PUBG down on 2018-11-07

By in Discusions on November 7, 2018
PUBG down on 2018-11-07
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Nathaniel Adams Every fucking week MAINTENANCE! Your not even fixing the fucking game! But keep adding in shit to buy in the game it’s the only way your gonna make money off the people that play the game.

droowz Brendan is pocketing all the sales money instead of paying seasoned game devs

That Guy agree, they manage to promote more than make repairs to the game. so much for

Saginaw Savage what’s up

Tim issues with Xbox? Game won’t launch, says “try again in a while”

Chris Klein What’s more amazing: always dumping on the same region’s primetime at least once a week for “routine maintenance”, or it’s 2018 and still going through hours of downtime instead of spinning up upgraded servers in parallel and switching over at upgrade time?

Checkout PUBG down on 2018-11-07 on 2018-11-07

Ƀɇnŧlɇy Đɇan Let’s fix this shite first. Ya?

Indago Litcherally useless we’re trying to play

LordEscorpio “Minor Changes” = 9GB Updates = 5 Hous maintenance

[email protected]!&L [email protected]$ minds thinking, and work in progress

Derrick Tyson Look you guys should separate the maintenance on the servers and do them at different time, so that you can do them at low traffic times in each timezone, instead of doing all the servers at once.

droowz Do you think if they can they would not do it?

Mike Maybe switch to a monthly (or better yet, quarterly) release cycle so you actually have time to test what you are releasing and let people get used to the changes? Weekly releases are ridiculous, and especially weekly releases during prime North American play hours.

James Petersen How does it take 5 hours to fix nothing? More like 5 hours to break more shit.

Max Ma 5 hours maintenance to add 2 skins to the game. no wonder player base keeping nose diving

gobble gobble minor changes…5 hours. client update 3GB?!. And you decided to do this tonight…fucking hell…

#ChappalChorPakistan Just tell us how much GB is the update

Nick G One can only hope…

Nick G I can’t wait for something to replace you.

Trolls Did you fix the sound

Jorge Martinez Come on over to xbox one, if you want to avoid futher disruption

YellowCurb Are the test servers still open?

ReVamPT 🍺 Nick Literally not one thing that actually needed fixing. We ask for server performance and desync fixed and you throw new skins at us. Great

Dotey That’s the way to make money though.

ClamantElk25 Jesus does this game go in to maintenance more than it’s actually up and playable?? I don’t play myself but all I see 24/7 is maintenance maintenance maintenance!!! Lol

brunitokz return the selection of servers

droowz So that you can stream snipe? Why bruh you can’t create youtube content without sniping?

hanzo When will you face cheating and plugging problems? Or are you going to follow him?

Naeem ur Rehman patch note link you shared is from 18 oct we already did that update whats new in this 900mb+ update ?

Diego Antonio Nieves I made a payment for $59 MXN, to get 180 + 10 tickets in the game, however I haven’t received that cash in my account.  Diego Antonio Nieves. User: Diegus38 I’m a player of PUBG mobile.

Andrea Pulvirenti 5 hours….really? Are you hosting with my old 386sx pc?

Ian Pritchett I forgot it’s the day of the week that pubg needs to completely shut down during prime time just to keep their game kind of working

Joseph Problem is it is prim time for US not Asia and there is more players in Asian countries spending money so they are not going to risk the greater market for making money. It is a business.

Ian Pritchett Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t there plenty of software companies who are able to roll out their updates a server at a time? Also, have you ever, ever, ever heard of any game that needed 5 hours of downtime per week for maintenance?

droowz FYI steam doesn’t allow that kind of server updates, rant first before reading I guess

Richie You cant even start maintenance st the time you say you’re going to 😂😂😂

Dean Koeck Fix OC servers! We’ve had absolutely no help from you guys whatsoever. It came good when server selection became automatic and the next update or two fkd it

Tyler Hansen Fix the god damn desync issues. The amount of times ive gotten killed behind walls/tree is immeasurable. Just like the GIF below me. This game is still in terrible condition.

