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What is PUBG Spetsnaz Helmet (Level 3)?

The Spetsnaz Helmet (Level 3) is a helmet in BATTLEGROUNDS that can be found only in air drops as of the Update #12 [1].

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Spetsnaz Helmet (Level 3) in detail

The Spetsnaz Helmet is based off of the Russian Rys’-T helmet. It provides excellent protection and will protect the player’s head up until its last point of durability, and it will block full damage even with 1 point remaining.

This helmet can only be found in Care Packages. It looks much like the black motorcycle helmet so there is a need to have a keen eye to not pass it up.

Update history

Update #12 – v3.8.21.9
  • Level three helmets now only spawn in care packages (and one is guaranteed to be in every care package).


  • Spetsnaz Helmet (Level 3)
  • SpetsnazHelmet 3D
  • Details
  • 60
  • 55%
  • 230
  • Head Armor

What is PUBG Military Vest (Level 3)?

The Military Vest (Level 3) is a vest in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Military Vest (Level 3) in detail

Blocks 55% of all damage to the chest, regardless of its remaining durability.

  • with Military vest level 3 only = 70 hold capacity
  • with Utility Belt + Military vest level 3 = 120 hold capacity
  • MilitaryVestLvl3 BoxInfo
  • Details
  • Data
  • 180
  • 70
  • + 50
  • 55%
  • 250
  • Body Armor
  • In-Game Description: “Capacity + 50”

What is PUBG Med Kit?

The Med Kit is a consumable item in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Med Kit in detail

The Med Kit is a rare consumable that can be found in general play and also in Air Drops. A Med Kit can be extremely useful as it sets the players health to 100 instantly after an 8 second cast time. The Med Kit is one of the only 4 items that can heal a player to 100% in Battlegrounds. The others being Painkiller, Energy Drink, and Adrenaline Syringe. Furthermore, it is the only item that can instantly heal to 100%, as the other 3 items listed previously take time to regenerate the player’s health. Med Kits are an effective way to recover but can be very dangerous when still in a gunfight, as they take 8 seconds to use and will cancel if you move during this time, so ensure you have cover while using a Med Kit otherwise you will essentially be a sitting duck.


  • The Med Kit should not be used in unneeded situations. For example, if it’s early on in game with 60+ people still alive and you have 50% percent health. Don’t waste it on something that a few bandages and a painkiller/energy drink can fix.


  • Med Kit
  • Icon Heal MedKit
  • Data
  • 20
  • Med Kits heal a character’s health to 100 instantly. Performing certain actions while casting this item will cancel it.

  • 8 seconds cast time

What is PUBG Ghillie Suit?

The Ghillie Suit is a one piece suit in BATTLEGROUNDS that can only be found in air drops.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Ghillie Suit in detail

The Ghillie Suit is a suit covering the player in leaves that camouflage the player with the ground/surrounding area. The Ghillie is remarkably good in bushes large enough to cover most of the player, it can even cover your backpack.

It should be noted that weapons carried on your back are still quite visible through bushes. In some situations it may be more valuable to drop one of your guns in favor of better camouflage.


This type of Ghillie Suit has 2 variants.



  • It may also be bought in your store on PUBG Mobile.


  • Ghillie Suit
  • Icon equipment Ghillie 01

What is PUBG Backpack (Level 3)?

The Backpack (Level 3) is a backpack in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Backpack (Level 3) in detail

The Backpack (Level 3) is a storage piece of equipment that allows for a significant amount of item storage, increasing your inventory by + 250 capacity. Although the Level 3 backpack features the most storage capacity, it is a large and conspicuous giveaway, particularly when lying prone. Some prefer the Level 2 Backpack for this reason, as it has a much slimmer profile and is only – 50 capacity from the Level 3.

  • Backpack level 3 only = 270 hold capacity


This type of backpack has 2 variants.

  • Backpack (Level 3)
  • Icon equipment Back C 01.png
  • 400
  • 270
  • + 250

What is PUBG Adrenaline Syringe?

The Adrenaline Syringe is a consumable item in BATTLEGROUNDS that can be found in air drops (at a low probability) and in world (at a low probability) [1].

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Adrenaline Syringe in detail

The Adrenaline Syringe is an item that fills the players boost bar. It takes 6 seconds to consume and fills the boost bar to full upon consuming it unlike the Energy Drink and Painkiller. Filling the boost bar will grant you regeneration of health and faster running for a limited time. The boost duration will last around ~ 5 minutes with a total health regen around ~ 86% and + 6.2 movement speed increase. [2]

  • Adrenaline Syringes increase a character’s boost by 100 instantly. Performing certain actions while casting this item will cancel it.”
  • ~ In-game description


Adrenaline Syringe increases a character’s boost by 100 instantly which can make the player’s health slowly increase above the 75. Performing certain actions while casting this item – for example moving, riding in a vehicle (only in bumpy roads not smooth roads), shooting or getting shot – will cancel it.

Update history

Update #12 – v3.8.21.9
  • Adrenaline syringes now spawn (rarely) alongside normal loot in the game world.
  • Adjusted the casting time of Adrenaline syringe from eight seconds to six seconds.


  • Back in Alpha – Closed Beta, when you full ‘boosted’ with painkillers, energy drinks or adrenaline syringe. It granted you better weapon accuracy in one of the bars. This was later on removed when the game was released in Steam Early Access for unbalanced purposes.



  • Adrenaline Syringe
  • Icon Boost AdrenalineSyringe
  • Data
  • 20
  • Adrenaline Syringes increase a character’s boost by 100 instantly. Performing certain actions while casting this item will cancel it.

  • 6 seconds cast time