitter “minor changes” -> 5 hours maintenance

Kough Oh you mean adding new skins……k thx

Todd Cormier Proper.

JL ALEX Does season are reset ?

Francisco Infante Only problems, maintenance, bad optimization, crashes, etc, etc. Return my money!!!!!!! 😤😤😡😡

DP This is such a shit game even after we gave billions. Your updates suck, your development is extremely underperforming, we get crashes, low fps with good rigs, and desync from 2003 type games. No wonder Fortnite ect is beating us

Swire Once again, thanks for doing it at prime time hours and not staggering updates.

droowz Don’t always think your region is top priority

jesse johnson Prime time for who? The 200k Americans stil playing? Should they do it when the 800,000 chinese play?

jesse johnson the lowest player base bud is the USA

Chris Gonzales umm maybe not Chinese or American primetime ?

A R T H U R M O R G A N Bring back region selection!!! Tired of gaming on Asian Servers!!!

droowz Stream sniper spotted…

SexySEAL and we were tired of asians playing on our servers

Incoming! They still do!

Sebastian Bugno So low…. twice on week

◢SHROOD◤ Fix the FPS drop please

Ninponeer Please move your weekly maintenance to Friday AND Saturday evening to give all these plebs something legit to QQ about… 🧐 Oh, and fix dsync k thanks bye 🐼🐼🐼

Jack BOSS MTG I don’t play video games on the weekends, so that sounds awesome!

Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith “But it’s Prime time…. 😭😭” 😂🤣😂🤣

Thomas Thompson Because then bluepile might have to work overtime. Ouch.

Anton Fyodor You must do something about cheaters!

calamonsen They have. There are hardly any cheaters left.

Anton Fyodor Are u sure? I always see cheaters when i play the game.

calamonsen What cheats are you seeing? Remember that the replays/spectating is misleading. Many players actually have superior aim/recoil control. Just cause they can hit shots you can’t doesn’t mean they’re cheating. I hardly encounter any cheaters whatsoever.

BeerSultan I’ve had 5 obvious wall hackers reported and permanent banned in just 2 days of playing 2 weeks ago…probably 8 or 10 total hours. There are still plenty out there.

calamonsen And how many hours have you played in total for the past, say, 4 weeks? Cherry picking those 8 hours doesn’t necessarily reflect the overall cheater situation. I have had 6-7 suspicious encounters (3 banned) in the last 4 weeks (about 200hrs). I only play FPP though.

Luke Hawkins I play roughly 6 games per night, I am getting on average 2 messages the next day saying that the person I reported has been banned or “temp banned pending further investigation” That’s an avaerage of 33% of the playerbase that is cheating. I play TPP and FPP

calamonsen That is definitely not 33% of the playerbase… All it says is 2 players every 6 games with 90-100 players in each. 2cheaters/600players = 0,33%. I also find it questionable that your experience is so widely different from my own.

Luke Hawkins Tell yourself whatever you want champ. If you don’t encounter players with aimbots or recoil hacks your either ignorant or too much of a noob to notice.

calamonsen I think you are the noob and unaware that you are unskilled (Dunning-Kruger). If I were to kill you in-game you would probably report me even though i have never cheated. It’s easier to cry cheating than acknowledge that other players have superior aim and recoil control.

🃏 RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers are now in maintenance which is expected to last 5 hours. We’ve included some minor changes which will require a client update once maintenance is complete.…

Teddy “some minor changes”

DredgeGuy How about fixing up the oceania servers – do they even exist anymore?

Skidar Yeah, maintenance for that.

Frank Scroll PUBGeed

AreYouKittenMe Third person in EU.. why dont you have debug statistics turned on?

garythemetrosexualfruitcake Git gud lol

fatoh This has been happening way too much

Ian Pritchett Lol oh no, not for that

Fran Eso me ha pasado a mi 800 veces y no veas como jode loco, que asco.

no average potato Really? That would be awesome!

JProps Don’t worrie the new joker 🃏 skin for ya character will fix that……………….

Skidar XDDDDDDD For only 12 dollars.

JProps Fuck that

baha murar u should delete this game like i did when this shit happens to me 760707070700 times

mauricio murillo still a trash. i get cover and die after do this. trash pubg, they dont fix nothing. only download more gb for nothing. sorry my native language is spanish

Skidar No te preocupes Mauricio, el mio también jajajaja

Cole Prather loooool

Jay 🌷 would love to see your ping in this, desync? maybe a little. Getting put onto servers that arent our own? happens too often.

Jay 🌷 u slowed it down so it looks a lot worse than it is, ur ping is probs fine with his being 150+. With desync issues makes the game unplayable

MixSar i play with 50 ping and i get the same thing

ThorinOakenpants If his ping was high the other guy would be at the disadvantage. The servers just suck.

Skidar No, I am from Europe and the enemy is from Uk (I think so for his name)

Incoming! Enemy names don’t mean much. With issues in match making your location means little also. what server were you on and what was your ping?

Skidar Europe server. ping 40…

Federico Thats the ping bro

Skidar No Federico, no es el ping. Me estuve disparando previamente contra el en el piso de abajo y subí corriendo para matarlo y me disparo cuando ya estaba a cubierto.

oG Kickback this Happens Only On PC never console lol.

BlackFlag WTF!!

Kevin broooo this shit been happening to me way 2 often….

Kung Fu Kenny Same here. So fucking frustrating.

dan deserved it your in third person

Skidar Is a bad thing play a game mode was in the game?

Josh Wojnowski Just let him play what he likes.

Hamet check this .. better version…

AreYouKittenMe That’s the replay, we all know that what’s shown in replay isn’t acountable. I can show you 5000 kills like that one if I go thru my replays.

Hamet I have some other videos recorded with share (nvidia), where u sit behind cover for 2-3 seconds and still get a hit. Pubg is a great game going down, the worst decision was to go in 1.0 patch. They should go back to early access, where the performance was not great but was fine.

AreYouKittenMe That’s just excessive. Or some lag issue, not desync. I mean, happens to me from time to time, and I’m playing on 20-40 ping, but it goes both ways so… People are complaining too much. Who knows how many people you or I have killed that way?

Hamet That’s true, but I notice like 70% of my games are like this. It’s not only me, my friends got this too. Maybe u r right, complaining about an unfinished game full with bugs. Some are simple and funny, some are just OMG. I love this game and hate it at the same.

Skidar lol… incredible… -.-“

asdf Steam down for 2 hours and now live servers maintenance . Fuck

clipper I’m no white Knight to any game developer but I have to say that this game is the only game that keep me and my going online every night it still really good fun the chicken dinner is anybody’s u just have to remember this game was One price they’re not asking for any more

🍁DanilE🍂 Fix lag, why my fps drops without reason? Only what you rly need to fix are servers and fix that bug when I’m behaind wall he can hit me

GabeN desync will be fix by 5 years LUL

🍁DanilE🍂 And they will become like h1z1

¯_(ツ)_/¯ please fix the time it takes to initialize especially after a match. eats away valuable time

Domdangl do you guys have any idea what you’re doing? Your game barely even works. Unreal….

Pablo Queirolo Same happened to me yesterday, 2 on the water outside the playable zone…

David Allen Why is this always during prime time evening gaming time? It’s really disappointing.

droowz Move to china if you want to keep playing every primetime

Jeffrey Smith Dude , it’s not the prime time in China , which has the largest player base.

Michael ^^ that’s the reason. Not it’s in Korea or some shit, because there are so many of them in China. They would lose much much more money if they do the updates during their prime time. NA complains is nothing compares to them. Just recall the whole region lock issue

Scott Berry…

M This is crazy

ArmyGuyClaude Because it’s a Korean based game and it’s major consumer are Asian? So maintenance time for them will be their downtime.

shrimp 🇨🇳🇰🇷 America isn’t the world, stop acting like you guys would be special.

Wild_Monkey Prime Time ?! It’s 2AM !

Swire For all of North America it is.

Derrick Tyson its 5pm

Kyle Kirchner so when can i play squads without people from asia on N/A servers?

Pinnnnno💩 Please fix Survival rewards, 47 lvl and drop Tinted Biker Shades x3 🤬🤬🤬

Daniel Salazar I hate that you switch off completely for 5 hours on prime time. Every time I have a spare time to play, it’s maintenance.

D WOOD Amen!!

Epøs Absolutely idiotic the way they schedule maintenance…

Jeffrey Smith Dude , it’s not the prime time in China , which has the largest player base.

KptRooibaard_ZA It’s also the time at which the developers in Korea can be at hand to oversee the process and smooth out any potential wrinkles should they occur!

darknetslasher Why the hell don’t they have different servers for different regions?? USA maintenance would mean only the USA servers are down, etc…

Daniel Salazar They could at least make sure dev server is kept alive, but no..

sterrrage Steam doesn’t let you seperate maintaince by region it’s all at once or nothing, Americans can suck it up for the one game in the world that doesn’t cater to them

James Pieters I feel like I know this bozo….

Douglas Ritchey It’s a legit gripe. There is no reason to always fuck one of your largest player bases. But that’s why they continue to lose people.

sterrrage Asia is the largest player base by far, literally not possible on steam to cater for precious Yanks they look after number 1 which is asia. Just deal with it like the rest of the world does in every other game. I can’t get games under 150 ping ever you miss one night boohoo

sterrrage They continue to lose people because the game is a shit show not because they patch once every few weeks.

Justin Blackson It’s Tuesday night every week I don’t understand why everyone gets so butt hurt every week about it it has been like this for the last 6 months, so next Tuesday expect there to be maintenance

Glen Stevens Hey Dougie? How are the ‘Hooked on Phonix’ courses going? Maybe re-read the convo, take that legit gripe bs, and shove it. Stop making excuses for ingnorance, we arent numbawun! Understand?

GetPoopedOnHomie I still don’t get how people ask this question? It’s been two years…

Jeffrey Smith Yes , nice idea , but they won’t do it , sad.

B4DSEED Because NA is 7% of their player base and they aren’t going to stay up all night for a region made up of people who bitch them out on twitter lol

Daniel Salazar Don’t care one tiny bit. I don’t want to play in Chinese servers.

Jeffrey Smith They care only about the Chinese players , that’s what I am trying to say. They don’t care about other regions.

Doge Chen +1

Graeme Smith Everytime!!

Pinoy Game Store We’re waiting…

Pablo Queirolo Sanhok layout? Did you buy the game yesterday? Sanhok is 4×4 of which only 3×3 is mainland. Dihor is 8×8 of which only 6×6 is mainland. That’s the first difference. Second, how in your brain do you compare Sanhok which has 3 islands with this that has just 2?

