PUBG server down 2018-12-27

By in Discusions on December 27, 2018
PUBG server down 2018-12-27
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Morty Hi fellow pugberians, anyone explain me the logic on this one? Aa Am i missing some gameplay sense? Mmmaybe my timeline was connected to the TV and he destroied one the cables???? OF THE TV WHERE THE BULLETS WERE FIRED AT?? Mucho obliged

Joshua Francisco NA SERVERS expects full running @ 23:30!

Vexp Why do you say the servers are too busy? ??? “Servers are Down for Maintenance” would be fine…

Red Boar Let’s be honest, PUBG is incredibly frustrating BUT they are finally starting to deliver players something to work with. This is exciting and makes the 4 hour “maintenance” much more tolerable.

nick miller Only took them 2 years from “beta” to make an ok game for pc players. Lucky no one has copied this game and make it 100 times better.

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-12-27


Reggie Philips why is test server down you useless cunts


Leon Hi there, why do custom matches require at least 10 people to be able to start? On the test server we were able to start with 6 players. Is this something you’re considering to change? 🙂

🎮A.Lorentsen🎮 I got si excited to try FPP man….

sg I’m so sick of this. So sick of you

Rufio! Can you guys never do server maintenance in the morning like normal companies? Nothing like getting home from work ready to play some pubg and being cock blocked by updates or server maintenance!

Flexapexs What morning is for you, is evening for others…. there is no best time for maintenance…

KptRooibaard_ZA Unfortunately the developers (and by far the largest player base) is on the other side of the globe from where you are. Sorry mate, every sport has it’s own injuries.

Bomaximous Company is based in Korea so the timing is different.

FrostTaker they technically are doing it in the morning, they just do it in the Korean morning 😅 In KST its only about noon

volt1up They can’t even consistently do it on the same day 🤦‍♀️

Chronos you know it would be nice to change the “servers are too busy” to “servers are under maintenance” or something

durab i’ve bought your game, but i cant enter it, always says that the server are busy, what can i do?

Read Consulting Srv. On bleeping boxing day evening? Great timing!

Borjão 1️⃣7️⃣ Always hurting who likes to play at night! I only have this schedule and you do not make the day! 🙁

chris fox Add more UZIs to Vikendi! And never put a sniper rifle in the same area as a 8x scope. 😀 jk.. Thanks for the hours of me not having to face reality.

Eric Becker Why do it during prime time?

Mike Lol exactly

Dale McAughey Why on earth do you do maintenance during prime time busy hours?? Even Blizzard Ent. figured out to do it during late evening.

Optimal Carnage Blizzard is in Irvine California. When they do maintenance it’s prime time on the other side of the world.

Bin Chen why test server is also on maintenance at the same time????? Then, what is the point of having test servers?

PUBG GOAT Just give us map select already dang

John D Fuck pubg, you opt for the worse nights to update cs:go ftw or rocket league maybe i will try fortnite (cant be worse)

felpz_tbct any forecast of the arrival of the SA server?

Nick When your country isnt 3rd world

chuong nguyen now PUBG maintenance their server every week ?

Fernando Henrique da Silva Machado . Waiting for the servers to become online 😬😬😬 2:00 AM CET

Steven Roark If you are in the Test server you can only play solo now

Pedro Vinicius I’m in normal pubg

Sven Schindler Fucking Updates with 4 or 6 hours server offline. Thats not normal. Thats World of Warcraft Patchday bevor 8 or 10 Years. Give more Menpower at work on Patchday, Please faster in Time in future. Thanks

D.Kananos Stop doing that every week another maintenance is annoying… You earn back your players don’t loose them again !!!! (Is the only game with every week maintenance I ever met )

Blake Thomson Could not agree more

Weird isnt it Well that’s just fantastic. Wasn’t able to play for 4 months straight, the day i’m able to get back at my PUBG addiction you’ve decided to update, what are the odds right. 4 hours of blackout now, thanks!

