PUBG server down 2018-09-27

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PUBG server down 2018-09-27
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Felix Mkay wow, so since NA players populate the servers less, we get punished…ok

One Punch John It would be nice to know exactly what maintenance you doing so we understand what this means. PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 3 hours.

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 To keep performance up

Brett if i start a game 4 minutes before maintenance and the game ends after maintenance has already started do my stats (kills, wins) etc still add onto my stats or does are the stats from that game void as it’s during maintenance?

LoBo.Kult All stars will go on even if maintenance started mid game. Maintenance happens as servers empty.

AleTigrex97 Peak time on SA…

Checkout PUBG server down 2018-09-27 on 2018-09-27

choco pudding imagine a fantastical land far far away, where each region has its own maintainance schedule

LoBo.Kult In that same land there would be region lock and no de-sync. Oh I dream of this land always.

Pedro DaSilva Maintenance will be over in:

duberdeedu Why is the maintenence sometimes on the wed and now on thurs

Jesse Chang Maintenance and still not implementing update . Great game….

Nicholas Phillips Just keep killing your player base.

John Arnold The least you guys could do is vary the times that you do maintenance. Then it would be during peak hours for a certain region every so often….not this peak hours one night every week for the same region. It seems pretty obvious not to do this……someone pull there head out

Joshua Eddings I still don’t understand why you have to do it in the evening instead of morning like EVERY other game on earth.

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 Korea based not US based

zen-x Thanks for RUIN my play day. Change this shity maintenance to another hours, NOT in prime TIME

kim weisse Ok its not in german primetime now happy?

Jorge Luis Xbox…? 🙄

John Schepemaker Do maintenance when people aren’t trying to play. So fuckin annoying

Neeraas Seriously, how is it possible that you can’t change the error screen from “Servers are too busy, please try again later” to “Maintenance has now started. Check our Twitter for further details”?

Carson Coding is a very difficult thing that the few elite geniuses can learn. Especially text box algorithms and whatnot

jerryz I’m dead

Yıldırım Bora YILDIZ Please increase the loot in the Erangel map. How many place do I have to run to find a weapon? And we want to see optimization better in game. Please fix it.

Kevin Schrimsher Why do we get an error saying servers are too busy instead of letting us know its down for maintenance? I cant wait until oct. 12th.

Kyle Snapp What’s happening in oct?

Hectic Black ops 4 release

Christian Delgado No kidding, I kept hitting reconnect

Razier I was having fun for fucks sake and you pull this shit!

ThatQCguy rubberbanding all over the test server !!! wtf!!

capitánpescadroga Always the same shit? I want my money back! I only have a few hours at week to play…and always it´s in mainstance…wtf?

Adam Barbanell Was gonna play PUBG. Guess I won’t. The decline and death continues. Wan’t to fix PUBG? STOP WITH THE 3 HOUR WEEKLY OUTAGES DURING PRIME TIME.

Saturn Nut So i see you guys moved the server maintenance to today. How awesome………..

Aaron Felizmenio @ ko-fi *waits for more peak hours maintenance complaints*

Vektan STOP testing and fix the game collectively. You are exhausting the community with new features but also new bugs. This is what happened to H1Z1! Don’t make the same mistake!

Porg They are in a campaign Rn called “Fix PUBG”

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 You do know fixes also need to be tested, that combined with that it isnt a content update but maintenance just shows your ignorance. Incase you dont know, maintenance is to keep performance up so retards like you dont cry every 5 seconds

Porg Oof,A little to hard there my guy

corneliusus I think the point was making was that, there’s clearly an issue that hasn’t been resolved if the game needs to go down for 3 hours a week and they should fix THAT before continuing with content creation. I agree with him. Also why you so emotional ?

Porg Yeah but people dont play on test

Porg Oof

corneliusus Wow, , you kind of went all out there. Have you caught your breath yet? K now, are you aware that they have test servers accessible to players who are curious about whats coming down the pipeline? THAT is where testing takes place.