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers are now in maintenance which is expected to last 5 hours. We’ve included some minor changes which will require a client update once maintenance is complete.…

Clayton Licciardello👽🛩

Josh Conner Why do u do maintenance at 7:30pm?! Like why not 7:30 am eastern most people just now getting home from work… bunch of cans

Michael I hate to say this. There are much more Asian players than NA. Just recall how many Chinese have you met before ping lock in NA servers. And my friend told me they have like a “Network Accelerator/Ping reducer” app in China which will let you get into other servers with low ping.

cat24max | Tim Because it’s nighttime in Europe and Asia…

Jake Because they are based in Korea? seems like a tough concept for some of you.

calamonsen It’s allways 7:30pm somewhere.

Edwin López “Minor changes” = 9 GB update

#ChappalChorPakistan Yes that’s minor

Boineitor Next tweet: PC Players: We apologize for the extended maintenance period today.

Nate Feelsbadman

Alex Florez

Nakata haha so true.

tangotv We have encountered unforeseen issues. We apologize for the in convenience.

Travis Guess y’all just forget about the x box version

Tim Alander You thinking they care about Xbox when they clearly don’t care about their money making PC? No chance. Abandonware

Bill ❁ switched to fortnite. your game sucks 🤮

DangerDad I’m sure there won’t be any unexpected issues that cause the maintenance to extend an hour or two.

Boineitor Next tweet: PC Players: We apologize for the extended maintenance period today.

Thaqif Yusri RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers are now in maintenance which is expected to last 5 hours. We’ve included some minor changes which will require a client update once maintenance is complete.…

PQZ’ Fix: Matchmaking. Desync. Exiting plane in random direction. Zones that are >60% water. Floating guns showing your path. Tradeups. Laggy menu. Drops out the map!

CubanMafia if you like to get fix all of that send a ticket

XH-R61337 Also : Turning around when using healing items, Bluezone is still too much, Items are not loading when you’re landed, sometimes I have a weapon in my hand but I’m holding air and I cant shoot I have to change slots of weapons, non registered bullets doesnt even make sound.

droowz Complaining so much about bluezone just move into safe zone you camper loot goblin

Eduardo ‘ed’ Dendena please, post a “added bug notes” to the maintenance

Larifaks Who cares!

Can I Get An Every change has been minor in this game.


unknown Fuck 5h to add 2 skins

jahart1 Why is there a patch every week? Is the game really that broken?

Antonio Margareti Fuuucckkkk offffff

Chris Johnston Yes. But a f***ed up Civic is in better condition than this game.

azzman1000 Any chance this time around the ping will be addressed on OC servers ? No ? Yeah didn’t think so, pathetic really

KelseyyMarie If somehow you received the BP compensation twice, they took back 20,000 of it.

Swan Good good hahaha this is what I wanted

Keith Evans 11/6/2018 – 621PM CST

Randy Chavez What is this maintenance nonsense? What is really being done on a weekly basis that this is necessary? I have many games in my library that NEVER had to shut down for “maintenance.”

Josines 🇪🇸 Hello the best game!!! Look this video!!!! Is the best player!!!

Daniel On the xbox there what fpp duo on the european servers will be back soon?

Kough because y’all all I have left in this video game world

Cristian López Wtffff usselessss

Jennifer Mine is brown too. Have no idea why. ?

Hitokiri_Ace This is getting way out of hand. If you can’t handle it yourselves, get some help.

Gary Stock Ahhhh the servers are down already sweet……

rrhoto504 Other than that your game is great. For the record

rrhoto504 I literally mad a twitter account just for this. You guys need to get your crap together. Do the maintenance in the middle of the night, NOT when everyone gets off of work. This is getting ridiculous.

ZeroCool187 Why are servers down 45m early?

Nw_Okie are test servers going to be up?

Meowstarstar 5HOURS!!! FOR WHAT? Shit they better be adding the snow map if its going to take that long. Shit is getting ridiculous!

Steel Fay2o

Sgt_gh0st Always on Point ^_^ Syncing with Steam reboots?

Jason Michael Ward At least accomplish something by wasting both of our customers time or. at least make me do some work each week that isn’t of the copy pasta bs chinese process on event hook deals you can easily end that which would just help me because UEFI hooks are my thing and they work.

Jason Michael Ward Every little 26.4mb update is strictly offset updates for those stupid cheats which. any real one will auto update. I am a network sysadmin and if you are going to try to sit here and tell me you have fixed your backend of nightmares or are even close to doing…

Jason Michael Ward Anything besides AC updates that you know are just as pointless as well. Us cheat devs. You cant HW ban people. Your playerbase plays at LAN cafes lol yet how long have we heard that threat? Oh. Yet you actually do and. You trouble someone to run a program to enumerate whatever.

Jason Michael Ward 5% of the updating is actual game updates, 75% AC shit. 20% backend maintenance which yes, IS REQUIRED for shit like this but. NO NOT THIS OFTEN LOL.

NoSuppressorGaming I tagged some verified PUBG Twitter accounts. I’ve come across cheaters too, being able to shoot through walls 😪

LeeBo1Kinobe Things no one should give a single F about: BP, skins, new map… The ONLY thing we care about is making the desync smaller.

Jason Michael Ward Please stop. Im a cheat dev for any unreal game and we both know this game is dying. If im going to EOL on a cheat that. MEANS THE GAME IS FUCKING DEAD LOL. and yes. pubg is in EOL and has one detection on update 14. it still works. on any server. test. non test. auto updates.

Jason Michael Ward If you’re a dev reading this you should literally feel bad that your company that YOU work for has a release candidates that are this shit. it just says a lot about you and who you’re willing to work for and why you do that work which ends up being the exact quality you put in.

Surendhar Pubg Mobile need Tamil language as an option to language matching with Tamil language speaking players.

Supreme Kai Erīto not sure you guys are aware but these metal shelves don’t have player collision (bullets still git them). Idk if they are used outside Training but thought i’d report it. LOOK AT ME IM THE SHELF NOW

demetrius guimarães you are a joke

bvbole Hi, recently 20K Battlepoints got distracted from my account. I know it was because I got the 20k bonus twice. But that is not my fault…

Alex. yeah dude pubg best game ever, but may be you dont know how to detect a hacker or simply you dont care that, and thats ok

.,;’BACKBONE’;,. i am gitting huge jitter through ohio servers in us ?? why

Zaphod Beeblebrox That’s It. I’m done with this game. Every chance I get to play it, it goes in to maintenance.

Captain Poridge Yeah whoops lol it might be RB I don’t really use it to be honest

William Poirier-Picker How much time I need to play on on pc before you fix you game on pc ? its take so much time its been more than 4 mouth but know its the first time I am complaining 👌 I pay for it god

D T Will PC leaderboards be reset this evening?

RobstaRGaminG.TV Any squads need a 4th? I have over 1k hours play time. TPP or FPP is fine. Looking to play most nights in a squad/clan with mics that can speak English/Good english. DM me for steam profile. See you on PUBG!

Shawn Murray is the best game ever imo but there are hackers. after a 1000 hours and several seasons of stats ive seen my fare share of hackers. only the other night i found my first teamers and the guy didnt get banned. of course

Fudge I just wanna be able to scrim with more than 30 fps. I can get over desync if I have too

Shawn Murray i have 1000 hours and he is right. gets shittier every week. some weeks are better than others and I dont remember a 2 update week ever. but join times are slow as hell. when they dont have half the players they had when it was fast as hell geting into one.

Alex. November 1,… in november 2 thay had an issue with excessive queue times and then this 5 hours maintenance, that is 2 maintenances in a week. I really like this game, one of the best, but more than a disstraction or a fun, i finish stressed

Jack Russo Totally agree with you man

Big Ace we want beards! Beard skins in November should be happening time now!

Jody Macauley Will this maintenance fix desync issues?

ItzScience Yeah, no.

dpxmikey When can we expect to see custom servers on Xbox?

Snow #VirtueRC never

Fabian Ramirez can you fo server maintenance at night instead of prime gaming time. I don’t even play game anymore bc its always down when I can play. You’re losing players.

lamjsn Thanks for fucking up a great game, I’m in Aus and the game is unplayable with a 230+ ping. Uninstalled.

YouHateThisGame so this is just the routine maintenance?not the one that we will have for the patch that is on the test server? 😀 ooookeeey then xD

RICH GINGER BEN will you guys be working on a fix for the newly released hack?

ZeroCool187 Comes with 8hr maint. And mad bugs I’m guessing. 1600hrs I’ve played but I’m growing weary.

ZeroCool187 Total bs 5 hr maint. Started an hour earlier than normal. I’m already tired of getting shot before I see the enemy shoot. Now this weekly bs 1600hr player.

Billy Goat Please quit doing this during NA prime time

ZEODE Gaming Because the world revolves around the USA right? Idiot.

CJGagne Can’t you leave the test servers up while updating regular servers then update the test servers after or vise versa. Come on guys techies are smarter than downing all the servers at once…CJ If you need help email me I can help you make PUBG better 🤓

MeLoveAnn- (火影) Yeah its dope map, but i woldnt like to be same layout like sanhok. I want different feel tho

Rajnish singh i need conquer plzz help me

John Louro Question: Is server maintenance going to be once or sometimes twice a week for the life of this game?

Mayke Gomes Hello good day. I got the Xbox one’s PUBG in game preview, however after the official release, all players received the playerunknown’s overcoat, however I did not receive. I would like to request your attention and that my account could be reviewed so that I may be

PUBG Help Hi Mayke. Playerunknown’s set was a reward given to players during a time limited login Event. All players who have logged in during Event have received the reward. -S

Mayke Gomes receiving the reward just like everyone else. Thank you very much in advance.

Awatts07 I love this game but this maintenance shit once or more a week for 5 hours plus is ridiculous. Once a month ppl, get your act together.

Doc Bland Is there something wrong with scoring for match results. See attached screen shots. The first two are mine, the next two are my friends that also uses my device. We’ve had no notifications about this. Thanking you in advance for your help. Diamond to Bronze

Doc Bland Platinum to Bronze.

Ricardo Wallace Go fuck youself BlowHole. Your devs are fucking shit and so is your entire company. I’m laughing as your game dies more and more every month because you’re pieces of shit and money hungry.

ian thives AGAIN???? RIDICULOUS. Hope you loose all your players. Well, you´re already loosing. Go BLACKOUT!

