6x Scope

6x Scope
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What is PUBG 6x Scope?

The 6x Scope is a sight type attachment introduced to BATTLEGROUNDS in Update 12.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 6x Scope in detail

The 6x scope is a rare world spawn, being the highest powered scope that the assault rifles and submachine guns can accept. The reticle also features a stadiametric rangefinder suitable for standing targets between 300 to 800 meters. This scope is very versatile due to its simple rangefinder and ability to zoom out to 3x magnification, as well as its compatibility with assault rifles and submachine guns, greatly extending the range at which opponents can be attacked at.

Because the 6x scope’s magnification sets the field of view to 13.33°,[1] players using a default field of view value higher than 80° will technically get slightly more than 6x magnification power due to the greater difference in FOV values.


  • The 6x scope is based on the ELCAN Specter DR 1.5-6x dual role scope, although in-game the scope can only zoom out to a minimum of 3x magnification for balancing purposes.



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