Shaun Smallwood I’ve been getting dropped from servers a lot lately, message says “Network Lag Detected”. Won’t reconnect when prompted either. My network/internet is solid, so it’s likely on the server side.

Chryssi(Hazel)B. PLEASE FIX. I PAID MY MONEY AND THE GAME TOOK IT BUT DIDN’T GIVE ME MY COSTUME I paid for the clown costume but for some reason only the pants are in my stuff.

Lee 🙃desync out of the world

Kanyon Salyer seems like yall just dont care

Checkout Pubg server status on 2018-10-29

Jay Fortier Keep getting server wide Network lags into straight timeout.

Juice Box you know which game you should play?

Jay Fortier Call of Duty

Juice Box no

ItsCHIEF M8 Soooo I guess I just can’t play PUBG anymore??? Why haven’t I had any reply??

Daniel P. B. what’s the matter?

ItsCHIEF M8 Pubg won’t load past the title screen after pressing A it comes up with a black reconnect screen. Tried everything. Hard resets, uninstall reinstall, moved from Hdd to internal, removed GT and logged in again. Its happening on both my xb1x and xb1. Nat is open. All other games ok

Gregory Reinis Many of my teammates have already gotten that pink Shut Up And Ride tee-shirt (the only decent reward item) by level 30-ish. I’ve gotten like 3 Miramar Jackets, 2-3 copies of the sleeveless tees . . . Wanna throw one of those bad boys into my inventory for me? Thnx.

Just A Pair Same

nctrl pc pubg lost packages again. How about fixing the fking game?

• ᕵᗩᘉᓰᑢ • Cant seem to connect to tonight on xbox.

Rick Richardson this keeps happening… what’s the fix? It lets a gust account sign in fine but I can’t use party chat when I do that… this needs fixing!

James I cannot get past a black reconnect screen you’ve known about this bug for months why haven’t you fixed it?

alex mullins I submitted a ticket and never got a responce. My xbox gamertag is JahsehLynFlores for the past two months my games has been saying reconnect over and over and i cant play. Im very upset with this as i havent been able to play a game i own for reasons on your behalf.

Nick Nahko Can I at least get a response? Game won’t connect at all on Xbox and I’ve redownloaded multiple times! Put a lot of time and money into this game I just want to play!

Gerbil I’m trying to play PUBG and everytime I tab or get out of a game. I windows me out and I can’t window back in until like the 5th or 6th try and it usually crashes after that… How do I fix this?

Gerbil It also fucks with so discord pretty hard (I don’t have the overlay on) and the nvidia highlight thing is super delayed.

Bertil Åberg Why the fuck does my region change all the time? Quite annoying…

Kelvin T Ferreira Server SA Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

keshav chouksey i have picked up more than 10 lv 3 bag but i don’t know why it is not showing in mission

Rocky XK New update has ruined the fun of on Heading to the version as my regular grind. Maybe fix this. For now is the regular game on my

Escoz take back so you can select the region!

Jack Slater please for the love of god, stop adding in things we can wait for and just fix the damn game! This game has been out for too long to still be having the issues it has!

Daniel Watts How does this work on the xbox one? “Added the improved Marker/Ping System first introduced for testing on the 8/1 test server update Using (R) button, you can create a marker where you are aiming on the compass at the top of the screen.” Can’t seem to get it to work.

Reborn Exists I’m having the same issue for the past 4-5days.. started when the new update came out :/

Reborn Exists 😪 I guess I may have to uninstall it entirely and be done with it

Creibiss I already uninstalled 2 times and nothing

Dalvin Klein Same 😪

Hemesh Shah okay, why doesn’t game sound work when connected to wireless earphones?

N hi I have some problem to download pubg in my ipad

†he D☬n HEY YOU GUYS should DEF make an EVENT MODE <batte royal on the new training mode map> solo and duos 🔫😼💣

Gregor purchased the game today £25, downloaded it but on launch it cuts out saying to reconnect press A, yet the xbox1 is connected, any help appreciated

Will Reed Is there any update on this? I’m experiencing the same issue.

Mahmoud E.Elhanafi hi pubg support, I have a suggestion for ur game how can i send it to u ?

Cryexe I need help ban me , name is Cryexe , I got stock in a room , ban me and unban me pls

Cryexe Hey I need help my Game stock in a room and I can’t get out any more , I try everything I can , I need u ban me 1 hour and unban me soo I can get out the room.

Siddharth Garg What the hell is it happening!

Twitch_Skeptik why did this happen? Should have been a straight shot to the face. No damage to opposing player. What’s the point of even playing when the hit-reg is non existent ?

Morgan Young Servers have crashed, Can we expect BP? Our whole squad got a message which read Network Lag Detected and had to leave.

joachim plz all player have same problem plz help

Heerah Youvraj When I click on a custom room, it directs me to a black screen, with only fire animation. When I click ESC and click on return to lobby, I see a square written “Back to custom session” when I click on that, it directs me to the same black screen. I can’t play any mode

ItzzRyno hello there were still getting failure to dedicate server and we have a full server, is there any way to fix this

Seregey Baranov Guys, a big request to fix your servers with a connection to the server RU, since I only get thrown at them due to the fact that I live in Ukraine I can’t connect to them, I can do something normal for Ukrainians

Matthew Gresty I linked my twitch prime with PUBG a few days ago but haven’t received any of the twitch prime items, is there anything that could be done about this? Thank you

Riidexx what is this bug?


Rick Richardson I’m playing on Xbox one and it’s keep asking me to reconnect and never actually connects… it tries to connect then goes to a screen saying ‘PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – A Recomnect

Russtastic Voyage that’s Sony’s policy bro 🙁

Maimounah Never Ever bro ?? ):

Russtastic Voyage and the dudes doing the console port work for Microsoft I think…so who knows

Russtastic Voyage it will happen eventually, but Sony released a statement that all games that hit their store must be finished and not early access.

Sinaloa BB 5.0 FIX the fucking Reconect 😡😡

Ashirwad Y I am facing this problem..

Louie “Servers are in maintenance” on test server from last update with Skorpion, PLEASE FIX!

Sgt__Chaos {SC} can’t playing PUBG on One X. Keep getting the screen that says press A to reconnect. Tried unplugging Xbox and uninstalled and reinstalled.

Chris Felosi No ideas on the problem or how to to help you’re not being very helpful

Don Savage Everything in this game causes performance issues

Fidel Cashflow 😂 we love though

Lezaris Customization and store menus are completely broken! When I try to customize it kicks me out to the play screen. In the store I hit back and it purchased the butcher set. I didn’t want it!! What’s going on?!?

Dalvin Klein hello…. does anyone check this page

MeLoveAnn- (火影) still no answer?

Mathijs de Bree Thanks to the latest update, I do not get 30fps with a gtx 1060 and i7 on the lowest settings. whats wrong this time? Before the update I got 110 fps on high settings

Jovan Berry™⚡️ i didnt getmy “Sanhok Survivor “ tshirt on Xbox one. I bought the event pass, completed all sanhok challenges and reached level 30. 😢🤷🏾‍♂️

.. ‘ֆ I want a reason to block my account. ?

Jere “JERPSi” Salmela Unusually high* not unrealistically. 😂

The007Erik cannot connect at the main menu

Arzh I mean youd probably die irl to that?

Aaron Joseph Help…..cant play the best game PUBG MOBILE my device is Honor Holly 3 2Gb RAM and 16Gb ROM. My friend is having J5 prime he is playing PUBG Help…… Please.

RapzGamer Help ME pls

Melle 🌹 yo I get 3 fps in the main menu and in game I get 100, however ingameit stutters so immensely that I can’t play your game anymore

mandazy hello , so im a big fan of you game on pc and i have almost 600+ hours, but after your latest updates i had some issues while in game and when i click on leave match, so sometimes when im playing the game closes and sometimes after i click on leave match my pc crashes

mandazy I re-installed the game , and i even did view intergrity of files , but the problem is still there please help

Sirajmod4u sir plz take action against him. Hack the speed..player profile priyesh2987.

Gaymer Hey i just realized i didn’t receive my rewards (pants/boots/shirt) from the thanksgiving week 4, is there anything that can be done about this? i clearly remember clicking the confirm button then leaving the game maybe that could’ve the reason?

KingKevinz So when you are driving a boat and your pc/game crashes you jump out of the boat at full speed…

shanehepburn Hello just give you update there is no currently no issues. so I recommend you to speak to xbox support Please follow this guideline…

Aaron Joseph Help…..cant play the best game PUBG MOBILE my device is Honor Holly 3 2Gb RAM and 16Gb ROM. My friend is having J5 prime he is playing PUBG Help…… Please.

Aaron Joseph Hi guys I am frustrated that I can’t play the most wanted game PUBG MOBILE on my smartphone any solutions. Its ahowing that your phone is not compatible, my device is Honor Holly 3 it has 2Gb RAM and 16Gb ROM can’t play. My friend is having J5 prime he is playing PUBG Help.

harsha vardhan Reply me..

Gary Brett My friend got stuck in a fruit machine because assets hadn’t loaded in. How can this still happen? Your game has been out ages now and still this sorta shit happens!! Sort it out

Bhavya Doshi i have completed my rp mission of level 3 backpack and its still showing 6 and i get my point please see to it. Hope to get a reply back

Kriticallyyy Kriteek Is the lite just supposed to be a wallpaper in the poor phones or is going to do anything about it? It has been almost 2 months now. I think the people who don’t have powerful phones also deserve to play .

Stormblessed you’re killing the game slowly

Akshat bhandari Hey remove this Id from pubg mobile plz because I want to join this Id to my real pubg mobile account.

Shiekh Eminem Hey as an iPhone user who don’t have access to WiFi and I’m not able to play with my friends would you please learn from and make the updates from store >150 MB and the rest of the update is in game

unkowngamer64 Thx love your work

shanehepburn Hello thanks for letting me know I will try my best and look into it ill keep you updated thanks

[.$.€.£.Ҝ.] Stop adding items to the game. Stop making more maps.. AND FIX THE FUCKING GAME. All matches the same, get shot, find cover and when on the cover, get killed. Like battlefield 4 at launch with the netcode.

Mateo Maître Can you add a PVP place in the trainning mode ???

بث مباريات يوتيوب Hacked games

Mika Lipsanen Can u explain that I can’t see the enemy landing with me but after 5sec the enemy is right next to me but I can’t fucking see him when he land pls fix.

MarquinhosVinicius Try tweeting to

CrAzY_UaE I have a phone and I play the device why was kicked out of playing

José Amilton Júnior My Game does not fit for two days, what’s going on? I have the xbox One S version.

CrAzY_UaE I have a phone and play the device why I can not play

WHITEx1xWOLF hey I been tryna contact you guys for two days now to get help with the reconnect problem I cant get in to ay on xbox one

Archer Well… Another night of NOT playing in OCE after sitting in lobbies and constantly backing out of overseas servers. Until actual acknowledgement and some semblance of effort from team I won’t be opening the game again :shrug: Sad times for OCE 🖖

Dworfy Just play blackout

Progdogg Imagine the community and faceit getting together to help out the OC scene by creating a free platform for 24/7 high tick games and the biggest PUBG discord in OC not getting behind it. A mediocre announcement attempt is lazy as fuck.

Vasili Varipatis ✈ OMEN by HP in 🇹🇭 An announcement saying Cleary that there is a 3rd party service which provides oce servers 24:7 would be a good start. I’m having trouble finding anything scrolling up the announcements channel in pubgoce discord. I would be happy to help out by writing an example announcement <3

Benjamin Hook Assuming this was a reply to me. There’s an announcement about FACEIT’s arrival in OCE and a recent comp which was run. As for going in depth about the pug system, I believe there’s a link to the hub. Again though, it’s no secret. Most people know and it’s discussed daily.

Vasili Varipatis ✈ OMEN by HP in 🇹🇭 even adding a text channel like said with information on how to join etc would be a great help, i can see alot of people talking in your community saying that they cant find games etc, and are sick of SEA.

Benjamin Hook Keep in mind I’m speaking for myself here, but we do already have a text channel set aside for advertising scrim/pug services and we’ve used it before in the past many times. I believe we did it for Hotdrop before that fizzled away. 1/2

Benjamin Hook 2/2 I’ll pass the conversation on to the rest of the team, but end of the day the word is already out about FACEIT. I think you guys are hoping for a massive influx of people who don’t know about it, when I don’t see that happening. Who knows.

Xtreme2g We apprecaite the responses. At the end of the day you guys have a real big reach and a simple announcement in the main announcements channel, a dedicated FaceIt text chat or even a LFT for FaceIt chat would help. I just don’t think this has been promoted properly within OC.

Vasili Varipatis ✈ OMEN by HP in 🇹🇭 regardless, thanks for talking with us appreciate the dialog. <3 lets hope we can get this going 🙂

Vasili Varipatis ✈ OMEN by HP in 🇹🇭 I am happy to meet up in person as well to discuss this and help out !

Vasili Varipatis ✈ OMEN by HP in 🇹🇭 I just feel that if you put an announcement in your biggest announcements section. Something would happen. To be honest all I see there is a rank system and cod4 advertising. But yeah, take it back to the others I would love to continue this conversation more !

Vasili Varipatis ✈ OMEN by HP in 🇹🇭 i feel like if you guys put an announcment in the , and gave a really good description on what the service is how to get it and how to use it, that the would be the most helpful thing for the community. Im happy to work with you the whole way man.

Vasili Varipatis ✈ OMEN by HP in 🇹🇭 Oh true? im having trouble finding it, all i can see is that there is an announcement in event updates saying that faceit is running a 1 day comp. I think what we are all trying to say is that the information is hard to find. You guys have a MAIN ANNOUNCEMENTS channel 1/2

Benjamin Hook Just want to say I’m a bit confused. FACEIT’s existence is no secret. People advertise and talk about it every day on PUBGOCE, and we’ve already made announcements pinging everyone about FACEIT comps. Most of the community know about it. 1/2

kasun But has it been announced by PUBGOCE themselves?

Xtreme2g I couldn’t find an announcement about the FaceIt platform in PUBG OCE discord but im happy to be proved wrong.

Benjamin Hook There’s an announcement about FACEIT’s arrival in OCE and a recent comp which was run. As for going in depth about the pug system, I believe there’s a link to the hub. Again though, it’s no secret. Most people know and it’s discussed daily.

Xtreme2g Also that was just the tournament, the PUG system maybe needs some more advertising.

Xtreme2g I can see the announcement now. Breezed over it. Maybe worth posting it, or something more detailed into ? Might be overkill, though, up to you.

Benjamin Hook That’s it though isn’t it. People breeze over stuff and if you try to compensate by increasing ping spam then they just mute. Sometimes people just discussing stuff through word of mouth is more effective.

Tim Diamond With the state of the game as is – I don’t think anyone will think providing alternative solutions or info to good games is spam..

Xtreme2g Definitely not a fan of spam, I agree. But a proper announcement about a PUG system detailing this as an option while OC queues are screwed, surely not a bad idea.

Benjamin Hook 2/2 What’s being asked for here, like daily pings? An info text channel? End of the day there’s not much more it can really be advertised other than spamming it down people’s throats.

Xtreme2g An info text channel plus an announcement to the entirity of detailing exactly what FaceIt is and how to play would be great. Doing some proper advertising about the platform as a whole now is both good for the current situation while we wait, but the future aswell.

Benjamin Hook 3/2 If all people want is for the word to be out there and an announcement made… That’s happened. There’s no secrecy, no conspiracy. 🤷‍♂️

Vasili Varipatis ✈ OMEN by HP in 🇹🇭 One the numbers have healed, then we can talk about proper solutions going into the future. But sitting here waiting for pubg to fix the problem isn’t the answer. We are a community, let’s act like one. <3

Vasili Varipatis ✈ OMEN by HP in 🇹🇭 Please announce faceit in . You guys have the largest hub of players in the region. Pubgoce was founded to give players a place to play, but there isn’t one atm. And even though this is not the final solution, if nothing is done soon there won’t be any players left to fix

kasun After personally talking with the dev team at pax I realise that they are perfectly aware of their mistakes and failures with PUBG and I assure you they feel completely responsible for this. However, we need to cultivate whatever player base we have left by giving them (1/2)

kasun Boycotting the game will achieve

kasun The means to actually play the game they love to the wider OCE community. To not advertise faceit pigs in PUBGOCE is both ridiculously naive as well as ignorant in the sense that there will not be an actual playerbase left regardless of any long term solutions you think –

kasun The ability to play the game on our local servers. I realise that faceit isn’t a long term fix to this issue but it’s the only way we can realistically maintain our already dwindling playerbase. I understand that you’ve had enough of the game so boycott if U want but give others

lara faceit tho 👌🏻

hastenna Faceit is pretty cool

Untaint3d There’s this great thing called Faceit which is up and running in OCE. If only there was a large discord with a big user base to be told about it who could also join in and enjoy low ping, high tick Oceanic servers and they could spread the word about it

Archer Hey man, Faceit isn’t out of the question, and we never said never. I hope some of my tweets here give some (bad pun?) into our decision making process surrounding this. Playing OCE shouldn’t be hard for average joes jumping in matchmaking 😪

Untaint3d Horrible pun. Never make it again. It’s still a bit confusing seeing the biggest discord with the most members in OCE not helping out a group who want to get some games and servers for the region.

Archer We’ll circle back on the FaceIT side of your comment but I feel like I needed to say that I do not agree, the pun was excellent.

[email protected] if pubgoce can work together to promote faceit we’d get oce back

Jacob just announce faceit in PUBGOCE discord so we can have constant OCE 128tick servers P L E A S E

tigeltoN faceit is great, should announce it on PUBGOCE then we will get constant low ping, high FPS servers :thinking:

Archer do you really think FaceIT is the solution overall taking in all that I’ve said above? I feel like if we just roll over and allow the game developers to force this on us doesn’t set a good precedent for the future of OCE?

Archer What if the next big game that storms the world comes out and just refuses to run OCE servers or lobbies and pushes everyone down a 3rd party path? I feel dirty just thinking about it.

tigeltoN That is literally the exact same path that CS:GO went down, and now we have regular majors and a thriving faceit pro league scene with monthly prizes. PUBG will never give monthly prizes to those who top the leaderboards and grind.

tigeltoN And even if you considered faceit to be a bandaid fix for players to just play the game whilst PUBG fixes their game, there’s no point in not letting players know about it.

Archer I just wish we could make damn sure PUBG very much know about it and are actually fixing it before we go throwing band aids at it.

Archer I thought there was more to this conversation surrounding average players expecting games to work on local servers rather than just prizes for top scorers each season. Shame

Sam Costantini FaceIt isn’t a long term fix but it offers OC players a way to play until the devs finally decide to do something. This could mean more players sticking around instead of quitting like yourself (which is understandable).

Evycide Fails It only offers a certain level of player a way to play. For the majority of us that are comp level player it leaves us with nothing. nada. After a day of nothing but 200+ ping, for the first time in over 2k hours im ready to uninstall. im done.

Archer This is exactly why my post exists. I’m hoping the OCE community can be loud enough for the PUBG Devs to throw us a bone… can you hear us?

Sam Costantini Not everyone will benefit from FaceIt, probably a lot won’t, but some might and there’s no harm in that! I feel you though Evs, I’m fed up too ☹️

Thomas Regan If faceit was advertised to ‘s discord and the players got on board the majority of the player base would no longer be pros. It would still give the chance for some players to match it with comp level players which is what everyone should strive for in a competitive game.

Evycide Fails aren’t comp level*

Archer Call it more of a boycott. We are trying to help the community, as much as some may disagree at the current moment. Hopefully a few of you stand with us and demand some answers for the game we love.

Theo Bennett If you want a boycott, and action, players would be willing to get behind any sort of effort that PUBGOCE makes. Since players represent orgs or TOs, they aren’t in a position to publically speak out against the state of the game, but would support the efforts of someone who did.

Archer I’ll be the pitchfork. Put my head on a stake if that’s what it takes. We tolerated the lack of communication and transparency last time OCE had issues but you are fast losing out on the entire community in our region and we demand more.

tigeltoN That is what I’m trying to say, you just say it better XD

Archer I know a lot of you guys say we have a loud voice and you feel that we should be using it. I’m just trying to say that together our voice should be directed at PUBG Corp for an actual solution. ❤️✌️

Theo Bennett The players in the community pushed for Faceit to be free in OC. They didn’t care about the prizes at the end of the season, they just want to play the game. That passion of just wanting to play means that the players both want PUBG Corp to fix their game, which you aren’t 1/2

Theo Bennett wrong definitely needs fixing, as there is a lot broken, that being the queues and more, but that passion also drives people to confusion as to why PUBGOCE is not advertising a free matchmaking service in the meantime, as they play on servers with 170 ping or worse

Theo Bennett Players don’t want Faceit to be a solution, they want Faceit to be a patch while PUBG Corp fixes their issues. I agree, it does in a way set a bad precedent for other companies effectively subcontracting mm to third parties, but it is also likely that other companies

Theo Bennett Will be more competent at the release of their game. People just want to be able to play the game. Nothing that you have said is incorrect, but players just wanna play

Goreway nah bro cant take players away from pubg oce ReEeEeEeEEeEeE

Archer Discussions surrounding Faceit has never been about taking players away from PUBG OCE man.

Goreway Then why would you not promote the only possible way to play pubg on oce servers? So counter productive

Archer ?? We aren’t not promoting it dude.

tigeltoN That is not in the primary announcements channel, and it is merely announcing the event, not informing players on the existence of another matchmaking queue system.

Archer I’ve given you guys the forum here to actually try and combine our voices to be heard by PUBG Corp. If you guys want to continue blasting FaceIT then there is no combined voice, there is no purpose to any of this. Let’s get back to the problem at heart here and demand answers.

Goreway Sorry 10 days

Goreway Imagine showing a 19 day old post and thinking that’s enough. Hahahah

Archer Your blame is misdirected and I am sorry you feel that way – bludgeoning me won’t get you what you want any sooner mate.

Goreway Lol good attitude to have mate.

luke12 faceit is pretty legit

Archer I really hope you guys can pull a rabbit out of the hat with this one. Glad I’m not in your shoes dudes.

Archer I’m glad a few people have decided to bring up faceit. It’s a shame that you guys don’t think that the dev team should be made accountable for ensuring their own game works and is built in a way to build and improve the local regions it is available in.

Jacob But Faceit arent giving up on OCE. Giving EVERY OCE player the opportunity to grind and win rewards for free while playing on OCE 128 tick servers. How can we wait on devs to help our region if the higher up people in our own region cant help ourselves…

Jacob Of course the game is to blame for the lack of OCE Queues especially when they cap the amount of servers available until a certain time period. Everyone 100% agrees that OCE is dying off from pubg due to the lack of interest revolving around our region.

Archer We’re talking actual transparency and improvements such as live active player numbers and average queued player numbers clearly visible on the main menu. Remove map selection and auto rotate maps.

Archer There are a tonne of solutions that the dev team could and should be implementing. Throwing shade about promotion of Faceit and cooperation between and Faceit isn’t making anyone accountable and won’t lead to any long term fix for the overall community of OCE gamers.

Archer So it’s fairly obvious that the majority of the competitive PUBG community in OCE are chasing FaceIT as a solution. That’s not a bad thing to get your word out there guys.

Archer However, I’m still looking to hold PUBG Corp and their team accountable for more transparency and actual real world solutions for the OCE Region so that we can continue backing their game and supporting our massive and passionate community.

LG_KarimDk invisible wall ?…

CrAzY_UaE I have a phone and play the device why I can not play

TrippyFellow What about this restaurant opened in Jaipur , India !

päNN How can i fix this?

Nicholas Ruddy Is this happening to anyone else, the red zone sounds like its dropping on my head but its no even close to me.

Lewis Clements I clicked the x today when the daily login rewards come up is there a way I can still redeem it?? (PUBG Mobile)

Arbabkhan Please make night mode more available in Pubg mobile. Even though I’ve updated it but haven’t got a single night mode match.

Manish Bisht game has become choppy even on lowest settings (I used to play on medium settings earlier), audio is not clear after the 0.9 update. I use Gaming buddy emulator.

Maarek Tried posting on PUBG but they don’t answer. Maybe I can get you guys to answer? Would love to participate in the Halloween even. I would love to play the game. I would love TO GET PAST THE DAMN MAIN MENU! Please BLUEHOLE TAKE 5 minutes to help!

Maarek Here’s a better pic.

Utkarsh Verma Haven’t been able to go beyond this screen for past 4 days. I have tried clearing the cache, reinstalling the app, changing my ISP but nothing worked. Please help! 🙏🏼

Matt Kellaway when will be implementing the region locked servers for PUBG? My ping is too high to play NA and the OCE is too empty to find any games

Aniket In my previous match I complete all that requires for wepon master. After match I do not get wepon master title . I also message to custom care but thereis no reply . My user name in PUBG MOBILE is Aniket2605. I play game in Asia server.

Aniket In my previous match I complete all that requires for wepon master. After match I do not get wepon master title . I also message to custom care but thereis no reply . My user name in PUBG MOBILE is Aniket2605. I play game in Asia server.

Alkazar Boam Make it 60fps

Ronish khadka Pubg mobile is displaying white screen on my pc. How can I fix that problem?

Kushagra in pubgobile some bug is happening if someone hits me after 2 sec we get to know we get knocked out and if im killing someone at thr end of match it shows 0 kills plz fix the bug asap

Rensie help me how to increase fps

NerdBits When will you update ? It seems problem is getting worse Proof is… Player is – not banned yet… flawed system?

Jagjeet Sahu🇮🇳 hi anybody there for help

Patrick Flint I have had 3 days of this screen please help me I cannot play at all 😔

Patrick Flint Ive had this screen for 3 days now please help! 😔

Cryexe I don’t get it too ._. I’m pc players , name is Cryexe , boi

Stacie Taylor Full clip from about 10 feet did kill the guy wtf

Louie Why does it give me server maintenance message when I try the new patch on the the test servers? Please HELP!

miniment Damage to players and vehicles is way too high now 😀 29km/h btw

Nakata Driving in PUBG it’s not a great feeling, and in miramar its a pure nightmare.

x i l v

raid at least the vehicle didnt flip and landed on you right

faisal am haven problem with the ping used to play on europe server with low ms around 100-130 but some how now i cant around 180 after i payed over 1k usd on the game…

Im So Toxiic Same. Did you change your gamertag at all

No Crawlers Yeah I changed my gamertag to “no crawlers”

Im So Toxiic Same. I think that’s why it is showing that screen from what I’ve read on reddit

Samuc4_ What happening with the game .. the DSync problem is killing the plays, so many matches that it happen’s with me. Look that video.. I feel sad with that, I like the game so much and I don’t want to see the game broken, please made PUBG fixed 😐

Katt Symn wtf is wrong with you guys? Players keep on reporting the network lag issue and the issue is still going for 3 weeks already?! Seriously? You guys are so disappointing!!!!!

