Smoke Grenade

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Smoke Grenade
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What is PUBG Smoke Grenade?

Smoke Grenade is a grenade type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Currently, the smoke is client side, not server side. Smoke also cannot be seen from a certain distance, this means it’s only useful during mid-range combat.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Smoke Grenade in detail

Smoke grenades are a throwable device packed with a mixture of potassium chlorate, lactose, and typically a dye for signalling. The chemicals mix with air to create a smoke screen that temporarily removes battlefield awareness.

  • Smokin’ useful.
  • ~ In-game description

Update history

Update #12 – v3.8.21.9
  • Decreased weight from 16 to 14.



Real-life counterpart

  • Smoke Grenade
  • Icon weapon SmokeBomb
  • Details
  • Data
  • 150 ms
  • 1,000 ms
  • 14
  • grenade
  • Smokin’ useful.

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