Bryncess I am officially readdicted to PUBG help

DGH52 Smh not as good as COD black out or Classic Fortnite 👀🤷🏼‍♂️

Bryncess Ehhh, not as good as MW2, but don’t ever disrespect PUBG like that comparing it to Fortnite 😷

DGH52 Aw cmonnnn smh lol you must of been terrible at building huh? That’s why you like PUBG 🧐🤷🏼‍♂️

Bryncess I just don’t need building to win 🤦🏼‍♀️

DGH52 You needed building to survive though 🤭 now you sit behind a rock huh 😐😂

Bryncess I’m out here averaging 7-10 kills per game, no rock needed! Shhhh 🤫

DGH52 Damn.. the moment you realize you get more kills a game then baseball and softball can get combined wins in AZ 🥺😂

Bryncess Damn that one hurt 😂😂💔


Hans Ferdinand I want to change to the NA servers but i dont know how to on the new update on ps4

Hákon HELP PUBG seem to be absoulute hot garbage compared to Fortnite

Donkie letasoft soundbooster

🌸 Qin 🌸 I can’t stop playing pubg. Help me!


twister-sama play with me.. i think you’ll quit LOL

kinkitty. HAHAHAHA. YOKKK.

Checkout current Pubg server status

VTL Magz Learn to be good pros don’t wine about that

shubham jaiswal i can’t able to play game in my phone reasons its that my phone is in 4G mode but when i open PUBG the network automatically convert into 3G mode and ping is getting high as 800-900 every time. And when i exit the application network turns into 4G mode again.

Dylan vino I need help pubg support isn’t answering

Riteshjadaun my ign is JamessBondOO7 i am banned for 2 months idk why please unban me

Jackson Its a stuggle out here Ash…. Hour 7 all ive played is SOT…

Man1ck Just have 3 accounts like me and you’re good 🤓

Ashley Anderson It must be a burden being so good at life. What’s that even like? Tell me your ways.

Jackson The secret is to warm up in the dojo 🕺👊

Ashley Anderson

Jackson After a 15 Kill Game this happens. Any PUBG Partners or Pubg Staff that can help me? Im not a Hacker Boy I promise. I love the Test Server so much… Im just a streamer boy… 😱😰😭😭😭

Organised Kaos Kind of a compliment, you kick so much ass they thought you were a hacker

Jackson Definitely! Still a small bummer hahaha

Qyndra Damn like no one can have a really good day and be on fire. Feels bad man.

Jackson Right?? I was owning 😰😔

FoxezNSoxezTTV GOD DAMN IT. I’ve been trying to hard to get banned. A true accomplishment in the PUBG community today. Congrats sir.

Jackson Definitely a great light to look at it in! I got banned baby LFG!

D__Rich About time you catch this guy pubg. Glad to have him out of the game

Jackson Team Positive For Hacks 😩


Rydall Killer Kiwi 🇳🇿 Wow, turn those hacks off lol, joking aside that is crazy, they all must have reported you, glad you record every game, no better proof there

Jackson Yeah just a bummer cause I was having so much fun. Hopefully will get fixed soon!

blul The man was creating PGI 18 content. Unban him please 🙂

Emily sad bigs is sad

Ashley Anderson

Jackson Its a stuggle out here Ash…. Hour 7 all ive played is SOT…

Man1ck Just have 3 accounts like me and you’re good 🤓

Ashley Anderson It must be a burden being so good at life. What’s that even like? Tell me your ways.

Jackson The secret is to warm up in the dojo 🕺👊

Ashley Anderson

Tyler Dang it Biggs, you were too much for your own good.

Jackson Im just doing my best 🙁

Kloir Nooooooooooooo not you Jay😭

Jackson Actually Hacking 😔😔😔

Kloir Call nailets, ask for advice

Carlos Patino LMAO

Jackson 😰

Checkout current Pubg server status

Astrix_au Fix the Miramar matchmaking bug on OCE servers, give us back LOCAL OCE solo matches for Aussies and NZ. Takes 10 attempts to get 160ms ping most of the time it’s 220-280 ping WTF, not helping the situation at all. When BFV Firestorm drops it will be all too late lol.

Zac Laughlin Squad TPP every evening around 6 onwards has Oceania games. Not a fix I know but just for if you wanted some good ping games

Astrix_au Notice how Miramar never comes up on squad. I think it’s bugged with OCE.

Astrix_au Yeah I know thanks, no reason why solo shouldn’t work since there is like a 1 sec wait for squads in the afternoon.

Nicky B. Help me get far in state of decay I’m trash

Dor Ecarg Hell yeah man I can do that I’m on my second community now.

Lucian Dragomir yall are some dumb fucking asianz with a shitty fucking game

Eduardo Mora help error ce-34878-0

ABDULLAH😇♎PTI🏏 I have nasha of playing pubg help me😭😭

R~🐰 That is uncureable 🙁


ِ I’m addicted to help

Krunal Gandhi i was banned by doing nothing..there was no cheating u can check my statistics is my id..i was banned by mistake.

عُمَر help I need a help the game is not working help ??

Astrix_au I just about given up, I recently came back after leaving when they broke matchmaking last year. In stead of fixing solo the just disabled it for OCE. They aren’t going to fix it. BFV Firestorm will be here soon with local Australian servers 🙂 Then it will be farewell

Astitva My pubg username kratann has been blocked for 10 years but I have never used any cheat code I play on Asia server please look into the matter

عابد/~🐺 what’s the problem?

Roy Wang is the SEA server down? I am a New Zealand player, i can play SEA server before and getting around 160 ping, which is ok to play, now i can only play NA server, which is over 200 ping, which is not able to play. Please advise.

Kasper why ban me

Harish. Lakhangire Pubg help I was banned

Harish. Lakhangire

Corey Holy sh** dude good idea man. That’d be really cool I’d they did that

michaelVETTAS 🙏🏽

ItzShaggles Look I get what you are throwing down but set up right, its the best VPN to use for PUBG. I was the one who first got people in PUBGOCE to make the switch to ExitLag

geekyghost Fairo everyone gets a different connection aye

Astrix_au I really like this game but the OC Solo server situation in AUS is stopping me from spending any more money. Up to 300ping is so frustrating. I need to try 4-5 servers before getting an barely acceptable 160-180 ping, only because no other option.

Checkout current Pubg server down

thaqif yusri RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at

🃏 RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at

Hotgamingrise RT PUBG “RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at “

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_Support: PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official PUBG service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at

ItzShaggles Its on the test server, geeky.

geekyghost Ah classic haha 😂

ItzShaggles Foot in mouth

geekyghost Didn’t read the PTS haha just hate that oc fpp is fucked haha how much ping do you get to SEA

ItzShaggles 90ish using

NXT | Assassin #i64 See what happens when you play with me!!!

PUBG Support PUBG Help has been renamed to PUBG Support. Official service status updates for PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4. Support articles and customer support can be found at


‏﮼فيصل Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere Cheaters everywhere

RÊBÊL 47 What about lag issue in previous updates . Everyone wants to solve this issue . I’m facing Lage issue even on 30-50 ms ping . And one more thing is that bring beard . So the character looks more attractive Add RPG-7 in Air drops??? Add wild animals in all maps

SASTHI MONDAL how to seshen5 updeat

big_zbaru Please fpp servers on EU servers ps4 🙏

fingol God fucking dammit

I When is the next map on pc coming still no word

Jan Švec Dude , vikindi come out month ago

I Mean the next one for pc there not even talking yet about next map snow map was getting talked about over a year ago

ファジャール サプタ Ahhh get it

IOSgameplay4U For exciting gameplay subscribe me on youtube. And do follow me on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook Youtube url :…

Matt Fields Proximity chat would be a huge success on xbox, dayz did it an it’s still in a game preview you guys can do it.

bouraq99 hey i get 13.5gb update right now, where is the news?

andi ardiansyah

Bennett When you going to fix the server lag

Justin Fawcett Will this change anything though? You all made some noise about catching this radar cheat….yet I’m seeing it again on the SEA servers

Faster Than Whaa? Not gonna lie. you guys have step it up. You might restore the faiths of some of your old player base.

