Eric Horn PTS Chester at its finest.

Thomas Reitz are you guys working on a way to separate mouse and key board from Xbox controllers on the xbox? It’s really frustrating.

Samuel Martinez Xbox one server down?

Gvnc Aydgn what is this? who is interested in this issue? He’s a thief.

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-12-28

Gvnc Aydgn what is this? who is interested in this issue? He’s a thief.

nofey Please help. There is a problem with my pubg. This is my right name: salooohy1231

Joel E. Mason a new smg is needed. Add it to all maps. Make it the p90 (possible sick crate drop smg) (good for urban circles). Give skins for it, the Beryl and wearable items from in game. Please everyone like this!!!

Sohdium there you go guys, thanks for getting back to me so quickly

Scott When are you going to give us a map selection function for Xbox?? Fed up of only playing Sanhok and Mirimar! Why can’t we have the choice to play Erangel??

Henry Torres ban for 10 years??? some players of my clan were banned for 10 years just for playing in the new snow map. we are a 4 years clan, coming from lot of games. and this is the 1st time it happens. you should know the error is in the game but us… please need help

B Brown Really? WTF PUBG. Lag terrible, rendering bad and the old faithful and ever present rubber banding. Fine job guys. 👍😬

Leo Wells Ouch. 11 min is crazy. I’d cancel and try again with anything over 1-2mins

B Brown Just curious if it’s load. It never did so I killed it off after 11+ minutes. Finally got in game TPP but didn’t want to play that. Regular game bots as bad as test server but the render and rubber banding are irritating to the max. Far Cry Primal, RDR, GTA5 and BF1 will do

Andrew Taylor Put a wooden pole underneath it and call it done.

KingJonas What about duos?

MeRKsArT Fix the dam Net code this type of BS shouldnt be happening. smh

Stephen Welsh vikendi Xbox duos pleaseeeeee

와이어박스 ᵔᴥᵔ Erangel is goat. Sanhok is hot. Vikendi is so cool. But Mirama need revamp. Cut off map or begin with first circle to reduce play time.

Yuri Soares Cade o FPP SQUAD EM SA NO XBOX ONE ?

JeefTheMaster yo homie whats blue holes support number

Nathan Kirsch Thanks for the response. I’ll see how it does tomorrow around that time.

Noob_behind_you A flying altar? Good place to worship some war god.

Shufflix Hello PUBG team, I’m sure you have a lot on your hands right now, I have been banned for no reason. I don’t cheat or team kill. Thanks for your help! – Shufflix

𓃵 hey can I ask you guys a question?

Rodcher Hi there, the temperatures of both the GPU and CPU are max 75 degrees, which is not a ‘killing’ number causing my PC to shut down. Note that this only happens on PUBG and not on any other ‘heavy game’.

Rookie🎄 Will PlayStation get Keyboard and mouse support?

Billitions it still is

KJ You guys are great, thanks for the reply but when I just checked the screen scale is at 100 so all is well. Happy holidays PUBG!

Billitions I am not sure if it is still there…

DEREK No problem thank you for the quick response

Bosstradamus open squads and duos FPP no one likes solos

AMMOnation Whats the story with Miramar the last 2 days. Almost impossible to get into a game.

Osama Ersnoy Oki Thank you guys for fix bugs fast 👍🏻

Nasste I 100% agree with this guy !

Vithu27 PUBG

Goran Genuine If you can make new game mode like in Fifa 19… CO-OP SEASSONS… Where we can play 2vs2 with our partner and climb to the top scorers… That will be amazing on ps4…

Alexander Blonstein He’s right though

Jeff Oskin PS4 training mode won’t let me in, gets stuck in matchmaking …. help please , I need practice 🙂

Alex Ivashchenko Play miramar and drive like 50k-80k km per game rofl, ez

Vault 76 Resident or dont do that because its boring

Alex Ivashchenko i do that on sanhok event, but it was like 100k km 😀

Morty Hi fellow pugberians, anyone explain me the logic on this one? Aa Am i missing some gameplay sense? Mmmaybe my timeline was connected to the TV and he destroied one the cables???? OF THE TV WHERE THE BULLETS WERE FIRED AT?? Mucho obliged

Joshua Francisco NA SERVERS expects full running @ 23:30!

Vexp Why do you say the servers are too busy? ??? “Servers are Down for Maintenance” would be fine…

Red Boar Let’s be honest, PUBG is incredibly frustrating BUT they are finally starting to deliver players something to work with. This is exciting and makes the 4 hour “maintenance” much more tolerable.

nick miller Only took them 2 years from “beta” to make an ok game for pc players. Lucky no one has copied this game and make it 100 times better.

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-12-27


Reggie Philips why is test server down you useless cunts


Leon Hi there, why do custom matches require at least 10 people to be able to start? On the test server we were able to start with 6 players. Is this something you’re considering to change? 🙂

🎮A.Lorentsen🎮 I got si excited to try FPP man….

sg I’m so sick of this. So sick of you

Rufio! Can you guys never do server maintenance in the morning like normal companies? Nothing like getting home from work ready to play some pubg and being cock blocked by updates or server maintenance!

Flexapexs What morning is for you, is evening for others…. there is no best time for maintenance…

KptRooibaard_ZA Unfortunately the developers (and by far the largest player base) is on the other side of the globe from where you are. Sorry mate, every sport has it’s own injuries.

Bomaximous Company is based in Korea so the timing is different.

FrostTaker they technically are doing it in the morning, they just do it in the Korean morning 😅 In KST its only about noon

volt1up They can’t even consistently do it on the same day 🤦‍♀️

Chronos you know it would be nice to change the “servers are too busy” to “servers are under maintenance” or something

durab i’ve bought your game, but i cant enter it, always says that the server are busy, what can i do?

Read Consulting Srv. On bleeping boxing day evening? Great timing!

Borjão 1️⃣7️⃣ Always hurting who likes to play at night! I only have this schedule and you do not make the day! 🙁

chris fox Add more UZIs to Vikendi! And never put a sniper rifle in the same area as a 8x scope. 😀 jk.. Thanks for the hours of me not having to face reality.

Eric Becker Why do it during prime time?

Mike Lol exactly

Dale McAughey Why on earth do you do maintenance during prime time busy hours?? Even Blizzard Ent. figured out to do it during late evening.

Optimal Carnage Blizzard is in Irvine California. When they do maintenance it’s prime time on the other side of the world.

Bin Chen why test server is also on maintenance at the same time????? Then, what is the point of having test servers?

PUBG GOAT Just give us map select already dang

John D Fuck pubg, you opt for the worse nights to update cs:go ftw or rocket league maybe i will try fortnite (cant be worse)

felpz_tbct any forecast of the arrival of the SA server?

Nick When your country isnt 3rd world

chuong nguyen now PUBG maintenance their server every week ?

Fernando Henrique da Silva Machado . Waiting for the servers to become online 😬😬😬 2:00 AM CET

Steven Roark If you are in the Test server you can only play solo now

Pedro Vinicius I’m in normal pubg

Sven Schindler Fucking Updates with 4 or 6 hours server offline. Thats not normal. Thats World of Warcraft Patchday bevor 8 or 10 Years. Give more Menpower at work on Patchday, Please faster in Time in future. Thanks

D.Kananos Stop doing that every week another maintenance is annoying… You earn back your players don’t loose them again !!!! (Is the only game with every week maintenance I ever met )

Blake Thomson Could not agree more

Weird isnt it Well that’s just fantastic. Wasn’t able to play for 4 months straight, the day i’m able to get back at my PUBG addiction you’ve decided to update, what are the odds right. 4 hours of blackout now, thanks!

Alex Jeez you guys are messy

kelsey Hello! Not sure if this account supports all platforms and devices… But I play pubg mobile, and have been struggling with my profile picture. My account is linked to my twitter account. It will not sync or update when I change it to a new picture.

DEREK Ok no worries , we are located in Southern California. We’ve tried 4 users at a time as well to try and help the matchmaking but the time just continues to rise with no actual start of the mode if that makes sense

PUBG Help Thanks Derek! Just to confirm, are you still experiencing this problem? -H

DEREK And that’s when the problem was occurring , we tried multiple times Monday and Sunday but haven’t tried since

DEREK We haven’t tried the training mode since Monday evening

PUBG Help Gotcha, thank you! Please let us know if you experience this problem again. Apologies for the inconvenience. -H

DEREK We are on training mode now . Time at 6:15sec still nothing . Just updating you that it still is having trouble getting us in to the training mode. Thank you

DEREK Ok thank you.

Adam Johnston Is the Test Server down as well?

aaron and keep calm

aaron play scum guys

Johnny This shit annoying 🤨

Andrew S. Kapitzis You guys should set up a BACKUP server when you want to go on maintenance. 19/12 was the last one. Seriously. You are just losing customers and players.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ ?

Supernintendo Chalmers

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ The game is just not at its peak high anymore, thats why it lost 2 million players, a month ago the player count started rising, so idk why you’re bringing that up when the playercount loss has stopped…?

Supernintendo Chalmers Because the original comment said the game is losing customers and players. You tried to counter that statement by providing data from one month, during which most people finish school and work and have more time to play games.

Supernintendo Chalmers Game loses TWO MILLION players for 10 months straight, adds 200k players during the holiday season and you think that’s good 😂

Supernintendo Chalmers And that’s being generous from peak player stats. Last month it lost 50k players. This month it only added 32k. The game is dying. Face it.

Supernintendo Chalmers Lmao. Of course players go up during December and Christmas. Zoom back out over the year to last December 2017. Down from a peak of 3.2M players to last month which was 895K. You’re just cherry picking this month where there was a slight increase after 10 months of LOSS.

james hope your putting OCE severs back in ffs 250+ms isnt good enough

Jesse Jarnagin the ratio of time under maintenance vs game problems this game has is astounding

Guineapig1 Wife , all alone wanna play … but no ……. maintenace, bad timing in europe :/

Phil Coffman Serious question: is it possible to ever get to a state where the duration for these live server maintenances could be decreased? They always land in a rough time for US players and the 4 hour window is rough. I do appreciate how they usually end sooner. Thanks.

Punisher_1 Dude that;s logic just stop wit h that shit…. They are never going to listen to good logical ideas.

Kenny Lee It’s because there are way more Asian players than US players playing this game 🙂

Phil Coffman I get it and it’s not really the time slot they choose that bugs me. It’s that it’s 4 hours long during that time slot.

Brian Graf Their twitter handle is quite ironic since they never seem to answer anyone, sincere or not

Billkamm Thanks for always taking down NA Servers during NA primetime just to save a few bucks. Way to care about your customers!

Bill Wolcott so basically shut down North America right when people get off work and want to play, nice timing.

azzman1000 What do you guys do during maintenance? Not complaining just curious?

gerasimos stamenis We have low fps,ALSO buf the loot in ERANGEL NOVO is DEAD FROM LOOT, you r going to lose ppl again

bob humplick try turning your textures down a notch and if that doesnt help then find the games exe file (tslgame.exe) and right click and go to properties and find “turn off fullscreen optimzations” and uncheck it. also set to fullscreen in the game isntead of full screen (borderless).

brandon What pung are you getting?

Darren Ping*

MAGRELINH0tv 4 hours for maintenance! NICE competence, Ameria 10pm rip

kingani Roasts the game is mainly played by the Asian community so someones always gonna lose out during updates

azzman1000 What do you guys do during maintenance? Not complaining, just curious

bob humplick any patch notes? or just maintenance?

Chris DePrater Both regular and test servers are ALL down at the same time, Ugh!

Kraven 100mb=4hs great job!

Gustavo Your knowledge on how this technology works is outstanding

Election Fraud=Crime Seriously… another update at peak NA time on Boxing Day holiday. You guys are scheduling idiots.

NightBreed Your game is 40% fun and 60% annoying. The annoying part is fixable yet nothing happens but more micro transactions.

joshua Hoots Actually the NA market is second only to China; and for a 94.8 MB update it shouldn’t take 4 hours!!!!

HighburyHighs LMFAO you guys have a good concept of a game, you really do, it’s just in the hands of fucking idiots. just sell the game to people that know what they’re doing and walk away rich and happy.

Coolkent What

Jedi my guns are just shoot by itself and I’m not hit the r2 button

B00G13M4N Hello?? Anyone home?? Why are the test servers down as well??

Mbappe jr. Test server too?

Rice Muncher Why at this time of day, maybe do it overnight not when people wanna play at PEAK times!

عبدالرحيم المتحمي Hi I have a problem

Jasko Ikanovic Fix the FPS and Ping! fix the OC server sick of playing in the SEA server with Asian hackers!!!

SwagMaster Yeah but they won’t 😂 I m only wondering who made these missions and how they get on the game ….they are so ugh randomn and not fun to do 🙄 it seems like they are tempting you to buy some levels

Ed Sullivan bro.. you have like 2 1/2 months to do that…

Justin If u get 4800exp every day (daily max) and thats not only about kills, you have to play atleast 2-3 hours per day, then you only get 32lvl overall, so your Argument is invalid

Al Fall who gives a shit about levels and missions. Play to win and get kills

Justin and there actually are ppl who care about the stuff from the season pass

Avviix Patch notes? Or anything?

DEREK Lower required players for a healthy matchmaking time in training mode please . I have a bunch of new players who want to train first

PUBG Help Hi DEREK. If you’re unable to enter training mode within 5 minutes, there may be a bug- could you please let us know where you’re located for us to help us investigate? -H

DEREK Ok no worries , we are located in Southern California. We’ve tried 4 users at a time as well to try and help the matchmaking but the time just continues to rise with no actual start of the mode if that makes sense

PUBG Help Thanks Derek! Just to confirm, are you still experiencing this problem? -H

DEREK And that’s when the problem was occurring , we tried multiple times Monday and Sunday but haven’t tried since

DEREK We haven’t tried the training mode since Monday evening

PUBG Help Gotcha, thank you! Please let us know if you experience this problem again. Apologies for the inconvenience. -H

DEREK We are on training mode now . Time at 6:15sec still nothing . Just updating you that it still is having trouble getting us in to the training mode. Thank you

DEREK Ok thank you.

el escar face What about pubg mobile? Is not working

Vai Molê Miselávi Capitalista Cmon, this maintenance schedule dosent make any sense at SA servers , do it after Midnight pleas

Darren It is after midnight….. in the whole of Europe & the CIS. The world runs on differing time zones my man. Will always be a bad time somewhere in the world 👍

Vai Molê Miselávi Capitalista Because of that I said in SA server, not in Europe

Kain Schilling Or just go off US time bc were better than everyone else

Chris Howard Which is why you roll your downtimes at different times for different regions. Its not hard to do just takes extra staff which most likely they already have.

Sh0rty Steam doesn’t allow for patching different regions at different times. It’s a steam issue, not a bluehole one.

Kyle Did h1z1 patch different regions at one point? I think I recall playing in European servers when US was down for maintenance

LeeBo1Kinobe considering how muich use I’ve gotten out of this game I’d say I paid an extremely fair price. However, I’m not fanboi defending these weekly outages….

TropaDaReserva Nice one! Hahahaha

HighburyHighs I don’t understand what you actually do that lasts 4 hours? nothing in the game changes OR gets better, you’re too focused on bringing new content rather than fixing the wrongs in the game.

Ninponeer Ya’ll realize that servers run an OS that requires patching in addition to the game updates? Hardware also needs to be replaced /upgraded periodically too.

Daniel Hallberg You do realize that it’s 2018 and there’s better ways to do things then to take an entire platform down for updates once a week. When was the last time you saw or down?

Vehzx 🌐 2018 changes nothing on how server management plays out, the past 3-5 years have been relatively similar, with certain areas having upgrades from the previous obviously. Google is a gigantic company with data centres all over the world, way more then PUBG. (1/2)

Vehzx 🌐 Google can push updates to other live servers as testing while keeping other servers running, sure PUBG could push all these small fixes to a test server, but that really isn’t needed. With the hardware used for their servers, server reboots and hotfixes, patches are needed (2/2)

Profit People don’t understand how servers work they just like to complain

E no other game is like this

Ninponeer E X A C T L Y ! – An exceptional game requires moar levels of maintenance. Also, PUBG Corp is NOT Epic Games, nor are they Activision so they don’t have the amount of resources at their disposal, and likely can’t realisticly maintain a “Hot” or “Warm” site (1/2)

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ I was reading a great tweet earlier today, and these long periods of maintenance may have to do with how they used a script as a crutch in essential game code deep in the game, therefore causing even minor changes to the games code can take hours of trial and error to work.

Ninponeer (2/2)…to fail over to, or patch in advance to reduce downtime during maintenence periods, but keep QQ’ing about it on a weekly basis, because it’s obviously the preferred solution to solving all of your problems 🧐

E the problem isn’t because they “aren’t as big as epic/activision” it’s that they’re inefficient

Conrad Hemmings I was agreeing with you telling people that servers run operating systems that require updates, but this game has produced well over $1B in revenue, while not unreasonable, it is a bit poor to not have a backup server during maintenance.

Shawn Oden… I’d say $700M in just 2017 is a resource that Activision would be proud of. Plus, patches on OS don’t usually need to be done weekly. Especially for 4+ hrs of downtime. When I patch servers, downtime (if even noticeable) is seconds.

marty friedmancito My thoughts exactly

zewkz nice logic to do maintenance at this time lol

Darren Middle of the night in Europe & the CIS. Makes perfect sense for about a billion people to do it now 👍

zewkz It’s pretty obvious where I am from if I think its a bad time.

Gary Bosworth bluehole lives in korea. so they are technically pushing the updates around 10:30am their time.

E Eternally a bad time for US players. Have they ever pushed back updates to better suit different regions? I can’t remember a time.

Gary Bosworth They were doing the updates at 6pm, which entirely screwed over PST players. They moved it back to 530, now 430

VirenRanpura Lol nothing will happen you guys never believe in good service

hana NA playerbase is tiny compared to asia, we dont get priority over how convenient the update times are

🅱arry 🅱ickerstaff Test servers in maintenance too? REEEE

Zach Why do you say “Live servers” then take down test servers too?

Nicholas passmore sounds seem more off today on the pts then the last few days. Not hearing footsteps at all. On Xbox

LeeBo1Kinobe will there be a patch as well? Or strictly maintenance? Hipfire alignment comes to mind.

Romain Werkez Wen the new twitch prime box comes out ?

Bobby Gee Idk why you don’t do it at like 3am

Darren It is 3am in parts of Europe. World Times zones & all 👍

Pripyat I always get stuck on loading screen of Vikendi. That’s why I don’t play it

Jonathan from the OC You’re dead to me

dustybottomstv Hi, is the test server going to be down for the next four hours too? Says its under maintenance. Thanks

Boomstick test servers in maintenance as well?

Muamer Bektic Can you let me know if they’re not?

Boomstick still showing in maintenance

LeeBo1Kinobe they ain’t your friend, guy

Fake News Why do you all have to do maintenance every single week?

Bomaximous Other games also have weekly maintenance. WoW is one of the top of my head.

Blaine It’s “Esports Ready” no worries. Kappa.

Hallet Poplin It’s the best game ever they have no issues at all haha

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud you guys need to pause the survivor pass then if its going to take 4 hours just to play again

AqueleCaraChato I think the survivor pass is more about to buy the lvl than to make it thru… It’s sad :/

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud Sad truth I high key regret getting it. 10k exp per lvl is ridiculous

Ed Sullivan weird.. daily’s get done in a game or two.. weekly’s get done in 2-3 days.. you get those AR/SMG kills yet? LoL

SpearHeadEsports I Cloud i got the AR/SMG kills done. but the dailies only give you 1500exp 2kexp for the 3rd one.

LeeBo1Kinobe practically the same lel

Wolf plz TRADE


Dale McAughey HOPEFULLY, they fix the fact that when you stop in a red zone COMPLETELY that the game can actually registers it. Did it 7 times now and i only have 1. It’s completely F*CKERED!

Haqq Guiling you need to get out of the vehicle

Dale McAughey yup, i know, stop it completely and exit the vehicle

Da Great Denaari You do not need to get out of the vehicle

PlasmaXP megabummer

quggæ Night mode update?

Tri Nguyen i feel like i need to upgrade my computer after every maintenance

Nick I would suggest updating that car first.


