5.56mm Ammo

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5.56mm Ammo
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What is PUBG 5.56mm Ammo?

5.56mm Ammo is an ammunition type in BATTLEGROUNDS.

The 5.56mm ammunition cartridge is a NATO round chambered as an intermediate cartridge for the M16 rifle. It was designed off of the .223 Remington, with some significant changes that caused it a new nomenclature and classification rather than a custom casing classification.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 5.56mm Ammo in detail

5.56mm ammo can be found both in air drops along with the M249 and the AUG A3, as well as uncommon loot around the island, with the latter typically appearing as an individual box, or several boxes found together. Individual and multiple boxes also have a chance of being found together with a 5.56mm rifle.

5.56mm ammo always comes in boxes of 30 rounds each when found as loot, with the exception of air drops containing the m249, where you find between one and three lots of 100.



Real-life counterpart

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