The PC Crafter Extremely frustrating! Not sure what’s going on, but we are still getting put in US servers with 200+ ping when matchmaking from Brisbane Australia. This has been going on for the last 10+ days. And now we don’t have to option to join SEA! So stuck with US which is unplayable.

Vic T Are the servers for Xbox down? Haven’t been able to connect. Played one game with 50 people and now can’t find one game at all.

gtuckTV Your servers are dying… like literally

Dan OCE players are being dumped into AS servers where we ping 200+ rather than SEA servers where we ping 100. I am sure you are aware of this as the whole OCE community is experiencing the same thing. Removing region select was a bad idea it seems. Please fix this issue.

Hellcazz Im not a pro player, but allways i train my skills and aim, hit a 700mts shot and after the game im banned for 24 hours, thats the way u pretend the game grow up? Cmon pubg

FaKe This is Some bull right here can you plz check this man out he just shot a car and it exploded and killed someone come on really thats not even cheating his ign is hellNTC that’s some bull shouldn’t even be a ban.

خالد I already have account linked with Facebook I tried to log in but I couldn’t I use galaxy s8+

Conor Dungan If your servers are having issues can you guys acknowledge it? this past whole week me and all my friends have been getting major packet loss that leads to disconnecting from the match. We are in NA.

SHiBB please help. Been going for 2 days on my Xbox. I’ve tried everything! Restarting my console, resetting my internet, redownloading the game, redownloading my profile. I’m at a loss.

Im So Toxiic Same thing with me. Did you change your gamertag?

SHiBB I changed my gamer tag forever ago. Over 3 months ago. But pubg never recognized the change bc up until it stopped letting me play 3 days ago it always showed the old one

Im So Toxiic Weird. I changed mine but I haven’t played pubg in several months. I just tried it the other night and it wouldn’t work. My other accounts would tho.

Alex Hutchinson how do we fix battleye 25 corrupted data fix there isnt a way around it and its been an issue for months every single game kicks me

Arunkumar vankar Where is the option for the 6-player squad in the PUBG 0.9.0 update?

Marcos Rodríguez Always the Same.. and with the last update it got worse .. only 4 days with a SA.. after that only NA EU and Asia servers ..…

Ashley Newett please fix OCE servers Australia msses playing on decent pings

no one maybe yall should program it where the safe zone won’t hit the same side like 3 + times in a row?

Nigel Lopes Can a player play a squad match when his/her merit is 0? The two players in between killed me and my friend in the last match and I’ve reported them but I believe you need to dig into it.

Epøs Game caused my entire system to freeze;reset all my keybinds [again]. Any ideas?

K. 熊 How am I supposed not reporting players who killed without her crosshair to even touch once my player model? Can the replay feature be fixed? Otherwise all these people would be suspected of aim cheating…..

Steve Madger this is what I’ve been getting the past three weeks. Tried reinstalling, doesn’t work.

I Stream On Twitch Why am I dying behind walls and rocks when the player has no line of sight.. please fix the desync issues

Sanyo Ochoa Haven’t been able to log on since last week. I can’t get past this screen

أبو عزوز الجطيلي I bought a $ 24.99 package and the amount was deducted from the Apple Store and the package did not arrive in the game

Checkout current Pubg server down

✌🏼 J.V. ✌🏼 I’m having issues with being disconnected while in the middle of a game on xbox.

Sokborey Chea how to be good spot enemies footsteps?

القنفذ|boy hello when I play the game with my friend who’s calling me for private conversation the game lags and it’s start lagging when I get in a vehicle it’s been two weeks when it’s start lagging

القنفذ|boy hello I just wanna say please don’t let Kuwaiti players play with Iraqi players we always fight and insults each other and Kuwaiti players don’t start the fight iraqi players start it

Daniel perez Stuck in the initial loading screen. Already reinstalled the game , reset Xbox and router. Help

Katz Trans Rights are Human Rights 🏳️‍🌈 Looks like to me like you got 2 body shots with your Kar98, as they zip passed the persons head and into the top of the enemy shoulders. I’m not on the PUBG team, just a casual observer.

Nunya Dambiz PUBG should be on PS4

Ryan Wilson so I see you fucked the lost connection to host back into the ground. Cheers.

Ertan Ç. can someone help me ???????? i have banned. with fuckıng damn system problem. i dont have any illegal program or ANYTING. BUT I GOT GLOBAL BANNED. pls unbanned my acc thats not okay really system is i think really shit.

joe brennan Are you kidding me? Fix your game I’m not going thru all those steps to report something. I can’t wait for EA to crush you guys

Rodrigo Any information about this feedback?

Sammie Kang Hi Jeff. Thank you for sending the clip to us. We will get our team to take a look at it.

EZMONGO Is this coming to xbox? and is it somthing you buy? I want to buy the silent hill outfit NOW! RESPOND BACK PLEASE

“Happy Halloween”, what is there a war on christma . I love this game, but I am very tired of dying behind cover. What’s the official stance on desync and what are you doing to fix it?

NerdBits Here is an interesting clip –… maybe?

Carlos Valencia More than a month ago I am experiencing this in PUBG do not think to fix the game ever?

Omar M. Mostafa ⚖️ i need the link to download it pc

jballsdeep did not get it.

jballsdeep and I am talking about on the dashboard of the game, not twitter.

jballsdeep wasn’t on mine. I look daily before I play so I can see if they are and do whatever I have to or play before they go down. shake your head troll… did you think that maybe it could just be on some computers and not all of them. you know you have seen that glitch before.


Arcanus Sea of thieves has a prime proxy chat. They evn have it to where you can shout farther with the proxy chat with a megaphone

wayne barnes Only dose it on your game nothing else!!!!

Tom Yo – are you ever planning on fixing the “lost connection to host” problem that’s been happening EVERY OTHER GAME for almost TWO MONTHS? Jw

Ouzhan Kutukcu Why doesn’t Miramar map find it?

light me up 🔥 🐍 I’m still waiting 🙁

HarlockXBOX How can I claim Gunslinger set on PUBG?. I have twitch prime relinked and had the others boxes without problem but I can’t see how to claim this. Is it bugged or something?. Thank you

PUBG Help Hi! Please make sure to follow the instructions in the link below to claim the Twitch Prime loot. -E…

David Took 35 minutes to find a Miramar server in solo 1st person. This is a problem. There is no quick way to play the map I love. When I have only 45 minutes to play, and it takes 30 to find a server, there is something really really wrong

i have issue in network i got lags what is the port of game?

Nsjajsj any news from SA Server on Xbox?

J. Rodríguez This play repeat, at every fucking game.

Chris Hudson Because you need to get black ops 4 like the rest of the world

jackismaster123 hi pubg help i need help

christian good Scratch that it’s working 👍🏻👍🏻

christian good How do you update??

christian good Black ops over battlefield? That’s insane

Limenoodle Hey, , i know that you will never read this, but if you do. Thanks for ruining my halloween. Because your game is so fantastic, i play it all the time, so my mom wont let me play this week, because i have to do other things than gaming, read more in comment below.

Limenoodle So i wont be able to play for a week, and next week i stay at my dads house, without my computer. i wont be able to play for atleast 2 weeks, and during halloween. I will never get any of those halloween skins. Or enjoy playing, but if pubg was boring, then i wouldnt be punished.

Chevy the Golden does anyone read this feed? I’ve told you on more than one occasion that Survival Rewards BP aren’t being credited!

Doyasaki Are G-Coins in the PTS on xbox or not? I’ve reinstalled it and they still aren’t in the PTS. Is this normal or not?

PUBG Help Hi! The PTS is for testing purposes and therefore you cannot purchase G-Coin on it. -E

vipie Yo tryin tk play so.e dou i drop like 6 kills a game

بوبجي بالعربي PUBG we need service for The Middle East 🤕 _mobile #بوبجي #ببجي #بوبجي_موبايل

Thomasbrownhill is this supposed to happen all my stuff has been reset all my wins and stuff and the all the stuff I brought has vanished and I’ve been gifted 1 million BP and I want to know if this is supposed to happen or not and if it’s not can I get my stuff back

PUBG Help Hi! This would be on the PTS which is separate from Live Servers. -E

Arjunkumar My mobile is mi a1 but not opening pubg😭 Please help me

✪ NuuLeS your game is broken, i hit a headshot with kar98k to a guy that have helmet lvl1 and this guy didnt die is that new?

Kevin C why has xbox PUBG been having low counts in lobbies as low as 40 people?

Khalefah Aljofran what’s wrong? ☹️

[insert spooky gunneh name here] Got it! Probably too blind to see, thanks guys <3

Abdullah1861998 Xbox one S 😈

Eneko zAín My settings are always reset everytime i start the game. How can i solve it? Help, please. Thnx!

PUBG Help Hi! Try disabling the new anticheat and see if that helps. -E

For_ever I have updated just a few updates and are no longer working with me when I open the app

deian hI, my pubg keeps crashing almost in every single custom game but it doesn’t happen in matchmaking public, any ideas?

Stonedjaydawg I can’t get into a match on the PTS all weekend either

Correy Henderson for the love of god…why can’t you jump and shoot yet?? Dumb as F

Applepeng2001蘋果peng Another one god helmet

Dragon alchemist why is pubg getting back to bad loading where some people load buildings right away and some have to wait

O-Brian i have nothing like that.. the only new thing was my CORSAIR STRAFE Keyboard software “CORSAIR iCUE v3.8.91” – which always had crashed and problems on the day i got banned.., but i dont use any makros or anything.. its not right to ban me for something like that

Aqwa Just in case you need more proof to ban this guy

Quinn I don’t understand what I’m seeing.

Aqwa no recoil on an SLR, shooting as fast a AR

Quinn Ah, understood.

O-Brian “there was an infraction detected in-game and the account has been restricted. Violations of the terms and services does not just include cheating/hacking programs but also any programs that alter, bypass or modify the game or its services in any way”

O-Brian i already did, and talked alot to you but your support worker doesnt seem to understand how important this is to me, just have a look on my steam account i have NOTHING to do with wrong behaviour, im a passionated gamer and supporter of PUBG and thats what i get..

midninBR I just can play 1 match and then it doesn’t reconnect to lobby anymore, and also doesn’t fix if I try to reopen the game. I have to wait at least 20 minutes to play another match. It’s been a bad experience since the last update.

Taco Ross…… Yo, my boi just got RAN OVER by a hacking scrub, please do something about this. He can’t continue to get away with this.

Jisntformyname🚜 Hey you just gifted me 20 000 more bp amd another headset. Dont wanna complain but just thinking of you <3

SaxY 🌈🐾 Thanks 😊

Diego Tellez yeah, that’s what I said in the second part of my tweet man, that is not in Read Only, I can edit and maintain all other keybinds but the ones I said, oh and now recently my clothing disappear randomly, and don’t even show up on the inventory

PUBG Help Ok thanks for that info. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below, ensure to follow all instructions in steps 4 and 14 in order to reinstall the game with fresh configuration files. -E…

Aaron Matthews Can’t get in any games, matchmaking can go on for 5mins+

Jh Cardona Xbox one

KenshinPubg 🇩🇰 Time to remove the barns in windows! 🧐👀💪

deian my pubg keeps crashing almost every game in customs but i get no crash in public matchmaking, it s happening for 3 weeks from the small patch that was introduced before the ranked update

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Nbs Love this game, but sometimes it’s so annoying First video is shadowplay of what I actually saw Second video is from replay help pls

Uncle Luke Xbox one, it just won’t load at all. Sometimes gets as far as the title screen then closes.

PUBG Help Hi. Please try uninstalling the game and then power cycle the console and reset your router. Then try reinstalling the game and see if this helps! -E…

Ihsanajinugroho Hey, PUBG or bluehole studio…why you guys not add RPG’s or grenade launcher? Add that please

Aaron Felizmenio @ ko-fi Yo, already reported this in-game, but it sucks when the anti-cheat isn’t working 🙁

lllP3pp3Rlll Cause black ops was updating. Only reason.

David Davenport I get you don’t like the game anymore but why always comment if you’ve not got any intentions of playing it ye its got problems but imo its by far the best BR game for realism

lllP3pp3Rlll Hahahahahaha that’s all I’m going to say. I say good day to you sir

Rahul panjwani I did, but they aren’t responding there 🙁

Nithin(ニティンロイ) my rank was not increasing plz help help i am in platinum

Snack & Slash I think i have fixed the issue since making this tweet but we’ll see if it comes back. My monitor is 4k (3840 x 2160) and i play on 1440. I found this forum which has solved the issue by editing an ini file:…

Snack & Slash The values for lastUserConfirmedResultion were something silly that isn’t even a resultion like 2114 or something. The intesting part is that i had assumed that an ini file may be the issue so i had already attempted deleting the whole appdata/tslgame folder and rerunning pubg

Snack & Slash And when that didnt work, i completely delete pubg AND the appdata folder and reinstalled everything from scratch and it was still somehow producing those values. Which is strange because i have 970 hours clocked and this is the first time I’ve experienced this.

Snack & Slash Also just to help your research, the resolutionX and resolutionY values were correctly set to 1440 but the desiredScreenWidth and height values were weirdly set to 1280 x 720 so i changed those to 1440 too. Idk if that had an effect either.

PUBG Help Thank you very much for the detail info!! -S

deian hI, my pubg keeps crashing almost in every single custom game but it doesn’t happen in matchmaking public, any ideas?

Felipe Peixoto Ok thank you, I have never modified mine, but… I’m sure going to try, thanks

Greeny_2008 yo when are the mk47 and the beryl hitting live servers??? Xbox obviously.

Eredaress 4th player’s local region is Japan or some other Asian server and ping is 40-50. But when the 4th player plays in a party with other three they are forced to play on Asian server with 300-400 ping. 3 players suffer because of one.

†hê§ê ßhê§ wåñ† †åkïïïïïïïï裏 Translation: “Yeah just throw that in there with the other shit, it’ll get done…….eventually…… -E

Ankit [email protected] hey just now my norton antivirus detected that the pubg app is not safe. &they give the reason my personal data is stealing by pubg app &send it to china tencent company. Can i know the reason why all pubg user data is stealing by you?

Tanmay Agrawal 🇮🇳ॐ What if i use mac boot camp to run windows on MacBook pro

Artiiz You should probably contact local authorities by that point

dollahbillsyall Don’t disagree, but theyre not the first line of direct control of accounts on pubg or twitch.

Artiiz There’s only so much Twitch can do without law enforcement involved though, to be fair.

dollahbillsyall I don’t disagree mang, i would go back and change “only people” in my tweet but twitter doesnt wanna add edit button ☠️

Artiiz I feel you, its awful having people harassing you constantly and not feeling like anything helps

dollahbillsyall They could ip ban the fucker though. I would.

Artiiz Twitch definitely does, but even an IP ban isn’t that hard avoiding these days with proxys and VPN etc :/

Jeffrey Higgins Fix the PTS too for Xbox. Matchmaking is a disaster.

Pure… can you fix this?

PUBGisBroken Stats on the daily/weekly challenge thing aren’t updating 👍

Charles Dillahunt Any idea why he PTS isn’t working on Xbox since last update? Can’t find matches!

Aforcewan Are you kidding me, you gonna pay me my bill of internet? I think im gonna uninstall forever and go its such a better game than this big shit full of problems….

g0r3 – Because of LUL

Uncle Luke Brah I’ll be bouncing on that black ops dick soon as my shitty Wi-Fi is done installing it

Jaideep Gupta please suggest a network carrier to play your game. I am using and Both have failed to give stable network speed to play PUBG

JioCare We will get this sorted. Simply click on the link & DM your Jio number and alternate contact number… – Nirav

Jaideep Gupta please check into this

Verevyta hello. My game is not working .usually works after i reinstall windows but after an update all i see is a black screen. I did the nvidia setting w borderless thing, veryfied the game files, delete and install the game again. Pls help

PUBG Help Hi Verevyta! Can you tell us what your PC specifications are? Have you launched the game from your taskbar or from the steam library? -S

Verevyta Steam library. Gtx 750ti 8 gb ram , amd a4 5300

PUBG Help Hi! Your CPU and GPU do not meet the system requirements to run the game. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your computer will always be able to run the game properly. You can find the minimum requirements below. -E…

Escoz Can u fix the d-sync again? People start shooting before i see them. And hitting me when im behind a Wall. Why do u always crash the game when u make an update?

zwyed When to download new weapons on Xbox

Dheeraj Kashyap stuttering and fps drops with radeon r9 270x after ranking system update !!!

Ranjay Daimary Is there any fix for crashes in pubg….. I have faced 5 crashes in just 2 days….. And its just too annoying getting these many crashes…… Help me

PUBG Help Hi, are you on Xbox or PC? If PC, what are your specs? -S

Jordache Evo N Patching for 0.9

Navinkumar 🔑 My points suddenly reset to Bronze V but while clicking season i still see as platinum V. Please help me to resolve this issue. I contacted support but no response.

Uzi ➡️ TwitchCon I am a new Twitch Partner and I don’t want to live my life this way. Please help.

Frank Markley I personally would file a police report , the 1st day in San Jose I would go request a temporary restraining order based on said harassment and provide it to security at . Could completely prevent him from entering the event

Chottis🔜TwitchCon 2018 Send Twitch an email

Jen Police > Game support. I can’t stress this enough.. Had it been me I would’ve gone to the police a long time ago had he been calling my house. Getting him banned from the game or Twitch is not going to stop his behavior. VPNs/other will still allow him having accounts.

Jen I wouldn’t sit around waiting for a reply from Twitch or PUBG support when the local PD can help you faster. If you call later they will ask you why you’ve waited to call for so long..

KoOoOnix👻👽🔜 TwitchCon 2018 anything/anyone you guys can get a hold of to help uzi? ❤️

Brian Depaul Can you please look into this ?

Uzi ➡️ TwitchCon DM’d him, thanks Brian. Hope to hear back from him.

Brian Depaul Good! Please keep me posted !

Method Gatz What are your security protocols for situations like this?

Creakit They have the same protocol for everyone. You can’t have security know about every single broadcasters trolls.

Creakit Even if you did, how are you going to put a face to them..

Method Gatz I know that. That’s obvious. I’m asking about a situation if they make contact and a confrontation occurs.

Creakit Same thing for anyone, if someone walks up to you and makes you feel like shit you tell someone.

Method Gatz Thanks for your help

Creakit This goes for everyone. Security starts with YOU. You are the only one that is in control of keeping you safe. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and avoid the situation in the first place. Train for the worst but prevent it by always being cautious.

Uzi ➡️ TwitchCon I was law enforcement for 4 years. Well aware of personal surroundings. I’m going to be in California with no concealed carry weapon. Boyfriend is overseas and can’t go. I’m feeling vulnerable and my main concern is getting him banned from twitch/PUBG.

Jen I don’t think getting him banned from PUBG is going to change anything.. And I don’t think PUBG will contact the police in your regard. You need to contact the police rather than Twitch support or PUBG support… While online you need to block ignore and report.

Creakit No real way to ban anyone from anything online, there’s always ways around it. Plus I made that statement for the others. Because they are thinking that Twitch can do more. Which they really can’t.

Uzi ➡️ TwitchCon please help

Jauffins – Spooky Edition Cc

SomeoneGotClever 🔜 TwitchCon Time to get law enforcement involved. Stalking, harassment, threatening your safety and mental health. It’s time to leave the realm of online interactions and file suit. Yes, they can find him. Phone histories, IP tracking, etc. Don’t let this person have this control over you.

Jauffins – Spooky Edition This may be an option, but is highly dependent on a variety of factors and would likely take longer than the weekend to sort out.

SomeoneGotClever 🔜 TwitchCon And if you need someone to walk around TwitchCon with, you’re welcome to join my friends and I. Safety in numbers and we streamers gotta stick together.

Bomani Sorry to hear what you are going through, I’m hoping he is empowered because this is happening online, probably a scary cat in real life, just make sure you have one or two people with you when out there.

Shera Raines This is awful! I truly hope you can get help with this. Also travel in numbers at twitch con. Do you know what they look like?

Zach Do you know who he is? Like actual personal information?

Alan Reported for intentional team killing, can you please see to it this guy is banned!

mohmd hi can u help me I forgot my account i just remember my name

Daniel Vallely Just wondering when is going to start letting people use BP instead of g coin. I’ve already spent enough on the damn game. That’s why fortnite is out doing you in every aspect.

Charles Dillahunt I’ve been having trouble finding games on the PTS and the Full game for the past week. Extreme wait times.. any idea why?

عِماد hello please open may account band I download pubg china version from happy chick because I want play with gamesir controller but I don’t know band and i don’t download china version again now please open may account band this is may Facebook email

Checkout current PUBG server down 2018-10-22

DJ T-BANGA why do the character movements seem slower after the last update?

Damon Davino can someone please explain the physics that went into this death?

Matthew Chilleo my account won’t work. It states that I do not have gold and trys to make me buy an account. This is the only game that isn’t working all others work fine. Pts and the full game won’t work.

FINLEY They’re spending all the royalties on themselves… who needs to work on the game when you’re already rich?

Lev That happened to me before..but now it is fixed..and I can’t join any game..

Thomas james you guys do realize that you released the full game, and still every other game someone gets disconnected and sent to the menu. Has nothing to do with player internet, it’s your game. Let’s get it together, folks.

Lev Can anyone join a game on test servers?

Gartow93 I didnt know there are new reload animations…they look dope!

Quarth fix your fucking game. Been stuck here for 10 minutes now

Nev on PC today.. look at killfeed….how?

Tanmay Agrawal 🇮🇳ॐ on or some _MOBILE emulator that work on MacBook pro if not please bring on

Suvam Dey Tanmay bhai that wont happen bro and even if they could do it they wont do it because the percentage of mac user who wants to game is very low . And pubg is a very demanding game so u need a high end gpus which sadly the MacBook dont have .

haysopa why the microphone sometimes stops working on the game, it is annoying fix it please

Chevy the Golden no BP being given for Survival Rewards?!

Nunya Y’all need to fix the ADS zoom speed and delay that shit is slower than my grandmother

Dustin Frost I thought you guys was patching and fixing lost connection to host issue

💛 p i have a problem, i did report bs no one helped!!!! no one can hear me and i cant hear anyone.. nothing is on mute.. i checked the settings as well ???? Also, the game has the access to the microphone.. Can u please tell me what to do

Matt hi, couldn’t launch the game on Xbox one, so uninstalled and reinstalled. Fixed issue. Month down the line, same issue as before. Advise. Not redownlowding! Piss take.

Flexapexs well i give em some more time. its a small company when they started with pubg. I guess they never believed that time millions woulda played their game…. its not easy i guess. Nothing to do with the amound of money they earned. money cant fix this game. Im sure devs are trying

Joe Chace Money can open more offices and hire experienced dev’s to expedite legitimate development. They’ve done nothing to expand or improve the state of the game.

adam you used to have such a good game. Now you suck, completely!! Your numbers suffer. Tired of the BS get your shit together, seriously. Tired of the bullshit hackers and the Chinese players killing me when I get behind a structure and your dsync sucks so bad is why

Erik Smith Hit Xbox with hammer then try again.

Eredaress Please, , solve the problem when 3 guys from Europe are suffering because one guy is in a different region. I guess that it selects the closest ping to at least one of the players. Please guys, my teammates should play on their servers

Luis Gonzalez Guys the amount of cheaters over the past 2 weeks is absurd, please do something…

Simon Rother HOW is it, on Xbox, almost a year later, that we still bounce around when we land in/on a building, surrounded by enemies who see guns but I don’t, going crazy as I bouce around, waiting for the building to actually load. Such a shame that your company is incompetent.

Jose Uchiha are your servers having difficulty the Europe servers is lagging like crazy ? Getting up to 900+ ms on high speed WiFi

Uncle Luke Anyone Have any idea why my hasn’t worked since the last update?

John Ellis Hey guys, since the latest patch, the PUBG launcher crashes every time I play. takes around 10-20 minutes, but it crashes without fail I don’t want to get banned! Halp?

SHOAIB _help Uttar Pradesh best weapon is Thain Thain Gun that’s Super power . It’s kill enemy by sound. In this no use bullet only sound. Please give Update *Thain Thain Gun* . India’s state U.P proud Thain Thain Gun.

Lilan So this happened to . That’s either the weirdest lag we ever saw, or this guy is exploiting some stuff within the game, I personally cant tell but, it doesn’t look legit to me.…

Lilan… This is from when he was in game, going against the guy

Markus fix the fucking desync

T.Tinsley teaming on duos please remove them!!

Aforcewan always the same error [25] battlEye: Corrupted Data, and just intalled today, wtf i can end even one game!!

Johny’z Here Please add an ID rename card in the free Royale pass season 4 for those who cannot buy it . _MOBILE モバイル

Jon Xbox One S PTS version; Why does match making seem to never work??? The timer just keeps going up, been waiting for like 10 min now…been like this for days.

James Mitchell The lobbies on the pts for Xbox take more than 5 minutes to find a match. WHY?!?! guess I’ll just stick to the old content.

Joshua Fickel For you

dwm90 how on earth do you give a proven cheater a temp ban and then there account is back live cheating?

Ricardo Conceição I create a account on “ “and linked steam and twitch! but I didnt received the crate. In game lobby the twitch icon is purple, but i nothing in my inventory. i already make this so many times and nothing. My nickname: RICARDIOS

Ricardo Conceição I create a account on “” and linked steam and twitch! but I didnt received the crate. In game lobby the twitch icon is purple, but i nothing in my inventory. i already make this so many times and nothing. My nickname: RICARDIOS

Randy Fellows Would be awesome if you could get the frame rate above 5 when were in a gun fight.

Dhruv Belai I’ve reinstalled the game but I keep getting this error , how do I fix it ? Please help.

mark Hi, you gave me a care package with 20,000 credits in it I used the money to by the fancy crash helmet, but it is not in my inventory. Also i tried to link my twitch account, but your verification email does not appear in my inbox, I have searched spam to no avail.

James I’ve given it enough chances, gold finished today, don’t need to renew, and taking this off my hard drive. The problems like host connection and getting a game in EU have driven me to dispair. If I hear of a decent upgrade one day I might reinstall.

Nashwan Deluxe ♣️ How about fixing all the hackers?

K_Y_L_E Same

K_Y_L_E why does the PTS server for xbox not find a game when I search for one but the live server has no problem finding a match

Jani Aho Can you guys forward it somewhere that my “apology” points and beanie are nowhere to be found, yet the button says “claimed”, ingame name Olvi. Thanks.

ajaytadi Bro I had downloaded pubg on my pc it was asking missing gameclientwin.exe

ajaytadi while installing it was showing “this application works for only SanDisk flash drive ” please help me

Pedro rank system is pathetic 🤢. Take a look at this video guys:…

wan mohd arif can help me>?

CJ from 🐣. MJ ain’t have no business flexing on us like that at only 12 years old 🔊🗣🤦🏾‍♂️

rachel bitch ok…

Letmetellyousum The last “dont wanna let you go”

Corey Hilton It was that damn pet mouse he was signing about.

lace✨ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Abdulrahman Mohanna 1:00-1:10 😳😳

lanceXmarcus I was gonna wait for someone to post this….. guess I’m the hero today.