Antonio Margareti are you scumbags going to fix the massive FPS drops? Where my GPU drops to 20% usage for a second? It’s your game, not my machine

Gagan Juinnanta After 12 min gameplay I’ve been kicked from the server with this error, I reinstall game, battleye, this can’t help me. already did step 14 (perform clean instal)from this site… nothin change Help fix

Amazigh Al Raújo hi, i changed my configs to lean on my mouse´s side buttons, but that blocks my gunshots when in ADS Can you help me?

Ângelo Lorensi which time it is for brazil

Reinaldo Mítica Jr Digita 4:30PM PST no google que aparece

matias constancio 22.30

matias constancio -2 gmt

Keven G It’s cool, I’ve moved on to Black Ops 4 😂

sg 100%

Keven G It’s pretty great (at least on PS4). Games are quicker, more fun, and almost every point of the map is accessible from each drop route. The only problem I’ve had is picking up items is tough, and swapping accessories to a new gun is tedious

The Andy Scrolls IV: Depresión how is it??

Asuna hello, I would like to know when you go corrected the problem of BP because I am -9000?

BeerSultan Deploying all new upgraded servers? Only way to justify this…

SteelyPanda It’s cause you claimed the BP multiple times. So when they reversed the issue and removed the BP it put you into the negative.

Josh Wojnowski Wow that’s lame. Can’t even throw us a bone.

Grizz Anyone know if test servers be live?

Jason Michael Ward test will stay up but dont think cheats wont/dont work there too lol.

Perks What’s the Grizz playing tonight instead?

Justin Larkey Likely not. No patch to test

Grizz Major bummer

xPlex @ TwitchCon Dear With the last Season pass i have changed my name into my Twitchname.. which i unfortunaly have changed in the past month . So this looks very bad on my side and there is actually no way to change it again. Will be we have a chance soon or is there another way?

Ryan Matchmaking/find match system is buggy.. Tired of this , wait 5 minutes for nothing

HotelCharliHill is this the one that is going to keep us on the closest server for lowest pings??? aka region lock?? 😉 also, i hope i can invite teammates into training grounds 🙂

Shookker what s the point doing a rank system but no ranked lobbys ? 🤔

CubanMafia for sure later they add it

ezz01 True but the player base is already too split to do ranked an ranked. Plus this is just putting a badge on top of the system they already have.

Jese Solis what about if FPP is the ranked lobbys


Shr3kFPS Five hours of maintenance? I hope it’s worth it!

thomas defelice i assure you, it won’t be.

Shr3kFPS sad sad

iban agree

Checkout current PUBG down

martibubbi What kinda video do you think about? A video of an error message?

MONSTRO You guys are worse than EA. And that’s saying a lot.

Berringer EA is AAA… 🤣

Dave Davidson Why do you do it during primetime of the eastern time zone? Are most of your players in Asia or something?

Weltlek Yeah their player base is asia. USA is one of the lowest actually.

GEESUS I’m surprised people still haven’t realised this 😂

jonnyfishstix 6/7pm central/Eastern is the lowest concurrent player count by a large gap. They are performing the upgrade with the least amount of player base active. Sad reality but it doesn’t do well in NA to justify any other time.

Morgenstern yes they are lol

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 They are based in asia themselves

Banguu Die already

Rag3Rhin0 One of my favorite things to do on the internet is to read the tweet replies to and – so hilarious and at the same time so very sad.

Andrew Loyloy How about in the survival crate where people are getting duplicate permanent items? It is a waste of effort grinding the levels when you just get the same item every 10 levels. I sent you a screenshot of it and you didn’t even give any reactions about it.

Samuel Jacobs Please reduce the time in lobby. There is no reason entering a match should take longer than 30 seconds from the time I click play to the time I’m in a plane.

ILikeToasters I rarely wait that long. Worst case hit cancel and ready again and it will go quickly.

Robert Literally not a single game has this, be patient.

riley🤘 i mean the game can’t start until other people are in it, it’s not pubg mobile there aren’t 50 bots to fill the empty spaces

Samuel Jacobs There are on average 300k to 500 k players at any given time. There are no shortage of players queing up to fill a lobby. If it’s taking longer than a few seconds to fill each lobby then there is an unresolved issue on their end.

Jay 🌷 literally cant get a game on oce servers due to there being no players. stop whining about 30 second queues and be happy you can even play on your own server

riley🤘 300-500k daily active players, that includes people who only play one match. there’s 24 hours in a day, 6 regions, matches are 20-30 minutes with around 2 minutes in lobby before they start. i highly doubt 300k people are ready to join a game at any given moment

Baw bag On top of which you could add fpp/tpp solo/duo/squad. 3 maps to select from now, so all of what you said above divided into 18 game mode/map combos.

riley🤘 exactly. too many variables to put in one tweet lol

JuLion Why are you so smart and not stupid like everyone else here?

riley🤘 haha i have no idea i feel like this should be common sense

thomas defelice this hurts more than it should. lol

Rag3Rhin0 Pubg is fixed. Right?

Keifer Shockey 10 more days until COD releases their superior BR. Can’t wait, I’m done with when it does.

Morgenstern close the door when you leave

Juan Pablo Cuéllar M.🎗 5 hours at prime time… . I like the game a LOT, but you guys need to really fix this timings.

Faster Than Whaa? Play ROE instead. It’s free. And in anyway better than pubg

Mike the game is bigger in other regions, entitled much?

riley🤘 if they have it at any other time the other regions will be mad instead. as far as i know this is the opposite of prime time

JuLion Why people always think that the company has the same time as theirs?

Scott Wall Spot on. Especially considering it’s a Korean company, and the U.S is only a “small” percentage of the actual player base.

LethalWeapwn Gaming Can they not schedule maintenance by region? Update this specific region at this time?

Kevin Barrett Finally, someone asking the right question. I’ve never understood this aspect of their patch cycle.

Scott Wall Not many games do that. In fact I can’t really think of any that do. I’m sure there are some, I just can’t think of any. Normally maintenance isn’t done like that, however, because it’s not just servers and individual clients that are updated, but also the back end too.

LethalWeapwn Gaming That makes sense, just too bad NA is the least popular region so we get boned the most it seems with updates FeelsBadMan

Scott Wall I wouldn’t say least popular *looks at OCE* It definitely sucks for you guys though. But at least once the updates are done you can find games without having to wait 10+ minutes xD

LethalWeapwn Gaming True True LOL

Morgenstern poor little boy, cannot play once at week for the maintenance, snif snif😭

Naeem ur Rehman here is morning 6:10 am not everyone lives in murica

Kj Pretty sure NA players live in America…

Naeem ur Rehman update is for everyone and not just NA players most of PUBG players are in ASIA and EU and it’s early morning midnight in asia and eu

Juan Pablo Cuéllar M.🎗 Can you read? Fix timings for each separate region. 😄

Naeem ur Rehman Its exact same moment in time 5:30pm PDT / Oct 3 2:30am CEST / Oct 3 9:30am KST all these times are 5:30AM OCT 3 Here in my country and they do it for everyone at same time so no one can join server in other region as game is being updated

James Yahn 5 HOURS …. why the hell are you the only game that turns off your game for such a long period of time during peak NA hours. I will never understand why your game doesn’t have Region based updates.. Pathetic.

stefan hamm could you please add a information message for maintenance instead of servers are too busy

Darin Diver Monday at 4am central would be a better time… but thats too smart for bluehole

Alex Out here being all sarcastic n shit calling bluehole dumb while it’s the typical dummy American who has no idea what a time zone is 🤣

B4DSEED The America’s are it’s least popular time zones. We have to deal with that

Weltlek OC is silly

Eric Griffin What exactly does “Improved the client performance by optimizing the creation of character materials” mean?

Sean M yeah im done playing this game is a joke over maintenance time

jim boe how

Julien Boissonneault Again… on prime time NA. Why can’t you do something right…

riley🤘 they’re doing it right for every other region lol

Morgenstern poor little boy, cannot play once at week for the maintenance, snif snif 😭

andrew riker US primetime downtime = GARBAGE

TNFSG ehh, fortnite kinda sucks. played it for several hours, just not really recommended. it’s free tho, so all kids can play on their computers!

George Kailas how am i meant to collect my rewards that i spent 4 hours on this evening if servers too busy? wtf

Ben Kiggen Does the server maintenance always need to be at the same time? Really sucks for those of us in PDT.

Joshua Allen … or really anywhere in the U.S., It’s like my only free night too.

Morgenstern poor little boy, cannot play once at week for the maintenance, snif snif 😭

ItzJessiKa fix your random game freezing!!!!!!!!!!

realhuman 9 days till Chinese only game. Good luck.

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ When is xbox/pc cross platform coming and is this still coming to ps4? I think the ship has set sail alrdy

Freerunnerx10 🇬🇧 That’s never happening.. They wanted to do that but it’s not possible

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ They both use the same arcitecture its just clear pubg doesnt want to put the work in

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ Why would it not be possible? If fornite can have xbox,ps4,pc,switch,android and ios than pub g can easily have xbox and pc cross platform

Freerunnerx10 🇬🇧 Because they reliased they had to balance the game differently for Xbox players. They are playing a different version from PC with different tweaks. So that’s why there won’t ever be cross play between PC and Xbox.

Dallas Hammer Region lock is going to hurt more than it helps, lobbies won’t be full as fast, longer wait times, then they will have to do another update then another update then another update.

Kevin Barrett Probably true for some smaller regions, I suspect in NA it will only take a few seconds longer which will be well worth not running into a bunch of asian hackers zorping around my screen.

Nino Rasic You’re probably just bad at the game with 0.5 kd

Joshi Everyone wanted the region lock an now.. everyone is mad

YouHateThisGame no desync yes,no cheaters yes,no stutter yes…i dunno about region lock…i don’t remember advocating for it 😀

Dallas Hammer I don’t care ab the region lock, I care about how they aren’t gonna do it right and they constantly have 5 hour updates that create more problems

Joshi Yeah but I dont care when the Server are down for 5 hrs or more I mean there are other games that you can play. And I dont know but I can play normal..

Dallas Hammer Exactly that’s why I said I’m gonna play blackout/Fortnite. I don’t have a lot of free time and it sucks that they update this many times this long

YouHateThisGame both games are nothing like pubg.and not that fortnite doesnt have all those updates 😀 no bugs in fortnite!no cheaters either! xD why do I even bother with people that dont like this game 😀 I am frustrated because i like it but they are screwing it up over and over!

