PUBG server down 2019-01-02

By in Discusions on January 2, 2019
PUBG server down 2019-01-02
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PUBG FOR REGION LOCK It’s fucking New Years. Thank God I quit this game half a year ago lol

thereisonlyjim like silk 😉

Xavier Lemaster Why am I getting servers are to busy what the fuck

Nathaniel Kraft Got the kids to bed, finally able to logon. And can’t connect. Because of maintenance. *sigh*

Checkout current PUBG server down 2019-01-02

☆《Rich》☆ do you guys have any patch notes or anything?

Joshua Campbell For Quebec Canada whats is the time? PST??

Michael Sanders Is maintenance over yet? Also, thank you for choosing to do maintenance during peak play time in us

Dave Purdy it’s their biggest bug they have to fix. stop updating during daytime US hours..!!

D34TH0FKVorshk They update during the lowest player count time. Stop making Americans look bad and stfu please?

Kyle Not even what it’s about jackass. I tell people the same thing all the time. They advertised to enjoy 2019 with some pubg yet they pushed maintenance today rather than waiting a day.

D34TH0FKVorshk All I hear is whining. Yet Im the jackass. LOL ok.

D34TH0FKVorshk Oh I get it, you;re from Ohio lol. Must be somewhere near Columbus acting that entitled. Am I right?

Angeliceron I don’t see why you bother anymore. Nothing substantial changes. Maybe instead of weekly server “maintenance”, you should be working on fixing the game, Fix the netcode fix the delayed load in when joining your first game. The Fix PUBG campaign did little to nothing.

Donkie Happy New Year 😀

Ryan Lohman I dont know about you but i can land at random houses and get a slr or m24 or kar98k in vikendi

Assassino47 You’re a lucky guy then, because that’s not the case with any of us. I always find all the attachments, but hardly a sniper/dmr.

jesse johnson REGION LOCK TPP!

TheCoffeeMan Great I actually install the game again for once after awhile and I have to wait for this. Better be worth the wait damn

Matty Timing of this feels like you’re punishing your staff and players. Doing this overnight Jan 2 would have cost less and made everyone happy.

Jordan Booker please make it so you can pick to only play on the original map the dessert map is shit


Jon S Why isn’t this done over night when most of the US us sleeping?

jay Man It’s the 1st , everyone is off… schedules 2 days of maintenance.

rePzi yeah, last nigh of playing before school starts and u just fucked it, ty pubg

Bradley Borg Once again, you guys best yourself by doing this at the worst possible time.

Jake It would be nice if there was any consistency to when updates happen. But then, I guess it would be nice if there was any consistency to your game at all.

k0stantinOfficial Seriously, You guys are doing everything in your power to destroy this wonderful game, FIX ALL YOUR INTERFACE, GAME OPTIMIZATION AND THEM THINK ABOUT MICRO TRANSACTIONS. R.I.P BlueHole

AveryGeek Why would you do this on New Years when everyone has the day off?

Jachi Jachón Jachótix Is there… someone in Bluehole that reads these messages? I think they are just making their business, and never reading or listening to the players.

Seijouro Akashi On,nomp, ,. 9. 9/ 9?/, ON on ‘,. ‘,

christian gonzalez Stop this fucking Weekly maintenance. you don´t fix nothing with this

Ronard Mckellar can you guys atleast get that we dont want this shitty downtime every week

Karl Kitchenmaster Can you switch up the update times? It’s always prime time for Central Time Zone. Not sure if possible on your end, but wanted to ask.

Olivier Gilbert are you guys fck stupid, shutting down the server on prime time hour on a holiday?

Dakota Hunt Who the heck does maintenance on a friggin holiday? Seriously?!?!!?

WestCoastBestCoast Have you ever imagined where PUBG is stationed?

Dakota Hunt I know exactly where they are stationed. New Years isn’t a US only holiday it’s observed by nearly every civilized country in the world. Not to mention General game research dictates a uptick in purchases and play time on holidays.

Spicoli 🌊🏄‍♂️ Working on updating your anti-hack software? It’s needed!…

Toby Bridson ‘Still’ seeing lots of hackers. Dudes sprinting crazy fast on the spot, running through walls as if there was nothing there, deathcam replay showing enemies follow and track my entire approach from behind a solid rock, mountain or wall and pinging me instantly. Magic!!

brendonmcgoff doesn’t seem like voice chat is working any more with duos or voice chat all

UnholyFroggod any chance they are going to fix the full screen bug with this maintenance? Its killing my frames. Switching to windowed and back does not work for me. Help.

