PUBG server down 2019-01-15

By in Discusions on January 15, 2019
PUBG server down 2019-01-15
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آرم Help me please

EstaQuerias Remove solos from all maps since you are not planning to do anything with players teaming in Solos. My reports are good for nothing 👌

آرم help me please

Shakita Ok and?

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-15

Pacar Balle2 why I can’t enter the game? message “server are to busy” always appears. Please help me

PUBG Help Hi Pacar, For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at -M

WhiteY_au Hey – any word on what server issues they are referring to? Something they might be looking for might be something I’ve encountered before but never thought to announce. <3

Archer I can’t say for certain, but my FPS have certainly been shithouse lately. And that’s not even starting on the fact they can’t roll out a simple matchmaking solution for smaller regions with “not enough playerbase”. Just sick of the lies really. Time for to front up.

michaelVETTAS__ 🙏🏽 How about not being able to get an OCE server for anything other than TPP squads 🙁 no solo no duo no FPP

saeed The pubg service is the ones who want to help

wit_sec_birb There’s only issues IF and WHEN you can play FPP on OCE. Considering no servers, no issues. Give a big bold green tick for no issues in OCE please!

Archer ☑️ Servers still fucked, check. ☑️ still not responding, check. ☑️ Dogging the boys, check.

Jah’dae Why is Miramar in the rotation so much when will ps4 players get to chose what map they’d rather play

eNsKy StoneNautz OCE PUBG Players: Been seeing increased reports of wild server issues for you guys, can you please tweet at me some clips of these issues? Would love to follow this up and share these with the dev team to follow.


Tom Is the test server for down or over now that vekendi has a release date??

Dental Hey how is this not a knock? Kar98k headshot on a level 2 helmet, close range. Wadu?…

pasanti Hello, I really need to unlink my FaceBook from my pubg and link my twitter instead 😟

pasanti hello PLEASE unlink my twitter from my pubg

j hello, i’m trying to get onto the pubg test server, but everytime i try to get on it comes up with “could not connect” all my friends are able to get on just fine. yesterday it was also coming up with “Hcremote” not sure what that is but hopefully you can help

ڤارس7# Welcome, I lost my account as a guest. I know the name, the ID and my information. How do I retrieve it?

Hans Wurst hey what is this for an ranking system, we need to play 6+ hours every day to rech the 6k points.. check the leaderboard only the same guys got this, this is very srsly

Kahlil Wolf spent 20mins driving around in a buggy for it to not count towards my progress on that ridiculous mission…

𝓝𝓸 𝓞𝓷𝓮 👑 #𝟒 🇫🇷 ⭐⭐ When are the results?

⌨️🖱Mike Ybarra🎮 Twitter poll: (choose between one of the below) – the game I should play/stream until Anthem’s release is:

Syarifah Hanyna Rdr2..must be completed with the hat and accent

Joseph Allen Sea of Thieves

Capt. Kore Virus Sot?

James Brainerd I think aco is just way to big to do before anthem let’s see some rdr2

Hoodnewzmedia Game of the generation RDR2

Lucha Lisa Sea of Thieves.

Xavier1415 AC O

Halo4life Mobile you kidding right?

cyb3rs34l Ace combat 7

JustJango I assume AC:O is Odyssey and not Origins?

Adam I kinda just like watching you play PUBG or you could always play some with that sequel coming in March!

Richm88 🎮 Destiny 2

loops Assassins creed oddessy is better than both of thise games.

Hakan Heybet 🎮 Of course Red Dead Redemption 2!

Sir Mattsalot What about Crack Down 3?

📺 OGCryptor Red Dead is the trendy thing to say right now but IMHO Assassin Creed O is awesome. That would be my pick.

Kelly or you can pick a good game

pat gow 🍀🍀🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇵🇸🇵🇸 Away and do something constructive . 🤨

4 player split screen is back in Halo! ART ✌🏿❤🎮 Origins or Odyssey?

ReallyRick RDR2 is a bit buggy but still well worth the play through!

Arnibarani There can only be one!

vSnoWy_ReCo1lzz Red dead all the way

Gamer Maybs [GT] Assassin’s Creed has so many surprises and is so entertaining. It’s a great choice!