Orbit Storm Minor changes but y’all need five hours to complete them? Good grief. Those patch notes haven’t been updated since last week’s maintenance, which took several hours and yet another delay. Bunch of amateurs.

Ududrlrl Every fucking week.

ThunderBeak i love you

UCE-PAVA Pubg maintenance means “we’ll fix something and add more bugs to the game” 😂😂😂

_alexWitter “minor changes” -> 5 hours maintenance

Kough Oh you mean adding new skins……k thx

Todd Cormier Proper.

JL ALEX Does season are reset ?

Francisco Infante Only problems, maintenance, bad optimization, crashes, etc, etc. Return my money!!!!!!! 😤😤😡😡

DP This is such a shit game even after we gave billions. Your updates suck, your development is extremely underperforming, we get crashes, low fps with good rigs, and desync from 2003 type games. No wonder Fortnite ect is beating us

Swire Once again, thanks for doing it at prime time hours and not staggering updates.

droowz Don’t always think your region is top priority

jesse johnson Prime time for who? The 200k Americans stil playing? Should they do it when the 800,000 chinese play?

jesse johnson the lowest player base bud is the USA

Chris Gonzales umm maybe not Chinese or American primetime ?

A R T H U R M O R G A N Bring back region selection!!! Tired of gaming on Asian Servers!!!

droowz Stream sniper spotted…

SexySEAL and we were tired of asians playing on our servers

Incoming! They still do!

Sebastian Bugno So low…. twice on week

◢SHROOD◤ Fix the FPS drop please

Ninponeer Please move your weekly maintenance to Friday AND Saturday evening to give all these plebs something legit to QQ about… 🧐 Oh, and fix dsync k thanks bye 🐼🐼🐼

Jack BOSS MTG I don’t play video games on the weekends, so that sounds awesome!

Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith “But it’s Prime time…. 😭😭” 😂🤣😂🤣

Thomas Thompson Because then bluepile might have to work overtime. Ouch.

Anton Fyodor You must do something about cheaters!

calamonsen They have. There are hardly any cheaters left.

Anton Fyodor Are u sure? I always see cheaters when i play the game.

calamonsen What cheats are you seeing? Remember that the replays/spectating is misleading. Many players actually have superior aim/recoil control. Just cause they can hit shots you can’t doesn’t mean they’re cheating. I hardly encounter any cheaters whatsoever.

BeerSultan I’ve had 5 obvious wall hackers reported and permanent banned in just 2 days of playing 2 weeks ago…probably 8 or 10 total hours. There are still plenty out there.

calamonsen And how many hours have you played in total for the past, say, 4 weeks? Cherry picking those 8 hours doesn’t necessarily reflect the overall cheater situation. I have had 6-7 suspicious encounters (3 banned) in the last 4 weeks (about 200hrs). I only play FPP though.

Luke Hawkins I play roughly 6 games per night, I am getting on average 2 messages the next day saying that the person I reported has been banned or “temp banned pending further investigation” That’s an avaerage of 33% of the playerbase that is cheating. I play TPP and FPP

calamonsen That is definitely not 33% of the playerbase… All it says is 2 players every 6 games with 90-100 players in each. 2cheaters/600players = 0,33%. I also find it questionable that your experience is so widely different from my own.

Luke Hawkins Tell yourself whatever you want champ. If you don’t encounter players with aimbots or recoil hacks your either ignorant or too much of a noob to notice.

calamonsen I think you are the noob and unaware that you are unskilled (Dunning-Kruger). If I were to kill you in-game you would probably report me even though i have never cheated. It’s easier to cry cheating than acknowledge that other players have superior aim and recoil control.

🃏 RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers are now in maintenance which is expected to last 5 hours. We’ve included some minor changes which will require a client update once maintenance is complete.…

Teddy “some minor changes”

DredgeGuy How about fixing up the oceania servers – do they even exist anymore?

