JEFÉTHAGOD why such a bad network lag on squad

eNvy fix your mobile app on the Apple App Store needs to be fixed and updated so that the screen is completely filled by your game and it matches this new 2018 iPadpro 11inch resolution and frames per second.

Anurag Kumar *game

1800homeadvisor Would you try to get cross-play between ps4 and xbox one???

Checkout current Pubg server down

Jacob Day when is pc getting an event mode again?

Orioles1337 desync so bad

CaTzeN .… – Please ban them – it was Solo Sanhok FPP 🙂

STONEY Having an issue where im getting consistent packet loss.This has happened after server maintenance last week.

JBardTV Haha so you have 250 FPS then get to final zone and drops to 70?? That isn’t a game issue that is ur system issue. That is way to massive of a drop

PapaStanimus “The King of Customs” Hey for over a month we’ve had some serious bugs in customs. Just wanted to forward to you. 1. Custom servers do not close after game ends, and cant start new server until it times out. 2. 30%+ disconnection rate is back <3 you guys

PapaStanimus “The King of Customs” I run A LOT of PUBG customs and I have had to use two different accounts to keep the customs going back to back to avoid the timeout bug. I can keep this going but I think people would host more customs if they did not have to wait about 10+ minutes in between servers.

Barry Komfur Come on guys, please help out.


Manuel123456789 why you dont bring about 3 weeks no event? -.- bring the game forward not backwards….

Jared Reed… came across this live stream on Facebook, shut this hacker down.

Antonio Margareti why does my GPU repeatedly drop to 0% usage during PUBG and no other game?

Nick This shouldn’t be in the game, right?…

UnitedStatesIfunny Xbox is lagging like crazy

evasion 🌐 when will season reset, and will you make the leaderboards skill based?

fatguy46 the stupidity coming from this post is hurting my brain

Gaming Boom PUBG hacker is livestreaming on YouTube and you are doing nothing???

Zehyr will you be doing anything for recent massive cheating? Of course you wont!

DerFittzy Now I know the community doesn’t like skins too much, especially when you can’t get them with BP. But is a gold plate or silver plate MK-14 ever going to be a thing? Same with the m249, skins for those would be sick.

TooEasyPvT Road to 300 come chill with your boy!

Vaishak M after the recent update I’m getting 200 ping and connected to eu servers where as I should be connected to sea servers which gets 40 ping ..please help

FlankRusher113 Lot of people say this game is dead by showing how many people are watching the game…You don’t say a game is “dead” just because it has less viewers, besides not everyone watches on youtube or twitch etc.

FlankRusher113 Besides most people probably just play the game rather than watch it.

Devin Jackson fucking shit

Devin Jackson games running like the test server absolute shit

Danny Pearce are you ever going to stop teamkilling? It’s properly ruining the game now, I give up

jesse johnson Yesterday I was hacked by flying cars in FPP in which all the names were Doyoutv on the team in 4 flying cars… Only to switch to Tpp and get killed by another doyoutv from 400m with a m16 on burst. Go try some tpp and count the Chinese in the feed

Devin Jackson fuck you and your dumb fucking game god dam fix the bs fucking whole year can’t fix fucking rendering

عبدالله greetings, I’ve bought and upgraded the RP to 100 in the previous season. When the current season began, my RP rank is back to 1. I appreciate your support to get the previous RP that I’ve bought earlier to 100. I’m a regular player and really addicted to the game.

Kieran ever gonna add keyboard and mouse support/ crossolay woth pc i suck with controller but don’t have a good enough pc to run pubg

no one when will yall fix the lobby? Game crashing more now….also…

jesse johnson Well I can read the kill feeds? Maybe try TPP once and go find out how good the region lock is.

Morgenstern well, you cannot certainly know if it’s because the región lock is failing or if there is indeed all the Chinese using VPN. I personally haven’t seen a Single Chinese since the region lock and I play in fpp, and I used to see a lot, so at least in my region is certainly working

jesse johnson Yesterday I was hacked by flying cars in FPP in which all the names were Doyoutv on the team in 4 flying cars… Only to switch to Tpp and get killed by another doyoutv from 400m with a m16 on burst. Go try some tpp and count the Chinese in the feed

jesse johnson So when half my matches are fill with Chinese its 50 guys with VPNs?

Morgenstern yea, sure you know there is 50 Chinese people playing with you lmao

jesse johnson Well I can read the kill feeds? Maybe try TPP once and go find out how good the region lock is.

Morgenstern well, you cannot certainly know if it’s because the región lock is failing or if there is indeed all the Chinese using VPN. I personally haven’t seen a Single Chinese since the region lock and I play in fpp, and I used to see a lot, so at least in my region is certainly working

jesse johnson Yesterday I was hacked by flying cars in FPP in which all the names were Doyoutv on the team in 4 flying cars… Only to switch to Tpp and get killed by another doyoutv from 400m with a m16 on burst. Go try some tpp and count the Chinese in the feed

CloseCallGames RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: The test servers are now live with additions to Update .1. – Carepackages should no-longer drop outside the playable area. – Fixed an issue with black bars being displayed in the lobby with some resolutions. Full list of upd…

jesse johnson cept its not implemented? China in every NA match? Grouped with SA players? Another tourist player with no idea wtf he is talking about.

Morgenstern region lock is effectively implemented, what’s not effectively is that the servers redirect you to the other side of the world if it can’t find enough players to start a match.and if you have Chinese players In NA is because they use a VPN, so you are who need to learn dumbass

jesse johnson So when half my matches are fill with Chinese its 50 guys with VPNs?

Morgenstern yea, sure you know there is 50 Chinese people playing with you lmao

jesse johnson Well I can read the kill feeds? Maybe try TPP once and go find out how good the region lock is.

Morgenstern well, you cannot certainly know if it’s because the región lock is failing or if there is indeed all the Chinese using VPN. I personally haven’t seen a Single Chinese since the region lock and I play in fpp, and I used to see a lot, so at least in my region is certainly working

jesse johnson Yesterday I was hacked by flying cars in FPP in which all the names were Doyoutv on the team in 4 flying cars… Only to switch to Tpp and get killed by another doyoutv from 400m with a m16 on burst. Go try some tpp and count the Chinese in the feed

Joe Blow *cricket chirps*

赵博成 Take a whiff and ask, how do you deal with players who use plugins?

Pascal Berger oh you not mentioned that you delete the loot… wtf!!!! you have to higher the loot! not lower it…. its not funny to loot whole rozhok for an ump… fix it!

abdohanipubgnews RT pubattlegrounds “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: The test servers are now live with additions to Update .1. – Carepackages should no-longer drop outside the playable area. – Fixed an issue with black bars being displayed in the lobby with some resol……”

Parth Well tbh I was an absolute fan of this game but it’s more of a business now than customer/player satisfaction! You guys aren’t fixing the real problem .. It’s been over a year now and all you care about is streamer skins and this stupid clowns ..

RuggedRagg Maybe you’re just bad.

Mohammad faisal U could simply learn alot by showing ads on these bill boards 🤔 such like social media it won’t even make any troubles for players thank me later, 😛

markian bodell don’t know how this hasn’t been picked up yet but there is a streamer on pc that is playing with a bunch of hacks enabled –… – something more needs to be done about hacks

Ago Freeman Yeah u can get it cheaper on…

Ago Freeman Get pubg cheaper on cdkeys…

Michelle M Be nice if you could reply to my tweet about serious lag issues on iPhone. Rendering the game unplayable.

NilsPrvt 1 Millionen weiteren Hey my Game PUBG Mobile is crashing on Classic Texturepack and Default how to fix?

corneliusus The only Improvement to Performance: “Improved the 3D character render to be more smooth when previewing skins or gear.” Lol.. Really, really sad results… Bluehole had no problem investing time into improvements that make more money, yet again.

Cory P want cheaters and dysync fixed…not stupid emotes..and clothes…

Sourabh Kadam U have to be on Earth to fix dysync

Judas2100 what have you changed that there are there so many asian players on EU-servers? you guys did 100% change something cause it was not like this 2 days ago ! ! !!

AxeToMouth $5 name changes. Half the lobby is gonna be TwitchTTVTV and not actually be streaming

Sanjeev Kumar Chauhan why i can not play???

kumar rane Nice screenshot of twitch at 3AM PST when no English speaking stream is running. 👍

Its_My_Purpose Here’s one right now this second.

Gordon Wobby So it has 10,000 more viewers than csgo, a game that’s been dead for 3 years. Thanks for making my point.

Its_My_Purpose You mean 11pm? I’m CST bro, nt

XoneXzero Does anyone else have a high packet loss rate after the last two updates ?

RPG-Russell Prevost Gaming your dream come true

Judas2100 i have 1200steam-hours… yesterday i reported a cheater in MY TEAM. he was tracking enemies through objects and had a aimbot but he is not baned yet. he has insanely high stats and unreal high win rate. please do something…

Nash Verano Literally, one of the first games I played after the update, crate dropped outside of the circle 😑 saved the replay as well

Pii Outside of the circle is different from outside of the playable area(full map)

no one game crashed three times yesterday?After your update? Almost a year after coming out your possibly fixing the crates landing outside play zone? and the lobby still broke, had to restart it like three times yesterday (the game) to fix it…not to mention the long load times.

ELFU *GAME IS CRASHING after the 75 MB update* please help .The game is crashing

thestardawg Why does it feel like you are moving underwater when you play this game? Everything is so slow compared to Blackout. I tried to play a game during Survivor Series was gifted Miramar for the map. Landed Prison. Ran for 28 minutes… Died to the blue. Not one car.

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE If you don’t like this game for its core mechanics don’t play it don’t complain about it’s as simple as that

Panther do something I am stuck short of three even after exchanging 5 times.

Matt Cintorino Getting rid of NA FPP duos? This is literally the end of PUBG for me. That’s the final straw that’s absolutely the best game type. Blackout cod 4 it is for good. What a terrible decision.

shane ♌️ We fixed pubg

Melinda lloyd I didn’t get a punk jacket

Johnathon Griffith My OG xbox runs PUBG fine no problems at all and i love to play everyday

Its_My_Purpose Snapped this right now

Gordon Wobby Congrats, all of Asia is playing the one game that actually works for them with servers in Korea. And most NA people are either work or not awake. You just did the same thing you accused me of. Besides, I’m not a huge black ops 4 fanboy. My tweet was about PUB. Outside of Asia.

Its_My_Purpose Fair but the game didn’t come anywhere near killing PubG which is what all the fanbois/haters have been tweeting for months. It was like 200k to 15k at prime time for a couple weeks.. with ninjas 100k and Shroud’s 50k. Now it’s a toss up each evening as it should be.

SkylineZ So whatever happened to the riot shield that was shown off back in like….May or something?? 🤔

Darklinkmz .Good question 🤔 Oh i see blitz ordered the whole shipment ._. said he keeps getting his full of bullet holes.

Johnathon Griffith Cod is a childs game

chris bradshaw Hey in game chat is broke . Thanks

Almir Rogério Hello when we will have sniper Skins Kar98 M24 Some Possibility of Vim In box of Bp.Help The Galera The Community please !!!! Thank you !!

josh reynolds can we get a loot increase on the big maps? faster circle times? you know? the settings that all tournaments and leagues are using? i love this game but it’s only fun when you have weapons to use. i think everyone is over searching 10 buildings to find 1 decent gun

Mike Carriere Only 10 for you.. Lucky!

lokmaan Why dude why ?

Alperen Çok agresif insansınız her yerden engelleniyorsunuz..İstenmeyen adam..

lokmaan istenmeyen tüy kız ismi değil mi ya ?

Alperen Tüy den ince,saçtan kalın kıl bir insansın

lokmaan Yav ben beş para etmez adamın tekiyim

Yasin Varlı Açın lan rigishimin cezasını yakarım bu gezegeni.Siz kimsiniz beee

lokmaan pubg beni banlaması bişeyi değiştirmez bu gece 12 oyun 10 winner hesap direk platin

Alperen Yav sen belanın ta kendisisin..

Matticus Will send a video as soon as possible.

Matticus Monitor is 2560×1440. Set to same game settings. Have not changed the scaling settings in Windows. Also, my key bindings show that G is for grenades but it won’t even let me do that. So I can’t hot-key it, or select it manually on the wheel. Everything was working until the patch

AmiraAmira I’m in the SEA region. I can’t play Erangel squad games without waiting for like 20-25 minutes. I’m facing this problem only in TPP Erangel. FPP Erangel is fine. All other maps are fine as well. I generally play at around 4-5PM in the evening. Also, no Erangel on Quick Join ever.

Johnny Jobs The point is that they do not think about the players, I can only play the Tuesdays and in all they have this maintenance.

Fábio Louí Please, fix the bug where the plane releases the airdrop outside the map limit, especially in Erangel!!! Im tired to try to get one on the sea but it always end up outside the map limit… It is very frustrating

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE They just fixed that

VisenConS Less players? XDDD less noobs and weeping.

VisenConS what?

VisenConS ?¿?¿? u blind?

hasti doshi not able to start the game since a month now. Badly need help.

Nameless Ghoul Hi there, just a quick question. I’m looking forward to the ps4 release and just wondered if my unlocks on PUBG mobile can be carried across to that account when purchased. I know you can link accounts in it but will there be a psn option on release made available?.

Julien Lenormand ‡ matricule 51138 No PUBG and PUBG Mobile are differents games.

Junior Andrade ♏️ these guys playing duo in a solo server! They kill me and win the game!!

Josh Wojnowski It’s because they don’t call to remove the widget. It should be a simple fix, surprised they haven’t done it yet.

Michelle M serious lag issues on iPhone today! Fire not responding even though button is lighting up & car randomly putting me anywhere it feels like! Lost my last couple of games because my gun won’t bloody fire! Have video if you need it. Help pls.

JBardTV Wonder if you having a different issue ? Or maybe some updates required .. I used to have that same issue where my fps just dropped then I updated basically everything

fostRR Its purely competative. There is no issues.

JBardTV What’s your FPS before final zones

fostRR 250?

JBardTV Haha so you have 250 FPS then get to final zone and drops to 70?? That isn’t a game issue that is ur system issue. That is way to massive of a drop

Neon Please fix it!🙃


TommyTweets Well, how about hiring people that know what theyre doing instead of watching your player base dwindle down to nothing before you start making changes.

Gaming Boom Please do somethinng, there’s livestream where hacker hacks in PUBG on PC and mobile. Video there:…

Mason Cod bo4 us trash pubg’s gun mechanism are the best.i played both and still love pubg.

R8mysetup But did you bring trading back?

Arbifac Fix fps, fix plane, fix dsync

Morgenstern get a better pc and stop complaining

kyle Lambe From Australia still playing in Asia….

AmiraAmira still can’t play TPP Erangel squads after today’s update. Please fix it.

PUBG Help Hi, Can you tell us more about the issue you are having? What is your local region and at what time have you tried queuing for that game mode? – A

AmiraAmira I’m in the SEA region. I can’t play Erangel squad games without waiting for like 20-25 minutes. I’m facing this problem only in TPP Erangel. FPP Erangel is fine. All other maps are fine as well. I generally play at around 4-5PM in the evening. Also, no Erangel on Quick Join ever.


GeT_RyCe (兵) stop playing if u dont like it

bug g fix frametime!!!!

air1hd Fix the plane drop issue. It’s been like 3 months.

Gab It’s fixed in the dev build. The fix will be rolled out along with the parachute overhaul that’s coming soon.

no one and we’ll enjoy at least 4 new “features” (unintended) when this happens as well….

Ka1li And when is soon yikes

张秦 I was mistakenly closed two accounts! No open! There is no bad behavior! Goodbye!!!! PUBG!I Quit the game!!!

Prince Singh How much long 23.1 gonna take

. next week is the big update.

Haj “Carepackages should no-longer drop outside the playable area” -someone saw new video

Twitch.bingz the heck .. i thought region match making is back .. how stupidy this game!


Robert Jean 3.72million players this week wow that’s way over Fortnite mobile

HB | TriblexXx To test if there are some buggs etc.

Chris vQ Nah they use “test servers” to divide their fan base to decrease stress from live servers thus making fps drops less common. This is the only game that does this.

HB | TriblexXx Nope, it does many developer.

Naikkon FIX random crash ! FIX desynk ! FIX random frame drops !

CMTFrosty Crashes are due to your crappy pc. I have a good pc, and I barely ever crash. Maybe once a week

darRkRose nahh fuck that. we gon just add more skin

Morgenstern people with their potato pc’s expecting to get constant 60 fps and blaming pubg Corp for it OMEGALUL

Darrel Nicolaye Maybe focus on school first. I feel like that’s more important.

MetzMan🇳🇱 FIX spelling!

barny Xbox player, never had any issues and still enjoying the game. Thanks.

MRSmoke You are right dude i play Xbox and I don’t have issues or bugs

Johnathon Griffith Xbox pubg is life!

j0ltz_ Well maybe it should be that servers from different regions are handled by separate teams or at separate times. When you know youd have players on at certain hours is when you don’t do it. Like early in the day or late at night. Other game studios do that.

Its_My_Purpose I agree and that’s how we do it in my field but people keep saying steam doesn’t allow rolling updates and NA is only a small percentage the PubG player base.. so as long as they require 4 hour maintenance I guess we are stuck with it.

neobaldhornrich What is the reason for not naming the latest two patches and ?

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE Because they are minor patches and updates not major ones

CubanMafia Because I think patch 24 is coming the new snow map

neobaldhornrich Interesting thought.

KingB Haven’t played for months. Sorry, you’ve lost me as a fan.

Jason Ward Fix OC.

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE It’s not broken ok… It’s just dead I can rarely find a game on oc anymore.

Sgt_gh0st How about fixing items spawned stuck in the floor, or crates droppi g outside playzone?

Tactical Hotdog Bring back all chat, like wtf why did you literally remove the community from the game… I wanna play multiplayer and not vs bots

Tactical Hotdog He didn’t say it’s the most popular game on the planet, he said that it’s not dead and steam is not what you consider dead. Sure fort/cod have more players, cuz cod already had a huge audience and literally every aspect of both games was adjusted to be as casual as possible

Tiziano L I have the Same bug…Since Update february 2018 and still Not fixxed and i dont get a response on Twitter from Pubg.

yash chavan pubg live stream using hacks his name is starlingYT, please ban

Yash live strem using hacks starlingYT

Grim Reaper8379 one thing we really need on pubg for Xbox for sure is an organized looting system just like pc. Meds on top, all other items organized into a specific class of attachments

Reghuram Iyer Dear PUBG, I’m Vegan.

carltonUK maintenance isn’t done to just implement changes its done to reset the servers etc so they run better

Aaron Felizmenio @ ko-fi It’s surprising how he didn’t know what the word maintenance mean

Yash see this live strem using hacks

Robin Pathak Name of the account used in the hack

Shawn Skinner How to be a piece of shit 101

Yash Streaming is still on by using Hack

Tactical Hotdog Then why are you coming back to write uninteresting lies? The game is working just fine for me. You are just the type of player that blames everything on bugs and hackers just because you suck at the game and because you’re stupid to understand simple mechanics

Richard What’s the 420mb test server patch for?