ExploreTheLore Knowing you, you’ll get bored of RDR2. I suggest you play/stream what you want as I’m sure we’ll all still watch 😃

HeisenbergFX4 I can’t see you sticking with any of these for very long 🙂 That said Red Dead 2 all the way.

Dane I would say FF XV, why the mobile version when the XB1 X probably enhances the original one? That’s confusing me

Brandon Bryce Both RD2 and AC:Odyssey

Doesn’t Matter Destiny isn’t an option, lol.


Patrick Maka RDR2 is the better game, but I think AC:O has the more viewer-friendly experience!

loops Big no on the better game..rd2 is a snooze fest.

✌🖕Danny🖕✌ Hhhmm I’m 105 hours into ac an I enjoyed it more than red dead

Liam Matthews Might be an unpopular opinion but rdr2’s gameplay is awful. Rockstar games have always controlled horribly. Much rather play odyssey

Nik Braeckman Voted for AC… bit It’s odyssey right? Or origins? 😂

R6 FBI SWAT ACO is great been addicted to it hard recently so much to do and is constantly being updated for frer

TriNhO I’m done with your game, can you give another solution?

Rick Dana Still getting packet loss every game.

ali Hello I have a Saudi account but I can not play except in the Vietnamese version, what is the solution to play in the Arabic version.


chris 💯 please fix shotguns, so over powered 😭

Steven Bockbrader what’s with the map selection?I really enjoy the larger maps and after playing for 3 hours got erangel once.

Don Dargins🤷🏽‍♂️ So that’s 2pm Eastern?

Bo0giEd0wN The wait is real👎🏽😡👎🏽

Bo0giEd0wN Wow… thanks tho.

Majorr Iconic Can somebody ANYBODY explain why Sea of Thieves is cross-platform but isn’t?

Game_boyq8 i got banned for no reason from steam

AlperrnGG i checked it long time ago but i will check it again will write here if the problem continues thanks for the advice

AlperrnGG i cant see my replays since i removed them a month ago at the start i thought i brake the game but now even i play a single game i cant see the replays it shows nothing on replays my ingame name is AlperrnGG if you take a look on my account it would be awesome

PUBG Help Hello! Have you tried verifying the game files on steam? -S

AlperrnGG i checked it long time ago but i will check it again will write here if the problem continues thanks for the advice

Danny Ok because rn I have it installed and once I’m off work I’ll do the power cycle restart and try it then

School_u whens the new map come out on ps4? with the new content? and is the new marking system gonna be added to the regular servers?

RNS Hey guys, will we be able to chose maps any time soon on console? Furthermore, is 60 FPS in our future? Thank you!

SSR CaTz Will the Vikendi map be added to the actual game or will the PTS be playable again any time soon? I really want to try out Vikendi and the G36C

William Why i can’t play? Please help me

Shivu Let’s dedicate the world record of most liked photo to PUBG which is already the no.1 game of the year.Just like and share and let PUBG be at no. Just click the link and like the going to be most liked image.…

RNS Working perfect thanks guys ; ) 2 hours of training paid off with a top 3 with 5 kills

William Why can’t i enter the lobby in live server ps4? My connection is not problem?

Danny After that do I reinstall pubg and start hoping it works ?

Steve Z Happens on xb1 all the time. My pubg id(Just_2_)[steam id (damocles_sakura)] is wrongly sealed,but i have never cheated,i really love this game,but you really hurt me.i really really hope you can help me!thanks very much.

ThatDude pls add sandstorm for the desert map. It will be fun…

Radhey Mehta Please fix this problem

Liggit22t20 Keep up the good work, my shit runs fine but then again I have great network I’m on at home. I’ve never had problem getting in games ever. Xbox one x Na servers. Also mobile is watered down for noobs also introduce M&K only servers on xbox, if they’re separate, it’s fair.

carter brown I was permanently banned without even an explanation. I have never been temporarily banned in the past. Could I please have an explanation.

Destined 👽 please region lock China.. All they do is use hacks and cheat.. It’s becoming a Chore to. Hit report.

Lalit Surana if you do not remove bugs and glitches then your game will be ban. After update 0.10 lots of bugs and glitches. I hate pubg…. We don’t need any new updates remove all bugs and glitches.