Skidar Yeah, maintenance for that.

Frank Scroll PUBGeed

AreYouKittenMe Third person in EU.. why dont you have debug statistics turned on?

garythemetrosexualfruitcake Git gud lol

fatoh This has been happening way too much

Ian Pritchett Lol oh no, not for that

Fran Eso me ha pasado a mi 800 veces y no veas como jode loco, que asco.

no average potato Really? That would be awesome!

JProps Don’t worrie the new joker 🃏 skin for ya character will fix that……………….

Skidar XDDDDDDD For only 12 dollars.

JProps Fuck that

baha murar u should delete this game like i did when this shit happens to me 760707070700 times

mauricio murillo still a trash. i get cover and die after do this. trash pubg, they dont fix nothing. only download more gb for nothing. sorry my native language is spanish

Skidar No te preocupes Mauricio, el mio también jajajaja

Cole Prather loooool

Jay 🌷 would love to see your ping in this, desync? maybe a little. Getting put onto servers that arent our own? happens too often.

Jay 🌷 u slowed it down so it looks a lot worse than it is, ur ping is probs fine with his being 150+. With desync issues makes the game unplayable

MixSar i play with 50 ping and i get the same thing

ThorinOakenpants If his ping was high the other guy would be at the disadvantage. The servers just suck.

Skidar No, I am from Europe and the enemy is from Uk (I think so for his name)

Incoming! Enemy names don’t mean much. With issues in match making your location means little also. what server were you on and what was your ping?

Skidar Europe server. ping 40…

Federico Thats the ping bro

Skidar No Federico, no es el ping. Me estuve disparando previamente contra el en el piso de abajo y subí corriendo para matarlo y me disparo cuando ya estaba a cubierto.

oG Kickback this Happens Only On PC never console lol.

BlackFlag WTF!!

Kevin broooo this shit been happening to me way 2 often….

Kung Fu Kenny Same here. So fucking frustrating.

dan deserved it your in third person

Skidar Is a bad thing play a game mode was in the game?

Josh Wojnowski Just let him play what he likes.

Hamet check this .. better version…

AreYouKittenMe That’s the replay, we all know that what’s shown in replay isn’t acountable. I can show you 5000 kills like that one if I go thru my replays.

Hamet I have some other videos recorded with share (nvidia), where u sit behind cover for 2-3 seconds and still get a hit. Pubg is a great game going down, the worst decision was to go in 1.0 patch. They should go back to early access, where the performance was not great but was fine.

AreYouKittenMe That’s just excessive. Or some lag issue, not desync. I mean, happens to me from time to time, and I’m playing on 20-40 ping, but it goes both ways so… People are complaining too much. Who knows how many people you or I have killed that way?

Hamet That’s true, but I notice like 70% of my games are like this. It’s not only me, my friends got this too. Maybe u r right, complaining about an unfinished game full with bugs. Some are simple and funny, some are just OMG. I love this game and hate it at the same.

Skidar lol… incredible… -.-“

asdf Steam down for 2 hours and now live servers maintenance . Fuck

clipper I’m no white Knight to any game developer but I have to say that this game is the only game that keep me and my going online every night it still really good fun the chicken dinner is anybody’s u just have to remember this game was One price they’re not asking for any more

🍁DanilE🍂 Fix lag, why my fps drops without reason? Only what you rly need to fix are servers and fix that bug when I’m behaind wall he can hit me

GabeN desync will be fix by 5 years LUL

🍁DanilE🍂 And they will become like h1z1

¯_(ツ)_/¯ please fix the time it takes to initialize especially after a match. eats away valuable time

Domdangl do you guys have any idea what you’re doing? Your game barely even works. Unreal….

Pablo Queirolo Same happened to me yesterday, 2 on the water outside the playable zone…

David Allen Why is this always during prime time evening gaming time? It’s really disappointing.

droowz Move to china if you want to keep playing every primetime

Jeffrey Smith Dude , it’s not the prime time in China , which has the largest player base.

