Flash Hider for Snipers

Flash Hider for Snipers
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What is PUBG Flash Hider for Snipers?

The Flash Hider for Snipers is a muzzle type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Flash Hider for Snipers in detail



  • Hides the flash effect when the sniper rifle is fired, and thus makes it far harder to see your precise location.


  • The Flash Hider is best used during the rain and fog weather.
  • Flash Hider for Snipers
  • Icon attach Muzzle FlashHider SniperRifle
  • Details
  • M24, AWM, SKS, Kar98k, Mk14 EBR, Mini 14, SLR, QBU
  • Data
  • 12
  • Attachment
  • – 10.00% Recoil Pattern
    – 10.00% Horizontal Recoil
    – 10.00% Vertical Recoil

  • Eliminates muzzle flash and slightly reduces horizontal and vertical recoil

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