🇸🇦 hello 👋 I need help

Nayan M Jiwankar New Wallpaper By Me Messi+PuBG

Ahmad my device TCL 5045T not support..i can’t play pubg..can you supprt pubg for my device

Straybullet Sweet mother of levitation, this is gonna be the new meta, I’m tellin you clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicB…

Nahaks_tv Hey look, it’s me!!

Fubzyy Crouching Tiger style

Checkout Pubg server down on 2019-01-17

Qball_TV been having continued connection problems all night, are you guys aware?

Aaron Brown still having issues. If I was into building stuff I would’ve left this game a year ago and went to Fortnite.

Navin Nageshkar ⭐ 😳 is that blood? Was there murder here? I saw this for first time.

aireL So there is one bug in the ingame store. If you buy any item and then refund from steam you get refund for that item, but in ingame store it shows purchased. And incase someone changes his mind and try to buy it again then it shows you can not buy it anymore.

chris williams still down now???

caVRAU pubg is off

AbruptGaming Yo im just trying to stream some pubg and your game always broke. I love this game but damn…

Chris Rusu Umm nope…

Chris Rusu Still having to restart lobby and try and rejoin 10 times before we get connected.

Sebastian Vidal Fuck g

jasøn ⊬⟠🏒🎮 can’t connect. “servers are too busy.” wtf

Jasper can you please fix this

Marc servers down again? Getting the Error: Servers are too busy at the moment.. please retry later. I have restarted steam, the game and my computer.

Jasper why always error after the update?

Lucas Warda Fuckin stupid how i cant even get on because “Servers are too buys at the moment” I FUCKIN GUESS

Patrik Still Connection issues not resolved 😢

Ali Farran You were fuckin saying?

TK Kim it says the sever is busy again any update?…

John Tuggle servers down. 8:45 pm PST 1/16/19

sidharthkr9 Can’t connect -_-

Biff McGriff connection issues back?

室清镜明 Server busy . All friends experience same problem now.

InstantFlush The connection issue still exists. Just got the error 10min ago and cant connect to lobby ……

Ash4u any INFO ?

TK Kim pubg is acting up again any upddate on this?

Dean Koeck Can’t load into lobby keep getting servers are too busy. Not the only one either!

Kenshin lobbies fail to load after every match…..if you expect your entire playerbase to refresh 20+ times to play one game think again…

Fabrício ✠ why the server is down?

Scary Man The server connection is continuously breaking. Can’t play a single game properly.

Paul Brunelle Fix this game… no one can get in lobby…ffs

TVNK are servers down again – I can’t connect youtu.be/URqYzX0kcLk

AscendantDrag0n servers are too busy ???

Dominic you have a problem happening.

Veri_Amateur The servers are down for me

AbruptGaming Fix your game Bro

BackAftahDifs Not working again… Can’t get in.. 21 hrs later!

Louis Still broke , only if you try to go to Miramar

Colten Griffin yeppp they broke again

BullDogWarrior Get better internet scrub

phillip horn connection and matchmaking issues still there

Mark Deel Squad getting Servers are too busy? What’s up? Restarted game multiple times, validated files.

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕱𝖗𝖊𝖆𝕶 It’s happening again

mitchel connection issues again… DDOS problems?

Ash4u Error server are too busy can y fix this ?

Dillon If it’s fixed why the hell is it not letting me connect to pubg than

Brandon 🦅🏆 Blue-ServersTooBusy-Hole. Or is it PlayerUnknown’s ServersTooBusyBattlegrounds? Trash ass infrastructure for a company that has generated hundreds of millions in revenue. This makes look bad.

Woody, like from Toy Story is there server connection issues? I don’t seee any tweets about maintenance today?

eternal541 its still acting up

James Davis game is beyond buggy! Its lagging and its not on my end i have near perfect wifi signal,caused me to die from teleporting me back and forth and sending me a server disconnect notice or constantly prompting me to chevk my inventory when it has nothing

James Davis See that orange dot on reset appearance? It wont go away! Real cool!😡 and still wont take my google acct, wtf? My money not good enough 4 u? I have have no problem spending my money on another game since you don’t give a 💩 about helping me.

James Davis Its frustrating af when im trying to go up in rank,let alone just trying to play and enjoy the game as well as trying to relax, which is hard when im being hit left & right with bugs frim the game! And ive never heard back about what to do with my account, i cant buy uc

Tuan Nguyen Cant connect to the lobby!

Ryan Gates FIX YOUR STUFF!!!! 10 reconnects before I get into the lobby after a match is ridiculous!

The_Sensei Having trouble getting in now

niveD dnommaH Same man, just wanted too see if others did aswell… Fantastic updates this game does.

therealclaRkTV cant connect to server???

Albert Gomez Broken again I think

b0rk yeah its broken, they still suck at making games work. Also they are stupid

MONSTRO What’s the deal? NA here. Getting this error over and over again.

AirDropLegend Loosing players rapidly

Kryllis Every time I try to play PUBG ma, it’s always this.

Ivan Song getting network lag detected and dced from every game

Psyched Chicken Year 2 and the melee system is still garbage Still love the game but, seriously this ridiculous!

Suraj bala Where is my RP simble??? 😭😭😭 Plz help me

Suraj bala Where are you plz help me

Vicky VJ guys I’ve achieved by killing all said types but last I received nothing. Please check and give it to me ( Its very hard )😥🙄😢😭

Josh Vinson on the next ps4 update are gonna figure this whole lag thing out? People on ps4 just camp all the time so there will be 40 people left in a tiny circle. It is 100% not my connection. So……???

Dallas Miller Keep getting network lag! Any word?!

mediocre life ever since the update this is what happens to me and I have to close the game and re open it and hope I didn’t die. Any tips?

Akilesh pubg server is not at all good at night time they have to keep secondary server to serve gamers satisfaction,I don’t no why they are not improving server we all are facing (no responce from server)and ping will be 900ms fuck you up pubg team

twitch.tv/sonic_dabs when will there be west coast servers? An 85 ms ping isn’t acceptable.

Zi Redge Can someone please help in regards to my support ticket requests? I’m keep being assigned the same representative for a serious home network security issue, involving PUBG software. I do not want to list this representatives name publicly.

Bryant M Marwitz Yeah servers are still screwed up for some of us

Kenshin Not resolved,

Mark Tschirhart Continuous loss of connection errors happening in-game and in the main menu on NA servers.

Tuan Nguyen Someone us are still having connection issue!

Kr0zzi Still having issues with connectivity on PC. Lobby keeps crashing. 4 + hour downtime once a week and we still can’t prevent this from happening?

Christopher Holland servers won’t connect again. No one can get on.

Chris Sharp Not fixed!

Vengeful What the heck is going on with the servers? unable to connect.

Greg Martin Check for updates? I’m on and haven’t noticed any issues. :/

Vengeful We’ve tried, theres like 10 of us trying to do customs who keep having issues, saying “servers too busy”

Yung Txz💔 Same for me rn

Vengeful RIP

Yung Txz💔 Fml

trenton stone having major connectivity issues not being able to get more the 71 people left before paging out

Erik Johnson Are the servers having issues currently? I was in the middle of a match when I got in succession: “network lag detected,” “server timeout,” and “servers are too busy.” I’m on NA servers.

Erik Johnson Now I’m getting “not authorized,” which I haven’t seen before…

Erik Johnson Hm… well, I restarted and I’m back on now. Anyway, that was weird.

james berry Still down here

james berry Still not working here

Batman Stunts I’d be great if you unbanned me

Dylan D. Why aren’t my cosmodrome kills counting? Just got two and they didn’t count.

ResolvedFuture servers just go down? Network lag in middle of game as zone was going to change then connection time out, servers too busy?

Tiffany Tipton my audio on my game will not work I have uninstalled and reinstalled and have done everything I could think of to fix it. Is anyone else having this problem

Hendra PLIS HELP 15/1/2019 :  – I start play pubg STEAM, – someone is already in game 1st. – I activated steam guard mobile authenticator – Start play again 1 match – I got banned until 16/1/19 Im not hacking/cheating, use macros, or anythin else. Still banned now HELP!

KEVIN SHEBLEY Omg, lag lag lag. Im playing on samsung and half the time i cant pu weapons or climb thruwindows and it keeps starting me over on the map. As soon as I start thegame my cell signal shows one bar red. Any feedback. Thank you.

abhimanyu singh struck here what do I do

lukwtwz I can hardly ever find a first-person perspective (FPP) match lately. Last night I tried streaming live for the first time and, after one match (lucky win), I spent >30 min. searching before giving up. (Proof @ 34:00 in:youtube.com/watch?v=y6o3Zy…)

Javier Bazan Lazcano Need to open PUBG ports over firewall. Opened all steam ports, can get to lobby etc but match wont start. I get timeout error. I’m located in South America. Can you provide full list of ports that need to be opened? Thanks

R.T. Bennett thought you should know this happened. Xbox one S on the test server. xboxdvr.com/gamer/bl4ckfli…

DomClemit Remember when we used to be able to play Erangel. Those were the days. Now we play ENDLESS mirafart that can’t load a bush.