Anonymous World port timi to Nitendo SWITCH

Shahzaib1257 Facing ping issue again

Robin Pathak please ban this account. This person is using hacks/aim bots in a live stream.!!

Vikas What means the lock sign on starting screen

Rohit Gangurde Can we get Custom Match Warm Up Time Selection , Coz mostly if someone crashes in custom game mostly in tournaments during match start , the player will get more time to reconnect, as half of the crashes happen during game start, as the game takes more time to launch.

khan_adrian Mouse and keyboard stop working randomly during mid game. Only happen after this update.

PUBG Help Hi, are you still having this issue? – A

khan_adrian After try a fresh reinstall, problem seems solved.

CoffeeLake I hope your team can repair the voice of team

CoffeeLake I often play games and can’t communicate with my teammates by voice.

PeeteR Does anyone know, why there isn’t voice chat in public matches anymore ? It was like last thing that keep fun for me in this game, since they turn it of its just buggy game i dont want to play.. .

AhindiGamer©️ Wtf he is live streaming pubg pc with hacks fully open . Do something!!!!

Akram Zubir It’s the love hate relationship. It’s also S&M relationship.

Razor32 Ahaha very true man

Shawn Skinner Its even funnier when they get upset about maintance when the test servers are up and running.

Jason Ward Mates and I have basically just moved over to BFV. 150msec is the best ping I can hope for in PUBG, usually over 200msec. Never on the OC servers :/

iiEixo Havent played for ages and havent checked updates. Is it worth trying again? Is loottable changed on erangel and miramar? Or is it still the same?

lehminem shady Yeah I have the same problem since about 2 weeks.

Robin Pathak Im facing the same since last 2months.. thought it was my pc issue…!!!

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE They should honestly add that to the lobby screen would look cool

Akash Mishra Fix the bloody matchmaker

Brad Amour What region is ‘unknown’ ?

AbyssalGod I’m just still waiting for the gamers vs furries war update for pubg

joe yoshimitsu 🇯🇵 I quit the game to play bfv. Thank the lord. Was sick of this pre alpha game.

Nadir When is the snow map coming

. I wish we had weekly maintenance on Xbox. Keeps the servers fresh

Northern_Touch I love this game to pieces but am playing shorter sessions lately. You need more content released at least quarterly to keep us into this great game! Getting bored…

SANDROAPODI🎮 Maintenance every week to insert in the clothing sets. That’s why I’m abandoning this game. Only in PUBG this happens then someone must be wrong.

Johnny Jobs OMG.. again again again… motherfucker … every week?? Why every tuesday???? Why??? Fuck!!! Why do not you carry out maintenance on homologation and then release the update? Learn to work… nice fps, but BAD MAINTENANCE TEAM DEVELOPERS

Checkout Pubg server status on 2018-11-28

myintooonline In my opinion lobby chat could be really useful in dealing with some other regions players, it will help communication in another way to easy share info easily. I would also like to see current online friend status like mobile showing he’s in game with somebody…….

Brad Amour f*&k me the amount of time this game spends in maintenance each week and is still full of bugs. Larger games are able to do restarts for routine maintenance, why do you need 4 hours every, single, week? whats doin?

Sum Fuk Can we get better physics on mobile lmao

Jack Maiher Hardly. Do some research. Stats are out there. As well as revenue figures by country. NA is the main consumer base. Very shoddy I.T. principles. No other global online game has or would even think of kicking off their base during prime time playing hours week after week.

meet the Nasa This every Tuesday bullshit for 4 hours while you break it further needs to stop. You’re loosing customers every time this happens. Plan for twice a month and test it on non production servers first before deploying….

Lucas Mommer Funny how you said 130 am CET but yet the servers are toooooo busy.

Probably not me That’s the gif I was looking for, thanks 🙂

Adam Brewster This is always during peek NA playing time 🙁

Chevy Bolt Fans Wow you dummies still haven’t figured out how to perform rolling outage updates? North American at prime time one update, then Europe during prime time on another update, then Asia etc.. etc… Come on guys your going to make yourself fail!!

B4DSEED Steam won’t let them.

Jack Maiher LOL – Losing more PC players every week as you continue to perform “maintenance” during peak week day evening hours for your MAIN paying customer base! Bush league

Mr. Dammit Are you crazy? NA (who is effected by this time) makes up like 15% of their “paying” customer base. Their main base is Korea my guy.

Chevy Bolt Fans Mr. Dammit you need to use google before you type bro. Here let me help you the latest as of August 2018. The most users come from USA as well as the USA spending the most. Korea my friend is barely close at…

Hurcor Dont worry. Hes a Chevy bolt guy

Jesse Anderson Lol yeah the 75%+ of players in the Asian Pacific region that paid are just negligible yeah?

Melissa It’s consistently every Tuesday. I would advise you write it down on google calendar and plan accordingly.

raker of the forest This is the only day my wife works late and I can sneak some game time. This patch schedule is an injustice and a personal attack and I am owed reparations.

no one It should read, “down time is our thing”… maintenance implies something is being fixed!

Malachi BURTON Seriously. PUBG says fixes 1 thing, and breaks 10 other things in the process 😂

Benito_Burrito Nothing is ever fixed in this game and it’s sad and disappointing

Levi Kaelin Sill Why does this have to happen every week ?? And why isn’t the test server available then

fostRR Do we get more fps?

JBardTV I am running 150+ how much you need?

Malachi BURTON PUBG Support- “No… Sadly less FPS and a few new bugs. But hey you get more emotes and new clothes to purchase!”

Ed Sullivan are we going to be able to look left and still be facing left after jumping out of the plane in FPP now?

Jason Michael Ward THIS. NEEDS FIXED BAD.

Scott Kelly Was going to come back and try your game tonight after 3 months but you do maint during peak hours.

Jestax No joke, haven’t played in a week or two, figured I’d give it a shot. Nope. Same old junk. Thanks Dev team, you’ve officially got my uninstall.

D34TH0FKVorshk its not peak hours. this is the lowest player count time period of the week. Welcome to the reality of living on a whole planet.

tangotv You played yesterday

Benito_Burrito They’re not even fixing anything lol they need to actually fix their game but they don’t and it’s sad

Probably not me Fellow players: stop buying skins/crates/keys. Boycott micro transactions!!!


Probably not me That’s the gif I was looking for, thanks 🙂

Michael Hatch Don’t know why I am surprised. Haven’t really played since blackout but had the urge to play tonight. Don’t know if it’s my luck or the gaming gods looking after me. Lol

Its_My_Purpose If you care to browse through PubG tweets you’ll notice a trend.. Maintenance has been scheduled and announced every Tuesday night for months now..

Jeef baahahahahaha thats the way it works

greg winn y u bully played a game took a 15 min shower came back and bam server maintenance

Jason Knight Actually fallout 76 might by the looks of it.

AndzDave wow maintenance. big word!

Michael Ingraldi 狂88 Yay more prime time maintenance for us. Do Koreans really buy that many skins?

hana The NA playerbase is like, 3%. Just quit if thats all that y’all are complain about.

Michael Ingraldi 狂88 No, I have much more to complain about.

Jack Maiher Hardly. Do some research. Stats are out there. As well as revenue figures by country. NA is the main consumer base. Very shoddy I.T. principles. No other global online game has or would even think of kicking off their base during prime time playing hours week after week.

Can I Get An Good another 4 hours I won’t be playing of this game.

Peppermint Trap Good, we don’t need a squad member who drops across the map from the rest of us, then complains that they died to this “mysterious desync” that went away a 3 weeks ago.

Justin Harris bluehole is actually garbage and their customer service is utterly disgraceful to the gaming industry. These updates are and will kill the game.

Joshua Thompson You sound mad.

Payne Cork Can we get some news on the new map. Getting real bored of cheaters and looking for something new in the game. Or some good news in general.

Mr. Dammit Bro there hasn’t been cheaters for a while now.

James Petersen Really? You must not play much then

TL I love the game but why do you guys always do maintenance work US East prime time. Seriously, how does that make sense?

Dave It’s a Korean company. They do maintenance during the lowest player count, which is NA prime time. We (NA) are not the target audience.

surya s so only stupid Americans playing this game??

D34TH0FKVorshk There is always the test server

Deadly Chicken it seriously makes sense because that time is the absolute lowest player count time every day every week. they impact far less players doing maintenance at this time than other times and steam doesn’t allow for regional updating.

Hulk68TV On the real the people that spend money work a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and look forward to gaming after work until 9pm. You cut out one of our prime days. I understand that you are not Americans and it’s not about us but you’d think it’s not best hours to do this for anyone

Alex Not really. Steam player count figures show that this is actually the lowest peak time for players. Try to understand that China and SEA comprises most of the player base.

Derek Shride

Deadly Chicken You do realise that other in parts of the world the time is different right ? Like in Brisbane Australia the time might be 5 pm on a Monday, and yet in San Francisco in USA its Sunday night at 11pm at that same moment ?

Hulk68TV Duh!! Is you simple? But would it make sense to be in the hospitality industry and schedule maintenance on the weekend.

Hulk68TV It’s like a bar doing bar cleaning on a Saturday night.

Matt A bar only affects locals, not people on the other side of the planet. The world doesn’t revolve around America. If they did it in other times it would be bad for them and the developer who needs to work in the middle of the night.

Joshua Thompson It’s because we are not the main demographic.

live from CTC A Korean game doing maintenance when the largest portion of their audience is offline? Crazy idea.

tester490 Perfect time for EU players

Shunko Rodriguez for Argentina too

Jonatan Ezequiel una mierda para Argentina, la hora que mas se juega…

SoopaFly connect to SEA servers, lot of ozzies do that 😉

LonerageR I don’t have a choice. Auto matches now no server selection available

Hassan Zarif is test server going to work during maintenance?

ezz01 Good luck!

officialzuzu We finally gave u a chance to come back to your shitty game and u put out a fucking maintenance for 4 hours??? Why do u even focus on fixing a dead game?

desmoNdd can u plz make airplanes less loud

3rdWorldGamer to whatever account you guys supposeddly check or whatever… I’M SICK of your fucking game crashing to desktop every 2 rounds…. FIX YOUR GODDAMN GAME OR GO FREETOPLAY AND STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE!

Matt Martin For the love of god can y’all make the all maps play. Never miramar. Always the other two and there is only three maps to begin with

Dominik Łada Come on – when are you planning to update on iOS to be compatible with new 2018?

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz Daj sobie spokój. Prawdopodobnie nigdy.

Dominik Łada Kurde, nie mam na czym grać…

jordan ellison I got the Permanent vintage racer helmet in a drop in supply and its not showing up in my inventory. Happened yesterday and still isnt showing up. What gives?

Filipe Barreto change the time of maintenance please!!!! change to 4:30 AM PST !!!

thederpyturtl Nooooooo not pubg

Ed Sullivan so we’re going to be able to look left, jump from the plane, and still be facing left in FPP?

LeeBo1Kinobe Blackout is literal garbo

Tiago Beltrão please, allow “quick join” without Sanhok. Let us choose between mini royale and battle royale, just like before.

Eric Mureithi my progress is lost. How do I restore?

Jimey Rinchin I have two pubg account (facebook and twitter) now how do i delete one, neither i can link them both.

Louis Louis Louis Go to bed

Squ4dronLe4der7 Still live come join me, chat and support the small streamer 🙂

Freakie i try to play pubg and it just stay at the loading screen for hours…nothing changes

kwnos100 Hi i live in Greece(EU) and i have US PSN account. Which version of the game should i buy EU or US? Would be a problem if i opted for EU version? Will there be any restrictions?

Phil “Esquire” Stewart Pro League 🔥💡S K I N IDEA💡🔥: FPP – the most obvious skin (besides a gun) is a player’s GLOVES ✋🏽🤚🏽 Team Gloves w/ a Pro League Emote, making the player do this pose with the gloves on – completing the logo 🍗🔥💸Team Rev Share💸 🔥🍗

Theo Bennett Rather have the logo visible regardless, no one actually uses emotes 😝

Phil “Esquire” Stewart The emote is just icing on the cake. The gloves should still have a team logo on the top side with team colors. Just added swag on the palm side 🔥

Theo Bennett Oh yeah I gotcha, love it

Sheriff McJustice ✈️ #DHATL18 Excited to see the version. Will go well with that hoodie I have 🙃

F.C. Zephyr

AmongStar I like I like

KingBee You’re on to something…

Wolfgang_rush Awesome

Squ4dronLe4der7 has anyone else been having viewer issues lately?

Unwary_Fist_bump_mania Yes 😢

🔥⏭TARP⏮🔥 (♻️RTS- 2.2K) yes lol, literally no-ones been watching

ふえんねく Isn’t it about time for a new season? I notice myself being reluctant to play in fear of deteriorating my stats 😐

EvilregalNy everytime I’m in a match I get kicked out in the middle of the game. Especially everytime I reach 3 kills or get inside a vehicle I get lagged out. Super annoyed with this pos game already

Spideymike Please fix this network problem I always face this problem I can’t deal with it anymore.. just fix this problem..!

nyo Hellooo! can u ban this account they live stream in youtube ! So annoying when played pubgm!

Gigs Is this where you patch in the ability to tame wild woodland creatures and have them follow you around while ya hunt for bad guys??? Thought for sure something like that would have been tied to all the emote nonsense.

Gregory Gramm I love the new level and survival rewards system. But maybe instead of giving me blue biker boots 3 times in a row for every 10 levels you could include some cool skins or even a different article of clothing. Incentive systems usually work better with diversity

Squ4dronLe4der7 Live now!!! Duos on now using 1st person mode

Ferociously Nook! PUBG = Everything for me 💚💛💜

808mobgaming PUBG Vikendi Snow Map Leaked, Release Date May Coincide With PUBG PS4… I designed this in September What now?

Gary Bosworth when are you guys going to be fixing the terrible new ladder system that gives people who play more games the top ranks despite being terrible players?

Grizz God like movement

Saku Tupala Why do i have -15k bp?

Prajwal Basnet Hey, Why can’t I enter a match properly? I can hear footsteps, dropping out from parachute and everything else but the game doesn’t load. Why? I need to close the game and then start again to enter the match most of the times.

SE Azur OCEANIA server are struggling right now. Our population are close to Zero, We play on North American servers when it comes to Competitive 24/7. We are. at a constant struggle to win matches. OCEANIA players are close to elite players compared to your NA server(THREAD)

SE Azur Please for the love of god show a population count for a region. The skill gap with your terrible American players are stupid. We play with the worst players but can’t win gun fights because of your terrible matchmaking. AMERICANS ARE TERRIBLE AT PUBG, Improve OCEANIA servers

Fix_PUBG_plz Lagging SHIT GAME!

هاني الحربي i have problem why show to me like that

Aniket Singh Despite the good network, the game is not working properly Two consecutive loss in two matches Fix this problem


fatguy46 ping = your fault = desync = your fault

LonerageR And it’s my fault that I can’t select the region …. tool.

fatguy46 i mean it was a good thing for them to do ngl

Zaphod Beeblebrox AGAIN? Jesus Tap Dancing Christ. Game is Dead.

GamerTweak Vikendi Map Leaked Images, Videos and More…

Tank it would be nice if would work better. Love to unload a clip and die by a shot or two from same weapon.

Pedro Freitas dont ruin the game… the best patch ever.. almost no sync at all… owning this peek’s advantage

brotherb34r Guess it’ll be tonight. Much rather play .. you

brotherb34r And it was a good night for .

corneliusus I was waiting for 13 minutes to join a match.. and then it just cancelled all on its own. Is this what happens on the 6th day without maintenance? Set some goals! This has to be the least stable game ever made.

corneliusus Time for our weekly Bluehole checklist! 1. 4 hour shut down with zero updates to performance? -check!! 2. Roll out more micro trans while also pushing clothing sales for some reason? – check!! 3. Push back the Winter map yet again with no explanation? -check!! Great update!


Ka1li what is going on, servers are too busy and can’t connect to custom matches,

Zero Forever Uh oh. Pro Streamer is having issues. Hope they fix it for you soon my man.

Ka1li Fixed now yikes, but face it matches are still bugged

Zero Forever at least you get faceit matches

Lucas Wtf happen it’s there a clip I want so see that

GokulDiviJayamraviFan When will the pubg lite version is released in india

SolidSnake COD is the worst game I’ve ever bought. Made me realize it’s worth dealing with PUBG’s flaws than play more COD.

Jese Solis Enjoy your 4 weekly hours downtime

SolidSnake Are you ever going to make the M16 viable again?

lastofus.777 stupied ‘

lastofus.777 just ahut your mouth atupied indian

Josh Wrong Dec. 7 when ps4 releases with an event pass… all will release at once for all platforms!

MeLoveAnn- (火影) Nowhere says that map will be released then. Those people who got that edition with vikendi pass means they will have event pass when map comes out. They would release teaser or something if its coming basically next week

SolidSnake No it won’t it’s not even on test servers yet.

Josh Just watch. It will happen.

Naked Singularity It won’t 😉

James Petersen But fortnight fixes things unlike pubg

Louis Louis Louis They’ve pretty much fixed their biggest flaws in recent months!

James Petersen Right

Tobias Breindl Im Not Sure about that one chief

Gurjot Singh Which one?

KoolGuy Pb

jeyyen how you know?

Ornatus great maybe when i have a 18ms ping to the server I won’t die to 1 bullet and then watch the deathcam to find out he actually sprayed at me but the game decided to desync me so hard it fuckin deleted or just doesnt send data anywhere close to being acceptable

Ornatus 2nd game of the day and the game doesnt even fuckin recognise when I fire a shot, the game is beyond a fuckin joke at this point.

fatguy46 funny thing that doesn’t happen to anyone else LOL

MĂĆHŐ🇧🇷 want this game on pc

Talal ahmed Tencent gaming buddy download kro!

MĂĆHŐ🇧🇷 means nae smja ??

fatguy46 lol

KingsmanONV Big shout out to for the good games last night. Thanks for being cool even though we got deleted every game by the stream sniper hacker guy.

Joe The Burly Gamer Yeah, had a blast and was definitely a pleasure meeting you dude. That hacker was soo determined man. Only if the hacker used their tenacity for good…

Faster Than Whaa? Because cod and fortnite servers doesn’t run on kimchi

Бекасов Антон Buy yourself a normal cocaine and create a cool update! Do not be scum – stop pumping money out of children! Do your job well!