Nemesi What does live server maintenance even mean… like what exactly are you doing..

pzratnog I think your first question answers your second question. They’re doing server maintenance.

mb1483 Hello, a week ago my Steam account has been hacked and the hacker has used cheats in PUBG and my account has been banned. This can be solved? Thanks and happy new year

TheShrew well… that sucks. hope they fix it soon. GL

don 4 life Please just fix Fps issues on vikendi and all other maps. Because of the settings. Full screen, window mode. And brightness. Idk if everything is broken. Please will make me very happy.

Farkin Okie WTF server maintenance on New Years Day?

Hugo Moreira It’s amazing how to the board of directors don’t realize that they are right now losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kicky Sam It would be sweet if you could leave the test server up while you do your gigantic unnecessary long weekly maintenance so people can still play

JGEmanuel It is my last day on vacation and the servers are in maintanance.

Viktor Why? What are you guys up to?

Manuel123456789 Dont play tpp…

Poss Typical bullshit who doesn’t give a shit about the American players. CHANGE your update time. It’s ridiculous. Not to mention doesn’t even respond 95% of the time when people tweet them for help. Joke of a company with no player/community support.

Hugo Moreira That’s just epic STUPID. Fuck this game

Twitchy Was going to hop in after I got off work, Guess I’ll play some ROE instead.

#YellowVestSydney – LibertySpring Are you out of the ever loving minds?! It’s middle of the holiday and middle of the day here!! Down for four hours! What a joke

KrowSemagDnim One question… why do you always screw the United States with peak hours of downtime… let’s not even mention the fact that it’s a holiday as well

Chris vQ Its not only the US my friend, its the entire America continent all the way down. These guys just don’t give 1 single F about their customers from this side of the ocean.

madFX don’t worry they give less than zero fucks for Australian & NZ players as well. We haven’t had functional servers for months now

Sod Um, ok. Guess I didn’t really want to play.

_MS_ I really don’t understand why — on new years day when I have the squad ready to play. What exactly is the maintenance about?

WestCoastBestCoast Have you ever imagined where PUBG is stationed?

Hrusostomos Vicatos What happened to the concept of “Zero downtime patching”? Aren’t you using cloud hosting? Did you not make a big announcement earlier in the year about Multiplay (Unity) to manage your European hosting? Come on guys … get into the 21st century. you can do better

Donkie They cant because it takes resources like Money.

karouwhn Ok 🙂 have fun and let’s hope you fixed some bugs

Ryan can we at least get test servers running ?!

Liam Niedrich seriously, why are both down?

RastaCook Also, how about putting a real error message that says “server maintenance” instead of server busy, would have saved me (and likely a lot of people) from wasting time trying to reconnect for 30min until i found this message on fucking twitter… just put the msg in game geez srly

Vincent You guys did this on new years day? You should have done it last night when I was drunk off my ass not when I’m hungover.

Metehan Çağlar Fix vikendi fps pls .s

Crash Ring of Elysium….try it. Good downtime game.

Brayden Cowell They are a Korean company, and it is currently 10:00am on the 2nd in Korea so it makes total sense for them. And considering that 70-80% of they’re player base is in China and surrounding areas where it is currently a low player count time it makes sense for them as a company.


ItzScience That’s still 20-30% of the player base that is going to be pissed off. They could’ve just as easily done it on the 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

RastaCook what a genius idea to do this right now, seriously wtf, Jan 1st 7h30pm, that must be the absolute worst possible time for a 4hrs maintenance, fucking ridiculous…

Hrusostomos Vicatos again? come on…. can’t you not better plan server maintenance so it does not drop the entire gaming platform?

Lion Family Seeds Pls OPEN TEST SERVER!!! when maintenance… PLS come on.!!

Ricardo Lameira Could you change the maintenance schedule time every week or month? That would be more fair, since you have people playing in many different time zones around the globe.

Tobias Engler Not cool

Zach Beach™♈ “Fix your game” “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS UPDATE YOUR GAME WTF” 😂

Alex Thurman 1) Most people aren’t complaining about them doing updates, but WHEN they are doing their updates. 2) Most of their updates are garbage that don’t do anything to fix the base issues affecting their highly successful game.

SpaceMadMonkey I’m in bed, wake me up when it’s time to play! 😴

Gustavo Valério Here in Brazil this ends at 3am .Thx to fuck my holiday…

Junior Tatuador Mazz Caralho é todo dia essa manutenção? Peguei o jogo a uma semana e todo dia manutenção… Q porra de server eh esse!