DrizzlyBat this sound glitching needs fixing

Océan Please i need a gift code just to see what is like to use one.

eNigMaTic HD Get rid of sanhok !!! I’ve had to back out of this dumb ass map 21 times in a fucking row it’s worst than Miramar

FearlessTV- I have fell through the map several times now at the Southern entrance of the Shelter. please fix this on the .

GBR When will this come back?

eNigMaTic HD I’ve played for 2hrs now and had to skip that awful Miramar and sanhok 13 times…

sports fan after playing one game voice chat stops working

the world through aspie eyes Love having a useless sight/Scopes

Rennan ”OpBioshock”Fabricio I got the ” Servers are to busy ” error, cant solve it any way, can u guys help ?

TheGAM3Show What’s the best stat tracker for Android?

Kieran desert map desert map desert map desert map like come on man I’ve played 6 times in a row no one likes the map stop forcing it game ager game. What’s wrong with you mate.

xTWMFxSNiiPeR They wanted to do something like this but it’s steam limiting this from happening

J Bruno Move to epic!

Dr Cheese N Crackers add a map selector please I really don’t wanna play Miramar

Spark Flurry My bad on the spelling mistake, no idea how that one went by me

The original Suri Why won’t my twitter picture upload on PUBG

Casey Smith I am experiencing substantial frame reduction and increased screen tearing (gtx980). Friend is experiencing the same (gtx1080ti). Did a new update go out since Thursday night (last time I played, no issues)?

N A D A 💍 hey, every time I tried to login it says “buffer overflow” what does that mean and how can i fix it?

Patriots Militia do us and yourselves a favor and just eliminate that fucking trash bag shit desert map. No one wants, no one likes, 80% of players quick upon realizing they’re loaded into it. Sincerely every fucking player!!

Chris Ashley any word on when Xbox servers reset?

Checkout current Pubg server status

cdotcizzle will be available for pre download before launch?

Sabby Hi, I ordered an item from twitch.tv/pubg and got sent a different item to my inventory. I messaged amazon about it and they issued a refund but now I’m unable to try and order the correct item again. Would you be able to help with this or know who could?

Ismael Dapont Congratulations! You managed to kill Erangel and Miramar and consequently killed the game!

leo / taste 🍷 I need help getting back into my account on PUBG Mobile PLEASE HELP!!

M U H A M M E D Hi Pubg I just want to ask about suppressor Does it lower DMG or something like that? Feed me back pls,, Thank you 🌹


Yun Xiao Lmfao

NerfTruck Hey is there any chance in the future of being able to obtain the & weapon skins? Please take my money 😁

YEPMOS When you finally get ETHERNET (via powerline adapter) & you realize LAG was your worst enemy.

Ato help me, cant play pubg

Nathan Dude ive been killed by that guy too

Cideriz This happens alot on sanhok to please make loot span ontop of carper annd not inder

Daniel.W. bluehole why did you game change my keyboard always from ger to eng in the game??? Is it a new bug. I lost my fight because of this shitttty bug. Fix it

Vados | ヴァドス Is there a chance that the Czech/Slovakian Language will ever be added to the game? Because the Polish language is already in the game and the czech/slovakian language isnt that different.😁

سعود الميموني when hardcore mood will be announced again!

[email protected] What the hell, I’ve been banned on PUBG for 24h? Why? How? I know you hear properly a dozen of times per hour, but I did not cheat?!

⚓ Jan B-Punkt 🕹️ So my mate made his first straight kills and got instantly banned for unusual gameplay patterns. WTF?!

Loudpac Yeah hi anytime I land somewhere with other people it takes about 10 seconds before any gun will spawn, while I look at the boxes of ammo waiting… Yet my opponents seem to pick up guns with no problem and kill my ass.

Ahmed Nabil why pubg mobile timi didn’t reserved any update and it still in session 3

PlayItHarder today ive played several games and in all mayches i had a random bug where AR stopped spraying for no reason, still had enough ammo, but rifle decided to stop shooting, and guess what, i died. Will this game ever be playable?

Paul Wendland Will i recive the pre order bonus also for the PS4 retail version?

Bronzyah19 hi can u help me to return back my account bronzyah

Jordan McCrary Hey. will pubg be cross platform to help with the low fpp games?

SolidSnake Played 2 hours last night it works great

SolidSnake Make red zones only hit towns so you have the opportunity to take cover

. Hello, who should i contact for PR inquiries??

Banglorean (MCA) Hello dear What is wrong with your system..Does gain in rating reduce player’s tier? It’s not the first time..It’s repeating and irritating actually… Please have a look

Banglorean (MCA) How it went from gold 2 to bronze 3. Any idea

* Hi , Can ps4 players play with pc players???? I need to know please

Chris Guimond We fixed an issue caused by a fix to an issue that we tried to fix that broke a previous issue that caused an issue that was once a feature of a bug of a glitch.

Can you tell me how to unlink my twitter account ? I linked both my twitter and FB account and now i want to unlink one of them but I can’t find out how .

sainte when does the new leaderboard season start?

RjxLive I’ve had this happen to me so many times…

AnotherAgnostic I hate the big maps now because the loot is almost nonexistent.

⋆Recio⋆ thanks Sussie

A-L-I-E-N are you guys thinking about crossplay? Also it would be a good idea to ad a little bit of autoaim or something similar to the console version

Tyqei•Bobby👌🏼UK🎅🏼 when will the game on Xbox run good for the normal Xbox one’s not the s or the x?

Ney Let’s talk about FPS. I7 7700K 4,5, Asus 1080, 36gb ram CL16 2400Mhz, res 1728×1080. When running in limited framerate of 144 my fps often dips down to 120, but when running the game in unlimited the game rarly dips down to even 144 fps. Run unlimited boys!

Mike Get something on the PC because you got it on PS4? TF?!

Harshal Borkar can we have santa claus with reindeer instead of normal drop airplane on this Christmas season.

Seth Videcak lately me and friends have had a constant issue of air drops landing outside of the map. This happens almost every game we play as we like to push for drops. Will this issue be fixed anytime soon?

👑MPHIILE_JUNIOR👑 my pubg game keeps on doing this..Someone help..because i tried many steps that i saw on Youtube but they dont work for me::help pls

Luke Dornan (LKD70) Hey. since a few days ago, when launching PUBG, I get a blue screen with the error: “SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED”, What failed: “BEDaisy.sys” It seems this is an issue caused by Battleye in some way, do you have any advice?

Pravin P. Gadgil Hey i have enabled the quick scope switch but i couldn’t see it in a game… I have latest app updated.. My mobile is asus zenfone max pro m1. Please help..

Gaurav Sawant Try to do this youtu.be/VH2KI9NPuGs

If Ty Wanna know this secret trick? Video link: youtu.be/T9zcBtbQQuc

@impavan there is no 720 resolution in my pubg PC. There is only 1360 resolution showing and I’m not able to change

Keeks pc queue times are abnormally long…haaaaalp!

JabałMUDI I dont understand why vodafone and pubg mobile dont support each other???

Vodafone Hi! We have made a note of your concern. We will call you to get this sorted. Please DM us your concerned number so that we can contact you. – Reema twitter.com/messages/compo…

Lucas Büttner “There you run there and realize you can not get why the drop is off the playing area!”

PUBG Help Hi. The fix for this is already in place on our Test servers. It will be applied to live soon. -S

Akshay Daniel 🇮🇳 Check Them Out, Rallying With Slogans On Streets!! 🤣✌🏽🔔🍆

Kaala 💥⚡️🔥 😁😁😁

Gandalf_the_great #FaZe5 Going live on PUBG help us conquer the enemies mixer.com/Gandalf_The_Gr…

Joshua Olcott . Hey guys, i know your busy bringing out a new map and everything…but how about we address the issue of our bullets becoming null after dying, i’d like to be able to kill trade, if im going to die and still get my killing shot fired.

Austin Have you tried shooting them before you die?

Joshua Olcott yes smart ass. bullet still doesnt register.

Austin Have you tried hitting their head?

Joshua Olcott when its the only thing i can see, yes i have tried shooting their head.

Austin Hmm idk then.

Atharv look at this guy how is this guy not banned till now he is steaming live on YT for fuck’s sake. and yeah WTF guys “u promote cheaters now ?” he is live right now . do something about this u guys.

Ahmad Addicted to pubg.. Help me 🤪😂

albin But im addicted to you

Ahmad Hmmm gay detected


Ahmad Teach me sensei 😂

noy Ez chicken dinner hahaha

Manoy Jap lagi abang donlod balik

aihaq🔥 let me teach u how to kill 🤩

Ahmad Hmmm sekali seumur hidup ni hahaha

aihaq🔥 Hm

joey hm

aihaq🔥 ley aq solo ez

joey buktikan

aihaq🔥 as you wish, will prove it 😉

joey gl mofo

aihaq🔥 let’s squad? 🚬😏

joey check sc

aihaq🔥 11pm?