Trevor Orser At least they were nice enough to return it.

a person Fortnite literally went down this morning

Tyler Brown Literally? I thought you meant it as a figure of speech.

Larifaks Its not a community map like sanhok!! It will be test server then live server like miramar!!

Snakers I’ve gotten banned twice on my alt account lmao

David C Please bing black the wekend Event or tell us why there is no more

Joel LeBouthillier how come we can’t report a player team killing on custom matches?

Joel LeBouthillier

Jr Aguil Get a life

Sean Brawley any way to get PUBG to stop shutting my XBOX One X down mid-game?

PUBG Help Hi Sean, please contact our customer support below reporting the issue and including information such as your console version (OG/S/X), whether your game is installed on an internal or on an external drive and your connection type (Wired/Wireless). -S

NYDAVIDGTR Why there still so many cheaters with aimbots? game is dead soon enough to know it

kingsofvalhall God what a destroyd game this is. Dsync and more idiot adds .no Fix? Wth Dev

Josh D Sync had a huge fix. You just suck at the game…

kingsofvalhall If U Are a champ show me😊

fatguy46 scroll on their twitter for literally 30 seconds idiot

papa franku Thanks guys juat reported it to them!

Adi thank you!!

Bradley David Please explain how 5.56 bullets are more deadly than a 7.62 headshot? And why it takes two face headshots to drop someone but if I get shot in head instant drop?

BOT Risefar. I think the thing is that irl a 7.62 would be extremely deadly and a 5.56 would be a weapon used to wound rather than kill but they probably don’t know the difference because it’s a game, but I wish they did know the difference

Nimnas Ahamed PUBG Game play (killing style) by: Nimmy Bhai _MOBILE

papa franku I was just made aware that I should have the sanhok survivor t-shirt but I do not, I was playing the game around the time of the event pass but never received a t-shirt is their any way it can be sorted out?

PUBG Help Hi papa franku! Please reach out to our customer support on the page below reporting the issue! -S

papa franku Thanks guys juat reported it to them!

Niko Eng hi.. can I know how to deactivate my pubg mobile account so that i able to link my facebook to my main account

Prince Singh How you know that.?

Troynotbad PLEASE FIX THE MATCH MAKING!! IT HAS BEEN BROKEN IN AUSTRALIA FOR 2 MONTHS NOW!!! Entering games with 250ms ping or more. Was getting 50ms before.

jdalm13 I’ve played several online games today and pubg is the only lag one for today

Sujit Dutta I have revoked the access from twitter but it is still showing to my linked accounts section in pubg.

TwistedNJ Where?

Peppermint Trap well, they haven’t given any patch notes yet, so I could see them dropping out of no where a new map

Voice0fTreason feel like I sold my brother a lemon 🍋 do the Oceana sergers not work anymore

Ragin Ranga69 hi can you make a map with good loot? Thanks!!!! Fucking useless

James Micheal Hi can yous fix the ball cam on custom games Xbox please it’s an amazing feature it’s just a shame it isn’t working properly/pretty much at all

Santosh When we getting Xbox update ?

SolidSnake Xbox is garbage

Hydr0 Finally, my sensetivity settings dont reset everytime i log on

MEXI✨ Too many chicken dinners = insta-ban

calamonsen Please don’t. Everyone just mutes it so noone uses it in-game. It’s just trolling and racism anyways.

fatguy46 false i loved lobby chat it was amazing i would have lovely conversations with people

calamonsen “false”… Lovely 1-minute conversations? On what server was that? EU FPP was racial slurs and russian for the most part. Have not missed it one bit.

Essa alrashedi dear Dear my account registered from Facebook and now I can not login to my account .. show me a new account .. Please help and thank you

Tactical Hotdog They release the new patches around Thursday and then put it on live with the next maintainence on Tuesday

Nico lul Blackout is causual garbish, even BF V is better!

johan nolander I feel the FPS has dropped lately. What are you doing w the game?

God It’s true, though.

Muhd ‘Savior’ Hazwan please take some actions on this page. they are selling macro software for pubg. here’s the link :…

Muhd ‘Savior’ Hazwan please open this link, someone selling macro software here. Here’s the link… i hope you guys take some action.

Adi ban notification is bugged. i get that square where ban msg should be but there is nothing written in it. also i see that ” we got em” bubble but ,again,nothing in it.

PUBG Help Hi Adi! We’ve reported the issue to the team! -S

Adi thank you!!

TheBoogle same m8, feels bad man

Asfakur Nariz 😁😁Big Lol

Jake Losey Just fix this. That’s all i ask.

jenni chapman anyone else having super long wait times for erangel hardcore in mobile? I looked but don’t see anything about it


Harish So like, what do I do…?

Parker Liberatore How do you dislike a tweet?

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-11-27

yasmine hey, i’ve lost my old account cuz i changed my mobile and it was on guest mode, is there is anyway to get it back tho?

Matthew Theodore fix your fucking end game circles. God damn it’s trash

تركي الحربي 💙 Thanks, it’s a great game

RSG I SHADOW any one wanna hang out on pubg help me get better (PC)

NappyFacey we need the map selection that PC has. PLEASE.

Josh As someone from New Zealand why am I only ever put into NA servers with 280 ping? thanks

Johnny Holland Miller y can i not connect during start up of game. Just downloaded but havent been able to play

Johnny Holland Miller I downloaded pubg for Xbox 1 the beta version. But every time I try to start up the game it won’t let me connect. What’s the deal. Been excited and pumped up to play and now this

AmiraAmira I’ve not been able to play TPP Erangel games since patch 23 update. I mean I can play it if I wait like 30 minutes. All other maps are fine. And even when I jet in the maps are full of bots. This is quite frustrating. Please look into it.

Shits Broken still m+k players on Xbox. This shits a joke

Carlos Jaramillo what do you guys want? That people stop playing your game?? I’m talking about PC version by the way seriously WTH are you guys doing 1 years and months since the game came out and still can’t fix FPS drops? Wow

Carlos Jaramillo let me understand something this game almost have like 1 year and some months and there’s things that really should be fix by now, but OMFG they are not FPS dropping are so bad lately in game menu is broke same as FPS drops at in game menu WTH are you guys doing??

Ismael Dapont Please, fix the match game. Of every 10 matches 9 are in Sanhok. You’re killing Miramar and Erangel!

lazarus3891 I say let Miramar die in its under rendering pants. They need a select your maps option. I’d be happy playing erangel most of the time.

NappyFacey we need mouse and keyboard support

Hazeykthx 🍁 how is this still a thing? 🤣Now I can’t open anything else.

خواطر و قصيد 45K I have a problem with the game which is the automatic exit of the game

Vivek Pandey One of my friends discussed this with me, How about including a Bullet Camera in Bullets/Ammo of high-end snipers? Please follow the link for my exact context.

Mr.KickDough I went from 100 wins to 38… is there going to be a fix for this? Kills got knocked down by 600.. this sucks.

Tahir Dad I found my first FLAYERGUN and i got a jeep in it 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ why

Asfakur Nariz If you use the flyergun on out the safe zone thn u will get jeep 😁😁

Tahir Dad Ohh I didn’t know that lol

Asfakur Nariz 😁😁Big Lol

Taushik mondal good game but Sarver problems all time 960 ms my phone Redmi Note 4 64 gb and Internet speed 1,5 mbps .. Please game Sarver update

Ekansh shukla I have puraches Rp from elite pass .. amount is deducted From my account and Rp is not updates it in pubg mobile… kondly help

ed mckay will you please put the option of queing into two maps. some of us hate one map and love/like the other two

…. hey you guys had any reports of stats not recording on xbox? it seems that my stats keep getting reset to a certain point, earlier today i had 480 wins overall now its 459 and over 500 kills are missing? this is on my xbox game hub stats

ura soul HRB I’ve been getting consistent lag and dropouts in UK for the last 5 days or so.

4rche_n0ah Can you guys pls do something about that disgusting server performance? I mean its not even that laggy but the D-sync is killing me wtf. Sometimes i shoot half a mag at people and only 2 shots are connecting. Pls get your sh*t together. Thank you:)

pKMn mAsteR Pubg mobile lags a lot.. game is literally unplayable. I get this error message while playing the game. what the hell what do I do ?

Frederico Figueira Can we know more about project Thai?

ImKnown18 my PUBG has been doing this for the past 2hours Xbox One

geoo hello i got bann in game i never cheat plz help me , im ingame faceit with anticheat and i got bann tell me why help me plz

Judas2100 the matchmaker is broken today cause i only get chinese players in my squad. EU-germany-16:37pm. i have nothing against playing with foreign players but they have a verry high ping and i fear the same from/for my enemies…

Rusk1turbo There is this bug now where your Bike can become unusable just from just placing it against a wall, it’s a bug that is easily reproducible as seen, This happens every other game from playing normally and hope that it is fixed ASAP.…

Fahdah💅🏻 why the flags of the country did not show in the chat ? Is it cuz of the new season or what ?.

Ammaar Khoda Hey guys. I recently pre ordered pubg on ps4 (looters edition) and it didn’t come with the theme. how can i access the theme?

VeryCoolVideos plz put a chat function in custom game lobbies on Xbox. Would change the game for good.

Justin TPP is 90% of our community. Sad, but unfortunate.

Justin To your argument “who the fuck enjoys TPP” oath brother, but apparently everyone does..

👑MPHIILE_JUNIOR👑 When I Log In It Does This

👑MPHIILE_JUNIOR👑 I Cannot Log In..Please Help

Razor32 SEA player getting 150+ ping servers, any fix to route to best server?

Nimesh Kavinda Play Fortnite – 😏

Razor32 Still didnt sub to pewds 🙂

Nimesh Kavinda 😡 fk u

Drax Uninstall and get a life. – PUBG Help

Razor32 Go to sleep radio man – Concerned Human

Drax Suk dik

Razor32 U wan tu sak dek man?

eNvy Your game should be updated for 2018s 11inch , it can run it at 120fps high settings hdr with full screen resolution but it’s currently using low resolution and half the screen. Fix coming soon?

Shahzaib1257 Still matchmaking issues high ping in Sea servers

Paul Jackson #Actor jump over to RoE bud 😉

nama999 gaming© Sir, Please please please I want a refund for the purchase which I have made yesterday, when I was seeing how much price the UC is my device got stucked and the purchase got done! I really apologize for this. I will be very thankful to you, Regards

Rod this game is a big xd

Baran Tk The update is over but the game does not open. How ridiculous!

JBardTV You guys need to stop doing every week and do once a month this is a little crazy .. 4 hours and patches blow

Andrea Pulvirenti I’m still waiting for you programmer that update my code line by line. Now remaining 3.45 hours

Checkout current Pubg server status

ブージーマン We paid to play this “ shit game “, not pretend we’re playing fortnite. I didn’t even know what the fuck a EMOTE was??

James Kaufman Literally just bought and finished downloading pubg and ur gonna do this😱

Farkin Okie 4 hrs during primetime for emotes bye im done

Shr3kFPS OMG, 4 hours of maintenance for simple addition of skins and emotes? Please don’t let this awesome game die, prioritize what’s needed.

Josh Eros And yet again, maintenance isn’t done on time -_-

Servicio tecnico PC 4 horas? dejense de joder…. el poco tiempo que tengo para jugar se lo llevan jugando ustedes a poner mas dibujitos…me chupan un huevo las ropitas hagan que el juego sea jugable !

chris murphy The game has been dead for a long time now. They can’t fix it or these oils have. Their only hope is to sell the entire franchise to a new company that cares about their playerbase. Because these guys don’t. They care about your money and that’s about it. So they will never sell.

Boyd McGeachie Yeah that was a weird response. Is it even a franchise? If they wanted more money wouldn’t they release pubg 2 and actually become a franchise game? The “sellouts” should sell out? Pubg has the highest peak player count on steam today. F these 4h emote updates tho.

Ray Ballrd I didn’t realize being the most played game on steam was considered dead? Does that mean every game on steam is dead?

AnotherAgnostic 4 hours is extreme.

[email protected] if maintenance is extended, can we have snow map? plez!

Matt M And at the very least leaving test server running isn’t that hard

Sgt_gh0st Last round for me before the servers was shutdown, Feels great mutta f yeah (Nothing fancy, but the achievement to pull a chicken on TPP EU nowdays is pretty fucking badass among the ESPers)

nick miller 3 whole kills. Feels good lol

Nick Trash. EU is easiest server even when I had 300 ping


John A Read the first line of the patch notes and it said something about fixing the emote system. When will blue balls realize it’s their game that’s broken. Not the emotes

chris murphy The game has been dead for a long time now. They can’t fix it or these oils have. Their only hope is to sell the entire franchise to a new company that cares about their playerbase. Because these guys don’t. They care about your money and that’s about it. So they will never sell.

Domenico Fontaine Y’all suck

Richard Clarenz just don’t extend it please.

EstebaNSamaa At the beginning when u usually post this shits: 700 likes and comentaries in 1 min, now, almost 2 years later, 98 likes and 20 comentaries. Thats the definition of Pubg. Btw, your patch is stupid and more stupid is wait 4 hours for that.

Vaughan Adams In other news PUBG users is still rapidly declining.

ProximusBlackfin ✈️ Home Why do you shut down an entire evening every single week for worthless patches? You realize this limits play time for NA players? What a waste. We spend this 4 hours every week playing games made by your competitors.

Louie NA is only the third most popular player base: – Asia – Europe – North America If they were to change the time to suit NA players (a minority compared to the other 2 regions), Europe and Asia will be impacted. Furthermore, they are a Korean based company.

santiago garcia It has to be on someone’s prime time, and china have more players than NA, you’re not AMERICA, you’re not all the world..

Qiyuan Su Bluehole is in Korea, our night time is their work time lol

Vaughan Adams But then we end up back on PUBG

ProximusBlackfin ✈️ Home You’re not wrong.

Ekuri Is the game up yet? I cant connect, and its been more than four hours

Toast_ie To the second, it has now been four hours.

Austin Eggers I just keep hitting the reconnect button

Ekuri Test servers are up on steam

Proficient 6 Another typical American thinking the world revolves are him! LMFAO use your brain mate!

ProximusBlackfin ✈️ Home Enjoy your emotes.

Proficient 6 Lol how has this got anything to do with emotes? Ur whinging about the time they update mate it affects everyone

B4DSEED I spend this time watching YouTube

riley🤘 y’all calm down, they don’t care about emotes and they know we don’t. my theory is the next patch is the new map and will be huge so they did shit that doesn’t matter for this patch as its routine to release one

Hayden Wrong

Optimal Carnage They just complain the whole time that the map update is happening too.

Jason Pierre Your moms a huge update

jay Man This 💩 was down yesterday , fix this garbage pls

jeff baker If you could stop fucking up my only time to play……that would be great!

Danny La Bradoodle Dota2 had a huge gameplay update yesterday and there was 0 minutes downtime. Man, I would really love to know what the heck you’re doing for 4 hours.

hamci Add fortnite default dance please

Northling Way to go with 1 hour left on your halloween stuff in-store! PUBG never fails to surprise…

Northling With the few skins that are actually available for IN-GAME currency and not part of your milking.

Rag3Rhin0 No one plays this anymore, do they?

Eber Donadell jajajajajja this game is a F** Joke men xD. directly to die….

Epøs 4 hours for new emotes?

Pedro Antonio Romero its not just that -.-

Berringer Welcome all NA and SA trolls! who has no comprehension of time! Luv Ya!

Seventendo Welcome all who have no comprehension of SDLC and patching live production environments without downtime. Luv Ya!

QualityMike This update seems super irrelevant to any real pubg issues. Besides maybe the grenade doing damage in the wrong area. Everything else seems unimportant. Cant wait to buy an emote I’m never gonna use

zPacKRat they don’t fix shit, they just find ways for you to spend more money on worthless shit. sticking it in your for 2 years straight.

Kari Why can’t I invite my friends ? It says I don’t have the update, but it doesn’t say I need one on App Store… can someone help?

riley🤘 this isn’t pubg mobiles twitter. the game will ask you to install the update when you open the app

Kari Doesn’t appear anything. Guess I’ll wait. Thank you though

Berringer this is not pubg mobile…. duh…

Kari It does said Pubg HELP but thanks for stating the obvious

أحمد الشمراني Many Arab players want Arabic in the game

أحمد الشمراني Arabic Language

afacchini16 I’ve never once seen someone use an emote in game and they’ve been available to use for a long time now. Guys please don’t spend your time on useless things like adding emotes. Nobody uses them and there are much bigger problems to be fixed (FPS, desync, etc)

Mike Huzzah! The perpetual “up yours” to north and south american users. Yes, I know literally every other country is superior to us. How ’bout a monthly release cycle like literally every other game in existence? My god – the horror of actually having enough time to test!!1!

Izack If i wanted emots, i would play fornite!!! Witch i will play as this update throws me off my play time. Thanks pubg!!! Anyone down for fortnite?

Izack Just to be clear! I’m only playing fornite because i cant access pubg. Fuck emots!

Izack Pubg!!!! If you don’t mind waiting 10 minutes or more to join a game!!!!!


…. RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now begun and is expected to last 4 hours. Once complete, Update .1 will be available to play. Read the patch notes here:…

Steve Tuesday maintenance

Sukrit Suresh Guys, stop with the useless updates such as emotes and shit. Fix the de-sync, servers, and hacker-related issues. NOT USELESS SHIT LIKE EMOTES. Stop trying to find more ways to add transactions to the game. You’ve already lost a SIGNFICANT portion of your player base!

Brad Amour 4 hours to improve emote system… *slow clap*

Sebastian Vidal 5 hours..

Jcruse248 HOW does it take 4 hours to do a patch? There are these things called clouds…. in things called regions. There’s this process called Continuous Delivery. Figure out how to be a friggen developer before trying to build a game. This is BEYOND STUPID to kill US playtime.

Hotgamingrise RT PUBG “RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now begun and is expected to last 4 hours. Once complete, Update .1 will be available to play. Read the patch notes here:…”

Ganzza Gaming FFS can you please change your damn update times! That’s prime time playing time and you want to ruin it with maintenance! I have been gone for 6 months, I thought you would have fix that!

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now begun and is expected to last 4 hours. Once complete, Update .1 will be available to play. Read the patch notes here:…

Strange Beef Jerky Man stop fixing problems noone encounters and adding micro transactions. lets get servers fixed

Mensch you guys are literally the biggest pieces of shit

Can I Get An Like didn’t you say this exact same thing last night? Smh

Ruben Arends I love how you always update at 8pm est i fucking love it

Matt M Keep on decreasing because it goes down twice a week for updates that break the game more. Tbf this is about their profits if they want less they are doing a great job of it. If they want more include the entire other half of the world. Rolling updates isn’t hard

Doc_Doge[Respect] Servers expire and every week bluehole have to spend 4 hrs to pay wait the servers renew hahaha

REPLAYxxxD Highlander 😒

🃏 RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live server maintenance has now begun and is expected to last 4 hours. Once complete, Update .1 will be available to play. Read the patch notes here:…

steve fun game 6 days per week :


Ƀɇnŧlɇy Đɇan Cool Thanks for the skins and an even more messed up game.

