PUBG server status 2019-01-29

By in Discusions on January 29, 2019
PUBG server status 2019-01-29
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Hans Ferdinand I want to change to the NA servers but i dont know how to on the new update on ps4

Hákon HELP PUBG seem to be absoulute hot garbage compared to Fortnite

Donkie letasoft soundbooster

🌸 Qin 🌸 I can’t stop playing pubg. Help me!


twister-sama play with me.. i think you’ll quit LOL

kinkitty. HAHAHAHA. YOKKK.

Checkout current Pubg server status

VTL Magz Learn to be good pros don’t wine about that

shubham jaiswal i can’t able to play game in my phone reasons its that my phone is in 4G mode but when i open PUBG the network automatically convert into 3G mode and ping is getting high as 800-900 every time. And when i exit the application network turns into 4G mode again.

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