Ahmad 11 onz

aihaq🔥 off off, lepas polis evo on

Ahmad Vavi

joey akan di confirmkan kelak

ImannnF Bleh roger kot klau main tu

Ahmad Cun

rin add

Ahmad Apa nama kau?

اكمل add aku HAWAUboi

Ahmad Kau noob ah mal sorry

# Hi, I’m having trouble logging in. I got a ban from Facebook. Can I change my email to get back to the game? Thank you

Nathan why is it every time I’m go to play my first game on Xbox it will not matchmake me at all. I waited 41:36 before cancelling my solo match. Is there a reason for this at all?

moha I have a question regarding PS4 version, is it gonna be region locked? people who bought it from US store can’t play with EU store players like h1z1 or it supports cross servers play ?

Gab There will be an option to change your region whenever you like at launch on December 7th, but it will be removed in January.

moha does that mean that after January I won’t be able to play with friends who bought it from a different store region?

Gab No. You will always be able to play with players from different regions.

uoɹɐ∀ If it’s like the xbox version you will. Be able to switch to different servers. I play on the north American server but get mixed with some people from Australia quite often

Ƨộly-ǮǾmŕy Ysậwy-Eih please need help my phon tacno spark k7 ram 2 gb why no need work ?

amwaj93x Hello my bf took my account hacked it when i enter the game he keeps entering it too and it kicks me out ! I changed my twitter password do you have a solution for this problem? Can you unlink my twitter and switch it to facebook

amwaj93x Hello my bf took my account hacked it when i enter the game he keeps entering it too and it kicks me out ! I changed my twitter password do you have a solution for this problem? Can you unlink my twitter and change it to facebook?

Mostafa Saber please i want yo know if ps4 version will allow me to play with my friends who are using mobile in the samer server platform???

PUBG Help Hi Mostafa. You will not be able to play the game with PUBG Mobile players on PS4. -S

Révész Gábor Delete red zone, its a piece of shit. 🙂

Piyush Tanksale When are you going to fix desync fps drop and other issues🤔 after the games last server gets closed we dont want new map we want fixed game please give us that

Ahmed Nizar hi I’m having trouble buying uc for my account this is the error which occurs

Chowdary If you are referring to use console controller in PC. Yuo can go ahead and uyse but you’ll not be able to gt new key bindings for it.

Mohammed Farhan way to pubg first car and bike in telangana warangal

GameHeroTV Hacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ban him

zikriwahyudi Hello. how to unbind my Twitter account. even though I have deleted the related application on my Twitter account. I see the pub settings still have the Twitter logo. I already tried it out, I entered again using my google account, but there is still a Twitter logo

zikriwahyudi Hello. how to unbind my Twitter account. even though I have deleted the related application on my Twitter account. I see the pub settings still have the Twitter logo. I already tried it out, I entered again using my google account, but there is still a Twitter logo

Diala Hi, u guys kind of blocked me because I killed me teammates! They said bad words and try to kill me first. That’s not my fault !

Kevin Bensema NA server, just had a game of 40-70% packet loss, myself and entire squad. On the net debug stats, upload was much lower than normal.

PUBG Help Hi Kevin. If you encounter the issue again, please send us a video clip of it showing the game ID (6 digits located under the HP bar) so that we can forward the issue to the team to investigate. -S

Kevin Bensema Next game was back to 0, maybe server issues?

Jeff Davis 50%-90% packet loss then this? what’s going on Pubg?

Drunk Penguin any idea why we cant ready up for the event mode as a squad

WNG_Infidel Gotta form the squad from inside the event mode. They “apologized” for that when it was announced. Never really gave an explanation, just a work around.

Jerry Hu NA server is suffering from severe uploading package lost

Abhinav Gautam _MOBILE モバイル 履歴書 _MOBILE半年記念大感謝祭 I found something awesome in PUBG MOBILE! Help me get it for free! pubgmobile.com/en/event/barga…

Deco ॐ pls ban this guys

Batuhan Anıl ATLIHAN Fix Pubg special crates now. I’m sick of simple items from a private safe.I’m opening up a gift safe, I’m winning simple things.I load money and make the chest again, I’m winning simple things. My nick name ProffStriker33

xgnightstalker servers are having extreme issues right now

EpicSimmingHD Multiple servers that has been playing are going down 🙁 just a heads up.

John Ryniec Swag needs you to know the servers are RIP

Houston servers are going down…might be a DDoS attack

LethalWeapwn Gaming Naww fam its fine on my end 🙁

Houston You didnt see what I was watching


Nath There’s a guy livestreaming on YouTube hacking like fuuuuuuuuuuck. Wonna ban him?

hanxu My game account was wrong with a permanent title. I am being shackled. Please check my game account. I have not violated the rules of the game.id:hanxu888qdd

Mathew Perri any clue to when leaderboards get reset?

Memo time to get on that 4k if u want more than 90 frames xd

ChukyN any problems with the servers? im getting 250+ ms in SA server where normally i get 60 and sometimes UNKNOWN on server and same ping

Austin Dailey why on earth would you not award BP for this weekend’s event mode?!?!

fapperbagginzz add me fapperbagginzz

FuturisticProduction in your library

Cillo My performance lately in PUBG custom games has been extremely difficult to deal with.. even changing to 1728×1080 res nets 0 frame gain for me atm even with like a 20% increase to the minimal GPU usage it’s already at , halp :<

Memo time to upgrade your ram bud

Cillo 16gb 3200 mhz

Memo time to get on that 4k if u want more than 90 frames xd

hector I am having a lot of issues with loading the old maps. I and rendering issues. I’m very irritated with this game. Please help

Locksta is ranked stats locked now?

FTS💀🤘🏻 These boots need to make their way to Xbox they don’t even come with the Limited Edition Digital Camo set even though they are shown in the pic.

ΞΛRO Why don’t we have the option to report players in custom games? It’s the 5th game I’ve played and every single one has more than one Chinese and/or number named cheaters in it. At least give us the option to report them since you can’t take them out!

محمد what is the problem , plz replay

9houl will we get full cross platform play at launch on the 7th?

PUBG Help Hi 9houl. It’s not a feature that will be available at launch, but we’re interested in working with our partners to explore cross-play functionality. -S

3DMAX Noki please help

Sébastien (Xeltey) #PUBG DM

MarkCG You guys need to fix alot of things but one thing for sure is the people using hacks on xbox like maybe send over the info to xbox so they ban their xbox from live for manipulating their networks to use these hacks

MarkCG hey guys at pubg there has been a wave a people using hacks on xbox can we do something about this thanks

Kenshin frames are way worse this patch…..regular drops to 50-60 frames..

Sck- Where can i send bugs to be reviewed? Is it you?

PUBG Help Hi Sck-. Please send us a video/screenshots of the issue showing the location and info whether the weapon was dropped on the ground and could not be picked up or it was found that way. -S

Cideriz This happens alot on sanhok to please make loot span ontop of carper annd not inder

Javian Brown I would like if the thing to check distance on the VSS scope worked on mobile. 200m and still use the first Chevron, shouldn’t be a thing

nick salmon So if I wanted to plug in an Xbox controller to my pc will it use the same mechanics as pubg Xbox?

3DMAX Noki Hmm was right, don’t try to get a lucky shot 😕 plays.tv/video/5c042942…

Joshua P milli circle shouldnt be a thing

roque carmona can i get banned for playing pubg mobile in my pc using the ”tecent game buddy” emulator?

Zach “GODominus” Brooks I do agree with you. But I’m gonna be that guy and say for high level players movement is typically good enough

Poonage u r WrOnG good sir, I looted crates for around 6 months on safe rez/flyq and you can get pretty nutty, but the jump bugs, redundancy, and amount of ground with complex pathing u need to cover to get basic loot is not good compared to houses.

Mhamad Aloush Hi Why the isn’t work on Samsung Not2 .. You can solve this issue I can’t replace my device 😢 And my friend won’t lend me his device any more You just lose a good player . . Think about it

Mhamad Aloush Sorry My question is .. why the game isn’t work …..

evil_paprika can we atleast have a teaser for something?, to much downtime imo 🥶

John Louro Sorry, so you can see better.

thug_leffe WHATS UP with the bullets going thru the head, no dmg taken?

Louis Louis Louis I grind to level 100 and get a duplicate clothing item. What a waste.

Shivashankar What’s this problem? Double! Double

Tom Pickering Just get good mate

John Louro Well I suppose you are covered on this one as you stated : Care packages “should no-longer” drop outside the playable area. This is clearly not the case.