Mathieu 👖 Haha game

John Louro PUB is down on its weekly outage…TIME FOR EMOTE UPDATTEEEE!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alex Matteson When do we get a middle finger emote? Or moon someone out of a car?

🔥 RABBID 🔥 Really? 4 hours on the prime time for America to add tons of shitty emotes? You losed that battle with long ago, face it! We’re a mature public, not pubbers who wants emotes and silly stuff 🤡

Tegid Another one

Stefan Glad I deinstalled PUBG for BF5! So i don’t have to download another 5 GB Patch only to see more bugs in game and stupid emotes.

Jeffrey D. Howard Make the pistols a more viable weapon by adding the ability to defend yourself with them while incapacitated/downed

الهكر سلطان.. الدلبحي Hello, My game closed suddenly everytime. And show me a message says “servers did not respond , try later” I have iPhone 6 iOS 10.2.1 .. Can you help me please ?

drpoomanchu Core players have been playing since last week

drpoomanchu No more emotes, better the experience please.

Kedar Salandy 🇧🇷 Y’all really on acting like it’s a patch just to bring emotes when more than half of the patch notes is bug fixes lol

Jink Any idea if mobile accounts are going to be linked to when its released next month?

PubgmCommunity No mobile and pc/console are separate games different games

Jink Thank you for the Hasty reply much appreciated

GreySkull07 Gaming While it will suck to start over, I welcome it also

PubgmCommunity Yep I responded relatively fast

John Louro One other thing, I wouldnt mind having some emotes that you pay for. Can we get that in the next update? Some super cool emotes, like karate kicks, or a dancing emote. Please work on something like that for the next outage…THANKS!!!!

Ashitosh Mukherjee Hi I just wanted to ask is that when is the actual new update come off pubg in India


Toni Braxton Good

Bruno Cesar Geron Stupid dev’s, all week this stupids updates, game with a lot of bugs and fps drops, but the dev’s focus is create emotes! Stupid koreans!

Mathieu Minville Do the damn update during night! What a fail

🔴Ery Day-Joemeister Hey , your screen recorder is crashing on my iPhone 7, when I try to record 🙁 Is this because of some copyright thing they have, or am I doing something wrong? ?

Streamlabs Hi there! We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with our app. We suggest reinstalling the app and making sure your device is up to date. You may also need to close down background programs first.

no one I see, updated emotes, wow, been asking for this since? Why not fix the lobby? That would be some update… Thanks for the downtime..again…

MATTHEW SORRENTINO So glad I dont play this game anymore for this BS every week that keeps introducing more bugs!

Abhiraj Nehe this server system put me in asia server and its unplayable for me because of high ping please make option for it.

Morten Deurell I guess you don’t read english since you still haven’t fixed these issues. Therefore I post them translated by google in korean. 문제를 해결하십시오. 스킨을 만들지 마십시오. 1. 비행기에서 왼쪽으로 뛰어 내릴 때의 버그 2. 지연 시간 3. 빠른 조인 만 작동합니다.

no one how large is this update?

Bryans Solomon When ADS my game lags, every time. Its not connection or my computer, any help would be great….

Guillermo Alcántara You’re right, but no other game has more players than pubg on steam.

DAVID GRILO hi xbox one to added support for keyboard and mouse, will add pubg support in xbox one? is important because other games of the same genre already offer it

Piyush Tanksale i want to host a pubg physical server so it can reduce desync issues in India and Asian region

CORINTHIANS_NOTICIAS Please Optimize the Game my PC was running at 80 fps now at 50 fps

Nuno Silva Fix fps drop after last update

Mark Joseph Sison pls allow nahimic drivers in pubg again… or fix the sounds coz i think i might be having ear problems already

Archie W Please tell me for the love of god why i am being punished for your mistakes? It is not our fault that you guys gave the 20,000 BP out twice. Some of us spent it not knowing it was a mistake and now were in debt. This has made a lot of us want to quit playing.

Chompo Studios For real though. They must have access to data showing how useful this “feature” is, no? Maybe people us it in the lobby? Maybe make it so the game doesn’t crash anytime I encounter more than 2 other players?

Raymond Fish Well, I HAVE seen a few people in the lobby use it but even then, who cares? It honestly adds nothing to the game. There are higher priority issues w/ the game than adding this stuff. They really need to refocus their efforts. The lost players are gone forever, sadly.

Roni väärälä excellent work banning this guy so quickly!

Arun Reddy When will u open Royal Pass S4


Sinan My Steamaccount got hacked and i got a game exclusion. Got my Account today in the morning back. Lost it for 12 hours and the my friends told me he played PUBG and got banned. Is there anyway to get it unbanned?

PUBG Help Hi! You can submit an appeal on our support website, including any relevant information. -E

VASSALLORAPTOR I have the same issue

Roland Chauvin what’s going on with the fpp severs on Xbox was working fine now I can’t get a game

Kr0zzi This is proof that at some level you can ignore the cries and pleas of your users. I find their continued blind eye to the dissatisfaction of the update process to be unacceptable. The mobile version handles everything way better, and that’s sad. more like

Fran Hello the official Twitter of Spain is ??

Darren Şhan So I’m confused. The hardcore mode. Not one encounter felt like a bot encounter. The spawn island still looks like max. 40 players running around. The player counters on spawn island, while in-game and in-the-plane say all 100 players. What is the case?

Darren Şhan Confused but happy. But…confused…

Devin Jackson Having a problem where I seem to be moving right as I am trying to stay still

James Petersen Lmfao @ glorious China

Dennis Waller Probably not having the Sydney server actually usable is probably something they could fix after adding some Marvel Comic skins????

SABBY SJ Please change Hardcore mode VOICE /GUN FIRING Sound . When Someone fire and hearing his fire it’s feels like gun firing come from all way. It doesn’t feel like PC Experience. Please Do Something About Hardcore Sound System.

Sir Jack Lewis ive never seen one person use an emote other than before the matches start, yall are lost on what this game needs and what it doesn’t

Anthony Apparently nobody over at actually pays attention to PUBG, because will be taking the servers down for maintenance right in the middle of their tourney. Maybe don’t schedule a tourney on a day of the week that has repeatedly & consistently has downtime.

Sheriff McJustice ✈️ #DHATL18 Fitting.

xgnightstalker They could play Rivals on the competitive servers

Grizz LUL

Griff You’d think they would just avoid having them on Tuesday, the dedicated maintenance day for months now

TotallyRelaxedAdam Won’t they just rent some server time? I assumed they would.

Wendy 😂


Justin France What a shit update you realise you got bigger problems then bloody emotes right

PA Group Fitness Emotes!! WOW Who gives a shit?

POGEGraphics Got em

POGEGraphics Exactly

Matt M How hard is it to do rolling maintenance?

Josh Steam doesn’t allow region specific updates.

#فہد hi we paid for RP. Question ? Are we going to zero my RP SINCE I PAID FOR ???????????????

g0r3 – Anyone want to start a GoFundMe for PUBG Corp? Maybe if we simply give them money, they will stop adding crap we don’t want or need that screws up the game.

Avik Bhakta I am facing some audio problems with my team mates. Sometimes I cannot heard their voices & they cannot hear me.

jesse johnson FIX PUBG but wait lets put in more junk no one wants that can cause more problems in gameplay….Mr.Jang needs to be replaced!

Himi @ PUBG_help Hello, my PUBG was banned because I bought a 2017 partner jacket. I don’t know if I will get a ban on buying it. Can I help a PUBG loyal player?

ZiyadNabil.ZN It’s need cross platform fir fast matchmaking

Aman Kureshi All PUBG Mobile Season 4 Royal Pass Reward Here

Ahmad yousef salman This game is getting better and better in every update I love it keep up 🙂 and just ignore those crying baby that complain about the desync and other bugs, those kind of people must be extinct

iZ uka Sanhok is just campers map i think!!!

teh_pwn3rer audio bug 😭 played few games tadi i also kena 1 game

Wan “d4npablo” Daniel aku tengah scrim doh..bapak koyak mati bodoh camni 🙄🙄

teh_pwn3rer 😤😤😤

Chrisylla Jim Hello there. I’ve been linked my facebook account to PUBG MOBILE but I entered the wrong facebook. How can I change the facebook account without losing my current rank? I’m really hoping for a help from your team. Thank you!

Luke Garwood Confirmed! They are, sort it out!

abdullah Hi pubg I have a proplem I want to return my account in pubg mobile because I remove the app And I don’t inter with my account in Twitter or Facebook as a guest Please what can I do for return it?

tack driver I have done previously, i was told the latest update should fix the issue, still causing problems. I can only play custom games which is tedious and a pain in the arse

ZiyadNabil.ZN Okay may they fix it if u report about it 😁

tack driver Many many times i’ve reported it. It’s just that pubg as a whole are focused on 3 platforms, ps4, pc and mobile, Xbox is the piss poor cousin.😂

ZiyadNabil.ZN Lol, do u have PS4?

tack driver Nah, i’m not even going to bother trying i might try pc version at some point but my pc is a workstation, powerful but not the same type of gpu thats good for gaming. Im stuck with mobile😂 and xbox one X😂😂😂

ZiyadNabil.ZN U just make me laugh 😂😂 Okay if you gonna buy a new PC in the future ADD ME ON STEAM ZiyadNabil_ZN

aTROLLthatShanks Some fool team killing my whole squad. ( Charles2802 ) Please ban em.

Abdulelah is pubg gonna run 60 fps and 4k on ps4 pro ?

john smith Hey and , you guys ever going to make console version better? As it is now i can hardly find a game in FPP. The player base is seriously dwindling.

corneliusus Games dead bro. Theyre just trying to steal as much money as they can at this point- they have no intention of delivering a decent product. Just promotion and micro trans.

Shawn Skinner Currently 750000 playing.

hasan eryılmaz they’re beautiful

smoor Not coming 😔😔

ΛJ are you every going to sort out the rendering time on mirimar.. it’s still like play dough city when landing

Harshal Fix drop fps

Eeyore Different devs man this page is for console and pc users

Milan Segvic fix loot on Erangel, specially Mylta, entire town no automatic rifle except fckin uzi

Josh Wojnowski Dead? Yeah okay, 1 million+ players means dead. So every game on Steam is dead right?

Josh Wojnowski Black Ops 4 will die before PUBG.


Ciprian Popa Please check your INBOX

Wan “d4npablo” Daniel what is happening to my game?!?!?

Faris Aiman sama doh dan

teh_pwn3rer audio bug 😭 played few games tadi i also kena 1 game

Wan “d4npablo” Daniel aku tengah scrim doh..bapak koyak mati bodoh camni 🙄🙄

teh_pwn3rer 😤😤😤

Dean Lambrechts 1. joining a duo match and the other player hasnt loaded in – leave match. 2 Player does not have a mic – leave match. Out of 10matches I get to play 1 match. Cant you pair idiots without mics with one another?

Bigus Dickus people still play this game? hahahahahahhahahahaah

Professor Paradox 👨🏻‍🔬🔭🔬 when is ios getting new 0.9 version? can not play with android peers,says you are not on latest version

MisterStaid Dear DEVS can you make interface, HUD and viewmodel more beautiful and comfortable like in CoD:BO4 ???!!!

josh reynolds pubg corp should hire this man

Sebastian Vidal Player Unknowns Manteinance!


ℐeän Im desperate pls help

Avadhut Shinde Season 4 isn’t come yet when it will be come

zen-x Shitty update ever. Nobody want that fucking emotes

Mert Gümüs Dead game 💀

Josh Wojnowski Then why is it the most played?

Mert Gümüs Asian Players

Josh Wojnowski Didn’t know it mattered.

Kahshe Another ineffective weekly update. Well, guess I’ll hop to squad, I’ve seen vast improvement with it

Harssht Shah I am leader of the clan I didn’t remove any of them. Why is this happening?

Fish Brain Cowgirl in screen shoot says – Give me your money now, b$%c! ⚰️

byebye1 why I can’t open my pubg mobile. I have tried to open it but I can’t. I has been 3 days and I don’t know what to do. Hope you can help me 😊

PUBG GAMING BLOG When your about to win then this happen (lags)

Josh Wojnowski PUBG mobile is handled by a different company. You’re complaining to the wrong people pal.

XQC Prodige 🐝🐝 any word on PS4 proximity chat at launch??

Pavan Pola unable to update the game .PFA screenshot . Whats going ,its been more than 3 hrs .

Steve and 3,489 others Who the royal fuck uses emotes. I unbound that key because it was pissing me off too much.

Rust22Dust i think you should change the game name to playerunknowns fortnite…

Rory Cornell need an instant ban on BALMAIN—- for stream sniping and killing KingsmanONV 3 games in a row just now.

Yijare and how about fixing the spawn of vehicles on miramar… and erangle?

HopHead1911 Jesus fuck! I deal with he hackers and lag and shittty code, but goddam can we pleas not have to play the horrible maps and give us the option to just play the desert. SMGDH


Checkout current Pubg server status

Yijare sooo apraently you cant shoot though girders, but others can hit you though them. you cant hit people through wrecks but they can hit you. Fix your game.

Alan Michel Gil we ever gonna be able to sell our locked crates for BP?

majed I was entering the game as a guest now I can’t enter only from Twitter or Facebook how to reset my account pleeeeease

trigga450 Whoever said was better got it wrong! 2 games in with 2 cheaters outta 2.. smh! Feeling hopeless for this game!!

Esteban Alvarado me win this awesome competition from

kingsofvalhall Can i get a free crate for every crash this game has


lisa garlock I hope you do something cuz I’m starting to getting not to able to watch the game and I don’t like the snow games and you have to do something please honeys

W0R5T N1GHTMARE Does anyone even play this trash they call a game anymore?

NerdBits How the hell do i report this?… Stop adding new crates and ban these cheaters- do you need me to do a manual report??

Renan Araujo 🇾🇪 PUBG | Custom Match no Xbox One

eNvy So how long does it take you to update your apps especially your most popular ones to fit the newest specs and resolution of the newest iPad Pro 2018…11 inch edition?

Yijare so why are we having this shit select gear when you want to throw a nade? and why are you keept in aim when you get rezzed? Fix your game. was a failure. matter of fact.

Logan Lintao Will there be another event where preview players may receive a PLAYERUNKNOWN’S set?

Logan Lintao I’m pretty sure I played during the event because I received the Pioneer shirt, my Gamertag is Gravedigger315.

cLay Vehicles are truly disgusting in this game at times….

Fειiχ: Not Found the error by which the game is blocked and then when you try to reconnect it does not leave you for battleeye or some other message when they fix it? I have already disconnected in the last 10 days of about 15 games i dont like lose rank

PUBG España Hola!, te dejo por aquí el enlace a nuestros compañeros de atención al cliente para que te puedan echar una mano: Si puedes adjuntar pantallazo del mensaje, mejor que mejor 🙂

Quintin until i no longer have negative bp i wont play this stupid game anymore!!! you have lost yet another player to your own incompetence

Obese✒ When is keyboard and mouse support coming to xbox one???? Fortnite and Warframe have it. WHAT ABOUT PUBG?!?!?!


Gwendalyn Hi PUBG, will Oceania always be slow AF?

Joshua Baynard I really enjoy PUBG but recently I don’t play because it’s annoying all I play is either the the jungle or the desert map and it’s fucking annoying I want to play the original map for fuck sakes😤😤😤😤

Carlos Lanning It’s the worst game ever… there that should cover your question lol

WqF Players camping too much outside safe zone, pls fix. Maybe obstructing vision or dealing more damage

ajay gulia Hahaha look At this 🤣🤣and this is best game of 2018

ajay gulia 😂😂😂this one too

Chembe❌Franchesco I just did that and it’s still not working it stopped working after I updated the Pubg

cLay Just gonna leave this here 🙂

MaskiN… 🙃

cLay Vehicles are truly disgusting in this game at times….

Halge Learn how to drive noob

cLay cucklord

Rajesh my RP has ended (lock) how I revive (open) my RP

Comic Books Plus How about don’t pick stupid names and get mad about it. I hope they charge $19.95 per letter

🇩🇰🇩🇰Vilhelm🇩🇰🇩🇰 windows update have nothing to do with it look in the release notes, have tried with both GeForce Game Ready Driver – WHQL Version: 416.81 and GeForce Game Ready Driver – WHQL Version: 416.94 makes no difference.

aLbooz why haver problem ERROR server ?

Arnithian #TwitchLDN Please help.. I wanted my AWM 🙁…

Демократия и отвага Hi guys. What the hell is going on? I’ve never use any cheats or macroses? but now i’m looking for this picture on my game client! Mouse – bloody a90

Luke Garwood are Xbox wins counting as 2 on Xbox stats??

SolidSnake On US east coast usually have a 20ms ping they have plenty of good servers.

Deric Hodge Neither I, or any of my local friends have gotten better then low 90’s, and I don’t live in the east coast. But you live in the east coast and have a great ping, so they have plenty of good servers….. Yeah, I can’t follow the logic.

SolidSnake Have over 500 hours in the game no real complaints, could just use some overall polish.

Sabudana khichadi On I would like to thank all the men in my life who’ve revieved me in PUBG, help me win the Chicken Dinner and also helped me finish my missions. Cheers to you all and a big thank you 🙏🍺

Yogy Sonar 🚫 You are welcome. You should thank to the smoke grenade too.

Akshay Dil jeet liya laundiya ne 😂

DY Id??

Bhagwan bro ye bhi khelti ha gajab

Sahil Wohi toh puch usse pubg mai id kaunsa toh friend request bheje

Bae_Rozgar PUBG IS ❤️

M.Shanmugananda PUBG?


Tushar Laddha Wow, Rather appreciating actual mens ij your life, you made joke out of it. You are amazing

Jay Patel Hey,What’s ur pubg ID?

Vinit Mishra Tweet hain ya khichdi ?

stanibus Mere sath bhi khelo pubg kabhi i am pro player😎

Rishbh Lol 😂😂, beware of GoliMarDunga

TheThirdEye Haha pubg … id kya hai friend .. 😊

jobless engineer Ur tweet ss will be my WhatsApp status☺☺

अभिषेक भगवान से प्रार्थना है कि अब से आपको PUBG में भी खिचडी ही मिले

Er. Vaibhav Shyani 😂

GB bro the same thing happened to the whole squad

JRonk why does it take over 5min to get into a solo match on Xbox. This is pathetic

Akeeno When is it possible to change your nickname?

