Militia Crate

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Militia Crate
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What is PUBG Militia Crate?

The Militia Crate is a clothing cosmetic crate in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Militia Crate in detail

You can use your Battle Points (BP) to buy this crate on the REWARDS page. These crates have a limit of 6 crates per week, you can either get the Militia Crate or one of 9 other random crates.

As 6/19/18, the random crate drop rate for the Militia Crate is 15%. [1]

   Survivor: 5%   Wanderer: 5%   Biker: 10%   Desperado: 2.5%   Militia: 15%   Fever: 2.5%   Triumph: 10%   Aviator: 20%   Eguinox: 15%   Raider: 15%

Militia prices:

  • 1st Crate: 700 BP
  • 2nd Crate: 1,400 BP
  • 3rd Crate: 2,800 BP
  • 4th Crate: 4,200 BP
  • 5th Crate: 5,400 BP
  • 6th Crate: 7,000 BP


  • Q: How do I get access to these skins?
A: You can either buy the crate or buy the skins individually.
  • Q: If I have a male character, will I have to switch to a female to wear female clothes?
A: No, all clothes are unisex.

Crate items

Here are the list of items you can get in the Militia Crate.


  • Militia
  • Icon box Militia crateBox
  • No
  • Not Tradable, Marketable
  • Link

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