Michael ^^ that’s the reason. Not it’s in Korea or some shit, because there are so many of them in China. They would lose much much more money if they do the updates during their prime time. NA complains is nothing compares to them. Just recall the whole region lock issue

Scott Berry…

M This is crazy

ArmyGuyClaude Because it’s a Korean based game and it’s major consumer are Asian? So maintenance time for them will be their downtime.

shrimp 🇨🇳🇰🇷 America isn’t the world, stop acting like you guys would be special.

Wild_Monkey Prime Time ?! It’s 2AM !

Swire For all of North America it is.

Derrick Tyson its 5pm

Kyle Kirchner so when can i play squads without people from asia on N/A servers?

Pinnnnno💩 Please fix Survival rewards, 47 lvl and drop Tinted Biker Shades x3 🤬🤬🤬

Daniel Salazar I hate that you switch off completely for 5 hours on prime time. Every time I have a spare time to play, it’s maintenance.

D WOOD Amen!!

Epøs Absolutely idiotic the way they schedule maintenance…

Jeffrey Smith Dude , it’s not the prime time in China , which has the largest player base.

KptRooibaard_ZA It’s also the time at which the developers in Korea can be at hand to oversee the process and smooth out any potential wrinkles should they occur!

darknetslasher Why the hell don’t they have different servers for different regions?? USA maintenance would mean only the USA servers are down, etc…

Daniel Salazar They could at least make sure dev server is kept alive, but no..

sterrrage Steam doesn’t let you seperate maintaince by region it’s all at once or nothing, Americans can suck it up for the one game in the world that doesn’t cater to them

James Pieters I feel like I know this bozo….

Douglas Ritchey It’s a legit gripe. There is no reason to always fuck one of your largest player bases. But that’s why they continue to lose people.

sterrrage Asia is the largest player base by far, literally not possible on steam to cater for precious Yanks they look after number 1 which is asia. Just deal with it like the rest of the world does in every other game. I can’t get games under 150 ping ever you miss one night boohoo

sterrrage They continue to lose people because the game is a shit show not because they patch once every few weeks.

Justin Blackson It’s Tuesday night every week I don’t understand why everyone gets so butt hurt every week about it it has been like this for the last 6 months, so next Tuesday expect there to be maintenance

Glen Stevens Hey Dougie? How are the ‘Hooked on Phonix’ courses going? Maybe re-read the convo, take that legit gripe bs, and shove it. Stop making excuses for ingnorance, we arent numbawun! Understand?

GetPoopedOnHomie I still don’t get how people ask this question? It’s been two years…

Jeffrey Smith Yes , nice idea , but they won’t do it , sad.

B4DSEED Because NA is 7% of their player base and they aren’t going to stay up all night for a region made up of people who bitch them out on twitter lol

Daniel Salazar Don’t care one tiny bit. I don’t want to play in Chinese servers.

Jeffrey Smith They care only about the Chinese players , that’s what I am trying to say. They don’t care about other regions.

Doge Chen +1

Graeme Smith Everytime!!

Pinoy Game Store We’re waiting…

Pablo Queirolo Sanhok layout? Did you buy the game yesterday? Sanhok is 4×4 of which only 3×3 is mainland. Dihor is 8×8 of which only 6×6 is mainland. That’s the first difference. Second, how in your brain do you compare Sanhok which has 3 islands with this that has just 2?

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers are now in maintenance which is expected to last 5 hours. We’ve included some minor changes which will require a client update once maintenance is complete.…

Clayton Licciardello👽🛩

Josh Conner Why do u do maintenance at 7:30pm?! Like why not 7:30 am eastern most people just now getting home from work… bunch of cans

Michael I hate to say this. There are much more Asian players than NA. Just recall how many Chinese have you met before ping lock in NA servers. And my friend told me they have like a “Network Accelerator/Ping reducer” app in China which will let you get into other servers with low ping.

cat24max | Tim Because it’s nighttime in Europe and Asia…

Jake Because they are based in Korea? seems like a tough concept for some of you.

calamonsen It’s allways 7:30pm somewhere.