Tri Nguyen lol thanks the the advise. but i love this car. went 120 with no problem

SwagMaster This is literally 5 hours only driving a buggy 😂😂😂👌

Dale McAughey hahahahahahahaha

no one lol

Blaine One of the Devs must be a sadist. At least make it something fun like the motorbike…

Kevin B. dude… we were laughing so hard at that one yesterday. 500 FUCKING SQUARES!!

Deranged-VX9- maintenance all day every day

Khryd that is a very strange update time for east us !

LeeBo1Kinobe did you just get the game? we’ve been doing this on EST for over a year

Khryd stop flaming i was just playing with a qc mate this time

LeeBo1Kinobe staahp

Doc_Doge[Respect] Fix the FPS drop pls

joey h. a. Did i pay money for this game

TK5566 Right when I was getting on

Dragon slaier Lol

AqueleCaraChato Fix loot in vikendi, fix fps drop and please put the canted sight soon!

Lakers Prime time baby.

DarkDaze ☁️ Why do you hate me?

Andrew E. Monroe Name a more dominant country than AMERICA! USA USA USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Derek Any vehicle changes coming to ps4? So they don’t weigh a feather and roll so unrealistically? Also map select?

Daviddd 🌺🌊 Can I get some help or do you choose not to help at all. Confused cause it says “PUBG_help” but that’s clearly not what this is. I haven’t been replied to for the past 2 days now

Leon Fust I dont know what happened but since today I cant even launch the game because of a: “Corrupt data found, please verify your installation.” Error code. I have dont nothing to the game or the game files. I just booted up and wanted to get some chicken dinner. Please Help

Samuel Wesley Hello , have a good night. I ask us to analyze the use of RAM and VRAM and pay special attention to those who have machines with minimum specifications to run the game, because not everyone with these specifications can run the game in a decent way, which should happen

tyson carr was just wondering how come on the pts it doenst have duos it has solo and squad but no duos

Nick No way you average 87 FPS on snow map with a PC like that bud. 2080ti is barely at 100 constant

Optimal Carnage I get over 200 fps at 2560 with my 2080 to. I’m with a lot of others on this topic. It’s your computer or it’s your ISP provider and ping. Meeting minimum requirements results in getting minimum performance. If you want top tier performance get a top tier PC

pherupi my dude, pubg its not a game that requires a 2080, come on.

Optimal Carnage There’s isn’t any game that requires a 2080 ti but you know what?? I get perfect performance now and I got perfect performance on my 1080 ti. Everyone wants to complain that their subpar equipment giving subpar performance. It’s getting old to read week after week.

Nick For 1). I was not saying 2080 was minimum. 2) Optimal I 100% agree with you man, people are running rigs of the past which are equiped with cards older than 760s, extremely outdated processors with the game running on HDD thats on a computer they never take care of.

Nick With the exponential growth rate in technology over the recent years, it makes buying outdated prebuilds or using someones old PC not an option for games running games like PUBG. Learn to build a computer & save the money for parts or buy a PS4/Xbox.

Unknown Player Cross-play plss

Joe Day Not gonna answer this one?

Hisyam Rusli Do you ever thought of making PUBG free of PS Plus? You will attract more players.

Dan Bam 👆👆👆👍👍👍

Justin Put Xbox duos in

LadsUltimate just so you know your whole community is expecting you to release FPP tonight /this morning of the 27th , better not disappoint again.

Mustafa Hizoglu cancel maintenance for europe pls

🎮A.Lorentsen🎮 Its PC you cant get rid of hackers bro they always find another way

KareasOxide There are ton’s of other PC games that don’t that the level of hacking pubg does

i wanna be the guy I know but yesterday in all my 12 games, i’ve died to hackers in the end or 3/4 of the game

i wanna be the guy I think the last time i’ve won a match, was in july

ChrisIreland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛄️🎅🏻 so I won a game on PTS on PS4. Backed out when it let me then I said “Game still in progress” so then I didn’t get the 848 BP I was owed..

ΔDΞ 🇯🇲 𝕤𝕦𝕓𝕦𝕣𝕓𝕒𝕟 𝕕𝕦𝕕𝕖 This works,thanks

Neal Hamilton Will test servers remain live?

Chrstn Pl Frl heyyy help

TF_PCNESDAD It won’t let me download the actual pubg from the compilation disc, just the pts… what do I do?

The Dude Have you hit Alt-Enter twice? Doing this changes it to windowed and back again. Fixed it for me

👑 Sauce This was the worst troll in gaming this year.

Krista Oh my god, thank you so much for tweeting about this, my parents bought me a new monitor for Christmas and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting more than 60fps monkaS

👑 Sauce 😂😂 fr, I dont know whats up with these dudes

MD FAISAL I faced these problem several times

Louie Gold please change the loot drop on Vikendi, the only thing you find is G36C and 9mm weapons. They suck and good attachments are nowhere to be found.

resur2b I have a monster pc and the game is trash now

XGN MR.MLG777 / What’s Next ??? Cheating Has & Are Very Heavy on Now. _PS4

St. Nick szn (8-7) 🦅 Then don’t purposely try to glitch…?

Grave What do you expect from trash pubg

💥Skillwaves💥 smfh pubg fix FPP console server find time

Κώστας Κουτάς What is going on with those random bans? Just look steam discussions

(SR) LAS I also love how never replies or answers anyone’s questions.

Nicholas Franco like I said clip it. I have a XBOX ONE X and my frames still drop to 15-20FPS with smokes dropped while looting. You clearly dont know what frame drops are or just delusional lmao. I play everyday and even I can admit its still not very optimized.

DaMackD You’re correct buddy, I’ve played since day one and smoke grenades effectively break the frame rate.

Kanibal True I have an X and I play everyday as I LIKE this game but there are frames drops 🤷🏻‍♂️Sure it s better than before but needs more opti

Honja Guess xbox is just trash 🤷‍♂️ get a pro 🤷‍♂️

ShaunBritcliffe Where FPP solo?? Its annoying u say it would be open then it isnt

Fatih Why not free the fucking Survivor Pass patch? Huh?

Aitor Baños Aguilera I play whatver I please. So I don’t even care what do you think about buddy.

.. Is this how do u deal with your fans!???

.. And soo lag the game is nice but need a major update really so annoying

.. Man fix the graphic its sooo laggy

Hasan Macit Is this 500.000km buggy missions real?

J.J Dawkins can we get FPP to PS4 please

Fercho weey

Lucas Israel patch notes?

The Gaming Explorer Are you fucking kidding me.. going to do this the day after Christmas when I’m going to play wtf

Treg when are the ps4 servers coming back up

Daniel Yuja OK FINE

(SR) LAS I thought FPP was on PTS??? Where it be?

Attackfinch Naw, the Pugb server would melt. Got to reboot them Commodore 64’s that are running their servers.

Aakash makhija cant play after update cant do anyting

Omi Kakde I want to disconnect my twitter account from pubg account

CraigDamon founder of Sikk Nixxon clothing Im on xbox one i been with you guys from the beginning with the pts and never got my xbox bundle with chute please bring this back and pubg outfit!

Mr. Mechanical Is this real

Digital media PUBG bans 30,000 cheaters, together with 16 professional players: Here’s what you would like to understand…

Checkout Pubg server status on 2018-12-26

₠ Fuse it won’t let me install the game from the disc and I’ve been trying all day :/

FATALENIGMA 🐍 Day 1 Decided to come back to and try out Vikendi with and we are killed by a whole team glitched under Castle. Pretty disappointed after sinking 1400 hours in this game. doesn’t have these issues. Pathetic

Reggie Will there be keyboard and mouse support for console soon ?

mayne Game still runs like shit.

Steve Mitchell Let’s here it for the 25min+ wait times for on the SEA servers! -=sad=-, it’s even worse on FPP

mio ffp on ps4???

Zach getting PS4 error “lost connection to PSN” now. The game was working earlier today. The PTS works though….

Zach Did this just go away for you guys? It was working earlier today and now I am just getting this error message. But the PTS works fine….

Barskalini Queue times for miramar were ~3min and I stayed in queue for 30 mins a couple of times without it popping. What’s with the discrepancy? Will we be able to queue for different maps at once? Love the game besides this.

Osama Ersnoy Your missions made hackers !!!! its so hard 😡

killaa I have the disc version of pubg PS4 and when I go to download it, it only allows me to download the test server and not the actual game. How do I fix this issue ?

NerdBits I know it’s Xmas but are you guys relaxing on detection? – Evidence:… Cheater Name: zuotianwoaini keep getting “network lag detected” followed by a connection loss and a rejoin. Keeps happening when I’m in the top 20 ish in duos.

MRSmoke Pubg help I completed the challenges in the pts and when I entered to the live server they didn’t give me nothing

Mucky McFly did you get round to fixing my problem that I cant use gasmask and goggles, like Ive been using since beta?

Artic I got invited by a chinese bot and there was any chinese advertisement telling my idk what in chinese. Could you go against this. I own a screenshot of him in my lobby. Hunt this down pls.

Jintamiko… Have I just encountered a cheater? I have lvl. 3 vest and helmet, and he 3 shots me with an M416. Is this even possible?????????

Moonman I’ve come to a complete stop in the red zone (while driving a vehicle) 4 times today on Vikendi and I have not received the progress for my premium and weekly challenges. I did it in the red zone multiple times too.

David Clark I’ve got a video of two people using a glitch to cheat and get a chicken dinner on the PTS if there is some way for me to send it to y’all

Christopher pakusch what’s that downloading doing there? I updated my pts!!! Anything you can do to help?

AWestPhil can’t find a match on the PTS for PS4 :/ never have a problem with the regular game just the PTS

BenziRobinson bought pubg on PS4 but can’t install disc. I know not to install PTS version. It goes to load game when I download normal version but then doesn’t, and I get a cross shown below. Any help will be appreciated!

resur2b This guy deserve his own skin just like too.

Poss Hey how come every time I do a mission by jumping in a location on the map I do not get credit for it? I have done this at least 5 times and nothing has updated?

Whispah Hey , i tried to change my ingame name but it always says ‘prohibited nickname’ although it’s just my twitch name. Why is that? Can you help me? 🙁

Terex next time you can fix ur fcking servers

Per Arnkärr Yeah right!

Aahuyn21 full screen bug.

CHR0N1CL3 GAM1NG Remove that stupid mimor map. Or add map selection on ps4. trash ass developers

RollerST What is wrong with the que times?

Boresh someone bug with server?

Wolfgang Braun Finally found and used 2 medkits in the same game, didn’t get credit for the quest. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

xSparKK I had to loot an AWM from a player lootbox, I did it right after killing him as the last player and it counted ha.

Unknown Venatus I could’ve swore it was 3 not 2? But not entirely sure lol

Wolfgang Braun Mine is 2

Unknown Venatus Unless it’s a new one I was playing with last night and he said something about 3 so not sure but that sounds like pubg for you lol

Wolfgang Braun Turns out you have to take damage from an enemy and then heal with medkits, as if it wasn’t annoying enough already.

Unknown Venatus So you can’t say take blue damage or even have your teammate shoot you to use it? That’s pretty dumb.

Wolfgang Braun correct, has to be damage from another player

Unknown Venatus That’s kinda a dumb system to have people put themselves in harms way just to use that many medkits but sure lol

Wolfgang Braun for a daily btw

Unknown Venatus Holy cow that’s even more crazy lol

𝙈𝙍𝙊 The join on the servers can not be solved! Please get a look at that.

mohamed95 what happens with matchmaking? seem take too long to find a match..

Sharekhaan hey pubg mobile i purchased elite pass using my net banking amount got deducted from my bank account but it didn’t get upgraded.


Sharekhaan If you don’t resolve the issue i will make a compliant about it in consumer court


Sharekhaan Do you even care about customers

Sharekhaan If you don’t upgrade it atleast refund my amount back

Sharekhaan If not severe action will be taken against you

Sharekhaan I will register a official compliant against you and i will proceed legally

John-Michael Guerino can you please fix parachuting on Xbox? Landing on a roof is impossible I just fall off the side on a building even if I landed on the roof

Reinaldo Mítica Jr Servers down? Can’t connect

Jose Hernandez Bought 9.99 dollar pass to do missions. Cant do missions. Thanks.

Bobby Gee They are now

Toxinburn I keep gettting not authorized or servers too busy or other errors I have restarted steam etc but no matter what I cannot connect to the pubg pc servers today what a crappy Christmas gift that is.

Jacob Poweska Servers down? Keeps saying servers are too busy or failed to authenticate external provider.

Nils Burmeister thans, good Job, Pubg works again 😉 Happy xmas

Bullshit Edtech nope. the issue is still going on.

ZaVvz Is this a joke ! :/ ….. its been like this for over 40 mins !!

macginnis Still having issues, currently 2:52pm December 25, 2018

Steve Istvan Novak Cannot connect for over 20min now…

lixo your servers are a joke

Levi Kaelin Sill it’s doing it again

zen-x WHAT HAPPEND????

MarineClick Servers seems to be down? Unable to connect for the past 45 min. This is for PC also


Dan Hey folks same problem as yesterday with the steam authentication.

IHaveASolution servers are too busy signal now for 5 plus minutes

linus Why do I have a FPS issue only on the new map?

Sam Ramos It’s still not fixed… yall need jesus and proper fucking technicians

levi WTF ???

Ra’s Al Ghul hey what’s good with the servers

halil 🤸🏻‍♂️ let us in bitches

I Stream On Twitch Happy Holidays huh?? Any Idea on how long this will last?

RichieD 🇬🇧(#FNM)🇬🇧 Whats going on now ?

Facubrank LAS servers offline?

Josh Robinson Hallo Pubben developers/community helpline we are experiencing some connectivity issues. Guessing it’s relating to steam again, could you please look into this? Me and the gang been trying to get in for an hour or so. “Error, fail to authenticate from external provider

Bryan im just trying to shoot some heads for christmas wth ?

张文渊 The client is unable to login again…

Christian Laughton This is still happening, as of 19:30 GMT

Azure {NS} I still have an authentication failure to external server?! Plz fix

张文渊 the client is unable to login again….

shane gill not fixed on going and still happing …

Tyler Hamlin Game is still down! Matchmaking is broken!!!

waqas khattak naah still not working for me

George Lau its not working agian…

Sarvagya Mehrotra Suddenly this has been happening continuously and the game is not connecting. Help!

Suryansh SHARMA This is a steam issue not an PUBG issue. The steam services aren’t running properly at the time of error you won’t be able to re login into steam either.

Suryansh SHARMA Use this next time

Karann Salunke not resolved at all…everyday i get that error for like 1 hour..even right now its not working…no wonder why people switched to fortnite.

Mats Sørli servers down again!

Kristoffer 🌐 SERVER DOWN?

Meh Fix connexion plz

Riaan le Roux is the servers offline? Cannot connect. suddenly getting a message after a few hours saying servers are too busy OR connection failed.

Дима Check servers

Ravi Kumar Arya Help Plss

Sgt_gh0st Servers down?

lixo fix ur servers ffs

Logan Scott Thorman Servers are down again

Andrew Channin Servers are too busy. Then Failed to authenticate. Restarted steam. Same message. Merry Christmas though!

The World of Tech Steam is down right now

thraizz Could we please have queues for when the servers are busy ? Every other mayor multiplayer title has it (even though their servers are usually never busy enough to make use of it)

Andrew Channin Servers are too busy. Then Failed to authenticate. Restarted steam. Same message.

luanzera1 hellooooooooooooooo, put servers back!

Manzy Olaver are the servers down or something, I have bin trying to get in for the past 10 minutes, and Everytime I get is…

chris bradshaw please can you help ? Had this for 25 min x

Twitch_CharloLive I think it’s a steam problem then. Steam has had outages

Niko Golemi Servers too busy today?

Xander Dirven Hey, Servers are down again. :'(


Herbert newdson PUBG PC ARE OFFLINE

Nils Burmeister same error on december, 23rd? looks like the servers are down again

Jim Glaze servers are down!!! Wtf

Azure {NS} Are you down right now?

KunkkaWei Your server is down again. Your company is just a damn joke.

Richard Scholtes pls fix the servers again…. same shit as yesterday. Failed to login. Servers are to busy

Knoxy_In_Oz This is like the 10th day in a row this keeps happening. Feed your hamsters.

jTunkuMj can’t login to PC servers

Salvatore It’s doing it again

The Architect. me 2

Seth Here we go one more time…

ippaku Merry Christmas from

Justin Oh yeah…

Jacob Poweska its down for you too

Celtic Shield If it’s Steam it is still happening right NOW!

Architektz THEY HAVNT!

Dan Same problem again just now, 19:30 UK time

Mattias Karlsson Seriously , Steam connection problems 3 out of 4 days despite reports that the issue has been resolved! Not buting the whole ”this is a steam issue” since every other game is running normally…

Spooky Dick i purchased a hard copy of pubg for xboxone. when i go to download the public test server it asks me to redeem a code. i think the MS store isnt recognizing that i own a copy of pubg since i did not purchase a digital copy, I got a hard copy at GameStop

Spooky Dick The hard copy I got has no code in it for the PTS

GoBe_Goblin_Gaming Failed to authenticate from external provider/server too busy errors popping up across the community. Localized or global issue? Help?

Marcelo hi, everyone. Happening in brazil.. do you know what could be causing this? Is there a server maintenance going on? ty

David Hurl and again?!

Taranjeet Singh same steam error

The World of Tech Steam is down right now. Routine Tuesday down time

Andy Schilder Ummmm no they arent. you guys need a better alerting system. This shit has been out for like 30 mins now

Colten Griffin Currently can’t log into PUBG and getting this message “Failed to Authenticate from External Provider”, too many people logging in I suppose

Jean e Joseane … serves down?

Dylan Hamaker I can’t figure out why my screen keeps saying “fail to authenticate from external provider” help?

🌵AstroKnot🌵 I think the servers went down

Dylan Hamaker Yours doing the same things

🌵AstroKnot🌵 Yes sir

Dylan Hamaker Alright. Hope it won’t be too long cuz I just got this today man

🌵AstroKnot🌵 Yeah, this is my first opportunity in over a week to play. Was looking forward to this.

Dylan Hamaker Mines back up

Dylan Hamaker Yeah I bought the game a few days ago but didn’t have the pc until today lmao

Dylan Hamaker ?

سعود بن عمير الظاهري🥈 please fix your damn servers ffs! We can’t play one proper game without your servers getting fucked!

Sascha Down again

Nicolas Muller 🖐 Can’t connect

EL DACAAAF 🎲 ◢◤ Server pc down?

r0b_b0t can’t connect… is it steam again?

Deni Volkoff Still getting this bug on the 25th of December. Can’t log into servers due to authentication error.

Andy Schilder We need to STOP funding this TRASH by buying skins and the garbage they push out.

Andy Schilder The lack of acknowledgement is horrendous. Can you imagine if Microsoft refused to acknowledge an Office 365 outage. Or if a major IT company just ignored calls and didnt respond to clients when their services were down? This is horrific. Why do people keep giving them money.

Andy Schilder STILL DOWN!!!!!!

Andy Schilder its not fixed. i get stuck out of the lobby between every game, for like 10 minutes. FIX YOUR FUCKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica what is a patch is required for online access features?

Andy Schilder got us the cheapest gift ever for the holidays. A shitty game that barely works and was widely seen as the “biggest loser” of gaming this year. This game is literally the cheapy gift you get your 2nd cousin on the way to dinner at CVS cause its the only place open

CHANDAN DUBEY -I playing PUBG in OnePlus 6 8gb ram 128gb ROM. But after cross level 43. I getting errors after win or I died in game its showing server lost. solve my problem related PUBG mobile game. Pubg Nikename : MeraPaapa

CHANDAN DUBEY Sorry my email id is – Pubg Nikename – MeraPaapa

Andy Schilder still and issue…. please dont blame steam this time. EVERY OTHER STEAM GAME I OWN is working FINE. Please fix your game

Invekt Yes, all of these people must be having issues with their game, you are a very smart person.

Andy Schilder its still a problem

Mekashi Hi, I’m a computer player.I was recently hacked into steam.And the person who hacked me used Hack in several games of my account, including PlayersUnknow’sBattleGrounds. I’ve got the emails.And I came here to warn you, because I was bannedforsomethingthat I did not do

Mekashi Hi, I’m a computer player.I was recently hacked into steam.And the person who hacked me used Hack in several games of my account, including PlayersUnknow’sBattleGrounds. I’ve got the emails.And I came here to warn you, because I was banned for something that I did not

DazerZgamer I just bought pubg in ps4 and when I open it it shows this(1pic) then when i go to check if my PSN connection is working it says its working(2pic) and when i go back it still doesnt work! Please help!