Webby Map selection please pc has had it for ages

Ganner009 That’s because PC players are the matter gamer race. We always get the best stuff.

Javeed Magrey Ping 968 What is wrong with the game from yesterday The connection is not stable also. Something serious.. Kindly fix soon


Isaac Gg

Anmol Donde When starting season 5 in india

Chowdary Yaha pe check karo..This page is for PC, Xbox, and ps4


Tiago Beltrão You should block map selection on FPP. Retarded players only want to play in sanhok…

ross eastwood Help/support would mean you do either 🤔

Rogério Alves Please server SA ps4

NathaKevin01 Add SA serves!

NathaKevin01 *servers

Mucky McFly Will you also be changing gasmask back to single slot so I can have the cosmetic look Ive used since the BETA ?


Greg Hey they learned a new word. Such strong vocabulary.

3rab gamer The fire make drop FPS and the render is potato

Danny Kartes So when can we expect a stability update for consoles? Sick n tired of running over loot I can’t see.

janmaro We want solo fpp ps4 for the EU servers !!!!

Leo Mlinar Ur asking for too much

TeaR lol ok now that the last unimportant change has been made let’s get to work on them servers now maybe?

Diih Lower the sound of the sea P L E A S E

Jer4Bear I can’t help but support this change.

One Punch John Are you actually gonna do any supporting?

IHaveASolution maybe if they just rename it over and over no one will notice that they dont really do anything

Filipe Almeida the response time of the commands is very poor in the consoles.

KunJacob11 I don’t care what’s your name,I just want paly FPP on PlayStation 4 in Asia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gustavo Ya saquen vikendi prros

Just A Kid From Irv It should’ve always been that, has a better ring to it, but do you intend to actually fix the game

[MV3]Arbifac Yes yes but fix fps

Adrian People whit keyboard and radar are killing this game on Xbox. Not worth playing

Jeremy How do I get radar on my Xbox? Asking for a friend.

Payne Cork Its pubg support but they have zero intent to fix their game. Its pretty funny how they call it “Finished”, but in reality its the most broken game on the planet.

UtahJazz_24 Debatable.

riley🤘 be glad you don’t know dayz lol, their 1.0 makes this game look perfect

👉 “Zakariaa Oushraa” 👈 Hi, im from Morocco do u wanna play with me from time to time. thanks.

Payne Cork I have about 50x the fun playing dayz over this garbage. Dayz works on their game. Pubg releases 100 skins before fixing it

riley🤘 welp to each their own then. nothing on dayz works for me and pubg runs like an actual game. inconsistencies must be off the charts for both

Nige This is me. Never have a problem with pubg game bar the odd slow render sometimes in battle mode

Nach Zoriega What an oxymoron this is, pubg and support in the same sentence

zetsubous Pubg, help!

hama Good job pubg team and if proximity chat came to xbox & ps4 it will be soo much amazing thanks to take care my twet

Andy McLaughlin I don’t understand why people want that so bad. It sounds like a horrible idea to me. And if they added it, O too would hope they had an option to turn it off.

The Zombies Addict Make proximity chat happen I beg 😭

Casey Quintern As long as i can turn of the feature idc, just don’t want to hear the ragers lol

Lady_Pheonyx That’s honestly my favorite thing about all chat. Hearing them rage after they make a bad play and you put a bullet in their head.

OpTic Yann And yet mobile players coming complaining about issues. Like this isn’t a mobile page.

Nick Bundy Change your profile pic.

dean “Soon”

Hawkinz Haha, that’s coming!

Nick Bundy Hey, it’s already done! Good work. Now, let’s just go ahead and push Vikendi to Xbox.

Hawkinz Not much longer now!…

Dan Almond Avatar/profile picture needs changing still.

TheLookin4now-YouTube Sounds more professional 👍

Ayon Ghosh 🤩🤩🤩

#El Turco map select for ps4 pls

HighGuyGaming Map selection kinda sux imo. It eliminates all the other maps except sanhok. Sanhok is cool, but would be nice to get a game on the old maps sometimes. With map selection, you have to wait 10+ mins to find a half filled lobby

NewAgeBanker This!


Piyush Pandey Refund my UC, bought outfit by mistakenly of 432uc

Chrisboley Its cool guys

Jibreel , I accidentally connected wrong account (a fresh pubg account) with my Facebook I want to connect my other account with it but there is no option to remove the exciting one

Jibreel I have really good progress in pubg but I’m unable to connect with my Facebook, if anything happens with mobile I’ll lose all my progress

Pluxor Fix this pls.

Uzair Malik I was in the Dropbox and I killed enemies from there and they didn’t even saw me… , I am confused either it was a glitch or something else!

Ankur Kumar watch my live streaming of PUBG PC on YouTube

shamilmanzor‏‎‎شممل مینور y’all really need to find another job.coz, coding ain’t your thing. Glitches glitches everywhere Stuck on loading screen. Stuck on launch screen Audio error Stuck while enemies are near And much more

ADoug Bullshit. Still ongoing.

bia tam hi i got some PAI Set codes with begin p458 and p459 from twitch,does they will be expired?what is the limited time should i redeem it?thanks for your help?

torsa_cz🇲🇷 Team RCV are looking for new recuitments, cheaters have priority!

#AA19™ when does season 5 . Start??

مشاري Why the graphics in Playstation are so bad !? Will you support 1080P or not in Playstation?

مشاري !!

Devil Hi, i am not able to complete My Game, i was last one standing in previous game but i didn’t got winner winner chicken dinner, there is some error or bug i dont know, same thing happens when i die, can anyone help me out Thank you

FernieTheFirst Hey, PUBG Team, let’s make this ThirdPersonCampingGrounds into First person PUBG.. Only playing FPS Squads right now… waiting for FPS Solos..

FernieTheFirst On PS4 that is…

shamilmanzor‏‎‎شممل مینور If we were to have a competition between and over who hangs better. would win hands down. Letter and still waiting for reply

maxou 日本 how many players is required to create a private game?

Fausto I mean I never got it either. But Im terrible. I dont know what that says about you?

Tom Pickering It must just be delayed, yeah thats it.

koldamenta Finally. I knew it

Óscar M. lol

Fausto Is there even any pros who has not gotten this stupid ass ban?

Tom Pickering Me >:(

Fausto I mean I never got it either. But Im terrible. I dont know what that says about you?

Tom Pickering It must just be delayed, yeah thats it.

Tommer How u think they keep cheaters off the game? So many cry babies

Meggy wtf hahaha lmao

TimmaaA666 every game ends like that since yesterday

dEiX Thanks i Hope they add it

ふえんねく I do not have any more words for this why you do this

rohan my pubg not working screen loads then force back to phone option screen any help???

Official PwnHouseTV Hey there Twitter Family, I’m going live now playing PubG. Hope to see some of you there. Will be live over @ I support and love it when !

ItsYaBoiYom More practice incoming! Which ARs do you prefer? Help me learn!

Reece 里斯 Do you know if there will there be proximity chat on ps4 with the Vekindi update?

air1hd its one kill per match…sucks

GRAEME. will war mode come to ps4?

Steven OH YOULL ALLOW to have cross-play, but still a no on cross-play for / & / comon make this happen , gotta few ppl i wana play with over on xbox, cross-play tournaments would be really cool idea too!

Duecems32 Same thing happened to Ya’ll gotta stop fragging so hard in Publics and keep that to Faceit games.

