What is PUBG ZIL 313?

The ZIL 313 is a truck vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ZIL 313 in detail

This vehicle was first shown during the Vehicles dev log on 7/29/16.

The vehicle is yet to be represented as a usable vehicle since it was first introduced.


This type of truck has 3 variants.


WIP previews/concept art of the ZIL 313.


  • ZIL 313
  • Truck dev

What is PUBG Van?

The Van is a bus type vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS exclusive only in the desert map Miramar.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Van in detail

The vehicle is based off of the Volkswagen Type 2 (1950), it was most commonly called the Bus (US) or Camper (UK). The Van is a six-seat vehicle, it has low maximum speed and driving force but it has the highest HP in the game. Therefore, the Van can be useful in various tactical situations.

It is useful for teams, as it’s large storage capacity give it lots of tactical positioning. Tactics include:

  • The Zigzag: Is a Tactics that involves two players at the front and the other two players positioned in a zigzag function, allowing for moderate firepower on both sides.
  • Binary Location: Two players in front, and two in the back. With a combination of foward and reverse firepower, this is the best position to use for car chases.


  • Can activate its boost by using ‘left shift.’
  • Can honk the horn of the Van by using ‘left click.’

Update history

  • This vehicle was officially announced September 22nd, 2017 on PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Twitter account.
    • Vehicle was officially in the game files on November 13th, 2017 from datamined files [1] in the Test Server PC 1.0 update patch notes.
      • Vehicle was introduced in the Test Server PC 1.0 update #3.

Vehicle audio



WIP previews/concept art of the Van.


  • Van
  • Van
  • 6
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Land
  • Miramar, Sanhok

What is PUBG Vehicles/vi?


Có rất nhiều loại phương tiện di chuyển trong BATTLEGROUNDS.

Mô tả chung

Phương tiện di chuyển trong BATTLEGROUND là một phần quan trọng trong di chuyển, bởi vì người chơi thường ở xa nhau. Sau khoảng thời gian bắt đầu khi mà người chơi thường ở gần nhau theo từng cụm, di chuyển vào khu vực trung tâm là rất qua trọng, khi mà khu vực chơi dần thu nhỏ lại. Hơn nữa, trừ khi bạn bị bắn thẳng vào đầu hoặc cơ thể, người chơi sẽ không nhận sát thương lớn khi di chuyển, tăng khả năng sống của họ.

Các phương tiện di chuyển

  • Hình ảnhTênSố người trong xeVận tốc tối đaNơi hoạt độngMáu
  • Vehicle car buggy icon
    Buggy2 ••100 Km/HĐất liền~ 1540
  • Uaz 469 icon
    UAZ (Mái mở)4 ••••130 Km/HĐất liền~ 1820
  • Uaz 469 icon
    UAZ (Mái đóng)4 ••••130 Km/HLand~ 1820
  • Vehicle bike sidecart icon
    Xe máy (với xe con)3 •••130 Km/HĐất liền~ 1025
  • Vehicle bike icon
    Xe máy2 ••152 Km/HĐất liền~ 1025
  • Vehicle car dacia icon
    Dacia 13004 ••••139 Km/HĐất liền~ 1820
  • Vehicle car mirado icon
    Mirado4 ••••152 Km/hĐất liền N/A
  • Vehicle minibus icon
    Van6 •••••• – Km/HĐất liền
  • Vehicle pickup icon
    Xe bán tải4 •••• -72Km/HĐất liền
  • Vehicle boat pg117 icon
    PG-1175 •••••90 Km/HThủy~ 1520
  • Vehicle jetski icon
    Aquarail‎‎2 •• 90 Km/HThủy

Mẹo và hướng dẫn

  • Thoát ra khỏi một phương tiện đang di chuyển sẽ gây sát thương, trong vài trường hợp dẫn đến tử vong
  • Quăng một quả lựu nổ dưới một chiếc xe đang bị lật úp lật lên lại (có thể làm nổ xe).
    • Nếu một chiếc xe đang bị lật úp về 1 phía trên mặt phẳng, bạn có thể bắn vào bánh xe đang hướng lên trên để lật chiếc xe về vị trí ban đầu (Tốt nhất nên làm điều này với UAZ).
  • Tất cả các phương tiện di chuyển trên đất liền đều có bánh xe có thể bị bắn vào. Nếu bạn không còn sử dụng phương tiện nào đấy, bạn nên bắn hết tất cả các bánh xe để làm nó không thể di chuyển được nữa
  • Chú ý đến độ bền của xe. Nếu xe bị nổ, bạn có thể sẽ mất rất nhiều máu hoặc tử vong
  • Khi bạn là hành khách trên xe, bạn có thể hạ gục hoặc giết người chơi khác trên xe
  • Nên nhớ là kẻ địch cũng có thể lên xe

Phương tiện không sử dụng được

  • Biểu tượngTênSố người có thể vận chuyểnLoại
  • Vehicle plane c130 icon
    C-130100 •••••••••• (x10)Không trung

Sắp có

Danh sách các loại phương tiện


Các bài viết khác

What is PUBG Vehicles?

Plane Profile Image

There are a variety of vehicles in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vehicles in detail

The vehicles in BATTLEGROUNDS are vitally important to map movement, largely because of how far apart players are often placed. Once the initial close groupings of players are dealt with, movement into the center of the map is important, as the outer limits will shrink. Additionally, unless a headshot or other body shot is directly targeted, the player won’t take significant damage while moving in a vehicle, hugely increasing their longevity.

