PUBG server down 2019 January 17th

By in Discusions on January 17, 2019
PUBG server down 2019 January 17th
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🇸🇦 hello 👋 I need help

Nayan M Jiwankar New Wallpaper By Me Messi+PuBG

Ahmad my device TCL 5045T not support..i can’t play pubg..can you supprt pubg for my device

Straybullet Sweet mother of levitation, this is gonna be the new meta, I’m tellin you…

Nahaks_tv Hey look, it’s me!!

Fubzyy Crouching Tiger style

Checkout Pubg server down on 2019-01-17

Qball_TV been having continued connection problems all night, are you guys aware?

Aaron Brown still having issues. If I was into building stuff I would’ve left this game a year ago and went to Fortnite.

Navin Nageshkar ⭐ 😳 is that blood? Was there murder here? I saw this for first time.

aireL So there is one bug in the ingame store. If you buy any item and then refund from steam you get refund for that item, but in ingame store it shows purchased. And incase someone changes his mind and try to buy it again then it shows you can not buy it anymore.

chris williams still down now???

caVRAU pubg is off

AbruptGaming Yo im just trying to stream some pubg and your game always broke. I love this game but damn…

Chris Rusu Umm nope…

Chris Rusu Still having to restart lobby and try and rejoin 10 times before we get connected.

Sebastian Vidal Fuck g

jasøn ⊬⟠🏒🎮 can’t connect. “servers are too busy.” wtf

Jasper can you please fix this

Marc servers down again? Getting the Error: Servers are too busy at the moment.. please retry later. I have restarted steam, the game and my computer.

Jasper why always error after the update?

Lucas Warda Fuckin stupid how i cant even get on because “Servers are too buys at the moment” I FUCKIN GUESS

Patrik Still Connection issues not resolved 😢

Ali Farran You were fuckin saying?

TK Kim it says the sever is busy again any update?…

John Tuggle servers down. 8:45 pm PST 1/16/19

sidharthkr9 Can’t connect -_-

Biff McGriff connection issues back?

室清镜明 Server busy . All friends experience same problem now.

InstantFlush The connection issue still exists. Just got the error 10min ago and cant connect to lobby ……

Ash4u any INFO ?

TK Kim pubg is acting up again any upddate on this?

Dean Koeck Can’t load into lobby keep getting servers are too busy. Not the only one either!

Kenshin lobbies fail to load after every match…..if you expect your entire playerbase to refresh 20+ times to play one game think again…

Fabrício ✠ why the server is down?

Scary Man The server connection is continuously breaking. Can’t play a single game properly.

Paul Brunelle Fix this game… no one can get in lobby…ffs

TVNK are servers down again – I can’t connect

AscendantDrag0n servers are too busy ???

Dominic you have a problem happening.

Veri_Amateur The servers are down for me

AbruptGaming Fix your game Bro

BackAftahDifs Not working again… Can’t get in.. 21 hrs later!

Louis Still broke , only if you try to go to Miramar

Colten Griffin yeppp they broke again

BullDogWarrior Get better internet scrub

phillip horn connection and matchmaking issues still there

Mark Deel Squad getting Servers are too busy? What’s up? Restarted game multiple times, validated files.

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕱𝖗𝖊𝖆𝕶 It’s happening again

mitchel connection issues again… DDOS problems?

Ash4u Error server are too busy can y fix this ?

Dillon If it’s fixed why the hell is it not letting me connect to pubg than

Brandon 🦅🏆 Blue-ServersTooBusy-Hole. Or is it PlayerUnknown’s ServersTooBusyBattlegrounds? Trash ass infrastructure for a company that has generated hundreds of millions in revenue. This makes look bad.

Woody, like from Toy Story is there server connection issues? I don’t seee any tweets about maintenance today?

eternal541 its still acting up

James Davis game is beyond buggy! Its lagging and its not on my end i have near perfect wifi signal,caused me to die from teleporting me back and forth and sending me a server disconnect notice or constantly prompting me to chevk my inventory when it has nothing

James Davis See that orange dot on reset appearance? It wont go away! Real cool!😡 and still wont take my google acct, wtf? My money not good enough 4 u? I have have no problem spending my money on another game since you don’t give a 💩 about helping me.

James Davis Its frustrating af when im trying to go up in rank,let alone just trying to play and enjoy the game as well as trying to relax, which is hard when im being hit left & right with bugs frim the game! And ive never heard back about what to do with my account, i cant buy uc

Tuan Nguyen Cant connect to the lobby!

Ryan Gates FIX YOUR STUFF!!!! 10 reconnects before I get into the lobby after a match is ridiculous!

The_Sensei Having trouble getting in now

niveD dnommaH Same man, just wanted too see if others did aswell… Fantastic updates this game does.

therealclaRkTV cant connect to server???

Albert Gomez Broken again I think

b0rk yeah its broken, they still suck at making games work. Also they are stupid

MONSTRO What’s the deal? NA here. Getting this error over and over again.

AirDropLegend Loosing players rapidly

Kryllis Every time I try to play PUBG ma, it’s always this.

Ivan Song getting network lag detected and dced from every game

Psyched Chicken Year 2 and the melee system is still garbage Still love the game but, seriously this ridiculous!

