PUBG problems on 2018 November 28th

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PUBG problems on 2018 November 28th
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. I wish we had weekly maintenance on Xbox. Keeps the servers fresh

Northern_Touch I love this game to pieces but am playing shorter sessions lately. You need more content released at least quarterly to keep us into this great game! Getting bored…

SANDROAPODI🎮 Maintenance every week to insert in the clothing sets. That’s why I’m abandoning this game. Only in PUBG this happens then someone must be wrong.

Johnny Jobs OMG.. again again again… motherfucker … every week?? Why every tuesday???? Why??? Fuck!!! Why do not you carry out maintenance on homologation and then release the update? Learn to work… nice fps, but BAD MAINTENANCE TEAM DEVELOPERS

Checkout Pubg server status on 2018-11-28

myintooonline In my opinion lobby chat could be really useful in dealing with some other regions players, it will help communication in another way to easy share info easily. I would also like to see current online friend status like mobile showing he’s in game with somebody…….

Brad Amour f*&k me the amount of time this game spends in maintenance each week and is still full of bugs. Larger games are able to do restarts for routine maintenance, why do you need 4 hours every, single, week? whats doin?

Sum Fuk Can we get better physics on mobile lmao

Jack Maiher Hardly. Do some research. Stats are out there. As well as revenue figures by country. NA is the main consumer base. Very shoddy I.T. principles. No other global online game has or would even think of kicking off their base during prime time playing hours week after week.

meet the Nasa This every Tuesday bullshit for 4 hours while you break it further needs to stop. You’re loosing customers every time this happens. Plan for twice a month and test it on non production servers first before deploying….

Lucas Mommer Funny how you said 130 am CET but yet the servers are toooooo busy.

Probably not me That’s the gif I was looking for, thanks 🙂

Adam Brewster This is always during peek NA playing time 🙁

Chevy Bolt Fans Wow you dummies still haven’t figured out how to perform rolling outage updates? North American at prime time one update, then Europe during prime time on another update, then Asia etc.. etc… Come on guys your going to make yourself fail!!

B4DSEED Steam won’t let them.

Jack Maiher LOL – Losing more PC players every week as you continue to perform “maintenance” during peak week day evening hours for your MAIN paying customer base! Bush league

Mr. Dammit Are you crazy? NA (who is effected by this time) makes up like 15% of their “paying” customer base. Their main base is Korea my guy.

Chevy Bolt Fans Mr. Dammit you need to use google before you type bro. Here let me help you the latest as of August 2018. The most users come from USA as well as the USA spending the most. Korea my friend is barely close at…

Hurcor Dont worry. Hes a Chevy bolt guy

Jesse Anderson Lol yeah the 75%+ of players in the Asian Pacific region that paid are just negligible yeah?

Melissa It’s consistently every Tuesday. I would advise you write it down on google calendar and plan accordingly.

raker of the forest This is the only day my wife works late and I can sneak some game time. This patch schedule is an injustice and a personal attack and I am owed reparations.

no one It should read, “down time is our thing”… maintenance implies something is being fixed!

Malachi BURTON Seriously. PUBG says fixes 1 thing, and breaks 10 other things in the process 😂

Benito_Burrito Nothing is ever fixed in this game and it’s sad and disappointing

Levi Kaelin Sill Why does this have to happen every week ?? And why isn’t the test server available then

fostRR Do we get more fps?

JBardTV I am running 150+ how much you need?

Malachi BURTON PUBG Support- “No… Sadly less FPS and a few new bugs. But hey you get more emotes and new clothes to purchase!”

Ed Sullivan are we going to be able to look left and still be facing left after jumping out of the plane in FPP now?

Jason Michael Ward THIS. NEEDS FIXED BAD.

Scott Kelly Was going to come back and try your game tonight after 3 months but you do maint during peak hours.

Jestax No joke, haven’t played in a week or two, figured I’d give it a shot. Nope. Same old junk. Thanks Dev team, you’ve officially got my uninstall.

D34TH0FKVorshk its not peak hours. this is the lowest player count time period of the week. Welcome to the reality of living on a whole planet.

tangotv You played yesterday

Benito_Burrito They’re not even fixing anything lol they need to actually fix their game but they don’t and it’s sad

Probably not me Fellow players: stop buying skins/crates/keys. Boycott micro transactions!!!