Alex Jeez you guys are messy

kelsey Hello! Not sure if this account supports all platforms and devices… But I play pubg mobile, and have been struggling with my profile picture. My account is linked to my twitter account. It will not sync or update when I change it to a new picture.

DEREK Ok no worries , we are located in Southern California. We’ve tried 4 users at a time as well to try and help the matchmaking but the time just continues to rise with no actual start of the mode if that makes sense

PUBG Help Thanks Derek! Just to confirm, are you still experiencing this problem? -H

DEREK And that’s when the problem was occurring , we tried multiple times Monday and Sunday but haven’t tried since

DEREK We haven’t tried the training mode since Monday evening

PUBG Help Gotcha, thank you! Please let us know if you experience this problem again. Apologies for the inconvenience. -H

DEREK We are on training mode now . Time at 6:15sec still nothing . Just updating you that it still is having trouble getting us in to the training mode. Thank you

DEREK Ok thank you.

Adam Johnston Is the Test Server down as well?

aaron and keep calm

aaron play scum guys

Johnny This shit annoying 🤨

Andrew S. Kapitzis You guys should set up a BACKUP server when you want to go on maintenance. 19/12 was the last one. Seriously. You are just losing customers and players.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ ?

Supernintendo Chalmers

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ The game is just not at its peak high anymore, thats why it lost 2 million players, a month ago the player count started rising, so idk why you’re bringing that up when the playercount loss has stopped…?

Supernintendo Chalmers Because the original comment said the game is losing customers and players. You tried to counter that statement by providing data from one month, during which most people finish school and work and have more time to play games.

Supernintendo Chalmers Game loses TWO MILLION players for 10 months straight, adds 200k players during the holiday season and you think that’s good 😂

Supernintendo Chalmers And that’s being generous from peak player stats. Last month it lost 50k players. This month it only added 32k. The game is dying. Face it.

Supernintendo Chalmers Lmao. Of course players go up during December and Christmas. Zoom back out over the year to last December 2017. Down from a peak of 3.2M players to last month which was 895K. You’re just cherry picking this month where there was a slight increase after 10 months of LOSS.

james hope your putting OCE severs back in ffs 250+ms isnt good enough

Jesse Jarnagin the ratio of time under maintenance vs game problems this game has is astounding

Guineapig1 Wife , all alone wanna play … but no ……. maintenace, bad timing in europe :/

Phil Coffman Serious question: is it possible to ever get to a state where the duration for these live server maintenances could be decreased? They always land in a rough time for US players and the 4 hour window is rough. I do appreciate how they usually end sooner. Thanks.

Punisher_1 Dude that;s logic just stop wit h that shit…. They are never going to listen to good logical ideas.

Kenny Lee It’s because there are way more Asian players than US players playing this game 🙂

Phil Coffman I get it and it’s not really the time slot they choose that bugs me. It’s that it’s 4 hours long during that time slot.

Brian Graf Their twitter handle is quite ironic since they never seem to answer anyone, sincere or not

Billkamm Thanks for always taking down NA Servers during NA primetime just to save a few bucks. Way to care about your customers!

Bill Wolcott so basically shut down North America right when people get off work and want to play, nice timing.

azzman1000 What do you guys do during maintenance? Not complaining just curious?

gerasimos stamenis We have low fps,ALSO buf the loot in ERANGEL NOVO is DEAD FROM LOOT, you r going to lose ppl again

bob humplick try turning your textures down a notch and if that doesnt help then find the games exe file (tslgame.exe) and right click and go to properties and find “turn off fullscreen optimzations” and uncheck it. also set to fullscreen in the game isntead of full screen (borderless).

brandon What pung are you getting?

Darren Ping*

MAGRELINH0tv 4 hours for maintenance! NICE competence, Ameria 10pm rip

kingani Roasts the game is mainly played by the Asian community so someones always gonna lose out during updates

azzman1000 What do you guys do during maintenance? Not complaining, just curious

bob humplick any patch notes? or just maintenance?

Chris DePrater Both regular and test servers are ALL down at the same time, Ugh!

