Pan/Target Practice skin

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Pan/Target Practice skin
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What is PUBG Pan/Target Practice skin?

The Target Practice skin is a discontinued skin.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Pan/Target Practice skin in detail

The Target Practice skin is a limited edition weapon skin in BATTLEGROUNDS that was introduced in the PC 1.0 Update #11. The skin isn’t obtainable anymore in-game.

Redemption period
  • Began on 4/17/18
  • Ends on 5/17/18


Q: How do I get the Target Practice skin?

A: From 4/17/18 to until 5/17/18, the skin was only purchasable with 5,000 in-game BP. If you'd like it now, you can buy it on the Steam Community Marketplace. [1]



  • Target Practice
  • Icon weapon Pan Target Practice skin.png
  • 5,000
  • No
  • Not Tradable, Marketable
  • Link

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