Probably not me That’s the gif I was looking for, thanks 🙂

Michael Hatch Don’t know why I am surprised. Haven’t really played since blackout but had the urge to play tonight. Don’t know if it’s my luck or the gaming gods looking after me. Lol

Its_My_Purpose If you care to browse through PubG tweets you’ll notice a trend.. Maintenance has been scheduled and announced every Tuesday night for months now..

Jeef baahahahahaha thats the way it works

greg winn y u bully played a game took a 15 min shower came back and bam server maintenance

Jason Knight Actually fallout 76 might by the looks of it.

AndzDave wow maintenance. big word!

Michael Ingraldi 狂88 Yay more prime time maintenance for us. Do Koreans really buy that many skins?

hana The NA playerbase is like, 3%. Just quit if thats all that y’all are complain about.

Michael Ingraldi 狂88 No, I have much more to complain about.

Jack Maiher Hardly. Do some research. Stats are out there. As well as revenue figures by country. NA is the main consumer base. Very shoddy I.T. principles. No other global online game has or would even think of kicking off their base during prime time playing hours week after week.

Can I Get An Good another 4 hours I won’t be playing of this game.

Peppermint Trap Good, we don’t need a squad member who drops across the map from the rest of us, then complains that they died to this “mysterious desync” that went away a 3 weeks ago.

Justin Harris bluehole is actually garbage and their customer service is utterly disgraceful to the gaming industry. These updates are and will kill the game.

Joshua Thompson You sound mad.

Payne Cork Can we get some news on the new map. Getting real bored of cheaters and looking for something new in the game. Or some good news in general.

Mr. Dammit Bro there hasn’t been cheaters for a while now.

James Petersen Really? You must not play much then

TL I love the game but why do you guys always do maintenance work US East prime time. Seriously, how does that make sense?

Dave It’s a Korean company. They do maintenance during the lowest player count, which is NA prime time. We (NA) are not the target audience.

surya s so only stupid Americans playing this game??

D34TH0FKVorshk There is always the test server

Deadly Chicken it seriously makes sense because that time is the absolute lowest player count time every day every week. they impact far less players doing maintenance at this time than other times and steam doesn’t allow for regional updating.

Hulk68TV On the real the people that spend money work a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and look forward to gaming after work until 9pm. You cut out one of our prime days. I understand that you are not Americans and it’s not about us but you’d think it’s not best hours to do this for anyone

Alex Not really. Steam player count figures show that this is actually the lowest peak time for players. Try to understand that China and SEA comprises most of the player base.

Derek Shride

Deadly Chicken You do realise that other in parts of the world the time is different right ? Like in Brisbane Australia the time might be 5 pm on a Monday, and yet in San Francisco in USA its Sunday night at 11pm at that same moment ?

Hulk68TV Duh!! Is you simple? But would it make sense to be in the hospitality industry and schedule maintenance on the weekend.

Hulk68TV It’s like a bar doing bar cleaning on a Saturday night.

Matt A bar only affects locals, not people on the other side of the planet. The world doesn’t revolve around America. If they did it in other times it would be bad for them and the developer who needs to work in the middle of the night.

Joshua Thompson It’s because we are not the main demographic.

live from CTC A Korean game doing maintenance when the largest portion of their audience is offline? Crazy idea.

tester490 Perfect time for EU players

Shunko Rodriguez for Argentina too

Jonatan Ezequiel una mierda para Argentina, la hora que mas se juega…

SoopaFly connect to SEA servers, lot of ozzies do that 😉

LonerageR I don’t have a choice. Auto matches now no server selection available

Hassan Zarif is test server going to work during maintenance?

ezz01 Good luck!

officialzuzu We finally gave u a chance to come back to your shitty game and u put out a fucking maintenance for 4 hours??? Why do u even focus on fixing a dead game?

desmoNdd can u plz make airplanes less loud

3rdWorldGamer to whatever account you guys supposeddly check or whatever… I’M SICK of your fucking game crashing to desktop every 2 rounds…. FIX YOUR GODDAMN GAME OR GO FREETOPLAY AND STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE!

Matt Martin For the love of god can y’all make the all maps play. Never miramar. Always the other two and there is only three maps to begin with

Dominik Łada Come on – when are you planning to update on iOS to be compatible with new 2018?

