Stock for Micro UZI

Stock for Micro UZI
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What is PUBG Stock for Micro UZI?

The Stock for Micro UZI is a stock type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Stock for Micro UZI in detail

Stocks attach to the back end of a weapon, increasing both stability and accuracy.


Improved accuracy and stability for the Micro Uzi.

  • Stock for Micro UZI
  • Icon attach Stock UZI
  • Details
  • Micro UZI
  • Data
  • 10
  • Attachment
  • – 20.00% Recoil Pattern
    – 20.00% Vertical Recoil
    + 15.00% Recoil Recovery

  • Makes recoil recovery faster and reduces weapon sway

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