Herbert Future Giant (1-15) 🐐


WestSide LBC! 2x

bonafidegem Pretty sure the frd in love with the fool is more mentally exhausted ..js

OG Richiee Richh

Brandy Da Silva Aww…miss him so much…still unreal 😍😢


Carly Simmons

ᗪᗩᐯiᗪiᑕᕼoᒪyᑕoᐯeᑎᗩᑎt 🐐🐐🐐🐐

Twin & her Hubby! Say whatever you want about the strict training of father or the Motown machine, the voice/music training was ON POINT!

mon my baby 😪

Gina Greene Chills, chills, CHILLS!!! MJ FOREVER!!!👑🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Wade 🎃 It’s good we flexing on him by living



Я Бог

Broccoli Brock I got love for mj but that nigga looked tripped out

Shadigg 😈⌚️ I wanna know who was breaking his heart at the age of 12

James Coleman Damn. That boy was amazing

Brenna 🎃 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

danni. 🇬🇾 I need a cover. NOW 😩😩 my Lord Michael SING COME ON

Bolo 😈💰 Got chills

D E N ⚡️ This is really the best thing I’ve ever heard

alexa lovelace. How many times am I gonna listen to this. Man!

🍯 Rl listened to it while lookin at him in his eyes idky


Yolanda Stithie Thank you for posting this. 😍😍😍😍

k.dubbbb 🤙🏾 😩 RIP MJ ❤️

🍑Peach🍑 Damn! You owe me some new edges!

Brandi Anderson Well i just cried


mono!!!!! is comming yall can u believe People bold to say his vocals wasn’t all that 😑

Terrell Bembry 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥

William Coombs, MSW Bro. Look no further…too much sauce here. Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five 5 Live 1971 via

John T The G.O.A.T

Richie P. I don’t know you two, but I love you for this.

W A U N N Y  🐐

em My heart will always have a place for him

Steven Johnson @ 1:10 I cant help but here Vado “I’m dangerous I’m bad I’m off the wall y’all” him and Cam’ron killed that shit.

FireMadeFlesh I’ve always said Michael Jackson is a case study that some people are born to do what they do. No amount of voice lessons or dance classes could manufacture what was innate, God-given destiny. They helped, I’m sure, but 12yrs. old..🤯 think about what you were doing at 12. RIP 👑

THE DR ….giving credit to GOD for putting some stuff in Mike’s spirit that no other person or entity could ever do…now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!…and yes, NO ONE ever, will touch Michael Jackson…LOOOOOVED me some MJ!!!🎤🎵🎶🎵🎤

William Coombs, MSW Mike performing was so effortless. Singing or dancing…he did things that can’t be taught or duplicated, only felt in that moment. The amount of poise in every note and every step was precise. Greatest entertainer who ever walked the Earth.

FireMadeFlesh Exactly. The same could be said for Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Prince, etc. etc. When you’ve got “IT,” you got IT. 🤷🏿‍♂️

THE DR IT….yes!!!

William Coombs, MSW Truth. Truth. Truth.

Anaya Chambers


🌻yellow no. 9 maybe this would have helped in the Michael vs. Beyonce video

Tye 💎🤑✌🏽️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ RIP Michael Jackson

pliesrt Definitely wasn’t no 12 years old

Shabazz Wait til y’all hear who’s Lovin you

So Serée✨ This was so beautifully organic

CollegeTrap Dj Straight acapella

Groovy Gang Polo Going crazy..I filled the beat in myself


Mensah🇬🇭 🐐🐐

mason mussos child I’m crying

🐞YoungParzival🐞 Hold up. Why is he talking about this subject matter ? What was MJ going threw at 12 ?

the great 🏄🏽‍♀️ That voice 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Cris Pee Bacon Mike left earth on this shit!


AstroboyBeats🚀 Chills

#DjRatchetRome That’s a bad man

SmokeKasanova This talent was God given. I’m 40 and I don’t think I understand the emotion that this song evokes : )

buh • lock • aye

__Niecy__💋 RIH….MICHEAL❤️

Alex Vasallo The voice of a literal angel 😭😍


SMO Year 7

whitney. You can’t even hear the breaths in between. Absolutely stunning!

Bremariah This is low key better than the original.

#sxyraiderfan That’s just how Shit goes down when you’re the King of Pop…even before he actually was…Real Talk Y’all 🙅🏾

foreverbabydoll I love this💖💖

CJ from 🐣. I put the link for Apple Music up at the top

mwä Doing God’s work on the first day of the week. 🙌🏾

CJ from 🐣. You’re welcome 😇🔊…

People of every color~ remember WE ARE AMERICA!🎊 SAINT!💞💞💞💞💞💞

🐿🦃🐏🐈🐘🦈🦓🦍🦌 Thank you!

Uchenna Esomonu 💫 thanks for blessing the tl

Jr Bro u have to hear franks live cover, shits fire

vega bruh i got chills off of this, can’t imagine frank. might fuck around and piss myself lmaoo

𝓓𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓷 🐐 Ayeeee 🐐

AR Smith… “That Guy” 👾 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

TheBeautyPLUG 🔌✨ he really gone man, he been snapping all his life tho.

msparmella Bone chillin..Love Micheal J..

Jay1 I miss him soooo much 😪😭

7 🌻 chills

yonigafigaro What a legend

blou those kids had no proof, a shame. Michael a good man.

Petty Pendergrass It was literally all for money. He had his faults but I really don’t believe he did it

nipse♍️ひ I was in beat 😌

Destinnnyyy👑 Not 😂

nipse♍️ひ *on

𝕊𝕡𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕪 𝕎𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕙 🎃 He was never even a prince. He was the King since day one

Alicia thats who! I knew MJ could sing but damn!!

shawn Flawless

✨Chlo. ✨ The way my mama tells it , a lot of folks could sing like this back in the day, talent was everywhere

Daddy Toblerone Not 12 year olds.

✨Chlo. ✨ a lot of folks indeed includes 12 year olds. Detroit in the 60s, talent was EVERYWHERE

Daddy Toblerone I don’t know about that, sis. MJ level singing talent? I don’t know about that….


Director Spells 🎥 The nigga just really showed up on earth like yea I’m probably some type of angel … listen to me sing …

CastMe 🎼🎼🎼🎼😍😍😍😍

MK🇰🇪 😍🔥🔥🔥

Ki Everytime I hear Micheal I get in my feelings 😭

Parker Bonga Can I have the name of that song

CJ from 🐣. Never can say goodbye

Parker Bonga Thanks

👅🖤 I need that highlight he got on his nose the glow so real 👏🏾👏🏾


Ted Mosby 😥 we didn’t deserve him

TheAudioKing Clean acapella.. Might remix this for the hell of it

Brika Deshay ❤️


Jb300🕊 And people think Drake is on the same level😂😭😭


💥Yuhboi💥 How in tf!?!

D’Andre Sims Dude was unreal

MOO✨ 😩😩

COOLY © I broke out singing in traffic

MOO✨ Broooo on God I’m finna go try and find the Jackson 5 when I get home😂 then the A cappella made it so 🔥

COOLY © The fuckin GOAT..

MOO✨ a nigga finna go watch the jackson 5 now 😩

🐺 This shit is fuckin flawless…🔥🔥

ICESAC 🇲🇽🇺🇸 🐐

Shorddiza Prayer Omg 💛💛💛

Eric 🔌 I know I’m not the only one who caught chills lol. Legend.

The Cops Keep Shooting The Kids Nope. Same thing.

11/11 🎈 I did too. Always do. Who’s loving you is my favorite. I think he was only 7 performing that song

Skeeta Berry

King 👑 EDNUTOYA 👑 7th I love you all!!

Mo🤬 Chaka🤬 Young Mike was hell


Black Shinobi look at this

🇷 🇦 🇪💫♍ ❤❤❤❤❤ Melts my heart every time i hear this…

Greg 🎭🥀Marquez

Crown♚Skin He definitely was getting ass when he was this pretty.

dubsmith The irony that the video stops at 219 which is place of birth area code.

dubsmith No reason to lie


49ers 2020 Super Bowl Champs You just gonna lie like we can’t clearly see the 2:20 😑

CJ from 🐣. It stops at 2:20 but ima let u be great 😂

HandsUgly It is 2:19 tho

Hate Nutto Deadass and people still like is tweet, stupid mfs lol

LisaJewell 😂😂

free young thug Nigga said “imma let you be great” then went ahead to not let him be great

TEXAS PEACH 🇨🇱✨ And the fact that he was only 12 never experienced love or heartbreak at that age but he would sing like he been through it all.

CJ from 🐣. Mayne Joe broke his heart whooping his butt all them times 😂

Hristo Gambostin 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

❣️N O M O❣️ oh my days 💀

King 👑 EDNUTOYA 👑 7th Meeehn you mean 😂😂

CJ from 🐣. Just honesty bro…we all know what happened 😂

🍑Peach🍑 Not to mention Ben! If that ain’t heartbreak idk what is lol

LXMIL This funny af 😂 “we all know what happened”

King 👑 EDNUTOYA 👑 7th 😂😂

Crown♚Skin Facts

Jambalaya Shatoken

🦈Shark Lives Matter🦈 What happened to that shit Kanye was cookin up???

CJ from 🐣. I think he just chopped up the acapella wit Chance in Chicago since it was Mikes bday…idk if they made anything of it

🦈Shark Lives Matter🦈 Makes sense i forgot that was MJ bday

Eugene woaaah link me to that if u can

K&K. wait.. cause first of all.. he did TF out this. wow.


Tamara pree Dang I miss him so, my MJ tattoo says Never Can Say Goodbye”

zarria 🖤 still my fav 😭.

🐿Land Squirrel🐿 I know I’m not the only one that listened to this hoe more than 4 times… Geezus man r.i.p to this fuckin legend

Deborah Daughter ✨ I swear.

Niggatello The 🐐

Bxjxn What song is this?

Trillson Mandela ® Never can say goodbye

AudeA7 💙💙💙💙

Tivon Berry Only other people in his class are Aaron Rodgers and King James himself

Miana Symone’ To think this is how he used to look 😐

CAUTION ⚠️ (was darkechile) yes michael jackson aged sis just like everyone else

Miana Symone’ He didn’t just age baby girl . He had plenty of work done .

Cornell Proby

🧘🏾‍♀️ All vocalss😍😍😍

Chief Calhoun Too tough with them vocals

Fille De Sankofa Lawd VOCALS!!!!!!! RIP King Michael 😰

King 👑 EDNUTOYA 👑 7th The power in his voice at that age was just out of this world

zero dark marshall god damn

Strahinja GOAT

le garçon noir Idk why but I thought the video was gonna start and MJ was gonna be there with chains and like maybe grills “flexing”… 😂😂😂😂😂

Ez 😈🎮 Chill He finessed tf out this 😤

Money Hungry Whore(◕‿◕✿) My favorite thank you for this 💞

You can literally hear the talent in his voice when you play this audio that came from Joe beating they ass 😭😭😭

Bryce Parrish🦁 If you can find who’s loving you with just vocals that would be amazing

Shabazz This ain’t the accapella but it’s the closest they have. 🔥🔥

BIG CHEESE 😩😩😩😔 it’s 2:06am and I’m stuck here missing mike cuz of y’all 😩😩😩😩😅😢

Bryce Parrish🦁 You’re actually amazing

Luna LoveKUSH🧝🏾‍♀️🔮

🅱️R📧🅾️N 🔥💯⛽ The fuckin Goat 🐐 🤦🏽‍♂️ 💯 🔥

N/A MJ was the 🐐 from the very jump

amnglobal,LLC nice post

_hotlikeT Still is my favorite artist

He almost dies, but he recovers like a G He didn’t have a choice. Joe was on that ass.

CJ from 🐣. This reply bouta blow up lmao i ca tell

Maynsa Musa kinda sad that his dad used to call him ugly all the time, smh that’s why he became a white woman.

CJ from 🐣. U right, but was on all they asses…Michael jus had that drip 😂👏🏽

CJ from 🐣. he**

Neko Gates Say what you want about joe but he beat those kids to fame

He almost dies, but he recovers like a G You gonna beat your Kids to game too?

He almost dies, but he recovers like a G True shit

Ariff the desync in your game is ridiculous! What ever happened to the Fix PUBG initiative? Game is unplayable. Sounds don’t work and getting shot 2-3 meters behind cover!!

Ann Houghtaling this is all I’ve been getting for two days on . How do we fix this?

DreadHeadCapone300 Add custom server to the public test server

Burgess haven’t been able to get a match for over a week?? Every game seems to be fine other than Pubg? Matchmaking just seems to do nothing now?

IPHERE GAMING Guess only the hardcore fans are left.

auttg nice


Crono Since the addition of the launcher for anti-cheat, when exiting game it does not exit the launcher. This makes me unable to play the game until I task manager and kill the process for this launcher, and also displays me as being online playing at all times. Fix WIP?

john dinkum Hello , my name was changed to a racial slur, is there anyway I can have my name changed?

007 Hello, We are the players in the middle east and we love and enjoy your game, we have over 5 million daily players, but we still don’t have a server. It would be a big step towards upgrading the competitive level here. we request that you open a server in ME

Alan Reported for intentional team killing, can you please see to it this guy is banned!

Fix_PUBG_plz @ When will we get smooth running servers without stuttering in early game?

Fix_PUBG_plz @ When will we get smooth running servers without stuttering in early game?

ICEMAN and still working on shadows? 😀 u gotta be kidding!!!! work on servers and connection problems.. not shadows man. no one cares about shadows.. they just wanna play a decent game.

ICEMAN you guys doin what? with latest updates more d-sync, wtf u guys think you are doin? i believe i ll buy COD and play that one instead of your stupid game. could u guys leave this game alone? you are making it worse with every update!!!! wake up!!!

RaiderNation514 I can’t play the pts for some reason please help i haven’t been able to play for 3 days

Engr ‘ Faisal ›̵ ♥ Dear gentleman, My account was shipped for $ 50, and the offer was bought for $ 49.99 and I did not receive the offer! I was Talk to customer service but not reply from 3 days ago until now! This disregard of customers, hope to communicate to solve the problem

Tariq Kathrada Please tell me why I’m needing to continuously update my app with 104MB every time I try to log in

Tariq Kathrada I updated like 3 times this morning

Soud O. AlShammari Can i convert my account to mobile xbox

Blue Forever Yo! Can y’all airdrop MAG with the scope please?

Suvam Dey I agree I still did not receive my compensation ☹️

abhinav arora I want to be a beta tester

Nicholas Ruddy Thanks for more dsync. Looks like your server optimizations and supposed fixes worked…..not.

PRamod Pansare you are not yet launch In time to uninstall lagging PUBGMOBILE because we need LITE version, we are downloading is best its just under 400mb

Chris Jarin nvidia’s latest drivers creates hitching in your game?…

Jishnu Manoj better you remove friendly fire option. all the fucking Chinese players are killing team mates for gun,ammo,suppressor etc

Divine Are there oce servers?

Bearkinnbeer I try turning on and off the anti-cheat and still experience lags while in lobby.

Ravi kumar chhaba Stucked here…….

Steven Bockbrader is sancock the only map now? 10-10 and everyone of the has been this shit map. Try only selecting the others ans wait about 5 min befpre stopping

Toni Arellano rlly PUBG? .-. after me reporting an squad of hackers and yes, i’m the banned guy, cmn dude 😐😐😐😐😐😐

Nova So I didnt get my compensation reward for pubg on PC it says I clamed it but I didnt get anything and i mainly wanted that bennie

Orbit Storm Wooh boy. This desync (aka “ping lock”)! Some of the worst shit I’ve ever seen. He shoots at where I was a full second before and STILL kills me with a few bullets. AisTer110 is either in a mud hut in some jungle or your servers are shit.

Midhun J I’m unable to unlink twitter from PUBG.

3𝖗𝖔𝖝𝖍 Hello, We are the players in the middle east and we love and enjoy your game, we have over 5 million daily players, but we still don’t have a server. It would be a big step towards upgrading the competitive level here. we request that you open a server in ME

Syed Zubair When is Ultra Hd Graphic Mode coming in XS Max?

Jeffrey Wolf A live look at Bluehole trying to “fix” PUBG…

genesa. And again

no one lobby is badly broken now, not like it was never unbroken..but now…geezzz… Putting the game back on the shelf…

Sidney Schubert can’t seem to find a match at all for duos been waiting a half hour

genesa. I dont know why but after I finished the game or died, this always happened. Can you please fix this? it wont sent me back to lobby, kinda crash/stuck

Alan Thought you were fixing this rubbish cheating

яє∂∂єм.gσριиαтняє∂∂у not opening game please resolve as soon as

HotelCharliHill AND 20,000 BP BECAUSE YOUR GAME IS LAGGING LIKE GARBAGE AFTER THIS [email protected]?!?? AND I SAID TO MYSELF, “I bet they rigged the loot boxes so that I won’t get good loot to sell on steam…” SIX WEAPON SKIN BOXES IN A ROW! ALL LAME SKINS ROLLED!?!


no one Hey, here is a idea, for your year anniversary can you please give us a join lobby that works right? Please….

Mario Hello, my game since the last update keeps reseting my settings to default. I have tried to delete GameUserSettings, but still nothing.. I hope you can help. Thanks Mário Sousa

Deni Volkoff You guys should start a new campaign called “Fix the Fix PUBG” and then continue to make the game worse. It’s OK to admit some professions are not your calling. Find a new career gents. This one isn’t for you.

Deni Volkoff The developers were a critical error

Deni Volkoff No it’s not. lol

ταяɪq 💙✨ How can i recover my account ?

Soros Did Nothing Wrong 🖖 No recoil, aimbot, wallhack Name: zhaoningbobo112

xphantomxxxx hello, i think i found a bug, when i the enable anti-cheat my audio sounds like it has no bass and its hard to hear footsteps.

O-Brian After a few lost Games because of a “corrupted file” Error- i got perm banned by Battle-Eye, i cant belive whats goin on please help me!, im a long time Supporter and play since closed alpha- have items worth thousands oh Dollars..pls re-check this!!! leftfordead1337

Johnny Gonzalez Need some help here guys…I keep getting “Fail to authenticate from external provider” when I launch PUBG. 🙁

Migkwa Have you tried clicking the cog and restart lobby? This worked for me. Just hitting the button below the message did not.

shahrul yo why I can’t connect to the server? Fix your server man

midninBR Failed to Authenticate From External Provider, it’s so hard to play PUBG recently, errors, can not click on buttons…

Wey Server issues happenin’ here in Asia

Juan Carlos Luna Server is down…

Amber Cox What’s going on with the servers?

Cw game keeps saying servers are busy and “failed to authenticate server” restarted everything and even went off/online with steam

ChrisFrags And they wonder why the player-base is dwindling… Its not the outage, is the fact there has been ZERO Tweets or response from them letting us know whats going on. Piss poor…

GenesiXGame Hey Can not join a possible server to fix its PLS

PEPIS|GhoulJamz 😈👻💀🎃 Are servers down? Getting repeated busy server messages

Braden Gross are the servers down?!?! Keep getting “failed to authenticate” and “servers are to busy” errors!!!!!!

KingElad “Fail to Authenticate from External Provider”? You guys down?

Just Kel FYI servers are down last 10 minutes. An acknowledgement would be nice

Jet Optimist – Mark What does Fail to Authenticate to External Provider error mean??? HELP!!

㋡Kevin.P.Chimbo.D㋡♪ PC servers down????

swagger Not sure if you’re aware but, the servers seem to be down atm.

Erling In EU region as well.

swagger After refreshing about 20x I was able to get back to the lobby. But after each game it keeps happening. FYI

chris richard Servers Down on east coast ???

Lou Bega, DDS Is there an outage?

brotherb34r What’s happening? Prime time on Saturday evening, and we’re down? This appears to be a problem..

Antonio Margareti you’re game is messed up. Can’t connect. Just says “fail to authenticate from external provider”

Walter White whats the deal with the failed to authenticate with external provider error?

Matt Martin saying servers are too busy for multiple people

Andrew McJannett-Smith why are the servers too busy or u get error message fail to authenticate from external provider. I have restarted the PC, restarted Steam and Restarted the game with no luck. Central Time Zone USA 6:40pm

Erling Servers are too busy at the moment.. External provider. and so on. NOT WORKING NOW

Devon Your game appears to be broken right now

| Mauro Iaconis | down sa!?

Mvestro $hvwty servers too busy and failed to authenticate errors over and over again for the last hour , wats up with that

brotherb34r I don’t see other gamers having this issue on a Saturday night during primetime. What’s up We’re all out here trying to grind your objectives before they reset in 22 minutes.

CryptoGrafix ⚡️ Why are we getting fail to authenticate from external provider when playing on PC?

NO-SAFETY 🚧 “Fail to authenticate from external provider”

Dan Lam So much potential only to die due to some error they won’t tell us

ChukyN there are any problems with the servers? me and my friends cant connect.

GeoElitez huhhh….why 😔

Caleb Martin Randel Same.

Gudmund Haraldsen Pubg “Fail to authenticate to external provider” What’s going on?

Edvin Olsen are the servers down ?

Mike how do I fix the error, cannot blah blah external provider? Seems like it’s always something with pubg

Aaron Gibson um all of my friends cannot get into lobby on pc…. whats up with that This game just gets worse and worse… fix pubg ha

Stephen Higgins what’s up with the server to busy and cannot connect?

PhantomTv What is this FAIL TO AUTHENTICATE FROM EXTERNAL PROVIDER bs I JUST WANNA PLAY FFS! HANDLE IT OR ITS 50 DKP- (if you get the joke i respect you)

PhantomTv im in atm but matchmaking is still being a bully


Effendeerey yo whats going on i all of a sudden cant get on! i keep getting this message along with the servers too busy?! ive already restarted steam and pubg a couple of times

Jorge De la Cruz A. serves down, omg ☹️


Dingoo. game machine broke, cant get into game

boo jay dooobya what the f is the problem now…

Mark F. Server crash. Cmon, not a saturday night..

Andrius now this?

(((ornella))) 😂😂😂😂😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗


Dirty bit Was getting the same error. Restarted PC and it worked…

Andrius Already tried that and still not working :/ (thanks for the reply)

4qualite been trying to get in for the past 20 mins.

Maximiliano Garcia Same here buenos aires.

Dirty bit I keep getting “Servers are too busy” error when trying to connect. PC lobbies having issues?

Maximiliano Garcia Same problems. Now allready in

Dirty bit Yeah I restarted PC and now I’m in.

Vipes on Xbox Did you guys cut the loot on Miramar and Erang. When Sanhok came out on Xbox? Just started playing all 3 maps and there’s not near as much as there use to be I feel like.

Sam Ramos True

Linus M 🌑👻 Hey are your servers down?

John Louro why is your game broken right now? Why are servers too busy? whats the deal?

jen 🙄


STiCK 🍻 What happened to the Oceania servers?

swagger PUBG bug, pan on the face.…

Alexander Barwich This is a hack feauter!

🅿️atjeuh070🔰 I had that few weeks ago that a guy had the Pan in the Face you remember you clip it aswell right

TheParadox I’ve seen this bug a handful of times over the past year. Crazy how it hasn’t been solved yet

PUBG Help Thanks for the clip Swagger! It has been forwarded to the team to investigate. -E

Absent System Its the desync being forwarded? 😂😂 on Xbox its been 10 months now

swagger Thank you!

Tom and I both experienced this the other day while using the SKS

Defta WTH?! was his partner holding a pan in front of his face while he shot you? lawl

أشكووونوشيف The game on the iPhone XS Max is very bad and there is no smooth moving

king kohli Late night

jesse johnson FIX THE FPS DROPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

💛 i have a problem, i did report bs no one helped!!!! no one can hear me and i cant hear anyone.. nothing is on mute.. i checked the settings as well ???? Also, the game has the access to the microphone.. Can u please tell me what to do

Ian Pritchett I’m shocked, considering PUBGs reputation for outstanding programming

. So I just downloaded pubg, help

Romaan Now uninstall

. Already did lol

O-Brian i have a account worth thousands of dollars in pubg and other game items, and i just got innocently banned, i cant belive this, i hope you solve this problem really soon!!

PUBG Help Hi! If you feel you were incorrectly banned please submit an appeal on our support website -E

ESL PUBG “We’re having shotgun battles left, right and centre!” LIVE! 🏆

B4DSEED I cannot understand what’s do Interesting about this. It’s literally a worse version of pubg

ClashingKev !

the Phillies give me strokes Having these tournaments for the mobile version has killed any hope I had for this game

toesly the mobile version will outlive the PC an Xbox version. sadly

B-Rabbit Lul dead game

Michael Lacy It could eventually come to the console (PS4) as they are wanting to launch the game on as many Platforms as possible (according to an interview) so it’s likely.

Dylan Hamaker please fix the pts match times on Xbox. It’s pretty bad atm. I’m on NA servers

mohammad Hello, We are the players in the middle east and we love and enjoy your game, we have over 1 million players, but we still don’t have a server. It would be a big step towards upgrading the competitive level here. we request that you open a server in ME

Thiago Antunes Luz @ PUBG_help Hello, my name is Thiago, I have a huge problem with the connection of the game after the upgrade # 23 my internet has a low ping in all other games, but after updating only the one of PUBG sa like this one in the photo went up from 30 to 130 HELP

Brad Amour unfortunately, with the very rare exception, have not been able to get into a game with less then 220ms ping on PC from OC. It feels like we are being directed to NA by default. I’ve been persistent, but I feel I will be giving Blackops 4 a go this coming week.

Brandon be waiting Did you not read what I said it also depends on how far you away from their server I also have zero desync issues on other games because these other games are not located in Korea

Daniel Hamilton I can’t get a game on Xbox playing single player. Doesn’t matter when or what day it never connects. Why?

pewpew_af Almost got teleported to another dimension…


Dan Parker

Bench What’s new? PUBG on the decline and streamers know Call of Duty is better in all ways possible then PUBG.

ً Hello, We are the players in the middle east and we love and enjoy your game, we have over 1 million players, but we still don’t have a server. It would be a big step towards upgrading the competitive level here. we request that you open a server in ME p

Cory Swatsler How about we fix the servers from lag and lossing connection before we add anything else these are the worst servers i have ever been in and if you all cant figure these problems out your going to lose players

OnlyC I have not received a compensatoin gift although the game notice is received. I sent support mail but three day have not received the answer . So do not see any notifications from the fanpage on the subject except for the error notificantion too many gift.🤬

PUBG Help Hi! We will grant the compensation rewards to all eligible players shortly after the login period. -E

CasualHeadshotPro Same issue

James Pittman is this the new record for kills on Xbox or what

Kristaps Briedis guys, your ranking system is pointless. As you can see in the video, you can get grand master rank by simply being AFK. This has to stop.


GeoElitez I keep defending pubg to everyone i USE to play with, now they’re all playing different games and don’t even touch pubg. I could see why. I did my daily missions to i can play this event mode in peace and now its taken down. So sad BlueHole

D.D.L. hey cant play the game… 200ms+ ping, why is that? SEA region, why dont you bring back the Region selection, that everybody wont complain, and we can game all day? fix this please! this game is paid.