Vrunki my Internet is completely fine yet no way to get in game. Tried restarting steam and computer already

Jakub Filthy radar user :O

Hayz All bans are legit 🙂

Ankit Dularia mistake I have login my id on Vietnam server and now I am unable to login on international server so please help me out asap…

Miguel Zabala this is possible?

Jot Gill Bro may be your server is going down

شويعل! I played the game but was busy !!! give me a solution??

subham shaw plz tell me the upcoming update of pubg mobil

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

†he D☬n IDEA FOR TRAINING MODE: Set it up to where two or multiple individuals can invite each other to a duel within the training match, with the loser resulting in a respawn. This way we can actually get the fulfillment of the game in it.

PUBG Support For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

BrokenHeartedFool for the past 2 days I been having this notification and there isn’t anything there. Is this a random bug?

💜 ‘waleed ⭐️🌟⭐️ why I can’t change my PUBG profile pic ? I have logged in through twitter , but when I change twitter profile pic , in PUBG it appears non like I have no picture at all ?

FKnightTV Hey , This kid Purposely dropped around 30 N Bombs in the attempt to get me banned on twitch. As easily as he said it means he does this quiet often, so please help. Twitch: SucceptTV PUBG: Articjoust265…

KIRAN DAVIS the game is not supported on Huawei y611,but it have the all features to play the game.So please include the game for the device

Riccardo Fiore why does pubg seem unreactive even at 144 fps? for examples BFV is more reactive even if it runs at 100fps, but pubg feels laggy.

Dougo Reese First time ever seeing “network lag detected” I can still navigate the menus, but my player just stands there… currently have 1 gig fiber internet connection in downtown Portland.

Phan Pharaoh Can we please get a fix for FPP mode?!?!

Phan Pharaoh On

🇸🇦 hello 👋 I need help

Nayan M Jiwankar New Wallpaper By Me Messi+PuBG

Ahmad my device TCL 5045T not support..i can’t play pubg..can you supprt pubg for my device

Straybullet Sweet mother of levitation, this is gonna be the new meta, I’m tellin you…

Nahaks_tv Hey look, it’s me!!

Fubzyy Crouching Tiger style

Checkout Pubg server down on 2019-01-17

Qball_TV been having continued connection problems all night, are you guys aware?

Aaron Brown still having issues. If I was into building stuff I would’ve left this game a year ago and went to Fortnite.

Navin Nageshkar ⭐ 😳 is that blood? Was there murder here? I saw this for first time.

aireL So there is one bug in the ingame store. If you buy any item and then refund from steam you get refund for that item, but in ingame store it shows purchased. And incase someone changes his mind and try to buy it again then it shows you can not buy it anymore.

chris williams still down now???

caVRAU pubg is off

AbruptGaming Yo im just trying to stream some pubg and your game always broke. I love this game but damn…

Chris Rusu Umm nope…

Chris Rusu Still having to restart lobby and try and rejoin 10 times before we get connected.

Sebastian Vidal Fuck g

jasøn ⊬⟠🏒🎮 can’t connect. “servers are too busy.” wtf

Jasper can you please fix this

Marc servers down again? Getting the Error: Servers are too busy at the moment.. please retry later. I have restarted steam, the game and my computer.

Jasper why always error after the update?

Lucas Warda Fuckin stupid how i cant even get on because “Servers are too buys at the moment” I FUCKIN GUESS

Patrik Still Connection issues not resolved 😢

Ali Farran You were fuckin saying?

TK Kim it says the sever is busy again any update?…

John Tuggle servers down. 8:45 pm PST 1/16/19

sidharthkr9 Can’t connect -_-

Biff McGriff connection issues back?

室清镜明 Server busy . All friends experience same problem now.

InstantFlush The connection issue still exists. Just got the error 10min ago and cant connect to lobby ……

Ash4u any INFO ?

TK Kim pubg is acting up again any upddate on this?

Dean Koeck Can’t load into lobby keep getting servers are too busy. Not the only one either!

Kenshin lobbies fail to load after every match…..if you expect your entire playerbase to refresh 20+ times to play one game think again…

Fabrício ✠ why the server is down?

Scary Man The server connection is continuously breaking. Can’t play a single game properly.

Paul Brunelle Fix this game… no one can get in lobby…ffs

TVNK are servers down again – I can’t connect

AscendantDrag0n servers are too busy ???

Dominic you have a problem happening.

Veri_Amateur The servers are down for me

AbruptGaming Fix your game Bro

BackAftahDifs Not working again… Can’t get in.. 21 hrs later!

Louis Still broke , only if you try to go to Miramar

Colten Griffin yeppp they broke again

BullDogWarrior Get better internet scrub

phillip horn connection and matchmaking issues still there

Mark Deel Squad getting Servers are too busy? What’s up? Restarted game multiple times, validated files.

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕱𝖗𝖊𝖆𝕶 It’s happening again

mitchel connection issues again… DDOS problems?

Ash4u Error server are too busy can y fix this ?

Dillon If it’s fixed why the hell is it not letting me connect to pubg than

Brandon 🦅🏆 Blue-ServersTooBusy-Hole. Or is it PlayerUnknown’s ServersTooBusyBattlegrounds? Trash ass infrastructure for a company that has generated hundreds of millions in revenue. This makes look bad.

Woody, like from Toy Story is there server connection issues? I don’t seee any tweets about maintenance today?

eternal541 its still acting up

James Davis game is beyond buggy! Its lagging and its not on my end i have near perfect wifi signal,caused me to die from teleporting me back and forth and sending me a server disconnect notice or constantly prompting me to chevk my inventory when it has nothing

James Davis See that orange dot on reset appearance? It wont go away! Real cool!😡 and still wont take my google acct, wtf? My money not good enough 4 u? I have have no problem spending my money on another game since you don’t give a 💩 about helping me.

James Davis Its frustrating af when im trying to go up in rank,let alone just trying to play and enjoy the game as well as trying to relax, which is hard when im being hit left & right with bugs frim the game! And ive never heard back about what to do with my account, i cant buy uc

Tuan Nguyen Cant connect to the lobby!

Ryan Gates FIX YOUR STUFF!!!! 10 reconnects before I get into the lobby after a match is ridiculous!

The_Sensei Having trouble getting in now

niveD dnommaH Same man, just wanted too see if others did aswell… Fantastic updates this game does.

therealclaRkTV cant connect to server???

Albert Gomez Broken again I think

b0rk yeah its broken, they still suck at making games work. Also they are stupid

MONSTRO What’s the deal? NA here. Getting this error over and over again.

AirDropLegend Loosing players rapidly

Kryllis Every time I try to play PUBG ma, it’s always this.

Ivan Song getting network lag detected and dced from every game

Psyched Chicken Year 2 and the melee system is still garbage Still love the game but, seriously this ridiculous!

Suraj bala Where is my RP simble??? 😭😭😭 Plz help me

Suraj bala Where are you plz help me

Vicky VJ guys I’ve achieved by killing all said types but last I received nothing. Please check and give it to me ( Its very hard )😥🙄😢😭

Josh Vinson on the next ps4 update are gonna figure this whole lag thing out? People on ps4 just camp all the time so there will be 40 people left in a tiny circle. It is 100% not my connection. So……???

Dallas Miller Keep getting network lag! Any word?!

mediocre life ever since the update this is what happens to me and I have to close the game and re open it and hope I didn’t die. Any tips?

Akilesh pubg server is not at all good at night time they have to keep secondary server to serve gamers satisfaction,I don’t no why they are not improving server we all are facing (no responce from server)and ping will be 900ms fuck you up pubg team when will there be west coast servers? An 85 ms ping isn’t acceptable.

Zi Redge Can someone please help in regards to my support ticket requests? I’m keep being assigned the same representative for a serious home network security issue, involving PUBG software. I do not want to list this representatives name publicly.