Kraven 100mb=4hs great job!

Gustavo Your knowledge on how this technology works is outstanding

Election Fraud=Crime Seriously… another update at peak NA time on Boxing Day holiday. You guys are scheduling idiots.

NightBreed Your game is 40% fun and 60% annoying. The annoying part is fixable yet nothing happens but more micro transactions.

joshua Hoots Actually the NA market is second only to China; and for a 94.8 MB update it shouldn’t take 4 hours!!!!

HighburyHighs LMFAO you guys have a good concept of a game, you really do, it’s just in the hands of fucking idiots. just sell the game to people that know what they’re doing and walk away rich and happy.

Coolkent What

Jedi my guns are just shoot by itself and I’m not hit the r2 button

B00G13M4N Hello?? Anyone home?? Why are the test servers down as well??

Mbappe jr. Test server too?

Rice Muncher Why at this time of day, maybe do it overnight not when people wanna play at PEAK times!

عبدالرحيم المتحمي Hi I have a problem

Jasko Ikanovic Fix the FPS and Ping! fix the OC server sick of playing in the SEA server with Asian hackers!!!

SwagMaster Yeah but they won’t 😂 I m only wondering who made these missions and how they get on the game ….they are so ugh randomn and not fun to do 🙄 it seems like they are tempting you to buy some levels

Ed Sullivan bro.. you have like 2 1/2 months to do that…

Justin If u get 4800exp every day (daily max) and thats not only about kills, you have to play atleast 2-3 hours per day, then you only get 32lvl overall, so your Argument is invalid

Al Fall who gives a shit about levels and missions. Play to win and get kills

Justin and there actually are ppl who care about the stuff from the season pass

Avviix Patch notes? Or anything?

DEREK Lower required players for a healthy matchmaking time in training mode please . I have a bunch of new players who want to train first

PUBG Help Hi DEREK. If you’re unable to enter training mode within 5 minutes, there may be a bug- could you please let us know where you’re located for us to help us investigate? -H

DEREK Ok no worries , we are located in Southern California. We’ve tried 4 users at a time as well to try and help the matchmaking but the time just continues to rise with no actual start of the mode if that makes sense

PUBG Help Thanks Derek! Just to confirm, are you still experiencing this problem? -H

DEREK And that’s when the problem was occurring , we tried multiple times Monday and Sunday but haven’t tried since

DEREK We haven’t tried the training mode since Monday evening

PUBG Help Gotcha, thank you! Please let us know if you experience this problem again. Apologies for the inconvenience. -H

DEREK We are on training mode now . Time at 6:15sec still nothing . Just updating you that it still is having trouble getting us in to the training mode. Thank you

DEREK Ok thank you.

el escar face What about pubg mobile? Is not working

Vai Molê Miselávi Capitalista Cmon, this maintenance schedule dosent make any sense at SA servers , do it after Midnight pleas

Darren It is after midnight….. in the whole of Europe & the CIS. The world runs on differing time zones my man. Will always be a bad time somewhere in the world 👍

Vai Molê Miselávi Capitalista Because of that I said in SA server, not in Europe

Kain Schilling Or just go off US time bc were better than everyone else

Chris Howard Which is why you roll your downtimes at different times for different regions. Its not hard to do just takes extra staff which most likely they already have.

Sh0rty Steam doesn’t allow for patching different regions at different times. It’s a steam issue, not a bluehole one.

Kyle Did h1z1 patch different regions at one point? I think I recall playing in European servers when US was down for maintenance

LeeBo1Kinobe considering how muich use I’ve gotten out of this game I’d say I paid an extremely fair price. However, I’m not fanboi defending these weekly outages….

TropaDaReserva Nice one! Hahahaha

HighburyHighs I don’t understand what you actually do that lasts 4 hours? nothing in the game changes OR gets better, you’re too focused on bringing new content rather than fixing the wrongs in the game.

Ninponeer Ya’ll realize that servers run an OS that requires patching in addition to the game updates? Hardware also needs to be replaced /upgraded periodically too.