Checkout current Pubg server down

🎮giggles🎮 Please bring back the car mayhem mode!! 😁

Dave P Your QA is bad, and you should feel bad.

GeoElitez Wtf 😂😂 it was so fun too, this is just HORRIBLE

Emmanuel Ponce can someone help me?, before the game never failed me in the matter of lag or pin, since they updated the game is unplayable, I practically connect only for another player to kill me. I give 2 steps to the front and the game gives me 2 steps backwards.

悲しい少年 Who’s trying to ply ring of elysium

Duo Max 800 hours of my life down the drain. Never again… call of duty time.

Pog Halloween update when

OReO Guess I’ll be waiting for

Jeffrey Wolf It worked fine… Just played a round and won. Wtf are you talking about? It’s the best event mode you’ve run so far. FIX YOUR SHIT.

Arthemesia Was the critical error a blackout? :p

Delta It’s cool. We’re gonna have 20k BP again.

JuanJo One really good idea and….

Robert Arranz Dead game

Kanjiru yo what are u doin that shit hella fun

Joshua There has seemed to be a Blackout??? Lol

悲しい少年 Send compensation

Sgt_gh0st haha… That gotta have been really fucked up, considering all the bughs in the normal updates and you still push them to live servers anyway..


MarioMadness noo. everytime a good event comes its gets cancelled. we should get another 20k bp

Game Kollector The Xbox PUBG development staff is a critical error

AWP_SixtyNine >fixing the game to make it even more shit congratulations bluehole, you are officially becoming H1Z1.

Truman Burbank ROE and Blackout are better. I put 900 hours into pubg but it just doesn’t do it anymore for me. Time to put 900 in COD.

Kristaps Briedis Shouldnt you bring a huge bugfix this week? Or Im missing something?

shlerik Damn i played kne game and it was so fun😩

shlerik One*

Fake News You guys are beyond parody. Seriously, from someone who has put almost 3000 hours into your game, you all are some of the worst devs on the planet

Kaks Buying cod fuck this

asdf In compensation send PLAYERUNKNOWN’S TRENCHCOAT for all.

Natalie Lim Yeah

Dom Funaro this game is breaking even more since fixpubg

Yogesh Aggarwal Hey kindly help me !

VaWhaleys You should hire some adults over there PUBG Corp.

Richie Thw critical error is the dev team you have employed.

bobo697 Lame!!! Broken patches, broken game…adios


Jessie Adams Well why the hell wont pubg do it. It’s because they allready got paid. N don’t care anymore. I use to love pubg. But it’s a sinking ship. It’s going down. Sad but true.

Bryley Ghag Uhh bro😂 you can’t change from blaming Xbox to saying well pubg sucks now😂 it’s not a sinking ship cause they still make money. But if they stopped updating the game people will actually stop playing then it’ll go downhill. They literally just released the full game.

blejz1 Another 20000bp please

Kevin H.A. Tan Your anti-cheat solution isnt working very well. I’ve reported quite a few cases where hackers are still lurking in the game.

MrPro What do you mean ”returning”? it was never here.

bryan lobby freeze

Kipsa Do we need to wait until maintenance is done to start downloading the new update ?

Drew Kurvink I didnt.

LED I guess I’ll wait for PUBG 2

♏️cAdamstry This isn’t a silly comment at all. You’re probably spot on. Leave this and start on a stable fluid pubg 2. I’d be up for that.

Nicholas More beanies

Thaqif Yusri RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Unfortunately, this week’s Event Mode has been cancelled due to a critical error. We apologize for any frustration or disappointment this has caused. Event Mode: Platoon will not be returning next week, but will return at a later date.

Pany This is now beyond a joke.

John Blalock Fortnite made 50v50 in a fucking weekend, you guys havent been able to do it in TWO YEARS!!

David Nguyen Seriously I’m getting upset bc PUBG is unplayable lately. Every update they’re making it worse!

David Nguyen update test server đi, Live server như shit vậy

Bkxx At least your game is good at something, and that something is being consistently terrible.

André Leite SA back

無駄 無駄 無駄 無駄 Platoon is the conquest mode? Got myself confused

LED I was re-installing the game to try it out, you guys are lame as fuck

SeeJay Can I have some free stuff then?

Anthony Mac The entire game is a critical error.

Beny Actually it’s fine.. This is not like fortnite it’s not a cartoony game it’s a realistic game so no wonder 50v50 is not possibile I hope we get it back soon 🙂 (to the haters this is coming from a fortnite player who plays from season 2 and a tier 100 on season 3 and 4 and 5)

Small Children Well realistically large groups of people fight large groups of people. 100 people dropping out of a plane and killing eachother to eat some chicken is not realistic.

your face Fag^

Jeffrey Wolf I just played an entire round. It worked fine.

John F pub g

Daniel Crosby 10 man squads huh


Mr PartyGuy Dead gaemmm

Felipe Peixoto Just shutdown the servers… you’re messing everthing up. Come back when you have a truly full, bugless game. I love PUBG but, the bugs just aren’t acceptable at this time. You’ve launched a year a go, and there’s still bugs which e exist from the beta versions!

CMTFrosty There’s no such thing as a bugless game. I never get these bugs it the floating gun thing. Game maybe crashes once a week and I play every day. Get a better pc why don’t you? I don’t care about bugs that don’t affect my game play.

Felipe Peixoto Bugs related to connection issues, game crashes, slow rendering loot, bad netcode, fps drops, guns flying around (where a player passed by), buggy lobby, if those aren’t exemples of bugs from beta, then I don’t know what could be…

Ma_045 Guys relax time to let die this shitty game. Black Ops 4 is out!!

Trevpup Woody The game is a lot better than it was, but what bugs have been here for that long?

Felipe Peixoto Bugs related to connection issues, game crashes, slow rendering loot, bad netcode, fps drops, guns flying around (where a player passed by), buggy lobby, if those aren’t exemples of bugs from beta, then I don’t know what could be…

B4DSEED Pretty sure there aren’t any from beta. They’ve changed the game almost completely. There will always be bugs with this many changes

Trevpup Woody Yeah, i mean these days i find more bugs in fortnite than pubg, pubg just has a fps problem, that has gotten significantly better, and thats mostly my pc

ApeXN Reaver That isn’t the only problem pubg has what about the cheaters? Its pretty sad banned 13 million and they are still here lul

B4DSEED I barely with cheaters. I’ve been playing since damn near release and have only played with 3-4 confirmed cheaters

C.M.I.T.J 🕴 I can wait

Wolfgang Braun I just want fullscreen 1440×1080 again in . Can we make it happen

The Tinker Do you play full screen or full screen windowed and does it effect your gameplay either way?

Wolfgang Braun Fullscreen(windowed) and yeah it makes it not as smooth

Chris Same 🙁

Exodia Cheaters everywhere


Demoken Millions down the drain into mobile and Xbox when it could’ve been invested into pc. You made you bed, now lay in it. I’ll be rocking some tyvm.

𝕂𝕚𝕖𝕣𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕦𝕟𝕟 Mobile devs were a separate company, who owned PUBG Corp and the mobile game has paid for itself through micro-transactions. PUBG was going to be a mobile game originally anyway. So stop complaining.

Small Children They made the money they invested into mobile and Xbox back they just blew it all on cocaine instead of fixing their game I guess.

Joshua Hill Why would they care if you don’t play it anymore, you’ve already brought it lol

D Coulter I got my $30 worth tbh. The owners cashed in and checked out. They knew when the genre took off the big studios would come running. They’ve just been doing enough to get by for the last year +

Demoken I am by far not disrespecting players here. It should have never been released on any platform other than pc until it was stable. I feel sorry for everyone who has had their hard earned money taken from them on a promise that obviously was a lie.

Tullyween 🎃 funny thing is xbox is broken too

Duo Max Over 800 hours of pubg and I didn’t even get the game for the first few months… but lately I’ve been getting a call .. time to answer my phone. The country needs me

Ben I’ve been loving blackout. Looks so beautiful and IS ACTUALLY DECENTLY OPTIMIZED

IMTWATTING Beautiful?? Looks like a Simpsons episode

Ben Atleast it’s able to be seen in more than 20 fps

liam massey Buy a better pc scrub

Ben Well, I do believe my computer is well above the recommended specs for PUBG according to steam so I think its the game that’s the problem, not my computer…

Joshua Hill Your pc is trash. I have a 1060 and i5 6500 and I get 150 fps, never crash. Feel bad for pubg as they get constantly hounded by kids who expect the game to run well on potatoes

Cuttrogue Pubg runs way above 20 fps you funny guy, stop bullshitting.

Ben it was a hyperbole lol but still, the game is pretty shit

liam massey I like the game still bo4 doesn’t give me the same feeling and I’d rather wank with sandpaper than play fortnite

Ben I agree, PUBG has a nice feeling to it. But with bo4 I am actually able to play without so many problems unlike with PUBG. Bo4 is much better designed and runs better and that’s a fact because it’s made by a company that makes AAA games. Also I agree, save some sandpaper for me

liam massey But you’d expect that with a game like bo4 it’s got 3 different companies developing it

liam massey I had a 1050ti 4GB and I got 90-100fps so no idea how shit your pc was

Renan Figueiredo Critical Error in PUBG?? omg, rly? Disappointed but not Surprised :v

Joe Koerner What a terrible time to piss people off.

Miguel Pavlo 🌹 Keep fucking up your loyal fan base will only take so much.

Aj Bob It seems lately, all you’ve been doing is apologizing…

Shawn McDermott Ring of Elysium

OReO I want to play that game. Looks dope

Sikwitit03 Free to play, working mechanics lag isn’t noticeable and solid bullet registry. Give it a go man!

Steezyscout Not available in finland though. Can’t test it out.

ChrisAngel looks good but idk if its me or not, is the optimization alright? Because my frames are taking a hit

Adam 👻🎃 fix pubg btw

thomas fontaine This is bullshit


zephiK fix pubg btw

Richie Laughing stock of a game. You’re making yourselves look like you’ve given up on it like thousands of your ex players.

Bullet_storm94 Gimme 20000 more BP

DeliriousDeylira Fuck this game.

Guillaume Schröder Damn is PUBG folding under the pressure from competitors???! Step it up buckos

OG_Propaganda Wtf are you guys doing, man?

Karim Dagher Nothing is going your way this week 🙁

Duo Max Nothing has ever went their way with this shit game

winnersonlygc RT PUBG: RT PUBG_help: PC Players: Unfortunately, this week’s Event Mode has been cancelled due to a critical error. We apologize for any frustration or disappointment this has caused. Event Mode: Platoon will not be returning next week, but will return at a later date.

R8mysetup Bring back trading.

Joe Chace How are you guys this bad at this?

Jamie Blair It astounds me too. If good management was in place making good decisions then this game could actually have a lot more life in it. Every change or additions to this game takes a lifetime!

Joe Chace If it ran the way a game that’s sold 60 million copies should, then there would be no topping it.

MiKeY How’s that working out????

tSemery Bluehole is Bohemia Interactive 2.0

FYInVader “fix pubg” was just a marketing campaign

Sektor They said october. Its not true. So can i call them liars? Thats the definition right?

Vincenzo They meant October 2020

MiKeY They straight lied no two ways about it…

S.H.S.T.B your game is a critical error

Stakerios The whole company is a critical error

Sir Jaime Mofo, you re the one that plays pubg all day.

Tudor Haha gotem haha

Scott Berry I mean, they set themselves up for that one hahaha

Joe Chace

S.H.S.T.B By the way,this is the best response there ever could have been lol

Mc Ngl Send compensation

Gregory Reinis Lots of fuck ups lately

Justin Powell the new event mode doesn’t show on my interface. I’ve tried restarting steam. Any ideas?

Austin 🌊🌊 It not just played one on miramar

Shay LaCroix Event Mode isn’t showing up in the main lobby. Are the game mode settings being being worked on?

Bearkinnbeer My pc speac is I7 4790k Ram 16g GTX 970 4g, I was able to log in a play today without game crashing but the game feel like is lagging, not as smooth as it was before.

Bearkinnbeer New update on the problem. I just have a the game crashing on me today around 1030pm. and the lobby screen is now also skipping flames.

KylaneySWL I loaded the game up and the event mode was there on the right. It has now gone and even restarting the game and restarting lobby will not work. have you removed the event or is this a known bug?


Obscene will you bring back the region select. We don’t play this game as much now as some friends live in worldwide regions so we manually select a region that works for all. The new matchmaking does not take this into account and makes the game unplayable now.

No Crawlers is this week’s xbox war mode only fpp?

jumpnjohosafats 2077 Wish this would of came out when I was still invested in this game, oh well

Quentin why is event mode on Xbox putting us on the wrong map it says Russia map which would be awesome with the ghillie suits but instead it puts us on Miramar which is awful

Justin haiden No, thank you!!!

Nbewz Imma be honest. I thought you were pissed at there cooperation😂😂

Ralph Silvestri III Is the war mode meant to be only first person

Lewis Pauley Had the same issue, I’m cueing for tpp and its first person, also what’s up with the rain? Seems alot louder than usual, to the point where it’s unbearable… Can’t hear anything apart from white noise in my earhole

PUBG Help Hi Ralph! You should now be able to queue for the event mode in TPP! -E

JayJay Hernandez Nope still fpp even when you put tpp

Cody Cummins You had one job one job.

Johnypilgrim For some reason tonight when firing up PUBG the sound is completely off. It’s all treble and sounds like it is playing through RealPlayer in the 1990s. I checked file integrity through Steam and it says it’s fine.

Fidel Cashflow It appears to me to be an issue with the lobby itself

MannyGamingTv Never gonna fix dsynch

Knowbody™ so can yall fix the event mode and actually have the map on erangel and not miramar?

PUBG Help Hi! We have fixed this issue, all matches for the event mode should now be on Erangel. Thanks for your report! -E

Austin 🌊🌊 It not just played one on miramar

Suman Gowda This crate is completely lie 😓😓I’m keep on getting same clothes 😩😩😩😩😩😩

Gideon Bridges Black ops been out one day and doesn’t bug

Sirlan Fraga SA SERVERS!!! Back!!!

Nubrtron WTF did they do to war mode. Not the right map and stuck in FPP only.

Hosea💸 Cmon man if u any good u a know the community is small my GT IS u know my name

Mr. T h i c c I cant explain how fucking tired I am of seeing “FIX THE GAME BLAH THIS AND BLAH THAT, BLACKOUT IS GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS, IT’S TOO LATE NOW”! Like dog let’s be real if you loved blackout so Damn much you wouldn’t be in the pubg twitter comments saying “fix the game”.

Justin haiden Event mode is supposed to be only enragel? Why did i get miramar then

PUBG Help Hi Justin! The team has fixed the settings and the event mode matches will be on Erangel as intended! Thanks for your report. -E

Loyalty Runs Deep Event mode started for Xbox already?? Or is that later on tonight?

OpTic Yann That’s for pc bro.

Alex Buckle No it’s not meant to be on miramar look at the rules for the event

Senimor I haven’t received my twitch prime cowboy outfits. I have unlinked and relinked twitch.

robi pangestu what happen with my game? It’s always happen ini Miramar.

Rishabh Jain How Can I Delete A PubG Mobile Account Linked To Facebook

Kipsa Wait till they fix it ! is it really acceptable for a company to give free stuff before they even fix the issue ? Things don’t work like that

Halloween Names Are Stupid Just saying it because PC got stuff

😤*breathes*😐 Are we supposed to be happy for u or what?

Hosea💸 Na it just tells a lot ab the game even the shroud of it dosent wanna play it anymore

😤*breathes*😐 Yeah but shroud played pc… pc players like it or not have a harder time at this game than we do because they expect a lot more. Ya dig?

Ryan Cobb Lol don’t even try to compare yourself to shroud

Bunnyhop fpp? 😂 nobody plays it. the matchmaking takes for ever. no killer got the time to wait so long soo all the heavy guys play tpp. good joke👍🏻

ThizzelleMarley Yess the pubg gods have answered my prayers

カツラだ! Miss me with that minuscule map, no CD heals and gimmicks like RC cars. If I wanted to play a wacky unrealistic game instead of an actual BR simulator I’d play Fortnite.

Spøøky Søsa 👻💀👽 There is nothing “new” about this issue. Been going on for months 😂

😤*breathes*😐 If u read the patch notes… (which judging from your tweet you clearly didn’t) it says it’s an ongoing issue they’ve been trying to solve.

😤*breathes*😐 Who said anything about it being new??

Justin Knott Your game is shit. Either lost connection error or my xbox powers off to the “over heating” error. I’m 12 hours into and not one issue. You waited to long to get the game out of preview

Bunnyhop clean ur xbox maybe once a year.?

BP This fucking guy 😂😂😂 maybe try and get a new Xbox cause that shit shouldn’t be overheating

😤*breathes*😐 And you blame the overheating notice on PUBG?

Meast Quite a good amount of people have mentioned this over on the xbone pubg sub reddit..he’s not the only one.

OpTic Yann Other than playing the same shit map all into one map. Halfed ass game.same with multiplayer.😂😂😂

joseph Coburn Happens to me almost every single game, it’s gotten so bad to the point I literally will only play when my bro wants me to get on. 😑

Oz Master Hey, I’m not connecting to any lobbys on Xbox PTS. Experiencing long wait time with no results.

Spooky Scary Skylar-ton hey, I had purchased a red leather trenchcoat on the steam store after seeing how it looked as a temp reward from the level system, and I logged in today and the one I paid for is gone?? Help please?

Spooky Scary Skylar-ton Also that green and purple SLR skin is gone from my account?

Spooky Scary Skylar-ton JK it all came back when I rebooted the game nvm

Ajay Dhandhu Pubg Mobile Has A Glicth I Am Running When My Friend Just Pussed me and i am first go to underground and outside of shelter.. Please do something.

Lucastor Hey , where is my items!??? I had won two nice jackets and now where they are?? You guys have to fix this game asap!!! Terrible conditions, amateur team… disappointed, wast my time and money..

Checkout current Pubg server status

Brian Leo Lmfao you guys…. uhm. You’ve offended and inconvenienced just about the entirety of North America since release, your apology isn’t accepted and frankly your lack of ability these days is insubordinate. You’ve had your time. Shouldn’t have taken 4 years to create a foundation

niz Pack up, pubg. You are done

RocknR00ster Any news on this…yet? Still can’t get connected on the west coast, “servers are too busy, please try again later”.

Wud Legerity Cheating is Rampant. Two players drive directly to loot with out searching, then kill other players with auto fire SLR and no recoil. After all this time. It suggests that you purposely allow cheats so you can ban and resell the game. No other game has this level of cheating.

Wud Legerity Cheating is Rampant. Two players drive directly to loot with out searching, then kill other players with auto fire SLR and no recoil. After all this time. It suggests that you purposely allow cheats so you can ban and resell the game. No other game has this level of cheating.

Marcos Rodríguez my second with a lot of contras . HIGH ping.. no SSD and One S

Nameless Can’t believe wasted money on you folks.

Matt Long what do we do with evidence of a player cheating if no action has been taken from our report?

Matticus Couple of things after the recent update: 1. Scopes get stuck permantly to weapons and you cant interchange. 2. The spectate, end match, and deathcam buttons don’t work after matches. Having to hit esc to get back to lobby. Plz fix.

🇸🇦 Hussain Bin Mohammed 🇸🇦 I’ve lost a lot of points because of the lag is there anyway you can make it up please

Eduard von Kaaken no they havent.

Eduard von Kaaken Still garbage

Cevat Gürel I can’t click anything in the menu PUBG

Andrew Smith I don’t understand why people are complaining so much, I’m not having any problems on fortnite!?

EZFrag Servers down right at this very moment. Also, you why guys schedule updates, throw us a bone and do during non peak hours.

zorringuiricuak I cant connect ! OMG the same issues every time and never fixed at all

Dj Vinny Game is garbage. Go play CODBO4! Way better.

Azor Ahai 16h n nothing has changed! Good work!

Theuz lopes ® 🎃🍁 This shit is updating every day, we want to play and not stay a whole life waiting

Geoffrey Suttor Played 2 games on OCE servers in the last 5 months. Please sir, can I have some more?

zomgmoz The recent PUBG patch has been a complete clusterfuck of issues. I don’t like to tweet negative things about games I do enjoy playing despite their issues, but… yeah. The servers are completely down again.

Deano No wonder your fan base is dropping… two nights in a row!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?

Andrei Pitis any issues with servers , it keep saying server are to busy or failed to authenticate from external provider.

Alejandro Sebastian Can’t connect. Please fix

Tiago Beltrão You f. up the servers! Unable to play.

Baris 🏆 The brand new bug,problem whatever you call it… You are the best for creating new shits!!!How could it even possible to create new bug every single update???

Baris 🏆 You have the change « Fix Pubg » to « Shit Pubg »

Nakata servers offline again?

Marcel Winklmüller pubg down? ;_;

A.G.R Can my friends and I play a personalized game with no minimum or maximum number of players? For fun.

chief zav hello ?!!!

دانيه الخزام I’m addicted to help

Daniel Tencent is the Publisher, not a developer

Hurcor Really? Did they not just release ring of elysium? Pubg mobile. Check your facts

Daniel Pubg mobile is made by Light speed studio. And Ring Of Elysium was made by another company let me take a look to that one.

Daniel Found it. It was being developed by Garena Studio few months ago and Tencent bought the game and put their people working on it.

Hurcor So therefore they developed it. Conversation over.

Daniel Alright you got me there :v but I don’t really think they would work on it since ROE is now a direct competition with Pubg so whatever.

StreptoBluehoie You guys need some serious communication improvement between your forums team and whoever manages these twitter pages… 3 hours ago lumos posted about the new event mode this weekend… why is it so hard to tweet that out to your whole community lmao

علي باباⓂ️ Hi , i just bought a new xbox one only to play pubg , and i did at least one time , i always getting matchmaking fail !! Why and how do i fix it. the record i have fast internet, and my xbox only contains pubg.

Bearkinnbeer i got this issues after yesterday updated. How can i fix it?

Jae Sosa Pubg doesn’t care about there players it’s actually sad

savid I officially fucking hate the worst fucking game ever , ya need to throw the whole trash ass game away

Ognjen Odobašić sound issues with last version!

M00n5had0w04 What about for the Xbox one edition because I didn’t get my bonus for playing the game before full release or my sandhok survivor T-shirt

Chanis Cox Hey. The mobile app won’t let me log in. It keeps wanting me to make a new profile. Anyway I can get into my old one?

S ᵘ ⁱ ᶜ ⁱ ᵈ ᵉ red zone is the worst idea you could have possibly come up with, lasts too long and the loot drop was dead in the centre of it… dead broken game. Games last up to 30 minutes and get killed by RNG redzone. Utter idiots.

Black Rainbow you guys have lost yourself another player due to NOT FIXING YOUR OCEANIA SERVERS. What’s it going to take? You say you’re trying to fix lag issues, but forcing us to pay with a 230+ ping. Go fuck yourselves.

Darkrow I’m sorry you guys have to deal with all these negative people under every single tweet you guys tweet out. Working over time and on the weekends these idiots will never understand 😂

chosen1pr U are right about that

Tighty Dwighty Release the new prime set already.

Grand_Theft_Otter 2nd time trying to get a answer here, your activation e-mail does nothing, how can i claim twitch prime loot?

vasti So are you done with maintenance? Haven’t been able to play at all.

Jason Done with pubg

Florian Ziegler i cant confirm to register

drewperboy at last! Low latency games. Thank you for the fix. Make it permanent.

xBESERKERx323x is there maintenance or a server issue right now? Cant get passed the main load screen.

Sgt_gh0st EU Pretty stable a bit lower today ~25

kingsofvalhall Depends where in EU tho

Tommi Keronen Ummm.. I have this one issue with pubg. My Leather Hoodie (Black) is missing. Its not in my inventory and not in my pubg at all. Pls can you give it back i payed almost 50$ for it. Steam name ✪ToQuG0D and pubg name MJ-ToQu

The LastDodo I bought the Xbox game preview of pubg but I never received the player unknowns set would it be possible for you to let me know why.

Chris Michaels Is it your new anticheat causing horrible frame right now… get a grip

Faithlesssoul when they where down for maintenance it did that.. the exe still crashes since the last up date but i just close it out & it still plays did every fix config re-installed all the lists of things on youtube & the web. not sure why it found that pubg is on c drive not w LUL

Christian Engelund There’s some wonky detection going on there… Why is it even messing around with the runtime library for Bink – for another game no less??

Faithlesssoul not sure

Luke Rogers Not sure what they’ve done but my fps has halved with the bug fix they did last night

John Louro Shit is all day long in pub ‘

StraFFniX i know bro, and i´ll never stop complaining about that

Firmo every update is the same shit

Kalypto Pink And it’s down again………

John Louro Guys its not fixed in NA either. They are just hoping that you wont notice that you cant connect to the game.

John Richards Thanks guys have over 2100 hours on your game and not one elite item from your stupid crates. Congrats PUBG.

Ivan Connection issues… again

Caio Santos Servers crashed

nctrl server too busy fuckup again. How about fixing the f_cking game!

D Can’t get into any Miramar matches since latest maintenance.

…….. Hello, I hope to solve the problem that this is not a punishment, but a crime waiting for nine years for what I hope to look at the subject and return the account and thank you

…….. Hello, I hope to solve the problem that this is not a punishment, but a crime waiting for nine years for what I hope to look at the subject and return the account and thank you

Applepeng2001蘋果peng You should because PUBG Mobile created by tencent, not bluehole

…….. Thank you

Logan863_ why the fuck does my game freeze every time I get in a car? iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 12. Games even on low settings. Should be no issues like this at all.

Adrian Marin it was already updated FYI 🙂

Nikita Pok you need to test your updates before you release them your dev team is 1/10…. if i my dev team will fk up so much i would get a new team… dont try to make another game after pubg crashes no one will buy your crap again

Owl Lost Somebody be salty🤣. And my mouth??? Look at yours. No room to talk kid.

Rushi Rami Today I re downloaded pubg and realized that it’s still garbage like it was two months ago no matchmaking and no control over ping 160 ping all the time not playable at all…

Rushi Rami They had introduced the concept of the battle royal and yet other games have done better implementation than them ha

Luiz Murari “Frg” any news about that? can we update to the latest version????

Mohd Hasan see the lags in pubg mobile. How i am landing from plane and i am unable to Play this game your engineers are shit just like your CEO fuck you.. But i still love this game…

Mohd Hasan I am using pubg mobile and I am facing high ping issue which will make me uninstall this game and do my friends are also facing the same issue when will you resolve…. We are facing this issue continues after season 3 update…

Diego Tellez and my push to talk button, are reset EVERY TIME I open the game, it’s not that I have my config file on Only Read, tried that many times, files are verified on steam too, oh and also, my lobby screen is 90% of the time bugged into the loading screen 2/2

Tom Knowles Thanks that sorted it out for me at least 🙂

Diego Tellez Hello, I’ve had a problem for several months now, my movement keybinds, that are the default ones (for parachute, moving, driving, swimming, motorcycle) and also the one for emote, the one for changing the person I’m spectating, are reset EVERY TIME I open the game 1/2

PUBG Help Hi! Does this still happen if you disable the new anticheat? -E

Baj I love this game

Kev Taylor is there problems with xbox at the moment as keep getting time out.