Bryant M Marwitz Yeah servers are still screwed up for some of us

Kenshin Not resolved,

Mark Tschirhart Continuous loss of connection errors happening in-game and in the main menu on NA servers.

Tuan Nguyen Someone us are still having connection issue!

Kr0zzi Still having issues with connectivity on PC. Lobby keeps crashing. 4 + hour downtime once a week and we still can’t prevent this from happening?

Christopher Holland servers won’t connect again. No one can get on.

Chris Sharp Not fixed!

Vengeful What the heck is going on with the servers? unable to connect.

Greg Martin Check for updates? I’m on and haven’t noticed any issues. :/

Vengeful We’ve tried, theres like 10 of us trying to do customs who keep having issues, saying “servers too busy”

Yung Txz💔 Same for me rn

Vengeful RIP

Yung Txz💔 Fml

trenton stone having major connectivity issues not being able to get more the 71 people left before paging out

Erik Johnson Are the servers having issues currently? I was in the middle of a match when I got in succession: “network lag detected,” “server timeout,” and “servers are too busy.” I’m on NA servers.

Erik Johnson Now I’m getting “not authorized,” which I haven’t seen before…

Erik Johnson Hm… well, I restarted and I’m back on now. Anyway, that was weird.

james berry Still down here

james berry Still not working here

Batman Stunts I’d be great if you unbanned me

Dylan D. Why aren’t my cosmodrome kills counting? Just got two and they didn’t count.

ResolvedFuture servers just go down? Network lag in middle of game as zone was going to change then connection time out, servers too busy?

Tiffany Tipton my audio on my game will not work I have uninstalled and reinstalled and have done everything I could think of to fix it. Is anyone else having this problem

Hendra PLIS HELP 15/1/2019 :  – I start play pubg STEAM, – someone is already in game 1st. – I activated steam guard mobile authenticator – Start play again 1 match – I got banned until 16/1/19 Im not hacking/cheating, use macros, or anythin else. Still banned now HELP!

KEVIN SHEBLEY Omg, lag lag lag. Im playing on samsung and half the time i cant pu weapons or climb thruwindows and it keeps starting me over on the map. As soon as I start thegame my cell signal shows one bar red. Any feedback. Thank you.

abhimanyu singh struck here what do I do

lukwtwz I can hardly ever find a first-person perspective (FPP) match lately. Last night I tried streaming live for the first time and, after one match (lucky win), I spent >30 min. searching before giving up. (Proof @ 34:00…)

Javier Bazan Lazcano Need to open PUBG ports over firewall. Opened all steam ports, can get to lobby etc but match wont start. I get timeout error. I’m located in South America. Can you provide full list of ports that need to be opened? Thanks

R.T. Bennett thought you should know this happened. Xbox one S on the test server.…

DomClemit Remember when we used to be able to play Erangel. Those were the days. Now we play ENDLESS mirafart that can’t load a bush.

DrizzlyBat this sound glitching needs fixing

Océan Please i need a gift code just to see what is like to use one.

eNigMaTic HD Get rid of sanhok !!! I’ve had to back out of this dumb ass map 21 times in a fucking row it’s worst than Miramar

FearlessTV- I have fell through the map several times now at the Southern entrance of the Shelter. please fix this on the .

GBR When will this come back?

eNigMaTic HD I’ve played for 2hrs now and had to skip that awful Miramar and sanhok 13 times…

sports fan after playing one game voice chat stops working

the world through aspie eyes Love having a useless sight/Scopes

Rennan ”OpBioshock”Fabricio I got the ” Servers are to busy ” error, cant solve it any way, can u guys help ?

TheGAM3Show What’s the best stat tracker for Android?

Kieran desert map desert map desert map desert map like come on man I’ve played 6 times in a row no one likes the map stop forcing it game ager game. What’s wrong with you mate.

xTWMFxSNiiPeR They wanted to do something like this but it’s steam limiting this from happening

J Bruno Move to epic!

Dr Cheese N Crackers add a map selector please I really don’t wanna play Miramar

Spark Flurry My bad on the spelling mistake, no idea how that one went by me

The original Suri Why won’t my twitter picture upload on PUBG

Rezerwrecked The development teams are separate, ay what you talkin bout

JohnJuan Why 100? I would love playing the maps (excluding that Chinese map) even if it started with only 50, 60 or 70 players. It’s a great game.

TheFiVE Pubg takes so fckn long for maontenance. Bo4 took like 15 min

Steve Johnson Is this the US as well now?

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-16

BallValve I just want a West NA server…… tired of playing on 80+ ping here on West…

Cubey I feel ya, if we play FPP we are gonna get SEA 200+ ping and it’s shit, but somehow when we get NA servers with 200+ ping it’s nowhere near as bad

Welp Played HEY I know this time works for you guys but please stop updating during prime EST for playing PUBG. I cant play every single Tuesday.

SZNL Why are there duplicates in the Survival Rewards?

Cobani_Martin Damn it!!! Couldn’t you choose a better time do maintenance??? like 5 hours from now??? This is the best time to play in america guys, all america, a whole continent is unable to play thanks to you!!!!!

Andrew Smith Would be nice if the maintenance for NA was done at non-peak times. If someone is going to argue about China, they have servers in their country for a reason….to play on.

Zynthesis Damn man, you must have a IQ of 160. You must work in the gaming industry.

Alex Morgenstern if you have a potato pc it’s not their fault lmao

Jack H Like we haven’t already XD

Dan Del Aguaro Perfect, during peak time. Why not 4a

Garrett Rose they are Korean lol

stephens2010 you guys SUCK! stop going down in prime time NA

Ian Pritchett One in awhile I go to play in a Tuesday, then I remember that the game isn’t open on Tuesdays

I want money I’m getting client 5.1.7 please update to 5.1.6 error is it only me?

Witty LBJ Lakers Name Same issue here mate.

Adam Foster I love reading tweets from butt sore yanks after a evening of pubg action. Keep the 00:30 GMT maintenance time, works for me :p

Mike England, land of the defeated.

♠♥Root♦♣ 1776 worked for us

polishedpig incoming 1812 reference

Joel too much maintenance. never get to play.

hamci 4 hours a week, 4 hours out of 168 hours, 2.3% of the time… literally all the time, it’s impossible to play you’re right

Bryan T Good thing i hardly play this game anymore.

chris fix the game at a time where your core playerbase isnt trying to play, oh and actually fix the fucking game

SUNIL UMAT Why aren’t test servers working? Fucking keep at least one platforms open!

TriNhO just fix your game

ALBIN0_RAV3N Holy shit half of these replies are dumb so lets take care of the FAQ. 1. PUBG Corp is in Korea, stop complaining Americans (I’m american) 2. This is server maint. not a patch (stop asking them to fix something) 3. It happens EVERY TUESDAY (shouldn’t be a surprise anymore)

ixisweat returns For whatever reason, / decided to close the test servers down with the regular servers, and nobody showed up to play DayZ, so called the streams and decided to edit the montage a bit. See you guys this weekend 🙂

Salv0h Why is any of this a surprise? They don’t care about NA, we have 1 server in Ohio for the entire country and 1 server in Brazil for the South America. They are fine disappointing us because a majority of their player base is in Asia.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

Matt Wainman 🌐 Why 4 hours every time? Even with it’s many, many patches and server downtimes, very rarely lasted 4 hours.

LASTNINJΛCOW Ark has how official servers? PUBG needs at least 10,000 to cater for the 1 million concurrent they have. 1 server =100 players 10,000 servers = 1million players

BlowNuggs you would think but not. Most computer’s they have now can run more than just one instance of the game try like 30-40

dgeesio & ronMctube please sort out the regions . EU players infested with cheaters from ASIA in last few weeks yet shouldnt even be on EU .

GEESUS Yeah, I have no clue why they’re on our region. They’re in all of my games. Don’t they have any Asia servers anymore or what

Allan Rowntree Could you just add this information to the game when we try to connect?