Carlinhu Tem manutenção semanal justamente pro servidor não ter problemas. Fora que em toda manutenção eles corrigem bugs ou adicionam algo novo.

Badwolfkg Not just sniper attachments!!

Tim M why? why? why? why? a holiday?? Why???

Brad Gardner Really? at 8pm east coast time for 4 hours? Bad timing, off to play COD

Rodrigo Alva Really? During the holiday? pfft…

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

midninBR I’ve just done “Things You’ll Break” and win a solo match but the server maintenance has started, am I going to take those missions as done? Thank you

kevinlc77 here is how to know when the next maintenance window will be: check your calendar for major holidays and every week during the exact time you have to play.

zen-x Thanks for ruin my holiday, good job

Alex Morgenstern if the best you can do on your holiday is to play pubg, and not to play it will “ruin” your holiday, then you maybe should get a life

Alex Thurman If the best you can do is spend your day commenting on everyone giving feedback to PUBG devs maybe you should get a life…

Alex Morgenstern nah,only 15 minutes responding 10 year old babies crying for the maintenance is enough 😉

Plegh Who the fuck does a 4 hour maintenance lmao.

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud See you at 830 I guess 😩

thereisonlyjim Yet another North American who thinks the world Revolves around their Timezone. Reality check buddy, The majority of the playerbase is not the NA players.

Al Fall NIce. ON a fucking holiday. nice

Doc_Doge[Respect] Maintenance at the first day of 2019! Good job! A great start isn’t it?

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Hashmeme Fartel o yah in the afternoon when its the holidays fucking genius company

dusty_johnson What about test servers? They down too?

LightHasNoShadow Any updates, improvements, content for ps4 in sight ?

Alex Morgenstern what do you expect? it’s not even a month since the release of the game on ps4 and less than a week since the last bug fix update, not to mention that vikendi is arriving on console this month…


pzratnog 164/168 hours in the week isn’t enough? They announce days in advance. Not hard to know when this is coming.

Ed Sullivan its the same ol story, same old song and DANCE!!!! quit cryin… no wonder everyone thinks the US is full of pussies.. probably right most of us are. stop confirming it

ozan dörtelma all nights servers off. lol.

Guilherme is really the best fucking way to start the year, you guys are doing a splendid job with a holiday maintenance. you should be ashamed, serious, not in a dream I would pay you guys a season pass, you guys do a terrible job do not deserve a penny.

Samuel Cowan the maintenance blocks out the final time to get the santa beard and now I can’t get it great job

Badwolfkg It took you this long to save 10000bp??? Wish I could gift you some.

Samuel Cowan well I got to it but my match ended after maintenance

Alex Morgenstern when the beard got launched, I had -5000 BP because they took away some BP they gave me on Halloween update cause I could redeem the BP bonus twice, and i got the beard 1 week ago and managed to get 10000 adittional BP lmao, it’s not that hard if you have half neuron

sydney yall just HAVE to do maintenance at 7pm eastern. at peak times for most ppl in NA. amazing

thereisonlyjim You know this is a Korean Company right? They started this maintenance a little after 9:30AM

sydney hey did u know its new years day and most ppl go back to work tomorrow so theyd like to spend the night playing the game??? u dont need to spam this reply on everyone thats rightfully complaining

thereisonlyjim Hey did you know that it’s the day after new years day for some of us? Did you know that the majority of the player-base is in AS and SEA regions? They are doing maintenance in the OFF-peak time for the Majority of their player-base

sydney did u know they don’t fix shit even though they do maintenance for 4 hours once a week? they can fix shitstack nothing in an hour, not 4

Pufilicious 4hrs on December 26th, 4hrs on January 1st. What in the actual fuck is wrong with you ?

JoeTendo64 WOW DOE!

Sly DevL Thanks for always doing your maintenance during prime time NA hours

Kira weekly maintenance time, let’s go. and nothing will get fixed AGAIN. you rock. really. btw i want a refund

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω Infinity War new

Kahshe Would you leave Test server online during Live’s maintenance? You’d actually have a group of testers, since Test server is dead every other day and night.

internally_flawless Why? on a day where everyone could be playing…

johnny spitera Some ppl work g33k

Mike Why on New Year’s Day when everyone is off from work? Are you guys some kind of idiots? 🤔

Foges What year is is? 2019? Were still doing 4 hour full shut downs for patches? CMON NOW

Juan Pablo Daniel Are you seriously doing a maintenance on a holiday, the day I can actually play for hours? DAMN YOU!!! Hire some DEVOPS PLEASE!

