Flare gun

Flare gun
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What is PUBG Flare gun?

The Flare gun a pistol type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS, it’s currently only available in custom games or in event mode.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Flare gun in detail

The Flare gun is a weapon that calls in a custom air drop that drops high valuable equipment. Once the flare gun is fired in the air, a custom crate that can contain two weapons (LMG + Sniper, AR + Sniper or AR + AR) and a suppressor (sometimes).

  • Firing the flare calls in an air drop, only when shot up straight in the air.
  • The flare must reach an altitude of 200 meters to call the plane
  • Firing the flare at a player cases no damage. [1]


All spawn locations are random.

  • Flares as a usable weapon or supply signal.
  • ~ In-game description


Real-life counterpart


Weapon audio


  • Flare gun
  • Icon weapon Flare gun
  • Details
  • – (-)
  • Overview
  • Single
  • One by one
  • Rare
  • Data
  • Flare
  • 1
  • 500
  • 0
  • Pistol, Other
  • Flares as a usable weapon or supply signal.

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