Average Reefer this should not happen…

JokerPunch I have had this constant problem on Android device and I have written to support and nothing that I have resolved would like to be able to play calmly, this problem comes with this update I hope it does not happen to me with this one coming

Khaled When pubg well supports Mouse and keyboard on xbox

Louis Gallacher please fix the puplic test servers in the uk. I can’t get on. Maybe make the game playable at all times?

Mr. Splinter Airdrop stuck in the Blue? LUL

Beauty Queens 🄿🅄🄱🄶 Anyone who plays pubg add me… 🅸🅽🆂🆃🅰🅶🆁🅰🅼 …Follow Me Insta…

Nick I have played almost 1300 hours since dwnld in Feb. I do not cheat. I just got a 24hr ban for playing 1 game with bad Wi-Fi. Your anti-cheat is a joke. PUBG is not fixed and never will be at this rate. Long live Ring of Elysium, I hope PUBG dies.

Tom help ^^^

﮼سامي﮼العصيمي I have a Facebook account and I have lost Facebook and can you help me or send my private mail to prove ownership of the account

BioshockGamer101 Hey I’m on xbox, and have recently purchased the harley quinn skin and hair but they do not look as good as the pc version, especially the hair as there is no physical movement at all, I hope you fix the hair physics.

Harold anyone else having their weapon not fire if you’ve been hit?

Trevor Howes was just playing on erangle. game was running fine and then my friend and i started having huge packet loss and unplayable rubber banding. Servers have been running great the last week. Is something going on? thanks

Fyke Daddy Same here unplayable packet loss just now. As if the game had a mind of its own

Fyke Daddy

Peppa I WANT CHANGE MY NICKNAME I’m Peppa Pistola all over the internet (Tibia, Ragnarok, Face, Twitter, Twitch, Steam, etc), except pubg

Checkout PUBG server status on 2018-11-19

Dominus Axe Riel Can’t seem to find a sensitivity setting for controller users on PC. Also Secondaries aren’t usable, you can pick them up but trying to equip pistols just simply doesn’t work.

KenshinPubg 🇩🇰 Hands down is in my opinion the best BR game out there.. Sadly bugs, optimizing, settings and so on ruin it for me and a lot of other players.. again hands down this game can and will hopefully be fixed sooner than later ? 👀🧐💪

Mantrain88 I’ve had negative BP for awhile now, what do I need to do to get it fixed? I thought it might get fixed in a patch so I didn’t say anything until now.

Jordan Haynes is the game gonna run smoothly? And at a good fps on ps4?

Drucifer Yo, your new update on Xbox1 made the store & customization UI trashy. Leather gloves are officially gone forever because of it’s lack of accurate responsiveness.

Felipe “Tominho” Tomazetti WE DONT WANT EMOTES, WE CAN OPTIMIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Wojnowski URGENT! Your servers are broken!

Kyle McLaughlin EXTREME rubberbanding and lag for over 10 minutes in my last NA match Something going on?

SNH见证 where is the new update?? Am waiting for the new royal pass items And we can download it in playstation or not yet?

PaperDividend&Profit proximity chat on consoles!!???

Gustavo Vicente When will you put map with snow?

Kyle Benoit Ps4 release ?

Kyle Birkwood #FaZe5 PUBG is being released on PlayStation 4 on December the 7th.

Md_Atique is it worth buying pubg pc in 2018 , as i heared many negative comments

AWM Anihialator Shit that sucks m8

Amar Choudhary Yeah bro, please help me out with it in any way you could, i would be forever grateful to you.

Filip Pancev When does the leaderboard resets?

Chief_ttvBTW me win this awesome competition from

If Ty Wanna see more videos? YouTube Channel :…

Richard Wahyu Santoso Miramar-Solo !!! _MOBILE 履歴書 _MOBILE半年記念大感謝祭

Jared If you weren’t racist this cheater wouldnt be playing on NA servers.…

Jared Get cheating chinese garbage humans off NA servers and quit the racist contempt you have for white people just trying to play in NA

Immortal Clanz How do I unlink my twitter account from my Pubg mobile account

Buzzing Trends PUBG Mobile wins best mobile game award 2018 👑 Read:…

Haseeb Hey why am I having such high ping on servers while my internet is working fine?

STEEDA there is more desync on xbox now than there was before. GG.

ᔕᗩᗰᑌᔕGᗩᗰIᑎG24 🖤

Craig back to back solo games I’ve now net work lagged out or lost connection to host… such a broken game even after all these “fixes”

That’s what you get for cheating.

Amar Choudhary Bro if I have cheated then i deserve that, but I swear i didn’t do anything wrong. Just a normal player.

Unfortunately bro, they won’t unban it.

Amar Choudhary Isn’t there anyone to help me out, this is not fair to bann uselessly, please suggest me a way outta this. the cellphone is new, app is from play store, no third party app installed, no violation of any game rules, still here I’m at the same point.

MRBARIHA I have a way Open a new account

Chembe❌Franchesco I’m having an issue with my Pubg On Xbox one after the last update it’s not getting me into the main menu it’s gets stuck on a black Loading screen .

Skoobz Same here

TalonXavier The replay “report” button shows at times but not at other times. Yesterday, I reported 1 hacker with no issues. Then, I tried to report a player named (ironically) “never__cheating” for using ESP, but even after restarting PUBG, the option is missing. Bug?

Always salty ◢ ◤ God you’re stupid. Just because a player is better than you, doesn’t make them a hacker. You’re like ninja assuming everyone good is a stream sniper, except everyone good is a hacker. People work hard for stats.

Mr Poopybutthole why am i put on ASIA servers when playing from OCE?!?!!?!?

pubg He’s grownup

SNYGLR How this can be possible? There is a big f*cking , giant rock! But how i can get headshot? his nickname was m-hallab . That wasn’t funny at all.

Reggae Nation# its impossible to play this game 300+ ping please make an indian server

Philippe Debaere Hi, I always play on a 2560×1440 resulution setting. But lately there’s a problem. When i press the right mouse button somewere on the right side of the screen, there’s the windows right mouse click menu that pops up, and i’am also back on my desktop background….

Robert S. fix the ping matchmaking. being put into servers with over 200 ping… yeh nah…

Kalivas Snow map ?

Justin Stubbs hey, could you guys please do something about quick play queues? Late at night in NA, we don’t want to have to play sanhock over and over again in quick play.

ᴄᴇᴢɪɪᴇʀ | زيـآد ♛🖤. does the game gonna support the keyboard and mouse on PS4 ?

Artur Desh I do not know what is happening with my PUBG application every time I enter the game he sends me this message can you report what is happening or if I was banned?

فهد العضياني My microphone does not work Please solve a problem I think a bug in the account?

Aaron soooooo after 2 weeks of not touching the game i came back to see -12,780 bp

ILUS s’illustre I need an answer Is this normal ? I don’t know if you guys can help me..

Uttam K That’s 10 years😂hope u get unbanned

Wei hey, could you fix the server latency issue in Australia? It is fucked!!!

PJ Rouse PUBG Mobile Rozhok “secret spot” escape and fails… enjoy! via

🇩 🇮 🇪 🇹 🇨 🇭 forever “matchmaking” on Xbox One in Oceania. Cannot get a Squad Match. Squad fills up and then people cannot wait 10+ minutes, so they leave! It was like this last week also!

theofficialdareelven will their ever be voice chat in PUBG on the Xbox?

Mitch Are EU servers down?

Frame @ #thefinalcircle Have you perhaps purchased UC from non official sources? If so, that’s very much against the EULA. Please contact CS team to find out the details.

Amar Choudhary No i haven’t purchased. And have contacted CS team, they are not responding and merely just forwarding a pre saved text about game rules and regulations. I haven’t done anything wrong which i possibly can think. Please help, will be forever grateful for that.

Ogin JBI I just got my 40RP, how hell it can be same board with these guys. How can i get my chicken

Letmelive – Gaming hi, I’m 90 percent deaf in my left ear, is there anyway to bring in a feature to balance audio levels between left and right? Or a visual indicator when getting shot at? I love your game, but it’s a struggle with the directional audio feature.

Gravler14741 Any chance of cross play with PS4?

Quintin yeah not playing this shit untill you fix the -15000 bp i have due to your mistakes… also fuck emotes, this isnt fortnite

Gvs Aditya I think u might have played with a hacker unknowingly

Jesse Selinger The game lags even worse now ty

Athul Augustine Pubg mobile crashes everytime i start a game , please fix this

Instinct7 This is the proof. I had two pieces of 9 and i exchanged the duplicate for 10. Now i don’t have 9. Please fix this. Already lost 3 tiles and it’s irritating .

hritik sethi season 4 ? on ?

The crimson fucker You havn’t got bo4 yet? Damn son

RodoBoi Yes. It’s the official emulator for pubgm by tencent. I use it it works fine

bp fix the fucking game i keep lagging the fuck out and im getting pissed what are you going to do about it you have said you fix it but it sure dose not look like you done shit about it so ow me something damit

YOUAREDEAD still… fix your fucking game. And let me play it.

Nick101… Just want oce servers back that feel like real oce servers 🙁

Novak 🇦🇺

Kris Just want to play csgo and scum where I went get fucked with 🙁

Evycide Fails

Alanoud When will the season close ?

alaa m hello i want to delete mu account how can i do that ?

Josh Wojnowski Hey The flickering on fences and edges is still occurring. It was fixed before, but recently the flickering has been happening again. What’s up with your TemporalAA solution?

Connor_LindTV now 10 minutes of trying to open your game, really give us great content to play and stream… Kappa…

Geoffrey Suttor FIX PUBG,.. Fix SOlo and DUo already. 6 months and counting

Connor_LindTV any reason why your game continues to crash after every game and once trying to join the main lobby upon restarting the application it refuses to load, time and time again after launching directly from steam?

DJ Just Rick I see “Fix PUBG” is going well…

Tiago Beltrão fix server ballance!

Tiago Beltrão server ballance sucks!

rsdan 🇲🇾 when pubg project thai available globally?

Mario🎯 Tencent banned you for a reason. You are clearly have used cheat beforehand or still using cheat.

Amar Choudhary No buddy, i didn’t violate any of the game rules, I can’t think of anything which might have been the reason behind banning me. There must be a glicth or mistake from system.

Mario🎯 If u r legit, then they might just ban you for a few days, weeks or month,not full 10 years. If u get 10 years ban, then u clearly have used some short of cheats. My main acc was banned for 2 months, can’t play till january next year coz i used bypass emulator.

Amar Choudhary If I’m guilty for any of those ways, i wouldn’t even bother to claim innocence coz I’ll be knowing that I’m getting for what i did. But here the case is I’m still wondering where’s the reason to do so.

Amar Choudhary That’s what freaking me out a lot, all those way in which you could get banned is not done by me, i have a brand new phone and a new player too didn’t even knew about all those hacks, still I’m suffering. And to add more there’s no reply from the concerned people.

Mario🎯 Took me about 1 – 2 weeks to get reply from Tencent. But nothing changed. They are dead serious about my ban for 2 months. I replied a few times, but none leading to reduce my ban time or unban. In ur case it’s really tough, they will just leave u alone.But just try. Gd luck

Shogun When is the next season for xbox? Feels like this one has been here forever lol

Freshenmeyer Cmon. It’s behind a paywall to generate revenue pure and simple.

HurricaneRising Of course that’s one reason, but anything any company ever does ever can be boiled down to making money. That’s the goal of a company at its core: to make money. However, putting name changes behind a paywall will discourage abuse of the system.

Freshenmeyer As a byproduct absolutely. However there are plenty of ways to prevent abuse while providing that mechanism. To pretend otherwise would be disingenuous. This is a game company screwing up – then charging money for something that used to be standard functionality.

Jakobi_Raider14 PUBG has been amazing. There are a couple things still frustrating me though. 1. The railings between raising your gun, or being shots getting rejected. 2. Aim Punch. Seems very selective. Desync and lag have not been near the problem.

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 2 million bans in 90 days in a game that averages 400k players at 20 a pop = 40 million in revenue from cash farming cheaters you have zero intentions of putting basic code in place is a joke stop lying 6:10 cheater ratio confirmed TP

Trailerparkin 🇺🇸 You guys should look closely at this business model its a fucking cash cow Hell I will even invest in it TP

Mayke Gomes Please check it out for me.

Fyke Daddy They need a better pareto of existing problems, and need to boldly allocate resources to make sure the core of the game is solid, and not to piss off their vocal fanbase (the ones who care enough to give feedback)

Zac Laughlin However these vocal people need to know the difference between feedback and straight up complaining. Feedback needs to have specifics and not just “fIx ThE gAmE” like most of these vocal people say.

GOAT_Viper Just remove all the updates/patches to before vaulting. You know back when 1mil played. Thats when the game was actually good and worked right…well better than it does now.

no one When you download something large, its a update… What do you call it in your universe?

Archer How about you guys just focus on fixing your matchmaking funnel so that OCE can actually play the game again. Also could actually respond to the OCE regions requests for help. But hey nice emoji wheel we can’t even use.

Its_My_Purpose The hotfix definitely helped the peaking issue but this issue gets me everyday. I shoot people to low red, continue to get blood and hits and from both perspectives they become invincible once reaching about 20%. It’s maddening.

Its_My_Purpose I have video after video.. Next time I’ll use the demo to edit together a time synced side-by-side. It’s always hit, hit, hit (health dropping) then hit, hit, hit, hit, hit (invincible) spin and kill me with a an instant headshot.

Its_My_Purpose 1080ti / 8700k / graphics settings to prevent card from maxing out and get a constant frame rate Fiber To The Home symmetrical gigabit internet…. constant 25ms ping to US server.

YOUAREDEAD why can’t I get past this loading screen?? It just keeps loading and nothing happens.

YOUAREDEAD Fuck you too

j̍̂͂ḁ͆̆̈͡ċ̛͙̳̱̳̫̀o̧̩̖̍̈́̆͑̀̚b̖͈̖̎ eh 2028 isnt that long

Lamazing1021 Broke game is broke

Mr. Jeremy Dunlop Haha I love being asked if I want to chicken out while stuck under a monument at the start of a game.

Brad Amour on PC OC still getting instant queue into Asian/SEA servers. Your fix campaign is not complete, and the letter from Dev in Oct about fixing the regions if not fixed for OC. but at least you can sit there and never respond or palm it off like usual.

eNvy They need to update it for the newest iPad 2018 11inch model. It has Xbox one s graphics yet they aren’t utilizing its full potential.

Charizard Freak🔥 I can try to get in touch with a manager but what did you do on your account if you hacked then sorry can’t do anything

Amar Choudhary Naah bud i didn’t do anything wrong which i possibly can imagine from my side this must be mistake from the system in detecting. Right now i’m feeling frustrated for bieng punnished and that too for nothing at all.

AWM Anihialator Did you use an app to link your controls to the game? Like an octopus because alot of people get banned for that.

Amar Choudhary No its fresh, nothing , even the phone is new.

AWM Anihialator Shit that sucks m8

Amar Choudhary Yeah bro, please help me out with it in any way you could, i would be forever grateful to you.

alfredo monge i have a huge packet loss problem, how can i fix this?

Ka$h ive literally bought over 200 survivor crates in hopes of getting a pair of black combat pants. Still have yet to gwt a pair. Ill never buy a single g coin if i keep getting 6 baseball caps in a row.

Brother Run I don’t even think Apple would even exist without old people and millennials

Amar Choudhary Nahi yaar ekdum naya phone he, no hacker no root nothing, kisi 3 4 noob players ne report kar diya hoga mujhe bann kar diya, jab ki mene kuch kiya hi nahi.

Tareque Hossain have u used gfx tool?

Amar Choudhary Nope bro, new phone stock Android one and pubg nothing else still I can’t think why am I banned.

oliverharaszti Jesus this game is starting to become FORTNITE, what comes next? Dances with music? The problem is that the developers cant focus on the real problems, and they keep adding poinless shit to the game.

Atakan Sarıca When The leaderboard season will end ?

PubgmCommunity Not official can’t help you here bud

Amar Choudhary Dear i can understand your position. But please help me by retweeting to them who can really help in this regard. I would be thankful from heart.

PubgmCommunity Will do

dead whats the deal with this ? Or it would show N/A

Sam Harris Key too victory

Cody Baker If you read the comments on this post, you’ll notice that the majority of people are not excited about your game. As far as “full details” go, the article really doesn’t say anything helpful. Is it even on par with Xbox with features?


Matthew I was unbanned the next day. They sent me an email explaining it. Also the dsync has been much better! We should get some games in one of these days.

علي خليفة علي الغانم الدبوس 🎭 when the season is finished what will happen to our scores and ranking thank u ;*

eNvy The following companies games look terrible on the new iPad Pro 11inch model 2018 edition. They need to be optimized. Spread the word.. has made it clear that this new iPad Pro runs Xbox one S graphics

Danny ANG There so many bugs when im in custom room please fix that, i lost a game because of you now a days im hating pubg because of bug lots of bug bug bug bug bug bug

Nakata Tried to play a random Squad game, since my friends are not playing atm, and on my first match with randoms i get a team of trollers doing TK. check the video and give them a BAN to see if they stop acting like idiots.…

Joe hey there I recently found out that you get the pubg bandana from signing in during a specific time (which I did) but I dont have my items on game. I only got the pioneer shirt. Is there any fix for that? (Xbox)

Swan When will you fix my negative bp…..still waiting for something can’t buy new crates or event items This is ridiculous

Petr Boshinski Oh good. Just what we all asked for: more emotes. Glad you’re fixing your game like you said.

KhaN Not fixed.. that’s for sure

ekNx D5 is ok nowdays. It can happens sometimes

KhaN Devs are Asian? Just asking?

🇩🇰🇩🇰Vilhelm🇩🇰🇩🇰 couple of months ago I had stable 120-144 fps, now I have max 80fps I also have frame drops low as 30fps. CPU I7 8700K GPU 1080 ROG Drivers are up to date verified game cache ?

KhaN Well.. we all know by now this game goes nowhere and it is near the end. When you look at tittles like Read Dead Redemption 2 and you dare to compare with such a poor dev game.. we all come down to life year 2018.. not playing 2007 poorly optimized garbage..

Inq whats the pass granted to pre ordering special edition or champion edition on ps4.

cLay FUCK, beat me to it😡

ST3 Little Twitch Bois

NappyFacey we need mouse and keyboard support for

Lethal My account was stolen and when I recovered it I discovered that my account was banned on PUBG… is there anything you can do to help me?

Judas2100 what is wrong with the voice chat? i never had any problems and the mic worked one match ago but now 3 matches and i cant speak… i did not change anything… everytime i give you guys credit for recent updates you go 2 steps back… unplayable for me today

BruceMon3yWayne any reason why HDR and other one X enhancements seem to not work after the hotfix?