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Alex Thurman Yes, that’s literally the point. They’re doing routine maintenance like every other Tuesday; except today is NOT like every other Tuesday. Intelligent devs would adjust the schedule around an annual peak in playerbase.

Juan Pablo Daniel Indeed

sports fan Oh neat on my day off you wanna do a 15gb download I bet

Francisco Adding more desync?

Chris DePrater Ugh, sad they can’t do this during non-peak gaming time for most of us

thereisonlyjim “Most of us”? You realise they are a Korean company, and that the majority of the playerbase is in the AS and SEA regions, right?

Alex Thurman You do realize he’s clearly referring to most of the people who will see and read his tweet, right?

Rokirtech Infocenter Well time to go into the cryostasis pod and pray to wake in the year 3000.

Grantjustme I wish every player who bitched and complained so much about this game would just stop playing.

Zach Tanner Why are you even here then?

pzratnog I don’t want them to stop. These are the low IQ people who are easy kills. Anyone who plays more than one match a month knows when maintenance is coming. They post every time and put it front and center in the game itself.

Keidar You monster! Hahahaha

Grantjustme lol true. its just annoying to read in the comments.

ThroopOnTwitch You guys REALLY need to 1. Rethink what time you run maintenance, and 2. Figure out how to reduce it from 4 hours. 4 hours is too long. If it was an hour or so, people could just play something else for a bit, but 4 hours, that just means no pubg for the day.

thereisonlyjim Do they really need to re-think the time? Perhaps you need to re-think what little importance your timezone might have to them – This is a Korean Company, currently it is a quarter to 10 AM, meaning they are doing this maintenance very early in their working day

Zach Tanner They can do a rolling schedule so no single region is hit hard like this every single time.

ThroopOnTwitch I understand what you’re saying, but remember that they are in the service industry. Their schedule should run around their clients schedules.

thereisonlyjim It doesn’t matter what time they schedule maintenance, because it is global, it is always going to be someone’s peak time. The majority of players are from AS and SEA regions, so they are actually running schedule around the majority of their clients peak times

ThroopOnTwitch I’d like to see stats around number of players per region. I would bet USA/EU would surpass CN/SEA.

thereisonlyjim Highest concurrent players is consistently around Asian peak time

ThroopOnTwitch Could just be a convenient time for multiple regions, but I see where you’re going. I want hard stats, but I cant find any online outside of a stat from 2017, which show NA was the majority of players.

FATBOY GAMING You are such a fan boy. It is because of people like you companies do not improve.

Liam Niedrich Can’t servers be maintained independently?

thereisonlyjim Because it is through steam, it is required of them to do all global servers at the same time for some dumb reason

Alex Thurman Great job spamming this same exact irrelevance on every comment. Yes they DO really need to rethink the time. A major company should be smarter than to do maintenance during four of the largest ANNUAL peak hours.

thereisonlyjim But the majority of PUBG players aren’t in NA, the majority are in Asia, and this maintenance is in the off-peak time for Asian countries, where the majority of players will be unaffected. it’s also not new years day everywhere, in most places, it is the 2nd right now.

Dennis Yo i’m all about the fact theyre a Korean company, but lets not say 10 AM is early in a work day LOL.

Dlinn Yup. Do it 6am there and we get on tonight.

Grantjustme Maintenance is on every Tuesday people. New Year is barely even holiday too. Relax smh.

Jesse Anderson I’ve defended you for a long time, but seriously, one IT professional to another (hoping you let some of your back-end guys read this), weekly maintenance? Your company has made hundreds of millions of dollars and you still do weekly maintenance?

Jordan I wouldn’t mind the weekly maintenance so much if it wasn’t 4-6 hours long EVERY WEEK for absolutely no changes.

nick miller Wow is usually an down everything Tuesday morning for x reason. Think that game is a tad larger than pubg

Shawn Murray full agree. these guys just dont get it. Ive never seen another game take 4 hours to update. ever. weekly at that. and peak hours is bullshit. the servers need to be downed at the lowest peaking time. period. youve lost thousands over this shit.

Joe Blow World Of Warcraft has made billions and they still preform maintenance every week.

Stephen Elliott Understand weekly maintenance, but roll it to non-peak hours for each server. Continually performing maintenance during peak NA gaming hours has impacted their player count dramatically.

WestCoastBestCoast Have you ever imagined where PUBG is stationed?

Rylkon Weekly server maintenance isnt understandeable when they have poor server performance regardless.

Jesse Anderson My understanding is that Steam doesn’t allow regional updates. I work with bigger companies than Bluehole who only patch once a month. It’s kind of old.