Jelle🇳🇱🇺🇸 That is exactly the point im trying to make, he wants them to stop testing which is dumb because its on a different platform, and this maintenance is not for new content

Jachi Jachón Jachótix Thanks for the alert, Einstein.

BustaGallica 3 hrs during primetime in the US. Come on, guys. TIME ZONES.

Eamonn McHugh-Roohr Real talk, why does deploying new code take three hours?

kim weisse You dont hardforce a patch on you take a hdd with the server exe make a tiny server and connect via unpatched game and look if its without bugs, then you patch the game. After that play a few rounds and after that you also have to check the whole options and store etc.

Rick Alvarez So you’re saying you can’t provision the patch on a new vm and test it prior too. Then swap the dns to the new box post confirming everything is working correctly?

Conrad Kirby The apologists are just retarded. Any dev team that knows what they’re doing knows how to doing rolling patches so that each region has different down times. Not to mention, 3 hours is an unreasonably long down time. 1 hour tops.

Garett Pipe why do you say the server will be down for maintenance @ 0230 CEST but really take it down at 2030 CEST the day before every time? you know this is prime play time right?

kim weisse Are you mentally challenged? The servers did stop working after 0230 CENTRAL EUROPE STANDARD TIME that doesnt mean its the same time in the usa…..

Garett Pipe I see, I dont live in Europe so I assumed it to be central eastern standard time. Either way, stupid time to bring down NA servers.

Jay Pastechi gotta love peak hour maintenance

kim weisse Gotta not be american, would be better in other ways too

riley🤘 at that time it’s afternoon for EU if they do maintenance then everyone there will be mad


James Basso Two nights in a row? How about doing it during peak Asian times?

kim weisse Yeah they would love to work until midnight just because you cant handle no pubg for a few hrs

Battle Royale | News & Updates RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 3 hours. Update will remain on the test server for now, as we continue to collect feedback and test new features.

A Kindly Old Man “An error occurred” EVERY OTHER GAME

LeeBo1Kinobe If you enjoy mobile games that have been ported to PC, go for it! lel

Keifer Shockey WHY DURING PEAK TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so done with this game. COD here i come.

LoBo.Kult COD seems more your style anyway. Have fun bud.

rayshawnB They are based in Korea it’s close to morning time over there

Avery Lmao, people are sooooooo entitled it’s in freaking believable. Next thing they are gonna ask is for the game to win itself ffs

HotDawg886 Maybe they can move the training map mechanics to the main game for a snowflake mode. No one dies, everyone is a winner.

Aaron Felizmenio @ ko-fi Byeee

AorusKiki The Live Ohio server lol.. please add more NA servers or move it so the ping drops.. it’s insanely high right now!

Ryan Millett Worst time to do maintenance. Im over this game

Avery Won’t change the fact that there’s a huge time difference between NA and where server maintence takes place. You know how stupid you all look complaining about it..

AorusKiki It’s cause their biggest fan base is in Asia which since its morning is why they chose this time.. definitely sucks for those in NA though

Porg Their on South Korea

Fyke Daddy Its not tho

Crono Even if that weren’t the case, the studio is based out of Korea. Patching during morning in NA would be afternoon there so if anything goes wrong people would be staying overtime to fix the issues. Patching at the time they do means in case of emergency, staff is already on hand.

Princess Airi it most defintely is

kim weisse It is you american baby

zen perfect eu its around 4am where everyone is asleep anyways


DancingValkyrie Is this gonna fix that annoying battleye corrupted data bs?

Ren! Will the ranking system be reset as well?

kim weisse Ranking will come soon anyway

MATTHEW SORRENTINO 3 hours for some BS update with more bugs!!!!!

riley🤘 it says in the tweet there’s no update it’s just maintenance

Daniel A rogue developer, whom will remain unnamed, coded in a scheduled task that shuts the servers down for 3 hours every 6.6667 days. They can’t find where it is in the source. The quietly call it routine maintenance.

rafael alves What’s the use of these updates if it does not solve anything?