Zach I am getting this too. Does it work for you now?

DazerZgamer No it doesnt

Haseeb Hey … why do I keep getting this ping. I used to get 120-150. Why can’t I get those servers now?

Aashif Khan In my device pubg server not found

Mustafa ÖZHAN Hahahshshashajjs

marty friedmancito Hi dude, did you solve your problem?

BW V Its actually not possible that it runs better on worse hardware and a less compatible operating system

Photo it dose surprisingly haven’t had a single problem with it, everything renders in before you lad fps is stable it just seems to be better, but they havnt done anything major with it to fuck it up yet but so far its fine

كونان® why PUBG mobile is not working in sudan ??

Sky Splinter Hi, I need to change my server pls . I’m not Asian but every damn time I match with very high latency and … PLS , I NEED TO CHANGE MY REGION !

Silvestre Bermejo Thanks for help

Nazrul Islam Hey why don’t you just rollback your stupid & shit update. It has just ruined the game. I am getting the “Cannot commect to the server, please try again later” error msg every fucking time.

mason kidwell Cross platform

CommonComma🏎 I think I’m hitting this headshot but pubg think differently..…

Z FPV Its like there are 144 fps, but its still not as smooth as it was. If there are more than 5 players around your fps frops to hell. My whole squad is experiencing this down to 30 fps Before the Update it was “wonderful”. Now its just.. man.. we love it but pporly dont wanna play.

Michael Hanson Oh. Well I’m super dumb so I appreciate that. Makes way more sense now, thank you.

nightly Hey, having an annoying issue from time to time. My in-game setting reset. Sometimes they get fixed by themselves, sometimes I have to fix them, but after that they change in their own again. So how do I return my old settings once and forever?

online Why you dont have report option for esp , (macro) and scripts ? Is ir allowed ???

Photo still haven’t announced FPP on ps4 I see, useless… fucking useless

BW V Why are you playing pubg on a shit system thats even more broken than xbox

Photo it runs better on the ps4 then xb1 x

BW V I highly doubt that

Photo 100%

BW V Its actually not possible that it runs better on worse hardware and a less compatible operating system

Photo it dose surprisingly haven’t had a single problem with it, everything renders in before you lad fps is stable it just seems to be better, but they havnt done anything major with it to fuck it up yet but so far its fine

gana pragala why i can’t turn off death cam??

Gopalsamy ( கோபால்சாமி ) guys some unwanted rumours are spreaded over India as “PUBG IS GOING TO BE BANNED IN INDIA SOON” Is that News is real ?? Or any chance for ban 🤔😥 please make it clear

Sam Papworth Bring map selection to xbox

Andrew I can’t install Pubg on my ps4 I can only install the PTS and the normal game I press it and nothing happens

David George your game keeps crashing upon loading into matches. I was playing yesterday just fine. I found a tech thread about this issue and did all of it and nothing helps.

MP 20 000 BP would be a nice gift for us 😘

XFuuuury help miramar

Reaper__13 Thank you man did they just added that bc it wasn’t like that before thanks.

Kelso No problem, yeah it’s new with the last patch. Glad it was the issue. Good luck

Checkout current Pubg server down

TalonXavier Surely there are no hacks being applied with these guys 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄:…… How are they still playing?

Kenshin So is it realism to not be able to see your crosshair on snow? or an oversight? Either way it would be great to know what i’m aiming at…..seems a reasonable request????

7up Hi I’m wondering if possible the game supports mouse and keyboard on PS4?

Mizhan Ali these guys are hacking they shoot through walls and end an ace match with 24 kills please look into this

christian need to fix vikendi great map but I crash every time I try to play on it. I don’t have this problem with any other map except this one. Needs to be optimized. It really stutters in the beginning and the crashes mid way through the game (if I’m lucky)

KNIGHTSETH how can i get the biker bone mask on ps4?

Alex can i report someone directly to you guys for glitching under the map?

Kelso is there anyway to recover items that we accidentally sold for bp? Some idiot sold the premium vikendi steel toed boots…I want em lol

. Hi, on PUBG mobile, when trying to link my Twitter account I get this message. How can I resolve this?

Rowen Cheater in action

Fazuke 🐸 I think something is wrong in here 🤔

ZiyadNabil.ZN Try Vikendi or Sanhok

Synrage Yeah you’re sitting in a Miramar que.

Fazuke 🐸 Well ye, in that queue that says 6 minutes lol… btw I gave up at 45 minutes

KatarinaAmi Miramar is wrong 😂😂

C_Dome [oGc] Woah! Haven’t seen that one man lol looks like Santa flying in his sleigh

Wulwey 🇨🇦 Oh yea it was ridiculous!

Mod ⚓️ Its the eight time I got this message Is there any chance to get a reasonable answer?

Archie bring map selection to Xbox

Sam Papworth bring map selection to Xbox

Eric Delgado Thank u pubg 10 mins waiting to play with 5 guy

Ahmed Farghaly Please Please solve the lag problem in the game, especially the map On Version

Owen Haynes Is PC and PS4 cross platform available? Please help me

Peppa What fuck is that? Where are the mission descriptions?

Spodyman its fake

punjabi Don’t know brother…but level of editing is lit 🔥

Spodyman thats ez to make

Arjun M discriminative treatment by PUBG Mobile team and no person able to come forth and respond to me properly.

Aahuyn21 having resolution problem 1440p full screen but can only see 1/4 the screen

haha So why add 2 forms of squads and not just 1. 😒 Just wasting space could’ve just added squads solo Duos not solo Squad one man squad what a waste

Cristian Almeida Suarez ública The whole team killed us from there. This is bad😒

RP GAMING Because fuck ps4 right

motabike_mike At least they’re good for a laugh.

motabike_mike Dude, why is it always me with the crazy vehicle mishaps?!

C_Dome [oGc] Lol and y’all say “who let CDome drive” 🤔

Danko Tamaši How can I fix this erorr please??

Luke why on Xbox test server do you start flying in the air when driving a car happened multiple times lol

🍁DanilE🍂 Wait do we have to wait 7min for Miramar? Erangel 48 sec??? What is wrong with miramar?

Ajay Solanki That means in your server people aren’t playing Miramar much -_-

‏﮼سـارهـ﮼العـنزي I have a vision. To make pubg better and more enthusiastic

me active bug exploiting. They even knew how to leave the exploit… AnnoyingAF

thomas joseph 🐾 hello, i need help cause i cant play the game (PC), it kicks me out in the loading screen and says “lost connection to host”, im sure you’ve seen this problem before, i’ve tried many of the solutions i’ve found on internet with no results

mahmuıt today I stopped in the vac have eaten in the case I did not have a case in the case did not play well please help

Dast 🇸🇮 where can I report bugs from the PTS on XBOX? Are there forums or something?

Mukti Panji 1/ My account already hacked by someone. From season 1 until now i just logging in by Facebook account. But now someone hacked my Facebook and log in to my PUBG Mobile account and link his google account to my PUBG Mobile Account. So i can log in with fb,

Mukti Panji 2/ and someone who’s hacked my account can log in with email. How i get my account back?

resur2b My game keeps crashing since the last update, after it does that I check the integrity of the files and is always 1 corrupted.

(SR) LAS on PS4 is such garbage man. Put FPP on the console already so I can destroy people.

Mucky McFly – have you put gasmask back to single slot yet?

ASAPSunRaize2 yo Xbox dont even got this

Brl Syash anything to say?? Whole asian servers is full of hackers and cheaters. This guy is using aimbot. Congratulations for your outstanding fair user gameplay security😡

Brl Syash

tekryn⛄️ where’s my triumph crates from the PTS missions. took me an arm and a leg to do those.

Satyam Fuckin unban first😠n then do whatever u guyz want… 😡

tekryn⛄️ where’s the PTS crates from the missions. 2 hours late

noman the id ban has been removed check and spread the word

Fernando 😈 was a squid slaughtered here..?

Akshay Vadera Hey! Any idea about these Ink spoils in pubg mobile?

Joe Orf on Xbox is so choppy today. Really bad.

Michael Kurdziel Jr so new map maybe make the directional dashes blue in stead of white? lol c’mon man!

justin coombs what about duos

Cameron Davies Theres been a glitch on xbox for a long time where there are two text on top of eachother. Please fix this.

Aegon Out game is squad wtf?

Abhishek Pratap I’m a frist winner chicken dinner. For vikendi map

Abhinav I am still figuring it out that you have given new map as beta or the whole game. Coz the server either dnt response or the game lags badly.

J. Boone Please ban the known hacker “MS2_Hack” , he is clearly using a wallhack / aimbot. He has 47.7% headshots, 13.38 k/d and 971 damage over 12 games, most kills 21… Please look at this, and ban this cheater. It ruins the game for the rest of us.

Unknowngod I have a 24 kd and my most kills is 27 without hacks

Unknowngod It doesn’t mean he’s hacking lmao

حمید ps4 any news update for pts ? coming patch ? add ranking add parachute overhaul more improvements FPS and fix lag in vikendi

Zubair I’m a pubg player on daily basis 4 month and kept on updating but when i updated the vikendi map’s update the ERROR CODE 495 came I am using Huawei y7 prime kindly tell me why it is not downloading in my phone looking for a generous reply

thebigfatpanda Can we have more such missions to get name change card plz.

Riccardo Fiore Why this game use only 50% of my gpu and cpu? i can’t get more of 100-120fps no matters the graphic settings. Gtx1080, i7 4790k, 16gb 2133mhz on 1080p screen resolution. Other games use 99% of gpu.

fatguy46 thats on you lmao

Riccardo Fiore Many users have this problem with pubg, read the forums…..

fatguy46 🤔

rouamw hello Can you help me please

Jeet Das I think i can’t play this game in this generation. I am not lucky as you. I do not have a machine to play with. That’s it.. life of a poor gamer.. lol

Pascal Berger Fix the performance

Mucky McFly Have you patched GasMask to be single slot again?

Mucky McFly – Have you put gasmask back to single slot so I can use my signature look again? Ive only had this look since beta, so… be nice!!!!!

MECE GAMERS Please increase the audio of the game for God’s sake on Playstation 4, we can’t hear the enemy passes at half-distance and listen to the sound of distant vehicles, let the game audio also from Xbox one please.

hana_song༼ ◕ ͜🔴◕ ༽ Hey, I don’t think it’s a simple problem. It’s a big one. Just happened a minute ago.

Afnan Hi The game attached to me constantly Low quality, attaches Often this is when you get a car Or walk in my car Internet connection is good, what solution?

Paiseh We’re closing to 3 months after Update 22; and Solo Queue for Erangel & Miramar is still fucked. Why can’t do something at all?

Karmapanda I am fighting with the redzone quest. Wether i drive into it before it starts, while it is ongoing and stay until finish.. >.> I don’t get any counter for weekly quest. -.- Why is that a quest? What did you do? I am just me.. help.

Arpi Fix the fucking hitbox, i’m aiming right at the target close range, and my bullets doesnt even hit the target.

عمر ابوبكر without any reason ……💔💔😭😭

HunnidBluntTimo now it’s showing my old balance when I just bought new g coin. It changes every time I close the app and re open

lorahee22 why when i change my pic here , its don’t change in the game?

TheGovNaⓋ Can we get the circle and dotted line to safety colors changed, or the option to change them, on the map and mini map for the snow level. With an xbox one x and a 70 inch 4k TV I can hardly see the circle against the white snow on the map. Thanks.

Arijit Ghosh Please like, comment and subscribe

AkashPspk | 9394022222 can you help is this true or fake 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Ravichandra Rao what the hell is diz ?? 🙁

HarleyJones I rented the game to see, is there anywhere I can read on the how too’s because i have a 1,000 Q’s to ask feeling a bit lost right now, I only have game for 5 days then I’ll decide to buy or not.

అమ్మ నాన్న పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ _MOBILE india Banned in India. Soonly to be Deleted from Play Store India…!!! 😡😱😱😱

Karim Dagher If that happens to you, cancel then ready up again. I found a game in under 10 seconds everytime

Islam Awd Hi team I lost my Facebook account so I have no access to my old Pubg account, I have contacted the customer care through the app but They didn’t solve the issue, I need my account 🙄, can you help me !!

Crago! Dude your game is the clunkiest game I have ever played 😂😂😂😂

Nicholas Ruddy I find the dive down 10m in freezing water one just stupid and a waste of time. And that it’s 10 times! Need more missions for winning or at least top 10’s to motivate people.

Bungkusnya I don’t use any cheat that is profitable. can be seen from history, statistics and others. I have played more than 1300 hours permanent bans are too excessive and without warning. I want clarity. I’m streamer and hope the account returns …

Zac Laughlin What else do you use then? Origin?

Zac Laughlin Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.

TheAviestOfCados I’m sure the explanation is as simple as adopting EA’s model or just about any FTP games model. $$. I just wanted to hear it from them officially.

Zac Laughlin You do know it’s a steam issue right…

Uzair Rana After the update,the game is lagging too too much,please do something about this,RT PLEASE

NoobThePro Official statement and in-game servers clearly state there are not enough players. s: PUBG.OP.GG our FPP playerbase when the matchmaking bug first happened, Squad: 12121 Duo: 6448 Solo: 928 Now that number is much lower. A bug started it but people giving up ended it

LatestLY Over 30000 Player Accounts Suspended From For Cheating – Report…

hsnawy_14 Help 😭😭💔

michael ward Put doubles on

Hibiki i want to report issues about spectating our teammate when we were dead. please rollback the FOV of our view not the same as the following our teammate we spectate. (i usually user 103 FOV, if i spectate teammate that using 90> FOV it make me sick.)

Metehan Bulut Exact same problem. I think they messed up with helmet skins. Thats why bullets are going through helmets. Not all bullets but some pretty clear headshots not registering or sth.

rouamw Hello I can’t get in my account please help me

cyberdevil Hi guys Can anyone help me how to reduce ping in Asia server in pubg mobile its nearly 500 to 1500ms from yesterday please help me

akash shelar the game after recent update have very freez frame

Tanay my mice is not working the are showing “due to protect the young star the mice is not available” so please check my age is 18 than too its not working

Bartek Ciekawy My FPS drops grom 80-90 to 30…

grav3digga Nice work! Can’t stream at all. Constant game crashing and freezing. All my pc stuff is working. Drivers bios etc etc. Not an issue. How can a guy stream PUBG, guess you can’t. I guess no help either but i wanted to let the community know :p

MSHELL. hey could you kill all your servers on christmas eve & day. thanks. Sincerely, All significant others

toon having the same issue right here

Sylvester Jarau I have no issue regarding loot on vikendi. Just go for hot drops man and You’ll find AR ezly

Sylvester Jarau Because nobody was queuing for tpp i guess

Sylvester Jarau Nobody is playing TPP lol

Remi Valtna so my pubg acc got banned while my steam account was hacked. My question is that is there a way i will get unbanned? I already opened the support ticket! And if you tell me that i should secure my steam acc, then somehow they passed 2fa changed my email passworrd etc.

Remi Valtna Steam should change their security theres a loophole prolly

Jukka Paanala Best help with problems with PUBG is to start playing Ring Of Elysium and then uninstall PUBG for good

Zac Laughlin Except this is a steam server issue not a PUBG server issue, this always happens around steam sale times.

Jukka Paanala True, but still the solution is simple. Delete PUBg and play Ring Pf Elysium

Sebastian Se What if I wanna play pubg and not roe?

Fish Brain hello i got a problem my vikendi missions didn’t counts. Like use 6 med kits or stop in red zone. whats going on?

Thug Knight #CLE4EVER 8-26 but in your “realistic” battle royale the UMP is the best fucking gun of all time. Like at this point I’ll take the ump over a Groza any day because it will fuckin end anyone. Also while Im mentioning crate guns, y the fuck is the Aug a crate gun?

Thug Knight #CLE4EVER 8-26 hey this is a very popular opinion, THE UMP IS OVER POWERED. K thx. Explanation, I had an M249 on Vikendi final 4 and the final three guys all had umps, clearly and obviously the m249 is a far better gun than the ump close, medium and long (1)

QoQo♠️ My account has banned whyyyyyy?!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvester Jarau Radar user detected

Jukka Paanala Fixing PUBG

Karim Dagher It’s a steam issue -_-

Jukka Paanala True, still the solution is simple. Delete PUBG and download Ring Of Elysium

Karim Dagher Yeah I highly advise you from doing that, unless you want the snowboards and stuff. But ROE’s gun mechanics are really bad. It ruined it for me after 30mins of playtime.

vamshi krishna Do u guys just try and play ur game once and see how shit ur servers are

FukNogz add in fucking fpp on ps4 i spent 30 bucks on this shit game and it doesn’t even come with fpp

vamshi krishna Yeah servers are running like shit

The ExiledBrother when will their be FPP on PS4?

iiB34ST G4M1NG my friend sent me this from the PS4

Cheech When is Xbox getting duos for vikendi??

Brando Branndstatter Dude… Its still on the test server

Cheech Ok I’ve had duos on a test server before not right away but that is why I’m asking tired of getting jumped by 3 4 man squads

Krish Bakshi Having Trouble Finding Matches in the PTS for PS4!!!

Rezinold aras Can anybody send me the link to play pubg in pc

Snow this game is broken

Archie bring map selection to Xbox

shreesh agrawal today I made a purchase of 600 UC worth RS 799. I haven’t received it yet and money has already been deducted from my account.

Cyckiewicz hi. I’ve got some serious problwms with matchmaking connection on PUBG PTS on X1X. I’m stuck on matchmaking time count. I gave up after 6 mins on Solo (EU). Are you gonna fix this soon ?

Mr.mahmoud mahmed Hi I need download this game to iPhone 5 ??

Renownedd there are major issues with the grenades. The frags explode on your body after you throw them. Also you there is a glitch where you can’t switch to your gun after throwing anything.

Ainārs Can i use this program cFosSpeed Software ?

Trauigkeitja Where are my triumph crates

eNigMaTic HD We need a slow play zone for the last 15min of the game, 8 people alive, 2nd circle to the last…slower…i enjoy the middle ten min most, and hate the last 5min.

mohammad_alajmi FFP for ps4 plz or alot of player not be online in the game..

Shahed Farooqui Rasha is the name one type of Attar used for

eNigMaTic HD Help please. On Xbox one x there is a purple green lining around all buildings and structure stuff. On multiple TVs I’ve had same issue. Both resolution and non resolution mode

Ajay Rajput Tomuch stutter after vikendi map update.. 😑

Andrew Reed Does anyone have an answer as to why I am unable to view the leaderboard?

TinDot Because of the UU accelerator,I have a wrong injunction.But customer service has not been effectively solved.I hope you can help me.Or refund!!!!!!!!!!!

Soumyadeep Das sound is still broken

Jaga3 I understood

Archer Where are you getting your stats for saying there isn’t enough? You can’t tell me the OCE popular game on steam and concurrent users doesn’t have a few hundred Aussie / Kiwi players trying to play FPP. No bloody way!

NoobThePro I want it fixed but the matchmaking bug is gone, our servers still exist, they can be pinged so they are working but we can’t connect to them because we can’t fill them. Those figures I shared from the start of bug also include SEA and AS players that cant get to OCE anymore.

Archer Sorry mate but you are completely incorrect. You have zero evidence any matchmaking bug was fixed. Take your blue hole supporters kit off and get with the real world.

NoobThePro Official statement and in-game servers clearly state there are not enough players. s: PUBG.OP.GG our FPP playerbase when the matchmaking bug first happened, Squad: 12121 Duo: 6448 Solo: 928 Now that number is much lower. A bug started it but people giving up ended it

Freshenmeyer There are not enough players for the way matchmaking currently works. That does not mean there are not enough players to support FPP queues. That means that the problem (as it always has) rests with PUBG. To simply state “there are not enough players” is bullshit.

Freshenmeyer It’s on PUBG to create a matchmaking system that works for all regions. They have lied for months that they are “working on it”.

bussti why cant i play u bebe :'(

Jonah Buhler Please help I’m on PS4, my account is thebonah2442 and after I claimed 10 drops I was supposed to get a crate or something for doing that, but all it did was freeze the game and when I started it back up it just acted like I accepted it but I don’t have anything new.