PUBG Help Hi John. These fixes are currently on our Test servers as stated in the tweet above and will be patched to the live servers soon. -S

Muaaz ‘Drogon_17’ Cassim Just bought the HS70 Wireless Headset from and the Sound is absolutely horrible with . My mate and I are suffering from it. The sound cuts/tears for almost everything in the game. The sound also goes loud and soft randomly. Please help us

Max Yeah dude pubg mobile Wireless sounds are broken, does obly work wired

PUBG Help Hi. Make sure your Headset properties are setup correctly. Try disabling any enhancements as well as the spatial sound and the surround sound. -S

TheNameIsToby🎙️ Here’s another look: This fromthe lobby. Left capture is my ingame fps, right capture is my OBS fps (amount of fps viewers get). I have no issues streaming Battlefield, League of Legends or any other game. This only happens in PUBG. 😭 clips.twitch.tv/SassyPrettiest…

Adam Crawford what will be the render resolution for PUBG PS4?

AnthLambton can you please separate the battle royal maps

KaylaPaige Hold on…. your glitched compensation for everyone dealing with the issues your is having gave me a reward twice. So me thinking “ehh must be broken” spend the 20,000 bp on something. Now I’m negative 19,155 bp…. what do you gain from that? This game is legit going to die.

Ian Monroe we can’t get matchmaking to work on duos without Sanhok on xbox

DP No u haven’t!!!

Swan still negative bp and I don’t know why?!?!?!


Sudzy That’s crazy

Checkout current Pubg server down

Fahad Al-Otaibi Hello when you will update App for IPhone XR?

harpreet singh the public matches should be like esports mode. no red zone, slower circle speed, better loot, bullet and grenade explosion penetration on thin material and pls update older maps.

HardWolfWolf So BASICALLY, you’re PUNISHING us for something that YOU did out of mistake??? HOW is that fair? I logged in one day, 20k bonus, few days later another 20k bonus… I wasn’t asked if I wanted it… noooo… but now I am -18k PB down because of your own incompetence?

Kosterjig What does this even mean???

Nin and the EU fix is when?

RogueRaiderGaming geez fixes are working lol cause i cant scroll down to my secondary because it made me switch to a pan instead of the ak witch got me killd gg assholes

TINNAH 🎮🎧 I’m going to leave this this here. Since you guys keep lying to the public about being fixed.

DilligasD Really? Then stop streaming it while pushing a game that’s shit and they don’t fix.

MaDneSs’`★ I am PC player and I have a problem with my username when I kill someone my username is not displayed. it just says “player to kill” and not my nickname. A solution please?

Quantum © is there an issue with duos first person on Xbox? It isn’t available to que for.

Sharuhabeel Reporting since the time of issue, yet no fix on the issue. Enemy Footsteps voice not synchronizing with the headset,meaning if an enemy walks in my right side i am no longer hearing his footsteps from my right side of the headset.


sgt.5toner.tv Why do i have Negative BP???

smoor Welcome … I want the developers of PUBG MOBILE to add Arabic as I can not read the offers and other tasks thank you

onetapgodv2 season reset?

droowz And will not reply to this tweet in any way shape or form

droowz Yup encountered player who can directly hit person from any far distances using ARs but can’t hit with snipers

GetPoopedOnHomie Dude it’s insane Ever since this new season I’ve come across more cheaters than I have in a year and a half prior

Juan Manuel Sorroche negative 18k why??????

JokerPunch Do you only have support for PCs and consoles? Do not have support or assistance for mobile devices?

Cris idk if its an all around issue but lately on xbox matches have been starting with 40-60 instead of 90+ people

B I don’t have any patience left for you clowns. BLACK OUT

Jack McAuslin my PC game continuously crashes after 10 min. nothing else crashes except PUBG. What is the fix??

Ravneet This is how PUBG’s customer service works.

bigrudy I’ve lost 3 of my last 4 games to obvious cheaters. what’s with the re-emergence?

sgt.5toner.tv Why do I randomly now have -34,070 BP…..why do I owe you guys BP? Wtf i’m not THAT bad

Swan I still have negative bp?!?!?!

F U L dear Paba G, why do I owe BP?

kevLah #TWNN afternoon from across the pond, could you do me a favour and get to fix there game to run with ryzen 7 2700x and 3000Mhz RAM without changing the process affinity k thnxs (from all pubg players with ryzen 7 cpus :P)

ixisweat returns LOL Can you guys address this please? I submitted a ticket, and I have nothing to hide. Been streaming it on twitch, check out the highlights on twitch.tv/ixisweat.

ixisweat returns Update: received this halfhearted response from my help ticket. So the message seems to be, “Report anyone that does better than you.” Good stuff. GGWP and all that jazz

WSGe 7owers 3 crashes in a row, nice fix pubg you’ve made

Twitch_Skeptik Dudes – why have you taken approx 20k BP from my ingame cash – I know it’s basically useless, but hey, that was mine – screenshot attached. Note that I am in MINUS credit, less than zero BP. Answers please!

tywise This is the 2nd time that this is happening me. Please explain to me why I die when I’m behind a Wall And this guy is behind cover the Just like me

matt currently can’t get a game on xbox, litterally just bought the damn thing, any idea of what’s going on. Xbox one X.

konstiyo How? How is this even possible?

shan I am unable to login through facebook or guest mode, even can’t get help from help section. it shows some error

Mortify glitch or false advertising?

Hamet Do something about the ping and laggs … i am being hit behind walls and objects after 4-5 sec, .. even i am completey not on his screen , and there are more examples .. youtube.com/watch?v=2qg_l0…

🎍BLAZE🎍 What drugs does pub g have ?

ObiwanShinobi good to know you guys immediately review reports after they’ve been sent, love you guys.

Patrik Dvořáček Hi i have BP – 13 828 how to fix them.

Shadowsong so, you fuck up with a bug and somehow it’s the players fault lmao

Isaiah Gammon uhh, why do I have -17900 bp? I can’t do anything with it.

Matt Page I can’t even load to the main menu. It’s just stuck in the loading screen with the circle spinning. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Still no luck. What’s the deal???

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 hey… I competed every kill in Platinum tier duo classic match required for Weapon Master title… But haven’t got the title… What’s wrong? Can you tell me or help me.

aquastream hey do you guys have na west servers because I only get na east servers/europe/south america?

Tictacmint Could you not?

Barry Coull are we going to get another event pass on the Xbox anytime soon?

Alan – Rel3eL help please

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 Tell me what’s wrong with pubg mobile.

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 Same here bro

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 I don’t know what to do.

Peskie / Moop , when you give some one compensation twice its your error not mine so then making my account MINUS is a second error sent in a ticket cause this is shocking

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 Same here bro. Tell me what to do.

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 Same here bro… Tell me what to do

Rick Morty Hey, sorry I just now saw this. I fixed it somehow, but can’t remember how I did it. I think I had to delete the game, and use a program to remove any files left over by it in the registry and just in general to fix it. Thank you for the reply though.

iZ uka Quick match = sanhok its bullshit.

Zack Batch Am I the only one not getting credit for challenges?

S M So essensioally what you’re saying is that you screwed upp and then you gave us a bonus. But now you screwed up with the bonus and therefor screwing us up more. How F.ed up…

Shivang Pangotra alphacricket.com/ranji-trophy-2…

Stef Hey! I got an issue with my merit in pubg mobile. Im playing solos but it doesn’t increase at all. Any solution?

K No fk u pubg scrub

Stef Here lies a fanatic fanboi

mattggg are SA Servers offline?

Mathew Perri when is the best stats reset on pc?

Pedro AB Silva part3 100€ in your crates and skins, just saying, focus on fixing the game instead of removing the BP’s lol.

Pedro AB Silva so i have -52k BP’s, we all know the reason, but lets see if makes sense, you guys don’t give anything to the players, beanie ? and 20k ? for the game that is broken ? pls try more, the money all the people waste in the crates, while the game is so broken part1

Pedro AB Silva part2 you guys instead of removing the BP’S from the people who exploited the bug your game, you guys should instead be worried about fixing the god damn game, no lets focus on this guys who exploited the BP’s bug sure, but i bet all the people who did have wasted more than

Pedro AB Silva part3 100€ in your crates and skins, just saying, focus on fixing the game instead of removing the BP’s lol.

Glenn Cutliffe for some reason i have -37,735 bp any reason why? Not mad just thought it was funny

Glenn Cutliffe I also have a pic of the bp if you would like to see it

Glenn Cutliffe Its weird

Stonn’ Hello, my friend connected to PUBG today and his BP are negative (-9,065) would there be a solution so that he can find his BP ?

Strix what’s wrong with servers.

Strix For NA

Patrick Williams Got this problem on Xbox one,que was 5 minutes so I cancelled matchmaking. Still doing it

MrMarbleaids joke game how is it my prones blocked in the grass??? your games worde than fortnite and fortnite SUCKS TO ME

Victoria , my last tweet, I quit playing until you stop wasting my time with those issues in each and every match I play. If someone in your programmers team fucked up , fire him. Or even better make him work on his own mistakes, RIGHT NOW!

Victoria Let us know when pubg is fixed so we can return on playing. I didn’t bitch about Dsync, cuz I tought you’re working on it… but this is insane already.

Sir Chief lost my account, what can i do to retrieve it?