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 3 hours. Update will remain on the test server for now, as we continue to collect feedback and test new features.

Saucy_Life Will my challenges be effected? I completed at least 2 daily challenges in the round before the maintenance started.

sg Again,FIX PUBG STAFF, stop doing USA updates during primetime!!!! STOP

trace hodges just as we started up

Roshan Adrian bring back Oc servers for aussie and NZ players cant play with 200ms + ping in SEA or AS servers😡

Muzz Just play Ring Of Elysium. Free pubg. Asian and US servers and ping doesnt seem to be a problem for us at all. We coppin them Ws regularly

Matttthuew fix the debug statistics for the ping its not accurat :/

Gabriel Guns Complicated, every week an update 🥺

Theodore James Munar cant u do this at night or early morning like 4am

riley🤘 at 4am it’s afternoon for EU so if they do it then everyone there will be mad

Bengelkoyote in Germany its 2.30 a.m.

BustaGallica Sounds like a great time to do the EUR server maintenance; 5-8 PM in the US is a lousy time to do the NA servers.

❌Jared They continually shit on NA. They allow the Chinese to infest and wreck NA servers with cheating and high pings and then take the servers down every week during prime time, depriving customers of what they paid for. Bluehole, a Korean company, I supposed is racist.


Dakota McKinney When you going to fix some of the problems with Xbox One?? We have been waiting close to a week just to be able to buy skins.

Eric Groat that and make it so stuff loads before we hit the ground and stop is from lagging out

Small Children Have you tried uninstalling your game and installing bo4?

Theodore James Munar dang it

Nick Fix the sound

Kevin Rodriguez I am sooo happy COD is around the corner!!!! 😀

Thaqif Yusri RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now started and is expected to last 3 hours. Update will remain on the test server for now, as we continue to collect feedback and test new features.

Oskar Elmgren So when is this in standard time? I don’t know what + or – “PDT”, “CEST”, or “KST” are from standard time. And don’t really care about whatever time zones those are any way.

Felipe when Will come back The New weapons skins for The Xbox one ? And The new weapons ?

John Louro HAHAHAHAHA…..mothah fuckahs got bunrt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah its not Tuesday like every fucking week……..its WEDNESDAY NOW!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA 16 days left to BLACKOUT!!!!

Kakashi Channel We are DOOM!

iban damn

Drew Windsor when’s the game actually going to be finished?

John McFeeley why not do this when no one’s on instead of when everyone playing? Great business

dave is test server gonna be open

DJ REMEDY Choose a better time for your updates. Good grief.

Tyler Turnbull why do you guys do maintenance at 5:30pm PDT when that is prime time for PDT players to get on? Why not schedule it during 5:30am PDT? Just a suggestion

Issa 2Ton fix the lost connection to host problem or I’m done

PUBG Help Hi! Please submit a ticket to reporting the actions taken prior to the connection lost issue in the following format: Solo, duo, or squad? Actions taken just prior to receiving the error. (Example: Queued duo, canceled, queued squad, received error.) -S

Connor Bentheimer Funny you guys do server maintenance every week it’s pretty sad actually.

Curt Hammer why at peak times for USA?

Thicc Jeans so why can’t I still receive achievements on Xbox one?

PUBG Help Hello! The team has identified some issues related to achievements and QBZ+QBU weapons and are working on resolving them as soon as possible! You can read up more about it in our community post below. -S…

Thomas Thompson So forget about the fact you screw the US players every single week. What is the hell takes 3 hours to “maintenance”?

Adam Chirnside Still giving NA players the shaft? Why not move this just a few hours later so servers go down at 1:00am EST?

VigoDaCarpathien Test Server still live during the downtime?

RED Good luck keeping NA players interested when COD comes out and you keep fucking us with maintenance during peak hours, your team is literally brain dead.