Daniel Hallberg You do realize that it’s 2018 and there’s better ways to do things then to take an entire platform down for updates once a week. When was the last time you saw or down?

Vehzx 🌐 2018 changes nothing on how server management plays out, the past 3-5 years have been relatively similar, with certain areas having upgrades from the previous obviously. Google is a gigantic company with data centres all over the world, way more then PUBG. (1/2)

Vehzx 🌐 Google can push updates to other live servers as testing while keeping other servers running, sure PUBG could push all these small fixes to a test server, but that really isn’t needed. With the hardware used for their servers, server reboots and hotfixes, patches are needed (2/2)

Profit People don’t understand how servers work they just like to complain

E no other game is like this

Ninponeer E X A C T L Y ! – An exceptional game requires moar levels of maintenance. Also, PUBG Corp is NOT Epic Games, nor are they Activision so they don’t have the amount of resources at their disposal, and likely can’t realisticly maintain a “Hot” or “Warm” site (1/2)

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ I was reading a great tweet earlier today, and these long periods of maintenance may have to do with how they used a script as a crutch in essential game code deep in the game, therefore causing even minor changes to the games code can take hours of trial and error to work.

Ninponeer (2/2)…to fail over to, or patch in advance to reduce downtime during maintenence periods, but keep QQ’ing about it on a weekly basis, because it’s obviously the preferred solution to solving all of your problems 🧐

E the problem isn’t because they “aren’t as big as epic/activision” it’s that they’re inefficient

Conrad Hemmings I was agreeing with you telling people that servers run operating systems that require updates, but this game has produced well over $1B in revenue, while not unreasonable, it is a bit poor to not have a backup server during maintenance.

Shawn Oden… I’d say $700M in just 2017 is a resource that Activision would be proud of. Plus, patches on OS don’t usually need to be done weekly. Especially for 4+ hrs of downtime. When I patch servers, downtime (if even noticeable) is seconds.

marty friedmancito My thoughts exactly

zewkz nice logic to do maintenance at this time lol

Darren Middle of the night in Europe & the CIS. Makes perfect sense for about a billion people to do it now 👍

zewkz It’s pretty obvious where I am from if I think its a bad time.

Gary Bosworth bluehole lives in korea. so they are technically pushing the updates around 10:30am their time.

E Eternally a bad time for US players. Have they ever pushed back updates to better suit different regions? I can’t remember a time.

Gary Bosworth They were doing the updates at 6pm, which entirely screwed over PST players. They moved it back to 530, now 430

VirenRanpura Lol nothing will happen you guys never believe in good service

hana NA playerbase is tiny compared to asia, we dont get priority over how convenient the update times are

🅱arry 🅱ickerstaff Test servers in maintenance too? REEEE

Zach Why do you say “Live servers” then take down test servers too?

Nicholas passmore sounds seem more off today on the pts then the last few days. Not hearing footsteps at all. On Xbox

LeeBo1Kinobe will there be a patch as well? Or strictly maintenance? Hipfire alignment comes to mind.

Romain Werkez Wen the new twitch prime box comes out ?

Bobby Gee Idk why you don’t do it at like 3am

Darren It is 3am in parts of Europe. World Times zones & all 👍

Pripyat I always get stuck on loading screen of Vikendi. That’s why I don’t play it

Jonathan from the OC You’re dead to me

dustybottomstv Hi, is the test server going to be down for the next four hours too? Says its under maintenance. Thanks

Boomstick test servers in maintenance as well?

Muamer Bektic Can you let me know if they’re not?

Boomstick still showing in maintenance

LeeBo1Kinobe they ain’t your friend, guy

Fake News Why do you all have to do maintenance every single week?

Bomaximous Other games also have weekly maintenance. WoW is one of the top of my head.

Blaine It’s “Esports Ready” no worries. Kappa.

