Extended Mag for Pistols

Extended Mag for Pistols
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What is PUBG Extended Mag for Pistols?

The Extended Mag for Pistols is a magazine type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Extended Mag for Pistols in detail

The Extended Mag for Pistol is a custom magazine that joins the extended capacity of the extended magazines and the smaller frame of quickdraw magazines. This means you can carry more ammunition, but also can pull up from the hip much faster.


Adds more ammunition for pistols.

  • Image Name Default Mag Size Extended Mag Size
  • Icon weapon P18C P18C1725
  • Icon weapon M1911 P1911712
  • Icon weapon M9 P921520
  • Extended Mag for Pistols
  • Icon attach Magazine Extended Small
  • Details
  • P1911, P18C, P92
  • Data
  • 10
  • Attachment
  • Increases magazine capacity

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