FeverishTV People have complained about fps issues and how the game is not optimized etc etc, I just wanna know how much fps i lose by the water and below ground textures my PC has to render 😀 <3

rAsk I have thought the same


cLay FUCK, beat me to it😡

Hayz This makes such a minimal difference. Not sure its even worth allocating staff to actually change the models for this.

FeverishTV alot of textures adds up, im not talking about this single shed. but the water/roots/buildings & rocks thats rendered for nothing I promise you it adds up 😀

Hayz It probably adds up and drops 2fps on average. Its probably super low on their list of things to do

Rehan Please fix high pings issue 2 days before i was having stable 100 ping now every time i play alone or with friends i get 300 ping and my friends also have same issue

Muhammad Adziim I’m also having this problem,wtf is this pubg

Kakashi Channel The Devs ignoring community, let’s unfollow this sucker! Start from unfollow done bye sucker pubg!

TheGAM3Show The event mode hasn’t shown up for me all weekend. Anybody else?

dwm90 wow really? I swear pubg corp are just trolling the remaining people of the community. shall we add new content? shall we fix the floating guns? nope we will add more emotes haha wtf great job!

Rinjan Chatterjee What is this ? I was playing crew match and i got stuck in this weird place! Can you please explain this? What about my rating and ranking?😡

Nishant Prakash Backlogs ke liye prepared ho tm😂😂

Rinjan Chatterjee 😅

RabZz Swear to fuck if update 24 is “we’ve added new makeup options available to purchase in the store.” Also, what key triggers emotes? Never used them.

Johan Scholte it seems APIs aren’t getting updated with new wins when looking on score apps

Trevor Howes I tested it, you may want to think about having it be an instant consumable, similar to how opening a crate works, or say it will be in inventory. once I claimed the name change in the care package i was expecting a pop-up to change my name

DiamondInGame When is PUBG going to enable 1v1 mode? Or War Mode with min players 2?

luanzera1 please, fix SA pings

pubg Pretty thing I ever love….. Is behind the girl

Danish Amjad When do the season reset

John heh, im too poor for pubg lol

Bryan and 100 others I’m just letting y’all at PUBG CORP know that I would gladly pay $20 for that gold AKM skin… now I know I sound like a fool but… “I reserve the right to spend my money however I like”. Pretty please give us that skin (and other cool ones too😉😉)

Bryan and 100 others oh and Twitch prime support too!!! Yeahs…🧐 That’s very important

Bryan and 100 others How about they keep the redzone… and do everything else you just talked about

Bryan and 100 others I feel ya man… but if nobody wants to play FPP duo then what’s the use keeping it in game Anyway they kept it though. It has been a hassle trying to find a match

Tom any chance you could do us a solid and sort this out please? Can’t buy any crates.

Tom help ^

Tom help ^^

Howard Kinder 💎 Turn it on and off. Thank me later 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Sahil Saha Pls like and subscribe to this channel…. Help needed…

Lokitanna Why am I not surprised that there’s no answer … ask some dumb question about where are my skins that I just bought and you’re all over it. Ask a question about a game breaking bug and total silence.

عادل|Adel pubg today I died due to a Molotov. The part is, the Molotov exploded behind an iron door. Please fix this bug

Akash Srivastava help me out here , I don’t know what to enter

AthenaWraith PUBG Mobile wins Best Mobile Game Award at 2018 Golden Joystick Awards

Paul Hildebrand This is how my main menu has been looking for the last 2 months. Any ideas on how to fix it?

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Grazazel Hopefully this patch will get rid of the infinite loading bug when entering a match

Kumar Saurav raj I’m getting this No option of yes/no Pls help

Adam LJ please fix Oceania servers, sick of trash NA players.

christian schreiweis Please fix the Problem on xbox one x. After the latest hotfix, Player still freezing in the loading screen,and couldn’t connect to the game.

passenger5 Fix footstep different between use shoes and without shoes pls

𝒥𝑜𝑒𝓁 🔰 Yep its definitely my hard wired 100mbp up 30mbp down connection, even though i get 12-30 ping on every game i play.

Bryan and 100 others Idk man I find a game in less than 10 secs easy…

h I want to unlink my twitter from pubg acc and put it in a new one is that possible?

𝙶𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚝𝚑 Have you given up on Australian servers? Every single game is unplayable @ >220ms ping which I’m assuming are Korean servers.

AlexanderMinsk did not immediately understand that this is the skin on the first helmet, I thought it was a headdress for the character!))))))

TommyGunzYT Lol it’s still a pretty cool looking helmet!

Brother Run a solid state drive drastically increases your game/map load time and benefits from usb 3.0 as well. the X just has better processor and graphics but still limited to data transfer of 5400 rpm harddrive and SATA interface speeds. get the SSD b4 you upgrade to X but X ASAP

Solomon there u go, thanks.

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Busy Edits i submit a ticket on the website evening by mail so that I can help me solve my problem at the resolution of the game (it has never done me that) I reinstalled the game and uninstalled but the problem persists please help me!

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Tiago Jordan Can You guys let the Training mode On while doing your maintenance? So we can improbe some skills.. And then when the maintenance are ok you can make on training servers. Just a though

Checkout current Pubg server down

Caio Santos return with servers south america please

Pascal Berger i see pubg dying….cant wait for it!

KhaN Yeah baby

KingPanda i fixed it thanks tho

RICH GINGER BEN are you already working on a fix for the new cruise hack?

Harold Haha if you fixed the game you wouldn’t have to worry. Maybe hire someone other than beginners for your code monkeys.

d What radar?

d Tbh bro, spend an extra 80 bux on a Samsung 250 gb SSD drive.. if you play this game religiously then improve your quality of life.. faster rendering speeds and load up time.. who knows how long it’s gunna take them to fix that shit..

Brother Run yup

Andrew At that point wouldn’t I be better off just buying an X?

Brother Run a solid state drive drastically increases your game/map load time and benefits from usb 3.0 as well. the X just has better processor and graphics but still limited to data transfer of 5400 rpm harddrive and SATA interface speeds. get the SSD b4 you upgrade to X but X ASAP

d I mean I bought an x for pubg but that’s 500 bux, plus the speed of an ssd is double what an x puts out, if I were to buy an ssd on top of my x I would never experience things not loading in on drops ever..

d Bet

Andrew 🤔🤔 I’ll investigate. Thanks

Kyle The “custom matches” are a fucking joke. No customization at ALL besides weather and normal or war mode. Make it like PC assholes.

no one 6 hours, more broken lobby, a 1 gig “update” with no mention of what it “fixes”…

no one So its more broken? lol…fools they are thinking we’d put up with this for soooo long!!!

no one I see this is a 1 gig update, did you fix the lobby or not? If no, or no answer, I’ll be uninstalling the game. Its simply NOT acceptable that 11 month into the game being out the lobby is so broken…

NellyTheGr8 This update broke my jacket from the PUBG controller pack it was black and blue to match the pants now it is a desert camouflage color which makes it a mix match outfit smh. Please fix

PUBG Help Hi! Are you able to provide a screenshot or video of how the jacket looks now? -E

sg Where did I say US is largest?

Douglas Ritchey He is an idiot that cant read. I said they USED to hold the largest and he is comparing an entire region to the US like he is right. I’m convinced this guy works for PUBG he always responds. Plus there were rumors that Bluehole was using personal accounts to respond a while back.

Tyler can we fix this shit next lmao 😂

Nick Reynoso Proximity chat next please and thank you

Dook why so ppl can still stay in parties. waste of time at this point

Cpt BareBack Pubg is free now? What’s that mean for all of us that’s supported you the whole way and spent money on not only the game but many other things as well?

Asad Akram How do you get a refund for it after buying it online? It’s utter trash I agree

YEPMOS Got to and ask for the refund. However, in order to get a full refund, you need to have played it for a maximum of 2 hours.

Asad Akram Ok thanks

Nathaniel Adams Every fucking week MAINTENANCE! Your not even fixing the fucking game! But keep adding in shit to buy in the game it’s the only way your gonna make money off the people that play the game.

droowz Brendan is pocketing all the sales money instead of paying seasoned game devs

That Guy agree, they manage to promote more than make repairs to the game. so much for

Saginaw Savage what’s up

Tim issues with Xbox? Game won’t launch, says “try again in a while”

Chris Klein What’s more amazing: always dumping on the same region’s primetime at least once a week for “routine maintenance”, or it’s 2018 and still going through hours of downtime instead of spinning up upgraded servers in parallel and switching over at upgrade time?

Checkout PUBG down on 2018-11-07 on 2018-11-07

Ƀɇnŧlɇy Đɇan Let’s fix this shite first. Ya?

Indago Litcherally useless we’re trying to play

LordEscorpio “Minor Changes” = 9GB Updates = 5 Hous maintenance

[email protected]!&L [email protected]$ minds thinking, and work in progress

Derrick Tyson Look you guys should separate the maintenance on the servers and do them at different time, so that you can do them at low traffic times in each timezone, instead of doing all the servers at once.

droowz Do you think if they can they would not do it?

Mike Maybe switch to a monthly (or better yet, quarterly) release cycle so you actually have time to test what you are releasing and let people get used to the changes? Weekly releases are ridiculous, and especially weekly releases during prime North American play hours.

James Petersen How does it take 5 hours to fix nothing? More like 5 hours to break more shit.

Max Ma 5 hours maintenance to add 2 skins to the game. no wonder player base keeping nose diving

gobble gobble minor changes…5 hours. client update 3GB?!. And you decided to do this tonight…fucking hell…

#ChappalChorPakistan Just tell us how much GB is the update

Nick G One can only hope…

Nick G I can’t wait for something to replace you.

Trolls Did you fix the sound

Jorge Martinez Come on over to xbox one, if you want to avoid futher disruption

YellowCurb Are the test servers still open?

ReVamPT 🍺 Nick Literally not one thing that actually needed fixing. We ask for server performance and desync fixed and you throw new skins at us. Great

Dotey That’s the way to make money though.

ClamantElk25 Jesus does this game go in to maintenance more than it’s actually up and playable?? I don’t play myself but all I see 24/7 is maintenance maintenance maintenance!!! Lol

brunitokz return the selection of servers

droowz So that you can stream snipe? Why bruh you can’t create youtube content without sniping?

hanzo When will you face cheating and plugging problems? Or are you going to follow him?

Naeem ur Rehman patch note link you shared is from 18 oct we already did that update whats new in this 900mb+ update ?

Diego Antonio Nieves I made a payment for $59 MXN, to get 180 + 10 tickets in the game, however I haven’t received that cash in my account.  Diego Antonio Nieves. User: Diegus38 I’m a player of PUBG mobile.

Andrea Pulvirenti 5 hours….really? Are you hosting with my old 386sx pc?

Ian Pritchett I forgot it’s the day of the week that pubg needs to completely shut down during prime time just to keep their game kind of working

Joseph Problem is it is prim time for US not Asia and there is more players in Asian countries spending money so they are not going to risk the greater market for making money. It is a business.

Ian Pritchett Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t there plenty of software companies who are able to roll out their updates a server at a time? Also, have you ever, ever, ever heard of any game that needed 5 hours of downtime per week for maintenance?

droowz FYI steam doesn’t allow that kind of server updates, rant first before reading I guess

Richie You cant even start maintenance st the time you say you’re going to 😂😂😂

Dean Koeck Fix OC servers! We’ve had absolutely no help from you guys whatsoever. It came good when server selection became automatic and the next update or two fkd it

Tyler Hansen Fix the god damn desync issues. The amount of times ive gotten killed behind walls/tree is immeasurable. Just like the GIF below me. This game is still in terrible condition.

Orbit Storm Minor changes but y’all need five hours to complete them? Good grief. Those patch notes haven’t been updated since last week’s maintenance, which took several hours and yet another delay. Bunch of amateurs.

Ududrlrl Every fucking week.

ThunderBeak i love you

UCE-PAVA Pubg maintenance means “we’ll fix something and add more bugs to the game” 😂😂😂

_alexWitter “minor changes” -> 5 hours maintenance

Kough Oh you mean adding new skins……k thx

Todd Cormier Proper.

JL ALEX Does season are reset ?

Francisco Infante Only problems, maintenance, bad optimization, crashes, etc, etc. Return my money!!!!!!! 😤😤😡😡

DP This is such a shit game even after we gave billions. Your updates suck, your development is extremely underperforming, we get crashes, low fps with good rigs, and desync from 2003 type games. No wonder Fortnite ect is beating us

Swire Once again, thanks for doing it at prime time hours and not staggering updates.

droowz Don’t always think your region is top priority

jesse johnson Prime time for who? The 200k Americans stil playing? Should they do it when the 800,000 chinese play?

jesse johnson the lowest player base bud is the USA

Chris Gonzales umm maybe not Chinese or American primetime ?

A R T H U R M O R G A N Bring back region selection!!! Tired of gaming on Asian Servers!!!

droowz Stream sniper spotted…

SexySEAL and we were tired of asians playing on our servers

Incoming! They still do!

Sebastian Bugno So low…. twice on week

◢SHROOD◤ Fix the FPS drop please

Ninponeer Please move your weekly maintenance to Friday AND Saturday evening to give all these plebs something legit to QQ about… 🧐 Oh, and fix dsync k thanks bye 🐼🐼🐼

Jack BOSS MTG I don’t play video games on the weekends, so that sounds awesome!

Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith “But it’s Prime time…. 😭😭” 😂🤣😂🤣

Thomas Thompson Because then bluepile might have to work overtime. Ouch.

Anton Fyodor You must do something about cheaters!

calamonsen They have. There are hardly any cheaters left.

Anton Fyodor Are u sure? I always see cheaters when i play the game.

calamonsen What cheats are you seeing? Remember that the replays/spectating is misleading. Many players actually have superior aim/recoil control. Just cause they can hit shots you can’t doesn’t mean they’re cheating. I hardly encounter any cheaters whatsoever.

BeerSultan I’ve had 5 obvious wall hackers reported and permanent banned in just 2 days of playing 2 weeks ago…probably 8 or 10 total hours. There are still plenty out there.

calamonsen And how many hours have you played in total for the past, say, 4 weeks? Cherry picking those 8 hours doesn’t necessarily reflect the overall cheater situation. I have had 6-7 suspicious encounters (3 banned) in the last 4 weeks (about 200hrs). I only play FPP though.

Luke Hawkins I play roughly 6 games per night, I am getting on average 2 messages the next day saying that the person I reported has been banned or “temp banned pending further investigation” That’s an avaerage of 33% of the playerbase that is cheating. I play TPP and FPP

calamonsen That is definitely not 33% of the playerbase… All it says is 2 players every 6 games with 90-100 players in each. 2cheaters/600players = 0,33%. I also find it questionable that your experience is so widely different from my own.

Luke Hawkins Tell yourself whatever you want champ. If you don’t encounter players with aimbots or recoil hacks your either ignorant or too much of a noob to notice.

calamonsen I think you are the noob and unaware that you are unskilled (Dunning-Kruger). If I were to kill you in-game you would probably report me even though i have never cheated. It’s easier to cry cheating than acknowledge that other players have superior aim and recoil control.

🃏 RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers are now in maintenance which is expected to last 5 hours. We’ve included some minor changes which will require a client update once maintenance is complete.…

Teddy “some minor changes”

DredgeGuy How about fixing up the oceania servers – do they even exist anymore?

Skidar Yeah, maintenance for that.

Frank Scroll PUBGeed

AreYouKittenMe Third person in EU.. why dont you have debug statistics turned on?

garythemetrosexualfruitcake Git gud lol

fatoh This has been happening way too much

Ian Pritchett Lol oh no, not for that

Fran Eso me ha pasado a mi 800 veces y no veas como jode loco, que asco.

no average potato Really? That would be awesome!

JProps Don’t worrie the new joker 🃏 skin for ya character will fix that……………….

Skidar XDDDDDDD For only 12 dollars.

JProps Fuck that

baha murar u should delete this game like i did when this shit happens to me 760707070700 times

mauricio murillo still a trash. i get cover and die after do this. trash pubg, they dont fix nothing. only download more gb for nothing. sorry my native language is spanish

Skidar No te preocupes Mauricio, el mio también jajajaja

Cole Prather loooool

Jay 🌷 would love to see your ping in this, desync? maybe a little. Getting put onto servers that arent our own? happens too often.

Jay 🌷 u slowed it down so it looks a lot worse than it is, ur ping is probs fine with his being 150+. With desync issues makes the game unplayable

MixSar i play with 50 ping and i get the same thing

ThorinOakenpants If his ping was high the other guy would be at the disadvantage. The servers just suck.

Skidar No, I am from Europe and the enemy is from Uk (I think so for his name)

Incoming! Enemy names don’t mean much. With issues in match making your location means little also. what server were you on and what was your ping?

Skidar Europe server. ping 40…

Federico Thats the ping bro

Skidar No Federico, no es el ping. Me estuve disparando previamente contra el en el piso de abajo y subí corriendo para matarlo y me disparo cuando ya estaba a cubierto.

oG Kickback this Happens Only On PC never console lol.

BlackFlag WTF!!

Kevin broooo this shit been happening to me way 2 often….

Kung Fu Kenny Same here. So fucking frustrating.

dan deserved it your in third person

Skidar Is a bad thing play a game mode was in the game?

Josh Wojnowski Just let him play what he likes.

Hamet check this .. better version…

AreYouKittenMe That’s the replay, we all know that what’s shown in replay isn’t acountable. I can show you 5000 kills like that one if I go thru my replays.

Hamet I have some other videos recorded with share (nvidia), where u sit behind cover for 2-3 seconds and still get a hit. Pubg is a great game going down, the worst decision was to go in 1.0 patch. They should go back to early access, where the performance was not great but was fine.

AreYouKittenMe That’s just excessive. Or some lag issue, not desync. I mean, happens to me from time to time, and I’m playing on 20-40 ping, but it goes both ways so… People are complaining too much. Who knows how many people you or I have killed that way?

Hamet That’s true, but I notice like 70% of my games are like this. It’s not only me, my friends got this too. Maybe u r right, complaining about an unfinished game full with bugs. Some are simple and funny, some are just OMG. I love this game and hate it at the same.

Skidar lol… incredible… -.-“

asdf Steam down for 2 hours and now live servers maintenance . Fuck

clipper I’m no white Knight to any game developer but I have to say that this game is the only game that keep me and my going online every night it still really good fun the chicken dinner is anybody’s u just have to remember this game was One price they’re not asking for any more

🍁DanilE🍂 Fix lag, why my fps drops without reason? Only what you rly need to fix are servers and fix that bug when I’m behaind wall he can hit me

GabeN desync will be fix by 5 years LUL

🍁DanilE🍂 And they will become like h1z1

¯_(ツ)_/¯ please fix the time it takes to initialize especially after a match. eats away valuable time

Domdangl do you guys have any idea what you’re doing? Your game barely even works. Unreal….