N3XUS this challenge is glitched. Won 2 squad chicken dinners tonight and got multiple kills….. On xbox

PUBG Help Hi N3XUS, please contact our customer support on the page below reporting the issue. -S

Mariobelt This has been happening sense last night. you guys really need to fix this.

Bourdontarse so many cheaters…… so many desync…… your game is a joke

TheRealGaryLaserBeam when are we gonna get an actual fix for pubg xbox…that isn’t just focusing on Xbox one x..that’s gonna fix the performance and lost connection to host bs

KenshinPubg 🇩🇰 TBH i hope it will fix ping+desync.. i live in DK with 100/100 connection and 5 ms route.. yet i have 60+ MS in your game (csgo, league and such are around 10-20) and all i see is high ms in your game + desync all over the place atm.. not happy! 🧐

gilbert When are we supposed to receive the Week 1 Mid-Autumn event crate if it bugged out and reset?

NWCrow I love how the days for maintenance get changed every week. So awesome! I loveeeeee it.

Justin Manthei Sames. Best thing they do. Was expecting it last night,but they surprise us by doing it tonight. Amazing!

A Kindly Old Man still getting “An error occurred” while matchmaking on xbox. working on a fix?

Anthony You guys should really consider rotating the times you do update,in their respective time zones, so that NA doesn’t keep getting shut down during our peak playing hours..

RjxLive will test server be down tonight as well?!

Rickles You didnt miss anything. It ran like shit, and you couldnt play with your friends without doing a “workaround”. consider yourself lucky.

Erick Culley Well I played war mode on PC was just curious to see how it would run on Xbox one x but come to find out that before war mode they downgraded the Xbox one x too so I wasn’t to hyped to play it lol

Furkan 🇹🇷 Hello I’m a Turkish people and I can’t buy items because of the dollar is dry.A lot of people can’t buy. Do you have any thoughts about fixing the dollar rate? Thank u.

Unholyshade i bought shrouds cloth face mask and was thinking about buying the crate but was wondering if the extra could be given to a friend.

Mostwanted1 Hey guys, I started trying to play pubg lately and every game I join after about 10m in that game it says [25]Battleeye: corrupted data.I understand thats your anticheat, but I’ve followed all the troubleshoot steps, including reinstalling. This is fresh windowsinstall

PUBG Help Hi! Make sure to: -Uninstall -Delete the “PUBG” folder in the steamapps/common installation folder -Remove configuration files as explained in the guide below -Clear steam download cache in the steam client settings -Restart Steam before reinstalling. -S…

Nic Lush we have 60min waits on OC

Berringer Grow up…

عبادي Can help me please

GM-SAAD Thanks for your update the game start crashing every time

Mario Rodriguez I am really fucked up with this…

Seb_Voyer At least test server will be open this time! This way we will be able to play!

عبادي Hello I want to help in the game does not work 6 hours ago I use it by mobile phone has been stopped is the image at the top and then deleted and reloaded but not useful and did not have any problem in the game What is the problem

PUBG Help If you have any questions or support requests regarding PUBG Mobile, you will need to go through PUBG Mobile support. Please read the following article for more information. -S…

Ali-S Do you have any updates on my issue?

PUBG Help Hi, sorry for the late reply. Please contact our customer support on the page below reporting the issue and including the screenshots so that they can grant you the items manually. -S

the terpiest terp Console is nothing but bush campers. It’s so fucking whack. fix this bullshit

Danny ZukMo Put rocks inside of bushes so they can’t get in but can still use as cover

the terpiest terp Yeah I wish they would bro.

Rishabh_Shrivastava Rocking pubg with skins!!❤️😎

Alan Wait do you mean right after the “maintenence” everything goes to shit? Because that’s what I noticed happens after these “routine maintenance” happen. Thankfully Ring of Elysium is better

Erdem Gürel It’s been 9 days and I still don’t get any answer from PUBG Support!!!!. I have a ban on my Steam account and I’m uncomfortable. How many days are you getting back ??