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz Daj sobie spokój. Prawdopodobnie nigdy.

Dominik Łada Kurde, nie mam na czym grać…

jordan ellison I got the Permanent vintage racer helmet in a drop in supply and its not showing up in my inventory. Happened yesterday and still isnt showing up. What gives?

Filipe Barreto change the time of maintenance please!!!! change to 4:30 AM PST !!!

thederpyturtl Nooooooo not pubg

Ed Sullivan so we’re going to be able to look left, jump from the plane, and still be facing left in FPP?

LeeBo1Kinobe Blackout is literal garbo

Tiago Beltrão please, allow “quick join” without Sanhok. Let us choose between mini royale and battle royale, just like before.

Eric Mureithi my progress is lost. How do I restore?

Jimey Rinchin I have two pubg account (facebook and twitter) now how do i delete one, neither i can link them both.

Louis Louis Louis Go to bed

Squ4dronLe4der7 Still live come join me, chat and support the small streamer 🙂

Freakie i try to play pubg and it just stay at the loading screen for hours…nothing changes

kwnos100 Hi i live in Greece(EU) and i have US PSN account. Which version of the game should i buy EU or US? Would be a problem if i opted for EU version? Will there be any restrictions?

Phil “Esquire” Stewart Pro League 🔥💡S K I N IDEA💡🔥: FPP – the most obvious skin (besides a gun) is a player’s GLOVES ✋🏽🤚🏽 Team Gloves w/ a Pro League Emote, making the player do this pose with the gloves on – completing the logo 🍗🔥💸Team Rev Share💸 🔥🍗

Theo Bennett Rather have the logo visible regardless, no one actually uses emotes 😝

Phil “Esquire” Stewart The emote is just icing on the cake. The gloves should still have a team logo on the top side with team colors. Just added swag on the palm side 🔥

Theo Bennett Oh yeah I gotcha, love it

Sheriff McJustice ✈️ #DHATL18 Excited to see the version. Will go well with that hoodie I have 🙃

F.C. Zephyr

AmongStar I like I like

KingBee You’re on to something…

Wolfgang_rush Awesome

Squ4dronLe4der7 has anyone else been having viewer issues lately?

Unwary_Fist_bump_mania Yes 😢

🔥⏭TARP⏮🔥 (♻️RTS- 2.2K) yes lol, literally no-ones been watching

ふえんねく Isn’t it about time for a new season? I notice myself being reluctant to play in fear of deteriorating my stats 😐

EvilregalNy everytime I’m in a match I get kicked out in the middle of the game. Especially everytime I reach 3 kills or get inside a vehicle I get lagged out. Super annoyed with this pos game already

Spideymike Please fix this network problem I always face this problem I can’t deal with it anymore.. just fix this problem..!

nyo Hellooo! can u ban this account they live stream in youtube ! So annoying when played pubgm!

Gigs Is this where you patch in the ability to tame wild woodland creatures and have them follow you around while ya hunt for bad guys??? Thought for sure something like that would have been tied to all the emote nonsense.

Gregory Gramm I love the new level and survival rewards system. But maybe instead of giving me blue biker boots 3 times in a row for every 10 levels you could include some cool skins or even a different article of clothing. Incentive systems usually work better with diversity

Squ4dronLe4der7 Live now!!! Duos on now using 1st person mode

Ferociously Nook! PUBG = Everything for me 💚💛💜

808mobgaming PUBG Vikendi Snow Map Leaked, Release Date May Coincide With PUBG PS4… I designed this in September What now?

Gary Bosworth when are you guys going to be fixing the terrible new ladder system that gives people who play more games the top ranks despite being terrible players?

Grizz God like movement

Saku Tupala Why do i have -15k bp?

Prajwal Basnet Hey, Why can’t I enter a match properly? I can hear footsteps, dropping out from parachute and everything else but the game doesn’t load. Why? I need to close the game and then start again to enter the match most of the times.

SE Azur OCEANIA server are struggling right now. Our population are close to Zero, We play on North American servers when it comes to Competitive 24/7. We are. at a constant struggle to win matches. OCEANIA players are close to elite players compared to your NA server(THREAD)

SE Azur Please for the love of god show a population count for a region. The skill gap with your terrible American players are stupid. We play with the worst players but can’t win gun fights because of your terrible matchmaking. AMERICANS ARE TERRIBLE AT PUBG, Improve OCEANIA servers

Fix_PUBG_plz Lagging SHIT GAME!