Frixes why tho

Victoria Hi , it’s me again, with another issue that annoy me for a looong time. Should I have some kind of feature in pubg to make me fly? Or how the fuck am I supposted to loot ? It’s annoying, do something. Thank you for your support 😋

Zeck Manlapaz i got 20k bp detuct? i didn’t bought anything.

Indra Good day sir. I have an issue about my BP going to -250. Can you give me some explanation?

Yudha Andrian P. bcs u nub, thats it

Indra LMAO, u also have -19000

Yudha Andrian P. 🙁

LaziestPlayer 888k Peak player new record

David Vogler Why oh why do I get Sanhok 25 times in a row in Quick Play and Erangel maybe twice, and Miramar maybe 1 in 30 tries??? I Dont Want To Play Sanhok!

Sourabh Jawandha PUBG HD Was Running Smoothly In My Redmi Note 5 Pro , R Days Before But After That I Uninstalled It And Download It Again , Now HD Feature Is Not Working ! Fix It ASAP !!

Noel Dylan Hello I was using Octopus App for Android ( Keyboard and joystick setting app) and now I’m banned ! I didnt do anything bad, what I have To do To re open ou account . Thank you

Jin0t Is there an common or known bug that makes the game reset all your settings when you start up the game everytime? It saves some of my keybinds but all my sens settings are set to default. Like healing keybinds get reset but not autorun etc..

ZΞΤRΔツ I had same problem, Its because your language on your keyboard is not supported by pubg. So you need to lock your user ini settings after you added all your keybinds.

Jin0t So like.. My settings are getting messed up just because ive got norwegian keyboard..??? Not using any wierd buttons other than | (above tab beside 1)

ZΞΤRΔツ Yeah, same problem as me. Some keys are not approved in the ini config file. So it reset everything if you add that key, but if you put the user setting file to “read-only” it wont change back.

Dontzi yes, its because of | i had same issue and stopped using the | i tried the locking the user settings file, but did not help.

◢SHROOD◤ PUBG please Fix the FPS Drop

MoSa Why are players from Georgia automatically matched to Russian or Asian servers? We played on EU servers and had ping 50-70, now we have 100+ in every match with some packet loss %.

RePolaGa You have to be the worst customer support company I have ever seen. How can you have an entire section of the world be forced to play with 200+ ping. Try using some of the millions of dollars you have and fix OCE servers

Nat Thulke I still have an issue with high ping from AU, dont appear to be getting into OC games. Using other Ping PUBG sites it shows pings of less than 20 and other games are pinning 20s to AU servers so dont think its me. Any Ideas of something I can check from my end?

Darrel Nicolaye Got the set but didn’t get the shoes displayed in the photo? 🤨

tesy Why does it feel like your game is so much more broken than ever and when it does work, its still riddled with Chinese hackers. This is my final visit and message to your twitter page. Bon Voyage! Enjoy being a stain to the most juvenile games that exist.

Jesse Selinger Can you guys track the kill count on each player in the lobby and put the top 3 player names on the top left right screen like you guys do to event mode? I think it would be fun too see who got the most kills during the game.

M3sterPvP my game crash everytyme when i launch game 🙁 help me plz

Dwayne Carroll I’m in OC why am i getting AS game instead of SEA

kevLah #TWNN Honestly its good to know that i spent well over £600 for new PC parts and cant play your game, Its apparently been a known issue your end for months with Ryzen 7 CPU’s! So may i ask when is this going to be fixed? and before you ask yes a ticket has been submitted

Renz Abad wtf negative money

Batu hey ! Can u help me guys ? I m reinstalled the game twice and twice time confirm file integrity. But i get still same error.

lackluster Fix this

Shepherd Waduhek

Gagandeep Singh Damn

Sulim Hi there, my PUBG Mobile Merit is deducted without doing any misconduct. the system took me killing teammates 3 time without me doing it at all. I reached out to CS support, email, but no resolution. Very frustrating indeed. HELP!

Stacie Taylor Do not waste your money. I’m putting all my recorded issues that weren’t addressed and I’m going public with it to the max. I have hired an attorney to help me with this and possibly a law suit against the company. This game will cause stress, anxiety and the loss of fun.

Stacie Taylor Lag lag lag lag issues omg do y’all really have a degree in programming or just a bunch of want to be’s making games.

Stacie Taylor To those researching the thought of buying pubg, beware. Too many bugs and cheaters, lagging, plus this company allows scuffs and modded controllers and they do not address reported issues of team killers, harassment. Their customer service is terrible. No live agents.

sultan hello i get ban by download unofficial app because download from app store should connect with wifi ,, can be unbanned?

Stacie Taylor Please fix the game before adding new stuff because it causes the lag to worsen. Or refund me my money

Stacie Taylor Guns should be on auto first with the option to change to single or first not the other way around

Mayke Gomes Hello good day. I got the Xbox one’s PUBG in game preview, however after the official release, all players received the playerunknown’s overcoat, however I did not receive. I would like to request your attention and that my account

Mayke Gomes could be reviewed so that I may be receiving the reward just like everyone else. Thank you very much in advance. My gametag BR0TR3RSKILLERS

Tim the OCE population has completely abandoned your game due to the lack of support we have had over the past 6 months. What are you going to do to bring back the player base of for OCE? we need answers.

Alex. Ey you need to hire Fortnite’s developers to fix all your sh*t. Greetings.

sujjanraj Y do I have -ve BP? 😶

Hixeta Phoenix would buying an elite pass help me get rid of the hacker’s server ? I am gonna buy one next season and continue if the promise is kept. I am fed up of playing alongside hackers. ID Rice VS

Nicholas Ruddy Really PUBG…..WHAT IS THIS!!! 😨

Stacie Taylor Plus you’ve nerfed the loot in the big maps so badly you can go through 25 houses and still just find a pistol or only a shot gun not to mention backpacks, vest, helmets or attachments. It’s stupid

Stacie Taylor Your game is still broken and the lag is worse. Plus when we report people you do nothing. I got killed by a teammate for my loot and nothing was done even though I recorded it. Thanks for making the game fun, not!

Abhinav singh why octopus users ban from pubg ..?

Logan Williams That’s not true. I’m having trouble right now.

Shawn W Any issues popping up with xbox one? My group is having a helluva time connecting to a game.

Sagar Hi pub g team i am not able to look free in emulator while walking or running please help. Thank you

Mike Wolfgram pubg is terrible…good job

#EMT 🗣 I have been exposed to my account in Twitter to steal and was entered by the game and when I recovered the account and found the game has blocked the account ten years with the knowledge did not commit any error please help. Sent by e-mail and no reply

#EMT 🗣 Can you help me

CalSharkBait Put me at negative BP for an error on your end? What is this? I would understand if you put me at zero points but negative? This isn’t something you want to do if you want people continue to play your game.

Podx12 We need a response on OCE since Update I have not played a single game on <250ms ping. Just give us something rather than treating us like trash and keeping us on the hook. Happy to support a game I can play but after a week of this I don’t think I can last much longer.

WiiDEVil Dear Please can you add this circle back to the game, and some other crazy random 1’s, for the non esport players its a lot of laughs. We know you patched this 1 afterwards so kinda gutted we told you 😛 youtube.com/watch?v=jJLij9…


bukan do

☕JakeCub☕ Why do I have negative BP

Shaun So you are quick to get on the message board about you guys fixing the NA. Why not get on the message boards and let us know when you non competent personnel fixing the OCE? Stop Selling Us Crap and fix the damn servers. We are sick and tired of you not doing anything!!!

Fauzan Dwi Saputra why do halloween items disappear from my inventory

Daniel A Harding I had 30k bp and now have -9k?!?

DW4LyF What do I do when I got an item from the Survival Crate, but never received it? I got the white helmet, but never got it in my inventory.

Cuddles🦕 Look at my awesome backpack!!

LoneStar Digital It’s hella scary🎃

Cuddles🦕 And hella cute 😊

GetPoopedOnHomie how are you only going to give him a temp ban? he is blatently aimbotting…

Nicolas Why i got this

Nicolas i meen the -18000 BP

PREM RASTOGI Actually I know what happened there.The example of Pubg- What Google play thinks the update size is-580 mb, But how much it downloads is 1.44 gb(the actual size of the game) I kept it and it downloaded till 1.44gb and it showed update successful..

Rafiqul Amri | can u help me fix this problem bruh?

bigchey2288 are you going to fix the latency

Sonsy will grey character model every get fixed for xbox one s

Chris Olmstead bring world chat to Xbox!😎

Dwayne Carroll Why has nothing been done to OC severs yet at this rate you may as well delete them because all your doing is killing your game in the OC region and making a bad name for yourself because it feel like you not even trying

HarumiSumi How does BP stay negative in pubg?

Lonu Gastar mais do que tem da nisso 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎉

HarumiSumi Eu não gastei nada!! 😡

Alex Chavez Lol only took a year

Gustavo Zirbes thanks guys! Now I’m with -17.000 BP. Awesome how you deal with YOUR issues. This is what we get for playing this game for over 700 hours, support the streamers, buy crates and etc.