XhAmeR n1 china. play solos in squad

tj4master Stop competing with fortnite

Grayzon Just put the game under maintenance indefinitely 👍🏼

Nfinit Serious question, why can’t you guys keep this to one set day of the week?

GameZoneHD how to report abusive ID n player in the same squad?

POGEGraphics This guy Live right now promoting PUBG Hacks. Please take him down now ❤️…

Max. I really hope now that Xbox have announced M+K that this game doesn’t get ruined and you guys allow it to be used…

Matej Ivančić i’m getting crashes/freezes ingame, ofter it freezes in lobby befone i want to start playing, once it was ingame then i quited it with task manager and somehow get back ingame, 3rd time was after 25minute game.. and finally it also freeze when i press quit to desktop.

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

John Walker Funny… The test server isn’t even working on Xbox.. XD

Mr.Clyburn I NEED YOUR HELP! please. need help asap

Kakashi Channel I think if bluehole want to pursue it, might be able because still bluehole game content, and the cheater technically change their game without approval. (Maybe?)

Mr.Clyburn i need help, I tried on the app, no one is getting back to me. I can’t get into my player. My Son has a player on my tablet and I have a player on my phone, now I can’t get into my player no more. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE

Nakata Just gathering some players opinion about the loot and sharing with u guys…

Progdogg look at this mate

Brady Hodges so I am aware there was an issue with the glory weapon skins. But seriously how long does it take to fix adding an item to a store? So very disappointing

Lliam Cole When does season 9 end ?

David Can we get weapon skins from survival rewards?

PUBG Help Hello David! Currently no, you cannot. We may add new items to this system in the future and will give the updated details once that happens! -S

David Can you tell me? Pretty please? 😁

Hawkinz Hey! No, not at this stage

David Aww, too bad. I really want that Shark Bite Kar98k..

Kreüzx why i’m always get same item from survival reward??? Get 2x blue bandana, get 2x erangel biker pants, put my effort for leveling up and then get same item.. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢

Hawkinz 😭Sorry mate! For now, you can exchange the duplicate items for BP. Right now, if you haven’t already purchased it, you can purchase the Road Warrior helmet in the store for 20,000 BP. We’re looking at more ways BP could potentially be used in the future.

paintballri Do you play on PC?

Comic Books Plus yes I do, only way

paintballri We should play some time I mean I was talking shit about pubg but I do play until blackout or so thing comes along

Comic Books Plus Sure thing mate. Same name on there ComicBooksPlus or you can friend me on steam…

paintballri Do you mess with discord?

Comic Books Plus yeap

joshua vaters hey guys now that announced keyboard and mouse support. Do you think we can see this implemented to xbox in the future of

LuisDavila🔥 Hey pubg! Now that xbox is partnering up with razer. Can you confirm that you will be adding m/k support for the game?

PUBG Also keep getting an error occurred in grey after nearly every match. Is this why?

Joshua Froud I completed my 5 top 15 games in EU when progress didn’t register. Week 1 has finished but still no reward? Help.

PUBG Help Hi Joshua! Sorry about that, we will be distributing the rewards to all players who met the requirements and will provide an update on this soon. -E

Karolis Babarskas There’s a tutorial how to download undetectable aimbot + wallhacks in PUBG. I found this video in youtube:… . Please somehow detect these hacks and do something with this video. Thanks.

RandomPOET™ Yo are Xbox One achievements stable yet? I lowkey don’t want to play until I hear they are…

paintballri Lol dude I like your style

Comic Books Plus

Ivan Moreno I reported a cheater yesterday. Here’s the video proof.

Fatih Ergen guys please tell when literally are you going to wipe this whole ping problem? I get shot behind corners almost at every CQ situation and began to regret the money I spent for the game.