Brad Amour please tell me you did not close the latency/server queue bug/issue ticket, as it is still broken.

5H4D0WGAMING19 what’s going on with the pts xbox servers I sat in matchmaking for 30 mins and all I wanted to do was try out the new vehicles and weapons.

Tyler Lambert map selection sucks, fix pubg sucks, can’t play in a map selected since it takes fucking forever!!!!

Astro_boy fix your server or many player go to other game! Pls move your ass!!

محمد New update when downloading

Jhared Cheatham Take as much time you need “trying” to fix your game. We’ll be here playing Blackout anyway.

MAVC0 Can you ad to cheaters report “RADAR” and “MACRO” i think it would help because not everybody has “NO RECOIL”

Luke Donald hey im on pubg pc how to change servers im stuck on NA servers but im in the uk

Paulo you do not care about the PUBG XBOX one does not improve the connection with the lost host and everything, where the server SA because they took ??? we have more player than oceania, you will lose a lot of player for B04 and BF5 if you do not start server SA

riley🤘 i feel like that’s better than not replicating character models… which is what pubg mobile does

PerlWalker You know what .. F this game. It is always a problem with it. Always!! For 3 days now, the menu has been broken. Both in Lobby and in game inventory. It’s rubbish all the way trough..

Thomas Williams What’s PUBG?

Armand Bronkhorst Just bring south African servers

Prince ZHAO YUNFEI nothing has been changed after checking everything

TECH CHYVORN PUBG always error when enable anti-cheat. I don’t cheat. Why?

PUBG Help Hi! What error are you getting? -E

Zombie420Status Nope it’s all fixed now

Prince ZHAO YUNFEI it is still same

Peter Sernekvist u guys sucks on making the game better. Every time you make some changes the game gets more and more laggy. Is this the end for you, YES i think soo. bunch of idiot who cant even make a stupid game

Prince ZHAO YUNFEI good maintenance

Harshal Why im connected to Eu at 160 pings …. Im from south east asia .

ThomasD Hi guys, this is so weird and frustrating. One comment pleaaaaaase !

Arvian Come on, it’s not a free game!

Orlytito🇨🇺 Are you sure network lag is ever single day. You need fix the problem

Mean Green Halloween Once again please FIX THE FOOTSTEP SOUNDS in the game. I can’t hear people moving or even running less than 5 metres away from me. People keep running into the very house I’m in without a sound. Which sort of makes the game unplayable in its current state.

rajesh kumar When will game be available in windows store

Alexis can we play PUBG my name is armanyx1cool

Tyler Nguyen no more excuses please

Satyam Srivastava Chitransh’s Dear sir i am playing game but game is open and auto quit this game which problem. please reslove my issue..

andy869 Dying so much it’s the third most played game on Steam. Why do you guys live for saying this all the time? Ok, it’s dead go away and play minecraft. I enjoy this dead game without people like you crying.

Joseph | Xydon I know its still got a lot of playerbase and that wasnt what i was complaining about, im complaining about their inability to release a patch without creating more issues and sometimes not fixing the pre existing ones. It makes it very hard to keep playing a game that i enjoy.

corneliusus lol.. the incompetence it never ends.

Kevin Perhaps you could use the Test Server next time when you roll out a major update?

PauloSoniN I was banned, I believe it was a mistake … I wonder if you can help me!

PUBG Help Hi! If you feel you were incorrectly banned please submit an appeal on our support website -E

Michael Nguyen By the look of ur picture im sure u did hack, so no were not fixing it

Jose Rodriguez Lmfao

Andrius Dude do us all a favor and start by changing your profile pic….just by that picture you deserve to be banned.

PauloSoniN I did not understand

N1r0 The photo is reminiscent of the gay


N1r0 What’ means? Sorry,I hate English Were you banned mistake your account? You were hacked PUBG What’s relationship my reply?

ِ Someone hacked my account and used Hack to play and blocked my account I am innocent and I need to recover my account

N1r0 I understand. It’s PUBG mobile I feel sorry for you My pubg is out of order. I see silver everyone

ِ How do I get their email to talk to them? My account has been suspended for 10 years and I need to unblock it

N1r0… Here

ِ My account is blocked by error What is the solution

PauloSoniN Whats?

Adam Blevins CoD is cool. I would like to see armor reworked but fun game. I like the silent footsteps perk. Makes moving around in the end game better.

PauloSoniN My will, I was banished and I must have been a mistake … I would like to know if you can help me! please!!!! I have 1717 hours game! Help me please!!!

r0a5k1ll dont bother brother, its busted

r0a5k1ll im so fed up with this BS. Everytime ButtHole try to fix pubg it breaks even more. im now stuck at 60fps on a system where last week i was getting 140. BH seem to spend more money and effort on merch than FIXING THIS DAMN GAME!

KilltaC Nah never. Cheaters only exist in pubg

Zaitus Apparently you don’t know what YouTube is.

KilltaC Full of pubg cheaters

Rattlesnake911 This is why shroud will not play your game anymore! Pubg yall are screwed black ops is taking over

Pascal Berger wtf is wrong now?! massive server laggs, dsync and fps drops…. your game is unplayable….again!

finley clark I have being playing before 1.0 update on xbox and i didn’t receive any of the rewards for playing before the release

Blidônio Rodrigues When i enable “anti cheat”, my settings restart to default. When i disable, its normal.

PUBG Help Hi! The team is aware of this and investigating the issue, thanks for your report. -E

Roachy hi just wondering when i access the inventory screen in game and pick a item of the floor lets say a scope…when i drag to drop on weapon the mouse stops half way across the screen will not go any futher have you any ideas on this please thanks

PUBG Help HI Roachy! Does this still happen if you disable the new anticheat? -E

Roachy Ohhhhh not checked that thanks I’ll give it a go and let you know thanks for the advice

HypNotiQ IV The fact that they always have maintenance at na prime time is fucking dumb. They should rotate it every week.

Dayveson Alex Hi, how are you? Good afternoon, will you guys update the game to play with the keyboard and mouse on xbox one?

dsrcex Delete fucking shotguns

Mao Glad to see something is being done about cheaters. People say it doesn’t happen on xboxs and it’s a pc thing, but it really does and it sucks for everyone. If only keyboard and mouse players on xbox could be taken care of too. Then, it would be fair all around for everyone.

ALEXANDER Die behind corner and network suddenly lag when 1V1 in populated area. Are you breaking or fixing the game?

Boris Goleshev 2 weeks later EKS DI

Samuel Plummer test server sucks!!!! Can’t get a match waited 5 min and still nothing

Knoxibus Ditto, I never received the confirmation e-mail

Đεviℓ Đεαdℓiиε INSANE SNIPER SHOTS | PUBG HIGHLIGHTS | Man check this out 🙂 RTs appreciated 😍😍😍😍

Kaneki @ me 😂 I saw it and you’re insane bro , continue like that and you should play w/ 🙂

Đεviℓ Đεαdℓiиε Sure

Faster Than Whaa? That’s the hole programers are only good at eating kimchi and make shitty generic korean mmo

Kakashi Channel I bet right now they just newbies in charge the game and pretty much they clueless to figure it out anything. New skin update literally come every 2 weeks, same bugs never get fixed.

Kakashi Channel They took the money paid themselves a good bonus and no money left to keep the original teams. What happens right now, it’s similar with Just survive from Daybreak. If we look at the pattern almost similar, they server close pretty soon.

Faster Than Whaa? Do you people actually read these comments? You seriously want your player base to quit?

Aaron Townsend What’s going on with xbox test server can’t play

Thomas Thompson Completely broken. Hahah what a joke.

Brett you’re killing your own game dumbfucks

d3adlyz3bra Actual region lock please

Chaz Michael Couldnt find a match on xbox for the past half and hour, got connected and got a lost connection error. Dead game is dead….thanks a lot because I hate Black Out. How is it possible to be this incompetent? You should be begging people for forgiveness you lames lmfao

Guitar I was re-link twitch with CREATE & LINK YOUR ACCOUNT follow your steps but I still have not receive the new loot box, why? Or it will be soon?

PUBG Help Hi! Can you please tell me your ingame nickname so we can check on this for you? -E

Adil khan My Nick name Is .adildsk.

Paul R Collins Why can I not get any game on the Oceania Xbox servers for the last two weeks?

Guitar Hi_Im_Guitar

Joshua I heard there was a BLACKOUT in pubg???? Thoughts?

azzman1000 Seriously ??? FIXED ?? have you had a look at the OC servers by chance ? get your shit together and help us. love the game but its past ridiculous

Vani Prasad Battula Still lags on asian server

david_cop_a_feel Why is there a new problem with this game every week!? Though if a serious question.

ezz01 Please do better! I really don’t want to hate this game.

B.B suicide company

Kill-time How do you guys get this so wrong so often? How many MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND MAN HOURS will you waste? Consolidate your teams and tackle the platforms issues. You guys cannot hide behind the indie moniker any more. Welcome to big boy town, grow the fuck up and fix your issues.

gamerfreak3sk I dunno? That was nothing lol

Duo Max Lmao I’m so lost …

N1r0 I have not tried verifying my game it. But it’s probably the latest. I going to check it in morning.

Duo Max My phone keeps ringing … time to answer the call!!!!

De4dEye89 _help RP solo still don’t work. Fix that!!!

B.B shit firm like U dont make online game everywhere fucking cheaters ( pes 2019 steam ) ( pubg steam )

Joe Karpenske Ay you tell em

Big Tings Nick so feisty

That Guy When does this patch go to full game

Callum It won’t let me play duos or squads on pts xbox it’s just says matchmaking all the time

LoreTV Guess it’s Black Out time…

Kill-time Because you are east coast. I’m in Perth and all i get are 90ms to 180s. That means i am mostly connecting to korea/japan servers. This is absolute garbage, SEA was my main go to, 50ms same as OC server.

Jason Ward I’m in Perth, but my ISP peers out the east coast. Was getting 50-60 to OC

Kill-time Wow that sucks

Matt Mate im east coast and I get stable oc servers. Haven’t come across an Asian player yet

Jemuell Gaudia Still the same it doesn’t change everything!!

Martín $country = ‘thecountryname’ if $ == $country ConnectServer() else KeepSearchingServer() endif

😤*breathes*😐 Wow what a genius!😂😂 get tf outta here. You think their code is as basic as that? Grow a brain pls geez

Brad Amour You don’t think the point is that a simple code like above would be a better *fix* then whatever the latest PUBG fix did? *swoosh*

😤*breathes*😐 It definitely wouldn’t work because there are many different variables at play here*swoosh*

Brad Amour For example? Basically, he is right.

😤*breathes*😐 Oh my God… u know what? You win. You’re right. I just realized. Lemme go code my own game with if/else statements.🚶🏾‍♂️. Wish me luck✌🏾

🔥ఆర్.కె. రెడ్డి🔥 Game ante iPhone top that too 7 Ante comedy ga vintunte once close app and restart mobile

RAGEOFTIGER hmm…maybe ping valla emno ninna oka game aada eroju oka game aadanu.ninnati nunde undi problem.Asia server lo ping problem untundi naaku maa vallaki ade sariga vastundi

Acid Traveler don’t charging they forum Of comunity (:

MixSar i’ve reported so many people using no recoil macro but nothing happens,why you don’t ban them? they are killing me from 10-15 meters without any recoil with AK. no recoil macro is out of control in the game

K. 熊 Since last patch tons of lag spikes and desynch on the japanese server

GetPoopedOnHomie If you wanna play Minecraft with guns and just jump around shotgunning people, enjoy. I paid for DayZ and I’m still waiting for it’s 1.0 release, 6 years later. Sometimes you get what you pay for. And 30 bucks isn’t a lot of money for the time I’m sure you’ve put into PUBG

D00D OFFICIAL I can’t explain it , yeah they need to get their shit together , I’m not denying it. it’s annoying as fuck sometimes but I’m not crying

WHITZ. I doubt any literal tears were shed when anyone was complaining about it. So if me responding to the people as if they’re isn’t something to be complained about is crying, then you’re crying too lol

D00D OFFICIAL Must be sad hating people for no reason huh loser?

GetPoopedOnHomie Dude these updates have been a thing and shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s just the way this company runs, it’s sad everyone feels so entitled just because they spent $30 a game. Calm yo tits and just wait, what is whining about it going to do except make the NA look like babies

Allan Somera LOL truth, only in NA i’ve seen grown men cry in games (Dota2, LoL, Overwatch and other games)

GetPoopedOnHomie When I see PUBG is down for maintenance, I know I’m just going to see my fellow NA’ers whining about peak times and not being able to play. It’s embarrassing. Every time it happens like they don’t think it will or they haven’t realized how it works and it’s always been this way

Checkout current Pubg server status

LaziestPlayer FIX PUBG PROGGREESSSS !!11!!

LaziestPlayer FIX PUBG PROGGREESSSS !!11!!

D00D OFFICIAL Am I the only PUBG fan who actually doesn’t cry about everything?

BlockayEdits Oh no I have to watch YouTube videos and actually put nutrition in my body.

Andrius Mate you sound like an abused couple….just acepting it o pretending that this shit is ok, you didn’t fall from the stairs, we all see it…we are here for you too.

D00D OFFICIAL When did I say it’s okay for this to happen? Never lol..

adam salman I still think pubg is still the best game i ever player despite all of everything being said

Nathaniel Epps Be honest, do you work for PUBG’s PR department?


StevenSeagalsBalls qq

Ted 2 million players and only 200 comments yeah you’re not the only one who doesnt care youre not special

light me up 🔥 🐍 No, I don’t cry either

Julian Inoke Yes you are😂😂😂

Lorne himself I’m here in solidarity with you mate

Robert Adams as he cries about no crying hahaha emo much

tangotv I don’t even know you and I hate your guts

D00D OFFICIAL Must be sad hating people for no reason huh loser?

Ninjaenton Just 1 Viewer Twitch Warriors which have no skill and blame it on desync

Yufan Hu NUMB

Allan Somera It’s rage culture. People think it is fun and accepted to cry about everything. Specially in this social media age. Look at all the responses on this tweet, it is just ppl crying.

WHITZ. How do u explain not having these servers/issues fixed by now? Theyve had over a year and a half to figure out their problems and they haven’t yet. Theyve made more than enough money to improve their servers and or hire people to fix all their problems. Yet, theres still problems

D00D OFFICIAL I can’t explain it , yeah they need to get their shit together , I’m not denying it. it’s annoying as fuck sometimes but I’m not crying

WHITZ. I doubt any literal tears were shed when anyone was complaining about it. So if me responding to the people as if they’re isn’t something to be complained about is crying, then you’re crying too lol

Allan Somera Oh that’s easy, they just didn’t have the base framework that scaled when it’s growth expanded so quickly.

jaekim8855 Buddy you paid almost 40 dollars for this game. In return they are giving you bare minimum. Its just stupid

D00D OFFICIAL Giving me bare minimum? I have over 500 hours in this game of stupid fun with friends and solo play , Pretty sure I’m getting my money’s worth. Yeah the game has problems , no doubt. But It’s not the only game I own , so I’m not crying like it’s the end of the world.

riley🤘 still better than cod for $60 imo

D00D OFFICIAL cod is the same shit every year with a new skin and microtransactions galore for 60$ , not worth even looking at honestly

KylaneySWL Same

Eduardo Herrera Same

GetPoopedOnHomie I feel you man

cody haney no, I’m sure there are some players that don’t have twitter.

Chris Goddard Id say the vast majority Cant fucking stand when companies only use twitter to make announcements Twitter is for celebrities and douchebag “internet famous” people

KylaneySWL LMFAO at this one… it’s too true !!!

Comic Books Plus man you’re salty. Honestly I got why they did it the way they were doing it but when it’s weekly there should be better option. 1 person said maybe there is a reason they can’t do it in waves but in that case rotate the time not just to make US happy but I’m sure other would-

Comic Books Plus lik it too. Plenty of asian people playing when I get on. I assume they have other things to do during the other parts of the day

Nolife Demon im not salty in the slighest xD, but I don’t disagree that they can’t rotate it either, Rotate it different times of the days, but sometimes the ‘maintenance’ isnt weekly and goes a few weeks with none, I am saying that the current downtime is always going to be someones prime –

Nolife Demon time, but the current system is only a minimal playerbase downtime, this time frame is when the least users are on worldwide, look at the charts, most other times peak around 700/800k+ this time you’re lucky to push around 400/500k players. making it the-

Nolife Demon most convenient time to do so, its 4pm here for me atm, its been down since lunch time, this is my prime time as I start work in 2 hours, so it affects me, I just find other things to play/do instead of pissing and moaning about it being my ‘prime time’ and being unfair

Nolife Demon im not defending their feelings, im not defending anyone tbh, im announcing the idiocracy that you cunts spew about ‘oh no ma prime time’, your prime time is a 7% of the active playerbase, its always someones prime time, but 7% of the playerbase being murica and south murica 1/2

Nolife Demon yes after 8pm for me, is like later afternoon in america, again making it your prime time lol

Rihan khan After update my game is crashing again n again and pubg Mobile team is not responding my message…what the f**k ? My ranking is going below because of this shit…

Julien Boissonneault Yeah on NA primetime again. Congrats dummies

Amechi “St.Bernard” I have been unable to play on my iPhone X after last night update… what do I do???

Saeed Lootah Why did you remove the servers ???!!!! We don’t want to play with chainees !! All of them are hackers -,-!!!!!!

Straybullet Are all the maps working? You can select a Miramar or Erengal map but it won’t join regardless of how long you wait, and quick join has only popped sanhok over the last 12 matches.

PUBG Help Hey Straybullet. Can you tell us what your local region is and at what time did you try queuing for games? Can you also tell us if this occurs throughout the whole day or only at certain times of the day? -S

sanjeev baria what’s going on with this?? maintenance is tomorrow morning (IST) why its showing server too busy?

huff Welcome to my pubg Life! Happens to me 8/10 matches

Saleh almrry 🇸🇦 💚 i want to install the game on my PC i tired by search in google could you please give me a link for the game on PC For windows

Manny J. Junquera…

Kerem Demirkol Help please, you banned me without any reason, you unbanned me because of that with apologize from me, and then you banned me again after 20 hours later with also apologize. Here are the screenshots. It is totally unprofessional ! Help me please. What is going on ?!


Arkadiusz Kucharski please fix the game… Many players abbandon pubg because its very bugged. Start fixing game. Desynchro and optimalization not New crates…

Jan Thomas I can fix this bug, go to steam and click UNINSTALL

Lane Rosser im a player in new zealand, since your update where you removed region selection,I have only been matched with players in china, this makes the game VERY un-enjoyable for me, any way i can set to match with players NOT in china?? the hackers are unbelievable.

D.D.L. lol cant fine match with 250ms below, always lag whew, fix this… 😒

Marlonn Zanela Thank for the update. Yes, I already tried all of the steps of the troubleshooting, and none worked.

PUBG Help Hi! Please try disabling HPET. Some players were reporting that it has fixed their crash issues. Open Device Manager Scroll down to “System Devices” and open the sub-menu. Scroll to “High Precision Event Timer” Right click it and choose “Disable”. Restart your computer. -S

Chill Zone Jon Are they quick? Can I play again before my first day of work?

Checkout current Pubg server down

OD 🏹 I can’t login by my facebook!

Santhosh YVD Heyy PUBG.. How’s this for my luck ?? Even Pubg tells me how bad my luck is

Lars When can we expect this for live servers?

3407 where can I download beta version 0.9.0 for mobile?

hind please I need your hep ! I cant log in to my account via facebook 😐💔! It show failed to log in ?

Edgar Soto Same 😩

hind The thing that i paid for this game and am an Ace seasoned! This is not fair 💔

Marlonn Zanela This is the amount of crashes that I got by trying to play from yesterday till today. Between yesterday’s 1:54 p.m. – 7:59 p.m., and 8:38 p.m. – today’s 6:41 p.m., I didn’t try to play, that’s the reason to the lack of crashes.

Josh So there’s an issue that has been around forever you still haven’t fixed, and when you click start game quickly it starts matchmaking but it’s not actually doing anything and you have to end program and restart game. Really irritating.

GRbroy i3 7100k and a GTX 750 2gb.. it fixed by itself but the crashes never stop !

Chill Zone Jon hey, I was playing the game like normal, and was banned out of no where. I was just doing my thing, having fun and suddenly 24hr ban. Can I please get some help?

PUBG Help Hi! If you feel you were incorrectly banned please submit an appeal on our support website -E

Chill Zone Jon Are they quick? Can I play again before my first day of work?

daniel it’s really hard to stay loyal to your game when all I get is sanhok 🙁 I’ve been playing the game since the first week . This is by far the worst the match making has been

Renan Araujo 🇾🇪 PUBG ao vivo no Xbox One

Sir Monkey when is custom games and proximity chat going to be out? Be nice if you answered me

KnightsXB 90% Mirimar in the rotation is just unacceptable.!!!

🇫🇷🏆 Blucher 🏆🇫🇷 Can you do something with your server PLS ?

Tyler so I have pubg but I can’t download the test server. It says I need to redeem a code. Can you help!?

Tyler So yea no response. That’s cool

Samuel Plummer when will the new update for Xbox be available?

M00n5had0w04 how do I submit a support ticket

PUBG Help Hi! Just visit our customer support page at the link below and click ‘Submit a Ticket’ at the top. -E

احمد الماضي Hello I want to cancel the link twitter of my game this because my account on twitter was stolen and there is someone who can access my account and play where i want to be expelled and cancel the link game twitter account i wish you lasting success إحـمد

احمد الماضي Hello I want to cancel the link twitter of my game this because my account on twitter was stolen and there is someone who can access my account and play where i want to be expelled and cancel the link game twitter account i wish you lasting success إحـمد

Viberant why tf have you made it diffucult to see shit inside the zone when you are in the blue zone. fix it!

Tim Pls clarify for me when or what is the timeline for disabling Mouse/Kybd on Xbox?! I cant give credit to other players for making “great” shots when I know a mouse/kybd is still allowed; this is a console, disable it and make field fair. Or gv them own lobby. Why no answer?

Adi problem is i dont know when its going to happen. its as if ive let go of “W” button and must press it again to start moving.

✖️Rotiserie Jones✖️ KD not if, lol

✖️Rotiserie Jones✖️ I have a 3 if, 320 wins, and I was the number 1 solo player for a long time. The game is broken mess and they arent even trying to fix it anymore.

BuddyFox So as soon as I got my fifth top 15 for the final mid-autumn challenge, it reset to zero and didn’t give me my items. Is this a known issue?

PUBG Help Hi! This is a known issue, as long as you complete the mission requirements we will grant the rewards manually at the end of each week. -E

Roland Chauvin you what’s up with the test servers man. Was working fine like 5-10 min ago then haven’t been able to get a match sense. On Xbox one

Fn fuad i went to unlink my twitter account .

Sachin Rangdal There are many flaws but it’s still the best game. Also, it lags a lot. Hope they fix it in the next update

FormelEinz xbox teaming in solo match

FormelEinz What is the right way to report cheaters like this? I didn’t want to wait 25 more minutes for the game to end before having the Report option.

Fn fuad Sam problem . Please help me

UmReal Factory Where we can give our feedback about SA Servers?

PUBG Help Hi! You can either let us know here on Twitter or on our official forums. -E

@Freezer GER Hey you searching for this.. Connection to Host lost

XplicitXpert So it would appear that you were wrong Mike…

Keith Warren so i take it the update didnt fix anything so its not going to live servers? do other developers give tips on making a game run right? maybe pubg should be more than a 14 gb game.. maybe the codes are to suppressed? who knows.. pubg doesnt know so who can we ask?

ImMikeBert They have made all the right moves with that game. Love to see it

MikeStan in game is Dop AF, eliminates third parry websites and what not. Pretty dope. We talking about this with COD for years. Nice mixture of sweaty players and casual players.

resti_ i have win 7 (64bit), gpu 4gb ddr5 + 8 ram + fx6300

Viktra | ЯR higher tick rate servers please

Nick Lively Oh I’m sorry I meant for console.

Noob_behind_you Yes. I did noticed after several games that the twitch icon is indicating that the connection was established so it seems that it’s a lobby loading issue. Tomorrow I will try if this issue occurs only after the client start and if it’s disappear after lobby refresh.

G乙メDARKCLAW hello darkness friend! fix this shit

Mason Morez I’m not new actually

James Petersen Playing for 3-4 years is new. Get back at me when your over 15+ years playing.

Davine Literally everything except one thing is gone from my screen. The game won’t allow me to pick anything up or do anything except run and look around. Pls help

Fortnite We are excited to announce the new In-Game Tournaments system, launching this week! Check out our blog for more info:…

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Marcio Rivera PC v:

FynlessWins PC

SebasAlter🎃 [#FW] RT=code

Ghost Gaming364 Please bro I was first

Antskycave_23 Plz

Ghost Gaming364 First

_nico_fontebou_ First primero xddd

Ghost Gaming364 Actually u were second

Jad Pc


Kady 👀👀

Carla Altomonte Still think they need 6 man squad it fornite

Mr__Supernova Oh for sure!


HITT3RTV [TMS][DcG] I’m the mega goat bow down to me muahaha

Mr__Supernova We’ll drag you along with us hahaha

intel our time is now

ᴛᴏᴍ ⚜️ Holy fuck

sowiiee re light the fire

Jake Hmm it’s tempting

HaRRisS Not even a tag… disrespect

Jake He knows his carry !

sowiiee You ready to win Dan, my partner just became unavailable

Jake This disrespect


GDK_Frozen Mal so nebenbei 😀

JessiKij Was erzählt der da kann das nicht gucken auf der Arbeit ^^ Kurzfassung bitte 🤣😜

Denis Simons In game Turniere 😀 klingt erst mal ganz gut ausser wenn die alle so schimmeln 🙈🙉🙊

GDK_Frozen Gibt ja trotzdem noch Kill-Multiplikator…also ab ner bestimmtetn Killanzahl kriegt man Punkte

JessiKij Das könnte echt interessant werden 😀

GDK_Frozen Das wird richtig nice


Lux Don’t @ me

Rispire ummmm you asked to get tagged bro

𝓡𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓼♕ OMG ez solo tournament win

𝓡𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓼♕ Ummmmm

Komodo But still nothing for casters!

Psyper Whatever these are qualifying people for, they’ll have casters.

Komodo Probably, but doesnt really give headroom for someone who wants to become a caster in the game (such as myself) ya know?

Psyper Unfortunately u cant start before they do, yeah.

