Vertical Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR)

Vertical Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR)
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What is PUBG Vertical Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR)?

Note: Statistics pulled from Reddit

Vertical Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR) is a grip type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

  • ++ Vertical recoil control, + Weapon stability after shot
  • ~ In-game description

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vertical Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR) in detail

The vertical foregrip reduces vertical recoil by 15% and recoil pattern by 20%. While the description states that it speeds up ADS time, the actual effects of the attachment reveal that it does not alter the ADS time in any way [1]. Vertical Foregrip is best used for players who tap fire.



  • Vertical Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR)
  • Icon attach Lower Foregrip
  • Details
  • 5/2/18 (Version:
  • M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, KRISS Vector, SKS, Tommy Gun, AUG A3, QBZ95, Mk47
  • Data
  • 10
  • 10
  • Attachment
  • – 20.00% Recoil Pattern
    – 15.00% Vertical Recoil

  • Reduces vertical recoil and makes switching to ADS faster.

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