Hallet Poplin It’s the best game ever they have no issues at all haha

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud you guys need to pause the survivor pass then if its going to take 4 hours just to play again

AqueleCaraChato I think the survivor pass is more about to buy the lvl than to make it thru… It’s sad :/

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud Sad truth I high key regret getting it. 10k exp per lvl is ridiculous

Ed Sullivan weird.. daily’s get done in a game or two.. weekly’s get done in 2-3 days.. you get those AR/SMG kills yet? LoL

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud i got the AR/SMG kills done. but the dailies only give you 1500exp 2kexp for the 3rd one.

LeeBo1Kinobe practically the same lel

Wolf plz TRADE


Dale McAughey HOPEFULLY, they fix the fact that when you stop in a red zone COMPLETELY that the game can actually registers it. Did it 7 times now and i only have 1. It’s completely F*CKERED!

Haqq Guiling you need to get out of the vehicle

Dale McAughey yup, i know, stop it completely and exit the vehicle

Da Great Denaari You do not need to get out of the vehicle

PlasmaXP megabummer

quggæ Night mode update?

Tri Nguyen i feel like i need to upgrade my computer after every maintenance

Nick I would suggest updating that car first.


Tri Nguyen lol thanks the the advise. but i love this car. went 120 with no problem

SwagMaster This is literally 5 hours only driving a buggy 😂😂😂👌

Dale McAughey hahahahahahahaha

no one lol

Blaine One of the Devs must be a sadist. At least make it something fun like the motorbike…

Kevin B. dude… we were laughing so hard at that one yesterday. 500 FUCKING SQUARES!!

Deranged-VX9- maintenance all day every day

Khryd that is a very strange update time for east us !

LeeBo1Kinobe did you just get the game? we’ve been doing this on EST for over a year

Khryd stop flaming i was just playing with a qc mate this time

LeeBo1Kinobe staahp

Doc_Doge[Respect] Fix the FPS drop pls

joey h. a. Did i pay money for this game

TK5566 Right when I was getting on

Dragon slaier Lol

AqueleCaraChato Fix loot in vikendi, fix fps drop and please put the canted sight soon!

Lakers Prime time baby.

DarkDaze ☁️ Why do you hate me?

Andrew E. Monroe Name a more dominant country than AMERICA! USA USA USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Derek Any vehicle changes coming to ps4? So they don’t weigh a feather and roll so unrealistically? Also map select?

Daviddd 🌺🌊 Can I get some help or do you choose not to help at all. Confused cause it says “PUBG_help” but that’s clearly not what this is. I haven’t been replied to for the past 2 days now

Leon Fust I dont know what happened but since today I cant even launch the game because of a: “Corrupt data found, please verify your installation.” Error code. I have dont nothing to the game or the game files. I just booted up and wanted to get some chicken dinner. Please Help

Samuel Wesley Hello , have a good night. I ask us to analyze the use of RAM and VRAM and pay special attention to those who have machines with minimum specifications to run the game, because not everyone with these specifications can run the game in a decent way, which should happen

tyson carr was just wondering how come on the pts it doenst have duos it has solo and squad but no duos

Nick No way you average 87 FPS on snow map with a PC like that bud. 2080ti is barely at 100 constant

Optimal Carnage I get over 200 fps at 2560 with my 2080 to. I’m with a lot of others on this topic. It’s your computer or it’s your ISP provider and ping. Meeting minimum requirements results in getting minimum performance. If you want top tier performance get a top tier PC

pherupi my dude, pubg its not a game that requires a 2080, come on.

Optimal Carnage There’s isn’t any game that requires a 2080 ti but you know what?? I get perfect performance now and I got perfect performance on my 1080 ti. Everyone wants to complain that their subpar equipment giving subpar performance. It’s getting old to read week after week.

Nick For 1). I was not saying 2080 was minimum. 2) Optimal I 100% agree with you man, people are running rigs of the past which are equiped with cards older than 760s, extremely outdated processors with the game running on HDD thats on a computer they never take care of.

Nick With the exponential growth rate in technology over the recent years, it makes buying outdated prebuilds or using someones old PC not an option for games running games like PUBG. Learn to build a computer & save the money for parts or buy a PS4/Xbox.