Edwin López “Minor changes” = 9 GB update

#ChappalChorPakistan Yes that’s minor

Boineitor Next tweet: PC Players: We apologize for the extended maintenance period today.

Nate Feelsbadman

Alex Florez

Nakata haha so true.

tangotv We have encountered unforeseen issues. We apologize for the in convenience.

Travis Guess y’all just forget about the x box version

Tim Alander You thinking they care about Xbox when they clearly don’t care about their money making PC? No chance. Abandonware

Bill ❁ switched to fortnite. your game sucks 🤮

DangerDad I’m sure there won’t be any unexpected issues that cause the maintenance to extend an hour or two.

Boineitor Next tweet: PC Players: We apologize for the extended maintenance period today.

Thaqif Yusri RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers are now in maintenance which is expected to last 5 hours. We’ve included some minor changes which will require a client update once maintenance is complete.…

PQZ’ Fix: Matchmaking. Desync. Exiting plane in random direction. Zones that are >60% water. Floating guns showing your path. Tradeups. Laggy menu. Drops out the map!

CubanMafia if you like to get fix all of that send a ticket

XH-R61337 Also : Turning around when using healing items, Bluezone is still too much, Items are not loading when you’re landed, sometimes I have a weapon in my hand but I’m holding air and I cant shoot I have to change slots of weapons, non registered bullets doesnt even make sound.

droowz Complaining so much about bluezone just move into safe zone you camper loot goblin

Eduardo ‘ed’ Dendena please, post a “added bug notes” to the maintenance

Larifaks Who cares!

Can I Get An Every change has been minor in this game.


unknown Fuck 5h to add 2 skins

jahart1 Why is there a patch every week? Is the game really that broken?

Antonio Margareti Fuuucckkkk offffff

Chris Johnston Yes. But a f***ed up Civic is in better condition than this game.

azzman1000 Any chance this time around the ping will be addressed on OC servers ? No ? Yeah didn’t think so, pathetic really

KelseyyMarie If somehow you received the BP compensation twice, they took back 20,000 of it.

Swan Good good hahaha this is what I wanted

Keith Evans 11/6/2018 – 621PM CST

Randy Chavez What is this maintenance nonsense? What is really being done on a weekly basis that this is necessary? I have many games in my library that NEVER had to shut down for “maintenance.”

Josines 🇪🇸 Hello the best game!!! Look this video!!!! Is the best player!!!

Daniel On the xbox there what fpp duo on the european servers will be back soon?

Kough because y’all all I have left in this video game world

Cristian López Wtffff usselessss

Jennifer Mine is brown too. Have no idea why. ?

Hitokiri_Ace This is getting way out of hand. If you can’t handle it yourselves, get some help.

Gary Stock Ahhhh the servers are down already sweet……

rrhoto504 Other than that your game is great. For the record

rrhoto504 I literally mad a twitter account just for this. You guys need to get your crap together. Do the maintenance in the middle of the night, NOT when everyone gets off of work. This is getting ridiculous.

ZeroCool187 Why are servers down 45m early?

Nw_Okie are test servers going to be up?

Meowstarstar 5HOURS!!! FOR WHAT? Shit they better be adding the snow map if its going to take that long. Shit is getting ridiculous!

Steel Fay2o

Sgt_gh0st Always on Point ^_^ Syncing with Steam reboots?

Jason Michael Ward At least accomplish something by wasting both of our customers time or. at least make me do some work each week that isn’t of the copy pasta bs chinese process on event hook deals you can easily end that which would just help me because UEFI hooks are my thing and they work.

Jason Michael Ward Every little 26.4mb update is strictly offset updates for those stupid cheats which. any real one will auto update. I am a network sysadmin and if you are going to try to sit here and tell me you have fixed your backend of nightmares or are even close to doing…

Jason Michael Ward Anything besides AC updates that you know are just as pointless as well. Us cheat devs. You cant HW ban people. Your playerbase plays at LAN cafes lol yet how long have we heard that threat? Oh. Yet you actually do and. You trouble someone to run a program to enumerate whatever.

