Holographic Sight

Holographic Sight
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What is PUBG Holographic Sight?

The Holographic Sight is a sight type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Holographic Sight in detail

A reflex sight with a clear reticle, although the bulky frame can reduce some situational awareness compared to the red dot sight. Recommended for closer range fights. The reticle’s brightness can be adjusted by rolling the mouse wheel, and its color changed between either green or red with the zeroing keys.

As of PC Update #13, the holographic sight’s reticle is now the same size as a standing person at a 100m distance.


  • The Holographic Sight is based on the EOTech Model 553 holographic sight.
  • Contrary to its performance in-game, in reality the holographic sight is much less obtrusive due to the fact that the sight is meant to be used with both eyes open, with the dominant eye looking down the sight and the other eye focusing on the scene downrange.

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