Gracekain I don’t get it…. server maint and updates during prime time (4 – 8 pm)……. what happened to 2 A.M. updates…..

hamci Time zones happened. Time zone for their office and for the majority of their player base.

TrosMaN7 I can’t imagine what the game would be like without regular server maintenance! Thank you so much . Also, perfect timing for us here in EU. Keep up the great work.

Michael Hatch If you ever played the game you would know the game is always exactly the same before and after maintenance. The same stuff is still broken and the same cheats are still allowed. No one would bitch if things actually got fixed.

FranCadiz Another maintenance for fix desync? Right?? RIGHT??? Oh wait….

Lion Family Seeds OPEN TEST SERVER PLS!!!!

your mom’s bloomberg I know right? They used to do this but I guess they got lazy and don’t want to overwork their shrinking staff. They refuse to say why….

Spiro Mirkopoulos I love the game, but you guys seriously need to learn how to manage it properly. Incompetent shit like this is why ppl play Fortnite and COD instead. And why most ppl think PUBG is joke.

josh castor i got a ticket for you. stop doing 4 hour downtime for nothing to be updated. so sick of not being able to play during prime us hours.

josh castor or atleast keep test servers up. like whats the point of shutting your whole game down, but have 3 different servers. lol

Fancai Why always do maintenance at prime times when people are actually not working. I work all day and come home to not being able to play! That’s fucking dumb first you do it on New Year’s Day and now random other times? How about doing it earlier

Alex Morgenstern the company it’s in Korea, so you should understand that they must do it on their working hours, and NA it’s not even their biggest player base, like all Americans assume they are lmao

DAVEGRENADE Well done guys you’re doing a great job ! great time to do maintenance GG Well done

Matt stop doing this during prime time 🙁

Gracekain 4 hours? no wonder people play Fortnight.

Spiro Mirkopoulos That’s their problem.

jeepzyeah Hello, It is now three times in a row that you prevent me from enjoying my pubg evening. Thank you in the future for kindly perform the deferred test server maj the rest of the classic servers. Thank you in advance.

Dan Gibbs Backing up databases etc, adding hotfixes, testing fixes, rollback if needed. 4 hours is not to bad if I’m honest 👍

Bob Lindemann you must be fucking high. name another game that does 4 hours maintenance every week? yeah none.

Möth I like chicken

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Ok – I’m good to go on my end, all 34 Mb of the update is done. How’s it going on your end? Git ‘er down to 3 hours again like last Tuesday?

RM.T0PsiD3 4 hours maintenance for a 34.2 MB UPDATE. Still shitty.

Jason Cox Do this crap in the morning or at midnight

john ryder play another game

Donkie I have no Idea what they have to maintain there… The Servers are Bad and there is no improvements after that 4 Houres. Look at Blizzard. They do the exact same think for WoW every week and have just a Serverrestart. Downtime 2-3 Minutes for there Servers.

Ian Pritchett To be fair, wow costs the same once a month is this game did once for our entire life.

Xavier Yeah but honestly for as much bug fixes they do and all the downtime they should have the game fully optimized by now

[̰̞̋̓̋Ⅎ̘͈̎͗̌͒͡ͅℲ͖͉̪̔ͬ͛͛]͋ leon *sigh* i just got on

nick pisciotta Can NK nuke your office already so we can get a new team that wont take servers offline EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK.

Owl Lost Or you can stop complaining over something petty🤷‍♂️

nick pisciotta Or they can stop taking NA servers down during peak times for NA players?

Billkamm I realize you guys have A LOT of bugs to fix, but must you take the NA servers down once a week during primetime? I never thought I was buying a game that only worked 6 nights a week.

Adam Branson are you living in Vikendi?

Ninponeer Close, Kansas City, Missouri.

Triss ah that is pretty close, hope it gets fixed

James Buck Why would you not have test server up?

ItsZeroYt As soon as I decide to play pubg😂😂😂

Belle Are test servers down too?

Gatsu YES, and WHY ?????

Johnny What a joke… I think it’s time to find another game.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Have not they learned like all the other games in the world? Every week the game is off the air. I’m almost giving up on this game.

kha1221 Why do you always update the time when people come home from work and finally have time to play? Do the update at 3-4 am when most people are freaking sleeping.

UtahJazz_24 plus you gotta take account of most of bluehole is based in china

Samuel Michaud This game is now around 70% chinese players, that’s why my friend. Why they need 4 hours maintenance every week is a bit weird though, especially when huge mmos like World of Warcraft don’t even need that outside of a patch. Maybe it’s because of the huge number of hackers

GEESUS Because this time of the day got the lowest numbers. How have you not figured that shit out already. Holy shit


Miguel yo idiot in every part of the world its a different time of day, why don’t you stop playing pubg and educate yourself a bit you cutie pie

riley🤘 they do maintenance specifically when their player count is the lowest. that’s right now, every day. just look at steam charts

that dude that is just far from true. They have scheduled maintenance. They don’t just start doing it

riley🤘 ofc it’s scheduled. it’s scheduled for the time of lowest playercount which, like i said, is the same time every day

Yacine its 1:41 am here lol what you’re talking about

James Read I agree but there are other time Zones in this world not just yours

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 Time zones have nothing to do with anything. There are 2 core fundamental issues here: 1 – The need to do 4 hrs of maintenance per week on a game like this is absurd 2 – That they can’t figure out how to stagger updates by server location ie update NA servers during NA nonpeak

eL.E.eSS 🏒🥅🇨🇦 bUt sTeAm dOeSn’T aLlOw iT

cory allen I truly dont know how this works but is it possible to do EU server maintenance at one time NA maintenance at another… etc?

Donkie No. Steam dont allow Specific Timed maintenance.

Jesse Ramos They could do it siberian/alaskan time when the least amount of people are playing ]

droowz NA didn’t have the most player base, go figure

pizzizle the whole world doesn’t play on the same servers

Derek B Agreed, this is shit, they are shit so it follows suit

Tenka My understanding is that steam won’t let them do rolling server outages/maintenance. It’s either all or none. Not 100% sure on that, but seems like I read that somewhere before.

Kisho911 these comments 🥰

SR Great. Now fix the NA servers so I can play Solo Miramar again. Haven’t been on that map for over 2 weeks.

Sh0cK please actually fix the game’s bugs, ya’ll need to make the game run smoother.

. Agreed agreed agreed, how tf can i play when i have 1060 6gb with 16ram and i5 6500 and 40-50 frame?

hamci I get 100+ stable with the same exact specs, something most be on you side

. i don’t know , sometimes it’s dropped at 20 in like 1-2 sec

hamci Weird, I’m on lowest settings for everything except anti-aliasing.

Iván Marcelo Reimer Will the routine maintenance ever end? Or is that a chronic thing now?

FISH ❁ I hope you are only making memes but if not you might want to search the meaning of “routine”

Rodrigo Reis Every day that i go to play at night, this server are under maintenance. i’m very happy with it. thanks.

Alex Morgenstern it’s only once at week and it’s always the same day, so maybe you should assume that every Tuesday at this time it’s maintenance and stop complaining like a 5 year old surprised kid

Lion Family Seeds its one time by weeks since few months u should know the day. every 7 day the same day the same night…..

Mr.Nicholas So basicly you need 4 hours for putting in weekly missions? Am i right or?

EagleScope Nah! The weekly missions are already in!

3y3 has the twitter show started yet? I want to see what new and innovative hate tweets they can come up with this week.