Callum Hutchison Could you do something about this blatent cheater ran into him and his same squad twice in a row, 300 matches with 170 wins and a 30 KDA, Guy is wallhacking and aimbotting – AVTVPiaoYiPiao

nigel penlington hi will the graphics on PUBG ps4 eventually get better ?

paul brennan This is still the madsed thing to happen to me in pug

SgT ReBeLs Open it bk up I want to play vikendi

SgT ReBeLs No wonder I can’t connect to pts

Andrew Reed on pc by the way

Danny Oh nice you can actually see past rank 10 on pc when its working, that’s cool

Andrew Reed At first when looking at leaderboard all it showed was “no data available”… now it shows a little but not everything duos shows only to position 12…

The_Sensei with the quick bans on cheaters!

New Year, Same Me So because it’s low on some severs no one is playing games at all on XB1

simon hornby Look at the YouTube footage of red dead 2 on xbox one and then on the piss poor. Nuff said

Nicholas passmore quick question, why doesn’t Xbox have the skins the PC version has. Do you guys not see people want cosmetics or the fact everyone watches PC pubg streamers. Everyone loves watching people play and the ability to get items console can’t… r you that out of touch

simon hornby Everyone’s switching to DayZ.

ItsYaBoiYom Feeling sick but we still gonna grind this followed by some

Judas2100 i send a ticket but no respons… i reported this person 2 times he got banned 2 times but he is still online daily and still cheating!!!! he even changed his name… old profile: … new profile:…

zigmaTV i need help with my PUBG audio issue, can you help me out?

zigmaTV when i play pubg is like Distortions sounds every 5-15 sec, i dont know if you know about this problem. what can i do ?

cheeseburgerGamer when will vikindi be available on consoles now that the pts is closed

David Kniceley Glad they respond to your videos.

Connor Obviosusly this is PC, but on console (X1) it was a HUGE occurrence that would happen when a players building wouldn’t render and it would put them in the wall, you could pick up guns if they were visible and within reach. It would only happen in the arenas

The_Sensei That’s crazy

Rafih hello, i cannot connect to the game. also somebody on community cannot connect into the game too my region country is Indonesia

PUBG Help Hi Rafih, For PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4 player support, please submit a ticket with our support team at -M

Curtis Gabriel Yeah I can get on now, thanks !

Eric Gustafsson Thank you for the reply. I didn’t know this and that’s why I sent two tickets.

Bo0giEd0wN When is Xbox going to get the Vikendi update???🤔

Jet Fly Ted ✈ January 22nd

Bo0giEd0wN The wait is real👎🏽😡👎🏽

Bo0giEd0wN Wow… thanks tho.

自飞翔 Bluehole just ban the accout, Nothing to do fixing the game cheating bug!

Tone This is proof they are done with it haha of course it is doing well on PS4 gamers been waiting to play since MS announcement last yr. Now let’s see how PUBG will be doing in a year from now or not even that with the new games coming for 2019.

Kratos Kodi was released the same time frame tho.

Davide. already did all the troubleshooting part, i’m running a pretty strong setup, i noticed it only occurs during the first game join, the games after doesn’t have long loading times… I think it’s a bug.

carter brown Could some support get back to me

carter brown

eNigMaTic HD We want resolution priority option for the Xbox one x on the base game, not just the pts We want night maps with rain fall and thunder in a city with houses and suburbs and malls We want to be able to duck and hide in back seat of cars

eNigMaTic HD So when will the base game get the resolution priority option for the Xbox one x, like the pts has for vikendi I’m sick of the original map looking terrible on the Xbox one x….also we want night time, heavy rain and thunder maps in like manhattan

Shotoverse Doesnt matter even if you report it, Bluehole wont do anything about it.

GloryJean If I have that attitude then there’s a 0% chance it’ll get fixed. If I’m hopeful and constructive about it, there’s a better possibility

Shotoverse I know but I am tired of reporting hackers with video evidence only to see them still playing on those accounts, its a joke.

GloryJean I feel like I’ve been having a much better ban rate when reporting accounts in game right as it happens. Then again, I haven’t ran into that many recently. I feel your pain though

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