هاني الحربي i have problem why show to me like that

Aniket Singh Despite the good network, the game is not working properly Two consecutive loss in two matches Fix this problem


fatguy46 ping = your fault = desync = your fault

LonerageR And it’s my fault that I can’t select the region …. tool.

fatguy46 i mean it was a good thing for them to do ngl

Zaphod Beeblebrox AGAIN? Jesus Tap Dancing Christ. Game is Dead.

GamerTweak Vikendi Map Leaked Images, Videos and More…

Tank it would be nice if would work better. Love to unload a clip and die by a shot or two from same weapon.

Pedro Freitas dont ruin the game… the best patch ever.. almost no sync at all… owning this peek’s advantage

brotherb34r Guess it’ll be tonight. Much rather play .. you

brotherb34r And it was a good night for .

corneliusus I was waiting for 13 minutes to join a match.. and then it just cancelled all on its own. Is this what happens on the 6th day without maintenance? Set some goals! This has to be the least stable game ever made.

corneliusus Time for our weekly Bluehole checklist! 1. 4 hour shut down with zero updates to performance? -check!! 2. Roll out more micro trans while also pushing clothing sales for some reason? – check!! 3. Push back the Winter map yet again with no explanation? -check!! Great update!


Ka1li what is going on, servers are too busy and can’t connect to custom matches,

Zero Forever Uh oh. Pro Streamer is having issues. Hope they fix it for you soon my man.

Ka1li Fixed now yikes, but face it matches are still bugged

Zero Forever at least you get faceit matches

Lucas Wtf happen it’s there a clip I want so see that

GokulDiviJayamraviFan When will the pubg lite version is released in india

SolidSnake COD is the worst game I’ve ever bought. Made me realize it’s worth dealing with PUBG’s flaws than play more COD.

Jese Solis Enjoy your 4 weekly hours downtime

SolidSnake Are you ever going to make the M16 viable again?

lastofus.777 stupied ‘

lastofus.777 just ahut your mouth atupied indian

Josh Wrong Dec. 7 when ps4 releases with an event pass… all will release at once for all platforms!

MeLoveAnn- (火影) Nowhere says that map will be released then. Those people who got that edition with vikendi pass means they will have event pass when map comes out. They would release teaser or something if its coming basically next week

SolidSnake No it won’t it’s not even on test servers yet.

Josh Just watch. It will happen.

Naked Singularity It won’t 😉

James Petersen But fortnight fixes things unlike pubg

Louis Louis Louis They’ve pretty much fixed their biggest flaws in recent months!

James Petersen Right

Tobias Breindl Im Not Sure about that one chief

Gurjot Singh Which one?

KoolGuy Pb

jeyyen how you know?

Ornatus great maybe when i have a 18ms ping to the server I won’t die to 1 bullet and then watch the deathcam to find out he actually sprayed at me but the game decided to desync me so hard it fuckin deleted or just doesnt send data anywhere close to being acceptable

Ornatus 2nd game of the day and the game doesnt even fuckin recognise when I fire a shot, the game is beyond a fuckin joke at this point.

fatguy46 funny thing that doesn’t happen to anyone else LOL

MĂĆHŐ🇧🇷 want this game on pc

Talal ahmed Tencent gaming buddy download kro!

MĂĆHŐ🇧🇷 means nae smja ??

fatguy46 lol

KingsmanONV Big shout out to for the good games last night. Thanks for being cool even though we got deleted every game by the stream sniper hacker guy.

Joe The Burly Gamer Yeah, had a blast and was definitely a pleasure meeting you dude. That hacker was soo determined man. Only if the hacker used their tenacity for good…

Faster Than Whaa? Because cod and fortnite servers doesn’t run on kimchi

Бекасов Антон Buy yourself a normal cocaine and create a cool update! Do not be scum – stop pumping money out of children! Do your job well!

Trevor Orser At least they were nice enough to return it.

a person Fortnite literally went down this morning

Tyler Brown Literally? I thought you meant it as a figure of speech.

Larifaks Its not a community map like sanhok!! It will be test server then live server like miramar!!