Dallas Hammer I love PUBG I just can’t play it half the time I’m free because of the ridiculously long updates.

Joshi Than Bye 🙂

Falcen92 I mean better than ping lock like they have where they try to triangulate the ping lol

OdyDio I’d rather have fair firefights with low ping players than fighting 200+ ping players that make desync WORSE.

your face Dont let the door hit you in the ass.

Dakota Mayer but no Chinese 300 ping assholes

Ian Pritchett For real, switching regions after midnight has always been a must grr

Disruptr No. You dont know anything. Stop crying over nothing.

Jese Solis been on test server and it works pretty well

Snowy You say region lock is going to hurt but if your best ping is 160 since oceania servers dont work im praising region lock. Come at me 60 ping

Matt Berry hell yeah, sick of this 200+ ping bs to AS

BustaGallica Worth it.

Codex So you like chinese cheaters on eu servers?

YouHateThisGame I dont like cheaters.thinking other multiplayer games dont have ones is a bliss tho 😀 i have played enough cs,cod and bf to know whats up xD

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ It will keep the russian hackers out the servers and get them to make star wars look bad again instead

Alex I’m playing with russians normally and now I have to play always on Russian servers with 170 ms ping it huge problem for me and many others I think it’s a mistake with automatic choice. Sorry fo my English!

daminggtfo Guys. Cheaters! The fuc**** Cheaters! 6 match in row fighting vs cheaters Unbelievable!

Sodak_King What game are you playing? I hardly ever see cheaters. Cheaters = Anyone better than you?

Mike truise Cheating is extremely bad in this game, because they cater to Chinese players. I get at least 2 notifications a day saying that cheaters I’ve reported have been permanently banned. So yeah, if you’re denying it, you’re probably Chinese. And I have footage from 80 diff incidents

daminggtfo Hahahahaha In this game you see more cheaters than other game Don’t be fanboy

Sodak_King Don’t be that guy that calls everyone a cheater when you lose, I literally don’t believe you were killed by cheaters 6 times in a row.

Rathulfr Its true..hacking is a big issue in this game. I think the total banned accounts is around 2 million…though ive only ever run into them a few times

daminggtfo Just fix the fucking cheating problems. A time ago that no was too sick

daminggtfo I should to create a YouTube channel for show you every cheater in game, but… I need more time for that, could be eternal.

Scott Berry I must be the luckiest player than, 300hrs and never once matched a cheater. Although i probably will now hahaha

Rathulfr Ya i have about 300 hours approaching..only came accross them a few times. Youll probably find them more in warmode because it doesnt track stats

Battle Royale | News & Updates RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 5 hours. Update will be available when maintenance is complete, which includes the new rank system and a new leaderboard season. Read the patch notes here:…

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 5 hours. Update will be available when maintenance is complete, which includes the new rank system and a new leaderboard season. Read the patch notes……

Dean Koeck Hell yes, hopefully this update sorts out all of the matchmaking/server issues can’t wait! 🤙🤙


Mistacrinck why during prime time!!

ezz01 Feels bad but it’s not prime time everywhere.

todoroki What if we had planned to get the special skins for mid autumn festival during this time…?

Nguyen Alright, finally I’m barely made it in time to tell people that complain about prime-time maintenance to shutthefuckup . Feels Good Man.


ZoZoGamer It is in the middle of the night

Thaqif Yusri RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 5 hours. Update will be available when maintenance is complete, which includes the new rank system and a new leaderboard season. Read the patch notes here:…

Michael Nguyen why the fuck u updating at 5:30PM, everyone complaining thats when they get off work to play pubg, fucking update in the AM idiots

VinnVictorMC I hope that update given DUO FPP for South America Servers…

RECON Trooper 15six Why the fuck do you do this during prime playing time?!?!?! Do this @ 4AM!!!

nico plays Yo so i Re downloaded pubg .. i joined a na lobby all my internet goes down i restarted router thinking it was that but nop . i tried trying to reset the router / reboot it not working … i finally go to network setting it said repair as admin

nico plays then it said no network adapter detected then it wanted to reset network and restart my pc it didnt work i go to my pc command prop …i did some commands resetting my dns ip all my network settings and im back … did ur fucking game ddoss me or something ?

nico plays it fucked all my network settings up for a long ass time like for real non of my internet worked no restart or reboot worked only by resetting dns ip and all network settings helped thank fucking god i know how to reset all of that with commands

nico plays ive already mailed you guys never had this happen where all my network settings gets messed up by a game

Jay Bruno is better. And free.

nico plays i know

Dallas Hammer Bye, going to Fortnite/Blackout, literally any game that doesn’t constantly have 5 hour maintenance to fix nothing.

Jokamutta Ohh so u work at PUBG and know this? 😅

Colin Wood Wow you really told those multi millionaires off, what will they do without your support

𝓕𝓪𝓮𝔂𝓮𝓻 Bye.

Aaron Felizmenio @ ko-fi Adios~

Jason O Fortnite OMEGAULTRALUL. Bye child

ℋℛℋ Elliot Adams💀📚🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 oh no, thanks for telling us all, we’re all very sad about it. 👋

Ty Chase “fix nothing” okay. Not like it says anything about an update or anything. Bye!

Mason Morez When you forget to read the bug fix section of patch notes

martin good riddance go play some gay shit

Trustmeimrussian Imagine getting angry that a game is going under maintenance to work to implement large updates and fixes to the game… who would of thought? If you’re life is so boring that you can’t go a few hours at night without PUBG, then I kinda feel bad for you.

Dallas Hammer Brother, this is 1 or 2 times every week. Even with small tweaks it’s 3+ hours. I work every day. This is my only free time besides weekends when I go do things.

Lars Østergaard That’s incorrect information you are spewing!!

Byanjankars By and don’t comeback we wont miss u.

The Dude Aren’t you a bit old for fortnite? Or do you just like playing with kids?

Dallas Hammer I mean I love PUBG dude but like I can’t play it when there’s an update every time I’m free

The Dude Fair enough, but at least they’re trying to improve it. Try living in Australia. We haven’t had a working queue in months. 150-300 ping to SEA servers. Fingers crossed this update fixes our queues but I have very little faith

Dallas Hammer Exactly like my point is why keep investing in a game where the developer only gives a shit about the Asian market? I mean if it’s a focus strategy that works for them, sure, but they have had sooooo much time to fix this game.

The Dude They’ve had enough time to fix big issues like whole regions not being able to play but I think half the problem is people saying it’s more broken than it actually is. I’ve seen steam reviews saying it’s trash and they haven’t played in months, yet have 60+ hrs in the last week.

Berringer Bye

Mizan Harun Bye

Morgenstern close the door when you leave

Daniel Ireland Byeeeee

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ Ya blackout looks like a way better more polished pub g…pub g really messed up by not comito ps4 and no cross play with xbox/pc

Morgenstern cross play would be so fucking stupid, its a clearly disadvantage for the people who plays with joystick. there is no decent competitive fps game who allow cross play between pc and console

Velcrew Well i used to play ps3 and xbox 360 with a keyboard/mouse/XIM edge and you are right, KB/M is like using autoaim when compared to a controller. too bad Xim edge is no longer manufactured and it runs for about 500 bucks on ebay now

Morgenstern and blackout is a piece of shit. the gun mechanics and no recoil like every cod game are awful for a skill based fps game, it runs waaaay better, that’s the only thing I can criticize pubg, but everything else is a piece of crap

YouHateThisGame bye.

Dallas Hammer Region lock is going to hurt more than it helps, lobbies won’t be full as fast, longer wait times, then they will have to do another update then another update then another update.

Kevin Barrett Probably true for some smaller regions, I suspect in NA it will only take a few seconds longer which will be well worth not running into a bunch of asian hackers zorping around my screen.

Nino Rasic You’re probably just bad at the game with 0.5 kd

Joshi Everyone wanted the region lock an now.. everyone is mad

YouHateThisGame no desync yes,no cheaters yes,no stutter yes…i dunno about region lock…i don’t remember advocating for it 😀

Dallas Hammer I don’t care ab the region lock, I care about how they aren’t gonna do it right and they constantly have 5 hour updates that create more problems

Joshi Yeah but I dont care when the Server are down for 5 hrs or more I mean there are other games that you can play. And I dont know but I can play normal..

Dallas Hammer Exactly that’s why I said I’m gonna play blackout/Fortnite. I don’t have a lot of free time and it sucks that they update this many times this long

YouHateThisGame both games are nothing like pubg.and not that fortnite doesnt have all those updates 😀 no bugs in fortnite!no cheaters either! xD why do I even bother with people that dont like this game 😀 I am frustrated because i like it but they are screwing it up over and over!

Dallas Hammer I love PUBG I just can’t play it half the time I’m free because of the ridiculously long updates.

Joshi Than Bye 🙂

Falcen92 I mean better than ping lock like they have where they try to triangulate the ping lol

OdyDio I’d rather have fair firefights with low ping players than fighting 200+ ping players that make desync WORSE.

your face Dont let the door hit you in the ass.

Dakota Mayer but no Chinese 300 ping assholes

Ian Pritchett For real, switching regions after midnight has always been a must grr

Disruptr No. You dont know anything. Stop crying over nothing.

Jese Solis been on test server and it works pretty well

Snowy You say region lock is going to hurt but if your best ping is 160 since oceania servers dont work im praising region lock. Come at me 60 ping

Matt Berry hell yeah, sick of this 200+ ping bs to AS

BustaGallica Worth it.

Codex So you like chinese cheaters on eu servers?

YouHateThisGame I dont like cheaters.thinking other multiplayer games dont have ones is a bliss tho 😀 i have played enough cs,cod and bf to know whats up xD

🕹️ Dwight Powder 🕹️ It will keep the russian hackers out the servers and get them to make star wars look bad again instead

Alex I’m playing with russians normally and now I have to play always on Russian servers with 170 ms ping it huge problem for me and many others I think it’s a mistake with automatic choice. Sorry fo my English!

Dean Koeck Are you serious? This is a decent update

Damion Byrd I appreciate your dedication to make the game better. How about bi weekly patching or even once a month patching. I can’t think of a game or application that takes down its system once a week during prime hours of use for patching. 5 hours … good grief.

Lyra “prime time” maybe for you but their in Korea so its like midnight for them

TheToilettrooper Your prime hours, for me its in the night 😛

Donte Wilson Not to mention that it still doesn’t have a stable frame rate.

Gary Bosworth weekly downtimes are just “maintenance” because they dont know what they are doing. the real updates are monthly.