Mehmet Dalgıç Banned for no reason , somebody can help me to solve this problem? Proof that I’m clean…

Jordan OCE match making still broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been like that for 8 months. Fix it been play at 250 plus ping

HamoodTk dear sir i have logged in pubg vietnam version of game with my facebook account since then i am unable to login to global version of pubg i need solution pls help

HamoodTk dear sir i have logged in pubg vietnam version of game with my facebook account since then i am unable to login to global version of pubg i need solution pls help

Abood Alshebli Hi I’m playing a game and I was given a band for no reason and my messages have not been answered yet and I want to recalculate

meafreakazoid __ After almost a whole year of the game being out i still can’t get an update without having to delete the game and reinstall it can you pls fix it?

Renownedd why is the Duo playlist not an option on Public Test Server?

Derian Its not letting me download the base game. I can only install the pts. Help please?I just got the game and i want to play with my buds.

Peter Wilson why’s it taking so long to get into a game? Not played it for 6 months come back and it’s like this. Sort it out!

devaldo antonio Please fix Fullscreen Errors. Always Fullscreen Windowed on starting game.

C. M. DeMar Hey looks at this lmao, I was laughing my bit off on the Xbox test server yesterday…

JustGoodFellasGaming Help us please, how many tines must I ask?

You_Wish Unlock first person on ps4 please? Jesus

Matt Just in case anyone is wondering how the test server is going on console…

Mod ⚓️ I got locked out and I can’t access my account anymore COULD ANYONE PLEASE HELP?

Tojinder kumar Who is this ? Anyways if u need some special perks in pubg mobile then join our clan ‘pendubhai’

Checkout current Pubg server down

sg do you ever respond to questions? Just checking…

Roman Can we have voice chat ENABLED pre-game?????????? I CAN”T HAVE FUN WITHOUT IT! DAMN IT!

bob humplick people are selling cheats in the lobby. thats what all that chinese robot voices are saying. how to get cheats. so they cut it out

7ℓṁ Add me on mobil

Anas Khaled is your dev team looking to handle the game fps drop game lag d-sync cause after the update Im suffering so much input lag fps drop and some crazy d-sync, the last time you patch it was great but now , it worst than before pls any info about the next update ?

Seth McCoy is there proximity chat on PlayStation 4?

Josh Wojnowski What is the real reason the 3D character render drops frames? I know I can just turn it off, but as a developer I am wondering what’s so taxing.

حسون Dear owners of Pubg Company . You have closed my account because I hacked the Pubg game . It was a stupid mistake I did. I’m really sorry please open my account I can’t wait for 10 years !!! I’m obsessed with this game I don’t have job or something to do except Play

5StarStunner (hard r) this is bullshit bro. Fix this piece of shit.

Liam dickson if i had of known ps4 wouldnt have proxy chat i wouldnt have bought your damn game. Refund me or fix it.

creamy bobeany I’m still here man I know ur looking at my tweets you cowards. I know you know I’m right so hand over $4 or I’ll get you banned

kyle mendoza Release pubg on switchhhhh

marcomejia why caint i go into training mode ps4…cant connect

Meek the PS4 Training Mode isn’t working why’s that

countrygator How about a resolve for the fucking latency issues dealt in the most recent updates.

Justin stewart That sucks 😔 can we get duo’s on pts xbox??!! 😎

Arik We need more face just like in pubg mobile

Trineexx Atlas getting to every game

LilMelloBeats bro i dropped cam alpha. looten FIVE houses. everybody shooting at me. NO guns i mean NOT A SINGLE GUN. this fucking game bro….

Caffeinated Dad Having a white circle on a white map is not the greatest. Please look into alterative options… at least for the snow map.

TheAviestOfCados Explain this…

Kraken Hello, I got this issue with my money in the game. Idk why but now I’m on minus. Can you guys help me? My name in the game is Matei19.

Lucas Hardcore Hello, help me, after all I was banned unfairly by the game, around 20:00 today, I was wrongly banned by [25] ban global # 21bb6c, I would like to reverse this action totally unfair! Steam:… PUBG NICKNAME: Mitsugui Thank you very much!!!!!

Lucas Hardcore Hello, help me, after all I was banned unfairly by the game, around 20:00 today, I was wrongly banned by [25] ban global # 21bb6c, I would like to reverse this action totally unfair! Steam:… PUBG NICKNAME: Mitsugui Thank you very much!

clayon santos i cannot even enter in the game, it says ”servers are too busy” i just want to play

Nate Bohn So what is the plan for the missions that you complete but the game won’t give them to you? The Drop and kill missions sometimes don’t give it out, and same with stopping in a redzone.

Travis williams I never said it was PUBG?

Travis my game won’t load in for my Xbox. instead it will sent me back to the home screen. Please respond

Dragoon PS4 version Training Mode is apparently bugged, NA server. It’s been 5min + and it just doesn’t start

Javier Lopez what is this joke? we won a game.. when exiting it gives the server down error..and when hours later we can connect it doesnt register the won game?

محمّد Hello anyone.. i need help here

Justin #TheCleanCafe💧 on Xbox. Why is my guy getting stopped mid sprint every 10 seconds. It’s like I’m stuck in the ground the entirety of the game. It’s so frustrating I can’t even play

Abracadabra_TV Hi, 120 download,30 upload but always 80/90 pings (NA) and EU 150/180 pings… I live in Calgary (Canada). Do you know where the problem can coming ? It’s not possible to play like that. and Merry Christmas 🎄

Nate Johnson The worst battle royale ever made

Nate Johnson Why do people keep ddosing during Xmas????

DjLyNxY its not working still…

AP3XBOX We want Duo’s, you fools!

Ali Lazio wtf 5+ mins to find a game

Clayton Monteer People still play this broken game?

sdkbasa why is the time to wait for a game in squads so bugged? like 6mins in average…?

m1kael Still problem here for me in Sweden.

Paquitodelnorte Same her bro…

HellStorm i was playing pubg ps4 today and got another win but didn’t count what can i do

abambrose Why i got “Global Ban 25” ? i dont cheating. please fix this

marty friedmancito thanx for the reply but it doesn’t work.

Barberryman Working fine for me. Bunch of whining smooth sacs in this thread.

Sascha Whats going on???


James Way FIX THE OCE SERVERS!?!???!!!?????!!!??

…. When is bluehole going to change so ppl cant server hop im sick of playing foreigns who lag and eat shots

@MulleR_5th_element Its a long waiting time ) 3min each game

Goran Djukic how to complete a missions…give me my money back!!!!

MaKeM_KeZa Any duos on yet

Jaum Busologia – oCavalo I still can’t find any party

Reaper__13 How about fixing my parachute problem can’t control my parachute it drops straight down

Kelso Don’t use the sprint button. Sprint button now drops you straight down

Ádám Peterdi Just log out of Steam and log in, that worked for me. ❤️ so others can see it

ThatDude can you guys fix the bug that force me to jump off buggy. It killed me without doing anything.

d00bie can you fix the broken matching system? que duo tpp eranglal only – no game , sat in queue for 30minutes nothing popped, i hate sanhok and vikandi and just want to play original map but cant

PUBG GOAT Why can I not pick what map I wanna play on on the PS4? But I can choose what map I’d like to play on on the Xbox and the pc?

Goran Djukic not working

Hardys Gamecorner up to 15 minutes matchmaking search for fpp nice guys

Kelso Can you not read? It’s a steam issue…not a pubg issue.

J Eiche Excessively long queue times 1-3 minutes even for quick join. Now what is going on?

Andyb Matchmaking taking ages then no joy PC version

Vinícius Dell’Aglio matchmaking is not working!

AJ “Running as normal”

John Doe Hello, 2m30s to play a game on vikendi live server?! 😱 Up to 3m15.. 😱💤💤💤

marty friedmancito I still can’t play the game. My screen looks like this after the update. I have re installed the without any luck. Please help!

Alex alt+enter

marty friedmancito thanx for the reply but it doesn’t work.

Mario Cisneros 16:49:48: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: “C:WindowsSystem32Windows.Media.dll” erro my pubg

zen-x Not really

THE JOQER better focus make a version of pubg for gameboy, atari or sega so you get more people . dont really mind the pc issues 2 years now 👏👏keep up the good work, and dont forget make great missions like stop 5 times on the red zone. THUMBS UP DEVS 👍👍

Lloyd Hunt still down for me, any more info?

Hayden wtf man i come back to this game now my pings really high

Marc Matchmaking on EU is broken!!! Sanhok works, rest does not start a lobby.

المُحتَرَم matchmaking is not working

Papi Reyes yall gon crossplay ps4 with xbox ?

Jason McGinnis being duos to the PTS please!

Billy_Best Did you exchange lvl3 helmets with half grips in vikendi map? Cause if not you forgot to load half grips in spawn loot.

isakfk1234 fake news??

Mike You tell em dude.

Gigs Lol think I caught some bah humbug this weekend.

Mike Well when you can’t shoot noobs through a 6X I can see where a little might build up.

Pedro Almeida Even experience bad performance. plz look for optmization, shoul be ur priority.

kvErki 10min waiting gg

Pedro Almeida How about increase my fps back? Or at least stable ate 60

EdDonny A Looong Time.. haha

EdDonny Is Dead..

Callum Storey And don’t even ask me to open wide, I know that trick 😤😤😤😤😤😎

Sulgor Your devs are shit and your netcode might as well be made out of overcooked noodles.

Diego aparecido lacerda game junk do not find match

the amazing world of oskar this what keeps happing please help not even been able to to play the game on Xbox one s. I factory reset my Xbox deleted the game and started all again and still nothing

Diego aparecido lacerda pick up the fucking game do not think it’s broken

Denis I would like to ask if it is possible that with the arrival of new patch I experience frequent packets loss. Everything feels very delayed(Opening doors, looting etc). It happens only on Vikendi. Thanks in advance.

bob humplick im noticing something is off as well. i posted a forum topic about it. if you have video you can post it. one of the pubg people have asked people to post videos there if they can show it…

Youtube: REKTILE Working fine

mohamed95 matchmaking in EU server is broken its take more 2 min and 0 match find

Rasha. Yup

Shahed Farooqui Rasha is the name one type of Attar used for

Aitor Baños Aguilera Sure. It’s completly resolved.

welcome to the meatshow what am i looking at

mohamed95 matchmaking is broken in EU server

Pedro Almeida I was play sice beginig, but u guys make this impossible. I never complaint but now is the time. How u guys with a new map broke my fps in all the maps? With 1050ti can get stable 60 fps at 1080p.

youngmetro Bro eu jogo com 20 fps para dr reclamar

Pedro Almeida Jogar com 20 fps, mais vale nem jogar. É preferível ir jogar outro jogo qql como esta a acontecer comigo. Voltei pro csgo por causa deste update. E pubg era o único jogo que jogava

youngmetro Mas yh ja nem jogo pubg

youngmetro Bro, tenho wue te adicionar na steam, jogo bues com o cruzinha e cm o aleixo, a ver se fazemos 1 jogo

Andy Dodd come on… Servers still playing up

walter lamak Not Fixed, please check the game… Can’t find squad, 10 minutes waiting.

Rokoro but matchmaking is now worse

Lloyd Hunt still getting “Failed to initialize steam” , I have just restarted steam after seeing your latest tweet. Any advice on this please?

johan nolander Loong waitingtime thought..


Alexander Janssen Please please get your shit together. much love!

David Hurl mhh not really..

EmanuelRamos Stadler Telling LIES

Callum Storey No papa

Rasha. 😂😂😂😂

Callum Storey And don’t even ask me to open wide, I know that trick 😤😤😤😤😤😎

fabian its fixed, thanks

PUBG Is this a known glitch

Hurlae (Puppadile) my man

iDxpes It would be nice to see an update drop for the PTS on Xbox

Merry Chrysler bruh they added the snow map to Xbox PTS like 3 days ago, they gonna update it again that quick

iDxpes I mean you can’t even play duos so I would think so

Bottom Feeder Lit thanks guys

Michael Pengelly Some of the challenges on survivor pass aren’t registering. I’ve driven into a red zone in a snowmobile and stopped twice now and I still haven’t scored on the challenge. Can you help, please?

び浦易 do we keep the clothes from test server

Youtube: REKTILE Winter sale and the holidays

Al Fall IM IN!!

grandpa (official) are the resolution priority and frame rate priority options coming to the ps4 and ps4 pro too?

معتصم الشعلان Please improve your graphics for the iPad mini4

Bedri ‘quincy’ B. Hey, i have no problem in game but when i join the lobby, my fps drop. i m getting 1-4 fps. can u fix it?

Jackz ♡ its back up again

BTCPaidGroupGroupies So Fix Pubg was a success huh? I’m looking for a rebrand to FailG

Alex Morgenstern yea, let’s blame the game for the steam issues lmao… sometimes I’m surprised about how stupid people are

BTCPaidGroupGroupies About as stupid as thinking this game runs good keyboard warrior

Alex Morgenstern the game run great if you don’t have a potato pc, which is my case, so, don’t blame pubg Corp for being poor sunshine 😉

BTCPaidGroupGroupies 😑 1080ti 7700k 3200mhz now you’re being stupid


Zach Handler seems to be working now

Jake Cachia when will FPP be on ps4?

Henk Denktank Its Fixed, Thanks!!

Likquid Okay?

Vilius I just restart steam and wvrything again starts working.

Samuel Teixeira It’s fine now Restart Steam and play

Asylumjerk Then you’re not hitting headshots.

Pat Doll Thanks Asylumjerk I’ll keep it in mind

D34TH0FKVorshk Oh and remember what PlayerUnknown said about Miramar, concrete. Those little two building spots that are concrete have the best loot on average.

mstf Too many dsync… 🙁 you couldn’t solve this problem

MK7 Its winter sale , what do you expect ? Every sale , steam servers goes down baby

Milena Nikolić Working now.

Brussli working now

Emil Dostal no shit Sherlock

Ninponeer I appreciate the timely communication, but why isn’t reporting the issue for themselves? This is the second time I’ve found out Steam servers are down from a non-official source. Whomever runs Steams Twitter needs to step up or step down. 🧐

Joshua Steam has no concept of customer service.

BonnyL Dont fix FPS issues we dont need fps 🤠

Sam gombarik well nope the don´t xD theres more then Pubg who is having problems with log in

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ Bruh I have a worse setup than you yet I get 60+ FPS on high/ultra. You’ve gotta be bsing. There’s just no way you’re getting under 60.

Bruno Correa gee it took me 2 days to take the guts to go play the game and when i try it has problems, im back at not playing it…

Ravensbeard103 It’s not even PUBG’s fault…. it’s a steam issue

Michael Priis Ludvigsen Relax its running again🤘🏻

Kamran ali Working now

dadomeow nope

Daniel Monroy Serrano Dead game, dead and broken game.

Ewyl 500k players.. is it dead for you?

Dren Telaku You SELL this game and you cant get decent servers?, i will switch to Fortnite, you guys are pathetic.

Jacob Poweska steams fault

William Walden never specified it was pubg servers.

Julio S. Vega Velez You know how long PS4 players had been waiting for PUBG 2 full year’s

michael ward Can I play at dinnertime

nickw1977 You can play it in like 4hours

michael ward Can I play it at dinnertime

John Mackie Yes should be able too

LGND ExZachT has this game fixed the absurd amount of hacking yet? stopped playing this months ago for that same reason

Checkout current PUBG server status

Revolution Thank you to everyone who was and is still working tirelessly to bring us this PTS. It truly will be a white Christmas after all

A-L-I-E-N If I do not own a copy of pubg on xbox, but Im using xbox game pass can I get to the pts?

Kipsa YES

Şeydaaa can I learn why I ate ban ?? I don’t know what the trick is. as soon as possible. because it is ridiculous!

reinaldo garrido What to do on the mission- the things you’ll break?


cat24max | Tim 🇪🇺 PLEASE PLEASE fix the out-of-video-memory issue!

Ray Rodríguez I keep having issues loading into the game once I find a game. My game is freezing in the load screen and the PUBG icon on the bottom right stays spinning. I have a connection timed out error, please help.

ZiyadNabil.ZN can we change the map to what we want if the Vikendi map goes to live servers?

michael ward Today December 21

PC Santa BroManGuy🍀♠️⚪️🐾 (Views Are My own)• You’ll still catch me at paradise Resort Fam 😤😂🕶

En dos ruedas Hello. I’m getting some massive frame drops in Vikendi. I can’t quite pinpoint how these frame drops occurs. Only that once happened outside while trying to gank someone, and the other one inside a hotel. I5 7600k 16gb ddr4 Gtx 1080

CODE-D-NATOR HELL YEAH can’t wait to battle in the snow really wish throwing a snowball at players was a feature when the map comes out

Brandon K Encouraging

Darrel Nicolaye I’m sad that I’ll be at work when it’s available. 😭 lol

Woody So dose the snow map come out tomorrow?

John Mackie 5am uk time

Woody Alright sweet

PUBG GOAT When is it available on est?

DURXTER Midnight, in 4 hours

PUBG GOAT Can I download the pts rn and be able to play it at midnight??

Stephen Yes.

PUBG GOAT Y’all some goats

Jose Magdaleno Damn had high hopes for 60fps on Xbox x but nevermind

Wesly Russell Blackout is the better way to go.

Mr C Nope it isn’t two different games, one’s a fast paced frantic shooter & the other is stealth & skill based on realism. They both have a place in the market. I’ve played every cod, it used to be my fav franchise but they left the realism behind.

Jose Magdaleno Honestly I hate it It’s not the same I don’t like the play style

Mr BuckNut Blackout is a fun BR mode for sure. I go to PUBG when I want some realism. Blackout is BR on steroids. I really hate that depending on your luck you can become OP with dead silence and awareness perks. I also don’t like how you can repair your armor. It should be gone if hit.

Wesly Russell I agree with a lot of that. I just wish pubg worked better on the One X and I would honestly play that more. I just love the stability of BO and Fortnite, and that’s what keeps me coming to their games.

Jose Magdaleno Like digital foundry said all that money they made selling and looks like the least improved even fortnite went from 30 to 60 yes the art style helps it allot but still I think the x can pull off 1080 60

Jose Magdaleno Don’t get me wrong the framerate is wayyyy better for sure

Jose Magdaleno Didn’t know you can repair armor

Wesly Russell That just got released last week with the armor.

Jose Magdaleno Perks are really annoying

Phil Teal Oh yes….Merry Bloody Christmas😁


echosidedemon You can FPP>TPP all you want but if there isn’t enough people wanting it (don’t say there is cause if their was they would have atleast mentioned adding it) then they wont bother putting it in until they are ready to put it in

NK_ LFC🔴 I agree I’m just stating that fpp is better

Mazta-x They put a voting poll on their forums to determine what mode they should add it to first

michael ward What time for it for the UK

John Mackie 5am

michael ward Can I play it at dinnertime

John Mackie Yes should be able too

Kaden Okay I sent you a friend request

Serdar Alkan Very very thank you ! For falsely banned on mobile!!! I have been banned first vikendy play in 10 minute while looking arround for what is new..

Jay🎫 You realize that a completely different company is in charge of PUBG mobile


michael ward Guys what’s up for the UK what time

nickw1977 5am gmt

michael ward Can I play at dinnertime

nickw1977 You can play it in like 4hours

michael ward Today December 21

Julio S. Vega Velez PUBG has the best Battle Royale

iJemsy i keep getting a error message every 12 minutes into a game telling me to do a clean install of the game i have done that twice and it still doesnt work, please help i just bought the survivor pass and cant even play the game properly 😕

iJemsy I have also followed step 14 on the help section.

Jesse griffin So does this mean there no est server?

Julio S. Vega Velez Both consoles am I right

WhiteMike I can’t connect to the server!!!

addictive gamer Cos it’s not live yet

Fizzy シ What time is this cst?? Someone help me out

Inbloom77 I booked the day off to sort out everything for christmas, I suspect I will get less done than planned 😀

snehil I was just banned from mobile while playing the new snkw map. And it says it will be unbanned in the year 2028. I dobt even know the reason for the ban.

