Tactical Stock for M416, Vector

Tactical Stock for M416, Vector
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What is PUBG Tactical Stock for M416, Vector?

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The Tactical Stock for M416, Vector is a stock type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS. Tactical stocks are designed to reduce felt recoil as well as making steady aiming easier through numerous methods, such as increasing the amount of surface area in contact with the user, or increasing the weight of the gun.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tactical Stock for M416, Vector in detail

The tactical stock, as evident by its name, can only be attached to the M416 and Vector. It decreases weapon recoil and first shot recovery time.


  • The Tactical stock is based on the Magpul UBR GEN1 collapsible stock.
  • Tactical Stock for M416, Vector
  • Icon attach Stock AR Composite
  • Details
  • 5/2/18 (Version:
  • M416, Vector
  • Data
  • 12
  • Attachment
  • – 20.00% Recoil Pattern
    + 15.00% Recoil Recovery
    – 10.00% Animation Kick
    – 10.00% Sway

  • Makes recoil recovery faster and reduces weapon sway

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