Gary Bosworth really wish they could put this shit on a scheduler and schedule the updates by region… also would be cool if they would only update once every 2-3 months. 5 hours for a stupid rank system no one wants or needs and an emote style UI for weapons is dumb.

JC Bro it’s a Tuesday…go to the gym or something

ZoZoGamer Just play on the test servers when the live is down

Kevin Barrett Or play Ring of Elysium. So good.

ZoZoGamer Yes they are I’m playing there now

Gutes they are not up


Erik Berglund Black ops gunplay is arcade no skill. That’s why PUBG won’t die from it.

AutoMatticTV When is there going to be west coast servers? I don’t really love having a 120ms ping in every game because it’s only east coast..

Architektz When the region lock is in effect. I hate listening to Chinese pre-recorded ads selling hacks. 😥😥👎

David Try not to break the game this time, ok? 😀

Vzayts3V too late !

I Am Bane…. Time frames until xbox recieve this?

Can I Get An Winter of 2019…

I Am Bane…. 2018 or 2019. 2019 doesnt seem right

Petr I have one question why i cant see the guys that are parachute at me? And view distance i have high then why?

…. when do we get the rooster skins for xbox?

Rickles Logged in to to play for the first time since the hot fix. 4x in a row i received “lost connection to host” Squads. Im playing on an Xbox X. Hard wired. 400 download/30upload. But seriously. Come on.

Daniel Ireland You angry, sad little man.

Daniel Ireland Yea, nah.

Patriots Militia fix your fucking load times. Nothing like ammo spawning everywhere at boot camp and not a fucking gun in sight.

Dhujaker Sweet aunt Lisa’s blueberry pancakes Batman!

DIKSA Xbox One

Joshua Eddings Why’s there only ever updates when I can play 😢

Rodrigo Durán can you do maintenance in another hour please? why do you do in peak sa/na hour? :@!

Brandon LoveO How many bulls# fixes do you need to list. Fix the DE-SYNC!

zNikoh My steam was hacked through my steam guard account and someone else was hacking on my pubg account and I never gave consent to the person that that was playing on my pubg account and I don’t know what to do because I was never responsible for hacking on my account.

Steven Saja classic

PUBG Help Hi! You can submit an appeal on our support website, including any relevant information such as proof that your account was compromised. -E

Wij 😺 you guys suck in making updates.

FriskyRenga At least half of your player base is going to disappear in 10 days… any thoughts?

KenshinPubg 🇩🇰 at least it’s all the jokes that are leaving 😉 so bye bye and hf with your COD, please do not return when you get tired of a casual game 🧐👀🤣

David Rodriguez are you guys going to be changing the skins on Xbox one or are those the only skins we will be receiving?

Rabid Platypus Desync will be significantly decreased from LA-NY. It won’t be that bad really. I would assume the EU players would be put in the closest region if the wait time exceeds XX minutes.

Rabid Platypus Finally, the first update that MAY make me consider another look at PUBG, thanks to region locking. Whoever started this trend of choosing your region in online multiplayer games should be shot! ROE has been kicking your ass Blueballs!!

KenshinPubg 🇩🇰 ROE haven’t really kicked there ass.. neither will any other BR game atm. Cause PUBG have that great feeling we all want from a BR game.. Yes servers, desync and such are a pain in the ass atm. will be fixed while they expand their dev. team 👀🧐💪🔥

ette.niotna hi I want to report this pedophile, he asks weird questions

Robert Whetton no, i’m not setup to record at the moment.. also. PLEASE OPTIMISE MIRAMAR! fed up of shooting people at distance and hitting invisible floor/objects that haven’t rendered!

JPMaya22 seriously why are some achievements not unlocking like the revive a teammate or shotgun kills? Did those not count during Game Preview?

PUBG Help Hi! We recently released a hotfix to resolve an issue where achievements were not being tracked. Unfortunately you will need to start from scratch but they will hopefully track correctly going forward, let us know if you still have any issues. -E…

DR_DIESEL_ Will test servers be down as well?

WaveAlts someone hacked my account and cheated on it. I had like 200 hours on it 🙁

ST3 Yeahhhh…. alright then.

WaveAlts i appealed and they said they wont unban me.

Cheatinggarbagegame Cheating foreign trash game

Monarch Bhattacharya I have done everything that is required to get weapon master But didn’t receive the achievement Please have a look and provide me with the same

Alexander Guida I will tweet every time I disconnect from server and force me to restart my game

JPMaya22 so I’m still not unlocking achievements I should already own.

Watch Pubg Fix the XBOX the gameplay lags out all the time plz

Bryant Waghorn It never lags for me. Not sure why people are saying this. I have literally not seen any glitch or issue in months. People need to get better routers or internet connection . And get an Xbox one X

gizmo this racist pos team killing

Devin Eichelberger PLEASE fix the blue. No one can see through it and it screws up the gameplay! It was fine before! you would actually have to be blind and unable to read your screen to not see it. Now no one can see through it.

joshu You jerks pulled the 5 level card a day before you announce it. Grinded to level 25. Thanks for nothing

Ean Schmidt Hit this person with a shotgun and no damage was taken, look at their health at the end of video. Think it’s DSync issue or it might be something else hope this helps.

AorusKiki Please don’t move the quick markers from 5 seconds to 10 seconds! 5 seconds feels pretty comfortable! 🙂

Alba yeh but majority of the time i queue in EU server a lot of people dont even speak english. If i queue NA 99% of people speak english. hence the reason i just queue NA now i cant, Really bad change imo

Anna ~ Shimaja Exactly. That’s also a reason why I prefer NA over EU.

KMH You’re trying to get these achievements but they don’t fucking work. Just like the majority of the developers.

Alba eh why are you forcing me to play with people from europe when the vast majority of them dont even speak english. that change is the worst thing ive ever heard

KinG Henrry Pug in ps4 confirmed?

Matt my game won’t even run since the update. Any suggestions?

PUBG Help Hi, are you on Xbox or PC? If PC, what are your specs? -S

iliopolis My ping avg is 110ms. I’m in So-Cal. This is unacceptable. After 1700 hrs, I’m done with your game, unless you get some West Coast servers.

John Louro You have a problem figuring out time zones? So when they say 5:30 pm PDT you cant convert that to CDT? Also, the time is the same for about 95% of the maintenance. Next week at 5:30 pm PDT, see if you can convert it then. I have faith that everyone in their timezones will know

Jacob Evans When will unreasonable vehicle explosion bugs be fixed?

Small Children Or if they just removed them and increased spawns of other weapons because balancing shotguns is impossible.

Jham Time zones + majority of players are Asian.

Daniel J Thompson Still doesn’t make any sense. 5:30pm is normal end of work day which is usually when people go home or from school and play games. It’s still a dumb time to do it really. 8am PDT (Korea) would be 8am PST (California) and 11am EST (NY). Makes much more sense.

Harmrabb🎯 Team killing after I saved them. Bragged they have multiple accounts so ban doesn’t matter…

micky coplzr dunmore any way to add a reporting option to report players promoting aim bot websites ?

Hawkinz Hey Micky! Please choose the report option “Improper Nickname”

micky coplzr dunmore yeh how is that going to get them banned for advertising cheat sites they are doing it via in-game voice as a team member and once you get in the plane they just leave the game they just advertise during lobby and plan then leave so wanted to be able to report teammates for it

Blaze Bruh u got 4 kills talking about xbox’s shroud lmao

Ω ∞ Alpha Wolf ∞ Ω Kid I have the most battle rifle kills in halo history. U gotta try harder if u wanna emply that I’m not the best. Get on pub tonight match my game. And drop camp bravo so I can send u back to the lobby.

Ryan Fitzgerald Last minute buys are often the biggest surge. It’s economically ignorant to cancel the 5 level buy option b4 it’s up. I don’t get it

EJ XxTHEGODxX when will Xbox have the new update?

Ryan Fitzgerald They don’t want our money apparently. I logged on with $ ready and they didn’t want it 🤦‍♂️

Winneh Exactly! NA players like to join EU servers late at night (which are early morning hours for EU) and vice versa. Thats why you dont have matchmaking problems right now. With that beeing seperated both regions will get longer waiting times.

NBK Al Bundy how are you gunna take away the level skips on Xbox one one the last day. That is just bullshit

The Gaming Explorer why host all games in Virginia server when you have Ohio server? I suffer with 100ms ping average making a severe disadvantage with people with 10ms ping that are on the other side of the nation next to the severs why not Ohio server to be fair average to everyone??

🎃Your Cutest Enemy👻 I’m following this to see if they answer.

Leo Wells They need one in Oklahoma. Or Nebraska. Sounds random but I was looking for a central spot on google maps lol

The Gaming Explorer Hell ya I think it’s a reasonable question. I hope there is a reason tho. I mean maybe the Ohio servers can’t handle the load I don’t know that’s why I would love for them to answer this question.

🎃Your Cutest Enemy👻 I mean nothing in Ohio is great 😂🤣

DBGaming It’s great here in the beautiful state of Washington.

DBGaming Why not use one of the many data centers we have here in the northwest?

The Gaming Explorer What do you mean data centers? Like connecting to a pvn or something?

DBGaming We have massive data centers here in the Pacific Northwest that are used for routing Internet for Google and Amazon and could be used as server Hubbs for gaming

The Gaming Explorer Did a little research and could not find anything like that for personal use it’s more in the hands of the company’s to use the correct servers to maximize to the users. Like not using ones only on one side of the country could be wrong def let me know if u have any suggestions

DBGaming I was thinking more along the lines of them renting server space at the data centers to host games here on the West Coast

The Gaming Explorer Ooo my bad from what I have looked up PUBG all ready have servers in Ohio ,California and then there Virginia servers. That’s why I’m asking this question to them. They should all ready be able to host the matches on a more centralized server or at least sometimes use Cali server

The Gaming Explorer But maybe what I have read is wrong so would love them to solve this for us with a answer 🙂

The Gaming Explorer Only thing I can really find is stuff like haste do you have any suggestions I can look into for this?

Jacob maintenance every week, RIGHT when people get home from work. Pubg death throes.

Ewan why cant i move pubg to another monitor

İslam Yıldız Ps4 pls

ThePsychedelicEgo Thanks for the heads up…….

Chuw Think your rendering might be slightly broken..