Atharav Chowdhary Loooool. See you after 10 years. 🙄😂

snehil Mere saath he aisa kyu hota hai

Emily To that dude i told to keep dreaming :p thank you very much god bless & merry chrismas

Fear Incentive Let’s go!

ratatata Ehhh… no FPP even on NA ?! Is this a joke ?

Imran Nurmagomedov 😂😂😂 bro why you gotta add a apostrophe on it g you never spell I with the dashes too ma Sha Allah proud of you my SON

Romelu ibrahimović 😂😂😂 saw it on my timeline the proper way of saying it 😂

Imran Nurmagomedov Make sure u pronounce it like that too with the tajweed I wanna hear it

Romelu ibrahimović In-shaā-Allah I will try my best

RF4L I won’t be home because I’m going to go skiing for the holidays. So I expect you guys to extend that PTS for another week so I can play when I get back. Not everyone will be playing on holidays you know. LATE AS ALWAYS!!!

Michael catton Gr8 job merry christmas all


ZiyadNabil.ZN I don’t get the update why?

Jim It’s not out for another 5 hrs

نِيكُوتيِنْ why ? i was playing in da new map and i got ban! thats for no reason ! LOL.. ma user: YourFookinPapa

Tasneem_Elalfy 10 سنين😬😩 كنت شايفه انو بسبب مخالفه لقوانين اللعبه او بيبقي خطأ منهم ف ممكن يتبعت رساله لفريق الدعم بتاع اللعبه او كده ي اما بيتشال ي اما المده بتقل وكان ف نص للرساله معرفش الكلام صح او ايه ..

🇸🇦 اشتغل عندك المآب الجديد ؟

نِيكُوتيِنْ اه

نِيكُوتيِنْ رتويت ياجماعه معلش عشان يردوا عليا

احــمــد طــه🚶🏻⚖️ 🔱 ياما عملت الابديت من apk او عملت شفرة ال RP

آيـات 👑 ‘ Kano 2aylen ht3ml ban lma ttl3 mn match b3d ma ybd2 ! Bs eh kol da !! 😯

نِيكُوتيِنْ انا مطلعتش اصلا ، والحوار حتي لو طلعت فا مش مستاهل ٣٦٠٠ يوم يعني

Samyak But it is not running on mobile

Samyak I have downloaded but it is not running

RF4L I can see you are trolling but I just want to get this across. No one cares about mobile.

Pavel Shade okay then 🙁

Fang The Magnificent Custom Games

Corey Cooper Solos… Thank God!

PUBG GOAT Can the PS4 players be able to choose what map we want to play on in the regular game? Not PTS?

Razlo I don’t think they would ever do that cause then no one one would play on that crappy desert map😂

Bryan and 100 others What do u meannnnnn Miramar is a great map 😂

PUBG GOAT Be honest with you I wouldn’t play it and no one else would but it’s on Xbox tho so why not on ps4?

Razlo Wait map select is on Xbox!!!!???? Yeah it should definitely come to ps4 then I thought it was only a pc thing

PUBG GOAT Yeh it’s on Xbox fam I gotta Xbox and ps4

BtD JuniorRoot Is it normal that you cant finish the Mission to stop with a car in the redzone i did it 10 times know and it still Stays at 4/5

Kyle Campbell 6am uk sounds fair..

ShaunBritcliffe open a FPP server please

𝓛𝓾𝓬𝔂 🏳️‍🌈 🧛🏻‍♀️🎄™️❄️⛄️ Should prioritise Xbox PTS before PS4 but ok

Azzam Masri Wtf.. why cant we just get updates at the same time.. piss off lol

Darrel Nicolaye Come on, they’re at the same time. You kids are weird. Lol

Azzam Masri 100% 🤷‍♂️

Julio S. Vega Velez Fuck no hell no

𝓛𝓾𝓬𝔂 🏳️‍🌈 🧛🏻‍♀️🎄™️❄️⛄️ Why

Julio S. Vega Velez You know how long PS4 players had been waiting for PUBG 2 full year’s

Jimmy Why’s that?

𝓛𝓾𝓬𝔂 🏳️‍🌈 🧛🏻‍♀️🎄™️❄️⛄️ Xbox had a year of testing so PS4 should wait at least a month until they get vikendi

addictive gamer

𝓛𝓾𝓬𝔂 🏳️‍🌈 🧛🏻‍♀️🎄™️❄️⛄️ No thanks

Kipsa I play on XBOX and what you are saying is beyond stupid, just because we got it first we should make ou playstation friends wait ? If it’s ready for both of us there is no problem they get it same time as us !

Jimmy Ha. No. Xbox had it early. We played for a whole year before PS4. It’s fine to release them at the same time. It’s not like they gave it to PS4 first.

Talio Tv Please no play doh on vikendi lol

Jesse James Cmon man let’s use our brain theirs obviously gonna be some kind of play doh buildings if the ones in erangle are still their lol

TheLookin4now-YouTube Rumored to be the 27th of December for PS4

Michael Bennett Love all that

Nemesis let’s goooooo

Malcolmest Hmm, no parachuting changes. When can we expect the updated parachuting system??

Kipsa They are working and optimising it, we’ll get it soon, January i assume

Nathan Krauss So what about first person mode?

Beau Dinn It’s all about stability and player control. If it runs well on Solo TPP and Squad TPP it will run just fine on FPP. Just play in FPP on TPP, I used to do it and would do just fine.

Snowy Sora Not enough people to warrant it.


echosidedemon You can FPP>TPP all you want but if there isn’t enough people wanting it (don’t say there is cause if their was they would have atleast mentioned adding it) then they wont bother putting it in until they are ready to put it in

NK_ LFC🔴 I agree I’m just stating that fpp is better

Mazta-x They put a voting poll on their forums to determine what mode they should add it to first

Brady Roberts Shame those of us on the east coast who actually have jobs won’t get to play tonight. Thanks 👍🏻

Destinee Cunningham He doesn’t. He’s saying because people need to be up early. 🙄

Xovoxov Hey it’s not there fault you work nights

Brady Roberts 1. It’s their* 2. I don’t work nights. I have to be up relatively early and don’t feel like suffering to do something I enjoy.

🃏 RT PUBG_help: Xbox & PS4 Players: Public Test Servers (PTS) will be online soon with Vikendi our newest map, two new weapons, the snowmobile and more! Download now and be ready to play on the PTS at Dec 20 9pm PST / Dec 21 6am CET. Xbox: ……

Hotgamingrise RT PUBG “RT PUBG_help: Xbox & PS4 Players: Public Test Servers (PTS) will be online soon with Vikendi our newest map, two new weapons, the snowmobile and more! Download now and be ready to play on the PTS at Dec 20 9pm PST / Dec 21 6am CET. Xbox: ……”

Devin 忍者 let’s check out the new map pussy

Azzam Masri LETS GOOOO!! 🙌 also give us proximity chat ffs!

TWEETER Ya fuck that there would be to much teaming up on game and ruin the experience for everyone leave it as is it’s fine way it is

The Zombies Addict Really bro? That’s your excuse for not wanting proximity chat in Pubg? That’s an an invalid statement my guy.

Harlen Trisdale

TK5566 Of doesn’t even have it anymore

Daniel Sweeney Proximity chats a lame idea, I don’t want to hear some guys kids screaming and his wife blending and chasing the dog in the background while I’m listening for footsteps just cause he’s in my proximity………

Eric Hey there 38 year old Daniel Sweeney not everyone is a single father that doesn’t have to deal with kids and a wife so just turn it off👍🏼 Have a good day

Im AncientGamer Have we been in a squad before? Because that’s my life you just described

Daniel Sweeney 😂😂😂

Thug Knight #CLE4EVER 8-24 Turn off prox chat then

Nunya F Bidnessio agreed please no proximity chat in PUBG. it is annoying in the culling and that’s 16 players can’t imagine the proximity chat chaos of landing in a named location/not spot. i’m good. PUBG isn’t even optimized well enough to handle the strain proximity chat would cause

Daniel Sweeney It would be nothing but prepubescent teenagers calling each other trash at the top of their lungs you’d literally here nothing but constant arguing. Think about it for a bit like seriously put thought into it.

Alfie Smith Then there could be an on/off option like pc

Azzam Masri Huh… why are you guys so lame… you know you can just turn it off and let us players who just like to have some fun sometimes keep it on.

Brandon be waiting Yeah I also don’t want this but then again most of the Annoying players won’t even be up with my skill level

PC Santa BroManGuy🍀♠️⚪️🐾 (Views Are My own)• Agreed on all of your comments. You might not agree w me very much in proximity chat though …😂 have a great one fellas

Yarny there would be an option to turn it off obviously

Daniel Sweeney And Bluehole has done said they aren’t recoding shit and for people to deal with it

Fernando Garcia Bro they don’t have to recode anything they just need to add it then have the setting to team speak only or all

Daniel Sweeney Sounds like wishful thinking if you ask me, half the stuff in this game don’t work, how will they make that work properly? Your talking completely recoding their game to insert another chat system which is stupid because everyone parties up on xbox live anyways

Yarny everyone uses party system because there’s no proximity chat………..and the game works fine

Daniel Sweeney No the game doesn’t work fine your insane, and no everyone parties up because the current chat system sucks and half the time you can’t hear your teammates on their for w.e. technical reason.

Yarny Name 1 main feature that is currently broken

Daniel Sweeney I can name like five but that’s neither here nor there, I’m not going to argue with a guy who has 8 followers and a picture of a monitor for a profile image. Clearly your a troll if youre saying this game isn’t broken and still needs tons of work.

Zach Jones Dang about time

Zach Jones I’ve had this game for almost 2 weeks on PS4 and was wondering what was taking so long for it to release

James O’Saile Damn shame

…. RT PUBG_help: Xbox & PS4 Players: Public Test Servers (PTS) will be online soon with Vikendi our newest map, two new weapons, the snowmobile and more! Download now and be ready to play on the PTS at Dec 20 9pm PST / Dec 21 6am CET. Xbox: ……

Kaden So there’s only two test days? Today and tomorrow or did I read it wrong?

Enid☀️ Add me : Lintree 🤪

Kaden That is one og ass name 😂 will do tho

Enid☀️ Flows w my name 😇 & thanks! 🥰

Kaden Ya know I can’t seem to find your account how about you add me. My gamer tag is the same as my Twitter @

Enid☀️ Or give your ID

Enid☀️ Same, couldn’t find you. ID: 568516321

Kaden Okay I sent you a friend request

Kenny That’s when it starts dude

Kaden Ah I see thanks guy

Kipsa I’m not your guy, BRO

Kenny I ain’t your bro, GUY

Juan Bruh is test servers just be happy your testing the map this early instead of January damm

Eduardo Sinhue What happened to the vikendi map?

Ornatus play 2 games and realise your game is still full of cheaters, the game runs worse now than before the patch 10/10 for being fuckin awful developers

Sisa Still better than fortnite

Watch Me Spaz First person mode should be on PS4 already what u guys doing over there I’m tired of ppl third person killing behind walls

Dixicoin RT PUBG “RT PUBG_help: Xbox & PS4 Players: Public Test Servers (PTS) will be online soon with Vikendi our newest map, two new weapons, the snowmobile and more! Download now and be ready to play on the PTS at Dec 20 9pm PST / Dec 21 6am CET. Xbox:… PS4: …

Matthew Fields I can’t wait

Levi Morris Make that 6. Well would’ve been 6 but I quit the match because fuck that noise . 6 sanhoks and one Miramar while playing!!! WTF!

A11YT [Gold Team Productions] But like when.

Rjwatts14 #LaceUpKrew 👈🏾🎮 LETSSSS GOOOOOOO

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: Xbox & PS4 Players: Public Test Servers (PTS) will be online soon with Vikendi our newest map, two new weapons, the snowmobile and more! Download now and be ready to play on the PTS at Dec 20 9pm PST / Dec 21 6am CET. Xbox: ……

Jack Harris GET TF IN 😂❤️😂

Romelu ibrahimović Finally

Imran Nurmagomedov Stop playing games

Romelu ibrahimović Only game im waiting for is on Saturday 5.30pm

Imran Nurmagomedov Well hopefully it’s as you expect

Romelu ibrahimović In-shaā-Allah

Imran Nurmagomedov 😂😂😂 bro why you gotta add a apostrophe on it g you never spell I with the dashes too ma Sha Allah proud of you my SON

Romelu ibrahimović 😂😂😂 saw it on my timeline the proper way of saying it 😂

Imran Nurmagomedov Make sure u pronounce it like that too with the tajweed I wanna hear it

Romelu ibrahimović In-shaā-Allah I will try my best

𝕄𝕦𝕜𝕖 𝕊𝕒𝕞𝕓𝕒𝕟𝕚 My Account has been banned and i did not use any cheats or hacks , i download from Playstore, my account name LegendSãi

Zmah Cantik why my display picture didnt appear in my pubg account after link with twitter??

DAVY1523 You guys took all of the money earned from Xbox and spent it on ps4…. PATHETIC

DAVY1523 Took y’all 3 months

joe welch At least it’s finally here ! Lol I’m hoping the performance mode and v sync helps

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕡 ✰ What ☠️☠️☠️

DAVY1523 Calm ya tits bud

DAVY1523 No ones complaining? Lol just said it took them 3 months for an update 🤷🏽‍♂️

Tom Lake Last real update was 25th October, so not even 2 months ago. And there was a hot fix update about a month ago.

TheLookin4now-YouTube It came a lot sooner than we thought, the trailer said January, what are you complaining about lol 😂

DAVY1523 Lmaooo 😂😂calm ya titties

Just A Kid From Irv Of course FPP is disabled for the PTS too 😂😂

Incorporate Gaming [TeEm] Give it time. Pc didn’t have fpp right away either. It will come my man

Just A Kid From Irv Bro im aware, I’ve been playing on all 3 platforms since the game released. Its not acceptable at this point. The game is no longer in preview mode. Its in full release which means they should have enough confidence in the product to release the game with All Modes included

Xovoxov How about you make a game then

Just A Kid From Irv Especially if the entire community that is playing PUBG PS4 right now , Is asking for FPP.

Just A Kid From Irv I was waiting for this comment. Never did I say making this game was easy. What I am saying is, the game is in Full Release, if they were confident enough to release the game on PS4, they should have enough confidence to release all modes as well.

Incorporate Gaming [TeEm] But in all honestly if they waited people would still bitch about it. I found out patience is key. Don’t want to wait then don’t play it. Pubg pisses me off too, but I enjoy playing the game, and just wait for changes.

DAVY1523 Finally 🙌🏾

michael ward What Time is it for the UK it comes on

Kipsa It comes in 3h54

michael ward Can I play it like at dinnertime

iplaygames Finally god damn how about the graphic change??

Fizzy シ You’re my dad

entrobeast bring back server selection! i wanna play against NA players

George Saad Hello I can’t play properly on full screen, the game starts zoomed in. This happened after I update my drivers.

wadiewski. We need a big PS4 update , please

Naveen raj While selecting vikendi map it’s can’t be selected it’s moving back to erangle map…… Plz tell reason

Carbon folfy/ Wyatt Pubg needs a big bore revolver that allows you put an 8x on it. Crate gun. A 500 S&M Magnum revolver 6 shots.

Carbon folfy/ Wyatt *5 round capacity

Power_stroker_6.oh Hello I bind crouch to alt (crouch is hold) and when I press alt to crouch I can’t ads (ads is hold) I’ve noticed others have this issue as well. When can we expect a fix? This really breaks the game. Was fine before update 24..

OnTheFrontLine Your loading times to queue into a match are absurd! What is going on?!!

Jason Lau Banned for nothing. Emailed support to do manual review and appeal. Support said cannot reverse the process. What is the game developer’s contact? Can I contact him to do appeal

Checkout PUBG server down 2018-12-20 on 2018-12-20

Kyle Lambe Why are OC players qued with NA when the past 6 months we play SEA ? Are you purposely trying to kill of Australia ?

Billy Goat 5 minutes to get into a game on Vikendi

Jelly Hey , can you let the community know anything about the OCE servers?

[email protected]趣味垢 please put gyro operation in ps4,like mobile

Joey Terranova Been stuck on this loading screen 28 mins now. Tried all troubleshooting tips. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Nothing works… ideas?

KͫIͤNͫGͤ Quacker I just lost a game to a guy under the map in the water on vikendi. Wasn’t this glitch fixed a long time ago?

kanehartley explain this please?

ILoveGwenStacy Please, please fix the “after using a throwable” your gun bugs out and disappears, happened twice this week.

Zaid Vazquez Hi…How do i select the map in pubg for ps4?

Feliz NAVIdad Your anti cheat’s still bad. My scripts are still working. IF you get one of my accounts banned within 72 hours I’ll donate every sale I’ve obtained in this month prior to cashing out to a charity of your choice. Have to have evidence and actual detection.

Panagiotis Avgoustin Please some help. in the mission: the things you will break, what i suppose to do?

Jake Who said i was crying

Lliam Cole just logged in to PUBG after the update and im banned for 100 years?? wtf?

Sbadoh Why is Training Mode matchmaking taking so long? 10+ minutes each try and nothing. I’m on a Ps4 Pro, Solo, TPP, NA. Just bought and this is my first impression – not good.

SHITHAWKS Guess its sniper week? But yo why same mission but different points ?

Hibiki please make the game matchmaking can choose more than 1 maps (ex: erangel, miramar, and sanhok to matchmaking) coz i dont like vikendi that much, i’d like to play on erangel and miramar for praticing tournament

Chris Daley Have FPP servers been removed entirely from the OCE region? Asking on behalf of at least 9,000 people.

Luis Ortiz And xbox?

Jimone Is there any hope for me and my squad? Our team has outperformed many of the teams that made it into NPL Qualifiers before and now we get screwed over because waits until after NPL Qualifiers to implement anti-radar detection.

Iumix This map use a lot of cpu my i5 8500 used 100% but my 1060 used 60% while playing this map

Faisal Just want to know when the FPP and the new map will he available in PS4 we are eagerly waiting for it. Please relase it soon

keklol… please fix.

Jake I dropped Castle 3 times in a row and NONE of them added on to my mission

Timmmm I got permanently banned for no reason – played 2 games of vikendi with 1 kill and a win- I guess that constitutes a ban (without a reason). why u ban me?

mark Pls let us choose are own maps pls on ps

Jonping Question about previous season’s Survival Supply drops: I had earned 10+, but never interacted with them, saving them to interact with all at once after the season ended and I was no longer earning them. Question is: Where are they now at? Can’t find them in game. Thx!

Robert stoner pubg won’t run at 1440p after the update i’m missing half of my screen

SEBASTIAN FERNANDEZ If your new you probably don’t know… that’s completely part of the game…

halobrian Plus I’m not new

halobrian I do know

Bearded Actual Pubg crashing my PC when trying to open game. Ryzen 2700x vega 56.

Caliber345 Since 11AM this morning I can’t get into Training Mode on PS4. It’s now 6PM. Please help?

César M thought negative bp would be fixed in this update…

Hibiki there is still so much stuttering on pubg live server after the vikendi update, my fps consistant on 140 but it stuttering so much

Colin Griffin Because they are it’s only pc that was on pts

naiem when com the update from ps4

Colin Griffin Are you dumb it literally says pubg pts and the other just says pubg

Chris Guimond 3 games so far, 3 crashes half way through. Top Notch!

Andrew AZ game chat is not working for the Xbox One. Playing on Xbox One X

Val Any ETA when oce servers are going to be fixed? All you have to do is bring server selection back and make the game start from 30+players! It’s absolutely unplayable at the moment and very disappointing

.. When the new map will drop for ps4 ? And can u fix the lag problem plz fix it asap its so annoying

Mustafa VAC ban !!! steam nick MustafaS.

Dan We still cannot get FPP games in OCE. Why won’t anyone from respond to our communities concerns about this?

Cosmos Jr pls make my device supported i have been waiting for 3 years they said my device is not supported Device name:Tecno k9 From Tecno company china to Pls help

[KNIGHTS] Fares Ben Abdallah same issue here :/

Cosmos Jr Pls make my device supported i have been waiting for 3 years my device is not supported pls support it Device name:Tecno k9 Tecno company china


DreadHeadCapone300 Please update PUBG On XBOX 🥶💯🙏

Rayan when we can play the new map on xbox ?