STEEDA please explain why a person has double health when you are dbno? Makes no sense that you have more health downed versus alive.

nate214083 why do I have negative bp nate214083

fauxhawkman I keep crashing and go to validate in steam . One file in game reacquired . Re-install and keeps crashing.

[A1] Jarrod the destroyer of noobs. OCE there are no issues. Probably because there aren’t any servers.

Srilo How is possible after 25min of game, 17 still alive, you decide to do a remake when you already have 30 minutes late (Groupe H Round 2 )?

Vipes on Xbox Could you guys please for the love of this GAME do a hot fix today for the movement system and revert it back to the way it was….. PLEASE… so annoying strafing all the time.

L the skin Tradeup system still not working?


Dan. can I get the heat seeking bullets pls

DredgeGuy Please consider: although I’m trying to learn chinese, I don’t speak Korean, Thai, Malay or Japanese – all of whom I have to play team games with, being in Australia. Please, do something about Oceania servers so that we can stream fun interaction.

keep chiefin You. should. add. more. periods. to. your. tweet. it’ll. help. make. Your. point. more.


Amy 🇪🇺🇬🇧 I’ve also got this issue, just random black screen flicks up every few minutes

McLovin I fixed mine my hdmi was not plug into my xbox completely

PC GoneMAD I Just Can’t Get To Grips With Am I just too used to ?! Help. Love. Support needed! 😛 twitch.tv/pcgonemad

Brother Run this dude is an absolute idiot, clearly he is too dumb to realize what actually happened

LGHungLo Haven’t played your game in months…. over it

Brother Run that’s the point, “small” aka virtually no smoke and when you toss underhanded, they don’t roll. it went under the map is where it went

Xanxus I can’t connect to any map, it gets stuck in loading screen. It happened 3x this week and I always fixed it by deleting my config and verifying the integrity of game files, but a permanent fix would be nice.

En dos ruedas Hey, Support. Care to check this out? How in the hell did he knew I was there? youtube.com/watch?v=VvFewy…

arif Sr. Please Help my Sir, my Facebook ID does not know how blocked please help Email id ◆◆◆ pushparif11.com ◆◆◆ Sir.If there is a mistake, please tell us, please do not miss this mistake Thank you Sir,

sultan I paid $ 99.99 and the money has not come to me yet

Howard Chen This game is dead. Trash

TheDunkleman Any updates on NA custom games not working?

MoSa Why are players from Georgia automatically matched to Russian or Asian servers? We played on EU servers and had ping 50-70, now we have 100+ in every match with some packet loss %.

Jesse Hernandez Why does this game always have problems?

Rod Pinguim Tusk WTF you someone stole 15.000 bp from my account and now im in debt!

June 🇲🇽 No need to investigate. Simply put that the player base has dropped.

Jack Kevorkian A lot of my friends have now uninstalled due to server issues. In other news I had my first Blackout victory last night 💪

Kyle I’m trying to play on Xbox and I get a blank screen with no character and can’t change the royale modes nor can I ready up at any point… help?

Kyle and this is popping up a lot.

Matt O’Connor (Mattress757) why can I point blank someone with no helmet in the face with an S12K and only do 50% damage, and get one shot myself with level 2 gear with a body shot? please explain.

HiuriMendes Hi, just logged im my account and happened this prntscr.com/ldyyo1 my bps are negative!!!

PQZ’ Hello, when you fix the desync?

LaziestPlayer how about fixpubg?

Sohil Ahmed I had it once with only one player on the plane and i was able to look the crate while in air… And as soon as i jumped on the land game was ended with “you died in last round/match/game”…

A1RM4X 1 Bullet, 2 Kills !?! Is it even possible in PUBG? Maybe you have the answer clips.twitch.tv/ShyLuckyPorcup…

Alex Let make sever choice back, what was the reason to make this !!! ??? Make same as map selection – manual or automatic or we need other 5 patches ???

Sepp Sep Hello Bluehole. Care to explain why you are punishing players for the mistakes you made? Taking away the 20k extra BP when it was MANDATORY to accept the BP to be able to play the game at all?!

Koroku fix this fucking game… Hackers… You shoot point blank and all your bullets miss… You aim at someone 5 feet away with a slr hit them in the head and they turn around and 2 tap you… FIX YOUR FUCKING GAME

Assfeu Hello It was to know why I had lost everything my bp and that I have in negative. cordially

Slows I find this very strange but you’re in a pubg video I just posted yesterday. youtu.be/gRUNLno2gLk?t=… The clip is at 2:52. It was just odd I saw you on twitter I had to say something.

إيمان آل قطر🇶🇦 i wish if you activate the arabic keyboard in he game to make easier communications with the team

scott So recently I was given 20000BP and I started spending it happily. Then today I log in to find it been taken away from me and I now have -5614BP. Not cool.

The_Sensei I didn’t realize this was a thing until your tweet. Wild

DA hi! I can’t loin in my account coz my twitter suspended for inactivity(i use it only for pubg login) and twitter support say they will not un suspend my account how can i logon in pubg snother way?

stujeffery why is the event mode on Xbox only if first person mode? First person mode sucks ass!

Oz Master Hey, I’m not connecting to any lobbys on Xbox PTS. Experiencing long wait time with no results.

Spooky Scary Skylar-ton hey, I had purchased a red leather trenchcoat on the steam store after seeing how it looked as a temp reward from the level system, and I logged in today and the one I paid for is gone?? Help please?

Spooky Scary Skylar-ton Also that green and purple SLR skin is gone from my account?

Spooky Scary Skylar-ton JK it all came back when I rebooted the game nvm

Ajay Dhandhu Pubg Mobile Has A Glicth I Am Running When My Friend Just Pussed me and i am first go to underground and outside of shelter.. Please do something.

Lucastor Hey , where is my items!??? I had won two nice jackets and now where they are?? You guys have to fix this game asap!!! Terrible conditions, amateur team… disappointed, wast my time and money..

Checkout current Pubg server status

Brian Leo Lmfao you guys…. uhm. You’ve offended and inconvenienced just about the entirety of North America since release, your apology isn’t accepted and frankly your lack of ability these days is insubordinate. You’ve had your time. Shouldn’t have taken 4 years to create a foundation

niz Pack up, pubg. You are done

RocknR00ster Any news on this…yet? Still can’t get connected on the west coast, “servers are too busy, please try again later”.

Wud Legerity Cheating is Rampant. Two players drive directly to loot with out searching, then kill other players with auto fire SLR and no recoil. After all this time. It suggests that you purposely allow cheats so you can ban and resell the game. No other game has this level of cheating.

Wud Legerity Cheating is Rampant. Two players drive directly to loot with out searching, then kill other players with auto fire SLR and no recoil. After all this time. It suggests that you purposely allow cheats so you can ban and resell the game. No other game has this level of cheating.

Marcos Rodríguez my second with a lot of contras . HIGH ping.. no SSD and One S

Nameless Can’t believe wasted money on you folks.

Matt Long what do we do with evidence of a player cheating if no action has been taken from our report?

Matticus Couple of things after the recent update: 1. Scopes get stuck permantly to weapons and you cant interchange. 2. The spectate, end match, and deathcam buttons don’t work after matches. Having to hit esc to get back to lobby. Plz fix.

🇸🇦 Hussain Bin Mohammed 🇸🇦 I’ve lost a lot of points because of the lag is there anyway you can make it up please

Eduard von Kaaken no they havent.

Eduard von Kaaken Still garbage

Cevat Gürel I can’t click anything in the menu PUBG

Andrew Smith I don’t understand why people are complaining so much, I’m not having any problems on fortnite!?

EZFrag Servers down right at this very moment. Also, you why guys schedule updates, throw us a bone and do during non peak hours.

zorringuiricuak I cant connect ! OMG the same issues every time and never fixed at all

Dj Vinny Game is garbage. Go play CODBO4! Way better.

Azor Ahai 16h n nothing has changed! Good work!

Theuz lopes ® 🎃🍁 This shit is updating every day, we want to play and not stay a whole life waiting

Geoffrey Suttor Played 2 games on OCE servers in the last 5 months. Please sir, can I have some more?

zomgmoz The recent PUBG patch has been a complete clusterfuck of issues. I don’t like to tweet negative things about games I do enjoy playing despite their issues, but… yeah. The servers are completely down again.

Deano No wonder your fan base is dropping… two nights in a row!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?

Andrei Pitis any issues with servers , it keep saying server are to busy or failed to authenticate from external provider.

Alejandro Sebastian Can’t connect. Please fix

Tiago Beltrão You f. up the servers! Unable to play.

Baris 🏆 The brand new bug,problem whatever you call it… You are the best for creating new shits!!!How could it even possible to create new bug every single update???

Baris 🏆 You have the change « Fix Pubg » to « Shit Pubg »

Nakata servers offline again?

Marcel Winklmüller pubg down? ;_;

A.G.R Can my friends and I play a personalized game with no minimum or maximum number of players? For fun.

chief zav hello ?!!!