Komodo Not in a ‘supported’ league like this moght lead to. Only thing atm is CPL but no spec mode still, hope that changes soon…

Trot1 | ЯR 😉♠️

Polar This could be a lot of fun

Trot1 | ЯR Deffo man 💪

“JONAS” aka msftsTOAST looks like we gotta have tryouts. 😏😏

Cortez DizzyThreeSix hmu

Jak121801 Aye hmu tho I’m tryna find some good team mates for this sht

Francisco Talamantes 1v1 in playgrounds. See who our top 4 are.

RisenNation Do 2 v2 and 4 v 4.

Stay Beat I’ll bop anyone here

Seth I’m sorry, who are you again?

MF Pierce. Y’all hear sum

SultanTTV Playground is for people who have 10 sens check kd and stats lmao

MF Pierce. It ain’t that serious Mr. Sangria

MF Pierce. I really wish we could make legit custom games. Regular storm times and regular mats. Maybe have it start the storm smaller for a smaller group of people. Have up to as many people as we want in a game.

Seth It’s still adapting I mean the last game mode having respond makes me interested in what they have coming.

Seth This is smart. I like this.

John Smith Dangggg

Mola ya see this shit

Matt / Vital Bo4 is looking like a dub😭

Mola Lmaoooo Fortnite really tryna fuck up cod

👑 Lv How

Mola They tryna take the clout that bo4 has by adding this

👑 Lv I really don’t see what u talking abt

Mola Peep the vid bro

Money facts cod is dead these new cods trash in my opinion that’s why i quit

Tommy we need get ready!!!


Stephen-Vinson😎😈👿 Fornite: okay we need something new what we got Devs: more skins Fortnite:no you need more than skins Devs: ik let’s head to the overwatch forums and give them the most asked for feature but in Fortnite ALL:GENIUS

The Prince Of All Saiyans All fortnite is good at is copying other games and ppl

Chidu Overwatch died ;-;

The Prince Of All Saiyans Lmao no it didnt

Alexis it’s your time to shine

lilbootysquirt Ima make it happen bro

Spooky Derp Tryhard mode initiated



JennisideVI ooooooft!

itstylerjamess Holy shit 🤩😍 this is huge!!

Aaron Poole your wish has come true

Scroofy 🎃 Aye!!!!!

joemarino27 about to quit work and just fort 12 hours a day

Matt That’s the life

Garrett Man thats a good looking guy. You know him? 👍Super excited for what your team is doing

ScoopDePoop Garrett love ur vids but still dunno why u call urself “jobless” lol


Darth Rngd 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Let’s get some practice in tomorrow

zSmkrr 👻 Ich bin besser

PzDraqs buildbattle 2v2?

zSmkrr 👻 Ich mach euch 1vs2 😛

Darth Rngd 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

zSmkrr 👻

Kooniia – Chloé Mec ça va être trop bien !!!

NarutOwO | Nawo Tu me verras plus xD

Kooniia – Chloé Oh putain 😂

Sauli Väisänen Wau

Markus Äijät voitti taas ja jäbä twiittaa fortnitesta???

Sami Tolkki 2-0

Quimbo_tmR 🎮💪 let’s get it boys!!

Ajwslayer Too easy, LETS GET IT!!!!!

Justin Lewis they sweatin a little bit

Cameron Barry Lmao I said the same shit

IG : Thats.Wet 🌟

🧠Michael Mindset🔪 bb


Roy Del Bosque Dang this is really cool tbh. Wonder who my partner should be lol

🍯 Funny

Roy Del Bosque You’re mad you’re mad you’re mad

Roy Del Bosque Not a joke lol

Rich & The Infinite Sadness

GSB Spider Need a free royal bomber code ??? Dm And reetweet this Also follow me And like this



Mama moan Can I have one

J$ hope i win i never win these ;((

Ashraf natha I’ve done everything you said

Vidal Amador Can I please win it

GSB Spider Its not a giveaway everyone can get it

Vidal Amador How do I get it

GSB Spider Dm me

Vidal Amador I already did

Zarrox No code, huh?

Jared Monias So, did ya get the code from him? Lol

ITalkGaming It’s fake

TweakGgamer Lol it’s fake bruv

Cameron Dude thank you so much for the royale bomber code. This guy is legit man omg

ben Your spam sounds like all the cryptocurrency scams that are everywhere.

Bring back triple threat Please 🙏

Bring Back Triple Threat


aaron = spooky skeleton meme squad up fam

Jonny Scareplay It’s cool Aaron I know you don’t want to play with me

Twinkie OMG YES

ECA Punisher 🎃 Yesssss. Can’t wait to play these tournaments and grind it out. 🙂

aido Can you win money?

MyAlphabet #WBGRC You gonna slayyyyyy


Ryan Overton Right when Cod comes out eh..


britten We will win nothing

Braden Britten will bail on us while we fight

Cristian👻 If not I’ll put you on my back call me Saquon

Braden Just don’t forget your guns like you forget your ID



nishi Ill play on pc when we doing these

Shane betbet

Jacob Pham Esketit

FoxSalt LOOK At the tomfoolery!!!! The week after the LAN they come out with this!!! The

Twesticles Semi unfortunate timing, but should be good news overall! December KcGameCon here we come!!

KCGameOn Yeah, but perfect timing for December event- work out any issues before we get there!

[TPwn] TheDrunkenBrit mwahahahahahahahahahahaha

Dale Crawford

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trash boat

spoopy omegalul the old razer switches sucked ass

Galaxy Cat I don’t believe it but I just do it for fun

Andri Sveinbjörnsson 🎃

i really need a keyboard and a new mouse as my one keeps disconnecting

Daniel Sandoval Pavos

soy pc and xbox

ArielHiperSuper galaxy skin


Happy~ Teclado Gaming RGB Razer :)))

Ashraf natha Yoooo hopefully I win good luck everyone.

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Live your dream mouse razer

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Dark Bomber bro thats what im saying. i fucking sold my skin because i said “oh she’ll come back” BUT SHE HASNT YET IM LOWKEY PISSED!!!!!!

Anthony Lmao y’all stupid should’ve got it when you had the chance

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trash boat

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YT: YeezyTv ‼️ Why you lying

Ramsen0029 Ps4

Scudman So it was fake 👊

lintnerspawsnclaws Xbox one


Ashraf natha PS4 VIP_NATHA

Aiden Kampe I followed tou


Gamer-Tyler-101 Ps4 plz dm

Branson Xbox


Abimael Barrios PS4

1 LangerJungeHDLPYT Ps4

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Bram Legein Pcbrother! Hooi me up

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Piotr Chlopek I play on ps4

Xelex | 0,4k 🎉 Hello

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Scudman Ps4

Qosfyツ✨ 〶 Ps4

Reaper’s Kitchen Xbox


~Ewa~ Ps4 btw


Ghost Gaming364 PS4 please

DaLord38 Switch

Caolan is 4 dream team?

˙ɹǝʇǝd LETS DO IT

Set Empathise YUUUURP

cDL So are they public matches or are there separate servers per tournament?.. if thats the case this could literally replace scrims for a large part poggs

LIGMA MISTIC It’s public

Twitch_Tvbroke Separate

just_plain_jokes But I do see what u are trying to say

just_plain_jokes Yea but scrims are for practice this is the real deal

LIGMA MISTIC This isn’t the real deal lol. It’s an opportunity for everyone to compete in something. Rn skirmishes are the real deal. This is just rewarded skilled match making

cDL And to refer to the skrimish as the one and only “real deal” means all other competitive play is useless.. ie scrims, customs, buy in tournies. It all builds to skirmishes yes, but competitive play happens at all levels, and is how new talent arises……..

cDL These are public servers yes, the questions was if every other player is in the same tournament per server, resulting in highly competitive games towards the end for those who deserve it.. lol

LIGMA MISTIC Yeah it will be full of other competing players.

cDL In the very least its an amazing step towards customs and SBMM where real practice is encouraged.. without split lobbies and w keying

Duazza I think its seperate because in the lobby it said the title of the tournament (in the gamemode section) so i think so


Sneakk__ Fax


Sotomayor ⏸ Si tan solo tuviera manos para jugar

NGG Yo no se como puedes ser tan malo

Ese_Wey Este pedo ya es serio ahora si sin mamadas de ahora en adelante


Zuyh Lee el MD!

Samer Marven Keemstar’s friday fortnite LOL

LowDunc💀 I don’t have Cross play?????

SpookyG👻 Is it time to get the A-team back together?

DeathsAbyss I’d be down

Zach, but Spoopy 🎃

SpookyG👻 30 fps gif I like it

Zach, but Spoopy 🎃 This truly is the future

Westie Man I feel bad for the 30 for plebs

Westie As long as u hug me when I die and complain

SpookyG👻 I got you



Sergio Hernandez Riv Que se armen los torneos de maincra…!!!!



BroKode That’s dopeeee

BroKode Yeoooo we back

🎮KoyBu/Fornite🎮 We Want This Tomorrow


BigBOOOOStabz 🍪


Bear 👻🐻 replying a genuine tweet saying this is cool to weed out the RT fiends good work

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trash boat

spoopy omegalul I forgot horton fuck

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yousef We want to see the code mother fucker

Aryan Khaunte

Roji As fake as people spending the night in a store

RogueEvasion Xbox

David C Sweet okay

Galaxy Cat Someone did the same giveaway up but with 500 retweets AND BTW ITS ALL FAKE

Real_ChacePlaysYT I play on PC Nothing else…

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Iiro the ps player I play on ps 4 pro

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Michelle Mannering PC

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Ankle snapper

Azel Play Station

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Brandon_420 But I’m a console Xbox ☹️

Brandon_420 Done👌

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Known PC

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STN_HashbrownsTV Scam

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AnimeKing7Lol Xbox one

Meme daddy Xbox

Strafe Pc

August Fox

soy idk if this is real but xbox and pc

Dennis Granda Espinoza Me bro

Laurin Crooks Xbox

Dominick Piazza I play on PlayStation 4

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Thamin Xbox but can take ps4 on pc

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Liam Butler PS4 my man

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Awoef I play on pc / ps4 i like pc most so pc 😂

Erne Done lol hmu in dm’s

Noah Peters I play on Ps4

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Jrny lol

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Jonathan Fake I never got my royale bomber before

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Jonathan Blevins Wow.

🕸️👻🎃Patrick-or-Treat 🎃👻🕸️ Bro. I can’t even. All that effort last night.

🎃Jeff-o-Lantern 🎃 Huh. I guess can use this to figure out how much they have to weight kills in order to create exciting play. Could get the live Lan scene off the ground again.

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Wolf_Raptor_First_The Why you gotta disgrace Deku like this? Unheroic.

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matthew Your the best dude. Ps hope tntis is real.

😱🎃 FutureVow 🎃😱 Trust me man it’s not. The code already expired for the pax west spray and two most of these accounts are fake.

matthew Thanks for the heads up. You are the real og

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Milan i love this game so much

💢Callum💢 This aint it chief 🙂

Wickzy u dont love me 🙁

NiP Yung 🎃 same bro, give me a hug

Dañiel Y’all are somn else bruh ☠️☠️

Giants Memes You forgot to say “no homo”


Jacob ◕ ᴗ ◕ I love positivity in the Comments 👍


HermaN What about me smh 😡




ƒⱤøsƮƴ ツ Go and riot kid… prolly gonna get grounded after that ‘riot’.

omar What is riot

ITalkGaming He means bring back the scythe or we riot, which, in the state fortnites in rn, I wouldn’t doubt it lol

kieran Excuse me but what it “riot” I’m not sure what skin, axe or glider this is… I’ve never see It before

Aaron Like if you remember😎

Louie Miller Hahahha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

STICKFIGURE ayyeee Now looking back at this it was pretty op

Jules Lynch This was when Fortnite was actually a good game…. epic makes retarded Ideas and Updates and now there game is dying and shitty asf

douglas n Craiglow rip building

POWERCHORD Hate when people ask for like its so annoying Like if you agree

CLoGamer It’s honestly amazing to see that was even a thing. Now that I’ve gained more experience

DawsonSaucin This is so sad! Squadfam can we hit 25 likes??!!

Jp Like if you hate people that ask for likes

lewis You just did

𝓓𝓻𝓸𝓲𝓭 Like you


Scott Sheakley Jr. Yeah I do hate you

Gabe H Hey, that one was innocent

💥Fernando💥 So the people liking your comment hate you then?🤔

Jay thomas As u ask for likes… Also fortnite pls bring back old edits🙏🙏

dillonking 😂

dillonking No


Calumn Speirs No u

Aaron 🤫

Rubber Duck Shobe Gay

charlie Like For repet pik

Mlgfrog627 Oof

Therrmal When life used to be simple

Valroz 🎃 And when pros used to sit like that throughout the match

Jaime Alfonso Santos Wait… they keep doing that

Valroz 🎃 But they can’t see through it anymore back in the days almost everyone used to sit in 1 by 1s and do this

Big Tex👖 Yeah but you can still do this. Build a 1 by 1 and put a pyramid on top then hold edit, you can see straight through it

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“Nathan Parker™️.” PC is this legit lol

Sarvagya Mehrotra please fix the issue that we can not join solo erangel or miramar from India. We get only sanhok on quick join. It is very irritating.

Liam Heard Matchmaking isn’t working on the PTS. Not working solo, duo etc, and switching region doesn’t fix it neither, just stays on matchmaking.

Liam Heard This is on the Xbox servers

Menor Armado I already reported one player with youtube video from himself showing how to use hacks… this was 6 mths ago… he still playing. Great job.

Ming Jie Bruhhhhhh

Anton Karlsson – Why is this in my game folder?

Venkatesh Ramisetty Hey When will u release the new Map? Bored of Sanhok,Miramar & Erangel🙏

João Vitor SA server will back on Xbox?

Jake Zeise give me free bp I couldn’t play sanhook on PTS last night on Xbox! Gamer tag: Worthyscarab600

Zaiboo! 👻 ☮️ my game is stuck on initializing plz help

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Marlonn Zanela I7 2600k Asus P8Z68 Deluxe 24GB RAM 1,333GHz 1320 GB of HDD Storage 32GB of SSD Storage Asus GTX 1060 6GB Dual OC Last NVIDIA Driver Windows 10 updated The game is currently installed on the SSD, but it was on the HDD untill 4 days ago, and it was also crashing.

PUBG Help Thanks for that, have you gone through all of the troubleshooting steps in the thread below? -E…

Marlonn Zanela Thank for the update. Yes, I already tried all of the steps of the troubleshooting, and none worked.

PUBG Help Hi! Please try disabling HPET. Some players were reporting that it has fixed their crash issues. Open Device Manager Scroll down to “System Devices” and open the sub-menu. Scroll to “High Precision Event Timer” Right click it and choose “Disable”. Restart your computer. -S

Abhishek Thay thay is lob..😜😍

Sarcasmer 🙃 🤣🤣

काम वाली बाई🇮🇳 🤣

Naeem ur Rehman I have fixed the issue by refreshing the windows install with apps and dacuments intact it some how missed some file needed by pubg in update or something

aka.matt why are my matchmaking times this high? Usually it’s 5 seconds.

Chris Michaels Also I briefly mentioned this in chat today and he agreed with me. Also speaking with other players and they said the same thing. Maybe could test this out?

Chris Michaels I will send a video soon. Firstly I have spoken to a few streamers/ players who also encounter this bug and its when a nade has been thrown, the player cannot hear any bouncing or overall noise to identify where abouts the nade has landed and where it is.

T1TAN5150 “Not always possible” Try NEVER possible

SixBuba Shithole fix dsync

StegoRawr Lol where do these kids get off thinking they can speak to devs in this manner? You’re lucky they have more patience than me lol, i wouldve handed out some punishment let alone actually help you solve your technical issue

James kasper Your game is garbage. So many issues and bugs. Hard to play a game even.

Falcen92 Just take the advice and info and run and test it urself

Gavin Larocque You guys banned me for no reason but I’m not even mad I needed a reason to stop playing this horrible game.

Tzvetomir You need to say it is only for you dont talk in general they are ok

Ashraf Qureshi dear team why everyday there is an update whenever I try to play the game since last three days I downloaded 3 times with 143.5 MB’s update and nothing changed in features. Totally fed up when it came today itself for the forth time.Bad experience 🇮🇳

ventiqx Thank you, reinstalled it yesterday on a different drive, it works now.

Bagus Dwi Prasetyo yosh…

RizkYurri Biasa maen jam piro mas?

Bagus Dwi Prasetyo serangan fajar ky, jam 01.00-03.00 WIB 😬

RizkYurri Wuish jam subuh nng kene, maen sore wae mas mabar hahaha

Bertil Åberg why can’t i get into a match on the testservers? Been like this since they opened…

Noob_behind_you WADU HECK is my continuously disconnecting from my Twitch account?

PUBG Help Hello! Have you followed instructions after clicking on the twitch icon to connect the twitch account via our accounts system? -S…

Noob_behind_you Yes. I did noticed after several games that the twitch icon is indicating that the connection was established so it seems that it’s a lobby loading issue. Tomorrow I will try if this issue occurs only after the client start and if it’s disappear after lobby refresh.

Shailendra Yadav Get some traing from up police thai thaii

Sarcasmer 🙃 😂😂😂😂😂

Blemished soul🖤 😂😂

The Operator I’ve played the PTS and had very little Dsync it feels very good. Currently on Live servers very bad dsync. Played 26 matches yesterday and the dsync was getting stronger and stronger.

The Operator It should get better once this PTS goes to Live servers.

Vivek Kushwaha I’m using PC, but after a recent update whenever I launch the game it just crashes

PUBG Help Hello Vivek. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. Also, let us know what your PC specifications are. -S…

Elyxir I am MORE than happy to wait more than 3 seconds for an OC server, stop throwing me into an SEA 150ms+ server with constant packet loss after 3 seconds of queueing. Stop killing OC, please, we have so much talent and passion here.

Billy Ho -‘MS making PC Exclusives not on Xbox!’ What is a “waller”?

Ming Jie Sorry. A gamer who uses wall hack*

Sushanth chowdary Yeah..U have game on both PC and mobile but you come here and whine on Xbox post… The same word that you have used in the previous tweet suits to you as well…..ya

Sushanth chowdary They are already aware of it..It is expected to be fixed in the upcoming update..🙂

AkitoAK (Pixelated) Nowadays when I jump into a casual game of everyone knows where I am.. Any suggestions on this .. Either it’s hackers or the Ping is too damn high.. And please do fix the matchmaking issues, many people I know hate the update and are planning to move on..

ᏞuᏁᎪᏆᎥᏟ fяιиgє Looks like it’s turning to injustice 2 mobile 😂

AkitoAK (Pixelated) Oh shit..

Jimmy_Çcc Why we are getting high ping???? The game is lagging damn loosing intrest to play game 😤😤😤😤. Please fix it it. I reported so many times but it not solved. I lost upto 6 matches due to Fucking high ping 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Resolve this issue as fast as possible.

Pedro Freitas i am saying in the middle of the screen… because in the middle of a fight u have no time to look to the top corner to see if u killed the 2nd guy… i think there must be another ‘line’ under the first knockout, instead of relying on the enemy’s name to differ the knockout’s..

I_Am_Moff upgrade your pc for better results you cant cheap out if you wanna play this game

Shaunak Chakraborty I have played COD latest editions, ROTR, FIFA 18/19, Far Cry 5, GTA V at med/high without any issue. The only issue I can see here is the game’s poor optimisation and not my PC specs. However, how much do you recommend spending on a pc/laptop to play this game smoothly?

Jake Hermeling OR are you just totally inadequate? Is that what we should expect from a team of Korean developers? You get what you pay for?

Cheeky any statement on the issue with oceana still getting into games with 150+ ping, i’ve waited 6 months for this to be fixed and still and entire region cannot play

Jake Hermeling For reals it’s like you haven’t seen the thousands of videos that outline how crap your netcode is. Do you even care?

Jake Hermeling Should just change the name to NO-ONEPLAYS DESYNC FEST…would be more appropriate now.

Ming Jie I tried uploading to through your link but it was taking forever. So, here you go

Billy Ho -‘MS making PC Exclusives not on Xbox!’ You should be reported for recording in portrait mode. 🙄

Stephen McHugh Dude you playing in a server room or power plant? That fan noise is insane

Ming Jie Sorry mate lol. My pc’s fan

Austin Maynard Idk what all details in game play you guys did for the Xbox PTS. But the feel of it is totally different from live servers. All my settings are the same from one to the other. Not liking the feel of it.

-MagikerN. Definitely a hacker check his stats not usual reported him long ago, He is cheating blatantly.

-MagikerN. Teammate of this cheating he is cheating as well. We encountered him in FPP don’t know about TPP.

Brad Amour it’s is pretty much unplayable. entire friends list have stopped playing it and unfortunately they now play fortnite 🙁

SND2G Hey , prone should be allowed uphill!!!.. Am in trying to “prone” uphill and I keep getting the ridiculous message that I cant…. Come on now, this is an easy FIX! Thanks!

Xx Adub xX Easy fix my butt cheeks.

andru It’s better because it keeps players who rely on prone to get kills out of the final circle. I don’t mind not being able to prome on steep hills but normal inclines need to be fixed.

PUBG Help Hey SND2G! The team aware of proning on an inclined surface whilst in the crouched position not always being possible and are looking into it! -S

Tim Pls clarify for me when or what is the timeline for disabling Mouse/Kybd on Xbox?! I cant give credit to other players for making “great” shots when I know a mouse/kybd is still allowed; this is a console, disable it and make field fair. Or gv them own lobby. Why no answer?

T1TAN5150 “Not always possible” Try NEVER possible

Trump2020 Reported 50 hackers in pubg, why isn’t there a reward for reporting?

Josiah So basically nothing will happen because pubg is trash and dying. Well good job and good luck with your dead game.

Ming Jie 😭 noooooooooo. But I’ve received notification on a player I’ve previously reported due to hacking too. Not sure if it means anything but welp. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Pranshu Bharadwaj I live in SEA region but for some reason I am joining server in different regions on which my pings are really high. And the experience is just not playable at all.

GcMaori Fucking Morons, every game is 200 plus ping. Cant connect to the server down the road. Paid for this game and you just fucked us again and again. Ping to Sydney is 23ms. But every game is 200+. Get Fucked Wankers

Lucas fix OCE servers you dogs they’re broken as shit

Cigs mobile play-I keep dropping connection 5-10 seconds after ground contact. It doesn’t matter which mode I’m in. What can I do to fix it???

Jake Hermeling Whats the plan for fixing the desync problems? Your network improvements thus far have been vague and week. It’s actually been progressively worse…

resti_ please I need to fix this and I do not find the solution appears every 10 minutes to start the game 🙏🙏🙏

Checkout Pubg server status on 2018-10-15

Matt M Hey why can’t I get on ?? Infinitely loading screen is hurting my heart ☹️💔

Spugbak Quick Match lets us in Sanhok Map everytime we try to play, its funny play this map all times please fix this error

Billkamm Why did you take down the FIX PUBG banner in game? Did you give up on fixing it? As far as I can tell every patch has introduced more bugs than it has fixed. What a joke.

Alexander Heimel why isn’t the change in rank or the rank of the player who killed you shown in the deathscreen ?

Jennifer since ur recent update my game deleted itself and I didn’t re download it because I needed WiFi. So now that I got WiFi I went to download it again and it won’t let me. And I am a guest account and I really don’t want to loose my progress. Please tell me what to do.

احمد الماضي Belize Mo I am the person who uses someone else’s nickname and please help

احمد الماضي My phone was stolen or belittled by someone else and gave me a block

Khalid Can you explain this?

Dankus Memus It’d be great BUG G did refunds

احمد الماضي Please help please

احمد الماضي Please help please

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection’

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection,

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection..

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection

M9M0 Please just bring back region selection.

Trump2020 How many hackers am I going to die from today

Matt Brown any chance of the temporary event mode “sanhok forty-fivers” becoming a permanent thing? It’s a really good game mode.

sussxguy twitch enjoyed re trying the PTS today.The new weapons are good. As a lifelong FPP player I’m desperately missing playing it. TPP just doesn’t do it for me.Hopefully with the promised upcoming updates the FPP players will be catered for 1of2

BLToaster PUBG crashes no matter what if my Ryzen 1700 is over clocked. It’s been like this for over a year now, what’s the deal? PUBG is literally the only game with an issue

Kunal Nahata often random teammates on PUBGM don’t want to talk so can you provide options such that like-minded people can play together like PREFERENCE: MICROPHONE ON/OFF

DW I guess PTS just isn’t gonna work today

REZYL_AZZIR try powercycling your console here is a link to help you

Ean Schmidt Don’t know if you implemented the new debug info to live servers but here are the errors I get, happened back to back 3 times on 3 man squad, now I don’t know if it has to do with my ping to server before launching into match but that’s what it sounds like to me

Ean Schmidt Number 4 and this happened after rebooting game. This has to be a ping issue or something I don’t have the best internet 3MB download and it’s happening to me back to back, might be something to look at and may be why you can’t recreate it in house Hope sees this

Pedro Freitas… i LOVE PUBG!!!

Haj Spent 30k BP and got 6x red shirt with a graphic bug, and got 2x Mid-Autumn .. Also my inventory takes ages to load

ᗩᒪᎩᔕᔕᗩ Hey ! I was wondering if pubg has a media kit?

Doğukan Gürbüz Please check my account

Arzh Find it kinda funny that u start backseating the play when it wasnt the whole point but whatever man 😂😂😂

d heck26 The PTS is only for people who actually already have the game.

drew Crying

DreadHeadCapone300 Lol smh

DreadHeadCapone300 You guys didn’t fix a thing

Prince Singh Anyone facing game freeze.?

James Mitchell what is going on with the Xbox PTS

Marlonn Zanela Every time I exit a match the game crashes. Each time I’m sending the crash report, but there’s nothing that I can do to fix it. I already did the fresh install by uninstalling the game and cleaning everything, but the crashes are still happening.

Kyle Pfeffer FYI the pts server has an error. If you have all playlists selected it takes 5 minutes or so to find a game. If you switch to mini royale it finds one in Seconds.

Grinch Just do us all a favor and make on 60fps and fix the desync and you might be able to save yr game.

Jeremy Never gonna happen they are too busy trying to make money instead of fixing their broken game

Jeremy Your game is trash

James Mitchell The game is not working. Fyi

wayliew hackers everywhere im officially going off to today

James this just about sums up my experience. No real Communication or proper fixes since ‘1.0’ and buildings and guns still don’t bloody load!

john dinkum Hello , my name was changed to a racial slur, is there anyway I can have my name changed?

Mean Green Halloween Please fix foot step sounds! I can’t hear people even when they’re running around just outside the building I’m in which is annoying to say the least

Jordan 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 I just installed pubg on Xbox and everytime i load it and press A to start the game closes…. what is going on???

James As of 3pm UK time. Sunday afternoon, I cannot get a game in EU or North America FPP on both the PTS and main game. Is there a major issue? Or is. It just lack of players? This game is basically dead if I can’t get a game On a Sunday afternoon!