DarkAlani Really dude?? Just google it

S1LVER Yeah that works

PUBG_noobydick I made many screenshots from three cheaters teaming and glitching – where can I send them?

PUBG Help Hi! You can report players who break our Rules of Conduct to our support page if you have additional evidence such as video. -E

Peter 🏌️ Kovacik ⚽️ McFc is this late weapon spawn RANDOM thing or its RIGGED ??? just wondering … its happening randomly … or????

paintballri Good bye

Comic Books Plus Why say good bye, when I say


Comic Books Plus


Comic Books Plus


Comic Books Plus


paintballri Do you play on PC?

Comic Books Plus yes I do, only way

paintballri We should play some time I mean I was talking shit about pubg but I do play until blackout or so thing comes along

Comic Books Plus Sure thing mate. Same name on there ComicBooksPlus or you can friend me on steam…

paintballri Do you mess with discord?

Comic Books Plus yeap

paintballri Lol dude I like your style

Comic Books Plus

Golandaz Saad Please make a server specially dedicated for India. Pls. Just retweet this and see how many retweets my tweet gets. Pls…..

Alex I report players of friendly fire but nothing happens 😡 😡 😡

Rabid Android Gamespot is still advertising the 3 Month Xbox Live PUBG skin online. They claim to have run out of codes as of Thursday September 20th at 7:40 AM for online customers but they are still advertising the deal.…

Dom Graham how do I go about reporting people hacking to shoot through walls? I have the video to prove it… on Xbox by the way.

PUBG Help Hello. If you suspect a player of cheating please report them to our support page if you have additional evidence such as video. -E

Austin Continually fucking west coast players. Awesome.

Comic Books Plus Yeah I saw a different guy doing this before. He literally was getting a boner off of people coming in hating on him . Thing is I know it’s not youtube problem isn’t there things in streaming terms that say you won’t use hacks and can’t pubg tell yt they broke our agreement

Lincoln_Vlogs Pubg It’ sucks

Rafazimmer Aceita q pubg é melhor q ff

Lincoln_Vlogs Pubg nem tem graça

DoYouLikeMyName Hi im here because of a problem i have. When im ingame in PUBG i get kicked from the match and it says Corrupted files. And i cant fix it. Please help me

Squ4dronLe4der7 sort you shitty servers out keeps kicking me and my friend out when we have the perfect set up your servers are an absoulute joke🤬🤬🤬🤬

CloseCallGames RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers will enter maintenance for 3 hours starting Sep 26 5:30pm PDT / Sep 27 2:30am CEST / Sep 27 9:30am KST. We will be performing routine maintenance during this time, Patch will remain on the Test Server.” …

YoPawps when can we expect to see significant reductions in d-sync. We as the community of hard core players would rather see improvements in this area then have a new hat in game.

steven mccarthy why is matchmaking with other gamers taking so long on the xbox one??

PUBG Help Hi Steven! Can you tell us what your local region is, at what time of the day have you queued for the game and in which mode ( TPP/FPP – Duo/Squad) ? -E

abdohanipubgnews RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers will enter maintenance for 3 hours starting Sep 26 5:30pm PDT / Sep 27 2:30am CEST / Sep 27 9:30am KST. We will be performing routine maintenance during this time, Patch will remain on the Test Server.”

B4DSEED WoW does a longer maintenance than PUBG and does it every single week for well over a year. Take less drugs

Comic Books Plus

paintballri And I’ll admit wow was a terrible example but do you see overwatch doing that….no

Josh Wojnowski Overwatch is owned by a multi billion dollar company. That’s why it doesn’t have maintenance as often.

paintballri And before you say that epic does not own blue hole I will remind you that epic makes the unreal engine the entire reason for pubg existence and with out epic you don’t get pubg

Berringer Well, Tencent owns parts of both Bluehole, Epic Games AND Blizzard so they are connected either way. Epic does not own Bluehole but Tencent owns 40%~ of Epic and 11%~ of Bluehole. Oh yea, 100% of Riot Games also.