Derek B It’s not hard with this game lol

3y3 you right. lol but the irony is the same post week after week. the world hates “America” bc of the entitlement that comes with the territory of being American…*most* of the NA comments in this post- “how dare you do server maint during peak hours” -reality- they work a 9-5…

Derek B They’re greedy and don’t really care

Derek B This game has more problems than maintenance times

3y3 but they are on the other side of the world…so their 9-5 falls on our “peak hours” and i wouldnt work a night shift to fix a game for ungrateful pricks either lmao

Rylkon Ungrateful? They took everyone’s money with their game still in beta and STILL have to do weekly maintenance for the same server problems they had over a year ago, something literally no other game I’ve ever played does.

3y3 that is not the issue I am addressing, it is the fact that people can not accept that Thursdays, servers will be down…and nothing is going to change that. lol I understand the game has its issues, but if 60$ hurt your feelings that bad, you have bigger issues. ITS JUST A GAME.

3y3 correction, Tuesday, before you try to make it about that. bc theres never satisfaction.

Rylkon Its “JUST A GAME” thats substandard in many ways to every other game I’ve ever played. They do weekly maintenance, no other game I’ve played does that. Despite that they have completely failed to fix many of their major issues AND can’t even give a straight answer as to why.

3y3 Because they simply do not know why. You notice when they fix something, 5 things go wrong? its like a rubix cube with 50 squares per side. do you know how their net code works? bc I don’t. its never that simple. so they *attempt*…maybe itll get there one day, maybe not.

Rylkon So they get a pass because they “attempt” to fix things? Every other game developer faces the same problems but they aren’t churning out weekly updates that seemingly do nothing at all and take 4 whole hours.

Rylkon And by “straight answer” I meant they’ve never properly explained why the maintenance is weekly (most games don’t do this), why it takes 4 hours minimum, and what they’re actually doing during the “maintenance.”

3y3 I get it, no other game does it.wana tell me 3 more times? I might not completely understand. I don’t stand over the shoulder of people making my burger at a drive through. why do they need to answer that? what possibly could you do with their coding thatd make you feel better?

Rylkon Sure I’ll tell it to you 3 more times because apparently you don’t get the point. Their weekly “maintenance” would be easier to deal with if they actually fixed something, but they don’t, and they still have to spend more time “fixing” their game than almost anyone else.

Rylkon And yes, if you’re burger is undercooked and didn’t come with pickels like you asked you’re definitely going to want to get a fully cooked one, a refund, or wonder what happened. derp.

3y3 no, actually I think you are missing the point lol you tweeting, and bitching on social media wont get anything accomplished. but it is entertaining lol

3y3 leave a bad review on steam and move the fuck on. its going to be ok. and why are you still here? servers are back up. lol

3y3 I didn’t say it was a pass, I said it’s just the way things are. take it or leave it.

Rylkon People complain about PUBG’s support and maintenance every week. Take it or leave it.

3y3 im taking it. and laughing about it. as butt hurt as you are about your 60$, im surprised you wanted to spend your 2 cents here. thank you. ill be sure to keep you in the loop as far as my next move in life now that you have invested here. <3

3y3 and i am not going to pretend to know how, nor am i going to tell them how to do their job based on a 60$ transaction. i am going to sit back and wait for them to say they are done trying, or that they have fixed it, and if i dont like it, i uninstall. that simple.

3y3 so back to the “ungrateful” part. yes, i use that word heavily in my primary point. server maint is neccesary and it will always be on a tuesday at the same time. deal with it or uninstall. boo hooing about it on twitter wont fix the problem, your aim nor your attitude. its life.

Uly Literally loaded it up just now too, depression is real.

bill-the-pony What about test servers ?

Michael Hatch Will this weekly crap ever stop? Every week the game is down and comes back up without doing anything about the cheaters. How hard is it to ban people who warp across the map when there are videos in replay of it? Wtf

Horizon It’s incredibly normal for games to do a weekly maintenance and to take servers down during that time. It gives the servers brake and lets them implement changes that need to be uploaded.

bob humplick well im glad they put out a warning yesterday thats nice. the desync i was experiencing when thisu patch first went live is now mostly gone i think. probalby just server congestion. i would like it if server maintenance wasnt every week but if they have to then they have to

Evan You guys need to stop doing this at peak playtimes.

Miguel no everyone lives in the same country as you do believe it or not 🤪

Evan America is the only country that matters.

Miguel o hail our leader trump!!!!!!!!

Evan Damn straight.

adapt You tell them 😤

Jonathan Nadeau according to this chart, its not

Ian Pritchett So basically it’s America’s fault for not playing enough. Thanks America

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played and played several games in the world and only this one is off the air every week in prime time. Each region has its servers and could do by parts.

Jonathan Nadeau It’s a Korean company, when do you think they should do it then?

SANDROAPODI🎮 And? Are they selling only in korea?

Jonathan Nadeau I’m asking you what time of the day should they update. It’s 9am here and player count keep increasing until late at night

MinniMitsuo player count can rise because people have the game launched and open and ready to connect.

Samuel Michaud Bullshit, it’s catering to chinese players, that’s the reality, nothing to do with their nationality

SANDROAPODI🎮 It could update the servers at different times for each region.

Evan Sweeping updates across regions, not all at once. Maintenance should be done at lowest player times, my guess is that would be around 4-5am.

Ashtonius Lardonious exactly they have enough money to slowly bring all servers up and down according to local area times they shouldnt do the whole world at one time.

GEESUS They can’t with steam though, otherwise they would.

SANDROAPODI🎮 I played battlefield for years and it never happened. Only in PUBG does this happen.

Jonathan Nadeau Yes because ea unlike bluehole don’t have to wake up at 3am to please people like you.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Next step will be to offer the butt.

SANDROAPODI🎮 To please? I paid for it. Now I do not understand what you get by licking the balls of someone who gives you money.

Evan For a supposed “game developer” you aren’t very good at figuring out how to appeal to a consumer base, are you?

Jonathan Nadeau I simply talking about time zones, not what they should do in order for it to be smoother. I agree it sucks to have downtime no matter the time zone, but my original point is that no, this is not prime time for pubg.

Evan It is for me.

GEESUS Yeah, but not for PUBG.

SANDROAPODI🎮 Do you really need to like something wrong? What do you get with it?

John W it’s not peak playtime for China

jay Man No one gives a F about China.

John W except for , because the vast majority of their players are in China

jay Man The politically correct term for China is “ching Chong land” … you have it all wrong

Miguel lol its not peak play times you fool. But for real why 4 hours?

Evan 7pm is very much peak playtime every evening.

riley🤘 7pm is peak playtime? try again m8

Spark Flurry That’s definitely your fault. Team indicator is fine. It’s user error if you TK someone thinking their an enemy.

Terry Davis Where are the patch notes?

Brandon 🦅🏆 Hey, maybe while you’re doing your four hour maintenance where you click ‘reboot’ and eat ramen while waiting, you might consider doing something productive like working to fix the cheating that has and continues to plague this community. Or just ban China.

Aziz ⚡️ when will there be a cross platform between PS4 and Phones?! Will there be any?

Ali Why when I change my Twitter photo which is linked to my PUBG account, it didn’t show in my Pung profile?

John Streck That’s PUBG mobile you noob

Nick Cirillo Is it just me or was there no message saying that there would be maintenance tonight???

Brandon 🦅🏆 Why am I getting this error, among other generic errors, after every single match? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

midninBR how do we report a streamer sniping?

David Støvring Please ban this sweaty cheating piece of german trash from the game obviously cheating here

Liviu -_- Add choco skins !

Enoquiano How is this possible?? He was banned for using external programs in non-competitive games and still streaming with a new account He should serve his 2-year sentence out of the game, not just the competitive one.

Daniel A Ramos Me da asco este tipo de jugadores🤢🤮

N.A👃🏻{Kagawa} Son todos gringos ahora ? Ndeaahh

Fernando Malave This is just sad

Luigi Nicoletti 🇧🇷 doesn’t give a damn 😉

rogi 🤙🤙 banned while live streaming, that dont break any guideline from twitch?