Unknown Player Cross-play plss

Joe Day Not gonna answer this one?

Hisyam Rusli Do you ever thought of making PUBG free of PS Plus? You will attract more players.

Dan Bam 👆👆👆👍👍👍

Justin Put Xbox duos in

LadsUltimate just so you know your whole community is expecting you to release FPP tonight /this morning of the 27th , better not disappoint again.

Mustafa Hizoglu cancel maintenance for europe pls

🎮A.Lorentsen🎮 Its PC you cant get rid of hackers bro they always find another way

KareasOxide There are ton’s of other PC games that don’t that the level of hacking pubg does

i wanna be the guy I know but yesterday in all my 12 games, i’ve died to hackers in the end or 3/4 of the game

i wanna be the guy I think the last time i’ve won a match, was in july

ChrisIreland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛄️🎅🏻 so I won a game on PTS on PS4. Backed out when it let me then I said “Game still in progress” so then I didn’t get the 848 BP I was owed..

ΔDΞ 🇯🇲 𝕤𝕦𝕓𝕦𝕣𝕓𝕒𝕟 𝕕𝕦𝕕𝕖 This works,thanks

Neal Hamilton Will test servers remain live?

Chrstn Pl Frl heyyy help

TF_PCNESDAD It won’t let me download the actual pubg from the compilation disc, just the pts… what do I do?

The Dude Have you hit Alt-Enter twice? Doing this changes it to windowed and back again. Fixed it for me

👑 Sauce This was the worst troll in gaming this year.

Krista Oh my god, thank you so much for tweeting about this, my parents bought me a new monitor for Christmas and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting more than 60fps monkaS

👑 Sauce 😂😂 fr, I dont know whats up with these dudes

MD FAISAL I faced these problem several times

Louie Gold please change the loot drop on Vikendi, the only thing you find is G36C and 9mm weapons. They suck and good attachments are nowhere to be found.

resur2b I have a monster pc and the game is trash now

XGN MR.MLG777 / What’s Next ??? Cheating Has & Are Very Heavy on Now. _PS4

St. Nick szn (8-7) 🦅 Then don’t purposely try to glitch…?

Grave What do you expect from trash pubg

💥Skillwaves💥 smfh pubg fix FPP console server find time

Κώστας Κουτάς What is going on with those random bans? Just look steam discussions

(SR) LAS I also love how never replies or answers anyone’s questions.

Nicholas Franco like I said clip it. I have a XBOX ONE X and my frames still drop to 15-20FPS with smokes dropped while looting. You clearly dont know what frame drops are or just delusional lmao. I play everyday and even I can admit its still not very optimized.

DaMackD You’re correct buddy, I’ve played since day one and smoke grenades effectively break the frame rate.

Kanibal True I have an X and I play everyday as I LIKE this game but there are frames drops 🤷🏻‍♂️Sure it s better than before but needs more opti

Honja Guess xbox is just trash 🤷‍♂️ get a pro 🤷‍♂️

ShaunBritcliffe Where FPP solo?? Its annoying u say it would be open then it isnt

Fatih Why not free the fucking Survivor Pass patch? Huh?

Aitor Baños Aguilera I play whatver I please. So I don’t even care what do you think about buddy.

.. Is this how do u deal with your fans!???

.. And soo lag the game is nice but need a major update really so annoying

.. Man fix the graphic its sooo laggy

Hasan Macit Is this 500.000km buggy missions real?

J.J Dawkins can we get FPP to PS4 please

Fercho weey

Lucas Israel patch notes?

The Gaming Explorer Are you fucking kidding me.. going to do this the day after Christmas when I’m going to play wtf

Treg when are the ps4 servers coming back up

Daniel Yuja OK FINE

(SR) LAS I thought FPP was on PTS??? Where it be?

Attackfinch Naw, the Pugb server would melt. Got to reboot them Commodore 64’s that are running their servers.

Aakash makhija cant play after update cant do anyting

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