Jason This happens everyday on the Oceania Server. Have to change to North America or Europe servers to play game no matter time of day. Xbox I’m talking about

Joe Bastow Same here. But I have to change from Europe to Oceana and N/A. It’s nearly impossible to play pubg on FPP

نادر الدعيجي ❤ IPhone XS Max Added names do not appear on the screen

نادر الدعيجي ❤ What is the ? solution we want to update to fix it

Ali  Hello, I’ve made the wrong purchase and I hope it will help me recover $ 100

Ali  Hello I made the wrong purchase and hope to help me recover $ 100

Ali  ؟؟؟

SolidSnake Easy answer build a PC and play at 120fps like the rest of us

SolidSnake Fortnite is cool if you’re 10 years old, but its terrible gunplay and cartoon graphics means no interest for most people.

SolidSnake Awesome but how about revamping the older 2 maps for more loot and some new areas to keep things fresh? The poor loot situation has had most people only playing the new map for some time now.

Yeliz Nope Because of your mistakes with Ms I could barely move, and I am therefore dead I see the minus points not one and want to get the points back!!!!!!!!!!

onsumshit👑 Just recieved another one of thoose Wrangler shirt. Got two of same shirt in the survival rewards is kinda dumb?

Yeliz Nope Because of your mistakes with Ms I could barely move, and I am therefore dead I see the minus points not one and want to get the points back!!!!!!!!!!

OrangePinguCH I don’t know if its a troll or a joke, but seriously? I got banned from PUBG because of a hacker that hacked my steam account? I have proof from steam support.

PUBG Help Hi! You can submit an appeal on our support website, including any relevant information such as proof that your account was compromised. -E

zander bergestad i am not alowd to join your discord server

CrizArt EX Let’s see. I have a question about the update: If you are finally going to remove the server region selector, it will also prevent players from using VPN, right? I hope it is also a yes. >_<

Thomas Thompson Yep I’ll be doing the same. Tired of loosing a play night every week.

kamabi Why i didn’t recieve perm. item for 10th lvl???? I start with 1st then the 10th for me is the 11th , where is perm iteem? Why i got this tee?

JAKE C Grind out again for another short season , can we get some stability in the ranking system be the 3rd time in like 4 months that I’ve grounded out the leader board for top 100

Torn4do Change the motherf*cking blue wall back to how it was FFS. Please….

Tank Nothing really has really proven effective to remedy the cheaters on this game. You all would really see a departure from this game if you all implement a ranking system and hackers still ran rampant on NA servers! I really hope the region lock is effective.

Rikyr is there a way you can’t fucking ruin american players nights once a week ? That would be fantastic

MrVannn Will test servers be up while live servers are in maintenance?

impish why did you make the m4, scar and m16 so awful? They literally take 4-6 shots to kill somebody. Ridiculous.

impish Not to mention the recoil on them with or without a grip/comp is as bad as the AKM. Why?

impish It’s bad when someone can use an UMP from the same distance as a m4 and have the same accuracy/damage.

P4troN Stop shafting NA with these down times.

Daniel Herny I am from Guyana 🇬🇾🇬🇾and my country flag is not represented in the game. And there is a lot of ppl that play the game in my country. We need our flag.

Porg What? It’s a BR

Porg Hi PUBG I am having an issue where there is multiple BP scores behind the 1st thing

Imagine Wat de hek how about this ? Kar98k+Vector=New meta ?

Daniel Harris I Honestly Think you Should Disable Team Killing Like Event Mode

Porg That’s not bad

Mr. Sir You know 100+ ping is lag…. The thing is if i play CSGO or other online games my ping is normal, but when i play pubg its 130ping minimum….

Porg Ever heard of being flanked? If its duos or squads watch for people flanking

Porg If bots or cheaters play with the anti cheat they will be banned if not they will be put in to a different queue

Porg That’s your pc

Porg They have removed all others you should delete the other ant-cheats before playing again

Xavier Tyson Mature the fuck up then talk to me about puberty

Cheval. That must be the hormones talking. Little pup just got his first hair?

Xavier Tyson Kids play pubg real men play fortnite

Cheval. It’s ok, it’s getting hard now and then, you’ll feel that when you think you’re relevant, yet it’s not a sign you actually are! Proud of you little man

Porg The only thing we know is it will be released in the winter further info will be put out during the winter

Dániel Váradi fix your god damn desync, add max ping to the game. early game is unplayable!!!

Porg The game is full release

Porg The QBZ and QBU 9s the only sanhok exclusive weapons

Broghar It’s not prime time for their primary markets in SK and China.

Porg Yeet

Görkem Akçay Please help me if I am having this problem and could not find the solution

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

TGxTaylorMade I changed my gamer tag on Xbox but I game it shows old one how would one update this to show the correct name in game as well

Doc7k Just bind left mouse as secondary for ping so when u shoot it’ll Mark the position

Doc7k Shotguns truly needs a buff. How tf 2 shots dont kill a player?


Tyler Freeland Anti-cheat for PC or Xbox??

wayliew disappointed. totally…. pubg is totally unplayable at all!!!

Doc Can you fix this pls

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Felix Mkay wow, so since NA players populate the servers less, we get punished…ok

One Punch John It would be nice to know exactly what maintenance you doing so we understand what this means. PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 3 hours.

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 To keep performance up

Brett if i start a game 4 minutes before maintenance and the game ends after maintenance has already started do my stats (kills, wins) etc still add onto my stats or does are the stats from that game void as it’s during maintenance?

LoBo.Kult All stars will go on even if maintenance started mid game. Maintenance happens as servers empty.

AleTigrex97 Peak time on SA…

Checkout PUBG server down 2018-09-27 on 2018-09-27

choco pudding imagine a fantastical land far far away, where each region has its own maintainance schedule

LoBo.Kult In that same land there would be region lock and no de-sync. Oh I dream of this land always.

Pedro DaSilva Maintenance will be over in:

duberdeedu Why is the maintenence sometimes on the wed and now on thurs

Jesse Chang Maintenance and still not implementing update . Great game….

Nicholas Phillips Just keep killing your player base.

John Arnold The least you guys could do is vary the times that you do maintenance. Then it would be during peak hours for a certain region every so often….not this peak hours one night every week for the same region. It seems pretty obvious not to do this……someone pull there head out

Joshua Eddings I still don’t understand why you have to do it in the evening instead of morning like EVERY other game on earth.

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 Korea based not US based

zen-x Thanks for RUIN my play day. Change this shity maintenance to another hours, NOT in prime TIME

kim weisse Ok its not in german primetime now happy?

Jorge Luis Xbox…? 🙄

John Schepemaker Do maintenance when people aren’t trying to play. So fuckin annoying

Neeraas Seriously, how is it possible that you can’t change the error screen from “Servers are too busy, please try again later” to “Maintenance has now started. Check our Twitter for further details”?

Carson Coding is a very difficult thing that the few elite geniuses can learn. Especially text box algorithms and whatnot

jerryz I’m dead

Yıldırım Bora YILDIZ Please increase the loot in the Erangel map. How many place do I have to run to find a weapon? And we want to see optimization better in game. Please fix it.

Kevin Schrimsher Why do we get an error saying servers are too busy instead of letting us know its down for maintenance? I cant wait until oct. 12th.

Kyle Snapp What’s happening in oct?

Hectic Black ops 4 release

Christian Delgado No kidding, I kept hitting reconnect

Razier I was having fun for fucks sake and you pull this shit!

ThatQCguy rubberbanding all over the test server !!! wtf!!

capitánpescadroga Always the same shit? I want my money back! I only have a few hours at week to play…and always it´s in mainstance…wtf?

Adam Barbanell Was gonna play PUBG. Guess I won’t. The decline and death continues. Wan’t to fix PUBG? STOP WITH THE 3 HOUR WEEKLY OUTAGES DURING PRIME TIME.

Saturn Nut So i see you guys moved the server maintenance to today. How awesome………..

Aaron Felizmenio @ ko-fi *waits for more peak hours maintenance complaints*

Vektan STOP testing and fix the game collectively. You are exhausting the community with new features but also new bugs. This is what happened to H1Z1! Don’t make the same mistake!

Porg They are in a campaign Rn called “Fix PUBG”

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 You do know fixes also need to be tested, that combined with that it isnt a content update but maintenance just shows your ignorance. Incase you dont know, maintenance is to keep performance up so retards like you dont cry every 5 seconds

Porg Oof,A little to hard there my guy

corneliusus I think the point was making was that, there’s clearly an issue that hasn’t been resolved if the game needs to go down for 3 hours a week and they should fix THAT before continuing with content creation. I agree with him. Also why you so emotional ?

Porg Yeah but people dont play on test

Porg Oof

corneliusus Wow, , you kind of went all out there. Have you caught your breath yet? K now, are you aware that they have test servers accessible to players who are curious about whats coming down the pipeline? THAT is where testing takes place.

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 That is exactly the point im trying to make, he wants them to stop testing which is dumb because its on a different platform, and this maintenance is not for new content

Jachi Jachón Jachótix Thanks for the alert, Einstein.

BustaGallica 3 hrs during primetime in the US. Come on, guys. TIME ZONES.

Eamonn McHugh-Roohr Real talk, why does deploying new code take three hours?

kim weisse You dont hardforce a patch on you take a hdd with the server exe make a tiny server and connect via unpatched game and look if its without bugs, then you patch the game. After that play a few rounds and after that you also have to check the whole options and store etc.

Rick Alvarez So you’re saying you can’t provision the patch on a new vm and test it prior too. Then swap the dns to the new box post confirming everything is working correctly?

Conrad Kirby The apologists are just retarded. Any dev team that knows what they’re doing knows how to doing rolling patches so that each region has different down times. Not to mention, 3 hours is an unreasonably long down time. 1 hour tops.

Garett Pipe why do you say the server will be down for maintenance @ 0230 CEST but really take it down at 2030 CEST the day before every time? you know this is prime play time right?

kim weisse Are you mentally challenged? The servers did stop working after 0230 CENTRAL EUROPE STANDARD TIME that doesnt mean its the same time in the usa…..

Garett Pipe I see, I dont live in Europe so I assumed it to be central eastern standard time. Either way, stupid time to bring down NA servers.

Jay Pastechi gotta love peak hour maintenance

kim weisse Gotta not be american, would be better in other ways too

riley🤘 at that time it’s afternoon for EU if they do maintenance then everyone there will be mad


James Basso Two nights in a row? How about doing it during peak Asian times?

kim weisse Yeah they would love to work until midnight just because you cant handle no pubg for a few hrs

Battle Royale | News & Updates RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 3 hours. Update will remain on the test server for now, as we continue to collect feedback and test new features.