دانيه الخزام I’m addicted to help

Daniel Tencent is the Publisher, not a developer

Hurcor Really? Did they not just release ring of elysium? Pubg mobile. Check your facts

Daniel Pubg mobile is made by Light speed studio. And Ring Of Elysium was made by another company let me take a look to that one.

Daniel Found it. It was being developed by Garena Studio few months ago and Tencent bought the game and put their people working on it.

Hurcor So therefore they developed it. Conversation over.

Daniel Alright you got me there :v but I don’t really think they would work on it since ROE is now a direct competition with Pubg so whatever.

StreptoBluehoie You guys need some serious communication improvement between your forums team and whoever manages these twitter pages… 3 hours ago lumos posted about the new event mode this weekend… why is it so hard to tweet that out to your whole community lmao

علي باباⓂ️ Hi , i just bought a new xbox one only to play pubg , and i did at least one time , i always getting matchmaking fail !! Why and how do i fix it. the record i have fast internet, and my xbox only contains pubg.

Bearkinnbeer i got this issues after yesterday updated. How can i fix it?

Jae Sosa Pubg doesn’t care about there players it’s actually sad

savid I officially fucking hate the worst fucking game ever , ya need to throw the whole trash ass game away

Ognjen Odobašić sound issues with last version!

M00n5had0w04 What about for the Xbox one edition because I didn’t get my bonus for playing the game before full release or my sandhok survivor T-shirt

Chanis Cox Hey. The mobile app won’t let me log in. It keeps wanting me to make a new profile. Anyway I can get into my old one?

S ᵘ ⁱ ᶜ ⁱ ᵈ ᵉ red zone is the worst idea you could have possibly come up with, lasts too long and the loot drop was dead in the centre of it… dead broken game. Games last up to 30 minutes and get killed by RNG redzone. Utter idiots.

Black Rainbow you guys have lost yourself another player due to NOT FIXING YOUR OCEANIA SERVERS. What’s it going to take? You say you’re trying to fix lag issues, but forcing us to pay with a 230+ ping. Go fuck yourselves.

Darkrow I’m sorry you guys have to deal with all these negative people under every single tweet you guys tweet out. Working over time and on the weekends these idiots will never understand 😂

chosen1pr U are right about that

Tighty Dwighty Release the new prime set already.

Grand_Theft_Otter 2nd time trying to get a answer here, your activation e-mail does nothing, how can i claim twitch prime loot?

vasti So are you done with maintenance? Haven’t been able to play at all.

Jason Done with pubg

Florian Ziegler i cant confirm to register

drewperboy at last! Low latency games. Thank you for the fix. Make it permanent.

xBESERKERx323x is there maintenance or a server issue right now? Cant get passed the main load screen.

Sgt_gh0st EU Pretty stable a bit lower today ~25

kingsofvalhall Depends where in EU tho

Tommi Keronen Ummm.. I have this one issue with pubg. My Leather Hoodie (Black) is missing. Its not in my inventory and not in my pubg at all. Pls can you give it back i payed almost 50$ for it. Steam name ✪ToQuG0D and pubg name MJ-ToQu

The LastDodo I bought the Xbox game preview of pubg but I never received the player unknowns set would it be possible for you to let me know why.

Chris Michaels Is it your new anticheat causing horrible frame right now… get a grip

Faithlesssoul when they where down for maintenance it did that.. the exe still crashes since the last up date but i just close it out & it still plays did every fix config re-installed all the lists of things on youtube & the web. not sure why it found that pubg is on c drive not w LUL

Christian Engelund There’s some wonky detection going on there… Why is it even messing around with the runtime library for Bink – for another game no less??

Faithlesssoul not sure

Luke Rogers Not sure what they’ve done but my fps has halved with the bug fix they did last night

John Louro Shit is all day long in pub ‘

StraFFniX i know bro, and i´ll never stop complaining about that

Firmo every update is the same shit

Kalypto Pink And it’s down again………

John Louro Guys its not fixed in NA either. They are just hoping that you wont notice that you cant connect to the game.

John Richards Thanks guys have over 2100 hours on your game and not one elite item from your stupid crates. Congrats PUBG.

Ivan Connection issues… again

Caio Santos Servers crashed

nctrl server too busy fuckup again. How about fixing the f_cking game!

D Can’t get into any Miramar matches since latest maintenance.

…….. Hello, I hope to solve the problem that this is not a punishment, but a crime waiting for nine years for what I hope to look at the subject and return the account and thank you

…….. Hello, I hope to solve the problem that this is not a punishment, but a crime waiting for nine years for what I hope to look at the subject and return the account and thank you

Applepeng2001蘋果peng You should because PUBG Mobile created by tencent, not bluehole

…….. Thank you

Logan863_ why the fuck does my game freeze every time I get in a car? iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 12. Games even on low settings. Should be no issues like this at all.

Adrian Marin it was already updated FYI 🙂

Nikita Pok you need to test your updates before you release them your dev team is 1/10…. if i my dev team will fk up so much i would get a new team… dont try to make another game after pubg crashes no one will buy your crap again

Owl Lost Somebody be salty🤣. And my mouth??? Look at yours. No room to talk kid.

Rushi Rami Today I re downloaded pubg and realized that it’s still garbage like it was two months ago no matchmaking and no control over ping 160 ping all the time not playable at all…

Rushi Rami They had introduced the concept of the battle royal and yet other games have done better implementation than them ha

Luiz Murari “Frg” any news about that? can we update to the latest version????

Mohd Hasan see the lags in pubg mobile. How i am landing from plane and i am unable to Play this game your engineers are shit just like your CEO fuck you.. But i still love this game…

Mohd Hasan I am using pubg mobile and I am facing high ping issue which will make me uninstall this game and do my friends are also facing the same issue when will you resolve…. We are facing this issue continues after season 3 update…

Diego Tellez and my push to talk button, are reset EVERY TIME I open the game, it’s not that I have my config file on Only Read, tried that many times, files are verified on steam too, oh and also, my lobby screen is 90% of the time bugged into the loading screen 2/2

Tom Knowles Thanks that sorted it out for me at least 🙂

Diego Tellez Hello, I’ve had a problem for several months now, my movement keybinds, that are the default ones (for parachute, moving, driving, swimming, motorcycle) and also the one for emote, the one for changing the person I’m spectating, are reset EVERY TIME I open the game 1/2

PUBG Help Hi! Does this still happen if you disable the new anticheat? -E

Baj I love this game

Kev Taylor is there problems with xbox at the moment as keep getting time out.

Brad Amour please tell me you did not close the latency/server queue bug/issue ticket, as it is still broken.

5H4D0WGAMING19 what’s going on with the pts xbox servers I sat in matchmaking for 30 mins and all I wanted to do was try out the new vehicles and weapons.

Tyler Lambert map selection sucks, fix pubg sucks, can’t play in a map selected since it takes fucking forever!!!!

Astro_boy fix your server or many player go to other game! Pls move your ass!!

محمد New update when downloading

Jhared Cheatham Take as much time you need “trying” to fix your game. We’ll be here playing Blackout anyway.

MAVC0 Can you ad to cheaters report “RADAR” and “MACRO” i think it would help because not everybody has “NO RECOIL”

Luke Donald hey im on pubg pc how to change servers im stuck on NA servers but im in the uk

Paulo you do not care about the PUBG XBOX one does not improve the connection with the lost host and everything, where the server SA because they took ??? we have more player than oceania, you will lose a lot of player for B04 and BF5 if you do not start server SA

riley🤘 i feel like that’s better than not replicating character models… which is what pubg mobile does

PerlWalker You know what .. F this game. It is always a problem with it. Always!! For 3 days now, the menu has been broken. Both in Lobby and in game inventory. It’s rubbish all the way trough..

Thomas Williams What’s PUBG?

Armand Bronkhorst Just bring south African servers

Prince ZHAO YUNFEI nothing has been changed after checking everything

TECH CHYVORN PUBG always error when enable anti-cheat. I don’t cheat. Why?

PUBG Help Hi! What error are you getting? -E

Zombie420Status Nope it’s all fixed now

Prince ZHAO YUNFEI it is still same

Peter Sernekvist u guys sucks on making the game better. Every time you make some changes the game gets more and more laggy. Is this the end for you, YES i think soo. bunch of idiot who cant even make a stupid game

Prince ZHAO YUNFEI good maintenance

Harshal Why im connected to Eu at 160 pings …. Im from south east asia .

ThomasD Hi guys, this is so weird and frustrating. One comment pleaaaaaase !

Arvian Come on, it’s not a free game!

Orlytito🇨🇺 Are you sure network lag is ever single day. You need fix the problem

Mean Green Halloween Once again please FIX THE FOOTSTEP SOUNDS in the game. I can’t hear people moving or even running less than 5 metres away from me. People keep running into the very house I’m in without a sound. Which sort of makes the game unplayable in its current state.

rajesh kumar When will game be available in windows store

Alexis can we play PUBG my name is armanyx1cool

Tyler Nguyen no more excuses please

Satyam Srivastava Chitransh’s Dear sir i am playing game but game is open and auto quit this game which problem. please reslove my issue..

andy869 Dying so much it’s the third most played game on Steam. Why do you guys live for saying this all the time? Ok, it’s dead go away and play minecraft. I enjoy this dead game without people like you crying.