Snakers I’ve gotten banned twice on my alt account lmao

David C Please bing black the wekend Event or tell us why there is no more

Joel LeBouthillier how come we can’t report a player team killing on custom matches?

Joel LeBouthillier

Jr Aguil Get a life

Sean Brawley any way to get PUBG to stop shutting my XBOX One X down mid-game?

PUBG Help Hi Sean, please contact our customer support below reporting the issue and including information such as your console version (OG/S/X), whether your game is installed on an internal or on an external drive and your connection type (Wired/Wireless). -S

NYDAVIDGTR Why there still so many cheaters with aimbots? game is dead soon enough to know it

kingsofvalhall God what a destroyd game this is. Dsync and more idiot adds .no Fix? Wth Dev

Josh D Sync had a huge fix. You just suck at the game…

kingsofvalhall If U Are a champ show me😊

fatguy46 scroll on their twitter for literally 30 seconds idiot

papa franku Thanks guys juat reported it to them!

Adi thank you!!

Bradley David Please explain how 5.56 bullets are more deadly than a 7.62 headshot? And why it takes two face headshots to drop someone but if I get shot in head instant drop?

BOT Risefar. I think the thing is that irl a 7.62 would be extremely deadly and a 5.56 would be a weapon used to wound rather than kill but they probably don’t know the difference because it’s a game, but I wish they did know the difference

Nimnas Ahamed PUBG Game play (killing style) by: Nimmy Bhai _MOBILE

papa franku I was just made aware that I should have the sanhok survivor t-shirt but I do not, I was playing the game around the time of the event pass but never received a t-shirt is their any way it can be sorted out?

PUBG Help Hi papa franku! Please reach out to our customer support on the page below reporting the issue! -S

papa franku Thanks guys juat reported it to them!

Niko Eng hi.. can I know how to deactivate my pubg mobile account so that i able to link my facebook to my main account

Prince Singh How you know that.?

Troynotbad PLEASE FIX THE MATCH MAKING!! IT HAS BEEN BROKEN IN AUSTRALIA FOR 2 MONTHS NOW!!! Entering games with 250ms ping or more. Was getting 50ms before.

jdalm13 I’ve played several online games today and pubg is the only lag one for today

Sujit Dutta I have revoked the access from twitter but it is still showing to my linked accounts section in pubg.

TwistedNJ Where?

Peppermint Trap well, they haven’t given any patch notes yet, so I could see them dropping out of no where a new map

Voice0fTreason feel like I sold my brother a lemon 🍋 do the Oceana sergers not work anymore

Ragin Ranga69 hi can you make a map with good loot? Thanks!!!! Fucking useless

James Micheal Hi can yous fix the ball cam on custom games Xbox please it’s an amazing feature it’s just a shame it isn’t working properly/pretty much at all

Santosh When we getting Xbox update ?

SolidSnake Xbox is garbage

Hydr0 Finally, my sensetivity settings dont reset everytime i log on

MEXI✨ Too many chicken dinners = insta-ban

calamonsen Please don’t. Everyone just mutes it so noone uses it in-game. It’s just trolling and racism anyways.

fatguy46 false i loved lobby chat it was amazing i would have lovely conversations with people

calamonsen “false”… Lovely 1-minute conversations? On what server was that? EU FPP was racial slurs and russian for the most part. Have not missed it one bit.

Essa alrashedi dear Dear my account registered from Facebook and now I can not login to my account .. show me a new account .. Please help and thank you

Tactical Hotdog They release the new patches around Thursday and then put it on live with the next maintainence on Tuesday

Nico lul Blackout is causual garbish, even BF V is better!

johan nolander I feel the FPS has dropped lately. What are you doing w the game?

God It’s true, though.

Muhd ‘Savior’ Hazwan please take some actions on this page. they are selling macro software for pubg. here’s the link :…

Muhd ‘Savior’ Hazwan please open this link, someone selling macro software here. Here’s the link… i hope you guys take some action.

Adi ban notification is bugged. i get that square where ban msg should be but there is nothing written in it. also i see that ” we got em” bubble but ,again,nothing in it.

PUBG Help Hi Adi! We’ve reported the issue to the team! -S

Adi thank you!!

TheBoogle same m8, feels bad man

Asfakur Nariz 😁😁Big Lol

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