Suraj bala Where is my RP simble??? 😭😭😭 Plz help me

Suraj bala Where are you plz help me

Vicky VJ guys I’ve achieved by killing all said types but last I received nothing. Please check and give it to me ( Its very hard )😥🙄😢😭

Josh Vinson on the next ps4 update are gonna figure this whole lag thing out? People on ps4 just camp all the time so there will be 40 people left in a tiny circle. It is 100% not my connection. So……???

Dallas Miller Keep getting network lag! Any word?!

mediocre life ever since the update this is what happens to me and I have to close the game and re open it and hope I didn’t die. Any tips?

Akilesh pubg server is not at all good at night time they have to keep secondary server to serve gamers satisfaction,I don’t no why they are not improving server we all are facing (no responce from server)and ping will be 900ms fuck you up pubg team when will there be west coast servers? An 85 ms ping isn’t acceptable.

Zi Redge Can someone please help in regards to my support ticket requests? I’m keep being assigned the same representative for a serious home network security issue, involving PUBG software. I do not want to list this representatives name publicly.

Bryant M Marwitz Yeah servers are still screwed up for some of us

Kenshin Not resolved,

Mark Tschirhart Continuous loss of connection errors happening in-game and in the main menu on NA servers.

Tuan Nguyen Someone us are still having connection issue!

Kr0zzi Still having issues with connectivity on PC. Lobby keeps crashing. 4 + hour downtime once a week and we still can’t prevent this from happening?

Christopher Holland servers won’t connect again. No one can get on.

Chris Sharp Not fixed!

Vengeful What the heck is going on with the servers? unable to connect.

Greg Martin Check for updates? I’m on and haven’t noticed any issues. :/

Vengeful We’ve tried, theres like 10 of us trying to do customs who keep having issues, saying “servers too busy”

Yung Txz💔 Same for me rn

Vengeful RIP

Yung Txz💔 Fml

trenton stone having major connectivity issues not being able to get more the 71 people left before paging out

Erik Johnson Are the servers having issues currently? I was in the middle of a match when I got in succession: “network lag detected,” “server timeout,” and “servers are too busy.” I’m on NA servers.

Erik Johnson Now I’m getting “not authorized,” which I haven’t seen before…

Erik Johnson Hm… well, I restarted and I’m back on now. Anyway, that was weird.

james berry Still down here

james berry Still not working here

Batman Stunts I’d be great if you unbanned me

Dylan D. Why aren’t my cosmodrome kills counting? Just got two and they didn’t count.

ResolvedFuture servers just go down? Network lag in middle of game as zone was going to change then connection time out, servers too busy?

Tiffany Tipton my audio on my game will not work I have uninstalled and reinstalled and have done everything I could think of to fix it. Is anyone else having this problem

Hendra PLIS HELP 15/1/2019 :  – I start play pubg STEAM, – someone is already in game 1st. – I activated steam guard mobile authenticator – Start play again 1 match – I got banned until 16/1/19 Im not hacking/cheating, use macros, or anythin else. Still banned now HELP!

KEVIN SHEBLEY Omg, lag lag lag. Im playing on samsung and half the time i cant pu weapons or climb thruwindows and it keeps starting me over on the map. As soon as I start thegame my cell signal shows one bar red. Any feedback. Thank you.

abhimanyu singh struck here what do I do

lukwtwz I can hardly ever find a first-person perspective (FPP) match lately. Last night I tried streaming live for the first time and, after one match (lucky win), I spent >30 min. searching before giving up. (Proof @ 34:00…)

Javier Bazan Lazcano Need to open PUBG ports over firewall. Opened all steam ports, can get to lobby etc but match wont start. I get timeout error. I’m located in South America. Can you provide full list of ports that need to be opened? Thanks

R.T. Bennett thought you should know this happened. Xbox one S on the test server.…

DomClemit Remember when we used to be able to play Erangel. Those were the days. Now we play ENDLESS mirafart that can’t load a bush.

DrizzlyBat this sound glitching needs fixing

Océan Please i need a gift code just to see what is like to use one.

eNigMaTic HD Get rid of sanhok !!! I’ve had to back out of this dumb ass map 21 times in a fucking row it’s worst than Miramar

FearlessTV- I have fell through the map several times now at the Southern entrance of the Shelter. please fix this on the .

GBR When will this come back?

eNigMaTic HD I’ve played for 2hrs now and had to skip that awful Miramar and sanhok 13 times…

sports fan after playing one game voice chat stops working

the world through aspie eyes Love having a useless sight/Scopes

Rennan ”OpBioshock”Fabricio I got the ” Servers are to busy ” error, cant solve it any way, can u guys help ?

TheGAM3Show What’s the best stat tracker for Android?

Kieran desert map desert map desert map desert map like come on man I’ve played 6 times in a row no one likes the map stop forcing it game ager game. What’s wrong with you mate.

xTWMFxSNiiPeR They wanted to do something like this but it’s steam limiting this from happening

J Bruno Move to epic!

Dr Cheese N Crackers add a map selector please I really don’t wanna play Miramar

Spark Flurry My bad on the spelling mistake, no idea how that one went by me

The original Suri Why won’t my twitter picture upload on PUBG

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