Joseph | Xydon I know its still got a lot of playerbase and that wasnt what i was complaining about, im complaining about their inability to release a patch without creating more issues and sometimes not fixing the pre existing ones. It makes it very hard to keep playing a game that i enjoy.

corneliusus lol.. the incompetence it never ends.

Kevin Perhaps you could use the Test Server next time when you roll out a major update?

PauloSoniN I was banned, I believe it was a mistake … I wonder if you can help me!

PUBG Help Hi! If you feel you were incorrectly banned please submit an appeal on our support website -E support.pubg.com

Michael Nguyen By the look of ur picture im sure u did hack, so no were not fixing it

Jose Rodriguez Lmfao

Andrius Dude do us all a favor and start by changing your profile pic….just by that picture you deserve to be banned.

PauloSoniN I did not understand

N1r0 The photo is reminiscent of the gay


N1r0 What’ means? Sorry,I hate English Were you banned mistake your account? You were hacked PUBG What’s relationship my reply?

ِ Someone hacked my account and used Hack to play and blocked my account I am innocent and I need to recover my account

N1r0 I understand. It’s PUBG mobile I feel sorry for you My pubg is out of order. I see silver everyone

ِ How do I get their email to talk to them? My account has been suspended for 10 years and I need to unblock it

N1r0 forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/56-perfo… Here

ِ My account is blocked by error What is the solution

PauloSoniN Whats?

Adam Blevins CoD is cool. I would like to see armor reworked but fun game. I like the silent footsteps perk. Makes moving around in the end game better.

PauloSoniN My will, I was banished and I must have been a mistake … I would like to know if you can help me! please!!!! I have 1717 hours game! Help me please!!!

r0a5k1ll dont bother brother, its busted

r0a5k1ll im so fed up with this BS. Everytime ButtHole try to fix pubg it breaks even more. im now stuck at 60fps on a system where last week i was getting 140. BH seem to spend more money and effort on merch than FIXING THIS DAMN GAME!

KilltaC Nah never. Cheaters only exist in pubg

Zaitus Apparently you don’t know what YouTube is.

KilltaC Full of pubg cheaters

Rattlesnake911 This is why shroud will not play your game anymore! Pubg yall are screwed black ops is taking over

Pascal Berger wtf is wrong now?! massive server laggs, dsync and fps drops…. your game is unplayable….again!

finley clark I have being playing before 1.0 update on xbox and i didn’t receive any of the rewards for playing before the release

Blidônio Rodrigues When i enable “anti cheat”, my settings restart to default. When i disable, its normal.

PUBG Help Hi! The team is aware of this and investigating the issue, thanks for your report. -E

Roachy hi just wondering when i access the inventory screen in game and pick a item of the floor lets say a scope…when i drag to drop on weapon the mouse stops half way across the screen will not go any futher have you any ideas on this please thanks

PUBG Help HI Roachy! Does this still happen if you disable the new anticheat? -E

Roachy Ohhhhh not checked that thanks I’ll give it a go and let you know thanks for the advice

HypNotiQ IV The fact that they always have maintenance at na prime time is fucking dumb. They should rotate it every week.

Dayveson Alex Hi, how are you? Good afternoon, will you guys update the game to play with the keyboard and mouse on xbox one?

dsrcex Delete fucking shotguns

Mao Glad to see something is being done about cheaters. People say it doesn’t happen on xboxs and it’s a pc thing, but it really does and it sucks for everyone. If only keyboard and mouse players on xbox could be taken care of too. Then, it would be fair all around for everyone.

ALEXANDER Die behind corner and network suddenly lag when 1V1 in populated area. Are you breaking or fixing the game?

Boris Goleshev 2 weeks later EKS DI

Samuel Plummer test server sucks!!!! Can’t get a match waited 5 min and still nothing

Knoxibus Ditto, I never received the confirmation e-mail

Đεviℓ Đεαdℓiиε INSANE SNIPER SHOTS | PUBG HIGHLIGHTS | Man check this out 🙂 RTs appreciated youtu.be/I_P2L5oICKM 😍😍😍😍

Kaneki @ me 😂 I saw it and you’re insane bro , continue like that and you should play w/ 🙂

Đεviℓ Đεαdℓiиε Sure

Faster Than Whaa? That’s the problem..blue hole programers are only good at eating kimchi and make shitty generic korean mmo

Kakashi Channel I bet right now they just newbies in charge the game and pretty much they clueless to figure it out anything. New skin update literally come every 2 weeks, same bugs never get fixed.

Kakashi Channel They took the money paid themselves a good bonus and no money left to keep the original teams. What happens right now, it’s similar with Just survive from Daybreak. If we look at the pattern almost similar, they server close pretty soon.

Faster Than Whaa? Do you people actually read these comments? You seriously want your player base to quit?

Aaron Townsend What’s going on with xbox test server can’t play

Thomas Thompson Completely broken. Hahah what a joke.

Brett you’re killing your own game dumbfucks

d3adlyz3bra Actual region lock please

Chaz Michael Couldnt find a match on xbox for the past half and hour, got connected and got a lost connection error. Dead game is dead….thanks a lot because I hate Black Out. How is it possible to be this incompetent? You should be begging people for forgiveness you lames lmfao

Guitar I was re-link twitch with CREATE & LINK YOUR ACCOUNT follow your steps but I still have not receive the new loot box, why? Or it will be soon?

PUBG Help Hi! Can you please tell me your ingame nickname so we can check on this for you? -E

Adil khan My Nick name Is .adildsk.

Paul R Collins Why can I not get any game on the Oceania Xbox servers for the last two weeks?

Guitar Hi_Im_Guitar

Joshua I heard there was a BLACKOUT in pubg???? Thoughts?

azzman1000 Seriously ??? FIXED ?? have you had a look at the OC servers by chance ? get your shit together and help us. love the game but its past ridiculous

Vani Prasad Battula Still lags on asian server

david_cop_a_feel Why is there a new problem with this game every week!? Though if a serious question.

ezz01 Please do better! I really don’t want to hate this game.

B.B suicide company

Kill-time How do you guys get this so wrong so often? How many MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND MAN HOURS will you waste? Consolidate your teams and tackle the platforms issues. You guys cannot hide behind the indie moniker any more. Welcome to big boy town, grow the fuck up and fix your issues.

gamerfreak3sk I dunno? That was nothing lol

Duo Max Lmao I’m so lost …

N1r0 I have not tried verifying my game it. But it’s probably the latest. I going to check it in morning.

Duo Max My phone keeps ringing … time to answer the call!!!!

De4dEye89 _help RP solo still don’t work. Fix that!!!

B.B shit firm like U dont make online game everywhere fucking cheaters ( pes 2019 steam ) ( pubg steam )

Joe Karpenske Ay you tell em

Big Tings Nick so feisty

That Guy When does this patch go to full game

Callum It won’t let me play duos or squads on pts xbox it’s just says matchmaking all the time

LoreTV Guess it’s Black Out time…

Kill-time Because you are east coast. I’m in Perth and all i get are 90ms to 180s. That means i am mostly connecting to korea/japan servers. This is absolute garbage, SEA was my main go to, 50ms same as OC server.

Jason Ward I’m in Perth, but my ISP peers out the east coast. Was getting 50-60 to OC

Kill-time Wow that sucks

Matt Mate im east coast and I get stable oc servers. Haven’t come across an Asian player yet

Jemuell Gaudia Still the same it doesn’t change everything!!

Martín $country = ‘thecountryname’ if $user.country == $country ConnectServer() else KeepSearchingServer() endif

😤*breathes*😐 Wow what a genius!😂😂 get tf outta here. You think their code is as basic as that? Grow a brain pls geez

Brad Amour You don’t think the point is that a simple code like above would be a better *fix* then whatever the latest PUBG fix did? *swoosh*

😤*breathes*😐 It definitely wouldn’t work because there are many different variables at play here*swoosh*

Brad Amour For example? Basically, he is right.

😤*breathes*😐 Oh my God… u know what? You win. You’re right. I just realized. Lemme go code my own game with if/else statements.🚶🏾‍♂️. Wish me luck✌🏾

🔥ఆర్.కె. రెడ్డి🔥 Game ante iPhone top that too 7 Ante comedy ga vintunte once close app and restart mobile

RAGEOFTIGER hmm…maybe ping valla emno ninna oka game aada eroju oka game aadanu.ninnati nunde undi problem.Asia server lo ping problem untundi naaku maa vallaki ade sariga vastundi

Acid Traveler don’t charging they forum Of comunity (:

MixSar i’ve reported so many people using no recoil macro but nothing happens,why you don’t ban them? they are killing me from 10-15 meters without any recoil with AK. no recoil macro is out of control in the game

K. 熊 Since last patch tons of lag spikes and desynch on the japanese server