Kyle Every time I load up PUBG now it comes up windowed, but the game thinks it’s in fullscreen. If I changed to windowed and then back to fullscreen it actually goes fullscreen until the next time I load it up. Any thoughts?

shaik roshan in india when it will be launch (snowmap) in mobile …plz reply …

ΛJ will Xbox be getting all the gun skins that came out for streamers on pc?

Sean Coombe Kinda need some help trying to play and it keeps showing me this… help please

Sean Coombe Kinda need some help trying to play on ps4 as it keeps showing me this… help please

Cookie I have been banned, and I do not believe I have deserved this ban. I have never cheated, on this game, and never will. However I did keep my game on overnight (on accident) during the Vikendi Update downtime, and I have been notified with this ban? Please help!

fOooOfy foOf do you also do mobile

Sean Coombe Kinda need some help trying to play and it keeps showing me this… help please

Fernando Galdi and Xbox One PTS ?

Sean Coombe Kinda need some help trying to play and it keeps showing me this… help please

burak stays like that. I cant see and push the buttons. What should i do please help

burak Why you not helping me? Is it a problem that you couldnt fix?

Shelby ltd Ulan şu ing bende olsa var ya

burak Aşırı low konuştum çünkü derdimi nasıl anlatıcağımı bilemedim

burak This happened after new patch

David Got a gaming pc, and for some reason my frames keep on dropping and it’s being to bug me

David It’s a JOKE. Everytime an Enemy is near by, my frames is dropping and ITS PISSING ME OFF.

Sean Coombe Kinda need some help trying to play and it keeps showing me this… help please

BLACK PANTHER Yup, plz fix that problem.. many of my friends are about to quit playing pubg just Bcz of lagging, I’m sure you’ll respond ASAP.

Rowan 12.9 iPad Pro is completely screwed up, here is a before and after. I realize it just looks like the controls are bigger, but is so much more than that and I am not able to play because of it.

Serendiotic iPad Settings>Display & Brightness>Display Zoom>(Switch Standard to Zoomed) Log back into the game, u should be all set.👍🏼

Shashank Hiremath It worked.. but messed up my ipad view and need to revert back everytime.

Serendiotic Yeah, haven’t figured out how to troubleshoot that yet. 🤔 I wish they’d just fix it on their end cuz this is a real pain in the ass 😒

Rowan It didn’t work, thanks tho

Sohaib صهيب it worked !! but they should make an update

Serendiotic I‘m starting to get the feeling that “updates” aren’t exactly their specialty.😐 I want them to fix it.. but also can’t trust they won’t accidentally nuke the entire game while trying.😒

Sohaib صهيب and eventually they will say ” we canceled the ipad’s version cuz they couldn’t fix their game codes 😂

Garrett Huneke How bout you tell me when custom is coming for ps4

Grantjustme Have you been getting lag or stutter when you open the map or inventory?

Sam Any news on when the PTS might be available on PS4?

Grantjustme Thats just because a whole bunch of people are just wanting to play the new nap. Give it a week and it will be better

SR The lobby has been broken for months. You can only use Quick Join. Selecting the map you want doesn’t work.

vlPhantom21lv what improvement are coming to Xbox One with the new map? Since the last update you guys has been so quiet about xbox.

Grantjustme Hey dude have you had any lag or stutter when you open your inventory or the map?

BTCPaidGroupGroupies Randomly yes.

Grantjustme Does it have a weird stutter when you open inventory or the map?

Faster Than Whaa? That’s because blizzard servers doesn’t run on kimchi

virpil ok guess I´ll just wait a year for PUBG to finish downloading 🤣

DJ 281 where is the PTS for console ? Is that delayed as well?

Reaper__13 Fix it please

virpil I´m having trouble downloading the new PUBG update. It says it´s downloading but it´s stuck at 22.9 GB/22.9 GB. I´ve tried to look for damaged files in steam, but it just reinstalls the entire game. Can you help?

Jacob Yo I just bought the Instructor Set on PUBG for PS4…I didn’t actually get anything. Did I get ripped off or am I missing something?

Prit Baruah (PB) Kindly fix Asia Lag issue Everyone is complaining about Server Lag, from top live streamers to all. Kindly fix it soon and if you can do a poll for old or New Voice Chat ‘Voice Sound’ Old is Gold.

ali zareian hi.i have ps4 and i cant go to pts server☹️what i must to do?and is this game can run in ps4 pro 60fps?and why PlayStation dont have first person shooter?

Ra1deR Gj this map is full of lags very nice

Grantjustme Are you getting a lag when you open your inventory or map?

sixG.die how many GB does the update weigh? I think there is an error in mine

Chirag Jagtiani When are we gonna get option to select maps only Sanhok looks good, the desert map is so boring.

Juanma Torres Every day they break the game more. Now I do not play the game directly.


David DeBouvre What’s the point of the “Blue” if people can literally sit inside of it on Vikendi for 5 minutes?

Brandon Michael My game is very stuttery but has 175fps. Idk if the servers are bad right now. I’m from midwest USA. Every other game runs perfectly right now

RandomloserDK Hold to ADS with scopes, is very bugged in the latest patch. It’ll zoom back in after each shot(bolt action), even though you let go of the button(ADS).

Pedro Hello . What about this 100 years ban wave? I didn’t used anything illegal and looks like many people was banned for the same “reason”.

Kevin Shelbrock Timeline on an xbox release?

Mayank Sharma is snow map is fake or real ? so many people updated it, please don’t play with there sentiments, help us with the update love from india

Blake Pearce any other way i can report bugs? Got a couple of serious ones but been banned from the forum for months. Got a bad bug that’s been going on for weeks now…

Ballack Olama my game ist crashing scince the last Patch and i get very Low FPS on rx 480 8gb

Ballack Olama *since

riley🤘 there’s like a 24 or 48 hour wait period, they get a lot of emails

Riyan Kurniawan Okaaay,, thank you for the information

Liquidocelot666 Great map but listen your community and take t3 helmet away and balance the loot But design wise the map is amazing

Abdulaziz Abdulrhman I have problem I can’t download the app and it keeps loading!?

Dandy Dharma is there any solution on the screen resolution problem after the vikendi update? im using 1920 x 1080 and here is the result (already fullscreen) and if i change it higher the screen is cut, thx

نٌ . In this version, can I select the maps I want?

mgc hello, I have a failure to enter the game, in which I change the resolution alone and I do not get to appreciate the cotenido, I can not start game, change settings since I can not give the save button, and from the launch options either , what could i do.


Leonardo Oliveira There’s a bug with people that set 1920×1080 res on monitor and use 1728×1080 in game. It started after the update!

Interrogate Remove level 3 helmets from world spawn. Reduce level 3 armor spawn. Why are we tanking everyone up?? It’s so annoying being completely outgeared sometimes by bad RNG. Definitely a step backwards

I Think how they have put the patch out is how they want it so they can do helmet skins ??? Why not play faceit if they can have the settings you want ???

Luke Rogers Woke take: make level 1 gear the minimum gear that you spawn with, which is indestructible. Have level 2 as a degradable upgrade which is a world spawn. Have level 3 as a crate only degradable upgrade (and have multiple sets per crate to incentives teams going to crates)

David Caught these 2 cheating. Teaming up on solo


PUBG Help Hi Panos, This issue occurs when the game files have been corrupted or modified in some way. Please run through Step 14 in the troubleshooting guide linked below to complete a clean reinstall of the Test Server. -M…

Panos Sal. What test server? This was on live and with clean install as well.

Jm2006_br because I can not play and the screen says public offline test server

Kev Nice update big large drops of fps.

Xovoxov Fortnite is trash this game dominates it Fortnite add so much unnecessary shit hover boards planes shit like that zip lines etc it’s retarded

Pruthvi Hey ! My iPad Pro12.9″ is still showing the Resolution Glitch, even after the hotfix update of 2MB that I did earlier today. Please look into the matter and get back ASAP! This glitch is not letting me play properly. 🙁

Serendiotic iPad Settings>Display & Brightness>Display Zoom>(Switch from Standard to Zoomed) Log back in to the game & everything should look normal.👍🏼

Pruthvi Thank you. This worked fine. 🙂

Yousef Mansy Ok How can I download the live version instead of PTS, Does that mean I need to buy the game again

Nils “snixxay” La Grange How can I delete the video ? Its loud and boring to watch the vikendi trailer over and over again 😀

Mac085 You could just skip it

Nils “snixxay” La Grange somehow the skip with enter doesnt work

KingGaming | Germany Whats up with the EU-Servers? Over 50ms Ping all the time. Normaly the ping is down to 6-8ms

Jung Sun “Peter” Lee what’s up with the ban system! How the heck avg. 168 dmg player gets banned?!?

Melissa Haha, sorry man. I couldn’t help myself. Hopefully you’re enjoying the new map! There’s no maintenance today! Hopefully you’re off of work 😛

Your friendly neighborhood guatemalan Haha dude no problem you had me laughing. I left my computer on at home so I will be working and gaming via stream so it’s all planned out.

Soumya my man! 😂

सेठ What. Is. Going. On. Should I be scared or excited ?!? _MOBILE

ariani Theres a bug at the new map VIKENDI , the city Pilnec . The house at the far back right at the first floor teh bathroom wall is glitched and moved so you can walk into the wall but in a room theres an invsibile wall . Sry if you cant understand ,ty

Lasse Jensen Hello 🙂 I have encountered a huge graphical error on Erangel 🙂 When standing in the apartments next to “School” you can see through the walls at school and see people running around in there and where they go! If you zoom in with scope it goes away and gets normal.

Venu Hi. Vikendi update is not happening in my Huawei nova 3i phone. Can you help fix it?

Esteban Mendez I wanna play the other maps, im obligated to play vikendi, and i dont want it, fix this shit

LoganSkyeWalker (Ayden Wilson) have already tweeted with no reply. Stuttering and screen tear on latest pc update. Practically unplayable, was fine last night. Gtx 1070 strix, 180hz monitor decent setup so not hardware issue. Always play on ultra hitting 100fps.

dEiX Do Something i mean you will lose more players.. Terrible to wait so Long


Haseeb Fps drop, high ping two issues I am facing atm.

Cameron Weisenburger I went from being able to run the game on ultra yesterday with 100+ fps, to being so laggy it’s unplayable on ultra low. The optimization on this update is horrible.

Matticus Yo, – why is everything zoomed in?? Usually if it did this before you could hit escape and it would revert to normal. Today… nada. As you cN see, I can’t access anything the way it is. Nothing setting-wise has changed since before the update.

MONSTRO Seeing as you have ties to BlueBalls, it’s good to see popular players voicing their opinions. I’ve been saying it since the test servers… the loot on Vikendi is HORRENDOUS. You guys seriously need to fix this.

Gareth Mayer Any ideas why when I’m in a 4 man squad with friends It won’t allow at least 1 person to ready up so no1 can get into a game even after leaving the squad and starting a new 1?

Emre Kaan Terzi My teammate was banned today with patch. Is it anti-cheat bug?

MRSmoke in january I think

Yuetong Zhao I got the wrong ban on PUBG, I didn’t use any hacking software, but I was prohibited by mistake, please help me to lift the ban. Game name: MakiZ_ Steam ID:zyzyt1314 ps4 test servers? Are we going to be able to play today or what?!

Saku Tupala I still have -10k BP on my account, can you like explain or what

B4DSEED false bans happening btw

hasan Please please😫🙏🙏💓😫🙏🙏💓😫🙏🙏💓 stop hacking

Tim Baker Thank you

The_Meme_Dog When is the vikindi update on ps4?

Mert Çevik thanks bro

Kedar Salandy 🇧🇷 What game are you talking about that blizzard is always adding maps to tho?

Iguin Posso colocar JUDAS Dreamhack Austin

zen-x More loot on Vikendi. Is full smg

WackyJacky101 Vikendi is an awesome map but sorry – the loot is trash. I really do not like it! Super sad that feedback on this was ignored.

Robert Cockroft Compared to Erangel it’s soo much better..

OMEGALUL95 lmao PUBG corp be like “all the big streamers (dr disrespect, shroud) left PUBG bc we fcked up, doesnt matter we have WJ still playing. : *tweets this* PUBG: *oh neptune*

OMEGALUL95 omFg I LoVe ShOoTing At PoePLe Who are 500 metres away with uzi! I dont know what is your problem WJ? The loot is fine. Just deal with it. SMGs are better than snipers nobody needs snipers juts put 8x on uzi OMEGALUL (sarcasm offf)

BrutalCS If they dont fix the loot, im not even gonna play that map. Back to Sanhok until fixed.

Jack pls address this before it hits console. Sanhok loot levels across all maps. Let’s do this.

Razor32 Fps is trash sadly, would love a boost anytime soon :3

Steam Trader Comon Jacky this map just got released its awesome hype it at its highest, really bad timing to criticize a small ‘issue’, which many dont even mind. It’ll create unnecessary negativity, when we finally see some positivity surrounding the game. It’s a little irresponsible of you!

CYPHER Agreed.

KaylaPaige Agreed

Mannie It forces a different play style though, I think it was intentional to make players more aggressive and not camp around tbh. Love your videos btw, thanks for helping me land quicker 😂

Byron P


Byron P I cant even play wit u tonight soz, too addicted to Forza 😘

Ross buy me forza ples heppi chrisms

Byron P It’s $100 no thanks xo its a ducking amazing game tho legit

Ross is that all? jeez why haven’t you both it for me yet ;(

Byron P Ur discord nitro purchase just doesn’t cut it

PaulD Loot seems fine although it’s a tad overkill with l3 helmets etc

Russell Evans Honestly I have to disagree the loot was better than on the test server.

N8 Entertainment Go play sanhok then. Weapon spawn variation on different maps makes the game better. Fight for your weapons, instead of landing on them. Might as well be CoD

Pinoy Game Store They’ll fix it when enough of us complain.

HeadhunterA7X Agreed. I don’t know how many times I’ve made it into top 30 and still had a micro uzi as a primary…

Destru I’m finding plenty G36C, that’s basically all you need for Vikendi

Gracely Indeeeeeed

Matt O’Connor (Mattress757) They never change anything between test server and live server – they never get feedback in time to make changes to create a stable build in time, since the new skins must always be pushed regularly or the people upstairs dont feel like their job is being done.

Incoming! Hey you don’t like 10000 UMP and Uzi’s ?

The_Sensei Looting forever…..

Karann Salunke yes..fucking smgs 😒

Mark I’m still trying to figure out why in the hell they would allow lvl 3 helmets to spawn?? You push out your best map to date but piss everyone off with lvl 3 helmet spawns and terrible loot???

WackyRazzy I agree buddy. Very good map bit super sad with the loot. I played a few games today and I only coming across 1 dmr and that was from a dead body. They so need to tweak the lot and put lv3 helmets back into creat only.

Vince_Noir_ It’s like thrift shopping

Eidzem Zavoral Feedback thrown of the window as usually. Why were we even testing lol?

TheSnoopert Did you expect anything less from these clowns

Sidrocplays When you are dependent on finding loot for your survival I feel like every house should have some wepon. It’s not a hunt for a wepon game or did I miss the memo?

Jico🍄 [GGN] Thanks for this. and the team only listens to you anyway.

dACMb_Tv I feel the same! Hope pubg gonna hear us all and make some changes

Wolfgang Braun i’m nuts with micro uzi now though

The Tinker And I improved with the double barrel since that was the easiest find for me

Opjee i have the same with the ump 😅 kinda like it now

Ben Harris It was not ignored. 12/9 had high SMG/Shotty loot, 12/10 onward saw more AR/DMR/SR spawns. Phase 2 everyone is literally kitted with ARs/Armor with nothing to do but run at shots

Alex Knight I think it’s fine apart from lvl 3 helmets .

TrosMaN7 Early game lag is worse than before (populated areas) and the absurd instant deaths are back. stuttering is back. Lower FPS than before. The patch doesn’t feel great overall, which is incredibly frustrating. Not sure how it’s possible that the game is worse on live than on test.

Eiran okane Noticed this too. Im dying before i ever have the chance to respond.

deshu is it on life servers now?

StoneMountain64 Ya where are all the uzis, BOOST SMG AND PISTOL LOOT ALREADY

Comic books plus

Zero__Forever #Twitch Ho-Oh Shit. pissed off Wacky Jacky. Last time that happened an emergency patch was pushed out.


M1NA Kat I totally disagree! It’s my favorite loot balance and I love the level 3 helmet spawns

Ultimate_Ace I have no idea why they won’t listen to anyone. The only people who like this are a few reddit kids

Jesper Rasmussen Actually I like the idea of a dufferent loot tabke for the map. I even like more (than the other maps) smg’s. Tommyguns and uzis … not so much:)

Lárus Örn Lárusson Totally agree. The ratio of DMR/SR attachments vs actual amount of them is just silly. 20+ hrs and not a single mini 14 and 1 sks.

Patio Yeah, 4dmr comps for every 1 dmr that spawns, dmr ext mags are common but limited in useage, I have a sniper suppress but no AR suppress, can’t find a k98, can’t find a AR barrel attach, can’t find AR ext. But there’s enough smgs for everyone to have 5. Smh

Patio Back to sonhok I go

LOLSOUUP Yeah, map isn’t small enough to warrant the SMG spawn rate and the low spawn rate of AR/DMRs. Pretty dissapointed with it right now.

iSlay more lvl 3 helmets than snipers- that tells it all

Tobias Engler 🤔 i like the loot.

Akash Mishra how do you expect us to kill people on lvl3 helmet and vest with ump and uzi

SeanVonGone Damn this makes me sad. VIKENDI must translate to uzis and shotguns

jonnyfishstix Pubg office: guys we want to put level 3 helmets everywhere. What can we do to balance that. Devs: how about increase SMG spawns and decrease everything else. Office : perfect! While we’re at it lets put out 4 sr/dmr suppressors for every 1 gun. Beautiful Disaster

Milli Yeah, they can’t say they didn’t get feedback from the testservers this time :/

Jingle Jangle Jon uh oh I found the last time I played on the test server was a bunch of sniper stuff with no snipers… so that does not fill me with confidence

Lee 100% agreed! The smg is way too much, and they give like 3,4 DMR silencer and dont even give me a sniper? WTF?

Frank Rachlitz Totally agree – finding a SR/DMR is like finding a unicorn. Found more 8x than snipers 🤔 and never found an 6x and 4x are very scarce

Neural I unironically love the crossbow and molotovs so I know I should hate the AR/SMG spawn rate but I’m just too busy hurling 7 mollies into a building 🔥🏹🔥

Gox-Sama I totally feel you 😍😍😍

Holo Winning with an Uzi because so little rifle ammo LUL…

huhWhat I actually really like it. Since AR/DMR/SR are more rare, all the guns get more use. I feel it’s the best balanced. There’s more of a need to learn to use them all. By mid/late game all players that take chances and fight have great equipment.

HavocHank DMRs already get plenty of use, and so does the Vector and UMP. The Uzi and Tommy gun don’t need to be forcibly made relevant by spawn rate, they would get more natural use if they were made actually viable and could equip a sight. Same with the Winny.

Jared I can’t even see what i’m shooting when i use uzi or tommy gun iron sights. I hate them

huhWhat I’m in another mindset about this. I think the gunplay would get stale if everything could get attachments/buffs. My counter argument is that these guns have their place, just need to learn how to take advantage of their strengths.

HavocHank Imo that’s a poor way of balancing weapons. The Winny particularly is a very unique gun. If it could fit a scope it still wouldn’t be competitive to standard SRs and DMRs, and it makes me sad that its not even allowed to be a viable option because it can’t use a scope (2/2)

HavocHank And I can see the “cheesiness” of using a sight on the Uzi and Tommy, but I’d look to the Kar98 and DP-28 for counter-arguments to those. As far as the Winchester model 1894, you can get those with factory drilled screw holes for mounts.

HavocHank The statistical balancing around weapons is very good imo, it’s just the attachments that I feel aren’t where they need to be. I feel that the underlying issues that people have with the loot tables are due to the viability of the weapons that are spawning.

huhWhat We’re really talking about the loot table.

huhWhat Either way, you’re starting to talk about weapon balancing, which is near perfect in PUBG.

huhWhat I like it like that. Those weapons are early game guns and make fights more tense and rewarding than if everyone has an AR like on Sanhok. Also, putting a modern scope on a classic Winchester, uzi, etc just seems cheesy to me.