Pablo Queirolo Same happened to me yesterday, 2 on the water outside the playable zone…

David Allen Why is this always during prime time evening gaming time? It’s really disappointing.

droowz Move to china if you want to keep playing every primetime

Jeffrey Smith Dude , it’s not the prime time in China , which has the largest player base.

Michael ^^ that’s the reason. Not it’s in Korea or some shit, because there are so many of them in China. They would lose much much more money if they do the updates during their prime time. NA complains is nothing compares to them. Just recall the whole region lock issue

Scott Berry…

M This is crazy

ArmyGuyClaude Because it’s a Korean based game and it’s major consumer are Asian? So maintenance time for them will be their downtime.

shrimp 🇨🇳🇰🇷 America isn’t the world, stop acting like you guys would be special.

Wild_Monkey Prime Time ?! It’s 2AM !

Swire For all of North America it is.

Derrick Tyson its 5pm

Kyle Kirchner so when can i play squads without people from asia on N/A servers?

Pinnnnno💩 Please fix Survival rewards, 47 lvl and drop Tinted Biker Shades x3 🤬🤬🤬

Daniel Salazar I hate that you switch off completely for 5 hours on prime time. Every time I have a spare time to play, it’s maintenance.

D WOOD Amen!!

Epøs Absolutely idiotic the way they schedule maintenance…

Jeffrey Smith Dude , it’s not the prime time in China , which has the largest player base.

KptRooibaard_ZA It’s also the time at which the developers in Korea can be at hand to oversee the process and smooth out any potential wrinkles should they occur!

darknetslasher Why the hell don’t they have different servers for different regions?? USA maintenance would mean only the USA servers are down, etc…

Daniel Salazar They could at least make sure dev server is kept alive, but no..

sterrrage Steam doesn’t let you seperate maintaince by region it’s all at once or nothing, Americans can suck it up for the one game in the world that doesn’t cater to them

James Pieters I feel like I know this bozo….

Douglas Ritchey It’s a legit gripe. There is no reason to always fuck one of your largest player bases. But that’s why they continue to lose people.

sterrrage Asia is the largest player base by far, literally not possible on steam to cater for precious Yanks they look after number 1 which is asia. Just deal with it like the rest of the world does in every other game. I can’t get games under 150 ping ever you miss one night boohoo

sterrrage They continue to lose people because the game is a shit show not because they patch once every few weeks.

Justin Blackson It’s Tuesday night every week I don’t understand why everyone gets so butt hurt every week about it it has been like this for the last 6 months, so next Tuesday expect there to be maintenance

Glen Stevens Hey Dougie? How are the ‘Hooked on Phonix’ courses going? Maybe re-read the convo, take that legit gripe bs, and shove it. Stop making excuses for ingnorance, we arent numbawun! Understand?

GetPoopedOnHomie I still don’t get how people ask this question? It’s been two years…

Jeffrey Smith Yes , nice idea , but they won’t do it , sad.

B4DSEED Because NA is 7% of their player base and they aren’t going to stay up all night for a region made up of people who bitch them out on twitter lol

Daniel Salazar Don’t care one tiny bit. I don’t want to play in Chinese servers.

Jeffrey Smith They care only about the Chinese players , that’s what I am trying to say. They don’t care about other regions.

Doge Chen +1

Graeme Smith Everytime!!

Pinoy Game Store We’re waiting…

Pablo Queirolo Sanhok layout? Did you buy the game yesterday? Sanhok is 4×4 of which only 3×3 is mainland. Dihor is 8×8 of which only 6×6 is mainland. That’s the first difference. Second, how in your brain do you compare Sanhok which has 3 islands with this that has just 2?

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers are now in maintenance which is expected to last 5 hours. We’ve included some minor changes which will require a client update once maintenance is complete.…

Clayton Licciardello👽🛩

Josh Conner Why do u do maintenance at 7:30pm?! Like why not 7:30 am eastern most people just now getting home from work… bunch of cans

Michael I hate to say this. There are much more Asian players than NA. Just recall how many Chinese have you met before ping lock in NA servers. And my friend told me they have like a “Network Accelerator/Ping reducer” app in China which will let you get into other servers with low ping.

cat24max | Tim Because it’s nighttime in Europe and Asia…

Jake Because they are based in Korea? seems like a tough concept for some of you.

calamonsen It’s allways 7:30pm somewhere.

Edwin López “Minor changes” = 9 GB update

#ChappalChorPakistan Yes that’s minor

Boineitor Next tweet: PC Players: We apologize for the extended maintenance period today.

Nate Feelsbadman

Alex Florez

Nakata haha so true.

tangotv We have encountered unforeseen issues. We apologize for the in convenience.

Travis Guess y’all just forget about the x box version

Tim Alander You thinking they care about Xbox when they clearly don’t care about their money making PC? No chance. Abandonware

Bill ❁ switched to fortnite. your game sucks 🤮

DangerDad I’m sure there won’t be any unexpected issues that cause the maintenance to extend an hour or two.

Boineitor Next tweet: PC Players: We apologize for the extended maintenance period today.

Thaqif Yusri RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Live servers are now in maintenance which is expected to last 5 hours. We’ve included some minor changes which will require a client update once maintenance is complete.…

PQZ’ Fix: Matchmaking. Desync. Exiting plane in random direction. Zones that are >60% water. Floating guns showing your path. Tradeups. Laggy menu. Drops out the map!

CubanMafia if you like to get fix all of that send a ticket

XH-R61337 Also : Turning around when using healing items, Bluezone is still too much, Items are not loading when you’re landed, sometimes I have a weapon in my hand but I’m holding air and I cant shoot I have to change slots of weapons, non registered bullets doesnt even make sound.

droowz Complaining so much about bluezone just move into safe zone you camper loot goblin

Eduardo ‘ed’ Dendena please, post a “added bug notes” to the maintenance

Larifaks Who cares!

Can I Get An Every change has been minor in this game.


unknown Fuck 5h to add 2 skins

jahart1 Why is there a patch every week? Is the game really that broken?

Antonio Margareti Fuuucckkkk offffff

Chris Johnston Yes. But a f***ed up Civic is in better condition than this game.

azzman1000 Any chance this time around the ping will be addressed on OC servers ? No ? Yeah didn’t think so, pathetic really

KelseyyMarie If somehow you received the BP compensation twice, they took back 20,000 of it.

Swan Good good hahaha this is what I wanted

Keith Evans 11/6/2018 – 621PM CST

Randy Chavez What is this maintenance nonsense? What is really being done on a weekly basis that this is necessary? I have many games in my library that NEVER had to shut down for “maintenance.”

Josines 🇪🇸 Hello the best game!!! Look this video!!!! Is the best player!!!

Daniel On the xbox there what fpp duo on the european servers will be back soon?

Kough because y’all all I have left in this video game world

Cristian López Wtffff usselessss

Jennifer Mine is brown too. Have no idea why. ?

Hitokiri_Ace This is getting way out of hand. If you can’t handle it yourselves, get some help.

Gary Stock Ahhhh the servers are down already sweet……

rrhoto504 Other than that your game is great. For the record

rrhoto504 I literally mad a twitter account just for this. You guys need to get your crap together. Do the maintenance in the middle of the night, NOT when everyone gets off of work. This is getting ridiculous.

ZeroCool187 Why are servers down 45m early?

Nw_Okie are test servers going to be up?

Meowstarstar 5HOURS!!! FOR WHAT? Shit they better be adding the snow map if its going to take that long. Shit is getting ridiculous!

Steel Fay2o

Sgt_gh0st Always on Point ^_^ Syncing with Steam reboots?

Jason Michael Ward At least accomplish something by wasting both of our customers time or. at least make me do some work each week that isn’t of the copy pasta bs chinese process on event hook deals you can easily end that which would just help me because UEFI hooks are my thing and they work.

Jason Michael Ward Every little 26.4mb update is strictly offset updates for those stupid cheats which. any real one will auto update. I am a network sysadmin and if you are going to try to sit here and tell me you have fixed your backend of nightmares or are even close to doing…

Jason Michael Ward Anything besides AC updates that you know are just as pointless as well. Us cheat devs. You cant HW ban people. Your playerbase plays at LAN cafes lol yet how long have we heard that threat? Oh. Yet you actually do and. You trouble someone to run a program to enumerate whatever.

Jason Michael Ward 5% of the updating is actual game updates, 75% AC shit. 20% backend maintenance which yes, IS REQUIRED for shit like this but. NO NOT THIS OFTEN LOL.

NoSuppressorGaming I tagged some verified PUBG Twitter accounts. I’ve come across cheaters too, being able to shoot through walls 😪

LeeBo1Kinobe Things no one should give a single F about: BP, skins, new map… The ONLY thing we care about is making the desync smaller.

Jason Michael Ward Please stop. Im a cheat dev for any unreal game and we both know this game is dying. If im going to EOL on a cheat that. MEANS THE GAME IS FUCKING DEAD LOL. and yes. pubg is in EOL and has one detection on update 14. it still works. on any server. test. non test. auto updates.

Jason Michael Ward If you’re a dev reading this you should literally feel bad that your company that YOU work for has a release candidates that are this shit. it just says a lot about you and who you’re willing to work for and why you do that work which ends up being the exact quality you put in.

Surendhar Pubg Mobile need Tamil language as an option to language matching with Tamil language speaking players.

Supreme Kai Erīto not sure you guys are aware but these metal shelves don’t have player collision (bullets still git them). Idk if they are used outside Training but thought i’d report it. LOOK AT ME IM THE SHELF NOW

demetrius guimarães you are a joke

bvbole Hi, recently 20K Battlepoints got distracted from my account. I know it was because I got the 20k bonus twice. But that is not my fault…

Alex. yeah dude pubg best game ever, but may be you dont know how to detect a hacker or simply you dont care that, and thats ok

.,;’BACKBONE’;,. i am gitting huge jitter through ohio servers in us ?? why

Zaphod Beeblebrox That’s It. I’m done with this game. Every chance I get to play it, it goes in to maintenance.

Captain Poridge Yeah whoops lol it might be RB I don’t really use it to be honest

William Poirier-Picker How much time I need to play on on pc before you fix you game on pc ? its take so much time its been more than 4 mouth but know its the first time I am complaining 👌 I pay for it god

D T Will PC leaderboards be reset this evening?

RobstaRGaminG.TV Any squads need a 4th? I have over 1k hours play time. TPP or FPP is fine. Looking to play most nights in a squad/clan with mics that can speak English/Good english. DM me for steam profile. See you on PUBG!

Shawn Murray is the best game ever imo but there are hackers. after a 1000 hours and several seasons of stats ive seen my fare share of hackers. only the other night i found my first teamers and the guy didnt get banned. of course

Fudge I just wanna be able to scrim with more than 30 fps. I can get over desync if I have too

Shawn Murray i have 1000 hours and he is right. gets shittier every week. some weeks are better than others and I dont remember a 2 update week ever. but join times are slow as hell. when they dont have half the players they had when it was fast as hell geting into one.

Alex. November 1,… in november 2 thay had an issue with excessive queue times and then this 5 hours maintenance, that is 2 maintenances in a week. I really like this game, one of the best, but more than a disstraction or a fun, i finish stressed

Jack Russo Totally agree with you man

Big Ace we want beards! Beard skins in November should be happening time now!

Jody Macauley Will this maintenance fix desync issues?

ItzScience Yeah, no.

dpxmikey When can we expect to see custom servers on Xbox?

Snow #VirtueRC never

Fabian Ramirez can you fo server maintenance at night instead of prime gaming time. I don’t even play game anymore bc its always down when I can play. You’re losing players.

lamjsn Thanks for fucking up a great game, I’m in Aus and the game is unplayable with a 230+ ping. Uninstalled.

YouHateThisGame so this is just the routine maintenance?not the one that we will have for the patch that is on the test server? 😀 ooookeeey then xD

RICH GINGER BEN will you guys be working on a fix for the newly released hack?

ZeroCool187 Comes with 8hr maint. And mad bugs I’m guessing. 1600hrs I’ve played but I’m growing weary.

ZeroCool187 Total bs 5 hr maint. Started an hour earlier than normal. I’m already tired of getting shot before I see the enemy shoot. Now this weekly bs 1600hr player.

Billy Goat Please quit doing this during NA prime time

ZEODE Gaming Because the world revolves around the USA right? Idiot.

CJGagne Can’t you leave the test servers up while updating regular servers then update the test servers after or vise versa. Come on guys techies are smarter than downing all the servers at once…CJ If you need help email me I can help you make PUBG better 🤓

MeLoveAnn- (火影) Yeah its dope map, but i woldnt like to be same layout like sanhok. I want different feel tho

Rajnish singh i need conquer plzz help me

John Louro Question: Is server maintenance going to be once or sometimes twice a week for the life of this game?

Mayke Gomes Hello good day. I got the Xbox one’s PUBG in game preview, however after the official release, all players received the playerunknown’s overcoat, however I did not receive. I would like to request your attention and that my account could be reviewed so that I may be

PUBG Help Hi Mayke. Playerunknown’s set was a reward given to players during a time limited login Event. All players who have logged in during Event have received the reward. -S

Mayke Gomes receiving the reward just like everyone else. Thank you very much in advance.

Awatts07 I love this game but this maintenance shit once or more a week for 5 hours plus is ridiculous. Once a month ppl, get your act together.

Doc Bland Is there something wrong with scoring for match results. See attached screen shots. The first two are mine, the next two are my friends that also uses my device. We’ve had no notifications about this. Thanking you in advance for your help. Diamond to Bronze

Doc Bland Platinum to Bronze.

Ricardo Wallace Go fuck youself BlowHole. Your devs are fucking shit and so is your entire company. I’m laughing as your game dies more and more every month because you’re pieces of shit and money hungry.

ian thives AGAIN???? RIDICULOUS. Hope you loose all your players. Well, you´re already loosing. Go BLACKOUT!

Antonio Margareti are you scumbags going to fix the massive FPS drops? Where my GPU drops to 20% usage for a second? It’s your game, not my machine

Gagan Juinnanta After 12 min gameplay I’ve been kicked from the server with this error, I reinstall game, battleye, this can’t help me. already did step 14 (perform clean instal)from this site… nothin change Help fix

Amazigh Al Raújo hi, i changed my configs to lean on my mouse´s side buttons, but that blocks my gunshots when in ADS Can you help me?

Ângelo Lorensi which time it is for brazil

Reinaldo Mítica Jr Digita 4:30PM PST no google que aparece

matias constancio 22.30

matias constancio -2 gmt

Keven G It’s cool, I’ve moved on to Black Ops 4 😂

sg 100%

Keven G It’s pretty great (at least on PS4). Games are quicker, more fun, and almost every point of the map is accessible from each drop route. The only problem I’ve had is picking up items is tough, and swapping accessories to a new gun is tedious

The Andy Scrolls IV: Depresión how is it??

Asuna hello, I would like to know when you go corrected the problem of BP because I am -9000?

BeerSultan Deploying all new upgraded servers? Only way to justify this…

SteelyPanda It’s cause you claimed the BP multiple times. So when they reversed the issue and removed the BP it put you into the negative.

Josh Wojnowski Wow that’s lame. Can’t even throw us a bone.

Grizz Anyone know if test servers be live?

Jason Michael Ward test will stay up but dont think cheats wont/dont work there too lol.

Perks What’s the Grizz playing tonight instead?

Justin Larkey Likely not. No patch to test

Grizz Major bummer

xPlex @ TwitchCon Dear With the last Season pass i have changed my name into my Twitchname.. which i unfortunaly have changed in the past month . So this looks very bad on my side and there is actually no way to change it again. Will be we have a chance soon or is there another way?

KaylaPaige Hold on…. your glitched compensation for everyone dealing with the issues your is having gave me a reward twice. So me thinking “ehh must be broken” spend the 20,000 bp on something. Now I’m negative 19,155 bp…. what do you gain from that? This game is legit going to die.

Ian Monroe we can’t get matchmaking to work on duos without Sanhok on xbox

DP No u haven’t!!!

Swan still negative bp and I don’t know why?!?!?!


Sudzy That’s crazy

Checkout current Pubg server down

Fahad Al-Otaibi Hello when you will update App for IPhone XR?

harpreet singh the public matches should be like esports mode. no red zone, slower circle speed, better loot, bullet and grenade explosion penetration on thin material and pls update older maps.

HardWolfWolf So BASICALLY, you’re PUNISHING us for something that YOU did out of mistake??? HOW is that fair? I logged in one day, 20k bonus, few days later another 20k bonus… I wasn’t asked if I wanted it… noooo… but now I am -18k PB down because of your own incompetence?

Kosterjig What does this even mean???

Nin and the EU fix is when?

RogueRaiderGaming geez fixes are working lol cause i cant scroll down to my secondary because it made me switch to a pan instead of the ak witch got me killd gg assholes

TINNAH 🎮🎧 I’m going to leave this this here. Since you guys keep lying to the public about being fixed.

DilligasD Really? Then stop streaming it while pushing a game that’s shit and they don’t fix.

MaDneSs’`★ I am PC player and I have a problem with my username when I kill someone my username is not displayed. it just says “player to kill” and not my nickname. A solution please?

Quantum © is there an issue with duos first person on Xbox? It isn’t available to que for.

Sharuhabeel Reporting since the time of issue, yet no fix on the issue. Enemy Footsteps voice not synchronizing with the headset,meaning if an enemy walks in my right side i am no longer hearing his footsteps from my right side of the headset.

Sharuhabeel Why do i have Negative BP???

smoor Welcome … I want the developers of PUBG MOBILE to add Arabic as I can not read the offers and other tasks thank you

onetapgodv2 season reset?

droowz And will not reply to this tweet in any way shape or form

droowz Yup encountered player who can directly hit person from any far distances using ARs but can’t hit with snipers

GetPoopedOnHomie Dude it’s insane Ever since this new season I’ve come across more cheaters than I have in a year and a half prior

Juan Manuel Sorroche negative 18k why??????

JokerPunch Do you only have support for PCs and consoles? Do not have support or assistance for mobile devices?

Cris idk if its an all around issue but lately on xbox matches have been starting with 40-60 instead of 90+ people

B I don’t have any patience left for you clowns. BLACK OUT

Jack McAuslin my PC game continuously crashes after 10 min. nothing else crashes except PUBG. What is the fix??

Ravneet This is how PUBG’s customer service works.

bigrudy I’ve lost 3 of my last 4 games to obvious cheaters. what’s with the re-emergence? Why do I randomly now have -34,070 BP…..why do I owe you guys BP? Wtf i’m not THAT bad

Swan I still have negative bp?!?!?!

