Cheek Pad (DMR, SR)

Cheek Pad (DMR, SR)
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What is PUBG Cheek Pad (DMR, SR)?

The Cheek Pad for DMR and Sniper Rifle is a stock type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cheek Pad (DMR, SR) in detail

The Cheek Pad decreases weapon recoil and first shot recovery time.


Decreases vertical recoil by 20% and weapon sway by 15% while also speeding up recoil recovery time by 20%.

Update history

Update #12 – v3.8.21.9
  • Cheek pads now help you recover from weapon sway more quickly after moving.
  • Cheek Pad for DMR and Sniper Rifle
  • Icon attach Stock SniperRifle CheekPad
  • Details
  • M24, AWM, Kar98k, SKS, VSS, Mk14 EBR, SLR
  • Data
  • 17
  • Attachment
  • – 20.00% Vertical Recoil
    – 20.00% Animation Kick
    – 15.00% Sway

  • Reduces recoil kick and sway

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