HavocHank The way I see it is the guns already have distinctive aspects in their ranges, handling, and ammo types, and denying attachments just feels artificial. The end result are weapons that’re frustrating to use to the point that people will only use them when they have no choice (1/2)

Its_My_Purpose I get that but it sucks having like a 10% chance of finding a sniper and running across end game fields with no chance of surviving unless you have 37 smokes.

Jared I’ve yet to see a DMR or Sniper on the map. I won’t be playing it further. It’s an awful solo experience and that’s the game mode I by far play the most.

huhWhat …that’s a tough situation even with a long range gun, ya know?

Trent C ❌ With a sniper/DMR you can shoot back is the point.

Its_My_Purpose My name is Trent.

huhWhat Yeah, I got it. I still disagree that the loot table is the problem here. Takin chances earlier in the game will get you the guns you want. If we’re without at least an AR and a 3x by the endgame, we didn’t put in enough effort to get one.

huhWhat I get ya. Though there’s more at play there than the loot. Map design, circles, and our movement choices that put us in the situation where we need to run across an open field. You could get in the same situation on the other maps too.

Its_My_Purpose Truth!

Carles1NouVuitSet 🎗 I like too

Rohit Shekhawat really bro, iam in the same boat as you, also, high amounts of moltov and smokes is really great! This kind of loot really makes Vikendi a unique experince, it feels really different from sanhok and erangel 🙂

Abhishek Sathe

sirfonseca Useless test servers.

BBSz_ As far I can see most of the feedback was ignored, except the ones that were map related, such as glitchy spots, spots where you could go into walls etc.. -Trash loot came trough – LVL3 helmets came trough -Major bugs came trough.. It’s actually sad..


Rupert Pupkin + invisible red dot on the snow.

𝚝𝚒𝚖. Scroll up ur mouse

[MV3]Arbifac And fps

Steven Bongers The game shouldn’t be a scavenger game. People want gun action not looting action.

djmarl1 Its too bad, I really enjoy the layout of this map, but continuing to loot in the later half of a match kills the pace and fun.

Mr. Sandman Agreed. It’s SMG nightmare. I wish they’d implement Sanhok level loot to all maps. I might actually play Mirimar then lol

VideVictoria Maybe they didn’t ignore it (i am pretty sure they didn’t since a LOT of people complained about that) but they just want it that way….

Steven Bongers Much agreed. The environment and detail of the map is great! Feels like you can actually hide statically and the woods and buildings are great! The Loot however is horrible. Unless your an adamant UZI player or enjoy carrying SR/DMR attachments with no actual gun for them. LOL

huhWhat You might try putting attachments on guns only, not in your bag. Once you find the gun you want, the attachments are all over the place. Maybe just hold onto that suppressor, comp, or 8x. 👍

Liquidocelot666 Loot is aweful on that map, T3 helmets shouldn’t spawn, too many SMG, too many M16, not enough DMR and SR

Clinton Bader Also I never saw a half-grip on Vikendi 🤔

brevlada (ex [WAAT]😥) Because they are disabled on that map, same with thumbgrips, it’s on purpose and not a bug

Rupert Pupkin Thumb grip too.

liam massey They aren’t on either something to do with loot balancing, I’ve never seen a DP either

Anthony WJ, what are your thoughts on the Level 3 Helmet situation?

Fyke Daddy Bring back numbered stats or percentages! This is covering up that theres thousands and thousands of hackers above you and doesnt feel unique

OG studios the view for XR and probably X and XS is messed up because of top speaker some options are not accessible

FeeD Clipper Same

MiSCHiEFBigBrother January

Checkout current Pubg server status

Dileep Kumar plz open beta program

YetiSevy Seriously though FPP on ps4 needs to happen soon


bud_b_fire420 Yo my brother and I have been lagging non-stop. What’s good? Is the servers tripping.

YetiSevy If someone knows how to properly cook a frag then this is pointless

Scott smith have you ever had someone complain about controller connectivity issues for Xbox? My controller seems to disconnect multiple times every game I play. Only happens on this game with multiple controllers. Any ideas?

soccernicholas6 pubg test servers are stuck on the loading screen? im on pc? any reason why?

TostadaRhombus I had the same screen. I4 just found out that you have to download two files. Go to your notifications and you should be able to resume download for the second. I had to free up some space first 👌🏼

Ashish Singh Server not connect in my pubg mobile please solved this issue

Nicholas passmore why does the reload animation over take rezing your teammate or the fact after you reload you can’t fire right away on Xbox one? Happened multiple times were I pull the trigger and nothing

Evan You mind explaining this one to me and how to fix it? Game is fully updated, reinstalled, game cache verified, windows updated, drivers updated, all is good. Fix the game?…

TostadaRhombus Public Test Server Offline? I just bought PUBG and can’t play.

Tony Martinez your desert map sucks on Xbox. Tired of shot not rendering in. Never playing that map again. is a joke.

Adam when are we going to get the PTS for the Xbox?

Rafael503YT please fix this

JayATC1 SKS Auto fire and headshot cheat in PS4, blasts off 10 rounds in under 2 seconds all headshot kills fix the damn game

YetiSevy No way is there headshot hacks on ps4 pubg. Auto fire is probably just a nodded controller

bc please dear god fix the network lag detected error. My internet is running at 345 mbps at the moment. Nothing is connected to the WiFi. I’m etherneted in. Please fix this before I shoot my PlayStation and burn my modem.

🇬🇧 Since the game doesn’t even look or run too good on PC (even on the best settings) and that the main playerbase is on PC, I dont think they’re gonna put the time and effort into making this game any better on console in terms of performance because the devs aren’t used to working

frankie why can’t PS4 players access the PTS?

DomClemit MAP SELECTION!? My mouth is so dry from being in the desert so much. Erangel is not played enough it’s a joke.

Yousif Ahmed are you guys gonna improve the graphics little more? Or make it same the mobile??

Marcos Rodríguez @ How Can I report somebody who is teaming on Solo mode … he killed I spected him and he was teaming with other guy???

Didi-hunt gaming When are we going to get fpp this is supposed to be a finished game and we paid for a finished game yet we only get half what is going on


بعثرة مشآآعر Please Help

Jamie Pulk Uggh player pool is so small. Can’t get above 20

leon Why do we have a wait of 60sec in the lobby and not 10sec …

jordan harding When does xbox get gold akm skin?

OG studios I can’t see my menu because I got iPhone XR

Mr. Jeremy Dunlop Haven’t played in a while. Still same old bullshit. Screen doesn’t load until you land in the map the. Immodestly killed. Waste 5 mins

AndyKing… coming off a 21 kill win with some filthy shots and this happens! I feel complete now 👑👑 would like to get unbanned tho

shubham 😂😂

Espen BS

William  when is there going to be an update for Xbox? Kinda feel like we’ve been neglected considering ps4 has more skins and stuff.

Daniel Vitellaro Solo and duo TPP never enter a match. Had it going for 30 min nothing wtf

The F L G Heads up At first I thought it was my network, however I get the same result on 4G.

JORGE MARTINEZ in South America your game is in permanent maintenance please when can I play on ps4?

nothingness updated when I got on steam around 2PM est – when I go into pubg it says downgrade client to 5.1.1 but my client is 5.1.2 🙁 please help! I want to play singles 🙂

ِ I use iPhone xs and i can’t see the screen is full, so some options disappear in which aspects

SeeF.M ﮼سيف،الدهمشي What is the way to change the email in the game

شيخه الهاجري 🖤👑 Yea what happened same here 🥺💔

لافي الجلاوي

second8 Am i ahead of time?

▲lejandro hello guys, I don’t know if you notice but on iPhone XR the notch overlaps the UI of the game, that didn’t happen before.

Nino Still sounds are f*ked, please fix it…

Cookie every day on the test server my game crashes during the second match. After that I can’t start any new games because of an BattlEye Bad Service Version. Turns out the game starts despite some files missing from within the binaries folder.

Cookie Validating game files doesn’t help, yesterday it “retrieved” one file every time, and the game still didn’t run. Today when validating Steam says all is well despite me having deleted all the contents of the Binaries folder, hoping would fetch them again. Any advice?

🤘 we need FPP on PS4 please.

سقراط مانشستر 🇦🇪 #MourinhoOut I’m having the same issue .. whats the solution

Kian💗20.10.18 will the Harley Quinn and Joker suicide squad skins be available on the PlayStation version of PUBG?

James Darnel I am getting kicked out of lobbies [25] BattleEye : corrupted memory 4.14.6 – 8a2af7 WHAT IS THIS?!

Hamid pts live for ps4 date? and please focusing on performance upgrade FPS add show ping time in game – add proximity chat please

Emily They already said january 2019 consoles so untill the newyear just forget about it and relax

Big_Bacon31 The map but we still don’t have the skorpian that’s the pts i think he’s talking about.

h cannot play in XS Max as the icons are covered with front facing camera and at the other end with the display bezel. Can you please check.

ICS Fix your game & . Rebooting or verifying game files doesnt fix it. Maybe you need to upgrade the servers instead?

Zaryab Khan Please Add Server Changing In The PC Version Im always connected to different server where i get high ping

Eiran okane Buff the loot pls god buff the loot. I should not breathe a sigh of relief when i find an a AR. Also SR suppressors everywhere and not 1 damn SR to be found.

MetinXD Hello I want to cancel the link twitter of my game this because my account on twitter was stolen and there is someone who can access my account and play where i want to be explled and cancel the link game twitter account I wish you lasting success (ShexPUTN)

Zaryab Khan plz add server changing in the pc game??

Zaryab Khan plz add the server change option in Pc game plz

Zaryab Khan Plz add server change in Pc Game i get 140 ping on South east asian server but the game always connect me to tokyo server in which i get 240 ping plz get back the server change in game

Jatin pandit Keep supporting

TeeMac Um, what? Trying to play on the Test Server. Says I need to downgrade to join games?

Devon Owens Will us disc users ever be able to download the game not just puts

a person I think you need more tags

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω Any tips

a person Don’t post

Ω ∞ PROSAPIEN ∞ Ω Any more tips

Abhimanyu Swami Hi admin. I had a guest account named arimakousei5 which i played on around 2-3 days back on my laptop but suddenly it crashed and the account was gone after restarting. It was on level 26-27 with I think 14-15 friends(WAPFJam, WAPFNoor,etc) Can you help me recover it?

gyxs Hi pubg when u gonna fix some graphics issues in ps4 and is it real that 60 framerate coming to ps4? pls answer love your game

Mark Hall have yall forgot about us XBOX peeps? Really starting to piss me off

Michael Locher Are there any updated patch notes?

Teworis well… found in Test Server. I think this is shown unintentionally because I’m still able to play games

Merking_Savage Nah that’s a dumb idea

Ross Levey how do I fix this? Please and thank you?!

Corey Cooper It says my version is 5.1.2 and I have to update to 5.1.1 to play the Test Servers… Ummm what?

PUBG Nordic Can’t wait to see your Vikendi vids! This one was hilarious:

كلام كبيـر Hello I want to cancel the link twitter of my game this because my account on Facebook was stolen and there is someone who can access my account and play where I want to be expelled and cancel the link game twitter account I wish you lasting success Ūرامبو

Trey C. is ps4 pro ever getting graphical update, it’s my favorite game rn, but visually wise it’s barely any better than 7 days to die, need some eye candy, plz!

JORGE MARTINEZ I think I lost my money buying pubg never works it’s a robbery

Rob_ For the iPhone XS Max and possibly the XR part of the screen is blocked by the camera this wasn’t an issue until last nights maintenance work

Paz Thaddeus Aquino sale this december?

John Sheldon . Is their anyway to change the color of the compass on the top of the playing screen? Or could you look into adding that feature in the future? Thanks

bert Hello, i was just informed that i recieved a VAC ban. I’m totally confused about the reasons for this ban. I enjoy playing this game. I’m not good at it but i don’t care, i just love the game. how is this possible? Don’t cheat, use codes or team kill. HELPME!

Bryans Solomon this is what my game is doing right now…

ddarksage can we get Miramar back pls.

Joshua Hornback I got into squad games only. Now I can’t get in at all.

Joshua Hornback Can’t get into matches, getting “bad service version” error randomly. Thanks for ruining it again.

Gibin jose During these days i heard that the game Pubg was banned in china,On this basis many youtubers are said pubg is going to be banned in India. Is it true or not??

xcvi Please I need help

SBGaming Do you even know where they land to pick them up?

Crypto WarFare I think if you play too focused in game you can tell where they landed but of course they can add a 3D Mesh radius around the Grenade so player can detect a bad timed thrown grenade and throw it back…

SBGaming Hmmm I dunno I like it the way it is to be honest

xcvi Hello, Can I know which Facebook email that I’ve linked my game account to? Please, I’ve forgot the email after reaching Ace and paying a lot. Mistakenly, I logged into another Facebook account and I started with Gold tier. Please Help💔☹️

Devan Andrew Swope So, my game client updated in Steam to 5.1.2, but it says I need to be on 5.1.1 to join a game. How am I supposed to fix this without it updating itself to where I can play?

Devon Owens Can disc users on ps4 actually download the game now

Hurcor Dammit! Change your name today!

Abdul Aziz This is how i train😂😂🔥 done by me 😂🔥 _MOBILE

Sanjay there is screen bug in game for iPhone XS, it’s getting cropped near notch. How to fix it ?


Jamir Abdalla FIX YOUR GAME !!!!!!

nicole If you didn’t already know,

[MV3]Arbifac MORE FPS

Alan Get a better pc 🤦🏻‍♂️

CloseCallGames RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: The test servers are now in maintenance which we expect to last 3 hours. You can play Vikendi in Solos, Duos or Squads on the test server once maintenance ends.”

Wilame Braz Hello, Please, put Duo mode on PUBG for Xbox one, just have squad, or solo, in SA server, and I like to play Duo, me and so many players….

Checkout current PUBG server down

Noah Young When does Xbox get this map on test server?

Marco Mester They said january

Noah Young Thank you!

Joey Marino Server down for maintenance already? _MOBILE

Rose مرابط# 🇸🇦 I want play with you

Karur_GouSe Pubg server is not connecting I had reinstall the app but no use Pubg_mobile

lil Dash Q I dont like pubg how they finesse you off your money with items on the store u would never get anything you want don’t waste your money

Soul Temper imagine playing a game for cosmetics

Rohit Shekhawat So don’t buy them then, there are soooooooooooo many skins you can get just by playing the game, if you love the game, buy things with real money, if you don’t, then don’t buy anything, no fight here 🙂

Möth Fortnite does a better job than PUBG at stealing your money

lil Dash Q You have to spend like 500 just to get a shirt you want but the game is great best phone game period

Morgan Ramsey Nice!

ketchup juice juul pod when will mobile severs be back up? Thanks

الهوى الغايب I have a question: Can I play with a control hand?

jihad controller*

Sukh What’s a control hand?

Heezay @ Bikini Bottom I downloaded the Test Server to play, all of a sudden my mouse cursor would lock onto my Fullscreen PUBG? It would go onto my other monitor. Is that something that will be solved?

Tanner Hughes That is a system based issue, not the game. Sounds like you need to identify which monitor is primary and change out of full screen to windowed

Paul Wauxt Please, make less circle phases on vikendy. There is at least 1 unnecessary phase. Or make the actuall circles smaller. Midgame is so boring. You cant just stretch 30min game into 6×6 map.

mohamed gram How much the time to Turn on again?! plz

🅰️ didn’t read the original tweet bro?

iplaygames When are you gonna pay attention to Xbox players? Ever since ps4 released you have ignored us

Tyler Heard they are working on the new map coming to xbox in January if you read the game notes. normally console is 6 months behind PC

iplaygames They put winter 2018 at E3 lol they are full of shit I doubt we’ll see it next month I give it another 3 months since pubg likes to delay stuff

Tyler Heard get a PC, stop paying for consoles

iplaygames If I was to get a pc I wouldn’t play this trash game lol

Jakob West Lucky for me, I couldn’t care less about pubg anymore✌🏼 all the new guys advocate for it and as they get to know the game and devs they drift away. It’s the circle of pubg. The only ones who continue to love it are the ones who get paid to

Nick Chief, I’ve played pubg since day 1 and I still enjoy the game. Don’t speak for everyone. If you don’t enjoy the game, then why are you even here? Leave

droowz Guess his eating his own shit

MeLoveAnn- (火影) nobody cares

Heavyweight Primate Tell us a lot more

himanshu baghel How much time to take

🅰️ read the original tweet 🤦‍♂️

Karim Dagher I thought you had to indicate that to one person and I kept my faith in humanity, but I immediately saw the same tweet after and lost it all.

يزيد Hi I do not link my account to Facebook and I can not log in now What is the problem This is my account name Yazeed3R I want to enter the game so I can connect it to Facebook

B1L My god

Möth I want to play your game not Fortnite because Fortnite is garbage

Rohit Shekhawat Same here bro, doesn’t matter how much people complain, I always play and support PUBG 🙂

Möth Plz help with real severs

Coco Hey I want to know why my teammate didn’t get that frag kill.

SLoGNZ That’s weird aye he should have got that

KishoreMugen not connect 😥😥 in any account.. slove the prblm right now…

Daryl Raffel are the test servers going down today?

AMANI ☼ Hey, can you tell me what this means?

Omar Magdy if I won a game but the server went offline because of maintenance will the game count in my score ??

fadio server is not online yet pubg

derek couture hey when is the update expected to be done?

Miss. Strawberry. what does that mean ? Me and my friend in the same country and she can play while im not !

Mudassir Mohammed Nothing to do now PUBG mobile Server is down for maintenance.

dEiX really sad

Kalu Gabriel Rivas C when is going to be ready the fpp in ps4 ?

Youtube: REKTILE Server problems

Youtube: REKTILE Cry like a baby

Youtube: REKTILE It takes me 28 seconds, get a better pc

Jesus Orduna Rivera Anyone else having this bug when you go loot someone body and it won’t let you scroll down brings you back to the top… (ps4)

Roland Chauvin What about the custom crosshair bug. Them shits disappear whenever you try to set it to and different color

Just Faisal. Why on ps4 when i open the game shows up that , the public test server is offline ?

m7md_1937 عرفة المشكله يا حب🌚

DomClemit and yet miramar still doesn’t load because of it’s unnecessarily big ball sack size.

Corey WHERES FPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corey For ps4

Kunklission So, for some reason after my new mobo x470 and cpu ryzen 1700 were installed doesn’t give me any audio and it takes much longer to boot. Test server works perfectly fine, no issues whatsoever. In fact, works 100% better than it did before any ideas?

Jojo Garcia If you level up your survivor pass on the test sever will it carry over to the live???

creamy bobeany hey did u mean to make it so that you cant wear clout goggles and a gas mask at the same time? I’m really upset and I’d quite like to be able to wear them again but now my friends make fun of me because i spent $4 on them and it doesnt even look good on my character

Overplay You should have called the forums forums.pubg.China 😉😉

Guilherme Hello I wanted to make a suggestion, you could put the option to customize the gameplay controls on the PlayStation and Xbox, for example the personalization of pubg mobile controls.

Flavio Balderdash it’s not a redirect issue it’s because the website is probably still using RC4-Only Cipher Suite, and the settings in the server ‘security.tls.unrestricted_rc4_fallback’ preference is toggled to false.

m⌬sk 🖖 Two wallhack cheaters in one game: Amumu- Thor_81

Bigglesworth Hahaha……..PC. SMH

m⌬sk 🖖 Blatant. Cheaters aren’t very smart.

Soham…. XD From which site i can buy the pubg pc now at steam its not available plss help me to buy pubg pc

kenan özer WE NEED PS4 FPP .

ThumblessCovert what is going on with the xbox servers?? =(

Jason Wallace when is the update going to come when you can vote on maps.

The Green Cast when will the PTS be available for ps4? I just keep getting this..

Devon Owens A buddy of mine has pubg on disc it will allow him to download the pats but not the actual game what can he do ?

ΛJ so can you explain how this is even a thing? Not able to grab a lv3 helmet or lv3 vest due to ‘not enough space’….


Max. no space to change from level 2 helmets to level 3?? Please change that because it makes no sense at all

.. Can u fix the game?? Its need some updates

Mostafa Saber i should know who is shooting who is walking on the map what should i do to grt this features even from the beginning i want to choose any of the maps like mobile?? plz help

Mostafa Saber i should know who is walking in map pubg ps4 really should upgrading??!!!