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Hei i need u respone. Thank you

Freddy Mulyanta ★

Freddy Mulyanta ★ Still no respone ???

Koem Neth Hi i,m player pubg help like me please

Gnarw – I get “Servers are too busy” for like 2 hours now – what can I do?

squashy Some floating rocks down by Volnova

RjxLive will test server be going down tonight as well?

Hyvmind Probably it’s

RjxLive It’s tilting.

Hyvmind They clearly don’t get it after all this time but what can you do. They are still making the $

riley🤘 i didn’t complain i just told him he’s asking the wrong company

Sgt_gh0st Fixing the loot in Vikendi finally? Is it a joke or do you want it to be an ongoing SMG Event? 🙁

no one will this fix, well after a year now, the broke lobby?

LeeBo1Kinobe Have you considered moving to Hawaii to fix this problem?

Hulk68TV Anyway that when you do these maintenance you could have test servers up?

JH steam only allows patching at a global level.

LeeBo1Kinobe Canada and mexico can come too.

Chase North Americans and South Americans

LeeBo1Kinobe Yeah

Klajdi Have you solve the problem

Tolga Cetin my game crashes right as the parachute is about to cut off and land. No error msgs. Just crashes. I rejoin the game and I’m floating in mid air with my parachute where the game crashed. This all happened after update 24

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊 I think we should be able to see how many are spectating 🤔

8th Hokage No ones watching you that’s why you dont see it

LEVI $ALAS🐋🔊… learn how to shoot like this then come holla at me

8th Hokage It does show it. Fool

Chase Dietrich Corsair mic not working in pubg same with my friends. Sound works fine, mic works fine otherwise

Nappy Y’all need to add the ACR

Mario Gorg When we finally get FPP solo on EU?

Vagg Pal 🙏🙏

Rickles Any chance you guys could answer any of the of the following questions, regarding the upcoming XBOX 1 update -Will you be addressing desync issues? -Will there be region lock, or will you be opening more regions? -Will there be a nerf of the ump and vector?

Anthony Can we stop this shit already? Or at least alternate the times maintenance happens?

cece hello! I really need help here. I played PUBG mobile North America server and spent almost 1000usd for it. But I played with guest account. After apple’s system update, I lost my guest account.The in game customer support never replies me back. Help!please

Austin hollingsworth we doing maintenance to servers every tuesday on primetime for americans to play after work but yet more and more cheater pop up after each patch? wonder whats going on here 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Falloutboi12 I’m in phx az what time will the update be completed for me please and thanks

eM | Serk 🐼 2 hours early for maintenance damn that’s a big yikes

II-Yuggoh-II Yo Fuckers put in the choose your map options for consoles you fucking morons.

Bearclaws any idea why I keep getting “could not connect” on the Xbox PTS? I would greatly appreciate some help!

Prashant Gahlot I’m still waiting for your response.

Cfc.. Can I revert from the Vietnamese version to the global version ?

Nick bennett Will test servers be up tonight during maintenance

maxou 日本 I don’t have this problem again, but the BattleEye settings were correct. So If it appears again, I just will uninstall af.

TriNhO lucky for you, for me it’s still happening

maxou 日本 Very often? For now I have 70-80 FPS but when my stream is on, it is around 40-50 but this lag is gone so.. it is just common lag from PU that I need to fix

PUBG Help For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at .

maxou 日本 I will as always but this is so random every update it changes, even If I put very low to every graphic settings

TriNhO yep 2-3 times per day, i checked step 9 but my battleye works fine so idk what can i do. Did u do something?

maxou 日本 I just try to check all the steps from the guide they give me, try it.

EstaQuerias Will the silent steps inside Villa be fixed?

wtfmoses I still can’t believe PUBG has one server location for North America. It’s not even central. It’s enraging to play with 100+ ping most games.

Incoming! try 200+ ping on asian servers unless you only want to play TPP squads.

TheWookieWay Exactly.. they aren’t really in touch with reality here in the states. has failed us

Starr I think its another feature! 😅

Tim Try playing 2000 hours on 200 ping 🙂

Manpons Come to – just in time for the new season 🙂

sharpshot Get good

Max (SPG) At least you have a server in your country. They have removed the OCE server so we have to play on SEA now 😢

johan åberg Is it really that hard to believe tho? Not that they haven’t improved the game, they most definitely have. But this is a dev that took 3 months to fix a bug with flying threeseaters. They work slow but steadily

Dioneverts no shit! Come visit me in melboure australia. I’d love love love a 100 ping.

Jordan schroeder This true???

Sole Ma i feel ya… imagine what oce players must feel like

Caleb Highgate Try being in Australia where the game is so dead its not possible to find an FPP match 🙁

StinkyBagPipes I agree! Please get a west coast and a central na server

TrentBraidnerTV At this point playing with 100+ ping for OCE is just part of the game, it’s a skill that is developed. Unless of course you want to play solo squads TPP but only for a few hours in the evenings

Willian Lima Better play 120 ping on EU server, I’m playing from NA lol 😂

aTwig Man cant fp in aus cause no server have to play in SEA or NA 200 plus ping

BlockayLIVE Pretty sure they have a server in Oregon that’s been sitting there collecting dust for awhile. About to 130 ping consistent here in Montana.

Brendan Black Pretty sure they rent of Amazon so there wouldn’t be any servers sitting round collecting dust. It’s up to Amazon which servers they allow to be rented

Knoxy_In_Oz Come at me Moses… Tell me all your problems 😛

Bruce Wayne Are they using AWS or Azure? Or something else?

fdj Don’t they have offices in Milwaukee???

Born Seattleite And yet you don’t bother to tag a single one of their accounts…

KineticNinja ya my ping averages 80 to 100 ms…. pretty crappy

Jon And it conveniently always goes down for updates during prime time in NA sigh.

Jon every tuesday

resur2b I used to have 15 to 30 of ping but since new matchmaking comes out Iget 50 to 60 and I don’t really get it…

BALLOC Almost the same ping playing out of Cali as I did playing NA from Denmark. It’s pretty cool

wtfmoses and my games are only slightly less important than yours!!!

BALLOC We’re all paying for the same service Id say :p Id happily host a server in my closet!

johan åberg Can I +1 this somehow?

Caleb Lindsay Try playing from Australia, best pings you can get are 180+

Nic Maybe if your isp is complete trash, it’s generally 100.

Sektor I bet is US west.

Jeff Davis Killed smaceTRON last nigh and watched the kill on his stream after… His random.duo partner was in Brazil…. So much for region locking.

philip Come to Australia and play on 200+ ping to SEA. Fun times!

Marna 🇿🇦 Same here from South Africa. Ugh the frustration.

ezz01 Brah 🇳🇿/🇦🇺

藍染 K.A. There are so many things sad but true regarding PUBG in general anyway.

FKnightTV Can you really not believe it after it takes them 10 years to do anything? Do you think they care about NA when they do their server maintenance during NA primetime? They havent cared then, they wont care later. But we keep coming back because the gunplay is so damn good in this

FKnightTV But what they fail to realize thats the only reason we keep coming back. And when another company finally creates a game with equal Gunplay and a working foundation, we’re all gonna bounce with smiles on our faces and they can keep this. Until then, we shall rage and continue on.


knew know It’s weird that PUBG corp doesn’t comment on this stuff. If there’s a valid reason for 1 server, why not explain? Same goes for loot tables, circle settings, matchmaking systems/choices etc. If there’s a good reason, you’d hope the community would understand.

Tomographic Never knew that. This explains a lot!😂

AxeToMouth It’s good for you, though. East coast servers are as EU friendly as it gets, even if EU doesn’t deserve it 😎

Tomographic I never get paired with NA since they removed region select. Me and my NA friends only ever get EU based servers now😂

AxeToMouth Bahaha. Lucky for you then 😂

NoHands Mate your ping is half mine! You are blessed!