Common questions

Q: How do you gather these new vehicles before PUBG Corp even announces them?

A: Mostly thanks to Reddit, more specifically the /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS subreddit. Dataminers look at the game files every time the game updates and see what new content, files or even code that's in-game.

Vehicle categories

Drivable vehicles


  • Attempting to exit a moving vehicle can result in player damage and even instant death as long as the vehicle is moving.
  • Tossing a Frag Grenade under a vehicle that has been flipped over can often flip it right side up (however this can also blow up the vehicle).
    • If a vehicle (works best with a UAZ) flips on its side on a flat surface, you can pop the tire that is in the air to flip it onto its wheels.
  • All drivable vehicles have poppable tires. If you exit your vehicle and don’t want anyone else to drive it, it may be wise to shoot the tires of your vehicle.
  • Pay attention to your vehicle’s health. If a vehicle sustains enough damage it can explode, resulting in serious player damage or death.
  • When shooting out of a vehicle as a passenger it is possible to kill/down other players that are in the same vehicle.
  • Be aware that other players, even enemy players, may enter a vehicle that you are driving.

Non-drivable vehicles

  • IconVehicleOccupantsType
  • Vehicle plane c130 icon.png
    C-130100 •••••••••• (x10)Air

Future vehicles

Video gallery


What is PUBG UAZ (Closed Top)?

The UAZ (Closed Top) is an off-road vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS, it’s one of the drivable UAZs.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds UAZ (Closed Top) in detail

The UAZ (Closed Top) is a mid-sized, closed frame vehicle that is entirely closed from the exterior area. Because of this, it provides superior defense against small arms. It is considered one of the best vehicles in the game due to its speed, off-road capability, high fuel and durability.


This type of UAZ has 2 closed top variants.


  • The Hard Top UAZ is the most durable UAZ out of the 3 against gun shots.


  • UAZ (Closed Top)
  • Uaz-cloth-top.png
  • 4
  • ~ 1820
  • 130 Km/h
  • Land/Off-road
  • Erangel

What is PUBG UAZ (Open Top)?

The UAZ (Open Top) is an off-road vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS, it’s one of the drivable UAZs.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds UAZ (Open Top) in detail

The UAZ is like a hybrid between the Buggy and the Jeep. The entire passenger compartment is exposed to the elements, with only a roll cage and doors to serve as some form of protection. Fuel consumption when at full throttle is quite high, which negates much of the benefit of the vehicle. It is best used off-road, moving between locations, though it is not recommended to drive near major locations as the ignition sound alone can be heard up to 125 meters away.


  • UAZ (Open Top)
  • Uaz-open-top
  • 4
  • ~ 1820
  • 130 Km/h
  • Land/Off-road
  • Erangel

What is PUBG UAZs?

UAZs are a list of off-road UAZs that are drivable in BATTLEGROUNDS.

The UAZ was first shown during the Vehicles dev log. It was in-game ever since the Alpha build stages.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds UAZs in detail

The UAZs were used by Soviet, Warsaw Pact armed forces, as well as paramilitary units in Eastern Bloc countries. In the Soviet Union, it also saw widespread service in state organizations that needed a robust and durable off-road vehicle. Standard military versions included seating for seven personnel. The UAZ presented two great advantages: it was able to drive in virtually any terrain and it was very easy to repair.



  • Can activate its boost by using ‘left shift.’
  • Can honk the horn of the UAZ by using ‘left click.’

Update history

Official release PC 1.0 Update – v3.5.5.6
  • Unified the sizes of all UAZ models, the number of seats decreased to 4.

Vehicle audio

  • UAZs
  • Uaz-open-top

What is PUBG Trucks?

Trucks are heavy duty vehicles in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Trucks in detail

The truck is a type of transport that has the highest player capacity than any other vehicle. However, this makes it the slowest land vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS. Their purpose is to carry a large team from one area of the map to the next but it’s large profile and slow speed limits its evasive capability.

List of trucks

  • Trucks
  • Truck dev

What is PUBG Tukshai?

The Tukshai is a three-wheeled bus vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS exclusive only in the forest Asian map Sanhok.

This vehicle was introduced in the Test Server PC 1.0 update #21.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tukshai in detail

The Tukshai, more commonly called ‘Tuk-tuk’ within the Asia region or ‘Auto rickshaw’ in India. Tuk-tuks are used for transportation needs to get around the city like Taxi’s, but some countries like Thailand, Police use Tuk-tuks for patrol use in heavy populated areas where the Tuk-tuk can easily navigate.


  • Can activate its boost by using ‘left shift.’
  • Can honk the horn of the Tukshai by using ‘left click.’

Update history

Update #21 – vN/A:
  • Added a new vehicle that will be exclusive to the Sanhok map
  • The Tukshai is a 3 person vehicle that substitutes the UAZ, Dacia and Minibus
  • The Tukshai is slower compared to the previous vehicles, but fits perfectly with Sahnok’s environment

An update on the Tukshai:

  • Due to higher priority development tasks and the extra fine tuning required to make driving experience of the three-wheeled Tukshai feel just right, it will now be released in September. [1]

Vehicle audio






WIP previews/concept art of the Tukshai.


  • Tukshai
  • Tukshai.jpg
  • 3
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Land
  • Sanhok

What is PUBG Speedboats?

Speedboats are a list of drivable speedboats in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Speedboats in detail

The first speedboat was the PG-117, it was first shown during the Vehicles dev log.


  • Speedboats
  • Speedboat dev