Squ4dronLe4der7 live now!! playing Charity stream

Kennedy venialgo I can not get into the pubg because of the error of busy servers try again later I made several changes in the network question and nothing could help me, or a pacth fixing the errors, thanks

Ch Suprathik my device is getting struck at the end of the game….this is happening atleast one in 5 games….results are getting at the end of the game….please help me..

No Online Shopping Which one best all purpose gun in フレンド募集 女子 _JP _3rb

robtheidiot Anyone at around?

Owen Parsons please fix this!

Olmpiya Poseidon i hate tpp seriously add fpp on ps4 already man🤬

Murr just wanted to say that I think PUBG on the PS4 Is very playable and very fun. The frame rate would be great if it stayed at a true 60 but I’m not complaining. Good job 👍🏻

faraz khan plz pubg help me i won soo many matches and i’m not getting my chicken dinner plz help me😫🙏

dhonithangam Hi please add language in next version World’s first language please Consider

JustGoodFellasGaming Help us please, how many tines must I ask?

Anthony Vialard Please ban GuruAF on PS4 is a cheater , he play with XIM4 and a macro on his mouse

Bob Lee Swagger why is servers down for ps4 huh

PONYRIDEREn Can you PLEASE fix ur bug, so u actually dont have to go to seat 2 on a BIKE. So ur teammate can jump up on ur bike! It have never been a issue and now it is.

crzycatPUBG So annoyiiiiing 😩😩


Psybone Det hjælper hvis man kigger/peger HELT tilbage på bagsiden af motorcyklen, men det er pisse stramt

PONYRIDEREn Det kan stadigvæk godt bugge selvom du gør det.

Psybone Yup..

Darko Hello Since one month every time that I play a game I get stuck in the loading match screen, I can hera all but can’t see it or move, already reinstalled the game and Windows 10 and check files

Shahzaib1257 Getting high pings on live server and low ping on test server please fix sea servers when i play test i get eu server and low ping but sea server sucks for me in live servers

Blake Pearce can i appeal a forum ban? I was permanently banned 6 months ago for “anatagonizing users” seems a bit extreme as i was dead active and reported bugs like every day..

Justin my test server won’t load past the load screen on PC after latest update

Justin I have a 2mb DSL connection so downloads take a LONG TIME

Md_Atique can you help by letting me know what is the total size of pubg pc

Darki hello so ive recently updated my windows 10 and since i updated it the game doesnt work whenever i try to run the game the pc crashes and it shows me a green crash screen please help


Arjun Jangid hi it’s MIGHTYROXXX I got vac banned for no reason. Even though I play this game really less these days and when i start my pc today I got a notification that I got vac ban from pubg . I want you to please review my account because I haven’t done anything.

che guevara How can i survive this 9 hours ?😢😢

Ankit Kumar can anyone organise the competition of Pubg Mobile?

Totaleclipse why don’t we have the possibility to choose the lobby music ? We miss the first music !

Shivam how to get snow map

Mike I never received my anniversary skin on Is there anything that can be done to get it?

Paul Coughlan keep getting error (25) client not responding, every time before I hit the ground after parachuting, have verified files and reinstalled game, still happening, tried wireless, Ethernet and tethering from mobile, any ideas?

Heatfire Here is a link to my Youtube that has well, basically me being racially discriminated against on PS4

Pan lobby stuck, i have to click on SETTING icon to work again…any help about this problem?

Pan lobby stuck, i have to click on SETTING icon to work again…any help about this problem?

william kilgallon It’s today lol, just a reminder bro 🙂

needforkills21 Yo can you game share with me pubg? I’ll give you bo4 and I’ll let you go into my account first

DesignGears can only queue sanhok map, any other map has us sitting in queue forever.

Scott Aka BAMM I think the Fix is to uninstall PubG and play Destiny….lol

Alex You can’t be serious with these bugs that literally give your position away

Scott Guthrie can you please add map mode to PS4 Erangel and Miramar have no loot!! Dont want to play those maps!!

Scott Guthrie can you please fix the issue on PS4 where it resets your crosshair color to default in settings and also the crosshair type in game on the red dot!! It resets everytime I boot up the game!! Thank you!!

MAVC0 I need help. Online Corp sited in Korea has blocked a service i paid for without any explaination. I live in Spain and UE´s law protects me as a consumer. What can i do? Thx…

arijeet barooah help me out

Daine Brown how come I have only been on the map sanhok on PS4? Is there a way to change it?

Chloe Prowse trying to invite friend to play duos but invite not being received? We are playing on PS4.

Cod_Y The “fix pubg” thing may be over. But you only made more issues. Like where is the OC server support? I dont seem to see it

Danny constant network lag for everyone in your servers now. Fix it???!


[email protected]ćk☁︎ ok then FIX YOUR SERVERS

Sumit Singh Rathore Hey why don’t you include Indian origin weapons like Excalibur assault rifle… and JVPC…… and Desi katta 315 and 12 bore .

Ayoubalgnede hello Pubg I have a problem Its sayed PUBLIC TEST SERVER OFFLINE

MAYHEM MYERZ when will pubg work for ps4?

ANKIT BHARDWAJ I don’t know why this happened but I already reported it several times when it happened before to me on PUBG mobile app customer support, at that Time it use to happen for 5-10 minutes but this time its saying that it will unlock after 10 years. HELP !

Kurt Colwell “We’re releasing FPP if we get a good amount of players.” LESS PEOPLE ARE PLAYING BECAUSE FPP WASN’T RELEASED FROM THE START!

Wey This guy streaming with hacks straight up ! here’s his fb link:

منكوبب🤟🏿 Can I play from Playstation with Mobile?

منكوبب🤟🏿 Phone “

Lilac Skies Hey guys, our car got stuck into another car by the bridge so we tried burning it or making it explode but you out us outside safe zone. So, is there anything you can do about this? Will DM the full pic foe privacy, thanks.

Michael Hatch Perfect, that means every tuesday I can be reminded pubg is broken and needs maintenance without wasting my time playing any of it. It’s a win for me I guess.

Its_My_Purpose Just streamed all night and never had a negative experience. No desync no nothing.. lots of wins and GGs.

CP291 the Europe server on is dead waiting 10 minutes for a match

Mike Devaney Hey is there anyway I can make the default controller settings on the pc game the same as xbox controls? Asking for a keyboard fumbler(me)

Sanju Malik Please fix this pubg notch issue on POCO F1..!!! Please..!!

azeez It’s fixed after 9.0 update right? Lag in game is mostly server based. It’s not phone bug.

Yogendra Yogi Yes…

prem Yes

Asif Iliyas Also game is lagging to much after update.

Marquis Hannon i would really love to know why i have so much desync,lag, and latency i would really love to fix it because no update fixed it

simbalovestacos FIX YOUR FUCKING PILE OF A SHIT GAME PLEASE!! Crazy how people can 1 tap me but it takes me 2 clips to kill people, fix your shitty game or send out refunds. Hire some people that actually have combat experience instead of a bunch of faggot liberals

Aki… Ban this streamer hacker

Subho When will the wikendi map come?

Cesar salazar That’s why i can’t play on my ps4?

hitts jesse🇺🇬🇺🇬 Wats the meaning of this

Andrew Hamby why does my game say public test server offline?

Braazen This is seriously dumb. I got banned because of a bug on TEST SERVERS. Whatever. Waited a week after my support ticket never got touched. And now when my ban is over, it’s saying it will be lifted in -9 hours? Seriously. Please help me.

Dustin Gay My 168 ban ended today. But when I boot the test servers, it says it will expire in (-8 hours). Come on. Please help me. This is all because of a bug on the test servers.

Andrew That’s the test servers. Not the game

Big_Bacon31 Also at this point cod is cartoony

Big_Bacon31 It runs at 30

Roland Chauvin what the fuck is up with the crosshairs on ps4, no matter what color I set them to they disappear

Liviu -_- Hello PUBG , thanks for the new map and for all your help to put in the best and awesome way.I’m searching every day for a source of info about what’s next ,i hope in the future you bring back again the future of to know what is coming.

Xovoxov It’s just bad luck I got it on ps4

DrizzlyBat Thanx ya it’s was 14-17 no it’s 17-31

DWGamingOnYT Yep 17th till 31st think it’s going on for about a month and a half. If it doesn’t change.LoL

NerdBits What the heck & – More cheats on the test server than the live game.



DirtyAether you lot lost the Royale race for good, the red zone, shit optimization, horrible loot, absolutely Fucking ridiculous. Its makes me sick you charge money for a game that is way below average. Fucking DayZ all over again.

Aidan O’Mellon… please ban him.

Dimitra Meimaridou why on ps4 when i open the game shows up that the public test server is offline ?

AJ… when people hack and use wall hacks in pc can we get rid of people that ruin the fun of games

Roscoe PS4 frame rate is trash.

UrAvgADC Mind resolving this issue? This guy has been live streaming his disgraceful use of a third-party software to hack to your very own game. Please fix this real quick!

YetiSevy Having an error with the reCATCHA when trying to register an account.

Simon Kuran This is still an issue.

Deadshot707 When can guys let us chose the maps on PS4 for some reason the game just put me in random on ???

Max *I think that it is not really skilled to just shoot your bullets as a rain, instead of landing a good shot, or calculate a good trajectory to make your bullets effective. You secure a good position, and your opponent just has to throw everything he has to kill you -> nerf M249?

Wes Wells please explain how I drowned in Los Leones….read that again and let it sink in…thanks in advance

Joe Jitsu I uninstalled. Haven’thad a issue since. Lol

Joe Jitsu Crossplay was not even considered an option til this year. Patience young pattawan

سالم أحمد i can’t launch it the game stuck please help me !!!

Joe Jitsu I already have to Google the guns I find. Lol

Joe Jitsu Better than 30 fps like every other modern game maybe

Big_Bacon31 Do other modern games have you play against 99 other players with non cartoony graphics and run better than 30 fps on console.

Joe Jitsu Keep in mind that the one with cartoon graphics has to update the server with every object having a changing hit point status.

Joe Jitsu So you are saying those awesome ps2 graphics are too hard on the server for 60 fps? Lol

Big_Bacon31 Yes, no, maybe

Joe Jitsu Any object farther than 20 m flickers on the edges and trees make me feel like a seizure is incoming. Lack of gravity and floating with footsteps sounds make me feel motion sick for the first time in my life. I really wanted to like this game. Ps4 version is unplayable

Joe Jitsu

JustGoodFellasGaming Does ever responds to questions asked in mobile app??? Or here for that matter?

L7n_FM 💔🎶 can i ask agin when or is ther season pass in pubg on PS4 Like PC even ?

The Great Whale did a fresh install of the test server and still getting the same error

MARK ALQASRANY please pubg we need more fps… please make it 60 like fortnite we need better graphics the game is horreble on ps4!!! (Thank you)

MeZoNeZ hey so some guy came in to bunker I was waiting for him to come down Tunnel. But not too long and I’m getting shot. From behind. Is there some kind of silent slippers in game now? It wasnt my headset. How did this guy get right behind me without making any noise??

Checkout current PUBG down

Brachen feels so good, the loot tables are great, the pace is so much better tailored to my playstyle than previous maps and the map is full of memorable landmarks and gorgeous sights. Now I just need some dinners!

Skylar Bonham how come the pubg website isn’t working?

PUBGSUCC I wish my survival rewards would actually work when I complete them… Such crap!!


T. can’t even play on the PS4… Wtf

RP GAMING All i see is what’s coming for PC WHAT ABOUT CONSOLE!!!

RP GAMING If i knew that these devs don’t answer to the community i wouldn’t have bought this game

leaster W/ Will you improve your game?

Rick Mallais what is going on with the disc version for ps4. It won’t install

Mohd hi, what does this mean? I just buy & download

P_I_C_K_E_T_T There’s 2 different versions to the game. For some reason mine automatically downloaded the “public test server” like yours. You have to delete it. And go into your purchased games and download the actual game. Not the test server one.

ابو مروان You are a stupid company, you lost your audience in PS4 because of your stupidity I have a right to play FPP from the first game Unfortunately the game is very unsuccessful and this is because you are stupid And also there is no switch for the maps Top stupid


Cristian Almeida Suarez Is there a chance that vikendi will come out now in December on the xbox one TS?

ابو مروان were is fpp in ps4 muther fucker!🖕💩

RavenousSix I just want the old parachute controls back, these test server ones suck.

Michaël Mimeault Well. Anyway it is all about opinions. But personally I like to find a lvl 3. Crates are a blood fest. Don’t tell me it’s because I’m bad… Even the best players die to crates camper.

Michaël Mimeault It’s not like everyone finds a lvl 3. Yes the Kar become less powerful but still can kill in 2 shots.. and the helmet only have 2 lifes against those snipers. It’s fun to grind a lvl3 🙂

Ultimate_Ace I find a level 3 almost every other game. At least one person in my squad always has a 3 helmet. And an SLR gets better than a kar when level 3s are everywhere. Cuz it can 2 shot faster. Level 3s are the worst thing they brought back to world spawns without a doubt

blast2fire Is the forums down? Or did I get banned for speaking my mind?

Berringer Time to make twitter accounts for xbox, ps4 and pc now? This has become the largest mess/maze… Survivor and Premium pass is for the PC community, we have it on PC for testing atm.

Berringer Unfortunately a way to scare players away… How did PUBG corp not see that when testing the pass earlier?

Vishal yadav why beta pubg is not responding??? I m seeing this from past 2 hour? Whats the matter?

Jay Hurry tf up and do something to xbox u guys are forgetting about xbox im about to forget about your game cmon fix the bug where I have to reset my crosshair color every time I open the app.

karimelnady when season start on ps4 give us FPP

Brian poole can you explain why I have spent 150,000 BP on Western Military Crates and I’ve yet to get the Cowboy hat, yet I get 45 Camo Shirts in ROW!

Brian poole can you explain why I have spent 150,000 BP on the western military crates and still do not have the cowboy hat? Yet I can get 45 camo tank tops in a ROW!

Enfuir The airplane still does not make sound so it’s not fixed on ps4

Farmist80 When does the new map go live on PC?

Kim J Hyun (Maoist) takes money from them i heard from a post


ixisweat returns So ’s bullshit report system leads to another 24 hour ban. Their message to all players, “If you get beat, it’s clearly because the other players were cheating.” Oh yea, is definitely completed.

Richard P how do I get a hold of someone to restore my game. I lost everything?

Tracy P I cant log in to my screen name Help

Tracy P When i logged in this morning With my game center It was not me

ImTommygunz Can you guys adjust the volume for ps4? It’s really low

Carp4 Please post pubg servers south america for ps4 !!! When are we going to have servers for our region? Brazil, argentina, chile, paraguay, peru, colombia 🙁 …

LadsUltimate ?…. fancy replying to the hundreds of ps4 players with the same question ? Or are u just going to deliberately ignore us ?

Russell Baker FPS for PS4 anytime now

Vaishak M I am getting into eu servers with ping 240,where I am actually supposed to play seas server,!!Help

RP GAMING There is no proximity chat on ps4 for some reason

EM Solo

Giannis New cheat? Shooting behind the car. Could you have a look please? Thanks.…

Rizqo Syahril Tsani Beware of your footprint

فيصل ضرمان العجمي hi I would like to ask you can i play PUBG from PS4 with players in mobiles?

Alruwaymi When i get in the plane my tier doesn’t appears and i paid money for it so why its not appearing, hope it will be solved nearly.. thanks .

Marcos Rodríguez please consider to make crossplay platforms.. is not only NA where people play PUBG… on SA there are a lot of Xbox/Ps4 pubg players .. On SA server (xbox) almost 4 minutes to get in a game with only 53 players

OMGitzRussman Fix the delay on PS4 and graphics pls

krAZ-255 I just looted my first airdrop and was instantly team killed my teammate. Is there anything you guys can do? I have been playing since launch and have been loving every second of it. Thanks in advance.

Skupnjak Meikl joker and harley for ps4????? jes or no???

Halfway Wooked Hey is this really yalls soundcloud? 🤔

Jason Knight whenever I try and go to the forums now I get this: P.S. I was there just yesterday and it worked fine.

[email protected] Hi my name is Alan I have a problem with my account ban the steam account shows that I have not played the game for 7 days and I get ban because I’m not playing it or maybe someone else using a different app to using my account but on my steam, it did not show anything

PUBG Help Hi, If you think as though you have been incorrectly banned, please submit an appeal through our support website. -M

Arsh Sisodiya you should ban those people who abuse there aponent.

ShadyNature it happened again after the fourth fucking time I’m not even trying again, just wasting my time and money and you guys probably won’t even answer this or help fix it

PUBG Help Hi ShadyNature, This issue occurs when the game files have been corrupted or modified in some way. Please run through Step 14 in the troubleshooting guide linked below to complete a clean reinstall of the Test Server. -M…

بَدر Edit the game on Playstation or give my money 😡😡

Metron Yo! The inventory on my test server account is not working , my username is DrDroom

RavagingSavage is the high CPU usage on test server carrying over to live servers? Or is there still optimization to be done? Makes it really hard for me to stream 🙁

Hess Any chances in the near future of the dev team working on a 4×4 cutout/variant of Errangel for fans of the minimap gameplay?

Karim Dagher I do get that and at one point I used to get very angry at it but with time you learn that the leaderboard in PUBG means nothing to anny one that is trying to evaluate how good of a player you are.

OpTic Yann Come on now. It’s been over a month since you last tweeted something about xbox. Hello, do you need your wake up call? I dont want to play ur buggy ass pc version of the game. Grenades are broken.

Chris Rusu Having trouble jumping out of the plane in the test server for Vikendi. Every time I eject out of the plane it launches me straight down and wont let me use my mouse or WASD for movement. I can’t glide or move at all. It happens as soon as I eject from the plane..???

PUBG Help Hi Chris, Holding down SHIFT will direct your character straight down, so ensure you aren’t holding this key if you’re wanting to glide or move in different directions. -M

Hamid ps4 any coming new patch? FIX FPS UP TO 45/60 – better graphics – faster load texture – pts live? – new skins? – show ping time in game – add rankings – add event vikendi – redisigned main menu like pc vikendi main menu 🙏🏻🍗❤️

Hamid ps4 any coming new patch? FIX FPS UP TO 45/60 – better graphics – faster load texture – pts live? – new skins? – show ping time in game – add rankings – add event vikendi – redisigned main menu like pc vikendi main menu 🙏🏻🍗❤️

Donte Wilson Yes. It’s called get a PC.


ali sel What is the pubg MOBILE support mail ?please help

Tobi For some reason i have minus -6000 points… i got 10k from the lag compensation, and apperently they were removed again? please help… (picture link)

5H4D0WGAMING19 can we get an update on when the pts for xbox is gonna come out?

Marc.N1 I’m from EU and usually play with SA friend, since we cant select server the game its a hell for us.Half times we get in NA,and other half the system is searching in the worst timezone. At least we want to have the oportunity to choose between our own servers PLS

Loow🃏 when the fpp will be drop for ps4 players?!

Squ4dronLe4der7 live now!! playing in FPP Follow my Channel ill follow you back

Rodrigo Is it so difficult for such a big company to open a server in Latin America? They kill us before at least listening to them

Talkerlist This is just madness… This has got to stop cheaters keep increasing by the minute

Jade⭐ My character on is looking festive af and im loving it! All we need is a festive parachute.. please add one, you know you want to😉

XeRoXgaming Hiho , somebody know if i am allowed use this finish… for my own highlight movie, im doing for vikendi , even when im not monetize the video and not earning somthing , dont wanna have problems with copyright and that stuff

‏﮼أبو ‏﮼محمد ‏﮼ Thanks dude

RSA hello when is fpp coming to ps4?

Rishav Kundu Help!!!!!!!!😣😣😣😣😣4😣😣😣😣3

vijayshankar please help to eliminate this _MOMBILE

Handa Riyansa Offline 🙁

Handa Riyansa Ps4 offline 🙁

Akzimel Is there any chance to have crossplay on pubg? In a future?

Vijay Pratap The game is annoying,the loot is scarce,the maps come random and sometimes continuous,bad port for PS4 overall,shooting mech suck,need work

DURXTER I feel your pain 😞 FPP dead hours for another couple hours.

Dhruv Ajmera can you just announce the record number of kills in PUBG Mobile in all the servers and both TPP and FPP?