Jason Michael Ward 5% of the updating is actual game updates, 75% AC shit. 20% backend maintenance which yes, IS REQUIRED for shit like this but. NO NOT THIS OFTEN LOL.

NoSuppressorGaming I tagged some verified PUBG Twitter accounts. I’ve come across cheaters too, being able to shoot through walls 😪

LeeBo1Kinobe Things no one should give a single F about: BP, skins, new map… The ONLY thing we care about is making the desync smaller.

Jason Michael Ward Please stop. Im a cheat dev for any unreal game and we both know this game is dying. If im going to EOL on a cheat that. MEANS THE GAME IS FUCKING DEAD LOL. and yes. pubg is in EOL and has one detection on update 14. it still works. on any server. test. non test. auto updates.

Jason Michael Ward If you’re a dev reading this you should literally feel bad that your company that YOU work for has a release candidates that are this shit. it just says a lot about you and who you’re willing to work for and why you do that work which ends up being the exact quality you put in.

Surendhar Pubg Mobile need Tamil language as an option to language matching with Tamil language speaking players.

Supreme Kai Erīto not sure you guys are aware but these metal shelves don’t have player collision (bullets still git them). Idk if they are used outside Training but thought i’d report it. LOOK AT ME IM THE SHELF NOW

demetrius guimarães you are a joke

bvbole Hi, recently 20K Battlepoints got distracted from my account. I know it was because I got the 20k bonus twice. But that is not my fault…

Alex. yeah dude pubg best game ever, but may be you dont know how to detect a hacker or simply you dont care that, and thats ok

.,;’BACKBONE’;,. i am gitting huge jitter through ohio servers in us ?? why

Zaphod Beeblebrox That’s It. I’m done with this game. Every chance I get to play it, it goes in to maintenance.

Captain Poridge Yeah whoops lol it might be RB I don’t really use it to be honest

William Poirier-Picker How much time I need to play on on pc before you fix you game on pc ? its take so much time its been more than 4 mouth but know its the first time I am complaining 👌 I pay for it god

D T Will PC leaderboards be reset this evening?

RobstaRGaminG.TV Any squads need a 4th? I have over 1k hours play time. TPP or FPP is fine. Looking to play most nights in a squad/clan with mics that can speak English/Good english. DM me for steam profile. See you on PUBG!

Shawn Murray is the best game ever imo but there are hackers. after a 1000 hours and several seasons of stats ive seen my fare share of hackers. only the other night i found my first teamers and the guy didnt get banned. of course

Fudge I just wanna be able to scrim with more than 30 fps. I can get over desync if I have too

Shawn Murray i have 1000 hours and he is right. gets shittier every week. some weeks are better than others and I dont remember a 2 update week ever. but join times are slow as hell. when they dont have half the players they had when it was fast as hell geting into one.

Alex. November 1,… in november 2 thay had an issue with excessive queue times and then this 5 hours maintenance, that is 2 maintenances in a week. I really like this game, one of the best, but more than a disstraction or a fun, i finish stressed

Jack Russo Totally agree with you man

Big Ace we want beards! Beard skins in November should be happening time now!

Jody Macauley Will this maintenance fix desync issues?

ItzScience Yeah, no.

dpxmikey When can we expect to see custom servers on Xbox?

Snow #VirtueRC never

Fabian Ramirez can you fo server maintenance at night instead of prime gaming time. I don’t even play game anymore bc its always down when I can play. You’re losing players.

lamjsn Thanks for fucking up a great game, I’m in Aus and the game is unplayable with a 230+ ping. Uninstalled.

YouHateThisGame so this is just the routine maintenance?not the one that we will have for the patch that is on the test server? 😀 ooookeeey then xD

RICH GINGER BEN will you guys be working on a fix for the newly released hack?