Muaaz Cassim Come to South Africa, where we play with 200+ every game, every day, since the game came out

Marna 🇿🇦 This! 👆

elite.mafia When i learned this I was shocked. Always assumed there was east and west servers because that would make sense….

Untaint3d “Damn man that sucks. Wouldn’t know what that feels like” – entire OC region

Linksy Can’t even imagine playing on high ping

eU TaylorJay Hi_Im_400 ping Linksy 😜

Linksy That’s the old me

Zanpah just get a router 😉

Harrison How is my ping better than yours when I’m in Edmonton? (I average about 70, so still not great)

Jake China that’s why the don’t care enough

DonRudder(⚡) if you’re driving a buggy for 5 hours – who cares about ping, AMIRITE?

Malik Henderson Thank god someone said it.. I hate making servers that aren’t centers like it’s really not that hard to comprehend

Trent C ❌ Where is it? Let’s be honest; this game is a sham. I hope someone makes a real PUBG-style BR (big maps, solid ballistics, etc.) and you become the voice of it as well.

Little Nemo Tbh, it’s probably because they don’t want to add extra lag for the asian players, that inexplicably want to play on US servers.

Ghost_Dog 🌹 As much as I have enjoyed it, The game is fundamentally flawed on pc and unplayable on xbox. I have no idea about ps4 but I’m sure it’s not much better. It’s sad to say but it’s starting to feel like a cash grab.

Logan Peters Lol when have you played it last on xbox? It’s pretty decent on xbox now, especially if you have an X

Ghost_Dog 🌹 I don’t have an x (shouldn’t need one) but I tried playing it last week and it crashed three times and I gave up. Maybe you are having better luck but in my experience it’s totally broken.

Logan Peters I haven’t crashed in my last 4 days of playtime (yes I’ve kept track), so idk. Also I have excellent frames except when around smoke grenades

Ghost_Dog 🌹 Well that in itself speaks to the lack of stability in the game that for some people It’s fine and others it’s unplayable.

Logan Peters I crashed in blackout about every 20-30ish games. It’s way less stable than pubg is now for me. That’s the sad part.

Novak 🇦🇺 Hi, our Australian server is in south east asia where a 120 ping is the best you get… it never used to be like this. Oh, the only OCE server they give us is a TPP squad server every other night. Should be able to all refund the game, not even give us playable servers 😡🤬

Stu 120 is generous, most I play are min 180. Still slay.

Novak 🇦🇺 But when the SEA server magically disappears we get the Asia server and then i get 330 ping. I swear to fuck I get a 197 ping to the West Coast NA servers in other games, why the fuck is PUBG devs so rich and can’t rent a fucking server?


curtis Australian server? OCE is New Zealand too mate.

Novak 🇦🇺 I wrote OCE in the 2nd part of the tweet. The servers were located in AUS, all the same. Yes NZ is still a thing 😕

curtis Hehe it’s fine 🙂

Novak 🇦🇺 Eh wrong emote, stupid twitter.

CheckSix Jakenoff I must say, feels fine for me in Ohio.

wtfmoses Because the server is in your state lmao

CheckSix Jakenoff I know lol

Asylumjerk That’s because it’s located in Ohio…

Shean I don’t understand how PUBG uses Amazon and Microsoft servers, which are located all over the US, but they only utilize one in Ohio…

Brendan Black It doesnt work like that. Amazon and Microsoft do have servers everywhere however not all are available to rent. Microsoft run games also, Amazon rents to quite alot of different companies as well as their own usage. Its would be more those are the servers allowed to be rented

Trevor Howes Move to St.Louis MO. I get 25-35 haha and rents are cheap as hell. But then you are in STL so there is that

Uherdme It’s okay I get 37-40 and I still suck

Always vocal has mentioned this tons of times. It needs to be rectified.

MitchThePreacher Preach!

coupedupLIVE Remember, it never used to be like that. They had servers all over the US. There was that one website that ping tested all the Amazon Cloud servers PUBG was using and I could correlate my pings to see which ones I was connected to. This past summer I was at 30ms. Now sit at 65-80

Justin 💀 That just had all the Amazon server locations, it’s only ever been 1 server.

coupedupLIVE Doesn’t make any sense that I was connected to a closer location during the summer with an average ping of 30ms (which I would assume is Oregon/California area) then changed in the fall to divert to the east coast and now sit at 65-80ms They changed something and said nothing..


Zalendar Where is the Server located?

Zone15 Ohio

PunkersPlays 🎮

unforgotten It’s enraging playing PUBG at all imo, but I still do it. RIP

João Martins 🎯

Andrew The west coast is rough…

Tom T. Consistent 75-80 MS in LA area … dumb

Jack Mott it looks like the US could use some more infrastructure for a good central location…

Jack Mott AWS has the same gap, so maybe a lack of data pipes?…

2old2run yep, same

Ozzny Its not like they made SO MANY MILLIONS

crayshow_Kcams If only pubg Corp made enough money to buy a couple more servers….

Prashant Gahlot Will you guys reply to my email ? I need refund

6’8 Tha Great I haven’t gotten on in 4 days now smh. Sucks because I really want to play but not to play the same stuff! If I want to play battle royal ima load up Help us out

Paul Man I haven’t played pubg in a while. Just been playing fortnite lately. More people I know play it.

6’8 Tha Great Yea I played it a while ago and was super trash. Didnt remember the buttons lol

Paul Ha. I heard there’s a snow map now but just doesn’t do anything. To much waiting time between games

6’8 Tha Great I’ve played on it a few times but kept freezing the rest and I got off. It’s still fun though

mahmoud saad i cant log in my account cause i sell my telephone iphone x and buy new iphone xr but cant log in because i not connected to facebook or twitter please help me !

suwoopss Can we get the WA2000 in PUBG Please?

Anonymous ‘ gamers Yea that’s your friends tho recoil control is eased on m&k and if ur friends are not used to m&k then they are not going to find any use from it but it’s stupid to turn off m&k support because of an advantage but you still have people using m&k with an adapter.

POGEGraphics Lmao, thats all you man xD

Prashant Gahlot Okay , I have emailed explaining my issue regarding my purchase.

David Gagné Why youre not doing the maintenance in morning time?

dednaut Morning in Korea, where PUBG corp is.

David Gagné Yeah and thats the problem, we’re not all living at the same time zone…theres probably a solution.

SquidGaming It is morning In china

Daniel Try this.…

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Prashant Gahlot I’m on pubg mobile. What’s the procedure for that ?

Prashant Gahlot I purchased UC 1500+300 , money got deducted and it says purchase failed ? How do I get refund ?

Ed Sullivan hey guys.. is it possible that with map selection we could just choose 1-4 maps that we wish to play? not just one of the maps or Sanhok ~cough~ i mean a random from all 4.. depending on time of day and what day of the week it is of course.

Ed Sullivan lol… i mean, im sure its possible, what im asking i guess, is, are you willing to do it?

Ed Sullivan OMG! its like they do this SURPRISE maintenance EVERY TUESDAY!

DigiKrypt 1. Some people aren’t aware 2. 4 hours every single week? that’s kind of a lot. What happened to the 2 hour maintenance every thursday :/


Halston Pitman What did happen to 2 hours? Then it was 3 but on Wednesday. Now it’s 4 but sometimes done early on Tuesday.

Ed Sullivan you have the new scope.. press tab.. click red dot while 3x is equipped, press tab again.. its magic.. OR.. press tab and click 3x while red dot is equipped press tab again! YAY!!! TBH it would look pretty stupid if while swapping scopes in the vid they just appeared. Use ur head

Thainá Hello, I’d like to know when to open the questionnaires again for PUBG partners?

Rεиαи Δτհαψδε the code of the items Snow Glasses and Snow Beanie can be activated until when?