paintballri Yeah, I corrected myself tencent is basically in all of them lol

POGEGraphics That’s not entirely true, if unreal weren’t a thing, they would’ve most likely used a whole other engine.

paintballri Correction Tencent studios owns the unreal engine and also owns 40% of epic and a large share of pubg-Corp

POGEGraphics ok? My statement still stands the same, Bluehole could’ve still used a whole other engine. Plus Tencent has bought out PUBG Corp after the fact the game has already been made.

paintballri And the unreal engine bay pubg what it was none would have cared about another BR game the unreal4 is what drew people in

paintballri Your point is Not relevant to the conversation at whole

POGEGraphics Well, I responded to you saying pubg wouldn’t be a thing without the unreal engine. I said that’s not entirely true, that they could’ve used a different engine.

paintballri Wouldn’t have been a thing as in no one would have cared about the game if used anything but the unreal engine that was the selling point

paintballri And your replying on a reply gtfo

paintballri Yeahhh that’s why ping dropped their lawsuit look at the investors Epic is one of blue holes largest share holders

paintballri Ok name 3 other game that go down every week for maintenance and gtfo of my mention who the fuck asked you

paintballri Perfectly calm just don’t understand why a game that sold 50mil plus units has to take the servers down every week that in incompetent

Mark Pugner 🧩 Servers require maintenance. Other games do this. It’s really quite common.

paintballri Also do you see its largest competitor fortnight doing this? Fuck no they aren’t.

paintballri And for them not to do back end maintenance is just stupid

paintballri For every week no that is highly uncommon name 5 games that go down once a week for 52 weeks yeah maybe once a month and to take down both live and test servers is just incompetent

YouHateThisGame haha…that post made me think you have never played those series didnt get a tons of patching neither did wow 😀 how about the broken bf series 😀 man!shut up and go pay 60eur every year xD

paintballri There’s this little thing called back door server maintenance literally every game does it the server does not need to go down and what’s the point of having a test server both definitely don’t need to be offline

paintballri Name 5 games that go down every week for maintenance

paintballri Cod yeah day one always a mess but no full priced games have maintenance every week NON

YouHateThisGame i dont understand how can you complain that they are trying to build better game and bring the gamers the best possible experience!shame on you!I dont want pubg2!I want this one to work and play without bugs and cheaters!why dont you?if they need to patch this every week!do it!

paintballri Oh and also building a better game is great look at overwatch how long has that been out?

paintballri Most online game do “back door” updating so you don’t have your servers offline it’s very common place stop defending a company that has made millions for their incompetents

YouHateThisGame OK!they made millions.the game is broken!so what now?leave it that way and start working on pubg2 so next year they sell one more broken game that need fixing 😀 ok I am wraping this thing up!it was fun. gg

paintballri And with the amount of money they make on micro transactions this game will go F2P before pubg2 you have no idea what the fuck is going on

paintballri …..dude you’re fucking delusional hot fixes and patches don’t require them to take down the live servers get you head out of you ass and out of my mentions.we have test servers on PC for this reason alone do you see overwatch doing this for a new hero? No.

paintballri Lmaooo you obviously have no fucking clue what your talking about have a good day

YouHateThisGame stop talking bullshit pls!black ops 3 that is 3 years old game had 30 patches untill now.july 31 this year!General stability improvements. Security update. and one more thing!pubg is not 60eur!be glad that they have this great support so cry babies like you can complain!

paintballri And patches for a game is great but that does not require you to take the game down for hours every week you don’t see it’s largert competition doing that (fortnight) now hop the fuck out my mentions bunny man

paintballri ……sounds like you got some issues but ok I’ll play the game is at version 1.0 and received money from Microsoft and sold 50mil copy’s most games like COD or BF or overwatch,destiny and rainbow 6:siege. Don’t go down for maintenance every week goodbye

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