A Kindly Old Man “An error occurred” EVERY OTHER GAME

LeeBo1Kinobe If you enjoy mobile games that have been ported to PC, go for it! lel

Keifer Shockey WHY DURING PEAK TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so done with this game. COD here i come.

LoBo.Kult COD seems more your style anyway. Have fun bud.

rayshawnB They are based in Korea it’s close to morning time over there

Avery Lmao, people are sooooooo entitled it’s in freaking believable. Next thing they are gonna ask is for the game to win itself ffs

HotDawg886 Maybe they can move the training map mechanics to the main game for a snowflake mode. No one dies, everyone is a winner.

Aaron Felizmenio @ ko-fi Byeee

AorusKiki The Live Ohio server lol.. please add more NA servers or move it so the ping drops.. it’s insanely high right now!

Ryan Millett Worst time to do maintenance. Im over this game

Avery Won’t change the fact that there’s a huge time difference between NA and where server maintence takes place. You know how stupid you all look complaining about it..

AorusKiki It’s cause their biggest fan base is in Asia which since its morning is why they chose this time.. definitely sucks for those in NA though

Porg Their on South Korea

Fyke Daddy Its not tho

Crono Even if that weren’t the case, the studio is based out of Korea. Patching during morning in NA would be afternoon there so if anything goes wrong people would be staying overtime to fix the issues. Patching at the time they do means in case of emergency, staff is already on hand.

Princess Airi it most defintely is

kim weisse It is you american baby

zen perfect eu its around 4am where everyone is asleep anyways


DancingValkyrie Is this gonna fix that annoying battleye corrupted data bs?

Ren! Will the ranking system be reset as well?

kim weisse Ranking will come soon anyway

MATTHEW SORRENTINO 3 hours for some BS update with more bugs!!!!!

riley🤘 it says in the tweet there’s no update it’s just maintenance

Daniel A rogue developer, whom will remain unnamed, coded in a scheduled task that shuts the servers down for 3 hours every 6.6667 days. They can’t find where it is in the source. The quietly call it routine maintenance.

rafael alves What’s the use of these updates if it does not solve anything?

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 3 hours. Update will remain on the test server for now, as we continue to collect feedback and test new features.

Saucy_Life Will my challenges be effected? I completed at least 2 daily challenges in the round before the maintenance started.

sg Again,FIX PUBG STAFF, stop doing USA updates during primetime!!!! STOP

trace hodges just as we started up

Roshan Adrian bring back Oc servers for aussie and NZ players cant play with 200ms + ping in SEA or AS servers😡

Muzz Just play Ring Of Elysium. Free pubg. Asian and US servers and ping doesnt seem to be a problem for us at all. We coppin them Ws regularly

Matttthuew fix the debug statistics for the ping its not accurat :/

Gabriel Guns Complicated, every week an update 🥺

Theodore James Munar cant u do this at night or early morning like 4am

riley🤘 at 4am it’s afternoon for EU so if they do it then everyone there will be mad

Bengelkoyote in Germany its 2.30 a.m.

BustaGallica Sounds like a great time to do the EUR server maintenance; 5-8 PM in the US is a lousy time to do the NA servers.

❌Jared They continually shit on NA. They allow the Chinese to infest and wreck NA servers with cheating and high pings and then take the servers down every week during prime time, depriving customers of what they paid for. Bluehole, a Korean company, I supposed is racist.


Dakota McKinney When you going to fix some of the problems with Xbox One?? We have been waiting close to a week just to be able to buy skins.

Eric Groat that and make it so stuff loads before we hit the ground and stop is from lagging out

Small Children Have you tried uninstalling your game and installing bo4?

Theodore James Munar dang it

Nick Fix the sound

Kevin Rodriguez I am sooo happy COD is around the corner!!!! 😀

Thaqif Yusri RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 3 hours. Update will remain on the test server for now, as we continue to collect feedback and test new features.

Oskar Elmgren So when is this in standard time? I don’t know what + or – “PDT”, “CEST”, or “KST” are from standard time. And don’t really care about whatever time zones those are any way.

Felipe when Will come back The New weapons skins for The Xbox one ? And The new weapons ?

John Louro HAHAHAHAHA…..mothah fuckahs got bunrt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah its not Tuesday like every fucking week……..its WEDNESDAY NOW!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA 16 days left to BLACKOUT!!!!

Kakashi Channel We are DOOM!

iban damn

Drew Windsor when’s the game actually going to be finished?

John McFeeley why not do this when no one’s on instead of when everyone playing? Great business

dave is test server gonna be open

DJ REMEDY Choose a better time for your updates. Good grief.

Tyler Turnbull why do you guys do maintenance at 5:30pm PDT when that is prime time for PDT players to get on? Why not schedule it during 5:30am PDT? Just a suggestion

Issa 2Ton fix the lost connection to host problem or I’m done

PUBG Help Hi! Please submit a ticket to reporting the actions taken prior to the connection lost issue in the following format: Solo, duo, or squad? Actions taken just prior to receiving the error. (Example: Queued duo, canceled, queued squad, received error.) -S

Connor Bentheimer Funny you guys do server maintenance every week it’s pretty sad actually.

Curt Hammer why at peak times for USA?

Thicc Jeans so why can’t I still receive achievements on Xbox one?

PUBG Help Hello! The team has identified some issues related to achievements and QBZ+QBU weapons and are working on resolving them as soon as possible! You can read up more about it in our community post below. -S…

Thomas Thompson So forget about the fact you screw the US players every single week. What is the hell takes 3 hours to “maintenance”?

Adam Chirnside Still giving NA players the shaft? Why not move this just a few hours later so servers go down at 1:00am EST?

VigoDaCarpathien Test Server still live during the downtime?

RED Good luck keeping NA players interested when COD comes out and you keep fucking us with maintenance during peak hours, your team is literally brain dead.

N3XUS this challenge is glitched. Won 2 squad chicken dinners tonight and got multiple kills….. On xbox

PUBG Help Hi N3XUS, please contact our customer support on the page below reporting the issue. -S

Mariobelt This has been happening sense last night. you guys really need to fix this.

Bourdontarse so many cheaters…… so many desync…… your game is a joke

TheRealGaryLaserBeam when are we gonna get an actual fix for pubg xbox…that isn’t just focusing on Xbox one x..that’s gonna fix the performance and lost connection to host bs

KenshinPubg 🇩🇰 TBH i hope it will fix ping+desync.. i live in DK with 100/100 connection and 5 ms route.. yet i have 60+ MS in your game (csgo, league and such are around 10-20) and all i see is high ms in your game + desync all over the place atm.. not happy! 🧐

gilbert When are we supposed to receive the Week 1 Mid-Autumn event crate if it bugged out and reset?

NWCrow I love how the days for maintenance get changed every week. So awesome! I loveeeeee it.

Justin Manthei Sames. Best thing they do. Was expecting it last night,but they surprise us by doing it tonight. Amazing!

A Kindly Old Man still getting “An error occurred” while matchmaking on xbox. working on a fix?

Anthony You guys should really consider rotating the times you do update,in their respective time zones, so that NA doesn’t keep getting shut down during our peak playing hours..

RjxLive will test server be down tonight as well?!

Rickles You didnt miss anything. It ran like shit, and you couldnt play with your friends without doing a “workaround”. consider yourself lucky.

Erick Culley Well I played war mode on PC was just curious to see how it would run on Xbox one x but come to find out that before war mode they downgraded the Xbox one x too so I wasn’t to hyped to play it lol

Furkan 🇹🇷 Hello I’m a Turkish people and I can’t buy items because of the dollar is dry.A lot of people can’t buy. Do you have any thoughts about fixing the dollar rate? Thank u.

Unholyshade i bought shrouds cloth face mask and was thinking about buying the crate but was wondering if the extra could be given to a friend.

Mostwanted1 Hey guys, I started trying to play pubg lately and every game I join after about 10m in that game it says [25]Battleeye: corrupted data.I understand thats your anticheat, but I’ve followed all the troubleshoot steps, including reinstalling. This is fresh windowsinstall

PUBG Help Hi! Make sure to: -Uninstall -Delete the “PUBG” folder in the steamapps/common installation folder -Remove configuration files as explained in the guide below -Clear steam download cache in the steam client settings -Restart Steam before reinstalling. -S…

Nic Lush we have 60min waits on OC

Berringer Grow up…

عبادي Can help me please

GM-SAAD Thanks for your update the game start crashing every time

Mario Rodriguez I am really fucked up with this…

Seb_Voyer At least test server will be open this time! This way we will be able to play!

عبادي Hello I want to help in the game does not work 6 hours ago I use it by mobile phone has been stopped is the image at the top and then deleted and reloaded but not useful and did not have any problem in the game What is the problem

PUBG Help If you have any questions or support requests regarding PUBG Mobile, you will need to go through PUBG Mobile support. Please read the following article for more information. -S…

Ali-S Do you have any updates on my issue?

PUBG Help Hi, sorry for the late reply. Please contact our customer support on the page below reporting the issue and including the screenshots so that they can grant you the items manually. -S

the terpiest terp Console is nothing but bush campers. It’s so fucking whack. fix this bullshit

Danny ZukMo Put rocks inside of bushes so they can’t get in but can still use as cover

the terpiest terp Yeah I wish they would bro.

Rishabh_Shrivastava Rocking pubg with skins!!❤️😎

Alan Wait do you mean right after the “maintenence” everything goes to shit? Because that’s what I noticed happens after these “routine maintenance” happen. Thankfully Ring of Elysium is better

Erdem Gürel It’s been 9 days and I still don’t get any answer from PUBG Support!!!!. I have a ban on my Steam account and I’m uncomfortable. How many days are you getting back ??

XhAmeR n1 china. play solos in squad

tj4master Stop competing with fortnite

Grayzon Just put the game under maintenance indefinitely 👍🏼

Nfinit Serious question, why can’t you guys keep this to one set day of the week?

GameZoneHD how to report abusive ID n player in the same squad?

POGEGraphics This guy Live right now promoting PUBG Hacks. Please take him down now ❤️…

Max. I really hope now that Xbox have announced M+K that this game doesn’t get ruined and you guys allow it to be used…

Matej Ivančić i’m getting crashes/freezes ingame, ofter it freezes in lobby befone i want to start playing, once it was ingame then i quited it with task manager and somehow get back ingame, 3rd time was after 25minute game.. and finally it also freeze when i press quit to desktop.