SKYNET Any patch on high ping matchmaking

LuX You’re playing squads so technically there couldve been a party of 3 EU + 1 NA or any other configuration of players with a majority of EU players in that squad. He could still have 300ping in worst case scenario 🙃

Mikael Silvennoinen Could be casual PUBG servers and 200ms 15minute spike in ping ;P

GRbroy black screen and the fps counter shows 1000 frames . the game doesen’t open at all.. plz help

Swapneel Gawhale is it okay (legal) to use gamepad for pubg mobile? Let us know please

Fauzan Dwi Saputra why when matchmaking games on map erangel or miramar can take up to an hour. Btw i’m in the SEA region. Thx

r Hey the whole “Win X Chicken Dinners” thing on weeklies is a bit excessive I think. Not everyone is capable of doing that I’m afraid. Can they maybe be swapped for more favourable and achievable challenges ? Thanks 🙂

Daniel Why is this guy “vartoli10” still playing? Reported him a week ago.

Joe Ortega pts down?

outc1der Rewards for ranks are about to come up for and the system behind is not significant at all. Just spam games no matter how good you play and there is no limit on how high you can go. Ranks/rewards without meaning are useless!

Suntouch ^ AGREE bad system, pointless imo

Faveli disgusting game.

EwanHC Rewards? Oh dear


Phil Walker what’s going on with the xbox one servers this weekend? It’s taking ages you get into a game

Mclovin71 Thank you! Uninstalling the game how an easier option!

Al What’s going on? Don’t think the pts was ready?

wayne barnes Game is taking super long time to start a match on the PTS Server what’s going on is taking for ever is taking for ever fix it please

Faster Than Whaa? It’s allready lost to fortnite

Al Have been unable to get into a solo Europe match on pts yesterday and today. Is it down?

jato been playing for 2 hours and then corrupted data window popped up outta nowhere while fighting w other team and the game is crashed. goodjob asshole. i mean bluehole

FrostEU are u planning to release the weather_night (nightmode) that was found in the datamine before halloween?

𝘈𝘴𝘩𝘸𝘪𝘯 𝘚𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘮𝘢 For those who don’t know: in when you win a round, the header says, “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!” which I believe is cheap, disregardful, and uncreative. Imagine 100s of people fighting with each other to have you served on their dining table later?


Will 赤 sexy!!

Đεviℓ Đεαdℓiиε 😍😍😍😚😚😚

Young Latte this has been a known issue since like week one smh

Đεviℓ Đεαdℓiиε M4 DOMINATION

Cesar Fabiani You blow your father with that mouth ? Take it easy. Battlefield 5 beta came out and it was trash little kid.

YSIV battlefield 5 was on top of twitch?? so how was it trash? by your logic LMAO did the same numbers to what cod was doing when it was in beta

Carmine. Its in the honeymoon phase child. People will end up moving on from cod in a few weeks.

Cesar Fabiani You two should meet up and make out.

YSIV you know catfishing aint good right fam? could land you in jail

Cesar Fabiani What’s this “ fam “ talk ?


Rocky Fagboa You fucking dorks lemme clue you in BF5 and BO4 can both smell the wind between my nutsack Call Of Robloxia has a perfect taste in dynamic gameplay and graphics what’s black ops and battle field got? A detailed schematic on why my dogs weenie?

Cesar Fabiani Wait and see. Quit the gum flappen

YSIV DESTINY 2 FORSAKEN DROPPED AND WAS TOP 5 and look at it now LMAO it’s streamed now cause it’s freshly new

Carmine. COD appeals to the lowest demographic, its literally the same game each year. Thats why it has no longevity.

Cesar Fabiani Not with this new mode. Gonna shut the internet down.

YSIV LMAO yeah imma stop you dont play games you play cod games big difference LMAO

Cesar Fabiani 👍🏿

YSIV thank you lol


Cesar Fabiani That’s cool. Still doesn’t defeat the fact all the other games are dead thanks to . dead. dead. What’s this “ nigga” word ?

J Who is the moron here? The ones that cant develope games or the ones that keep playing it?

jelly belly what in the world is this

jimz sorry pubg im done with the cheaters / hackers from China. Peace out.

Hi I changed my name on Xbox and it shows my new gamertag on the menu but in game it still says my old name

Carmine. Yo I’m crying my guy 😂

Cesar Fabiani Over 300k viewers on twitch my friend. COD has um all beat. Slapping the competition up. Psshhh pshhh

YSIV You cod fans are weird af

YSIV Every year cod takes twitch cause it’s a brand new game It’s gonna happen with red dead It happened with monster Hunter LMAO

YSIV You do know that happens with every cod game right? LMAO it even happened with infinite Warfare 😭😭😭 how much money cod is offering you?

YSIV Cod fans are weird lol

Carmine. Black ops 4 isn’t even that good, its gonna die a horrible death when red dead 2 drops.

Jason Fertal Your aim is trash

Naeem ur Rehman my keep crashing after first 2 logo screen to this error i have tried clean installing drivers nothing worked

Naeem ur Rehman game*

Raymond Fish why the hell are 1847 and 1853 players in a game with 1500s??? duo, PC. why even have matchmaking??

Raymond Fish miramar.

Raymond Fish ????????????

j suresh Reddy worst servers in Asia …. Very very bad experience in game to time die in top 3 why because server reconnect plzzzzz stop game in India or plz rectify this problem

Saintdog please get me into a solo Miramar game!! Quick match is sanhok, sanhok or sanhok

Cole Leming I still have not received my crates back that were lost after the 1.0 update. Can you help?

Xoftz is there any way to fully delete all my pubg game data on pc? (i know its server sided, so i was wondering if there was any way to do it.)

Daiton Alexander Solice Hey! I can’t seem to download the PTS on my Xbox one! It says it’s currently unavailable. Help??

AH23 It’s cute you think people on Xbox will give a 💩 about PUBG in three hours

Josh Wilson I’m so tired of this game being broken…can’t even play the test server…2 games parachuting in and get lagged out in the same exact spot both games…literally the same exact time…won’t let me back in the game and now I get lost connection every time 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Josh Wilson I can’t even play…keeps kicking me to home screen during parachute…every single game!!! This is ridiculous

Meshal .. please help me my account is banned! Why? I don’t have any cheats and my account is fresh 😞😭

Checkout Pubg server down on 2018-10-12

Adam Not your controller dude. I was having the same issue

Adam No it’s not his controller. My character was doing the same thing. I have a brand new elite controller.


Oliver 900 BP for 20 kills. You got robbed, mate. Gg tho

Mr J Eck Is there a reason I can’t find a game on the Xbox PTS?

Mr J Eck Nevermind… It’s because no one plays FPP for some reason, everyone would rather stare at a wall or a rock to find their targets. Bad gamers need any and every advantage possible….


Chase Lee I have big dreams of riding on the back of a Vespa and gunning other players down.

James What about fortnite?

Mason Rockwell My 5 year old son plays that game. He threw a tomato back and forth with someone for 5 mins yesterday then had 3 kills…..again he’s 5. Garbage.

James I’m sure he’s good my friend

Malachi Lafferty That’s your controller

Court McKinney No… No it’s not

john mathis the problem is Mirimar, errors, post match lost connection to host, everything else, running pretty smooth…but ya gotta fix Mirimar… or, give map selection por favor, y grassy-ass.

Tim Pls clarify for me when or what is the timeline for disabling Mouse/Kybd on Xbox?! I cant give credit to other players for making “great” shots when I know a mouse/kybd is still allowed; this is a console, disable it and make field fair. Or gv them own lobby.

ADoug 4 min+ matchmaking NA Solo FPP Classic maps. Fuck off

djdjdj I can’t activate my account on your website, every time I click the email link it takes me back to log in with the blue bar on top saying activation successful, but when I log in it says It has to be verified again.

AbramsMOH Custom games this month?

Shane Jerome I can’t even keeps freezing to where i have to close n relaunch it

Jesse Gregory/Vaughn hey the PTS needs an update. The left stick now drifts out of no where. Never did this before on the full product version last night for me. And never did this while I was playing halo and rainbow6siege. Am I the only one with this problem? My T-mate has it too

Jesse Gregory/Vaughn Actually I take it back it’s not just the one both sticks do it no matter how high I set the dead zone. Something of wrong with the

Achmad Ilham tell me what should i do? i’m getting this error for almost a week and i dont know how to solve it. i have tried reinstalling but it’s not working. still having the same problem. my network is clearly good. so what’s the problem? plz help me

KR3K No still getting connection issues

سرآب ✨ can you DM me please !

Robin Thornvall Sorry to say this but after the 64mb patch that was launched ive gotten really bad desync issues, packet lose issues ive never had before etc?! Patch 21 feelt great and now this with 22? What are beeing done about this? I really want an answer plz! / True PUBG fan!

Josh McGhee Why is FPP not working?

Nick playng solos on xbox and get killed by people playing together. No way to report this on xbox. Needs a ban imo gamertag YellowPubg. To top it off they won.completely ruins it for others. Sort it out.

SulTaN-GLA hi . I am from the United Arab Emirates and I am very upset after the last update. We were previously playing in Europe servers. But now in Asia servers with a lot of cheaters. Please we want to play in Europe again servers

Ivan Arriaga Any chance we get an option to disable emotes? sometimes the wheel pops up when I am using the 360 view feature

outc1der Best feature of patch 22 … the new jump perk! Makes dodging bullets a lot easier!

Acemac [Team SN] I have seen this a ton it’s kind of funny

Hawkinz This happens regardless of ping of both players and doesn’t appear to be related to lag. We’ve recently reported this to the team. Thanks for the vid!

outc1der happy when I can help, even when the tweet is a little sarcastic 😎 I can upload the video in 60fps fullHD if it helps

Hawkinz It’s cool, got my attention to click the vid! That’s ok, this video will be fine. Thanks mate

Hayz Does this also relate to the issue of players positions not being sent correctly? Meaning being killed by peaking players they can’t see yet.

Hawkinz I have seen some instances of this happening in the past, you’re saying its very common now? Please forward me any/all clips you see of this on the latest patch. I’ll make sure they’re seen by the dev team, who will be able to investigate and I’ll also keep an eye out! Thanks H

PONYRIDEREn Its happening every single game… Im glad Im not the only 1 experiencing this..

outc1der pretty sure it is with every player that jumps a little further away from you that he accelerates as soon as he leaves the ground, I could go over my vod but it pretty much looks like what you see in the gif

Hawkinz Ahh! Yep, for sure – you’re on the money. Although on the client of that player, nothing has changed, the jump is the same. My msg about was referring to being shot by players who you cannot yet seen (generally in CQB when they peek you etc)

Hayz I will definitely be sending you as many clips as I can find. It’s started happening very frequently after maybe patch or around there.

Hawkinz Ok sick, really appreciate that. Please just spam @ me with them in public tweets if that works for you. Will be a good point of reference for others who may happen to have clips of their own 🙂 Thanks as always, Hayz!

outc1der 22:45 34ms / no packet loss / – 99C6E2 … happens with every enemy that jumps 🙁

Blank Wtf just put it in the game fucj the test server

OneStrangeMan in this place (its school) fps drops to 40 – 50, stable fps in game 80 – 100. Pls fix it! My pc: i5 4670,12 gb ram,gtx 1060 6gb

dan Did this help at all Same thing just happened to me

Boketto Master I’ve submitted a ticket just waiting now to see what happens

Sterling Smith-S I thought my controller was shot

Sterling Smith-S A right drift & no auto run.

M. G. H. ಠ~ಠ 5 crashes in one hour. Not great.

mADDy Sometimes I fail to understand! what sucks more, Life or new update?? Any guesses guyz?

alexander ulvund im just wondering, is the hitbix on my head as big as a fu***ng airballon? Getting killed everytime by a headshot, fix u game…..

Waseem we need to when u stop getting died behind the walls !!! Fix that slow server !!! Payyyyyyyy

Crosstext Wording fix the goddamn desync!

Lucas Millar Question how do i Delete my main PUBG MOBILE account so I can re-start fresh ?

Spoopy poppy 🎃 when are you adding back in the trade system?

ZiyadNabil.ZN fix your game and add a new events that have more fun the game it’s all about new gun or vehicle or new map and every update have an issue please before it’s too late

James Petersen Well if its anything like the beta then it will be huge and will be good if not better then pubg. Pubg has been taken steps back with each update they do.

Konterhoibe Well let’s see, it will certainly have a lot of people playing. I genuinely hope it will be a good game.

Orioles1337 its definitely going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

Orioles1337 i do think the price point will have a significant impact. i think blackout will be significant, but not like the beta

FATBOY GAMING What are you guys doing to combat recoil issues?

FATBOY GAMING I see you are just ignoring it. That is a pity.

PUBG PUBG Xbox Speedhacker?

Darren Lock Shame it doesn’t work, clicked on it 10+ times and it dashboards me every time I get half way through loading the game up, yet another good job from you guys, I love PUBG but in 2 hours time your game will be dead on Xbox

Chelsea FC Fan Lol keep telling them their game is gonna die. That’s not changing anything

Darren Lock 😂 I know, could give them a billion pound for game development and the game wouldn’t change much, bluehole need to sell pubg if the games going to reach its potential

LOBE Help pls it been like this for a while.

LOBE Help pls its been like this for a while

Worst 2k ever how do I report a bug in the game

Matt Jernigan xbox test server issue when standing on items character slowly walks backwards by itself. Does not happen when standing in empty areas

ions theres a bug were if your backpack is full, and u try to pick up a certain amount of smoke grenades your game crashes.

WeAllHateLiesDontWe? You posting PC Gameplay? lol.

808mobpubg So anyway They want GOLD MEDALS in the ranking system Awarding players medals to collect kind of like military ranking so with the Master Rank…

SIYAM Clear all data after play the game .

Lou Pribble is there anyway to change the color of the degree numbers at the top of the screen. White is hard to see against the sky.

Aneeshaa Chavan hey. I need some help. Please dm or reply to this

Neil why does my game keep crashing every time after a game and randomly on startup?

kamabi Hello, I’m having some internet troubles for 6 days and i’m unable to play PUBG and get autumn rewards. I made a request to my internet provider but still have no asnwer. Could you give me some possibility later to get this items? My nickname is “JeesHav”

Ognjen Odobašić problem with game or Nvidia 416.16 driver???

A N D R E A x13 Anyone else automatically moving to the right with moving your left stick on the PTS? It doesn’t happen when I switch to the regular PUBG. What a pain.

A N D R E A x13 without*

👾WoollySpider👾 Blackout has you by the balls…

Khánh Linh I don’t want to play with chinese player. I’m in Vietnam and i want to play with english speaking player

sussxguy twitch please. Please. Please do not bring this PTS to live you will kill it. I’m the biggest pubg fan and stream it solely. I have loved every PTS to date. The desync is horrendous.rendering is great and loot spawns are quick but game is near unplayable with desync.

TA Chainurak Jittapak hello can you check my steam account ? why did you ban me? I don’t use any program for hack why i got ban? my ID chainurak1 nickname in pubg TA_HEAVYWEIGHT

فيصل. I can not login? 💔

nayths says the guy that can’t afford blackout a game thay actually runs correctly

Dylan Yost And you’re ALSO on the pubg account haha, you guys need lives

Dylan Yost Except I played the beta…it ran bad after day 1 and it’s the same price as any new game so yeah I think money isnt an issue champ haha

Mister Niceguy Today’s my bday can I get a cool skin please

BenFranklin Teammate and I have been shot through walls multiple times. I was also killed by an enemy that just appeared in front of me. No footsteps. Just appeared out of thin air.

Yung Pruscutto you added verbal abuse reporting. Does that mean we get proximity chat soon?

MrQuackerton Blackout is about to absolutely destroy this game

Rafael Perfecto

Marty Shaw Yo, like I had coins and got everything I could with them, stopped playing on the pts till now and there’s a new update today so I thought id check it out and get the new skins for the akm and ump, but the coins I have not spent are all gone..

Douglas Bailey Honestly if this was a recent game sign up for: You can see how much health the person had

Douglas Bailey that represents 1% health. Its not “zero’ health.

Porg Ya sure? COD games suck

Porg You realise only 12 year olds will move to blackout

Ultimate_Ace This is so beyond wrong. While the gunplay in pubg is way better, one is significantly more polished. You do realize all the major streamers are going to make the transition right? Have you even been paying attention online lately?

Porg I don’t care about any other streamers accept for or

Ultimate_Ace Except* so you know shroud is going to be playing blackout right?

Porg It’s shroud he is the god of PUBG that dosen’t matter he will get those PUBG withdraws after a bit of blackout

Ultimate_Ace And you think he won’t be a god of blackout?

Porg How is desync so bad it makes the game unplayable?

Porg They are upgrading there servers

Porg That’s 10 percent that’s really nothing

Matt Wilson But it’s 100 percent better. I have PUBG videos of me running into a room and shooting a guy close range. The bullets all hit the floor behind him. That sort of crap doesn’t happen in RoE.

Porg Cod fanboy

Juan Ibarra So, where do I report the errors that I’ve found in the PTS so far?

Porg They have to play their employees somehow

Lucas Guenst Infinite que times. haven’t got into a match yet. Been trying for over an hour

Porg Yes, they are working on some game mechanics and other things

esteban when they are going to fix the problem of disconnection of the server every 3 games and when they will enter the ranges to Xbox

Assad I walk to my buggy and gets in. As soon as I gets in the car flips in the air and I died. Lol.

r 0 0 T @ B h ! New update of pubg is not working properly.

Hilko Albers Region-lock works perfectly… 5 from 10 Games on Asia-Servers or something else (Ping: 300ms)… great work… pls fix!

sussxguy twitch cannot get a game of fpp at all on PTS. Any reason for this or just lack of players?? Over 30 minutes and one stopped stream. Nothing…. Also had to change audio on xbox from stereo to surround sound just to get in game audio.

Alex Tandy I don’t understand your point then. I’m saying that if you have boatloads of money then you can hire the ppl to fix the network gaming issues. Probation period doesn’t matter because it doesn’t preclude productivity within 1 month of being hired.

Nikhilesh_98 today it lagged again hope I would get a better version

Gideon Bridges Nothing can be as PUBG.. Especially a year later it still runs like xrap

Jacob Paxton does FPP exist on Xbox test servers? I’ve been in the lobby for 20 minutes

emo dad lol They found some flies in the office

InvisibleCavo | Mixer keep getting a “failed to authenticate from external provider” error on PC.. feelsbadman

Crank Event mode flare gun doesn’t work, estimated time to join FPP is 26 seconds, TPP is 3:25mins…I’ve tried restarting lobby , rejoined countless times and waited forever and it’s no go! Event ends in 1 day 8 hours and I can’t play it!!

Callum post to an invincible head today. Wtf lol on Xbox

Lee what happening now? crash 30+ time for whole day :), i press increase volume button crash, i press mute crash, i press unarm crash what was that?

Eric Delgado Fix desync💪💪

austin It would be dope if you could fix the fucking desync already

Yannick Kramer And it’s a weak one again ffs:(. Played 2 games. Crashed 2 times. One black screen. One disconnect. Hopefully it’s my luck but I fear the worst……

Yannick Kramer Last couple of games were alright. Still not good enough imo for a released game tho

dnl_ukt Im hyped🔥🙏

Yellow MEME Hope this game will be fixed soon!! Keep working success will come!!

msaiful_bahari hey what to do when the games always crash?

Lytspeed please fix your game in PC.😭

C_Dome [oGc] (PUBG) Yeah idk if is ready for you to take to Twitter 😅

Drunk Penguin Sorry if I drop the Cold Hard Truth.. but this game should be alot further along than it is.. no reason for the desync issues that still plague the game.. or for TPP to even still be a game mode.

Nick is out in about 11 hours. PUBG was dying now it’ll be officially dead.

Sleepy Joe are you bringing the missions back to Xbox? I really want that pan

Drunk Penguin No more desync, being shot around corners or by players not even aiming in your general direction…?

AlperrnGG Hey how did you solve it can you help me im taking the same error

Ouizzeul I didn’t, don’t have any DM from them

AlperrnGG So how did you solve it how long did it take

Ouizzeul I didn’t solve it

Imperfect Chi Mobile servers in the new beta arent working. Right now most of them arent responding for me.

Imperfect Chi Along with authentication errors after siccesful logins and attempting to join a server.

Aaron Bosko Clientele* 😂

Rada Pubg is shit

MarceloContreras PC game, My specs are; -NVIDIA 1060 3 GB, – Intel Core i5 7400, 8GB ram, SDD 120 GB.

Poppa Giorgio Fuck aim assist

Jeremy Londre 🗝 Haha u act like no aim assist is an issue lol how about frame drop, D sync terrible coding

Doyle Doyle Doyle I’m trying to play FPP Solos on the test server but I can’t find a game. Is nobody playing on NA servers?😂 I’m on the One X btw

AH23 Too late, the last couple of weeks have been a joke. COD it is! Peace out PUBG!!!!!!!

Vanic_HD I’m playing on the xbox PTS, and my character keeps walk to the right. I thought I might be my controller. So i tried using a different one, but it’s still happening.

Vanic_HD Please fix this bug on the PTS. I can’t heal or get revived because I’m constantly moving to the right

Carly Hockley pubg mobile not loading

Alex Nah we’re good, is almost here

CubanMafia That game suck you pay $60 for that game and later after 1 or 2 year other version is coming again

Same colour sound bug cock grenade cant hear

d There is literally a share to twitter option for ur screenshots on Xbox, if u link ur account..

Bats A 7.62 is a 7.62…… I swear game developers know absolutely squat about ballistics. The baryl shouldn’t be any different than the ak unless the barrel was shorter and a shitty gas system. Because comparing the two they should be about the same.

Paul Neville Finally got in a game and now there’s major controller creep, can’t be res’d because of it and player starts walking to the right on their own. Doesn’t happen on main game Increase left stick dead zone in settings

Paul Neville Just changed it to 10 and it’s stopped,cheers dude 🙂

Paul Neville How much? I have mine on zero normally

Josh Henry Press F to pay respects to pub g for the murder it will meet tonight.

Kavv 3pm in England.

Greeny_2008 As says PTS is only NA servers so that would be why there was a struggle

😤*breathes*😐 4am in North America

Adam Lowe constantly coming up against these players in solo’s… PG SALEH making a mockery of your leaderboards. Constant teaming. (Xbox)

Andrei90 I have 800+h in this game … I enjoyed … but after that downgrade on “X” I stopped playing… the game isn’t yet finished & you go full release just to make extra money on the event pass … thanks but i’ll stick to the classics shooters like Call of Duty 🙂

Matthew Fields Classics that are also turning into battle royales lol

Nick Wait it already didn’t look good on the X and they made it look worse?! What a joke!

Dylan Yost On the One X in 4k it did look great. Then they tried to change loading times to even the playing field for people that didnt have the X…I hated that

Nick I have the x an expensive 4K tv and it didn’t look good

Dylan Yost The classic that has fallen off and is copying PUBG, that also has 4 DLC packs per game to make extra money instead of releasing a full game. But sure pal, I dont think your absence will be noticed by anyone haha

d 800 lul

Cully fpp wouldn’t queue fucker

lee gow I’ve played pubg since day one it’s a great game but has major issues cod is guna be a nice change I’ll still go back to pubg but for now I’ll play cod I’m a fan of games not just one

BIZTeam – PUBG Rebellion Subscribe for daily cought cheaters.… Wallhack Aimbot Playes for 11 days with cheats Almost 250 matches. Very eficient anticheat Player : diuleiloumouon9 Reported 3 days ago and player still plays.

Daniel Griffin So your test server makes my character move on its own

عين الصقر ££ I think this is bad .. just we nees to devices war

TERLATIH💔 Dear can u report this players? They have killed their own friends with granate and hit me with a car. °REEZMANPARK7 °cheeseGimbab Thankyou

DURXTER Oh wtf. Yeah I’m not even gonna try and play that 😂

Spooky Sora Yeah I wanted to bear it to try out the mutant and Beryl M92 but its just too ugh.

Levi Tessier 3 raider cases, 3 same items. What a waste

DreadHeadCapone300 Revive Bugs

Dex leslie hi if a pubg license key isn’t available in a certain region can it still be launched?

DURXTER Yeah honestly, you responded to that tweet and forgot we were on a pts thread. I honestly thought you were trolling so I went with it. Hopefully they hot fix that real quick. No the game definitely isn’t flawless. It needs some work but has got a lot better over time.

Spooky Sora But yeah it feels awful so I hope they fix it before it hits live. You can’t hold your breath and zoom in. I just fell through a bridge on sanhok.

DURXTER Oh wtf. Yeah I’m not even gonna try and play that 😂

Spooky Sora Yeah I wanted to bear it to try out the mutant and Beryl M92 but its just too ugh.

Spooky Sora Or Miramar cars driving through unloaded buildings.

Spooky Sora Oh yeah. I remember the dark days of 5fps gunfights

Mason Morez How bout you comment on the cod page instead. We don’t want cancer cod fan boys here

lee gow 😂😂 first cod I’ve played since black ops 2 plus I have nearly 400 wins on pubg but it s nice to have a choice of games I didn’t buy an Xbox x for 1 game princess

Mason Morez I come here to look at stuff about pubg, not cod. If I wanted to look at cod, I’d go on the official cod page

Rob Relentless I saw you in a game yesterday Yann thought it was petty neat since I see you a lot in the comments.

Ryan Cooper I mean.

DreadHeadCapone300 Movement bug

DURXTER And yeah meh game can’t be bad. Mmmmkay.

DURXTER PTS would definitely have bugs. I honestly started off with trying to help you because it drifting would be a dead zone issue normally. I haven’t even played the pts update yet tbh. Sucks it has a crazy issue.

Spooky Sora Sorry then. Thought you were one of those people that got on. Saw the movement issue and such and went “GODDAMN FLAWLESS WELL DONE.” I didn’t realize you thought I was talking about the main game. Same thing with the aim drift. Only PTS.

DURXTER Yeah honestly, you responded to that tweet and forgot we were on a pts thread. I honestly thought you were trolling so I went with it. Hopefully they hot fix that real quick. No the game definitely isn’t flawless. It needs some work but has got a lot better over time.

Spooky Sora But yeah it feels awful so I hope they fix it before it hits live. You can’t hold your breath and zoom in. I just fell through a bridge on sanhok.

DURXTER Oh wtf. Yeah I’m not even gonna try and play that 😂

Spooky Sora Yeah I wanted to bear it to try out the mutant and Beryl M92 but its just too ugh.

Spooky Sora Or Miramar cars driving through unloaded buildings.

Spooky Sora Oh yeah. I remember the dark days of 5fps gunfights

John Goff It’s super broken. Movement is awful. Can’t revive teammates, can’t stop moving to heal because movement is glitched…

Dominik koch i cant create a pubg accound on the website. everytime when i try to login it gives me the screen to resend the RESEND ACTIVATION EMAIL but i already got the mail and i clickt the link…

John Goff I literally cannot pick up downed teammates and my character won’t stop moving when I am not even touching the controls. Wtf mate?

DURXTER Aww. You’re special.

Spooky Sora Wow, fanboys really are the cringiest.