ZeroCool187 Comes with 8hr maint. And mad bugs I’m guessing. 1600hrs I’ve played but I’m growing weary.

ZeroCool187 Total bs 5 hr maint. Started an hour earlier than normal. I’m already tired of getting shot before I see the enemy shoot. Now this weekly bs 1600hr player.

Billy Goat Please quit doing this during NA prime time

ZEODE Gaming Because the world revolves around the USA right? Idiot.

CJGagne Can’t you leave the test servers up while updating regular servers then update the test servers after or vise versa. Come on guys techies are smarter than downing all the servers at once…CJ If you need help email me I can help you make PUBG better 🤓

MeLoveAnn- (火影) Yeah its dope map, but i woldnt like to be same layout like sanhok. I want different feel tho

Rajnish singh i need conquer plzz help me

John Louro Question: Is server maintenance going to be once or sometimes twice a week for the life of this game?

Mayke Gomes Hello good day. I got the Xbox one’s PUBG in game preview, however after the official release, all players received the playerunknown’s overcoat, however I did not receive. I would like to request your attention and that my account could be reviewed so that I may be

PUBG Help Hi Mayke. Playerunknown’s set was a reward given to players during a time limited login Event. All players who have logged in during Event have received the reward. -S

Mayke Gomes receiving the reward just like everyone else. Thank you very much in advance.

Awatts07 I love this game but this maintenance shit once or more a week for 5 hours plus is ridiculous. Once a month ppl, get your act together.

Doc Bland Is there something wrong with scoring for match results. See attached screen shots. The first two are mine, the next two are my friends that also uses my device. We’ve had no notifications about this. Thanking you in advance for your help. Diamond to Bronze

Doc Bland Platinum to Bronze.

Ricardo Wallace Go fuck youself BlowHole. Your devs are fucking shit and so is your entire company. I’m laughing as your game dies more and more every month because you’re pieces of shit and money hungry.

ian thives AGAIN???? RIDICULOUS. Hope you loose all your players. Well, you´re already loosing. Go BLACKOUT!

Antonio Margareti are you scumbags going to fix the massive FPS drops? Where my GPU drops to 20% usage for a second? It’s your game, not my machine

Gagan Juinnanta After 12 min gameplay I’ve been kicked from the server with this error, I reinstall game, battleye, this can’t help me. already did step 14 (perform clean instal)from this site… nothin change Help fix

Amazigh Al Raújo hi, i changed my configs to lean on my mouse´s side buttons, but that blocks my gunshots when in ADS Can you help me?

Ângelo Lorensi which time it is for brazil

Reinaldo Mítica Jr Digita 4:30PM PST no google que aparece

matias constancio 22.30

matias constancio -2 gmt

Keven G It’s cool, I’ve moved on to Black Ops 4 😂

sg 100%

Keven G It’s pretty great (at least on PS4). Games are quicker, more fun, and almost every point of the map is accessible from each drop route. The only problem I’ve had is picking up items is tough, and swapping accessories to a new gun is tedious

The Andy Scrolls IV: Depresión how is it??

Asuna hello, I would like to know when you go corrected the problem of BP because I am -9000?

BeerSultan Deploying all new upgraded servers? Only way to justify this…

SteelyPanda It’s cause you claimed the BP multiple times. So when they reversed the issue and removed the BP it put you into the negative.

Josh Wojnowski Wow that’s lame. Can’t even throw us a bone.

Grizz Anyone know if test servers be live?

Jason Michael Ward test will stay up but dont think cheats wont/dont work there too lol.

Perks What’s the Grizz playing tonight instead?

Justin Larkey Likely not. No patch to test

Grizz Major bummer

xPlex @ TwitchCon Dear With the last Season pass i have changed my name into my Twitchname.. which i unfortunaly have changed in the past month . So this looks very bad on my side and there is actually no way to change it again. Will be we have a chance soon or is there another way?

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