Suppressor for Snipers

Suppressor for Snipers
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What is PUBG Suppressor for Snipers?

The Suppressor for Snipers is a muzzle type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Suppressor for Snipers in detail

Suppressors are an attachment that packs baffles into a metal tube, causing expanding gas to be absorbed into the baffles, muffling sound from the expanding gases inside the muzzle. This has the result of reducing the “crack” sound of a bullet. By muffling the sound and causing the sound waves to disperse in other directions, it becomes much harder to pinpoint where the shot was fired.

Suppressors for marksman and sniper rifles are extremely rare items (Seemingly on par with level 3 armor in terms of rarity), and should always be taken even if the player does not have a sniper rifle. If a sniper rifle is acquired later in the game, you will thank yourself for keeping the suppressor.


  • Reduces firing sound, bullet echo, and muzzle flash for sniper rifles.
  • This reduces the radius of the sound the sniper makes from 1000 meters to 700 meters.

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