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

John Walker Funny… The test server isn’t even working on Xbox.. XD

Mr.Clyburn I NEED YOUR HELP! please. need help asap

Kakashi Channel I think if bluehole want to pursue it, might be able because still bluehole game content, and the cheater technically change their game without approval. (Maybe?)

Mr.Clyburn i need help, I tried on the app, no one is getting back to me. I can’t get into my player. My Son has a player on my tablet and I have a player on my phone, now I can’t get into my player no more. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE

Nakata Just gathering some players opinion about the loot and sharing with u guys…

Progdogg look at this mate

Brady Hodges so I am aware there was an issue with the glory weapon skins. But seriously how long does it take to fix adding an item to a store? So very disappointing

Lliam Cole When does season 9 end ?

David Can we get weapon skins from survival rewards?

PUBG Help Hello David! Currently no, you cannot. We may add new items to this system in the future and will give the updated details once that happens! -S

David Can you tell me? Pretty please? 😁

Hawkinz Hey! No, not at this stage

David Aww, too bad. I really want that Shark Bite Kar98k..

Kreüzx why i’m always get same item from survival reward??? Get 2x blue bandana, get 2x erangel biker pants, put my effort for leveling up and then get same item.. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢

Hawkinz 😭Sorry mate! For now, you can exchange the duplicate items for BP. Right now, if you haven’t already purchased it, you can purchase the Road Warrior helmet in the store for 20,000 BP. We’re looking at more ways BP could potentially be used in the future.

paintballri Do you play on PC?

Comic Books Plus yes I do, only way

paintballri We should play some time I mean I was talking shit about pubg but I do play until blackout or so thing comes along

Comic Books Plus Sure thing mate. Same name on there ComicBooksPlus or you can friend me on steam…

paintballri Do you mess with discord?

Comic Books Plus yeap

joshua vaters hey guys now that announced keyboard and mouse support. Do you think we can see this implemented to xbox in the future of

LuisDavila🔥 Hey pubg! Now that xbox is partnering up with razer. Can you confirm that you will be adding m/k support for the game?

PUBG Also keep getting an error occurred in grey after nearly every match. Is this why?

Joshua Froud I completed my 5 top 15 games in EU when progress didn’t register. Week 1 has finished but still no reward? Help.

PUBG Help Hi Joshua! Sorry about that, we will be distributing the rewards to all players who met the requirements and will provide an update on this soon. -E

Karolis Babarskas There’s a tutorial how to download undetectable aimbot + wallhacks in PUBG. I found this video in youtube:… . Please somehow detect these hacks and do something with this video. Thanks.

RandomPOET™ Yo are Xbox One achievements stable yet? I lowkey don’t want to play until I hear they are…

paintballri Lol dude I like your style

Comic Books Plus

Ivan Moreno I reported a cheater yesterday. Here’s the video proof.

Fatih Ergen guys please tell when literally are you going to wipe this whole ping problem? I get shot behind corners almost at every CQ situation and began to regret the money I spent for the game.

DarkAlani Really dude?? Just google it

S1LVER Yeah that works

PUBG_noobydick I made many screenshots from three cheaters teaming and glitching – where can I send them?

PUBG Help Hi! You can report players who break our Rules of Conduct to our support page if you have additional evidence such as video. -E

Peter 🏌️ Kovacik ⚽️ McFc is this late weapon spawn RANDOM thing or its RIGGED ??? just wondering … its happening randomly … or????

paintballri Good bye

Comic Books Plus Why say good bye, when I say


Comic Books Plus


Comic Books Plus


Comic Books Plus


paintballri Do you play on PC?

Comic Books Plus yes I do, only way

paintballri We should play some time I mean I was talking shit about pubg but I do play until blackout or so thing comes along

Comic Books Plus Sure thing mate. Same name on there ComicBooksPlus or you can friend me on steam…

paintballri Do you mess with discord?

Comic Books Plus yeap

paintballri Lol dude I like your style

Comic Books Plus

Golandaz Saad Please make a server specially dedicated for India. Pls. Just retweet this and see how many retweets my tweet gets. Pls…..

Alex I report players of friendly fire but nothing happens 😡 😡 😡

Rabid Android Gamespot is still advertising the 3 Month Xbox Live PUBG skin online. They claim to have run out of codes as of Thursday September 20th at 7:40 AM for online customers but they are still advertising the deal.…

Dom Graham how do I go about reporting people hacking to shoot through walls? I have the video to prove it… on Xbox by the way.

PUBG Help Hello. If you suspect a player of cheating please report them to our support page if you have additional evidence such as video. -E

Austin Continually fucking west coast players. Awesome.

Comic Books Plus Yeah I saw a different guy doing this before. He literally was getting a boner off of people coming in hating on him . Thing is I know it’s not youtube problem isn’t there things in streaming terms that say you won’t use hacks and can’t pubg tell yt they broke our agreement

Lincoln_Vlogs Pubg It’ sucks

Rafazimmer Aceita q pubg é melhor q ff

Lincoln_Vlogs Pubg nem tem graça

DoYouLikeMyName Hi im here because of a problem i have. When im ingame in PUBG i get kicked from the match and it says Corrupted files. And i cant fix it. Please help me

Squ4dronLe4der7 sort you shitty servers out keeps kicking me and my friend out when we have the perfect set up your servers are an absoulute joke🤬🤬🤬🤬

CloseCallGames RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers will enter maintenance for 3 hours starting Sep 26 5:30pm PDT / Sep 27 2:30am CEST / Sep 27 9:30am KST. We will be performing routine maintenance during this time, Patch will remain on the Test Server.” …

YoPawps when can we expect to see significant reductions in d-sync. We as the community of hard core players would rather see improvements in this area then have a new hat in game.

steven mccarthy why is matchmaking with other gamers taking so long on the xbox one??

PUBG Help Hi Steven! Can you tell us what your local region is, at what time of the day have you queued for the game and in which mode ( TPP/FPP – Duo/Squad) ? -E

abdohanipubgnews RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers will enter maintenance for 3 hours starting Sep 26 5:30pm PDT / Sep 27 2:30am CEST / Sep 27 9:30am KST. We will be performing routine maintenance during this time, Patch will remain on the Test Server.”

B4DSEED WoW does a longer maintenance than PUBG and does it every single week for well over a year. Take less drugs

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paintballri And I’ll admit wow was a terrible example but do you see overwatch doing that….no

Josh Wojnowski Overwatch is owned by a multi billion dollar company. That’s why it doesn’t have maintenance as often.

paintballri And before you say that epic does not own blue hole I will remind you that epic makes the unreal engine the entire reason for pubg existence and with out epic you don’t get pubg

Berringer Well, Tencent owns parts of both Bluehole, Epic Games AND Blizzard so they are connected either way. Epic does not own Bluehole but Tencent owns 40%~ of Epic and 11%~ of Bluehole. Oh yea, 100% of Riot Games also.

paintballri Yeah, I corrected myself tencent is basically in all of them lol

POGEGraphics That’s not entirely true, if unreal weren’t a thing, they would’ve most likely used a whole other engine.

paintballri Correction Tencent studios owns the unreal engine and also owns 40% of epic and a large share of pubg-Corp

POGEGraphics ok? My statement still stands the same, Bluehole could’ve still used a whole other engine. Plus Tencent has bought out PUBG Corp after the fact the game has already been made.

paintballri And the unreal engine bay pubg what it was none would have cared about another BR game the unreal4 is what drew people in

paintballri Your point is Not relevant to the conversation at whole

POGEGraphics Well, I responded to you saying pubg wouldn’t be a thing without the unreal engine. I said that’s not entirely true, that they could’ve used a different engine.

paintballri Wouldn’t have been a thing as in no one would have cared about the game if used anything but the unreal engine that was the selling point

paintballri And your replying on a reply gtfo

paintballri Yeahhh that’s why ping dropped their lawsuit look at the investors Epic is one of blue holes largest share holders

paintballri Ok name 3 other game that go down every week for maintenance and gtfo of my mention who the fuck asked you

paintballri Perfectly calm just don’t understand why a game that sold 50mil plus units has to take the servers down every week that in incompetent

Mark Pugner 🧩 Servers require maintenance. Other games do this. It’s really quite common.

paintballri Also do you see its largest competitor fortnight doing this? Fuck no they aren’t.

paintballri And for them not to do back end maintenance is just stupid

paintballri For every week no that is highly uncommon name 5 games that go down once a week for 52 weeks yeah maybe once a month and to take down both live and test servers is just incompetent

YouHateThisGame haha…that post made me think you have never played those series didnt get a tons of patching neither did wow 😀 how about the broken bf series 😀 man!shut up and go pay 60eur every year xD

paintballri There’s this little thing called back door server maintenance literally every game does it the server does not need to go down and what’s the point of having a test server both definitely don’t need to be offline

paintballri Name 5 games that go down every week for maintenance

paintballri Cod yeah day one always a mess but no full priced games have maintenance every week NON

YouHateThisGame i dont understand how can you complain that they are trying to build better game and bring the gamers the best possible experience!shame on you!I dont want pubg2!I want this one to work and play without bugs and cheaters!why dont you?if they need to patch this every week!do it!

paintballri Oh and also building a better game is great look at overwatch how long has that been out?

paintballri Most online game do “back door” updating so you don’t have your servers offline it’s very common place stop defending a company that has made millions for their incompetents

YouHateThisGame OK!they made millions.the game is broken!so what now?leave it that way and start working on pubg2 so next year they sell one more broken game that need fixing 😀 ok I am wraping this thing up!it was fun. gg

paintballri And with the amount of money they make on micro transactions this game will go F2P before pubg2 you have no idea what the fuck is going on

paintballri …..dude you’re fucking delusional hot fixes and patches don’t require them to take down the live servers get you head out of you ass and out of my mentions.we have test servers on PC for this reason alone do you see overwatch doing this for a new hero? No.

paintballri Lmaooo you obviously have no fucking clue what your talking about have a good day

YouHateThisGame stop talking bullshit pls!black ops 3 that is 3 years old game had 30 patches untill now.july 31 this year!General stability improvements. Security update. and one more thing!pubg is not 60eur!be glad that they have this great support so cry babies like you can complain!

paintballri And patches for a game is great but that does not require you to take the game down for hours every week you don’t see it’s largert competition doing that (fortnight) now hop the fuck out my mentions bunny man

paintballri ……sounds like you got some issues but ok I’ll play the game is at version 1.0 and received money from Microsoft and sold 50mil copy’s most games like COD or BF or overwatch,destiny and rainbow 6:siege. Don’t go down for maintenance every week goodbye