F U L dear Paba G, why do I owe BP?

kevLah #TWNN afternoon from across the pond, could you do me a favour and get to fix there game to run with ryzen 7 2700x and 3000Mhz RAM without changing the process affinity k thnxs (from all pubg players with ryzen 7 cpus :P)

ixisweat returns LOL Can you guys address this please? I submitted a ticket, and I have nothing to hide. Been streaming it on twitch, check out the highlights on

ixisweat returns Update: received this halfhearted response from my help ticket. So the message seems to be, “Report anyone that does better than you.” Good stuff. GGWP and all that jazz

WSGe 7owers 3 crashes in a row, nice fix pubg you’ve made

Twitch_Skeptik Dudes – why have you taken approx 20k BP from my ingame cash – I know it’s basically useless, but hey, that was mine – screenshot attached. Note that I am in MINUS credit, less than zero BP. Answers please!

tywise This is the 2nd time that this is happening me. Please explain to me why I die when I’m behind a Wall And this guy is behind cover the Just like me

matt currently can’t get a game on xbox, litterally just bought the damn thing, any idea of what’s going on. Xbox one X.

konstiyo How? How is this even possible?

shan I am unable to login through facebook or guest mode, even can’t get help from help section. it shows some error

Mortify glitch or false advertising?

Hamet Do something about the ping and laggs … i am being hit behind walls and objects after 4-5 sec, .. even i am completey not on his screen , and there are more examples ..…

🎍BLAZE🎍 What drugs does pub g have ?

ObiwanShinobi good to know you guys immediately review reports after they’ve been sent, love you guys.

Patrik Dvořáček Hi i have BP – 13 828 how to fix them.

Shadowsong so, you fuck up with a bug and somehow it’s the players fault lmao

Isaiah Gammon uhh, why do I have -17900 bp? I can’t do anything with it.

Matt Page I can’t even load to the main menu. It’s just stuck in the loading screen with the circle spinning. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Still no luck. What’s the deal???

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 hey… I competed every kill in Platinum tier duo classic match required for Weapon Master title… But haven’t got the title… What’s wrong? Can you tell me or help me.

aquastream hey do you guys have na west servers because I only get na east servers/europe/south america?

Tictacmint Could you not?

Barry Coull are we going to get another event pass on the Xbox anytime soon?

Alan – Rel3eL help please

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 Tell me what’s wrong with pubg mobile.

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 Same here bro

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 I don’t know what to do.

Peskie / Moop , when you give some one compensation twice its your error not mine so then making my account MINUS is a second error sent in a ticket cause this is shocking

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 Same here bro. Tell me what to do.

Kumar Shanu🐦💙 Same here bro… Tell me what to do

Rick Morty Hey, sorry I just now saw this. I fixed it somehow, but can’t remember how I did it. I think I had to delete the game, and use a program to remove any files left over by it in the registry and just in general to fix it. Thank you for the reply though.

iZ uka Quick match = sanhok its bullshit.

Zack Batch Am I the only one not getting credit for challenges?

S M So essensioally what you’re saying is that you screwed upp and then you gave us a bonus. But now you screwed up with the bonus and therefor screwing us up more. How F.ed up…

Shivang Pangotra…

Stef Hey! I got an issue with my merit in pubg mobile. Im playing solos but it doesn’t increase at all. Any solution?

K No fk u pubg scrub

Stef Here lies a fanatic fanboi

mattggg are SA Servers offline?

Mathew Perri when is the best stats reset on pc?

Pedro AB Silva part3 100€ in your crates and skins, just saying, focus on fixing the game instead of removing the BP’s lol.

Pedro AB Silva so i have -52k BP’s, we all know the reason, but lets see if makes sense, you guys don’t give anything to the players, beanie ? and 20k ? for the game that is broken ? pls try more, the money all the people waste in the crates, while the game is so broken part1

Pedro AB Silva part2 you guys instead of removing the BP’S from the people who exploited the bug your game, you guys should instead be worried about fixing the god damn game, no lets focus on this guys who exploited the BP’s bug sure, but i bet all the people who did have wasted more than

Pedro AB Silva part3 100€ in your crates and skins, just saying, focus on fixing the game instead of removing the BP’s lol.

Glenn Cutliffe for some reason i have -37,735 bp any reason why? Not mad just thought it was funny

Glenn Cutliffe I also have a pic of the bp if you would like to see it

Glenn Cutliffe Its weird

Stonn’ Hello, my friend connected to PUBG today and his BP are negative (-9,065) would there be a solution so that he can find his BP ?

Strix what’s wrong with servers.

Strix For NA

Patrick Williams Got this problem on Xbox one,que was 5 minutes so I cancelled matchmaking. Still doing it

MrMarbleaids joke game how is it my prones blocked in the grass??? your games worde than fortnite and fortnite SUCKS TO ME

Victoria , my last tweet, I quit playing until you stop wasting my time with those issues in each and every match I play. If someone in your programmers team fucked up , fire him. Or even better make him work on his own mistakes, RIGHT NOW!

Victoria Let us know when pubg is fixed so we can return on playing. I didn’t bitch about Dsync, cuz I tought you’re working on it… but this is insane already.

Sir Chief lost my account, what can i do to retrieve it?

Frixes why tho

Victoria Hi , it’s me again, with another issue that annoy me for a looong time. Should I have some kind of feature in pubg to make me fly? Or how the fuck am I supposted to loot ? It’s annoying, do something. Thank you for your support 😋

Zeck Manlapaz i got 20k bp detuct? i didn’t bought anything.

Indra Good day sir. I have an issue about my BP going to -250. Can you give me some explanation?

Yudha Andrian P. bcs u nub, thats it

Indra LMAO, u also have -19000

Yudha Andrian P. 🙁

LaziestPlayer 888k Peak player new record

David Vogler Why oh why do I get Sanhok 25 times in a row in Quick Play and Erangel maybe twice, and Miramar maybe 1 in 30 tries??? I Dont Want To Play Sanhok!

Sourabh Jawandha PUBG HD Was Running Smoothly In My Redmi Note 5 Pro , R Days Before But After That I Uninstalled It And Download It Again , Now HD Feature Is Not Working ! Fix It ASAP !!

Noel Dylan Hello I was using Octopus App for Android ( Keyboard and joystick setting app) and now I’m banned ! I didnt do anything bad, what I have To do To re open ou account . Thank you

Jin0t Is there an common or known bug that makes the game reset all your settings when you start up the game everytime? It saves some of my keybinds but all my sens settings are set to default. Like healing keybinds get reset but not autorun etc..

ZΞΤRΔツ I had same problem, Its because your language on your keyboard is not supported by pubg. So you need to lock your user ini settings after you added all your keybinds.

Jin0t So like.. My settings are getting messed up just because ive got norwegian keyboard..??? Not using any wierd buttons other than | (above tab beside 1)

ZΞΤRΔツ Yeah, same problem as me. Some keys are not approved in the ini config file. So it reset everything if you add that key, but if you put the user setting file to “read-only” it wont change back.

Dontzi yes, its because of | i had same issue and stopped using the | i tried the locking the user settings file, but did not help.

◢SHROOD◤ PUBG please Fix the FPS Drop

MoSa Why are players from Georgia automatically matched to Russian or Asian servers? We played on EU servers and had ping 50-70, now we have 100+ in every match with some packet loss %.

RePolaGa You have to be the worst customer support company I have ever seen. How can you have an entire section of the world be forced to play with 200+ ping. Try using some of the millions of dollars you have and fix OCE servers

Nat Thulke I still have an issue with high ping from AU, dont appear to be getting into OC games. Using other Ping PUBG sites it shows pings of less than 20 and other games are pinning 20s to AU servers so dont think its me. Any Ideas of something I can check from my end?

Darrel Nicolaye Got the set but didn’t get the shoes displayed in the photo? 🤨

tesy Why does it feel like your game is so much more broken than ever and when it does work, its still riddled with Chinese hackers. This is my final visit and message to your twitter page. Bon Voyage! Enjoy being a stain to the most juvenile games that exist.

Jesse Selinger Can you guys track the kill count on each player in the lobby and put the top 3 player names on the top left right screen like you guys do to event mode? I think it would be fun too see who got the most kills during the game.

M3sterPvP my game crash everytyme when i launch game 🙁 help me plz

Dwayne Carroll I’m in OC why am i getting AS game instead of SEA

kevLah #TWNN Honestly its good to know that i spent well over £600 for new PC parts and cant play your game, Its apparently been a known issue your end for months with Ryzen 7 CPU’s! So may i ask when is this going to be fixed? and before you ask yes a ticket has been submitted

Renz Abad wtf negative money

Batu hey ! Can u help me guys ? I m reinstalled the game twice and twice time confirm file integrity. But i get still same error.

lackluster Fix this

Shepherd Waduhek

Gagandeep Singh Damn

Sulim Hi there, my PUBG Mobile Merit is deducted without doing any misconduct. the system took me killing teammates 3 time without me doing it at all. I reached out to CS support, email, but no resolution. Very frustrating indeed. HELP!

Stacie Taylor Do not waste your money. I’m putting all my recorded issues that weren’t addressed and I’m going public with it to the max. I have hired an attorney to help me with this and possibly a law suit against the company. This game will cause stress, anxiety and the loss of fun.

Stacie Taylor Lag lag lag lag issues omg do y’all really have a degree in programming or just a bunch of want to be’s making games.

Stacie Taylor To those researching the thought of buying pubg, beware. Too many bugs and cheaters, lagging, plus this company allows scuffs and modded controllers and they do not address reported issues of team killers, harassment. Their customer service is terrible. No live agents.

sultan hello i get ban by download unofficial app because download from app store should connect with wifi ,, can be unbanned?

Stacie Taylor Please fix the game before adding new stuff because it causes the lag to worsen. Or refund me my money

Stacie Taylor Guns should be on auto first with the option to change to single or first not the other way around

Mayke Gomes Hello good day. I got the Xbox one’s PUBG in game preview, however after the official release, all players received the playerunknown’s overcoat, however I did not receive. I would like to request your attention and that my account

Mayke Gomes could be reviewed so that I may be receiving the reward just like everyone else. Thank you very much in advance. My gametag BR0TR3RSKILLERS

Tim the OCE population has completely abandoned your game due to the lack of support we have had over the past 6 months. What are you going to do to bring back the player base of for OCE? we need answers.

Alex. Ey you need to hire Fortnite’s developers to fix all your sh*t. Greetings.

sujjanraj Y do I have -ve BP? 😶

Hixeta Phoenix would buying an elite pass help me get rid of the hacker’s server ? I am gonna buy one next season and continue if the promise is kept. I am fed up of playing alongside hackers. ID Rice VS

Nicholas Ruddy Really PUBG…..WHAT IS THIS!!! 😨

Stacie Taylor Plus you’ve nerfed the loot in the big maps so badly you can go through 25 houses and still just find a pistol or only a shot gun not to mention backpacks, vest, helmets or attachments. It’s stupid

Stacie Taylor Your game is still broken and the lag is worse. Plus when we report people you do nothing. I got killed by a teammate for my loot and nothing was done even though I recorded it. Thanks for making the game fun, not!

Abhinav singh why octopus users ban from pubg ..?

Logan Williams That’s not true. I’m having trouble right now.

Shawn W Any issues popping up with xbox one? My group is having a helluva time connecting to a game.

Sagar Hi pub g team i am not able to look free in emulator while walking or running please help. Thank you

Mike Wolfgram pubg is terrible…good job

#EMT 🗣 I have been exposed to my account in Twitter to steal and was entered by the game and when I recovered the account and found the game has blocked the account ten years with the knowledge did not commit any error please help. Sent by e-mail and no reply

#EMT 🗣 Can you help me

CalSharkBait Put me at negative BP for an error on your end? What is this? I would understand if you put me at zero points but negative? This isn’t something you want to do if you want people continue to play your game.

Podx12 We need a response on OCE since Update I have not played a single game on <250ms ping. Just give us something rather than treating us like trash and keeping us on the hook. Happy to support a game I can play but after a week of this I don’t think I can last much longer.

WiiDEVil Dear Please can you add this circle back to the game, and some other crazy random 1’s, for the non esport players its a lot of laughs. We know you patched this 1 afterwards so kinda gutted we told you 😛…


bukan do

☕JakeCub☕ Why do I have negative BP

Shaun So you are quick to get on the message board about you guys fixing the NA. Why not get on the message boards and let us know when you non competent personnel fixing the OCE? Stop Selling Us Crap and fix the damn servers. We are sick and tired of you not doing anything!!!

Fauzan Dwi Saputra why do halloween items disappear from my inventory

Daniel A Harding I had 30k bp and now have -9k?!?

DW4LyF What do I do when I got an item from the Survival Crate, but never received it? I got the white helmet, but never got it in my inventory.

Cuddles🦕 Look at my awesome backpack!!

LoneStar Digital It’s hella scary🎃

Cuddles🦕 And hella cute 😊

GetPoopedOnHomie how are you only going to give him a temp ban? he is blatently aimbotting…

Nicolas Why i got this

Nicolas i meen the -18000 BP

PREM RASTOGI Actually I know what happened there.The example of Pubg- What Google play thinks the update size is-580 mb, But how much it downloads is 1.44 gb(the actual size of the game) I kept it and it downloaded till 1.44gb and it showed update successful..

Rafiqul Amri | can u help me fix this problem bruh?

bigchey2288 are you going to fix the latency

Sonsy will grey character model every get fixed for xbox one s

Chris Olmstead bring world chat to Xbox!😎

Dwayne Carroll Why has nothing been done to OC severs yet at this rate you may as well delete them because all your doing is killing your game in the OC region and making a bad name for yourself because it feel like you not even trying

HarumiSumi How does BP stay negative in pubg?

Lonu Gastar mais do que tem da nisso 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎉

HarumiSumi Eu não gastei nada!! 😡

Alex Chavez Lol only took a year

Gustavo Zirbes thanks guys! Now I’m with -17.000 BP. Awesome how you deal with YOUR issues. This is what we get for playing this game for over 700 hours, support the streamers, buy crates and etc.

STEEDA please explain why a person has double health when you are dbno? Makes no sense that you have more health downed versus alive.

nate214083 why do I have negative bp nate214083

fauxhawkman I keep crashing and go to validate in steam . One file in game reacquired . Re-install and keeps crashing.

[A1] Jarrod the destroyer of noobs. OCE there are no issues. Probably because there aren’t any servers.

Srilo How is possible after 25min of game, 17 still alive, you decide to do a remake when you already have 30 minutes late (Groupe H Round 2 )?

Vipes on Xbox Could you guys please for the love of this GAME do a hot fix today for the movement system and revert it back to the way it was….. PLEASE… so annoying strafing all the time.

L the skin Tradeup system still not working?


Dan. can I get the heat seeking bullets pls

DredgeGuy Please consider: although I’m trying to learn chinese, I don’t speak Korean, Thai, Malay or Japanese – all of whom I have to play team games with, being in Australia. Please, do something about Oceania servers so that we can stream fun interaction.

keep chiefin You. should. add. more. periods. to. your. tweet. it’ll. help. make. Your. point. more.


Amy 🇪🇺🇬🇧 I’ve also got this issue, just random black screen flicks up every few minutes

McLovin I fixed mine my hdmi was not plug into my xbox completely

PC GoneMAD I Just Can’t Get To Grips With Am I just too used to ?! Help. Love. Support needed! 😛

Brother Run this dude is an absolute idiot, clearly he is too dumb to realize what actually happened

LGHungLo Haven’t played your game in months…. over it

Brother Run that’s the point, “small” aka virtually no smoke and when you toss underhanded, they don’t roll. it went under the map is where it went

Xanxus I can’t connect to any map, it gets stuck in loading screen. It happened 3x this week and I always fixed it by deleting my config and verifying the integrity of game files, but a permanent fix would be nice.

En dos ruedas Hey, Support. Care to check this out? How in the hell did he knew I was there?…

arif Sr. Please Help my Sir, my Facebook ID does not know how blocked please help Email id ◆◆◆ ◆◆◆ Sir.If there is a mistake, please tell us, please do not miss this mistake Thank you Sir,

sultan I paid $ 99.99 and the money has not come to me yet

Howard Chen This game is dead. Trash

TheDunkleman Any updates on NA custom games not working?

MoSa Why are players from Georgia automatically matched to Russian or Asian servers? We played on EU servers and had ping 50-70, now we have 100+ in every match with some packet loss %.

Jesse Hernandez Why does this game always have problems?

Rod Pinguim Tusk WTF you someone stole 15.000 bp from my account and now im in debt!

June 🇲🇽 No need to investigate. Simply put that the player base has dropped.

Jack Kevorkian A lot of my friends have now uninstalled due to server issues. In other news I had my first Blackout victory last night 💪

Kyle I’m trying to play on Xbox and I get a blank screen with no character and can’t change the royale modes nor can I ready up at any point… help?

Kyle and this is popping up a lot.

Matt O’Connor (Mattress757) why can I point blank someone with no helmet in the face with an S12K and only do 50% damage, and get one shot myself with level 2 gear with a body shot? please explain.

HiuriMendes Hi, just logged im my account and happened this my bps are negative!!!

PQZ’ Hello, when you fix the desync?

LaziestPlayer how about fixpubg?

Sohil Ahmed I had it once with only one player on the plane and i was able to look the crate while in air… And as soon as i jumped on the land game was ended with “you died in last round/match/game”…

A1RM4X 1 Bullet, 2 Kills !?! Is it even possible in PUBG? Maybe you have the answer…

Alex Let make sever choice back, what was the reason to make this !!! ??? Make same as map selection – manual or automatic or we need other 5 patches ???

Sepp Sep Hello Bluehole. Care to explain why you are punishing players for the mistakes you made? Taking away the 20k extra BP when it was MANDATORY to accept the BP to be able to play the game at all?!

Koroku fix this fucking game… Hackers… You shoot point blank and all your bullets miss… You aim at someone 5 feet away with a slr hit them in the head and they turn around and 2 tap you… FIX YOUR FUCKING GAME

Assfeu Hello It was to know why I had lost everything my bp and that I have in negative. cordially

Slows I find this very strange but you’re in a pubg video I just posted yesterday.… The clip is at 2:52. It was just odd I saw you on twitter I had to say something.

إيمان آل قطر🇶🇦 i wish if you activate the arabic keyboard in he game to make easier communications with the team

scott So recently I was given 20000BP and I started spending it happily. Then today I log in to find it been taken away from me and I now have -5614BP. Not cool.

The_Sensei I didn’t realize this was a thing until your tweet. Wild

DA hi! I can’t loin in my account coz my twitter suspended for inactivity(i use it only for pubg login) and twitter support say they will not un suspend my account how can i logon in pubg snother way?

stujeffery why is the event mode on Xbox only if first person mode? First person mode sucks ass!