Ed Sullivan coming here to check for updates and seeing everyone cry about what you already know is going to happen is kind of old…

Alex Morgenstern yea, sure has impacted the NA player count for doing maintenance once a week lmao

Alex Thurman Yes, believe it or not, doing maintenance during four peak hours once a week actually does significantly affect a player base.

Alex Morgenstern no, it doesn’t unless the player base are crybabies, which it’s the case, so you are right

Chris Rusu Test servers are almost always on at least for me?? Again with this update today and the test servers are still down. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Comic Books Plus Well the maintenance just started 15min ago were they down before that?

Chris Rusu Do t know only play it when main servers are down..?


Joshua Cannon This is fucking ridiculous…. East Coast players get fucked every time.

tdm.cody Just brought a gaming pc today and brought PUBG and it’s downloaded and I can’t even get into the game cause servers are “too busy”

Ryan Delaneuville Update. 4 hours

Bay Dead game. Just focus on mobile

OpTic Yann Mobile is trash.

Baran Tk 86 Mb update? Nice! Nice! Nice! When do you think you can fix it? Like a joke!

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω Infinity War

GamingowyTataPL Why??????????? Last day of my holiday 🙁

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Danny gotta keep the asian players happy, maintenance on their non-peak time.

RiftRekt Honestly. Europe and Asia hold the majority of the player base. It is not ideal for the US. But it’s something you know is coming. It literally happens every week LUL

thereisonlyjim You know it’s a Korean company right? It’s 9:45am for them, a good time for maint. Besides that, Asian players are the absolute majority of their playerbase so…

Tyler Marsh Doesnt matter, when the company I work for does maintenance or prod migrations, we do these on non peak hours for the respective market.

thereisonlyjim The “Respective Market” in this case is literally everywhere on the globe. There is going to be someone who’s peak time is interrupted either way.

James Absolute majority when playing TPP. I hardly ever come across any foreign players in FPP. Very happy I made the switch from TPP to FPP.

cloud_n9ne Once you go FPP you never go back 😘

Creepy Twitch streamers group 6 skins when arriving any intel?

Andres Etcheto Seriously? In new year?

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Andres Etcheto Last week maintenance was on Wednesday

Calle Rosen Fan Club seems like a less than ideal time all around to do this

Ninponeer You would prefer them to do it on Friday or Saturday night instead? 🤔 Tuesday evening is actually the best possible time to do their maintenance. 1. It’s not during peek playing hours 2. It also allows them time to fix any potential unforseen issues before the weekend.

Calle Rosen Fan Club go away

Chevy the Golden WHY??? Why can’t you people explain why you do these things at such stupid times?

Kyle Just spent all Xmas with family. New Years is for fun

Albert Gomez Why do you assholes keep bringing down the test server at the same time too?

t carty Maintenance on a holiday. Yeesh, who thought that was a better idea than postponing it for a day

TheBeardedSerb Got that victory with 2 min before shutdown

Albert Gomez Pretty sure if you’re in the middle of a game it wouldn’t shut down anyways.

steve yikes how many more hashtags do you have

schmericks how long will it 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 last?

The_Sensei Damnnnnn. Literally just got on

PlumbDrip Why would you do maintenance on New Years

LordEscorpio Maintenance on holiday, you’re a joke ahahahahah

Josh Guess I’ll play blackout instead then 😒😒😒

Mike If you hate your self..

_LouisTwiT Test servers are up ?!

LordEscorpio Very nice, maintenance on holiday 😀

warlord8923 Routine maintenance like every Tuesday

Corey hulsey Why on a holiday?

Eiran okane Any changes expected or just routine?

warlord8923 Just routine

LordEscorpio implementing more bugs

M. Brennan 📱💻🛠 Lol

Chad Razwick That’s funny the video games I play don’t have this issue.

riley🤘 you must not play a lot on steam. if it wasn’t for steam they could do maintenance regionally

Chad Razwick Riley, honey I’ve been playing on Steam since you were in diapers.

thereisonlyjim Calls a stranger honey in a condescending tone AND is called Chad, 10/10 top meme

DON Actually he doesn’t know how to play

Dylan Bergbower are both regular servers and test servers down for maintenance?

Joshua Sutton But why? It’s New Years, we’re all home, off of work, gaming, and you guys want to do maintenance today? Makes no sense.

Evan Ross We are all off work, what the fuck? Server maintenance New Years Day?


Liam Niedrich Probably was the desync. I lost right before maintenance

Tom Having a four hour downtime at all is absolutely laughable, nevermind multiple times a week, and on a holiday, during primetime.

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