Spooky Sora Refuses to acknowledge that a PTS would have bugs, then uses GIFs when he has nothing to say other than “muh game can’t be bad”

DURXTER And yeah meh game can’t be bad. Mmmmkay.

DURXTER PTS would definitely have bugs. I honestly started off with trying to help you because it drifting would be a dead zone issue normally. I haven’t even played the pts update yet tbh. Sucks it has a crazy issue.

Spooky Sora Sorry then. Thought you were one of those people that got on. Saw the movement issue and such and went “GODDAMN FLAWLESS WELL DONE.” I didn’t realize you thought I was talking about the main game. Same thing with the aim drift. Only PTS.

DURXTER Yeah honestly, you responded to that tweet and forgot we were on a pts thread. I honestly thought you were trolling so I went with it. Hopefully they hot fix that real quick. No the game definitely isn’t flawless. It needs some work but has got a lot better over time.

Spooky Sora But yeah it feels awful so I hope they fix it before it hits live. You can’t hold your breath and zoom in. I just fell through a bridge on sanhok.

DURXTER Oh wtf. Yeah I’m not even gonna try and play that 😂

Spooky Sora Yeah I wanted to bear it to try out the mutant and Beryl M92 but its just too ugh.

Spooky Sora Or Miramar cars driving through unloaded buildings.

Spooky Sora Oh yeah. I remember the dark days of 5fps gunfights

iHash Can u please fix it ?i create an account, set password, all confirmed, one i log in i get a msg that user doesnt exist or password is wrong, new passwords same problem, created a new account on the same Email and it says user exists.. whats going on ?

DURXTER This isn’t a thing I’ve ever heard of once. Your dead zone needs to be set higher in game settings.

Spooky Sora Cause there’s literally people in the tweets showing their characters drifting.

Spooky Sora Then you’re oblivious.

DURXTER Aww. You’re special.

Spooky Sora Wow, fanboys really are the cringiest.

Spooky Sora Refuses to acknowledge that a PTS would have bugs, then uses GIFs when he has nothing to say other than “muh game can’t be bad”

DURXTER And yeah meh game can’t be bad. Mmmmkay.

DURXTER PTS would definitely have bugs. I honestly started off with trying to help you because it drifting would be a dead zone issue normally. I haven’t even played the pts update yet tbh. Sucks it has a crazy issue.

Spooky Sora Sorry then. Thought you were one of those people that got on. Saw the movement issue and such and went “GODDAMN FLAWLESS WELL DONE.” I didn’t realize you thought I was talking about the main game. Same thing with the aim drift. Only PTS.

DURXTER Yeah honestly, you responded to that tweet and forgot we were on a pts thread. I honestly thought you were trolling so I went with it. Hopefully they hot fix that real quick. No the game definitely isn’t flawless. It needs some work but has got a lot better over time.

Spooky Sora But yeah it feels awful so I hope they fix it before it hits live. You can’t hold your breath and zoom in. I just fell through a bridge on sanhok.

DURXTER Oh wtf. Yeah I’m not even gonna try and play that 😂

Spooky Sora Yeah I wanted to bear it to try out the mutant and Beryl M92 but its just too ugh.

Spooky Sora Or Miramar cars driving through unloaded buildings.

Spooky Sora Oh yeah. I remember the dark days of 5fps gunfights

Zeus ₍ᐢㅎ㉨ㅎᐢ₎ Hey there. today i have tried to verify my account but once completed i get a “Activation successful! Please log in.” and when i log in it wants me to verify again. Stuck in an endless loop of this

Unknown Player Awesome. some good stuff, but still not darker shade to the compass? this causes pain in my eyes when i strain to make a coordinated call out when a player is high up.. the compass against the sky is invisible.. how can you seriously not have fixed this? 🙁

Corbin This ^

B Tomorrow you perish PUBG.

Preston Pollock sorry should of followed up with you. that was rude of me. apologies

MDW WHZY for the love of pan stop defaulting back to tpp for xbox. I play fpp. Tired of tpp reset after after match

808 Hello, I’m trying to sign up for an account on your website and I’m stuck in a loop. I’ve signed up, received an activation email, then takes me to the login page and tells me to login to finish activation, I login and then tells me to resend activation email.

christian 3️⃣0️⃣ same thing here, annoying af

Checkout current Pubg server down

Preston Pollock oh man. figure it out myself. thanks for getting in touch with me. great customer service😺

Tegid hey something is wrong with the supply drops and Ive gotten top 15 many time but the supply drop kept reseting and now I missed the most recent one even though I probably got a total of 10 top 15s or more. can I please get some help!!!

PUBG Help Hi Tegid! Sorry about that, we will distribute the rewards to all players who completed the mission at the end of each week. -E

court When’s the next Xbox update

🔕 Hi, please, my new account. I have banned him. I did not do anything wrong. I will cry

Thomas If you are going to update your game, please do so during a time when the majority of your dedicated players are not on. People like myself who work all day, want to come home and play PUBG, do not want to be hindered by an update that has impacted us every single night.


Adam Hey, ive streamed PUBG many time before and have made no changes to my hardware or obs settings. getting terrible frame drops. used to be steady at 60 and now drops to 10-15 frames.. any idea why?

PlayItHarder Will you ever fix issue where your shoots trough the window is not registered and you just die,ofc. Will you ever fix that problem?

Austin Jamae Thanks for the translation my dude

Colin McGreen Truly rip 募集

Robert Salgado — Possible Bug while playing yesterday… Hit nothing but air and if you watch replay video we actually do not hit anything but something in the air… Maybe? it might show we are close to the tree but we clear it by 3 inches.

Ismael Dapont Fix the map selection!!!!! 😡😡😡

I_Am_Moff I’m trying to link my account to my twitch and i received the account activation email in the email its says click to continue i press it i log in and its just an endless circle of this process i log in it says i need to activate send new email

emanuel jesus oyola Its so long time initializing, what hapened??

Sumukh Dev Having the same issue

eli FIX YOUR GAME way do i get pleased in chinese servers if i’m a EU player ??????

James Do you guys actually do anything reference people being reported for team killing?

andres you guys release the full game and still haven’t fixed the black screen issue? Y’all are trash as fuck

Kevin Miller I am trying to setup the PUBG account to link Twitch to. When I created it and received the activation email, it keeps looping me to activate my account when I did 4 times.

Marcos Rodríguez This game is 1.0 version .. what an amazing lie .. I don’t recommend to buy the consol to play this game to all the Gamer of SA, every time to play you must connect to NA server.. PINGx10000…

Alex Tandy Recruiting good engineers isn’t a problem when you have a billion dollars

Matt Again, if you’re a Mega corporation like EA or Ubi, and you’ve been going for many years, you have ages to train your employees to suit your needs. In fact I’d say half the employees PUBG hired since the game’s success still haven’t even passed their probation period.

Alex Tandy It takes 1 month or less for a skilled software engineer to contribute. You don’t need to be trained on anything to fix the networking/latency issues that have plagued this game; you just need access to the code base and need prior game dev experience…

Marcos Rodríguez I’m so tired but so tired to play this fucking game with an excessive I don’t recommend to buy this console to play pubg believe that you will regret .. how is possinle that SA gamer must connect to the NA server to play it

Mimmy Ol . I need your help! How can I unlink my Twitter account on pub g mobile?

Todd M still getting connected to european servers with 150+ ping

MankDemesXD are custom resolutions allowed? for example I would like to play on 1728×1080 and I know how to, however I am not sure if it is allowed.

Joshua Tarango umm your game just stole $2.50 from me. Opened a weapon skin crate. 30 min later still haven’t gotten anything. 👍🏼

J What’s up with the game taking forever to load back into the lobby after exiting a match? Only thing I can link it to would be internet but don’t understand why it would take as long as it does.

Joshua • vaaz ツ sort out your game, since your update it keeps crashing… I restart the app and it does it again and again.

Chris Jones any chance you can get rid of this bug! And actually stop cheats!

a7med_al3nzii Hello, Please download a new map for the snow and mountains area and download a new type of special clothing for the new map. I would also like to make the clothing ratio of the maps 10% by buying and opening the boxes

Peyton “GunSlinger” Funk Can someone please tell me why I am NA, and since we got put on region lock, that every time I Que up for a game I get a EU server 6/10 times. R.I.P

Nehaliah ♚ Hey, i just did 5 top 15 or less before 3AM in France, this night, and i didn’t received my 3 items for that, cuz after my last game (where i did top1) the game wasn’t reconnecting, and tonight there is no way to get my free items, i’m so sad may you help me ?

Berringer You should look inte the bug where a dead teammate can see where enemies are in spectate… No wonder players know where I am all the time… ffs…

ん・ Hello, I’m trying to create a PUBG Global account but I’m not able to log in after activating my account. After receiving the confirmation email and clicking on the link it says that my account has been successfully activated but I can’t log in. I tried several times.

Visual Anthony I keep getting Re-send Activation Email every time i log in… I confirm, log in… same thing. any suggestions?

James Vallee i have the same damn problem. just sent a support ticket for it.

PHr34k_R Getting the exact same, despite activation successful, tried on pc and phone in multiple browsers

• Math Good afternoon, can you make FOV setup available in first person mode? In xbox one 😉

Justin 💀 Cardboard boxes need a nerf. Replays cause me serious instability, but he was full HP after the boom.…

Visual Anthony I registered for the new account system. confirmed. tells me account doesn’t exist or it wants me to keep resending activation even though I’ve already confirmed multiple times. any suggestions?

Cr33py_Leo How about you answer why the fuck I can’t connect and its stuck at initializing, I have sent a message, no answer, some help right there, , since your update last night it stopped working, can’t go past initializing, even contacted my ISP and they tried everythin

fatguy46 wait why did i retweet that post from pubg help that was on accident LOL

Justin why after the latest patch after server maintainenece does it take a full 2 minutes stuck at initializing to get to lobby. Never happened before…

NeoKagato Ahh thanks for the response! I have not but I will do this when I get home this evening.

Damodar Bansal I’m having issues with my royal pass mission … I’m killing multiple enemies from the ump 9 but it’s still showing I have 0 kills with it, please respond

Giuseppe Taraschi Don’t worry man. Me and 2 others I know are dealing with the same issue. It’s not you, it’s PUBG. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Damodar Bansal Thanks man!

Darklurker Why did you up the prices on the Akm and Ump skin?

craig miller can PC players play with Xbox people just like Forza games can

bloody Why haven’t I received the item I played during the event

Cesar Fabiani Keep um off. It’s time.

Craig Tonner Xbox One X getting frequent wireless controller disconnect message. Making the game unplayable. Tested with 3 controllers. All work fine 100% of the time in any other game. Xbox repositioned. Wireless router channels changed. This would appear to be a serious bug!

CAUE duarte Help me ples!!!

PUBG Help Hello. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

Tom Zinn Jr I can’t play now!!! I get into a game and then kicked out!!!

Diego just went into a solo game and had to fight squads on xbox … wtf? (Yes, selected SOLO TPP)

Cesar Fabiani I’m a gamer. I play all types of games and is a broken game. is stomping out the competition this year and it just so happens pubg is in its way. No longer. LETS GO!!!!

YSIV all you tweet is about blackout LMAOO you a cod fanboy blackout was average

YSIV lmaoo blackout aint killing pubg or fortnite you out your mind if you think thats happening

Cesar Fabiani wont die but all the big boys will be playing . All the 7 year olds will stay on fort.

YSIV you cod fans are weird lol

YSIV kids play cod but ok LMAO most of the twitch streamer for fort are grown men but ok

NewPlayer Hi.I have a very good game design, and I need your help to make it a reality. Thank you

nicknguyen0913 the most bullsh** updated ever. Lagging from being shifting to different servers. anti cheat but more cheats

Mark Hall Exactly. NA servers are bogus right now. They had to close other servers because of how shit they run.

Mark Hall AKM is beast as long as you know how to control the recoil. Throw a red dot and a comp/suppressor and you’ll mess some people up.

Ross Bennett PUBG is now one of the most played games on Xbox and steam , there is no excuse for you (the developer) to not optimize your game , csgo, league, and Overwatch are all optimized to play well on most PCs , FIX IT

Avviix want to join, when my gamertag is CHANGED but im told that a simple change cant be done by yalls devs.

StegoRawr You had to earn that name change during the sanhok event pass when they had it like everyone else… 😂, or wait for the next name change event.. or buy another pubg account 😂😂

Avviix So what about that, now that you know my name change card didn’t work. LUL, Simple request for a simple issue that devs cant fix themselves that they caused.

Avviix Yeah im fully aware, and mine didn’t work with the pass and have been contacting them since about it.

James Same here. I submitted someone I thought looked like hacking. Turns out I was right.

kingsofvalhall So get to the same page like the other developer. Pubg blamed a gpu issue and IT still the bluehole Are the problem.

Fraser This guy is blatantly cheating.… It has been broken down here as well with evidence…

Adiwik Deviance theres nothin but hackers on this shit game, gg and fuck your game

$harif Ajaz This is the end of PUBG We’ve waited for a while now so many patches didn’t do shit ping is getting worse matchmaking time infinity.

Joshua Sutton Is it? Because Desync is now worse than ever. Pretty sure you just made the game worse.

Jean-Paul Daccache Pubg stucks on initializing loading screen.. every time i go to lobby …

Mclovin71 Will this do? And I use 1050ti

PUBG Help Ok thanks. Please try and go through the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. -E…

$10 Fluuzone Shirts OUT NOW lol for real I said the same thing Shits bonkers

Stuart Greig Did the Nvidia issue with driver version 416.16 get sorted in this small patch?

Cims Gaming Greget _BaekhyunxSehun

DayDay PTS cancelled 6 days ago and no word on when its going to be fixed/when we get our update. I’m starting to believe that you guys really are this shitty at doing your job. You remind me of my job… cant push an update out without fucking everything up.

Tim Stuby spent 500 G Coin on 5 levels in the event pass and never got the 5 levels. The event still has 7 hours to claim. Can you help with this? Or at least refun the $5 worth of transaction?

PUBG Help Hi Tim! The level up item should be in Store > My Items. -E

Tim Stuby I appreciate the response, but the event has ended now and I have this $5 item that’s absolutely worthless. Anyway the transaction can be reversed? I don’t want the cash, the G Coin is fine. I’ll just use it on another skin.

Cannon♐ if it still hasnt came across yet i would call for a refund

BIZTeam – PUBG Rebellion Thats cheater speaking inside you…

calamonsen Why Asia? It’s their largest player base.

Tony Tressler what are these?

PUBG Help Hi Tony! These are indicators to show when there are potential network issues. The image below shows what each icon represents. -E

ezz01 Then people would bitch about how inconsistent they are there is no win for them they are going to make someone unhappy. The way it stands I think Asia and EU are less effected witch are bigger than US for them.

[.$.€.£.Ҝ.] Ey, why matchmaking now put me on asian servers? Im from west europe, all games lag and chinese players on my team.

Siddhanta Gurung The new update is shitttttttttttt !!!! Reallly frustrating even on a lower ping lags toooooooooo muchhhhh, starting to hate this shitttttt

عماد .hi Is there a solution to this permanent problem..?

Nakata wtf… that guy should have been dead.

Francisco From 27 bullets to 18 bullets

Nakata yeah i notice… on the 9 bullets u probally hit him with 4 or 5. and thats where he should have been dead. sadly this game have this bs things.

Hurcor is hogging it all.

Mango I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to get the red bandana & black trench coat on my xbox one account. Can you guys help me get it because i’m pretty upset that i did not receive it 🙁

Nakata you clearly didn’t set the video speed at 0.25. otherwise u wouldn say that.

Orioles1337 you must be watching a different video. youre sensitivity is way too high and youre swinging your muzzle around the target like a maniac rather than actually lining up your shots and clicking when your crosshair is over center mass

Nakata did u set the video to 0.25 on youtube? did u saw the point of the 4x arrow when u ear the sound of the shot? tell me at 0:12 im aiming on his neck when i shot him. and somehow the bullet goes way up to the ground.

Orioles1337 look at the very first frame when you see the muzzle flash start. dont go by the sound

Nakata humm fuck!.. you might be right the sound was giving me a wrong perception.

Nakata more like at 0:13* check that on 0.25 speed

Orioles1337 first shot: MISS

Orioles1337 Second Shot: MISS

Orioles1337 Third Shot: not even close. MISS

Orioles1337 Do I really need to continue? cmonbruh

Nakata 0:13 tell me this is off target?

Orioles1337 thats the only one that looks on target, and it could just be that the replayer isnt perfectly accurate its much more accurate if you record the gameplay directly and then look frame by frame at a directly recorded clip

Orioles1337 meanwhile. your sensitivity is definitely way too high check it out:

Nakata thanks i will take a look on that. i changed mouse week ago so probally that my sensitivity its not on point.

Nakata Yeah after u said dont focus on the sound, i start seing this video with a diferent eyes. probally only hit 1 of all this bullets. thanks mate for helping me out solving this “problem” lol have a good day

Nakata 0:13 check that one

Orioles1337 1 out of 6 …..

Nakata you clearly didn’t set the video speed at 0.25. otherwise u wouldn say that.

david bouz lost all sound on Xbox one x. Restarted, reinstalled. Still no sound

PUBG Help Hi David. Please try uninstalling the game and then power cycle the console and reset your router. Then try reinstalling the game and see if this helps! -E…

Csuszika Nothing changed. Good job.

Exodia Grandmaster driver

no one I cut the ties a few weeks ago…. So so so over bugs on next “fixes”…. They spent all the mojo getting this game “out” when it wasn’t ready and never learned how to fix things.

Moth Hey I attacked 3 guys hiding behind a rock. Killed one and but his mate killed me immediately. I saw the kill notification on screen but it was not added to my final count. Why so?

no one Did this fix the bugs of the bugs of the bugs? Meaning, do nades work right now? What about the lag? What about driving down a road and “boom” you hit “something” and loose health for no apparent reason? I could go on and on…but..COD will be out soon!

no one Wait two days C:/Install COD Thats the only fix PUBG seems to be working towards…sorry

JC B 10,943 ping

William Lucas The game crashes for everyone no matter what specs you have

Berringer Not for me… just played 8 in a row without any issues. A tip would be to check the memory logs, maybe run the DDU, seems to be a driver issue of some sort on your part.

William Lucas Good for you. There are plenty of people every day this game crashes constantly for. Just cause it’s not happening to you doesn’t mean that it’s not an issue with the game.

Berringer Oh and 8h ago you said “everyone” suffers from the same issues you are suffering from… seem to be that you are the only one with crashes like that, sorry to say.

Berringer None of the 40+ ppl I tend to play with has those issues… so check your stuff.

William Lucas Alrighty buddy boy, whatever you say 😛

Ali Lazio so how much mega bytes you need to download now to open the game’s lobby ? its taking ages on slow internet connections to load

Debaditya Chatterjee I can’t see the person who kills me by running up to me. They start firing before coming around a corner. Why are your servers so shit?

Steve and 3,489 others Maybe a match of with ping lower than 600 wild result in a kill. But no I’m playing with people from Asia who don’t speak English instead. So “glad” they removed the server selection from the game. I could be playing with people on the moon for all I know.

Skeet109 Only argument I see is 1 maybe 2 bullets.

Grand_Theft_Otter Just got the re-activation email but where is says to confirm register it doesn’t do anything…

Evgeniy Lianskix Hi, can you help? Why can’t I play with my russian friend?

Jason G I didn’t know you could survive on 0 health. Is this lag or cheating?

Daveshartworks New vedio uploaded ( Tags:- Hashtags:-

Christopher Seal Theoretically if PUBG didn’t have so many bugs/hackers, it would be the superior game, but when you include those, it makes it pretty painful sometimes.

Farhan K Stuck with 200+ ping. Still waiting for a fix. Please rollout a patch asap because in its current state pubg is hardly playable 😥😥😥

Twitch.bingz why are you sacred off banning ip address?

Edwin Tanudjaja Hey I am stuck on the loading screen (initializing…) after today’s update. I need to wait more than 15 minutes to successfully initialize. Need help. Comp spec: I5 7th gen 8GB RAM Nvidia 940

HallusH 2 out of 3 games on NA on 160ping instead of EU 70. bring back server pick or ping limit. i’m not your filler for other regions. go steal some ideas from csgo at least for how they do maps + ranks + ping select.

Sidharth How do you change server in pubg? Like asia, Europe, NA etc??

Niels Uni hello ive got a question about the new ranksystem. if i playing duo or squad and im dead at maybe but my team wins the round as . which placement points would i <— get?

Burton Fuller what are you doing? You realize Black Ops is coming, why are you so insistent that you must destroy your game before they destroy it for you!

Crash DBY_YYH…..Got your ass!

c. when does the playstation version come out

ApeXN Reaver 50 million copies sold that is over a billion dollars billion and half to be almost exact and this game still has issues after 2 years. I know you are aware of this too its time to fix the game for real…

ApeXN Reaver You might get a video if I play but we’ll see cause my level of care is going in the gutter with this game. I don’t even really feel like recording cause I have to download obs again. But maybe I will its just getting really annoying that this poor game is going downhill.

Daniel.W. FIX YOUR FCK Game Bluehole. Whats wrong with your developer? I don´t wanne play with Asien´s in the EU. They cant even speak English. Your Game will die if you dont fix all the issues you set in with the last Patch. RIP PUBG you make a big mistake

Alk I’ll do it again c:

ApeXN Reaver Latest patch has made avg frames go down on my friends high end pc minus 30 fps. Its just a laggy mess now on here I might not even play today.

ash. Sucks when you cant even play FPP on your own server are these eu servers ever going to be fixed? I remember a day it found a game so easy, then an update came along and ruined it 😂🕹

Fernando Valner My shadows in game are flashing when i open the inventory and pick or set and item. And the lobby is broken too, when the game load, my charater dont appear, still in the wallpaper; sorry for my bad english

DreamKaster Yea how about sending that reactivation email some time soon???

Grand_Theft_Otter I got mine but the link in the e-mail doesn’t do anything…

E US playerbase is decreasing dramatically so is repeatedly limiting US playtime really a good idea?

Hey_Its_Cookie I’m not going to argue with somebody who obviously doesn’t get it.

E There’s not much to “get”. If you’re going to have an obscene amount of updates then spread the downtime around so you’re not consistently punishing one region for having less players. You must think OC deserved broken servers for months because they have the smallest playerbase

aimcs1337 Will there be a Special with Halloween-Exclusive Skins?

Greatest I don’t get how every single fookin update the game gets worse, fix this shit you fools

Greatest you stoopid fooks fix your fookin game and those fookin trash desyncs Sincerely, a triggered pubg player

Francesco Colaianni Get the Xbox its better

R9 Hi i am playing on xbox one and its region locked to North America, how can I change it to EU ( where I am from )

PUBG Help Hi! The region is shown in the bottom right of the main menu, it can be changed by pressing the Start/Menu button. -E

Abhishek(minzi) what’s worng with the update…… It’s a bug or something else See my history played squad and won and what happen…. Please fix it.

Abhishek(minzi) I am in diamond and they have not increase the rating….. Where did the rating added????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

can’t stop stalking Me too. I’m in Platinum but the result showed me playing on Bronze tier. I tried to restart the app and all my levels back to bronze??????? Please fix it!

Emir Furkan Gökdemir I cant join in the game. Its waiting on initializing screen. Help plss

Rave Dad Is there a future in where US West gets there own server, or is this a pipe dream?

FurySanctuary when will ban on with xim, cronus max, auto aim, no recoil, rapid fire et other ? the game becomes unplayable in recent months (and I play as a team every day) PLEASE HELP PLAYERS AND FAN

HURI MATZ✌ I have an issue when I try to play PUBG on my Xbox One X the game starts and then the screen stays black and the game doesn’t begin. HELP!!! I have tried uninstalling and doesn’t work

Bruno The right idea in the wrong hands, your game is so bad right now that its totally unplayable, lower ping is a miracle no desync is something you can only find on another planet, not on this one! U wasted your time and now its over, black out is here 2 days, good buy bluebutthole

G乙メDARKCLAW Iam just tap on FPP and press OK!! i think its gona FPP but this happen! actually my mates played in FPP and iam the one who played in TPP same lobby 😑 please fix this thing

G乙メFLÜFFY Fix your English as well sir. But some things need to be fixed!!!!

G乙メDARKCLAW well! thanks for that. now iam jever talk in english not just about iam never drunk english lol😂


Kakashi Channel I don’t see any different after 5 hr maintenance, I can’t link my twitch and game desync even worst. Keep dying and these ppl can shot with banana bullets!

Boketto Master erm this is embarrassing but my game lagged when I was exchanging beige weapon skins and it switched to my target practice pan skin and I deleted it before the image had refreshed and showed that the pan was the skin was selected to exchange. Please help 🤗

PUBG Help Hi! You can try submitting a ticket to our customer support team in regards to this. -E

E Why is it consistently during USA today only?

Hey_Its_Cookie Because the majority of players are in China.

E And?

E US playerbase is decreasing dramatically so is repeatedly limiting US playtime really a good idea?

Hey_Its_Cookie I’m not going to argue with somebody who obviously doesn’t get it.

E There’s not much to “get”. If you’re going to have an obscene amount of updates then spread the downtime around so you’re not consistently punishing one region for having less players. You must think OC deserved broken servers for months because they have the smallest playerbase

hideyourwives Default games at 120ms. Desync /cheaters at an all time high. Game crashes at random, while driving, launch and exit. Sitting in back of a buggy= no hitboxes. Healing and buffing causes mousesens to bug. Give your staff a raise, well deserved!

Tyler Pubg is done come this Friday

Aaron Balcar The d sync is at a all time high anyway I wouldn’t even worry about launching it. Love some pubg but it will be dead after the 12th 😉

spartan55503 Get more ram

😤*breathes*😐 I saw it too😂😂😂 you missed everything.

Nakata you clearly didn’t set the video speed at 0.25. otherwise u wouldn say that.

Bruno it seems fixed at this point!!! This is a Germany server I’m connecting too

Qyndra 🔜 Firstlook We want this make it happen pls 💙…

Bobby Still being put in AS servers 50 percent of the time. PING is 200+.. Normally my ping is 100 from Hawaii

Bruno It seems fixed!!!

よっしー gg pubg im played fortnite

Sam🤘 ?

Toni Lakso This game is so fk broken always my ping is 150 and this is Eu server……. Fix this shit!!!!!😡😡😡😡

Bruno Desync is out of control at this point!!!

Bruno Desync is out of control at this point!!!

Bruno Desync is out of control at this point!!!

Andrew McJannett-Smith What region lock? I’m in North America and I have been playing with Chinese and Turkish (Asia/Eastern Europe) most of the time. So much for region lock. Try communicating with your squad when you don’t speak Chinese and they do.

C. Good Are xbox servers down or experiencing an issue? Been trying to find a match on and off for about 2 hours.

C. Good are xbox servers down or experiencing issues? Been trying to find a match on and off for about 2 hours.

AdrienVictor This is crap. There is no changes whatsoever after this maintenance. This is disgraceful…